Cindi and Maria ran into Cindi's room and locked the door. Cindi placed the case she was carrying on her dresser and smiled at Maria. "This is gonna be great!" she said excitedly.

"I know. It was nice of your mom to give you the money for it. I can hardly wait! Open it up." Maria was almost jumping up and down withexcitement. Cindi undid the latch on the front of the case and slowly raised the lid. Inside was what looked like a regular makeup kit: some lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, a bottle of nail polish and a package of press-onnails. "Hmm, this doesn't look like anything special to me," Cindi said, a little annoyed. "Maybe we picked up the wrong one," Maria suggested. Cindi lowered the lid and read, " 'Merlin's Magic Makeup Kit: For Those Who Wish To Be Grown Up'. That's the one that the lady at the store said we should get. This is just a rip-off!" Cindi said, slamming the lid and shoving the case away in disgust.

"C'mon, Cindi. This must do what the lady said. Why else would it have a name like that?" Maria said quietly, hoping Cindi would calm down. She hated when her friend got impatient like this; it really upset her. "Maria, you don't really believe all that stuff, do you? It's like my dad says: there's no such thing as magic, or ghosts, or any of that stuff. If there really was magic, we'd see it all over the place. When's the last time you ever saw any magic stuff happen?"

"I don't know, Cindi. Probably never. But that doesn't mean there's no such thing,"

The two nine-year-olds sat on Cindi's bed in silence for a while. Cindi twirled her light brown hair around her finger as she stared absently at the wall. Maria sat thinking about the makeup kit. Deep down, she knew Cindi was probably right about there being no such thing as magic, but she just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something different about the kit. She decided she'd just take a look at it herself.

She walked over to the dresser and opened the case, carefully inspecting the contents. Everything looked pretty normal, like regular makeup, except it was obviously made for young girls. The lipstick and mascara tubes were bright pink with different colored stars all over them; clearly a sophisticated woman wouldn't be using them. The colors of the lipstick and eyeshadow were all kind of gaudy, too: fluorescent pinks and blues, and the nail polish was a matching pink. Of course, Maria didn't care. She thought it was cool anyway.

She looked at herself in the mirror above the dresser. She was an Hispanic girl of Puerto Rican descent. She had black hair just above shoulder length. Her face was cute, with dark eyes and an upturned nose. She stood about 4' 4" tall, and wore a blue pullover sweater with black stretch pants and black loafers. She just wanted to look a little older, like her sister Ana, who was 16, pretty and thought she was really something special. Ana would bring boys home from school a lot and would tease Maria in front of the boys about her being just a little kid. Maria knew Ana was just being a jerk, but she thought that if she looked even just a little older, Ana might not tease her as often.

Maria would often complain about Ana to Cindi, her best friend, until today Cindi suggested that they try out a makeup kit. Even if it didn't help Maria as far as Ana was concerned, at least they'd have some fun with it, so Maria had agreed. At the local drugstore they ran into a very nice old lady behind the counter who had recommended this particular kit to the girls, she said it should be exactly what they were looking for.

Maria looked over at Cindi who was still staring into space and said, "I'm going to go ahead and try this out, Cindi. Do you wanna try it too?" "Go ahead, Maria. It won't do us any good," Cindi said glumly.

Maria shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the mirror. She picked up the container of blush and examined it. It didn't look different or unusual in anyway. She opened it up and dipped the brush in the blush and started to brush it onto her cheek. As she continued to apply the blush, she noticed that the color was much more intense than it looked in the container, and went on as hot pink. She stopped and thought it looked pretty bad, even for play makeup, but kept putting it on since there was nothing else to do at the moment.

"Gee, Cindi, this stuff looks awful!" Maria exclaimed. Cindi turned to look and giggled a little. "I told you that stuff is no good, Maria. You almost look like a clown!"

They both laughed as Maria started on the other cheek. She was glad that Cindi was laughing again, even if was at her expense, and she smiled to herself. Maria finished with the blush and asked Cindi, "What should I put on next, Cin?"

"How about the eyeshadow?" Cindi said, as she got up and stood next to Maria. As Maria dug in the case for the eyeshadow, Cindi frowned, staring in the mirror. "Maria, you're a little shorter than me, right?" "Yeah," Maria said as she opened up the eyeshadow box. "Well, how come we're both the same height?"

"What are you talking about?" Maria asked. She looked up and indeed, her reflection did look about the same height as Cindi's. "It must just be the way we're standing," she said and started to apply the eyeshadow. "I guess so," Cindi said, still staring.

The eyeshadow was even more reminiscent of clown makeup; it was a very bright blue, about as discreet as wearing a pair of cutoffs to a wedding reception.

"How do I look, Cin?" Maria laughed, closing her eyes to give Cindi a better look at her work."Horrible!" Cindi laughed, then stopped suddenly. "What's wrong?" Maria opened her eyes."You're taller than me now!" Cindi said. Maria turned to the mirror, and gasped. "You're right, Cin! I'm like an inch taller than you are! Maybe this stuff really works!" "No way!" Cindi scoffed.

"It must be! How could I grow two inches in three minutes?" Maria tugged subconsciously at her pullover, which was starting to feel pretty tight. "Let me try," Cindi said and began brushing blush on her face. Maria had moved on to the mascara and was brushing it onto her lashes, clumsily. She had never used mascara before, and with the sudden changes she was having trouble holding her hand steady.

"I don't think this is working, Maria," Cindi said with disappointment. "I don't think I'm getting any bigger."

"What, Cin?" Maria wasn't really paying attention to her friend, as her sweater was now getting uncomfortably tight. She squirmed around trying to get in a better position but it didn't seem to be helping. Maria looked down and saw she was stretching the sweater out so much that her skin was visible through the holes in the wool. She also saw her stretch pants were really stretching; the legs stopped well short of her ankles now and they were getting very tight in the seat and hips. Maria was about twelve years old now and was continuing to age at a rapid pace. She looked at her face and saw her face was starting to look thinner and not as round. Her nose was getting longer and less upturned and her cheekbones and lips were getting more defined. Her feet were also getting cramped in her now too small shoes, as Maria managed to slip the left one off, but the other was too tight to remove.

"Wow, Maria. You're getting big!" Cindi stared at her growing friend with her mouth open. Maria was about three inches taller than Cindi now and was visibly getting taller by the second.

"Cindi, this feels great!" Maria said in a voice getting lower with each word, as she watched her face becoming less and less cute and more and more sexy. "I need some lipstick now!" Maria grabbed the lipstick and hurriedly began applying it to her increasingly full lips. The fifteen-year-old's belly button was visible under her sweater as her torso was getting bigger and bigger. She could see her breasts grow from barely discernible bumps to small mounds to bigger cones which were becoming rounder and started hanging from her chest as she matured. The sides of the sweater were giving way with loud ripping sounds, as the pressure from Maria's growing breasts became too great for the fabric to bear. The sleeves were now up to her elbows and were almost cutting off the circulation in her arms. "How come I'm not growing?" Cindi complained, as she had to start looking up to see Maria's face.

"I don't know, chiquita, maybe because you didn't believe," said Maria, almost disparagingly, as the seventeen-year-old looked at her friend. "All I know is, I'm bigger than Ana now and can teach her a thing or two." She smiled at herself and noticed that although the makeup had been very gaudy when she first put it on, it was becoming less so; in fact, her blush was now a very light ruddy color, and her eyeshadow had become a dark shade of blue as it highlighted her sexy dark eyes. Likewise, her soft lips were now a deep burgundy instead of the pink she had originally put on. Maria's sweater finally gave up and flew apart leaving her standing in very, very tight stretch pants, and the remains of one shoe, which was almost totally disintegrated by her much larger foot. The pants came down to her knees, and were starting to rip in the seat as her firm behind was filling them out more and more. Her hips and thighs were getting very full, popping the seams down the legs.

As this was happening, eighteen-year-old Maria was now putting on the press-on nails, which were somehow morphing into her real, inch-long nails almost as soon as she put them on.

" Maria, you're getting really old now!" Cindi said in awe as her friend was now about nine inches taller than she, and getting taller still. "Oh, Cindi! I forgot you were still here. You'd better run along, mija. I don't have time to play with little girls anymore. And tell Ana that she'd better watch her step, or her big sister Maria will have to get nasty!" Maria, now twenty, said, as her pants and underwear shredded and fell to the floor. She was now brushing the nail polish on liberally as she smiled. She posed in front of the mirror with her hands on her wide hips. She was now totally naked, and cupped her growing C-cup breasts in her hands. Her hair was now full and wavy, falling halfway down her back. Maria was a ravishing Spanish beauty with dark eyes, and sensuous lips. She ran the tips of her pearl-polished fingernails down her sides, across her flat stomach and down to her curvy hips. She was still amazed how the childish makeup could look like it was professionally done now. Maria didn't notice Cindi was still in the room, shocked at how her friend had dismissed her but too engrossed in Maria's changes to move. She stared at the twenty-two year old Maria preening herself in the mirror and was startled by her mother's voice: "Cindi, do you and Maria want some cookies and milk?"

"Oh no! Maria, we can't let my mom see you like this," Cindi said as she quickly answered her mother: "No thanks, Mom. Maybe a little later." "Didn't I tell you to get going, little girl? I don't need you hanging around!" Maria shouted, a little irritated that this kid wouldn't leave her alone."Hey, why are you being so bossy? You sound just like Ana now," Cindi complained."Well, chiquita, when you look like I do you can afford to be bossy," 24-year-old Maria said, condescendingly. "Now get me some clothes, some sexy clothes," she commanded. She had reached a full height of 5' 7" and stood with her hands on her hips leaning down toward Cindi, her D-cup breasts swinging with each movement. Somehow, she had picked up an accent as she grew, and was sounding more like her mother, who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the mainland U.S. with her family when she was sixteen. "Well, OK," Cindi said grudgingly, as she went to her mother's room to find some clothes for Maria. She came back with a red tank top, a short orange skirt and some red pumps.

"Gracias, mija," Maria said, snatching the clothes from Cindi's hands. She quickly dressed, then again stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. Her nipples made a bold impression in the tank top, which showed a generous amount of cleavage. Her skirt went to about mid-thigh, tightly encasing her hips and rear like a second skin. Her full thighs gradually tapered down to long calves and dainty feet. Her feet fit snugly in the pumps, and the high heels gave her calves a pronounced curve as she stood, shifting her weight from one side to the other. "Yes, Ana, mi hermana, you will see how it is being the little sister for a change," Maria said, smiling wickedly at her reflection.

Cindi frowned at her adult friend and said, "Maria, I liked you much better when you were little like me. You used to complain about how bad Ana was, but now you're acting worse than she ever did."

"Look, Cindi. You could have been just like me if you believed in the makeup, but since you missed out, don't give me a hard time, OK, chiquita?" "Quit calling me chiquita, Maria." "Whatsa matter, is little Cindi chiquita getting upset?" Maria said mockingly, as she bent down and put her face right up to Cindi's. Cindi's face got bright red and she stomped her foot. "Stop it, Maria!" Maria laughed mockingly at Cindi and stood back up. "Well, anyway, I've got to get home and show Ana who's boss now. Maybe I'll call you later, chiquita. Keep trying the makeup; it might work for you later."

Maria opened the window, swung her long legs through and waved teasingly at Cindi as she lowered herself to the ground and ran daintily next door to her house, her rear end mocking Cindi as it jostled back and forth in her tight skirt.Cindi walked back to the dresser and stood staring for a long time at the open makeup case. "Well, I guess there is magic in the world, after all. But if this is how it works, I'd just as soon wish there wasn't." She closed the case and slid it under her bed. She lied down and sighed, then said, "Maybe if I go back to that store tomorrow, I could ask that lady if there's a way I can get my friend back." She closed her eyes and quickly dozed off.

Maria entered her house through the front door, quietly closing it behind her. She knew that Ana was home when she heard the stereo blasting upstairs. Her parents hadn't yet gotten home from work, so now was the perfect opportunity to pay Ana a little visit. She slowly walked upstairs and crept over to Ana's room. Peeking around the door she saw Ana lying on her bed talking to somebody on the phone. That was something else about Ana that really frosted Maria. How come she couldn't get her own phone line? "Well you know, Paul, I'm not really going out with Gary that much. I mean, it's not like we're together everyday or anything. What's that? Sure, I think we could go out sometime, I'd like that." Ana was smiling broadly with that last remark. She was a very attractive girl, and she knew she could go out with any boy that she asked; they all wanted to date her. As she talked, she was lying on her back with one leg crossed over the other, dangling a sandal off of her right foot. Maria stood fuming at Ana, wondering how she could stand being so smug all the time.

"Ok, Paul, I'll call you sometime. See you at school. Bye, bye." Ana hung the phone up and picked up a magazine she had been reading. Maria watched her flip through the pages for a little while, then decided now was thetime. She stepped into the doorway and leaned against the frame, crossing her arms and smiling. "Hello, Ana. How's it going?" she asked. Ana almost jumped out of her skin as she jerked her head up and saw a strange woman standing in her doorway.

"Who the hell are you?" Ana asked as she nervously back up against the headboard.

"Come on, Ana. Don't tell me you don't recognize me," Maria said as she began walking toward the bed. Ana was getting scared and started looking around frantically for something she could use as a weapon against theintruder. "How do you know my name?" Ana asked, as Maria approached her. "Why, you've known me all my life, Ana. Take a good look at me and tell me you don't know who I am." Maria stopped at the side of the bed and stared into Ana's eyes.

As Ana stared back, she felt there was something very familiar about this woman, but she had no idea what it was. "You're crazy, lady! You better get out of here or I'll call the police!"

Maria laughed heartily at Ana's threat. "Oh, my little chica, you still can't see who I am? Well, I'll give you a clue. Remember last week when Gary came over even though Mom and Dad told you not to have any friends over while they were out to dinner? You came into my room and started bugging me about how you could do whatever you wanted 'cause you were the oldest, and I couldn't do anything about it?" As she spoke, Maria watched Ana's eyes grow wider and wider until Ana stammered, "M-M-Maria? You're Maria?" "Si, mi hermana, it's me."

"This is impossible!" Ana said, but she knew she was looking at an adult Maria; she could tell it was her sister behind this woman's eyes. "What happened?"

"Let's just say that I found a way to grow up a little," Maria said as she stood with her hands on her hips looking down at her sister. Ana sat looking Maria up and down, still having a hard time believing what she was seeing. "My God, you're gorgeous," Ana said, suddenly feeling very small and childish next to her formerly little sister.

"Why, thank you, little sister. May I say you're looking awfully cute today, talking with your little friends on the phone. It was so precious listening to you talking with your boyfriend," Maria said, emphasizing the 'boy' part of boyfriend. She turned slightly to the left and tossed her head back, letting her long hair settle back over her shoulders. "Do you think any of you're boyfriends would like to go out with me? I think I could turn a few of their heads, don't you?"

Ana sat speechless as she stared at the knockout Maria had become. "What's that, Ana? I didn't hear you."

"Um, I'm sure they would," Ana gulped. She was really starting to feel uncomfortable next to her sister.

"Yes, I think so," Maria agreed, her voice smooth as silk. "It just wouldn't be right, though, you know. I mean my dating little sixteen-year-old boys. Besides, I don't want to keep my baby sister from playing with her cute friends," Maria said with a sickeningly sweet smile. As she was talking to Ana, Maria was marveling over how childish Ana's voice sounded to her now. She used to think Ana sounded pretty grown up. "Why are you acting like this, Maria?" "Why have you acted like this for the last nine years, Ana?" Maria asked, no longer smiling, but angry. "Every day you've treated me like a little kid; as if I'm just some toy you could show your friends and make fun of. Well, I'm tired of that now, and I'm going to make you see how it feels." As Maria spoke, Ana could see how really angry and bitter Maria was. "I'm really sorry, Maria. I didn't know it bothered you that much. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Like you would have stopped, Ana. You would have just done it more. That's how you are." Maria's eyes were filling with tears. "I felt so bad, Ana. You really hurt my feelings all the time."

"Come on, Maria. I thought you knew I was just playing around," Ana said. "Well, we'll see who's playing around now, Ana," Maria said, "What are you going to do?", Ana asked nervously.

"You'll find out soon enough, chica," Maria said, as she wiped her eye and smiled wickedly."What about Mom and Dad? You can't let them see you like this." Maria paused for a second; she hadn't thought about that. What would she do when her folks got home? They'd have a hard time handling this, and she knew they wouldn't buy her explanation about the makeup; she couldn't prove it, or could she? She'd better take care of this before her parents got back. Ana's payback would have to wait a while.

In the meantime, Cindi woke up from her nap and was lying on her bed thinking about Maria's transformation. She was still a little hurt from the way Maria had treated her, and wished they had never gotten that makeup. A knock on the door startled her from her thoughts. "Cindi, do you and Maria want these cookies and milk?" her mother asked through the door.

"I'll have one, Mom. Maria left already," Cindi said, letting her motherin. "It's getting close to dinner, and I normally wouldn't give you this, but they've been sitting out for a while, so you can have one or two," her mother said, giving her a saucer with two cookies on it and a glass of milk. "How's your new makeup?""Uh, it's OK, I guess."

"Well, dinner will be ready in about a half hour, so I'll call you when it's ready.""Thanks, Mom," Cindi said with her mouth full of chocolate chip cookie. After her mother left Cindi pulled the makeup kit out, set it on her bed and opened it up. She started rummaging through the contents, since she hadn't really looked at it carefully before. Lifting up the eyeshadow box, she noticed that underneath it was a small jar about the same size as a jar of Vicks Vap-O-Rub. She picked it up and examined the label: YOUTH RESTORAL CREAM-USE SPARINGLY.

"Hey, I bet this stuff would get Maria back to normal!" Cindi said excitedly. She was going to give Maria a call when there was a tap at her window. She opened it up to find Maria waiting outside. "Oh, it's you," Cindi said, giving Maria a dirty look.

"Cindi, I need your help," Maria said, climbing through the window. "Oh, yeah? Why should I help you? Aren't I just a 'little girl' you don't have time to play with anymore?"

"I'm serious, Cindi. I'm in big trouble if you don't help me. I'm sorry I was mean to you, it just felt so weird getting so big like this," Maria explained, apologetically. Cindi could see fear in Maria's eyes. "Well, what is it?"

"I never thought about what my parents are gonna do when they see me like this," Maria said."So?"

"So, how can I face them like this? They'll totally freak out!" "Of course they will. Wouldn't you?"

"You're not helping, Cindi," a frustrated Maria said. "Maria, didn't you think about that when you put on the makeup?" "No, I was too excited, and when it started to work I just went crazy withit." "Well, I don't know what we can do. I mean, you got what you wanted,right?" "There's gotta be something we can do!" Maria cried, sitting down on the bed with her head in her hands.

"Well, there is one thing we can try, but you have to do it my way," Cindi said, pulling the jar out of her pocket.

"Anything! Tell me!" said Maria, anxious and hopeful at the same time. "OK. I found this cream in the makeup case, and I think it makes you younger. Just try putting it on and see if it makes you normal again." "You mean it might make me nine again?"

"I think so but I'm not sure. But if it does you can go back to normal and everything will be OK!""Great, let's see it," said Maria. Cindi handed Maria the jar, and Maria studied it for a while. Then a sinister smile spread across Maria's face. At that moment Cindi realized she made a mistake. "Uh, Maria, what are you waiting for?" she asked cautiously. Maria looked at her and closed her hand around the jar. "I've been waiting for this for a long time, Cindi. Thanks for the help." Maria jumped up off the bed as Cindi tried to stop her, but she was too fast, and was out the window almost before Cindi was halfway across the room. "Maria, give that back! You don't know what you're doing!" she shouted, but Maria was gone.

"Oh no! What have I done?" Cindi slapped her forehead in despair. "You're really stupid, Cindi!"

After she got home, Maria went back upstairs to Ana's room, but it wasempty. "Ana, where are you?" she called, but there was no answer. Then she heard water running in the bathroom, and realized her sister was in the shower. "Perfect," she smiled, opening the jar of cream. She was going to scoop some out with her fingers and stopped just in time. She took the towel that Ana used most often off the rack and used it to scoop some cream out of the jar. Then she took the other end of the towel and rubbed both ends together to smear the cream all over. When she was done Maria carefully hung the towel back on the rack, making sure she didn't touch the cream at all. Luckily, Ana never knew she was in the bathroom. "This should be fun," Maria said quietly as she left, closing the door behind her.

She went downstairs and sat down in front of the TV, waiting for Ana to finish her shower. She was getting excited just thinking about what would happen, and was ready to burst when she heard the water turn off. There was no sound for a while, then the bathroom door opened and Maria heard Ana going toward her bedroom. "Who's down there?" Ana called, and Maria shouted, "It's just your big sister watching TV, Ana!" and laughed. "Well, when Mom and Dad get home you're gonna be in big trouble, big sister," Ana said sarcastically and went into her room.

Maria jumped up and ran upstairs to peek into her sister's room, anticipating the show that was about to begin. Ana was sitting on the edge of the bed in her robe, combing her hair out. Maria watched and waited while she continued combing her hair, but nothing was happening. "It's got to work," Maria thought, but she was getting frustrated as minutes went by with no change. She then ducked into the bathroom to see if Ana had possibly used another towel, but the one she rubbed the cream into wasmissing. She went back to Ana's door and peeked in again, and this time she thought she could see a difference, as Ana's robe appeared to be a little too big for her; the sleeves were starting to cover her wrists. Maria's heart started beating like a drum as she watched Ana continue to change. She could see Ana's face in the mirror across the room and it looked more innocent than usual. She looked about fourteen now, and was getting younger by the second.

Ana was starting to have trouble combing, as her hands were now covered by her sleeves. She stopped and looked down at herself and screamed. "What's happening to me?!" Ana said, and Maria stepped into the room. "I told you you'd find out what I was going to do, chica," Maria said as she stood in front of her twelve-year-old sister.

Ana's robe slid off her shoulders, and she grabbed her towel to cover herself. As she scrambled for the towel, Maria could see Ana's once ample breasts were now between A-cups and mere bumps on her chest. Her nipples had gotten very small as well.

"Yes, Ana, you'd better cover up with that towel," Maria laughed. "What are you doing, Maria?" Ana asked in a whiny, girlish voice. She had lost about five inches of height and was now being dwarfed by her tall, statuesque sister. Her once long polished nails were now short and childish looking."I'm teaching you a lesson, Ana. You're going to see yourself how it is being a little kid."

Ana stood before Maria now as a skinny, preadolescent schoolgirl with thin bony legs and scrawny arms. All traces of her budding womanhood were gone as well as the muscle tone she had developed through vigorous workouts. No boys would be too interested in her now, Maria thought with glee. "Please stop, Maria. I told you I'm sorry!" Ana begged, now a nine-year-old, the same as Maria used to be. Her voice was becoming shrill now as she was getting panicky. Her hair was getting shorter, now above her shoulders, and her face was looking more and more round and innocent. "I'm think it's too late for sorry, Ana. The only way you'll learn your lesson is to be in my shoes for a while, or maybe even shoes that are a little smaller."

"No!" Ana cried, passing backwards through her seventh year. Her hair was now in short bangs and was only slightly longer than a boy's at that age. She was only about four feet tall, and still getting shorter. The towel was now pooling on the floor around Ana as she began to shrink into it. "Pweathe thtop, Mawia. Dith ithn't fair!" cried the five-year-old Ana. She was now missing her front teeth, as her adult teeth had been falling out.

Her face and limbs were getting chubby with baby fat and her hair was really thinning out and starting to curl.

Maria stood gaping at the spectacle of her once bossy older sister becoming a whining little toddler. She started to feel guilty about what she had done, but couldn't seem to move a muscle.

Ana, now three, stood wide-eyed, sucking her thumb and holding the huge towel with the other hand, as she got pudgier and pudgier. As she passed two, her legs started to wobble and she plopped down on her rear end, still sucking her thumb. Her hair was now very thin and wispy. Maria watched as the infant slowly fell out of her sitting position onto her back. Luckily, she was completely engulfed by the towel and didn't gethurt. Maria sprang into action and grabbed her sister, pulling her away from the towel and held her close. The two of them looked much more like mother and daughter than two sisters. Ana finally stopped changing at about six months old; she smiled happily at her big sister as she kicked her chubby legs up and down. Maria was truly frightened now. She hadn't meant for Ana to get this young. She rocked her gently and told her, "I'm sorry, Ana. I'll change you back before you know it." Strangely, she almost forgot why she did this in the first place. She kissed Ana and continued rocking her back and forth.Cindi heard her mother's voice call from downstairs. "Dinner's ready, Cindi. Come on down." She washed up in the bathroom and ran downstairs, greeting her father who had just gotten home. "Hi, Daddy!" she said as he bent down and gave her a kiss."Hi, sweetheart. How was your day?" "Oh, same as usual."

No sooner had Cindi sat down than the doorbell rang. "Why does the phone or the doorbell ring every time I sit down to eat?" her father complained, as he started getting up to answer it. Something told Cindi that she'd better answer it, so she jumped up and said, "Sorry, Daddy. It's one of my friends from school. They were coming over to get some stuff for a science project we're working on. I'll get it."

"Cindi, would you please tell your friends to come either before six or after six-thirty, so we can eat in peace?"

"OK, Daddy. I've told them not to call but they just seem to forget all the time," Cindi said as she ran out of the kitchen. She was stunned to see Maria at the front door holding a baby. "Maria, what are you doing?" she whispered. "I need your help again Cindi. I think I used a little too much of the youth cream. This is Ana," Maria said sheepishly. "Oh no, are you crazy, Maria?" Cindi said, just as she heard her father's voice say, "Cindi, your dinner's getting cold. Better come on back." "Is this a bad time?" Maria asked.

"Duh, I'm right in the middle of dinner. What do you want now?" Cindi asked impatiently."I need the makeup to get Ana back to 16 again." Ana laughed and pointed a chubby finger at Cindi. Cindi couldn't believe how out of control all this was getting now. "Maria, I can't do it right now, I have to get back.""Come on, Cindi, it's an emergency," pleaded Maria. "What do I say when my parents hear a baby crying in my room? I can't explain that," Cindi said.

"Cindi, we need you back!" her father's voice called again, a littleimpatient. "Coming, Daddy! I've gotta go. Come back after dinner and we can try it," Cindi said as she started to close the door.

Just then Maria saw headlights turning into her driveway, and her face went pale. "Oh no, my parents are home!" she cried. "They're gonna call the police if everything's open but nobody's home! What am I gonna do?" Just as the words left her lips, Maria got an idea. "I can make them younger so they won't remember anything, then we can put the makeup on Ana, get her back to normal, and then I'll use the cream to get little again!" "No way, Maria! You already screwed Ana up, now you're going to use that stuff on your parents? You really are nuts!" Cindi said, exasperated. "I don't have time for anything else, Cindi. Here, can you watch Ana until I get back?" Maria started to hand the baby to Cindi.

"No, I can't watch Ana! I can't go back in the kitchen holding a baby!" "Please, Cindi! I have to get home before my folks get inside!" Maria hastily handed Cindi the baby and ran off before Cindi knew what washappening. "Maria! Get back here!" Cindi yelled, but Maria was already gone. Cindi closed the door and gingerly walked into her room. She laid Ana down on her bed, then grabbed a spare blanket from her closet and wrapped thebaby up. "Well, you're a good baby, at least," Cindi couldn't help but smile watching Ana's cheery face.

"CINDI!!" her father shouted from the kitchen. "Get in here now!" "I'll be right back," Cindi whispered and ran to the kitchen. "What were you doing out there? Holding a debate?" her father asked with not a little irritation.

"I'm sorry, but Angie and I were busy talking about our project. Actually, we found there's a lot of work left to do on it and it's due tomorrow. May I be excused?""You haven't even started eating yet," Cindi's mother said. "I can take it to my room, Mom. It's really important that I get this project done."

"Well, I don't like you eating in your room, honey," her mother said. "Why can't you finish it out here and then go to work?"

"Please Mom, I won't do this again. It's just this one time," Cindipleaded. "Well, OK, honey. If it's that important. Just make sure you bring the dishes right back and wash them."

"Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Daddy." Cindi kissed both of her parents and ranout. "Since when does she get so excited about doing her schoolwork?" her father asked, shaking his head.

Cindi ran into her room, locked the door and breathed a sigh of relief that Ana was still in her same spot on the bed. "Hi there, Ana," she said, carefully picking the baby up and cradling her in her arms. "Auntie Cindi promises she won't leave you alone ever again." Ana waved her arms around, still wearing that big smile.

"Now if we can just get your sister back here, we can get you back to normal. I bet you're getting pretty hungry."

Speaking of Ana's sister, Maria ran as fast as she could in her heels and darted through the front door without being seen by her parents, who were still in the driveway in the middle of a conversation. She ran upstairs, grabbed the jar of youth cream, and then stopped in her tracks. "Where can I put this where they'll be sure to touch it?" she thought.

Then it hit her: she knew that her parents always washed up before dinner at the kitchen sink. She ran down to the kitchen, emptied the bottle of hand soap on the kitchen counter into the sink, and replaced it with a scoop of the youth cream. She added a small amount of water to thin it out so it was more fluid, then put the cap back on. It was one of those bottles with the pump top, so Maria wanted to make sure that some youth cream would come out with each pump. Just as she finished capping the bottle, she heard her parents coming in. "I've gotta get out of here," she said to herself. She ran upstairs and locked herself in the main bathroom.

Maria heard her parents talking downstairs, but couldn't make out what they were saying. Then her mother called, "Ana? Maria? Anybody home?" "I'm home, Mom," Maria called, trying to make her voice higher."Who's that?" "Ana," Maria said, thinking it would be harder to sound like her old self. "Are you all right, Ana? Your voice sounds a little rough." "I'm OK, just a little hoarse from talking a lot today," Maria replied, thinking, "What a lame excuse.""Ok, hon. Where's Maria?" "Uh, she went out to the store."

"By herself, at night? She knows she's not supposed to go anywhere alone at night, and she knows it's almost time for dinner."

"I know, I told her, but the little brat wouldn't listen," Maria said, wincing at getting herself in trouble.

"Well, your father and I will have a little talk when she gets back," her mother said, a little menacingly, Maria thought. "And I want a word with you, too, Ana. Letting your little sister go out alone like that." "I'm sorry, Mom. I told her not to go, but she just ran out. She was acting kinda weird."

"Well, hurry up and come down when you're finished," Maria's mother said. "I'm going to start dinner now.""OK, Mom."

Maria sat on the closed toilet seat with her fingers crossed hoping her parents would wash their hands soon. She was glad to hear the faucet come on, and kept hoping her plan would work.

"Ana, when are you coming down?" Maria's father called. "Soon, Dad. I'm almost done.""Well, please hurry. We need to talk.""OK." Maria was getting worried now; she couldn't stay in there forever, she'd have to go down before too long. "Come on, wash up already!" she saidanxiously. After waiting for a few minutes, things had stayed pretty quiet, and neither of Maria's parents had asked her to go downstairs again. She continued to wait but still there was no sound. "What's going on down there?" she wondered.

Maria got up and quietly opened the bathroom door, listening intently, but still heard nothing. "That's weird," she said, a little puzzled. She crept slowly down the stairs, making sure nobody saw her, and peeked around the corner into the kitchen. It was empty, but Maria could see that the soap bottle was now on the other side of the sink.

Suddenly Maria heard a giggle coming from the living room and softly stepped through the kitchen to the living room doorway. As she leaned over to look into the room she heard a young woman's voice say, "Pablo, aren't you getting a little bold?" Maria's eyes opened as wide as saucers as she saw a couple no older than their early twenties necking on the couch. "Holy crap!" Maria thought to herself, watching her college-age parents feeling each other up through their baggy clothes.

"Come on now, Conchita, relax, I won't bite," Maria's father said as he kissed her mother's cheek. "Nobody's around, we can do what we want." They were getting younger as Maria watched, now they both looked to be around twenty. Her father's suit was getting wrinkly as his now trim body didn't fill it out the way his forty-year-old body did, and the jacket of her mother's business suit hung on her like a tent that sleeps three. They were writhing on the couch with increasing enthusiasm as their adult inhibitions melted away.

As time went on Maria looked more like an older sister to her teenage parents, as they were now swimming inside their adult clothes. Conchita's pumps fell off as she hit eighteen and her skirt was sliding off her slimming hips as she held Pablo. Pablo hastily pulled off his jacket, tie and shirt as they started to interfere with his movement. His chest and stomach were now firm and flat, not flabby as they had been just a few minutes ago, and his five o'clock shadow was thinning as he retreated from adulthood."Pablo, are you sure we should be doing this?" Maria's mother asked nervously, in a higher, thinner teenage voice. She was now around sixteen, and was speaking in Spanish, which Maria knew since her parents often spoke Spanish around the house. Their movements were getting less experienced and more awkward as they embraced on the couch.

"I don't know, are your parents coming home?" Pablo asked, getting kind of nervous himself.

"They might be here any second. My father would kill us both if he saw us kissing like this," Conchita said as she sat up and brushed her shortening hair out of her eyes. While she was speaking, suddenly she started having trouble remembering why Pablo was there, or even who he was. Maria saw a look of confusion spreading over her mother's face, and then her father'stoo. "Why am I wearing these clothes?" Conchita asked incredulously, her voice now sounding a little girlish. She stood up to take the huge jacket off and her skirt fell to the floor. Her panties stayed up, but gravity was starting to win the battle with her narrower hips. She gasped with embarrassment that a boy saw her in her panties and wrapped the jacket around her waist.

Meanwhile, Pablo was having similar problems. The hair on his once muscular torso was thinning out and his muscles were not nearly as prominent as he receded past fifteen. "What about my suit?" he asked in a voice that was getting less masculine every second. He held his pants up with one hand as he stepped right out of his oversized wingtips. His arms were quickly losing their muscle tone and were getting thinner. His facial hair was almost completely gone now; there was just a little peachfuzz on his chin. "This doesn't even look like my house," Conchita said, looking around her. Her hair was getting thinner and shorter, and she was rapidly approaching childhood as her blouse hung off her shrinking shoulders, revealing her just-budding breasts. Her legs were getting skinnier, and her knees were starting to get bony.

Pablo was now twelve, as he asked Conchita, "Where am I? And who are you?", in a voice totally unrecognizable from his deep masculine voice of ten minutes ago.

His ribs were starting to show as he got skinnier and shorter; he now stood about five feet tall, well short of his old 6' 4".

Maria was getting a little scared now, hoping that the regression would stop soon; she didn't need two more Ana's on her hands. But soon the changes seemed to be slowing down as her parents were around eight, and then stopped abruptly. At this age, it was hard to tell who was a boy or girl, as Maria was surprised at how similar they looked next to each other. Her mother's hair was a little longer than her father's, other than that neither displayed any characteristics of their sex. They were both skinny as rails, as they stood staring at their strange surroundings.

"Where's my mommy and daddy?" Pablo asked as he looked frantically around. "Who cares about you, what about my mommy and daddy?" Conchita asked, glaring at her eight-year-old husband. Maria decided she'd better intervene at this point and stepped into the room. "Hi, kids," she said apprehensively. They both jumped at the sound of a stranger's voice and turned to look at Maria.

"Who are you?" they both asked simultaneously. They looked comical, Pablo holding up trousers that looked like those a circus clown would wear, with the legs pooling on the floor in a pile of wool. Conchita was holding her jacket around her waist with the arms dragging on the floor; her mouth was open in an expression of surprise.

"I'm Maria," Maria replied, extending her hand. She was amazed at how big her hand was compared to those of her parents. "I'm not allowed to talk to strangers," Pablo said, refusing to shake. "Me, neither," Conchita said.

"But I'm a friend of your parents. They just wanted me to watch you at my house for awhile," Maria said, smiling.

"Uh, OK," Conchita said and shook her adult daughter's hand. Pablo did likewise but still looked a little nervous.

"Why are we wearing these stupid clothes?" Conchita asked. "You two were just playing dress-up," Maria said cheerfully, trying to make them more comfortable."That sounds fun!" Conchita said excitedly. "Well, why don't you two play a little more? I've got to go next door, but I'll be right back and then I can play with you, too. OK?" "OK," they both said happily.

Cindi was getting impatient waiting for Maria to come back and get Ana. She was really getting to like watching Ana and was excited about becoming a mother when she grew up, but now was not the time to be learning motherly duties, and Cindi was afraid that one of her parents would come in at any moment. She was thankful that Ana remained in a cheerful mood the whole time, and made very little noise, let alone crying or fussing. Finally, she heard a tap at the window and saw Maria waiting outside. "It's about time!" Cindi hissed, as she let Maria inside. "I know it took a while, chiquita, I'm sorry," Maria said, teasingly. "It took a long while, Maria, and stop calling me chiquita!" "You wouldn't believe how this cream works," Maria continued, ignoring Cindi's complaint. "My parents are at home now, and they're little kids!" "Really? I still can't believe you used that stuff on your parents." "Well, so far it's working, so we can try to get Ana back to her old age and then I'll bring my parents back.""How are you going to put makeup on a baby?" "Well, now's the time to find out," said Maria. "Get it out and I'llstart." Cindi pulled the case out from under her bed again and opened it up. "What should we start with?" asked Maria.

"Just do it the same way you did," suggested Cindi. "You know that works." "OK, here goes," Maria said as she took the blush out and started to gingerly apply it to Ana's tiny chubby cheeks. "This is ridiculous," Maria said. "There's no way this'll work.""Just do it, Maria. What else can we do?" Maria turned back to the baby and continued lightly brushing on blush, hoping for the change to start, then Cindi said, "I think it's working, she's getting bigger!"

Sure enough, baby Ana's tiny arms and legs were growing longer as they watched; soon she was a year old again. Maria continued to apply blush, making Ana's cheeks overly pink, and it seemed with each stroke, Ana got a little older. After a couple of minutes she was three, and sat up, pushing Maria's hand away."Thtop, I don't like dat!" she said crossly to Maria. "I know, Ana, but this is the only way to make you big again," Maria said, soothingly to her sister.

Maria looked pleadingly at Cindi, who understood and sat down next to Ana, setting her on her lap.

"I'll play with you for awhile, Ana, if you let Maria put on your makeup. It'll make you look really pretty," Cindi coaxed. Ana still didn't look too happy but she didn't resist as Maria switched to eyeshadow. Cindi could feel Ana getting heavier as Maria worked, soon Ana was five and her body was too big to be held within the towel; her legs were hanging almost down to the floor, but Cindi held on.

The seven-year-old Ana was getting really heavy on Cindi's lap now, she was almost Cindi's size, so Cindi slid Ana off and sat next to her. "You're getting pretty now, Ana," Cindi said, in wonder at watching Ana grow from a baby to a schoolgirl so quickly.

"Well, I don' t wanna look pretty," Ana complained as she stood up, pushing Maria away again.

"C'mon, Ana, I'm almost done," begged Maria. By now she was putting the mascara on, which was hard enough on herself, let alone trying to put it on a squirming child.

"We'll take you out for some pizza if you let Maria finish," Cindi said, and that seemed to cheer Ana up a little bit."OK," she said. Cindi stood back now and watched the former baby get older by the second. Soon, Ana was Cindi's age, and was now taller than Cindi. Then she was eleven and Cindi noticed bumps growing on Ana' s chest. That prompted Cindi to say, "Oh, we forgot clothes for Ana. I'll find something," and she stealthily went into her parent's room to find something to put on Ana. She found a long T-shirt her mother used as a nightgown sometimes and ran back into her room to find a gawky thirteen-year-old Ana, putting on lipstick, as Maria watched.

"Very good, sis," Maria applauded as Ana worked. "You're really looking good now.""Thanks," Ana replied in a voice changing from that of a child to an adolescent.She put on the nightshirt that Cindi gave her and continued, growing steadily taller; she was now almost at her old height of 5' 2". Her curves were starting to fill out now, and her legs were getting more shapely and less skinny. Her hair was fuller and down to her shoulders again, as she finished applying the lipstick. The gawky girl Cindi saw when she came back was now back to her old self again, more a young woman than a girl, with long black hair and a trim curvy figure. Cindi could really see the resemblance between the sisters.

"Welcome back , Ana, I'm sorry I did this to you, it won't happen again, " Maria said, hugging her stunned sister. "Uh, it's OK, Maria," Ana said hugging her back.

"Let's not fight the way we used to, OK, Ana? I've had enough of this age-changing stuff, I just want to be a kid again. Let's go home and I'll use the cream, then we'll get Mom and Dad back.""Mom and Dad?" Ana asked. "A long story," Cindi offered, smiling, handing Maria the makeup kit. "Thanks a lot for all your help, Cindi," Maria said, hugging Cindi. "This is the last time you'll be seeing a grown-up Maria, at least until we're really grown-up."

"Just let me know if everything's alright," Cindi said as she opened the window to let Maria and Ana out.

Back home, Ana almost burst out laughing when she saw her youthful parents watching the Cartoon Network on the living room couch. "What's so funny?" Conchita asked, her indignation comical for an eight-year-old. "Never mind, I've gotta change back before we can do anything with them," Maria said.

They went upstairs to Maria's bedroom and she started rubbing the cream on her face. She left all Cindi's mother's clothes on so she could hold on to her older look as long as possible. Soon she noticed her face was still adult, but was getting fresher looking. She continued, and felt the tight tank top start to loosen, her breasts were still substantial but they didn't stretch the material as tightly as before. "Wow, this is really cool!" Ana said watching in awe.

Her nipples were slowly withdrawing and were only slightly poking into her tank top as Maria's shorts were loosening now. She had regressed to about nineteen. "It's working faster than I thought," Maria said, feeling her face with her hands. She noticed her nails were receding and were now about a half-inch long.

Her lips were still full but were getting thinner, as were her arms, legs and hips. She turned in the mirror and watched her once ample rear end withdrawing from her shorts as they started to look a little baggy. "I can feel myself getting smaller," Maria told Ana in a higher voice. She turned around in the mirror watching the changes continue as her feet began slipping in her pumps. The sixteen-year-old was getting too young for the clothes she was wearing. She was about the same height as Ana now, a little higher with the pumps on, but not for long. She ran her hand through her hair and her nails, having changed back to the press-on variety, came off, leaving her with short unpolished nails.

Maria's tank top was very loose now, revealing her shrinking B-cups, and her shorts started to slide down her girlish hips, as she held onto them. "I'm almost back, sis," Ana's fourteen-year-old sister told her, as she was now looking up at Ana. Maria finally stepped out of the huge pumps now and stood barefoot. Her breasts were now small cones sitting pertly on her chest, and were still getting smaller. She tried to flash a sexy smile, as she could have fifteen minutes ago, but her thin , twelve-year-old lips just weren't up to the task; she looked silly now. The tank top hung down to her thighs, and the shorts went down to mid-calf.

After another minute, nine-year-old Maria was back, with a chest flat as a board, and a figure straight as an arrow, not a womanly curve in sight. She and Ana stood staring in the mirror for awhile, not believing that a sexy stacked woman was in her place twenty minutes ago. "Well, whaddaya think?" Maria asked her sister, smiling. "I'm glad we're back to normal," Ana said, returning the smile. "Well, we're not all back."

"Oh, that' s right! Let's go down and get our Mom and Dad back," said Ana, motioning for Maria to lead the way.

"Yeah, I can' t wait to see Dad wearing lipstick," Maria said, and they both laughed.

The End