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Love there When you Least Spect It.

Love there When you Least Spect It.Part 1 Part 2 By AnimebeaR

STORY: Hi I am Bert.I was going through a midlife crisis in my middle 30's already.You know what I am a kid at heart.I was feeling old already so when I applied for the experimental youth drug program I was looking forward to it. I have had a sheltered life so I thought I take the chance.I have been lucky still living with my parents.

I have not been lucky in love though.I wanted thet special woman who was just like me.But I was shy & lookng for a woman who was a kid at heart was harder to find that I thought.This left me relationshipless for years.I tried the internet but they were too far away in other states.I thought if I could turn back the clock a bunch of years I would have more time to find a woman like this.I have to mention I was into ageplay with adults only & on the internet but thats all it amounted to.

It was a week before Valentines Day before the program group met.I was surprised to see there were 3 women & another guy beside myself.The University said they would pay us money to be the subjects.They said they had just about perfected it.So I was excited.One of the women was eyeing me every session.The group met 1 hour a day.I knew she was interesed.

She was cute & what caught my eye was how she was.She wore ribbons & lacy or frilly things.Short dresses & childlike things She even wore her hair in pigtails at times.We talked some & we had plenty in common.She said her name was Elizabeth.I waited until Valentines Day.I gave her candies & flowers.She was surprised but was hoping for this. I asked her out & we had our 1st date that evening.We really hit it off.She was so much like me.She was a kid at heart & into adult ageplay!She even lived close to me.

I finally found the woman of my dreams & we were both feeling more energetic due to our youth drug sessions.We both agreed that if we cold be 20 we would be happy.I warn you I was never a person for writing dates but I could give you some kind of diary by descriptions & guesses of ages.I could not beleive a few weeks after Valentines Day we were both about 27 of age.We really had some good love making.We were both so happy about us & life.Then one session Dr.Smith gave us some strange news.He said that something went wrong with the experiment with Elizabeth & I.

He said for some reason just us not the others.He would try everthing to remedy the situation.He said with us the deaging process would not stop at 20 & we might become considerbly young.We both had mixed feelings about this.We both thought of the helplessness we could face but thought how interesting it would be to reexperience what it was like to be really young again.


Love there When you Least Spect It.Part 2

By AnimebeaR

These mixed feelings played with our emotions but we became even closer to eachother.We kept on going to see Dr.Smith but he could only monitor us like the others.He said he was trying some things but they were not working.A few months went by & Elizabeth & I were reaching 20 years of age.Elizabeth looked hot.A young attractive chick with long lean shapley legs & bountiful firm breasts & curves in all the right places.She was a firecracker in bed now.We kept on going to see Dr.Smith.He kept on trying.The other subjects bottomed out at 20 but we were getting younger.


It was Christmas & I gave a 18 year old Elizabeth a Boom Box CD player.She said it was rad & I should call her Liz from now on.I said that was cool with me.I asked dad if I could borrow his car to see Liz at New Years.He let me but said to be careful.Then Valentines came,OUR ANNIVERSARY,.I thought I would really surprise her & bought her a diamond RING after saving all my money.She was shocked & said she would love me forever.I said the same thing to her.We meant it.We are 2 teens madly in love with eachother.Summer was way cool. We hung out at the beach together.Even at 15 Liz was a hottie.


The holiday season arrived again & I bought Liz a sled.At age 11 we had fun sledding down the hill.For New Years both our fammilies are getting together. They have all become close.They are bonded together knowing someday everything is to allright again.We both hope so too.It seems like were getting younger faster.At groundhogs day we were about 9 & 8 years of age.Liz lost her womanley shape but I love her anyways.She is really very cute.


Valentine Day arrived again & I gave Liz a small bike & a soda can RING. HeHeHe. I bought the bicycle with my paper route money & allowance.We were taken to see Dr.Smith.He said he found a way to slow the deaging process It was a hot summer & Liz rode our bikes back in forth to our houses.I know she lives close but it seems a little farther now?You know she is a real cutey.At Christmas we gave each other some toys.She gave me a cool car playset & I gave her a cool doll.I think we were about 6 then.


Wow Valentiness Day was this month & I gave Lizzy a wittle teddybear & a RING pop from my llowance. I egcited 4 year old today bcause Mommy is taking me to see Lizzy. She look so cute in her training pants & dipees.She might be 3 years old but wee love eachoter.Today wee have fun playing.


Joy day.I am able to write this bcause Dr.Smith gave us shots today to make us bigger.I feel & think I am getting smarter already.Dr.Smith said our intelligence comes back first.That is funny think about it 2 toddlers that are smart in a playpen at times?He found a way to make us bigger but we are going to play some more before this happens.He said it would take some time.I typed this on Lizzys computer with te big keys even though I wet myself once.It took me some time for this last entry.She wets too.It seems like we were both wetters until the age of 5.Looks like another thing we had & have in common.Funny how Love There When You Least Spect It.Funny how Love Is There When You Least Expect It.We are soulmates.

I love Lizzy & happy Valentines Day All.