Oh To Be Young Again

by Louder

A Louder Story based on an idea by The Dark Oni

65 Year old widow Vonda Smith listened to the children playing outside her window. If all goes as planned she will soon be joining them! Vonda had always been a frugal woman. Her husband had left her quite a substantial nest-egg upon his death. But even with all the money there was a void in her life. She had always been a fun-loving vivacious person but being widowed had robbed her of her all that. She was lonely and felt tired. She longed for the care-free days of her past. Vonda knew that she was too old to be dating and she didn't really want a replacement for Frank, her departed husband, anyway. The memories of Frank and their life together was too much of an obstacle to overcome. Her closest living relative was a distant niece. She wished that she could've had a big family but it was not to be. She missed that most of all.

A chance comment to her banker had led Vonda to one Morgan Phillips. Mr. Phillips was a researcher who needed cash for his research. He was working independently of the company on some projects hoping to gain financially for himself. If only he could achieve his breakthrough!

On the other hand, the firm for which he worked was invested heavily into controlling the aging process. With Mr. Phillips' intimate knowledge of that process he was quite sure he could take it much further in the genetic realms. Unfortunately for him, the company wasn't interested in his gene manipulation theories and viewed them as too far-fetched and dangerously close to immoral. Without their backing he couldn't continue his personal research.

All this turned into the break that Vonda was searching for. The banker knew he couldn't directly help Mr. Phillips legally with cash but he knew that the right people would.... Vonda appeared to be the perfect subject. Limited family ties, elderly, and rich! Hearing Vonda's story and looking over her account he figured she would be very grateful for a taste of the rejuvenation formula that the company for which Mr Phillips worked could provide. While they would never allow human testing, or even information about its existence to the general public, Mr Phillips had access to the supplies and to the formula. For a fee Mr Phillips would gladly supply some of the inviting elixir. Of course it would be a steep fee. He needed money to further his own research and he didn't want to risk stealing the formula from his employer for no gain of his own. On the other hand, he knew the formula wasn't highy guarded inside the facility. Outside access was limited but inside was different. The company's president, J.P. Tuttlebeim, no longer sported a silver mane but instead had coal black hair. His secretary, 34 year old Marcia Wallace, barely looked 20! Even one of the custodians had been replaced by her 17 year old niece who bore a striking resemblance to her 50 year old aunt whom no one has seen since the niece's hiring.

How this situation exists is simple.... If the formula was known to the general public then the demand would cause pressure for its release. And that would mean a price tag. A price tag that few could afford! Now, the government supplies a stream of funding as testing continues while employees reap the benefits. And it was a benefit that they didn't want to lose! Of course it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to break the unwritten rule and try and sell some of the product to someone outside the company. The black market for such a project would be huge. Mr Phillips would be the first.

Stacy was Vonda's niece. The whole thing sounded implausible to her but it did have the benefit of filling her pockets with cash. 'Money talks' was her motto. Vonda gave power of attorney to her niece. She also made her sign a contract stating that all would revert back to Vonda at the end of the summer at which time a separate trust would be released to her niece, paying her handsomely for the summer. Unlike what the banker or Mr Phillips had expected, Vonda didn't just want to be a young adult again but rather she wanted to experience childhood again. She would spend the summer as a 9 year old!

Vonda was to turn over a rather large chunk of her savings for the the formula. Mr Phillips was to give her plenty to accomplish the task. In fact she would get enough formula to regress herself many times over if she desired. She also had an antidote in case of taking it too far or not liking the age that she had chosen.

She was warned that regressing too far into childhood could have psychological effects as her youthened mind possibly wouldn't function as an adult's. No one had tested that yet.... at least not to anyone's knowledge! But regressing to 9 years of age should not be a problem. The precise amount of the formula necessary to accomplish the task was easy to accomplish. Too much formula would regress one to infancy but not beyond. At least that is how it worked on the animals at the lab. Vonda had listened to the instructions and warnings. She had spent the night thinking it over. This afternoon her niece would move in and Vonda would retrieve the vials.


Vonda's niece arrived still in disbelief that her aunt could fall for such a thing. But even with that in mind she had power of attorney and still a vast fortune at her disposal. Regardless if nothing happened the trust fund would be released to her at the end of the summer. It was tied only to time and contingent on Vonda again taking control of her estate again. ....Or whatever Stacy left of it! It didn't matter if the old woman regressed or not. That language had to remain secret and wasn't part of any of the written agreements. Stacy looked upon it has getting some of her inheritance a little early. She only hoped the old woman wasn't going to spend too much of it beforehand on these crazy schemes. She had no idea the amount Vonda had actually spent on the treatment.

Vonda drove to the prescribed meeting place. Mr Phillips had to be careful. He didn't want anyone to know that the formula was leaving the confines of the lab. He handed her a bag containing the formula and she handed him a series of checks that he would deposit in various accounts along with a sum of cash. He told her she should wait until she was home before trying the formula and that the instructions were also in the bag in case she had forgotten. She thanked him and went back to her car. Her heart raced. Her palms began to sweat. Could she really be only moments away from being young again? She looked at her tired face in the mirror. She couldn't wait any longer. It was time! She measured out the approximate amount to regress her to 9 years of age and drank the bitter formula.

It had the same sensation as peppermint... a cooling effect! She felt a chill as it hit her stomach. She again checked her mirror. Nothing! The same! She sighed and wondered if she had been a a fool and had been taken in by a charlatan. Then she decided that it had taken 65 years to get this way so maybe she should be a little more patient. She started the car and began to back out. Looking in the mirror something caught her eye... her hair wasn't pure grey anymore. It was still grey but had some darker streaks in it! She slammed on the breaks and looked closer in the mirror. She was different. Not much yet but still different... younger! Excitement welled in her 65 year old body like never before.

She began talking to herself "Settle down, Vonda. Settle down! .... Just drive...." She took a deep breath and continued on. Driving was difficult. She couldn't keep from checking the mirror. With every look she could see a slight difference.

Another feeling came over her. She had never been daring before but all of a sudden she felt like she wanted to be around people. Let them see her. The NEW her! It felt naughty to even think about it yet she didn't know why! She pulled into a shopping center's parking lot and the debated on getting out. There was a small eatery and it would be dark inside. She decided to go there and finally gathered the strength to go on inside. No one paid her much attention as she took a seat by herself. She ordered a salad and a water. The whole time Vonda kept looking around to see if anyone was noticing her. She wondered what changes had taken place. She wanted to look but she also didn't. It helped build the excitement she was feeling. It even began to give her a sexual excitement as well. The whole thing was turning her on!

The waiter did act a bit strange when he returned with her order but seemed to shrug off whatever his hesitation was. Vonda reached for her glass to take a sip of water when she saw her hand. It wasn't the tired wrinkled hand that she had grown accustomed to but rather a more youthful hand that she had long since forgotten. She grabbed her purse and rummaged for her compact. Finding the compact she anxiously popped it open for a look. She let out a dainty laugh as she saw brown hair framing a much more youthful face than she was used to. She guessed that she was 40.... maybe 39! She slipped her sweater off realizing that she felt quite warm without it. Putting some money down on the table she excitedly ran out laughing with joy.

"YES!" she shouted as the doors to the eatery closed behind her. She took in her reflection in the window. Late 30's was where she was now. Her face was beaming with excitement! She ducked into a small shoppe and made her way to the restroom. She stripped down to see her youthening body. Lines were fading. Muscle tone was growing. Her hair was getting fuller and shinier. Her skin was taking on a more youthful glow. Everything was firming and toning.

"Miss, miss? Are you OK in there?" a salesgirl asked when she noticed all the noise and commotion in the restroom and realized how long that Vonda must've been in there.

"Oh ummm yes... Everything's fine" Vonda replied surprised to hear her slightly higher and clearer voice. "In fact it's ~wonderful!~"

The girl shrugged and went back to work.

Vonda began to get dressed again. This time she discarded her hose. It was summer and her legs no longer had any varicose veins or other imperfections to hide. Her matronly dress and shoes were a bit drab for a 30ish year old modern woman but it would have to do. Vonda knew that even though she'd love to wear a mini-skirt for the first time in her life to show off her toning legs it would be a short-lived experience. She was on a fast track to childhood. She strode from the restroom confident in her looks regardless of what she was wearing.

Next, she had to pick out some clothing for later and her 9 year old self.

"Can I help you find anything?" the salesgirl asked.

"I'm looking for some outfits. Ummmm for my daughter" Vonda replied

"Well, these things are on sale... How old is your daughter?"

"She's 9" Vonda said trying to contain herself at the excitement of growing younger.

"9?! You must've had her when you were in gradeschool!" the salesgirl said laughing.

Vonda suddenly wondered just how young she had gotten. Was the salesgirl simply being polite or had she slipped even faster back in time? She figured she had better hurry and she quickly picked out a few outfits.

"Umm we have some 'big girl' outfits that are really cute and on sale too" the salesgirl said questioningly as she looked over Vonda's matronly garb.

"Oh..Oh....OH? This? Ummmmm .... Yes, the airline lost our luggage and this is my ummmm my aunt's...."

"Great deals over there if you're interested" the girl replied as she walked toward a rack of clothing. Obviously she couldn't understand how any person as young as Vonda would want to dress that way even if it was only temporary.

For whatever reason Vonda decided to at least take a look. Only for a moment because time was ticking.

"No... the Junior stuff is over here" the salesgirl said as she saw Vonda heading to the Ms section. "This one would look really cute on you" she said as she handed her a short summery dress.

Vonda had to admit it was tempting. It was low cut, short, and very sexy. But it was in the junior section! How young had she become she wondered? Curiosity got the best of her and she took the dress from the girl.

"Here, these shoes are perfect for that look" the girl said bringing her a pair of sandals.

Vonda went inside the dressing room and closed her eyes before looking at the mirror. She stripped off her old clothing and stood nude in front of the mirror before opening her eyes.

She let out a squeak before catching herself. She was only in her 20's now! Very youthful. No more lines at all. Her breasts were full with very little sag. Her waist was small and her stomach tight. Her hands were now very young and unlined and her legs were trim and beautiful. Her hair was bouncy and shiny. She excitedly tried on the outfit and was absolutely thrilled to see herself in such a sexy outfit and looking so fit. She wanted to just watch her reflection as every second it seemed she 'improved' a little more in appearance but she realized she couldn't do that. It wouldn't like right for a 20 something to enter a dressing room and then exit as a 9 year old!

"Wow!" the salesgirl said doing a double-take "That makes you look positively teenage almost! I guess your aunt's stuff just made you look older. You must really did get pregnant in gradeschool!" she said laughing.

"Yeah...Pretty young anyway... thanks... I'll take it. Just put everything on the card." Vonda told her politely.

She thanked the girl and left the shoppe. She knew that she had always looked young for her age and figured that she must be in her early 20's now. Especially considering the reaction of the salesgirl and now the looks from some high school boys who were drooling over her! She got a laugh thinking about what they would have thought had they seen her when she got up this morning. She mischievously winked at them and then headed for her car.

Another look in the rearview mirror and she saw the bright eyes of a 20 year old staring back. She knew time was running short! She headed back home. It wasn't long before she had to squirm in the seat. The pedals seemed further away. The seat seemed lower. Her clothing was getting baggy. Her shoes were slipping as she stretched for the pedals. She squirmed some more and kicked off her loose sandals. She tugged on her dress and fought the seat belt as she slid closer to the steering wheel. Her car slowed as her toes couldn't push the gas pedal as far. Realizing that she was losing the battle to remain a safe driver, not to mention risk getting stopped for being too young to drive, she pulled over a few blocks shy of her house.

13 year old Vonda unbuckled herself, gathered the packages and vials of the formula, and started walking. It was an easy walk for a 13 year old girl. As a matter of fact it was more of a run as she began testing her rediscovered youthful body.

She padded up the steps and to the front door. Only then did she realize that she'd locked the keys in the car. Complete with the housekeys!

She rang the doorbell as she grimaced thinking how stupid that was for her to leave them behind.

Stacy opened the door "Yes?"

"It's ME, Stacy! It worked... I told ya!" Vonda said in her girlish voice. "I locked the keys in the car though!"

"What? ~Right~ So.... Candid Camera? Is that it?"

"No..... I'm getting younger...."

"And where did you get that dress? Aunt Vonda doesn't have anything like THAT!"

"Here" Vonda said as she dug out the receipt "I bought it when I got in my 20's cuz it was uhhhh groovy"

"Groovy? Where'd you get THAT word at?"

"I dunno.... Cool stuff used to be groovy.... I gotta come in before someone sees me getting younger. I'm gettin' littler now so it's real noticeable."

Stacy couldn't deny that. The girl DID look younger and smaller just in the time at the door. And she had Vonda's purse. This was what Vonda had told her to expect but she didn't believe it possible!

Only a few moments after entering the house Vonda slipped back to 9 years old! Stacy was shocked. It was real... the old woman had done the impossible!

Things were awkward at first. Vonda wasn't sure how to act toward Stacy. After all Stacy was much younger than Vonda just not by outward appearances. And Vonda still had some reservations about letting loose and being a child. Everything was taken care of and she knew she just needed to relax. It would just take some time. After a few days she ventured outside to meet some of the neighborhood children. They soon became playmates. At first Vonda's instincts made her hesitant to play and frolic freely but after a week's time she was joining them and not even considering their true age differences. Sometimes she would forget there even was an age difference!

Stacy watched the happenings closely. For all intents and purposes she was rich as long as Aunt Vonda enjoyed her second childhood. She wasn't sure how rich but she thought it time to find out. It was obvious that Vonda wasn't worried about finances now. She was more worried about spraying a 5 year old neighbor boy with the garden hose as they played in the wading pool with the other kids.

That night she had a talk with Vonda. "Aunt Vonda, you look like you really enjoy being a kid again?"

"Boy, Do I! It's lotsa fun playin' and stuff!"

"Sounds like you might just want to stay that way and that's fine by me to keep things like they are...."

"Nuh huh... I don't wanna stay a kid past summer I don't think cuz I don't wanna go to school or nothin'. I mean it wouldn't be too bad and stuff but I know WAY more then the other kids and it would be kinda strange or maybe boring like. It wouldn't be fair neither..."

"So then you'll wanna take over things again at the end of the summer? Be an adult? You know, it seems like you really are talking and acting just like a little girl? Maybe you should think it over?"

"I'll figure that stuff out later cuz I'm talkin' like my friends and stuff but that's cuz we hang around a bunch. It don't matter for later cuz I'll take 'nuff antidote and then I'll be your age or somethin'."

Stacy shook her head. She was hoping that the regression was more complete than that. She would be very happy if 'adult' Vonda never appeared again. Vonda was obviously enjoying herself but she was still focused on a return to adulthood at the end of the summer.


Days passed and Vonda continued playing with her friends. She was having a blast! Stacy would occasionally check to see if her intentions had changed or if the regression was more thorough but Vonda always had her planned return to adulthood looming at the end of the summer.

In all this time Stacy had met a new boyfriend at a local tavern she liked to frequent. Now that she had more money and no job it was easier to spend more time there. She also had money for a new car and wardrobe. Most of the males considered her quite a catch. She ended up falling for one man, Keith, who had 3 children by a couple of women. He had custody of the children simply because he had a job and their mothers weren't interested. There was 11 year old Kate, 15 year old Sue, and 9 year old Chad. Keith liked to drink and he hated to work. Stacy allowed him the ability to do both!

Stacy invited them all over for dinner one night and as far as Vonda was concerned it was a disaster. Keith was a loser in her opinion. Vulgar, drunk, and abusive. The children were undisciplined with no manners. She was sure the 15 year old would be soon pregnant. Vonda got a big surprise when only a few days later Stacy announced that they would all be moving in!

"WHAT?" No way!" she complained

"Yes, I love Keith and he's moving in!"

"With those brats?"

"Yes.... his kids are moving in too!"

"No.... this isn't part of the deal! I say you can't!"

"I don't much care what you say.... they're here now!" Stacy said as the car pulled in the drive "End of discussion"

Stacy realized that she had a very easy time treating her aunt just like the child that she appeared. It wasn't hard at all. She wished she'd done it sooner.

Vonda ran toward Keith "You can't stay here cuz I say you can't!" she declared

He looked at her "You best settle down or there'll be a spankin'!"

"You can't spank me... You gotta leave!" she fired back.

It was a mistake. In fact Keith could spank her.... and did! "You will not act that way around me again you little brat! You understand? Do ya?... "

Each time she didn't reply properly she got another swat. Finally she answered "I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrry.... I'll be good.... I promise......"

"There, now off to your room!" he said.

Vonda started running toward her bedroom in tears when Stacy spoke. "Not there... Keith and I will be taking that room. You're in the room with the other children. The guest bedroom!"

"What????? Noooooooooooooo!!!!!"

"You want me to get my belt!?" Keith said with rage in his eyes.

Vonda's head dropped and she reluctantly went in the small bedroom.

It wasn't long before the other children made their way there also. They began scattering their things on the floor.

"Off MY bed!" Sue said as she gave Vonda a shove. "The ~children~ sleep on the floor in their sleeping bags!"

"But, but, but, this is ~my~ bed" Vonda sobbed.

"Does it got your name on it? OFF!" Sue said as she gave Vonda a push hard enough to knock her to the floor.

Vonda's sobs grew louder.

"Cry baby, Cry baby.... " Chad and Kate sang mockingly. This only made Vonda's sobs louder.

Suddenly Vonda's joyous second childhood took a turn! She wasn't even allowed out of the room that night. The next day the children wouldn't let her play with her friends. They ran them off and began teasing Vonda. They wrestled her to the ground. She lost a shoe in the tussle and immediately they began tossing it between them as she would run from one to the other trying to get it. They'd hold it above her head and make her jump and then toss it to the next one. This went on until they tired of it all and then threw it on the roof.

"HEY!" she cried and then realized that it was too late. Keith had watched the whole episode as he finished off his six-pack of beer and never bothered to intervene. He'd even laughed and suggested they toss it to him too!

Vonda hobbled inside still wearing the lone shoe and headed for the safe. It was time to drink the antidote. She pushed a chair up to the wall and climbed on it. She opened the safe only to see the antidote was gone! Only the rejuvenation formula remained. She hopped down and went running for Stacy!

"Where'd ya put the antidote!" she yelled.

"I'm put it away!" Stacy replied matter of factly. "I did some checking and see you paid quite a bit for that stuff so you won't be wasting it!"

"Well, I wanna take it NOW!"

"I'm afraid that's too bad! The deal is after summer. You wanted to be a child until then and I'm seeing that you are!"

"NO, NOW!" Vonda ordered.

Keith, hearing the argument, made his way to the room. "We got some trouble here?" he asked as he unbuckled his belt.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo" Vonda screamed and turned running for the children's bedroom in terror.

Keith frowned "Damn.... I wasn't quick enough!"

Vonda cried herself to sleep. She missed her playmates and she hated Keith and his children. She knew Stacy wasn't exactly stable but never expected this turn of events. She awoke from the nap knowing she couldn't let this go on. She had to think of something!


The family sat down for dinner and Vonda helped as she was now required to do. This didn't thrill her but her only option was to be sent to bed without supper and a swat on the rear. The other children didn't have to do anything.

They began eating and Vonda readjusted her seat. Then they all did. Vonda watched as they all rooted thru the food like pigs at a trough. It didn't matter because she knew tonight would be special. Her plan was in place. They had to adjust their clothing. They had to adjust their chairs.

"What the 'hell'" Chad squeaked as his sleeve dragged in his mashed potatoes.

"MY BOOBS!" Sue screamed.

Vonda laughed.

"What's so funny?" Stacy asked in a higher pitched voice as her hands grabbed her throat in surprise. "What the...???"

"Time to get that antidote out" Vonda said confidently. "Cuz I put the regression formula in all your drinks. You've got enough to be infants in ya!"

"You did what?" Keith said and then fell to the floor getting caught in his oversized jeans as he tried to pull his belt loose.

"I put the formula in your drinks so you'd have to get the antidote out of hiding! HAH!" she said.

"But... I didn't hide the antidote..... I poured it down the drain!" Stacy said worriedly as she now looked to be a teen again and not much older than Sue's true age. Sue was looking about Vonda's size now.

The children went ballistic in a panic!

"You what?????" Vonda asked now sensing a snag in her plan!

"We got rid of the antidote so you'd not stand in the way of Keith and I..... and your money! And we put regression formula in your drink" Stacy admitted.

"You were gonna make me a baby.... and grow up in THIS family... like those heathens.... And me turn out like THAT???" Vonda said as she looked at the youthening children around her.

And then Vonda looked down at her half-full glass and realized that she had been drinking from it! "Oh.... No......"

"Aunt Vonda.... can you get more antidote?" A much younger Stacy asked.

Vonda hopped down off the chair and ran to the phone. She was an 8 year old now. The phone was dead. "It don't work!"

"Ummmmm Keith cut the lines in case you tried to tell somebody that you wanted to get older!" Stacy told her.

Keith spoke up in a high pitched voice "I got a cell phone in my car....." He ran to the car as he shed his oversized pants.

The children were all now infants. Vonda and Stacy, not much older than toddlers themselves, laid them safely on the floor.

"Aunt Vonda... I did a bad thing.... didn't I?" A 5 year old Stacy asked.

"Nuh...huh.... " she replied "We might just hafta grow up again....." 5 year old Vonda replied

"Ummmm How old are we really?" Stacy asked as she slipped farther back.

Vonda took her thumb from her mouth "Ummmm I dunno no more...... "

Toddler Keith ran back in with the cell phone. "Hurry call... You fix!" he said.

The two little girls didn't pay much attention as they were busy playing 'Patty-cake'.

Keith fell to his butt. They all youthened more. Infancy awaited their re-arrival.


A household of newborns was found. No identities could be established. At least none that made sense!

Keith, Stacy, and the three children could stand a better upbringing and sense of vaues and they would get it. Vonda's estate was eventually given to an orphanage as spelled out in her will since no sign of the 65 year old was ever found.

Vonda herself in the end got what she had truly wanted all along.... a fresh start and to be part of a big family! Mr Phillips saw to that.

The End