Kerry's Revenge

By Tazz

It had been official. George W. Bush had won the election and would now serve a second term as our President. Across the nation there were many angry Americans but not as angry as one man. The man Bush had defeated in this election, John Kerry.

After making his speech that he would drop out of the election but what people didn't know he had crossed his fingers meaning he didn't mean it and he had a plan to get in office by the fault. Also what many people didn't know was that Stem Cells could actually regress someone by turning old cells into stem cells themselves and making the person younger as a result. Kerry's plan was to have a conversation with the President and slip the stem cells mixture into Bush's drink and then one sip later. Boom Bush would be too young to run the country.

Kerry tricked the President by saying he wanted to meet him before his victory party to discuss some terms and congratulate him. Then when Bush wasn't looking Kerry slipped the mixture in Bush's drink.

Sorry Sen. Kerry but I don't want to be late for my own victory party. Said Bush

Its ok but lets have a toast before you go. Said Kerry


To a brighter future for this country.

A brighter future.

As planned Bush drank his drink but there was no transformation. Bush had not changed at all.

Man it didn't work.

What did you say?

I said Man am I tired


Later that night, Bush went to his celebration and after a couple of hours he became very hot and dizzy. His head was killing him. He didn't know why he was feeling down in weather but all he cared about was that he was once again the President of the United States and now he had to make a speech in front of his friends, family and supporters. He got up to the podium and noticed that it seemed a little bigger.

I want to thank yall for all the support you have given me in this election and helping me get a second term in office and…

Bush realized that something was wrong with, the room began to spin a little as his speech progressed on.

Lets hope for a brighter future for our country as we fight terrorism.

Bush now felt stranger as his clothes began to look bigger on him and his gray hair seemed to vanish.

I, ummm, is it getting hot in here?

Oh my god the President is getting younger. Said a man in the back

He is. He looks like a man in his 30s and is getting younger.

Bush realized that they were right. In a reflection he looked like now like a college student and it wasn't stopping. He had regressed so much now that his clothes were so big on him that they barely able to stay on him. Now Bush was a 10 yr old and wasn't stopping.

What is causing this? Why am I getting younger and…

The regression continued until Bush was nothing more than a 6 month old baby in a huge pile of clothes. Laura his wife rushed over to his aid and held him. The news spread quickly of what had happened to the President and it was presumed that this was the cause of Terrorism. Since Kerry had thrown in the title, Cheeny , Nadar and the other candidates were asked to take Bush's place but they were afraid that it might happen to him so they turned it down, so they had to go to Kerry and he excepted. At the inauguration, Kerry stood with his new Vice President and celebrated and in the audience was Baby George W. Bush being held by his wife who was now his mommy and Kerry simple had an evil smile of face and did his speech.

My fellow Americans lets hope for a brighter future for our great nation.