Puzzle Box Genie and The Magic Pendent Part 1



19-year-old Rachel had just gotten home after another wasteful day of job hunting. Tired of filling out job applications and handing out her resumes, she noticed a gift for her on her bed.

Picking up the note beside the wooden puzzle box; it turned out it was from her mom. The note was short and read something like 'best wishes on finding a job. Sorry I haven't been home lately and look what I found at a yard sale for you'. Last bit was on about her dad coming home soon from his business trip.

Curious now, Rachel decided to vent her frustration on the puzzle box. She was always good at puzzles and knew she could have this one done in no time, so she thought at first.

An hour passed before she gave up on the puzzle box for a break. The pattern on the outside was more complex then she first realized. Rachel had a funny feeling that the last person that owed it sold it because he or she couldn't figure it out.

After breaking for a snack, she was at it again. Now little more relaxed and focus on the puzzle box that was almost taunting her as the pattern almost come together then along one side it didn't match up quite right.

Nearly two hours had passed since she had gotten the puzzle box. After some logical thinking and a few cuss words later she finally had it.

The last side clicked softly into place and the patterns on all sides finally matched.

Then Rachel dropped the box out of surprise as a kinda smoke or more like mist came from the box.

Rachel watched in shock as the mist rose from the floor and circled. Slowly a young man appeared with a buzz cut hair and plain outfit that gave him an average person look. Rachel noticed his shirt pattern matched the puzzle box perfectly.

"Luceo The Genie, at your service my young lady. Three wishes are yours that are only bound by the life rules." He said greeting her like this was to be expected.

"Whoa." Rachel said walking around him. Looking at him, he was just about the same height as her and almost non-threatening and hardly imposing to another person. "Yes, I'm what I said." Luceo said and seemed to read her mind.

"Either I'm having a very strange dream or you are real." Rachel said taking it all in and believing it a little. The fact he appeared out of thin air had her convinced.

"Have you decided on your first wish?" Luceo said and looked less then eager in asking her.

"Well, I can hear about the rules about wishing first?" Rachel said deciding to be a little careful.

"Life rules are simple. I cannot give or take life so wishing for a child of your own or wishing some back from the other side of life is beyond my power. I cannot kill anyone for you directly either." Luceo said in such a way this was his only limitations.

"Cool", said Rachel agreeing with the rules. They sounded good to her and easy to remember.

"Cool? My lady. It's quite warm in here isn't it?" Luceo asked a little puzzled by her words.

"It's slang for something great or amazing." Rachel said quickly.

"I understand now." Luceo said taking a look around the room. He was slightly curious about the world around him.

"Don't genies come in bottles and are made of smoke?" Rachel said suddenly paranoid.

"Some do, but I prefer to change after each summon. I gave up the whole bottle deal centuries ago." Luceo said and looked at her for something.

"Not what I imagine a genie to look like either." Rachel commented.

"Few things in life really are." Luceo said not taking offense to her comment.

"Let me think on my first wish. Have a look around if you want." Rachel said and felt a little funny in saying it.

"As you command." Luceo said and bowed his head a little then glance and turned his body slightly to see the new wonders of this modern age.

"That's a computer." Rachel said as she noticed Luceo looking at the monitor then peering behind it.

"It is a strange window." Luceo said now looking at the front screen again. "It's more like a book with tons of knowledge connected to it." Rachel said trying her best to explain it all.

"A book you say. I shall read it." Luceo said then waved his hand over it. Instantly millions of web pages flashed across the screen in a blur of color with sounds of audio that was sped up. He was done in under a minute. Through some kind of Genie magic he had read the entire Internet.

"Did you just read the entire Internet?" Rachel said and thankful they had gotten DSL just a few months ago, but thought his magic protected the computer from blowing up.

"Yes, my lady, I'm now up to date on this world's events and slang." Luceo said with a sly smile.

Thinking over her first wish, Rachel only true problem these days was wasting days in looking for a job. The idea of time travel came to her. She could visit the future and could get lottery numbers or know what kind of jobs to apply for from her future self. Even go back and redo interviews making herself perfect.

She might even go back to her high school days and ace all her tests. Ideas of creating the perfect life crossed her mind as well. Top grades always meant top jobs in the real world.

"Can you send a person into the past or give them something so they can relive past?" Rachel said her thoughts locked on that wish idea.

"Does the lady wish to visit the ancient cities of the past?" Luceo said looking ready to use his magic again.

"No, I just want something that can allow me to relive certain days in my life." Rachel said.

"It is well within my power to do so. May I suggest a pendent? Luceo said.

"Ok. I wish for a pendent that can take a person backwards in time by will power alone." Rachel said thinking it out carefully.

There was no grand magical effect. Luceo simple put his hand into a fist then opened it. There laying in the palm of his hand was a beautiful, but simple pendent on a chain.

Carefully Rachel took it and put it around her neck.

"So I just think it and focus real hard I find myself going backwards through time?" Rachel asked looking at Luceo for advice.

"It is exactly what the lady wished for." Luceo said maintaining his proud composure. "I'll be right back." Rachel said and thinking hard about going back to yesterday.

Puzzled Rachel was still in her room and everything was the same.

"Hey! It's busted." Rachel said looking at the pendent and thinking Luceo gave her a worthless necklace.

"I assure you it works." Luceo said bowing his head then looking at her if he could never be wrong.

"Fine. Six years this time. My family was on vacation and this house will be empty." Rachel said and focused hard then saw the room grow all around her. Luceo was getting taller and taller in height.

Rachel turned to her wall mirror to see her body changing in the wrong way. Her chest was getting smaller as her breasts were shrinking. She was losing height and turning into an even younger teen. Rachel then knew what was happening to her. She was being made younger by the pendent.

Rachel allowed her panties and shorts to drop to the floor as her shirt gave her cover.

"You tricked me." Rachel said in a higher pitch tone then normal, accusing Luceo and staring at her 13-year-old self in the mirror. Her teen shirt now night shirt size for this young teen.

"I gave you what you asked for. It's in a genie's nature to be tricky." Luceo said almost apologizing.

"I didn't really ask for this." Rachel said removing her bra from under her shirt and tossing it into the closet along with her shorts and panties.

"Perhaps the lady should get back to her true age." Luceo said in a gentle tone.

"Yeah and few years for maturity as bonus." Rachel said then focusing hard on just eight years. She had forgotten her exact words when she made her wish. She was focused on getting back to normal.

"My lady." Luceo started to say if to warn her.

Rachel realized her mistake a split second too late. Everything got even bigger in size and now Luceo towered over her. Rachel had to pull her shirt from slipping down her shoulder and saw herself in the mirror as a cute 5-year-old girl.

"It made me even littlwer." Rachel said unable to control some long forgotten childhood lisp and using simple grammar.

"Oh my god. I'm turning into a weal little girl." Rachel said with a small rise of panic in her voice.

"Calm down my lady and think. You can still remember all your teen memories?" Luceo said sitting down on her bed to be more on her level.

"Yes." Rachel said, but had to fight back the urge to call mom and dad just Mommy and daddy as her thoughts turned toward them in her mind.

"Your mind and body are just doing what comes naturally to you at this age. Simple grammar and lisp can be overcome if your calm. I did try to warn you before you changed." Luceo said gently.

"Guess, I'm lucky I didn't pick a higher number or mom would been in for a shock." Rachel said thankful she didn't.

"So this only takes me backwards in time. I guess I'll have to use up my second wish to fix this?" Rachel said with looking daggers at Luceo.

"Unless the lady wants to remain young and grow up all over." Luceo said missing her anger or just ignoring it.

"Not really" Rachel said with some sarcasm in her voice.

"Take your time." Luceo offered.

Thinking it out very carefully Rachel made her second wish.

"Ok. I wish for this pendent to take a person forward in time by will power alone as well." Rachel said making sure to say it with proper grammar and no lisp.

"Done." Luceo said without moving his hands.

Carefully Rachel focused her thoughts on 2-years then thinking hard on being two years older. If it was a trick, she would only be 3-years-old and could use her last wish to fix her current problem.

As Rachel looked, she saw herself in the mirror grow a little. The gaps in her teeth less pronounced now. She couldn't help but stick her tongue in the gaps to confirm they were much less in width now.

"Good." Rachel said and then aging herself back to being a 10-year-old girl once again. She was just starting to show signs of maturity and had to admire her childish face before going on to teen maturity.

"Guess little girls do grow up fast." Rachel said grabbing a pillow and holding it in place just below her belly button as her shirt no longer provided her cover.

"Just call my name when your ready, my lady." Luceo said and vanished by suddenly popping out of sight.

Rachel gave a quick look around then she redress with a small blush on her face.

Right on time her mother had arrived home. Her car was pulling into the driveway. Rachel hadn't notice the sun had set already during her meeting with Luceo and figuring out the puzzle box, the time had just went by in a flash.

Fixing herself up to look like she was getting ready for bed she went downstairs and greeted her mother in the normal way. She kept the genie and pendent a secret for now as they chatted.

"Hey mom." Rachel said and coming into the kitchen under the pretense of getting something to drink.

"Any luck?" Her mother's usually greeting these days.

"Not much, but I'm still looking as hard as ever." Rachel admitted.

"If you're going to college this year you need a good job to pay for it. Not to mention the car payments." Her mother nagged.

"I know, I know." Rachel said.

"Don't mean to nag at you, but just these shift changes." Her mother confessed.

"Again?" Rachel said and knew how often they did this.

"Yup, you'll be on your own this week till we get home every evening just after dark. Me and your dad we will be away at work nearly all day." Her mother said fixing herself something to eat.

"Aright." Rachel said and finished getting her drink.

Rachel knew her mother would finish her meal and go straight to bed and then to just head back to work when she awoke. Rachel had her chance to use her pendent again. Locking the door to her room, just in case, she played around with the pendent.

She aged herself to an old woman then to a small child. She found she was horror stuck by old age. At first, she loved maturity that came with age then nearly screamed as the wrinkles came.

Becoming a child was much better in her eyes. She was so young and free. Rachel had got so caught up in staying a little girl of 5-years-old she accidentally fell asleep on her bed in just her teen T-shirt.

The bed was so big and soft, she thought she could just rest her eyes for a minute, forgetting that little kids need their naps.

Rachel had overslept long past her mother leaving the house and nearly to lunch time. Her mind was awake, but her body simply didn't want to leave the comfort of the bed. Groggy, Rachel tossed off the covers and fell to the floor, misjudging the distance due to her shorter legs. Her hands took most of the impact.

"Oh yeah." Rachel said to herself. Realizing she was still a little girl. The palms of her hands now hurt a little. Checking the time, then peaking out the window to the driveway Rachel saw that her mother was gone. She had the entire house to herself till dark.

Feeling a little daring and little embarrassed Rachel unlocked her room door and stripped off her shirt. Willing her pendent to change her even younger. To add a thrill to the little game she put the pendent on the dresser now out of reach of herself as a naked 2-year-old Rachel.

"Opps." Rachel said in a toddler tone and looking up at the dresser. Reaching up and standing on her tip-pee toes didn't work either. She meant to put it on the edge where she could reach it, but the changes were too quick.

Rachel would have to think this one out. She did have several hours before anyone would be home. Rachel explored her house in her toddler body. The stairs had taken a few minutes just to get down them and up again.

Rachel was now impressed on how big the TV looked now to her. Rachel went to the kitchen next. With the refrigerator door being so huge and heavy, there was no way she could open it on her own. Rachel then thought how silly it would be to try to get a even a glass of coke or tea.

Even if she got the door open, the pitcher was out of reach and far too heavy for her little arms to hold. The glasses she needed were all in the top cabinets which look very high up from her point of view. The top of her head didn't even show over the counter tops.

Rachel decided to watch some TV before changing back. She had only been watching TV for an hour before her stomach rumbled out of hunger and her mouth was feeling dry. As Rachel climbed back up the carpet steps, she got the idea how to get her pendent.

She did have enough strength to pull her desk drawers one at a time. She pulled the bottom one out all the way then the second drawer up about halfway out. The very top one she simple pulled it a quarter of the way out. Now using the drawers like steps she climbed up to her dresser top.

Rachel then got her pendent and put it back on. Now it hung almost past her belly button. In the dresser mirror, she did have some fun making the adorable little 2-year-old in the mirror dance and parade around naked.

Rachel also found a strange desire to play with her belly button a little. Rachel took one last look at herself as a toddler. Her plump little belly and cherub cheeks and body were so cute.

"Sorwee, kid. Time to be grown up." Rachel said apologizing to herself in the mirror.

As she aged a little slower then her normal return, Rachel sat on the desk and once she thought the distance was safe enough she jumped down. First thing Rachel did was get dressed as she got bigger and older.

Rachel kept her outfit pretty simple. T-shirt, shorts and panties was all she needed.

"That was fun" Rachel thought and enjoyed the time she was a toddler.

Rachel decided on fixing herself something to eat before exploring other ages to be.

Once she felt no hunger after her oven dinner, she went about exploring other ages. Certain ages had advantages. As a toddler, everything was huge and looked super size. Food being one of the things she knew was hard getting if she ever stayed as a toddler.

As a small child or preteen, she didn't have to worry about her periods or breasts bothering her and end up wearing bras.

Rachel realized the downfalls as well. Being a toddler meant no freedom without an adult around. She would be confined to indoors and cribs. As a small child she would have to go back to school and stay close to home.

Still having a few hours to waste away, Rachel decided on a trip outdoors in a perfect disguise. Dressed in her smallest teen shirt and pair of gym shorts the strings pulled as tight as they would go on her little girl waist she was ready. With her pendent safely tuck away under her shirt, she went out the front door.

The neighborhood she lived in was safe enough for children to go outside and play. Rachel knew this all her life since she moved there when she was very young. Rachel had spotted a group of girls about 7 or 8 years-old skipping rope. Rachel was easily the smallest and youngest of the girls in physical appearance.

Rachel choice of being the runt or weakest of the group was her own. She thought this would be the best way to judge the other girls.

The girls were busy doing jump ropes and trying to out do reach other before they noticed a girl walking towards them.

Rachel joined the group after a quick "Hi" and after a few falls, which would have made most girls her current age cry; she had mastered the jump ropes once again. Rachel thought of it like riding a bike again. A child's fast reflexes with her teen focus made her the best in the group now.

Britney, the 2nd oldest in the group, became quick friends with her. Rachel had known Britney from baby-sitting her just last summer. Britney had no idea her baby-sitter was now a two inches shorter then her and right in front of her.

After Jump ropes, Rachel was invited by Britney to her house to watch some Disney movie. Rachel had never been inside Britney's house. Britney had always come to her house to be baby-sat.

Rachel felt her heart leap as Britney's mother was there welcoming them in. Rachel was sure Britney's mother would somehow see through her disguise. Rachel felt her little heart pounding away as Britney's mother locked her eyes on her with a curious stare.

"Who is your new friend, Britney?" Mrs. Carob asked her daughter.

"Rachel, Mommy." Britney answered as the rest of Britney's friends went straight into the living room.

"Oh Rachel. Such a pretty name. Did your family just move here?" Mrs. Carob asked, now addressing Rachel.

"Yeah, I'm new here." Rachel lied and thought she shouldn't have given Britney her real first name. Thankfully she didn't give her last name.

"What have you girl's been doing?" Mrs. Carob said as she spotted a nasty scrap cut on Rachel's knee.

"Jump rope. Rachel didn't know how to do it at first then she fell down lots of times without crying; now she is really good at it." Britney explained and getting little tired of standing there and answering her mother's questions.

"Well you go to the living room and start the movie while I take Rachel here to get her cuts cleaned and get some band aids on them." Mrs. Carob said then motioning for her daughter to go.

"Come on, dear." Mrs. Carob said putting a hand on Rachel's shoulder and leading into the kitchen. Once there, Rachel was asked to sit down. Rachel felt a little intimated by the size of Mrs. Carob and swung her feet a little out of nerves.

"Won't take a minute." Mrs. Carob said reaching up to the first aid kit on top of refrigerator.

Mrs. Carob applied some antiseptic lotion then put a Band-Aid on her biggest cut. The rest of her scraps were too small for Band-Aids.

"Well, tough little girl, we are finished here." Mrs. Carob said then allowed Rachel to leave.

Rachel was sure somehow or some way Mrs. Carob had seen through her little girl disguised. Apparently, she was just as fooled as her daughter. Rachel only got the chance to watch one movie before she had to get home. It was so close to getting dark now, she had to run to make it home before her mother.

Making the excuse she wasn't suppose to be out after dark, she left the house. Rachel ran despite her slightly aching knees. Her right knee was slightly worse then her left. Rachel slipped in through the back just in case anyone might see her if she entered through the front.

Once back in her room she quickly striped her small shirt off and threw on a bigger shirt. She willed the pendent to age her a little once she had her larger T-shirt on. Rachel untied the gym shorts as soon as the short's strings didn't need to be tucked into her waist band any more.

The only proof Rachel had been outside now was a Band-Aid slightly used and on the floor. It fell off during her transformation back to a teen. The skin on her knees were now smooth and healed long before she reached her teen's years.

Rachel cleaned up her room then went down and straighten up the rest of house so it appeared she had been cleaning all day.

By the time her mom came home, she had everything neat and tidy. Rachel had to race around the house to make it so. Mother and Daughter had the same basic conversation between them before Rachel excused herself to bed. Rachel did get a slight surprised when she turned the corner to her room.

Luceo was sitting in her computer chair staring out of the window. Rachel gasp a little then shut her door softly. "Better get back into your box before my mom or someone else sees you." Rachel warned in a whisper.

"Don't worry, my lady. At the moment you're the only one that can hear and see me." Luceo said a casual and calm voice.

"Well, I haven't really thought about my third wish. Truth is I don't think I want it." Rachel admitted.

"It's in my nature to trick. Understand I'm bound to do so. When I do the trick is my choice. I suppose you're about to say something like I wish you would not grant my last wish?" Luceo asked, his expression looking sad.

"Luceo, What do you want?" Rachel asked and feeling guilty if she used her last wish on nothing.

"Freedom, my lady. Endless years inside of wooden boxes, bottles, and such has become my dull prison." Luceo said his face slightly shocked.

"Then I wish for you to be free." Rachel said quickly.

Luceo looked as if all the wind was knocked out of him then the pattern on his shirt blurred to formed one color.

"Not since the old days when the world was new has anyone done that for a Genie." Luceo said looking very happy.

"Well I figured you wouldn't trick yourself." Rachel said her arms folded in amusement.

"I'm in your debt." Luceo said getting up to stand from his seat.

"No problem really. So where will you go from here?" Rachel asked a little more then eager to get him out of her room. Even if her mother couldn't seem him, she would find it strange for her daughter to be talking to someone who's was not there.

"Travel the world a bit. I want to see how much of the world and people have really changed." Luceo said looking ready to do something.

"Guess I'll see you around." Rachel said now hating their goodbye.

"Perhaps and may you have good fortune." Luceo said as he slowly faded away and his voice became a whisper.

"Don't let this all be a dream when I wake tomorrow." Rachel thought as she checked the hallway to see her mother's door still open. Assured her mother was still downstairs fixing herself something to eat. Rachel got ready for bed early. She decided on some early morning job hunting then maybe with what hours she had left, relive a little bit of her childhood with the neighborhood kids.

Rachel did so over the next week and a half. She bought outfits in different sizes so she would have something else to wear with the little money she saved. Rachel had just gotten invited to swim at Britney's house just before she had to go. Mrs. Carob wanted to speak to Rachel's mother before she could swim.

Rachel got away with it by giving out her cell phone number. Then going back home and aging herself to a middle age woman and when her cell phone rang no less then an hour after she left. Rachel explained she learned everything about their family through little Rachel. Rachel gave her name as Mrs. Smith when she answered the cell phone.

Rachel felt sneaky posing as a mother to a little girl that was really her. Keeping the conversation short, but polite, Rachel was quick to reprogram her phone if Mrs. Carob should ever call again, she would go straight to voice mail in the future.

Rachel was glad that business was over with. Constant changing was wearing her out. Rachel decided on making herself very young and taking a hot bath. She was careful in taking her pendent with her and some of teen clothes. She would change back to her normal self after her bath.

Rachel decided on 2-years-old. She waited till she was in the tub and ready. She discarded her bathrobe and was only wearing her pendent, she focused hard. The middle aged woman soon became a young woman, her mature breasts perking up and losing cup sizes fast.

Rachel loved the next part more then losing her maturity. She was shrinking fast now in height as her teen years went by and soon was back in the body of a child. Her body hair was receding everywhere on her body. The hair on her head was thinning out and becoming wispy.

Rachel took off her pendent which was now close to her belly button. She looked at her chubby little fingers and plump stomach, all of this very new to her yet somehow not. Rachel did have some difficulty working the knobs to the hot and cold, but managed to get the water going none the less.

She found that she didn't need to get it as hot she normally liked it. Her young body and sensitive skin was fine with just warm water. As she washed, a task which took no time to complete, Rachel found her own body was once again odd to her touch. Even through a rag she felt funny. Very ticklish in certain areas around her stomach and under her arm pits.

Being hairless in between her legs and on her legs was the oddest feeling when she washed. Rachel enjoyed the tub's huge size compared to her toddler body. Rachel was nearly a baby and enjoying every minute of it.

Rachel discovered she couldn't sit still in the water. She had to pretend swim or changed the way she was laying the water ever few minutes. Realizing she must of loved water as a toddler, Rachel managed to calm herself a little. It was too easy at times to get carried away when one was having fun at such a small age.

Once her fingers and toes were much wrinkled and the time getting close to when her mother would be home, Rachel grabbed her pendent by reaching over the side. She nearly fell out, but got the pendent before doing so. She aged herself to little girl and step out to dry. Once dry, she casually aged herself back to her teen self and dressed. Sudden bumps on her chest growing out along with her other changes were as normal to her as taking a shower. Rachel was quick to learn a little trick of de-aging her hair on her legs and under her arms back into her body while keeping her body the same age, this left her legs smooth all the time as well as her armpits.

Looking clean and fresh as a daisy Rachel went to her computer for some more job hunting. Countless times she thought about posing as an older woman, but she thought it was too risky. The small town environment would surely bring someone she knew to whatever work place she would be at.

Rachel worked past after her mother got home and little while after she gone to bed. Then Rachel saw a pair of headlights attached to a car that pulled right into her driveway.

"Dad's home." Rachel thought knowing his car well enough. Rachel watched as he entered the house. In the old days when she was little girl, she used to stay up and greet him. Over time she grew out of it. Thinking about those happy memories, Rachel's next idea of using the pendent came.

She wouldn't have another chance for a long time to do so. Waiting a few minutes for him to settle in and fall asleep in his favorite chair, a routine he never changed. Rachel decided to make herself a little girl again. Dressed in a shirt and pair of little girl panties she bought, she quietly made her way downstairs.

Asleep and barely had kicked off his shoes, was her dad in his chair. His business suit was looking out of neat order and his tie was by the chair on the floor.

Rachel's plan was if anything did go wrong she would run to the bathroom and changed back, claiming he was dreaming the whole thing up.

Rachel approached the chair carefully and tugged on his pants leg like she used to do so many years ago.

"Huh?" Her dad said stirring a little and opened his eyes a little to see her.

"Hi, Daddy." Rachel said quietly.

"Rachel is that you. You're so small." Her dad said then blinking a few times.

"You're dreaming, silly." Rachel said.

"Guess I am. Wow, I have forgotten how cute you were when you were little." Her dad said setting back into his chair and looking like he was going to fall asleep.

"Daddy?" Rachel asked seeing if he was asleep.

"Oh, of course. Come here baby girl." Her dad said picking her up and putting her into his lap to sleep.

"This is a very realistic dream." Her dad mumbled then went to sleep. Rachel was thankful he was so tired.

Fighting the powerful urge to curl up in his lap and sleep, she waited a few minutes before slipping off his lap.

"Maybe Father's Day, daddy." Rachel whispered. Thinking she would use this form again as a present to him and a treat for herself. Rachel later thought it was a risk, but well worth it.

Finally that morning during her application phase, she was offered a job. It had been one of last places she wanted to work, but at least she knew someone there. It had been a surprised for Rachel to see Shelly there. Shelly was one of her best friends in high school had started working there right after getting out of high school.

Rachel had lost contact with most of her high school buddies, most gone away to distance colleges.

The girls had easy jobs of working the projector and playing the part of ushers. Rachel found that her free time was cut short now to just a few hours of light a day. She worked the 2nd shift at the theater as a part timer and started work nearly each day just as it was getting dark. This only increase the chance for her secret of getting out. Rachel never thought it would be Shelly that she would have to tell first.

The day before she was suppose to be at Britney's house to swim, Rachel had just been walking home in the usual cover as a little girl, when Shelly was there waiting for her. Rachel had just got halfway up to her door. Shelly had just rang the doorbell when she turned to see a unknown little girl.

"Hey short stuff, do you know Rachel or something?" Shelly asked, curious to see this little girl that had walked so casually up to the front door.

"Shelly." Rachel said in surprised before she could stop herself.

"Hey, how do you know my name? Did I baby-sit you once because you look kinda familiar?" Shelly said, her expression even more curious now.

"Come in and I'll show you." Rachel said then figured that Shelly came over to pick her up for work. She was very early if that was the case.

"You look like her cousin or something." Shelly said looking on as Rachel pulled out a house key and unlocked the front door.

"Something." Rachel answered with a sly smile.

Once up in Rachel's room Shelly looked around almost expecting to see the teenage Rachel there maybe napping or playing on her computer.

"Shelly, it's me Rachel." Rachel said once she had her look around.

"Nice try with the joke. So where she is?" Shelly answered looking toward the close closet and glancing a little under the bed.

"Fine I'll show you." Rachel said then willed her pendent to on Shelly. Shelly uniform instantly became too big for her to wear. Soon her light pants were sliding down her legs as she lost her teen years. Once she had a flat chest again Shelly took off her vest only leaving her short sleeve shirt on.

The girls now stood eye to eye to each other. One dressed perfectly for her age the other looking like she was playing pretend dress up and holding onto her panties as best she could.

"It really is you, isn't it?" Shelly shouted in surprised and a little shocked.

"Like I said." Rachel said tossing off her shirt to put on a teen shirt. Using the shirt as cover she stripped off her undergarments and tossed them into a box in the closet until she could wash them. The shorts went right on top her little panties.

Aging herself and Shelly at the same time was interesting. They grew nearly at the same time in height and maturity. Once both were redress and adjusted their clothing to look right, Shelly looked unsure about what just really happened.

Rachel told her everything; the Genie named Luceo to the pendent and what she has been doing for the past two weeks.

"If it was anyone else I wouldn't believe them." Shelly said sitting on the bed while Rachel told the entire story from her computer chair.

"And if you didn't witness it first hand either, you wouldn't have." Rachel said almost knowing what she was thinking.

"Shame you had to let him go like that." Shelly said her eyes looking misty.

"Be glad I did. Any wish could be turned against you. I was lucky to get off the hook with this great magic pendent." Rachel said tucking the pendent under her uniform.

"Oh man. Look at the time. We have been talking so long it is nearly time to start work." Shelly said checking the wall clock.

"Shelly, one more thing. This is a secret until I say otherwise." Rachel said getting into her uniform in a hurry.

"Got it. Just let me in on the fun." Shelly commented pulling out her car keys.

It wasn't until after work and Rachel called her parent's house that she was spending the weekend with Shelly. Rachel's routine of getting away every other weekend was normal in her family life. Rachel did have to stop by the house for a few clothes and such before crashing at Shelly's house.

Shelly house wasn't much; a single one family home that needed some fixing up. The house payments on it were cheaper then renting and Shelly had gotten some money from her Grandpa. A sweet old man she still visited at least once a week.

The best part was that it was a short walking distance from Rachel's house and Britney's. As if it was the 2nd Saturday of the month, both girls were off from work and had the whole day of free time. It was Shelly idea to join Rachel on her little swim over at Britney's.

"You got a spare suit and plus you could just say I'm another friend you have." Shelly said convincing Rachel. They had spent a little time playing with the pendent. Rachel letting Shelly try out different ages. Shelly had gone further back in age and forward in maturity then Rachel ever dared too.

"I just felt safer knowing you knew about the pendent and was still a teen. What if we are both little girls and pendent breaks or something?" Rachel said, an old fear coming back.

"Then we confess to our parents and become the best students in school, seeing that we already passed those elementary grades before." Shelly said trying to sound unconcerned.

"Fine." Rachel said, tired of Shelly's nagging.

Fifth-teen minutes later, Mrs. Carob opened the door to two little girls. One she knew well and the other was unknown to her.

"This is my friend, Shelly. She wanted to swim too." Rachel said making it sound like it was important.

"Very nice to meet you. Everyone else is in the back." Mrs. Carob said letting them both in.

"I feel so funny doing this." Shelly whispered as they walked through the empty house.

"No backing out now." Rachel warned.

With Shelly and Rachel there now, the total number of girls were now six. Britney was happy to introduce them to Shelly. Cindy and Mindy were of course twins, the same almost in every way including their brown eyes and brown hair length. Then there was Molly, the freckled face red headed girl.

Mrs. Carob watched over all the girls the first hour as they played. The phone rang and she went to the doorway and called for something. A boy about 12 or 13 years old came down handing the phone to his mother. Rachel would learn it was Robby, Britney's older bullying brother.

"Watch the girls a bit and no trouble." Mrs. Carob warned.

"Ok." Robby agreed and looked as if he rather do anything else. Mrs. Carob disappeared into the house to escape the squeals of laughter and yelling the girls were doing as she chatted on the phone.

Robby took a seat near the pool and looked in a foul mood.

"Britney, why is your brother looking so mean? Did he get into trouble?" Rachel asked more aware of what was going around her then the other girls.

"Mom caught him smoking some kinda weeds in his room. She grounded him for the whole summer. He has been meaner then ever because of it." Britney said looking fearful she might be overheard.

Rachel wished what happen next didn't, but she had little control over it. During one of their rests from swimming Robby had order Britney to get him a drink. Britney had refused, saying she didn't have too. From there an argument had started. Robby had waited for Britney to go run in and tell mom he was being bad when he stopped her.

Not leaving his seat he caught her and tossed her over his lap.

"Bad, cry baby. Time for a spanking." Robby said beginning his taunting.

"Not a cry baby. Stop calling me that. You're the cry baby. I'll tell if you spank me again, I'll tell." Britney shouted with panic in her voice.

"What's mom going to do? Ground me twice." Robby said almost laughing then slapping his little sister's butt a little and was about to get started.

Rachel's rage flared up inside her. Robby was about to spank his own sister in front of all her friends. With thoughts of sparing her from an embarrassing scene, Rachel reached down into her bag. She held the pendent tightly in her small palm hiding it from view.

With thinking, she forced her thoughts on Robby. What happened next was shocking to most and amazing to all at the same time. Robby looked confused as his little sister appeared to be growing in size in his lap. She was suddenly getting heavy and felt like a ton on his legs.

As he pushed her off, he stood up only to lose his shorts and white boy briefs. Britney landed on the ground on her hands and feet.

The girls giggled and awed at the sight of him now. Too shocked and amazed himself to move, he realized somehow he was getting younger at a fast rate. He shrank in height as his body got younger and younger. Soon he was about the same age of his younger sister then even younger then her.

Britney stood up from her spot where she had been laying. She was now a few inches taller then him.

"He's turning into a baby." Britney said as a smiled formed on her face.

Robby turned to run into the house perhaps to get his mother or hide in his room. But his toddler legs caught his shirt and he fell down. Still losing months Britney went over and stripped his shirt off leaving him naked and completely embarrassed.

"I got a baby brother now." Britney now was singing while holding the 1-year-old in her lap as she sat on Robby's old chair.

Squirming and babbling yells of crying, the baby boy, a little over 6-months-old, had gotten the attention of Mrs. Carob to come out. She didn't see what had happened, but it was in ear shot to the louder yells then Britney let out.

Rachel dropped her pendent into her open bag and instantly the changes stopped on poor Robby. Unable to speak or even walk on his own, he looked scared to have a group of little girls the size of giants all around him.

"Britney, where did that baby come from and where is your brother?" Mrs. Carob said taking the 6-month old baby boy out of her daughter's lap and looking around.

"Robby is right there, Mommy." Britney said pointing at the baby in her mother's arm.

"This can't be your brother, honey." Mrs. Carob said rocking the squirming baby a little.

Burst of noise came forth as all the girls, expect for Rachel and Shelly, began to tell the story of what they all saw. It was some time later before things were calm enough for Mrs. Carob to get any sense out of the stories.

It wasn't till they were all in the living room half dressed in their swim outfits and little baby Robby with a towel wrapped around his waist. Rachel and Shelly shared nervous glances as Mrs. Carob asked each girl what had happened and hearing the story one at the time.

Rachel and Shelly were careful to copy the other's girls stories almost perfectly.

Then they were left alone as Mrs. Carob took the baby boy and her daughter into the next room. For a short time, the girls waited in silence and muttered their amazement of what had happened to each other in low whispers.

Mrs. Carob came back with a notepad with crude writing on it done in crayon. Rachel noticed that Robby had a bright red crayon clutched in his right hand.

"Girls, I believe you. After talking to my son and having him answering some questions by writing on this paper, he just confused as you on what happened. I'm going to take him to the hospital and I want you all to keep this a secret." Mrs. Carob said in a quiet tone looking very serious and a little worried.

Instantly all the girls said "Ok" almost at the same time.

"If any of you know how this happened or saw something please tell me now before you leave." Mrs. Carob said looking very serious.

Rachel and Shelly shook their heads no like all the other girls. Rachel felt her heart pounding all the way back to Shelly house as they walked. Neither said a word.

It wasn't till they were both back to being teens again and halfway dressed in their normal clothing did they speak.

"Why didn't you change him back?" Shelly asked breaking the odd silence.

"Right in front of Mrs. Carob. No way, besides he kinda deserved it anyway." Rachel said with a little anger still left over.

"I agree with you there, but no doctor in the world is going be able explain what has happened to him." Shelly said looking a little worried.

"Well maybe that brat should spend the entire summer as a baby. No one saw me pick up my pendent from my bag or drop it back in, but we are going have to be careful around Mrs. Carob. She now suspects something or someone." Rachel said and thinking about it a little.

"We should stop by after a few days so we don't appear to suspicious." Shelly offered.

"I'll check back on Monday. I know the family better." Rachel said seeing that it was hardly getting dark outside.

"Looks like TV tonight." Shelly said turning on the TV.

"TV shows and movies all weekend for me too. I don't think I'll use my pendent until Monday."

When Rachel did go back she was surprised to see in the Carob family home little baby Robby laying inside a playpen in the living room. He was looking moody and laying down sideways on the floor of the playpen.

Britney answered the door then slipped outside shutting the door behind her.

"Mom doesn't want anyone around for a while. Robby has been really upset and throwing temper tantrums." Britney said quietly.

"It is kinda funny what happened to him." Rachel said probing a little to see what Britney thought.

"Yeah, He so small he takes his morning bath in the sink now. I've got to get back inside." Britney said starting to slip back inside.

"Later." Rachel called out before the door shut, then went off to her own home.

Rachel figured that after Robby calmed a little and adjusted to the change perhaps she could visit. She weighed the risk in going back again and again. How long till Mrs. Carob or Britney would know about her pendent. Rachel had lost her control over the power temporary out of anger. She will have to watch it and perhaps not make her victims so young next time.

With Shelly knowing of the pendent it became easier and fun to do new things. Shelly maturing a little could pass as an older sister or an aunt to little Rachel. When Shelly wanted or Rachel forced her, they could switch places. As children they could indulge in silly things they grew out of years ago. When either were full mature woman they had fun getting full respect and men's attention.

Some days later after their age play games and at Rachel's house, did Shelly bring up the fact they never got much younger then toddlers.

"Your right. You first." Rachel said and willed her pendent to make Shelly real young.

"That's not what I meant." Shelly objected her voice climbing higher in pitch as she said it.

"I don't want to be ba- bee" the now toddler Shelly said having trouble with her shirt now. She had become entangled in her bra just under her shirt. Finally she tossed the shirt over her head just before she lost the ability to walk or stand.

She fell down with a soft thud onto her shorts and looked up with angry wide eyes at Rachel.

"You're so cute." Rachel said picking up the baby girl and sitting her on the bed. Judging from her folded arms and the look on her face, Shelly wasn't happy about it.

"Oh get over it. Besides I'll change you back before dark." Rachel said and walked over to her closet to dig through her hidden box of clothes.

"Well sweet-tums there is nothing in here that will fit you." Rachel said pushing the box back. Rachel then remembered something. Picking up Shelly to hold at her side, she went into the bathroom. Sitting the baby on the counter she looked under the sink.

"Here we go. Some diapers left from my little cousin's visit last summer before this one." Rachel said pulling out a blue trim colored diaper out.

Shelly wasn't looking at the diaper, but up towards the mirror then back at Rachel.

"Oh you haven't seen yourself yet." Rachel said catching on.

Holding her up to stand and using Rachel's arm for support, Shelly gave a drooling grin at herself in the mirror.

"Regular looking baby girl, baby-cakes." Rachel said smiling at her face as well.

After a little squirming and fussing, like crying from baby Shelly, Rachel managed to tape the diaper on her.

"We had too many close calls as toddlers. As a baby, I don't think you will be able to tell me in time or have any control over yourself." Rachel said trying to settle the diapered girl in her arms.

Finally Shelly calmed a little after Rachel started to play with her using her old dolls. Apparently Shelly was still herself, but tended to be fussy at this age when she was upset.

"Wonder what it like is to have a baby sister." Rachel said acting like she was thinking it over real hard.

Shelly gave a "Don't you even dare think about it" look at her.

"Kidding." Rachel said grinning back at that accusing stare.

"Scout's honor, I'll change you back an hour before it's gets dark. Meanwhile let's see you move around." Rachel said setting the baby girl on the floor.

At first Shelly tried to stand, but ended up falling right back down on her diaper padded butt. After a few more stubborn tries, she gave up and crawled like the devil over to the other side of the room.

"You're a fast little rug-rat." Rachel said, amazed just how quick she moved.

Shelly crawled back to Rachel just as quick. After a little while of playing, Rachel was curious about Shelly's infant body. She had to check out Shelly gums for any baby teeth. There were a few starting to come out of her gums. Then Rachel tested out Shelly's reflexes and motor skills. Like any normal baby she had limitations, but held onto things much better.

Rachel then wanted to know if Shelly could say any words. Her speech was that of baby babble, but sounded like it has more meaning to it. Rachel was Ra-Ra in Shelly's new baby speech.

So much time had passed that Rachel was amazed. She barely had started to understand baby Shelly's speech and how much she changed when it was time for her to be changed back.

"Time for teen-hood, little one." Rachel said taking off the clean dry diaper and throwing her old shirt over her naked body.

Shelly clapped her hands a little and waited.

Slowly Rachel willed the pendent to make friend older.

Soon as she was out of her toddler years, she voice her opinion.

"Can't believe you did that. Felt so small and embarrassed." Shelly said standing up, her shirt slowly rising up her legs as she grew.

"Admit it. You had a little fun." Rachel said watching her friend leave her childhood years for the hundredth time this month. Shelly grabbed her shorts and underwear then held them up around her waist.

"It was a thrill in a funny way." Shelly said loosening her grip on her clothes as the early teen years came back. Her chest was now starting to stick out a little at a time over the next few seconds.

Soon the cone shape breasts under her shirt rounded and filled in to mature teen size.

"Glad I got tits again." Shelly said picking up her bra and putting it on without taking off her shirt.

Rachel gave a small laugh.

"You can do it to me sometime when we have some more free time." Rachel said thinking this was the only way to make up for what she did. It was close to another free weekend before Rachel dared to be regressed back to her little girl form and visit Britney's house. Rachel found she wasn't alone in visiting Britney. Molly had beaten her to the house by an hour. The girls were in the living room looking into the playpen and trying to get baby Robby to play.

Mrs. Carob was in kitchen fixing bottles of milk and cleaning old ones in the dishwasher. She looked happy and was even humming a tune. Perhaps what happened to her son was a blessing now to her.

"Our family doctor says he might have to grow up all over again." Britney said to Molly as Rachel approached the playpen.

"Have you spanked him yet for all the spanks he gave you?" Molly asked in a low voice and giggled.

"No, I'm good big sister. Mommy will spank him if he's bad." Britney said proudly.

"Like him as a baby?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, kinda. I get to help Mommy feed him, bath, and changed him." Britney said looking proud in being responsible.

"What if he suddenly grows back up to be your older brother again?" Rachel asked curious to know if Britney thought it out.

"Well, I hope he remembers I wasn't mean to him when he was little and I was the bigger one." Britney said and tickled Robby's side trying to make him face them.

From what Rachel could see was that Robby was sulking as he was laying on his side facing the wall not looking at anyone. He was Listening to every word whether he wanted to or not.

"Ok, Britney. Enough bugging your brother. You know he throw a fit if you keep that up." Mrs. Carob said with a bottle of milk in one hand a baby blanket over her shoulder.

"Ok, Mommy. We'll go up to my room and play." Britney said obeying her mother if she commanded it.

"Robby doesn't like a lot people looking at him." Britney whispered as they went to her room. There Rachel and Molly played with Barbies as Britney was busy with a plastic baby doll she had.

Rachel left a short time after that and thought maybe it was for the best to just to leave Robby the way he is now until summer was over. Even if he was restored to his normal age, he was still grounded and would only start teasing his sister all over again. Rachel thought as her mind went over it again and again. A whole summer stuck in a playpen would make him think twice about some things.

Saturday evening came and Rachel decided to spend it with Shelly. This was the only free day the girls had together.

Wasn't until Rachel and Shelly were about to enter Shelly's little house that she asked to see the pendent. Rachel had let her use it a dozen of times before and had no reason to suspect anything.

As Rachel opened the door because Shelly had slowed down apparently admiring the beauty of the jewelry of the simple pendent, she saw that Shelly had setup a playpen in the living room. This one was a little different then what Britney's folks had.

Turning just in time, she noticed that she was losing height fast compared to Shelly. Rachel remembered her promise a few days ago and knew what was happening.

"Your turn." Shelly said as Rachel went the wrong way through her childhood years.

Not wanting to give Shelly the pleasure of knowing what she just done, Rachel remained quiet.

Rachel smiled as best she could after her feet became too weak to stand. Her shirt was now huge on her little baby body.

Shelly put the pendent around her neck then tucked it into her shirt. After stripping off Rachel's useless shirt, she took the rest of her clothes and folded them on the couch. Shelly then diapered Rachel in some diapers she picked up yesterday. Rachel noticed these were pink trimmed in color. Rachel sat there in just a diaper for cover looking up at the giant that was Shelly.

"Ok, Rachel. I kinda need to let you on my plans for tonight. You see Jerry Jergen, my old boyfriend from High School, wanted to get back together with me. The truth is I want the same so I recreated the moment where we first did it. I was baby sitting some kid when he dropped by to say hi and one thing lead to another." Shelly explained and her voice was trailing off at the end.

Rachel meant to say something, but nothing but baby babble escaped her mouth.

"Forgive me if I leave you in that body all night." Shelly said picking her up and setting her down inside the playpen now.

Rachel started to shake her head no and babbled some more. Judging from her expression she didn't want to be left in this body all night long. Then Shelly put a pacifier into Rachel mouth as the door knocked.

"Time to be quiet, my darling." Shelly coaxed and went to answer the door.

Rachel wanted to spit out the pacifier, but she found herself automatically sucking it like a reflex. After a few seconds the thought left her mind to do so. It was no different then chewing bubble gum to her all of a sudden.

"Jerry, Right on time." Shelly said letting him in.

Rachel noticed Shelly had timed her plan almost perfectly. It took less then five minutes for her to change Rachel into a helpless infant and put her in a playpen.

"You said not to be early or late, but right on the dot." Jerry said walking in.

Rachel noticed he still looked the same, a little older and more mature in body, but the same old face.

"Watch the little angel for a second; I got to take these clothes to the hamper." Shelly said offering a seat to him then picking up Rachel's folded clothes to toss in the hamper. When Shelly was gone for minute, Jerry gave the infant a small smile then turned his attention to the TV. Turning it on, he flipped through a few channels.


End of Part 01


Shelly returned with a little less clothing on. Rachel noticed her shoes and socks were off as well. Dressed in just her T-shirt and shorts from what Rachel could see as she sat in the playpen looking through the nylon mesh.

"This reminds me of that one night." Shelly said getting a little closer to him then turning up the volume on the TV a little. Being much closer to the TV and a few feet from the couch Rachel didn't hear the whisper conversation, but a few words. Commercials and TV shows masked their words. Shelly and Jerry didn't have any problems hearing each other and went on with their conversation.

Rachel was becoming bored and decided to fuss a little. Giving out a yell of frustration Shelly broke away from conversation to look at her then grinned. Picking up the remote she turned the channels to cartoons. From the moment Rachel looked, she was strangely hypnotized by the cartoons. Unable to turn away at the moment, she suddenly became excited and entertained by the bright colored animals.

"Now I believe you're about to tell me what a fool you were for breaking up with me." Shelly teased putting down the remote and cuddling closer to Jerry.

After thirty minutes of cartoon watching, Rachel suddenly found herself very sleepy. Laying down, but fighting the urge to sleep, she drifted off to sleep feeling so warm.

"She fell asleep. Want to go in the back and fool around?" Shelly asked and eager get fully involved with her old boyfriend again.

Rachel woke some hours later. TV blare and noise brought her back to being fully awake. From the lack of light from the curtain windows she saw it had been dark for a while.

Rachel cried out in yells of baby babble. Shelly ran in now wearing just a shirt and panties.

"What's wrong little Rachel?" Shelly asked quietly so not be overheard.

Rachel clutched at her flat chest if she was holding something no one could see.

"I can't. He's still here." Shelly said understanding what baby Rachel wanted.

"She-le." Rachel said as she dropped the pacifier out of her mouth and yelled out doing her best to say at least one word halfway right.

"Hungry?" Shelly asked and left to go to the kitchen and pull out a baby bottle from the fridge. Popping it in the microwave for few seconds then took the bottle out she put a nipple on it.

Coming back now into the living room and checking how hot the milk was by putting a few drops on her wrist, she walked up to the playpen.

"I spent all day fixing up my house and food for you. You must be thirsty after such a long nap." Shelly said picking up little Rachel in one arm with some effort and carrying her over to the couch.

There sitting in Shelly's lap Rachel was cradled like a real baby and found a bottle nipple in her mouth. Rachel didn't fight Shelly, but found herself sucking on the warm milk before she thought about it. Rachel was in a state of bliss now as the warm milk trickle down her throat and into her belly.

Rachel had even closed her eyes during the sucking process and found her body did all the work. Every once in a while she took a greedy suck to get even more milk. After finishing the bottle Rachel felt sudden pressure near her chest, something was building up inside her.

Crying out a little of being not very comfortable at the moment. Shelly held her upright and padded her back till she burped. Rachel was back in Shelly lap curled up like a little cat. Her body felt so warm and soft Rachel didn't want to move or have Shelly put her back in the playpen.

"You know if I didn't know any better. I'd say you're enjoying this." Shelly joked. Rachel eyes jerked open from her sleepy bliss. It was like having a waking dream when she lost herself for a minute.

"Awww, guess I ruined it by reminded you who you really are." Shelly said seeing Rachel eyes now fixed and focused on her face, an eerie almost adult intelligent behind those wide dark eyes.

"As soon as he leaves, I'll change you back. That's a promise." Shelly said in little more then a whisper. Her ears were perked and ready for any little sound from the back bedroom.

Fixing another bottle with Rachel at her side, Shelly put Rachel back in the playpen and put the extra bottle by her in the playpen.

"Might be cold next time you get hungry, but beggars can't be choosers." Shelly said giving Rachel a quick check for dryness then going back to bed.

Rachel looked to see the TV was still on. The hypnotic effect of the cartoons was less this time, but Rachel didn't mind watching the cartoons all the same. She would like to crawl around the room a few times, but the plastic nylon mesh of the playpen was too strong and high for her to do so.

Rachel fell asleep a short time later after finishing her second bottle. She felt so full she surely burst if she tried to drink any more.

Rachel awoke to sunshine now and feeling of a wet mess in her diaper.

"Someone made a stinky." Shelly said already aware of Rachel's problem.

Rachel looked to see Shelly there looking over her and starting to pick her up. More concerned of being seen naked in front of Jerry, she looked around.

"He's getting dressed. I'll just change your dirty diaper and then you once he is gone." Shelly said in a low tone.

Shelly was quick and efficient in her duty of diaper changing. The girls were close as sisters and had seen each other naked at different ages so much they didn't have anything to hide from each other.

Feeling of dryness and being clean again, Rachel was happy to have a diaper covering her lower half just in time as Jerry came in.

"I got to go." Jerry said giving Shelly a kiss then he was out the door. Shelly checked to make sure he was gone and then pulled the pendent from her shirt.

Rachel shook her head no and pointed to the floor.

Shelly stopped and picked her up and sat her gently on the floor. Rachel crawled around and began to explore what it is like for a baby to crawl. Shelly chuckled a little then watched Rachel crawl around.

After a while, Rachel had enough fun. Reaching up with one arm up for her pendent, Shelly put it in her hand then undid the diaper tabs on her diaper.

Slowly Rachel grew in size and age up to a toddler before Shelly tossed an old shirt of hers over her head.

"It was kinda fun." Rachel piped as soon she got out of the diaper ages. She was now a little girl and aging fast. Eagerness to be teen again only sped up her aging process.

"My clothes?" Rachel asked looking at Shelly, no longer a giant to her, but now the same size in height.

"In the Dryer." Shelly said pointing back toward the small laundry room.

Finding the back room that was the laundry room and dressing in her old clothes, Rachel was relieved in a strange way she spent the night as a real baby. She had been dreading going that far back, she was almost beginning to feared it.

Coming back into the living room, Shelly looked a little scared, but stern all at the same time.

"We're even now. I got to work tonight so I'd guess I see you Monday." Rachel said letting Shelly know the score between them.

"Ok, Later." Shelly said looking a little relieved.

Rachel went home and didn't do much. She had so much time, she left early for work. Hardly anyone came to the Sunday showings this early in the day expect for a few people.

Rachel, dressed in her usher outfit, was going from each theater room checking to see if any trouble was going on. Almost all of them were empty or had a few people in them. Quietly she could slip in and out without anyone knowing she was there.

Rachel never thought she risked using her pendent at work, but on the same day she woke up as a baby then return to normal she used her pendent on another person.

Even with the lights turned low and movie not even starting yet she saw a teenage boy trying to force a teenage girl to let him have a touch at her breast. It wasn't rape just yet, but he was forcing her arms down where they became pinned now.

"I said no. Let me go." She shouted in anger. Rachel thought about yelling at him then had a better idea. Quietly opening a door to her right she walked quickly up to the projector room and had a clear view from above. The glass was a one way mirror with only a little square cut for the projector.

Carefully she focused her thoughts on the teen boy making him a little younger.

To his surprise and to the girl he was with. Rachel saw she suddenly threw him off.

"What a jerk." The girl shouted and straighten her outfit. Then she stared at him.

"John, you look smaller." She said puzzled by his size.

John stood up and saw he was now a few inches shorter then the girl.

"You're getting taller." John said looking up at her face.

"No, John you getting shorter and look younger as well." She said looking very amused.

"I'm?" John said checking his hands and touching his face.

"My face is smooth." John said feeling it with his hands.

"God, you look like your ten." She said now over a foot taller then him.

"Quick, call 911." John said grabbing his dress pants from slipping.

Rachel watched as the girl did pull her phone out, but stopped before dialing a single number.

"Hurry at this rate I'll be a baby." John said with all the panic a 7-year-old boy could do.

"No." She said and holding up the phone well out of his reach.

"Please!" John shouted and started to cry like a little boy.

"Lets see if you disappear." She said now grabbing his arm and prevented him from running. He let go of his dress pants and now only his shirt gave him cover now.

Rachel decided to stop at 4-years-old. The top of his head barely coming up to the girl's belly button. His bottom shirt hem was just above his ankles and he had a little baby fat on his body.

"For a jerk, you're kinda of cute now." She said seeing the changes had stopped.

"I need to grow up. Take me to the hospital." John said his tears still falling a little bit and his breathing a little ragged.

"You sure do. First thing to do is teach you, no means no." She said tossing him over and spanking his bare butt.

"This ought to have taught you to have respect for women." She said spanking him until he was bawling like a baby.

Rachel was amused by her decision to use the pendent as a form of punishment. Rachel decided to act now and do her job. What ever happened would be fate afterwards.

Rachel went down to the seats by climbing back down the stairs as fast as she dared, but not so fast she would be out of breath. Adjusting her outfit and turning on her flashlight she pretended she knew nothing and just happened to come in at that moment.

Rachel heard the low crying before she turned the corner. Spanking had stopped and Rachel saw the unknown teen girl talking softly to him like a mother in a strange way. She kept her voice low and seemed to be telling him something.

"Is everything all right?" Rachel called and saw the little John that was the teen boy just minutes before was standing in front of his date. She was in her seat and holding onto both his arms. Rachel recalled the image well. The tear stained face of a little boy with just a shirt on standing half naked in front of a teen girl sitting in her seat and still taller then him.

"Fine, my little boy was being bad so I spanked him." The teen girl rose keeping one hand on him and stepping in front of him to hide him from view. The discarded clothing was just at her feet. Rachel didn't see the pants and boxers, but she knew they were there.

"She's not my mother." The little boy piped and tried to get around her.

"I'm his new adopted mother." The girl spoke keeping her grip on him from escaping.

Rachel took that moment to age the teenage girl to being 21-years-old.

"Yes, I thought you were a teen at first, but I can see now you're an adult." Rachel raising her flashlight a little to see her face then lowered it. Rachel then turned to leave.

"Listen, I'm not a little boy." John called out with panic high in his voice.

Rachel allowed herself a grin then turned back to face him. Her face looking serious.

"Look like a little boy to me." Rachel commented enjoying herself.

"I'm an adult; I mean I was a teenager." John pleaded.

"Some imagination you got, but get your story straight next time." Rachel chuckled at the amusement of the whole thing then walked out. The lights had dimmed now and movie projector automatically started.

Rachel went back to the halfway through the movie to find the room empty. She must have taken an exit by the screen because Rachel had been out front the whole time. Rachel felt some minor guilt. She didn't change poor John back, but thought maybe it was for all the best.

As long she had the pendent she could affect anyone's age anywhere. If she really wanted too she could age all her victims back to normal now. Rachel thought some more on this and decided people get what they sew.

Rachel would have used her pendent some more that week if it wasn't for her busy life. Now with a little cash, she carefully saved a little in the bank then took some home. By Saturday, she would go shopping with Shelly again.

When Saturday came, Shelly came over to pick Rachel up. They drove by Britney's house to see the same little group of girls running in the sprinkles, looking free and happy in their swim suits.

"Half wish I could pull the car over now and join them." Shelly joked as they went by.

"Me too." Rachel commented and waved to them. It was a friendly enough neighborhood were everyone waved.

"But, girl we got to get some new clothing. Do you realize what we wasted on our little hobby. Clothing alone was too much." Shelly said driving her car toward the local mall.

Conversation was much the same as they went. A short twenty minutes later, they were at the mall. They had been there dozen of times under the disguises of various ages. Now was the first time Rachel could recall them both as teens while they were at the mall.

Wasn't till Shelly had dragged Rachel into a sexy lingerie store did they have some fun with the pendent. Shelly wanted to have Rachel's opinion on what outfit Jerry would like.

"Really does it matter what you pick. He'll just like to see you out of it a.s.a.p." Rachel said nervous about getting spotted by someone she knew.

"It's about teasing them before hand. Really if you had a bo" Shelly stopped in mid sentence then moved suddenly in front of Rachel blocking her view.

"Look who is about to go into the dressing room." Shelly whispered and pretended to have a chat with Rachel.

Rachel glanced past Shelly's shoulder carefully to see Holly Horn.

"Biggest slut in high school. Let me have the pendent. I want to see her turned into a baby." Shelly said then begged her request.

"Got a better idea." Rachel said looking at the stern saleswoman then back toward Holly slowly. Holly was also famous for spreading nasty rumors about people. Rachel had never been a direct victim, but Shelly had been along a few others Rachel knew.

Waiting carefully Holly had grabbed a revealing erotic bra then was in the changing room. She had also taken a few other items to compare to her almost nude body.

Shelly waited for Rachel to do something.

"First lets see how she likes being a flat chest little girl about 10-years-old." Rachel said quietly and playing with her pendent through her shirt just around her neck.

"Perfect timing. She is trying on that sexy bra." Shelly said nearly laughing.

"Phase two." Rachel said then left Shelly's side. Shelly watched as Rachel walked over to the sales woman and told her something then pointed toward the back where the dressing rooms where.

"Let the fireworks begin." Rachel said once she was in earshot of Shelly.

Shelly along with Rachel went back against the wall for a better view and to hide themselves better.

Both watched the sales tapped on the door then called inside. Shelly and Rachel saw a pair a bare little feet fidget for a second. With no answer at the door the sales woman quickly pulled out a key and unlocked the door.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING IN HERE? CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE." The sales woman yelled after a moment of surprised.

"II" A 10-year-old Holly started to say then was being dragged out of the dressing room by the sales women. Holly had just enough sense to grab her old clothing as she was being forced out

Shelly nearly burst into giggles at a topless barely panty clad 10-year-old Holly being forced out of the store.

"I'm half naked I can't go out there." Holly said and was begging the sales woman. "If your mother doesn't like it she can have a talk with me about you playing dress-up in an adult store." The stern and very strong sales woman voiced as she pushed her out of the doorway.

Holly face went red and her eyes watered with tears. Shelly and Rachel watched as she ran into the nearest bathroom. Along with a few other shoppers who laughed at her then jeered all of them thinking she was pulling a stunt.

"And now she ages back to her old self with her ego wounded." Rachel said grinning ear to ear.

"So soon." Shelly said.

"It's going be a while before she goes shopping for new sexy bras and panties. Besides she has to get redressed in a cold bathroom of all places." Rachel said almost laughing.

"Let's get out of this store before Holly walks by." Shelly said.

Buying the sexy black outfit, Shelly made a small comment on 'kids these days' to the sales woman before leaving. Wasn't till they were up on the 2nd level sitting at the food court and eating did they speak again on what happened in the store.

"Thought I'd bust a gut from trying not to laugh when she was forced out." Shelly said almost accidentally letting coke out of her nose.

"Not as half as funny as when I told the sales lady I saw a child sneak in." Rachel said grinning and amused by her joke.

"Hey, after this I got to make a quick stop to see my grandpa." Shelly said checking the time on her new watch.

"Sure." Rachel agreed.

Rest of the visit to the mall was uneventful for Shelly and Rachel. A few more stores and they were ready with all their stuff in Shelly's car trunk.

Rachel had never been to the nursing home where Shelly's Grandpa was living. Rachel thought it was kinda creepy place to visit.

Elderly people walking the halls much like zombies or those seemed to be part of their bed as they watched TV.

Shelly's Grandfather was a nice cheerfully old man with a sweet heart. The comments on how beautiful they were when they first entered were all Rachel needed to know he was a good man.

"So come to kidnap me away from this palace?" He asked in a joking manner looking at Shelly.

"Soon, grandpa." Shelly answered back in the same manner.

Rachel could guess Shelly had once made comment to her grandfather and he had never let it go. The pair of them had made it a tradition to talk about it every so often.

"Who is your friend?" Her grandfather asked.

"Rachel, I know her since High School. She also works with me." Shelly said cheerfully.

Shelly chatted quietly with her grandpa for a few more minutes. Rachel didn't hear much of their conversation, but sat by the window to see cars passing by on a distance highway.

Rachel did hear a little about a good friend of Shelly's grandpa. An elderly woman named Laura who was just a few rooms down.

"If we were a few years younger you would have a new grandmother." He said with a strange gleam in his eye.

"Should marry her already." Shelly said and trying to encourage her grandpa.

"Think I'm little old for that." He said smiling gently at his granddaughter's face

"Well, I'm going to go chat with Laura. I haven't seen her yet." Shelly said excusing herself out of the room.

Rachel acting on an impulse decided to take off her pendent and lay it on the desk beside his bed.

"Shelly wanted to see my new pendent. I'm just going to leave it here until she gets back. Don't mind if I get a soda from the vending machine in the lobby do you?" Rachel said feeling good about herself.

"Fine with me. I'll make sure she sees it." He said and fiddling with his remote to his TV.

Rachel had nearly knocked down the nurse on her way out of the room as she walked down the long hallway.

Nurse pursed her lips a little, but went on with her duty, feeling frustrated at almost being knock over. Her next stop was Shelly's grandfather room to check on him.

While the nurse was checking his vitals she saw the pendent laying there. The sunlight was making it shine. Like so many times before with anything she liked she slipped the pendent into her pocket 'Old people forgot where they put stuff all the time.' The nurse thought leaving the room. Shelly's grandfather was distracted by the TV at the moment to see the pendent was now gone.

The nurse had just gotten back her station when the head nurse had called her into her office.

"I have been hearing that more items have been disappearing from rooms." The head nurse said with a stern tone.

"You know these old people. Most of them are like small children, always losing things." The nurse said waving her toward the right wing of the nursing home. The same wing Shelly's grandpa was living in. Then amusing her imagination by picturing all the old folks as a bunch of 4-year-olds and putting her hand tightly around her newest little treasure she took.

"That may be, but I'm hearing this from people in your care only." The head nurse said looking sternly.

"I have been here for months taking care of these adults who are better off as babies and you're going to take their word over mine." The nurse said waving her hand toward the left wing and holding pendent even tighter. In her angry of thoughts she was going to be fired she vision all those on that side as infants. She often thought of them as such. They couldn't walk on their own or hardly talk.

Rachel meanwhile was drinking her soda and giving a few minutes for Shelly to re-enter her grandfather's room. Shelly was on her way back when the strangest thing happened. As she was getting up to leave, she saw the Elderly Laura looking younger.

"What's the matter, dear?" A slightly younger elderly Laura asked and seeing the strange look on Shelly's face.

"Can't be." Shelly said and looking on to see Laura changing.

"Can't be what?" Laura said and then felt something like renewed strength in her.

"You better go to the bathroom and look in the mirror." Shelly said amazed at the speed she was changing.

50-year-old Laura was now getting up and surprised by her movement. She hadn't been able to move around like this in years.

It was middle aged Laura that looked into the mirror in the bathroom.

"Oh blessed Jesus. I'm getting younger. It's a miracle." Laura said praising.

"You're getting really young." Shelly said playing along.

"I wonder." Laura said adjusting her night gown and jogging down the hall toward Shelly's grandfather room. Shelly moved out of the way then quickly followed. Shelly stopped briefly to look in on another room. There was a middle age man dressed in a hospital gown looking very confused at his hands and sitting up.

"Just not Laura is getting younger." Shelly whispered to herself and wondered why Rachel was making everyone here young again.

Room after room it was the strangest thing. Young adults and middle age people looking in amazement and wonder at their own bodies. The noise level jumped as people were crying out happily and yelling.

When Shelly did catch up with Laura she almost didn't recognized her again.

Laura was kissing a very young looking man in a very tight embrace.

"Grandpa?!" Shelly yelled in surprised.

"Oh, sorry dear." Laura said as she broke away from the young man that was Shelly's grandfather.

"Guess I'll be using that idea you suggested earlier." He said and looking a little embarrassed. Both of them looked hardly any older then the legal drinking age.

"Where is Rachel?" Shelly asked looking around the room.

"Oh, she went to the lobby and left her pendent there for you." Her grandpa said then pointed to the empty space on the desk.

"What in the world? It's gone." A teen age version of her Grandpa said a second later looking all around the desk.

"Jack, Do I look like teen girl to you now?" Laura asked as her teen years were slipping by. She was nearly was the same figure size as Shelly.

"I don't think its stopping. We may end up as children or less." Shelly's grandfather Jack said looking at a very young teenage Laura.

"As long as I'm with you, it won't matter how young we get." Laura said preparing her mind for the worst.

"We'll live through this; we could be childhood sweet hearts and spend our entire lives together." Jack said thinking he was about to die in the strangest way possible. Shelly didn't know what exactly what was going on, but thought they were getting far too young now. Both of them were now shorter then her and much younger in age.

"We better find Rachel and you two better follow me." Shelly said addressing the 13-year-old boy and girl in front of her.

Rachel was taking a few sips when she heard the noises. Following it, she found herself in the left wing of nursing home. There she saw young adults coming out of rooms and one or two of them looking like teens.

Shouts and happy crying was everywhere. Most of them dressed in night gowns and hospital gowns.

Rachel wondered into one room with a teenage girl hardly older then herself.

"Did I die? Is this heaven?" She asked and looked in wonder at her hands in a small mirror besides her on the desk.

"No, I think somehow you just got younger." Rachel said as she watched the teen girl become a child in under a minute.

"Go get help. If I get any younger I'll need a wet nurse." A 9-year-old little said not leaving her bed.

Rachel walked out and looked. It was chaos in the hallways. One former elderly woman now a little girl of 5-years-old was running down the hall naked shouting a lyrics to a song.

Her gown was left at the other end.

"Miss. Port, Please come back here and get some clothes on." A big female orderly yelled chasing after her. Rachel thought she looked more like a nanny then an orderly at the moment.

Rachel heard the crying from dozens of boys and girls as their fear set in and they were getting too young for their own taste.

"Better fix this." Rachel said to herself, thinking Shelly might have had a mistake with the pendent. Rachel ran off to find her.

In the head office of the nurses, the noise was being heard. Curious, both the head nurse and nurse went to look.

It looked if someone had let loose a daycare inside the nursing home. Little boys and girls of different ages most of them very young were running around half naked. Happy shouts were mixed with crying infants. Crying seemed to get louder as more children were getting younger.

Head nurse was shocked and stunned for a moment. Stepping forward she stopped one half naked little boy and asked him where he came from.

"Woom 102" He answered and looked in awe at the size of the head nurse.

"What?" The head nurse asked in shock.

'Can't be.unless.' The nurse thought as she stared at the head nurse and the little boy. She pulled out the pendent and looked between it and the little kids all around them. The little boy looked about 4-years-old and appeared to stop getting younger now. A new idea crossed her mind as she looked at the Head nurse's back side.

'Talk to me like a child will she.' The nurse thought then imagined the head nurse as a little kindergarten girl.

Changes happen so fast the nurse wished she had a video camera to catch it all.

The head nurse had been crouching down, but as she stood up she was nearly the same eye level as the little boy now. The nurse encouraged the changed to happen so fast it was over before the head nurse knew exactly what happened.

"Have fun in Elementary School." The nurse said and patted the former adult head nurse on the head then walked off.

The head nurse looked scared and tilted her head nearly all the way back to see the woman she was gong to fire just a minute ago towering over her.

It is Rachel that sees the nurse first use the pendent. She had turned the corner just in time to see the nurse use her pendent on another nurse. Rachel stepped back to avoid being seen. She would have to act quickly and quietly if she was going to get her pendent back.

Rachel first idea was to get an idea. The little girl that was an elderly woman she met a few minutes ago, might be able to help her. Rachel walked quietly back hopeful she wouldn't be spotted.

Shelly was having a hard time in keeping her grandpa and his close friend Laura to maintain their pace with her. Both had gotten so small now they couldn't run without tripping over their oversized gowns. Shelly was glad they stopped somewhere around being 3-year-olds, but Shelly was forced to carry Laura as her now 3-year-old or so grandpa totted along behind them trying to kept up.

He held his hospital gown up so not to trip, but was still having a hard time running. Laura had her head turned toward him concerned and a little relieved that they were not getting any younger.

Shelly had nearly knocked over one little girl half naked who was crying her eyes out for Mommy. Shelly realized that the woman had completely lost herself inside her new body temporary.

Shelly knew the entire place was in chaos. Crying sounds, orderlies pleading for them to be quiet, shouts for the nurses were coming from different rooms.

"Nurse!" Shelly shouted seeing the first nearest physical adult to her. Instantly Shelly knew something wasn't right. She had a look on her face of calm and she had been walking towards the exit.

"Yes, Miss?" The nurse said moved her hand into her pocket to hide something from view.

"Have any idea what is going on? Have you called for help yet?" Shelly asked then acting the part of confused teenager with no clue what so ever.

"Looks like things are completely upside down here. I'll just phone for help. You stay here and wait while I meet them outside." The nurse said and looked eager to get away.

"Can't weave." Laura said in high pitch girlish tone she wasn't use too.

"She's right. They need your help." Shelly said stalling for time.

"She's a thwief. Had to be her that took that pen-de-went." 3-year-old grandpa Jack said finally catching up to Shelly.

Rachel had just gotten back to her edge of the hall corner to hear what Shelly's grandpa had said. Rachel's idea for help was a dud the moment she looked back in the room she wondered into a minute ago. Instead of little girl she found a baby girl on her back with a curious stare as she looked around the room.

Sneaking back, she discovered, by peaking around the corner to see, Shelly holding a toddler or small girl in her arms talking with a nurse.

"Best thing I stole from this little dump. Can't wait to get rich from it. So children I suggest you don't try anything unless all three of you want to be crawling on all fours again." The nurse said feeling like a goddess.

"Look, you can at least return my grandpa and his friend into teens again before you go. All three of us could pay you." Shelly said in a bargaining voice slowly putting Laura on her feet.

"Grandpa, take Laura back and get your checkbook." Shelly said sending them away.

Jack, knowing what his granddaughter was up to something, took Laura by the hand and vanished around the corner to the right wing.

Rachel knew what Shelly was going to do. Rachel had seen it before in High School. Shelly had always pretended to bargain with a bully type girl then attack with full force.

"Guess I need some running money." The nurse said feeling invincible at the moment. She pulled out the pendent by the chain. Shelly with her fast reflexes reached for it and caught the chain. The nurse and Shelly struggled both holding onto the Chain of the pendent.

Rachel moved from her spot knowing this was her only chance.

"For that you're going back to diapers, kid!" The nurse shouted in anger and reached with her other hand. Shelly meet her hand with her own their fingers locked. Nails dug deep into each other as they started their tug-o-war.

A second or two later the chain snapped and the pendent dropped. Shelly kicked it then tripped taking the nurse with her to continue their fight on the floor.

The nurse, having experience with uncontrollable adults, had Shelly down in a pinned position. Nurse and Shelly both looked to see Rachel run out to grab up her pendent before anyone else. The nurse, jumping off Shelly, had a head start.

Shelly grabbed the nurse's leg tripping her up and forcing to lose a few seconds. Rachel picked up the pendent with the just feet away in walking distance. Focusing fast she imagine the nurse as a toddler. Her mind settled on 2-years-old after seeing her behavior.

The nurse shrank as she lost her adult years. She was a teen about the same age of girls when she collided with Rachel. Having collided, the pendent fell out of Rachel's hand only to slip under the coke machine.

"No!" The nurse yelled in a childish tone of whine as she lost her lower outfit, now only her uniform shirt on for protection.

She ran and dropped in front of it struggling to reach for it.

Rachel getting up was a little stunned from the attack, but wasn't worried. The coke machine was so close to the ground no one's hand could reach under it, but quarters and a pendent could easily slide under it. .

"That brat scratched the hell out of me." Shelly said getting up from the floor and nursing her arm as she looked at the now frantic 2-year-old nurse. The nurse had nearly twisted Shelly's arm till the arm would break.

"Bravo!, What a show!" a male voice called out.

"Luceo!" Rachel called out seeing his face. He sat at the nursing station with his legs on the desk if enjoying a movie at home.

"A real genie." Shelly said voicing her amazement.

"When I sensed so much magic being used from one of my little items I had to come and see." Luceo said getting up and walking toward them.

"Could have helped." Rachel said still gasping for air and checking for bruises or scraps.

"That's why I'm here now. The cops are coming and you two don't have much time now. Apparently a dozen calls from kids saying they were adults and a few orderlies have gotten their attention." Luceo said reaching down and opening his hand.

Like a magnet the pendent went straight for his hand passing the nurse's small hands way to fast for her to catch it.

"Thanks." Rachel said taking back her pendent from Luceo has he handed it back to her.

"No time to change them all back. In fact do nothing and tell the cops nothing. Trust me on this it will turn out for the better in the future for the most the part." Luceo said nodding to the front doors. Shelly and Rachel looked to see two cop cars pulling up.

"What about her? She'll tell them everything and we can't keep her from talking forever."

"Ah, yes. The nurse who likes to pick up stuff that's not hers and who started this mess. She will be coming with me. Me and her are going to have a nice little talk right after her punishment." Luceo said picking up the toddler.

"Sleep now." Luceo said gently waved his hand over the struggling toddler and the 2-year-old nurse went limp in his arms and her head was now on his shoulder. Her breathing slow, but steady. Looking like a little angel asleep.

"Be seeing you soon." Luceo said then fading away and taking the toddler with him, appearing to disappear into thin air.

The nursing home doors banged open as two cops came with a few others right behind them. Over the next few hours, it was confusing for all the adults. The cops had come back with the adult son and daughters of the people in the nursing home after getting some strange calls on the telephone.

Most had tried to call the nursing home, but couldn't get an answer. Some had gotten calls from the police station for them to come down. Orderlies and other employees were grilled with question after question.

Shelly and Rachel were asked with the same questions. The cop's line of thinking was a biology weapon or something in the food. Worst part had to be when Shelly's and Rachel's parents showed up.

Rachel's mom had showed up after hearing about some kind of crises at the nursing home. She was surprised her see her daughter there with one of her friends.

Due to the number of infants and children, the smallest and most helpless were taken to the hospital while the older ones were officially quarantine to stay inside the nursing home. Extra people were called in to be caretakers to the infants and the rooms were setup as crib rooms.

After spending one night on a cot in the lobby of the nursing home, Shelly and Rachel were allowed to go home. The story of the strange events was kept out of the local newspaper; those who knew about it had decided to keep it as a town secret.

After one private city council meeting, one thing they agreed one was no outside attention unless there was a threat of it spreading. After some more testing from everyone, there was nothing that could be found that suggested a threat.

The general view the people now had was some kind of miracle. A week after the event, most of families had taken back their former elderly parents and grand parents to become a new addition to the family, as the youngest sibling to the family. 4-year-olds and infants looked so helpless compared to the adults; there was little talk of leaving them on their own. There were a few who were still unwanted by their own family despite their new physical age. They were put in care of adopted parents until the age of 18, temporary guardianship to those who looked after the reduced adults.

Rachel had thought about trying to fix everything back, but with the attention centered on the nursing home and who was there, she decided it best to take Luceo's advice. Changes that took place inside the town were interesting.

The nursing home was closed for a month for remodeling reasons according to the local newspaper. The street that led to it was closed off by police. Rachel could guess that they were looking for reasons still. A new daycare opened in town for gifted children and had a very select list to who would attend.

It took only a few weeks for all the excitement to settle down. Rachel hadn't seen much of Shelly since the nursing room and when she didn't show up for work Rachel grew concerned.

End of summer was close now. Rachel went on with her life and refrained from using her pendent

When Rachel did go see Shelly, Rachel almost didn't recognize the house. New additions were being added on. Crews of guys were in the middle of adding rooms and seemed been there for some time.

"Rachel!" Shelly shouted from the side of house. Rachel could see she was sun bathing and listening to her CD player.

"Shelly, what's going on?" Rachel asked taking the side path.

"Well, I am just getting some rooms added on for myself so my new roommates can live in the old part of the house." Shelly explained looking please with the new rooms being built. Rachel looked to see they were working fast.

"New roommates?" Rachel asked and thought 'Can't be them, can it?'

Sounds of a little boy and little girl about 4-years-old came running from the back yelling and in the middle of a game of tag.

"Jack, Laura, you remember Rachel." Shelly called as they came running toward them.

Two well dressed children, one boy and one girl, came up to them then grinned.

"Hi Rachel." They said in unison between deep intakes of breaths.

"My parents think this is the best thing since it was such strange thing that happened at the nursing home." Shelly said in secret like tone and keeping her tone low.

"Who's paying for all of this?" Rachel said waving her hand toward the house.

"Mostly me. I'm wich." Laura lisped then smiling. Rachel had to smile a little as well at her adorable face.

"I am too." Jack piped.

"Laura didn't like her own family after they dumped her in the nursing home. So she disowned them and made me her legal guardian until she is old enough again. Jack is also chipping in a lot his money as well. So much in fact I won't have to work for a while and we can add on some rooms to the house." Shelly said very fast and happily.

"Kinda odd arrangement." Rachel said.

"A little, but its pretty easy looking after them." Shelly said nodding her head in way that meant it was Ok for them to go. They went back to their game of tag.

"Should I change them to be at least teens or adults." Rachel suggested once the children were out of ear shot.

"No, they pretty happy now. Laura is looking forward to elementary school and Jack can't wait either. Truth is I like this arrangement. I got plenty of cash and I get to look after my grandpa like I always wanted. Wish I thought of this idea before what that nurse did." Shelly said now setting up in her seat.

"Well, don't stay out here too long giving those guys a show." Rachel said and now noticing her sunning chair was in a perfect view of the working crew on the upper parts of the new rooms.

"Stop by some time later. I got them working nearly around the clock. The new rooms will be done in no time flat." Shelly said putting some new sun tan lotion on her arms.

"I will. I need to go and take care of some unfinished business." Rachel said excusing herself.

Rachel had walked to Shelly's house and now as walking back. As she walked she came up to house she knew well. Britney's house was now to her left.

'Guess it's time for her big brother to grow up.' Rachel thought and held back on changing him back for a minute. She had no idea where he was and was little scared even to act.

Before she could make up her mind the front door open and Mrs. Carob came out with a diaper clad baby boy in her arms.

"You baby-sat my daughter a few times didn't you?" Mrs. Carob said calling out to Rachel.

Rachel feeling a sense this place was like a 2nd home to her, came up to the front door. It was odd for her to be almost at eye level with Mrs. Carob.

"A few times." Rachel said quietly.

"Come in and have a seat." Mrs. Carob said.

Rachel feeling something wasn't quite right, accepted the invite anyway. They went to the kitchen area inside the house.

"You never baby-sat Britney's brother." Mrs. Carob said handing Rachel the baby to hold while she fixed two drinks.

Nearly two months being trapped in a baby's body had made him passive and shy.

"Her older brother, Rachel." Mrs. Carob said with in a funny tone if she knew something.

"Huh?" Rachel said trying to play dumb for the moment.

"Don't deny it. I suspected you or your friend had something to do with his little change. Then I remembered how I never saw one little girl's mother or even knew where this little girl lived. Then I heard what happened at the nursing home from your mother." Mrs. Carob said laying down the facts.

"Ok. It was me the whole time, but what happened was sort of done out of anger." Rachel admitted in a apologetic voice. The baby boy that was Robby looked at her with a shocked expression. He sucked on his pacifier a little less during the conversation.

"Well, I had a little help. Me and your mom are old friends. After what happened to Britney's brother we got to talking and started to put a few facts together. The nursing home story was all I need to confirm it all" Mrs. Carob said.

"You have to believe me. I came back to return him to normal today. Since you grounded him for the whole summer I thought he would be easier to handle as a baby until school was close to starting back up." Rachel said feeling terribly guilty for what she did now.

"Hear that Robby. Think you're ready to be a big boy again?" Mrs. Carob asked her son and taking him back out of Rachel arms.

Baby boy nodded his head up then down a few times and looked at Rachel with a pleading expression.

"If it's not too much, I like to see that little girl once more." Mrs. Carob asked then sitting at the chair on the opposite side of the table.

Rachel decided not to reveal her pendent, but put her hands in her pockets and pretend to chat in a focus way.

Soon she was back to old view point as a little girl sitting at the kitchen chair in oversized clothes.

A gasp came behind Mrs. Carob and Britney as there looking shocked then her eyes tearing up as she ran away.

"Better go explain this one yourself. Robby can wait a few more minutes." Mrs. Carob getting up a little in her seat then looking at little Rachel.

Rachel changed back and adjusted her clothing. She got up and walked around to where Britney had run too.

Didn't take Rachel long to find her. She was on the back steps crying and looking hurt.

"Britney?" Rachel called softly.

"Why didn't you tell me? Wasn't I your friend?" Britney asked a little angry in her voice and mostly in a hurt tone.

"Would you have believed me?" Rachel asked now sitting beside her.

"Not at first, but after what happened to my brother I would have." Britney said and her face showed less of the hurt expression now.

"I'm sorry, but I had to keep it a secret even from my best friend." Rachel said smiling warmly.

"I'm your best friend?" Britney asked.

"Yup, even more so then my one friend Shelly." Rachel said answering back very quickly.

"Hey, can you make me big like you?" Britney asked and wiping away last of her tears now.

"We'll see, if you can keep this a secret." Rachel said in a low tone then got up.

"Ok, I'll talk mom in letting me stay over at your house. I'll even use my money to pay you for baby-sitting me." Britney said cheerfully.

"Don't worry about that. For you I'll do it for free." Rachel said then walking back inside. Britney stayed behind and waited for her body to stop breathing so quickly.

Mrs. Carob was in the kitchen and adjusting a teen size boy's shirt over baby Robby.

"Now if you ever do any that illegal stuff again, Britney is going to have a baby brother to look after for years to come. Is that understood my little man." Mrs. Carob and giving a side glance at Rachel.

Robby looked at his mother with an understanding look then turned to look at Rachel.

"Go ahead and age him back. He can seat in this chair until he is back to normal. I already removed his diaper." Mrs. Carob said taking the baby boy off the table and putting him down onto a chair.

The shirt nearly slipped off his body, but remained around his neck. Rachel prepared by putting her hand in her pocket and around her pendent. She would need a new chain soon for the pendent.

Robby spit out the pacifier as he aged. Rachel nearly stopped when he was Britney's age, but went on even if he was cute. By the time he reached his preteen years, he pulled on the shirt to hide his little manhood.

Finally back to normal to his 13-year-old self his face went red and ran from the room to his old room upstairs.

"Going to miss taking care of him." Mrs. Carob said looking upwards toward the steps.

"Give me a call if he gets into any more trouble." Rachel said with grin.

"Will do and say hi to your mother. She is waiting at home for you to explain all of this. She found your box of clothes in your closet." Mrs. Carob said gave an assuring smile.

"No wonder you figured it out so fast." Rachel said then waving bye.

"You're welcome to back anytime. That goes for Little Rachel as well." Mrs. Carob said waving her goodbye.

Rachel left feeling better then ever. Not all she'd done and affected would have such happy endings, but things did work out for the best for most of the people she knew. She had to tell her story about the pendent and of Luceo twice over before her parents started believe it.

Rachel finally convinced them by reducing them both to toddlers before restoring them to adults. She made both her parents a few years younger then their old age. Rachel's mother now looked like her older sister then her mother. Life returned to normal as it could get for her.

Luceo was true to his word. He came to visit ever so often and always had a yellow rose for Rachel. Rachel could never get used to the 2-year-old girl, in an Easter type dress and diaper, tightly holding his hand as if he was her dad. It took some years before the former nurse to accept her new role in life. The holidays become very special to Rachel and to her family. Father's day was Rachel's favorite before Mother's day. As long as she had the pendent, Rachel thought she could live forever. Rachel lived for many years and had many children and grand children.

It would be a car accident that would take Rachel's life. She died in the body of a middle age woman with her 4th husband. Her congregation at her funeral was one of the largest the town had ever seen. Large families showed up with friends of Rachel.

Even the weather seemed to mourn her lost. Towards the end of there speeches, the rain let loose and fell in heavy drops. A few minutes after crowd left the burying site, a man, known as Lucas to those he meet him briefly, came to Rachel's grave site. To a select few, knew his name to be Luceo. Close behind him was girl about 10-years-old wearing a white outfit.

Luceo looked back at his adopted mortal daughter then to Rachel's headstone. Words like wife, mother, and grand mother were printed on it. It was the last two words he liked the most: "Beloved friend." Just below that was the main pendent part. Smashed by the car accident and welded into the stone. Magic of it lost forever to Rachel's family.

"Come say good bye to Aunt Rachel, Honey." Luceo said allowing his adopted daughter to step forward.

"Yes, father." She said and laid her yellow rose on the overturn dirt.

"I will miss you." Luceo said putting his yellow rose on top his daughter's rose then standing up. If he could cry he would of, but instead he let the weather express his feelings.

"Life goes on and so must we." Luceo said to his daughter opening his hand for her to take it.

As she took his hand they vanished by slowly fading away.

The end