Keisha walked into her parents' room to play dress-up. She was a little girl about 8 years old, and often put on one of her mother's dresses to feel more grown-up. Her mother was downstairs watching TV and wasn't really paying attention to her daughter.

Normally Keisha would just put a dress on right over her clothes, but today she felt different; she wanted to try on some of her mother's underwear as well. After all, big girls wore big underwear, didn't they?

She looked through her mother's dresser and found a pair of silk panties that were way too big, but she wanted to try them on anyway. She took off her sandals, tank top, shorts and her cotton underwear and put them on the bed, then slipped the panties on, or tried to. They were so loose when she pulled them up there was a gap of a few inches on each side. Suddenly, she felt a tingle go through her body, and felt light-headed. She was standing in front of a full-length mirror on the closet door and watched in awe as she grew about 3 inches taller! She could see the gap shrink as she grew, and smiled. A stranger watching would have seen a cute black girl of about 11 or 12 smiling at herself in the mirror. She really looked grown-up now and wanted to grow even more.

She found a bra in the dresser, and saw the label 38D. 'I bet this'll really make me look older!', she said, amazed at how different her voice sounded, not as high as it did before. It took a little while but she figured out how to put on the bra and fasten it, although it fit her like one of those big inner tubes. Sure enough, as soon as she got it fastened she felt the tingling and light-headedness, and watched her reflection grow another 6 inches in the mirror. Her legs got longer and her thighs started to fill out, and she noticed her hips also began to widen; she didn't have to hold the panties up anymore, although they were still loose. Her hair also grew and fell out of her pigtails to hang almost straight down to her shoulders. Her torso grew and she gasped as she watched her nipples grow larger, followed by small breasts forming and pushing outward into the huge bra. Her face began to look pretty as it became slightly thinner and her cheekbones became more prominent. Her lips were also filling out. 'Wow, look at me now!', the 15-year-old exclaimed, her voice now that of a teenager.

She now ran into the closet, noting how her small breasts now bounced slightly, and grabbed one of her mother's tank tops and pulled it over her head. 'Let's see what happens now!'

Again came the feeling, even stronger this time, as she felt her breasts fill in the bra cups, and the panties become tight around her hips, and her legs grew even longer and curvier. Her waist appeared to stay about the same, just expanding slightly, accentuating her hip growth even more. Her face was becoming beautiful now, like that of a Miss Teen USA pageant contestant, as it became more mature and less girlish. She smiled again revealing perfect teeth, with no gap like when she was 8. She turned to look at her profile and noticed how far out her breasts had grown; she looked very much like a young woman. The 19-year-old was now about 5' 6', and the peach colored tank top and beige panties complemented her flawless chocolate-brown smooth skin. 'Damn, girl, look at yourself now!', she beamed at the mirror.

'Don't stop now, sister, you're just getting started!' Her voice was becoming lower, sultrier. She found a red pair of short shorts her mother had worn when she was much younger and pulled them on over her full hips and long legs, bringing on the feeling again. This time she savored it and watched, awestruck, in the mirror as the change continued. She grew another 2 inches, and a few more inches in some other areas too as her hips now began to stretch the panties out, and she felt her now full breasts as they pressed firmly into the bra cups, removing the wrinkles from the material as they grew. Her belly button was now exposed under the tank top, as the shorts became shorter and tighter around her hips and her round, firm backside, which had steadily been becoming more and more prominent. She also noticed her nails had grown about an inch, and were coated with a kind of shiny satin rust colored polish; she now sported lipstick on her full soft lips, and long eyelashes, accenting her dark, gorgeous eyes. Her hair was now becoming very thick and wavy, and reached below her shoulder blades.

'Mmmm-mm, honey, you got some jugs now for sure!' She hefted her large breasts in her hands, admiring their weight. She just couldn't stop smiling, marveling over how grown-up and sexy she looked now, but she still wasn't quite done. Appearing to be about 23 now, Keisha found the final touch, a pair of red 3-inch heels, which she quickly slipped on.

The feeling struck again, more intense this time, as she didn't grow any taller, but her bust and hips continued to fill out to even more dramatic proportions, her bra now too small to contain her ample breasts, as they pooched out a little around and underneath the cups. Her hips and rear end stretched the silk panties and shorts to the limit but they held their ground, just short of tearing. Keisha, now 27, had an incredible hourglass figure. She also noticed, not without some pride, that the bottoms of her full cheeks just peeked below the bottom of the shorts, as they rode up slightly due to the increasing size of their cargo.

She ran her hands with their long fingernails up and down her new body, admiring every curve and nuance. She walked around the room, keeping her eyes on the mirror and noticed how the pumps added a lot of wiggle to her walk now. She could see her big breasts bouncing, even with the bra restraining them, and felt and saw how her hips and backside swayed provocatively.

'Sugar, you look much better than Mama ever did!', she said proudly, her voice slightly deeper, but still very feminine.

Just then she heard her mother's voice call, 'Keisha, what are you doing up there? You're too quiet.', and heard footsteps coming up the stairs.