Ideal Vacation

By Max

Part I

Josh Brand was the son of the most rich family on town, and only with his status he was able to afford the adventure that I’m going to share with you.

He was coursing his third University’s year at the age of 24. He was the captain of the wrestle team and his toned muscles drove crazy at all the girls. He was 6’ 2” tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He easily could get any girl of the University, but he didn’t. He knew that all the girls were not only after him, they were after his wallet too, and it was very frustrating not to have a regular girlfriend.

Everything changed a few months ago, when his mother hired a new maid for the house. The maid not came alone. She brought her only daughter Liliana with her and since the first time Josh placed his eyes on her, he fell deeply in love.

Liliana Mesa was a 5’ 1” latin girl, her long and dark hair reached her shoulders and her skin was golden like the sun. She had a slim waist and perky B-cup breasts that give her a model look. At the end of the first week was absolutely obvious that Josh was very interesting in Liliana as she was for him. By the second week they declared their love and kissed passionately. After that, they keep in secret their love, and not because she was the daughter of the maid, it was because there was a little problem with Liliana. She was only 16 years old and there was no way his family will approve that kind of relationship. If Liliana were older, the problem will be solved and he will love her in the way that is prohibited right now.

As a member of the AP community, he always had fantasies about little girls aging into beautiful women, but now he searched around the world for a true way to make it. He was almost hopeless when he found an interesting link to ‘The Age Resort’ and he clicked on it.

The central image showed and island in the middle of the ocean. He started to read the first lines of the presentation.

‘Welcome to The Age Resort, a place where all your age fantasies come true’.

“That’s exactly what I was looking for”, he though and continued reading.

‘Our island is located in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. This special location provides at our females visitors the unique ability to control her age at will’.

Josh made a pause to understand the last statement. “Control her age?, Could be that possible?”, he couldn’t believe it, but he continued.

‘The atmosphere will not affect at our males visitors; in consequence they will not have such ability. Any female, no manner how old is she, will have this ability after spend the first night in the island. Our resort offers at our guests an unforgettable time, for old women the chance to regain her youth and for young women a peek of her future self. If you enjoy the AR or AP fantasies, this is the place for you’.

The page, for reasons of privacy, couldn’t display pictures of the guests, so Josh couldn’t prove if something like that could be real. He clicked on ‘Reservation’ and the prices were beyond imagination, but he was able to afford them, but he will need to pay it personally on the island.

“Well, if it is a fraud, I can go back without spend any money at all”. Rapidly he reserved the most expensive bungalow. It contained all the commodities he could possible need, even a Jacuzzi. At the end he typed his email to obtain more information about the resort. Almost immediately he received it and started to read.

The resort was equipped with three pools: The first low-level pool, for the kids, the second one with toboggans and waterfalls for the younger visitors, and finally an Olympic size for competitions. There were volleyball courts and many other activities. He skipped reading and went directly to the age part.

For the female visitors, there is an electronic watch that they will use at all times. It will show the real age in red and the actual age in blue. This is because once the female increase or decrease her age, eventually her brain and emotions will equal the chosen age.

“Whoa!, I can’t wait to go. At less for a whole weekend she can be mine and that means....” Josh dreamed with the young Liliana blossoming in front of him. “If she is gorgeous now, how she will be at 18, or 23, or 36. There are no limits”. He couldn’t avoid drool for a while.

He told Liliana about the trip, but he didn’t tell her of the power that she will have. After a whole week trying to convince his parents to let him go for two days to an ‘international competition’ with Liliana company, they agreed and soon Josh and Liliana were in his private jet flying to the island. Josh was an expert pilot and he flew all the way.

“This is amazing Josh, finally we can be alone”. She kissed his cheek and her hug was nice and warm. Josh peeked down her cleavage. The idea of see it more deeper and voluptuous produced strange sensations in his body. For tomorrow morning she will be a grown up woman ready for being love.

The island appeared in the horizon at about 5 o’clock. “There it is Josh”, “I see it Lili, fast your seat belt”. The plane landed without trouble. Two young girls, no older than 17 years old, were standing next to the stair. Both were wearing uniforms.

“Welcome to The Age Resort, the place in which time means nothing. My name is Kala and I will be your guide at all times, my partner is Mika and she would help you with your luggage, please follow me”. Liliana walked behind Kala.

“Eh, listen Mika, don’t worry about the luggage. It is just a backpack and a suitcase and maybe they are two heavy for you. I can handle it” said Josh. “But Mister Brand this is my job. I’m prepared for this kind of situation”. Mika tried to lift the suitcase without luck. “See, I told you” replied Josh, “I will do ....”.

Josh was speechless when he noticed a suddenly change in Mika’s body. Her arms started to show small but toned muscles, then her height increased as her body aged. First she was an ordinary girl and then she was passing by a ‘She-hulk’ transformation that only took a few seconds leaving her at 5’ 9” and almost as muscular as him. Josh looked at her watch, the blue numbers read 22:10:15 (22 years, 10 months, 15 days) and the red ones 34:05:27.

Mika easily picked up the suitcase and the backpack. “They aren’t so heavy now” she said. Her words broke his trance and he said “Please, go back to your previous age. My girlfriend doesn’t know anything about this place”. “Oh!, a morning surprise” Mika whispered. Josh blushed and Mika understood. She regressed her age just in time before Liliana turned back to see what was delaying Josh.

Picking the luggage, Josh joined Liliana in the tour. As they walked Liliana watched surprised at the other guests. Some of them showed great age differences. Young girls with matured men and even older. Some matured women with young man. It was like no couple here was the same age; maybe for that reason Josh brought her here. The though made her sad.

Josh talked with Mika to learn more about her. Since her 16 years old she trained with her brothers with weights and that was how she got her muscles. A car accident put her in a bed for the rest of her life. Thanks to one of his brothers, who enjoyed the AP stories, she found this place and asked for a job here. The manager hired her, and the next day she regressed at her age before the accident, making possible that she could walk again. Since her regression only work in the island, she decided to live and work here. The alternative was a bed in home.

When they arrived at the main office, the manager of the resort personally received at Josh and Liliana, after all, not every day the presidential bungalow is reserved.

“I’m glad you are here Mister Brand and Miss Mesa. Welcome to the ultimate resort. My name is Rina Dule and I’m the manager, please call me anytime you want. I assure you will find what you have come to get”,

“Thanks Miss Dule. It has been a long fly and we want to rest for a while” said Liliana. “Of course, here is your watch Miss Mesa. Kala will show your bungalow”.

Liliana put her watch on and in red numbers appeared 16:09:13. “It’s strange. I remember that it was 5:20 in the reception’s clock. Later I will adjust it”, she thought and keep the watch in her pocket.

Their bungalow was bigger than both could even have imagined. Josh offered ten dollars as a tip to Kala, but she refused saying “It’s not necessary Mister Brand”.

“One more thing Kala” said Liliana “Could you call us by our names? We are almost the same age”.

“Not for long” thought Josh.

“Sure Liliana. Enjoy your visit” with that Kala closed the door.

Josh lowed the luggage and Liliana rushed to the bathroom. “Perfect!. That will give me enough time” thought Josh. Rapidly, he unpacked the suitcase and hied in the drawers four different boxes, after that he proceeded to unpack the rest.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous” said Liliana in the bathroom “Josh is a good guy and I know that he would respect me”. She placed her hands over her bust “I’m growing fast and soon I will became his dreamed woman. In two years more I will be a grown-up woman and we will made love for many days, but for now I will enjoy this weekend with him, because if he brought me here is because he want to be with me alone” her body tingled anticipating their first night together.

“Are you going to spend all the vacation in the bathroom” yelled Josh from the outside.

“I’m coming!!” yelled Liliana. Her last statement made Josh fantasized about what would happen tomorrow.

After a quick shower, separately, Josh and Liliana went to the resort’s restaurant. Both ordered spaghetti and wine.

“Thanks for bring me here Josh. This means a lot to me”.

“I told you that I really love you, I don’t care old are you. You are the most innocent girl...” Liliana raised an eyebrow “...friend”.

“You are so sweet”, she kissed him in his cheek and he replied back with a kiss in her lips.

After their meal Liliana asked “Do you want to do something?”.

“I read about the theater. They have a different plays every day”.

“So what are we waiting for?”. Liliana pulled him even so she didn’t know where to go.

While they were walking Josh could put aside and saw how beautiful Liliana was. Her blue shorts showed small curves and her yellow top fitted her nicely, showing her fresh and soft pink skin. “She is a cute girl, but for tomorrow morning she will be a gorgeous woman” thought Josh.

They arrived at the theater. Even it was the late show, it was crowed of people and a get two seats together was hard but not impossible. “I see two spots there” said Josh. Both took their seats and enjoyed the act.

The play had just started. The main actresses appear to be playing mother and daughter sitting in the dinner table. They were arguing because the daughter (apparently 6 years old) wanted to eat pizza, and her mother (31 or 32 years old) gave her vegetables for dinner. Josh understood immediately what was main plot, the switch between mother and daughter, and waited for the change to take place. He was extremely excited; not every day you can see one of the most common AP-stories come to life.

“I’m not going to eat vegetables. I hate them”.

“I know honey, but you need them if you want to grow up”.

“I don’t need them to grow up, so please buy pizza instead”

“I’m your mommy and I’m doing this for your own good”.

“This is not fair”.

The child searched in her clothes for a little rock. “If you don’t want to buy pizza, I will”. The daughter concentrated and whispered, “I want to be the mommy and she the child”.

A deep silent surrounded the theater; some pairs of eyes were in the daughter and the others in the mother. Josh’s eyes were obvious on the child. Liliana was about to punch him when something strange happened in the scenario.

“The child clothes are ... shrinking?. No!, she is GROWING” gasped Liliana.

“No, she is aging” Josh corrected her without taking off his eyes of her.

Liliana watched more carefully and indeed, the child was aging. The first sign of it was her golden hair, her pony tails could hold her lengthening hair. Next her cuffs raised as well as her shirt. She was more like twelve years old.

“What are you doing?!!!” screamed the mother. Her scream made Liliana looked at her. She was changing too and she understood that she must me regressing. Her skin regained her youth as she left her thirties and approached at her early twenties.

The now teenager was in absolute ecstasy, her body began to mature as her age progressed. Small bumps appeared pushing her shirt, she placed her hands on them. The mother placed her hands too over her owns but the effect was the opposite, her wonderful D-cup breast were getting back to her chest.

“This can be happening” she said in a pinch voice as she passed her twenties.

“Believe it mom...” said now young matching her mother’s age and then passed it. She looked down at her shrinking mother and added“... or I must said daughter”.

The daughter ended ripping all her clothes standing naked in front of her child mother. “This is better” a lower, and almost sexy, voice came out of the daughter. The ex adult woman of the house tried desperately to get out of her business suit.

“Let me help you” the daughter picked up at her mother.

“Why did you do this?” sobbed the child,

“Because I told you that I don’t need the vegetables to grow” the daughter concluded.

Every person in the theater clapped, included Liliana who couldn’t figure out how they did it.

Josh and Liliana left the theater and walked around the resort for the rest of the night. Josh avoided contact with other couples to prevent Liliana discovered the secret of the resort. When she asked him about the play, he just replied there where the most unbelievable special effects he had ever seen.

By 10:00 o’clock, they returned to the bungalow and prepared for bed. Liliana searched for her pajamas and she locked in the bath. Josh undressed in the bedroom. Wearing only shorts, he rested on the bed.

Inside the bathroom, Liliana thought, “Well, this is your great moment Liliana. Don’t ruin it”. She unhooked her bra and put on a red transparent baby doll hied in the pajamas. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, “I do look sexy. He would love me”. The idea of being touch by Josh made her nipples hard.

When the doors opened, she walked slowly to the bed. Josh’s jaw drooped off. “Do you like my lingerie Josh?” she purred. He couldn’t move his lips, but in the south something was raising. She stood up next to his head. He could see trough her lingerie. She wasn’t wearing underwear.

Josh held all his passion managing to speak again. “You had left me speechless. You are absolutely gorgeous Liliana. Please join me.” Liliana passed a leg over him and them the other. The brief contact of her womanhood with his manhood made her moist.

Josh was aroused too. He hugged her very tight feeling the quickly beating of her heart. He knew that she was ready for making love to him. He calmed down and whispered in her ear “Listen me Liliana. There is no hurry at all. We have the whole weekend for us. Just rest over me, let me take care of you for tonight”. Liliana relaxed and put her head over his chest. Concentrated in his breathing, she fell sleep.

In her dreams, the scene of the little girl becoming a woman had captured her interest. She remembered her transformation over and over again until she just stare at her naked mature body.

“How could you do it?” Liliana said

“With this?” the daughter replied. She handle the rock to Liliana.

“Take it in your hand and make your wish”, after that she vanished.

“If it was so easy”, she closed her hand and said aloud “I WANT TO GROW UP”.

With the first rays of light, Josh woke up seeing the back of Liliana covered for her beautiful dark hair. “Today you will live a different day my dear girlfriend” he said passing his fingers trough her hair. He felt a warm heavy sensation over his chest, it felt like ...

He opened wide his eyes when he realized that her hair was longer than yesterday. He saw her carefully and indeed she was at least 5 inches taller. Her hips had acquired the curvaceous form of a woman leaving her a tiny waist. “It could be...” tough Josh.

He turned her around. He saw first her face; mostly of her child traces were gone. Her face showed a matured expression, with luscious red lips. Then he saw her bust. Timidly, he touched her breast to see if it was real, and it really was. His heart began to beat faster. During the night, Liliana not only grew on height, she had double her bust size. His most secret fantasy had been accomplished by the sleeping woman on his chest.

His breathing was so fast that made Liliana woke up. Her first image was a transfixed Josh staring at her. “Good morning dear” she said kissing his lips. She didn’t notice the change in her voice, but Josh surely did.

“How do you feel honey?” said Josh.

Stretching her arms, she responded “Wonderful, I sleep so deep. What about you?”,

“To be honest extremely horny”.

Liliana blushed covering her bust with her arms. It was then when she discovered her improvement.

She saw in disbelief at her new size. Recovering from the shock, she trusted her breast forward. “Josh, have you notice something on me?” she purred.

“More than you could imagine”. Liliana gave him a puzzle look. “Go to the bathroom and you will find out”. She stood up more intrigued than ever and walked to the bathroom.

“Are you OK Liliana. Please answer me?”.

“Yeah, yeah, what happen?. I was walking to the bathroom, how I end in the bed?”.

“You saw your reflection and passed out”.

“I’m remembering now, I saw something weird. I saw at a grown up woman in the mirror”.

“You were looking at yourself”. Josh gave her a small mirror.

“It’s true” Liliana said perceiving her now adult voice. She pinched her face to know if she was still dreaming. “But it was a dream” she said.

“I don’t know what are you talking about, but I can assure you that you really have grown up”.

“There is no way I can grown up in one night. I had hear about grow spurts, but this is ridiculous” she emphasized grabbing her breasts.

Josh noticed that she wasn’t wearing her watch. “Where is your watch Lili?”.

“I put it in the drawer. Why?”. He picked up the watch and placed it on her arm. The watch lilted up. The red number showed 16:09:14, while the blue ones 18:00:00.

“Told me about your dream” asked Josh.

“It was a silly dream”.

“I insist”.

“Well, in my dreams I wished I could grow up”.

“It looks like your dream come true. See these blue numbers. They mean that now you are 18 years old with 0 months and 0 days. Congratulations you are an official grown up woman”.

Liliana couldn’t understand his words “What do you had said?”.

Josh explained everything about the resort and about his fantasies to Liliana. “If I understand you correctly, I could be any age I want, right?”.

Yes Lili, that is how the actresses changed in the theater”.

“OK Josh, are you ready to be with a girlfriend of your age?”.


“Step aside”

Liliana though about being older and immediately her body responded increasing her age. The blue numbers were moving forward really fast turning the months in seconds. To Josh surprise, Liliana hadn’t grown up completely.

When she passed the 19 years old, she grew 2” more and filled more her body. Pleasurable moans escaped from her. Her baby doll was barely covering her private parts. Trough it, Josh could saw her hard nipples pushing the material, as her pussy was segregating a white liquid. Without doubt she had reached an orgasm.

Part II

Finally the blue numbers stopped in 24:09:14. Slowly Liliana opened her eyes to a new world. “This is so strange” she said admiring her hands, suddenly the room started to move. “I feel dizzy” she said losing her balance.

Josh grabbed her before she fell on the floor. “Are you alright?”.

“Yes, don’t worry. I think I need sometime to adjust. I will be fine”.

“I will get you a glass of water!”.

“Thank you”.

Josh helped her to sit on the sofa and ran to the kitchen. Liliana blinked her eyes touching her brow.

“I must be in some kind of dream”. She looked down and was shock to find an impressive amount of flesh forming her cleavage. She touched one of her erect nipples. A tingle sensation reminded her that this was not a dream.

She stood up to admire her body in the mirror. There were no traces of the young Liliana. Reflected in the mirror was standing the most unbelievable woman she have ever saw. Timidly Liliana examined her matured body, she was indeed beautiful. New sensations invaded her, the feelings of being 24 years old started to kick in. “Well girl, you look so hot for been a virgin. It’s time to solve that”.

When Josh re-enter at the room, the marvelous body of Liliana hypnotized him. She turned her head to watch Josh completely freeze holding a glass of water. Liliana adopted a sexy pose, letting him look at her hour-glass shape, and purred “How do I look tiger?”.

Josh couldn’t regain the motion of his mouth, so he nodded. He was sweating and it was more than obvious the growing excitement in his shorts. For the first time, Liliana felt in total control of the situation. She walked to him and kissed him deeply and passionately. The warm of Liliana’s lips were too much for Josh. His heart was about to explode. He felt like his life force was been sucked of him. When Liliana’s tongue entered his mouth, he came in his shorts. After a few seconds he relaxed, hugged her tight and kissed her back.

After 2 minutes, they broke the kiss to finally obtain some air. “Would you excuse me?” said Josh running to the bathroom to clean the mess in his shorts leaving Liliana giggling. Then someone knocked the door and Liliana opened it. It was Kala.

“Good morning Kala”.

“Good morning Liliana. I see that you discovered Josh’s surprise”.

“Can you believe it?” said Liliana passing her hands over her body.

“Of course Liliana, and now that you discovered the secret, I don’t have to remain in this young body”.

Josh was exiting of the bathroom when he caught Kala aging. It was like her clothes were shrinking on her. Her skirt raised 3 inches as her legs lengthened. Her expanding rear raised her skirt 2 inches more. Her growing frame started to stretch her blouse. Josh enjoyed how Kala’s breasts began to fill out the blouse making him silently closed the bathroom door. He had made it again.

“Aaahhh!!!” exclaimed Kala who was now 24 years old too “It feels so much better be an adult”, scanning the room she said “And Josh?”.

Liliana giggled and said, “He couldn’t managed his own surprise”. Both girls laughed loudly.

“Ladies, ladies, what’s going on here?” asked Josh exiting from the bathroom.

“Oh, nothing honey. I was just taking with Kala”.

“Good morning Josh”.

“Good morning Kala. What brings you so early?” said Josh calming his anxiety of having two recently women with him.

“You know that we have a theater which different plays everyday right?”. Liliana and Josh nodded. “Well most of our clients enjoy some kind of AP stories, and since they only will stay in the resort for a couple of days, is impossible to satisfy all. Remember that there are other guests interested in AR. So, to solve this, each couple have a private guide, in your case me, to help them to performed those fantasies”.

Josh was in heaven. This was beyond any fantasy. “I really appreciate it Kala, but right now I want some quality time with Josh” said Liliana passing her finger along his chest.

“I understand, see you later, bye” said Kala closing the door.

“What do you want to do first Lili?” asked Josh.

“To be honest, I want to take off this lingerie. It’s too small for my voluptuous body”.

“You are my dream come true!!” yelled Josh.

He carried Liliana in his arms and laid her on the bed. He laid on top of her and using his teeth he began to removed her lingerie. He was marveled at her ample breasts, but what really caught him was the penetrating scent of Liliana’s sex. It was intoxicating.

Josh licked slowly her right nipple. “Oohhh!!!” moaned Liliana, “They are so sensitive now, please Josh continue”.

He didn’t need a second invitation and he sucked gently her nipple. Liliana’s pussy was wet for all the excitation. In that moment Liliana felt like a woman and pushed down Josh’s head until he reached her bush.

“Please Josh, I feel a little wet down here. Could you do something about it?”. He couldn’t believe his own hears. Totally turned on, Josh licked the remaining juices in her inferior lips making Liliana moan in the process.

“You are absolutely perfect” sighed Josh. He stood up and picked up one of the boxes. “Now that all your clothes is useless, I bought you a new swimsuit”.

Liliana tore off the wrap reveling the two-pieces red bikini inside. “You are so sweet. Let me try it”. Liliana pulled it from him and quickly put it on.

The small bikini showed off her shapely legs and round rear. The top barely covered her hard nipples and her smile was driving him crazy. “Earth to Josh. If you aren’t ready in five minutes I’ll have to leave you here” laughing said Liliana.

In a less than a minute, Josh changed his pajamas for his swimsuit, put the towels and some drinks in the backpack, and made the bed. “I’m ready Lili. Let’s go”.

The beach was crowed of people. Walking around, Liliana found a spot near the beach. “Why don’t you set the towels while I get some drinks?” asked Liliana.

“OK, but don’t take so long. I want to be with you”.

“You’re so sweet. I’m right back”. Liliana run to the bar nearby bouncing her breast in the way.

“Aahhh” sighed Josh seeing the improvements on Liliana’s body.

Near Josh was a couple with her little daughter. “This is the best vacation ever “ said an apparently 24 years old mother.

“And let me say that you look very beautiful” said a 32 years old father.

“I know. After the pregnancy I gain too much weight, but now there is no trace of it” cheerfully said the mother. “I feel so young. Lets go to swim”.

“Terrific idea honey. Please Grace, promise that you’ll be a good girl while mommy and daddy swim for a while”.

“I promise, daddy” replied a 6 years old girl.

“That’s my girl”.

That morning, Grace woke up by the screams of her mother.

“IT WORKS!!!. I can believe it!!!” screamed the mother.

“I told you darling that it was true. Now you can look as young as the day we meet”.

“And you say that I can get young or old as I want”.

“Yes darling, any female in this island can, but we have to keep this in secret. Do you imagine what would happen if Grace discover it?”.

“I don’t want to even think of it”.

Grace thought of what she had heard. Since little she learned from the movies how the beautiful girls can obtain anything from boys just by saying simple words or asking them to do something for them. If what her mommy said was true and she could blossom into a beautiful woman, she will have all that she wants. Of course, she was a little girl and she could only think in getting dolls and candies.

As soon as her parents left, she looked around and found Josh laid trying to tan his skin. “Perfect. I beat that he has a lot of money” grinned Grace holding her towel. Rapidly, she laid on the sand and covered her clothes with her towel. She concentrated in grow up.

Grace giggled when her little towel started to shrink over her growing body. Her feet were pushed away from the cover of the towel by two skinny legs that began to become more shapely. Her child traces disappeared from her faces for been replace for mature features like fuller lips and deeper eyes.

Her red hair lengthened too and soon, the towel was pushed by growing cones in the girl’ chest. The sounds of tearing clothes were music for her hears. Even under the towel, the girl noticed her hips expanding and ripping her shorts in the process. Finally her shirt couldn’t hold her inflating breast and tore off in the middle.

The no-longer little girl breath deeply watching very proud her C-cup breast. She removed the towel to see how it looked the two - pieces swimsuit she ‘borrowed’ from her mother. “Luckily my mother didn’t notice her swimsuit under my clothes” thought Grace. “Now, it is time to meet a the man who will buy me the new doll house I saw on TV”

She walked provocatively carrying her towel , like in the movies, and stood in front of Josh blocking the light. Josh opened his eyes just to encounter a gorgeous 21 years old girl. “Sorry for disturbing you, but I can’t apply properly the sun lotion in my back. Would you like to help me?” purred Grace displaying all the female tricks like curling her finger in her hair and smiling innocently.

Josh, who was still thinking in Liliana, didn’t saw the implications of her actions and he acted like any gentleman will do. “Of course, give the bottle”.

“Thank you” said Grace.

Spreading her towel next to Josh, she laid exposing her back to Josh. Rubbing oil over the young skin brought disturbing thoughts to Josh. “You have strong hands, you know?” said the girl. Grace noticed the stable pulse of Josh started to shake. “Time to phase two” thought Grace.

“Let me help you” she said unhooking her top. Josh transfixed when he saw the pressed breast flesh splayed at the sides. “Now you can oil all my back”.

“I can’t believe this is happening” thought Josh.

Meantime, Liliana was waiting for her drinks when she saw an old woman sit next to her. Liliana thought that maybe it was her first day on the island and she will have to wait until tomorrow, then she checked her watch and it displayed in red numbers 35:02:27 and the blue ones 92:09:11. Intrigued for the woman choice, she talked to her.

“Excuse me”.

“Yes darling” reply in a low voice the old woman.

“I’ll want to know why you chose being so old”.

“To be honest young lady is because my husband. You’ll see, my husband enjoys the old AP. He likes to see me change from a smooth and young skin to a dried and full of wrinkles. He really loves me so much in this. For him, this withered body is a great turn on”.

“It don’t know is Josh would like something like that”.

“Some men don’t like, other does. If you want to find out, I suggest to talk to your guide”.

“Kala?, Why?”.

“Your guide can help you to represent an old AP plot”.

“It could work. Any plot in mind?”.

“Ah!, the favorites of my husband are when a witch steals the youth of mature women and when old women transfer her years to young women”.

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll try your advice, but today I want to make love with all my libido at the maximum”,

“Je, je. I understand you girl. Today you can do what you though may take two years, right?”.

Liliana blushed, as she understood that the old lady had read her watch.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. Today is an especial day and you boyfriend must be waiting for you”.

“You are right, I almost forgot Josh. Take you so much for your time”.

“Anytime darling, anytime”.

Liliana carried the drinks and went back to Josh.

After oiling her back and legs, Josh was having troubles trying to hide the hard on in his pants.

“Well Grace, I oil all your body as you asked, now it’s time to leave” said Josh.

Grace didn’t think in an answer like that. She thought that her body had hook him and he will buy the doll house she wants. Without hooking her top back, she turned around and sit to face Josh.

Because she was an innocent girl, she didn’t realize the impact of a pair round bare fresh could done to any men. “I thought you will want to go with me to another place and spend sometime together. Don’t you find me attractive?” said sadly Grace.

To Josh that mean to go at her place and have sex. He couldn’t aloud to jeopardize his relationship with, “Indeed you are, but I have a girlfriend”.

“A girlfriend that would say to your parents what are you doing” said Liliana.

Grace got worried, if her parents find out that she knew the secret, they maybe will left her in the room for the rest of the vacations. Rapidly, she picked her top and towel to walked away.

“Thanks for rescue me. You are my heroin” said Josh.

“And you are my shinning armor knight”. Liliana sit on her towel and gave Josh his drink.

After a little kiss Josh asked to Liliana “Tell Lili, why you said that you will talk to her parents”.

Liliana started to laugh “Don’t tell me that you didn’t read her watch?”.

Embarrassed he said that he did read it, which made Liliana explode in very loudly laughs.

“If you read her watch, tell me why you were excited to oil a 6 years old girl body?”. Josh was redder that anyone has ever been.

“It’s OK. I know you are a gentleman. Let your girlfriend give you some confort”.

Liliana guide his head directly to her bust and let it rest there for a while. Listening Liliana breaths made Josh calm and then he fell sleep.

Part III

After a quick nap, Josh woke up full of energy and decided to take a walk trough the beach holding hands with Liliana. The scenes that could be appreciated were incredible.

Matured men holding their baby wives while they tried to swing. Young ladies with perfect bodies digging holes in the sand and playing to build sandcastles. Young men kissing deeply to old women, and anything you could possible imagine.

“Look Josh, it seems like something is going on there”, said Lili,

“Let’s find out” replied Josh.

The commotion was because a group of young men were discussing with old women about who is the best in a volleyball game, the strength or the wisdom.

“Oh! come on old lady. You can say everything you want, but can you prove it?” dared Paul, one of the men.

“So, what you want is a match eh?. Well, a match you will have” said Mina, an old woman.

Suddenly, the old women began to regress. Their skins passed from dry and wither to a smooth and fresh one. Their hairs recovered the color of their youth, as their wrinkled faces were clean again. Their bodies turned firmer and toned. Their sagging breasts and rears were pulling up as they approached to their early twenties.

The men gasped at the new look of the girls. Beside the fact that they were incredible hot, the girls were now taller that the boys. Thanks to their regression, the girls were at their maximum height.

“We need one player more” said Mina and seeing Liliana she said “Hey you. Do you want to play?”

“Me?. Of course” said Liliana rapidly engrossing the girls team.

“We need an extra hand too, and you look like the right person to fill the spot” said Paul to Josh.

“OK. I’m in” replied Josh.

“What do you said if we make a bet?” said Mina, “Anytime we score, the five of you will have to put 50 dollars in this jar”. Mina put over the sand a huge empty jar.

“Sure, but if we score you should progress your ages 5 years” said Paul.

“Hold on for a second. Liliana is not an old woman. It’s her first time as a woman and I don’t want to see her old and veined” said Josh felling like an ice cube were sliding for his back.

“Don’t worry for my Josh. It’s alright” said Liliana wanting to know how will react Josh is she look older, much older.

Three more old ladies came near to the field. “We’re here to show our support to the girl power”, said one of them in a bimbo voice. Soon, everyone discovered why.

The old ladies regressed too, and their killer bodies as cheerleaders were restored. They weren’t too tall but what made their swimsuits stretched were their round breasts and rears. It was more than obvious the hard on that the men had for been surrounded by beautiful ladies.

Without further interruptions, the bet was set; the final score agreed was 11 points and the game started.

The girls started the game and for about 15 minutes they totally dominated it. The men looked disorientated looking at their jumping and rocking their busts. By this point, the crystal jar was holding 2500 dollars.

“One more and we will win” said Mina hitting the ball. In that moment the eyes of the men became aggressive and in a coordinate attack they gained the service.

“I had to admit that we enjoyed seeing you jump and play, but that is over. We took that liberty to tired you. There is no way you can go out with all our money”, said Paul hitting the ball really strong and scoring for the men.

The girls looked each other in shock. They were showing themselves and as result they were now too tired to react. They were doomed.

“We scored ladies, don’t forget out bet” said Paul.

Pressing their teeth the girls progressed five years in their clocks. Josh saw Liliana aging to a 29 years old woman, she didn’t show it.

The game continued as well as the progressions of the girls. In their middle thirties the girls began to lose their energy and their bodies became heavier for them. At their late forties, their wonderful attributes were sagging again in the swimsuit. In the fifties, their hair turned gray and their skin began to show wrinkles, by their early sixties their cleavages and legs looked as highway maps, all cover for being blues and reds.

The game ended when the women reached the late seventies. Their feet were calloused and their skin was sagging in their bones.

“Thanks for the match ladies. Just call us for a re-match anytime you want” laughed the boys as they took their money back. The defeated old ladies walked back to the beach.

Josh rapidly helped at the almost 80 years old girlfriend that was trying to keep herself on her feet.

“How do you feel Lili?” asked Josh. The dry skin of Liliana felt bizarre to Josh fingers. Just minutes ago he was enjoying the day with a gorgeous 24 years old Liliana and now everything have change for just a game.

“I’m fine, but now I understand why my grandmother sleep all the day. I would like to sleep for a while if you don’t mind” said Liliana.

“You can change back, I mean…, you can be young again” said Josh feeling a new attraction for Liliana.

“Oh no!. I’m a good loser and I will carry my punishment with dignity…” she said aloud then she continued whispering “... until we get to the bungalow”.

Both smiled each other for a brief moment and the Liliana said “Now, would you be a nice young man and help at this old lady in her way to the bungalow”.

“It’ll be my pleasure madam” said Josh holding her arm and walking slowing to the bungalow.

In the way he notice that Liliana had lose at about 7 inches in height. Her hair was completely white but she still had plenty of it. At the beginning he didn’t want to look but he had to. He stared at her breasts. Fortunately they didn’t show any trace of veins but they had sagged and they were a lot softer now.

Even with the drastically changes in Liliana Josh could resist feel attract to her. She was now defenseless and he was all in her world. He liked that feeling.

For her part, Liliana liked the extra attention that Josh was giving her. Maybe the old lady was right and Josh would like to be with and old women too, but he still doesn’t know it.

Once inside the bungalow, Liliana regressed to her previous 24 years old.

“I love you Josh. When I was an old lady, you take care of me and I felt so secure in your arms. Oh Josh, I want to be yours so badly” moaned Liliana. “Since you like AP stories, is there any I can fullfil four you right now?” purred Liliana licking Josh’s ear.

After taking a moment to cold down himself, Josh said “To be honest, there is a fantasy I was planning to act with you” said Josh.

He was ashamed for mentioned it to Liliana. After all, he didn’t know what she would think of him if she discovers his most secret fantasy. She’ll laugh of him. She’ll dump him. Well, it was only one way to find out.

Josh opened the drawer and picked up the second box. “Inside of this box you will find everything you need to make real what until now I was only able to dream. Maybe you will think it is wrong but…” Liliana put her finger on his mouth.

“I understand that this is your fantasy…” she said picking the box “… and that you love with all your heart, other way you will never give me this. Please wait for me here why I go to the bathroom and prepare everything”.

Josh was very quiet trying to hear any sound coming from the bathroom. If he hear a laugh he will doom, but if he hear giggles everything will be OK.

After a few minutes he couldn’t hear any sound from the bathroom. The only sound he heard was from the door being unlocked.

He sit in the bed very nervous as the door opened slowly. Josh almost faint to see a cute 10 years old Liliana dressed in a green pajama.

“I brushed my teeth as you said Josh. Could you read me a story for me before sleep” said in her child voice Liliana.

Josh was extremely happy. Liliana was saying the dialogs he wrote in the piece of paper that was inside the box.

“Sure Lili, as your babysitter I will do it. Come on, let’s go to bed”

Josh carried Liliana in his arms. It was the second time in the day that Liliana felt totally protected for her strong boyfriend. For Josh, Liliana was absolute beautiful. She was so cute and adorable. He wanted so bad to kiss her, but he had to continue with the plan.

Once Liliana was inside the bed Josh said. “Which story will you like to hear Liliana”.

“I will like Alice in the Wonderland”

“There is the four time in a row I read this story. Can you tell me why you like it so much?” asked Josh.

“I always dream about what will people think if I grow like Alice” said Liliana.

“And why you will like to grow?” asked Josh following the script.

“If I were taller, I could go out with you”

Liliana blushed when she said that. Josh didn’t know if she was acting or thinking in what will be next. This little role-playing was really exciting Josh. He tried in vain to hide his growing hard on, but the show must go on.

“But you don’t need to be taller to go out with me, you only need to be older” Josh said.

“Really!. If I were older you could go out with me. That’s great, how old I need to be?”

“Wait until your breasts show up and we’ll talk OK” said Josh kissing the brow of Liliana and simulated that he was going to turn off the light.

“Don’t turn off the light yet. There is something I want to show you” smiled Liliana

“And that could be..?”

“These!” cheerfully said Liliana rising her shirt and reveling a perky A-cup bust.

The hard nipples of Liliana confirmed to Josh that she was as excited as him.

“… since when do you have breasts?” asked incredulous Josh.

“You told me that when I got breasts we will talk, now I have them. Can we talk now?”

“Yeah, yeah, what ever you said”

“How old I need to be for being your girlfriend?” asked Liliana

“… I… I don’t know. 23, maybe a little older” replied Josh.

“Oh! I see”

Liliana concentrated and began to increase her age. Josh could resist the blossoming process of Liliana and he came in his pants again. She stopped at the age of 24.

Originally the script was that she will grow until that age and then they will made love passionately, but Liliana decided to change it a little.

“So tell me Josh, Am I now a woman for you?” purred Liliana

“Yes, you are Liliana” said completely in love Josh.

“Or maybe you want me a little more woman” teased Liliana

She progress her age a few more years. Her young features began to change to mature ones. Josh didn’t anticipate this.

“Or maybe you want the guide of someone with more experience. Maybe you want to love a grown-up woman”.

Liliana stood up of the bed. She was naked in all her glory. She progressed a little more until reach the 32 years old.

The changes were amazing. Her eyes were more captivating. Her skin wasn’t fresh, but wasn’t dry either. She was surround for a maternal aura. Josh was like in trance. “Come to me little boy” said Liliana sitting again in the bed. Josh did what she said and sit next to her.

“Good boy, now mommy will get you a reward” Liliana hold Josh face and guide her mouth to her nipple. Josh began to suck it as an infant.

He was in completely joy. Liliana not only accomplished one of his most secret fantasy, someone she discovered by herself another one. The feeling of protection that only a mother can give.

Part IV

It was near to 4 pm and Josh was still sleeping. Liliana picked up the last box and it contained a green top with black skirt. Now properly dressed, she decided to go out of the bungalow and searched for Kala.

Liliana found a 4 years old Kala playing with a 29 years old guest.

“Kala? Is that you?” asked Lili.

“Yes. I’m helping at one of our guest to fulfill his AR fantasies” cheerfully replied in her child voice.

“I get it. Please when you finish, can you meet me in the bar?, there is something I want to discuss”

“Okie Dokie” said Kala before to go back and play.

Thirty minutes late, Josh wake up at the slammed of the door. He saw Liliana breathing very quickly and holding with her body the door, as trying to hold it close.

“Liliana, what’s going on?” asked Josh.

She ran to his arms searching for protection. “Something weird is going on out there. I was waiting for Kala in the bar and suddenly all the guides turned extremely old” sobbed Liliana.

“But that is not a reason to alarm, you know that they can do it here” said Josh calming Liliana.

“No!!. You don’t get it. They are old and they are hunting guests to steal their ages”

“Sorry but I get lost. Could you please be more explicit?”

Liliana looked to Josh eyes and he saw the fear in her eyes. He held her tight and she continued.

“Every watch in the island has stopped. The guests that are too old or too young are safe, but the ones that are young or mature are in danger. The guides have a device that switch the age in the clocks. Do you see my watch? It says that I’m 24 years old. So, I’m a perfect prey for one of them. If one of the guides uses the device on me, she will get my young and I will be an old woman”.

“Don’t worry Liliana, I’ll protect you” said confidently Josh.

Suddenly the door burst open and a muscular woman made her entrance.

“Mika!!” said Josh.

“Glad you missed me tough guy” grinned Mika.

Mika ran toward Josh and tried to hold him. Josh easily avoid her and hold her for behind locking his arms in her arms and neck.

“Surrender Mika. There’s no way you can win this. I’m the captain of my University wrestle team”.

“ Well, for your information I was the national champion in my country…” she broke free “… when I was 26”.

Rapidly she turned around and held him in the same way “Now that I’m 31 years old. I have more muscle that you can manage boy”.

Josh fought with all his will, but it was useless. Mika’s hug was too strong for him.

“You can enter now, I had the boy under control!!” yelled Mika.

An old woman near to the 100 years old entered to the room carrying something similar to a TV remote control. She looked very decrepit.

“I come for you my darling. You will make me young again” said the old lady to Liliana.

“Get away from me” yelled Liliana looking for an escape exit.

“There is no where to run Lili. Your age is mine” she said pressing the control.

“NOOO!!!” screamed Liliana as her watch began to glow.

Josh used all his strength to break the grip, but Mika seemed to resist it easily.

“Save your energies Josh. When we done with your girlfriend, you will need them to take care of her. She will not be able to do very much around you know?” laughed Mika.

Josh cried when she saw Liliana body began to age. She fell on her knees covering the tears of her eyes. Her young and perfect body began to mature fast.

The opposite effect was happening in the guide with the control. Her white hair began to turn gray and her features began to change too.

It was until both women had the same age that the bad part started. While the guide was smiling as her body was recovering it young condition. Liliana was crying as her skin changed into a dry-up one. Veins all over her legs were now visible. The flesh of her arms was melting reveling just skin stick to the bone. Her once wonderful cleavage was just not only sagging, it was getting veined and flabby. There was no way to Josh to see her back, but he guess that her round ass was more now like a two sagging bags of flesh.

As the process continued the guide was near to her thirties when a familiar face began to appear.

“Kala?” asked Josh.

“It took you a long time to figurate out. I don’t blame you for not recognize me, but I’m glad you finally do it. In a few seconds more I will be young again an we will leave you alone”.

“Why are you doing this? What have we done to you?” asked Josh.

“You nothing. You will see, the magic in this island is exactly that, magic. A group of powerful witches put this island under a spell. For one week it will gave to every normal female the ability to change their age, but at the end she will get locked in that age for the rest of her life. For other part the witches on the island will remain the same age they were from the beginning of the week. With this device we can switch ages with the residents that chose to be young. Young girls into women, or matured women into young ones are our targets and since they are lock in that age forever, we gain eternal youth while they will continue aging until they dead” laughed Kala.

The process ended and Kala was now 24 years old.

“We had done here, let’s go” said Kala.

Mika released Josh and he rapidly went to help Liliana. While he was with her, Mika and Kala went out of the bungalow.

“Are you OK?, Please answer me” begged Josh very concern for the healthy of Lili. The white hair of her head was falling apart and her skin was withered and calloused.

“I don’t want you see me like this. I felt so old” cried Liliana.

Tears ran down her cheeks. Josh heart was devastated to see her suffer like this.

“I still love you Liliana, don’t matter how old you are”

Removing her hands, Liliana let Josh see her face. “Look at me Josh. I’m not longer young and pretty. How could you say that still are in love of me?”

Josh repressed any facial gesture of the reaction to see the shriveled and wrinkled face of Liliana. Her eyes checks were pointing inside instead or outside and her lips were thin.

Her look really repulsed him, but she was a victim here and everything was his fault, after all he brought her here.

“We will find a wait to regain your youth Liliana, but right now I want to assure you that my love for you hadn’t change a bit. I promise you that”.

“Do you really are serious. Don’t care that I look so old?” asked Liliana.

“As I said, it doesn’t matter for me. I just want to help you anyway I can” said Josh hugging Liliana.

“If you really mean it, make love to me”

“WHAT?! Are you nuts?. You can suffer a heart attack!!” yelled Josh.

“I’m pretty conscious of my actions. I don’t want to die like this. I want to feel you inside me for a last time” begged Liliana.

“You can’t ask me this. I will kill you” said Josh.

“I’ll be OK, I promise” said Liliana kissing Josh’s lips.

For Josh was a new sensation to feel her cracked lips, but they still have the fire of her youth. He kissed her back and pushed her on the bed.

Josh removed her top and fondled her breasts. Liliana moaned loudly letting know Josh that they had lost their sensibility.

Liliana reached his pants and pull out his hard member. Since she didn’t put underwear, his member made its way to her womanhood.

Panting and moaning could be here from inside the bungalow. Josh and Liliana could hold to long and both came at unison. Josh laid at Liliana’s side trying to catch his breath.

“It was extraordinary Josh. You have demonstrated me that no matter how do I look, you will always love me, and that make you without out doubt the best” gasped Liliana.

Josh turned to see her face, and he watched amazed that she look younger, maybe 65 or near to the sixties.

“Liliana!!, you are younger!!” he said.

“I needed to be. You almost stop my heart, so I decide to regain some youth” she explained.

“But I saw when Kala stole your age” said Josh.

“Oh don’t worry about that. She was helping me to represent an AP plot for you. Mika heard us and she decided to play too”.

“So you are not old” said Josh

“Not at all” said Liliana regressing to her former 24 years old.

Josh was about to jump over Liliana and love her when Miss Dule entered to the bungalow.

“I deeply sorry for interrupt you, but since there is no door” she said

“It’s OK. Sorry for the door” said Liliana.

“What brings you here Miss Dule?” asked Josh.

“Unfortunately bad news. An international organization believes that we had children working. We try to explain that they are adults turned in kids, but they asked for a demonstration. A group of them will come to the island tomorrow and for that reason we need to close the resort until the inspection” said Miss Dule

“It’s sad but as soon as they discovered that all that you say is true, they will let you work again” said Josh.

“Yes, but it represents greats lost for us, many of our guest reserved the whole weekend. Now we have to refund their money and hire private jets to take them back home”.

“For us, don’t worry Miss Dule. I don’t want my money back, instead I will use it to reserved a whole week when all of this finish”.

“You are very generous Mr. Brand, the least I can do is give you a present for Miss Meza”

Rina took out from her pocket a watch similar to the rest of the island.

“I will set it to your current age, that way you can remember us and the magic moments you spent here”.

“Thank you a lot Miss Dule” said Liliana.

One hour later Josh and Liliana were boarding Josh’s jet. Liliana was back to her 16 years old and Josh held her from the waist while they waved good-bye to Miss Dule, Kala and Mika and to all the wonders they live in the Age Resort.

When they entered to the house, they discovered that Josh’s parents and Liliana’s mother had gone to a charity dinner.

“Well, we had the house for our self Liliana. You want to go up and take a shower together” said Josh.

“That’s sounds great. It’s a shame that I don’t got my grown-up body anymore. You will have to conform that someday I will have this age” said Liliana putting his watch on.

Then, without warning, Liliana busted out her clothes and stood complety naked in her 24 years old body.

“How…?” was everything that could say Josh before the watch emitted a recorded message with the voice of Miss Dule.

“Greetings Mister Brand and Miss Mesa. By this time you have discovered our little present. It’s one of our first prototypes. It allows to the owner to be the age set in. The watch has a 24 hours battery, use that time wisely and don’t all of it in the same day. You can buy more batteries in your next visit to the resort. Enjoy yourselves”.

“Do you heard that Liliana? We can…” Josh was silently when Liliana pressed the buldge in his pants.

“Are you will spend our 24 hours speaking or making love to me?” grinned Liliana.