Lori's Continuing AR Adventure - Out of Control (Part 1 of 3)



My Perfect Girl By Max

My name is Karl. I'm 22 years old and I live with my fiancée Claire. We will marry next month after only knowing each other for just two days. Well, I should say after only seeing each other in person for just two days. You might ask, "Why would you get marry so quickly?", and the answer is because she is definetly the girl for me.

I found Claire in an AP voice chat room online. After a short introduction and exchanging some emails, we realized that we had quite a bit in common. We started to role-play with each other on a regular basis. I was always the brilliant scientist and she was the young 16 year-old girl. We pretended that I had invented a growth serum and I would force her (although sometimes she did it willingly) to drink it. The most beautiful part of it all was that I could hear her through the speakers as she pretended to age. I could hear her clothes ripping and how her voice lowered and became deeper as the process continued. I didn't know how she was doing it, but I liked it a lot.

One month later, I finally convinced her to meet me in person and go out in a date. I planned to take her to the movies, then go dancing at my favorite club, and who knows, if we liked each other beyond our online AP relationship perhaps we might even spend the night together and make love.

The day finally came, and I arrived early to the theater to buy the tickets. "Which would be the perfect movie?" I wondered. I looked at my choices and I finally decided this new romantic film would be best. In it, a couple of strangers meet for the first time, fall in love and go to bed. "That could be an indirect suggestion" I thought happily.

I was thinking on that when someone touched my back. I turned around and found a cute teenage girl wearing a white blouse, a black skirt with short, blonde ponytails. She had a peaches and cream innocent face and looked like one of those prep school girls, and she couldn't be any older than 16 at the most, and that seemed pushing it. "You must be Karl, I'm Claire. Nice to finally meet you" she said sweetly as she offered me her hand. I couldn't believe it! I had never asked her real age or even saw a picture of her before, and because she could change her voice, I thought that she was maybe 22 years old like me. But the reality was that I had just invited an under-age teen to spend the evening with me! As I looked nervously around to make sure this wasn't some set-up, I noticed that she was only came up to my chin in height.

I reached out and shook her hand and said "Nice to meet you Claire."

"Which movie did you choose?" she asked.

"Well, uh, to be honest I thought you were a little older, so I had bought tickets to this movie, but you have to be 18 years old to see it."

"That's not a problem. Just wait here for me just a minute" she said and before I could answer she ducked into the bathroom.

As I waited, I got a bit more nervous. "What could she possibly doing in there? Age two years? No way." I continued to wait until she finally came out and I was flustered when she did.

"Do you think I look older enough to pass?" she said.

I stared at her for a moment stunned. She was gorgeous! She had undone her ponytails making her hair reached her shoulders, then opened her blouse revealing a good view of her cleavage (I hadn't noticed that she was so well-endowed for her age earlier). She had put on some make-up, and I could swear that she was taller too, almost at my nose level. Perhaps it was the high heels she was wearing. And to make it more realistic, she had changed her voice as well to a bit lower and more sultry. The overall effect was really amazing.

"You look older!. Almost nineteen years old. How did you do that?" was all that I could finally say.

She giggled. "It's my little secret. We better hurry before the film starts".

As we entered, she put her hand in mine and chose a nice place to see the movie. It was amazing that the personal didn't ask her for an ID. As the movie progressed, Claire put her head on my shoulder. I instinctively put my arm around her and she hugged me. Then I realized my mistake. She might look 19, but she was a 16 years-old girl! What was I doing? But it was too late to take back my arm. So I left it around her and prayed no one would notice.

When the movie reached the explicit sex scenes, I blushed. The idea that Claire was not old enough to see this part, or that I was breaking the law just being here with her rattled me a bit. But as I turned to say something to her, my eyes saw fell onto her generous breasts.

They were big for her age and even strained her bra. Her hair falling on them was the perfect touch. But wasn't her hair too short to reach her shoulders? I began to fantasize a bit when it hit me, "What am I thinking? She's just a teen!" I yelled to myself. I took my eyes off of her and continued watching the film.

It seemed like eternity, but when the film finally ended Claire turned to me and smiled. "That was a great movie Karl. But I hope you didn't choose it for any particular reason."

"Great. First I invite an underage teen on a date, and now she thinks that I want to take advantage of her. This can't be happening". I thought to myself.

"Where will we go now?"

Without thinking I blurted out, "I thought about going dancing at this club I know." What was I saying! Those were my plans for the adult woman I thought I was going to meet, not this kid! But it was too late, I had already opened my big mouth.

"That sounds great. Let's go".

This couldn't be worse. I was going to the most popular disco in town, where all my friends go. As soon as my friends see me with this 'child', I will never live it down. My reputation will be dead.

We passed the ID check again without a problem and searched for an empty table. When we found one Claire went to the bathroom saying, "I need to check my hair. I'll be right back."

As I sat there nervously trying to be invisible I heard a familiar voice behind me. "Hey Karl, Is that you?" In that moment, I knew my social life had ended. It was my friend Sam.

I turned around and tried to be cool about it. "Hey Sam. How are you, dude?" I hope he would just say hey and pass one, but that was not going to be my luck tonight.

"Fine. I came here with the boys." He motioned and then two more of my friends made their entrance, and the three of them pulled up chairs.

"So Karl, did you come alone?" asked Sam.

"Well, not exactly" I replied nervously.

"No, he came with me" said a mature, sultry woman's voice.

It was Claire. And she looked absolutely hot. Her hair was over her open blouse and reached well below her shoulders and her skirt was now above her knees revealing long, sexy legs. It also looked like her clothes were too little for her as they revealed all manner of curves. The guys around the table just stared at her in dis-belief as their jaws dropped.

The music started and my friends all jumped up and asked her to dance. I know that Claire looked amazing, she could easily pass for a 21 year old woman. I wasn't sure how she had done it, perhaps some make-up and clothing tricks in her handbag, but regardless it worked and the illusion was truly amazing. But I knew in my heart that despite how old she looked she was still only a young girl.

"Sorry boys, but I want to dance with my date" purred Claire as she took my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. All my friends were cheering me. "They are all nuts" I thought to myself.

When Claire started to dance, I completely forgot the age issue. I was hooked by the way she danced. For the first time I looked carefully at Claire. While she was dancing sexily I discovered that she had real curves. Not teenage curves. No, these were womanly curves. She had an hourglass shape, with a round bubble butt and generous cleavage, in fact it seemed even more impressive and even larger than when we were at the movies. And then I noticed that we were now at eye to eye level.

When the music slowed, Claire pulled herself close to me and pushed her large breasts into my chest. Actually, I could feel her hard nipples through her blouse. I got excited as my whole body started to shake.

"I want you to kiss me" purred Claire in my ear. I was about to lean forward to kiss those magnificent lips of hers when it all came back to me like a load of bricks. That was the last straw and it was all my will power could stand.

I took her by the hand and quickly exited the disco and grabbed a cab.

"Did I said something wrong?" asked Claire.

"Everything here is wrong. I know what are you trying to do but please you've got to stop right here. Please close your blouse and remove the make-up. You've got to look your age. I mean, your underage for gods sake, what was I thinking, I almost kissed you!" I said very frustrated.

Claire quietly took out her mirror and removed all the make-up from her face. She closed her blouse and her hair back up into ponytails. It's funny how the make-up could change people's looks, and now that her blouse was closed her breasts didn't appear so big anymore. She also took off her high heels and put her on her sneakers.

The cab finally stopped and I walked her to her apartment and she opened the door. "Well thanks for everything. Good-night" I said turning to leave.

"Wait!" yelled Claire "When you said that you knew what I was trying to do, what did you mean by that?"

"You know, with all the make-up and your voice you were looking like a 21 year old woman instead of your real age, 15 or16 years old, right? Now you better get inside before your parents find out you've gone out with an older man and they call the cops on me!" "First of all, I live here alone. And secondly, 22 years of age is what I was going for to be correct" replied Claire.

"OK, 22. I admit to being real impressed by the way you were able to act out that little AP scene to conquer me, but you've got understand that you are just too young for me. I don't feel like going to jail for statutory rape."

Claire reached out and took my hand and then turned her head around to check to see if we were alone in hall. "Do you remember all our roleplays?",

"Yes, they were amazing" I said with a smile.

"And remember when I sounded like I was bursting through my clothes while my voice changed. What would you think if I told you that I wasn't faking?" whispered Claire.

"What are you talking about? I don't get it."

"Well". Claire put her hand on her hips and gave me a big smile. "What If I told you that I can really control my age".

"I'd say you need to see a shrink, no I better go before…. " Before I could finish my sentence, I froze transfixed at what I saw. Claire's clothes began to shrink and grow tight around her. But then I realized that her clothes weren't shrinking, she was growing, or rather aging!

"When I found you online, I could finally express and show what I really am". Her hips began to expand more as her hair lengthened. She undid her ponytails as her growing hair cascaded around her shoulders.

"And when we acted, I liked to age with my clothes on. I actually got moist all those times thinking about you on the other side controlling my age."

Her breasts were rapidly growing and filling her blouse. Her skirt tightened as it rose higher and higher on her lengthening and maturing long legs. Her snickers began to tear apart, and she grew 5 inches, reaching my nose level.

"I was so happy when you finally asked me out on a real date, and even when I showed up looking 16 years old you, you kept your promise and took me to see the movie. That really shows me what a gentleman you are, so I aged myself to 19 years-old to pass without problem"

Claire moved closer and hugged me tightly, pressing her breasts on my chest. "And when you held me in the movie, you really turned me on, so I aged one year more, making myself a bit more bustier like now."

She started to age again but this time she was so close that I was feeling her growing breasts, they were getting so heavy.

"And finally when I saw you with your friends in the Disco", she reached down and guided my hands to her now impressive butt, "I aged myself to your age so you wouldn't have anything to explain."

While she was saying that her ass expanded even more, filling the palms of my hands.

"So now I just repeated it for you so you would understand. Now I want you to kiss me"

I looked into her beautiful eyes and I kissed her in a way that no human being had ever kissed. I pushed her into the apartment closing the door behind us. I tore apart her clothes while she ripped off mine. We reach her bedroom just in time and had tremendous sex.

While she was on top I asked her to age herself until she was 28 years old. She did it, and I was so turned on to see her age naked in front of me that I came right away. She then regressed until she was 19 years of age. Then, as we were gyrating, I put my hands over her breasts and she began to age until she was 32. I felt how her breasts were growing, the nipples enlarging and hardening as they reached C-cup in size, then the D-cup, then the DD-cup. Her blonde hair was slightly streaked in gray and there were some fine lines around her eyes and mouth, giving her a very mature look, she was now the much older woman and I couldn't take it anymore as I came inside of her so many times that I lost count.

Finally, lying next to me, she regressed back to 22 years of age.

"Tell me Claire. Exactly how old are you?"

Claire smiled coyly and rubbed her large breasts against my chest as she stared into my eyes lovingly. "You know women never tell their true age."

I was overwhelmed at that moment as I looked into her eyes. "I love you Claire. Will you marry me?"

Her answer was a deep kiss while I felt her breasts getting heavier as she started to age again. I couldn't ask for more.

I had just found my Perfect Girl.

The End