The Lost Colony



The Year is now 1587 of the New Age of Humankind. It was just over 1,500 years now since we humans first left our home planet to explore space and make new worlds our home. Back in the old days of space travel the trips were short and few got to go into space, but now in my time we could launch ships from several places on the earth. My own great ship was called the Virginia. We departed New England space port to a planet called Roanoke on the far end of the universe. I understood the planet was named after some island back on earth. I started thinking how bad it was getting on Earth now. My thoughts were then interrupted by a young female voice.

"Governor John White, sir. We entering the solar system now. " Lt. Eleanor Dare said as she slowed our course to the 5th planet from the sun in this solar system.

"Has the probe we sent out sent back any images yet?" I asked trying not to sound too bored. I spent the last three hours just sitting.

"Yes, Sir. I bring them up on the holo screen now. The probe must of been damage there is barely enough power in it now to send back only one holo image to us. " Lt. Dare said with a frown. It was her first mission and she wasnít sure if it was just a power loss.

"Should be nice with those two moons circling our new home world. " My good friend Chief Med. Tech. Walter Raleigh or just Doc said with a grin as he walked up to my chair and never taken his eyes off the holo screen.

"How is the crew doing?" I ask curiously.

"Fine. everyone is still in their cyro-chambers, but the crew. " said Doc Walter.

"Should be very romantic with moons that never lose their light. " Doc Walter said with another smiled.

"Before you start thinking about taken any young 60-year-old women out on moon lit walks. I worried more about your 120-year body is going to fair if we have to build our own base there. " I said with a smile back.

"Donít you worry about me. I figure I got at least another 50 years or so in me. Medical science back home might have advance since we left earth six years ago. I could live for another 120 years for all you know. " Walter said has he finally handed me a general report on heath status of the crew.

Doing a quick check over the pad. It simple stated that everyone was in good health since being awoken from their own sleep clambers just a week ago.

"I understand the last ship lost contact just as they past the asteroid field that we about to go through. " Doc said with concern.

"That was android ship that was sent out a year ahead of us to build a basic base for us. By the time the signal got to our ship was they already landed on the planet. Something about power loss just they enter the solar system. We taking the warning seriously of course "

"Nothing to worry about. If they made it I am sure we will too" I said as I watch for any signs of trouble.

"Strange energy reading ahead now in the asteroid field. Canít identify it, sir. " Captain Read said has turn to look at me.

"Have my permission to go to code red, captain. You know about this ship then I do. Temporary relief my command to you. " I said as I stood up to walk to his computer screen.

"Kween, Charge the plasma cannon we might have to blast a few of those rocks out of our way. " Captain Read commanded.

The lights went dim and main engines went dead at that point.

"What happen?" Captain Read asked very confused.

"We lost main engine power and all other systems are running on are on backup support only. " Kween said with panic.

"The cannon?" ask Read quickly.

"Still at full power, sir. The charge is holding for now" Kween said with relief. At least we still have our main weapons he thought.

"Take power from the other systems including backup life support so we can still steer our way through the asteroid field with our other two engines at the very least. " Captain said has try to restore the main engine. The fission crystals were completely drain according to the main computer.

"Sir! dead ahead a large asteroid. I canít steer around it. " Lt. Dare said as she try to slow their course down.

"Its too big to blast away or knock it off our current course. Sir, what should I do?" Kween said.

"Kween, set the targeting system to make a hole for us to squeeze through and fire the cannon when ready" Captain said has he gave up on trying to get the main engine back online and hope there wasnítí much metal in that rock.

"Firing now sir!" Kween said as he braced for any shock waves.

"Brace for impact!" Captain Read shouted out to everyone on deck.

I return to my seat and waited for the worse.

It was perfect shot or lucky one for us to make. The cannon made a hole just big enough for us to pass through. I notice that large piece had been blown away toward our world. The planet was much bigger then earth could ever be.

As cheers of joy were yelled out I felt light headed and my vision went blurred. I look at my hands they looked wrinkled for a brief second. I passed out at that point and saw the rest of crew do the same.

"John, Wake up" I heard Docís voice say to me.

"What happen to us?" I ask puzzled.

"Whole crew got knock out by the energy field nearly as far we can figure. Must have been a strong one inside that rock we went through. "

"We made it? " I asked still wondering if my headache would ever go away now.

"I am no angel with a harp if that is what you mean. " Doc said as he help me get up.

"Ship and Captain?" I asked as a steady myself into my chair.

"We both fine now. " I heard Captain Read say as he came around from just behind me and give me a quick look over.

"Main engine is dead and we are running on low power now. Going to burn up all of our power just trying to land this bird. " Captain Read smiled has gave me approving look.

"How long till we reach Roanoke?" I asked wondering if I would have to be put back in my sleep chamber.

"Less then a day. " Captain Read said with grin. It was pure luck that rock didnít have too much metal in it after all. If it did have a lot. All they would have made for themselves a nice grave to crash into instead of a tunnel to pass through.

"Crew and everyone below?" I ask with concern for them and my own small family.

"All fine, I am having Doctor Walterís staff wake everyone up and crew is getting ready for a crash landing. " Captain said as he look from me to Walter.

"Your find this interesting. That piece of rock we knock loose to heading to the our new home. Its not big enough to do a lot damage, but it will survive just long enough to litter our colony area with itself. " Captain Read said with a laugh.

"Great, just what we need. Rocks that make us pass out. " I said joking.

"I doubt they still do that." I heard Kween say.

"Why do you think that Kween?" Doc asked.

"Those rocks were hit with a high plasma energy, there is no telling what they do to humans now. " Kween said as he sat at his weapon post looking as bored as usually. He always love to share his theories.

"Think we all gain super human powers now?" Doc said with a laugh. He thought Kween had watched too many holo-pad comics books as a kid in his opinion.

"Maybe" grin Kween then thinking about revise Superman he would watch when he was young.

Our chat was interrupted when we receive a weak signal from Roanoke.

"Signal from the androids, sir" Lt. Said as she took her eyes off the dim power level readings. "They have fully converted their ship into a base and await further orders. Then the message repeats itself. " She continued.

"Tell them to prepare for us. We need their help carrying all equipment if we make a crash landing. Tell them we are making a water landing. " Captain Read said with assuring tone.

Hours later after everyone was awake and prepare to leave the ship. We found ourselves in the Docís medical bay discussing what we could take. The bridge was now too crowded for a private chat since most of the systems were being taken out for travel. Only the flight system and flight controls were left untouched.

"Shame we canít take the holo screen. I love to have to play some old movies on" I laugh to perk up our dull chat.

"We wonít have much Medical supplies. I can take all the medical pads and supplies out, but most my medical tools we might need depends on the ship to work fully" Walter said with a frown.

"Good news is there is plenty of food makers for everyone to use. So we are not going to stave to death. The food makers are preprogram to only give out healthy meals. Besides there is plenty of fruit for us to eat down there. We finally got close enough to run a scan before we took most of the scanning equipment out. " Captain said as he look around at all of us.

"Going to be women and children first. Then the crew and the equipment last just like in the old days when people had to abandon a ship at sea. " Captain Read said with a smile. He love to use old earth phases whenever possible.

After each of us packed what we could carry I headed down the top cargo bay were life pods and families gather for a escape from the ship to safety.

My wife Margaret and our 9-year-old daughter Elizabeth or Lizzy for short were waited with calm looks on each of their faces.

"Daddy" My daughter screamed as both of them came up to me and hug me.

"How is everything?" my wife ask quietly and small bit of worried in her face.

"Good, they are more concern in taking the computer parts then the heavy science equipment. They figure we need more comm. devices, computer storage devices and entertainment devices then anything else. Cataloging everything is going to be dull going to require a lot storage space. Even taking the main computer system with us so we have a basic Internet setup down there. "

"Everything going to be OK?" My wife pressed on.

"Might have to swim?" I said with a grin. Trying to cheer her up.

"Ewwww" my daughter said as she thought about the water back home on earth. Most the water had become polluted and unsafe to even touch with bare hands. Efforts were being made now to save earth. With less humans on earth the better right now. Earth was pretty close now to becoming inhabitable.

"Water is clean here, Lizzy. With the equipment were are taking to this planet it will never get dirty like earth did. " My wife said as she lean down to explain to our daughter.

"Attention all passagers. Please enter the life pods now. We are preparing to land now. " We all heard a crewman said as he enter the cargo bay and pointed to the life pods.

"Come on, lets get inside now." I said as I took my wifeís hand and she took our daughterís hand in hers.

Families enter into the metal looking tugboats with crewmen shutting hatches after everyone was inside. There was least one crewmen to inside each making sure everyone was strap down and ready. It was cramp with only one window up front for the pilot to see out.

Sitting back I heard a hatch shut with a muffin bang and could feel the Virginia dropping now out of space.

I grip one of my daughterís hand and my wifeís hand has I felt the ship drop a little bit more. We were free falling mostly with a osculate engine firing to keep us level. The ship jerk and everyone thrust forward in their seats with few screams of terror from some.

We hit the water I thought. Without shields it was still a big gamble.

Roar of the water rushing just outside the shipís bay doors was getting less and less in sound. Then with a great bang and crash of metal far below us we felt the Virginia finally stop dead. Cargo Doors open flooding water and sunshine into the dim bays. Life pods released their clamps and glided forward out the doors.

Cheers and sounds of relief where heard over the commutation channels as each life pod sounded off they were clear of the shipís doors. I wonder if the Captain would it off safely when I felt our life pod land on beach.

It was paradise unlike I could ever imagine. Sun was blinding me, but no surprise there. I spent a week on board in a dimly lit ship. Waters were light clear crystal blue and sky was a beautiful deep red now with two blight moons just above the sun. We landed just in time to see the sunset take place. Life pods were now park in near perfect row along the beach shore and families now left them watched back at the Virginia with hopes that everyone will make it out.

Few had notice that the Andy Androids were coming out of paths in the forests and started to carry our luggage and equipment back to the base for us.

"There they are! " someone shouted in the crowd.

Last of the life pods that carry the last people had safely cleared the shipís cargo doors. I could make out Captain Read and his all of his crew on board the life pods. They stood outside waving to all of us to show that had made it off. Then in horror and amazement we all saw our ship the Virginia tilt its nose back straight up in the air and slowly sink into the water. Taking three of the automatic guided life pods that only held scanners and all the scientific equipment we had bought aboard down with it. The weight of the water must of fill up the back part of the ship.

There was much excited talk as we all walked back to the base for a late dinner and early sleep. I meet up with Old Walter and we chat in great length how lucky we were that every person had made it off. Just a little bit over three hundred people had survived the crash landing here.

Captain Read reappeared a hour later just after a quick dinner to report to everyone that the Virginia is a lost forever to us. It sank too deep to pull out or to recovery any of the lost equipment. On a side note most of the life pods will be turned into fishing boats and research boats to explore this world further.

"I guess we have to wait for the next ship to bring us all the science stuff we need. " I told Doc Walter as he took another drink from his tea glass.

"All families please follow the crewmen to the lower levels to get settle in. Your find luggage and everything you need already in your rooms. Tomorrow will assign you new living quarters and you may move in to them.

"Come on, Doc. Lets see if the Captain needs us. We should see if there anything we can do now. " I said after I wave my family good night.

"Governor, you should have this." Captain Read said he handed me a small rock.

"We ran a light scan it and confirm it came from the asteroid we went through. Be lucky we got it scan so quickly. Scanners are now scarce. " I held it gently and didnít feel anything.

"No dizziness or blurred vision?" I heard Doc say as he finally caught up with me.

"Ears like a hawk. " I said as a grin at Old Doc.

"Can you fly or see through walls? " Doc ask lightly when he saw Kween join our group.

We laugh a bit when Doc said it including young black Kween.

"Nope, feel fine" I said with grin and handling the rock over to Kween.

"You can borrow that for while discovery all its secrets. " I said smiling.

"The energy field in asteroid had change when we hit with plasma. Instead of draining energy now its putting off some kind of new energy. " Captain Read stated seriously.

"Think we can use it for an power source?" I ask wondering what exactly Read was talking about.

"No. Its too weak for our devices, but several of crewmen had a lot energy after carrying or being around these rocks. Seems to give you a boast of energy now." Read said then looking at Doc.

"Doc Walterís, I want you to examine these rocks and effects on humans. We have to make sure they are completely safe. I need to know if there is any long term effects that you can detect. " Captain Read said as a few crewman came over with a small bag that was filled with the same rocks.

"OK, you two head down to Medical Bay. I setup one at end hall just to your right. " Doc said has he pointed to the two young crewmen which were carrying the collected rocks.

After good wishes of a good night sleep we all set off to bed that night.

A month pass and everyone had settled into their new homes quickly. Doc had only headaches, minor cuts, and sunburns to deal with over the next few weeks. He study the rockís effect on people and due the strange energy field they put off it had hindered some of his experiments. There didnít seem to be any danger he later reported. Rocks seem to temporary restore cells and maintain them to a certain degree and then wear off. Doc did all his research indoors in the medical bay on many different people.

Doc was amazed how fast people healed and recovered. He noted this to fresh air and clean environment.

Few Andies were left untouched to maintain the base. Most were converted to take care of young children and tend to the gardens of flowers. All adults were busy cataloging and setting up a network of computers for research and entertainment purposes. There would be many education games for kids to play.

I sat at my desk chatting away about my own experiences to my personal computer while it recorded my voice.

"Wildlife here on Roanoke is amazing. Most beautiful animal has been a creature that looks like a deer. It has no antlers and its eyes are a dark blue. It has almost pure white fur with small brown hooves. A lot animals here have light color fur or pure white. Doc guesses the fur serves the purposes to reflect the blight sunshine to keep the animals cool in the daytime. Since no great injures or sickness has been reported Doc has spent most of his time watching animals and checking up on people.

We gather up the most of the rocks from the asteroid and have melted some down to use has railings and panels for the inside areas. What little metal that was in them is stronger then anything we know of. People have nickname them "Zen Rocks". A lot of the rocks were used to make paved paths and rock jewelry for the kids. Our community has all the comforts of home and little to worry about now. "

I stop when I saw Doc knock at my door.

"Hey John!" I heard Doc say as he enter my office.

"How business?" I said offering him a chair. On the outside he look about 60-years-old, but on the inside he body would give away his true age. Thanks to age stabilizers we took back on earth we manage to hold off death a while longer then most could centuries past.

"None" he said then looking puzzled.

"None?" I asked just as puzzled as his look.

"Not a single person has come in weeks. Most have adapted well to new environment. Tan bodies and strong arms, legs etc. Children are growing very fast and strong here. Being away from Earth has help them a little, but this world has done wonders. " I said with awe.

"I feel better then I have in years myself. I been walking more and more everyday now. " he said as he sat back in his chair looking well rested. Being away from Earth and being here now had did wonders for him. He look better.

"I know what you mean. My Lizzy has grown a inch since we been here and I hardly feel tired anymore even when a away from with my Zen rocks I kept around for a energy boost. They make me feel young again. " I said as I thought back.

"I think the Zen rocks are cause, but I canít be sure." Doc said with a smile.

"What? You think they are making people younger?" I ask with a laugh.

"I been study all the different animals and I havenít see any adult or mature animals anymore. It has been only young animals that barely can take care of themselves. Lucky for them there are no dangerous predators around to hunt them. " Doc went on.

"Younger theory was one of first theories, but with the children getting older and taller instead of getting younger and smaller I dismiss that theory right away. " Doc stated quietly.

"What does Captain Read think about this?" I ask now a little concern.

"He thinks I am imagining things because I have nothing better to do then watch four winged birds and chat with old friends. He flat refuse to let me borrow any of the scanning equipment. He off on little vacation with his crew and to busy exploring southern coast looking for who knows what now. No good trying to reach him on commutation pad. He turned it off. " Doc said with bitterness in his voice.

"Well, there is not much I can do till he turns it back on or returns home. Your know he wonít be back for months. Unless I have to start thinking about diapers for Lizzy again there is nothing I can do. " I said with doubt at Doc claims. Maybe my old friend was slipping away in mental abilities. Young in body didnít mean young in mind too.

"No, my own studies prove it doesnít make a person younger until they disappear from sight. It restores cells then maintains them and finally wears off. Effects are slightly different to each person. " Doc said now getting up with a touch of angry in his voice.

"Most of my staff has left and gone to do studies on plant life and such. They hoping to find the next great cure. I got Andies running my sick bay now. Techs have done a good job. Never know they werenít human if wasnítí for their lack of tan skin. I am leaving myself. I going head down south to the small community we set up down there. I heard the weather has been getting more and more interesting. Be a while before we see a good lighting storm come up here. One of my staff members report people are in perfect health down there too. " Doc said he shook my hand and then left.

"Message me back when you find something . " I called out after we said our good-byes.

Months few by in haze of meetings and study hearings. Doc had only reported that he was travel around studying animals and people when he got the chance. Captain Read only report there was no dangerous natives or animals to be found anywhere. Fishing boats had failed and now were used to create docks along the beach. Metal was used to make posts and walkways in shaded areas. With food makers and sweet tasting fruit available nearly anywhere you walked. People didnít care for the plain tasting meat of fish anymore.

Captain Read and his crew had stay as a police force that was hardly got called upon these days. Committees had nearly no trouble at all. With not much to fight over there had been minor fights if any. My personal home life has been good. For a long time now me and my wife had made love every night well after Lizzy is fast asleep.

Children here are happy as ever and never complain about being bored. Recently group of small creatures that look like cats but are tough has large dogs I been becoming peopleís pets. Most are light brown and make a never ending purring sound when held.

My own daughter bought one home we all have find it to be very lovable. Most people just called them Cuddles since they love to be held so much. Cuddles have a amazing calming effect on anyone. I check my daughterís height now. She is still 9-years-old but she grown taller and looks more like a 10-year-old now. I dismiss that Zen rocks could really make kids grow so fast and thought it had to be our little paradise world was the cause.

Doc return from his trip to report that everywhere he went. People were in great shape and animal life was the same everywhere.

"No adult animals anywhere to be found. I solve this mystery soon. I think when some of these animals hit adulthood they become shy and only come out at night. I be doing some research tomorrow night. " he stated while we ate at dinner in my house.

"It is amazing to see what this world has done for all of us . We have a true paradise here, where people look 10 years younger and hardly get tired." I said raising my glass to a toast. It was true to the point. I now look around 30-years-old and old Doc looked 50-years-old now.

Our own female looking android came in to serve fruit dessert pudding and remind us it was Lizzy bath time right after dessert. Every household now had at least one android to take care of the family or the very least to take very good care of the children. Unlike us adults nearly every child now called their own android "Nanny".

News from the outside had finally reach us here on the outer edge. We could receive messages easily enough but sending them always failed. Earth was sending only one more ship out our way to help us further expand our communities. Unfortunately this ship contain mostly people and androids then equipment.

Probe we had in orbit was nearly non functioning now. With no parts replace since It was built. We reprogram it to move outside the solar system and send out a message on safe places to land and warning next ships about the asteroid field. Captain Read was little concern that we be unable to contact anyone until they enter our solar system and got close to our Planet.

Strange news had reach up north to us. Three children all around the age of 11-years-old where discover living on their own up the hills just south of the southern community. There were 2 boys and a girl in the group. Boys were said to look a lot like almost twins. A DNA test prove they were related at the very least. Readís crew is looking into the matter and being slow down because most families in that areas are on vacation from other areas have little information to help. Storms down there would rain for days at a time kept most families indoors all the time. The storms that held lighting were becoming more and more seen down there. The vacation house the group of children were found in was pretty far out in the wild as well. Children were in good health and look after by a Nanny android. Children had suffer extreme memory loss. They only knew their first names and the basics information most 11-years-olds know. Nanny had taught them a lot over the few days she had them.

My friend old Doc himself is looking into the matter. He thinks his shy adult theory might have come into play at long last on us. I help made a few changes in the laws that involve Androidís programming that make them better in taking care of children just in case Doc might be right.

Doc only reported that one child called Tommy was caught in a storm with his Nanny in a dock house he was swimming early and didnít return home for over a hour. After the Nanny and the child Tommy saw a few lighting flashes near the vacation and storm was over. They both came back to vacation home to find his parents gone and only found two other children were in the house sleeping. Nanny didnít know neither of them. As a side note The Nanny stated she had to dress them both. They both had only few clothes when they found them. Nanny waited for the parents to return. She later noted that after a few hours the Nanny has stated she heard Tommy called them his brother and sister now. Nanny is no use after that chat she only contact Readís crew 24 hours after they disappeared. She never heard the parents say their last names and she was bought just a few days earlier to care for Tommy. There was lighting strike had hit a rock statue in the garden just behind the house. No bodies were found anywhere so far. If the parents did wonder off they didnít take much clothing with them.

I am positive Tommy knows the other kids at the very least. Tommy seems to have vague memories, but he canít recall any of them in detail. The DNA samples we taken from Tommy have proven they are related to him in some way. Their DNA doesnítí match much up with each other two.

The other two children might be children from previous families that each parent had in the past before they had Tommy. I seen Michael and Mary show small signs of affections for each other. Since they werenít blood related only by marriage I believe the parents allow them to carry out a childish puppy love type relationship. People have been more carefree these days, parents have allow their children to do more.

I finished reading Docís pad letter and begun to wonder if parents would start wondering off leaving their children to be care for by Nanny bots soon.

News die down and the last I heard of the story was the children were in care of small family just east to us a few miles away. Wasnít till later I begin to worry again.

More adults were disappearing now. Families were taken camping trips into the woods where real lighting storms could be seen. Only children came back a few days later. Only lack of clothing or tore clothing was the only thing wrong with them on the outside. Loss of memories were still unexplained. Most said it was shock of being lost and separated from their families. Nannies were only program to keep them safe as these children wonder about on their own. All the children made it back on their own accord, thanks to the Nannies and fruit they ate in the wild.

I decided to write a letter to Doc who was now living in the south community studding these strange events.

"We seen more storms over the past year since last month. More news of lost children have been coming in more and more everyday now. Very few lighting strikes are seen here and little rain falls here, but that is changing. The storms have been picking up more and more these days. Captain Read has had people have been studying and watching the weather patterns. According to them a we going to have one big storm that roll across all the way around our world at least once. Seeing lighting on this world is like seeing a rainbow back on Earth which was rare till recently. All that has changed now since the last few months. Our family got to see one as we walked along the beach a week ago. It was far off in distance, but all the saw breath taking to see lighting flash. Of course the Nannies are preprogram to rush children to shelter in any bad weather and as long everyone stays inside there is no danger in being stuck by lighting. Lighting rods have been installed to prevent any damage to the food makers and key systems we have at the base.

P.S. I need you too take a look at Lizzy for me. She hasnít grown a inch since her last birthday. Me and my wife have lost a little weight too. My hair is light color then before and I swear my wifeís body is smaller.

Your Friend


I finished it and sent it off by tapping on my Comm. pad.

Been 2 years since we made our crash landing. Little bit by little we all have been changing. Me and my wife had change in behavior somewhat. My daughter and most children her age had stop wearing a lot clothes were only wearing a bare minimum of clothes now. Everyone was becoming more carefree these days. Children could get away with only wearing only shorts or solid color underwear and couples are becoming more open to kissing in public.

"What is your judgment Doc?" I ask as we discuss the different changes in people with him.

"I had been a fool all these years about the Zen rocks. I was only half right mind you" Doc said as he sat back.

"There were several factors I never took in account with the Zen Stones. I only recently discover that the stones react to light, heat, and direct energy. All my early test where done inside in control environment away from those factors. " Doc said with a grim look.

"I finally got Captain to run some detail scans I needed. The energy waves have been growing since we been here. The energy has spread everywhere now. Its in our clothes, buildings and in our bodies. Its not just in the rocks anymore. Effects are the same but it reverts cells when massive wave cause by lighting is around. Good news is only so much can be absorb by the human body and limited range. So we canít get any younger then after our first full regression. " Doc went on.

"After someone is effected by a lighting strike they canít get any younger then that?" I asked with great deal of concern in my face.

"Yes, every child that has reached a point has stop growing and maturing now. Their cells just constantly renew themselves keeping them at that age. " Doc said looking briefly at Lizzy. "No child anywhere that is a certain age has gotten any older now. I believe they can only be effected mentally now. There is slight chance they lose a year or two in some cases. Every child on this world is old enough to survive and after the first storm they stay that age with no risk of losing more years. "

"Everyone going to be children. Does that mean Lizzy will never grow up to be a woman?" my wife ask nearly crying

Lizzy lean close to me for comfort and my wife just grip my hand tighter. Lizzy was still wearing her one piece swimming outfit, but didnít seem to bug anyone.

"It means none of us may be adults. Lighting strikes are causing changes and metal Zen lighting rods are perfect for attracting lighting " Doc said looking at me. "Just look at me now, last time you saw me I look 40-years-old at the worse. I could easy pass for 30-year-old now. John, you and your wife could pass for 25 years-old now. "

"Captain and his crew are spreading the news now. Few of us will reach toddler-hood again. They are plenty of Nanny bots to look after everyone. They kept us from going completely wild. " Doc said folding his hands neatly.

"Is there anything that can they can slow it down or reverse it?" I ask trying to imagine me and wife as a couple of little kids in diapers.

"Getting rid of the Zen stones would slow it down, but not by much and its too late now. The storms that can produce mass lighting will show up every few years to keep us young. We get our dose of energy waves about every 5 years or less I say. An friend of mine in the field thinks if she can stop the energy waves in the rocks. She doing a test run tomorrow and risk is very high. " Doc said with a worried look. Since I am the oldest person that came on this trip I be helping her.

"Those energy waves are just too unstable they effect every person differently. I going to supervise anyway behind shielded glass in the same room. " Doc looking more worry.

"I am coming too, if there any hope I want to be there" I said firmly.

As we approach the base I could hear distant thunder clapping somewhere else far away just to the south. The storms are getting closer I thought.

"I think our only hope will be if our bodies adapt in time. May take a hundred years, but in time I am sure a some people will grow into adults again. I just hope I donít spend next hundreds of years in diapers. " Doc said as we enter the basement lab where the test was taking place.

Me and Captain Read would watch the whole thing upstairs in a room by remote camera.

I witness terrible failure that day. The experiment did have a result, but not the one we wanted. An Doctor Anna Canon had a idea to try to setup a shield against the energy waves. Only Doc was allow into the room since it involved hitting a Zen rock with a small plasma burst to see if the shield would hold. No use in using animals they had already become fully effected.

Shield only lasted a minute doing the output phase. Doc witness the whole thing in great detail.

Doctor Canon was already around 20-years-old in body and she nearly lost her life. The shield had amp the effect greater then ever and remove the built up energy inside her. Allowing more energy to enter her and making her younger then it should have. There was now a risk that she could revert to nothing. Doc watch as she shrank into preteen then a young girl then a toddler in under 20 seconds. She became confuse and refuse to leave the room with him when he try to take her hand to lead her out. He had a job trying to hold onto a screaming toddler and open the lab door at the same time. We watch the entire thing happen with the help of a wireless cam. We both left the room to help him and by the time we got down to him to see if he got out all right. We found a young 15-year-old Doc sitting by the door to the lab and a toddler that was now Anna in a corner crying her eyes out and holding her naked red butt. It was confusing site at first.

"I gave her smack or two on her butt for not obeying me. She nearly got us both killed in there. " Doc said as look at my puzzle face at this strange picture. Anna had started to control her tears better now. Upon hearing this news she believe the strange man was trying to help her. His concern and caring face told her all she needed to know about him now.

It took me awhile to get use to seeing a now 15-year-old Doc holding a little hand that belong to a now diaper little toddler girl and a young 16-year-old Captain Read around. Little Anna had attached herself to the Doc as a father figure. For his act of protection and punishing her when she was bad girl.

We had even joke that Doc had finally got a girlfriend.

More storms moved in now over the next few days. Base had given some protection to those in it. We were only delaying our fate.

All Children had now refuse to wear anything else except for their Zen rock jewelry now. Any adult that tried to get children to wear anything else always ending up chasing a naked child away. Simply too many children now and not enough adults to maintain perfect order. Nannies were too busy at their jobs to be reprogram for such a small thing on such short notice.

Few remaining adults and families were now caring over vast number of children that have gather to our beach to play and swim in the nude. This was one of the few places were you could find sand and water together here on this world. It was easy to keep the children behavior better now. Smack on the butt is all it took to keep them in line.

I sat on the sidewalk exhausted from teaching the fully effected children how to care for younger children. Only the girls and few boys had really paid any attention.

"Well, there our fate, John" Doc smiled a bit as he look at over at hundred or so children swimming and playing. "We get to run and play with girls in the nude for the rest of all time. Not quite the way I pictured that fantasy about girls. " Doc said with a grin as he sat down. Anna had become his shadow now. She followed him almost everywhere now. She sat down beside him and started to throw little pebbles out toward the beach.

We watch the sun go down and saw our two blight moons peak out of dark clouds. Then whistle and shouted to all children it was time to come in. Storms clouds were close now first thunder was now heard. My wife had become nearly the same age as our daughter. Took me away to see them both naked all the time. I wore a T-shirt to prevent them from seeing my manhood reacting to their naked bodies. I had completely lost control over it now and hope my daughter and wife never noticed it acting on its own.

"Oldest person is now 16-years of age now in south community. No use now trying to hide anymore, The storms that coming out of the south will trigger the finally regression for all that are unaffected now. We lose our teen bodies and our adult minds now. This storm has a lot lighting in it. Once the light strikes the Zen rocks and metal we have placed everywhere. Energy waves will spread and change everyone to different ages. Young as toddler like Anna here to old as 11-years-old if we are lucky. Those already effected by energy waves caused by lighting will kept then new child bodies and minds. " Doc said as we gather in the main dinning hall. Doc and Anna sat close to us as children poured in to take shelter.

I looked around in disbelief. Nearly everyone has gather back here now. The Androids called Nannies kept guard to make sure no kids shuck out during the storm. Few kids were brave enough to try it. Nearly all children fear the storms for good reason and fear a spanking from hard hand of a Nanny. After tonight the nannies kept us out of harmís way for the most part. Few families decided to stay home and regress together in their own homes. All of us will be short walking distance from the base and the beach now. Nearly all rooms below were converted boys and girls of all different ages to live in. Sleeping mats were on the floor and bunk beds for older children to sleep in where just about the only thing is those rooms. Medical bay was turned into a nursery for toddlers with many cribs along the back wall.

Captain Read approach me before he went to join his crew.

"This kind of lighting storm will come around every five years or so. Even if anyone comes now to rescue us they doomed to the same fate as we are. I sent out a message to warm them to stay away, but who going to believe a warning with a young boyís voice behind it" I heard 13-year-old Captain Read say after we said good-byes to the adults selves.

"Mommy, Daddy, will you remember me?" My Lizzy ask as we huddle close as each thunder announce the storm was getting very close. We both were only a year older then her now. We were all nearly the same height and weight now too. A lot adults broken down to crying and holding their love ones close at this point.

"Doc says we have some vague memories of our relationships to each other. We know who is we really are relationship wise, but we come to think our former families as brothers and sisters. No matter what happen now we always love each other no matter what. " I said as the thunder was over head now and flashes of light could be seen now.

Thankfully the storm knock out the lights for a few seconds while we changed with one or many of its lighting strikes. We felt wave of unseen energy pass through us at moment. I felt my mind slip away as I felt my wife and myself shrink a great deal. My felt my daughter shrink a little too. Her turn to look after us I thought I drifted into my forced sleep.

Children of all ages awoke at different times that morning to find discarded clothing everywhere more strange new children sleeping in little groups. Less then 2 percent of children could remember their last names and those few didnít care to remember them for long. There were about 20 new toddlers all about still laying down in a deep sleep. Nannies could be seen here and there picking up discarded clothes to be turn into diapers for youngest children.

Sounds of other children playing outside made the awoken children leave the hall in a hurry to join them. Lizzy awoke to found her new so be adopted 6-year-old brother and sister sleeping in her arms. There was something about these little kids she held she felt a connection of love right away. She thought it was strange the little boy was wearing a pull over type T-shirt when everyone she saw and knew went without clothes. Lizzy gently lift the shirt to get a peak at his privates and giggle at the sight of how small it was. Her mind was wipe clean of where her parents really were. she had only remember few memories of them now all of them was when they were adults.

A small 9-year-old boy awoke near her wearing a doctorís lab coat and toddler in his arms that had a diaper slightly too big for her now. A nanny came over to readjusted it for her as soon she was awake. Looking around he saw the girl with what look like her little brother and sister still asleep in her arms.

"My name is Walter and I think this is Anna" he said he looking down at the toddler. "When they wake up you want to come and play with us?"

"Okay" the 9-year-old Lizzy answered back. She thought she knew him from somewhere, but couldnít remember no matter how hard she try to remember. Her new little brother became friends with him in no time.

A 8-year-old boy with a old flight jacket pass them while that chat only stopping to briefly to look at them. He had vague memory that was the group of friends he sometimes visit. When he wasnít with the other boys that use to wear the same blue jackets.

Years pass by and it was two months before the next great storm was due to hit. When a ship arrived to land on Roanoke.

Captainís Log of the ship known as The Phoenix was one only few logs that could be found:

Our ship had some trouble getting through the asteroid field, but thanks to warning from a probe that nearly dead in space. We were able to make a safe landing here. It will be some years before any news or slight chance a another ship comes out this way. Everyone that came aboard knew they were heading to a remote area of the universe anyway. When we landed we found a amazing site before us. Land and water is perfect to say at the very least. Even more amazing and puzzling is the children here. Nothing but children and Nanny Androids on this world. At first we thought they were native to this world. They have tan skin and are more healthier then any child I seen back on earth. DNA tests prove they are from earth.

Since it never gets cold and always stays warm most of the children go around completely in the nude here. My crew and passagers have try to cloth them with no luck. Best we have done is to do is gotten them to wear swimming suits for a while at least. Much to the dismay of my own crew and passageís children have adopted the lack of clothes style since all other children here refuse wear any at all.

Search parties were sent out of course to look for any signs of adults. No signs adults could be found any where. First theory was all adults were wipe out by a plague or natural disaster, no graves or bones anywhere. Nannies have only memories of children and no adults. With the storm gathering now over the past month I recalled all search parties. Some have not answer back yet All children know to take shelter when storms hit almost like a instinct. All scans of weather here say that a massive storm is coming. This one that will hit everywhere ever few years or so. I sent out messages for all to take shelter in the reinforced base.

The base itself was completely rebuilt into a single fortress against the storms by the androids. There is well over three-hundred children here is the best I can figure.

We discover some strange rocks here too. Children are often wearing them, they call them Zen Rocks. My own crew has collected a few from them for themselves. I give you a lot energy and you never feel tired when your wearing one. I going to have all kinds of tests will be done on them after the big storms blows over.

Due to power surges caused by all the lighting that strikes only early log files can be found in the computer network now. There was a faint message that warn us away. For what reason I still donít know. Most of computer memory is for education games for kids.

I look out of my office and see its getting dark and can feel a strange coldness in my body. I look back down at the floor and much to my dislike I see my naked little Carol playing with now nude dolls on a blanket. Her playing is exactly like the life here as she took the last of their clothes off. Everyone if carefree as a child and kept in check by the Nannies. My wife was now the only one who could get her to wear anything now these days.

"Honey, is she all right?" My wife asks has sees me staring with a concern look at our daughter.

"Yeah, just thinking we going to have a devil of time to get to wear clothes again. " I said with a laugh.

"Everyone has gather in the dinning hall for a late dinner. Nannies are gathering all the children to come in for shelter. They are doing the strangest thing I even saw. A lot nannies are preparing diapers for toddlers. Even with the ones here and our own there are too many cleans diapers already made up now. " My wife said she took my daughterís hand to lead her to mess hall.

"Huh" I said as I join my wife.

Thunder clapped once more and lights went out. A powerful and unseen energy force went through all of us at that point. Last thing my adult mind saw was my wife shrinking into a toddler about the same age has our daughter. There was slight joy in Carolís face as she thought it be fun to dress mommy in her clothes for once. After that I fell into a sleep to wake up as a 5-year-old boy a few hours later.

The End