The High School Part 1


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School started much the same as it had the past three years. Nick and Nicole walked through the double doors and were greeted by all their friends. Nicks best friend Greg was there to greet them along with the four girls Nicole had been friends with since middle school.

Their was Megan, an ex-girlfriend of Nicks, the only one he was still friendly with, she was your average blond ditz- useful when going to the mall and fun to watch on a trampoline. Sometimes she was a little too bubbly and bouncy though. Next their was Michelle a tall beautiful red headed girl who was as Devious as she was gorgeous, and a bit narcissistic. She constantly flirted with Greg and everyone else.

Behind her their was Rachel fondly known as 'Rae Rae', she was a brown haired girl with huge japanimation like eyes. She was……..immature to say the least, but not in a way that annoyed people. She was described as innocent a seventeen year old with the heart of a toddler. And finally, standing to the right of Rachel with the best smile you’d have ever seen was Sarah.

Nick had lusted over Sarah since like preschool, Sarah had dark, dark hair and beautifully sunken in eyes and this huge smile that made anyone feel welcome. She had always given him lines like 'I only want to be friends' and 'You mean a lot to me but just not that way' finally he had given up and gone out with Nicole, who was a close friend of Sarah’s that he knew was interested in him.

These seven had hung out together for years and even though they had spent the summer together they all acted as though it had been eons since they last spoke. 'Wow I cant believe this is our last year of high school' Megan said giggling. 'Yeah all last week senior year just felt like a dream. Now it feels so real' Nicole added, Nick turned to her. 'You should have come with me yesterday to get 'reacquainted' with the school' now all the girls giggled and Greg smile trying to hold in laughter. 'What? What the hell are you talking about 'reacquainted' you sound like a dork.' He said.

Nick shrugged 'You see some interesting stuff sitting out side the school' he explained. Michelle rolled her eyes 'What are you going to see? Zombies eating the facility? Principal snider taking off his glasses to reveal he's superman? I mean hellooooo lame ass ritual, gawd' She quipped. Nick didn't mind though. he enjoyed his times in front of the school. 'Actually I did see something. Some van drove off some old lady, she was dressed kind of strange and…' BEEEEEEEEEP!! The bell rang. 'sounds interesting how ‘bout you tell us later.' Sarah suggested with a sincere smile. Megan and Michelle laughed. 'Yeah we better get to our first class' Nicole added and kisses Nick and left as did everyone else. 'Aaah another year.' Nick said shaking his head and walked down the hall.

By the time lunch came they all couldn’t wait till June. 'errrrr! all of my classes are totally screwed up! I have FRESHMEN courses on my schedule. And this, this modeling course has screwed up my Tuesdays and Thursdays' Nicole screamed at Megan, Sarah and Michelle. 'Hey your in modeling class? I wanted to get into that class but it was full. How about we go down to guidance and have them switch our schedules?' Michelle suggested Megan smiled at them 'I’m already in the modeling class, but for some reason early childhood is on my schedule, twice! And they’re in two different rooms. What about you Sarah any problems.' Megan asked. Sarah grinned 'Oh no, no problem. I’m only taking 3 courses and have huge blank spots in the middle of the days but I mean Latin 4, Psychology, and AP Calculus are enough for a whole year.' The girls continued to rant about their schedule all through lunch.

Until Nick, Greg and Rachel came over. 'Hey girls how’s school going?' Greg asked with a grin. The girls moaned 'I’m actually starting to think this is going to be another dull year, more of the same. Blah I hope not.' Nick sighed, as if on cue principal Snider came on the intercom with an announcement. 'As some of you may know we have a new head of the AV department Mr. Holden. He will be teaching Photography, Film, and a new Modeling class for senior girls. Also his wife Mrs. Holden will be teaching Early childhood and Health. I want you to make them feel welcome in our school, you kids have a nice day.'

The kids all returned to their lunch. 'Did anyone notice how robot sounding his voice was?' Michelle asked. Everyone nodded 'He’s not human, but what principal ever is? Just accept him and don’t touch him when your hands are wet.' Laughed Greg, everyone chuckled. A group of girls walked by their Table. 'Hey isn’t that the group Jenny Sevro hangs out with?' Nicole asked. Megan nodded 'Yeah there’s Stacy Williams. But where’s Jen?' Both girls walked up to them. 'Hey guys where’s Jen?' Megan asked, The group of girls all starred at her. 'Didn’t you hear? Both of Jenny’s parents got killed in a car accident. She’s staying with her aunt in like Alaska. At least that’s what we heard.' Nicole put her hand over her mouth. 'Oh that’s terrible I’m so sorry.' Stacy looked at her blankly chopping her gum 'Oh its okay none of us mind, now maybe someone else has a chance to be head cheer leader and prom queen. You may even have a shot Megan……for head cheerleader I mean. I’m going to be prom queen.' The girls giggled and walked away. The bell rang before they got back to the table. 'Come on Rae Rae. Lets go to early childhood.

Rachel and Megan off to their early childhood class. Once they got to the class they saw an attractive red headed woman holding a girl with raven colored hair. 'Hello girls,' the woman started to speak to the class 'I am Mrs. Holden. My husband, Mr. Holden is the head of the AV department. We shall begin the class by asking if there are any questions.' One kind of mousy looking girl with glasses and brown hair asked 'Mrs. Holden where did you live before Shiny Grove?' The teacher smiled 'We spent some time in California' Michelle raised her hand. 'Mrs. Holden, why is there two early childhood classes?' The teachers smile was a little more wicked looking this time 'This class is.....'more advanced'. I suggest if any of you have the other class on your schedule that you get it removed. Its just a waste of your time.'

Then Rachel raised her hand 'Hi Mrs. Holden I’m Rachel Teddy and my question is, what is the name of the baby your holding?' Mrs. Holden looked down at the baby girl and replied 'This everyone is Courtney' Mrs. Holden took the babies hand and had her wave at the class. 'Wow we have a girl in our class that could be that girls older sister and hey! They have the same name.' A girl from the class called out, Others agreed. Mrs. Holden passed out little pamphlets to the girls and allowed them to talk for the rest of the class. At the end, as the girls were exiting the class, Mrs. Holden stopped Rachel. 'Rachel can I speak with you for a moment?' Rachel nodded 'I’ll see you at lunch Megan' She said. 'All right.' Megan said and left.

As soon as she left the teacher handed Rachel the baby. 'Rachel I’d like to get a picture of you holding Courtney if that's all right.' Rachel looked confused 'That's kind of random, but all right' Rachel replied and stood over by a wall. 'I just notice what an innocent, almost child like quality you have. I’m sure your great with kids.' Mrs. Holden pulled out a camera from her desk and aimed it at Rachel. If someone else were there they would have seen that Courtney wasn't even in the picture. They flash went off and Rachel felt very strange. Rachel was short for her age. She was only 5'2'' but had large breasts that made up for it. But for some reason her breasts that were pressed tight against the baby girl in her arms seemed to feel looser as the child felt heavier in fact Courtney seemed to be getting bigger 'I think baby Courtney growing' Rachel said with a higher voice. Rachel's breast were completely gone now and her face was getting rounder and the rest of he body gained back her baby fat. As she stood back up she noticed that her skirt was very loose and falling off she grabbed it with one hand and tried to hold Courtney with the other. 'What’s happening to me?' she asked with a tiny squeaky child voice. Mrs. Holden just laughed at the Rachel. Rachel saw that with her small body her clothes were comically bigger. Her sweater arms were brushing the ground, and her Panty hoes were pudding on the floor. Her feet were tiny inside her shoes. Her dark brown hair came down to her shoulders around her cherubic cheeks. She was all of three now and very confused. Then Mrs. Holden lifted her up along with Courtney 'Now now my two little girls were going to go back to my house and have some cake. Okay?' Both girls smiled and clapped with happiness forgetting what had just happened.

At lunch every one wondered where Rachel was. Nicole went to the office and they told her she was dismissed. It made well enough sense. Megan was a little confused since Rachel hadn't said anything about that to her, but her worry was quickly washed away with excitement by the time she was in modeling class. Not only was it a modeling class (cause enough for excitement), but the man taking the pictures was extremely cute in her opinion, and the opinion of every girl in the school. 'Too bad he's married' she thought. her thoughts were interrupted as Michelle tackled her with a hug and sat in the seat next to her. 'Hey what's up Meg?' Michelle asked. 'I was just looking at the others in the class people' Megan replied

She smiled 'I know besides you I’m the best looking girl in here.' As she said that an unbelievable knockout with long chestnut colored hair and long formed legs walked into the room. Michelle looked at the girl then turned to Megan 'or Christina is.' Megan gave one of those vengeful blond glares and Christina smiled at her and took a seat. Mr. Holden got done with the note he was writing and greeted the class. For the next half hour he went over what he was planning on doing with the class, well half of what he was planning, as the teenage girls batted their eyes at him and cheered with excitement. Towards the end he asked who wanted to be the first to get their picture taken. All the girls excitedly raised their hands. He casually walked across the room looking at each one. Finally he stopped in front of Megan. He was looking and pointing straight at her. 'How about you?' Megan was about to jump up but Michelle stopped her. Christina got up from her seat directly in back of Megan and walked down to Mr. Holden. Megan sulked but was relieved she was saved from humiliation.

As soon as Christina stepped onto the modeling platform the bell rang and a class of disappointed girls left. Once the last girl was out the teacher walked over to the door and locked it. 'What are you locking it for?' Christina asked. Mr. Holden turned and smiled 'We don't want anyone bursting in and disturbing the shoot. He walked over to his equipment and got it all set up. Christina got up on the platform and sat on a large block covered with material. 'What would you like me to do?' she asked 'How about you take off your shoes and lie across the block on your chest holding that vase?' he suggested. Christina did as he said and got the vase, taking off her shoes she laid across the block and made a pout at the camera. He assumed she was ready and took the first picture. 'Just hold that pose it takes a minute or so for the camera to charge for the next picture.'

He looked at her and was pleased. Instead of 17 year old girl with golden brown hair, their was a thirty something woman with duller auburn. Her face started to show feint lines he clothing started to feel tight since her muscles were become fat. Her pouting lips started to wrinkle as were the rest of her body. As her body became 50 her brown hair started to become gray and stingy. Her cheeks started to droop as were her large, breasts and ass. Her hands and feet began to thin and wrinkle veins showed up along them. Her legs became chubby then thin and wrinkled her hair became entirely gray and fell around her sagging neck. She was still posing in her not so seductive, almost depressing pout. In clothing no woman that age should wear. As Mr. Holden got back behind the camera flipped a switch and took a second picture. 'Good we’re done. Let me help you out my special exit.'

Meanwhile in the hallway Nicole and Nick met Michelle and Megan outside the class. Megan was still grumbling 'I cant believe I didn't get picked!' She screamed. Nicole looked at her sympathetically 'Hey theirs always next class.'

Later that night Stacy Williams banged on the glass door. A janitor came a opened it. 'Hey thanks a lot, I forgot my bag in my locker. It will only take me a minute' The janitor told her to go ahead. She ran upstairs to her locker. 'Man the schools creepy at night' she whispered to herself. She almost had the feeling of eyes on her back but she figured the only people in the school this late were the janitors and those weird drama club members who were meeting downstairs in the auditorium. But she was right Mrs. Holden was watching from her class room across the hall. Stacy reached to grab a book, but it was too high,………..too high!? She was easily as high as the lockers she thought. Not only did she seem shorter but her clothes felt loose. Her shorts were very wide around her waist and quickly slipped off her showing skinny adolescent legs. She looked down, in time to see the remainder of her breasts sink into her stomach.

She pulled her shorts up quickly and in a panic turned around. But she tripped on her far too big sandal and fell flat, literally on her stomach. Her face was red, and was she crying? She sniffed and tried to force back tears she kicked off her sandals and her huge shorts and panties, hoping her now dress like tank top would cover her. She needed to run away and she tried. Her bare feet started down the cold hallway. With each step she got younger. Now about six tears streamed down her round child like cheeks. Her blond hair got shorter and shorter. She tripped again on the bottom of her shirt and fell but caught her self with her chubby little hands she tried to get up, but couldn’t. She sat up and grabbed on of her little feet with her tiny hands and rocked back and forth, she tried to call for help was 'Ga wa wa waaaaaa' She cried as the remaining blond hair went back to peach fuzz, and all that left was a baby girl named Stacy.

Mrs. Holden came outside and picked up the baby girl. Looking around she assumed no one saw and took Stacy into her class. She was wrong. Sarah, who had just gotten out of Drama practice, had seen the whole thing and was now terrified and almost catatonic. And upon hearing Mrs. Holden Maniacal laughter she ran away.