Lamp of Love

by Jennifer Loraine


Ron got out of bed reluctantly on Saturday morning. It had been a long week and he would have rather spent the morning in bed cuddling with his wife, Deedee. But they had made plans to go shopping early that morning and he wasn't about to let his laziness triumph over his good sense. He pulled on some jeans and put on a blue chambray shirt, then went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. A few minutes later, Deedee was up and getting dressed. They had a cup of coffee together and discussed their plans for the morning. Deedee got out her Day Runner and reviewed the notes she had made earlier in the week for Saturday's errands. She made notes as they amended their plans and added last minute jobs. When the two of them agreed that their schedule for the day had about all the shopping they could stand, Deedee put her pen away and zipped up the Day Runner while Ron unplugged the coffee pot. He didn't want the pot to remain on and cause a fire while they were gone. He had seen enough fires in his former career as a police officer and was mindful of Deedee's tendency to get distracted and forget things. They got into the car and began their shopping trip by taking a circuitous route through a residential section to avoid the heavy Saturday morning traffic. Ron had laid out a route in his head for their weekend excursion that would hit each of the stores in order, finally returning home on the last leg of the trip. Deedee looked out of the side window and watched the early risers mowing their lawns before the heat of the day. Suddenly she said, "Ron! Stop!"

Ron dutifully pulled the car to the side of the road by the curb and asked, "What is it, Honey?"

"They're having a garage sale, Ron! Look at the huge yellow toy dog! Isn't it just darling? Let's go and see what they have. We have plenty of time. Can we go see it, pleaaase?", she replied.

Ron backed the car up and parked it next to the curb, then they got out and walked over to the card tables that had been set up on the driveway. Deedee was cagey and pretended that she wasn't interested in the stuffed dog, looking over the other items on the tables to get an idea of how high the prices were. Deedee was pleasantly surprised to discover that the objects the homeowner had put on sale were being sold at giveaway prices. Deedee looked at Ron in askance, silently questioning Ron whether he thought the sale was legitimate or not. Ron gave her an almost imperceptible shrug to indicate that he couldn't be sure that it wasn't stolen merchandise. Displayed in the middle of the table that the operator of the garage sale stood behind was a grimy antique oil lamp.

Deedee saw the lamp and thought that with a little polishing, it would make a nice display piece on one of their bookcases. She picked it up and asked the homeowner, "How much is this?"

"Ten dollars," replied the man promptly.


"Ten dollars?", Deedee echoed, "Isn't that a lot for a cheap brass reproduction of an old lamp?"

The man reached out to take the lamp from Deedee's hands and said, "It would be if it was a reproduction. But this lamp is from Saudi Arabia. My father bought it in a small village market in Saudi Arabia thirty years ago when he was making a geological survey for an oil company. I'd like to keep it, but I just Don't have room."

The man traced out the complex design cast into the side of the lamp with his fingernail and said as he rubbed the egg shaped quartz crystal mounted into the center of one of the sides of the lamp, "It's a beautiful piece, isn't it? When I was a kid, I used to dream this was one of the lamps with an imprisoned genie. You know, like Aladdin's lamp. I used to polish it until it I could see my reflection in the brass, hoping that the rubbing would free the genie trapped within. Nothing ever happened though."

Ron took the lamp from the man's hands and looked at the crystal closely. It wasn't faceted like a commercial leaded glass crystal. Instead, the crystal was a slightly irregular, smooth cabochon with patches of cloudiness buried deep within the crystal. Ron suspected the owner was telling the truth about the origins of the lamp. The imperfections implied that the stone was gemstone quality quartz and the irregularities indicated that it had been cut by hand. He handed the piece to Deedee who discovered the metal was oddly warm to the touch as she took it in her hands. Her eyes seemed to be drawn into the crystal as if it were a huge diamond. The more she handled the lamp, the more she wanted it. There was something compelling about the feel of the thing that told her that what she had in her hands was far more precious than an old oil lamp. Deedee decided then and there that she had to own the lamp and wasn't going to take no for an answer. She asked the homeowner as she opened her Day Runner to get out her checkbook, "Would you take a check?"

The homeowner shook his head in the negative and said, "Cash only."

Deedee winced slightly at the news. She didn't have any cash with her. Deedee looked Ron straight in the eye and said, "Pay him, Ronny! We have to get going!"

Ron gave her an odd look and moved to pay the homeowner for the lamp. For a moment, Deedee's voice had sounded so different. It was deeper than normal and more resonant. Her tone had changed too, her words had had been so forceful and commanding. She didn't sound anything like the sweet Deedee he knew and loved. Ron wanted to get out of there before anything else happened. He didn't like the way Deedee was acting. It was easier to buy the lamp and leave than argue about it. Besides, once he saw the crystal, he thought spending ten dollars on the lamp was a wise investment. The crystal alone was probably worth a hundred dollars.

When Deedee got back into the car she was her old self again and thanked him profusely for the lamp. They drove to each of the stores in order, conducting business efficiently at each one until they were half way through the list. Then they went to the Mall to pick up some new pillow cases and sheets for the bedroom. On the way to the linen department, they stopped and looked at the baby furniture. Deedee wasn't expecting a baby, it was just that she had an.... odd hobby. Deedee was an infantilist. She loved to dress up as a baby and have Ron babysit her as if she was a real infant. Ron made the perfect Daddy for her. He was big and kind and ever so gentle with her. When he stood over her and watched while she played on the floor in her diapers, she could easily imagine that she had miraculously grown younger again and had become his baby girl. She would suck her thumb like an infant and speak in baby-talk whenever she was in her baby mode, mimicking a toddler's behavior perfectly.

Deedee went over the nursery furniture carefully, but she didn't see a single piece she wanted. Her search for the perfect nursery suite was an extended exercise in window shopping, so she wasn't disappointed. She didn't intend to buy anything for her fantasy nursery. The baby she had in mind had gotten too big over the years to use ordinary nursery furniture. Deedee only wanted to look so she could better visualize her fantasy of being a baby again. There were just about to leave when she spotted a crib mobile that caught her eye. It was composed of plastic cutouts of baby bunnies set at different levels so that when the mobile was set in motion it appeared that a brood of bunnies were gambling in abandon above the baby's head. Deedee picked up a packaged set and took it to the checkout stand without a word. Ron followed silently behind after taking one look at the expression on her face. Ron knew that baby bunnies were her favorite creatures and it would only serve to make her angry to say anything. He waited while she got out her checkbook and paid for the mobile. Then they proceeded to the linen department where Deedee picked out the new sheets they needed. The rest of the trip was uneventful and they were able to complete their errands without any detours or delays. They arrived home about two hours later and unpacked the car, putting their purchases away once the car had been unloaded. By silent agreement Ron took the mobile to hang from the ceiling in the spare bedroom that served as Deedee's nursery and playroom while Deedee got out the antique oil lamp she had bought at the garage sale. She sat down at the kitchen table to have look at it and clean it up before she made a final decision where she would display it.

Deedee noticed that the lamp had a small spot of discoloration on the side. She got the can of Ron's Brasso that he used to polish his brass on his navy reserve uniform out to try to remove the spot. When that failed, she remembered an article in Hints from Heloise that suggested she try a mixture of salt and vinegar. She rummaged through the kitchen pantry for a moment looking for the bottle of white vinegar she stored for cleaning purposes. She vaguely remembered having run out of vinegar three weeks before and putting it on her shopping list but couldn't seem to find it. Deedee decided that she must have forgotten to buy it and resolved the problem the way any good cook would handle the problem; she substituted. She got out the wine vinegar that she used to make vinaigrettes for salads from the pantry and mixed a tablespoon of the vinegar in a teacup with enough salt to form a paste, then she took a dampened paper towel and began scrubbing the moist paste into the side of the lamp. After a minute of rubbing, the mildly abrasive paste removed the spot completely. Unfortunately, it did such a good job that it made the rest of the lamp look dull by comparison. The spot she had worked on shown brightly while the rest of the lamp kept its dismal finish. Deedee scooped the balance of the paste out of the teacup and industriously cleaned the rest of the lamp. When she finished, she lay the lamp down on the newspaper she had used to protect the kitchen table and sat back to admire the piece. Ron walked in the room and said, "I finished mounting the new mobile you bought for the playroom, Honey. Would you like to come and see it?"

"I'll be right there," she answered and gave the lamp a final buff with the rag and wiped the dust from the edges of crystal mounted in the center of the lamp, "I finally managed to get all the spots off of the lamp. How do you think it looks?"

Ron bent over the table and looked at the lamp closely. The entire lamp seemed to be glowing as if there were some inner source of illumination. Ron tried to trace the patterns on the surface of the lamp and discovered that his eyes refused to follow the lines. The peculiar geometry of the lines made them look like they led off into another dimension that he wasn't equipped to perceive. It gave him a dizzying sensation of falling into the arcane design that was inscribed into the side of the lamp. He blinked his eyes and looked again at the pattern. Taken as a whole, the design had a three dimensional quality that gave it the illusion of depth. It gave him the eerie feeling that the lamp was magickal. He shook his head to clear the dizziness that threatened to make him nauseous and said, "It looks beautiful, Honey! Are you going to put it on the mantle?"

"Can you think of a better spot for it?", she asked him, then smiled and said, "Maybe I should put it in the bedroom so we could rub it and make wishes before we go to sleep."

Ron chuckled and replied, "And what would my baby wish for?"

Deedee knuckled him hard in the ribs and said, "You know exactly what I'd wish for Ronny! I'd wish to be a real baby for twenty four hours. What a baby day that would be. I wouldn't have to pretend then. It would all be real."

Ron smiled at the thought of babysitting an infant version of Deedee. He enjoyed being her Daddy and taking care of her as if she was a toddler. He could easily imagine how much fun it would be if she was transformed into a real baby.

She grinned broadly and said, "It would serve you right if I did! Twenty-four hours of changing dirty diapers would take that silly grin off of your face!"

Ron laughed and Deedee got up from the table to see her new mobile. Deedee looked at the lamp and said, "You know, that crystal looks like there's a light behind it. It must be acting like a prism. I hadn't noticed that before."

The crystal on the lamp was glimmering red in the center, apparently diffracting the sunbeam that fell on it's surface. Ron noticed as he turned that the lamp seemed to waver slightly in the sunlight as if it was an insubstantial mirage. "The sunlight must be heating the lamp up and causing the air around the lamp to diffract the light," he thought to himself as he followed Deedee into the nursery. They were about halfway there when Deedee's pink blouse seemed to take on a life of its own. Ron stopped in horrified fascination as he watched the back of the blouse get longer and crawl over Deedee's bottom and down the back of her legs. Her slacks seemed to be alive too; they slithered down her ankles and started forming gathers around the tops of her feet. When she felt the cuffs hit her ankles, Deedee halted and looked down to see what was happening. Suddenly, her loosening waistband gave way and her slacks slid down her legs to pool around her feet. A moment later, her panties followed her slacks and dropped to the floor. Deedee's body started to shrink in upon itself, getting shorter with each passing second. Deedee turned and looked at Ron with a helpless expression on her face as she perceived that her vantage point was rushing towards the floor. It looked like everything in the room was growing taller and more distant. Deedee said with a rising tone of fear, "Doooonnnnny!"

Ron froze in amazement as Deedee's height was reduced by half and her blouse descended to the floor. She appeared to be growing younger by the minute. Deedee's limbs changed proportions and became shorter with respect to her body until they looked like a baby's legs and arms. Her long hair seemed to pull itself back into her scalp, leaving her face framed by the short ringlets of early childhood. The lines of maturity in her face vanished and were replaced by the soft skin of babyhood as her cheeks became chubby with baby fat.

Deedee swayed uncertainly on her feet for a moment and then fell backwards to land on her bottom. She looked up at Ron's face for a moment in surprise and then began to cry. Ron was stunned. His wife had turned into an infant before his eyes. He knelt down beside her and removed the blouse which was draped tent-like over her torso. Ron turned her around to face him and said, "Deedee? Are you alright? Speak to me, Deedee!"

"Dooo...naga!", came the melodious nonsensical reply from Deedee's nearly toothless mouth. Deedee's expression became puzzled and she tried to talk to Ron again, saying, "Mgga...Dooo!"

When she realized that the only thing that was emerging from her mouth was a high-pitched baby's babble, her face clouded over with a look of extreme frustration and she began weeping again. Ron picked her up and held her closely to him, wrapping one arm around her bottom to support her while he cupped his broad palm over her back and shoulders. He stood up, cuddling her tiny body to his chest while patting her back and saying, "There, there, Honey. It will be alright. Don't worry, Ronny's here."

She quieted down under the influence of his soothing words and let him carry her into their bedroom. Ron laid Deedee on her back on the bed and examined her infant body closely. When he was finished, he sat down beside her on the bed and said, "I don't know how you managed it, Honey, but you seemed to have gotten your wish! You're a real baby! There's not much point in taking you to the emergency room. They won't know what to do with you. I guess all I can do it try to take care of you until you get better. I guess I won't be playing at being your Daddy from now on, I'm going to be your Daddy for real!"

Deedee looked thoughtful for a moment and then began chuckling in glee as she waved her legs in front of her. She had finally become a baby. She smiled upwards at her new Daddy and grinned at the prospect of being taken care off by him. Deedee had dreamed about this moment her entire life, she intended to enjoy every minute.

Ron said, "The first thing we have to do, baby girl, is get you dressed. Maybe one of your old T-shirts would work as a nightgown."

He got up from the bed and went over to her dresser and started going through drawers. After three tries, he found what he was looking for and returned to her side. When he looked down at her to sit her up, he saw that she had peed all over the bedspread. "Deedee!", he said in exasperation, "You've peed all over the bed! Naughty baby! I guess I was wrong. The first thing I need to do is get you diapered!"

Ron left her on the bed while he went into the master bathroom and returned with some towels. He lifted her legs and laid a bathtowel beneath her bottom to soak up the pee on the bed while he found some safety pins. He went back to the dresser and rummaged around the top for a moment until he found what he wanted. Then he went to the drawer that contained the diapers they used when she pretended she was a baby, removed one and returned to his infant wife's side. Ron folded the adult diaper over to fit her small waist and lifted her legs again to slide it beneath her. He pinned one side of the diaper and then the other before sitting her up and dressing Deedee in her T-shirt. Ron chuckled at the effect that using the adult diaper made. It was bunched up between her legs and made it impossible for her to bring them together. He shook his head and said, "It looks like we're going to have to get you some real baby clothes, Honey."

He put his hands underneath her armpits and lifted her up to his chest, saying, "Come on, Baby. Daddy's going to take his baby girl to the store. Let's see how much you weigh first."

Ron carried her to the bathroom and stood on the scale, then he sat her on the bathroom counter and weighed himself alone. He subtracted his weight from their combined weights and said to himself as he looked down at Deedee, "Hmmm, twenty two pounds, that would make you about ten to twelve months old. I wonder how tall you are?"

He took her into the living room and laid her down on the couch, then he got a yardstick to measure her length from the top of her head to her heels; she was twenty nine inches. He shook his head at Deedee and said, "You're too small to be a year old, Dear. I'd guess from your height that you're only about ten months old. Come on, Deedee, Daddy's taking you to WalMart to go shopping."

He took her to the car and strapped her in the seat of the passenger side. The fit of the seat belt was loose, but under the circumstances, it was the best he could do. On the way to Walmart, Ron decided that he'd have to do something about the untidy appearance of Deedee's diaper. He didn't want any of the mothers that were shopping at Wal-Mart to see on her jerry-rigged diaper before he got her into a conventional diaper. His lawyer's mind could follow the chain of logic easily. Any woman who saw it would know instantly that an infant so dressed had an unprepared caregiver. The conclusion they would draw was obvious; a caregiver that unprepared must have had the baby thrust on him suddenly. The fact that he was a man who do nothing to allay suspicion. It would probably make things worse. Women are extremely suspicious of men's ability to care for small children. If he wasn't careful, they'd see her and wonder how a man came into possession of a baby. The suspicion would be that he had committed some nefarious deed. Someone would be sure to call the police to investigate. The last thing he needed was to have to explain to the police where he got the baby girl he was with. The solution was simple. If she was properly attired, everyone would assume that he was he father and say nothing. She was sure to draw attention to herself dressed in an adult diaper. All he had to do was get her into some baby diapers before they got to the store.

He stopped at a convenience store and ran inside to get a small package of disposable diapers for her to wear. He had to hurry, it was illegal to leave a small child alone in a car. After paying for his purchase, he went around to the passenger side of the car and laid her down on the front seat. In a few minutes he had her diapered in one of the disposables he had bought and buckled safely in place. Then he got back into the car and drove the rest of the way to WalMart without incident. Ron carried her into the store and sat her facing him in the infant seat of the cart. Deedee was overjoyed with the experience. She laughed and cooed at the passerby as she gazed at the mundane shelves of merchandise with renewed interest. Everything looked so different from the vantage point of the shopping cart. The packaging seemed to be directed directly at her. The wrapping sparkled under the fluorescent light and the colors appeared more lively than she remembered. Deedee grabbed the heavy chromed wire of the cart on either side of her and rollicked enthusiastically. She was having a great time. She stuck out her tongue at several amused women shoppers as they passed by and cooed in pleasure at Ron.

Ron rolled the cart through the aisles until they came to the infant section and then proceeded to fill the cart with packages of cloth and disposable diapers, plastic pants, T-shirts, rompers, and assorted baby care goods. One of the largest packages he bought was an infant auto seat. He put it in the bottom shelf of the cart and wheeled her over to the baby furniture. Ron looked over several designs for a crib and amused several mothers when he turned to Deedee and said, "Well? Which one do you like?"

Deedee pointed to one of the cribs and said, "Gaaaaa!"

He nodded and said, "I think so too," and wrote down the model numbers from the crib and mattress to have them brought to the front. As an afterthought, he wrote down the numbers of a high chair and playpen, adding them to the list. He would have liked to have gotten more, but he was afraid that if he bought anymore, it wouldn't fit into the car. Then he took the cart to customer service. After a longish wait to be served, he explained that he needed a stockboy to bring some furniture to the front. He gave the stockboy who was assigned to the job the list of numbers and they went back to the infant furnishings department to retrieve the nursery equipment he wanted. They returned to the checkout stand and stood in line until he got to the front and the saleswoman began checking out his purchases. The saleswoman was charmed by Deedee, she made faces and commented how cute she was to Ron. She looked at all the furniture and said, "It looks like Daddy wasn't ready for his little girl. He's trying to buy a whole nursery for her."

Ron chuckled at her remark and lied casually, "Little Deedee is my niece. She and her mother have come to live with us until they get back on their feet again. They lost everything in a fire. Her mother is sick in bed and my wife is taking care of her. They sent me out to do the shopping."

They saleswoman raised her eyebrows at the news and said jokingly, "Her mother let a MAN do the shopping for her little girl? She must be ill!"

Ron favored her with a smile in appreciation of her joke and paid for his purchases, then with the help of the stockboy, he took them out to the car. Ron opened the trunk and rear doors of his car for the stockboy and took the infant auto seat out of it's box while standing in the parking lot. Then he placed it on the right side of the front seat and worked the seat belt through the holes in the seat to mount it. When he was done, he took Deedee out of the shopping cart and sat her in the auto seat, pulling the strap up between her legs and over her diaper to fasten to the straps that went over her shoulder. He cinched her in tightly and murmured some instructions about "...being a good girl for Daddy," as he closed the door on her side of the car and went around to help the stockboy. A few minutes later, they were finished and Ron got into the car to drive to the Safeway supermarket on El Camino and Bernardo.

When they arrived, Ron carried Deedee to the carts outside and put her in the seat of the cart as he had in WalMart. Then he wheeled the cart inside and went directly to the baby goods aisles to buy Deedee some baby food. He went through the selections rapidly, having some idea of the food that she liked and knowing which ones she positively couldn't stand. In a short time, the bottom of the cart was filled with enough jars of baby food to last her for at least two weeks. He took several six packs of prepared formula from the eye-height shelf and put them on top of the baby food in the cart, following them up with assorted sundries like feeding bibs, a card of pink plastic diaper pins and diaper creme. When he put the diaper creme in the cart, Ron smiled to himself in spite of his devotion to his infant wife. She had never messed in her diapers when she played baby in the past and he had been an attentive enough "Daddy" so that she had never developed diaper rash from her pee. Since she had become a real infant, however, he knew that she would soon find herself helplessly pooping in her diapers like a baby. It was best to be prepared for the worst and have the diaper creme on hand when the inevitable happened. When he had finished in the baby aisles, he went to the aisle with the detergents and got a box of Ivory Snow. As an afterthought, he added a box of diaper presoak to help get the messy stains out of the cloth diapers he had gotten at WalMart.

He had just turned out of the aisle and was going to the checkout stand when he happened to meet his mother-in-law, Jackie. Jackie recognized Ron immediately and said, "Hello, Ron! What an adorable little baby girl, she looks just like Deedee did when she was her age!" She winked at Ron and said jokingly, "And who's little girl is this? I know it's not Deedee's. Have you been doing something you shouldn't?"

Ron looked at his ditzy mother-in-law seriously. Being a lawyer had given him the experience at talking his way out of tight corners, he was not about to let the unexpected appearance of his mother-in-law buffalo him into saying something rash. Deedee on the other hand, was a basket case. She looked up from her seat in the cart at her mother in pure terror. Deedee could only think one thing in her panic, she had been discovered! Immediately, she felt a warm sensation as her tiny body rid itself of excess baggage and began dumping urine into her diaper. Ron couldn't use the excuse that he had given her the last time they were caught buying baby goods. Ron had told her they were buying the goods for his sister's baby. His niece was too old to be eating baby food out of jars. The last time her mother had spotted them, Maggie's baby was a year old and they had been visiting them. Surely even "Wacky Jackie", as they secretly called her mother, would realize that Maggie's baby would have gotten too old in the interim to be eating baby food. "We have a friend who's staying with us," Ron lied glibly as he glanced down at the diapered baby in front of him, "She's her little girl."

Jackie looked satisfied and said, "I think you should tell her mother that she needs a diaper change. She looks a little soggy to me. Where's Deedee?"

"Oh, she's around here somewhere. I think she's over in the produce aisle with our friend picking up something that they forgot," Ron prevaricated smoothly.

"There's something I want to ask her while I'm thinking about it. If I Don't ask her now, I'm sure I'll forget. I've got to go. I Don't want to miss her," Deedee's mother said hurriedly.

"I'm sure you won't miss her. Of course, she might have gone over to another aisle by now. I know she's in the store somewhere," Ron told Jackie honestly.

As Jackie turned away to find her daughter, Ron heaved a sigh of relief. It hadn't been very difficult to cozen his mother-in-law; he had had a lot of experience leading opposition attorneys down the garden path during litigation. Misdirection was as much a part of an attorney's skills as it was for a stage magician. It was all a matter of appearing to do one thing while actually engaging in something else altogether. His courtroom productions of "rabbits" had been rare but exceedingly satisfying for himself and his client. They left the opposition with a ego gratifying looks of bewilderment on their faces and brought wintry smiles of appreciation from the judges.

Ron leaned over and looked at Deedee's wet diaper and saw that her mother was right, she was in need of a diaper change. The soggy diaper had bunched together heavily between her legs and drooped down in front. He whispered in her ear, "Come on, Dee. Let's hurry and get out of here before your mother gets back. I'm sure your diaper will hold until we get home, it's not that far." Ron hasty wheeled the cart to the checkout stand before Jackie gave up and started looking for him again. He wanted to be long gone before she thought of waiting for Deedee at their car.

When Ron got home, he left Deedee in the auto seat in the car while he got the playpen he had bought at WalMart in the house. He set it up quickly and returned to the car to get Deedee and get her into the house and settled into her new playpen. Then he went back to the car and began the process of getting the furnishings unloaded and into the house. When he was finished, he began setting up Deedee's nursery. He knew she would be pleased by what he had bought. They had discussed what Deedee's dream nursery would look like many times and the furnishings he had purchased matched Deedee's descriptions fairly closely. He'd have to go out and get some more pieces to complete the suite, he knew, but the furniture he had gotten for her was a good start. Once he got her settled, he could sit down and consider the problem of what had happened to her. He had a suspicion that the lamp was somehow implicated in Deedee's transformation. There was something decidedly odd about the feeling the lamp gave him and there wasn't anything else in the house that would account for her sudden rejuvenation.

When he had finished assembling the crib, he suddenly remembered Deedee's wet diaper and guiltily went to the playpen to get her and change her diaper. He was surprised that he had forgotten about the diaper, getting sidetracked by other jobs was Deedee's favorite trick, not his. He decided that Deedee's transformation had affected him more that he had realized. He had been stunned when he saw her change into a baby before his eyes. Since then, he had been running on autopilot trying to get a handle on things before they became overwhelming. Ron took her into the nursery and put her on the crib to change her diaper. Deedee lay back on the white sheet covered mattress and waved her legs happily. This was something she liked! She gurgled and cooed up at Ron and blew bubbles adorably. Ron thought that she looked like she was having a wonderful time. He unfastened the tapes on the diaper and carefully pulled the front of the diaper down between her legs before he lifted her feet and slide a clean diaper beneath her bottom. A quick swipe with the baby wipes he had bought and she was clean. Then he fastened the tapes of the disposable, pitched the soggy rolled-up diaper into the trash can and carried her back to the playpen so he could sit down and think. He knew she probably would have rather been wearing a cloth diaper, but he wasn't sure he wanted to fool with washing dirty diapers until he got things under control again.

Ron lowered her into the playpen and then went to the kitchen to make her a bottle of juice to drink while he investigated the lamp. He opened the small bottle of Gerber apple juice he had gotten at the grocery store and poured the contents into a baby bottle, screwing on the nipple tightly so it wouldn't leak. Then he returned to the playpen and leaned over the railing to pass it into her waiting hands. Deedee cooed in thanks as she took the bottle from him and began sucking on the nipple immediately. He left her as she was and went to the kitchen to look at the lamp. Ron picked up the lamp gingerly, not wanting to cause the lamp to change him into an infant as well. He looked it over and saw nothing out of the ordinary on the lamp. There where no inscriptions or signs to give him a clue to it's origins. Deedee had managed to get most of the stains out of the metal with the brine solution. The only spot that was left was a small brown area of discoloration. Ron dipped a corner of the cloth into the brine and rubbed the spot out with the cloth idly while he thought about the problem. He heard Deedee cooing in the next room and realized that he was going to be busy trying to take care of the house and a baby at the same time he was trying to hold down a job. He dropped the wet cloth on the lamp and thought, "I need to do something about finding a place to put her baby clothes. I can't just leave her new clothes in the shopping bags. Maybe I should get her a dresser to store them in. I could get one with a changing station on top so I can change her diapers there instead of in her crib. She's sure to make a mess on the mattress if I continue to change her diaper on the crib. Maybe I could take some emergency leave from work to go shopping for baby furniture. It's inconvenient, but I can probably manage it."

Ron thought that it was too bad that they didn't already have a nursery full of baby furniture for Deedee. After he thought about it, he realized that she was going to need a stroller too. He wished that they he wouldn't have to go shopping for more furniture the next day. Ron heard a cry from Deedee in her playpen and sighed. It was going to be a long day. He had enjoyed playing baby games with her as an adult, but he hadn't been prepared for her to become a real baby. He was sure he would enjoy being her daddy once he got used to the idea of having an infant wife, but at the moment his nerves were more frazzled than he cared to admit to himself. He was worried that whatever had changed Deedee wouldn't wear off and she would be a baby forever. Ron had been careful not to let Deedee know what he was thinking so she wouldn't get worried too. He wasn't completely sure she still had an adult mind, but he hoped for the best. In the meantime, he had to take care of her as if she was an infant. Thank God, she enjoyed playing baby. If she hadn't and she could still think, she'd be in a state. As it was, if she could still think, she was probably having the time of her life. He turned to see what Deedee needed and left the room as the lamp began to glow again.

When Ron got to the living room, he saw Deedee sitting in the playpen with the empty baby bottle lying next to her, whimpering tiredly as if she needed a nap. Ron picked her up to take her to her crib and noticed that she had wet her diaper again. He carried her to the nursery and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the room. The nursery it had been transformed! Ron was stunned by the changes in the room. The room appeared to have been freshly wallpapered with a white paper with vertical pink stripes, intertwined with a delicate, green tinted flowering vine. The room was filled with baby furniture in white enamel; next to the window there was a crib and adjacent to it was a matching changing table. A dresser stood by the opposite wall and had an acrylic apothecary jar full of pacifiers and a small nursery lamp. The entire room had a bunny motif; adorable pictures of baby bunnies seemed to be everywhere. The lamp, the curtains, the comforter draped over the end of the crib, and even the crib sheets had bunnies on them. There were three framed color prints of bunnies descending in a diagonal across one of the walls. Deedee simply adored bunnies and there they were. It was as if someone had spent weeks shopping for baby furnishings to please Deedee. Ron noticed that the mobile hanging over the end of the crib had bunnies hanging from it's wires and a diaper stacker now hung from the crib with a bunny appliqué. The tall yellow diaper pail next to the changing table had a decal of a group of baby rabbits romping joyfully in a patch of grass. Deedee turned her head to see the nursery and cooed in delight when she saw how the room had been decorated. She clapped her hands clumsily in applause, barely managing to strike her two palms together. Ron glanced at Deedee as if he expected her to explain the room's strange transformation, then moved his eyes back to the scene in front of him and shook his head. "This is getting stranger and stranger," he muttered to himself as he took Deedee over to the table and began changing her diaper.

He put Deedee in a clean diaper while she yawned sleepily. Ron chuckled as he finished fastening the tapes and said, "Baby girl is ready for a nap, isn't she?"

Deedee yawned again in agreement and he carried her over to the crib and tucked her in. He found a toy bunny lying in the crib at the end and tenderly placed it in Deedee's arms. She smiled up at him and hugged the bunny then closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately. Ron fussed with the comforter for a few minutes to make sure she would be comfortable and then began to quietly explore the room. The diaper stacker was filled with soft fluffy flannelette diapers of the type that Deedee liked. Ron looked at the back of the changing table and saw that everything he might need to change Deedee had been supplied. In his earlier haste to get her changed, he hadn't noticed that the back of the changing table had tub of babywipes, a jar of nursery vaseline, a tube of diaper rash ointment and a bar of soap that was forested with the pink bunny-headed diaper pins stuck into it's surface. He went through the shelves of the changing table and discovered that it was fully stocked with supplies. There were stacks of both disposable and cloth diapers and well as an amply supply of clean plastic pants and infant T-shirts. "Whoever set this up sure knew his business," Ron thought to himself as he went through the rest of the shelves, "This looks like a display in a baby boutique!"

He went to the dresser and opened each drawer in turn, finding the clothes he had bought earlier as well as other baby clothes he had never seen before. He looked in the closet and discovered that the rack was filled with hangers of baby dresses. He took out one of the infant pinafores and compared it to the clothes he had bought for her that he had found in the drawer. It was exactly her size. "Someone (or something, he amended to himself) has created a nursery just for her," he thought to himself with a growing sense of disquiet.

The problem was he couldn't be sure whether whatever had caused changes in Deedee and the room intended good or ill. Certainly Deedee was enjoying her vacation from adulthood as a baby, but if she was forced to be an infant forever it would be a curse rather than a blessing. He had to get to the bottom of what was causing the transformations and discover how to change her back. Ron thought about the lamp and remembered what he had been thinking when he had heard Deedee's cries. He had wished that they had already purchased a nursery for Deedee. If they had bought one, Ron was sure it would have looked like the nursery that had mysteriously appeared in place of the furniture he had bought. He was sure that Deedee would have liked the crib he had bought, but it wasn't exactly what she had wanted. This crib was perfect. The room looked like Deedee's description of her dream nursery. Every piece that she had wanted was in the room. It looked like she had picked each piece out herself and positioned it in the same way that she had described to him. Ron realized that the lamp was the key to the problem. Apparently if the lamp was rubbed with Deedee's cleaning paste it granted wishes, either spoken or unspoken. He had to find out if his hypothesis was true. Ron had a simple experiment in mind that would tell him what he needed to know. He went back to the kitchen and sat down at the table in front of the lamp. Then took the rag and dipped it into the brine-vinegar mixture and began to rub the lamp all over with the rag as he said, "I wish for an explanation of what's happened to Deedee. Tell me lamp, are you magic?"

Ron put the lamp down on the table and waited expectantly. The lamp glowed brightly as a parchment slowly materialized on the table next to the lamp. Ron picked up the parchment and saw that it had a verse calligraphed on the paper in jet black ink. The language was English and the script appeared to be one of the European Blackhands. It read;

Neither gold, nor silver, nor jewels, nor wealth of any kind save love, Only your heart's desire will you find illuminated by the lamp's magic. Feed the crystal of the lamp and it will grant the rightful owner's wishes.

After one thousand days of granting wishes the lamp shall find a new master.

May all your wishes be a delight unto Allah's eyes, Inshallah.

Abdul Al Karim, maker of the magic lamp.

"Well!", said Ron to himself, "That explains where the nursery came from and how Deedee became a baby again. I got what I wished for and apparently so did Deedee. She wished that she would be a baby for twenty four hours and that's what she got. At least I hope that's what the lamp did."

Ron thought about the verse and realized that the homeowner had never had a wish granted so the lamp had remained with him more than one thousand days. It was the bit about "feeding" the crystal that intrigued Ron. How had he and Deedee "fed" it, when the previous owner hadn't? The man had said he had spent hours polishing the lamp when he was a child and nothing had happened so that wasn't it. Ron looked at the box of salt on the table next to the bottle of vinegar and realized that Deedee must have been using a mixture of salt and vinegar to clean the spots off the metal. Wasn't there something he had read somewhere about salt used to "feed" quartz crystals? He had a vague memory of looking at a pamphlet at a shop one time that talked about the care of quartz crystals. He had dismissed it at the time as New Age nonsense. Now he wasn't so sure. Something had activated the crystal, why not salt? Ron thought that it was interesting that the lamp had decided that both he and Deedee were the rightful owners. He wondered if the lamp knew about community property or whether it simply assumed that a wife's property was the property of her husband. Perhaps because he had paid for the lamp, it considered him the owner as well as Deedee. Ron realized that he could probably ask the lamp for an answer, but it wasn't worth the effort. The only thing that was important was that the lamp considered them both the rightful owners. From reading the first line of the verse, it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to use it to get rich, but that was okay with him. Having a magic lamp to grant their heart's desires was enough. He could handle the rest by himself. They would have a thousand days of wishes before the lamp sought another owner, whatever that meant. Ron grinned when he thought of the uses he could put the lamp to. He and Deedee were going to have a lot of fun with this lamp. He couldn't wait to tell her what he had discovered.

Deedee napped for two hours and woke up thirsty. Ron hear her small cries and went into the nursery to see what she needed. He found her lying on her back in the crib, sucking on her toes fretfully. Her face broke into a huge grin when she saw him standing over her crib. She reached out her hands to be picked up and Ron said, "What's the matter baby girl? Are you wet? Is it time for your bottle?"

Deedee cooed in reply and Ron unlatched the side of the crib so he could check her diaper. He put three of his fingers down the front of her diaper the way women check their babies and discovered that her diaper was damp rather than wet. "You're not very wet," he said, " so you must want your ba-ba. Is that what baby Dee wants? Her ba-ba?"

Deedee giggled in agreement and held out her hands again to be picked up. It was so much fun being a baby again and having Ronny as her Daddy. Deedee was thoroughly enjoying herself. Although she couldn't speak, she was having no problems making her needs understood. Ron's attentiveness made it easy. Deedee had gotten over her panic at being changed into a baby and was determined to make the best of a bad situation. She wasn't sure when or if she would ever change back into an adult, but the opportunity to be nurtured and cherished like a real baby was too good to miss while she had the chance. She still had her adult mind and could understand what Ron was saying perfectly. She had decided that her transformation was her chance to take a complete vacation from adulthood. She didn't have to do anything as a baby but enjoy herself. Ron would take care of everything.

Ron picked her up out of the crib and took her into the living room. He set her down in the playpen while he warmed up her bottle in the kitchen. Deedee idly sucked on her thumb and played with her toys until Ron returned with her nurser in hand. This time, instead of merely handing her the bottle, Ron took her out of the playpen and sat down on the sofa with Deedee on his lap. He settled her against his arm and slipped the nipple of the bottle into her mouth. Deedee took the bottle in both hands while she latched onto the bottle with her lips and began nursing immediately. Ron smiled at his charge and said conversationally, "Enjoy your bottle, Dee. I think I've discovered what turned you into a baby again. The lamp, Dee. It's magic! All you have to do is rub salt into the crystal on the side of the lamp and make a wish. Do you remember what you said to me right after you were cleaning it?"

Deedee looked up at Ron with wide eyes as she continued to suck on the nipple. She wanted to indicate to Ron that she'd understood him, but the formula tasted too good to stop nursing. Besides, the pause in his explanation seemed rhetorical, she was sure he'd finish explaining it to her without her input. All she had to do was listen. Ron smiled at his infant wife and continued, "You said you wished you were a baby again for twenty four hours! The lamp heard what you said and took that as a real wish. The lamp grants wishes, Dee! Do you know where your nursery furniture came from? I was cleaning the lamp while I was thinking about your transformation and wished that we had already shopped for nursery furniture for you. Then presto, everything you always wanted for your dream nursery appears in the room. Do you know what this means, Dee? You can be a baby anytime you want!"

Deedee's eyes lit up when she heard the news and she sighed in contentment. She couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome. She could be a real baby anytime she wanted and still have an adult life. Maybe Ron could make a wish to be rich, then he could stay at home and be her Daddy anytime she wanted to be a baby. Ron finished his explanation by saying, "There're only two provisos with the lamp, Dee; we can only have it for a thousand days and we can't wish to be rich. Other than that, the sky's the limit, Dee. We can have anything our hearts desire."

Deedee looked at him thoughtfully and considered the limitations on the lamp. She wasn't terribly surprised to hear that there were restrictions on the wishes. It would have been nice to be able to wish to be rich. Still, half a loaf was better than none and the ability to change into a real baby whenever she wanted was a gift beyond her wildest imaginings.

Ron sighed and said, "I Don't know why I'm telling you this, Dee. You probably have the mind of an infant. If you can understand me give me a sign."

Deedee looked at Ron earnestly and said, "Gooo Daaaaa!"

Ron smiled and said, "Where you trying to say "Good, Daddy" or were you babbling? There must be some way we can communicate. Hmmm. What about your Speak-and-Spell? You should be able to use that to spell out words if you can still think like an adult."

Ron carried her into the nursery and looked for her spelling toy. After a minute of fruitless searching, he put her in her crib for a few minutes while he conducted a thorough search of the room. In the end he found it in a new toy box sitting next to the wall. He took Deedee out of the crib and sat with her in the rocking chair and put the Speak-and-Spell in her hands. Immediately Deedee began tapping out a message to Ron; "H...I......R...O...N"

"You can understand me!", he said happily.


"Y...E...S", came Deedee's reply.


"Then you know that everything's going to be aright. The wish you made is only good for twenty four hours," Ron told her.

"D...A...R...N", replied Deedee whimsically.

"You can use the lamp to change into a baby anytime you want. Is there anything you need?", Ron inquired solicitously.

"H...U...N...G...R...Y", answered Deedee.

"Oops!", Ron said with an embarrassed expression, "I forgot to feed you. Would you like to try some solid food or would you like another bottle?"

"S...O...L...I...D", Deedee typed.

Ron saw that there was a high chair in the corner of the room and said, "Come on. I'll take you to the kitchen and get you something to eat."

He took the Speak-and-Spell out of her hands and put it in the seat of the high chair while holding her to his hip with one hand, then he took his free hand and carried them into the kitchen. He sat Deedee in the high chair and put the tray down in front, handing her the Speak-and-Spell to use while he got her dinner together. He went through the pantry saying, "About the only thing we have that you can eat is baby food, Dee. What would you like, chicken and vegetables? Macaroni dinner?"

"S...U...R...P...R....I...S....E.......M....E", answered Deedee.

"Okay," Ron said as he got a rubber coated feeding spoon out of the silverware drawer and picked up one of the new feeding bibs from the table. He stood behind the high chair and snapped the feeding bib in place around her neck, then maneuvered one of the kitchen chairs to sit in front of the high chair. He took one of the jars of baby food and popped off the lid with a single twist of his large hand before ladling out a spoonful. "Open wide!", Ron said playfully as he brought the spoon close to her mouth.

Deedee opened her mouth and let him spoon in the baby food as if she was a infant. In a very real sense she was; her muscular control had vanished along with her adult body and she was incapable of feeding herself. She closed her eyes in anticipation and swallowed the puréed mixture. When the flavor of the food hit her taste buds, she was pleasantly surprised. Her rejuvenated sensation of taste had amplified some of the flavors while suppressing other components. Apparently Ron had selected a macaroni dinner for her to eat. Deedee decided that it wasn't half bad, although the texture left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, her lack of teeth severely limited the range of foods she was able to eat. If she wanted to eat solid food, it would have to be baby food. Ron continued to spoon in the food, wiping the drips from her chin from time to time with a damp dishtowel.

After she had finished the jar, he opened the second jar he had selected. Deedee closed her eyes again, hoping this one would be better than the last. When she closed her mouth to swallow, an involuntary groan of pleasure escaped her lips. The flavor of the strained plums was so intense that her hypersensitive taste buds were overwhelmed. It tasted like she had quaffed a mouthful of Japanese plum wine. She held the plums in her mouth to let their fumes permeate her head. It was wonderful! Deedee opened her mouth eagerly for more. In a short time she had finished the plums and her tummy bulged in repletion. Ron wiped away the bright purple plum stains around her mouth and chin with the dishtowel, then gave her a bottle of formula. Deedee suckled the formula happily as her stomach wrapped itself contentedly around her meal. Deedee watched around the nipple as Ron made himself a sandwich and sat down at the table to eat with her. By the time he had eaten his sandwich, she was slurping the dregs of formula from her bottle. Ron unsnapped the plastic bib around her neck and rinsed it in the kitchen sink before laying it on the dish drainer to dry. The hollow sounds of the last drops of formula being sucked from the bottle greeted him as he returned to Deedee's side. He took the empty bottle from her hands and set it on the counter while he took Deedee out of the high chair. Ron laid the damp dishtowel over his shoulder and held Deedee to his chest, then began to pat Deedee gently on her back. After a moment or two, Deedee belched hugely and lay against his shoulder contentedly. He took the dishtowel from his shoulder, grinning and shaking his head in amusement when he saw the wet stain of regurgitated formula on the fabric. She had spit up her formula on the dishtowel like an infant. It looked like Deedee was experiencing all the nuances of being a baby.

Ron smiled as he carried her back into the living room to play on the floor in front of the TV while he watched the news. If she continued the way she had been going, she would mess her diapers by the time the news was over. Ron took a few of her toys out of the playpen and strew them on the carpet in a short arc in front of her before he sat down. Deedee cooed delightedly and crawled from toy to toy trying to decide which one she wanted to play with first. Finally she picked a toy from the group and sat down in front of it with her legs splayed out on either side of the toy. She grinned at Ron and picked it up to taste the toy with her renewed sense of taste. From time to time, he glanced away from his news show and grinned at Deedee's antics. She was adorable. There was no way anyone could have known that the body of the infant who crawled in front of him contained the mind of his wife. Her gurgles and coos completed the effect, making her appear like an average, unremarkable baby girl.

Ron wondered idly what Deedee's younger sister, Kimberly, would think if she saw her older sister. Kimberly had been her confidant for years and knew about Deedee's desire to be regressed. On several occasions, she had even offered to "babysit" her older sister, but Deedee had been too self-conscious about being dressed in diapers in front of her younger sister to accept her offer. The ten plus years age difference between the two of them meant Deedee could remember clearly when Kimberly was in diapers and she was Kimberly's babysitter. Allowing Kimberly to actively participate in her fantasies offended Deedee's sense of propriety. It gave Deedee the uncomfortable feeling that she was somehow contributing to the delinquency of a minor even though she knew perfectly well that Kimberly was an adult. As Kimberly's older sister, Deedee's conservative nature wouldn't let her seriously consider letting Kimberly play mommy to her and change her diapers. If there was a change in Deedee's life that made diapering a practical necessity, Deedee was morally prepared to accept her sister's offer to help. But the thought of having her younger sister kneeling on the carpet at her side to change her wet diaper for fun was too incongruous to bear sober thought.


Kimberly on the other hand, was eager for the chance to exchange roles with Deedee and play the dominant older sister to a baby Dee. She had believed since she was a small child that her sister's cautious temperament was merely Deedee's way of manipulating her into accepting her pronouncements. She was as capable of making rational decisions as the next person. Although she hadn't had a child of her own, Kimberly was absolutely positive that she could take care of any problems that cropped up. Having spent the early years of her life trying to free herself from Deedee's shadow, Kimberly knew that bold assertiveness would carry her farther than any pretense of being demur. Being Deedee's babysitter would prove to her sister once and for all that she was a responsible adult.

Ron made a mental note to himself to ask Deedee after the wish had worn off whether she would mind if Kimberly babysat her the next time she changed herself into an infant. Ron doubted that Deedee would be embarrassed by her sister if she was transformed into a real baby. He sensed that Deedee's self-consciousness stemmed from the fear of how ridiculous she'd appear as an adult baby to Kimberly. If she was a real baby however, then she'd appear prosaic surrounded by the trappings of infancy. Ron looked down at his wife lovingly as she crawled around the carpet at his feet. She would stop from time to time glancing back at him to see if he was watching her. Ron would grin back at her in approval and she'd continue in her journey, secure in the knowledge that her Daddy was right there if she needed him and that he was pleased by her transformation.

After about thirty minutes, Deedee stopped crawling and perched on all fours with a quizzical expression on her face. Her face colored for a moment as if she was straining slightly and then returned to normal. She sat back on her knees in surprise as the realization of what she had just Done in her diaper hit her. She shot Ron a guilty glance and appeared as if she was looking for a place to hide. Deedee was acutely embarrassed. Peeing in her diapers was one thing, but messing in them was something else altogether! The reek from the rear of her diaper curled around and enveloped her like a palpable cloud, accusing her of the rank impropriety she had committed in her diaper. Deedee realized that in her current condition as a baby, she was unable to clean up the mess she had made. All she could do was wait for Ron to notice and change her soiled diaper. When she thought about how Ron would tease her for her lack of control, she began to cry in earnest.

Ron got up from the sofa and went over to Deedee as the odor from her whiff diaper began to fill the room. As Ron had predicted, Deedee had voided her bowels thirty minutes after eating dinner. Deedee was horribly embarrassed. She hid her face in his neck as he carried her into the nursery to change her dirty diaper. He laid her down on the changing table and unfastened the tapes on her diaper, then pulled the diaper down between her legs to see what damage she had Done. She was a mess. Deedee had managed to cover not only her bottom with the sticky goo, but it had fallen into the front of the diaper in front as she knelt on the floor and had smeared itself all over the front panel of the diaper. She was covered from stem to stern in baby poop.

Ron shook his head and grinned as he took out a baby wipe and began cleaning the mess off of his little girl. She fidgeted and fussed irritably in embarrassment as held up her legs and cleaned her bottom before lowering her back to the pad on the changing table. When he had gotten most of the smelly goop off of her behind, he deftly removed the dirty diaper with his free hand and put it aside so she could rest on the changing pad. Ron pitched the dirty baby wipe on top of the soiled diaper and took another wipe from the dispenser for a final cleansing before he rediapered her. He scrubbed the last traces of poo from her skin and dropped the wipe on top of the other soiled tissue. Then he folded the mess within the dirty diaper, taped the sides together into a neat bundle and tossed the packet into the nursery wastebasket. Deedee's embarrassment had evaporated by the time he returned his attentions to the rediapering process. Deedee lay in front of him on her back, clothed solely in a sunny smile and the perfect aplomb of infancy. She sucked on her thumb idly as she waved her legs up and down without a hint of shame at her nakedness. Ron chuckled and said as he bent over to deliver a kiss on his lover's forehead, "You're a living doll, Dee! Do you know that? You're just about the cutest baby I've ever seen."

Deedee blushed in pleasure at the unexpected praise and continued to behave like an infant as he turned her over and began to coat her bottom with a thin layer of vaseline to protect her skin during the night. Then he flipped her on her back and coated the skin between her legs in front, making sure every crevasse was covered with the waterproof gel. Ron lifted her legs again and slid a disposable diaper beneath her bottom, laying her down carefully on it's comfortable padding. Then he pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped down the sides snuggly, lest she leak all over the crib mattress while she slept. Ron looked at the time on his watch and saw that it was almost seven o'clock. While he and Deedee normally stayed up until ten o'clock on weekdays, baby Deedee was another matter, it was time for her to go to sleep.

He picked Deedee up in both arms and carried her to the crib to tuck her in for the night. Ron returned to the living room and watched TV for a while before going to bed. After the news, he decided to turn in himself. He expected that Deedee would wake up early and he wanted to be there to take care of her needs. Just to be sure, he tiptoed into her nursery and turned on the baby monitor then he took the companion unit into the bedroom with him and set it up on the bedside table. If Deedee woke in the night and began to cry, the baby monitor would amplify her cries so he would hear them in his sleep and wake up.

Ron smiled as he lay in bed and pulled the covers up to his neck. He missed sleeping next to Deedee, but he was pleased that she had been turned into a baby, albeit temporarily. Ron was enjoying the experience of being a loving father to an adorable baby girl. She looked so darned cute crawling around the room on her hands and knees wearing diapers that he wanted to pick her up and cuddle her every time he looked at her. He turned off the bedside lamp and closed his eyes, thinking of what Sunday would bring. If he was right about the lamp, then she would return to normal at approximately ten o'clock. He decided to take her out of her diapers and let her play on the living room floor in the nude at that time. That way her waist and legs wouldn't be constricted by her unchanging diaper when she began metamorphosing back into an adult. Otherwise, she would start growing until her body size forced the tapes on the disposable to pop loose. If the tapes were strong enough, she might get badly bruised before they gave way. Ron made himself a mental note to get her robe out and have it ready before her transformation. As he drifted off to sleep, he decided that he'd better have an adult diaper ready too. Twenty-four hours of freedom from toilets might make her a bit more prone to "accidents" until she was used to her adult body again. After a couple of hours, she could change into more adult wear. In the meantime, Ron wanted to make sure the furniture and carpet was protected from the aftereffects of her sojourn from potty training.

Ron woke up bright and early the next day and made himself a pot of coffee. He moved the baby monitor into the kitchen and read the Sunday paper over a cup of coffee until she woke up. At seven thirty he heard her blathering to herself in her crib and took her a bottle of juice to drink after he had change her diaper. When he arrived in the nursery, he found her sitting up on the bed with her toy bunny in front of her shaking her finger and prattling to it as if she was lecturing the stuffed toy about some imagined naughtiness. Ron thought she looked adorable. Her diaper drooped heavily in front of her, hinting at the nights production of baby pee it held locked in it's absorbent padding. Ron bent over her and picked her up, raising her to the level of his head and planting a good morning kiss on her forehead before carrying her over to the changing table to remove the sopping diaper. When he unfastened the front of the diaper, the reek of ammonia assaulted his nostrils. He quickly removed the irritating garment and wiped the stale pee from her loins with a babywipe. Then he folded the smelly diaper into a tight ball and tossed it in the wastebasket before he rediapered her.

Ron took her over to the rocking chair and played with her for a few minutes, then gave her the bottle of juice he had prepared. Deedee took the nipple in her mouth and began sucking immediately. She was thirsty after twelve hours sleep and drank fully one third of the bottle in the few minutes before Ron got out of the rocking chair and carried her back to her crib. Ron sat her on her bottom and picked up her toy bunny to wave in front of her playfully, distracting her temporarily from her nursing with her favorite toy. She took the toy from his hand and lay it across her lap, then returned her attentions to the bottle she had been avidly sucking. Ron stroked her short hair with the palm of his hand affectionately while watching her nurse. After a while, he turned and left her to play in her crib while he went to finish his Sunday paper.

A half-hour later Ron returned and took Deedee out of her crib to take her to the kitchen. He put her in the high chair and put her feeding bib on her before feeding her a jar of oatmeal mixed with applesauce for breakfast. Her repast was followed by a bottle of warm formula and a burping. Deedee pooped in her diaper about half an hour later and Ron took her into the nursery to clean her up. Instead of rediapering her though, he took her back into the living room dressed in her bare skin. On the way out to the living room, Ron stopped in front of the closet and got out Deedee's favorite robe while holding Deedee's bare bottom against his hip with his free hand. He took her to the living room, tossing her robe on the sofa as he passed by and put her in the playpen temporarily while he returned to the bedroom to get an old comforter. Ron came back to the living room with the comforter and spread it out on the floor, doubling it over to thicken the padding and reduce the amount of floor space it occupied. When he was Done, he took Deedee out of the playpen and sat her on the blanket to let her play on the comforter in the nude. Deedee found the experience of being a naked infant under Ron's watchful eyes tremendously satisfying. Anytime she wished, she could look down at her bare pubes and reassure herself that she was indeed an infant. Her small size and lack of clothes made her feel extremely vulnerable and intensified the sense of protectedness that Ron's presence gave her. Whenever she looked up into his eyes, she saw the paternal concern radiating back at her. It made her feel nurtured and cherished. The food in her stomach made her drowsy and she found herself yawning repeatedly. She was playing on her hands and knees with a toy when sleep finally overcame her. Deedee lay her head down on the blanket without moving her legs and was fast asleep in seconds. Ron heard her soft snores and looked down to see his baby wife sleeping on her knees with her cute little behind in the air and her cheek resting on the blanket. As he watched, her form increased in size and maturity until she had regained her former stature. Ron got up from the sofa with Deedee's robe and diaper in hand and knelt down beside her on the blanket to wake her up. He stroked her hair with one hand and said quietly, "Dee! Dee, Honey? It's time to get up! Come on, Honey! Wake up!"

Deedee opened her eyes slowly and felt herself melt into his arms as he lifted her shoulders and hugged her to his chest. After a moment, he released her and sat on the floor beside her with his arm wrapped protectively around her shoulder. "How do you feel, Dee?", he asked.

"I just had the most marvelous dream, Ronny! It was so real! I dreamed I turned into a baby and you were my Daddy. You fed me and looked after me, changing my diapers whenever they were wet or messy. In the last part of the dream, you let me crawl around naked on a blanket you had put on the floor in the living room and I fell asleep," she said with her eyes glistening with suppressed excitement, "I've never had a dream that seemed so real Ron! I loved every minute of it! I wonder if I'll ever have a dream like that again?"

Before Ron could answer her and explain that her dream of returning into babyhood had been the real thing, Deedee chanced to see the playpen that was sitting on the floor next to the blanket. Realization dawned and her eyes opened wide in shock as comprehension of what had happened seeped into her sleep-dulled mind. She looked at Ron intently and asked, "It wasn't a dream, was it Ron?"

"No, Dee. It really happened," Ron said gently.

"But how? People just Don't turn into babies overnight and then back again! What happened to me?", Deedee asked.

"It's a long story," Ron replied, "Why Don't we sit up on the sofa and talk about it after I get you in an adult diaper?"

Deedee readily agreed to Ron's idea and lay back on the comforter so he could diaper her. Ron diapered his wife quickly and helped her sit up so he could finish dressing her. Picking up her robe, Ron helped her slide her arms into the sleeves and pulled it around her shoulders. Ron stood up and held out his hand to help Deedee get on her feet. Deedee got on her knees first, then slowly regained her feet. She stood and swayed for a moment as she slowly regained her adult sense of balance. She wrapped the robe about her and tied the belt before tottering unsteadily over to the sofa. Ron followed her closely watching for any signs of weakness on Deedee's part. He sat down beside her on the sofa and related the events following her rejuvenation. He went into great detail about how he had discovered the lamp's powers and told her about the limitations on the wishes that could be asked of it. Then he got the lamp down from the mantle where he had stored it with the parchment and it's odd verse and handed them to her. Deedee gave the lamp a perfunctory glance and laid it aside, taking the parchment between her hands to scrutinize it carefully. She looked at the paper for five long minutes before she put it on her lap and asked Ron, "This is for real? You haven't hypnotized me or anything, have you?"

Ron shook his head "no" and said, "I saw it too. If you Don't believe it, go into the nursery and take a look at the furniture. If it isn't exactly the kind of baby furniture that you've always wanted, I'll eat my hat! Dee, I'm not lying to you. This is a bona fide magic lamp that grants wishes just like in the fairy tales."

Deedee looked dubious and said, "I Don't know, this all sounds like some fantastic story. If it hadn't happened to me, I'd swear you made it all up as a joke. This sounds like one of those rejuvenation stories that Jennifer writes. It's just her style of story; lots of detail that makes you hope for a moment that she's talking about the real thing, but underneath you know it couldn't possibly be true."

Ron smiled and said, "I know what you mean. There were a couple of times that I wondered whether she had written that story she promised to create for us and I was dreaming about the plot. There are times lately that I've found myself saying things that sounded more like the way she writes than things I would normally say. I must be reading too many of her stories lately. Every time I turn around, she's got another one. I Don't know how she does it."

Ron considered for a moment and said, "I wonder what Bob would say if we told him that we had a magic lamp that could turn him into a baby anytime he wanted."

"You tell him and you'll have to help babysit him!", Deedee teased. Deedee grinned, then her eyes got a faraway look as she mused, "You might really have your hands full then. I intend to use the lamp myself. You might find yourself babysitting a house full of toddlers."

"Maybe I could get your sister Kimberly to help me," Ron said with a smile, "She's offered to babysit you before."

"That was when she thought she'd be babysitting a grown woman playing at being a baby. It's different when you're talking about looking after real babies. I'm not sure she'd want to take care of two little babies at once," Deedee said.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind. After all, it's not like she has to babysit full time. It would only be a few hours," Ron replied.

"Hmmm," Deedee said, "If she'd be willing to take care of two babies, you could join me in the playpen. I've always wanted to see what kind of baby you'd make."

"I'm not so sure about that....," Ron temporized.

"Come on, Ron. I'd be fun! Haven't you ever wondered what it felt like to be a baby and have someone you trusted take care of you? We could wrestle in the playpen together and take a nap in the crib when we got tired!", Deedee said with growing enthusiasm.

"Dee, you know how I feel about that. Dee, Honey, you play too rough! I might forget myself and you could get hurt! I'm so big!", Ron said sincerely.

Deedee poked him in the stomach and said, "If we were babies I'd probably be a big as you were, maybe bigger!"

"What?", Ron asked in confusion.

"Silly!", Deedee answered confidently, "If we were babies we'd be approximately the same size. Do you know that little girls mature more quickly than boys? Unless the girl is really tiny, there's a good chance that she'll be a little bigger and heavier than a baby boy her age. If we wished that the lamp make us the same age, I might be bigger than you. I might not be bigger than you now, but I bet that I was a little bigger than you were when you were a year old. You wouldn't have to worry about hurting me then!"

Ron frowned slightly, feeling trapped. He had the distinct impression that he'd be sharing a playpen with Deedee in the near future. Ron wasn't quite as enthusiastic about being diapered as Deedee was. He was curious about how it would feel to be a baby, but he didn't have as strong a desire to return to babyhood as Deedee had. Unless he put his foot down and told her that he absolutely wouldn't, she would find a means to get her way with him. He might be able to put it off for a few weeks, but in the end, he was going to have to try it to please her. She wouldn't nag or try to convince him, rather she'd bring it up casually and get a hurt look on her face each time he refused. There was nothing for it but to surrender his adulthood gracefully and let himself be regressed when the time came. It would only be for a few hours anyway. He was sure he could put up with the humiliation of having his diaper changed once or twice by his sister-in-law. He might not be able to look Kimberly straight in the eye for a few weeks afterwards, but that was a small price to pay to make Deedee happy.

Ron nodded at Deedee to signal his agreement with her plan and Deedee smiled in success. She had been trying to get him to play baby with her for years and he had steadfastly refused citing the dangers to her person. The lamp had changed everything, once he was presented with the possibility of being her size, his arguments for her safety didn't hold water. Ron was going to find out just how much FUN it was to be a baby again!

They talked awhile about Deedee's experiences as a baby before going to the nursery to look at the furniture the lamp had given them. Deedee hadn't paid much attention to the furnishings while she was a baby, her surroundings had only been part of the total experience of being a baby. When she saw the furniture Ron's wish had brought, she was ecstatic. The room looked exactly like she had imagined it would if they had been able to afford the furniture. She hugged Ron in glee and ran back and forth across the room checking every piece of furniture like a child in a toy store. Everything was so right! When she had finished, she sighed in utter contentment and turned to Ron to kiss him for wishing for the furniture. After a few minutes, they surfaced for air and left the room arm-in-arm, talking about how and when she would use the nursery next.




The very next Saturday Deedee invited her sister, Kimberly, over to their house to babysit her for the afternoon. Ron hadn't made any real plans to leave the house while Kimberly was babysitting although he thought he probably would. He had planned to spend the weekend puttering around the house, doing small repairs. Deedee had tried to talk Ron into metamorphosing into a baby with her for the afternoon, but to no avail. Ron was adamant that he wanted to work on the repairs even though they were minor. Ron knew he was only delaying the inevitable, but he couldn't face the thought of spending the day in diapers. He told Deedee that he'd look in on her from time to time during the day to see how she was doing. Deedee was disappointed in Ron's refusal, but decided to be patient and wait until Ron could bring himself to allow the lamp to rejuvenate him.

Deedee's attitude regarding Kimberly's offer to babysit her had undergone a complete reversal since the discovery of the lamp. Her embarrassment at letting Kimberly see her in diapers had vanished. Deedee's self consciousness revolved around the adult image she always presented her younger sister. If she was a real baby, the problem was moot. Deedee wasn't in the least self conscious about having Kimberly take care of her and change her diapers as long as she was a baby. It was only her adult image she was uncomfortable about. Deedee knew she would feel sheepish if she played baby in front of her sister while she was in her adult body. If Kimberly wanted to babysit her when she was a little baby, that was different. There was nothing embarrassing about having your sister take care of you when you were a baby.

When Kimberly arrived, Deedee took her to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee with her while she explained what she intended to do. She showed Kimberly the lamp and explained the restrictions on its use so she would understand what was happening. Kimberly was intrigued by the idea of watching her older sister being turned into an infant before her eyes and enthusiastically agreed to babysit her. Deedee gave Kimberly the grand tour of the nursery and showed her where the baby food and formula was kept in the kitchen. She told Kimberly that she wanted to be a baby all day and asked her if it would be okay if she made the transformation last until early evening. Kimberly got into the spirit of things and told her that she hadn't any plans and encouraged her to remain in baby form until midnight that night. Deedee was pleased by the offer but told her that she thought midnight was far too late for Kimberly to be out on the road. Kimberly laughed and told her that she wasn't afraid to drive after midnight. She told Deedee that she was a big girl and could take care of herself without her big sister's help. They compromised on eight o'clock and Kimberly asked about what Ron's plans were for the day. Deedee sighed and told her that she'd been unable to talk Ron into joining her in babyhood for the day. She explained as she mixed up the salt paste to feed the lamp's crystal that he had told her that he'd wanted to get the chores Done while Deedee was playing baby. She rubbed the paste into the lamp and said conversationally that she wished that the chores had been Done and that Ron had been able to join her in her babyplay. Kimberly agreed that it would have been fun to babysit the two of them and waited for Deedee to make the wish to rejuvenate herself.

Deedee made her wish, saying specifically that she wanted to remain a baby until eight o'clock that night. Just as she began to shrink, they heard Ron's voice coming loudly from the garage and cursing terribly. The two of them jumped up to see what the problem was and opened the door to the garage to see Ron standing there with his clothes sagging on his rapidly diminishing frame. "Uh-oh," Deedee said to Kimberly, "I think I goofed! The lamp heard what I said about Ron and treated it as a real wish. Could you go out to the garage and get Ron? I Don't think I should get near him when he's so angry. He probably thinks I rejuvenated him against his will. You can explain to him that I made a mistake and transformed him by accident. He'll be okay once he calms down. I'll wait here in the kitchen while you go and get him, okay?"

Kimberly nodded her agreement and went out to the garage to bring Ron in the house while Deedee took off her slacks and panties and laid them on the chair she had been sitting on. Kimberly dashed to Ron's side and quickly explained what had happened while she helped him remove his pants and shoes. Deedee could see from the doorway that he looked like he was about thirteen years old and seemed to be getting younger by the minute. Kimberly took him by the hand and led him into the house, carrying his discarded clothes in her free hand. When Ron arrived at the kitchen, he had gotten to the grumbling stage of his anger and looked like he was about six years old. He shot Deedee a dirty look as he came into the kitchen dressed solely in his oversized shirt. Deedee ran up to him like a little girl and apologized profusely, explaining that his regression was a mistake. Her apology seemed to mollify him somewhat and he told her he was sorry he had gotten so angry with her.

Kimberly helped the both of them take off their shirts and watched as they continued their regression into infancy. A few minutes later, all that remained of Ron and Deedee was a pair of naked one-year-old toddlers sitting on the kitchen floor. Kimberly bent down, picked up her sister and put her on her hip, then bent over again to hoist Ron up and settle him on her other hip. She took the two of them to the nursery and sat them in the crib while she got the changing table ready to diaper them. Deedee sat on the mattress facing Ron, ogling his infantilized genitals with intense interest while he stoically stared off into space in embarrassment. Deedee was fascinated by her husband's infant body and tried to get him to play with her by poking him impishly in his suddenly protuberant tummy.

Ron was having a hard time of it; although he had retained his adult consciousness, his control over his emotions had regressed along with his body. He had only said he understood Deedee's error to mollify her, inside he was still seething over being rejuvenated against his will. He was torn between the desire to bawl in frustration and scream in anger. His adult mind told him that the wish was only temporary and that he'd regain his former stature in a few hours, but his infant cerebrum was flooding his body with flight and flight hormones. The conflicting emotions threatened to overcome his control at any minute and reduce him into a wailing infant. Deedee's attempts to make him playful only made the situation worse. The frolicsome pokes which he would have enjoyed as an adult made him peevish and out of sorts as a baby. Tears began to well up in his eyes as his self-control slipped away. He was just about to start crying when Kimberly reached over the side of the crib and lifted Deedee out to take her to the changing table. Ron heaved a sigh of relief as he watched Kimberly diaper his wife. The brief respite gave him a chance to regain his composure before he too had his bottom encased in the infantile garment. A minute or so later, Kimberly finished diapering Deedee. She pushed the nipple of an orthodontic pacifier into Deedee's mouth and returned her to the crib to wait while she diapered her brother-in-law. Ron closed his eyes in anticipation and felt himself lifted and laid on his back on the changing table. He opened his eyes again to find Kimberly leaning over him hugely with a broad grin on her face. She tickled his protuberant belly with her fingers to lighten his mood making him giggle helplessly. Ron was mortified. The contrast between Kimberly's dominant position over him and his defenseless nudity shriveled his already tiny penis and made him wince in chagrin. Kimberly lifted his legs expertly with one hand while she slid a clean diaper underneath his bottom. She scooped a double fingerful of vaseline out of the jar with her first two fingers, then lifted Ron again to run a thick coating of the waterproof jelly into the sensitive area between the cheeks of his bottom. Ron shivered involuntarily as he felt Kimberly's fingertips penetrate the recesses of his bottom crevasse to force the wad of greasy substance into his crack. His bladder let go suddenly under the stimulation and Ron started squirting pee helplessly into the air between his legs. Kimberly laughed and said as she deftly caught the pee in the soft padding of the disposable diaper, "Can't wait, Ronny? Hang on there a minute, Baby, and I'll have you safely in your diaper, okay?"

Kimberly dusted his pubes quickly with a light coating of baby powder then taped the diaper shut. Ron opened his mouth to cry in shame and found it filled with the soft latex of a pacifier as Kimberly silenced his incipient wails with the traditional soother. Kimberly saw the hurt expression on his face and hoisted him to her chest to comfort him. Ron found himself looking over her shoulder, being held to her bosom with a single arm under the curve of his rump while she patted his back with her free hand. When her hand moved down to pat his thickly diapered behind, Ron lay his head against his sister-in-law's neck and whimpered in despair as he heard Kimberly make small mothering noises to console him. "How can Deedee enjoy this?", he thought to himself, "I never imagined being held in Kimberly's arms would make me feel so small and weak. Kimberly looks enormous!"

Ron gasped as Kimberly wrapped her hand around his bottom and gave it a comforting squeeze. He closed his eyes in embarrassment and thought, "She can hold my entire bottom in one hand! She makes me feel so helpless!"

A minute later his ordeal was over as Kimberly settled him back on her hip and took Deedee from the crib to ride on her other hip. She took them into the living room to play in the playpen while she watched TV. After a while, Kimberly got up and said, "Kimberly's going to the bathroom for a few minutes, okay? I'll be right back! Be good babies and play quietly in your playpen while Kimberly's gone, okay?"

Deedee looked up at her sister and smiled winningly in agreement while Ron looked morose and stared ahead of him. Ron sat in the playpen, not knowing quite what to do in his new body. In the past he had watched Deedee mimic baby behavior when she pretended she was an infant. She would pick up toys and bang on them like an infant, but somehow that kind of play didn't appeal to him. He hadn't been mentally prepared for the transition into infancy. He sat in the playpen in a semi-daze with his legs splayed out wide in front of him gazing longingly out through the mesh wall at the couch. Deedee grinned mischievously at Ron as she crawled up behind him silently. She knew what the look on her husband's face meant. He was thinking how he'd rather be sitting on the couch like an adult than in the playpen with her. She'd put a stop to that!

When she reached Ron, she put her finger out and poked him hard in the side just below the ribs. Ron fell backwards in surprise and landed on his back. Deedee was on top of him in seconds. She tickled him around the waist until he was a helpless giggling mass rolling from side-to-side trying to escape her attack. Deedee squealed in delight and drove the assault home, moving up to his armpits when he tried to fend her off with his hands. Kimberly gave a last glance over at the playpen as she left the room when she heard Deedee squeal and grinned to herself when she saw the couple playing. She shook her head with a smile at the couple's antics and continued on to the bathroom. She was confident that they'd be all right while she was gone. From what Deedee had told her about her last transformation, they still had their adult minds even if they had the bodies of infants. Even if they had been real babies, they would be safe enough in the playpen to leave alone for a few minutes. They looked like they were really enjoying their return to babyhood.

Ron was breathless from the laughter and giggles. Deedee seemed to be everywhere, he couldn't find a way to defend himself. If he raised his arms in defense, she would make a lightning strike against his armpits. If he rolled up in a ball on his back and used his feet to help protect him, she started tickling the soles of his feet. Finally, it was over. Weak with exhaustion, Ron lay flat on his back in the playpen while Deedee crowed in triumph over his supine body. Ron struggled to get up, but discovered that his infant stomach muscles were too debilitated by the laughter to sit up. He rolled over to his side and slowly got to his hands and knees. The diaper he was wearing seemed to be sagging lower than it had been before they started playing and got in the way as he tried to crawl. Every movement of his legs brushed them against the plastic of the diaper, reminding him of how he was dressed. Deedee seemed to be fascinated by the sight of him; she sat with her mouth open in surprise and her forefinger hanging from her lower lip. As he crawled in front of her, seeking refuge in the corner like a boxer at the end of a round, her mouth formed a round "Oh" of understanding. When he plopped his bottom down in the corner of the playpen, he discovered was she had been staring at. The disposable diaper seemed to have puffed out while they were playing and squished wetly when he sat on it. Ron's eyes opened wide in surprise as his bottom settled in the yielding paper-covered gel. The heat of the urine hadn't time to cool since he had peed in the diaper and he felt his pubes and bottom caressed by the damp warmth. The paper shield in the diaper kept his bottom from ave been able to talk to him beforehand and prepare him for the experience. Deedee was sorry for what she had Done to him, but she was afraid to get close to him and comfort him when he was acting so angry. If she got too close, he might lose his control completely and hit her. From the livid look on his face, Ron's control of his emotions had regressed to the same state as his control over his bladder, i.e., none. She had seen him grow angry and put his fist through the wall as an adult, but his rage had been nothing like this! At least he had been self possessed enough as an adult to attack something inanimate rather than hurt someone he loved. She wasn't sure what he would do when he was this angry. He looked like he was in a positive frenzy! Ron was shaking his fists up and down helplessly and screaming at the top of his lungs. Ron had squeezed his eyes shut with all the force he could summon from his baby muscles. His face had reddened from the blood the had rushed to his face and copious tears ran down his puffy cheeks to fall wetly on his chest. Ron's toothless gums could not contain his spit and drool dripped off his chin in strings, joining his tears on his heaving chest. Ron's rage was consummate, when he opened his eyes all he could see was the red-tinged objects of his fury; the playpen, the toys, and the pee soaked disposable that lay heavily between his legs. He looked down at the diaper that had ballooned up with urine as the paper fluff was converted to a gel and saw it for what it really was; a soggy accusation of infantile helplessness that was taped tightly about his waist and displayed the damning evidence of his incontinence to the world! His emotions overcame him again and he closed his eyes to the sight of the despised diaper as he opened his mouth to scream. Ron's ears were immediately filled with the sound of a soul in outraged torment.

Deedee had never seen him like this. He was having a full-blown temper tantrum! Ron drummed his heels on the padding of the playpen, lifting his legs and slamming his feet down with all the force his infant body could muster. Deedee's eyes widened in fear as she witnessed Ron's transformation into a maelstrom of infant fury! The old Ronny that she had loved was gone, leaving an enraged infant in need of an immediate diaper change in his place. Deedee began inching her bottom back on the pad of the playpen, moving herself quietly away from the tiny hurricane of emotions in front of her.

Kimberly heard Ron's screams and hurried to get dressed again to see what was the matter. She rushed from the bathroom at a dead run. She had never heard a baby cry so insistently. Something terrible must be happening to one of the babies! When she arrived, she saw the sopping diaper that tugged at Ron's waist. He was soaked! Kimberly bent over to sooth Ron and said, "There, there, Ron-Ron! Don't cry! Kimberly's here. She'll get that nasty old diaper off of you and get you into a clean diaper right now!"

Ron had paused when he heard Kimberly speaking to him through the din and looked up at her with an expression of intense gratefulness even though she was using a baby name for him. But when he heard her promise to diaper him again, he began yelling anew. He didn't want to be diapered again. He wanted to be his old self. He wanted to wear adult briefs and pants, damnit, not another humiliating diaper!

Kimberly walked around the playpen and picked Ron up from behind. Aside from not wanting to lay Ron's dripping diaper next to her clothes, she was afraid that he might start beating on her with his tiny fists. Kimberly had never seen an infant that was so angry. She turned to carry Ron to the nursery, leaving Deedee where she was in the playpen. As she quickly walked to the nursery, she held him out in front of her with his body suspended by her hands under his armpits. She knew she had to hurry before the pee laden diaper slid off his bottom and fell on the floor. It was already halfway down his behind. The weight of the urine it had soaked up was forcing it inexorably down under the force of gravity. She only had seconds before the top of the diaper cleared the curve of his baby rump and the diaper went into free-fall. She made it to the changing table just in time. She saddled up next to the table and swung his body out as she lowered his feet to the table. The force of the swing gave enough momentum to the wet mass between his legs to pull the diaper over his bottom and down his calves. As she dropped his bottom to the table, the diaper slid off of his feet to land with a soggy plop on the end of the changing table. Kimberly laid him down on his back, then grabbed his feet with both hands and pulled him down the table to center him. Then she snatched up the restraining strap and buckled it tightly around his waist, cinching it down to keep him from escaping the belt. Kimberly gingerly untaped the sides of the diaper, glancing inside to see if he had pooped. He hadn't, it wouldn't be necessary to cleanse his bottom with more than a quick swipe of the babywipe. She folded the diaper into an impromptu package and taped it shut before tossing it into the garbage pail, then snapped open the buckle on the restraining strap to allow her access to his bottom. Kimberly took his feet in one hand and lifted his legs a foot in the air while reaching under him with a babywipe in the other hand. She made quick work of his behind and slid a clean diaper beneath him on the table. Then she gently lowered his feet to the table and carefully wiped down his pubes. Ron was mortified. His rage had abated with the absence of the soggy diaper but the sight of his sister-in-law looming over him while she wiped away his products of his excretory system was horribly embarrassing. He turned his head away and stared at the wall as she took the container of baby powder and began sprinkling it's soft contents over his pubic area. Then she took her fingertips and slowly rubbed the powder into every fold and crevasse of his skin. Ron moaned in a blend of semi-erotic pleasure and e accepted his account of what happened, he would suffer. Ron could imagine Kimberly and Deedee laughing about his infantile lack of control and making jokes at his expense.

His ordeal drew to a close as Kimberly pulled the soft padding up between his legs and began fastening the tape on one side. Ron heaved a sigh of relief and let the pacifier fall from his lips as she pulled the diaper tight across his waist and taped down the other side. He was safe. His erection was securely hidden behind the thick disposable to wilt of it's own accord. Kimberly picked Ron up and held him to her chest to comfort him. She had seen his minuscule erection and had divined the cause of his emotional discomfort. Kimberly held him as she would any infant, letting his head look over her left shoulder as she held his body securely with her left arm under his bottom and supporting his thighs. She took her free hand and began patting the back of his diaper absentmindedly while she murmured consoling maternalisms into his ear. Ron whimpered once and lay his head against her neck in emotional exhaustion. His temper tantrum had depleted his energy reserves and the humiliation of being sexually aroused by his sister-in-law had made him as weak as a kitten. Ron's ability to resist his babyfication was gone. He lay passively against Kimberly waiting for her next move. Ron sniveled a few times, prompting Kimberly to hug him closer to her and pat his back gently in an effort to quiet him. He shivered once and lay still as she wrapped her hand around his back and carried him back into the living room.

When Kimberly sat Ron in the playpen with Deedee, Deedee saw that he had recovered somewhat from his anger. His face was still red and puffy from the crying and his nose was running, but the maddened look of fury had disappeared from his eyes. Ron sat listlessly as Kimberly bustled away to the kitchen. Deedee crawled tentatively over to her infant husband and gave him a quick peck on the cheek with her lips before dropping back to see his reaction. Ron smiled sadly in response at her attempt to make him feel better and picked up the toy truck that lay by his side. Deedee smiled shyly at him and picked up another one of the toys to keep him company while he diverted himself from his troubles with his truck. Ron put the truck on the mat of the playpen beside him and began running the truck back and forth while he thought about what had happened to him. "There wasn't any need for me to get that excited about wetting my diaper," he decided, "I'm a baby, what do they expect? I Don't have any control over what my bladder did. My bladder became full and loosed itself of it's own accord. There isn't any reason to feel guilty. Deedee didn't behave that way when she wet her diaper. Of course, she's a lot more experience wearing diapers than I do. My emotions ran completely away with me. I threw a temper tantrum like I was a one year old."

Ron smiled grimly to himself as he imagined the scene he must have made. He dimly remembered drumming his feet against the mat of the playpen and shaking his fists. He must have been a sight. He felt grateful to Kimberly for her understanding treatment of him. She hadn't scolded or made comments about his erection, she had merely picked him up and held him until he quieted. Deedee wouldn't blame him for his erection if she found out. Baby boys had erections all the time when they were being diapered. Deedee knew that. She was a nurse. "Oh, they might kid me about it later," he thought, "...but it won't be serious. They'll know it wasn't intentional. I'll probably laugh right along with them...That is of course, when I'm back to my old self and wearing proper clothes."

Ron smiled in amusement as he imagined the conversation that would take place as they sat around the kitchen table, sipping coffee and discussing what had happened. Deedee saw the smile on his face and took it as a sign that he had gotten over his fit of temper. His anger always passed like that; he had the typical high-strung personality of a Virgo. The petit vexations of living would bore their way through the clinks in his analytical armor like vermin infesting the gambeson of a medieval knight. Ron would bear his burden silently, his emotions building slowly to a crescendo that climaxed in a cathartic explosion. Once his energies had been dissipated on his pique, he was at peace with the world again. She crept up close to him and rolled a soft sculpture alphabet block in front of his moving truck to simulate a collision. Ron hit the rolling block with the front of his truck and flashed her a quick smile of comradeship and love. She giggled in return and rolled another block at his truck from further out. Ron ran his truck out to hit the block and almost missed it. His coordination was off and he had difficulty timing the truck's movement to the block's wildly careening tumble. Deedee launched another block and the game was on. Ron hit two, then miss one completely before he got on his hands and knees and got serious about the game. Deedee knelt on the opposite side of the playpen and launched block after block at his truck. Soon the two of them were laughing and giggling uproariously over the toys in the playpen.

Kimberly heard the commotion in the kitchen and smiled as she prepared their lunch. It sounded like Dee and Ron were having a ball in the playpen. As Kimberly put their bottles of formula in a pot of water on the stove to warm, she thought it was a shame that their lunch would be ready so soon. They sounded like they were really enjoying themselves. Kimberly came out of the kitchen and got Ron out of the playpen first. Deedee was such a sweet baby that she knew that she wouldn't fuss when her playmate was taken away from her to eat. She'd sit happily in the playpen and amuse herself with her toys while Kimberly got Ron fed. Once his tummy was full, he'd be less likely to throw another temper tantrum. He'd probably sink into a sated lethargy after he'd eaten and give Kimberly a chance to get Dee fed.

Kelly carried Ron into the kitchen and sat him in the high chair. She snapped the plastic feeding bib around his neck before sitting down in front of him with a open jar of baby food. Kimberly had decided to feed him strained plums for lunch. It wasn't exactly the most nutritious of meals, but she didn't want him to start crying again. She hoped that the sweet fruit might help keep his mood light and help him deal with his unexpected transformation into an infant. She intended to feed Deedee a regular lunch when it was her turn. She was used to eating baby food and wouldn't object to an infant's diet the way Ron might without preparation. She'd feed Ron a proper meal at dinner that night after he had gotten used to the idea of eating strained foods. It was either that or put him on a strict diet of formula. Kimberly shuddered when she thought of how he would react to the diarrhea it would cause. Especially if he was hungry for solid food. Besides, she wasn't sure of how his system would respond if she fed him a liquid diet while he was a baby and then became an adult again. He might find himself having an "accident" in his pants after he had been restored to adulthood. The thought of Ron pooping in his briefs did nothing to make Kimberly feel secure. Even if she was his sister-in-law, he'd be absolutely livid if she caused him to mess his pants like an infant. It was bad enough that she was party to his accidental transformation. It might take him weeks to get over this experience as it was. She wasn't about to add to his unhappiness by making him bowel incontinent as an adult.

Kimberly ladled the strained plums in Ron's mouth by the spoonful. Ron seemed to enjoy the food; he ate every mouthful that she gave him without rancor. Ron smiled toothlessly as she scraped the inside of the jar and gave him the last of the plums. Then she wiped his mouth with a dishtowel and gave him a bottle of warm formula to drink. Ron looked at the nipple for a moment as if steeling himself for the act of suckling, then he took the artificial teat in his mouth and began to suck as if it were his daily fare. He worked on the nipple industriously as she opened the jar of pureed macaroni and cheese for Deedee's lunch and selected the dessert she would feed her. She finally decided on giving Deedee pureed bananas for her dessert, leaving the jar of chocolate pudding for her dinner. Kimberly wasn't exactly enthralled with the idea of feeding an infant chocolate pudding. All the baby books recommended against it and she was aware of how chocolate caused relaxation of the epiglottis and fostered regurgitation. Still, Deedee had been insistent that she get chocolate pudding and Kimberly thought that one small container probably wouldn't hurt her. One the other hand, she intended to feed the both of them their dinners early so they'd have time to digest their meal before she put them in their crib for the night. She had no intention of having to change the sheets on the crib and clean up two soiled babies if the chocolate made her spit up. If Deedee was going to spit up, then she'd rather have her do it in the playpen where the pad was soil and stain proof.

Kimberly was just finishing when she heard the slurping sound of an empty baby bottle behind her. She turned around and took the bottle from Ron's hand before he dropped it and gave him a few light pats on the back. Ron belched loudly with a look of satisfaction written on his face and gave her a smile of thanks for her assistance. Kimberly tussled his hair affectionately and said, "Was that good, Ron-Ron? You sure finished that bottle quickly! You must have been thirsty. What do you say to going back to the playpen while Aunt Kimberly feeds Dee? Would that be okay with you?"

Ron nodded his agreement and she removed his feeding bib and carried him back to the playpen. Deedee was overjoyed at the prospect of lunch; she chortled in delight as Kimberly lifted her out of the playpen and toted her into the kitchen. After sitting her in the high chair and fastening the bib around her neck, Deedee grinned in anticipation of her meal. Deedee loved the macaroni and cheese even though the manufacturer had reduced it to a goopy purée. She gobbled every bite as fast as Kimberly could spoon it in her mouth. By the time the jar was empty, Deedee was a glorious joyful mess. Her lower face was covered by a thick circle of yellow-orange cheese that surrounded her mouth and sprayed outward toward the back of her head. She looked like a mad makeup artist who specialized in clownfaces created in processed cheese had visited her. The ring around her mouth formed a large "O" and there were spots of cheese on either cheek. Even the tip of her nose had a base coat of liquid cheese. Deedee loved it. Her eyes lit up with delight as she stuck her tongue through her artificially enlarged yellow grin to try to lick the cheese from her upper lip. Deedee contorted her facial muscles and flapped her arms wildly on either side of her head in an attempt to use body english to coordinate her tongue. Kimberly paused as she got up to get her dessert and chuckled at Deedee's antics, shaking her head at Deedee's ridiculous appearance. When Deedee finally made contact with the cheese, she chortled in glee as the tip of her tongue managed to capture a portion of her errant lunch. Kimberly retrieved the second jar and opened it as she sat down to feed Deedee her dessert. The aroma of ripe bananas exploded into Deedee's baby-sensitive nose as Kimberly put down the lid and lifted the spoon from the tray of the high chair. Deedee closed her eyes and opened her mouth expectantly in anticipation of the fruity dessert. When Kimberly spooned in the first mouthful, Deedee half-closed her jaw and loosed a loud "Mmmm" of appreciation. Gobs of puréed banana squeezed from her open mouth, dripping from her slack lips and oozing its way down her chin to fall into the catch pocket of her bib. Deedee was in Seventh Heaven. Her eyes shown as she waited for Kimberly to repeat the process and fill her mouth with more dessert. Kimberly laughed as Deedee's lips closed around the second spoonful and she aphasically moaned in infantine pleasure again. Deedee kicked her legs up and down demandingly as she swallowed the second mouthful and prepared herself for the third. Her eyes rolled up expressively as she waved her arms to signal her readiness. She tilted her head back on her shoulders and opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for her mother to drop her meal in from above. Kimberly obliged her rejuvenated sister by letting another spoonful of bananas fall from the bowl of the spoon into Deedee's open mouth. It struck home beneath Deedee's tongue. When Deedee righted her head to swallow, a pale yellow sludge squished out of her lips and fell onto the waiting bib. Deedee clapped her hands together happily at the wet sound of the puréed banana hitting the hard plastic of the bib, opening her lips once again for another mouthful. Kimberly continued to ladle in the baby food until the jar was empty, then paused to see the damage that Deedee's feeding had Done. Deedee was a sight to behold. Her entire lower face was covered in concentric yellow and orange rings that joined together at the base of her chin. The bib was painted with splashes of varicolored baby food that had escaped Deedee's mouth. Somehow during the feeding, Deedee had managed to get baby food all over her hands and wrists. Her smell was a nearly indescribable admixture of baby odors. The sweet vanilla-like fragrance of baby powder that exuded from her disposable diaper mixed with the spicy perfume of ripe banana and the savory bouquet of cheese to produce a sharp, clean combination of odors that bespoke a happy well-fed infant. Kimberly shook her head at the charming sight that her sister made. She thought about it for a moment, then opened her purse that she had left on the kitchen table and withdrew a small camera. Deedee squealed in delight when she saw that Kimberly planned to take her picture. She grinned adorably for the lens and only winced a little when the flash went off in her eyes. Kimberly snapped several shots before laying the camera on thee table and going to the kitchen sink to get the dishtowel she had used to clean Ron. Kimberly gave Deedee's face a rough onceover with the cloth to capture the greater mess, then folded the damp dishtowel to wipe the smears that remained. She took the dishtowel to the sink and rinsed it under cold water before wringing it out and laying the soggy cloth on over the sink divider to drain. Kimberly got the last bottle of formula out of the cooling pot on the stove and tested the temperature of the liquid on the inside of her wrist before handing the bottle to her sister. Deedee grasped the bottle with both hands and expertly tipped the end of the bottle high in the air to maximize the flow as she pulled the nipple in her mouth. Seconds later, she was sucking noisily at her bottle. Kimberly let her nurse at the bottle while she made a sandwich for herself and got the kitchen cleaned up. Then she sat down at the table beside Deedee and ate her lunch while Deedee finished her bottle. Kimberly had just finished her sandwich when Deedee polished off the dregs of the formula. Kimberly got up and set her plate down in the sink, then went over to Deedee and patted her on the back until she burped quietly. The soft noise Deedee emitted sounded more like a delicate coo from a baby girl than a full-fledged eructation. Kimberly smiled at how demurely her sister manage to behave even though she had been transformed into an infant. It was as if her manners were a central part of her being rather than a learned response. Kimberly took the bottle from Deedee's hands and set it on the table. Then she lifted Deedee from the high chair and settled her on her hip for the ride back to the living room.

Although Deedee's lunch hadn't taken long, Ron was dozing in the playpen by the time they got back. He had gradually fallen forward from his kneeling position to rest on the side of his face while his knees and legs remained as they were. Drool ran from the corner of his mouth to pool on the waterproof pad of the playpen while one of his arms was curled protectively in front of his head. His other arm looked like it was planning a sneak attack with his thumb on his mouth. His outstretched thumb was less than an inch away from his lips and looked like it was about to leap into his mouth at any minute. His soft baby snores drifted up from the mat of the playpen to greet Deedee when she arrived. Kimberly smiled at how sweet Ron looked. One would never guess from how he was sleeping that he had been a full-grown man that morning. She shook her head slightly and smiled down to Deedee at her side to see if she had seen Ron too. Deedee looked at Ron and grinned then glanced at Kimberly to see if she had observed Ron's position. When she looked up, she saw Kimberly's knowing smile beaming back at her. The two sisters exchanged smiles of agreement. Ron's infant reflexes had taken over while he slept and made him appear like a real baby. Deedee wondered what would happen if Ron was left in a baby's body for a week or two. She was sure that his infantized reflexes would begin to take over after a few days and he'd stat behaving like a baby no matter how he wanted to act. The temper tantrum he had earlier told her just how close he was to regressing emotionally into an infant. From the way he looked, Deedee thought that it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge into full infancy.

Kimberly grabbed Deedee under her armpits and hoisted her off of her hip to lower her quietly into the playpen beside Ron. She turned and went back into the nursery to get the crib ready for their nap, leaving Deedee to her own devices in the playpen. "After that big lunch that Dee just had," Kimberly thought to herself, "…it won't be long before she goes nite-nite too. I'd better get the sheets tidied up before I bring them in here to take their afternoon naps. Once a get the two of them in this crib, there won't be room to straighten the sheet out."

She paused after she got the sheet tucked in and thought about the toys lined up along the back rail of the crib. There were really too many of them in the crib for two babies to sleep comfortably. The question was, which ones should she remove? The decision for Dee was easy. Kimberly picked up her favorite toy rabbit and laid it to the side at the head of the bed. Assigning the proper toy to Ron was a bit harder. He hadn't been a baby long enough to establish a preference. In the end, she settled on an arm-sized teddy bear for him. Most baby boys liked teddy bears in Kimberly's experience and she gambled that Ron wouldn't be any different. She put a likely looking teddy at the head of the crib next to Deedee's rabbit and began moving the other toys to the lid of the toybox that sat at the foot of the crib. She lined them up carefully on top of the toybox to maintain the nursery's neat appearance as she removed them from the crib. When she was Done, she took two nighttime disposables from the shelf under the changing table and stuck the folded diapers in the supplies area at the rear of changing table. Once Deedee started looking sleepy, she didn't want to rouse her with too much activity before she put her down for a nap. Kimberly had babysat enough wakeful babies as a teenager to want to arouse a baby who wanted to sleep. She had learned her lesson then, get the baby changed into a clean diaper and into the crib with as little fussing as possible so their drowsiness wouldn't be affected.

Kimberly decided that she's dress the two of them warm before she put them down for their nap and went looking for Deedee's nightgown. She found it in the drawer that Deedee had described and draped it over the end of the crib before she started going through the drawers for something for Ron to wear. She found plenty of night things that would be appropriate for a baby girl to wear, but there wasn't anything that had been designed for a baby boy. At several minutes of fruitless searching, she settled on letting him wear a T-shirt for his nap. She draped it over the end of the crib next to Deedee's nightgown and went looking for another receiving blanket to tuck around Ron. She found one that matched the one in the crib at the back of the bottom drawer of the dresser and laid it in the crib on top of Deedee's old blanket. Then she turned to go into the living room and see how the kids were doing. It had been about thirty minutes since Ron had been fed and he should be pooping in his diaper soon. She wanted to be there when he did and get him changed as soon as possible.

Deedee watched as Kimberly left the room and grinned to herself as Kimberly passed from sight. Her mischievous streak had asserted itself and she wanted Kimberly out of the room before she indulged herself with a bit of naughtiness. If Kimberly had caught her she might find herself tummy down over Kimberly's lap getting a paddling for what she had planned. Deedee looked over at Ron and grinned. The opportunity to tease him was just to inviting to resist. Deedee could feel the warm dampness rising from the bottom of her diaper and knew that Ron was probably wet too. She decided to wake him up so he could see how warm and comfortable it felt to wear a diaper that had been recently wet. If she waited too long the pee would have a chance to cool and he would be understandably annoyed with the clammy feeling of the cold wet diaper. This was her chance to let him see how comfortable wearing a diaper could be.

She crawled over to Ron and poked him in the tummy with her fingertip. He was sound asleep and didn't noticed. "This calls for drastic measures!", she thought to herself and crept over to his feet. Then she sat on the mat at his feet and splayed her legs on either side of his so she would have her hands free for what she had planned. Deedee bent over and began tickling his feet with both of her hands simultaneously. Ron moaned and kicked but didn't wake. She renewed her assault on his feet with better results the second time. He moaned in his sleep and opened his eyes in horror. He was being tickled! He squirmed on the mat but Deedee's position made it impossible for him to escape the torture if he remained where he was. Deedee went from one foot the other until he woke enough to get up on his hands and knees to crawl away from her. Once he was on the other side of the playpen, Ron sat down and yawned hugely. He was a little irritated with Deedee for waking him. He had been sleeping soundly and dreaming that he was closing a deal with a television producer to sell a script. She had woken him just as the producer handed him the check for the script. Somehow in the dream he had never learned just how much he was to get for the sale of the script and the check was the first chance he had to see how much money he was going to make from his work. When Deedee work him, he was just bending over to read the amount on the check. Now the opportunity to see what he would have made was lost forever.

Ron rubbed the sleep from his eyes as Deedee crawled to a spot in front of him. She reached out with one of her hands and pushed on the bulge in Ron's diaper. Ron dropped his hands immediately and looked at her in shock. He had wet his diaper in his sleep! Ron moved his legs tentatively and discovered that he was sopping wet. He had been too sleepy to notice that the bottom of the diaper was wet when he sat down, but once he moved, he could feel the soggy padding beneath his bottom squish wetly. The pee was too fresh to have cooled more than a few degrees and he found himself wrapped in the warm, damp cocoon of the diaper. Ron's reaction to the condition of his diaper was more rational than the first time he had wet in one. He smiled at Deedee uncertainly and patted the front of his diaper clumsily with the palm of his hand to indicate to Deedee he was wet. Deedee grinned back at him and reached up with both hands to grab the padded railing of the playpen. Then she hoisted herself up using the railing and stood beside him in the pen. Deedee smiled invitingly at Ron and patted the front of her own diaper as if to say that she too was wet. Ron laboriously got on his knees, then used the railing to pull himself up to stand next to Deedee. Deedee took his wrist in her hand and pulled it to her diaper. With a broad grin on her face, she forced his hand down to the area between her legs. The minute he touched her diaper, Ron could feel something beating against the inside of her diaper. The plastic of the disposable diaper quickly grew hot under his palm and he realized that she was peeing right in front of him! Deedee giggled at Ron's consternated expression and made no attempt to control her infant bladder. Suddenly, Ron felt something happening behind him. His expression changed into one of utter horror as his bowels began to release and he began pooping in his diaper. Deedee instantly realized what was happening. She put her arms around his shoulders and hugged him for the first time since their transformation. He put up his arms and clumsily hugged her back as he helplessly filled the rear of his diaper. Deedee held her breath and gave a slight push and then she too was pooping. Within minutes the two of them had finished.

Deedee took her arms down from Ron's shoulders and took him by the hand to lead him to the center of the playpen. Ron noticed that she seemed to have better control of her muscles than he had of his muscles. She seemed to glide about the playpen effortlessly while he was struggling to walk without falling. He considered a moment and realized that little girl's bodies were better developed than boy's bodies at the same age.

He toddled after her awkwardly and stood beside her as she lowered herself to sit on the mat. Once her bottom was firmly planted on the mat, she grabbed his hand and pulled him down to sit beside him. Ron squatted down to try to lower his poop-filled diaper gingerly to the mat, but when he got his bottom close, his anal sphincter released again and he farted loudly. Deedee chortled in glee and tugged on his arm to get him to sit. Deedee's tug overbalanced Ron and he fell to the side on top of her. Deedee took his fall as a desire to wrestle. She giggled as she wrapped her arms around him and rolled to the side, carrying him with her. Ron desperately tried to extricate himself from her grip, but soon discovered that she was too strong for him. In a panic, he tried to tell her that he didn't want to play but all that came out of his mouth was an infant's babble. Then he too was caught up in the spirit of play and he laughed as he tried to pin her with a wrestler's hold. Deedee moved like lightening and converted his grip to one of her own. Within seconds, Ron felt himself flipped over on his back and being pinned to the mat by her weight. He looked up into her face and saw her grinning at him in triumph. Drool ran from her chin and dripped onto the side of his face as she craned her neck and gave him a wet kiss on the mouth. Then she rolled off his body and helped him sit up beside her. When Ron sat up, he realized that their wrestling had smeared the poop in his diaper. When he tried to shift his weight, he slid within the slippery confines of his diaper until he was stopped by the limits of the disposable. Ron paused for a moment and realized that the horror he had felt a few minutes before at pooping himself had gone. He didn't feel guilty about his incontinence anymore! Just then Deedee farted and began to giggle uproariously. Ron started giggling and within minutes, the two of them were laughing so hard their tummies hurt.

Kimberly entered the living room to find two stinky babies rolling around in their dirty diapers and laughing uncontrollably. She grinned at her two charge's silly behavior and said, "Okay babies, it's time to go nite-nite! Kimberly's going to get you cleaned up and into some clean diapers, then she'll put the two of you down for your nap."

She picked up Ron first and carried him at arm's length to the nursery. Kimberly laid him down on the changing table and removed the tapes on the sides of his diaper. "Whoo!", she said as she pulled the diaper down between his legs to expose the mess he had made, "You sure are a stinky baby! Let Kimberly get you cleaned up so you can be her sweet, little baby. Okay, Ron-Ron?"

Ron nodded and lay quietly while she lifted his legs and scrubbed the poop from his bottom with a babywipe. The guilt he had felt earlier when she changed his wet diaper was gone. All he felt now was relief that she was going to get him cleaned up and changed. While she worked, he mused on the peculiar way his name sounded when she said it. Somehow it didn't sound the same way it had when she greeted him that morning. There was a lilt and singsong to the way she said it that summoned an image of a mother talking to her baby. It reminded him of how his mother used to talk to him when he was a little kid. The maternal tone in her voice made him feel like he was a toddler again. Ron knew Kimberly's coddling should have irritated him, but somehow it didn't. Instead, Ron found her attitude soothing to his nerves. He relaxed while she finished cleansing him and applied a thick coat of vaseline to his bottom before she lowered his bottom to the fresh diaper. Then she gave his crotch a light dusting of baby powder and taped him up before sitting him up on the surface of the table. She took the T-shirt she had laid aside for him to wear and gathered up one of the sleeves in her hands, then she held the shirt in one hand and worked his tiny fist through the sleeve. When she had finished with one hand, she repeated her actions on his other hand before she lifted both arms and pulled the shirt down around his head. Then Kimberly pulled the bottom of the shirt down over his protuberant belly and evened the fall of the hem around his waist. "There you go, Ron-Ron! You're as snug as a bug in a rug!", she said as she bent over and kissed his forehead in a motherly fashion. "Let's get you in your crib so I can go get baby sister."

So saying, she lifted him from the changing table and lowered him into the crib. She turned and left the room to go get Deedee, leaving him wondering about the import of what she had just said. "Baby sister?", Ron thought to himself querulously, "I wonder how she means that? Does she mean her baby sister? Or did she mean that Deedee is MY baby sister? I get the distinct impression that she's forgotten who I am! Ever time she talks, I get the feeling she's thinks she's talking to an infant. What's more, it doesn't bother me the way it should. I should be fighting this at every turn. Instead, she comes into the living room to find Deedee and me rolling around in the playpen like infants. What's happening to me? I should be trying to convince her that I'm still an adult! Instead she discovers me laughing and playing in a dirty diaper like I haven't a care in the world. What's wrong with me? I'm beginning to enjoy this!"

Ron was still wondering about his change in attitude when Kimberly arrived with Deedee. She put Deedee on the changing table and made quick work of cleaning her up while Ron watched from the playpen. While she was changing Deedee's diaper, Kimberly cooed down at her sister and lavished love throughout the process. Deedee ate it up. She cooed back at Kimberly adorably and acted is if Kimberly was her mother. When Kimberly bent over the naked body of her sister and put her lips to Deedee's belly button to make a bronx cheer, Deedee laughed as if it was the most amusing thing in the world. She continued to laugh long after Kimberly stopped blowing on her stomach and began putting her in a clean diaper. When she finished, she got Deedee's gown and put it on Deedee in much the same way she had the T-shirt on Ron. Then she lifted Deedee from the changing table and gently shook the gown over Deedee's feet. As an afterthought, Kimberly took two pacifiers from the clear acrylic jar on the changing table and placed them in her hip pocket before she put Deedee down for her nap.

Ron gave the gown a curious sidewise look as Kimberly carried Deedee to the crib to join him. He had the feeling he had seen the gown before. It was a full-length nightgown, made out of pink blanket bunting with lace around the collar and bottom hem. When Kimberly stopped in front of the crib and turned so he could see the Deedee's chest as she held her in one arm, Ron could see that there were three cartoon sheep appliques on the gown at breast level. The gown was just like Deedee's favorite "baby" outfit, except it had been reduced to infant size! When she put Deedee down on the mattress, Ron could see that there was a small difference he couldn't see from the front. There weren't any buttons on the back the way there were on the original outfit. This gown had been made to go over a baby girl's body without having to button and unbutton it. When Ron thought about it, the arrangement made sense. Deedee's full sized gown had to have buttons to dress her because her size as an adult made it almost impossible to change her diapers otherwise. But as a baby, she was so small that it was easy to lift her up and pull the gown out of the way. In addition, a baby would be more likely to be restless and snag the buttons on the crib sheet when she slept. Since the gown was a pullover, there was nothing on the rear of the gown to catch the bedclothes if she tossed and turned in her sleep.

Kimberly carefully lay Deedee down on the mattress and picked up her toy bunny from the foot of the crib. She put the bunny in Deedee's arms to cuddle and reached in her pocket to get out one of the pacifiers she had placed there earlier. Then she popped the pacifier in Deedee's mouth and covered her with one of the receiving blankets. Kimberly tucked her sister in gently before turning her attentions to Ron and tucking him in at the opposite end of the crib. She gave him the teddy bear to hold before she spread the old receiving blanket over his tiny body and tucked it in around his feet. Just before she left the cribside, Kimberly took the second pacifier from her pocket and put it in Ron's mouth. He squirmed a bit in embarrassment at the unwanted intrusion into the privacy of his mouth, but decided that he could let it fall from his lips when Kimberly left the room. He didn't feel like getting into a contest of wills with Kimberly over the pacifier. As soon as she was gone, he could get rid of it without anyone being the wiser. A minute or so after his lips sensed the pacifier however, his muscles responded automatically and began sucking. Ron was surprised by the pleasant sensations that his sucking produced. Suckling the pacifier gave him an irresistible feeling of security and well-being.

Ron found that his eyelids were beginning to droop and he was feeling very drowsy. He realized that in a few minutes he'd be fast asleep. Apparently the combination of his comfortable surroundings coupled with his infant body's natural desire for an afternoon nap was lulling him asleep. He decided under the circumstances that he'd leave in place, he had something important he wanted to do before he fell asleep. Ron dropped the teddy bear and pulled the blanket away from his legs. With the corner of the blanket in hand, he began crawling on his hands and knees over to where Deedee lay on the mattress. Then he lay down beside his infant wife and pulled the blanket roughly over his exposed legs. Deedee stared at him with wide eyes as he rolled over on his side and put his arm around her protectively. The last thing he saw before sleep overtook him was the ends of a smile peeking around the shield of the pacifier in Deedee's mouth. He smiled contentedly back at her, knowing that most of his smile would be hidden from Deedee's view by the pacifier in his mouth. Deedee watched Ron's eyes close and his breathing slow as he fell into a deep slumber. She saw the smile that was hiding behind his pacifier and was pleased that Ron that he was feeling better about being rejuvenated. Maybe he'd join her in babyhood in the future. She had been so worried about him when he threw his temper tantrum. It looked like he was finally adjusting to his body and status. He was finding out just how comfortable being a baby could be. She hoped he would feel the same way when he awoke from his nap. She liked sharing her crib with him. While he could not be very protective in his current state, she felt more secure with him at her side. She snuggled next to him and closed her eyes to go to sleep. Kimberly would wake them in a few hours and they could play some more then. Napping too, was a part of the total baby experience and she didn't want to miss a moment of it. A minute later, her soft snores joined Ron's and they slumbered peacefully until Kimberly came to rouse them from their nap.

Kimberly went to the living room and turned on the TV to watch while the little ones were asleep. She decided to let them sleep until just before dinner. After all, the lamp's spell was supposed to wear off later in the evening. She wasn't worried that the babies wouldn't get to sleep that night if she threw off their rhythms by letting them have a long nap. Once they changed back into adults, Deedee and Ron were on their own and could manage for themselves. In the meantime, Kimberly had two exhausted infants to babysit and she wanted them to get the sleep their little bodies demanded. If she kept them up to play, the two of them would grow irritable and fussy. She didn't want to deal with another one of Ron's temper tantrums again if she could avoid it. His fit of infantile pique over his soggy diaper had almost destroyed the afternoon for everyone. Kimberly wanted her sister to have pleasant memories of her experiences as a real baby. Certainly she deserved them, Deedee was the sweetest, most adorable baby Kimberly had ever babysat. It was too bad that Deedee had been born before her so she didn't have a chance to babysit her sister when she was young. It would have been fun to have a baby sister to take care of when she was growing up. As it was, Kimberly was having a ball taking care of her sister and brother-in-law. She hoped they would take another baby vacation soon so she would get the chance to babysit them.

Kimberly mused about her brother-in-law while she sat on the couch, surfing across the TV channels with the remote control. Ron didn't seem to be as upset about his dirty diaper the second time around. Hopefully, it was a sign that he was adjusting to the baby experience. If it was true, Deedee would be so pleased. Deedee told her that she wanted him to have the same pleasant experiences that she had and had been a little disappointed in the past that he had declined the opportunity to join her in baby play. She was pleased that he enjoyed being her Daddy, but she was wistful about the idea of having him join her as a baby. She had confided to Kimberly that she wanted to rough house and play with Ron, but he was so afraid he might accidentally hurt her that he wouldn't permit it. Now that they were about a year old, Deedee was actually a little bigger and stronger than he was. Kimberly wasn't surprised by the apparent paradox, she knew that girls usually developed faster than boys in their early years. It wasn't until they were in their preteens that boy's bodies became larger and stronger. Kimberly had noted how easily Deedee threw back Ron's mock attacks when they were wrestling in the playpen. She had no doubt Deedee could hold her own without having to worry about any disparities in strength. Deedee was more than a match for Ron's strength at her body's stage of development. Ron would have to work hard to have any chance of pinning her in a wrestling match.

Kimberly found a channel she liked and settled down to watch TV until it was time to get dinner ready for the kids. She decided that she'd make a snack for herself before she woke them so she wouldn't have to try to watch them at the same time that she was eating. At about five o'clock she got up and stretched before going into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. "This will hold me until I get home tonight," she thought as she slapped the sandwich meat on the bread, "After I eat I'll open some jars for the kids. Let's see now, I guess for Deedee I'll open a jar of mixed chicken and vegetables followed by a container of chocolate pudding and then I'll do the same for Ron. They ought to like that."

She finished her sandwich and set the jars out on the kitchen table so they'd be ready when she brought the kids in for dinner. Then she turned on the burner underneath the pot of water she had used to heat the kid's bottles for lunch. Kimberly went to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of formula as well as a pair of pudding containers. She noted that there were only two bottles of formula left in the refrigerator as she closed the door. Kimberly nodded to herself and thought as she put the bottles into the pot, "That should be enough formula to hold them until they change back into adults. I'll change their diapers when they finish their bottles. They'll have pooped in their diapers by then and they'll be ready to get cleaned up. Twenty minutes before they're supposed to begin their transformation back into adults, I'll take them out of their diapers and let them crawl on the floor naked. That way they won't have anything on when they start to get bigger. I wouldn't want them to get bruises from their diapers when their bodies start growing. If the tabs Don't release quickly enough, they might get some nasty bruises around their legs and waists. They'll be fine on the carpet in front of the TV where I can watch them. I'll only be twenty minutes. They shouldn't make any messes on the carpet in that short a time."

Kimberly went into the nursery and bent over the side of the crib quietly. She wanted to get Deedee out of the crib without waking Ron if possible. Both of them were sound asleep. They looked adorable; Ron had wrapped his arm protectively around Deedee's torso and was snoring to beat the band. Deedee's thumb had snuck up to her lips in her sleep and inserted itself into her mouth. Kimberly watched silently as Deedee's cheeks pulled in a few times and stopped momentarily. Then the action repeated itself as her cheeks pulled in again. Kimberly smiled to herself as she stood over her older sister. Deedee was unconsciously suckling her thumb in her sleep. Ron hardly moved when Kimberly carefully moved his arm aside so she could lift Deedee from the mattress. Deedee uttered a single tiny whimper as her thumb was pulled from her mouth. Kimberly shushed her quietly and held her while she checked her diaper rapidly. Kimberly slipped three fingers of her hand down into the front of the diaper to see if it was wet. The diaper felt a little damp, but Kimberly thought that the diaper was dry enough to hold until after Deedee's breakfast. She settled Deedee on her right hip before she carried her into the kitchen. When they arrived, Kimberly stopped in front of the high chair and removed the tray temporarily so she could place Deedee's bottom into the chair. Deedee barely moved as Kimberly took the limp safety strap and brought it up between her legs and snapped the belt behind her. Then Kimberly snapped the feeding bib around Deedee's neck before she opened the jar of mixed vegetables and chicken that she had set out earlier for Deedee's dinner. Kimberly ladled out the chicken dinner and said as the heaping spoonful neared Deedee's mouth, "Open wide, Dee! Open the hanger so the airplane can come in for a landing!"

Deedee opened her mouth dutifully as Kimberly placed the spoon in her mouth accompanied by the sound effect of a plane landing. "Brrrrrrrr….putt-putt-putt…rrrrrrmmm!", Kimberly sounded as Deedee closed her mouth around the spoon, "Keep the hanger doors closed, Baby! You Don't want the plane to get out!"

Deedee kept her mouth closed as Kimberly pulled the spoon from between their lips and refilled it from the jar. Kimberly took another spoonful and brought it close to Deedee's mouth to wait until she swallowed the first mouthful. Deedee downed the pasty mixture and opened her mouth for a second spoonful. Kimberly dumped the second helping into her mouth and readied the third as she downed the second. Deedee was pleased by the meal, her infantized taste buds perceived the food differently than they would have had she been an adult. She could easily differentiate the aroma of the dish into the separate vegetables that made up the mixture with her heighten senses. Even the small amount of chicken used to make the jar of baby food stood out clearly to her rejuvenated sensorium. Her adult tastes would have made her turn up her nose at the puréed combination before her transformation. As an infant however, she enjoyed the concoction immensely. She grinned between helpings and opened her mouth avidly every time Kimberly got near her lips with another spoonful. Within minutes, the jar was empty and she was waiting expectantly for her dessert.

Kimberly put the empty jar aside and took the container of chocolate pudding from the table where Deedee had been eyeing it. Kimberly removed the foil top and laid it on the table, then began spooning the rich brown crème into hear sister's mouth. Deedee was ecstatic, the renewed sensitivity of her smell and taste made the chocolate pudding seem to explode in her mouth. When the second spoonful was placed in her mouth, Deedee felt a thrill of pure pleasure pervade her body. She closed her eyes and quivered in enjoyment when Kimberly gave her the third spoonful. Waves of pleasure rolled through her body as Deedee mushed the pudding against the insides of her cheeks and inhaled its intoxicating aroma. Her eyes glazed over in an infant version of sensual orgasm when Kimberly spooned in another helping before she swallowed the one she still held in her mouth. Deedee universe became a timeless series of mini-chocolate explosions as Kimberly continued to feed her pudding until the container was emptied. When Kimberly finally stopped, Deedee heaved a sigh of repletion. The chocolate pudding had been the best that she had ever eaten. She had never dreamed that chocolate could taste that good. Just the memory of the experience was enough to rekindle a ghost of the orgasm she had had and make her quiver in pleasure. "Lord!", she thought to herself, "That pudding could be addicting! I've got to do that again and soon! I wonder if Ron would mind if I rejuvenated again tomorrow so he could feed me some chocolate pudding. I wouldn't have to be a baby for long, just an hour or two. This stuff is too good to pass up. I'll talk to him tomorrow morning and see how he feels about it. He might be a little miffed by having to be a baby himself the day before, but he shouldn't object to letting me be one again for a couple of hours. I'll explain about the pudding to him and see what he says. Who knows? Maybe the pudding will affect him the same way when he has his dinner."

Ron wasn't quite as enthusiastic about dessert as Deedee had been. He had enjoyed it immensely, but he didn't have overweening fondness for chocolate that Deedee had. Still, when the first rush of chocolate hit him as Kimberly fed him the initial spoonful, he chortled in unexpected delight as the intense aroma of chocolate filled his mouth. By the time Kimberly had finished feeding him his desert, his face was a brown smeared mess. He had found it impossible to keep still under the assault from the sense-staggering chocolate taste and had wriggled in pleasure as thrills of delight raced up and down his spine. Kimberly cleaned him up and took him to the living room to join Deedee while she nursed at her after dinner bottle. She sat him down in the playpen beside a recumbent Deedee who was lazing on her back while sucking contentedly on the warm formula. Her diaper was already soaked and getting wetter with every passing moment. Deedee moved her knees together idly while she suckled, enjoying the warm, squishy feeling the diaper gave her crotch when she compressed its sodden mass between her thighs.

Ron sat on his diapered bottom in the playpen and nursed at his bottle more delicately, watching the indolent movements of his infantized wife as she downed the contents of her bottle. He barely noticed when his bladder began relieving the mounting pressure and urine started streaming from his tiny penis into the absorbent folds of his diaper. Soon he was as soaked as Deedee was. Kimberly noticed their wet diapers from her position on the couch. She could hardly miss the drooping sag in the front of Ron's diaper and the deep clay-like wrinkles that remained on Deedee's diaper when she put her legs together. Deedee's diaper had lost its springiness under the influence of the fluid it had absorbed. Deep folds had formed down the front of the diaper on either side of the leg openings. Kimberly glanced at Deedee's face for the signs of what she knew would come next. When Deedee's face reddened as she began her involuntary push on the mass in her rectum, that would be the signal that she had begun to empty her bowels and poop in her diaper. A few minutes later it came. Deedee's eyes grew wide and her face blushed in mild exertion as she held her breath and expelled the contents of her bowels into the waiting folds of her diaper. Deedee sighed serenely and turned her head to smile at Ron. She knew that soon, he too would be messing in his diaper. He grinned back at her as the first rumblings of his gut signaled him that it was time to poop. He gave into the urge with abandon and began placidly filling the back of his diaper while Kimberly looked on. Kimberly smiled in approval at her charges as the reek meandered its way across the room towards her. The stench from their diapers hadn't hit her yet, but from the expressions on the baby faces in front of her there could be no doubt as to what they had just Done. Kimberly let them sit in their mess for a few minutes while they finished messing in their diapers. She was in no hurry to change them. If she got them into clean diapers too quickly, she would just have another set of diapers to change when they pooped again. They seemed to be unaffected by their dirty diapers at that moment, so it made good sense to let them completely empty themselves before she took them into the nursery to clean them up. When they were Done with their bottles, Kimberly got up from the couch and went over to the playpen. She bent down over the rail of the playpen and said in a cooing, melodious sing-song, "And which one of my little babies wants their diapers changed first? You sure are stinky little babies! Is anyone unhappy? No? Then Aunt Kimberly will have to pick one of you at random."

She extended her index finger and pointed at Kimberly, saying, "Let's see, ennie, meenie, mienie, moe, catch a baby by his toe, if he hollers, let him go, ennie, meenie, mienie, moe!"

She smiled down at Ron affectionately as she said, "I guess you're first, Ron-Ron! Come on, baby. Let's get you cleaned up."

She turned back to Deedee and said to her, "You'll be okay while I get Ron-Ron's dirty dydee changed, won't you, Dee? No, dirty dydees Don't bother my baby sister, do they?"

Deedee cooed contentedly back at Kimberly in answer while she lifted Ron from the playpen and hoisted him over the side. Kimberly held him close to her chest with his weight supported in the palm of her hand as she carried him back to the nursery for his final diaper change of the day. Ron was spared the embarrassment of looking her in the eye as she walked down the hall. His head was next to hers looking over her shoulder back at Deedee in her playpen. He could feel the poop spreading out over his bottom as his diaper pushed against the hand that kept him supported against her. The idea of having his bottom smeared with a coating of filth repulsed him, but somehow it was less distressing than it could have been. Ron accepted his loss of bowel control philosophically, knowing that soon he'd be back to normal.

Just before they reached the nursery, Ron's bowel fired its final shot before he was freed from the confines of his diaper. He loosed a long, sonorous fart that reverberated against Kimberly's hand. Ron blushed hotly in embarrassment as he felt a stream of pee rush from his penis into the diaper. Ron's heart sank, Kimberly was sure to feel the diaper grow hot on her hand as the flood of pee crept back between his legs and began crawling up the rear of his diaper. He wanted to apologize to her, but his inability to talk stymied him. He had never felt so helpless and embarrassed in his whole life! What would she say to him? Not only had he peed, but he had managed to do it in his sister-in-law's hand! It made him want to cry. If he hadn't been wearing a diaper, he'd have soaked the front of her blouse. Ron's head sank in shame as Kimberly walked the final yards to the nursery and he sighed in acceptance of his humiliation. There was nothing he could do about it now. All he could do was behave himself and let her remove the soiled diaper without any interference from him. He hoped she would understand and not say anything about the incident when he returned to normal. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been Dee who had been carrying him. A wife could be reasonably expected to care for her incontinent husband. But peeing while his wife's younger sister was holding him made him feel like an baby in dire need of a mommy. He felt like she should be insulted by his behavior. If she wasn't insulted, he almost felt like that would make it worse. It would mean that she didn't expect any better behavior from him. It would be a validation of his babyhood. The idea of being thought of as a baby by Kimberly made him feel so alone. He wished that Dee was taking care of him instead of Kimberly. A shiver of anticipatory pleasure ran down his small spine when he thought of Deedee changing his diaper. "Oh my God!", he thought to himself, "I'm beginning to enjoy this! It's not the diaper change that bothers me. It's having Kimberly do it! My emotions are starting to regress! My subconscious wants Dee to be my mommy! Much more of this and I'll start thinking like an infant!"

The thought of loosing his ability to think depressed him and he laid his head against Kimberly's neck in search of human contact and comfort. Kimberly laid him on the changing table and cleaned him up quickly, making sure that she removed every trace of the filth that had oozed between his legs and made a thorough mess of his inner thighs. Instead of rediapering him, she left him as he was and picked him up to take him back to the living room in the altogether. Ron became acutely embarrassed when he realized that his bare bottom was being held by Kimberly's hand. The warmth of her palm reflected the heat from his bottom back at him, making him feel like somehow he had been involuntarily drawn into an illicit act. Only the sensation of having his bottom completely cupped in her hand reminded him that what he was feeling wasn't a prelude to sex, but the natural sensations of closeness a naked baby feels when he is carried by his mother. The tiny erection that had been growing next to Kimberly's blouse wilted with the realization of his infant status and he appeared normal as she lowered him into the playpen to wait while she took Deedee to the nursery for her diaper change.

Deedee thoroughly enjoyed the ride back to the nursery. She had never felt closer to her sister in her entire life. She felt completely serene and comfortable in her sister's presence as she removed the poop from her behind. Deedee giggled and chortled as Kimberly carefully wiped Deedee's genitals. When she had finished, Kimberly picked Deedee's small body up from the changing table and carried her back to the nursery. Deedee's reaction to being held naked in her sister's arms was entirely different from Ron's experience. Deedee didn't find the sensations exciting, instead, she made her feel secure and loved. Deedee snuggled down against her sister's chest and lay her head against Kimberly's head affectionately. As far as she was concerned, her feelings of being cared for could go on forever. Deedee knew that she would feel a twinge of regret when she returned to normal. Her experience of being a baby again had been such a pleasant vacation from her responsibilities. It felt so good to let someone she trusted utterly take care of everything for her. It proved that she was loved for herself and not for what she did for her family. As a baby the only thing she could offer her family in return for their care was her unconditional love. Deedee closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling of being pampered by her sister. When Kimberly lowered her to sit on the mat of the playpen, she opened her eyes to watch her sister's retreating form and sighed in contentment.

Ron watched Deedee being put in the playpen and stared at Dee's nude body. Her breasts had melted into her body when she was transformed and she looked as flat-chested as a little boy. With her diaper on, he hadn't thought about how her genitals must look after she had been transformed. She sat innocently with her legs spread exposing them to the full view of Ron. Her genitalia were a mere promise of what they would become when they matured. With a sudden insight as to what he must look like, the thought occurred to Ron, "If her breasts look like that, what do I look like? Do I look as infantile as Dee?"

Ron glanced down between his legs and was horrified to see how fat he had gotten. He pulled his tummy back with his hands and was shocked at the sight of his penis. It was only an inch long and his scrotum had shrunk until it was a tiny bag that lay tightly against his crotch. He couldn't even see his balls. He put his hand down to feel his testicles and discovered that they were so small he could barely feel them beneath their protective covering of skin. Finally he managed to trap one in a fold of his scrotum and was able to measure it with his fingertips. His balls were the size of peanuts. He craned his neck to look over his protruding stomach, but the large fold of baby fat around his waist obscured his view. He let go of his tummy and began to feel his elicate nail of his forefinger. The tip of his thumb touched his lips and in a flash, his mouth pulled in his thumb and began sucking it. Deedee squealed joyously at the sight of Ron sucking his thumb and diverted him from the examination of his hand. He looked over a Deedee to see what she was making her squeal so happily. As he watched Deedee charging towards him on her hands and knees, his fingers curled up in a fist allowing his thumb to be drawn further into his mouth. Kimberly sat on the couch watching the adorably naked babies in front of her and remembered the 35mm camera that sat on top of the table at the side of the couch. Quickly, she snatched up the camera to capture the moment on film. She snapped several shots in quick succession, blinding her charges with the automatic flash as the high speed autowinder advanced the film automatically and prepared for the next shot. Just as the second shot popped the flash, the spell wore off. Instantly, Deedee and Ron bodies started returning to normal. In seconds, their bodies grew and matured to their adult state. Kimberly's finger wasn't quick enough to lift from the shutter trip button and the entire process was captured on film. As Kimberly watched through the viewfinder, she saw the adorable thumb-sucking baby boy she had been photographing turn into her brother-in-law sitting naked on the floor and sucking his thumb like an infant. Kimberly dropped the camera to her lap and said to her relatives, "Welcome back! Did you enjoy yourselves?"

Deedee blinked to get the spots out of her eyes and started giggling at the sight of her full grown husband sucking his thumb. Ron looked at the two of them stupidly as if nothing had happened. The flash had drawn his attention when Kimberly had snapped the first picture and he had been looking directly at the camera as she snapped the rest of the shots. Ron's vision was obscured by the large purple spot that danced in front of his eyes and was fading rapidly to red. Deedee fell to the carpet as she struggled to stifle the howls of laughter that threatened to erupt from her mouth. Kimberly smiled at her brother-in-law and said gently, "You can stop sucking your thumb now, Ron. It's all over! You're an adult again."

Ron hastily removed his thumb from his mouth as Kimberly got up from the couch with their robes in her hand. She tossed one on Deedee's convulsing form and handed the other to Ron, who snatched it from her hand to cover his nakedness. Ron dressed in the robe quickly and gathered his dignity as he stood up from his seat on the floor to go over to the easy chair. After a moment, Deedee's silent laughter quelled and she was able to sit up to dress herself in her robe. Deedee turned to her sister and said politely, "Thanks, Kimberly. That was fun! We'll have to do that again!"

Deedee turned to Ron and said with some concern in her voice, "Ron? Honey? How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess," he answered somewhat gruffly.

"Did you enjoy yourself?", Deedee asked sweetly, "I know you didn't exactly ask to be turned into a baby, but I'm curious to find out if you want to do it again. I'm sure Kimberly would be willing to babysit." She lowered her head to cover the grin that appeared on her face as she continued, "Unless of course, you would rather have me be your mommy for a day."

A strange look of introspection came across Ron's face as he replied, "I Don't know. I'll have to think about it. I'll have to think about it for a long, long time."

The women laughed at the dubious note in his voice and Kimberly said, "If you two Don't mind, I have to be getting home. Don't forget to get the film developed. I want to see the pictures."

"Oh my God!", Ron exclaimed, "The pictures! She took pictures of us as babies!"

"As adults too!", Deedee grinned, "I think you need to be careful who you get to develop them. There might be some people who might think the pictures are some form of child pornography."

"Hmm," Ron said, "You're right. I think I know someone who might develop them without looking at the negatives too closely. I'll tell him they're private pictures of my wife and stand next to him while he works."

"Don't forget that the last picture is of you as an adult with your thumb in your mouth," Kimberly reminded him.

"Oops!", Ron said, blushing slightly at the memory, "I guess I'll have to come up with something more creative. Unless you're willing to forget Kimberly ever took those pictures…"

"Ron!", Deedee exclaimed, "Don't you dare! I want to see those pictures! You looked adorable as a baby and I want the photos for our album."

Kimberly chuckled and said, "She's got you trapped, Ron. Give up and surrender gracefully. You know you can't win. I know my sister. If you try to destroy those pictures, she'll never forgive you. I have faith in you. You'll come up with a way to get them developed."

Ron was chagrinned at the thought of having pictures of him sucking his thumb haunting him the rest of his life. One way or the other, he was going to lose. What if he destroyed them and Deedee decided to get another set by regressing him against his will? He looked at her expression and decided that she might do just that if he crossed her. It wasn't that he objected so much to her being his mother for a day, but the thought of what she would say when the spell wore off gave him the willies. She'd kid him about his infantile behavior for weeks. It was better to go along with her desires and find a way to get the pictures developed. He nodded and said, "It will take a week or two, but I think I know a way."

Deedee got up from the floor and hugged her husband, saying, "Oh Ron! You're so good to me!"

Ron took her in his arms as Kimberly waved goodbye and saw herself out the door. He planted a long loving kiss on her mouth and said, "Let's go to bed, Dee."

"But I'm not sleepy!", she protested, "We had that long nap, remember?"

"I wasn't thinking about sleeping, Dee," he replied.

"Oh," she said with a surprised look on her face, "I thought…."

"Come on, Dee. Let's go to bed" he said, breaking his embrace and taking her by the hand to lead her to the bedroom. He paused for a moment to pick up the lamp in his free hand as they passed by, then continued on with Deedee hugged close to his side.

She looked up in her husband's eyes and said as they walked towards the master bedroom, "You sure looked like you were enjoying yourself when you were sucking your thumb. Do you think you might still have some of your fondness for sucking left? I think I have something more appropriate for your age to suck."

"Oh Really?", he asked, "And what might that be?"

Deedee looked demurely down at her breasts and Ron laughed as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, "I think I could manage that!"

Deedee grinned and said, "Mommy has some other things she'd like to show her baby boy too!"

Ron chuckled and thought of how glad he was that they had taken a nap after lunch. It was going to be a long night. He opened the bedroom door for Deedee as she said, "You really were an adorable baby. I want to babysit you sometime. Wouldn't you like to see how it feels to suck mommy's titties?"

"I think I'm just about to find out, Dee," Ron said with a smile as he shelved the lamp on the dresser without looking.

Deedee smiled in return as she slid the robes off of her shoulders and oozed her way into his arms to kiss him. She was already planning their next vacation from adulthood. Ron wouldn't be hard to convince. She could visualize a vista of diapers and baby bottles waiting for them in their future.

In the end, Ron had been right. It was a long, long night that preceded the next baby day. Even though the world outside their bedroom was cloaked in darkness, both Ron and Dee were caressed by a gentle radiance that warmed and comforted. Their night was lit by the soft glow of the lamp of love.


Copyright Ó 1997 Jennifer Loraine