Merlin's Ring: "A Second Chance"



"Laura!" Daniel shouted as he came into his house.

There sitting right across the kitchen table from his current girlfriend Beth was Laura his old girlfriend and friend from his school days. Back in those days they were all long life friends. He forgot how dark her red wavy hair was and how beautiful her green eyes were. She was also the only other person beside his current girlfriend that knew about his secret.

"Hi ya Daniel" Laura said in her still sweet voice as she got up from her seat. Both hug and sat down at the same table.

"It's been years since I seen you last." Daniel said to Laura as Beth handed him a glass of tea.

"Yup, I see time has treated you well." Laura said with a wink. Beth only grin slightly at that comment.

"Yeah you could say that." Said Daniel as he scratched his nose.

"We just talking about the good old days." Beth said after she took a sip of her tea.

"Remember how wild we all were?" Laura said with her grin.

"Yeah, we did some crazy stuff back then." Daniel said now thinking back to all stupid stunts and trouble he got himself into.

"Remember when we all went skinny dipping." Laura said then going into a fit of giggles.

"Oh yeah. I remember well" Daniel said going slightly red. Water had been colder then he thought and did not do good thing to a certain body. What boy would pass up the chance to skinny dip with two girls. Back then both were only fiends at the time and young to fully understand relationships. Girls did have their fun with him that day too.

"Those were the days." Daniel lightly commented.

"I remember that one time we all down in my parents basement and played doctor." Beth said with her own wink now.

Daniel had walked in on them when they were playing that game and joined in soon after. That happen a few years earlier then the skinny dip did.

After a good round of laughs at the table each of settle down and went back to the normal conversation. Daniel went on to learn that Laura had moved back to the neighbor and took a house just right next door to them. She just gotten a good computer programming job where she can work from home and never have to leave home.

"Good to hear." Daniel said wanting to add little talk of his own to their conversation.

"That is part of reason why I am here." Laura said as she turned her face to Daniel's.

"What do you mean?" Daniel said with a suspicious look.

"Well, I thought because they never see me. I kinda fib about my age. It was a kinda intern position to give collage kids a chance to get a chance to get a start in their career, but now I post to visit them tomorrow morning to pick up my very own lab-top and when they see me I surely lose my job. " Laura said with such guilt that anyone would take pity on her.

"Oh I see" Daniel finally catching on.

"Yeah" Laura said with some relief.

"How old do they think you are?" Daniel asked.

"22" Laura said blushing. It had been quite a while since she was that age.

"No problem." Daniel said as he got up.

Daniel walked back to his bedroom and reach inside to the top closet door and pulled down a wooden box. Flipping the latch he found what he wanted. A silver ring with a flat oval shape glass bead in it. To anyone else it look nothing more like a new age mood ring. Daniel slipped onto his right hand and walked back into the kitchen.

"Ready?" asked Daniel as he took Laura hand in his own.

"Anytime you are." Laura replied.

Daniel focus he thoughts and watch as Laura's face lost it wrinkles. The ring turned a deep blue as her body was next as her breasts firmed up and her arms and leg grew a touch shorter. She was happy to see the extra weight she gain simply disappeared. She had mature nicely through the years but look a lot better younger.

"Thanks!" Laura said in her new youthful but still the same sweet voice. Before she was the older of the trio and now she was the youngest.

"I think I got close enough. I had to stop, because I keep thinking about you as a high school kid. " Daniel after he release his hand. She stopped getting younger as soon physical contact was broken and the ring went back to it's black color.

"Dan, what about me? Its been awhile since I had my normal dose. " Beth said as she folded her arms.

It had been a long while since Daniel had use the ring on Beth and himself. Since Daniel had the ring he only used to keep him and his current girlfriend young.

"OK, Hun we both get our normal dose." Daniel said and grip her hand as they held hands.

Daniel had keep him and Beth young and no older then ten years apart most of the time. Lately he been to busy for personal business at home. Seeing Beth grow younger was as casual for Daniel as grabbing a midnight snack after they made love. Her brown hair went a few shades lighter as her breast firmed up. She seem to get stronger as she got younger. She had been very athletic when she was younger.

He couldn't see himself go younger, but he could feel it. He really let himself go health wise. Too many desserts and meals he told himself. He focus his and Beth age to be the same as Laura. It seemed to be a only good number he could of.

"Cool!" Beth said after Daniel broke physical contact. She had some clothes that weren't fitting her anymore and was happy now that should be able to fit.

Beth and Laura jumped up from their table seats and went to Beth's closet. Daniel walked right after them to put the ring back in his box. The girls were admiring themselves in the full length mirror as Daniel place the box back in its hiding spot. Daniel was leaving when he saw Laura strip off her T-shirt to try on another shirt that Beth had just handed to her.

"Where are you going hun?" asked Beth as she blocked the doorway.

"What's the matter? Suddenly become shy of seeing Laura's body." Beth teased.

"Hey hun, which of us as the bigger tits?" Beth said as she walked past Daniel to stand right next to Laura and both of them raised their shirts to show their tits. The bras now hung past their breasts almost down to their belly buttons giving full view to Daniel.

Daniel only rolled his eyes and left the room blushing. Sounds of giggles followed him as he walked back down the hallway to the kitchen. Worse then sisters Daniel thought as he hunt around in the fridge for something to eat.

Daniel sat at the kitchen table eating yesterday's leftover which was chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. He could hear them go on and on in their endless chat. Wasn't until he put empty dishes in the sink that he heard them coming back now both fully dress with the teen clothes Beth kept in her closet.

"Hey, Come over tomorrow night to my place and I give you all the grand tour. " Laura said as she went out the door to walk home.

Daniel went ahead and took the ring with him just in case Laura wished to return to a older age. Laura's house was quite nice and even included a hot tub in the basement.

"Here as you can see is the rec. room." Laura said has she finished her tour by the hot tub.

Daniel was impressed by the set up. There was even vent fans just above hot tub to remove any steam build up from the water.

"Hey, lets take a dip I started it up way before you all came over." Laura offer.

"Nah, we didn't bring our bathing suits." Daniel said with little regret.

"Honey, We all adults here we can go naked." Beth said with excitement. She wanted to really try it.

"Why not, It will be your reward for helping me out. Your get to be in a hot tub with two beautiful girls." Laura said as started to strip and Beth soon started after.

Daniel grin at Laura comment and was reminded of the time they went skinny dipping again. Daniel got his own idea at that point. As Beth step in the hot tub while Laura was still stripping. Laura wasn't as fast as Beth was getting undressed. Daniel slip the ring on to his ring finger on his left hand and turn the ring so the stone could not be seen on the outside of his hand, but only in the inside of the palm.

Much to Daniel embarrassment he was the last one in. He felt more naked being the only one outside of the hot tub. Hot tub jets created enough foam and bubbles to hide anything below it's surface. He had to admit it was great. The jets and hot water really relaxed him. The group created sort of Y shape in the tub with Daniel and Beth almost side by side then right in front of them with their feet touching each other was Laura.

Now thought Daniel as he focus his thoughts. Both Beth and Laura were too busy getting use to the water to notice the changes right away. As soon their arms and legs started getting shorter they noticed. If they could of seen their breast they would of notice the changes earlier. Daniel smile as all of them went from adulthood and back to early preteenhood. Since he couldn't see their bodies he could only watch their faces change.

Pimples quickly faded away and freckles return to both of their faces as they got younger. Most interesting part had to be the hair. It was a strange site to see hair grow shorter and become thin. It was cute to see their faces change from a adult to a child's face. Daniel stop when they all reached age of 12-years-old and their feet were barely touching now even with Daniel stretching his own feet to keep contact.

"Daniel!" Beth shouted in much higher voice she intended too.

"You sound like a chipmunk." Said Laura laughing her head off. She like Daniel's idea a lot.

"Like old times." Daniel replied to Beth verbal objection.

Beth stood up to see how many years she lost. Water was just below her waist and upon seeing her dwindle body she ducked down a bit to hide herself. It was too late already for both Laura and Daniel had seen that she barely had a patch of hair left and very small breasts.

"I am child." Beth said as she lowered herself back into the water. Laura knew better to stand up. She could feel with her hands that she was about the same as Beth.

"Were we this young the first time we skinny dip?" Beth asked not very sure.

"Yeah, I think Danny was little younger then us." Laura said still laughing at her voice.

"Yeah, he was two years younger then we were." Beth said as she was sliding closer to Danny. Since she knew him well he most likely to put the ring on his left hand. Beth pretending to wanted to hold hands as she slip the loose ring off. Then Beth quickly shift her body to sit on top of Daniel's leg so he couldn't move. She felt that he had a small hard-on going. Beth focus her thoughts to make him just 2-years younger as Daniel made futile attempts to get the ring back. He felt the changes take place as Beth got heavier and watched as she seem to grow bigger only in size.

"Get off me Beth your crushing my legs." Danny yelled.

Beth got off his legs and Laura only went into a fit of giggles when she saw a clear view of Danny's face. Danny lost some height and face was more child like then before.

"I think you got it Beth right on the nose." Laura grin.

"I think so too." Beth said as she reach her hand under the water felt that Danny's hard on was gone now. Foam and bubbles prevented Laura from seeing this or she would went into another fit of giggles for sure.

"Some reward." Danny said sulkily.

"Awww, Beth! You hurt Danny's feelings." Laura said playfully as she shifted herself closer to the other two.

"I know what would make him feel better." Laura said to Beth.

"Tickle attack!" they both screamed and proceed to attack him. Time seem to repeated itself that day as they tickle him. Daniel barely managed to do some of his own tickle back to them. Like that hot summer day long ago they play and splash until all were too tired to move.

That summer was the best one from Danny's point of view. Laura had been a tomboy type girl and was Danny's best friend even if she was a girl. Beth was friend to Laura first then Danny soon after.

"Can you imagine what would of happen if any of parents caught us first time we ever did this?" Beth asked as they were all side by side now. Little bit to his Danny's delight he had a girl on his left and right now. At this age Laura felt closer to Danny then Beth.

"Would got our butts tanned for sure." Danny said with a feeling of guilt. He felt that any moment he hear one of parents voice shrieking at him. Despite both were gone now.

"Hey, where are the towels at?" Beth looking over the edge of the tub.

"Over there" Laura said pointing.

As Beth reach over with her back turn. Laura made a quick feel for Danny's crotch. She hit her mark and felt that he was bald and limp as a little boy could be. Danny jumped slightly and then push her hand away.

"Yup, just 'like' in the good old days." Laura said as she got up.

Both girls had a small patch of hair that barely cover up their privates and small cone like breasts.

"Come on, Dan we both got to get some sleep." Beth said as she was drying herself off.

"I think he little embarrass to get out. You know" Laura said grinning and pointing into the water toward his unseen waist.

"Come on! It's nothing we haven't already seen before." Beth said as she finished wrapping her towel around herself.

"At least the water isn't cold this time." Laura said now offering a towel just out of arm's reach from Danny.

As soon as Danny got out in the open both girls went into a fit of giggles each a the sight of the little boy

"Here" Laura said handing the towel and still fighting not to bust out laughing. Danny quickly wrapped it around his waist to stop both of them from laughing. He used another towel to dry off. After each was dried off. They each grab up a robe from a hook on the wall. Looking more like three kids playing dress they each took each other hands making a small circle.

Beth still had the ring and focus her thoughts. The ring's bead glow red now as they aged. All grew from children to adults. Beth's and Laura's robes pushed out in the front as their breast return to them. Danny's robe seem to get wider as his chest went from a boy's chest to a man's chest. Each of girls hair thicken and grew longer as they age while Danny's only grew a little. He had always kept his hair short.

Because of different feeling you got from growing older all of them kept their eyes closed. It was easier to deal with the odd feeling as each of their bodies grew.

Beth broke the circle and proceed to gather her clothes up to dress. Laura and Danny did the same. Danny choose to changed behind a screen while the girls got dress.

"We have to do this again sometime." Laura said as they left.

Danny and Beth held hands as they walk slowly back home.

"Going to give my ring back?" Asked Danny as they got close to their front door.

"In the morning. I think I still have little energy left " As she winked then she lead him to the bedroom.

Beth made herself little younger about 16-years-old and left the ring on the night stand as Danny began to slip under the covers with her.

"So you are on the cheerleading squad?" Danny asked as he turned off the light and getting more aroused then before.

When morning came Daniel took the ring with him to work that day to teach Beth a lesson. Of course it wasn't much of punishment for her. Being made suffer as a 16-year-old girl for a day.

Daniel had no problems at work. He had his own private elevator and use his computer to send out memos. His company was a nice little Internet provider that offer high speed connection at a low price.

After confirming the ring wasn't in the box or on the night table. Beth figure that Daniel took it work with him. After cleaning what little bit there was. Both kept the house in nearly almost perfect order. Beth went over to visit Laura. Laura had gotten a early start that morning on her work and was nearly finished when Beth waved from the window.

Took Laura a second to recognize Beth, but she waved her in after she figure out who it was.

Beth was restless as Laura finished the last lines of the program. Her new employer was making a new game. It would be months before the beta testing would begin. For now they were programming characters and weapons.

"What to hit the hot tub again?" Laura asked rubbing the back of her neck and flexing her fingers.

"Nah, Lets go shopping instead." Beth said as she paced.

"All right, I need some new clothes too. All the ones I bought with me are a little big and old looking for someone my age. " Laura said as she put her own shoes.

Even with many ids that Beth had hidden in her closet. It was Laura that drove to the nearest mall. They spent the whole afternoon walking and shopping. In this crowd they blended perfectly as two young women out for a day of shopping.

Both had fun as they enter in and out of various stores inside the mall. Including Victoria Secret store and the pet shop. It was at a baby supply store that Beth stop and only looked on with longing look. It had been a long three years since her and Daniel had been dating and now living together.

"Come on. Lets have a look around." Laura ask seeing the look on Beth face.

"Boy or girl?" asked the female clerk as soon they came in. The store was having a big sale and she kept busy nearly all day long.

"Just looking." Said Beth as she forced a smile to her face. Beth half consider buying some things. There was a room just in-between bedroom and kitchen that was a child's room. Last owners had a child before they moved away. Room had only the dark blue carpet and wallpaper of glow-in-dark stars.

"Cribs are at a good price and comes with a few outfits for free." Clerk said speaking to both. She wasn't which one was truly interested and which one came along to give advice.

Female clerk left them at that point so they could look around on their own.

"Oh look. Crib comes with sleeper outfit, indoor and outdoor outfits too" Laura went on with delighted voice.

Crib was quite large one also included storage system and a changing table. It was design to be at waist height and for older toddlers. The high rails were evidence enough to show this. Both Beth and Laura saw as they look over the floor model. The crib would take up a whole corner in the spare room.

"I been wanting to do some work in our spare bedroom. Change it into a nursery for a future child. " Beth told Laura as she looked over the crib.

"Why not get it today? Be lucky to find a sale like this again. I know my car can hold anything in here and don't worry about the crib. It is a pretty big box, but it will fit and we get to spend the rest of the day putting it together." Laura said with excitement.

"Yeah, I was going stir crazy at the house and it be nice to have a project to work on." Beth agreed.

Beth paid for some minor baby supplies and the crib as Laura pulled the car around to the mall doors. Lucky for them that baby store was the last store on the end of the mall which allow people easy access to load up baby furniture and such.

Thanks to Beth quick skills with tools and Laura's gift with instructions they had the deluxe model crib up in under a hour before Daniel was due to be home.

"Shouldn't bother with buying those toddler diapers. It be years before they ever get used." Beth said as she place inside the sliding drawer.

"Hey check this out. The crib can turn into a bunk bed too." Laura said as she read over the last page in the instruction book. Neither had notice the on back of box it show it was a bed and a crib.

"Pretty easy to do so. The one rail become a ladder and the other stays in place to make sure the toddler doesn't roll out, but it drops down a little before it locks into place. " Laura went on reading.

Beth look over the instructions as well and it look pretty slick in her opinion. It must of took a NASA engineer to think of that system, but any adult could lift and pull the rails into place.

"We should do a test run on it." Laura said putting down the book. "Is the ring here?" she asked looking at Beth.

"No, Daniel took it to work with him." Beth replied and wondering which one of them she had in mind to be the guinea pig in this experiment.

"Danny!" yelled Laura.

"Danny what?" asked Beth.

"We could test it out on him." Laura went on.

"NO! if we did that we both be sharing this crib not too long after." Beth said little worried. Spring and Summer were coming and Daniel always took time off from work. Beth didn't like the idea she might spend half the year in diapers.

"Tell him it will be a vacation from himself for the weekend. It is Friday and he can change back on Sunday." Laura went on to convince Beth.

"I don't know about this. I do it, but if we are back in diapers for over a month I going make sure your stay is longer then mine." Beth said smiling.

"I know how we can do it too." Laura said as she got up from the floor.

When Daniel came in that day he found his house empty. On the kitchen table was a note.

Dear Danny,

Over at Laura's house taking another dip in her hot tub. Bring the ring when you come over. I had to get Laura to drive me to the store today since I don't look much like a 16-year-old.




Feeling little guilty that his punishment did little damage after all. Daniel grab a small pair of swimming trucks before he left. No giggles this time he thought as the walked over and enter the house without knocking.

"Laura! Beth! I am here." He called out as soon he enter.

"Still in the hot tub dear!" He heard Beth shout from the steps that lead to the basement.

"Still going nude I see." Said Daniel as he enter the basement to see his beautiful 16-year-old wife and Laura laying back on each ends in very relax states.

"Come on and join us! We don't bite." Beth said with a grin.

To both their amazement Daniel strip off quickly. As soon they saw he put of some swimming trucks before he came over. The surprise looks on their faces faded away.

"Once burn, twice shy." Laura said to Beth as Daniel climbed in.

"Ring?" Asked Beth as soon he got himself settle in.

"Here." Said Daniel handing it to her and looking away. Making direct eye contact might of been dangerous at this point.

"Here how old were we when we played doctor?" asked Laura already knowing the answer.

"Think about 7-years-old." Beth answer her casually.

Guessing where this was going Daniel only scoff a bit.

"Come on honey, This time we all be on equal footing and we have a lot more room in the hot tub." Beth sang.

"OK, I guess so." Said Daniel giving in.

"Since you were last getting here you get to go first." Laura announced. "My house and my rules." She grinned.

Beth already slip the ring her right hand. She took Daniel's hand and focus her thoughts. Daniel show his lost years almost instantly. He went from teen to child in seconds. It happen so fast there was no time to see the details of his trip backwards through time.

He stop short just under 5-years-old in age. His trucks were around his knees now. The force of the jets had easily moved them down his skinny toddler like legs. Beth had already toss them out as Danny open his eyes. He close them so he couldn't witness what was happening. "Hey! I thought you said sewen." he yelled in his new Mickey Mouse voice. Judging from his hands he knew he was younger then a 6-year-old now.

"We were 7-years-old and you were 5-years old. Don't you remember?" Beth explain while stroking her hand through his short thin hair. He was adorable and poster child for innocent looking.

Danny had to stand now to avoid shallow any water. Foam and bubbles came just above his belly button.

"Come here." Squealed Laura as she took Danny's little hand yanked him over to her side. He landed right on her soft thighs and into her arms.

"Lurwa" He shouted in fear as he landed.

"Don't worry I got you." She assured him. Danny now sat on her thighs and had accidentally placed one of hands into what thought has her tussy now. A term his mother used to him when she explain difference between boys and girls. He quickly moved his hand to her waist to steady himself.

Laura seem to sense it was accident and grab his waist to help him.

"Awww! He is so small and light." Laura said as she look him over and bounce him once.

Danny felt more like he was in pool full of hot water then he was in a hot tub. As he look down at his body he saw that he could everything up from his knees now. With Laura blocking the jets with her body and being so close to the surface it was a lot clearer now.

He even saw Laura breasts with little to block the view. He moved one hand to hide his very small manhood. Laura had only smile at the view and was more interested in studying his face. He barely look like he was out of toddler years.

"Hey!, Hands off my man." Beth said joking as she slide to be right next to Laura.

Beth grab Danny just under the armpits and shifted him over to her thighs and leaving his small legs and feet to stick straight across them both. Laura took that chance to play with his toes tickle his feet a bit.

"Honey, we got little idea for you." Beth said as she wrapped her arms around him with one arm going around his back and other across his belly.

"Me and Laura here bought a few things at the mall and we like for you test them out on you." Beth went on to explain.

"It's only for the weekend and promise to change you back on Sunday night." Beth assured him in the same tone Laura used before.

"What kind of things?" Danny asked.

"Mostly toddler stuff." Beth answered back.

"It's really post to be a surprised." Laura chimed in.

"OK, lets go see." Danny said wanting for this little chat to end. Sooner the better he thought.

"Just a year or two younger." Beth said as place her hand just under his left thigh.

Danny shrank little more to the size and age of 3-year-old boy now. His right pudgy hand was against Beth's pillow like breast for support.

Laura got out to dress. She took Danny in her arms with a towel wrapped around his entire body as Beth got out.

After Beth was fully dress she took Danny back in her arms and carry him back to their house as Laura carried Danny's old clothes I her arms.

"TA DA!" Beth said as she open the door to the spare bedroom and holding Danny with her right arm.

A very nice looking crib and changing table stood by the window and it was impressive they set it up.

"How much?" Asked little Danny as Beth set him in the crib and onto the very soft mattress.

Beth held out the receipt to show him the price.

"Not bad." He said with amazement. She must of ran all over town to find a bargain like this.

"Took us a while to find this one." Beth said with a grin as Laura enter the room. She walk past the room to drop off Danny's clothes into the hamper.

"Looks like it was made for him." Laura said with smile as she enter.

The towel that was wrapped around Danny was now pooled around his feet as he held onto the rail for support. Danny was too busy getting use to his new body and strange feeling that came with being so small to care. The house was warm enough to keep him warm with or without any clothing.

Beth was just to his right preparing the changing table for him. She put the sleeper outfit over the head board then lifted Danny out of the crib. Danny didn't have time to grab the towel and allowed himself to be laid down gently on the table. Laura gave him a little privacy when she left to toss the towel with his old clothes.

'Before you protest you need this on as a just in case." Beth said as she lifted his legs and slid a diaper under his toddler butt. She fasten the plastic diaper firmly against his sides. The diaper made his legs bowed out a little as she grab the sleeper outfit. The outfit was a one piece type. Laura came back just in time to help Danny steady himself as Beth put the sleeper outfit on him.

"If it is too hot you can take it off later. Zipper in front makes it easy for you to do so." Beth said as she step back to see her work. Laura lifted him off the table onto the soft floor. Danny only stood by himself for a full second before he fell on his padded butt.

"Opps" Laura said as she pick him back up.

Beth told Laura to bring Danny into the living room. Over the next hour Danny practiced standing, walking and then running between both of them as they help him gain control over his body. Beth had even coaxed him to crawl to her once. She thought he look safer crawling, but Danny prefer to walk unsteadily instead.

"Still having a hard time believing this is Danny." Laura said as she held him at her side.

Danny was stuck to drinking a little milk while they sat down to drink some tea. Danny went into the living room to watch a little TV while they sat and chat. Unable to climb up onto the sofa yet. Danny sat on the floor and use the remote to switch on the TV. Flipping through the channels he found the new Lost in Space movie and watched it as Beth and Laura talk.

"I have to go to the store and pick up a few more toddler things for him. I completely forgot there nothing here a toddler can eat as a full meal." Beth said as she look toward where Danny was sitting.

"I bring my lab-top over here and watch him." Laura offer.

"Thanks. I know he still a adult on the inside, but if he got hurt he be unable reach the phone and what kind of mommy would I be leaving him alone." Beth went on.

Danny wasn't sure if it was the milk or practice walking he did earlier that made him tired. He could barely kept his eyes open now. He got up then stumble into the kitchen and tug on Beth shirt to get her attention.

"OK, Lets get you to bed." Beth said as soon she saw his nearly closed eyes and drooping head. Beth pick him and he laid his head on her shoulder as she carried him to his crib.

She laid him down and gave him a goodnight kiss before she switch off the light. Soft green glow stars and planets now shine off the walls and there were a few on the ceiling.

Danny was already sleep when she closed the door.

Danny had a wonderful dream about being on warm sunny beach. He was still toddler but he happily played on the sand with Beth as they made a sand castle.

Danny awoke in the early hours that morning. The room was still dark and stars on the wall no longer glowed. Only moonlight shone in to give the room any light. He got up and stood against the rail or peer out and look over the room. He felt like if he had climb up to cliff and was now looking down upon a dark sea. Moon light created wave like effect has clouds passed in front of it.

Danny even imagine he was aboard a ship and checking for sea monsters. He giggle a bit at this childish thought. It was the simple pleasure of pretending that bought a little joy to himself.

Danny sat back and proceeded to take off the sleeper. No wonder he was dreaming of warm sunlight and warm beach. His sleeper outfit was making him sweat. He slipped it off easily enough and tossed over the head board onto the changing table. He wasn't sure if it landed perfectly, but he was sure didn't fall to the floor. He had no memories of being so young.

Danny loosen the straps on his diaper and front fell freely down. Checking with his hand he felt that it was still dried. Smell of baby powder now fill his sense of smell. It had a calming effect on him. Looking at the door quickly Danny lightly felt his pee wee. For some reason he could only think of it has that. Maybe that was name his mother had given it when she was changing him. He couldn't be sure or maybe what he called it when he was younger.

Ticklish feeling came has he sat gripping and ungripping it.. He could see why now toddlers played with themselves sometimes. There was a small pleasure from doing this. He found that simply holding it seem to give the same ticklish feeling.

Not wanting to fall asleep playing with himself and Beth catching him in the morning. Danny managed to fasten the diaper back on. He lack the strength to tighten as tight as before, but he figure Beth wouldn't notice the difference. Besides the noise the diaper made the room was silent.

It was the loneliness that was getting to him the most. He even settle for another toddler with him in the crib. Wouldn't matter to him if the toddler was awake or asleep at least he wouldn't be alone anymore.

Not wanting to wake Beth with such a childish fear. Danny laid back down and wrap the blanket back around him. Maybe he could return back to his dream and make it to morning's first light he thought as he drifted off to sleep once more.

Few minutes later Beth came in the check up on Danny. She was too excited to sleep for very long. She been drifted in and out all night. She kept her ears at full attention to any sound. Checking his diaper then picking up the sleeper from the table she went back to the crib to look at him.

What a brave little boy he was she thought as she gently stroke his head. To wake up here in the dark and all alone. Beth wanted to pick him up and let him sleep with her, but she was concern it would have awaken him if she try to. So instead she slip out of the room and went back to her own bed.

What time was it? Danny was thinking. Morning's first light now fill the room he felt he overslept. Danny was used to waking up at 6:00 a.m. and it felt like overslept a hour maybe. He felt what awoke him up and it was the call of nature.

"Bewth!" Danny called out toward the door.

He heard footsteps approached from the kitchen and saw Laura come in.

"Beth just left for the store, Danny" Laura said as she enter.

"Is the prisoner ready to be release?" Laura asked joking and light striking her hand across the wooden bars. Like a prisoner would do with a tin cup in the old days to get attention.

"Have to go!" answered back Danny not wanting to wait any longer.

"Oh, Sorry" Laura said and then lift Danny out of the crib onto the floor.

"Hold on." Laura said grabbing his hand. She reached into the closet and pull out a booster step.

"OK." Laura said now releasing him and letting him run ahead of her into the bath room. Laura set the step in place and left the room closing the door behind her. Danny prefer to stand in front of toilet while he stood on the step.

After he finished he flush the toilet and pulled up diaper back up just in time. Laura step in as soon she heard water rush down the toilet. She came in right behind him lifted him so he could reach the sink to wash his hands.

After Danny washed his hands it was Laura who dried them.

"Thanks." Said Danny more to her getting him in here just in time rather then helping him wash his hands.

"Sleep good?" Laura asked as she carried into the living room.

"Like a baby." Danny replied quickly.

Both grin at his joke.

Laura had setup her lap top on the coffee table. The TV was one to local channels it was cartoons was listening too while she work. She set Danny on the floor and went back onto the sofa to work.

Danny seemed to be hypnotized by cartoons as soon he saw them. He never took his eyes off the TV screen.

"Love this high speed connection you got Danny." Laura said as she began typing again.

"Yeth, thwough the entwire house." Danny said not breaking his gaze from the TV. Laura grin at how much he sounded like a child.

Beth had spent entire morning buying food for Danny and herself. fridge at home was getting empty fast. Since Danny would be unable to run to store she also bought supplies for the house. She wonder if Danny was up now as she went through the checkout.

Beth arrived home to find Danny and Laura sitting together in the living room. She smile when she saw him in Laura's lap just a laid back as a toddler could be. Laura was lightly rocking him as they watch the last of the cartoons.

"I'm Home." Beth announced.

"Mommy!" yelled Danny running into the kitchen and hugging her leg.

"Danny?" Beth asked and wondering if been a baby for too long.

Catching sight at his grin and Laura's smile. She knew it was a joke they thought up just before she came in the door. Beth could imagine that Laura suggested it to him just moments after they heard her car pull up.

"Since we all missed breakfast I pick up some lunch for all of us." Beth said as she sat down her bags of food.

For lunch it was chicken for the adults and Danny was stuck with children's size chicken tenders and mashed potatoes. Beth came with a high chair after she sat the food down. It was a nice fold out type with adjustable seat. Danny didn't know if he really like the chair, but at least he was now eye level with them as they all sat around the table eating.

Danny finished with chicken and sat drinking his juice. He only ate little of mashed potatoes and started to play with it making into different shapes with his spoon.

"Everything turn out all right this morning?" Beth asked to Laura.

"Yeah, I got all my work done in half the time. Beats the download time at my house." Laura went on and on about her work.

Getting bored of all the adult talk. Danny took his spoon and cup a lot mashed potatoes in it. Grabbing the handle firmly he took his hand and tilt it back using his fingers. The spoon bent back like a catapult and his fingers slipped accidentally.


Mashed potatoes went right into Beth's left side of her face with soggy sound as Danny watched it hit.

"Danny!" Beth shouted in angry and surprise.

Laura only laughed at the sight of Beth's face and she didn't noticed that Beth cupped a little of her own mashed potatoes in her right hand.

SPLAT! Was heard again as Beth hit Laura with a face full of potatoes. It was chaos as they tossed mashed potatoes at each other. Table area look like a battlefield with mixture of juice, potatoes and gravy all over it. Took a good twenty minutes to clean up everything. Lucky the food didn't go very far. Stay on the table area and the wall where the high chat was.

"That was fun." Laura said as she helped Beth clean up by wiping down all the chairs. Danny also help by taking dirty rags to hamper. While Danny was in the bathroom looking around for a washcloth he didn't hear the quiet conversation in the kitchen.

"Hey Laura, you want to spend the night?" Beth asked as she put the last of the dishes away into the dishwasher.

"What? Camp out on the couch." Laura said laughing.

"Not exactly." Beth said looking at the high chair.

"OK." Laura said now catching on. When Danny came back Beth pick him up and carried him into the bathroom again.

"Bath time." Beth announced.

It was shower for both of them instead as Beth held Danny as she washed his hair and body free of all food. Being too heavy and a burden Beth sat him down on his feet while she could wash her own hair. Danny had to admit the view was good. Just little a bit his eye level was what he thought as her tussy and when he craned his head upward he could see two large breast way above him with water cascading down with shampoo suds. Seeing such a sight he instantly grab himself and hadn't noticed he was playing with himself again like the night before.

"Does Danny Wanny like his amazon looking girlfriend?" Beth asked when she open her eyes to see Danny playing with himself.

Danny quickly release his right hand and place it back to his side. Beth sat down and took him in her arms. Can't blame you Danny with my breast this large and myself looking so tall from your point of view. He laid his head on her pillow like breast as she gently rubbed between his legs.

Beth got back up after she got Danny back on his feet on the bathtub floor. Since they still had a guest in the house the shower only lasted a few minutes. For Danny it seemed to him to take only a few seconds. Beth only dress him in a diaper and left him in the crib. He was little confused on why she shut the door and light off. What puzzled him more was he saw two shadows of adults pass by his door from the light shining underneath the door.

Started to wonder if the girls were taking a shower together. He started wishing at that point he could join them if they were. Getting bored of watching the door for signs of movement. Danny laid back and look at his stars at on the walls and ceiling. Gave the effect the room's walls wasn't there and that his crib was a boat on a dark sea with stars all around him. Light coming from under the door was dawn first light creeping in.

His pretend game was interrupted when the door when and flooded light into the room. Danny had got use to the dark and was refocusing his eyes. He didn't see the small figure that came in after Beth.

"Honey, Laura going to spend the night with us." Beth sang to him.

"Where Lurwa going to slweep?" Danny asked then wonder if they going to share the bed. If she was going to share the bed Danny would ask to sleep with them. He had a mental picture of himself nestled between them at that point.

"With you!" She answer and only to get a puzzled look from Danny's cute toddler face.

Beth reached down and picked up a beautiful little 2-year-old or 3-year-old girl dress in a diaper underneath his old sleeper from the night before. Her blight curly red hair was done into pony tails and her face was almost tan with freckles.

"Lurwa?" Danny asked not fully sure it was her. He never seen her so young before now.

She leaned in to give him a sloppy wet kiss and went into a fit of giggles. Beth only laugh at her kiss then place her inside the crib. Beth was going to enjoy having a little girl to take care.

"Here you go!" Beth said as she came back and place a Simon game between them. It was the new one where two players can play it. Beth left the room after giving each of them a raspberry kiss each on the cheek.

With the door shut and both in darkness. Danny and Laura play with the Simon game as the rainbow colors light up and dance with patterns they had to follow. Beth sleep better that night knowing Danny wasn't alone and in the morning she get play with them both.

Danny and Laura enjoy being together. Best friends reunited again as they play the game half the night. Danny feel to sleep first and Laura went to sleep soon after she slid the game into the corner of the large crib.

Laura drifted off to sleep as she look at Danny. She couldn't move around as good as he did, but she managed well enough and learn to walk and stand as Beth washed her in the bathtub. It was easy for Beth to clean her up when she was smaller in size.

Sunday morning's light came. Beth was thrill and full of energy as she creep into the room. Laura was already awake and was trying to reach the button that allow the rail to become a ladder.

"No, No." Beth said in her playful serious voice. The button was too far away and required more strength then a toddler had. Beth pushed the button and moved the rail down first then sideways so it became a ladder. She adjusted the other half of rail so it came halfway down and served as a guard to prevent a child from falling out.

"We leave it this way so he can come and join us later." Beth whisper to Laura as she carry her out of the room.

It was hour after they left before Danny woke up. Looking around he saw Laura wasn't there and crib had changed. Looking over the edge he saw it had changed into a bunk bed type crib now. He climbed down the ladder slowly and went out barely closed door to find the girls.

He found Beth and Laura wrestling and tickling each other in the living room. The coffee table was push out of the way against the wall. He notice that Laura prefer to crawl then walk as they play. Sleeper kept her from getting rug burns as she crawled around.

"Dannee!" Laura shouted when she caught him looking at them from the kitchen doorway. Her voice was squeaky like and higher pitch then his own. He forgot he didn't hear her say a word all night as they play except for her giggles when she kissed him.

"About time sleepy head." Beth said as she hugged Laura.

"Yeah, Sweapy head" Laura said doing a unbelievable impression of a bratty little sister.

Danny joined in the rough housing which ended soon after. This time it was Laura in the high chair and Danny sat in normal chair on top of three pillows and his body close to the table. Beth gave them each a bowel of cereal and with her back turn to both of them she said.

"If either of you throw any food I give you both a spanking unlike you ever had." Beth said as she could sense them rather then seeing them.

Laura had already had pick out a Cheerio from her bowl of milk and was about to throw it at Danny. Danny seeing this started to pick one out as well. When they heard the warning from Beth. Each quickly put their own Cheerio in their mouth at that point.

Beth only smile has she heard them both giggled behind her back. She wasn't sure if they were aiming at her or each other, but she could sense it coming all the same.

All three sat around the table eating the Cherrios. Beth had to help Laura a little bit with her spoon. She still wasn't as good at controlling her motor functions as Danny was. She kept spilling milk down the sleeper outfit.

"Man! you two get messy fast." Beth said as she lifted Laura out of high chair and help Danny down off of his seat.

She lead them into the bathroom started up a bath. Stripping Laura first she place her in the tub. Then doing a quick finger movements she had Danny's diaper off in no time.

"Here keep her company and be right back." Beth said after she place him in the water in front of Laura.

"You look cute." Danny said as he notice Laura trying to hide her body from Danny.

She gotten so pudgy and felt a little fat. Add the fact her chest was flat and her belly stuck out she felt funny to be seen naked now.

Beth return with some dish soap liquid and poured a small amount under the water nozzle. Blue color foam and bubbles appeared soon after then spreading all around them. Sweet scent of blueberries filled the air. It had been one those Dawn scented type liquid soap.

"There, your be cleaner and smell better too." Beth said as proceed to wipe them down with the last remaining rag they had left in the house. All others were still in the hamper waiting to be washed.

This bath was a quick one to wash off the sugar and milk off their young toddler bodies. Neither dare to splash Beth, but they did do small splashes at each other.

Beth found there were nearly as much trouble as they were fun. They spent the entire day watching movies and playing. Beth feel asleep on sofa as they all were watching some cartoon movie. It was Danny that notice her sleeping first. He quietly got up and slip the ring off her slender finger.

"She looks like she needs a vacation." Danny whisper to Laura as she noticed his actions.

"Yeah." Laura said smiling.

He had never used the ring to make himself or anyone else so young, but he was glad he got experience it. Danny gripped the ring in left palm and touch his hand onto Beth's arm.

It was funny site to see a woman change into little girl while she slept. Beth nearly woke up once or twice doing the change. She appeared to be shrinking then her body changed. She was cover with blanket so only her arms and face could be seen. Her face was the best part to watch as her adult features shrink back into toddler's. Her arms went from strong to thin limbs and finally chubby little arms. She was a angel in Danny's opinion as she sleep there and now sucking her thumb and little drool came out.

"She so cute!" whispered Laura loudly.

"Shhhh." Said Danny in a bit of panic. He didn't want her to wake up yet.

Monday 's morning light shone through the window in the nursery.

Beth woke up a start that morning. She felt something was wrong with her body. Opening her eyes she thought she was still dreaming. It wasn't her bedroom or the living room. Ceiling was high up she noticed that bed had bars. No she thought to herself. She was in the crib. It look different from inside she thought as she steady herself. Either Danny or Laura had slipped a diaper on her.

"Danny!" Beth called out. The rails were still down, but she wanted some help getting down.

"Went to work." A adult Laura said as she enter the room.

"He left me as a baby too until he was about to leave for work. I have been a adult for about hour now.

"Where you sweep?" Beth asked carefully. She didn't like the idea of them being alone while she was a baby.

"With you silly. Look there in the corner of the crib. " Laura said pointing.

Laying in the corner was abandon sleeper and diaper.

"Gave me a robe while I change back right here in front of the crib. " Laura said smiling.

"Real shame. Daniel is really sweet and modesty as before when it comes to adult girls." Laura said regretfully in way that suggest she did Daniel wrong or was about too.

"wing?" Beth asked and wondering if Laura now had it.

"Took it with him to work." Laura said as she check her diaper.

"Not wet!" Beth protested.

"Sorry wee." Laura sang back.

"Just making sure." Laura smiled as she lifted Beth out.

Laura and Beth had as much fun as they did when the situation was reverse. Laura even taken Beth for dip in the hot tub at her house. Beth had squealed wildly as she was sank into the water with Laura holding her. Water was hotter then she thought it be and being their natural selves they went in without clothing.

"Feeling OK?" ask Laura as she carried Beth back to her house. They both stay until they were wrinkle and tired.

"Yeth, I just I feel bad what going to happen thwats all." Beth said as Laura open the front door.

"Don't worry. We get to use ring again soon enough." Laura said trying to cheer her up.

"Watch TV if you want while I catch up on my work. I haven't touch my lab-top all day." Laura as she set Beth down on the floor.

As Daniel sat in front of his personal computer within his very private office now fully refreshed ready to take on anything. He thought over what happen last weekend was a good little vacation. Before his real one was set to start at the end of this week. Daniel had taken Beth to many Vacation spots, but now there were new possible vacations ahead of him. Disney Land was one that keep popping into this head. Then he wonder if he could get Laura to baby-sit them while they ran around the park as kids.

Daniel put the ring away after he changed Beth back to her adult self that evening. He really wanted to wait for the next Friday afternoon to come. He discussed in great lengths on where they could go. Beth had only taken a light interest. Daniel then got to thinking to let Beth help him run the company again like before. It was only a year ago that she stop coming with him to do some work on the house. Judging from her projects she really wanted a baby. Entire house was child proof and she now recently started to buy baby stuff.

The week flew by in blur of busy days of preparing and love making every night now. Beth had taken a more vigor attitude as she insist on doing it all week long as soon they were in bed. It was on Thursday night she didn't mention it. Daniel was little relief that wouldn't have to perform. He didn't know if he could take another round of leftovers. This time he could sleep all night and wouldn't have a craving for food hours later. He never know her to be so frisky before.

She really wanted to become pregnant now he thought as he left from work that Friday to head home. He wouldn't mind now having a little girl or boy of his own around. Of course as soon she announce she was late. Daniel would pop the big question.

Upon arriving home he found a note like the one before last week. Much shorter in writings.

(Over at Laura's house)

Love you,

Your truly,


"Love you he thought as he read her words. She only use those words to him when something good was coming. Before she always used xoxo to sign off on her letters. Daniel also notice she must of wrote this while she was dripping wet. Few spots of water were on the letter then he thought it was a clue to where they could be found. Daniel was little slow in catching on to hints, but this was little over done in his opinion. Stopping briefly into the bedroom to get his ring he found it gone. Daniel rolled his eyes as thought what he find over at Laura's house. Pair of toddlers or a pair of girls that were as bad as sisters could be. He didn't really like the idea of having two little girls over the entire weekend. I figure between their endless chatter and playing he have his hands full.

To his surprise they were both still adults. Beth was looking almost asleep as her head was only part of her body that could be seen out of the water. Laura was just sitting back quietly against the side just waiting.

"Nice for you to join us." Laura said as he stripped off and got in. This time he was closer to Laura then Beth. He suspected that she hand the on her hand. It was then as he got in that he felt Laura hand grasp his hand.

"We got a surprise for you." Laura said as she look from him to Beth.

As Daniel look over at Beth he felt little odd like she was getting bigger. He was too surprised to notice that he was getting younger. Beth rose out of the water to show that she was 3-months-pregnat.

"We use the ring to do our little pregnancy test when you were at work." Laura said she lifted little Danny onto her lap.

Beth slid over to them and guided Danny's little hand to feel her stomach. As Danny felt his unborn child moved around. Beth started to cry a little.

"Are you happy?" Danny asked little confused. Her face was telling a different story.

"It's that Me and Beth have to tell you something Danny." Laura now said rocking him gently.

"Beth and I are in love each other. True is we always love each other since we were kids." Laura said quietly over the sounds of the water jets.

"But I thought she wove me." Danny said now fighting back tears and losing.

"I do love you baby. We both love you and decided that you should be with us. It never work out if we are all were adults. You can barely stand having us together sometimes. " Beth spoke up now.

"I wanted to werry you." Danny said now going into tears.

"Don't cry I promise we all be together." Beth said as Laura now moved closer to her only in the way lovers would.

"I promise we won't be alone in crib for long and when summer is over. Laura will look after you while I manage our company." Beth went on.

With emotions running high it wasn't a fun evening for any of them. Each girl try to console poor little 2-year-old Danny with no luck. Danny spent the entire week pouting and crying himself at night.

Women did their best to cheer him up. The guilty feelings he gave them only seem to strengthen their bond of love each other. They kiss openly now and even walk back to the bedroom together after they tuck him in.

Quickly taught him for causing such heart ache. They left him alone all day as he sat in a cold and later to be messy diaper. It wasn't till they were going to bed that Beth came in and finally changed him.

As he accepted his fate little more they let him have some little pleasures. They gave him sweet candy and sometimes at bath-time or diaper changes they did little Peter pinches that were nice. It was Laura who started to called it that before Beth did. The pinches did put him in a sort of high for little while.

Months went by and Danny could only watch the world around him go by. Despite she ruined his happy little life. Danny did like his playmate Laura when she join him in toddlerhood. Beth would watch over them as they played.

"It will be very soon now our child will be born.' Beth said to the pair then to Danny. She as now 9-months pregnant and look she could go into labor any second.

A few days later she did go into labor in the middle of the night. Danny was rudely waken as Laura lifted him out of the crib and carry him into the 2nd baby seat in the back of Beth's car. Beth was breathing her practice breaths in the passager seat as Laura drove them to the hospital.

Danny watch the excitement as they wheeled her in and waited. Hours went by before a nurse arrived to lead them into Beth's Hospital Room. As soon as Danny saw the pink blanket wrapped around his child he knew it was a girl. A semi feeling of joy and dislike came over him. It was his baby girl and now there was one more female in the house.

As a gesture of kindness to Danny. He was allowed to name her. He choose to name her Katie.

Danny spent the next 18 long years watching his little girl grow up. Beth and Laura had keep in toddlerhood as she grew through the years. His only role through the years was that of a loving step brother. He watched as she attend school through the years and had been there to watch her struggle through life.

He was glad when she was told who he really was. Before she only knew him as her brother that had a rare disease that prevented him from growing up physical. She understood that he was older then her in mind as well.

He didn't have to heart to tell her the whole truth so he went with the half lie instead, but he enjoy helping her through life with advice and love.

Katie took care of him almost as much as Beth and Laura did. Danny prefer to be with Katie the most. She was the only one that never lied to him or use the ring the on him in all these years.

It was on Katie 18th birthday she got a gift that would make Danny happy too. It had been tradition to pass the ring down the bloodlines and Danny was overjoyed to see it carried on.

"Katie, We want you to use the ring on your father. Return him to his adulthood. Your mother and I are ready for whatever judgment he may pass over us." Aunt Laura explained.

Danny only listen with surprised. He gave up all hope years ago and figure that Katie would take care of him after Laura and Beth were too old to care for him.

"There are some clothes for him and a robe in the bedroom. Your find them on the bed. You can have a few minutes alone with him." Beth said as she lifted Danny to Katie's arms.

Katie could only cry as she watch her little step brother changed into her father. She had missed having a father figure around.

Danny changed into a young boy about 8-years-old while he had a robe wrapped around this body. Katie held on tightly has he grew up. She consider to stop at his teen years. It would have been cool to a parent the same age as yourself she thought. She kept her mind on the task at hand. When he reach about 30-years-old he told her to stop.

"Daddy is home." was all Daniel said to her when she collapsed into his arms crying. It had been a moment she dreamt of and day dream about for as long she could remember.

It was like seeing a ghost enter the room as Beth and Laura waited in the living room. Their hearts skipped a beat when they saw him.

"I am not mad." Daniel said has he sat down.

"I understand why you did it now, but I feel there should be little retribution for your actions." Daniel said with no angry or remorse.

"You all were good to me so I wish to repay the favor. I had many years to think about this I decided to pass this sentence upon you." Daniel said then to nod his head at Katie.

Katie came out from behind him where she stood and listen and stretch her hand out with the other hand in fist at her side tightly holding onto the ring.

Daniel did pass a cruel sentence on the pair. Beth was now a 1-year-old girl and Laura was 10-years-old. Laura was to live with Katie right next door in her former house. Beth would stay with Daniel. They were allowed to visit each other on certain days.

Little Beth suffer the same feelings as Danny did as she watch Laura grow up again. On Beth's 10th birthday which Daniel made-up. It really meant the day they were regressed and he did as a way to kept track. It was nice that all the girls now had the same birthday date.

Laura was reduce to a 1-year-old infant on Beth's 10th birthday and Beth could only feel pity for her as her lover was forced to see her grow up now. Both felt it had been a life sentence since they there were adults. Each were sentence to be apart from each other as adults and teens for nine whole years. Adding up to a total of eighteen years together.

As a last act of love from Katie she aged to two of them to 21-year-old women when Laura reach age of 10-years old and punishment finally ended.

Thanks to the ring they all were now the same age. There were no hard feelings anymore. Only complete understanding now. They say that lovers make the best friends. This was true in a way. This was a friendship destined to grow apart now.

The company did very well over long years. Each of them now own a large part of it now. This kept them in well off houses and living like kings.

Beth and Laura moved away soon after and kept in light contact mostly with Christmas cards and such. Katie used the ring on herself after they left. She couldn't help, but admire her intelligence as became a 4-year-old girl. No sense in letting family crib go out of use yet she thought. She knew what it was like to have a mother always around. Two of them in fact, but she wanted a father now to be there for her as she grew up again.