No Worries

By Meltman

'What a Day!' Jen thought to herself as she walked in through her front door. Turning on the room light she noticed someone had left her a message on the answering machine. Kicking her shoes off, she made her way over to see who that lucky caller was.

"Hi this message is for Jen. Jen this is Mr. Walters at work, im gonna need you to come in early again tomorrow. I know its been the Third time this week, but I Need you to be there" ---Great, another wonderful, early morning--- Jen thought as the message played. "well I'll be seeing you early in the morning, oh and uh, don't forget my coffee this time" - Beep-

Opening the fridge, she hoped to find some nice morsel but ending up with the usual; something cold that smelled alright to eat. Popping in a TV dinner into the microwave she headed for the cupboard. With just enough time left after pouring a drink, Jen grabbed the microwave door before it could make it's lovely beep. Heading for the couch, Jen couldn't help but remember the days when there wasn't so much to worry about. No bills, annoying neighbors, and especially no work or "Mr. Walters". She knew he had to have been at least a few years younger than she. Flopping down on that ever familiar couch and situating everything so it was easily accessible, she grabbed the remote and turn on the TV.

‘Yuck!' C-span, Jen hated channel 35, but she didn't remember turning it off on that channel. Channel 38 was much better, but for some reason the channel up button wasn't working. No matter now hard she pushed it, it just wouldn't change the channel up. Instead she went down in channels.

‘Hmmmm...Well channel 30 isn't bad maybe I'll be able to catch some news.' Flipping down through the channels was quite easy, and, refreshing. Man oh man there was a breeze or something going through the house. She could sure feel it. Getting up, without the usual snapping and Popping of joints, she headed for the windows. Each was shut tight, but after checking it seemed to stop.

With a little bounce in her step, and a bit more in other places, she headed back for her comfy couch. Restraining herself, she found that the news, was not really all that interesting, but maybe some cooking shows on channel 24 might help her to learn to cook a bit better. Jen wince when she thought about the dinner she burnt just days ago.

Down the channels went all the way to 24. That refreshing feel came back as well. ‘Like what is that?' She wondered. Getting up once more to look for a cause for this feeling she quickly realized she had bought her pants a couple sizes to big. She also noted that her top seemed, well, out of style, and a tad too small. That breeze like feeling seemed to come and go.

Heading for the front door to see if she had maybe left it open, she passed the hall mirror. ‘Man! I am out of style, I need to show what I've got! Boy oh boy do I got it!' As she acted like fashion model. She continued on. The door seemed to be shut tight, and even locked. Hmmm... Kind of odd. She headed back towards the couch.

‘Cooking? like this is what Fast food is for! I must be slipping, I don't have time for this. Hmmm....supposed to be this awesome show tonight on Channel 15, God bless MTV!' Jen pick up the remote and aimed it at the TV.

Down, Down, Down....Channel 15.

"Yo, This is like Brock, bringing you the most happening scene of all time, our MTV Par-tay!" TV blared" ‘LIKE awesome BROCK is SOOOO HOT. Gosh what a hunk. I wonder if he has a Girlfriend? I bet he does...Oh well, he is so hot! I'm hungry! This stuff is nasty I've got to find something better.' Jen thought as she watched.

Heading back for the kitchen, a second time, like a wolf jen went for the fridge. ‘Oh My God there is actually some good stuff in here!' Catching the refection of herself in the metallic doors as they closed, she wondered what she was doing. ‘Like why did I ever buy these old things from the thrift shop? Gosh! My boobs will never be that BIG! But these fit my ass pretty well. I'll have to, like, call my friends, and like, see what they're up to.' Picking up the cordless phone, and a big bowl of chips and dip, she headed back for the comfortable couch. She set the phone on the table by the couch.

‘Hmmm....I wonder if Sponge Bob is on channel 5. God I love sponge almost as much as I love Brock!.......' Jen thought happily.


It was never known what happened to Jennifer Smith or why she had left a poor defenseless child alone in her locked apartment. Best guess was she was babysitting. No one could figure why the child was dress in only a shirt and child's clothes were missing. Police are still seeking Ms. Smith to question her, and also the parents of this poor child...