The Other Side Inc.

by Sgt. Vincennes

" Why do you try and tell me anything anyway? Like I'm going to listen to you " " Oh, you ungrateful little brat! You are sixteen and living in my house and you will respect me "

" Respect you! You hate me! Why should I respect you? I know more than enough to get by just fine. I don't need you telling me how to live my life. " " Hate you! You're my only child, I love you more than you can possibly imagine. I would do anything for you"

" Oh, if you'd do anything for me, then let me calls the shots around here"

" You want to be in charge so badly, then I'll go to school and live for free and you can go to work and pay the bills and do all the work around here"

" You just don't get it Mom. You just don't understand me."

This was the latest fight between Connie and Ashley McDougall, Mother and Daughter. Connie's husband had split years before and Ashley had been a handfull ever since. Now that she was sixteen, the fights came just about daily. This last one was about Ashley's latest decision; she got her nose pierced. This went along great with her 2 tatoos, one of an Eagle in the small of her back and one of a rose on her left ankle.

Ashley stomped upstairs to her room. She was like any sullen 16-year old. Rebellious yes, but not really bad. She just wanted a little breathing room from her overprotective mother. The logical side of her knew she had a good life with food on the table and a roof over her head, but the other part of her wanted to make her own decisions, call her own shots. She was standing in front of her mirror as Kid Rock blared from her stereo. She was checking out her new piercing, Her left ear already had 7 piercings and 4 in her right. It was just a small stud, what was the big deal. She was rather short, just 5'3" and she was very pretty. She had long, straight blond hair and blue eyes. She had a beautiful radiant smile, when she decided to use it. She always wore tight clothes. For one thing it bothered her Mom, but it also showed off her great body. She had large breasts for a girl her age and size, 36C. Her legs were long and tan and well balanced.

Ashley laid down on her back with her legs streached out in front of her. She stared at her feet in anger.

Connie McDougall was 40 years old and loved her daughter very much, maybe too much. After her husband had left, she'd been afraid. And she'd watched out and tried to protect Ashley as much as she could. She was still quite attractive, even though she didn't think of herself that way anymore. She was 5'6" and had short brown hair. A very professional looking haircut that had some length left on top and swept back bangs over her forehead. She had brown eyes and her daughter had her smile, even though her smile now had a few lines around it. She worked as an Administartive Assistant for a local Accountant. She made enough money to provide for her and Ashley, but there wasn't a lot left over for savings. She did the best she could. She was still mostly dressed from work. She wore a white blouse and black dress pants. She still had on her black knee-highs, but had discarded her shoes and red jacket as soon as she entered the house. Her make up was runnig as freely as her tears. Why couldn't she do anything right with Ashley? Why did she have such anger towards her? She kept thinking of these things as she sorted through the mail.

The mail contained the usual junk and bills. Connie set aside the bills and abesnt-mindedly looked at the junk. One piece caught her attention. It was addressed to both her and Ashley and there was no return address. She opened it anyway and there was a single sheet of paper in it. She unfolded it. The paper was a heavy grade, expensive and the name at the top said simply ‘ The Other Side Inc. ‘ and the letter began just below it. Dear Connie and Ashley:

You have been selected for something that will change your lives. Something very special and unique. A chance to see life from The Other Side. Ever wonder what it was like? To get to be the person you always dreamed of becoming. To really understand what others go through. To get respect. To confirm your registration call 555-0814 between 6 and 8 P.M. on Friday May 8th, the day you receive this. Your special number is 6934M and your appointment will be Saturday, May 9th at 10 A.M. This is your only opportunity and you will not receive another. Very few people ever get this opportunity. Do not let it pass you by, it could be your last hope. Connie just stared at it. It was probably just the chance to buy a slightly used car. She dropped in on the table and got herself a drink, a stiff drink. She sat back down still upset with her fight with Ashley. She sat and lingered on their fight. Respect…understanding…other side, she looked at the paper on the table. She picked it back up and stared at it. She turned it over in her hands as she looked at the VCR clock, it was flashing 7:38. After lingering for another minute, she picked up the phone and dialed.

A pleasant female voice answered on the 2nd ring. " The Other Side, what is your special number please"

" Uh, 6934M as in Mary" Connie said somewhat shaky.

" Good evening, Ms. McDougall, am I speaking with Connie or Ashley"

" Uh, this is Connie. How did you know that"

" Your number is just for you, like the letter said Ma'am"

" Duh, You'll have to excuse me, it's been a long day" was all Connie could come back with. " It's perfectly alright Ms. McDougall. Shall we expect you and Ashley tomorrow at 10" " Well what is it that we're going to be doing?"

" You'll get to do whatever you like, we have very few rules or guidelines. Everything will be your choice and if at anytime either you or your daughter decide to not continue, there is no shame or consequences. It is totally free."

" Look, I'm tired and I don't need some ambiguous sales pitch" Connie said " I know Ms. McDougall. You and your daughter will get the unique opportunities to literally change your own lives into whatever you'd like. You will have the chance that so many dream of, you will see the world from the other side. We'll be ready for you at 10 tomorrow. Our office at at 45 Red Oak Drive. We're right next door to Mauricio's Restaurant and across from McGinty's Chevrolet. Oh, this will probably take awhile tomorrow. There are many decisions to be made so rest up. Good Night"

The line went dead and Connie sat in wonder. What was all that about? It sounded at once like total crap, but yet something in her gut made her think twice. She loved Ashley so much, and the words that had been used were so close to what they had been talking about. She tugged on her knee-highs and pulled them off. She unbuttoned her blouse as she walked to her bedroom. Once there she made up her mind. What the heck, as long as she could get Ashley to go with her. She took off her pants and put on her robe. She went back and finished her drink, then another as she mindlessly watched TV. After awhile she went to bed as the words from the phone call ran through her mind. Ashley left the music playing as she opened the window and climbed out on the roof. She made her way to the tree, hopped down 2 branches then to the ground. She was wearing a tight white tank top and tight jeans. She carried her shoes. She ran barefoot down the street to her friend Lisa's car. She jumped in and they took off. She put on the heeled sandals before they got to the party at Matt's house. Ashley partied until 3. She was pretty drunk when it started to wind down. Lisa was in slightly better shape but they drove home with the windows down to keep the fresh air in their faces and hopefully stop any puking that might come. Lisa dropped her off down the block and she stumbled home. She didn't feel the need to climb back in since the house was dark. She peeked in the windows as a precaution though before letting herself in the back door quietly. She had this down to an artform. She knew all the squeks in the house and she made a succesfull, quiet run back up to her room. She passed out on her bed asleep.

At 9 the next morning, her door opened at Connie walked in. She went to her daughter and shook her shoulder. " Honey…wake up. There's something you need to do today."

" Huh, mmm, let me sleep mom…it's Saturday" was her mumbled reply.

" I know honey, but this is something very interesting and I think you might like it"

Ashley turned over and sat up." What the hell are you talking about "

Connie handed her the letter. " What's this" Ashley said with sarcasm in her voice. She read the letter then tossed it at her mother, " Great a chance to sell real estate"

" I called them last night and what I heard intrigued me with what she said about changing your life and getting respect and I knew that it would intrest you. So please get up, you're not doing anything anyway. Please come with me." Connie pleaded.

" Yeah…whatever" Ashley saw that she was already dressed as she slid off the bed. She put on some brown sandals, the first things she came across. She pulled her blond hair into a ponytail and trudged downstairs.

Connie was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. She was wearing a T-Shirt that marked her participation in a 5K for breast cancer. She was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Ashley walked silently passed her, opened the front door and headed for their car.

Connie just raised her eyebrows and tilted her head as Ashley went by. She grabbed her keys and her purse and headed out. She fired up the 5 year old Toyota Camry and away they went. Ashley turned up the radio as she found Limp Bizkit playing. They didn't say anything during the uncomfortable 10 minute ride.

" So, this is the place" Ashley said unimpressed. " A hole in the wall in a strip mall" " Must you always be so negative? " Connie said but was met by her daughters' glare. She pulled open the door and they stepped in.

It was brightly lit inside and there was a desk directly in front of them. Behind the desk sat an attractive woman in her mid-30's. She wore a black businees suit jacket and white blouse underneath. She stood up and stepped around the desk with a bright smile on her face. She was wearing a black skirt, black hose and black heels. Her black hair was pulled up and pinned close in the back. " Hello" she said with definate chiperness " You must be Connie and Ashley McDougall. It's a pleaseure to meet you both" as she extended her hand to first Connie then to Ashley.

" Please have a seat" she said as she turned to go back around the desk. Connie sat in the chair on the left and Ashley sat down next to her. Connie looked around the small front office. The walls were freshly wallpapered in a light greyish pink hue. The carpet was deep, plush blue. There were 2 heavy doors behind the desk. The desk itself was neatly ordered with a computer, a phone and some paperwork in a small stack. There was a file and some forms on top.

" My name is Marla and I'll be assisting you today" the lady behind the desk said with a smile. "Now let's get right down to business because if you decide to accept our service, this could be a long day and if you choose to decline, then I do not want to waste any more of your time." Connie and Ashley were listening intently.

" I am giving you the once in a lifetime opportunity to see life from another perspective. A chance to choose whatever life you like…within a few rules" Marla said matter of factly. Ashley looked up with renewed interest. Connie looked with confusion.

" I know this is a very far out concept but believe me…but it is really true" " I know that you will be skeptical and even if I had a video, you wouldn't really believe me so I will ask you if we can go on in good faith. Or you can decide that I'm nuts and this is too weird and leave now" Marla glanced at the front door.

" Uh, no I guess you can go on" was Connie's response.

" Yeah" was Ashley's.

"Now I mentioned rules so let me get those out of the way up front. You will be able to select a new life, any kind of life you want really and I do mean that. We do not judge here on anything you ask. The main rule is that two must remain to live together as a family unit though. You can't both be kids or whatnot. There can be any combination of adult and child or even 2 adults if married, we must comply to state laws somehow. " Marla saw their faces become completely involved. " Yes, you can change gender if you like. Age and gender are the most popular, but honestly if there is a gender change, it's usually male to female, but like I said, whatever you want."

Marla continued " I'm guessing that you two don't get along very well. " She looked at Ashley "You probably feel so pent up. I bet you'd like to be an adult wouldn't you" Ashley nodded deeply. " You can be. You can be an adult today. You just make the choices. You can pick your job…anything you like, your looks, your attitude, whatever. But if your mother wishes to still be an adult, you'll have to decide roles somehow. But if she'd like to be a kid again, then we just ask that you stay within a realistic age range of each other. 5 year differences might be looked down upon." " I can tell you're skeptical, especially you Connie, but deep down you know what I'm saying is true" Marla was very persuasive and calming with her speech. " So we have to make the big decisions first then move on from there. You can think about this and talk between yourselves. These are big choices"

Ashley spoke up immediately " I definitely want to be older. I want to be an adult"

Connie knew that would be her answer. " Do you want to be a man?"

" No, I want to be a woman" Ashley looked at her mother.

A mother's love is deep and Connie knew where this was going. She didn'twant to be a man or married to her own daughter. That was sick. Then she realized that if she went through with this her daughter would become her mother. Freud would love that, she thought with a laugh in her mind, but it might be the only way to ever salvage any type of relationship with Ashley. " I have a few questions" Connie said and heard Ashley sigh. " Well how much is this going to cost" " It's minimal Ms. McDougall, Just 500$ and we provide so many services for that, including new identities completely and totally. I know your next question, yes it's all perfectly legal and I'll leave it at that " Marla replied.

Connie had so many questions " How long will this last?"

" As long as you'd like. It can be 3 months or it can be permanent. " Marla looked pensively at them both. " We must be sure that both of you agree to change. There is no compulsary changes or forcing here." But after a sufficient period of time, one party may stay in their new lives and the other could change back. There are no 3rd chances though. You either live with the choices you make today or you return to your original life. No further changes are made. Say if Ashley were not happy. You're sixteen now and after 2 years, you could freely go back to this life. You'd be an adult in it and can choose again. Now say if Connie turned into a 10-year old boy but after 8 years, she could change back into Connie, you'd be 48 though. Time does not stop. But I do asure you that you would not be a 40-year old in a 10-year old body. Your health is always in line with your body"

Marla went on with minute details and it was 2 hours of questions and answers before Connie and Ashley McDougall both signed their names to see life from The Other Side.

Another woman, short, blond and in her mid 20's, had joined them and sat quietly at Marla's right side. She was taking notes and had been introduced as Marla's assistant, Shannon.

" So Connie, Ashley has expressed her desire to be an adult, what would you like?" Marla inquired. " Well, if it really is the other side, I'd like to be younger, sure, but I'd like to stay female" Connie replied and Ashley smiled. This is going to be so great. I'll be the boss of her. She'll be the kid and I'll be the grown-up.

" And how old would you like to be. And remember your age will effect Ashley's" Marla said and all eyes fell on Connie.

" Well…I don't want to be too young, no offense Ash. But I wouldn't mind going through high school again I guess, since I get to pick who I'll be this time. How about 14, I'll be a freshman. " Connie said. It was younger than she really wanted, but she wanted Ashley to have a choice in age. " Okay Ashley, now it falls to you. You could be as young as 28, but it would look bad, remember the big picture."

Ashley thought for a minute. " I'll be 34 " she said strongly. She thought, older, but worth it. If she was 34 and all those things they had said were true, then she could pick a good carear to be established in. She could be rich and powerfull, beautifull, her mind reeled in her choices. Connie was still apprehensive. What was she doing here. She was going to voluntarily change herself into a kid. Sure, if everything were true, she could pick a lot of good attributes and stack the deck in her favor. There was something calming and even exciting about it though. All right, she thought, let's go.

"Now since you will still be a family do you want to change your names? " was Marla's next question. You can keep your own names, but most people want them changed and I'd recommend it. It makes it feel more complete. It might be tough to decide on a last name unless one of you has a clear choice."

Niether of them did. They both looked puzzled. Just about anything would do really so Marla asked Ashley what her favorite movie was. When she responded Scream, Marla thought of Neve Campbell and they agreed Campbell would be a fine choice.

"I should also ask for ethnic background. The name Campbell has certain connotations, but you can decide to switch ethnic background. We might want to change the last name though. " And while taking on some Hispanic traits crossed Ashley's mind, she said " I'd like to stay caucasion" And Connie quickly agreed " Good, I would to"

Marla stood up. " Then I think we're ready for phase 2. Ashley, would you please come with me" she said and began moving towards the door on the right. " Connie, I'll leave you in Shannon's capable hands. " Shannon smiled and looked at Connie as she headed for the door on the left. " And when I see you next, I'm sure you'll be looking quite different " she added with a smile over her shoulder. Connie took one last glance at her daughter as she knew her. Ashley was following Marla as the door opened; she didn't look back. Connie then got up and followed Shannon. Everything she had ever known was about to change drastically.

Marla stepped in first and Ashley was close behind to the larger room. It was very different than the reception room. It was larger and it was a sterile white. There were more recessed doors around the room, there was a larger desk with a lot of electronic equipment on it. Marla sat down behind it and motioned to Ashley. " Now, you'll have to disrobe momentarliy so our computer can get a quick scan of how you are now, then we can start making the physical changes. "

Ashley looked up quickly towards Marla " Oh all right " and she stepped out of her shoes. She took off her clothes.

" Please stand on the platform" Marla motioned to a small circular platform behind Ashley. Ashley stepped up on it naked. 3 laser eyes came out of the ground around it and quickly ran up and down her body. To Ashley it was straight out of the X-Files and she was about to be probed she thought.

But she wasn't probed in any way. Marla was in front of her with a large Terry cloth robe. "Here, go ahead and wear this and come sit down. " Ashley did as she was told. " Are you doing okay, want something to drink"

" No, I'm fine…it's all just so weird you know. "

" Actually I do know. I didn't look like this 6 months ago" Marla said. " I volunteer here one Saturday a month, I like it, and you'll be so happy when this is over. Believe me"

Ashley's mouth was open in shock. She wondered what Marla had been before, a kid, a man?

A large Television screen appeared with Ashley's nude body displayed on it. Good thing no one else is here she thought, I'd have to pay admission. As the computer ran all kinds of information appeared in a column next to her body. Height, weight, hair, eye, skin color, birth marks, dimensions, every thing. "Please read the numbers Ashley. Make sure we're getting an acurate read." " Yeah, everything looks right to me. You got all that from that quick laser" Ashley said in wonder. " It's amazing isn't it? Just wait though, you ain't seen nothing yet" Marla said with a smile. " Okay, now look closely " Marla said as she made a few quick keystrokes. " Now this is what you will look like at 34 if you make no changes, just allowing for age"

Ashley was amazed as her image changed on the screen. She body matured and filled in as it aged. The process went quickly and smoothly. She looked at her whole body. "We'll go in closer starting at your feet and working up " Marla added as the image closed in on her feet.

Ashley saw that her heels had some cracks inthem and her big toes had turned out slightly with a corn on the right foot. They were right, she thought, those heels would take their toll. Her legs were still nice. A few marks on the skin were to be expected. Her thighs were fuller and she could see some cellulite on the backs. Her butt dropped a bit. Her hips were wider but she still had a trim waist and stomach. Her breasts looked larger and they sagged some. Her hands were in good shape, more lines and veins, also to be expected with age. She took close look at her face. Nice for 34 with no make-up but she was already thinking of ways to change it. Her eyes were a bit tired and bags were under them. Close inspection revelaed the faint beginnings of wrinkles, but with make-up she figuered it would be another 10 years before she'd really have to worry. Her hair was unchanged and it didn't look right on an older face and body.

" Now you can take your time. These are big decisions. But I can play around and give you multiple looks with a stroke of the keys so don't be afraid to experiement " Marla said.

" My hair doesn't look right " was Ashley's immediate thought.

" No, youthful styles usually don't " Marla agreed.

" It should be shorter, shoulder length. I'd still like an occasional pony tail, I don't want it too short and it would be the easiest thing to change on my own." She watched as her hair receded on the screen. It came up to her shoulders. " Change the front, I need something covering my forehead, let's try some bangs " It was like playing Barbie with her own body. Her hair changed several times in style, but she finally settled on a professional style, shoulder length with slight bangs, much like Sela Ward's hair since she had decided to go black in color, jet black.

With that she had asked for a darker skin tone and her skin color changed form her usual pale to an olive complexion. She changed her eye color from blue to brown. She also changed their appearance by giving tham a slightly lidded quality and spacing them further apart. She made her cheeks more prominent, and her nose broader, it just looked better with her changing face. She changed her naturally pinkish lips to a darker tanner shade and they blended into her face more than before. She kept her teeth and her chin. She conceeded that her piercing would have to go and she left just one in her ears.

" Now how about your body" Marla asked.

" I want to be taller, 5'8" Ashley said quickly, she had always hated being short but she didn't want to be too tall. Her body grew on the screen. She liked it already.

" I'll keep my hands and arms, they look fine. I never thought I'd be saying this, but could I see what I'd look like with smaller breasts." Ashley said with a giggle.

Marla started receding Ashley's breasts. Sure enough with a reduction in size came a reduction in the sag. She turned her body to the side to give a profile view on screen. " That's good. Stop there" Ashley said. The read out said 34C. Just smaller than they were now but it she could tell they had grown in her image and with more height, they looked right.

" My mid section still looks good. I'll keep my stomach and waist and the hips. But the butt has got to be improved."

Marla was already typing and the image turned to the back. Ashley's rear jumped up and the cellulite diasappeared " That's better…much better " Ashley said approvingly.

" Can we take the pounds off the thighs a bit" she inquired. The cellulite disappeared from there too. Her body was different, more mature, but it was good looking. She was excited.

"Oh, can we straighten out my feet, they looked raunchy, how'd I let them get so bad" She said shaking her head. The image moved to her feet. The corn disappeared and her toes straightened back out and the skin looked better. " Yeah…that's good. I like that.

" Okay. I have to say, you're going to be very pretty. Now we move onto your mental attributes." Now not everyone can be geniuses or winners of the Noble Prize, but you can definetly improve yourself. In fact we do have a rule here. You get one extraordinary talent. It can be anything, but only one true talent. Others will be interests or stregnths, so think carefully about it."

Ashley had been thinking about it. She had decieded if this was really anything she wanted, then she would make herself rich and powerful. " I want my skill to be in surgery. I want to be a Doctor" she looked in desperation and fear that it would be rejected. " I became a lawyer myself" was all that Marla said as she typed it in. " You are now one of the most in demand heart surgeons in the country" she looked up with a smile. " What else, you've got increased brain activity now" When Ashley was done, she was a heart surgeon who also sculpted in her free time. Her hands held enourmous skills. She kept a certain aggressive nature but it was tempered now by her age and experience. Marla asked all kinds of preferance questions from music to food and a complete picture came into play. Her background and even her voice were written up. It had taken 4 hours but it seemed like a lot less as a clock said 4 P.M.

Marla asked one more question. " What do you want you new name to be, Ms Campbell?"

Ashley thought for a minute. " Natalie. Natalie Marla Campbell"

" All right Natalie. I'm going to ask you to step into that room there" She motioned to an opening door. " You'll begin to change in a moment. When the process is over, you'll know it. Another door will open from the inside of there. This will lead to a dressing room. Please take your time in exploring your new body and mind. We try to make it as smooth as possible, but you'll need some time. There's a shower and several ammenities including some clothes for you that will fit and I think you'll like. I've got a lot of work to finish up for you. Luckily we have other volunteers here that have already been working on these. Don't worry Natalie, everything is in order and don't question too much, just enjoy. Part of the process is you'll find out the workings of this place and what has happened" Marla said with a smile.

Natalie walked into the room and stood in the darkness as the door closed behind her.

Connie had followed Shannon into a room just like what Ashley had entered. The room was large, white and sterile. She realized that she had not heard Shannon's voice yet when she heard her low voice speak " I'll need to ask you to disrobe now, just for a minute, we need to get an read on your body " Her voice was deeper than what Connie had expected. Deep and throaty, it sounded just like a Singer that Connie liked, Diana Krall, and Shannon looked a bit like her too, except her hair was shorter.

Connie pulled off her T-Shirt, jeans and sneakers. " Go ahead a step onto the platform behind you Connie" Shannon purred. Purring was just her natural voice. " All right" Connie said and stepped onto the platform. She was just as surprised as her daughter to see the 3 laser salute work up and down her body. Star Trek here I come she thought. " Okay, that unpleasantness is over, you can put on the robe over there now" Shannon said jesturing to the chair in front of her desk. As Connie wrapped the big white robe around her, the television popped on with her naked form on display.

" Hey, no one wants to see that " she said with a nervous smile.

Shannon just smiled back. " Go ahead and read the numbers as they come up, make sure we're getting this correct"

Connie watched as all her vitals, down to her blood type appeared on screen. That machine was amazing. " Yeah, all the gory details right there"

" All righty then, let's get this show on the road" Shannon said as sher typed quietly. " Now the image of you will now change to what you looked like at 14. This is easier than going the other way. You at least remember what you looked like when you were a kid. Now this is just a simple regression. No additional changes have been made, that's still to come."

" Remember, yeah barely. That seems like a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" but Connie stared in wonder as the picture of her got younger. The image went through her 30's, then her 20's back into her teens. She looked so young. She was smaller everywhere. Shorter and smaller breasts met her glance. " Oh, my God. I'm a baby. Look at my face!" " I guess I do remember it. Wow."

" Now take your time Connie, you can change anything you like and we can work with this so feel free to let your mind run wild."

Connie looked at the image in front of her and her youth flashed before her eyes. She was pretty but she knew what that on screen turned into in the long run, why not strech it. " My hair looks stupid on that young face" " I need something younger, more fun. I need that kind of straight style that's in now"

And with a keystroke it was done. The image showed her young face surrounded with long brown hair. " Hmmm, darker. I think I want it darker brown and thicker now." And it changed even more.

" Could you give me green eyes, no a little brighter green, emnerald color. Yeah that's it, a little wider and my eyebrows a little thinner, not so bushy. Okay now my nose needs to be a bit smaller, not so pointy. Oh! Fuller lips, no fuller, more on the bottom lip, kind of pouty, pull down the corners just a bit. Good, I'd like dimples when I smile. Perfect, now round off my chin a bit and pull my ears in a bit flatter and smaller. Yeah, that's it."

Connie had just kept talking and guiding Shannon's movements. She looked at her body. Not bad, especially at that age, " I want to be big. I want to be tall, like 6 feet tall at age 14 and still growing. I think I want to be very athletic, great at basketball, volleyball, fast. Olympic quality in at least one sport" Connie's excitement grew. The image got very tall. Her face looked even better on such a lean athletic body. She could see the muscles forming and she knew she'd oonly be getting stronger. I want the will to win, a desire to be the best."

" Okay. We usually do mental aspects later, but since athleticism is your great talent, it makes sense" Shannon kept typing. "Looking at a prediction, you'll end up being 6'3"

"Oh yeah, basketball, WNBA here I come" Connie smiled.

" Now that decision will influence your body. You'll have an incredible metabolism, and your ability to build muscle will be the envy of all. Your heart and lung function will be peak and your coordination superb."

The two of them built a picture perfect body for a basketball player. She had broad shoulders and long strong arms. She gave herself smaller breasts, 34B and her stomach had 6-pack abs. Her waist was thicker than before and she had great balance. Her legs were long and strong. They were well balanced and toned. She could leg lift 400lbs at age 14. Pure power and she would only get stronger. Her feet were big, size 11 but felxible and strong.

As she built her mental capacity, competitive and determined were tops. She kept intellegence too, especially writing and journalism. She was outgoing but demure. She gave herself a deeper voice to go with her bigger body, but it was still very feminine, she was very feminine but she knew she could stop anybody who gave her problems. She would be a high school All-American, go to Tenneesse on a full basketball scholarship, go to the Olympics twice and win gold twice. She would play in the WNBA and be a role model for girls the world over. Fame, what a way to go.

" Have you decided what your name will be" Shannon asked.

" Yeah, Heather. Heather Ashley Campbell"

" Very good Heather. Now I want you to step into the room behind you. That is where the changes will take place. It is totally painless, nothing weird will happen. But you will feel off for awhile while you adjust both mentally and physically. The room will be dark during the change, but not completely. After the process is over another door will open. This will lead into a small room for you to relax and adjust. Take your time. There's showers and a bed, some people get tired after the change. There will be clothes for you. When you're ready just push the button next to the bed. The door will open back up to here. I'll be working on finishing up your change. Good thing there are other volunteers here helping me. We'll go over your new identity on paper by then. Now, just relax and enjoy the ride Heather" Shannon said.

Heather got up and walked towards the door. It closed behind her.

Natalie stopped when she stepped into the room. It was dark but for a fairly dim glow from the far wall. She walked towards it with intest focus. She felt her world come down to that glow. Then the wall opened into another room. Natalie stood up tall and stepped from the cold, sterlie floor into the new room and it's deep carpeting. Was it already over? She hadn't felt a thing. But something was very different. She flet it deep inside as her eyes adjusted to the light. She smelled a slight scent of lavender now. She blinked twice and a room much like a hotel suite. She shook her head quickly to clear it and she felt her short black hair sweep across her neck. Her hand shot up to her hair. She pulled her hand slowly down from the top of her head, feeling her hair's slightly different texture, it seemed slicker now. She stared straight ahead at a painting on the wall. Her hand crossed her vision now and it took her attention. She turned it over and looked at the back. While brand new it also seemed familiar. Her eyes blinked quickly, she came awake.

" Oh My God" came Natalie's first words, now tinged with just a slight touch of Kentucky. Her voice was a replica of Ashley Judd's. " It worked. It really worked!" She looked down at her naked body. It was the body she had just picked out on the screen, Everything was now real, 3-D and hers. Her black hair entered her peripherial vision. Her hands went to her breats. Now smaller and her nipples darker, her skin darker and more mature. She could tell she was taller, she wobbled her knees and wiggled her toes as she smiled. She looked around and saw the mirrors, two were in the room. One was full length, the other was a make-up mirror and she walked across the room to retrieve it. She had a new stride with longer legs and her feet seemed to hit the ground differently. She examined her face in the close mirror. Everything was as she planned it. After the excitement really hit her, it passed over her. Details of her life were filling in rapidly. She remembered her high school graduation. She remembered college and she remembered childbirth and her decision to raise her daughter alone while attending medical school. Medical terminoligy flooded her mind yet seemed already there. Everything came into place.

Natalie also remembered who she had been. It was back in the back of her mind but she had to concentrate more and more to find it. She knew she had some time, so she showered and got cleaned up. She went and looked in the closet. She found a light weight fabric summery dress. She slipped it over her head and it fell perfectly over her body. She kept her legs bare and placed light brown sandals on her feet. She stepped back out into the room to Marla's waiting smile.

" How do you feel? " was Marla's question.

" Wonderful" was Natalie's reply.

" You look great. Is it everything you wanted?

" Yes, of course, but I thought I'd be more excited, it just seems routine." " Well, we make it seem like natural because, really, it is natural now." " Now if you'll step back over to the desk, we'll finish up. I hear your daughter is almost ready to go as well." Marla said while sitting down.

She continued, " Now, here are your house keys and address. Here are your car keys. Here is your wallet, cash in the back, check out the drivers license to make sure no typos got through. All major credit cards, library card, everything. Here in this folder are other inportant papers, your bank statements and numbers, mortgage, etc. You know all of it already and you'll find copies in your office at your house, but here are some copies."

Amazingly, Natalie did know what they all were. She and her daughter had a very nice house on Adams St. next to the country club and her Lexus was parked out front. " How can I thank you" " You know that the look on your face already did that" Marla said as she picked up the phone. "Is Heather ready…Oh, great. We're just finishing up so we'll be out in just a minute" Even though she knew everything about her daughter as Natalie, the Ashley part of her mind still had to see it.

Heather had seen the same dim light as her mother. Her focus had been on getting there and when she reached the wall it opened into a similar hotel suite room. She was in a similar daze. She moved slowly, tehn realized just how small everything seemed to her. Her new body had just kicked in. " I'm huge" She said as she looked at her large hands. Her legs seemed a mile long. Her feet were twice their old size. But she was strong, she felt so powerful, so alive. It felt great. She was the epitome of physical fitness. She stood in fron of the mirror and took in her new body. Muscle coursed below her smooth skin. She had a natural grace and balance. She laid out flat on the bed and giggled when her feet came off the far end of the bed. She looked at her youthful face. She smiled and revealed braces on her teeth. So young, but a great road lay ahead. She pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail. She dressed in shorts and a Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey. She put on size 11 shower sandals and walked out to Shannon. She towered over her. All the knowledge she needed had come naturally to her. She knew she had to be done by the time her Mom was done.

Natalie was waiting for her daughter in her light summer dress when Heather came through the door. " You look great Mom" was all she said with a huge smile. " I'm ready and you said I could go out with Gwen tonight. " Gwen MacCarthy was her best friend and the point guard on the basketball team. Her fiery red hair matched her energy level, always going.

Mother and daughter walked out to their Lexus. Natalie fired it up and drove them home like any other day.