Little Cheater



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Part 1 "Things are not what they seem"

"Come on, Crawl to mommy!" Screamed 25-year Kathine Simmons to a 8-month-old baby boy named Bobby Simons. The baby stopped for a second to rest and Mrs Simons was afraid of losing the baby crawling contest. Her baby had a huge head start, but now the other babies were closing the gap fast.

Bobby only sat on his cloth diaper butt for a second more then crawled with all his might to his mother's arms. Cheers and light applause was given as she raised her baby into the air.

"$500.00 gift certificate will reward to Mrs Simons and her baby for winning first place. Runners up will be given a $100.00 dollars gift certificate. " Came a announcer's voice over the intercom.

"Well did it, my little rug rat." Mrs Simmons whispered into the baby's ear.

For Mrs Simons it was the 6th baby fair we attended to this month alone. After collecting her prize Mrs Simons left with her baby boy who was in a stroller to the parking lot. She stopped at the door of a very nice red car with tinted windows. She strapped in her baby boy in a car seat that was in the back and then placed the stroller on the floor of the backseat.

The small baby boy gave her no trouble and laid still while she strapped him in. It was nearly hour later before she heard anything from the baby. Mrs Simons pulled into a restaurant to get some food to go. A loud "Gaaaaa" came from the back seat.

"Not now, Honey. Wait to we get home." Mrs Simons replied then proceeded to unstrap the baby in the baby seat. She then opened her door and walked to the back of the car and opened his door. She carried him into the restaurant with her. She was back outside within a few minutes carrying a small sack filled with a full meal for her and 2 paper cartons filled with milk for her baby boy.

After strapping the baby back in his baby seat she filled a bottle with the milk she purchased then laid it in the baby's lap. Baby only looked down with some disgust then pick-up the bottle and only held it.

Mrs Simons return to her driver's seat and open the sack once again to eat her food. A sound of protest came from the baby and she turned to see what he wanted. Bobby was pointing to her soft drink and then holding up his bottle filled with milk.

"No. You can't have my soft drink, Bobby." She smiled then taking a small slip to tease him a bit. Another sound of protest even louder now came from Bobby.

"OK, One slip is all you get then you must drink you milk. Man! You act like such a baby sometimes." Mrs Simons said as she let the baby take a slip from her drink with the help of a straw.

The baby boy only clapped then laughed. After finishing her meal and seeing her baby was drinking his milk she was on the road again. It would be another two hours before they reach home. Of course after an hour on the road, Bobby was asleep with the half empty baby bottle laying in his lap Thankfully this time she didn't need to burp him.

After countless miles Mrs Simons finally pulled onto a paved driveway of a house. She was careful not to wake the baby up as she carried into the house. Cold air from the air conditioner gave her goose bumps has she enter house. It always took her a few minutes to get use to it. Bobby was dress in warm sleeper outfit and didn't feel the effects of the cold air yet.

She place Bobby in a playpen that was place in the center of the living room. After she laid a blanket on him, she sat at the computer and started to shop online. The gift certificate was now laying on the desk beside her optical mouse. After selecting some very nice clothes made for a baby girl she then bought the biggest and best crib she could find on the site. Everything would be express mail and arrive day after tomorrow has she finished her order.

She was just about to shut the computer off when the sound of baby's scream of dislike came from the playpen. Bobby was now standing up and holding himself steady with his arms on the playpen's protective rails.

"Alright, Hang on." Mrs Simons said then click off the power button.

Mrs Simons then walk over the playpen and lifted her baby out. She carefully laid him on the floor and stripped him of all his clothes. To most this would have appear she was going to change his diaper. She then pick up all the clothes and walk out of the room to toss them in the hamper, leaving him naked for the entire world to see and the mercy of the cold air from the air conditioner.

She return quickly because she knew he would kick and fuss so loud it could wake the neighbors. In her right hand she held a small device that looked like a pocket calculator.

She entered in a two digit number while pointing it at the baby boy. Slowly the baby grew in size and age to a young toddler. His once wisp of hair thickened and his limbs grew in length and started to lose some baby fat. From a toddler he aged into a small boy to become a preteen. He was thin now and starting to show signs of maturing. He sat up when became a boy use the baby blanket to cover his privates from view. Finally he aged into full maturity from a teenager to a 26-year-old man.

"How long have we been home?" He asked with hint of angry.

"Not long." Mrs Simons answered her husband.

"Shall we stay in and order some take out or go out?" Mrs Simons asked to change the subject.

"Stay in." Mr Simons replied has he stood up then left the room to get dress.

Tossing the blanket with the baby's clothes Mr Simons got dress and was back in the living room sitting back on the sofa. His wife came in with the mail that piled up while they were out.

"Look another baby fair is coming up." She said as she read the flyer.

Mr Simons only gave a small dark look at his wife and then watched the tv with more attention.

"And the contests will be......." Mrs Simons paused in mid sentence then her face fell a bit.

"What?" Mr Simons said has he smiled a bit.

"Cutest baby's butt contest and beauty" She replied sheepishly.

"Good, your turn then." Mr Simons said with a grin.

For the more physical contests Mr Simons was enter while his wife took on the slightly easier beauty contests.

"How long till it comes up?" Mr Simon asked with glee in his voice.

"This weekend." She replied with a small delay.

"Good. Getting worn out traveling all the time and be nice to rest for once." Mr Simons said then flipping through channels.

"Come on, dear. It hasn't been bad so far. Look at all the money we won and prizes we get." his wife answer back hopeful he forget any ideas of getting revenge on her for not changing him back as soon they got home.

"I didn't spend 10 years of my life perfecting the Chrono Calculator to cheat in baby contests at baby fairs." Mr Simons replied with remorse.

"It is a lot safer then using it on old women to restore their youth. We were hardly making any dough there, hun. With the contests we making tons more." she responded back hopeful to win him back to his good side.

"I know, less risk and more money. Great idea you had with the cloth diaper." Mr Simons said has he rolled his eyes.

"Settle then and does my little man want a snack before our food arrives. " She teased has she begin to slip out of her shirt and unhook her bra.

"Maybe." respond Mr Simons has he unbutton her jeans and slowly slipped them down her waist.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 2 "Road Trip"

" this rate we have our own child and won't bother with the calculator for a while." Mr Simons replied as he got dress again.

"Sorry hun, I am still on the pill. Just not ready yet." Mrs Simons said as she finished putting on a night t-shirt and shorts.

Before Mr Simons could replied the doorbell rang and left to the answer it. Few minutes later Mrs and Mr Simons were at the kitchen table enjoying a very expensive meal.

"Lord, with money you spend on food alone I am surprised we still own the house." Mr Simon said after he finished his meal.

"Don't be so dramatic. We just keep entering contests and we will be able to keep this up. " Mrs Simon said as she tossed bags in the trash.

"We have to leave on Friday to get settle in and lets take the RV this time. It will take at least six hours to get there. " Mr Simons said has he read over the flyer.

Mrs Simons face fell a bit, she like staying in hotels that provided you everything.

Week went by with little to do. A slightly more expensive crib replaced the old crib in the spare bedroom. The old one was sold to a local auction house that paid pretty good money. The crib looked like it hardly had been used. New baby clothes were washed and ready long before Friday rolled around.

RV was fully ready for 2 weeks of travel as the Mr Simons sat in the Driver's seat and Mrs Simons sat in the passenger's chair.

Two hours into the trip Mrs Simons announce she was going to back to laid down for a nap. None of the radio stations held her interest and the portable TV happen to be in the back near the bed.

Mr Simons casually glanced in the rear view mirror to see she had fallen asleep yet. After forty minutes she did close her eyes and was breathing slowly. Mr Simons saw his chance for a little revenge. Taking the Chrono Calculator out of the glove box he aimed carefully and punched in his desired digits. She barely stirred has the changes took place. Mr Simons watched every few seconds taken his eyes off the road only for moment as she changed. A young woman was sleeping peacefully then in the next glance it was a teenager and finally a cute face of a 14-year-old girl could be seen over the covers.

Mr Simons chuckled a bit then put the device back in the glove box. It wasn't until they were outside the city limits to their destination that Kathy Simons finally woke. Lucky for Mr Simons she didn't say a word when she woke. She instead slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom stall by the bed. Kathy didn't notice she her jeans shorts were left under covers and her shirt now hung past her waist.

Mr Simons only watch in amusement as she sleepily made her way to door and finally found the knob that opened it.

Wasn't until Mr Simon's heard a small scream and his name follow by a few bad words did he stop the RV at a pit stop restaurant.

"Just a little joke, honey." Mr Simons said as he approached the bathroom door.

"Very funny, but that is not the really why I screamed." came a high irritate teen's voice from the bathroom.

"What then?" Mr Simons asked puzzled.

"I fell in and I am stuck." came the teen's voice much lower.

"You're what?" Mr Simon asked not sure he heard right.

"Stuck and I can't reach anything to pull myself out." Came Kathy voice now with little angry.

"Hold on, let me come in and pull you out. " Mr Simons said as he turned the knob slowly.

"OK, but don't look. Close your eyes." Kathy replied back as she saw the knob move.

Bob Simons reached out his hand for his shrunken wife and felt her small hand close around his wrist. With one might tug she was free.

"OK. You can look now. " Teen Kathy said as she pulled her shirt down just in case.

"Just use the shower to wash off and put the seat down before you run the water." said Bob has he look over his wife's face for signs of anger.

"I do that!" She replied back then pushed him back and out of the bathroom.

Seconds later last of her clothes were tossed out as Bob waited in the driver's seat. Sound of running water came next. Front curtains on the RV were closed and provided cover just in case anyone happened to look in when she got out.

Not wanting to make his wife any madder then before Bob place plenty of towels on the hooks beside the bathroom's door.

"What I am post to wear? All my clothes are too big." Kathy said as she wrapped a towel around her very young body.

"There is always that small shirt and shorts for kids we always carry around." Bob said holding back his laughter.

"OK, but I am to be treated like a princess or so help me I'll leave you diapers till the president is a woman." She threatened him.

"OK, OK. Whatever you want." Bob gave in quickly. He knew he had gotten his revenge and more.

Bob open the glove box and punched the numbers "06".

His wife then turned and climbed back into the bed and shut the curtains. Bob could only see her shadow has she changed in age. It appeared she was shrinking behind the curtains. She dressed quickly and was ready in under a minute.

Bob had forgotten how cute she was when she was this young. Adorable was the better word for it. He had spent so long around the baby Kathine he forgotten she made a cute 6-year-old girl.

"No more funny ideas, mister" Kathy piped in high girlish voice.

"Promise, for now." Bob said with grin.

As soon as Bob was outside she gave her first command to him.

"Carry me I don't what to step on a rock." She said in fake scared voice then tapping her foot to show she had no shoes only adult flip flops to wear.

"Whatever you say, your highness." Bob said has he took her in his arms and carried her in after he locked the RV door.

Road side restaurant was a nice place to step into. Booths were clean and food smelled wonderful. The waitress took Bob's order first then asked what the little girl wanted. It was no surprised that little Kathy order the most expensive item on the menu and a large drink. Bob nodded his head when the waitress looked at him after she ordered.

The waitress returned a minute later with some crayons and free kid's color book for Kathy. Bob thought she might throw a fake temper tantrum, but to his relief she took it. Kathy then begins to entertain herself by working out puzzles and connect-the-dots. Bob didn't show any concern for his wife's behavior. He knew there were no mental effects from the calculator and played along with her game as she told the childish jokes that were in the book.

Kathy kept talking knowing he hated to answer to a child with the same respect you give an adult. It wasn't until she amused herself in coloring in a picture that she finally stopped.

She had just finished coloring when their food came. A steak dinner was placed in front of Kathy while a small basket of fries was place in front of Bob.

"Daddy, Could you cut this up for me?" Kathy said in the sweetest voice she could do.

"OK." Bob said then talking a knife and cutting her streak into very small pieces.

"Thank you." She said in the same sweet voice, after he pushed her plate back to her side of the table.

Bob knew she could never finish that streak. He waited till she was full then ate the rest of it, only snacking on his fries till they were gone.

"Dessert?" asked the waitress when she came back for the dishes.

Bob only looked at his little wife for a respond.

"Hmm....Could I have some pie with ice cream?" She asked Bob.

"Sure, whatever you want sweetie." Bob answered back now getting into the game.

"Apple pie do?" asked the waitress.

"Yeah." Bob answered back.

Somehow Kathy managed to make room for the slice of pie and Bob was glad she ate so much. She was looking like she could use another nap. They had spent quite a while in the little restaurant.

"Lets hit the road, angel." Bob said after he drop a few dollar bills on the table on top of the tab.

Kathy didn't see the nice tip Bob left as he picked her back up and carried her back to the RV. Kathy lightly carried the coloring book and set of crayons in her left hand. Kathy didn't go back to sleep, but stay in bed watching some cartoons she found. Bob knew she like being a kid, but love being mommy to him more.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 3 "Winner is....."

At long last they pulled into the fairgrounds. Bob called back to Kathy that they were there. Kathy walked to the front and climb into her old seat. Bob managed to get a great spot, right between the main building and the playground. As Bob hooked up all the hoses and plugs, Kathy ran off to play with the other children in the playground. Game of Tag was being played.

Kathy played for an hour as Bob sat and read a book he brought along. Sunset was gone now and it was getting darker by the minute. Kathy face was smudged with a bit of dirt and her feet were covered in it. She abandoned the flip flops in RV and ran barefooted while she played.

"I should put you over my knee for getting in so much dirt." joked Bob has he closed his book and open the door to go back inside. Kathy only giggled at his joke followed him inside. Bob stripped off her shirt then open the door to the bathroom to turn on the facets. After checking the water to see if it was too cold or warm, he stepped back to let her step in. Kathy let her shorts drop after she stepped in and picked them up to give to Bob. He could only see her backside and childish butt.

"Think my butt will be cute enough?" Kathy asked as she handed the slightly wet shorts to him.

"Yeah." Bob answered rolling his eyes then shutting the bathroom door. Thinking; "Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you."

Her Shower was short and she wrapped a towel around herself nearly three times when she left the bathroom. Bob was sitting on the bed with cutest toddler outfit he could assemble. On the other side of the RV was a toddler size pen already setup and ready.

"You might as well get changed right now. Events start in the morning. " Bob said as he picked up the remote and switched off the TV.

"OK." Kathy agreed then sitting down on the floor.

Bob pulled out his Chrono Calculator and aimed it at Kathy, pressing the digits: "02". With all the fake birth Certificates they had, he could pass her off at any age as long as her body looked close enough to it. Before she was skin and bones, but now baby fat soon filled in on her limbs and her belly grew outward as her skin soften in color. Her blond hair shortened and became thin. As it withdrew into her, it made shorter curls. The towel pooled around her body and feet as she stood up. Kathy didn't have any modesty when she was changed into a baby or toddler. After a few steps she was right in front of Bob with her arms up doing a cute impression of toddler wanting to be picked up.

Bob picked her up and laid her down while he dressed her. After putting a plastic pink trim diaper with ruffles on, he slipped a pink dress over her head then button it up in the back. Finally came some white stockings that went all the way up past her diaper to her waist. A pair of black slippers laid on the floor beside bed for her in the morning.

"Try not to have any accidents. We only have two white stockings for the contests. Besides the cutest butt there is also a beauty contest for toddlers as well." Bob said then lifted her up with a grunt.

"Okee, Da Dee" Kathy replied with a fake lisp.

Bob carried the 2-year-old toddler to the playpen and set her down on her feet. Already in the playpen was her coloring book and crayons from the restaurant. He then checked the fridge and baby supplies. On the bottom rack was baby bottles filled with milk and different juices. Everything had to be perfect for this contest as he look over number of supplies he had. There was big money to be won and his wife would be disappointed if they didn't win.

Both slept the entire night and it was Kathy who woke up early. Judging from the light that made it through the curtains she could tell that the morning sun was just starting to rise. She tried to amuse herself with her coloring book, but was just too excited to do so.

After throwing her box of crayons then her coloring book she managed to waken Bob from his slumber.

"Are we excited?" He asked as he sat up and look at the toddler bouncing up and down in the pen.

Kathy only nodded then raised her arms up opening and closing her hands.

"OK." Bob said as he walked over to the play pen and took her out. Kathy waddle over the bedside and waited.

"Better give you juice first. Then milk for supper later. " Bob said has he taken out the baby bottle containing orange juice.

Bob sleepily made his way back to the bed and lifted Kathy up into his lap. Bob used the remote to switch on the local Saturday morning cartoons. Kathy, being a bit of brat, pretended she couldn't hold her bottle then tugged on Bob's shirt to get him to hold it for her. Bob felt strange bottle feeding his wife, but did it anyway. Normally she doesn't allow him and maybe she just holding him to his promise he thought. She was so passive and relaxed has he fed her, who would ever think she was once a adult woman.

After a quick burping which she love to do as loud as possible, Bob had her outside and strapped inside the same stroller she used on him only a week before. Extra clothing and diapers were stuff in the back and sun screen was pulled down slightly to protect her. The RV was locked tight as a drum and they were off. By now the baby fairs were nearly all the same to Bob, Kathy always seemed to find something new and wonderful about them.

What Bob would love to see her do was make an education toy look easily. It would just always get a shock expression from other parents and vendors. Finally circling the inside of building over a dozen times and stopping to look at every booth, the contests were announced to begin in ten minutes. Everyone should register now if you haven't done so. Being the professionals they become, Bob had registered Kathy as soon they arrived.

Countless toddlers were lined on tables while judges circle again and again marking on their clipboards. Some of toddlers were already crying and getting bad marks for doing so. Kathy only grinned as she watched one toddler after another cause a chain reaction. Coming down to fifty or so now, Kathy managed to charm the judges with her sweet look and very well behave manor. Judges were testing if toddlers could stand harmless pinching of cheeks to the harmless slaps on the hand. Few toddlers fell for this trick. Most made only puzzled and happy looks at the judges after their silliness.

Finally ten were selected and Kathy was named in 4th place on the list. She did a cute applause of her own when they announced her name. Local TV cameras were now in place as the lead judge stood up and spoke into a cordless microphone.

"Winner is of the beauty contest is......." The judge paused for effect.

"Katrina of the Gray Family." He said then turned his body toward a cute red headed girl.

Kathy own face went from excitement to disappointment. For half a second she thought for sure she was going to win. No one, but Bob notice she folded her arms up. The toddler wasn't that cute in her opinion she thought has the child was hug by her parents.

"Don't pout. Your face might stay that way." Bob said has he picked her up.

"Not pouting." She said forgotten her lisp for a brief second.

After reassuring her that they would win the next contest, Kathy was ready to bare what she must to win. Large basinets were brought out for the toddlers to be place on tables. Most of the toddlers were still too upset to enter into the 2nd contest. Toddlers were place in the basinets and with the privacy of them the parents stripped the diapers off the toddlers that were hidden from public slight.

Bob simply laid Kathy on her stomach and pull down her stocking a bit to remove her diaper. Sheets with numbers, with small rectangle holes, were given to all the parents to cover the toddler's body with expect for the butt. Different panel of judges came out this time with clipboards and proceeded to look in each basinet. From what Bob could see they were giving high marks for Kathy. The Prize wasn't as big, but would be a good walk away prize. The beauty contest had a prize of $5,000 dollars while the cutest butt only had $1,000 in cash. After taxes it came to $800.00, but still it was better then nothing.

The Judge announced it was ok to re-diaper the toddlers and removed them. Kathy whisper if they mark her high. Bob only respond by nodding then a small hug. Kathy did a light clap after the hug. From another person's view it would seem if the toddler asked she was being good then getting praise.

"Cutest Butt goes to...." Judge paused like his pre-successor. Kathy crossed her fingers at this point.

"Kathy from the Simons family." the judge shouted.

Kathy Squealed in delight at the sound of her name and Bob gave her a tight hug, as a little award with a ribbon was given to her by a judge. After the feeling of excitement wore off, Bob collected the prize money after taxes and signed the essential forms. Bob and Kathy were back in the RV looking over the check. Kathy had Bob stripped her down to nothing but her diaper now. The air from the AC felt wonderful on her skin after being stuck in the stuffy building all day.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 4 "Hope and a pray"

Both were in such a good mood that they had each forgotten to change her back. They fell asleep that night watching an old movie while both were wrap in blanket on the bed. Bob dressed in his usually nightshirt and pants and Kathy only wearing a diaper.

The sound of the TV woke Bob up that morning. He was careful not to wake up Kathy just yet, as he picked her up and place in the playpen. Bob looked down on the toddler that was his wife, looking so cute and innocent with a bit drool coming out of the corner of her mouth, he begun to wonder if her feelings were changing. Perhaps she liked being a little girl more then adult. Maybe it was both he thought, to have the power of being a adult and a child.

Bob started packing everything up for travel once again. Bob thought to himself it was a lot easier to get this RV ready for a trip then making a reservation at a hotel then carrying all that baby stuff around. Bob went outside leaving the door opened and he just finished unhooking all the hoses and the power plug when he heard Kathy.

"Da Dee!" She yelled from inside the RV.

"Coming." He called back.

"What is it?" Bob asked as he step back inside.

Kathy was only sitting up in her playpen looking at him.

"You what out or changed back to normal?" Bob asked

"Out. Play" She voiced.

"Play?" Bob asked her little confused.

"Yeah. Sandbox" she answered back.

"I see, make me do all the work while you get all the fun. " Bob said as he lifted her up and checked her diaper.

Kathy only giggled then nodded her head up and down.

"OK. You got to help me unpack when we get home or I will keep you in diapers." Bob said then pointing his finger at her bare chest.

"OK." She said reluctantly.

Bob carried her outside and set her down on the grass in the playground. The playground was pretty nice; it was fenced off so kids didn't wander into the parking lots and lots of things to do inside. Kathy waddle right over to the large wooden sandbox and started playing. There were about twelve other kids already playing ranging in different ages. Two other toddlers were playing in the sandbox before Kathy joined them.

Bob kept his eye on her barely letting her out of his sight. Bob relaxed a bit when other parents came out to let their children play and saw that it would be alright to let his guard down. He have tricky questions to answer too if Kathy was kidnaped or went missing. Last of the things were packed now it was getting close to sunset. Bob had even install a booster seat in the passager seat of the RV. He thought with a grin; if she didn't want to help pack up she should be treated like a toddler until they got home.

It seemed that Kathy had made a friend. Kathy was no longer in the sandbox, but now be lead out by the hand of slightly older toddler then herself. Bob follow with his eyes they were going over to other's girl mother. Bob smiled and decided to go rescue you if she needed it. It turned out the true toddler just wanted her mother to meet her new friend. Bob waved and smile as he approached the outside table they had outside their camper.

"Hi, is this your daughter?" asked a middle age woman with dark hair.

"Yeah. Kathy" Bob said as he stopped.

"She is adorable. My name is Mary Dawkins and this is my husband David. Our daughters Chrissy and Jamie" Mary said then pointing to everyone. Chrissy was the young toddler and Jamie was the older daughter about seventeen as far Bob could figure.

"Nice to meet you." Bob said as he shook David's hand.

"Have a seat." Mary suggested to Bob.

Bob figured he might as well. The toddlers went inside to play with dolls.

"OK. Can't stay long we be hitting the road in the morning." Bob said as he sat back.

It was the usually general chit-chat. Where you from and such. Mrs Davis went on little on her family and her hometown. Only stopped when Jamie got out her pack of cigarettes and was about to lit one.

"Jamie! Not around your little sister. Wait to tonight when she goes to sleep." Her mother barked at her.

Jamie put the cigarets back in her purse then stormed inside the camper to watch some TV..

"Just don't know what I am going to do with her. Started with trouble at school and now these filthy little habits she has picked up." Mary said to excuse her daughter's rude behavior.

Bob only nodded in agreement, but didn't have a chance to comment.

Loud piecing scream came from inside the camper at that moment. It was a toddler's wail that came next..

All three adults jumped up to see what was wrong. Inside the camper was Kathy naked and her butt as red as she coward in the corner crying her eyes out from pain alone. While her new friend Chrissy was hitting her sister with all her might trying to defend Kathy. Mr Davis pulled his youngest daughter off of the oldest and took her outside to settle her down.

"Jamie! What do you do?" Her mother said with angry and embarrassment in her voice.

"I told the brat to move and she refuse too. " Jamie said trying to defend her actions.

"Just because you lost your temper doesn't mean you get to take it out on a defenseless child." Mary screamed at her daughter.

"Mom! She was being a brat." daughter said still trying to defend her action.

"You act like such child sometimes. I wish you were one again." Mary responded with more angry.

"Maybe if you pray for it. It might come true." Jamie shouted in equal amount of angry. Then a slap from the mother across her daughters face came next. Jamie stormed out of the camper with tears in her eyes before another word could be said.

"I am so sorry that happen. Is Kathy ok?" Mary said after a few quick deep breaths to calm herself.

"Believe so, just crying from the pain and the scare that's all." Bob said has he held the naked toddler in his arms to comfort her. Mary was amazed at how fast the toddler did stop crying.

Mr Davis came back in when he saw his oldest daughter storm past him.

"Don't worry she be back late tonight and in the morning we have a another talk with her." Mr Davis said as he try to calm his wife. Little Kathy was listening carefully to every word has she was being held.

"I pray for the strength for the both of us then." Mary answered back to her husband.

Bob pretended that he didn't hear anything by gently rocking Kathy in his arms.

Mary apologize again then offer some candy to Kathy and told her that it wasn't her fault she got spanked. Kathy nodded her head to reassure Mary she understood. Bob had to kept a smirk from his face at this point.

Bob carried Kathy back to their RV to sleep for night. He forgotten to pick her diaper up, but had her in a cloth diaper that night and ready for bed.

"Are you sure you don't want to use it?" Bob asked her as he sat the calculator on the bed at her side.

"No." Kathy responded back still rubbing her thigh area with some wincing.

"In case you change your mind I just keep it here by the remote if you want to use it." Bob said as he climbed into the bed. Normally Bob or Kathy wouldn't allow the other one to sleep in a bed when they were too young. There was always chance either of them could stain the sheets by accident. Bob decided to bend that rule just for tonight.

"Can I sleep by the window tonight? I don't feel like watching TV." She asked has she stopped rubbing her thigh.

"OK. Just poke me in the back if you need to go to bathroom or anything. I don't want to wake up in a wet spot." Bob said in small teasing tone.

"Alight." Kathy replied rolling her eyes a bit then smiling.

Being so tired from packing everything up Bob was asleep in no time. Kathy was overjoyed to see him in such a deep slumber. She reached over his head and pick up the calulator in her hands. RV was dark and only light now came from lights outside of campers and other RVs. Kathy quietly parted the curtains and cracked open the window. It was given a perfect view of the Davis's camper. Kathy waited and hope she wasn't too late.

Kathy reminded herself of the pain and humiliation she suffer to stay awake. Finally the sound of footsteps came at long last. It was her target she waited for so long now. Kathy sat the calculator on the window's edge and lined it up perfectly at the door. Jamie cut through the playground and only stopped in front of the camper to smoke her last cigarette. Kathy waited for her chance. Too soon and she might notice the changes. Kathy would have to wait till she going inside. Judging from her body's movements the teen was dead beat and ready for a long sleep.

Tense ten minutes passed as the teen smoke and Kathy waited with slow breaths. Kathy had already punched in one digit and only needed one more to fire it. The invisible beam would travel across the air and engulf that teen in under a second. With some luck the teenager would be in bed and fast asleep before she notice the changes. Kathy already had a idea on what age to make the teen. Since Jamie proved she wasn't a very good role model for her younger sister. Kathy decided she should be the younger sister of the pair. Chrissy was almost 4-years-old and was about to get 2-year-old little sister.

Jamie tossed her cigarette and turn to step inside the camper. Kathy press the button with number 2 on it and watched carefully. Jamie stopped midway in the door and shivered a bit then walk in shutting the door behind her.

"How sweet revenge can be." Kathy shouted inside her head.

Kathy carefully laid the calculator by the remote and closed the window then the curtains. She then amused herself of images of Jamie turning into a toddler. Then being spanked by her mother or father for being bad. Her last thoughts were about what her new big sister would do to her. Before Kathy feel asleep with a smile on her face.

Bob woke to the sound of the alarm's clock ringing. He shut it off and then managed to shake his wife awake. Sleepily she walked up to the front of the RV with Bob. He strap her in the booster seat and rub his eyes one last time. He started the RV engine and they were moving toward the parking lot's exit. Kathy only looked into the side mirror and gave one last thought toward Jamie. I hope you slept like a baby she thought with a grin.

The trip was dull and long one. Bob stopped by McDonald's for some fast food to go and they were off again. Kathy wished they ate inside so she could had a chance to play some more. She loved being just young because she could get Bob to do anything she wanted. Bob was amazed that his wife didn't change back yet. He figured he have his adult wife back in the morning.

Kathy drifted off to sleep due to her staying up and Bob was happy driving straight home. These trips were wearing thin on him. There had to be a better way to make money and little risk with his invention he thought was he watched the road in front of him.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 5 "Heads or tales?"

Kathy woke up when they were just minutes away from home and look around.

"Thought you sleep the whole way home. We nearly there now." Bob said when saw movement to his right and knew she woke up.

Kathy only yawned then stretched out her arms and legs. This was adorable seeing a toddler doing this. Soon enough they were finally home. After putting some oversized clothes on Kathy. Bob used the device to age her to 15-years-old. This was quite a interesting site to see. From toddlerhood she went into childhood. Baby fat limbs when to skinny and boney. She lost her plump belly and her figure changed into hourglass shape as she enter teenhood. Front of Kathy's shirt was forced outward a little bit as maturity of teenhood started to take hold.

"Why I am still young?" Kathy asked once she saw she wasn't getting any older.

"Just making sure your kept, your end of the bargain. Now grab that box there and lets get this stuff back in the house." Bob said has he slipped the device in his pocket.

Kathy didn't have any ideas of not keeping her end, but had nearly forgotten about it. Soon the RV was empty of clothes and various other items. Both were tired and had a bit of light sweat on them. Kathy said she was going to take a shower and just gave a Bob a idea.

After hearing the water was running Bob went back to the bedroom and slipped the calculator out of his pocket.

Kathy was given quite of shock when she heard the bathroom door slide. Standing there was a 16-year-old Bob completely naked and grinning like a fool.

"You scared the hell out of me!" She said as she step back to let him in.

"Just a little surprised." Bob said as he stepped in.

Of course one thing lead to another and soon the teens were back in the bedroom.

"Feel like pizza?" Kathy asked as she got out of bed using the sheet to cover herself.

"Sure." Bob agreed.

"Nice night isn't it" Bob said has he took another bite of his slice.

"Yeah." Kathy said then taking a sip from her drink.

"When is the next contest?" Bob asked hopefully. He was only hoping it was long time away from now.

"Won't be one for a while. Only thing that is coming up is a modeling fair." Kathy said as she looked over printed pages from the internet.

"Modeling? What kind?" Bob asked with a little interest.

"Mostly to be feature in clothes catalogs and product ads." Kathy answer only after she read on a bit more.

Bob sense she was hiding something. It was in her eyes and way she holding paper.

"What else?" Bob said with a accusing glance.

"This is the best part. It's for kids only." Kathy giggled.

Bob took the paper after Kathy handed to him to read over it.

"It's local and pay sounds nice. Hmm, boys and girls are welcome. Should we flip a coin or rock, paper, or scissors?" Bob asked feeling like a kid.

"Well you do make a handsome kid, Honey." Kathy said with smile.

"Don't forget you pretty adorable yourself." Bob answer back.

"Ok, Lets flip a coin." Bob said as he took a quarter from his pocket.

"If you win, you decide. If I win, I decide " Bob said has he placed the coin on his thumb nail.

"Heads or tales?" Bob asked as the coin was sent straight up into the air.

"Heads" called Kathy as the coin was in the air.

"Don't look so mad, Bobby" Kathy said as she drove the car on the way to the modeling fair.

"I won fair and square. Besides even if you don't land any jobs I got some pictures of myself when I was younger with the help of your little toy. I just say there are pictures of your little sister." Kathy went on.

"Ok." Bob said sounding like a real 5-year-old boy and thinking he dislike the idea of being called Bobby.

"Getting tired of entering contests, baby?" Kathy cooed at him. Knowing he hated to be treated like a child.

"Yeah and I am tired of traveling all the time." Bob said with irritated tone.

"Just think, if they don't like you I be the one up for bat." Kathy said as she moved the car into the next lane and on to the exit ramp.

Bob smiled at this bit of good news as he looked out the passager window. Then thinking this isn't too bad after all. Job was a job no matter what age you were.

Kathy couldn't help but being excited. If Bob got a job she could kept him at his current age for quite a while, but he didn't. She could be the star and for her it was a no lose situation.

Fair was one of the most crowded either of them had seen. There were children and parents everywhere trying to get signed up for try-outs. Some agents were moving through the crowds handing out their cards only to certain parents with a certain child.

Kathy and Bob were standing in line with Kathy holding Bobby's little hand to insure he didn't get separated in the crowd.

"Hello" said a beautiful woman just behind Kathy. Both Kathy and Bobby to turn to see.

"Hi" Kathy said as she looked over her face. There was something familiar about it.

"Tammy Turner with Magic Moments Modeling." Tammy said she handed a card to Kathy.

Bobby also thought there was something familiar about her. He had seen her before, but couldn't place her.

"Kathine Simons and this is my son, Bobby." Kathy said as she let go of his hand to allow him to move in front of her.

Bob smiled and said ‘hi' then stood still to show how good he was.

Tammy smiled a little more when she heard their names.

"Such a handsome little man you are." Tammy said as she bent down a bit to be more to his eye level.

"Did you know I was a model once?" Tammy said as she stood back up.

Bobby only shook his head from side to side. Kathy study her face a second longer then had the answer.

Thinking back she knew that Tammy was a swimsuit model a few years back.

"Bobby, Miss Turner was a swimsuit model." Kathy said to him as she retook his hand.

"I was once. Then started up my own little modeling agency." Tammy said with a cheerful tone. "Couldn't help noticing you two over here. My company is looking for a few new kids and I am willing to pay for the best." Tammy said as she looked Bobby over.

"What we really need is more baby girls, but she could use him in a photo shoot we doing next week." Tammy continue looking at Kathy.

"He does have a younger sister. She is at home with dad at the moment." Kathy lied then opening her purse.

"Here is a picture of her." Kathy said handing a picture of herself at the age of 2-years-old.

"Looks a little older then what we need. How old is she?" Tammy asked as she study the picture closely.

"She is one." Kathy lied quickly.

"Perfect. Any chance you consider her for a modeling job? Say around Tuesday at 10:00 A.M. after Bobby's photo shoot?" Tammy asked with a warm smile.

"Sure. We could do it anytime you like, but because of the kid's schedules we can only bring one in at a time. " Kathy said with a grin.

"That's ok. This give my secretary a call and she see anything is set up. I offer you top pay of course. " Tammy said.

Not wanting to waste time with smaller modeling companies Kathy rushed Bobby off back home to setup the deal. Kathy had been so excited she had left Bobby at a 5-years-old for hours after they got home. Bob passed the time by surfing the internet and watching TV while his wife was busy going through the best outfits for both of them. Wasn't til she was going to hit the shower did she remember.

"Sorry, Hun. I didn't mean to leave you as a child." Kathy said when she saw her husband laying on the couch watching some old movie.

"It's ok. I know you were really excited, but there is something you should have remember." Bob said now sitting up.

"What?" Kathy asked with a puzzled look.

"You know what happens when someone is reverted back to a 1-year-old or less." Bob said with a worried look.

"Oh yeah. They start to forgot their adult life. Oh honey that is only if they are left at that state for a long time. You said yourself it takes months for the process to start." Kathy said not looking too worried.

"They don't forgot. It's just that they don't care anymore. They kept all the adult knowledge they learned, but don't care to be a adult anymore until they return to their old age.." Bob said trying to sound serious.

"Don't be such a worry wart. Your first tests were on monkeys." Kathy said like this was something not to fear.

"Its not like we really love each other. We been great team and only married to reap the rewards equally. I do love you a little." Kathy said hopeful this would take some worries off of Bobby's mind.

"Yeah. Do you want to be a baby?" Bobby asked with a grin because it sounded funny coming from a 5-year-old boy.

"As long I get everything I want...." Kathy said now moving slightly closer to Bobby.

"and I want you to take a bath with mommy." Kathy said then stripped him of his dress pants.

"Hey!" Bob said. Then thinking it was useless to protest. Then he slip off his shirt.

"Thats mommy's little man." Kathy said as she watched him take off his shirt. Then lead him to the bathroom.

Bob stripped the last of his clothing in the bathroom and had a enjoyable evening with Kathy. Kathy enjoyed washing him as she sat in the tub with him. To a stranger it would appeared to be a mother taking a bath with her son.

Bob stayed as a child until the photo shoot was over. Bob was happy that clothing ad was for suits. He felt so much grown-up when he was allowed to dress in a suit. Miss Turner herself was there for photo shoot giving instructions to all the kids. Bob didn't know if it was his adult self being paranoid or not, but it seem that Miss Turner was giving more complex instructions then she gave the other children. Bob did stare at her a little longer then he intended at her. Although she was middle aged she still had some of her beauty left and along with her figure.

Kathy didn't notice any of this because she was too busy talking with other parents. She was trying to find out how much each of them were being paid.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 6 "secrets revealed?"

It was now Bob's turn to play the parent to Kathy. Kathine had changed him in the middle of the night. Lucky he was wearing one of his own shirts as a night shirt. She then changed herself and snuggled up to him after her change.

It was a little surprised for Bob to wake up as a adult again and find a little baby girl sleeping on his chest.

After getting dress and breakfast they were off to her photo shoot.

"You must be Mr Simons and this must be Bobby's little sister." Miss Turner said when she saw a man carry a baby girl that she recognized from a photo.

"What is your name sweetie?" Miss Turner asked the baby girl in Bob's arms.

"Kat Wee " Kathy managed to say. This time her lisp was real.

"She is named after her mother." Bob said knowing that was only half true.

"She is perfect." Miss Turner said studying her face carefully.

"You can call me Tammy." Miss Turner said return her attention to Bob.

"Today we doing a big ad for a wine company. She only need her diaper and a blight smile. Think she can do it?" Tammy asked.

"I think she is a good enough mood." Bob said knowing that Kathy was almost bouncing with joy, but held it back.

"Good. Just get her ready and place in that crate over there. " Tammy said then pointed over to a wooden crate filled with straw and a bunch of prop wine bottles that were 3 times the normal size of normal wine bottles.

It was a good hour before the shoot was done. Tammy really wanted to get the baby girl in different positions and even did few tasteful shots of her in the nude with permission from Bob first. The Wine ad was going to be put of New Year's theme. As the photos were taken and Kathy's attention was toward the camera. Tammy took that time to chat with Bob. Before Bob could stop himself he invited her over to the house for a visit.

Kathy was giggling mad when they were back outside and nearly in the car.

"Are you ok?" Bob asked her worried that she might be little too excited.

"Yeah, Wike being a star." Kathy managed to say with her baby mouth.

As Bob was strapping Kathy in her baby seat in the back of the car. He told her that Tammy had accepted his invite out to the house.

"Hope you don't mind, but you going have to spend the night in the crib." Bob said and watching her face closely.

"Okee. Da da wet!" Kathy said then patting her diaper.

"Kathy!, you stinker. You might of told me before I strapped you in." Bob said as he unhooked the straps then changed her diaper. This was proof that she was still a adult on the inside. She really loved bossing him around.

Bob did the usually things adults do when a baby is in their care. He made sure her every need was met and had her clean up and ready for bed just in time. Kathy was a perfect baby in behavior. She only yell out for him when she needed something or just wanted his company. Bob had spent so much time in past caring for Kathy he had gotten use to this.

It was nearly noon before the doorbell rang. Kathy was in the living room practicing walking and Bob was sitting on the sofa watching her move around.

After the usually greetings Tammy was sitting on the sofa as Bob took a chair to her right. Tammy had carried a folder in with her then laid it down on the coffee table.

"You may want to take a look inside that folder. I have a new business deal for you two to consider." Tammy said looking between Bob and Kathy.

Bob open the folder thinking it was going to be another model job. Kathy totted over to his side to look at the contents of the folder.

Inside were clippings from newspapers and photos taken with a zoom lens. Mostly pictures of a certain baby boy or girl that won a contest. Then there was story clipped from the National Inquirer about a woman who claimed through the power of God her teen was changed into a toddler overnight. Bob recognized the name and the photo of the family. He gave a small frown toward Kathy as she look up to see his reaction.

There was clipping attached to this one from a local newspaper. Calling Mary Dawkins's story a hoax. Mary and David had retracted their story and their excuse was they were trying to get some fame. Story went on to explain due to a unknown error in government records Dawkins's youngest child was not in any records books anywhere. No legal actions were taken against the family, but a family counselor was called in to help the youngest child that she was not really a teen.

More recent clippings and photos were last in the folder. There were face shots and pictures taken of them at various baby fairs. It would unmistakable who they really were by these pictures.

"I haven't told anyone what I know. Everything you see before you is all my work. I took a little vacation time to follow you two around a bit. After I saw Kathy here in a baby fair a few months back I wanted her for a photo shoot I was doing. I tried my best to track you down with no luck. Then I saw you again at another baby fair completely unchanged in age." Tammy said looking at Bob then Kathy.

"At first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me or possible you two were cheating somehow. I compared photos and newspaper clippings and saw in the past two years that you were unchanged in age as a baby. At first I thought it was some kind of drug that prevented you from aging. Then you disappeared from slight and a little baby boy kept popping up as the winner of other baby's contests." Tammy said return her eyes to Bob.

"I even went so far as talking with Mary Dawkins and her family. I discovered that they had been right next door to you too at the baby fair. They did get your name wrong which made it harder to find you. They dropped their power of faith story soon after that and I had no ideas on getting more information from them. So I knew I might see you at the next big fair. " Tammy explained.

"What is it that you want?" Bob asked cautiously. Kathy looked slightly scared as she listened.

"Same thing you been after. Money and fame. If some of the models I had never aged we could share the profits they make." Tammy said look at the pair.

Kathy face looked blighter at these words.

"We get along ok, so far." Bob said with no real interest in this voice.

"I also have another thing I am after. I am willing offer a deal if you could make me young again. Around twenty one would be good. Of course I am trusting you that I won't be back in diapers when I leave. " Tammy said with a worried look.

Judging from her look Bob knew that she didn't tell anyone she was here and she had come with all the evidence that could reveal their little secret.

"I have to discuss this with my wife first." Bob said as he was fishing out his little invention from his pocket. Kathy look like she was on the verge of tantrum at Bob for accepting the offer right away.

For Tammy it was interesting and amazing to watch. After Bob loosed Kathy's diaper a touch she watch Bob punch in something into the device that look like a small calculator. Bob then handed Kathy a small blanket to cover up with.

The baby grew in age and appeared to be getting larger at first. Her face changed slightly to more mature toddler features then her limbs matured soon after. At this point Tammy heard the diaper tabs snap loose. Now a 3-year-old girl with a baby blanket wrapped around her waist was sitting on the sofa with Bob.

Bob whisper something into her ear and she took the calculator from his hands and left the room. "She be right back." Bob said as she walked out of the room. Only a used opened diaper remained on the sofa as proof there had been a baby girl there at all.

Tammy spent the few minutes they had to express her amazement and intelligence it took to create the device.

Not wanting to waste time aging back to her old self, Kathy came back in the room as a 6 year-old girl only wearing one of Bob's old shirts and pair of little girl underwear. Her face had shown relief when she saw that Tammy didn't leave yet.

"Bob." She piped when she returned then handed the device back to him.

"Truly amazing. Hard to believe that few minutes ago you were just a baby. " Tammy said when Kathy sat on Bob's lap. Kathy only response was with a sly smile then whisper to her husband. After a few whispers they made their decision.

"We are in, but we would like to know more details." Bob said as he held his wife's small hand like a father would to comfort a child.

"In exchange for my favor I give you a contract that will have Kathy modeling for while to say the least. Few other clients I have simply adore her and want her in their ads ASAP. " Tammy said in as much effort she could muster.

"How long?" Little 6-year-old Kathy asked with excitement in her voice.

"Two years at the least. Might be able to get you into TV commercials or a movie after that."

Kathy's eyes went wide at this statement as dreams of becoming rich and famous enter her mind.

"You mean as baby of course? Then we age her a bit. " Bob asked a little worried that she was getting in over his head.

"Few months doing some baby product ads then we can move into toddler ads soon after. Other clients will think she is growing fast and offer better deals before its too late." Tammy explained.

"Too Risky, Kathy." Bob said looking down at her.

"Risk?" Tammy asked looking lost.

"If you spend to much time at one years old or less in age. You start to lose interest in becoming a adult again. You become carefree as a baby would be with full knowledge of everything you ever learned." Bob explained.

"Don't worry so much. I can always change back on the weekends anyway." Kathy said trying to sound convincing.

"OK. But if you forget I am not going to remind you. You're a lot less expensive to care for as a baby then a adult. " Bob warned her.

"Yeah. Whatever, hun." Kathy said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Then it is a deal? And I be a witness to your verbal agreement. " Tammy said after their small conversation was over.

"It is." Bob said as he as he punched in the numbers on the Chrono Calculator then aimed at Tammy.

Bob and Kathy had a small, but interesting show to watch. Tammy middle age face features faded away to beautiful woman's face. Her figure went slimmer and her breasts perked up a bit. She wasn't out of shape yet, but Tammy body did firm up more as she de-aged. When she spoke again her voice was higher and less mature. She stopped de-aging at twenty-one or so.

"Thank you!" Tammy said as she saw her hands and body change right before her eyes.

"Where is the bathroom mirror or a mirror I can use?" Tammy said as she stood up to look at her new young figure.

"Follow me." Kathy said jumping up to take her hand and lead her to the bathroom with a full length mirror.

Bob only watched as the pair talked over Tammy's changes. Kathy appeared to be getting attached to Tammy. They had already become fast friends after a few minutes of chit-chat.

By the end of night Kathy even allowed to let Tammy try one of her old dresses to see her figure better in a stylish dress. Bob amuse himself with a image of them being mother and daughter.

Weeks went by in a blur as Kathy landed more and more jobs. Money was rolling in and Kathy become a top baby model. Slowly she forgotten to change back on the weekends. Kathy almost forgot one weekend and almost ruined her plans to go to the movies with her husband. Sometimes the trio were spending more time with each other. Tammy was already a good friend to both. She had even to start play the mother role whenever Kathy was changed into a baby.

Bob himself had seen Tammy brush Kathy's hair once like a mother would have. Kathy was loving every minute of it to be cared for so much. Bob kept to his promise of not reminding Kathy and he smirk when the weekend came and she forgot. Slowly Bob was spending more time with the new Tammy. Tammy had fallen in love with Bob and admired his smarts just as much for his looks.

Bob had lost nearly all interest in Kathy as a wife or a adult. He did care a great deal for the baby girl he love to care for.

Wasn't till two whole weeks past that Kathy noticed something was wrong. She woke in her crib some time in the middle of the night with a very wet diaper. Tammy had insist in keeping her as a 1 year-old little girl all the time. Kathy was starting not to care anymore. Kathy called out for Bobby, but it was Tammy that came into the room.

"Shhh...He is asleep, but I change you darling." Tammy said as she enter.

"Tam mee?" Kathy asked

"Yup. We were watching a movie, but he fell asleep and I decided spend the night." Tammy said as she lifted the baby girl out of the crib and over to the changing table.

"Bob bee mine. No sweeping with Bob bee." Little Kathy voiced as she was laid down on the table.

"Oh Kathy, don't you want me to be your Mommy? Just think how much money you would get if you were my daughter. You be such a smart girl to trick me into being your mommy." Tammy said as she changed the dirty diaper.

Kathy mind was slipping more into a carefree state at this moment.

"May bee" Kathy said after her diaper was on. Tammy really was a great at taking care of her and giving her lots of attention.

"Thats my girl. Now when your older, do you think you can remember to tell your Bob bee you want me to be your mommy?" Tammy asked as she picked up the baby and held her.

"Uh Huh" Kathy nodded her head up and down.

"Such a smart girl you are. Soon you be a big star with lots of money to inherit from mommy. This will be our little secret." Tammy went on.

Kathy clapped her hands clumsily at this news.

"Now. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite." Tammy said as she lowered the infant back into her crib.

Kathy only giggled and pulled her blanket over body. Soon dreams of being love and cared for came to her all night long.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 7 "Kathy's downfall"

When morning came Bob was surprised that Tammy had spent the night on the couch. He had fallen asleep while they had watch a movie. Kathy was there before she fell asleep and he put her in the crib earlier that night.

Bob made his way to the nursery after he cleaned up the living room a bit. It was the giggles coming from the room that first got his attention.

"What's so funny?" Bob asked as he opened the door.

"Nothing. Me just want to be oldwer." Kathy said when she saw Bob enter. Perhaps she had a joke to play on him. Bob didn't care if she did.

"How old?" Bob asked he took out the Chrono calculator from his pocket.

Kathy had been experimenting with different ages almost every weekend. Changing back and forth from infant and adult was boring now. Tammy always took her out to have fun with her new age.

"Five." Kathy said with a little bounce.

"Good. No diapers to change." Bob said as he enter the numbers.

Bob had forgotten to take off her diaper it was too late. The diaper tab popped on her left side first then the right side. Soon toddler was maturing into a adorable 5 year-old girl way to big for diapers. Soon a skinny little girl with thin legs and arm was sitting in a crib using a small baby blanket to cover her waist.

Bob went to closet to grab a night shirt Kathy often use when she was changed into a child. Bob thought it was strange that Kathy was embarrass to be seen naked. She was always making him go red.

"You ok?" Bob asked as he slipped the shirt over her head. Kathy raised her arms up and blanket fell as her shirt went over her body.

"Yeah." Kathy answered then going to the closet to pick out some underwear.

"Just you never been this shy around me." Bob said as she pulled out a white panties with a pink ribbon on the front.

"Feels different. Your more like a daddy to me now." She explained quickly pulled on her underwear.

"I suppose you want Tammy to be mommy?" Bob said with a mild tone. He goal was to make a joke.

"Yeah! I like her." Kathy responded seriously.

"Really? Your serious about this?" Bob asked now with the same serious tone she had.

"Uh huh. I can be a big star and we all could be happy." Kathy explained as she look up at Bob.

"That means you have to be our baby. " Bob said to explain what would happen if she really did what to be baby again.

"We can be the best of friends and I love you like you really my daddy." Kathy said smiling and showing nearly all her baby teeth.

"I give you a few more chances to back out, but if you really want this. I love you like you were my own little girl." Bob said bending down to be the exact same eye level as her.

Kathy ran up to him and put her little arms around his neck to give him a big hug. She grin as she thought over her plan. Why settle for a small pot of money when she could inherit a fortune.

"Ok. Such a strong hug from a little girl." Bob said as they broke apart. He had miss her grin. Bob was happy as well. He found that Tammy was a good match for him. Since he was married he didn't bother making any passes at her. Closest thing was when Tammy kissed him on the cheek.

After Tammy woke up she was given the good news. Being Saturday and owner of a company she could take time off anytime she wanted as long her assistant was informed. To celebrate Tammy and Kathy spent the entire day shopping. Bob spent the day getting ready for the unfortunate divorce that would have to come and new arrangements that would have to be made.

Tammy and Kathy had a great day while they were out. They gotten a ton of toys for Kathy to play with and spent nearly all day at amusement park located on the second floor of the mall. Tammy went all out to spoil her this time. Kathy couldn't be more happy. More then the toys and candy she wanted attention from her new mommy. Tammy nearly carried the small 5-year-old everywhere in the mall. Luckily her body was tone up for such a task.

By the time they gotten home. Bob had Kathy's old Ids along with personal documents that could identity her in a box in the living room. From her birth certificate to her last medical record was in the box. It was her entire life in paper form in the box. Bob decided to kept a few photos of her as a adult for sentimental value only.

Kathy spent some time going over it. She convinced Bob to kept her baby book to compare to her new second childhood. Bob asked her again if she was completely sure. Answer was the same and even more concrete this time. Due to Tammy full filling ever wish Kathy had that day.

Tammy amused herself by looking through Kathy's childhood photos.

"Good to see she kept her cuteness until she is a teenager." Tammy said as she flipped through a few pages.

Even with Monday still a day away Kathy wanted to be a baby again. reluctantly Bob let her have her way. There was still a bit of guilt in his mind, but it was overruled by the fact that she wanted it this way. Bob decided to compromise this time. He only set the device to make her a 2-year-old this time.

As her face went from a child's sweet face to a cute round toddlers face her limbs shrink into her shirt which now lightly touch the floor. Her shorts and underwear was pooled around her feet. She kicked them away and moved around a bit to get comfortable in her shirt.

"Of course you have to be a adult one last time to sign the divorce papers." Bob reminder her as Tammy was picking up Kathy's discarded clothes.

"Okee, but after that no more." Kathy sounding like a child who didn't want to be a adult ever again.

Tammy only winked at Kathy from Bob's backside and left the room to put away her clothes. Kathy gave a small smile at her then gave her daddy a hug.

"OK. OK. Whatever you want." Bob said unwrapping her arms from his legs.

Tammy came back with a DVD movie in her hand.

"How about we watch Rugrats in Paris?" Tammy said as she undid the packaging.

"Yeah!" Kathy said almost bouncing on her feet.

It was a enjoyable evening they had as all three sat and watch the movie. Kathy was asleep before the movie had barely begun.

"Already asleep." Whisper Bob to Tammy right next to him.

"She had a fun day of riding rides and shopping. We going to make a great family." Tammy whisper back then gently picking Kathy up. She cradle her just like someone would a little baby. Tammy had no problem with slipping a diaper over Kathy before she put her in the crib. Tammy had learn her gently ways through the children she work with. Tammy was little envy of parents that had a child to care for and love. When she had it all she didn't have time for husband and kids, but now she given a second chance at life. This time she live the life she had missed.

Little Cheater

By Libra

Part 8 "New beginning."

Only took a week to finalize the divorce and within the end of the month Bob was remarried to Tammy who had a baby daughter. It was easier for Tammy to get the necessary records they need with the influence she had. Medical records and a real birth certificate was issued to Tammy by the end of the week. She used the exact same information on Kathy's old birth certificate but had the date slightly changed.

All were back home in very good moods. Kathy was de-aged back into a 2-year-old and was allowed to run around with just her old adult t-shirt on. Rest of her adult clothes were now in a pile by the hamper. Kathy had some second thoughts about becoming a baby, but her plan was still fresh in her mind. She figure with the happy childhood she would grow up fast and she could marry a better man then Bob. Have a nice little family with enough money to last for a lifetime.

Bob and Tammy were happily drinking wine in the living room as a small fire burn in the fireplace just to the left of them. All of Kathy's adult documents where now consumed in the fire. Kathy herself threw them in with some help from her mommy and daddy. Kathy was curled up by the fire in a deep sleep.

Newly wedded couple were busy kissing and drinking to notice she fell asleep while watching the flames.

"We really should get her to bed." Bob said when he notice her soft snores.

"OK, Hun. I do it." Tammy said getting up and feeling like real mother for the first time in her life.

Tammy stripped the shirt off of Kathy and carried the nude toddler back to the crib. She forgotten to ask Bob to change her into 1-year-old. Then her eyes were fixed on Kathy small form. She was like little angel sleeping curled up in the crib.

"I owe everything to you Kathy." Tammy said she gently stroke her hand on the toddler's back.

"Because of you I got my youth back and I get to be your mother. I promise I give you the best care and love I have." Tammy said not stopping her gently strokes. Bob had followed Tammy soon after she left the room then stop just beyond the open door. Out of slight listen to every word she said to the sleeping baby.

Bob only enter the room after he heard Tammy sing a few notes from a lullaby and knew her private conversation was over.

Bob couldn't help but admire Kathy's nude form. She was truly his daughter now both in mind and body. His precious little angel that her daddy wrap around her little finger. Bob used the Chrono Calculator to de-age her to a 1-year-old baby girl.

"Oh look. She sucking her thumb." Tammy said when Kathy was getting little chubby around the waist and limbs again.

During the changes she rolled onto her back. Kathy had the rhythm of sucking down as she laid sleeping on her back.

"She is sweet." Tammy said as she diapered little Kathy.

Hours passed in the nursery before Kathy woke up again. The room was pitch black with only a night-lite by the door shining. The adult mind of Kathy had awaken her during a dream. Sitting up she finally realized what she done. Tammy had convinced her to completely give up everything.

Kathy sat there thinking of all the events that had happen. Bob was right about the not caring part. Slowly she was slipping from her adult life. Combine that with a woman that would make a great mommy. No one could resist it. Kathy had more second thoughts then those were gone when her mind remember the fire she watched earlier that night. Her entire adult life had gone up in flames and she threw the papers in herself. Well she still had Bob to take care of her and now a new mommy too.

Kathy allowed a few tears from her eyes then gave a small almost unheard cry into the night. She decided as the tears slowly dry that she going to love her new life. Minute later Tammy enter the room.

"What's the matter sweetie? I heard you over the baby monitor. Good thing I was still awake." Tammy said as she approached the crib.

"Bad Dream." Kathy lied quickly while awkwardly wiping her eyes away.

"There, There. Mommy has a little surprise for you. I made a special little visit to the doctor a while back. The nice doctor gave me some special medicine that allows me to breast feed you now." Tammy said as she open her robe slightly.

"What me to feed you?" Tammy asked.

Kathy nodded her head then realized she had been sucking her thumb during mommy's little chat. Kathy always wonder what it was like for a baby to feed from their mother's breast.

Kathy was soon relaxed rocking in her new mother's arm as she gently sang a lullaby to her. Experience of the feeding was better then she hoped. It was almost like she could feel love Tammy had for her baby girl. Carefree state came back as Kathy was going back to sleep. Her body doing all the work needed to feed.

Days turned into weeks and months passed. A few years went by before the family retired to a nice little island paradise for vacations. Over three years passed since that night. Kathy was now 4-years-old and happily playing naked in the incoming tides that came. Her parents where sitting on the beach while her little brother was playing in the sand with a shovel and bucket between them.

Her mother was now four months pregnant with another new sister or brother for her. They look like any normal family that was a vacation.

"I think she turned better then we could have hope." Bob said as he watch his daughter play.

"Yeah. She so much help when Bobby Jr needs his diaper change or feeding. " Tammy said gently rubbing her belly.

"Kicking again?" Bob asked when he noticed her hand.

"Yeah." Tammy said as she got up.

"This one might be a wild one." Tammy said as pick up a beach towel.

"That's ok." Bob said then pick up Bobby Jr in his arms. "We done a great job so far." Bob said with a smile.

"Kathine!, Time to go inside now." Bob yelled to his daughter.

"OK. Daddy!" She yelled back and ran to catch up.

"Daddy, When will mommy let me model again?" Kathy asked when was walking with them side by side.

"Next year. I promise not long after your new brother or sister is born." Bob assured her.

"Do I have to go back to school?" Kathy whined.

"Yes, Little girls must go to school. Even if its only preschool. Don't you like to bring straight A's report cards home?" Bob asked with fake worried tone.

"Yeah, but the class is so boring. Homework is too easy. " She went on.

"Don't worry. Me and your father will enroll you in a better school for really smart kids." Tammy explained.

"Okay. I hope I have a little sister." Kathy said looking at Tammy's enlarged stomach.

"It is, but shhh. It's our little secret." Whisper Tammy into Kathy's ear.

Bob only look at the pair as they both giggled a bit and wonder what they were talking about. His thoughts were lost when he caught site of the beach house and Kathy ran ahead to be first back home.

Bob knew that this was only the beginning of a new life he would have to get use too.

The End.