Melanie's Change



It was Wednesday's afternoon. I was going home after another boring day at the school. My life couldn't be worse.

For many years my reputation in the school was a completely zero, part of it because I am a little overweight. My weight was 132.27 pounds, and when you had thirteen years old, it means a lot.

When I came home my parents were gone. As chemistry scientist they go out a lot to conference where they present their new formulas, this time they will be out until Sunday.

Like always, they went out to quickly but this time they made a little mistake. They always keep the door of their laboratory closed, today they left it opened.

"It's my gold opportunity to find out what did they do", I though.

I slowly entered to the lab. The walls were full of bottles with numbers in each one.

On the desk I found a book with the meaning of those numbers.

I spent all the afternoon reading before I could find the answer of all my problems.

"Formula 482: It allows to absorb food very fast and maintain the body in the perfect weight…" I didn't continue reading; if this was true my problems of overweight were over.

I searched for the bottle with the number 482. When I found it, I took it and ran to the kitchen.

I filled a glass with the formula, but before I drank it, I felt a bad feeling of all of this.

"Is my parents invented this formula, why didn't they give it to me? Maybe because they want me to lose weight in the traditional way, but thank to you I will never be overweight again. Good bye fat Mel, hello miss slim" I cheered as the liquid made its way to my stomach.

"All of this makes me hunger, let see in the refrigerator what my parents left me".

In the refrigerator's door was a note.

'Dear Melanie

We left you some soup for tonight. Tomorrow when you get back from the school pass for the market and but some vegetables. You know that the vegetables are good for growing girls.

We love you. See you on Sunday'

"Oh great! Finally I can eat what ever I want and what did I find? Soup" I protested.

Well I had to eat something after all.

A few minutes after, I went to my bed with a belly full of soup. When I put the sheets over me I felt my stomach working.

"I feel it working. For tomorrow morning I will be a new girl" I said and I fell sleep.

My clock alarm woke me up. I walk to the bathroom still some sleep, but what I saw in the mirror my face I screamed.

"IT WORKS!!! I CAN BELIEVE IT, IT WORKS!!!" I yelled again and again.

My pajama was like a tend over me. I couldn't believe my own eyes so I skipped over to the bathroom scale.

"83.77 POUNDS!!! I HAD LOST MORE THAN 48 POUNDS IN ONE NIGHT" I continue yelling for about five minutes more.

I went back to my room and with some sewing skills I made my skirt and blouse ready to my new shape.

I removed my pajamas and watched my slim body in the full length mirror of my room.

"I fell so light, and without the fat, you are a very attractive girl", I replied to myself

I dressed completely and went to the school. When I entered all the looks was over me. 'Who is she?, Do you know her?, She must be a new student?' was all I could hear when I made my way to Johanna's locker, she was my best friend.

"Hi Johanna. How are you?" I said to her

"Do I know you?" she asked me.

"You should. We are friends since first grade."

"Melanie?" her eyes wide in disbelief

"Of course it me. How do I look?" I turned around so she could see all me.

"You look great. How did you do?" she asked

"It's a long story. See you in the cafeteria?"

"I will be there" she said me as the bell rang.

Few hours later I was with Johanna in the cafeteria.

"I will tell you the true but if you promise me to keep the secret"

"My lips are sealed, what is the big secret".

"My parents invented a formula to lose weight"

"No way"

"Yeap. And now I could eat anything without worries" I said as I eat a very big lunch.

All the people were talking of how big my meal was, but I didn't take care.

At the end of the lunch my belly was full again. I said goodbye to Johanna and I went to class.

During the history class something was not right and I went to the bathroom.

"What's the deal of this bra. In the morning was fine, and now is to tight" I loose the straps "Now it's better, I just wish I could make the same with my shoes. My feet hurt"

After another chat with Johanna I leave the school and went to the market to buy groceries.

I bought some vegetables for the dinner and snacks to see television in the night.

I didn't want to make the dinner, thanks to my new digesting system I could eat all the junk food I want. So I put a good movie in the VCR and started to eat a bag of potato chips.

When the movie ended I was finishing my bag number five. I caressed my filled belly.

"Don't worry. Tomorrow morning you will be flat", I giggled and I went to sleep.

This time I woke up before the alarm. I rushed to the bathroom and raised my pajama exposing my once again flat belly.

"This is amazing. I could be a model when I grown-up"

I returned to my room. When I was getting dressed my bra didn't hook.

"What's is your problem? Are you shrinking or something?"

Frustrated, I threw my bra away and caressed my hurt breasts. They felt better than I could remember. They felt … bigger?

I walked to my mirror and almost scream of what I saw. "I had boobs, really boobs", probably a B-cup, but it was a huge change for a little girl. "This formula just not only allow me to digest food faster, it uses the food to make me prettier.

I dressed as fast as I could and ran to the school.

While I made my way trough the hall all the boys were staring at me, but not only the ones of my age, sixteen years old guys were staring at my bouncing breasts.

"Johanna I have something to tell you", just then I realized something, all our life Johanna and I were at the same height, but today I was four inches taller than her.

"It looks like someone had a growth spurt", said Johanna.

"A growth spurt?" I said a little confused.

"Yes, and thanks to it you are now taller than me and a little more development I such said"

I blushed a little for her comments about my boobs. But I knew the formula was the responsible of my transformation.

The time passed and I met Johanna in the cafeteria.

"Will you eat all this food?" asked me Johanna

"I'm a growing girl you know".

I eat all my lunch but this time I could felt the changes in my body. I felt my hips expanded and my hair lengthened, I was getting taller and my boobs grew a little more.

"It wasn't a growth spurt after all, it was the formula" I tough.

I tried to repeat the experience so I searched for an apple in my backpack. When I reached it Johanna pulled me back to the reality

"Are you listening me?"

"Of course. I just …." I couldn't finish the phrase. I felt and strange sensation growing in my arm but when I pulled my arm out, everything was back to normal.

"Are you feel OK?" asked Johanna.

"Sure. I was thinking on other things, I'm sorry what was you telling me?" I said to Johanna.

The day passed and I said goodbye to Johanna for the weekend.

As I walked to the market my mind ran dizzy with the possibilities so this time I bought a lot of vegetables, after all they will help me to realize some 'experiments'.

In my home, I separated the fruit of the vegetables and put them in 8 bowls. Each bowl contains different amounts, so I could experiment and see what happen.

Then I remember the incident with my apple. I searched in my backpack for the apple but I couldn't find it.

"I'm sure hold it in the school. Maybe it fell when I pulled my arm. Well, if only one way to know".

I took one apple and put it on my backpack.

"I was searching my apple like this. I touched it and then Johanna talked to me, but I was thinking in eat my apple when …", the strange feeling returned to my arm "… I felt something like that".

I pulled my arm as quickly as I could and I was witness of the most amazing thing in the world. My arm somehow was absorbing the apple trough my hand and the proteins were traveling to my stomach by my veins.

"I think is time to read what this formula exactly does", I said.

I searched for the formula in the book and this time I read it completely.

"Formula 482: It allows to absorb food very fast and maintain the body in the perfect weight. The formula produces acceleration in the body cells in order to assimilate the food. The negative effect is that the acceleration makes the body ages. The body could age, days, weeks, months, even years is great amounts of food are assimilating regularly. Unfortunately, the formula is not completely stable. After three days the formula disappears of the body and restore the subject to her previous age and weight."

"Well, that means that for Sunday's morning I will be back to my old self. What a pity" I said.

I walked to my room and there I saw me naked in my mirror. Now that I know the true, for the first time I saw my changes.

"Looking carefully I do look old, maybe fifteen, I not sure, but definitely this curves not below to a thirteen years old girl." I tough. Then I remember the stares of all the boys at the school "They all were looking at me because I am slim know. Will I have the same effect in men when I grown-up?"

With a plan in my head, I went to mall and bought a blouse and a pair of jeans, of course they would fit nicely in a young woman. I bought different sizes of bras because I didn't know in with size I will remain and happily returned to home. I put all the bras in my bed and next to my mirror I put the 8 bowls of food. I try first the B-cup bra.

"It seems that I'm a B-cup" I said when my breasts fit perfectly in the bra. "I just wish not remind in this size".

Using only my bra, I decided to begin with the experiment.

"I think that six bowls maybe would age me until 21 years old. Let's see".

I touched the fruits of the first bowl and concentrated in absorbed them, a tinkling in my arm told me that I was going good. I concentrated harder and the sensation was stronger but suddenly disappeared.

When I opened my eyes the bowl was empty. I look in the mirror how my full belly was beginning to get flat as my body matured. My female curves were more prominent and my breasts easily overfill my bra.

"This is so cool!!! I must be sixteen for sure. But I need more." I yelled.

After absorbing the second bowl my bra was getting to tight. I unhooked it and I hook the C-cup.

"I'm not a C-cup, yet" I giggle as quickly absorbed four bowls more.

This time was some much food that my belly swelled as the food was arriving. It becoming full and round and I began to massage it.

"Look at me. I'm pregnant". I laughed.

Slowly my belly began to diminish and I began to age. The image in the mirror was just out of this world.

In front of my eyes, my waist was shrinking as my hips were filling out. "OH!! This feels so good", my bones got longer and my hair ran down like a waterfall. "Grow babies, grow" I said to my inflating breasts. My legs stretched as my pubic hair were getting thicker. "This is… too … much. I need … to … AAHHH!!!" I screamed like a mad when my first orgasm shacked my whole body. I could hold it and fell on my bed passing out

After a few minutes I stood up. "I will need a few moments to regain my balance" I though after almost fell into the floor thanks to my new mass.

"I really look like 21 years old" I said watching my reflection "It's time for the part two".

I took off my bra and tried a 36D. Approving my reflection, I put on her underwear and tried my new jeans and blouse.

"I look so sexy with this clothes. No man would be free of my charms in the future. This killer ass and perky breasts make me very hot. It's time to find some action for tonight".

After combing my new long hair and using make up for the first time in my life, I was ready to go out and find a man. The warming sensation between my legs needed to be attended.

Adjusting my clothes I found them a little loose, then I look at the two remaining bowls in the table.

"Why not?" I said to myself and touching both bowls I absorbed the food completely.

I feel dizzy for a while but I could feel my aging. My body expand again and now I filled my clothes very well. My hips were bigger giving me a tiny waist and my breasts pushed against the bra.

"What a rush!. I'm a 23 year old woman now and I need to be satisfy sexually"

I giggle at the idea of being with a man older than me, too much older.

"This would be a great night girl, better get hurry before the hunks gone".

Locking my door I took a cab to the disco in downtown, because if you enter that disco it means that you are looking for sex.

A security man was on the door. He was like a quality filter. He only allows to enter hot people and after he saw me, or my development in this case, he opened the door for me.

"Good hunting babe", he told me.

"I will" I said giving him a good profile of me that made him drool.

"Definitely I will enjoy be a grown up" I thought.

The place was full of bimbos and hunks drinking or dancing. I went to the bar and asked for a beer. In almost no time, I was sitting on a table chatting with a 27 years old man named Henry.

We drank a lot of beers. I presumed that he was trying to get me drunk but my new metabolism absorbed the alcohol before it would affect me, the bad part was that it fueled my aging.

"Would you like to see my place?" he asked me totally drunk while he touching my legs under the table

"It sounds great" I purred caressing his member in his pants.

While he paid the bill, I went to the bathroom to check my look. For my luck the changes were not to drastic. My breasts loose their perkiness and began to sag. My face, in the other hand, was now more mature.

"At least 5 years I aged. I'M OLDER THAN HIM NOW!!!" I screamed.

"Relax Melanie, think. How I could possible explain this?. Wait a minute. He was talking to me when I was aging in front of him and he didn't realized it. The low lights and the beers must helped to cover my transformation. That's it!!. I will go to his place and said him to turn off the lights because I'm shy, so he won't see me while we make love. Melanie you're a genius."

I walked out and holding his arm we exited the disco. I hide from the security man in case that he recognize me and screwed my move.

When we reached his home I told him to maintain the lights off. He agreed and we walked to his bedroom.

Slowly, he began to undress me. Even so I was older than him now, this was my first time and I was very nervous. I sensually modeled for him in my underwear. He couldn't see my face but definitely could watch my curves, as I could see his growing member trapped in his pants.

I climbed on the bed like a cat and with my butt blinding his view I said "Come here lover, I want to be yours tonight and please be gentle".

He rapidly took off his clothes and came closer to butt. His hands were all over it sending waves of pleasure to all my body.

"Please, make love to my butt", I purred.

"You have a great ass Mel" he squished hard my gluts and his manhood touched my hole.

"Yes!, enter in me and fucking like a man" I demanded.

He pushed his member into me all the way. His manhood was so hard that made me scream of delight. He pumped slow at first and then faster and faster. With each pumped I was near to explode. I was feeling the same sensations when I reached my first orgasm and this time it will me more powerful.

He exploded in my hole and his warm fluids made me come violently. I had never experience something like that but I liked it.

"I feel very tired", said Henry as lied at the side of the bed.

"Me too, you were incredible" I replied kissing his lips.

The kiss made me moist again. I didn't know why I was feeling so horny, but each second holding his lips increase my desire for him.

"You almost left me without air", he said when we broke the kiss, "You're out of this world", he added.

He massaged my breasts before he started to suckled them. His tongue licked my nipples making them hard. I held his head and pushed it close to my bust. I held him like a mother breastfeeding her son. The feeling was overwhelming. He sucked my right breast, then the left. His mouth was trying to get as much of my breast as it could.

Then I noticed something on my breasts. They were more sagged that I thought, but at least they were still perfect round.

Henry stopped sucking and said "I don't feel very well. It must be the beers. I didn't feel strong enough to continue".

"Don't worry. If you can't love me, I can", I said.

I took his member on my hand it wasn't so hard after all, but all the men must be this flaccid after coming. But I knew the cure. I sucked it.

He sighed in approved of my move. His manhood returned to it hardness and I sit over it, taking away my virginity.

I laid over him to let him reached my breasts. He sucked them as hard as I rocked on him.

The sensation returned taking away the last of my modesty. I got up and I felt all him inside me and I rocked like a crazy. My body squirreled of the pleasure as a building orgasm were taking place.

I didn't care anything beyond my satisfaction and I rode him like a wild horse. He screamed but the force of my moves but I didn't stop.

"Please Henry hold one more minute, I almost .... yeeeesssss!!!!!!" I yelled as my third orgasm in the day was washing all over his member.

This time I was the one who fell on the bed.

"You're the most sexual woman I had ever found. You have left me totally expend. I need to rest" he said. I agreed and he fell sleep.

My pussy was extremely wet and I walked to his bathroom to clean myself.

Closing the door behind me, I turned on the light and I fainted of what I saw in the mirror.

At about an hour later I regained my conscious and I got up to see my reflection one more time. "This can't be possible!!", I said as I watched the face of a 37 years old woman reflected in the mirror, "I didn't eat anything how it ....." my mind ran over the events of my first night with a man and how my horniness took control of me, "The sensation I felt wasn't because I was horny, it was because I was hunger" I thought. "HENRY, WHERE IS HENRY?"

I exited from the bathroom and turned on the lights. Henry was wrapped in sheets. I sat on his side and pulled the sheet away, I almost fainted again.

Laid on the bed was a man with the most serious case of bad nutrition that you could ever seen. Somehow I absorbed the proteins of his body, aging in the process until my 36 years old and turning him in nothing more that flesh and bones.

I called an ambulance to pick up him and I took a cab to my home.

The next morning I woke up at the sound of the alarm. I pushed the button and took a look of my hand and then at rest of my body. My flesh had lose its tight and wrinkles began to appear. I stripped my clothes off in front of the mirror to see my older self.

The years were evident on me. My skin was showing the marks of the time. My breasts and butt started to sag and loose their firmness. My hair was a mess and a few gray lines could be watch.

"Don't get panic Melanie, this is just temporally, tomorrow morning the formula will be vanished and all your youth will back" I said to myself.

I borrowed some of my mom's clothes and prepared the breakfast. I reached the paper from the front door and started to read it with my cup of milk.

The headlines said something about a man who was discovered in his home thanks by an anonymous call and now is getting better in the hospital.

"It's good that Henry will recover" I said more comfortable to know that I didn't kill him and he was OK.

Reading the paper I discovered a huge sale with 60% off in clothes for girls.

"If only mom be here, she could buy me nice clothes, because if I use the formula wisely I could be thin and slim for a long time", I thought. Then looking my mom's clothes over my body, I got an idea.

I ran to my mother's bedroom and search in her drawers.

"Yes!, she left her credit card. Now I can go to shopping, but I need a model for the clothes, after all I didn't know my slim size".

After thinking for a while I decided to go with Johanna and asked her to tried the new clothes for me.

Making her to come to my house was easy. I pretend to be my mom and told her that I didn't feel very well so she came to visit me.

When she saw me, she presented herself and asked me if she could come in. I agreed and closed the door between giggles. When I saw the confusion look in her eyes, I could held anymore and a laugh aloud.

After 30 minutes of talk and showing her the formula and my absorption powers, Johanna believed my story.

"So now when you eat, your body ages?" she asked.

"Exactly but it only works until tomorrow morning, then I will return to the old fat Melanie".

"But using the formula, you can be slim when you want?".

"Yes, and that is why I need you to tried the clothes for me"

"OK, I will do it, but with one condition"

"Name it"

"You will give me a glass of formula too. I want to see how I will look in a few years"

"Done. I will give you the formula the next Thursday so you can be an adult all the weekend is you want".

"It's a deal, and now let's go shopping".

We went to the mall and it were teenagers everywhere. Pushing around, fighting for a pair of jeans. "Find something would be difficult" I though. A saleswoman watching us helpless speak to us.

"Madam, if you are looking for clothes to her daughter, please follow me".

We follow her into another area of the mall. In this area only mothers and daughter were buying

"This is a special area for the mothers who didn't want to deal with the pushes of the teenagers" she said.

"I know what you mean", I said sobbing my back from an encounter with them.

"Here you will find the same products as the others areas but you can buy more easily", she continuos.

"Thanks for your help", I said to her, then I said "Well, Johanna let see if we can buy something cool".

"What ever you said mom", she replied. Both giggle at her comment

We tried different types of clothes, Johanna model for me went I want to buy some clothes for me, and I model for her went she wanted to buy adult clothes for her future self.

After four hours of trying clothes, I sat down to take some air.

"What is the matter? We are just in the middle of the good stuff. Come on!" said Johanna.

"But what do you expect? I don't have you same vitality you know?. Gees I sounded like my mom" I said.

"Of course, if you are as old as her"

"You are right. Now I understand why my mother chat with the clerks. Going shopping at this age is really killing me".

Both laughed aloud and all the people started to look us. We blushed and continue our shopping in silence.

When we finally decide with clothes buy, the saleswoman passed the credit card and all the clothes were us.

With at least ten bags of clothes we went back to my house near to the 7:00 p.m. and I ordered pizza by phone.

We were finishing our dinner when Johanna told me "Look at your face Melanie, you are changing".

I put my hands over my face and I could feel how my cheeks sagged as my hands were covered with wrinkles. My white hair lines were more visible now, and my energy level was dropping down.

"The process must be accelerating or something, you look like 42 years old now" she said.

"But it's just until tomorrow" I said taking a big gulp of my soda.

When Johanna gone to her home, a curiosity began to take form in my head. "How I will look when I reach the sixties?"

Knowing that in a few hours the formula will be gone, it would be interesting tried it out. So, I took every can and box with food in the house and put them on the table.

"With all of these I easily reach the seventies", I put my hands over the pile of groceries, "I know that all the food is still in their packages but I will try to absorb them too"

At the beginning nothing happened. "I must concentrated harder, I know that I can". Then, slowly my hands began to tingle. I opened my eyes and saw the cans and boxes entered in my hands. I was absorbing them too.

"What a power I had, this feeling is the most amazing feeling in the world", I said aloud while my body assimilated all the food, soon all the food was in my belly making me look like a woman ready to give birth. I massaged my belly while it was getting flat, with the passed of the time, my body aged at incredible rate.

First, my hair turned totally white, I was losing inches of height as my back arched, my breast sagged and hanged in he bra. My ass loose its form and dropped flaccid. My skin was full of wrinkles and my body began to feel weak.

When the transformation ended, I was near to my eighties.

"I didn't look so bad", I said watching my reflection in the mirror "I will be a cute grandmother someday".

Turning off the lights, I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with the voice of my father.

"Melanie, we are home", he yelled from the first floor.

I opened my eyes but I was to tired to even tried to stand up.

"I think she is in her bedroom, She must be sleeping", my mother said.

I was happy that my parents had come back but my body wasn't responding in the way it should. I panicked at the only explanation of my lack of energy. I saw my hands and screamed.

My parents ran to my bedroom and opened the door.

"Honey are you alright?" asked mom

"Go away, I don't want you to see me in this state", I said hied in the sheets.

"You sound different Melanie, are you sick?", asked my dad.

"The formula is still working!!, why is still working?!!", I said.

"Formula?. Which formula?", asked my dad.

"I found a formula that would make me slim but now I'm not only slim...", I revealed my look to my parents "I'm old too".

My mother didn't manage it and fainted. My father was completely shocked.

After a few minutes I explain everything to my dad, how I get slim and how when I eat my body aged, then I told him about my absorbing power.

"Wait a minute Melanie. The formula wasn't design to allow you to absorb 'literally' food. How much of the formula did you drink?" my father asked.

"A glass", I replied

"A GLASS?, You only had to take a teaspoon of the formula, not a glass. Let's go to the lab. I need to run some test on you".

After leaving my mom on my bed, my dad and I went to the lab and after taking a blood sample and analyzed it my father prepared a mixed of different liquids and injected them into my blood.

"With that mix your ability to absorb must be cancelled and your metabolism restore at the way it was, but how to make the process reverse would took me more time" said my dad.

I left him in the lab immersed in his equations and notes. I didn't want to tell him that the sensation was more intense than ever, my metabolism was changing so fast that the antidote was assimilated for my body before it could act, and what was worse, my hunger was back.

The end