New Toy (Expanded Version)


Max, Revised by Jeffr_2bya and Libra

It was a sunny day when Rebecca decided to borrow her father's car for a ride. Her wild spirit leaded her to drive very fast for the highway across the desert. The open road and the wind on her face combined with the fact that nobody was on sight, made her feel like the queen of the world.

Suddenly, her happiness was interrupted by an unusual increased in the brightness of the sun. Covering partially her eyes, Rebecca noticed that the sun was not only increasing its brightness, it was also growing and growing. "This is weird. It's look like the sun is going down" said Rebecca as she kept driving with the sun in front of her. With each second, the sun came closer and closer to her. "That's is not the sun!!" she realized "It is a metal sphere!!" she screamed.

In panic, Rebecca made a U-turn at full speed and drove as fast as she could. Using the mirror, she saw how the sphere was getting closer. "This is not happening. It must be some kind of hallucination", thought the scared Rebecca. The sphere passed the car at incredible speed and stopped a few feet in front of it. Rebecca turned the car to the left pressing the brakes. "I'm going to die" was her last thought before everything black out.

Rebecca woke up trapped in a small space. She was in completely darkness ignoring how long she was unconscious. Running her fingers through the surface, she guessed to be inside of an oval object, a capsule. The material felt like glass, but she couldn't see through it. "Where am I?" she asked to nobody in particular. "Finally the subject is awake" said a male voice at the other side of the glass "Computer, run a full scan".

"Scan complete" said a computer voice "Specifications required: Female, eighteen years-old. Injures and clothes are fixed. The subject is ready for transportation". "Perfect. Activate the hyper beam", said the male voice. Then, the capsule started to be filled with strange gases. "Wait!! What is going on here?!!" demanded Rebecca hitting the wall of her capsule. Her question was never answered as the gases forced her to fall sleep. Again, as the gases dissipated, Rebecca slowly woke up surround of darkness. The first thing she noticed were two female voices coming from outside of the capsule. One was mature and the other from a child.

"Happy birthday sweetie. Do you like your present?". "Yes mom. This is the best gift ever". "It must be because it wasn't cheap you know?". "Yes mom, I know. I promise to take care of it well. Now, how do I get my selections to work?". "Here is the manual and the control. The gases must be dissipated by now, so all that you need to do is play with your new toy. Enjoy it". Then, after Rebecca heard the noise produced by automated doors, the little voice said "According to the manual this button will clear the glass".

The capsule turned transparent and Rebecca could see where she was. It looked like a bedroom judging by the bed with sheets, a table with chairs, and everything that you could find in a little girl room. The only thing that confused Rebecca was that all was metal color. Next, Rebecca saw a girl not older than 8 years old dressed in metallic t-shirt and shorts holding some kind of remote control in her hand.

"Where am I? And why am I here?" asked Rebecca through the glass. "You are in my room and you are here, because my mommy bought you" the girl responded. "Your mother can't buy me like I was a slave or something like that. We are in modern times where there is no slavery. I'm citizen and that goes against the human rights", protested Rebecca. "Poor thing. You don't have the slightest idea of where exactly you are" smiled the girl. "We are in a planet at thousand light years of yours. Thanks to our physically similarity, a company abducted human beings and sell them like toys for girls like me".

"That's not possible" said afraid Rebecca as she remembered the events that leaded her until that point. The sphere, the computer voice and the hyper beam were now pieces of the big puzzle Rebecca tried to understand.

"Seeing your eyes, I can say you know what I tell you was true" said the girl. Staying calm, Rebecca pulled herself back and yelled, "I'm not a toy, and I demand to be released".

"Of course you will be out of that capsule, but not in your present state. You see, this company selected you and designed this control based on my two choices. This button must be my first choice". Happily the girl pressed a yellow button. A strange feeling invaded Rebecca's body. She was getting worry about it, when something amazing took place. "What the …" gasped Rebecca as the girl started to grow.

In front of her, the little girl was getting taller. Her clothes were getting tighter on her body. But when Rebecca focused her eyes on the girl's face, she realized it was changing too.

"You are growing!!" yelled Rebecca.

"No entirely true. I'm aging", giggled the girl.

Despite how absurd it sounded, the girl was right. She was looking like a pre-teenager as her growth continued. Her childless attributes were disappearing with each passing second. Her lips were getting fuller, her hips were showing small curves, and her t-shirt was getting pushed out by the little bumps on her breast.

"How are you doing that?" asked a confused Rebecca.

"Easy. I'm taking your age. See it by yourself" laughed the girl. At difference of Rebecca, she was enjoying the feeling the control produced by adding Rebecca's years into her own.

Rebecca looked at her own body and screamed when she saw her round B-cup breasts deflating under her sweater. "What are you doing is impossible!!" tried to rationalize Rebecca, but the losing straps of her bra were a unarguable fact. Her hair was getting short as she was losing inches of height. Very soon her sweater was covering part of her exposed legs as her jeans fell into the ground because her hips reduced their size.

"Maybe in your world, but now you are in mine", replied the girl delighted as her breasts began to show up. Her clothes rapidly adapted at her blossoming body fitting her like a second skin. "I love how my grown-up body feels" moaned the teen as her hands touched every inch of her expanding frame. "It's amazing what a little control and a toy can do when we are together" said the teen caressing her stretched clothes.

When the sensation ended, the new teen said with a deeper voice "Well, that's all. You can get out of there now". After she pressed another button of the control, the capsule opened. When Rebecca raised her foot to exit, she almost tripped thanks to her fallen jeans. When she removed them, she also noticed that her nickers were bigger too. Finally, when she managed to get out barefoot, she found another displeasing surprise. The teen was taller then her.

Satisfied with her new height and dominant position, the teen said "Come over here. I want to see me with you". Rebecca was pulled next to a big mirror, where she witnessed the control devastating work.

Rebecca couldn't believe her eyes. The fact than her height was below the teen's chin was nothing compare of how her body looked like. She was not longer a sexy 18 years old woman, and judging by how younger her face was, she estimated her age around 14 years old.

While Rebecca shocked her head denying the image reflection on it, her captor was pleased at the sight of her developed body. "This work better than I expect" admitted the teen. "I will be very hot in the future".

Her words took out of the trance at Rebecca that for the first time saw the image reflected of the teen. Even she estimated her age around 16 years old, the curves of her body were very similar to the ones she possessed in the begging. Now Rebecca, besides being embarrassed for being regressed, she had to deal with the jealous she felt that a young girl had matched her attributes so easily. "Why did you do this?" finally asked Rebecca. "You are my toy, and this control allow me to make my choices come true. One of them was to have a little sister. In this planet, time moves twice faster than your world. Two of our years are equal than one of yours. So, the control allow me to take 4 of your earth years to increase my age in 8 of my years" smiled the teen.

Placing her hand on her hip, the alien teen looked at how funny was Rebecca in her oversized clothes. "Before I start to play with you, it will be wise if I give you proper clothes to use" giggled the teen.

After picking up the nickers and the jeans from the capsule, the teen proceed to undress her toy. Rebecca stepped back protesting "What are you doing?!!". "Don't you see that you are now a little small for those clothes? I will give you my adapting suit, since it is the only one I have, and I could use your clothes. Is that OK?" said the teen pealing off her shorts from her curvaceous rear and placed it on the bed. Then, she let the control next to it.

Rebecca knew it was irrelevant to argue with the teen, so she didn't complied. She took off her sweater revealing her hanging satin bra and panties. She was beyond rage by this point, being humiliated by a girl who thinks she is a teenager was something that boiled her blood. The teen removed her tight top letting bounce freely her bare breasts. Completely naked, the teen watched her matured body on the mirror. "Men will be drooling for me in the future", giggled the teen caressing her new breasts.

"Here are my clothes. Can I have yours now?" asked Rebecca feeling uncomfortable in being nude. "Sure toy. But you will also need to give me your underwear. My clothes made them useless" affirmed the teen. Rebecca sighed and took off the last pieces of human fabric from her body. Handling them to the teen, she rapidly took the alien clothes to dress. The alien teen hooked Rebecca's bra on her chest and found that it was a little loose on her, but when she put her panties she giggled at the fact that her butt was slight bigger than Rebecca's. The jeans fitted nicely around her hips and with the sweater on the alien could pass easily as a normal human teen.

"I look funny", complied Rebecca, because the metallic suit was very stretched. To her surprise, it changed its size to adapt at the body shape of its user. Under another circumstances, Rebecca would enjoy the look of the metallic suit over her body. I was tight in the right places.

"You look great toy. I'm sure we can get along and play as sisters" said the teen. "Oh! Where are my manners? You have traveled so far and I didn't offer you a drink. Would you like to take a drink with me?" asked the teen. "I would love to. A hot drink if you can, please" replied Rebecca as in her mind was building an escape plan.

"That's the spirit. I was doing a research of the earth and a few days ago I prepare the drink you call coffee. I will prepare some for us" smiled the teen. "It would be nice, but I want it very hot".

The teen blinked her eye and pressed some buttons in a kind of microwave oven inserted on the wall. Its interior illuminated and two cups, sugar, hot water and instant coffee materialized inside. "What an amazing device" thought Rebecca.

Carrying all the implements to the table, the teen prepared happily the coffee while Rebecca sat on one of the chairs waiting for the perfect moment to make her move. "One or two?" asked the teen. "Two please" gently replied Rebecca. "It's ready" said the teen offering a cup to Rebecca. "Thank you" responded Rebecca as her eyes were on the control, which was still over the bed.

When the teen sat to drink her coffee, Rebecca threw her coffee over the teen's sweater. "Hey, what is your problem?" yelled the teen as she took off the sweater. While the teen was distracted Rebecca ran for the control. She took it and aiming to the teen. "I saw that you pressed the yellow button to changes us, so this red one here must undone what you did" grinned Rebecca pressing the button.

The control vibrated on her hand and soon the early sensation invaded her body once again. But this time the feeling was stronger. The teen first sighed and then started to laugh.

"You won't laugh when I recover my age. I will…". Rebecca's words were interrupted as she felt her clothes changing on her body. She was about to continue treating the teen when she discovered that the clothes weren't growing, they were shrinking. "This can be happening again", yelled Rebecca.

The alien girl gasped as Rebecca's years were entering into her body. "Humans. Your mother never told you not to play with things that you not understand".

She frantic grabbed her remained breasts as they melted in her chest. Her hips finally disappeared as she regressed beyond her puberty years. "No!! I'm turning into a girl" she screamed in panic. The metallic clothes kept adapting as her body shrunk showing off how plain her body was turning.

Meantime the teen felt a mixture of pleasure by feeling her own growth and watching the scared face of Rebecca. As she was growing inches in height, her hips expand even more stretching the jeans to their limits. Her breasts filled the cups of the bra and soon started to overfill them. "It looks like I am more voluptuous than you my toy" laughed the now young woman unhooking Rebecca's bra before it could suffocate her. Her still growing D-cup breasts were defying gravity, which made Rebecca more jealous.

The new woman was reaching her thirties and Rebecca was regressing to her seven years old when the feeling dissipated. The alien woman got closer to Rebecca and was delight to noticed that she was towering over her.

Rebecca felt defenseless as her new age left her below the woman bust. She cracked her neck up to see two feet higher the face of her captor.

"Give me that", yelled the woman as she took the control again. "You have to pressed the yellow button to undone the effect, because is an on - off button, but you pressed the red button and its activate my second choice".

Rebecca gulped and with a shaking voice asked "What was your second choice?". "You will love it. But everything in time" replied the woman picking up the sweater and with a move of her hand it was dry again. She wore the sweater covering her naked breasts. "Now, let me see what the manual recommend to punish bad girls like you" said the woman grabbing the manual and sat over her bed. Rebecca was too afraid to do anything. Her emotions had changed now that she was a little girl, even younger than the girl was at the begging.

The alien woman began to feel comfortable in her grown up body as her confident became stronger. She felt capable of herself and not longer a little girl playing. It was true that she was older than she wanted, but she knew that her transformation wasn't over.

"Let me read you what here says" said the woman to Rebecca. "If a human children need to be punishment, a spanking is the method they feared the most". Rebecca's eyes opened wide as the implication of that statement. "Spanking?" said the woman continuing reading the procedure. "How funny!! Let's try it out".

Rebecca didn't want to be spanked by a brat, so she stepped back again. "We have to pass again for this" sighed the woman tired of her toy behavior. The woman grabbed Rebecca's arm, but she refused to move. "Come here you bad girl" said the woman pulling Rebecca's arm to get her to bend over her lap.

A crack sound was heard and Rebecca fell on the floor crying uncontrollably. "My arm!! You broken my arm!!" she cried desperately.

"I'm so sorry. Let me see it" said concerned the woman getting truly worried about the health of her toy. "I heard that human beings were weak, but I didn't realized how much. Perhaps I'm stronger than I knew compared to you and twisted your arm without wanting to. I'm terrible sorry" apologized the woman. "It hurts bad. I need medical attention" cried Rebecca supporting the terrible pain. "We have the ability to heal. Let me take care of you arm". The woman passed her hand over her toy's arm and it healed instantly. "Here you go. As good as new. How does your arm feel ?" said the woman.

Rebecca moved and bended her arm without problem or pain. "It's cured completely. Thank you" said Rebecca.

"I don't want to hurt you, so can we try it again?" the woman said softly.

Rebecca nodded her head and slipped down her skirt. The woman was astonished that picking up Rebecca wasn't any effort at all. She placed her gently over her lap and restricting her strength she proceeded to spank her.

Even the alien was using a little amount of her strength, it felt like the spank of a grown up woman. Rebecca couldn't hold the pain for too long. "I promised to be good for now on, please stop" begged Rebecca sobbing.

The woman satisfied that her toy learned the lesson stopped the punishment. Rebecca's rear was bright red an she slowly raised her skirt. "It's good to know that you understand you position my toy" said the woman.

"I'm not a toy. My name is Rebecca and I will like to go home please. I have a mother and father that must be very worry about me. If I don't returned, they will be sad forever" said Rebecca.

Rebecca's words touched deep inside the sensibility of the alien woman. "I never saw it that way" admitted the woman. "I was a child and I didn't take care of your feelings Rebecca" continued the woman. "But now there is nothing I can do to help you"

"Why not? Maybe you can return me to the company who abducted me and they will send me back" said Rebecca.

"It didn't work in that way. Let me show you something" said the woman. She carried Rebecca in her arms and opened the curtains of her bedroom.

Rebecca was blinded as the light of two suns was illuminating the day. For the first time, Rebecca saw the alien world. Outside she saw a group of buildings very similar to an earth town, but very different at the same time. It was like a town taken out from a sci-fi book.

"Do you see those two?" said the women pointed at two women chatting nicely with their babies in arms. "They are my friends and their toys" said the woman. "It's very popular in my world to regressed human teens into babies to being taken care by children of our race. So if I return you to the company, they will find you a new owner" said sadly the woman.

Then, one of the babies was a male and began to fight against her mother hitting her in the chest. The woman bothered by the behavior simple dropped the baby to the floor where certainly he broke many of his little bones. And despite the cries of the baby the woman continued talking with her friend".

That scene chilled Rebecca's blood. "That is why I prefer human girls than boys. Boys only give you problems" sighed Rebecca's captor. "As you can see Rebecca, other girls are not so gentle as me and could be very mean with babies. They have to heal their toys often".

Rebecca was about to say something when a familiar sensation invaded her body. "What is going on? You haven't touch the control" said Rebecca.

"Remember that I didn't told you my second choice. Well, it was to be a mother. The control couldn't transfer all your age in one time, so it made it in two. First took half of your age, which means that I was progressed 14 years while you only regressed 7. Now it's time for the second phase. I will be a 43 years old woman and you my toddler" Rebecca felt her body shrinking in the arms of the woman. "I don't want to be a baby" cried Rebecca. Her arms were getting shorter as well as her legs. It was like her body was getting compacted by second.

"Don't worry Rebecca. You only need to promise to be a good baby and everything will be fine." said the woman as she was approaching to her forties. Her face was taking a more maternal looked as Rebecca was turning into a baby.

"How do you know? I don't even know your name" exclaimed Rebecca.

"My name is unpronounceable in English. It will be better if you just call me mommy. I don't want to threat you, but if you don't behave well I will have to trade off you for another human" said the woman holding at the 3 years old Rebecca.

"If I promise to be a good girl. I will be at your side always" said Rebecca as the idea of ending in the hands of a girl like the one who dropped the boy made her chilled of fear. "Yes. I only need your sincere word and I will promise that you will never be away from my side. I will take care of you always".

"Promise to be a good girl, mommy. Take care of me please" begged Rebecca as she was regressed to a few months old. Her adapting suit changed into the form of a diaper when the transferred ended. "I will do" said the mother rocking at her new baby "Thank you so much for pressing the button. I didn't want to be so old, but seeing you so weak and fragile makes me feel so special. Right now I'm everything to you. You count on me for taking care of you and I like this motherly feeling you had awake in me", said the matured woman as she felt Rebecca getting comfortable against her bust.

The mother walked to the mirror and looked at her body. Even so she was now forty-three years old, her breasts sagged a little and her hourglass shape remained intact. She pulled down her jeans and was glad to notice that her long legs not showed any vein, and her face was fresh as in her young.

"Well, now that you are my baby, I have to feed you. When you are older than 1 year old, I can give you milk in a bottle, but I don't know what to do if you are younger" said the mother scratching her head. "My friends always giggle when I asked them about feeding babies. I don't think it will be too complicate".

The woman reached the manual and sat on her bed. "If a human baby requires to be feed, please take one white pill from the box. The baby will do the rest" she read. "Which box?".

She left the baby on her bed and went to the box where the control came. Inside was a transparent box with white pills. She took one in her hand, and returned to rock the baby. The mother laid in the bed next to her baby. Seeing the cute face of Rebecca warmed her heart. "Lets see what happen my baby" said the mother swallowing the pill. Then, a strange heat surrounded her breasts making them expand even more under the sweater.

Rebecca's eyes were fixed on her mother bust. She babbled and moved her tiny arms to grab the inflating breasts that grew toward her. She got really excited as her mother's breasts was getting closer to her face.

"And how it will help me with the baby?" asked the woman feeling a little betrayal. Without noticing the interested of her baby, she raised her sweater to see what the pill done. Rebecca drooled at the sight of mother naked breasts. Her nipples were bigger as her aureole wider. The same changes noticed the mother while she examined them. "They are certainly bigger and more heavier than last time" she said cupping her bust.

The baby frustrated for not be able to reach the breast began to cry. "Oh don't cry my baby. I did what the manual said" said the mother. When she got closer to her baby, gently one of her breasts rubbed Rebecca's face.

It was then when the woman realized that the baby smelled something. "What's up baby?" she asked. Rebecca was so close to her goal that without warning, she sucked one of her nipples. "Oh!" gasped the mother as she felt the tiny mouth of Rebecca sucking her. Then, she was surprise as the baby was drinking a white liquid from her breasts. For Rebecca, her new mother was giving her the richest milk she had ever tasted. Her creamy flavor was unique and it warmed her throat until filled her stomach.

"This is amazing!!" cried in pleasure the mother. "The pill made me produced milk and now my breasts are full of it". She closed her eyes and enjoyed the maximum feeling of her life. "It's true that your sucking feels very good my baby, but nothing can equal at the feeling of being a mother".

Holding firmly at Rebecca against her breasts, the mother stood up and walked around the room. "I can't express in words how wonderful it feels that my body is generating the nutrients you need to live. Part of me is going inside you to keep you healthy and strong. You are completely depending of me, and by the way you are sucking at me, and can assure that you are enjoying the milk my breasts are carrying for you".

After Rebecca emptied one breast, the mother gently guided her mouth to her other nipple. "Don't worry my baby, that you mother have a lot of milk to offered you. I love to breast-feed you my dear Rebecca and I hope you are enjoying being my baby" said the mother.

Rocking her baby softly, the mother sang a lullaby. Rebecca relaxed, as she felt so warm and protected in the arms of her new mother. Calmly, she fell sleep knowing that she was in the safest place in the whole universe.

The End.