Poolside Part 5



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Jim and his friend Jack decided to stop at one of the local college hangouts. They both enjoyed looking at the girls, AND enjoyed the girls looking at THEM! Jack was especially into the attention and now being 23, easily fit into the scene. Soon, a couple of the college girls were sitting at the table with them. "So, where are you two from?" Jim asked. "We're from Ohio. What about you two guys, where are you from?" asked one of the girls. Jim stammered a bit and Jack chimed in "We're from here. We've got a house and we ummm stay with some family here in town." The four talked and ordered drinks. It was clear that Jack was really interested in one of the girls. Her name was Pam and she was the younger of the two girls. She was a freshmen while her friend, Missy, was a junior. Jim realized that they had better get back home before this conversation led them somewhere they maybe shouldn't go. "Ummm Jack we better hit it, don't you think?" Jim asked. "Uhhh yeah I 'guess' we should.... I just hate leaving these two lovely young ladies here all alone!" Jack said as he smiled at the two girls and winked. The girls giggled and before he knew it Pam took his hand and wrote her phone number on it. He smiled at her as he walked off telling "We'll be in touch!".

Once outside, Jim asked Jack "What do you think you're doing? You're married you know! We both are. You'll be 'in touch'? You better be careful!". Jack shook his head and said "Yeah, I know....But wasn't it fun?" Both of them laughed as they got into the car and headed back to Jim's house.

Back at the house Bobby, Gretchen, and Katie had opened the gate to the pool and saw the two little girls arguing. They recognized the smaller one as Jenny, but the other little girl was new. Unfortunately, they could tell by her oversized clothes that it was Samantha. She looked to be about 6 years old and was in the middle of an argument with Jenny. Jenny had started crying but was still arguing with the older girl. Gretchen asked the older girl "What's going on here?" "She says I'm little! I'm six years old and 'I'm' in FIRST GRADE! SHE'S the one who's little!" she said, pointing at Jenny. Jenny cried even more "I....am... not.... wittle.....{sniff}{sniff}". Bobby just stared. He didn't know how THIS had happened and he knew it wasn't good! Gretchen took Samantha's little hand and tried to keep her from escalating the argument even more "What's you're name?" "I'm Sammi. Who are 'you'?" "I'm Gretchen and this is Bobby and my Mothe errr ummm Katie... Don't you remember us?" "Nope, are you babysitters? Cuz I don't need no babysitter!" Sammi stated. "We're just here to watch out for you. We're kinda babysitters, but you're too big for a babysitter, so you can help us babysit Jenny" Gretchen said before realizing she had said the wrong thing. "Baby, baby, Jenny's a baby...." Sammi sang in a mocking tone. Soon, the two were at it again and Jenny was crying.

Jack and Jim parked the car and walked around back expecting to see Samantha sunning her rejuvenated body. Instead, they saw two children in a shouting match and three young teens doing their best to stop the fight. "What now?" Jim asked. Jack looked at the 6 year old and immediately recognized her from her old school pictures "Samantha? Why?". "'Why' what? And don't call me Sa-mantha! It's too long. I'm Sammi!" she answered. "You don't recognize me Saman.... Sammi?" Jack asked. "Nope!" she answered. Jack had turned to talk with Jim. Jim was now trying to get little Jenny to stop crying. Before Jack could speak, he saw Gretchen's now 16 year old mother for the first time. He had no idea she was Gretchen's mother. He stared for a moment, soaking up her good looks before asking her name. "I'm Katie" she answered with a blush. He was about to use the opening to talk with her more when his mood was shattered as Jenny and Sammi began arguing again! They again tried to quiet the two young girls. Gretchen and Bobby could tell that his father and friend had used the oil too, but with the current 'kiddie troubles' there was no time to question it.

At this point the door bell sounded. Jim was glad to use this opportunity to get out of the 'line of fire' and gladly went to answer the door. It was an older lady. She looked a bit 'grandmotherly'. "I'm Mrs. Snow. I'm with the Nanny Network. Here is my card. We are a group of older people who help with babysitting or even 'live in' type work for young parents. I see you have a couple of children here.We usually go door to door to advertise at this time of year due to all the students who are in need of some type of daycare for their children. It's much better to meet someone face to face than to just post an ad on the bulletin board at the grocery store. It looks like the two 'kids' are having a bit of a squabble....Mind if I come in and try to help?" Jim smiled "No, come on. You sure can't do any worse than we have! They've been going at it for a while now. I'm ready for a little peace and quiet!". Mrs. Snow walked in and headed toward the girls "Oh, they're just little angels...They've just got a little pepper in their wings this morning! They just need a little sweetening. ....Hello girls. I'm Nanny Snow. What are your names..."

Jack asked Jim "Who's the old gal?". "She's a nanny. She's going door to door advertising the service she's with. Said she could quiet the girls. I 'know' we weren't doing it! I figured it couldn't hurt." Jim added. Soon, the girls were laughing and playing. Jim couldn't believe it! "How did you do it!!!???" he asked. " Never under estimate the ability of a trained nanny..... or a little purse full of candy! I hope you don't mind. It was just a couple of pieces but it usually works when all else fails!" she said laughing "It looks like Sammi was playing dress-up and little Jenny got jealous. But the candy usually fixes anything. Still, I hope you didn't mind my giving them candy without my asking?". "Mind? No, that was impressive. They'd STILL be going on if it wasn't for you! Now, anyway, ummmm a nanny huh? ....What are your rates?" Jim began asking her about her service as they walked back inside to talk. Jim told her that the kids belonged to his brother and Jack's brother, and that they were away on business. He weaved a cover story not wanting to spill the beans about what was really going on.

As Jim continued talking with the nanny, Jack had changed into some of Jim's swimming trunks from of the pool-house. He started swimming laps in the pool and began trying to get Katie to "hop in!" . She blushed at first saying "she didn't think so....", but soon she gave in and found a suit in the poolhouse. Jack watched as she exited the poolhouse and headed to the diving board. She had a towel modestly wrapped around her and he was about to explode waiting to see her remove that towel! He got his wish as she walked out onto the diving board, and he wasn't disappointed as she timidly removed the towel! He thought to himself "Boy they didn't make 'em like that when I was in high school!....with a little more of Bobby's oil, she and I might just need to go out sometime!" He laughed at the thought and continued enjoying the view.

When Jim walked out of the house he saw Katie and Jack sitting at one of the poolside tables, and he could see that Jack was flirting with the girl. The girl was blushing and clearly enjoying the attention. She would lightly touch Jack as she would laugh at whatever story he was telling. He could see her legs slowly inching closer to Jack's. "Jack! Get over here! I need to talk to you!" Jim yelled.

Jack headed over to Jim and listened as he began telling Jack his plans. "OK, our wives are children now. Now we could use the oil on them tonight....Orrrrrrr we could wait. I mean, they don't remember us as their husbands. And we can't be married to kids like that! We could actually call those girls from this morning and even GO OUT! ....And NOBODY will know! Now here's the beauty of this whole thing.... The nanny will be a live in. She'll take care of the kids. She thinks they are our nieces and that we are taking care of them while our 'brothers' are away! I told her it was already more than we bargained for and it would be nice to have someone like her to help out. Sound good to you?" Jack thought about it a bit and a sly grin slowly came to his face "Yeah, this young body has a lot of 'LOVE' to give" he laughed "I think you're onto to something. We'd have nobody to answer to! Sure, Why not? That girl this morning was hot! I'm all for it! Let's do it!" Jim liked the answer "Great, I already told her we'd hire her. I KNEW you'd like this idea. One thing though, You ARE 23 and that 'friend' of Bobby's and Gretchen's can't be much over 16! You better watch yourself. We don't need people talking!" Neither one of the two men knew that the 16 year old girl was really 46, and also Gretchen's mother! They both just shook their heads as they stole a peek at her sunning herself by the pool.

Nanny Snow had taken the two children to the mall to get some new clothes. Jim had given her the money to "find them something they like". He sent Bobby and Gretchen along to help. When they returned from the mall the two small girls looked just like any other small children. They both had on baggy T-shirts and each had a pair of shoes that would light up whenever they walked. They were laughing and running around trying to see how fast they could make the shoes 'light up'. No one would have known that they were really middle-aged women! As Bobby and Gretchen walked back to the pool they were greeted with another sight....there was Jack and Jim and two new faces. It was the two girls that Jack and Jim had met that morning. They were wearing bikinis and each filled their suit perfectly Bobby thought. Once again, Bobby wanted to stare but knew Gretchen wouldn't appreciate it! One bit of solace was that he knew Gretchen would soon be blossoming into a body just like the one that those girls have now. Gretchen's mother walked by and huffed "They're kinda homely if you ask me!" Bobby turned to Gretchen "Was she 'JEALOUS'?". They watched as Katie kept making a point of walking by Jack in a bid to get his attention. He never noticed, he was obviously 'lost' in his college girl. Katie wasn't as timid about her body now, but she still couldn't get Jack to notice her.

The sun was starting to set and Bobby hoped that all this nonsense would end when the moon came up. Nanny Snow yelled out that she had "dinner ready" and both little Jenny and Sammi ran to the table for their hot dogs and fries. Gretchen and Bobby walked behind them to the table. Jack and Jim walked in, but told Mrs. Snow that they had "plans for dinner and will be eating out with our two 'friends'". Katie stayed outside with her arms crossed glaring at the young brunette that Jack was so smitten with. Jim went to the upstairs bathroom to get ready while Jack used the downstairs shower. Both men were excited to be going out with two beautiful girls. It was their first date with anyone, except their wives, in years. Jim hopped out of the shower. He put on his robe and grabbed his razor. He quickly shaved and then grabbed his favorite after-shave. He splashed the blue liquid on his face and thought 'this stuff will drive 'em wild!' As he looked in the mirror he noticed that his face looked even lighter than it should even though he had just shaved. He felt his face and it felt smooth. Too smooth! He was getting even younger again. "What the Hell?!!" He looked back in the mirror and could see he was maybe 21 now. He opened the door and ran downstairs to see if Jack was OK. With each step another year seemed to slip away. By the time he got downstairs he was around 11 or 12. His robe was huge on him. He yelled out "Jack...". His voice cracked and was much higher in pitch. He opened the door to the bathroom that Jack was in and saw a toddler just staring at his hands. The toddler was still shrinking, slowly being swallowed by the towel that was now only loosely wrapped around him.

Nanny Snow walked up behind Jim, who was now about 6 years old "Sooooo LITTLE Jimmy....how does it feel? Not what you had planned, I bet! Hmmmm you look pretty small. I guess you won't be ordering any drinks tonight! Actually maybe you can still get together with your 'friends'!". With that Jim turned and saw little Jenny and Sammi with two other children. The youngest one was a brunette and looked about 3 years old. The other was slightly older, maybe 5 years old. "WHY!???, why them!??" Jim sobbed "They didn't do anything!". "Actually.... You see, Jimmy, your wife called me and told me what you had done. She was worried that maybe you'd try something like this.... or who knows what! She wanted me to 'check in' and see that you did what was right....Which you didn't. Soooooo I mixed up a little surprise for you and put it in your after-shave bottle. Some people might call me a Witch, but you can call me what you wish. Just watch your language!....I'd hate to have to wash that mouth out with soap! As for your 'friends', that was Katie's doing. She got a little jealous I guess.". "You make me big, pwease!" Jimmy pleaded as he shrank even more. Jack was now a newborn, lying on the floor wrapped in his towel. He now only made cooing noises. Jim was no more than a toddler himself. "No, I won't be making you big. You'll get older all right....one day at a time! As for your wives, I 'might' make them big again BUT they've been little sooooo long that it would be very traumatic.... growing up all at once...And they are having so much fun. I guess Katie doesn't want to be older and so that is fine. And your two 'friends'...I'll make them older... at least somewhat...But I think maybe they could stand a little dose of adolescent angst again. They were just a little 'TOO' sure of themselves before, 'I' thought anyway!"

The 3 year old, formerly a college freshman named Pam, points at Jimmy, now only about 2 years old, and says "You wittle!". "Am not!" he says...."You weal wittle" Pammy says..... "I don't think he can understand you now Pam, honey... he's too little!" and with that statement Nanny Snow picks up baby Jimmy and asks Katie to get the other newborn so that they can put them to bed.

The four little girls all run off to watch a Disney movie, Aladdin, that Nanny Snow had gotten for them.

Nanny Snow comes back down the stairs and opens her travel bag, pulling out a laptop computer "So, Bobby can you tell me what the URL is for place where you got that 'oil' recipe?"

The End

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