Poolside Part 1



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Bobby was an average 14 year old- interested in music, mountain bikes, and girls. While music and mountain bikes weren't a problem, the girls certainly were. He just couldn't seem to to get a girl his own age to like him. He always felt a bit awkward and usually ended up embarrassing himself before he could ever get into any real deep conversation with someone he was interested in. His older sister, Sally, was always supportive and he had no problems talking to her or her friends. They always thought he was a 'cute little guy' and he was at ease around them. He figured since they were 'out of his league' he could just be himself and not really worry about scaring off a prospective girlfriend.

Summer break was almost over and in a couple of weeks school would be starting again. Bobby was desperate not to start High School without a girlfriend! He had spent the first of the summer trying new clothes, hairstyles, and all the other things teenagers do when they are trying to impress someone. None of it seemed to help. The awkwardness was always getting in the way. His sister had noticed he was starting to act slightly depressed. She decided to arrange a pool party. She would invite her girlfriends and also ask them to bring their younger sisters. She figured it would be a great chance to get together with her friends one last time before they all take off for different cities and colleges. It also would be a good chance for Bobby to mingle with some of her friend's younger sisters and maybe meet someone he liked.

When she told Bobby about the party she was careful as to not let him know that she was trying to play matchmaker. At first he was not too warm on the idea, saying that he "didn't really know any of the younger girls" (even though most would be in his class) and "they would just think he's a 'dweeb'". Sally explained that she "doubted that, and even if they did he could just make them jealous with one of her friends!" Bobby smiled a bit and promised her he would be home for the party.

Sally didn't see much of Bobby in the days leading up to the party. He had his mom drop him off at the library a couple of times. She thought it was a bit strange considering the only books she ever saw him with in the summer were comic books! His mom noticed he was careful as to hide any books that he might've checked out of the library. She figured he was trying to study up on the 'birds and the bees' and she just let him have his privacy. She decided against asking about the books. On another occasion he had his sister drop him off at the mall. He even borrowed a few dollars from her to get 'some things'. Sally offered to come in with him but he got fidgety and so she told him she felt tired anyway, and would "just wait in the car". She figured he was going to buy condoms or something and she didn't want to embarrass him since he had been so withdrawn lately. He came back out with a sack of items. She could tell by the rattling that it contained more than a few small glass bottles of something. She decided he must be trying to make 'Spanish Fly' or some other teenage concoction for the party! Oh well, 'live and learn' she thought.

The night before the pool party Bobby stayed up late. Everyone else had went to bed but they could hear Bobby in the kitchen cooking up something.

His mother yelled down to him "Bobby, if you're hungry there's some left-over meatloaf in the fridge!".

"That's ok Mom, I'm fine. Just go back to sleep and I'll try to be a little quieter" he answered.

The next morning there were a couple of pans in the sink and the kitchen smelled like cocoa butter. His mother just shook her head and wondered what that boy had been up to! She hurried to clean up the mess before any of the girls started arriving for the party.

Soon, Sally's friends started arriving and most had brought their sisters. Bobby noticed that no boys were there. He didn't really think that was a problem. He didn't mind being the only male there amongst all the beautiful young ladies! While only a few of the younger girls were wearing two piece swim-suits, almost all the older girls were wearing them. Bobby couldn't hardly keep his eyes off the 'bikinis', or rather what they were packaging! He'd seen his sister's friends in their bathing-suits before..... but not all at once! Wow! The girls all more or less paired off and took turns diving in the pool and splashing water, enjoying the pool on such a warm sunny day. Sally had brought her portable stereo out to play music. The girls would exchange CD's in the player, each wanting to hear a favorite tune from the summer.

Bobby introduced himself to some of the younger girls. Each time he would end up tongue-tied and say something he regretted. They would giggle at the remark, and he would excuse himself and sulk off. Nothing ever changes he thought. He talked to a few of the older girls and they would tell him how they bet his 'date-book was full'. Blah, Blah, Blah. Sometimes he wondered if they really meant that stuff or just said it out of pity. But, at least he could talk to them without sticking his foot in his mouth. On this day, though, he did have to be careful and not let his eyes wander too much as they would be drawn to the ample cleavage that was on display!

The party went on past noon and his mother served snacks for lunch. Sally took the opportunity to ask Bobby why he wasn't dancing with someone. Maybe swimming in the pool, or just mingling more. Bobby shook his head in frustration and said "I tried! They all think I'm a dweeb! I told you! I don't know what to do!"

"Well, I know for a fact that a couple of these girls think you're a doll!" she answered.

"Which ones?" Bobby asked.

"I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to figure it out on your own!" she said, even though she'd heard no such thing but figured it would help his confidence.

Bobby kind of looked around aimlessly and then said " Well, I guess I know what 'I' need to do!".

Sally shrugged and went over to lounge with her best friend Gretchen. Gretchen was a favorite of Bobby's. She was going to be a senior in college and was always receiving high marks. An excellent student and a great personality. She had also been at the top of her class in High School and Bobby always thought she should be a model or an actress. He thought her long blonde hair and curvy figure were more suited to something more glamorous than being stuck in a book all the time!

Bobby went inside and retrieved a jar from the house. Sally could see him coming towards Gretchen and herself.

"Hi Gretchen!" Bobby said cheerfully "Wanna try this new tanning oil? It's a special blend that I learned about from the internet. I've been on the 'net quite a bit at the library. I ran across a book that pointed me in the right direction. Here, smell!"

Gretchen politely obliged and took in a whiff of the 'oil'. She looked surprised "Wow, that does smell great! What's in it?".

Bobby thought for a moment and then replied "Well, it's about the same as Hawaiian Tropic. Just a couple of other things to make it better for your skin and stuff."

Sally, who had been listening to the exchange, thought Bobby was using Gretchen to try and make one of the younger girls notice him. 'Well I guess I did tell him to do something like that. Smart kid' she thought. Sally rolled over and closed her eyes. She began to soak up some more of the bright mid-day sun. She heard Gretchen agree to 'try' the tanning oil and then she drifted off into a relaxing sleep.

Gretchen took the oil and then applied it over her chest and legs. 'She is just so beautiful!' Bobby thought to himself. He watched as the sun glistened off her firm oiled body. Gretchen slowly applied the oil and really seemed to enjoy it

"This really smells great! Maybe you should sell it. You'd make a fortune if it actually gives you a good tan and with this fragrance- Wow! And it even feels great!" Gretchen then rolled over onto her stomach and loosened the string on her bikini top. "Here, go ahead and put this on my back .... If you don't mind.....".

Wow! Bobby sat his beach towel down and got on his knees and began rubbing the oil into her skin. He was careful to always wipe the excess off his hands as he applied the oil.

"That feels good, Bobby. My skin feels so alive....I think you're onto something here....Mmmm" she cooed.

Bobby kept applying the oil. All over her back and sides and down her long legs. Slowly he worked the oil over her whole body until she was totally covered with the oil that he had made. Her skin was vibrant and golden. The sun seemed to sparkle on her skin. She quietly told Bobby that it 'felt great' and to 'keep rubbing like he was'. Bobby smiled because he had actually quit massaging the oil into her skin earlier.

"Mmmm, yessss" she purred "that feels sooo goooood"....

Bobby watched intently as the changes in Gretchen became obvious. Her long hair actually shortened a bit. He could see her perfectly manicured long nails slowly shorten just a bit. Not too much, Bobby hoped, as he had always admired her long fingernails. He then focused his attention on her legs. They didn't look much different yet and so he glanced at her waist. Her waist started to look 'thinner' . He could see her ribs showing through a bit. He looked back down at her legs and just as he did he saw her feet appear to slide up an inch or so and maybe even get a little smaller. Her legs had a gotten shorter and even lost a little of the definition that he had admired so many times before. Her ankle bracelet now looked a bit large. 'Those legs still look beautiful though!' he thought. "OOH! YES! it's really working!".

He watched as the changes slowed and then halted. Although she was lying down he could see that she was shorter than before. She was also skinnier. Even though he still was enamored with her, he thought about how her bathing suit wasn't going to fit her for a few years now!

Gretchen finally looked over her shoulder and asked innocently "Why did you stop ummmm massaging me? It felt so good!"

She didn't seem to notice her voice was suddenly higher in pitch. She even sounded a bit shy! Not so mature anymore. Bobby looked at her face for the first time since the oil had began to work its magic. She no longer looked like a college girl. She looked more like one of the girls that would be starting High School in a few days! She would fit in much better with the younger girls at the party rather than the college girls that she had arrived with. Her faced beamed with an innocent glow. Bobby even wondered to himself if she wasn't maybe a year younger than HIM! Junior High? Her nose was small and upturned. Her features were soft.

"Bobby? Bobby?....Bobby!" she repeated until he broke his stare.

"Oh I'm sorry.... you just look so- uhhhh great." She coyly smiled at him and brushed her hair back from around her face, pausing for a second to stare curiously at her hand before continuing to pull her hair back.

"How about something to cool us off?" he asked. .....

Sally groggily started to awaken as she heard Bobby asking someone if they wanted 'to go inside and get an ice cream cone'.

"Uh huh" was the meek sounding reply.

"Here, I better tighten this a little more.... Ummm You better wrap yourself in my towel".

Sally heard that piece of Bobby's conversation and slowly rolled over to see Bobby walking towards the house with a young girl holding his hand. She was a little shorter than Bobby and his large beach-towel covered her down to mid-calf. Sally didn't really recognize the young blonde girl from behind but she was very happy to see Bobby had finally found someone his own age.

Sally started to ask Gretchen to take a look at her brother and his new 'girl-friend', but she noticed Gretchen was gone. 'Hmmm, well there's her sandals.... I guess she must've hopped in the pool....Oh well....' she thought to herself as she reached for Bobby's home-made tanning oil...... "hmmmm ......might as well see if this stuff is a good for the skin as he said it was!"


----continued in part 2

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