Incident At The Mall


Mistress Janice

copyright 1996


Jon was your typical middle-aged male, working long hours, enjoying less leisure activities and always in a mentally stressed state. I often wondered what he was doing in those late evenings away from home, for he rarely answered his phone and often came home very moody and out of touch.

He often spent his at the mall, window shopping I presumed until very recently or at home locked away in the office spending long hours on the Internet. One day I came in and saw what his interest was. He apparently was very interested in the Internet newsgroups that held discussions and posted stories, etc. about enemas, spankings or pantyhose. I remember when he asked me to leave after I saw what he was into. I smirked and shook my head, leaving him alone.

Jon was successfully employed as an administrator in a major health care institution. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Marcelle; John's faithful wife. I try so hard to please him by wearing special clothes, such as stiletto heels, black stockings and kinky makeup. I later discovered out in our marriage that he enjoyed it when I dressed as a Dominatrix, often treating him as a little boy and playing the role of "MOMMY" in his little games of domestic discipline and punishment.

I am employed as an educator, often spending long hours on extra-curricular school activities and tutoring special education students. I am one year younger than my sweet husband Jon, I am extremely attractive and young-looking for my age. We have a sixteen year old daughter named Annette. She is a very pretty girl, and often mistaken for an older young lady. We are well-off financially and live in a sixteen room home.

Anyway, this is the story of how I dealt with my husband's extra-curricular activity at the mall, over-indulgence on the computer and kinky sex games. I guess my mother was right. All men are really little boys inside and should be so treated. I still laugh when I remember the first Christmas I spent at his home. It was a fairly large party, with friends and relatives. It was evident John did not get along with many of them, and became argumentative and belittled some of the younger cousins.

His sister complained to his mother, (lying of course) that Jon was looking up sweet little Mindy's dress. Now Mindy was only six and John was sixteen. I knew he was teasing her, but little else. I was tired of his arguing and bratty attitude though. His mother marched him upstairs and returned him back down minutes later and the laughing was drowning out the conversations in the room. John was attired in a pink cotton pajama top with pretty flowers adorned all over the garment, red nylon tights and pink panties showing beneath. He had on slippers.

John's mother had a way of dealing with this type of miscreant behavior. She explained to him that he had to get ready for bed as he was being very disrespectful towards little Mindy. I grinned as he looked horrified at the mere thought of such a childish punishment. She pointed towards the stairs and directed him to go upstairs immediately and get ready for bed, adding that she would be up shortly. It was only two o'clock in the afternoon. The party was certainly more enjoyable without his presence. Others noticed and commented on that too.

The story I am about to tell you is true and I am very happy with the outcome. Jon finally got what he wanted; a MOMMY to love and care for him and the attention he desperately needed. Incidentally, if there are any wives out there with similar problems, I can give you Linda's phone number and you too will be on the way to having a quiet household and well-behaved little man.


A Halloween party was held at the house several months ago. Annette had invited six of her friends over for a costume party. The girls were quite attractive for their age and I noticed more than once my errant husband looking at them, perhaps longer than usual. This irritated me considerably, but it wasn't unusual for him to act infantile. I then recalled what my mother said about men and their behavior towards women.

Their was one young minx, named Marie who was a full blooded Italian girl with dark hair and slender legs. She wore a French maid's satin outfit with fishnet tights and black (little girl style) mary-jane style shoes.

Jon loved these style of shoes, especially when he saw that Marie's had four inch platform heels, unlike my two inch heels. Jon spent a great deal of his time at the party joking with her and giving her the eye, as if she were a snack or dessert. Then the inevitable happened. She ran up the staircase and Jon deliberately dropped something onto the floor and looked up, just as she was about halfway up the stairs. He caught a view of her red satin panties with black lace edging and the seam of her fishnet tights well placed up her buttocks. He stared and snickered. I saw him and witnessed this childish act. I shook my head and walked away as I am sure he was dreaming illicit thoughts of the poor girl. I wish I could do something to him to stop this nasty habit of his.

Soon the party broke up early and Marie changed into her jeans. It was amazing that Jon simply ignored her after that point and I am sure that she noticed his curious behavior as well.


Jon worked Saturday morning, just a week before Thanksgiving, which was typical. I received a phone call about mid-morning, reminding me that he was going to stop off at the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Strange as it was, I don't remember him telling me just how long he was going to be there. Well from what I have been told, Jon was amusing himself by ogling the smartly attired young girls. He spent most of his time sitting and watching, until he found a cute one that struck his fancy. Then he would get up and follow her round the mall.

Jon walked into Claire's Boutique, a very in type of jewelry and makeup boutique, that sold all types of makeup, hair bows, earrings, pins, novelties, scarves and handbags. He was the only male in the shop. Looking around, Jon feasted his eyes on a very attractive young lady behind the counter. Her name was Tina. She was just seventeen and quite attractive. She had brunette hair, short and styled with the latest fashion lipstick and heavy dark eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner. For added effect, she wore glitter on her eyeshadow. Without all that makeup, she was quite attractive. Jon must have been glaring at her with an uncontrollable urge.

He made quite a pest of himself, by asking her to try on the dark shades of lipstick, particularly the iridescent blue. Of course, he bought that, along with the matching nailpolish. He purchased some other items and seemed entertained by this poor sweet girl. He did enjoy watching her walk about in that black pleated micro-mini skirt, white hosiery and mary-jane style platform shoes with four inch heels. He loved it I am sure, when she bent over, showing off her lovely slender thighs and glimpse of panties.

I am sure she was aware of his childish antics as he followed her like a lost lamb. At the checkout counter, she saw the logo on his sweatshirt and smiled. "WOW!....Where did you get that shirt?..I went to high school there, just graduated..." Then she smiled again.

You would think that he'd have caught on that the cutiepie he was ogling was one of my students. But he was probably detracted wishing he could entice her into some kinky sex. When he handed her his charge card, she smiled and nodded, as she remembered the name on the card.

Jon went into the court of the mall and stopped to stare at a young lady sitting with her knees spread and one leg perched upon a planter. She seemed to be oblivious to the fact that her skirt had risen, exposing the dark seam of her smoke-grey, "French-Cut Bikini" pantyhose. Jon walked back and forth apparently window shopping, trying to get views from different angles as he gawked at her yellow panties beneath her pantyhose. She was probably around fifteen, but like most high school girls, was well endowed and looking more like a twenty five year old woman. Once the girl noticed she was being stared at, she got up and walked away......

Jon continued cruising about the mall and walked into the music store. This was a place typically frequented by the younger generation, as the blasting of the music indicated. He saw a young girl wearing glitter on her eyes with that iridescent blue lipstick and nail polish that he loved so much. She wore a blue velvet smock type minidress with white hosiery and mary-jane shoes, but with only two inch heels. He asked her to help him with some selections and she did so leading the way and threading a path through the young shoppers. He espied an album of a musical group in which I am sure he had no interest on a lower shelf and asked the salesgirl about it. She replied that is was on the lower shelf and bent over to get it for him exactly as he had planned. Then he inquired about several tapes he saw on the upper shelves. She retrieved the ladder to get the tapes for him, mounting the treads to reach his selection. Jon stood at the bottom staring right up her minidress and admiring her tight little buttocks packaged in bright red panties, covered by white tights. He paid for his purchases and left the store replaying the sight of the salesgirl wearing the blue velvet dress, white hosiery and little girl platform heels high above him on the ladder over and over in his mind. Unknown to him, someone's eyes were upon him, tracking every action of his little Mall outing......

On his way to the food court, he was startled when Annette came up to him and said arrogantly, "Hi Daddy!..Whatcha doing here?..." She gazed at her father scornfully, trying to impress her friends by her show of independence from her parent. She was accompanied by Marie, a close and dear friend of hers. Marie looked stunning in her red cashmere sweater and black velvet micro-mini pleated skirt. She wore black stockings with seams up the backside and those lovely four inch platform heels.

Jon stared at her, eyeing the neat feminine package his daughter's friend made. Annette crossed her arms in annoyance, shaking her head and shrugging herself as she glanced over at her friend. Marie just smirked and crossed her eyes, sticking out her tongue. A typical adolescent action.

Annette wondered why she was grinning so broadly. This puzzled her and she held onto the thought for the moment, "Why is Marie acting so friendly towards my dad?.."

Marie smiled back at Jon and held out her hand as a gesture, expecting him to kiss her hand. He did so without hesitation, which infuriated Annette. Jon eyed up Marie as if she were a birthday cake, fully decorated and ready to eat. Her makeup was a deliberate attempt to be alluring that somehow felt short of the mark. She was wearing heavy eyeshadow with several shades of blue, purple and white and a thick coat of dark red lipstick that matched her nail polish. She had used black liquid eyeliner to accent her eyes and had carefully coiffured her long lashes into little curls at the ends. To complete her ensemble, she had put a small flower tatoo on one cheek and three earrings in the lobes of her ears. "Uh Hi Annette. I am shopping for, uh Christmas Gifts!....It's a surprise seeing you here and, um it's Marie, right?..."

Jon looked at his daughter and temporized, "Uh...Hi, Annette!..I am shopping for...uh..Christmas presents!...It's a surprise seeing you, right?" Marie just smiled back and nodded. Annette gave Marie a disapproving look and said to her father, "Daddy, will you buy us lunch?.." Her eyes pleaded with him as she said, "We're starved!...Oh, please?"

Jon was easily coerced and replied softly, Of course, Honey...Of course." They walked over to a quant Italian spaghetti house in the mall called "Pasta Heaven" and ordered some pasta. Annette Annette chose a table that was adjacent to the window on the mall and they sat down for lunch.

Jon's eyes were wandering as usual as he gawked at every young female in a skirt, platform heels and black stockings. Annette and Marie tried to speak to him, but they stopped their attempts after noticing his short attention span. Annette and Marie looked at each other and sighed. He seemed more interested in the mall traffic than in a conversation with his daughter and her friend. As lunch progressed, Annette noticed that Marie seemed to be playing a game with her father.

Marie asked for some napkins asked for some napkins and Jon nodded and got up to get them. She deliberately turned away from the table and crossed her legs. Of course Jon noticed that she had moved and stared at her lovely limbs. He watched intently as she swung her upper leg back and forth, admiring her Christian Dior nylons. She looked at Annette and smirked, then uncrossed her legs and returned into the table, taking the napkins from him. He gazed at her with loving eyes and smiling.....Annette caught that too!

With lunch over, Annette got up first. "Gee Daddy!...Marie and I have to meet some friends and we really have to go, OK?...Thanks for lunch!..." Marie took the hint and obliged her friend. She winked again at Jon, very slowly and very deliberate. As they walked away, Marie shook her little tush for him and blushed, laughingly, turning towards Annette.

Annette didn't say much as they strolled about, she just looked at her friend with scorn. Marie sensed that something was wrong and spoke first. "Annette, your dad looks at me like I am an ice cream sundae. Doesn't he get any nookie at home?..."

Annette looked at her curiously. "Of course he does!...But really Marie, you were acting like a little girl trying to put the make on him. HE'S MY FATHER, YOU STUPID BITCH!......." Annette's anger seemed to get the best of her as she stared at her friend with a look of disgust...

"I'm sorry Annette, I was deliberately teasing him and like a middle-aged fool, he fell for it. It just proves a point that my mom always tells me......."

"Oh and what that would be Marie?...Geesh, your such a twit!....."

"Well, all men are like little boys at heart and your dad is no exception. I wonder what his wife would think of him, ogling young teenaged girls."

Annette then laughed and nodded in agreement. Her anger seemed to subside as openly discussing the problem was putting her at ease she got into the spirit of the situation, then continued with her comments.

"Daddy gets a great deal of attention, but seems to want even more. Mom dresses for him, plays his kinky games and bends for his desires at his slightest whim. He seems to need more than what he is getting. I resent the way he looks at you and my other friends. But what can I do?...He's my dad..."


Part Two - Jon Gets Caught

Jon answered the door and Marie stood there smiling. "Hello Jon!....Is Annette home?.."

Marie smiled at him with her large well made up eyes and Jon invited her in. Turning to face her after he locked the door. "Why no Marie, she went over to the library and won't be home till late. I thought she said she was going to meet you there."

Marie wasted no time and looking at him again smiled. She fluttered he long sensuous eyelashes and smirked. "Oh shutup, my wittle boysy, woisy. Give me a big kiss right now!..."

She threw her arms around him and proceeded to kiss him hot and heavy, getting into the spirit of the moment. He grew hard and kissed her passionately. Marie put all her young female charms to work on her "sugar-daddy".

Then she let go and told him to sit back because she was going to dance for him. She put on some jazz and it was then that he noticed her four inch black patent stiletto high heels. She pulled up her black velvet super mini-skirt and showed off her new black lace garter belt, lace topped nylons and fire engine red satin panties. She unbuttoned her white silky blouse and twirled her mother of pearl beads as she showed off her black lace wonderbra...Jon was sweating as she jumped into his arms and began heavy petting. Jon kissed her and wandered all over parts of her tender young body. He proceeded to remove her high heels and began to rub her tender feet, sniffing them to ecstasy.

No one heard the door being opened as a young lady entered the house. Annette heard noises and was very careful to be quiet and go unnoticed. She removed her shoes and peeked into the parlour, seeing the two on the couch. She smirked, then went for the video camera and stand from the hall closet and set them up to capture Jon's behavior on video.

Marie took her stiletto heels and placed them over Jon's nose and mouth to let him savor the strong foot odor from her feet. In a moment, Jon had his hands all over the girl. Annette stood quietly watching her father and Marie act like unsupervised pubescent children. She was really pissed, Marie was her best friend!..How could she do this to her?....


Several weeks went by without incident. Annette and Marie went to the mall to shop and look at boys. Annette continued to think about what she had seen and decided to hang onto the videotape she had made of Jon and Marie. She decided that if it had become necessary, she would use it to blackmail Jon.

She and Marie were sitting on a bench, laughing and talking about school when they were interrupted by a domestic scene in front of them.

At that moment, a young mother was pushing a baby stroller about and stopped momentarily to chat with an old friend. The baby became the immediate source of attention as both ladies stopped talking to bend down to the baby and tell him how adorable he was. The little infant cooed, laughed and smiled delightedly at the women's attentions. Annette saw this and said, "You see Marie?.. That little baby is happy because he is getting lots of attention." Marie replied, "Perhaps it's because he has no adult distractions, all he has is the love he gets from everyone. Look at him, isn't he sweet?"..

Marie smirked as an idea occurred to her. She turned to Annette and smiled, saying "Maybe we should talk to my mom, Linda. I believe she has the answer to your daddy's problem." Then Marie burst out laughing...

Annette was curious and then with a teenaged giggle, joined her friend in an outburst of laughter.

They got up, and walked to the babysitting service called "Babies-R-Us" at the mall run by Marie's mother, Linda. Linda had several infant charges in the nursery and was busy changing a diaper when they came in. She turned to face her daughter and Annette, saying, "Hello girls!..How's the shopping today?...."

Marie smiled and replied to her mother, "Hi Mom!..This is Annette, my closest friend. She's curious about your babysitting service.

Then Marie smirked and winked to make her intentions clear for Linda. She smiled back and nodded, acknowledging Marie and called for Karen to take over with the care of the babies. Annette noticed that she was surrounded by young teenaged females in short pleated skirts, platform heels and white silk blouses who were taking care of the infants. Linda noted Annette's curiosity and told her that all the girls were licensed to take care of the babies. Then she winked at Marie as if she was about to become a party to some dark conspiracy and went to the back, motioning for them to follow.

Annette was very interested in what Linda and Karen's secret activities in their nursery and came willingly.

Linda took them to the back room, where she called her "treatment room" and brought them into a small viewing room. Marie seemed to be impatient and eagerly spoke to her mom. "Mom, please show Annette the film about the kitten. I think she needs to understand what really goes on here."

Linda looked at her with a grin and nodded. "Of course dear, but can you tell me what Annette's problem is?..Obviously she's encountered something that's troubling her, am I right?.."

Annette nodded and Linda sat down next to her, inviting her to share her problem. Marie listened attentively and smiled with approval. Then Linda showed the girls the short video. . Squeals of delighted laughter from the girls filled the room as the story unfolded on the monitor. When the video was over, Linda smiled in satisfaction. She was sure that the girls understood the reasons for the secret hidden behind the innocent appearance of the Mall Nursery....

Annette and Marie left the nursery, laughing aloud and giggling, as they looked back at the babies being cared for by their teenaged female nannies. Annette's problem seemed so simple once Linda had shown them the solution. The girls went about their shopping, cracking jokes about Annette's dad. "Gee I wonder where my bad little daddy is now?...", Annette chuckled.

Marie laughed at Annette's description of her father and replied, "Oh probably ogling some young girl and wishing his head were up her skirt!...he's disgusting!...

There was a pause as Marie's brutally accurate guess sunk into Annette, making her frown in anger. After a moment she thought of the solution Linda had offered, causing her mood to alter dramatically. Annette said mockingly, "OH YEAH!!.. But not for long Marie. I'm going to tell on him. I'm going to tell MOMMY all the naughty things he has been doing! Then I'm going to tell her what your MOMMY does to little daddies like him!.." Then they both burst out laughing.........


Back at home, Marcelle was busy about the kitchen as she prepared a special meal. Jon walked in, with an obvious bulge in his pants and greeted his lovely wife. She had made an extra effort to dress up for him by wearing her four inch navy stiletto pumps, seamed nylons and his favorite blue pleated skirt. She had taken the time to put on the eye makeup that he found so alluring and rustled to and fro in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the meal. Underneath her blue polka dot dress of starched crinoline, she wore his favorite underwear. As Jon walked over to her, he could clearly see her black bra, panties, garter belt and stocking tops as she moved about the kitchen. She even wore the pair of new earrings and Navy perfume that he had bought her on his last visit to the mall.

Jon wondered what the occasion was and tried to remember if they had made some plans that had forgotten about. He found the transition in thinking difficult, as he had come into the kitchen. his thoughts had been on the unsuspecting girls he had seen in the Mall wearing their sexy miniskirts and platform shoes....

Marcelle made him comfortable at the table and brought the food over to serve him. "Where is Annette?", Jon asked curiously. Marcelle kept on working as she turned to face him. "Why Annette and Marie had some special shopping to do, Dear!.. She won't be joining us for dinner tonight, is that OK?"

Marcelle smiled and joined him at the table as he replied, "Why sure, I guess." Marcelle seemed to be looking for his reactions to the meal she had made and how she was dressed but said nothing as he ate. Jon was very hungry and ate as if he hadn't had anything for days. He seemed to be ingesting his food very fast, causing Marcelle some concern that he might get sick. "Now dear, slow down!..There's plenty of time to eat!..I spent all afternoon making this meal for you and you're pigging out as if you're at some fast food place!..Take your time Jon!.."

Marcelle looked at him with cold glaring eyes. Then he noticed the clock and saw that it was only three o'clock. He looked at Marcelle and saw that she seemed to be glaring at him coldly. He was taken aback by her stare, but continued valiantly, "Isn't dinner rather early tonight?....

Then he noticed Marcelle wasn't eating at all. In his hunger, he hadn't noticed that she had only served him a plate and hadn't taken anything for herself. She was just sitting there, watching him eat. It seemed strange....

Marcelle repeated her command and said, That's enough Jon!..SLOW DOWN!!..."

"WHAT????..." he roared back angrily at her attempt to control him. "Don't start on me bitch!...", Jon said dangerously as he continued to wolf down his food.

Then he paused in his gorging as he suddenly felt disoriented and weak. Marcelle smiled at his obvious discomfiture and said, "Now that isn't a nice way to talk to me, you'll have to be punished!.."

He started to reply and stopped as he caught the look on her face. "You are misbehaving young man!..For that you will be put in your pajamas and sent to bed early as your punishment. I'll have no more of this type of behavior."

Jon was furious. The idea of treating him like he was a little boy!..He tried to get up and leave the room, but his legs were so weak that he couldn't move. Marcelle smiled at his weakness and said, "You sit there whilst I prepare your bath and enema. Yes, I said E-N-E-M-A!.....Then it's beddy-byes for you!".

She excused herself and he heard the sound of running water just before the world went black. When he awoke, he was laying in bed dressed in his pajamas and had a vague memory of being subjected to a high volume enema before he was led to the bed to pass out. He could hear voices and laughter outside of the bedroom as he passed out again....


When Jon awoke he was unable to move his arms or legs. He tried to open his eyes and tried to focus on the surroundings. Everything seemed so hazy. He looked up and saw the fluorescent lights of a room he had never seen before. Where the hell was he? The room had a definite odor to it that reminded him of something. It was acrid like acid. He had smelled it before, Acetic acid and alcohol..That was it!

It smelled like the laboratory at the doctor's office!..He was in some kind of laboratory!.. Jon was startled by the sound of someone saying, "Good morning sleepyhead!" He recognized Marcelle's voice and continued to thrash about the bed, trying to free himself from whatever was holding his arms and legs. He heard Marcelle's voice cooing down at him. "I'm afraid you can't get up right yet honey!..You've been restrained to prevent you from hurting yourself."

"WHAT?...What are you talking about?..Hurt myself?..Fuck!..Are you nuts?..Let me go you fucking bitch!..I'm not into bondage games, dammit!.."

Linda chuckled and said, "Such abusive language. How do you ever put up with it Marcelle?...Language like that disgusts me. It reminds me of Meredith and Lisa Marie. Remember how they used to talk Karen?".."Oh yes Linda!..Now those two have made a change for the better."

The conversation turned to the events that led to Meredith's and Lisa Marie's forced transformation. To this day, the babies still act cranky and whinny and refuse to accept their baby state. Their mothers held a joint baby shower for their errant daughters and invited their old friends that despised them, as well as the relatives. They were held, bottle fed, cooed, laughed at, treated as condescending as possible, scolded and belittled by their captors.

The best part was the showing of the video tape that captured all the explicit details of their transformation. The crowd of friends and relatives roared in laughter at them after that. And the babies finally broke down and cried as they realized that there was no way they would ever grow up into adults again. Not even, if they promised to be real good, for Linda and Karen had administered the permanent fixative and that could not be reversed.

It was Karen who spoke first. "Did you know Linda that the girls are scheduled to come in today for their mind altering medication?"...Linda was watching Jon very closely and spoke, "Yes that's right. That way they can enjoy babyhood completely and forget all their naughty adult ways. It's too bad they can never become adults. They were very beautiful young ladies. But their mothers made that choice and I concur that it is in their best interests." Marcelle seemed to be listening intensely to their conversation and nodded with a smirk.

Linda and Karen had made considerable headway in the adult baby transformation clinic that the mind altering serum was their latest advancement. Once the dark green liquid coursed through one's veins, their thoughts turned back to all the joys of babyhood. The final cure for bad adults.

They laughed a bit and Jon continued his vulgar tirade. "Let me up, do you hear me?..What the fuck is going on?..who are these bitches?...dammit Marcelle!......"

She laughed and bent over her husband saying, "You're a little too unruly for me to let you go free just now. I'm tired of your childish behavior Johnny!..Mommy is going to have to do something about your dirty language." Before she could finish, As she spoke, Jon interrupted her several times with violent curses. She reached for a piece of surgical tape that they had prepared for the occasion and placed it across his mouth. He tried to shout through the tape, but it muffled his furious screams into angry moans.

Marcelle leaned over the helpless body of her husband and said sweetly, "Hush now Sweetheart and listen carefully. I know all about your lurking about the mall. I've been told how you leer at teenaged girls and follow them around. I've even heard about your childish behavior with one of my students. Our daughter told me all about and showed me a video tape she'd made of you and your little girlfriend. Can you guess who that might be?...Annette was so ashamed that her daddy would do such a thing that she kept the tape secret from me so I wouldn't find out how naughty her daddy had been. She's been holding onto that tape for awhile..."

Meanwhile Jon was pondering just what she was talking about!..What girlfriend?..When?..Where?..Oh shit, let me go, dammit!..."

Marcelle continued, "Remember Tina at Claire's Boutique? Well she told me all about your lude behavior. You should be ashamed of yourself!..You're a pervert with the mind of an infant. How dare you spend your time at the mall ogling all those young girls and looking up their skirts??... Well I guess it's only fair that you should be punished by being treated the way you act. I'm going to return you back in time when you were easier to control and you acted in a manner that was appropriate to your age."

Jon tried to speak, but could only mumble through the confines of the tape. He tried to understand what she said was going to happen to him, but nothing made sense. She was going to return him back in time. What the hell was she talking about?....

Marcelle smiled at the look of confusion and fear in his eyes and said, "I have decided to put an end to your inappropriate behavior. You need to learn a lesson in humility. You seem to think that you can run around the mall stalking young girls as if you were a wolf trying to bring down some innocent young deer. Since you seem to need constant supervision at all times, I've come up with the perfect way to keep you from misbehaving. Now listen carefully while I explain your punishment Jon."

A low angry noise came from beneath the tape that covered Jon's mouth as he started mumbling again. Marcelle continued,"I suppose you are wondering who Linda and Karen are?....Jon tried shouting through the tape but was totally ignored by Marcelle who continued, "Linda and Karen run the Mall nursery called Babies-R-Us and specialize in the treatment of bad little boys that refuse to behave themselves. They take the overgrown little boys and return them to their babyhood. In a short time, You will see just what I mean young man!...."

Marcelle bent down to rip the tape from his face to enable him to talk as she said, "Now what do you have to say for yourself?.."

"OOOOOUUCH!...!"..."What the hell do you mean??..Babyhood?...Are you crazy??"...

The sound of giggling and laughter in the background almost drowned out his protests. They were laughing at him!..He did a double take as he recognized the voice of his daughter. That bitch Marcelle!..She had even brought in their daughter to witness his humiliation. He never did hear the sound earlier of the door opening and dainty footsteps making their way to his bedside.

He heard a feminine giggle and recognized the sound as coming from Annette's friend. It was Marie!..His thoughts became jumbled and raced quickly through his disordered mind.

What's Marie doing here?, he thought in panic. "I thought she loved me?..What the hell was happening here?...

Jon roared in a voice that wasn't the least bit contrite or chastened, "What are Annette and Marie doing here, Marcelle??....Are you crazy?..Did you think you're going to get away with playing games with me with two minors present?.....GOD Marcelle!...They'll put both of us in jail!..Have you lost your mind?..And who are these other two bitches?..."

Then a hand was carefully placed across his mouth to silence him as Marcelle yelled., "JUST SHUTUP JON!....I'll explain. This is not just another of your kinky punishment domestic scenes. No, not at all. Our daughter and her friend are here to witness your transformation into a harmless little three year old boy. When I get finished with you, young man, you'll be transformed into a three year old sissy who has to wear little girl party dresses as punishment for his misbehavior and......"

Annette who interrupted abruptly, saying, "MOM!!!!....It won't do any good to turn him into a three year old!.. Daddy has been very bad and knows it!..He'll probably just run away!..Besides at the age of three he'll still be able to talk!..He'll tell everyone what you've done to him. Everyone will find out what you've done to him. Everyone will find out about Linda and Karen's secret!..Then they won't be able turn other naughty daddies like him into babies again!.."

Jon interrupted, shouting at Marcelle. "What the fuck is she talking about?..There is no way anyone can make someone younger!..That's idiotic!..You bitches are stupid!....God, who fed you this line of crap?..You think you can change me into a baby?..You just try it and see what happens!..I don't give a fuck what you think!..FUCK YOU!......"

"What nasty language!"..Marcelle slapped him extra hard across the face. She turned to Annette and said, "You're so right dear!..Daddy is very bad and needs to be reduced to an age where he won't cause us any more trouble. I think you're right about daddy talking to the authorities. It wouldn't be fair for him to get Linda and Karen in trouble for helping me. We need to rejuvenate him until he's too little to make trouble for us and cannot speak at all. I think that SIX MONTHS OLD WOULD BE A MORE APPROPRIATE AGE!....

She looked down at her well-secured husband on the gurney and smiled at how helpless he appeared. Jon heard the sound of water running and started to become worried. What were they REALLY planning to do to him?..Marcelle snickered at him while Annette and Marie stood nearby giggling and laughing.

Marcelle laughed as she said, "Now listen to me honey!...You are going to have an enema administered as a punishment before we start your transformation and this time your own daughter and her girlfriend will watch. Shortly I will tell you about your new life...."

Then Linda hung the two quart red Faultless enema bag on the stand and attached the six inch long plastic douche nozzle. The bag was bulging with the combination of Ivory Soap, castor oil, baking soda and mineral oil. Linda put on her rubber gloves and lubricated the tip heavily with vaseline. Karen and Marcelle unstrapped him and carefully turned him over on the bed without letting his arms get free, so Linda could insert the greased nozzle.

Jon whined angrily, "You can't do this to me. Let me go!..Do you hear me?..What do you think the cops are going to do with you when they find out you had minors watching?..STOP!!..", he struggled against them, but the medication in the food had weakened him and he couldn't resist the combined strength of the women. He ended up bouncing up and down helplessly in bed while he continued his tirade. Marcelle nodded to Linda to begin and she bent over his heaving bottom to insert the nozzle in his rectum as Marie shoved a bar of Camay soap into his mouth.

Jon looked up at her with a puzzled look. Marie stared back at him condescendingly. Jon pushed the bar of soap out with his tongue and twisted his head to side to hide his mouth from the acrid bar. Marie grabbed him by the hair and slapped him smartly across the face before she reinserted it into his mouth. He whimpered as she forced it back and forth, scraping off pieces of soap in his teeth, causing billows of foam to erupt from him. Jon looked up at his former lover in confusion wondering what her motive was. He thought she had loved him!.. Linda watched her daughter, then nodded to Annette that she had better carry out this act of punishment with intense interest or else....

The enema clamp was released and Jon moaned and groaned as the hot contents ran down the tube and into his waiting bottom. After five torturous minutes, it was all over. He was flipped over on his back as a bedpan was placed under him and he was allowed to expel the soapy brown fluid. Marie removed the bar of soap from his mouth and he was allowed to spit out the foam that threatened to choke him. Then Marcelle looked at him with a smirk and said, "It's time to change you from a bad boy into a sweet little baby!..."

They tilted the table Jon was lying slightly so his face was higher than his head. Linda and Karen had attired themselves in lab coats, rubber gloves and surgical masks to conceal their identities from the video camera that was mounted at the foot of the table. Karen adjusted the video camera she was focusing on him while Linda prepared a syringe with saline and added a one and a half inch long #20 needle, screwing it in place. There was gauze and alcohol on the tray next to a vial of reddish-orange solution. Linda picked up the vial and inverted it before inserting the needle into the vial to draw up it's contents into the syringe.

An expression of fear came over his face as Linda approached him and said, "I am going to take delight in silencing your abusive language permanently. As a baby you will only goo goo and gaa gaa!....."


Laughter filled the room as Karen, Marie, Annette and Marcelle roared their delighted approval at the expression of abject terror on his face. Karen and Marcelle held and turned him again slightly while Linda injected in his thigh, as he continued to vent his anger with screaming and abusive language. She pushed down on the plunger that forced the red-orange liquid into his veins and he began to convulse spasmodically.

Annette and Marie looked down on him from making faces at him, giggling uncontrollably. He resented this, and thrashed about in anger and as the muscle spasms became worse. "Annette, you little bitch!...I will get you and spank your butt crimson red..I...."

The pain and muscle spasms were too much. His threats fell silent as a painful contraction forced him to gasp.

Annette smiled at her father's pain, "I think not daddy!.I'll be the one who will be spanking you!..."

Marie looked at her and squealed with laughter at the thought of him being spanked by his daughter. "Oh look!...", Marcelle exclaimed. "His hands are growing tiny and chubby like a baby's!..And look, his hair is disappearing..."

The motor on the camera whirred as it continued to record every moment of Jon's transformation. Jon was in agony as the bones became plastic under the influence of the powerful drug and began shortening and bending into shapes they hadn't had since he was a child. He yelled in a last ditch effort to get them to stop the treatment and begged, "PLEASE STOP IT, OH PLEASE, I PROMISE TO CHANGE......."

Marcelle laughed and said, "It's not necessary to promise anything Jon. You're changing right now!.." She smirked at her former husband and smiled maternally at the rapidly diminishing form of her adopted baby boy as she said, "I think I'll like you a lot better as an infant."

Her remark brought about a new round of laughter from the group. Jon continued to shrink until he became so small that he was able to put his hands and ankles through the restraints easily. Jon sat up and jumped off the table in an attempt to escape. He sped towards the door to the lab in a desperate attempt to get away before they caught him. He fell to his hands and knees as a horrendous muscle spasm overtook him, forcing him to keel over and draw up his knees and curl back in a fetal position. Within a minute, a two year old boy lay naked on the floor kicking and screaming....

Marcelle scolded him as she picked him up and said, "Hush baby!.." His wails of infantine terror continued unabated and she put her finger to his lips and said, "Now that's enough honey. Your a baby now and must listen to your MOMMY!....Quiet down now!....."

She placed him back on the gurney while Linda held another vial filled with a light blue solution and drew the fluid into a fresh syringe. Linda smiled and said, "OK baby, time for your fixative. Your about the right age now, so here goes!..."

She injected him and instead of the "thank you" she had been truly expecting freeing him from all the ravages of middle age, all she received was his whining, screaming and crying." She shook her head and said, "How ungrateful you little man. You think that you would be pleased that someone saved you from getting old. Your a six month old infant now."

Marcelle looked down at her new baby with a smile as she accepted a diaper from Karen and began to diaper him. She said, "Well Jon, now it's time to tell you of what you can expect everyday for the rest of your life. You'll start the day with a nice bottle of juice before I change your dirty dydee. After an hour or so, I'll carry you into the kitchen and put you in your high chair so I can feed you your breakfast of rice cereal followed by a bottle of baby formula. Afterwards I'll burp you and put you in your playpen until you make your morning poop in your dydees. After I change your dydee, you'll lie in your playpen sucking on your fingers and toes until it's time for your nap. After your nap, I'll change your wet dydee and feed you some nice pureed veggies for lunch and give you another bottle of formula. Then I'll put you in your playpen again until you make your lunch poopie. I'll change you again and leave you to play until it's time for your afternoon nap. After your nap, I'll change you again and feed you your din-din. Then I'll let you crawl around the carpet at my feet until you mess in your dydees again. Then it will be off to the bathroom to get your little bottom cleaned before I give you your evening bath and tuck you in your crib for the night. Of course night is a relative term, you'll be put to bed well before the sun goes down. Annette and I will have dinner later in the evening after the baby's asleep. If your good, you'll still be allowed to go to the mall, but I doubt you'll enjoy it the way you used to. You'll be secured safely in a baby stroller and under my strict supervision. If your fussy and Annette and I want to go out, you'll be baby-sat by teenaged girls since you like them so much. I'll insist they wear very short skirts and platform shoes so you can remember what kind of behavior put you in diapers. It's too bad you won't be able to do anything sexually with them. The only thrill you'll get from them is when they kiss you on your forehead and pat the front of your dydee. Too bad the only way you'll respond is to drool on them and make bubbles as you gurgle in excitement, AW!...."

Jon tried to scream profanities, but only baby's babble came out. Marie and Annette laughed mockingly and Marcelle said, "I think Tina would be a good babysitter, don't you think so Annette?..."

"Oh yes MOMMY!..."

Tears formed in the corner of Jon's eyes as Marcelle continued, "No more adult toys, Jack Daniels or freedom for you. Say byebye to your adult life, Honeybun!..And maybe I'll find a new lover too!.....Say bye bye to your adult life honeybun!...Tell him why Linda!..."

Linda looked at the diapered infant and said softly, "I have some bad news for you baby. The fixative I gave you is permanent. You will remain a six month old baby forever. That is your punishment for acting like a baby!...Now you are one!....Isn't that wonderful?.." Everyone but Jon laughed, at his predicament.

Marcelle looked at her ex-husband and mused, "My bed is going to be lonely without a man to share it with. Now that I've expanded my family with a new baby, I ought to think about bringing a real man into my life. Maybe I'll find a new lover too!....."

____________________________________________________________ Marie's New Bonnet

A week later Marie and Annette had an argument and stopped talking to each other. They snubbed each other and ignored each other's existence. Then Marie did a very horrible thing; She stole the affections of Annette's boyfriend Tad. Annette was infuriated and bent on revenge. Even their friends became involved. Tina was angry at Marie for showing off in the store and telling her how infantile Annette was acting over the incident.

One afternoon Annette, went to the nursery accompanied by Marcelle to meet Linda. Annette greeted Linda and Marcelle asked, "Do you have some time to talk?".."Of course!", Linda replied and motioned for them to follow her to her office. Marcelle took the videotape that Annette had made of Marie with her former husband and put it in the VCR to play it for Linda. When the tape was finished, Annette explained about her former boyfriend Tad, crying over her lost love.

Linda comforted her and held her tightly, thinking to herself how shoddily Marie had treated her friend, "If only I hadn't let Marie grow up so quickly". She smirked as she thought of the solution to Annette's problem. Of course, the solution was orange-red in color.....


Marie lay on the gurney, disoriented and groggy. She mumbled to herself, "Where am I?",but no one answered. Then Linda came up to her daughter and smiled, saying, "Are you comfortable Marie?..."

Marie looked at her with anger and replied, "NO I AM NOT...Let me up MOM!.....LET ME UP NOW I SAID, I SAID NOW!!....."

Linda ignored her and hung the filled enema bag, steaming with the mixture of soap and mineral oil. "What's that for?..Oh No, No enema, Not for me...OH MOMMY NO!....."

She burst out in tears and struggled to break free of her bonds. Annette stood alongside the gurney and smirked as she said, "Bad, bad little girl!....You should have been more discreet Marie dear and I'll show you why!...."

She pressed play on the monitor at the side of the gurney. The video clearly showed Marie and Jon making love on Annette's couch. Marie screamed, "YOU BITCH ANNETTE!...DAMN YOU!!!...."

Annette laughed with contemptuously and let the videotape continue....

Linda spoke with maternal overtones to her errant daughter struggling so hard to get free, "It's time I purged you of your naughtiness Marie. This punishment enema is extra hot and soapy so you'll get to enjoy the full effect of the severe cramping and long retention. You deserve every punishment drop."

Linda greased the nozzle while Karen turned Marie on her stomach so Linda could insert the long fluted nozzle. When Linda was done, she opened the clamp to let the fluid pour into her bowels. Annette laughed. "How's it feel Marie?.."

The expletives died on Marie's lips as the cramping began. When the enema bag had emptied, Marie's distended abdomen made her look like a pregnant mother. Then the nozzle was removed and she was allowed to expel into the bedpan that her mother placed beneath her.

"Well it's time little girl. You loved Jon so much, that it it's appropriate that you join him in babyhood. When your a baby again, you two can cuddle and snuggle all you want, albeit in a non-sexual sort of way."...

Marie screamed at the top of her lungs as the group laughed in derision...

The syringe was prepared and Karen held Marie's head as Linda plunged the needle home into Marie's dainty buttocks.

"OOOOOWWWWCH MOMMY!..STOP IT!..I don't wanna be a baby..OH GOD NO, please mommy!..You fucking bitch Annette!.. I'll kill you for this, you cunt, you whore...OOOOOOOHH!...."

The muscle spasms began immediately due to her young age and in seconds she had shrunk to the size of a two year old baby. Linda waited for the right moment and prepared the fixative.

Annette had taken notice that the solution in the syringe had a light green hue as opposed to the light blue and waited for a moment to speak. Linda smiled down at her daughter and said, "There we go honey, it's all over now. You won't have to worry anymore, your six months old and will always be under the strict control of your MOMMY. The fixative I gave you can be reversed if you behave yourself and act like a good little baby. I have to see how you do. In the meantime just relax and let MOMMY take care of you. I'll decide when or if I'll let you grow up again."

Annette saw her opportunity to politely interrupt just as Linda started the injection. "But Linda, she will just steal Tad again. You saw how she acted with Jon!..She can't be trusted!..The minute your back is turned, she'll be back up to her old tricks!..You told me that you wanted your baby daughter back..."

Linda looked thoughtful before she looked down at Marie and grinned while saying, "You are so right Annette!..She will be easier to handle this way." Marie began to cry as Linda continued, "I'm sorry Marie, but MOMMY wants her little baby girl forever." Linda handed the syringe back to Karen who had already prepared the light blue fixative, the one that would prevent Marie from ever growing into a naughty adult again. Annette grinned down at her friend. She was glad she was getting her due.

Marie wailed and thrashed about as the needle pricked her little bottom. She screamed as the serum coursed through her veins, knowing that she would never be an adult again. Annette said, "I just know that Tina love to babysit baby Marie. That will be her punishment for being such a snot and brat. She'd love the opportunity to tease her a little for acting like such a baby. Tad and I will take Marie to the Mall on weekends to go shopping together. Our friends will think she's so cute now that she's a baby again!" Marie mewed in horror about as Linda finished diapering her and dressed her in a sleeper....


The mall was very busy Saturday, because Christmas was just a week away and everyone seemed to be shopping for that last minute item. Marcelle was pushing her baby stroller with Jon securely strapped in his seat. Beside her Annette was also pushing a stroller of her own. Tina spotted the two of them across the walkway and hurried over to greet them. She stopped in front of Annette and looked down at the baby girl Annette had been pushing, "Gee Annette, this baby looks familiar!...But it can't be!..What's her name?...

Annette smiled back, "Her name is Marie, but I call her Baby Wetsey or Snuggles!.." They both laughed aloud.

Then a young woman who was passing by, stopped in front of the women and said as she looked at the baby boy in the stroller Marcelle was pushing, "How sweet!..What's his name?.." Marcelle smiled, "His name is Johnny!" The lady looked at her and said, "I love babies, they are so sweet and well behaved. I wish I could have one, but my husband is too busy always shopping at the malls. I've often wondered what he does there, but he's never able to give me a believable explanation." Marcelle smiled and said, "I think I can help. I have a friend named Linda........."