The Nursing Home

Mindy and Kristi were two of the hottest 16 year old girls at Elderbaker high School. They were both blonde-haired beauties that were well-endowed, tall and incredibly taught, tan, firm bodies. They were cheerleaders as well as prom queens and the best of friends. They did everything together -- everything. They also were known as the two greatest heart-breakers around. They loved to tease, flirt and drive boys crazy. They often would both double date the hottest guys and then dump them once they had them begging for more just to prove they were the most desirable girls around. They had been sexually active since they were 14 as they had developed faster than most, but they always practiced safe sex and were picky about who they would actually sleep with, most of the time they were simply tease the boys with their bodies until they were crazy.

One day they decided it was time to play with the 2 hottest boys in school, Tad and John. They were high school seniors who were the stars of the school. Tad being the quarterback and John the track star. They both knew they were using each other, but they did not care. Tad and John instantly dumped their steady girlfriends, two nice girls, just to be able to have one night with Mindy and Kristi.

The big Saturday night came and the boys picked Mindy and Kristi up in their car and began to drive off. "So where are we going?" purred Kristi. "Someplace I hope that is private". "Oh, this place is very private" assured Tad. "My Dad runs this place, so I know all the right places" "Cool" chimed Mindy.

Soon they reached their destination. As they entered the parking lot of the large building, the two girls noticed the sign "Edgemont Nursing Home for the Elderly" Mindy looked at Kristi and began to laugh "You have got to be kidding!"

"No I am not" Tad replied, "this is perfect, the east wing has been closed for years and there are rooms with beds and all the comforts, we have the place to ourselves and besides, none of these old folks are going to even notice us here". Tad's reasoning seemd to make sense so the girls decided to give it a try. Besides, they had done it in far stranger places than this.

As they got out of the car, Tad pulled out some old keys and unlocked the east entrance. As they came in he turned on his flashlight and guided them down the hall to room with the door open. It was a large comfortable room with two large beds and what looked like heat lamps above them. "Wow, this is pretty cool!" mumbled John. "Yea, we can get tans while we play!" teased Mindy, "By the way, what is this place?"

"Not sure" Tad replied, "all I know is that there was an accident and they shut down this wing, my guess is that this room is where they would let the old folks have some sun in the winter I guess".

"Well" purred Kristi, "Lets stop talking about being old and let me show you what a young girl can do" she slowly kissed tad and guided him to the bed. John threw the curtain between the two beds and then took Mindy's hand and lead her to the other bed. Mindy smiled seductively and began to undress for John, slowly taking her top off, revealing a large black lacy bra that strained to keep her 36C breasts in. Meanwhile, Tad and Kristi were in a serious make-out session. Suddenly, she pulled away and said "Not yet loverboy, first, let me show you something" she stood up and began to do a slow strip tease for him, letting her short skirt drop to the floor revealing her long, luscious long tan legs and then slipping off her saddle shoes. When she let her bra drop to the floor, Tad was about to go crazy, her large breasts and large round nipples stood almost erect as they were young and ripe. She wakled slowly over to him, swishing her hips as she walked and then shimmied out of her panites revealing her soft blonde bush to him. By this time, Tad had undressed too and was ready for action.

Mindy and John were also completely naked at this point and were well into each others body. "Oh baby, I really want to see you in action" moaned John. "Well, lets not dissapoint you loverboy" as she leaned over and hit the "on" switch on the wall. Both of the heat lamps turned on over the beds. It startled Kristi and Tad for a moment, but as soon as Tad could see her body bathed in light he simply smiled and pulled her back down to his mouth.

Both couples were now having sex and both were rocking back and forth with mounting teenage pleasure. What they did not notice was what the rays from these two lamps were doing to them. Little did they know that these two lamps were actually aging them years in mere minutes, an experiment that had gone horribly wrong years earlier.

Both the of the girls had aged 10 years in a few minutes and were now full-grown women of 26 years of age. The boys were now full-grown men of 28, beards fowming on their young faces. The girls hair had grown out from shoulder length to down to the small of their backs, but the rays also seemed to amplify their sexual pleasure as they were all completely lost in the moment and did not notice their bodies changing. As they gyrated faster and faster, they aged year after year "Oh yes, more, more!" moaned a now 36 year old Kristi. She did not notice that her golden blonde hair was now duller and a few grays hairs had become woven in them, or the slight creases around her eyes and mouth. Her breasts had become larger and were softening. But Tad was too busy carressing them for her to notice. A 40 year old Mindy did not notice her long, tan legs become older, or that her hands looked like her mothers now.

The pleasure increased, they were slowly climaxing, but it was more intense than any of them had ever experienced before and with each thrust another year melted away. At 50 years of age, both girls, or should we say now women, had hair that reached down their backs and was now almost completely gray. Etched lines and wrinkles wer fomed around their face and their bodies were withering away with each gyration. Their breasts were now sagging and their once large pink nipples were dark and withering, but they did not notice, and the men were well into their 50's now too, graying beards and hair, and their once firm athletic bodies pudgy and loose.

The girls aged faster and faster as they climaxed, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 years of age, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69 suddenly at 70 years of age they had a tremendous orgasm and they both cried out as the men moaned with pleasure. As they collapsed into each others arms, Kristi finally began to realize something was terribly wrong.

"" she rattled. Her voice! It was at least two octives lower and vibrated like an old womans. She then looked down and saw an eldery man of at 80 years of age sleeping beneath her "Ewww! Who are you and what are you doing here?!" she screamed as she slid off of him, but her whole body hurt and was swept with pain, she then heard an old woman scream next to her. As the curtain opened, a nude 80 year old woman stood there. "Kristi, where are you?" rattled the elderly woman. That couldnt be....Mindy? Oh my god, she thought, she turned and looked into the wall mirror in horror saw an 80 something elderly woman staring back at her, he hair completely white and thinning, she brought her long bony fingers up to her face and traced the deep wrinkles and creaves in her face, she then looked down in tears to her old whithered body and saw her large breasts simply sagging loose on her body which was now soft and flabby, all muscle tone gone.

"How did this happen...I feel...weaker..and..weaker "croaked an old Mindy. "The lights! turn of the lights!" rattled Kristi.

a 90 year old Mindy shuffled across the room and finally reached the light socket and turned it off, but it was too late, the damage was done. a 95 year olf Mindy stood next to the wall with one hand on the bed for support and the other on her back as she was now hunched over from osteoporosis. a 95 year old Kristi couldnt stop her hands shake from palsy. "I was so young and pretty" she cried "I am only 16 years old! What do I do now, what do I do now?" she cried as she slowly collapesed to the floor, her now withered legs and nobby, arthritic knee's unable to support her. Mindy had gone senile in the last few seconds of the rays exposure and was simply singing a nursry ryhme to herself.

Two nursing interns came into the room and looked shocked to see the two naked elderly women. They walked over to the beds to check out the two old men lying in them. "Afraid this one is dead" said one, "So's this one, he must be close to 100, guess having sex at their age was just too much for them to handle"

They walked over and put blankets around the two old women and placed them both in wheelchairs. "Don;t worry ladies, we will take good care of you, lets get you both cleaned off and put to bed"

"Thanks young man" mumbled a senile Mindy. "But I am only 16 years old and a cheerleader" cried Kristi. "Yes ma'am, I am sure you were, back in 1916 perhaps" as they were wheeled down the hall, they rolled over a sign that had fallen down from the room they were in. On it was marked "Danger, do not turn on the light."