How to Create a Little Sister in Five Easy Steps



“And just where are you two going now?” Tempest McCarthy asked as she observed her parents Eben and Zena pack their suitcases. “Up to the Paradise Resort and Spa for a romantic weekend,” replied Zena. “Your father was awarded this trip for being the top salesman at his company last month.”

“Well, I sure hope that you’re not going have a babysitter here this weekend,” Tempest protested. “I am 13-years-old now. I can take care of myself and my 7-year-old sister Darlene just fine without any help.” “Look, honey, we’re been through all this before,” Zena sighed as she placed a second can of hairspray in her bag. “We agreed that you can stay home alone with your sister after you get in high school, and that is still more than a half year away.”

Tempest pouted as she returned to the kitchen where sister Darlene was mixing herself a glass of chocolate milk. “Looks like we’ll be under the thumb of old Mrs. Kavanaugh again this weekend. Now we won’t get to do anything fun.”

“Bummer!” replied Darlene.

Later, as the two girls watched their parents load their suitcases in the family car, Zena said, “Oh, by the way. Because this trip was scheduled on such short notice, Mrs. Kavanaugh wasn’t available for this weekend. But she recommended a good substitute, a Ms. Brenda Little.”

As if on cue, Brenda made her appearance at the front door. “Good afternoon. I take it this is the McCarthy residence and that you are Eben and Zena. So nice to meet you,” she said. Then turning to the two sisters, she gushed, “And you must be Tempest and Darlene. Such darling girls. So beautiful. Oh, I know we are going to have just one swell weekend.”

Tempest and Darlene reacted with sour looks at the jaunty yet plain-looking redhead that had just invaded their lives.

“Here is where we are staying, and a phone number where we can be reached in case of emergency,” Zena said, handing Brenda a hand-written sheet of paper. “We’ll be staying two nights and should be home sometime after 6 p.m. Sunday. You make sure the girls behave and eat healthy meals while we’re gone.”

On driving away, Eben told Zena, “I hope she’s as good as Mrs. Kavanaugh. Without good supervision, those girls, especially Tempest, can get into an awful lot of mischief. Sometimes I’m surprised when we get home to not find a crater where the house stood.”

As the car vanished in the distance, the perpetual smile left Brenda’s face. Now sporting a stern look, she pointed at the two girls, and said, “Now that your parents are gone, let it be known that I won’t brook any disrespect, disobedience or shenanigans. Your parents have entrusted me with your lives, so you’ll do everything I tell you without questions. And you will obey me because I’m older than you are. I’m 32-years-old, which makes me at least twice as old as either of you. I’m also bigger than you are, so I’ll always win in the end. Got that? Good! Now I’m going to cook dinner. You go do your homework or something, and be ready to eat at 5:30,” Brenda concluded.

“Don’t look now, but Mary Poppins just morphed into Ilsa Koch,” Tempest whispered to Darlene.

Sitting in their shared bedroom, Darlene showed Tempest the souvenir their father at brought he back from his recent business trip to Ireland. It consisted of a gold coin embedded in a translucent polymer, which was decorated with a rainbow and the phrases, “Irish Good Luck Charm” and “Wishes Granted.” It had a hole punched in the top for a small ring of the type used to hold keys.

“It’s just some key chain,” Tempest sighed. “But I sure wish it would grant wishes for real.”

Things did not get better for Tempest and Darlene. At the kitchen table, Brenda served them liver and onions with a side dish of boiled spinach.

Darlene pushed her plate away, saying she’d like pizza instead. Brenda reminded her that she promised their mother they’d eat healthy meals, so she’d better eat it all. After all, Brenda said, “I’m in charge. And I’ll continue to be in change because I’m bigger. Got that?”

Trying to change the subject, Tempest suggested that Darlene show Ms. Little her Irish Wishing Charm. Brenda looked at the key chain and laughed at it.

“The coin in there is an old florin, which is what the Irish called the two shilling coin before the country adopted decimal currency. The coin, at the current exchange rate, is worth only about 13 cents; less because it was painted gold and covered with rock-hard plastic,” Brenda chuckled, adding, “The only thing you can wish on this thing is that you don’t lose the backdoor key.” She then mockingly read off the back, “Made by peat bog sprites in County Cork.” With that, she flipped the Charm back to Tempest.

Clutching the Charm with every ounce of strength she could muster, Tempest made a wish.

“I wish I was the oldest and biggest person at home, so I’d be in charge,” Tempest softly chanted. Darlene put her hand over Tempest’s fist and added, “And I wish that I wasn’t the youngest person home either.”

At that moment, Brenda began to feel the room spin. Her eyesight went out of focus, as if gauze had been placed over a lens. Even squinting didn’t help her regain her bearings. But Brenda did feel one unnatural sensation. Placing her left hand on the counter to steady herself, she swore that she felt the counter rise.

As the wooziness left Brenda’s head, she found herself staring straight into the eyes of an extremely happy Darlene. “Good lord,” Brenda cried. “How did you get so tall?”

“I didn’t. I’m still the same size. And so is my sister Tempest,” Darlene said, pointing up at her big sister who now towered over Brenda. “Would you like to take a second guess?”

Looking down, Brenda discovered her previously smart fitting dress and apron encircling her like a tent. Her dress not only touched the floor, but also was bunched up at her feet. Realizing that she had somehow gotten smaller, Brenda, who was experiencing a scary feeling zap from the pit of her stomach to her brain, cried, “This can’t be,” and attempted a fast backward retreat. Unfortunately, her feet were still in her now oversized shoes. She tripped, and fell onto her rump.

“Looks like Ms. Little really is little now,” Tempest sneered.

“How dare you use the devil’s magic against me,” Brenda protested. “Restore me back to my old size. That is an order!” Tempest reacted by shaking her head, “no.”

“Look, you may have diminished my size, but I’m still 32 and the only grown-up here,” Brenda reasoned. “I’m responsible for you this weekend, and I intend to fulfill your parents orders to the letter.”

“But there are no grown-ups here,” Tempest noted, flipping the Charm in her hand. “You’re only a child now, and one no older than Darlene. If you don’t believe me, check yourself.”

Brenda peaked inside her baggy dress and quickly concluded that Tempest was correct. Her body was that of a girl that had not yet gone through puberty.

“This Charm really does grant wishes. I’m now the oldest and biggest person in this house, and that puts me in charge,” Tempest said triumphantly.

“Welcome to the family, Brenda. You’re now our little sister,” Darlene grinned in a manner that convinced Brenda that maybe the devil did have a hand in all this.

“Let’s reason this thing out,” Brenda pleaded. “You need adult supervision here – mine! And…damn it! I could negotiate with you better if I was at least wearing clothing that fits; that wasn’t falling off me.”

“Okay, but only your underwear,” Tempest said, clutching the Charm tightly.

With that statement, Brenda felt two items of clothing shrink until they tightly hugged her body. Jumping out of her dress and apron, Brenda stood wearing a dark red bra and matching lace panties, which fit snugly to what was now an essentially curve-free body. The bra retained its underwiring, even though Brenda no longer had any breasts in need of such support.

Brenda exhibited a little embarrassment over her appearance, as her sexy undies did not keep with her image as an austere and business-like child-care professional. This was the first time anyone had seen what she wore under her work clothes, and was discomfited that her exposure came at the hands of two mischievous girls.

Standing in her bare feet, Brenda now seemed a little shorter than Darlene did; a point Tempest duly noted. Standing Brenda and Darlene back to back, Darlene appeared several inches taller. Tempest then pulled Brenda over to a wall containing Darlene’s height chart. Brenda was exactly as tall as Darlene was on the day she turned 7, a good six months ago.

“I got my wish too,” Darlene crowed.

“It appears that you are now both the youngest and shortest person in this house,” Tempest chortled. “Now you’ll have to obey both of us from now on.”

Sizzling at the indignities being heaped upon her in such rapid succession, Brenda jumped at Tempest to grab the Charm. But Tempest easily rebuked her desperate effort, moving the mystical key chain out of her diminished reach before pocketing it.

“Apparently, nobody ever taught you manners,” Tempest sternly admonished Brenda. “From now on, if you want anything, you better ask for permission from your two older sisters.”

After years on inflicting such control over her tiny wards, the youthened babysitter was getting a taste of her own medicine, and it was bitter. Brenda went into a deep pout, plotting her next strategy against these two devil girls.

Standing next to Brenda, Darlene fingered the lacy material that comprised Brenda’s panties. “You know, I’ve always wondered how it felt to wear grown-up women’s underwear – that fit, of course,” Darlene said. Brenda reacted violently, noting that bras and panties like her’s were “only for women, not for little girls.”

“But you are a little girl,” Tempest reminded Brenda. Brenda responded by yelling, “I am not a little girl. I’m a woman of 32. Just because you used some devil’s trickery on me...”

“Darlene asked you nicely. Don’t you believe in sharing?” Tempest asked Brenda. This prompted an ever-greater tirade from Brenda.

Tired of Brenda’s bluster, the 13-year-old grabbed her arm. Pulling Brenda onto her lap, Tempest engaged Brenda in a short struggle, with Tempest soon undoing the tiny hooks on the rear of the shrunken bra, which she quickly tossed to Darlene. In even less time, the lace panties were liberated from Brenda’s bottom and also tossed to Darlene, who ran into her bedroom and locked the door.

The now naked Brenda gave chase, but could only pound on the door, issuing threats that Darlene no longer believed she could carry out. In the midst of this excitement, Brenda developed a sudden urge to use the bathroom. The affects of getting younger had apparently caught up with her and her system wanted to expel the excess effluent. Crossing her legs and wiggling, Brenda demanded to know where the bathroom was. “Down that hall to the right,” Tempest said, falling down laughing as Brenda galloped away.

In the bathroom, Brenda found her reduced height and age a hindrance, forcing her to lift herself backward onto the toilet. Afterwards, she had to use a step stool to reach the sink to wash her hands. It was all disconcerting for a woman who prided herself in being master of her own environment.

Brenda later returned to the kitchen wrapped in a towel to hide her nakedness. There she found Darlene modeling her shrunken bra and panties, which prompted yet another tirade from Brenda.

“You give me back my clothes,” Brenda sputtered. “Those are woman’s lingerie, and I’m the only woman here who’s fit to wear them.” Looking up at a scowling Tempest, Brenda added that, “They’re my lingerie and I need some clothes in my size.”

Tempest reacted by throwing Darlene’s girl’s panty at Brenda and instructed her to “Put it on!” When Brenda refused, Tempest lifted Brenda up by one arm and swatted her rear. Brenda acted surprised and embarrassed, prompting a second swat. Brenda quickly donned the girl’s panty, while pouting at how many of her babysitter’s techniques were being turned on her. Tempest was having such fun finally putting a babysitter in her place that she lost track of time. She soon discovered that it was approaching 9 p.m., “Time for two little girls to go to bed.” Brenda, of course, objected but changed her mind after Tempest threatened new swats. As was the custom, Darlene, now in a light green cotton nightie, had a warm glass of milk before bedtime. Brenda, still wearing only the panty, was given a similar glass of milk, which made her sleepy. Tempest tucked them both in Darlene’s bed, and kissed both on the forehead. Darlene turned toward Brenda, who had already fallen fast asleep. What only hours earlier had been a bossy and officious babysitter now looked like a sweet and innocent little girl. Putting her arm around Brenda’s shoulder and hugging her, Darlene decided she liked the idea of having a little sister. Perhaps she might finalize this arrangement the next time Tempest let her hold the Charm. Brenda awoke the next morning alone in bed, still a little girl, and still in Darlene’s panty. She stomped to the kitchen where she found the sisters having a breakfast of chocolate cake and soda. Standing with her stubby arms on her hips, Brenda scolded the two. “That is not a healthy breakfast. Your parents ordered me to feed you healthy foods. I’d like to make you hot cereal or pancakes. But I’ll need for you to use that Charm to restore me to normal.”

“Nice try,” Tempest said, adding, “Here’s your breakfast.” It was a slice of cake and a can of Pepsi.

Brenda sat down at the table, with only her body from the nipples up sticking above the dining surface. But from where she sat, she could see the Charm resting on a nearby counter. Pretending to enjoy the cake, Brenda without warning threw her soda can against the wall. With Tempest and Darlene distracted, Brenda sprang toward the Charm and got within an inch of it, only to have Tempest snap it up.

“Nice try,” Tempest said sarcastically. “Apparently you’re still too big. I wish you were only half your present age.”

Brenda again felt the room swaying and her eyesight blurring. When things straightened out, Brenda had gone from 7-years-old to 42-months-old. Her height had sunk from 53 inches to a mere 39 inches, putting her more than a foot shorter than Darlene and making Tempest look like an even more scary giant. Worse, she could no longer reach the top of the counter, let alone view what was on it. The only small favor was that her panty still fit.

“Now what do we do with our little sister today?” Tempest queried. “Let’s take her to the park,” Darlene suggested, adding, “But first we have to get Brenda something to wear.”

“That’s Ms. Little to you,” Brenda protested, getting only a pat on her young little head from Tempest.

After rummaging through Darlene’s hand-me-downs, Brenda was off to the park in a cute little sundress, with white socks and rather worn pink sneakers.

With Tempest and Darlene each holding one of Brenda’s hands, the trio trudged to the park. But halfway there, Brenda turned her head to avoid being seen. “It’s my neighbor Amelia. I don’t want her to see me like this,” Brenda protested.

Amelia, however, was interested in meeting the three girls, greeting them with special praise for Brenda. “Oh, isn’t she a cute little girl,” Amelia gushed at the preschooler. “What’s her name?” “Brenda,” Darlene volunteered as Brenda lapsed into full blushing embarrassment. Pinching Brenda’s cheek, Amelia noted, “You know, I have a neighbor named Brenda, and this girl looks an awful lot like her. I wonder if they’re related?” Tempest responded with a wide grin, “I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Once at the park, the girls ended up at the children’s playground, where Tempest encouraged Brenda to try the slide. “That’s beneath my dignity as an adult,” tiny Brenda responded.

“Come on, Brenda. This is fun. Let big sister show you how,” Darlene said. She seized Brenda’s hand and pulled her to the slide. The condensed babysitter suddenly found herself faced with, at her new stature, an Everest-like climb up a ladder. Brenda balked.

“You can’t make me,” Brenda mumbled, prompting Darlene to promise, “Don’t worry! Big sister will protect you.” She lifted Brenda onto the second rung of the ladder, then urged her upward with timely pushes against her rear.

At the top, Brenda sat down and contemplated what seemed for her a long, scary ride down. Balking at the very idea of starting down the contraption, Brenda received from Darlene an unexpected and unrequested assist. Brenda swooshed down the slide, making a painful one-point landing on her rump at the bottom. Darlene followed her down and asked Brenda if she wanted to try it again. Dusting herself off, Brenda surprisingly agreed.

Tempest smiled. Perhaps Brenda was finally accepting her reduced status as their little sister, and things would more smoothly flow the girls’ way the rest of the weekend. But the second time down, Brenda landed on her feet and began racing toward the playground’s exit. Springing instantly into action, Tempest halted Brenda’s attempted escape short of her goal, the playground’s gate.

“Naughty girl,” Tempest told the struggling Brenda. “Maybe you’ll like the swings better.”

The little kids’ swings had snug straps that wrapped around the children’s waists and legs to hold them firmly in place to avoid falls. Once harnessed in, Brenda was treated to a wide pendulum motion triggered by Darlene’s hard pushes.

“Saints preserve me. Those devil girls are trying to kill me,” Brenda thought to herself as she swayed back and forth in a rhythmic 180-degree arc. Working the harness with her stubby fingers, she slowly defeated the various straps, all the while screaming in a manner that might lead those fiendish brats into thinking she might be enjoying the ride.

Darlene propelled her skyward again with a mighty push, screaming, “Supergirl flies again!” Unfazed, Brenda quickly completed her undoing of the straps, jumped from the swing, and was again in full gallop toward her escape. She this time succeeded in leaving the playground and disappeared into some bushes.

Her heart pounding at a pace that would be dangerous for an older person, the toddler-size Brenda crawled amid the shrubbery in hopes of avoiding her two captors. She didn’t even care about getting the Charm and restoring her original age. Being stuck with a body under the age of four now seemed to be a small price to pay for not having anything else to do with those two “daughters of the devil.”

Tempest and Darlene had spread out in hopes of encircling their rejuvenated babysitter, and flushing her out. To return home without her would end their fun. And Darlene especially feared that she would lose her opportunity to continue playing big sister.

Crawling amid the assorted bushes, Brenda imagined herself the prey of some deranged hunters, seeking only a wall trophy. Her head would not be mounted in the girls’ bedroom, she thought. Trying to remain as quiet as possible, she froze under a lilac bush as Tempest stormed by above. “Threw her off my scent,” Brenda congratulated herself.

The cat-and-mouse engagement continued for what seemed an eternity for Brenda, who by now had migrated into the park’s rose garden. Peering out from her aromatic redoubt, Brenda finally spotted what she needed, a short run to an exit from the park back into the neighborhood. Reconnoitering, she observed Tempest and Darlene some distance away. Her escape was all but assured.

But as she attempted to pop from the bushes, she experienced resistance from some thorns that had caught her dress. Twisting violently to avoid losing her momentum, Brenda only succeeded in ripping large holes in her dress. Standing in a deep shock with sections of her underwear exposed, the babysitter was easily snatched up by the sisters.

“Ruined! We’ll have to take you home and get you some new clothes,” Tempest scolded Brenda as the girls each grabbed a hand and marched the preschooler back to where her problems began.

Back in the attic, Darlene’s search for toddler clothes reached a detour when she discovered a stack of old women’s magazines from the early 1960s, left over from when the house was owned by her grandparents. Darlene found page upon page of girdle ads, which she found funny. Showing them to Tempest, Darlene wondered how women could move in such tight undergarments.

“Why don’t we find out,” Tempest said, as she squeezed the Charm and directed her wish at Brenda. Brenda’s girl’s panty quickly changed into a scaled down replica of the panty girdle depicted in the ad Tempest was staring at. The girdle included front tummy panel, rubberized sides, and four attached garters.

Brenda scrunched her face as the tight garment formed and began to squeeze in her tummy and shape her tiny rear. As a modern (though somewhat conservative) woman, Brenda had avoided such foundations, yet here she was being jammed into one of those restrictive undergarments at preschool age.

The tight fit had one additional effect. It was squeezing all the liquid out of her system, giving her another strong urge to dash to the bathroom.

Tempest and Darlene followed the flustered toddler and found her struggling in the bathroom to pull down the extremely tight girdle. Their giggles at Brenda’s predicament turned to guffaws when a large wet spot expanded on the lower back of the girdle. Brenda reacted by looking sad and defeated. But her demeanor switched suddenly after Tempest taunted, “Did baby make an oopsie?” Brenda responded with every salted blue word in her vocabulary.

Shocked at the language and Brenda’s continued feisty resistance to accepting her conversion from babysitter to baby sister, Tempest clutched the Charm once more. “As you are acting like a baby and wetting like a baby…I wish you were half your age again.”

Brenda once more saw the room spinning and a fog enveloping her vision. When all cleared, she was now a 21-month-old baby, going from 39 to 32-inches tall. She also finally escaped the confining girdle, having literally shrunk out of it. Standing before the two girls in a now oversized girl’s undershirt that draped her to mid-thigh, Brenda heard the words she most dreaded, “Let’s put her in diapers.”

Not wishing to suffer that fate at any cost, Brenda was again in full flight, running out of the bathroom, through the living room, and out the front door. Tempest and Darlene argued over whose fault it was that the door was left open.

Shaking with fear, but brimming with nervous energy, Brenda hid behind the evergreen shrubs against the front of the house, plotting her next move. In only 24 hours, she had gone from a mature woman to what now could best be described as an older infant. And all because of something she had laughingly dismissed as a cheap souvenir, as used by the older half of a pair of sisters whom she was to watch for a weekend.

A chill pierced her body as she thought of the continued prospect of being the little sister of those two brats. The younger girl Darlene had at least shown the seeds of becoming a nurturing older sister, having helped tuck her in bed the previous evening, and tried to engage her in play at the park. But Darlene too often fell under the spell of her the malevolent older girl, going along with Tempest’s infliction of indignities on the babysitter altered by whatever sorcery the Irish key chain housed.

The ideal goal, Brenda thought, would be to get her hands on the Charm and use it to restore her original age. She might be able to use Darlene in that mission, perhaps manipulating her desire to play older sister to a smaller girl. But barring that, the alternative was to escape the McCarthy household, and perhaps begin life over as a child – even if that entailed being put under the care of a restrictive babysitter like herself!

Hearing the two girls finally stampede from the house in full fury to find the “baby,” Brenda opted against Plan A and pursued Plan B with a vengeance. She quickly barreled through a hole in some bushes that acted as a fence between the McCarthy home and their neighbor.

Losing her shirt to the bushes, a naked Brenda plowed into a figure approximately her size. Taking a quick look, she saw what appeared to be a tiny man with a beard. “Begorra! It’s one of the little people,” the miniaturized babysitter thought as she jumped several paces backward while strategically placing her arms across her chest and groin areas. Refocusing her gaze, Brenda saw something was amiss with the man. Approaching him, she rapped his capped noggin. Plaster! He was a lawn gnome, whose appearance had been scarily filtered through Brenda’s shorter perspective.

“I should have figured. His look is German, not from the auld sod,” Brenda said as she strolled through the brave new yard. How different all the lawn ornaments looked astonished her now that she was the size of a 21-month-old girl. She giddily toddled through an eerie landscape of her-sized plastic mushrooms, a deer, a Polish cabaret knight, a flock of wire-legged flamingos, and even a jockey whose face and hands had been sloppily recolored an unnatural pink.

Turning around quickly, Brenda suddenly found herself staring into the full-size face of an elderly woman tending a flower garden. Jarred back to her plight, Brenda implored the woman, “Please, you got to help me.” The woman stared back in wide-eyed amazement.

“What are you doing outside, and with nothing on,” the woman scolded Brenda as if she really was a child. “Come on, honey, let’s go find your mommy.”

“You don’t understand…” Brenda began, as the woman took her hand and pulled her toward the street. Seeing Tempest round the front of the bushes, Brenda pulled back harder and hid as best she could behind the neighbor lady.

“So there you are,” Tempest scolded. “Time for you to come home.”

“Is this your baby sister?” the woman asked. “She’s not my sister,” Brenda protested. “Not yet, Mrs. Jankowski, but she soon may be our sister,” Tempest nervously explained. “Right now, I’m just babysitting her. She got away while I was changing her.”

“Noooooo! I don’t wanna go with her,” a kicking and squirming Brenda bawled as Mrs. Jankowski lifted her to hand to a wickedly grinning Tempest. Cradling Brenda’s tiny bottom with one arm, Tempest pressed Brenda’s head into her shoulder with the other to muffle her further histrionics.

“You must be more careful. A baby can get into a lot of trouble outside,” Mrs. Jankowski warned. “Don’t worry. She’ll never get out of my sight again,” Tempest promised, as she carted the struggling baby home.

Back at home, Darlene greeted the baby Brenda with a warm hug. “My little sister is back,” she sighed.

Momentarily enjoying this bit of fraternal affection, Brenda snapped back to reality, glared sternly at Darlene and asked, “Why are you two tormenting me like this?” The question set Darlene aback.

“Nobody is tormenting you. I would never do anything bad to my little sister,” Darlene huffed.

“Then what do you call seizing my lingerie to play dress-up? Or squeezing the pee out me with that kiddy corset? Or threatening to put me in diapers?” Brenda muttered.

“Oh, we were only teasing you,” Darlene replied with a smile, subconsciously tugging on the side of the red bra she was wearing. “Sisters always tease each other. We wouldn’t tease you if we didn’t like you.”

“Exactly! Which is why I have no desire to go through childhood again. Once is enough for anyone,” Brenda noted, adding, “Now why don’t you get that Charm so I can grow back into a woman?”

“No!” Darlene replied. “I always wanted a little sister, and you’re it,” she added as she stomped off.

Tempest tried to use the Charm to conjure up some diapers, but to no avail. She concluded that while the Charm was good for altering existing stuff, it couldn’t create things out of the air.

Darlene reached in her pocket and produced a dollar bill. Noting that if the Charm can only change existing things, why not turn that basic banknote in a $100 bill. Tempest squeezed the Charm and wished, and the bill increased in value 100 fold. Tempest took it to a nearby market. An hour later, she returned with disposable diapers, some cans of formula, a few jars of baby food, and a baby bottle.

“And guess what?” Tempest cheered. “We had enough money left for pizza.”

Eating their pizza, Tempest laughed to Darlene, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a weekend with Mom and Dad gone.” Darlene agreed. Brenda, sitting naked on a nearby chair holding an unopened jar of strained peas (“healthy food,” Tempest said), stared in disgust at the “devil girls.” She vowed to make her transition into a baby sister anything but easy.

Indeed, the fun turned into hard work for Tempest and Darlene as the battle of the diaper commenced with Brenda. Placed on the bathroom counter, Brenda twisted, bounced, hollered and used just about any other trick to make it all but impossible for anyone to apply baby powder or affix a Pampers to her tiny bottom.

“Pin her shoulders down so she can’t wiggle,” Tempest pleaded to Darlene. “But she still has eight little teeth,” Darlene whined. “Stop being such a baby. You’re not doing anything to help me,” Tempest said with extreme disgust in her voice. “Like you’re so great. You put more powder on the mirror and the floor than on little sister here,” Darlene testily replied.

At one point, Brenda was kicking so much, that she caught Tempest on the chin. Her patience already worn tissue thin, Tempest responded by throwing Brenda across her legs, and began to administer a sound spanking. Staring at the blue-and-white patterned tile on the bathroom floor, Brenda felt totally helpless. Yet as tears began to well in her eyes, she was determined not to let the girls know that they were winning.

Tempest could see Brenda’s rump turning as red as her lace panties, and her own hand was feeling the effects of the continued pounding. “Cry, damn you, so I can declare victory and stop,” Tempest thought to herself. But Brenda never got beyond the point of being moist eyed. Tempest soon gave up.

Now totally exhausted, Tempest let Darlene continue the diapering, which went no smoother until Brenda herself had used up her reservoir of energy.

Darlene next cuddled the diapered Brenda on her lap, offering her such baby cuisine as strained plums.

“Come on, Brenda. Nummy yum yums. Good for baby,” Darlene said as she repeatedly offered the infant babysitter a spoonful of the ossified concoction. Jerking her head from side to side, Brenda totally rejected Darlene’s technique, but soon ended up with nearly half the jar on her lower face and neck. Not one smidgen crossed her lips.

Not getting anywhere with the closed-mouth tyke, Darlene offered Brenda a warm bottle of formula. The babysitter stubbornly continued to keep her mouth shut. Darlene finally threatened, “Maybe we should make you younger.” To that, Brenda sputtered, “Don’t you…(gargle glug!).” Darlene’s ruse finally got the nipple into Brenda’s mouth, but it took the threat of another spanking to get her to begin nursing. Once started, Brenda took only minutes to down the bottle’s contents.

“Good baby,” Tempest cheered as the last drop of formula passed Brenda’s lips. Whisking the babysitter from Darlene’s lap to over her shoulder, Tempest began to rhythmically pat Brenda’s upper back. After a couple of minutes, the infantized woman released an audible burp.

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life,” Brenda thought. She then noticed that it was only 6:20 p.m.

As 8 p.m. approached, Darlene suggested that it was time for baby Brenda’s bedtime. After all, babies need lots more sleep than adults, or even kids. But Darlene was against having a baby share her bed. Brenda’s first two youthful incarnations were okay, but babies wet – and worse, she noted.

Tempest returned from the attic with a wicker bassinet, but concluded that it was too small for Brenda. The label indicated the small bed was intended for “babies 0-9 months only.”

Seeing Tempest look that look at her again, Brenda felt another age regression on the way, and exited the room as fast as she could. “I wish Brenda was only 9-months-old,” Tempest said, squeezing hard on the Charm and hoping that the even younger Brenda would be easier to control.

In mid-flight, Brenda was overcome by the usual symptoms. She came out of the fog with the entire room looking much larger than before, having dropped from 32 to 27 inches in height.

With the two sisters in fiery pursuit, Brenda used her size to avoid capture, ducking under tables, beds and any low object that would present a problem to the larger girls. But after she squeezed behind the couch, Darlene caught her by the leg, and slowly pulled the squirming baby out.

“Damn you all, you minions of the devil’s legion,” the tiny infant protested as Tempest carried her to the bathroom. Somehow, she expected less fight from a 9-month-old girl, who by right shouldn’t be able to walk or talk. Yet Brenda could, having apparently retained her full adult intelligence and physical abilities despite the repeated rejuvenation of her body.

In the bathroom, Darlene had filled the sink with warm water. Declaring Brenda “filthy” from being under beds and couches, Tempest dunked her in the sink, and the two girls busied themselves lathering up and scrubbing with a washcloth the cursing 20-lb. infant.

“Stop it. You’re too rough,” Brenda protested. “We’re only trying to get you kissably sweet,” Darlene countered.

It took until 9:30 p.m. to get the 9-month-old Brenda rediapered, fed another warm bottle of formula, and tucked into her bassinet. Tempest and Darlene, by then thoroughly fatigued from the experience, collapsed on the couch. “As a baby, she’s more trouble than I imagined. Maybe we should to return her to normal,” Darlene said. “Not yet! If she’s this lively as nearly a newborn, can you imagine what she’s do to us at her adult size?” the exhausted Tempest replied.

All slept very soundly that night.

The next morning, Brenda awoke in her bassinet, still a diapered infant.

Feeling that her diaper was soggy, Brenda called, “Get me out of here!” Not receiving an answer, she crawled over the side of the bassinet and lowered herself to the floor.

The squishing noises Brenda made as she baby stepped along bothered her. Her body apparently had gotten immature enough to affect her bladder control, and it was discomfiting to say the least. Those two devil girls had gone too far. They would soon feel her vengeful wrath, and she knew exactly who would do the deed for her.

Walking into the kitchen, Brenda found the sisters enjoying a breakfast of butter pecan ice cream and corn chips. “Am I going to have a tale to tell your mother when she returns,” she scolded, as she continued to the bathroom. Detecting an ammonia-like odor, Tempest rushed after Brenda and offered to change her.

Back on the bathroom counter, Brenda uncharacteristically offered no resistance. But the smirk on her lips indicated that she still had a feisty surprise or two waiting for the two sisters.

“I’m through fighting you girls,” Brenda said as Tempest removed her wet diaper and cleaned her up. “But I know you’ll have to grow me back before your parents return, because you cannot explain me away at this size. But once I’m myself again, I’m still telling your parents everything, and you won’t be able to stop me,” she added, as Tempest affixed a clean, dry diaper.

As Darlene fed Brenda her morning bottle without the usual fight, a quake of conscience rolled through her very being. She had been punished by her parents for past misdeeds, but what penalty does a 7-year-old suffer for turning the babysitter into a baby, especially since the babysitter hated the change?

She asked Tempest, “Do you suppose Mom will believe Brenda when she rats on us?” Tempest chuckled, “Mom and Dad won’t see her as an infant because we’ll turn her back just before they return. There won’t have any evidence. Her story will make her sound like some crazy lady, and they’ll never hire her again. We’ll keep our baby sister this young until at least 6 p.m., so she won’t have time to get revenge on us as an adult before Mom and Dad are home” Tempest added with a self-satisfied smirk.

Just then, the two girls heard the sound of a key in the front door. It was their parents! They were home early! But why?

Darlene dumped Brenda in the bassinet, while Tempest stormed through the house in search of the Charm. Darlene arrived at the front door, just as it opened.

“Mom, Dad, you’re home early,” Darlene stuttered. Placing their suitcases inside, Eben and Zena asked if everything was all right.

“We phoned yesterday to see if everything was fine,” Eben said. “Nobody answered, so we left a message on the answering machine. When nobody called back by last night, we worried something bad had happened and drove home early.”

Zena asked where Brenda Little was. A baby-like voice from girls’ bedroom announced, “I’m in here.” Viewing the diapered infant that looked very much like the adult babysitter they bid goodbye to the previous Friday, Zena asked, “What in hell is going on here?” Brenda offered the full story.

Tempest returned with the Charm, only to be told by Darlene that they had been found out because neither had bothered to notice the red message light flashing on the answering machine.

“You stupid little kid! Why didn’t you check the answering machine?” Tempest raged at her sister. “I was with you fighting Brenda over the diaper and bottle and stuff. You could have looked at the machine too,” Darlene countered. Their argument boiled for several minutes.

Darlene finally asked what their parents might do to them on hearing of the inventive way they made life a total hell for their babysitter, let alone living on a steady diet of treats and junk food the whole weekend. Trying to be funny, Tempest suggested that they’d end up on the Jerry Springer Show, the topic being “Our Children Turned Our Babysitter Into a Baby.”

Darlene wasn’t laughing. Brenda the 9-month-old baby was on Mom’s lap, filling her in on the Charm and how the girls used it on her, taking her down in age step by vicious step.

Tempest shook her head sadly. “We were only trying to escape the indignity of being baby-sat by turning the babysitter into our kid sister, and trying to have a little fun. I wish Ms. Little really was our baby sister so none of this story would come to light."

Back in the bedroom, baby-size Brenda, resting in Zena’s lap, continued presenting the gruesome facts, “And then after they forced me to have an accident in that tight…Gaaah! Gheeeh! Gooooo! Eeeeaaah!” Brenda recoiled in horror. Suddenly, she couldn’t talk grown-up any more.

“Poor baby,” Zena cooed. “You really missed your mommy.” Zena unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a nursing bra. She undid one the cups and moved Brenda closer to the nipple.

Back in the kitchen, Tempest and Darlene heard a sharp baby scream. Rushing to the bedroom, they found Brenda happily nursing on Zena’s breast, making very audible sucking sounds punctuated by an occasional slurping noise. The baby was also kneading the breast with her hand to maintain the milk flow.

Eben congratulated the girls on the good job they did caring for their baby sister Brenda. As a reward, he gave them each $20 and promised to take them to Papa Nom’s Pizza that evening.

“I don’t get it,” Tempest said. “They completely forgot that they hired Brenda as our babysitter on Friday. Now they think Brenda is their third daughter.” “The Charm, Tempest. You wished on the Charm,” Darlene reminded her. “That’s right. I did make that wish,” Tempest chuckled.

The sisters walked through their home, noting the changes that occurred because of the final wish. The guest bedroom that Brenda was to occupy as the live-in babysitter was now a nursery, complete with crib, changing table, and plenty of stuffed animal toys. The kitchen now included a high chair, although Darlene was less than thrilled that it was placed next to her dinner position.

No detail was too trivial for the wish. The girls pulled the family album out and discovered several new pages of photos, beginning with their parents bringing baby Brenda home from the hospital. And there were pictures of Tempest and Darlene holding the younger baby on their laps, and helping the baby unwrap her gifts at Christmas.

About the only thing the Charm missed were the 7-year-old-size red bra and lace panties Darlene had copped from Brenda, and continued to wear through the weekend. She would later wear them under her uniform to school – and secretly give only her best girlfriends a peak.

Tempest decided to take the acid test. She and Darlene walked next door to see Mrs. Jankowski.

“Sorry about yesterday and the baby I was sitting escaping,” Tempest told the neighbor lady.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mrs. Jankowski replied with a very puzzled look on her face.

Back in their home, the two girls visited Brenda as she sat in her crib. Brenda now behaved like a normal baby, happily making infant noises while waving a large plastic ring that made shooshing noises when shaken. Spotting the girls, the happy baby immediately switched to a scowl. “I still don’t get it,” Tempest said. “We wished Brenda younger several times, but she didn’t act like a young girl or a baby. She talked like a grown-up and resisted every effort to be treated her new age.”

“Maybe its because you never wished for her to become a little girl and our little sister, until that last wish,” Darlene noted.

“That must be it,” Tempest concluded. “In any event, our mischief is permanently covered up. We’ll never be punished for what we did.”

Her cockiness restored, Tempest smirked at the baby, “See? That’s what we do to tattletales. And you were so eager to tell on us to Mom. Just remember, we have the power to do anything to you.”

Reacting to the threat, the terrified baby burst into tears. Inwardly grinning at her power, Tempest ordered Darlene to check Brenda to see if she needed a diaper change. Darlene responded with a puzzled look. “Why me? Why not you?” she asked.

“I’ve got more important things to do,” Tempest said. “I think I’ll go work on my budding figure. And then I’ve got to figure out a really neat way to get even with that Jenny O’Brien at school.” She added, “Darlene, give me the Charm.”

“I don’t have the Charm. I gave it to you earlier,” Darlene countered. “No, I gave it to you after Dad gave us the rewards,” Tempest shot back. Suddenly worried, the girls fanned out through the house to locate the misplaced Charm.

Outside, chubby jogger Jane Zwick, tired and out of breath, stopped in front of the McCarthy home for a short rest. Panting hard, she noticed a shiny object on the lawn. It was a polymer key chain containing a gold-painted coin and the inscription “Wishes Granted.”

“This must be my lucky day,” Jane sarcastically thought to herself. “If this thing could grant wishes…”

Running off, Jane spoke out loud, “I wish I was in peak physical condition and had the body of a Miss America contestant.” She plodded down the sidewalk, chuckling to herself, not noticing that the steps were getting easier, that her fat was melting off her body, and that her jogging suit was getting looser and looser and…


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