Magic Milk



Kimberly absently sipped her milk as she sat reading the Sunday paper. She thought that it tasted a little funny; not as if it were going bad, but kind of in a good way. She ran her hand through her graying hair as she browsed the stories on the front page. 'Great, they want to raise taxes again,' she said, shaking her head. 'There's some news I need to hear.' She took another sip of milk and continued reading.

Yvonne sat across the table, eating cereal and reading the comics section. She was pretty hungry today so she had fixed herself a pretty big bowl, and didn't notice the milk tasted strange since she had so much sugar on her corn flakes. The ten-year-old brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair out of her face as she read Peanuts, giggling to herself.

Kimberly looked up and smiled at Yvonne. 'Something funny, honey?'

'Snoopy just kissed Lucy on the lips, and Lucy's freaking out,' Yvonne said, laughing.

'Really?' Kimberly laughed along with her daughter. She went back to reading the front page, pulling her robe tighter around herself, as it felt a little loose.

Yvonne, who had started reading Garfield, paused a moment to stretch her legs out. She had been sitting in her customary position with one leg folded underneath her on the chair, but was suddenly feeling a little cramped. She smoothed out her nightgown and stopped abruptly when she felt something that wasn't there before. Yvonne looked down and what she saw confirmed what she felt: there were two small bumps on her chest. She rubbed them through the gown and frowned, wondering where they came from. She ate a little more cereal as she sat thinking, then decided it probably wasn't a big deal and went back to the comics.

Kimberly finished reading the front page and turned to the editorials, her favorite section. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes as she flipped through the pages, when it occurred to her that her hair wasn't that long. She pulled a handful around to look at it and saw it was almost shoulder length, and there was much less gray in it than before. 'How can that be?' she thought to herself. 'I thought I just had it cut a little while ago.' She sipped some more milk as she thought about it.

Yvonne was now reading The Wizard of Id. She was starting to feel cramped again and pushed her chair back a bit. While she was shifting around in her seat to get more comfortable she happened to glance down and her eyes widened, as the bumps on her chest were now small breasts, distinctly visible through her gown, even without smoothing it out. She also noticed her fingers were longer and slimmer and her nails looked a little longer. She usually cut them very short since she played a lot of softball and other sports. Yvonne began to get nervous and looked up to see if her mother noticed anything different about her, gasping slightly at what she saw. She also had another spoonful of cereal.

Kimberly found herself straining to read the paper, and took off her glasses to rub her eyes. She glanced down and found she could read much better with the glasses off, so she laid them down on the table. As she did she thought that her hands looked smoother than usual; she had noticed that veins had just been starting to appear on the backs, but now there was no sign of them. She turned her head as she looked at her hands, and more hair fell into her face. It was now completely dark brown, with just a few stray strands of gray here and there, and fell down to her shoulder. She turned back and saw Yvonne staring at her with an astonished expression on her sixteen-year-old face, and jumped in her seat.

'Who are you?' she asked.

'What do you mean, Mom? I'm Yvonne.' Yvonne stopped short as she heard her voice. It was much different than she was used to. It sounded older.

'Yvonne's only four years old, there's no way you can be Yvonne,' Kimberly said, puzzled. 'Where is Yvonne, anyway?'

'Mom, it's me. Don't you recognize me?'

'I have no idea who you are or how you got here,' the 34-year-old Kimberly said, as she sipped a little more milk.

Yvonne was amazed. Her mother's hair was totally brown and much shinier and she looked years younger. Her face was much smoother than it normally was and she only had faint around her eyes and mouth. Then she thought, 'Why did she say I was only four?' She was still a little hungry and had some more cereal as she thought.

Kimberly stared at this eighteen-year-old stranger sitting across from her, getting more worried about where her two-year-old daughter could have gone. 'Look, honey,' she said angrily at the blonde sitting across from her in a nightgown that was much too small. 'I don't know who you are or where you came from, but you'd better tell me what you're doing here and where my baby is!'

Yvonne sat in shock, stunned that her Mom didn't even know who she was. She sat back in her chair, shaking her head. As she did, long blonde hair cascaded across her face and her large breasts. Large breasts?, she thought. She looked down and almost passed out when she saw full, pert C-cup-sized breasts rising from her chest. As she felt them she could see her nails had grown much longer. Yvonne hadn't noticed until now but as she grew her nightgown was getting shorter and tighter, and now revealed significant cleavage as it struggled to contain the increasing load. The bottom of the gown once down to her shins was just above her knees now, and the seams were on the verge of splitting. 'Mom, I told you, I'm Yvonne, your daughter!' cried twenty-year-old Yvonne in frustration, noting her now very adult-sounding voice.

'Daughter?' the 30-year-old Kimberly said, bewildered. 'I don't have any children.' Kimberly was getting more and more confused with every minute that went by. She pulled her robe tighter, as she was much slimmer than she was at forty; her stomach was getting flatter with each passing minute. She noticed her breasts, which were higher on her chest now due to their increasing firmness, were becoming exposed so she pulled the neck of her robe together as she blushed. 'Who are you again?' she asked.

'I'm Yvonne, Mom! You've gotta remember who I am!' Yvonne was really getting scared now.

'Why are you calling me Mom? I'm not anybody's Mom. Besides, you're only a little younger than I am,' said Kimberly. Her voice was becoming smoother and younger sounding.

Her 22-year-old daughter put her head in her hands and moaned, 'What's happening to us? This is just awful!' As she sat bent over the kitchen table, the seams on Yvonne's nightgown finally gave way with a loud ripping sound as it fell away to the floor leaving her with nothing to cover herself. 'Hey honey, you may be pretty good looking, but I'm not interested!' Kimberly said, turning her head in embarrassment, even at age 27.

Yvonne jumped up with a screech and ran out of the kitchen, frantically looking for something with which she could cover up. She was feeling all kinds of alien sensations in her 24-year-old body, what with her D-cup breasts jiggling, their weight pulling her forward and her hips gyrating somewhat as she ran upstairs. She found another one of her mother's robes and quickly threw it on. As she ran past the mirror, she stopped and stood with her mouth open as she saw her reflection.

She stood 5' 7', with her blonde hair falling to the middle of her back in long loose curls. Her pudgy face with its upturned nose and freckles was gone, replaced by the face of a beauty queen. She had a peaches and cream complexion, beautiful hazel eyes and a very kissable mouth. Her breasts were magnificent; her nipples were clearly visible pressing into the fabric of the robe. The robe outlined the graceful curves of her hips, leading down to her long legs.

'That's me?' Yvonne's reflection asked. She was mesmerized for a few seconds, then a noise downstairs brought her back to earth. 'Mom!' she shouted and ran down to the kitchen.

25-year-old Kimberly was placing dishes in the sink. 'Hi, there!' she said, smiling at Yvonne and extending her hand. 'I'm Kim, who are you?' Yvonne shook her hand gingerly, staring at her mother eye to eye; they were exactly the same height. Her mother had long dark brown hair that reached the bottom of her shoulder blades. She had a pretty face with a button nose and sparkling green eyes. 'Cat got your tongue?' Kim said, giggling a little.

'Uh, yeah, I'm Yvonne.'

'Nice to meet you, Yvonne. Sorry about the noise I was making. I didn't want to wake you up.'

'That's OK,' Yvonne said, more confused than ever.

Kim put the dish she was washing down and said, 'I just want to thank you for letting me share the house, Yvonne. We're gonna have a lot of fun being roomies, don't you think? We'll have to go out and meet some guys!' she said cheerfully.

'Roomies?' Yvonne asked, not comprehending.

'Sure, silly. I'm staying here while I finish business school. Remember last night when I moved in? I know you were out but Lisa helped me get moved into my room.'

'Lisa?' Yvonne couldn't believe this. It was as if she were talking to a totally different person.

'Hello? Our other roommate? She had to leave early today but she'll be back later,' Kim said, as she went back to the dishes.

Yvonne's head was spinning as she sat down at the table. As she did she glanced at the milk carton next to the box of corn flakes, and saw some fine print on the side, near the bottom. She picked it up and read to herself,'WARNING: As stated in its name, the product contained herein is an age-homogenizing agent, and will alter the ages of everyone present during its use to the average age of all involved. It should only be used with extreme caution to avoid unexpected and/or undesirable results. Its use is recommended only by persons with superior knowledge and training in the handling of such products, and the producer of this product, Spells-R-Us Farms, assumes no responsibility for the consequences of such use.'

'Spells-R-Us? Oh, that's that store in the mall Mom went to yesterday. She said something about the new milk she wanted to try.' She picked up the carton and looked at the label: 'SPELLS-R-US MILK--FORTIFIED WITH SUPER AGE-HOMOGENIZING FORMULA'.

'Yvonne, care for some of this new juice I bought?' Kim asked brightly, holding a bottle of orange juice. 'I found it yesterday at this new place at the mall. They've got really cheap groceries!'