I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

by Merlin

Sheri was a 30-year-old stockbroker with dark brown shoulder length hair, tan skin and very impressive attributes. She had worked hard all her life to get through college, get her MBA and then work towards attaining her career goals. She was still single, but it was out of choice. She wanted to wait until she was at least 35 to get married and then another three to five years before having any children. With these goals in mind, she kept in very good shape. Despite the very few strands of gray hair that had begun weaving themselves in her beautiful hair and the faintest hint of laugh lines on her face, she was very beautiful, and quite sexy. She was also all business.

She had just finished an especially long day working on a Saturday to get a project done for a client. She had a condo only a few blocks from her office, so she usually walked home. She was wearing a very conservative pinstripe jacket with a silk blouse and a knee length matching skirt with dark hose that accentuated her long, sexy legs.

She was just about ready to make the turn to her condo when she heard an odd, yet faintly familiar chiming. She stopped and listened to it for a moment when it finally struck her what it was. An old-time ice cream truck with its chimed music calling all the children in the neighborhood to its next stop. She paused to listen to it and smiled as she remembered being a little girl and running up to just such a truck with her dime in one hand. She would always get the same thing: the Popsicle that had the bubble-gum center. She would sit on the curb for what seemed like hours licking it until she finally got down to the bubble-gum center.

She began to hum along with the song as she turned the corner and saw the truck. There was a long line of children in front of it, all eagerly waiting for some ice cream. Sheri suddenly had an overwhelming craving to re-live that moment and get some ice cream. But she didn’t have a lot of time to fool around and she certainly didn’t want to wait in line behind all these "children".

"I’ll just cut in front of them real quick and get a treat. After all, what can they do? I’m the adult here." She thought to herself. She walked briskly over and cut in front of a boy who had been waiting in line for some time.

"Hey! Watch it lady! I was here first!"

"I’ll just be a second little boy, you can wait another minute."

The boy crossed his arms upset, as did the other kids, who were not at all pleased with Sheri’s presumption just because she was an adult. The ice cream man inside the truck seemed surprised as well.

"Ma’am, you really should wait your turn"

"Listen, I’m the adult here and these are just kids. I will just be a second anyway! I don’t have the time to wait in line; I'm a busy woman. Now, do you happen to have a Popsicle with a bubble-gum center?"

The ice cream man groaned. "Lady, we haven’t carried those in…." the man paused, then smiled. "Why, I do believe I may have one left!" The man disappeared for a moment and then came back with the item. It was just as Sheri remembered it!

"That will be one dime, please" Sheri was amazed that it was the same price after all these years. She hurriedly went through her purse and pulled out the dime and handed it to the man. "You better eat it before it melts" he smiled. Sheri smiled a cynical smile and walked away. She had not taken two steps before she took the first lick. She felt a cold shiver run down through her spine and she now wanted to sit on the curb and eat the treat there instead of taking it back inside.

Sheri sat down on a bus stop bench instead and crossed her long legs very lady-like and began to lick. Each lick brought a new and more intense sensation, almost like relieving memories she had forgotten. What she did not notice was that each lick was subtracting a year of her life. She was already a young woman of 25 and regressing with each sumptuous lick of her tongue. The few gray hairs she had were now gone and her skin was now that of a young woman. She thought she felt her 36C breasts even raise just a bit in her black lace bra. The taste of the treat was overwhelming and she began licking faster and faster, anxious to reach the bubble-gum.

24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19 years of age. She was a fresh-faced College senior as freckles began sprouting on the bridge of her nose. 18, 17, 16 years of age. She was now a high school sophomore and her body was really beginning to change at this point. Her breasts were getting noticeably smaller as the tight skirt and snug jacket she was wearing was now loose, at least two sizes too big, and her high heel shoes were becoming loose.

But she was enjoying the Popsicle too much to notice. 15, 14, 13 years of age, she was now falling backwards through the wrong side of puberty as her breasts rapidly deflated in her bra. Her panty hose, which was held up with garters, were now quite loose and sagging on her thinning legs. The cuffs of her jacket were bunching up around her shrinking hands as her long nails receded.

12, 11, 10 years of age. Her feet now no longer reached the ground as he high heel shoes dangled off the ends of her small feet. She uncrossed her legs and began swaying them back and forth under the bench. She stopped momentarily to take off her tent-sized jacket, but for some reason, it all seemed perfectly natural. Her silk blouse was also large on her small body and her breasts were now non-existent as the only thing protruding was the outline of her useless bra.

9, 8, 7, 6 and then at 5 years of age she finally reached the bubble-gum center and chomped down on it. At last! She jumped off the bench, which seemed like a long way to fall, and as she did her skirt simply dropped on the ground, along with her hose, garters and black lace panties. Her huge bra also fell around her puddle clothes to the ground, leaving her draped in a huge silk blouse. She walked out of the cloth barefoot and over to the children still in line. Her soft brown hair now falling across her eyes and framing her pudgy face which now sparkled. She also had a gap in her front teeth as well, which gave her a distinct lisp. She looked up at the ice-cream man.

"Ith wanth another pweese!" she grinned and giggled.

"Hey kid," said the much bigger 12 year-old boy who seemed vaguely familiar. "Get in line like everyone else." Not wanting to upset the boy she smiled and skipped to the back of the line. She wanted another treat. She just hoped that her Mommy would not find out that she was going to have another one.