Just Like Old Times

by Lit-L-One

"Here's to another 30 years. May they be as… successful as the first."

Mark's voice was soft and resigned. His previous comment, made solely to himself as he stared down at a grocery store cupcake, was a joke much like he felt his life had become. It was not like he was starving, or living out on the streets or even unemployed, but just the same he felt unfulfilled and alone.

Only two months ago he'd been a happy man. His marriage was not perfect but there was no reason to suspect it could not crawl out of its low anytime soon. At least that's what he thought until he came home early from work one day and found Julie squealing in delight as his next door neighbor and supposed friend did things to her that he'd rather not dwell on right now. The divorce came soon after with no attempt to repair it on Julie's part.

Now he found himself looking at the unadorned cupcake and almost crying. It was his birthday and while he could have had friends over, the pain was still too fresh in his mind. That didn't mean however that he would fall entirely into self-pity. "She didn't take everything from me. I'm not down for the count yet."

With a powerful desire to salvage what was left of his birthday night, Mark stood and walked into the kitchen of his 3-room apartment. It was a nice place, though soon he was going to move out. It had lost what appeal it first had to him.

Inside the kitchen he moved to the cupboard where he kept a few party supplies. In the far back of the top drawer he removed a single candle preserved inside a sealed sandwich bag. It was the one his mother used on his first 1-year birthday. It was a sentimental treasure he'd also used during his 10th and 20th parties. Even if he were all by himself he'd hold up tradition.

Soon he'd placed it in the center of the pre-made treat and lit the top. As the flame swayed back and forth he thought hard about what to wish for. He could think of many bad things he'd have happen to his ex-wife, but he wanted it to be something that he wanted and not a fulfillment of a vendetta. Thinking of how happy Julie had sounded and smiled in a sad way. "I wish I could do it over again… appreciate the sexual excitement while I was getting some." He laughed, a genuine laugh, then blew out the candle.

Almost instantly there was an odd sound, like the pop of an old-fashioned camera bulb and everything went white, almost like Mark was blacking out. Suddenly there was a laugh and not his this time. Blinking, he tried to get his bearings and realized with shock that he was in his bedroom on a chair by the door and Julie was sitting on the edge of his bed in a fire engine red nightie. He opened his mouth to say something but could not find the words.

"What's the matter Brown Bear, you've done this a few times before, right?"

Julie's voice was musical, happy and most definitely had a seductive tone to it. Mark struggled to say something and this time found his voice. "What are you doing here? How did I get in here?"

She looked at him a bit oddly, then laughed and got up from the bed. "It's no use trying to get out of it now. We're married and nervous or not you're just going to have to do your manly duty."

As the bombshell of a woman moved closer to him he could not help but admire her, no matter how confused he was. 5'7, bright red hair that matched the nightie, curves in all the right places and a face that looked like an angels. It struck him then that this was exactly what she looked like on their wedding night six years ago. And it was exactly. 2 years ago she had cut her self pretty severely on the hand while cooking. As she stopped right in front of him he noticed with alarm that the visible scar she'd gotten afterwards was totally gone.

"This can't be happening, it's not real." Mark sounded slightly panicked but the obviously aroused woman in front of him did not seem to notice.

She winked and leaned down to whisper in his ear. "I know I'm too good to be true, but believe it or not, I'm all yours."

Mark swallowed hard and on complete instinct, reached up and touched Julie's shoulder to make sure she was real, then gently slipped the strap on her shoulder over her arm. The garment, which was not too tight to begin with, sagged down almost revealing her left breast, then with a seductive shimmy the other strap dropped and fell to her waist, leaving her topless. Not sure what was happening, but compelled to continue on, Mark stood, wrapped his arms around her back and halfway tackled her onto the bed.

She laughed in a gleeful way and pulled his undershirt up over his head, leaving him bare-chested. She pulled him closer, seeming to relish his weight on top of her. Mark felt her nipples harden against his chest and parts of his own anatomy did the same. She responded by wiggling out of his grip, slipping of her red satin panties and pulling his boxers down to his ankles.

With a physical dexterity that had always made sleeping with her an adventure, Julie pushed herself up with her arms and arched her back, putting her vagina at his eye level. She pushed herself the rest of the way up then and lowered herself onto his erection. "I love to feel you inside me."

This may have been their wedding night but the two of them had had sex several times while dating, though in the last month of their engagement they abstained to make the honeymoon more special.

Overwhelmed with desire, Mark did not know how to respond. Was this a dream? It couldn't be real. None the less… He grabbed her sides and halfway helped her move up and down, the rest of the time running his hands all across the front of her body. Before long, both of them came and the next several hours were filled with quite a few repeat performances.


Opening his eyes, Mark immediately saw Julie's gentle face. The two were facing each other under the cover of the beds, but she was asleep now. Slowly he retreated from bed and snuck into the bathroom. When he had let the door quietly close all the way he turned on the light and stared into the mirror. Only a little shock grabbed the pit of his stomach as he gazed at an unmistakably younger face. 24 years old. He did not know how he knew, but somehow during the lovemaking session with Julie he figured it had to be the only explanation. "How did this happen? Things like this just can't happen."

He shook his head, then ran a hand though his light brown hair. It was definitely fuller. For the most part his face just looked a bit less hard, more fresh. It was noticeable though. He thought back a few hours… well really, ahead a few years, and remembered the candle and the wish he'd made. "Am I really reliving my honeymoon night?"

"Mark, come back to bed, I miss you already." His ex-wife… or wife… hell he didn't know, actually sounded like she missed him. In the beginning she really had loved him.

He wondered what to do now. With a slight shrug he did the only thing he could think of and put his hand on the door to walk back into the bedroom when there was a pop.

And a flash and all of a sudden he was standing in a bathroom, but not the one he was in a moment ago. It took him a moment to get oriented but the first thing he noticed was all the steam. It fogged up the mirror he was facing as he brushed his teeth. With slow precise movements he took the toothbrush from his mouth and wiped the steam from the mirror. A 20-year-old face stared back at him. God he looked so young.

Mark spit the foam from his mouth and moved closer to his reflection. It moved with him, confirming he was looking at himself. It was a struggle to tear his eyes from the reflection but he started to look around, already knowing what would be there. Dozens of young men stood around him in various states of undress. They showered and shaved and brushed their teeth like him. He was in the men's bathroom at UCSB, back in college.

"Marko! You ready for Professor Lindsey's 'surprise' test? Maybe he'll surprise us this time." The voice came from a tall junior, blond hair, blue eyes, the perfect picture of an all American college student.

Mark remembered Prof. Lindsey always gave a pop test every 27 school days. Everyone always wondered if it was on purpose of if the guy just did it subconsciously. Almost without hesitation he responded, saying exactly what he had all those years ago. "You never know, but about the only surprise I'll have is if you manage a C on it."

The tall kid… John was his name, slapped him on the side of the head and ran off with a grin. Mark was left very confused, and very cold he realized. He was wearing only a towel and was still wet from a shower he must have taken not to long ago. Taking only a moment to remember the maze that was the dorm's hallways, he left the bathroom and made his way to his bedroom.

He closed the door behind him and looked around, making sure his roommate was not lurking about. Satisfied, he took at seat on his bed and looked around. Everything was how he remembered it. The NiN poster on his roommate's wall, the vague musty smell of dirty clothes on the floor. "This is all so real… but how? Did I wish for this? What did I wish for?"

It was all a little fuzzy. He felt torn between two places. He knew that not long ago he'd been 30 and alone in his apartment, but also he could clearly recite his class schedule and what was for lunch in a few hours in the cafeteria. The memories of college were so strong in his mind.

"Good, you're not dressed yet."

Before Mark knew what was happening he was pushed back on the bed, naked as his towel was yanked off. The most perfect pair of C cup breasts hung above his face as Lauren McCall, his mid college girlfriend lay above him, arms supporting her. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes that he fondly remembered. She had to have sneaked while he was lost in thought. She wore only a red-checkered skirt, her top obviously on the floor.

"I wish you'd been here before my shower, I have to get off to class." Mark was not sure why he'd said that. Every muscle in is body wanted to jump her… one in particular. He just knew somehow it was the right thing to say.

Lauren smiled and leaned in close to his ear. She nibbled it softly and whispered, "I guess I'll just have to give you a quickie." True to her words she sat upright and mounted him, starting to slide up and down his member like a piston. She was so fast and flexible he almost didn't react, but quickly he flipped her over so he was on top and started ramming himself into her lithe, sexy body. He moved his hands up and pinned her arms to the bed while they both moaned. Though it lasted little over a minute, they were both on the brink and orgasm at the same time. Mark saw stars with the intensity of it and heard a pop…

And a flash of light. He found himself staring up at the stars. His body was still tingling from a moment ago, but he realized it was different, more intense then it should have been for just having had sex. He was not relaxed he was… nervous. "They're pretty, aren't they. Like you." He said the words automatically, only really hearing them afterwards.

It was then he noticed the pressure on his arm and looked over to see Jenny Rae with her head resting on it. He swallowed hard, thinking about how long it had been since he'd thought of the 14 year old girl that used to live next door to him. That would make him 14 too.

He raised his other arm up and looked at his hand. It was smaller and had a few healing cuts on it from when he fell off his bike the other week. His whole body felt different. It was more energized, but he also felt the loss of his muscles. It was not like he was a body builder or anything, but he felt so awkward and gangly.

"Awww, you're so sweet Markie. I think you're pretty cute too." He took the girl in. She was a small 5"1 compared to his 5"6. Baggy blue jeans and a bright red T-shirt with a heart in the middle made her look so cute. The shirt was stretched out only a bit in front. She probably needed little more then a training bra. He'd touched them before, outside of tops of course, but he always wanted to do more. He'd never… been with a girl before, but always hoped Lauren would be the one he'd try it with.

They were in his tree house, the one he used to use all the time as a kid, but now it served little purpose other then to shield him from the prying eyes of his parents when he stargazed with Lauren. Mark sat up and looked around a bit nervously. What was going on? What was it that he had wished for? He tried to hold on to that thought against the invisible force that tried to make him say and act exactly the way he had all those years ago.

He had blown out the candle and wished… and wished to do it over again. And… and to appreciate the sexual excitement he used to have. He could remember that now. A pit of worry seized his stomach. What if this didn't stop? What if he kept getting younger?!

"You OK, Markie? You look scared. You… still want to do it right?" He looked at her and swallowed hard again. This was it. This was when he had lost his virginity. They had talked about fooling around earlier at school. Lauren said she wanted him to try more with her. He had barely been able to get though the rest of the day. He even snuck online in the library and looked up some stuff he could do to her.

Suddenly a weight lifted from his shoulders. This was it! His first sexual experience. If the wish somehow was taking him back to meaningful experiences for him, this was it. He'd probably be an adult again after this. It made him sad but he decided to make the best of it.

Instead of answering her with words he let the past take over and suddenly things felt right again. No longer fighting the past, he embraced it. Very nervously he reached over and struggled with the buttons and zipper on Lauren's jeans. Her face was flushed and she looked scared too but made no move to stop him.

Mark unzipped her pants and put his hands down the front of them. His fingers felt Lauren's silky panties, then moved under them and slipped into her moist slit. She gasped softly and bit her lip. He'd seen enough on his dad's 'special channel' to kinda know what he was doing. Moving his fingers in and out of her he could not help but pant just as much as she was doing. His hear felt like it might beet out of his chest.

His dick was pressing against his own jeans and Lauren hesitantly reached for it. She had seen her brother's thing accidentally one time and found herself fantasizing about Mark's for a long time. She unzipped him and pulled down his underwear enough to let it spring loose. She touched it reverently as Mark finger banged her.

He kept going, too taken up with his own pleasure and too scared for the moment to do anything else. He looked down at himself and blushed hotly. A girl had never touched him there and he was so small as a teen. The tip was already a bit slick.

Without warning Lauren pulled away from his searching fingers and knelt down in front of him. She took his dick in her mouth and started to suck. Her tongue was all over the place. It was clumsy and would have been a little uncomfortable if Mark could have breathed. He could not believe what was happening, but he knew what would happen next which was why he was surprised when a white pop filled his vision.

He stood buck naked in front of a mirror. His hand was rubbing up and down his 11 year old thingy. It was hard all of a sudden and it felt good to touch it. He would have kept on going but suddenly his mom opened the door and walked in. His cheeks flushed red as he wondered what was happening and a bright light filled his eyes, a pop his ears, and once more he was naked.

This time he was lying on the wooden floor of his playroom. Lagos and books and dinosaur figures were all over the place. A 4-year-old girl knelt down next to him, naked herself, and touched the thing in between his legs like it was a worm. "Ewww, mommy said we was difwernt. Yucky!"

He was now very scared he did not want his own mommy to catch them. They'd get in soooo much trouble. But wait… no, no he was really worried because he was younger again. His skin was baby soft, his hair light brown and downy. His tiny pee pee made him feel ashamed as it just jiggled, not responding to the girl's touch. He felt too little and afraid. He was supposed to be a man, not a boy. "I witth to gwow up!" he yelled out loud. Nothing happened.

The girl laughed. Curiosity made Mark look at her small, hairless slit. He could not hold back his own laugh. "At weest I hawve a pwee pwee!" The girl's tearful cries echoed in his head as a flash found him lying naked on a changing table.

His age could be no more then 1 and a half. All his movements felt strange and he was very, very scared. Loud wails came from his throat as a tall woman stood above him with a washcloth. "Don't cry little one, mommy just needs to clean and change you." Her voice was nurturing and soft and suddenly he did not know why he'd been so upset. The comforting woman reached down and lifted his legs as she wiped his wee wee and bottom, then a comforting smell of baby power filled his nose and soothed him.

Anne looked down at her baby boy and laughed as she saw he had a little stiffy. The books said that happens sometimes but she had never seen it before. "You're so very cute!" She said, not seeing the flash Mark did.

Suckling away at his mother's breast, he had no other thoughts in the world. Warm milk was filling him and the steady thump, thump, thump of a heartbeat lulled him to sleep as he continued sucking and… FLASH.


Anne and Gregory Marks sat on their couch, watching some movie on TV. It did not matter what, only that they were together. "What about Jimmy?"

"Well what if it's a girl."

"You wish. With all that hard kicking you say he does, it has to be a he."

Anne laughed and put a hand on her rounded belly. In just 2 more months the expression of her and Greg's love would be born. Tears of joy filled her eyes and she felt the craving for pickles. Greg wiped the tears away and smiled as she whispered to him. "I think you're right. How about…Mark. I like that one a lot."

Greg thought about it and nodded. "Yeah. Mark. That's a good name."