Libra and revised by StevenB

Sometimes by wasting time, you can actually gain it. -- Libra (2003)

Part 1

"Sir, can I use your phone?" Young 17 year-old Holly Field asked the store owner as she entered. Her car had just stopped dead in the parking lot.

Holly was thinking 'why did it have to stop working now. She had just grabbed some fast food and just pulling around to hit the exit.' This shop was the closest one in walking distance to her stopped car. It seemed to be one of those places that carry collectibles.

"Customers only, but if you were to purchase something you would be free to use it." Middle aged man replied.

"OK." Holly said rolling her eyes a bit, then looking around the store for a quick purchase. Some of the items gave her a creepy feeling. Grandfather clocks were to her left and display case with watches was to her right. Most of the stuff in here was quite old and would look terrible in someone's house. Newer items looked like they only sold around Halloween time.

Not wanting to spend too much in the shop she approached the front counter. There were some nice pre-paid phone cards on the counter in a display box. Then she spotted some marble statues below in a glass case. There were beautiful white and craved in detail. Holly only spent a few more seconds looking them over.

Hourglass one was easily the largest and cheapest one. It could fit in the pawn of your hand she thought. It was rectangle shape with an hourglass craved on the front. This was one of the few items in the shop she liked.

"Beautiful isn't it. One of my favorites." Shop keeper said when he saw which one she was looking at.

"Here, hold it." He said talking it out of the case and laying it on the counter.

Holly picked it up and thought it was warm to the touch. Then thought it was silly to think that. The lights in the case must have made it feel this way.

"I'll take it." Holly said in almost a hurry. It was like she had a strong urge to have it. She managed to dig out a few bills from her purse and paid for it.

"Good. If you're not happy with it, you can always come back and exchanged for another item of equal value. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause." He grinned as he handed her change.

"Don't think you need that phone after all. Your luck has changed." The man said looking over her shoulder.

Holly turned to see and to her relief it was her car running again. Sound of the radio and lights were on again.

"Could have been just a lose connection." The man said with a smile.

"Yeah." Holly said not sure what might have caused her car to go dead. Luckily she put in park before she got out.

"Phone will be on the house the next time you come. I never forgot a face." Clerk said closing the register.

"Thanks." Holly said then leaving to be on her way. Thinking to herself the car would have to break down again before she'd come back. The AC in that store must of been cranked up. The place was giving her chills now.

Holly didn't give the store a backwards glance as she drove off. She was careful to lay the marble statue of the hourglass on the passenger seat. Holly only snacked on her fries as she drove home. It had been another long day at work and she was looking forward to a long weekend.

Holly arrived home a little earlier then usual. Traffic had been good and she got back home before her food got cold.

"Heather! Not in my room again are you." Holly shouted When she enter the house. Heather was her only sister and younger then herself. 10-year-old Heather had been sneaking into her sister's room to try on her older sister's clothes. Holly didn't mind at first, but Heather would leave the room in such a mess after a while.

"No!" came Heather's voice from her own room. Heather did have an interest in trying on her sister's clothes lately. She was maturing early in body. Of course she was still in training bras. Heather had managed to conceal her maturity from her friends and even her parents. The only person who knew was her older sister. They had their private little chats all about her developing body.

Heather had managed to concern her maturity from her friends and even her parents. The only person who knew was her older sister. They had their private little chats all about her developing body.

Holly passed her little sister's room and went straight for her own room. Holly spent the next hour or so watching TV. She finished her fast food dinner in no time. Holly and her sister knew there would be no dinner tonight made by their parents. Their mother wouldn't be home until late tonight and the same with their dad. Both worked all the time to earn extra money and Holly was stuck at home babysitting her little sister nearly all the time now.

Holly left her room to put a frozen pizza in the oven for her little sister to eat as dinner. Heather loved pizza night. Every Friday she got to eat pizza and maybe stay up late to watch some TV.

Holly decided to catch a shower before pizza was done. She set the timer on the oven and bumped into her sister in the hall.

"What you get?" Heather asked from her doorway.

"Just a marble statue. No new clothes this time." Holly responded.

"Oh, Can I see?" Heather said looking little disappointed.

"Sure, Short stuff." Holly said leading her back to her room.

"See, Neat huh?" Holly said as she unwrapped it. She had left the hourglass statue on the bed.

"Guess so." Heather answered back with little interest. As Heather looked it over, Holly began to strip off her clothes. Being the close sisters they were; each felt comfortable in front of the other. Holly stopped when she got to her underwear.

Heather took a quick glance to admire her older sister's body. She also took this moment to ask a few more questions about boys.

"Don't you worry. You'll be dating soon enough like me and Terry. You should enjoy your childhood while you have it. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again." Holly said getting everything she needed for a quick shower.

"I wish you were my age so we could play." Heather said still holding the hourglass.

"Whoa. Is it getting warm in here?" Holly asked wiping her brow. Then Holly fell to her knees catching herself with her hands. It was like a fire was inside her body now. It wasn't painful, but she could feel something happening to her.

"Holly?" Heather shouted when her sister nearly collapsed.

Before Heather could ask if she should call for help, she saw her sister was getting smaller. It appeared her body was moving away from her at first. She lost size and her limbs were smaller now. Holly regained her strength and was able to stand up now.

"Your face." Heather gasped at her.

Holly turned to look in her full length mirror. Her faded freckles were coming back and her face was changing in shape. Round was the better word for it.

"I am getting younger." Holly said with a puzzled voice. Heather put the hourglass down on the bed and walked up to stand behind her sister.

Heather stood a good three feet back and watched her older sister in the mirror changing. Now the shape of her body was changing. Her curves were nearly gone now and her breasts were getting smaller. Holly's bra was just dangling off of her shoulders and her underwear had slipped down her narrow legs. If Holly had been less concerned and more aware she would have noticed.

"Please stop." Holly begged to her body. Her voice now higher then normal.

Too scared and shock Heather only stood her ground watching with all her might.

Holly's body didn't listen to her and continued to shrink and change. Her once proud breasts were just small mounds that barely came out. Much smaller then her younger sister's and her hair below was gone. Holly covered her privates when she noticed. Her skin was bare and smooth to the touch. Color in her skin also faded to a lighter shade. Her normal tan skin was completely gone.

Finally it stopped and Holly was watering up around the eyes.

"What happened to me?" Holly said nearly crying. Her voice almost took her over the edge. It was so high and so little girl like in tone.

"Holly, Should I call the hospital?" Heather asked still not sure to move.

"No, but hand me my shirt." Holly said not wanting to move. She looked so much like a frighten child now Heather obeyed her out of pity.

"Ok." Heather said with a pause. Then taking the shirt off the bed and handing it to her at arm's reach. Holly slipped it on and the shirt now hung to her knees and looked way to big for her.

"OK. We just have to stay calm and figure out what happen." Holly said walking over to the bed to sit.

"You wished you were a kid again and it happen." Heather said in amazement looking at her sister.

"Can you wish a horse for me?" Heather asked her. She was hopeful her formal older sister now had the power to grant wishes.

"OK. I just wish I was back to normal. I wish I was a normal again." Holly said ignoring her sister's question for now.

Nothing happen as Holly watched her body for changes. Then she ran though in her mind the conversation.

"Heather, Wish me back to a teenager. Then you can wish for a horse." Holly pleaded.

"I wish my sister was normal again." Heather stopped to see if her first wish was granted.

Still nothing happen to Holly as they both watch for changes. As soon as Holly started growing older Heather would have made her next wish.

"Holly, what are we going to do?" Heather asked looking scared

Holly was busy going over the events before her changes and then it came to her that Heather was holding the hourglass when she wished. Turning her head to look for it she saw it was laying on the bed.

"Heather, It was the hourglass that changed me." Holly said picking it up.

"Cool." Heather exclaimed.

"Wait! Do you have to change back to a teen now?" Heather asked.

"Well, yeah. I'm suppose to be your babysitter and I should be older then you, besides I don't want to be stuck like this when mom and dad get home." Holly said holding the marble hourglass gently.

"OK, but can I use it after you?" Heather asked.

"Let's see if it still works first. I wish I was an adult again." Holly said.

"Hey, you're getting bigger now!" Heather said with relief.

The feeling inside this time was less in warmth. She could feel her body growing and expanding. She watched her body bloom into early womanhood and her limbs lengthen. Her breasts were back and her hair below tickled as it grew back in. Her face was well on its way of changing to a mature looking face.

"Holly, you look different then before." Heather said puzzled by her sister's body.

"Wow. Your pretty." Heather said looking at her sister. Holly was now an adult woman of 21 years of age.

"Guess I should have been specific about my wish." Holly said stretching her shirt down to cover herself with her free hand.

"Ok. I wish I was 17-years-old." Holly said to the point and clearly.

Her body lost some height and became less mature at her words. Holly felt her breasts become lighter and her hair retreat back as the changes took place. Carelessly Holly left the marble hourglass on the bed to stand in front of the mirror. She smiled at her figure and saw she was back to normal.

"I wish for a horse in the backyard." Heather said holding the hourglass with both her hands. Heather had thought out her own wish like her sister did.

"Heather!" Holly called out as she ran to the back door to look in the yard carrying the hourglass.

Heather set the hourglass on the table by the door and rushed out to the backyard.

"It didn't work!" Heather said looking desperately around the backyard.

Holly also looked around now holding the hourglass. Just in case she would have to wish away the horse. Of course she was going to explain why they couldn't keep a horse to Heather first.

"Being this is an hourglass I think it can only change your age." Holly said thoughtfully in a low tone just in case anyone was in their backyard.

"Can I be adult like you were?" Heather asked hopefully in a whisper catching on someone might hear them.

"Not yet. Look we shouldn't play around with this. Come back inside lets talk about this." Holly said. Holly was still dress in only her shirt and hoped no neighbors were watching. This was a sight for most boyhood fantasies.

"Sit and wait for me here. I'm going to get dressed." Holly said pointing to the kitchen table. Glancing at the timer she saw that only ten minutes had passed during the chaos.

Holly went back to her room to put on a bit more clothing on and to place the hourglass in her small china cabinet. She turned the key to lock it. Then placed the small key on her key ring along with her car keys and house key.

Holly returned to the kitchen with Heather looking hopeful for her return. Holly sat down to the chair next to her and made sure to look and sound serious.

"Look we can't tell anyone about the hourglass. Not even mom or dad. If you accidentally say anything to anyone, just say it was all pretend game we played. " Holly said looking into Heather's eyes.

"Why?" Heather asked a little confused.

"Well someone might steal it or break it. If mom or dad get a hold of it and know what it can do, they might put us back in diapers." Holly warned her little sister.

"Mommy wouldn't do that. Would she?" Heather asked. She then thought of all the times her mommy called her my baby'.

"She might." Holly said knowing her warning had some meaning.

"OK. Promise I get to use it. It would be really cool to be older." Heather said as a final statement to this conversation.

"Only if it is safe to use." Holly said standing up. She only slipped on some underwear and still wanted to take her shower.

"Thanks." Heather said with a smile. She was thinking at that moment on which clothes to wear when she was older.

Holly kept thinking at any moment now, she going to wake up and this all had to be crazy dream. As she walked back and got in her private bathroom with a shower stall. Since this wasn't a dream she didn't wake up. She stripped the last of her clothes off and tossed them through the open shower door before closing it. While the hot water washed over her body she thought over everything. Where she got the statue and what just happened.

Holly had just gotten dress in her night shirt and shorts when the timer went off on the oven. Her and sister sat on the living room floor eating the pizza. Holly was surprisingly hungry and didn't know exactly why. She was unsure if it was the excitement or changes that took place in her room just under an hour ago.

"Wouldn't be so bad being a baby." Heather said still thinking it over as she remembered how much care and attention mothers give babies.

"Oh yeah. Mommy would have to change your diapers and potty train you. All your friends would see you naked during those diaper changes and see you only wearing a diaper." Holly teased.

"I'd change back before any of that would happen and mommy would never know." Heather answered back looking proud of thinking it out.

"Still. Don't tell anyone about it and don't think about using it on mom or dad, unless you want to get into big trouble." Heather said then taking another bite of pizza. Good thing about Heather was she did listen after the second time.

"When can I use it?" Heather asked hardly taking a bite of her pizza.

"When I say you can, but not now. Mom will be home soon and we have to be careful to keep this a secret." Holly explained.

"Alright. Are you going to use it again?" Heater asked with a curious voice.

"Maybe." Holly answered back not sure if she was. Some of her thoughts were about returning the item or just tossing it.

"To turned into a baby?" Giggled Heather in a teasing voice.

"Then I make you change my dirty diapers and get into all your dolls." Holly said in the same teasing voice then tickling her sister.

Holly later thought it wasn't that funny to joke about such a thing, but at that moment it did seem ridiculous to do so. High pitch laughter from her sister carried through the house as her older sister tickle her without mercy.

"Stop!" Heather managed to gasp between breaths. Heather felt like she was going to wet her pants if she didn't stop laughing. At her word Holly did stop and allowed her sister to catch her breath.

"Bath time. Then you can stay up until mom gets home. " Holly said hoping this reward will seal the promise she made.

"OK." Heather said then getting up to head for the hallway bathroom.

Heather made her bath a quick one this time. Only spending a short twenty minutes in the water. She got out of the bath to dry and then looked in the mirror that hung low on the wall. She looked in the mirror and imagined her reflection as a teenager. She stared at her undeveloped body and thought about changes she saw earlier today. Heather could almost see her breasts now full and like her sister's. Her own face beautiful and mature with long hair. Thinking happily she wouldn't wear any more training bras, but have her own bras to wear. The only thing she was unsure of was would she like all that hair between her legs.

Heather knew all about sex and where babies come from thanks to her parents and sex-ed classes. Heather had skipped a few grades when she was younger. In the classroom she was younger and smaller then most girls.

Some of those changes were frightening to think about. Only some of her fears were relieved after she asked her sister about them. Not wanting to be caught naked and looking at herself for so long. Heather wrapped a towel around her body and slipped out of the bathroom to her room.

While Heather dressed, she thought her clothes were so childish. At night she had to wear her old bra which was for girls with flat chests. During the daytime she wore her training bra to hide her chest. Her underwear seemed like something only little girls wore, plain white with a pink color bands around it.

Heather finished getting dressed and was glad her pajamas hide her undergarments from the world. She was at a difficult point in her life. Hiding her maturing body from her friends so they wouldn't be jealous and wanting to be mature so she could match her classmates so she wouldn't be embarrass of her body for being so undeveloped.

Heather wanted both worlds with none of the problems. More then anything she wanted to be woman instead of being girl that wasn't even a teenager yet.

As Heather walked back to the living room, she thought that her wish for a horse she had made was so stupid and childish. Heather was more determine to be more responsible and mature like her sister from now on.

Heather sat on the floor along her sister as they watched some movies on TV. Usually chick flicks were on and both love to watch them.

Mrs Field came home to a nice sight. House was clean and her daughters were watching a movie together. She had some doubts whether they get along. Even the closest of sisters will fight from time to time.

"Hey mom!" Heather said first then Holly.

"Hey, Did you all have a good day?" Mrs Field asked as she tossed off her light coat.

"Yeah." Both answered at the same time.

"Jinx." Whisper Holly first.

"Well, I am pretty tired and going to get ready for bed. If you need anything just ask." Mrs Field said as she left the room.

Mr Field came home only a few minutes later. Same general questions and how are things were asked. He too left to join his wife for a long night's rest.

Forgetting the bed time she laid out Holly said they both should hit the sack now. Both girls were asleep in no time once they laid down in their bed.

Thoughts on the hourglass were lost as each spent their free day away from each other. Holly spent her day with her boyfriend Terry who was just a year older then herself. Heather spent the day with her mother learning how to cook up a new dish. Heather was convinced once she learned how to make her own meals she could be left home alone. Dad was busy cleaning out the attic of old clothes and toys. These boxes were temporarily stored in the garage until he could find the time to donate them.

Holly struggled with herself about telling Terry about her hourglass. She knew that a simple demonstration would convince him of the truth. It was just he was another boyfriend that might come and go in life. Would he keep it a secret even after they parted if they ever did. Terry did have a way of reading her no other could do. He had been open to her since the day they meet. Even if they broke up, there was no doubt they remained friends at least.

"Something wrong. You haven't said much?" Terry said as they waited in line to the movies.

"No, Just thinking some things over. Making up my mind that's all." Holly said truthfully.

"Well if it is about going to the same college count me in. " Terry said. He own thoughts were about the future.

"Thanks. Hey, what movie do you want to see?" Holly said changing the subject.

"Whatever you want." Terry said then knowing she didn't feel like talking much right now.

Holly's free day ended with her and Terry saying their goodbye at the end of their date.

Hourglass part 2

By Libra

Sunday seemed to fly by as well as Saturday did. Another work week was here to stay. Holly was off at her waitress job while Heather was at school. Their parents planning more long nights of work. Wasn't until Holly got off of work did the hourglass came back into her thoughts.

She drove by the shop to see it again and maybe to ask a few questions. A nice sign saying 'moved' was the only thing in the window now. It was completely gone now. Not trace of the store was left. Only an empty store was left. Holly drove on without stopping anywhere else that day. She was now eager to try out the hourglass. Given the chances to return to normal she didn't think of it as a risk now. There was always a chance that it had only so many wishes and she might be stuck at a age. She thought it was worth the risk as long she was close to her normal age.

Not to use it was something she couldn't do. At anytime she could become an adult for some fun was one idea she had. Another possible idea was her to become Heather's age again. That way she could hang with her sister and not be the older sister just babysitting.

Heather's own dreams were becoming a teenager and hanging her older sister and she did have other dreams of becoming different ages. She thought it be cool to be with her sister then adult now.

Heather would arrive first at the house every day from school. She took her hour to look at the hourglass in the case. Even if it was out in the open she wouldn't have touched it until her sister got home. Heather new sense of maturity was still firmly in place. She decided to watch some TV in order to pass the time.

Holly arrived home at last. Heather jumped from her spot on the sofa and was at her sister side in no time. "OK, but your changing back before 9:00 p.m Mom and dad won't be home until 10:00 p.m." Holly said giving into her sister's wishes. A few trail runs on her sister would be safer then using it on herself she thought as they walked.

"Better take off your clothes and grab my bathrobe to wear." Holly said already guessing Heather's first wish.

Heather was quiet, but did what she was told. If there had been a world record for taking off clothes, Heather would have surely beaten the record. She was adjusting the robe around her in a loose knot when she came back out.

"Ready?, Remember to be careful." Holly asked opening her palm to allow her sister to touch hourglass in it.

"I will." Heather said then laying a few fingers across the marble. Clearly in her mind and her voice she spoke her wish.

"I wish I was the same age as my older sister." Heather said proudly.

Holly waited a few seconds before the changes took place. Heather had felt the same fire that came from within the body as her sister did. She sat on the bed and doubled over. Then she felt her body grow. The full length mirror was in perfect view of her. Holly stood off to the side watching her little sister grow up at a faster rate then normal.

Freckles faded away to pimples then to clear smooth skin. Her hair and nails grew a bit as she aged. Her height was increasing now and her limbs went from childish arms to become slender teen arms. Heather was always at chest level with Holly but this was changing fast. She grew until she was almost the same height as her sister, maybe an inch or two shorter at the most.

Holly watched her face since her body was cover up. Sweet innocent round childlike face changed into a oval shape. Her face was that of a mature teen and even her teeth had changed. Much like her own they were almost perfectly straight.

"Cool." Heather exclaimed in her new mature voice.

"Wow. I sound like you." Heather said getting a closer look in the mirror.

Holly watched her face since her body was cover up. Sweet innocent round childlike face changed into an oval shape. Her face was that of a mature teen and even her teeth had changed, much like her own, they were almost perfectly straight.

Holly thought that the eyes were truly the windows to the soul. In her sister's eyes she saw that this teenager was indeed and still is her little sister. Thinking only her body has changed.

"Sis, Can I try out some of your clothes." Heather asked opening the robe. To Heather this was like open a present on Christmas morning. Her body was a teenager's. Her breasts now a touch bigger then her sisters. The spot between her legs felt natural and it had only tickled her when the hair grew in.

"Kept your robe close until you're ready to put on something. You're more grown up now." Holly said checking to see if the curtains were fully closed and of course they were. Heather closed the robe and looked back her sister.

"Here try this and slip these on." Holly said, handing her sister some older clothes she rarely wore.

Heather love this part more then anything. Lace underwear and a real woman's bra were now in her hands. She slipped the underwear on first careful not to show anything. She did disrobe to put on the bra. This new bra was tricky and she wasn't used to the smaller hooks. "Here, let me help." Holly said walking forward to latch the hooks in.

Heather slipped on her new shirt and then her shorts. Then she noticed that her legs were little different, long and slender unlike her childish chubby legs.

"Wow, Heather. You're going to be beautiful." Holly said standing back to get a better view.

"I am." Heather said not taking her eyes off her face and new clothes.

"Your paler in skin then I am. I guess since you don't spend much time in the sun that's why." Holly said looking over her milky skin.

"Can we go out and have some fun?" Heather asked.

"Not tonight. Maybe I'll take you out another time. I can pass you off as my cousin if we do." Holly answered.

"Well then, Can I try on some of your clothes? Maybe a dress?" Heather asked wanting to try on a dress in her new body.

"Alright, let's see if you can fit into my old dress." Holly said as she put the hourglass back in the case and didn't lock it this time.

As Holly told Heather a few more pointers on style and why boy and girls do certain things. Heather was working her up into trying some of Holly's more recent clothes.

"Did you notice I didn't have to shave?" Heather asked. She only realized this when she was trying on nylon stockings.

"Must be the hourglass that does that. Preventing some stuff not to happen just yet." Holly explained.

"Try on this while I throw some leftovers in the microwave." Holly said pointing to her skirt in the closet. Then leaving to do so while her sister changed cloths again.

Holly went back for sister and they sat at the kitchen table. Holly explained more about how teenagers act and what is proper behavior. Heather listened carefully as she ate. There were so much to learn and she wanted to know them all.

"We better catch a shower after we get done eating." Holly said noticing how much time had passed.

"Me first." Heather said after she took her last bite.

"Besides your not done eating yet." Heather added with a smile.

"OK. Make it quick." Holly said then went on eating to finish her meal off.

Heather enjoyed her adult body again. It didn't occur to her to take a shower instead of a bath. She enjoyed feeling the warm water over her body anyway. To Heather's disappointment she didn't fit in the tub anymore. She had to bend her legs to laid down. She spent nearly all her time going over her legs and arms. It was all just so amazing to her to see this body that was hers.

Heather thought it wasn't lady like, but she did examine her breasts and her private area. As she touched them, new feelings and senses were kicked in. Heather stopped herself before it went any further. Standing up Heather was in awe on how small this bathroom was to her. Yesterday she easily fit in that tub, but now it could barely hold her.

Heather started to drain the water and only turn on the shower head to wash her hair. She loved that fact it was so much longer now. Heather got out of the tub then turned off the shower. She dry quickly and took one more glance in the mirror to admire her body. She wrapped a towel around her waist then thought it was better to cover her breasts. She fixed her towel so this was so.

'There' she thought. She was already learning what Holly would call modesty.

Heather return to Holly's room to find she was already out of her shower and dressed.

"Well sis, got another chance to admire your body?" Holly asked

"Yeah." Heather replied with little red in her pale cheeks. Lowering her head slightly to hide her face.

"Well I should call you by your middle name when you're changed in age." Holly said thinking this situation over.

"I always like that name, Megan." Heather said looking at her face. Then thinking it was a secret name when she was a teen.

"Better change you back now and clean up this room." Holly said noticing the time and the mess they made.

"Ok, but when can we do this again? I really want to go out and have some fun." Heather said with a grin.

"We can do this again on Wednesday at the earliest. That is my day off so we have more time. Might be able take you out on Friday night. Me, Jackie and Terry are going to catch the new movie this week. I think Terry going to bring a friend or two as well." Holly said after she got the hourglass from the case.

"Wednesday." Heather said to remember.

When Mrs Field arrived home that night she found that both her daughters were asleep in their beds. This confused Mrs Fields for a minute then she had a good look around. The house was cleaner then normal and Holly's room was more in order then it had been in years.

Mrs Fields then thought her girls were buttering her up for a favor. Then thought they did earn it and if it was reasonable she would give it to them.

Mr Fields came in after to find his wife still going over the house. He expressed his amazement to how clean it looked. Little did he know the girls were wiping away any proof there was two teenagers in the house and not just one.

Tuesday drag on for Heather as she sat in class. She had aced the spelling test and didn't care. Her thoughts were focus on becoming Megan again. For Holly she was busy thinking of new possibilities to try out. She wanted to test out the hourglass more.

It was the old boxes in the garage that gave her the next idea to try. This time Heather wouldn't be alone in this adventure. Holly did try out the hourglass all wednesday and only changed back after getting use it. She did have one close call when she de-age herself too young to crawl. She only managed to roll over to the hourglass that was on the floor to return herself to normal.

"Holly?" Heather said when she arrived home. Holly's car was in the driveway, but Heather didn't see her yet.

Curtains were closed and only a few doors were open.

"I am in here, sis." Holly voice came from her bedroom.

"Hey." Heather said when she entered the room. Her eyes glance over to the case and saw the hourglass wasn't there.

"I'm going to try something different tonight with the hourglass. I'm going to be joining you sis." Holly said as she lightly tapped her pocket. Inside that pocket was the hourglass.

"Are you going to be adult again?" Heather asked.

"No. We are going to become kids. I thinking of half our age will be a good." Holly said calmly.

"Don't want to be a baby." Heather said,

"You won't be one. You'll be 5 years-olds and I'll be 9 Ohm years-old. I got some of our old clothes out too to wear. I'll go first to show you how much fun this will be." Holly said pulling the hourglass out of her pocket.

"I wish I was only 9 years old." Holly said with her eyes closed.

Holly's body went through the process of becoming younger. Her face lost its maturity and only showed a child's face. Her shorts and panties fell to pool around her feet. Her shirt now covered her. The front of the shirt was getting flat then only two small lumps were poking slightly out. As these changes took place she was getting shorter and shorter. Holly opened her eyes to see that she was just little shorter then her sister.

"See. The more times we use it the less we feel that warmth inside our bodies." Young Holly said in a voice that sounded a lot like her sisters.

"Your turn." Holly said handing the hourglass to Heather. While she got dress in the clothes she got from Heather's room and the garage.

"I wish you were 4 years-olds" Heather said before Holly could have moved.

"Heather, no." Holly said already too late to stop her.

Holly had already taken off her shirt and only had on a pair of Heather's underwear on. She made for a grab of the hourglass, but her height and limbs were shrinking fast.

Chest now flat and panties sagging as her hips narrowed. The world around her getting taller by the second and now she was only as tall as Heather's stomach. Her chest had even changed becoming less in width and her limbs were so thin. Knowing now she could never reach the hourglass from Heather's grip, Holly used her hands to hold up the little girl's underwear.

Her hands were force to hold it on the sides due to her stomach. Baby fat was returning to her body. Her belly grew outward and became round. Her legs and arms were slightly chubby then she felt her teeth becoming more childlike. The teeth in her mouth were spacing out and becoming very small.

From Heather's view, she saw a girl change into a toddler. Holly was cute and adorable now. She looked like a toddler playing dress up and trying to make the big girl panties fit. Her face was completely unlike her more adult face. Chubby and round with a cute bit of hair on top. Holly's blight little eyes were something to see in a toddler's face.

"Your so cute, Holly." Heater said looking her over then walking around her. While Holly was busy looking over her body, Heather took this time to take the keys out of Holly's pocket from her shorts that were laying on the floor.

"Change me back." Holly said in Mickey Mouse like voice. It almost sounded like a little boy's voice, but it had higher tone of a girls. Her arms were getting tired of holding up her underwear. Both elbows were sticking straight out to hold it in place.

"Not yet. I want to show you how responsible I can be." Heather said still holding the hourglass and the keys.

"What do you mean?" Holly asked not sure she like the answer.

"Simple silly. I'll be the babysitter and you'll be the kid." Heather explained as this was obvious to anyone.

"Now come on. You sit on the toilet with the lid down while I change." Heather said gently pushing her sister into the bathroom

Heather put the keys and hourglass on top of the medicine cabinet then lifted up her sister to sit for a moment. The hourglass was now far out of reach for Holly to even try. Heather stripped off her clothes and only put a robe on when she got to her underwear. After her underwear was off she reached for the hourglass and made her wish.

Her body grew in height and robe was lifted off the ground as she hit her teen years. Her face did the same change from girl to teen. Holly could only guess it was because of her size that Heather looked more mature now then before. She was staring through the eyes of a toddler.

Heather then took the hourglass and placed it inside the china cabinet. She locked it inside then went back to the bathroom and put the keys back on top of the medicine cabinet.

Heather grab her old shirt and slipped over Holly head so it give her cover until she finished getting dressed.

Heather spent only a few minutes deciding what to wear. Thanks to her sister's advice on fashion only days before she pick out a nice little outfit. Little Holly was in the bathroom trying to think of way of turning the tables on her sister. She didn't want to spend the entire afternoon like this, a little girl so small now she couldn't even go to the bathroom without someone to help her. Her body was so short and chubby now. Holly could only imagine what her face look like.

While Heather was busy getting dressed, Holly slipped down off the toilet lid letting her panties slip off onto the floor and snuck out of the room. She walked into the living room and to the kitchen to look for something that might help her. The phone was high up on the wall in the kitchen. Calling for help was foolish to think about because who would she call.

"Holly, Don't' go wondering off." Heather said in a bit of panic as she left the room to find her.

"I'm still your big sister." Holly said when Heather found her standing in the living room.

Two sharp rings sounded at that moment. Both knew it was someone ringing the doorbell.

"Who is it?" Holly whispered to Heather in fear

A face looked in on the side window by the door. It was worst then she thought. Terry was at the door and he saw them both. Holly thought why did her boyfriend had to come over at this moment.

"Come on, He already seen us and we better answer the door." Heather said taking Holly's hand leading her to the door. Then Heather opened it with her free hand.

"Hi, Is Holly home?" Terry asked to unknown teenage girl.

"No, just me and Cindy." Heather said remembering Holly's own middle name.

"Who are you?" Terry asked not sure if he had seen her before or not. She looked a little like Holly.

"Megan." Heather said and hiding her giggles. This was all too much fun.

"Holly's cousin. She told me a little about you. Said you don't get out much and might be coming with us to the movies this Friday." Terry said as he was entering the house.

"How is Cindy related?" Terry said bending his knees to be on her level.

"She is my sister." Heather said very truthfully.

Cindy was now hiding behind her sister's leg so Terry wouldn't see her.

"She is cute." Terry said standing up.

"Where is Holly?" Terry asked wondering where she could have gone without her car.

"She is around." Heather said then giving a quick glance at Holly hiding behind her legs.

"I see. Getting some supplies from the store for the kid." Terry said figuring out Heather's hint.

Holly fear of being recognized had change. Was she so young now that not even Terry knew who she was.

"Heather is with her now too." Heather said to excuse her old self.

"I just stopped by to pick up my CD I loaned her." Terry said not wanting to bother Holly's cousin any further.

"I think it is on her dresser back in her room." Heather said then tugging gently on Holly's hand to get her walking.

Terry followed her back to Holly's room. Heather easily put the toddler on the bed while she hunted for the CD on the dresser. Terry sat on the bed next to little Holly and waited. Holly looked at him with more admiration then ever before. He looked so cute and strong from her point of view.

Terry took this time to make small talk with her.

"So how old are you Cindy?" Terry asked with a warm smile.

"Four." Holly answered. She thought her voice sounded so baby-like.

"Started school yet?" Terry asked amused by her face. It look like she had a crush on him and she was wearing some make-up.

"No." Holly said and making sure her answers were short. His eyes were just so amazing now.

"Here it is Terry. Hey, before you go can you help me dress Cindy?" Heather asked with a smile.

"Alright, but we should remove her make-up you put on her." Terry said as he took the CD from Heather.

"She put that on herself." Heather said in truth.

"Wow, Cindy. You did a great job." Terry said to praise her.

"Thanks." Holly said then going red in the face. She had to let a few giggles out as well. If he only knew who she really was. This was starting to get funny.

Heather had walked over to her and slipped her shirt off before she could protest. Holly was now naked and in front of her boyfriend.

"Can you go wash her face? While I throw these clothes in hamper in the other bathroom." Heather said picking up Holly's discarded clothing. She only left the clothes for little kids sitting on the bed.

"OK. Do you want me to wash your face off Cindy?" Terry asked her then holding his hand out.

Holly just wanted this to end so she took his hand and was lead back into the bathroom. Terry wrapped a towel around her waist then used a wash cloth to gently wipe away her make-up. Holly was glad she wasn't completely naked anymore. The damage was done and he had seen her in all her glory.

Holly vowed in her thoughts that she will have Terry change Heather's diaper when she got control of the hourglass again. Holly was amazed at her reflection. Now she could see herself up close. It was not a surprise that Terry didn't know her. Her face was amazingly baby like and young.

After Terry cleaned her face he put her hair into cute little pig tails using some hair bands he found in the drawer. Holly giggled at the sight of her face. Heather was right about her. She was cute and style of hair only helped.

"There you are my little lady. All ready to get dressed up." Terry said then carrying her out.

"Allow me to carry you to the bed my dear." Terry said in a deep funny voice. Terry was always kinda of goof ball when he was around kids. Having a younger brother and sister this was no surprise to Holly.

Holly only grinned at his behavior. Seeing it was one thing, but being a part of it was different.

"She looks a lot better now." Heather said touching her pig tails lightly.

Terry slipped the small toddler shirt over her head. Then Heather slipped a pair of slightly padded underwear up her legs while Terry lifted her up a bit. Next Heather slipped some shorts up Holly's little legs.

"All dressed up and ready for night of movie watching." Heather said once her sister was dressed.

"Well thanks for finding the CD and tell Holly to call me when she gets a chance." Terry said now leaving.

"I'll be sure to tell her." Heather said before she said goodbye and shut the door.

When the door was shut and Holly was sure Terry wouldn't hear her, she voiced her little protest.

"Why did you let him see me naked?" Holly said standing behind Heather only a few feet away.

"What is there to see baby?" Heather said then slipping her hand into Holly panties and feeling her bare vagina.

Holly jumped back away and went slightly red. Looking more hurt then shocked.

"Smooth as a baby's butt." Heather said only teasing a little.

"Stop it." Holly said now tears coming to her eyes.

"Shhh...I Didn't mean it, sis. Just playing." Heather opening her arms for a hug.

Holly stepped forward and received the hug and only a few small sniffles came out.

"I am sorry I teased you. I really didn't mean anything by it. I'll be the baby next time and you can take care of me." Heather said hopeful this would repair the damage she'd done.

"Come on. I make you anything you want and we will watch a movie. Boss me around like you always do." Heather said picking up her sister.

Holly told Heather what she wanted as she was being carried into the kitchen. Thinking to herself Heather thought being older is sometimes a drag.

Holly did have a nice evening after that conversation. Her little sister was as good as her word. Made her a very good meal then cuddle up to each other while they watched some movies they got out from the shelf.

Heather favorite part was giving Holly a bath. She filled the tub up bubbles and got a chance to wash someone's hair for once. Then she dried her off and combed her hair. Holly was only wrapped in a towel that went right under her armpits while her sister brushed her hair.

"Babysitting is easy." Heather voiced as she combed her hair.

"Well, I'm not really a kid. It's a lot harder then you think." Holly said to right her sister.

"Guess so, but I like it all the same." Heather said now just holding her sister in her lap.

"Oh man! Mom will be home any minute now. You got to changed us back now." Holly said noticing the time.

Heather jumped up from the bed and grabbed the keys from the bathroom. She unlocked china cabinet and made two quick wishes. She had barely enough time to place the hourglass back in before shutting the door.

Both girls took their trips through time. Heather now getting younger with her clothes hanging off her body. Then Holly growing up and her towel now barely covering her teenage body. Holly picked up the keys and lock the cabinet. Then setting the keys on her dresser.

"You clean the living room and I take the kitchen as soon we get dressed." Holly said tossing her towel off and forgetting all modesty.

"OK. Don't forget about the old clothes. Put them back in boxes" Heather said stripping her clothes off as well. She then ran naked back to her room and dressed.

Both girls took their trips through time. Heather now getting younger with her clothes hanging off her body, while Holly was growing up and her towel now barely covering her teenage body. Holly picked up the keys and locked the cabinet. Then set the keys on her dresser.

"Girls! I am home." Mrs Field called out when she entered.

House was spotless and looked they hadn't used a single dish. Mrs Field took a moment to marvel again how clean it was.

"We are in here, Mom." Holly answered back.

Mrs field went to Holly's room to see her daughter sitting on each end of the bed with a teen magazine open between them.

"Good to see you getting along and the house looks greats." Mrs Fields said from the doorway.

"Hey mom, Is it alright if Heather can come to the movies with me?" Holly asked in hopes her mother's good mood would persuade her.

"Well..." Mrs Field said to draw out her answer a little longer.

"Please!" Begged Heather knowing this would do the trick.

"Alright, but nothing scary and have her home by 10:00 p.m if you can" Mrs Field said.

"When is this trip planned?" Mrs Field asked.

"Friday. Some of Terry's friends will be there too." Holly answered.

"Ok. I give you some money for her ticket. Kept up the good house work." Mrs Field said then leaving the doorway.

Holly did forgive her sister for the most part that night. After all she was just 10 year-old girl in a teenager's body taking care of toddler who was a teenager. Which sounded strange to think about. With Holly's head giving her a headache she told her sister she needed to get some sleep. It had been yet another strange day.

Heather left only after saying "thanks and good night."

Hourglass Part 3 by Libra

Part 3 - Holly and Heather go out together. Edited by Sebtomato.

Part 3

Holly got her revenge on Heather on Thursday. As soon as Holly got home, she used the hourglass to make her sister four-years-old. Holly used this time to teach Heather about taking care of babies and toddlers.

As Heather was now a very young child, she listened carefully to Holly's words. She now understood what it was like. She felt so small and chubby. The worst part for her was when she had to go to the bathroom. Being too small to climb on the toilet herself, her sister had to pull Heather's underwear down and set her on the seat. Holly was good enough to give her some privacy. She waited outside the door and grinned at her sister's punishment.

Looking down at her little body she realized how much worse it would be if someone saw her like this. She was nothing more then a little toddler sitting on a toilet. Finally relief came and faded as her bladder emptied itself.

"Done," Heather said in a low voice. "Ok. I think I'll give you a bath now," Holly said on entering the room.

Holly wiped her then flushed the toilet. She shut the bathroom door and started running the bath. Then she showed Heather how to check to see if the water was to cold or hot.

Holly even put some bubbles in and gave Heather an old bath toy. Heather was amazed by how big the tub seemed. Once the water filled up she amused herself by pretending to swim. Holly spent her time trying to get her sister clean.

"If you don't hold still I'll spank you," Holly threatened with a joking voice.

"OK," Heather said, then she sat back down to shield her bottom, although she knew her sister would not spank her.

"Tomorrow night you must remember to act mature and not be silly," Holly reminded her.

"I know, I'm just pretending to be a toddler," Heather said, rolling her eyes.

After another five minutes passed, Holly said it was time to get out. After drying her sister off, Holly told her to go wait in her room. Naked to the world, Heather walked into her sister's room and look at her refection in the full mirror.

She looked at her toddler's face and body. Her belly stuck out and her nipples were so small and pink. She then took a quick glance at the lower half of her body. It looked so fat and babyish.

"Ready?" Holly asked, opening the cabinet door.

"Oh yeah," Heather answered eagerly. She had learned her lesson well not to disobey her sister.

Now trusting Holly like their mother Heather didn't mind changing back in front of her. She was happy that she was there. She grew back to her normal ten-year-old body. Holly helped Heather get dressed, then locked up the hourglass.

"We've got to remember to keep this hourglass lock up. Be a shame if it got stolen," Holly said, tossing the keys on the dresser.

"I will," Heather promised.

"Let's discuss what you're going to wear. I can change you on Friday afternoon but we have to beat Mom and Dad home to change you back," Holly said, putting up the toddler clothes in small box.

That evening, the girls didn't have to do any cleaning because Holly had picked up after herself and Heather. They spent the next hour going over what to wear and what to say. The cover story was that Megan went to a private school and lived a sheltered life.

Heather went back to her own room and spent the next thirty minutes tossing and turning in bed. It was so exciting to think about Friday night. It was the kind of adventure she had read about and seen in the movies.

Holly wasn't sure if this was such a great idea. Heather was just a kid after all, but she had come far in under a week. Holly herself was changed by the strange week so Heather must have changed as well. They had grown closer then most sister do in a lifetime. It was a relationship of family love and true friendship.

After Friday, Holly vowed not to use the hourglass for a while. She felt guilty as she thought of the last time she had used the hourglass. She had been irresponsible with it and used her own sister as a guinea pig. To bring punishment against her sister just because her dear sweet sister wanted to show she could be responsible. She may have owned the hourglass but she was not yet worthy of it.

At least I'm learning from this experience, she thought. From now on I'll try my best to use it more wisely. If I fail, I'll give the hourglass to Heather and help her when I can. Holly continued her thinking as she picked up her tips at her job.

Long after her shift ended and she was in her car, she thought about it on her way home. She came to the decision that this adventure was what was needed for both of them. Tonight was a test to see how well Heather would do and how much Holly had really taught her.

Heather arrived home first with only an hour to spare before Holly got home. She went to the closet and picked out outfits she and her sister had liked the most. She stripped and took an early bath. Heather then put on some light make-up. She didn't do too much and kept the shades close to her own pale skin. Heather look like a girl ready for a talent show. With her face done up and nice outfits lying on the bed, she was thinking hard to remember everything.

Heather sat on Holly's bed and waited. She went over everything she was learned from Holly and remembered how teens behaved around each other. She looked in the mirror and practiced saying her secret name.

"Megan," she whispered at first.

"My name is Megan," she called to her reflection, a little louder.

"Hi, I'm Megan," she said, nearly shouting.

Heather giggled at her excitement and smiled at herself.

Holly arrived home and went straight to her room. If they were to catch the movie and have a bite to eat they would have to leave as soon as possible.

Holly wasted no time with words and unlocked the cabinet. She handed the hourglass to Heather then stripped off her work clothes. Holly was in shower while Heather changed her body then got dressed. Holly dried off and dressed herself in the outfit left for her. Holly did her own hair then Heather's in matching buns. Holly put on a little make up and grabbed her purse with the extra money Mom had given her.

"Okay, Megan. Let's be on our way," Holly said to Heather.

"Okay. I locked the cabinet. Here are your keys," Heather said, handing the keys to her. She had picked them off the dresser to lock up the marble hourglass.

Holly drove over to Terry's house were they had arranged to meet. She passed the time by showing Heather how to drive. It would be years before she'd let her do so by actually driving it. They arrived at his house in no time.

Holly parked and locked the car, then they approached his house side by side. Heather reached the door first and rang the bell out of nerves alone. The door opened and Terry was there smiling.

"Come on in, ladies," he said sweetly.

Three other teens were there waiting as well, gathered around the sofa with newspapers scattered about.

Holly did the honors of introducing everyone to Heather. "This is Megan, my cousin," she said to the group. "Megan, that is Jackie there, her boyfriend Nicholas, and over there is Michael. I know you've already met Terry," Holly said to Heather. Each person gave a small wave as they heard their name called.

"So what is up with all the papers?" Holly asked Terry.

"Trying decided on which movie to see," Terry answered.

With little time to waste it wasn't long before all of them put it to the vote. Then they were ready to go out and have some fun.

"We're taking my Explorer. Everyone should fit in with a little room to spare," Terry said, grabbing his car keys.

Terry was in the driver's seat with Holly riding in the passenger. Heather and Michael were sitting side by side in the back with Jackie beside Nicholas. It didn't take long for the group to find some music they liked and start to sing loudly. Holly looked back and saw that Heather was talking with Michael.

Holly paid Heather's way into the movie theater while Terry paid for Holly's. Michael got some popcorn to share with Heather. The others sneaked in their own snacks they bought earlier. Holly lost sight of her sister when the lights dimmed and the movie started. Terry had escorted her to a seat little distance from the others so they could be alone.

Everyone was now watching the funny movie. Holly relaxed then took her boyfriend's hand and sat back. After the movie they headed over to the mall to eat at one of the fast food restaurants.

Heather felt like an equal as they sat around talking and eating. The place even had a nice arcade area and nearly all of them played a game or two. Heater kept her comments short but was able to add her opinion. She did go quiet when they talked about school and the latest music. Michael's own impression was she came from a school with little freedom. He found her to be sweet and innocent. Jackie, who was Holly's best friend, and Terry couldn't get over the family resemblance. Nicholas was too busy trying to beat his all time high score at one of the games to notice.

Holly's digital watch alarm went off and she shut it off with one quick press. They would have only a few minutes to spare if they left now. Luckily everyone had finished their meal and they were nearly broke. Holly looked around and didn't see her sister. Holly guessed she was playing one of arcade games with either Nicholas or Michael. With Jackie's help they looked for the others while Terry cleaned off the table and waited.

Holly found her sister talking to Michael in a corner. She wondered for second if they were discussing which game to play next. Upon seeing Holly coming toward them they went quiet and walked over to join her.

"Time to go, Meg," Holly said, looking at her sister. There was something Heather was hiding in her expression.

"Alright," Heather said, then left with Michael close behind her.

Holly watched them for second and thought that perhaps Heather was getting a crush on Michael.

The ride home was too quick for most in the group. It had been a fun evening with the usual chit-chat. Everyone said they hoped that Megan got a chance to come back.

Holly didn't say a word on the way back home. Time was short and they had only minutes to spare. Holly's worst fear was her mother would be home early. Heather sat in silence as the radio played some music. She had no worries about being caught, because this was what she wanted. She was beautiful with an adult body that she had become used to. She got to do what she wanted and no one had nagged at her all night.

Holly was relieved when she pulled the car into the garage. No sign of her mom or dad's car. As soon the garage door was closed, both girls got out of the car and ran inside. They only had about ten minutes left. Heather looked at herself in the mirror. She looked so mature and had learned so much in this week alone.

"I wish I didn't have to go back," she said, more to her reflection then Holly.

"It's all not movies and hanging out with friends. You have more responsibilities," Holly said, holding the hourglass.

"It'd be worth it," Heather answered, a little too quickly.

"Why?" Holly asked with an accusing stare and tone.

"Well..." Heather said, going red and grinning.

"What is it?" Holly asked, glancing at how much time was left.

"I kinda kissed Michael," Heather said, sounding like she had no regrets about it.

"Why did you kiss him?" Holly asked, puzzled.

"He was cute and I thought it was my only chance. He said he had a crush on me from the first time he saw me and that it had taken him all night just to work up the courage to ask me if I had a boyfriend. I answered him with a kiss. After that he wanted to exchange addresses so we could write," Heather explained.

"Don't worry. I didn't tell him anything and only said I couldn't write to him. But he did give me his address and e-mail," Heather said, and she pulled a small napkin out of her pocket with Michael's writing on it.

"I thought something was going on. I wish you could stay like this too. That way I could get into your clothes for once. " Holly said with a joke to show she liked the way her sister had handled things.

"Oh no!" Holly said, looking at her closed blinds as a pair of headlights passed over them.

"Mom's home" Heather said, catching sight of the lights.

"Quick, go into the bathroom and I'll change you back. I'll tell Mom you're taking a late shower." Holly said, thinking fast.

Without a word, Heather kicked off her shoes and ran straight into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and quickly undressed.

Holly gave her sister a few seconds and then said her wish to the hourglass in almost a whisper. She hoped that Heather would remember to wipe off her make-up and put away her clothes in the hamper. Holly put away the hourglass then walked to the living room to buy her sister some time.

Holly could hear the sound of running water when she passed the hallway bathroom. Heather was doing her part, washing her face with the shower water.

Holly managed to stall a minute or two with a report how things went. But Mrs Field thought something was wrong. It was the sound of the water in the bathroom. It sounded different to her. Mrs Field side-stepped her daughter and knocked on the door.

Holly was right behind her, wanting to see if she had pulled off her trick.

Heather answered the knock that echoed in the small bathroom.

"Honey, is everything all right?" Mrs Field asked. 'You sound a little different.'

"Yeah, Mom," Heather replied from under the shower of water.

"Well, let me in so I can see my baby girl and say good night," Mrs Field asked.

Holly heart pounded. There was something different that Holly couldn't put her finger on.

The door lock clicked and sound of Heather retreating back to the bathtub was heard. Mrs Field peeked in and had a quiet chat with her daughter. Mrs Field then looked back at her other daughter.

Holly listened to snatches of the conversation.

"Did you do that?" Mrs Field asked, stepping back from the open doorway. Holly felt her stomach drop as she heard the question. Slowly she walked up to the half-open door and looked.

Heather was back to her 10-year-old self but her hair was still done up in a bun. Heather showed her by turning her head sideways from the small opening in the shower curtain. Most of her hair had become to thin and short now to stay in. She looked cute with the loose bun.

"Yeah, but it looked better earlier," Holly said to her mother, relieved that her sister was back to normal. It was the sound of water in the bathroom that was different. Heather always took baths before and never a shower, Holly realised.

"Well goodnight you two. Don't worry about making dinner for a while. Your father and I are going to be home earlier now. These long nights were starting to get to us both. I imagine you girls will be happier now that you don't have to do as much housework," Mrs Fields said before going back to her bedroom.

Holly was glad they'd be home more often. This meant more freedom for her and more time with Terry. For Heather this was more bad news than good. She really wanted more chances to be a teenager called Megan.

A week went by. Holly's promise to herself not to use the hourglass for a while stayed true. Heather secretly exchanged e-mail messages with Michael. Being a computer whiz, it was easy for her to set up an account. She put nothing in the profile but her secret teen name. She made it unlisted to the public and had her e-mail address made private as well. The toughest part was not getting caught reading the e-mails.

Michael may as well been her age for what he said in the messages. He was so shy and sweet that he never wrote once how much he had liked that kiss, but he did express his friendship towards her all the time in the messages. Heather was hatching an idea on how they could be together. The worse part of her plan was it would take years to carry it out. Michael was the youngest in the group before Heather came along. He was only sixteen-years-old and a good friend to Terry. Heather learned all this through their e-mails. She concluded that if she used the hourglass to make herself a little older over time, then make Michael a little younger over a long period of time, then they would be able to be together. She'd be growing at twice the normal rate and Michael would be growing younger every year.

But two years seemed far too long for Heather, and she soon revised her plan. She feared that Michael would find someone else. Then it hit her to do it monthly instead of by years. Heather felt like a thief the first time she snuck into her sister's room and used the hourglass without her sister's permission. She knew she was taking a risk, but decided it was worth it.

She wished for herself to be a year older. The changes were so small only she felt and saw them. Heather focused her thoughts on Michael and wished he was 15 years-old. Michael at the time was busy with his own work to notice his body changing. He did however think that he had a sudden stomach ache. He sat down until it passed. The best way he could describe it to himself was like a fire inside his body that didn't hurt.

Holly spent most of her time when she was at home deciding whether the hourglass or not. She had a habit of unlocking the cabinet then locking it again. More then once she left it unlocked when she was away. She used this free time to think about what it was and where it came from.

Her first thought was it was magical then she thought it could be a very high tech device. Either sounded good to her. Whether it was some ancient forgotten magic item or a voice activated machine, she didn't really care.

It was safe as long she used it or her sister did. In the wrong hands, the plain looking marble piece could be a terrible weapon. Holly quickly dismissed those thoughts and hoped she never have to use it in that manner. Like a double-edged sword it could cut both ways and she might find herself at the wrong end.

A month later, Holly decided to us the hourglass again soon. She didn't have many ideas on what do. One idea was to use it so her sister could hang out her and friends more. The second idea was to try various ages and see what it was like. This one went as far back as being in diapers again.

Holly was a little curious to see the world through a baby's eyes a few more times. She thought this would help her later on in life when she would have children of her own. She would use a step ladder system slowly reducing her age each time. That way she could ease into it and Heather could take care of her while she was little.

Being home more often now it was Mrs Field that noticed her younger daughter was going through what appeared to be a growth spurt. Just under two months she looked like she was two years older. She was wearing her newer clothes and no longer put on her old bra. She was now a closer match to the other girls in her class.

Her mother wanted to spend more time with her youngest daughter, and announced to Heather that they should go shopping. Heather managed to get her mom to buy clothes that were a little too big for her.

"I'll grow into them, Mom," was her reasoning behind her eagerness to have them.

Hourglass Part 4 by Libra

Heather and Holly have more fun with the Hourglass.

Part 4

Michael's parents thought that their son was working too much and eating too little. They had noticed that Michael looked smaller, and his face had more pimples then before. Michael only thought he was losing weight but his face was betraying him.

Michael was persuaded to go see the family doctor. The doctor wrote off the weight loss and the new spread of acne as an unbalance of hormones in his body caused by stress, but he couldn't explain why Michael had lost a few inches in height.

Michael even confessed that he had felt a strange burning sensation twice in his stomach. He left out the fact he felt it all over his body. The doctor did the usual tests, thinking it was stress related problem. All the tests came back that Michael was a healthy teenager.

In the end, the doctor blamed his records for the height difference. He has been a doctor for over thirty years and he didn't need some computer telling him that one of his patients was shrinking in height. Most likely, the nurses had mis-read his hand-writing when converting the records into the computer.

The doctor swore to himself as he looked over some of the other records. No telling how many mistakes the nurses might have made. He wrote a few recommendations to Michael and his parents. Then he suggested that Michael should exercise more and eat full meals to help balance out his body.

Except for Megan, Michael told none of his friends about his recent problems, and he took small steps to cover up whatever was happening to his body. The acne cleared up after using a special wash and he wore shoes with the thickest soles he could buy. And there was a plus side to all this; all his clothes fit him better then ever, although he did have to use a belt to wear jean shorts. The best part was that he got some encouraging e-mails from Megan, which in turn helped them grow closer in their relationship.

Michael's worst fear was that Megan would be taller then him now. Michael didn't admit it to the doctor or his parents, but he knew that he was shorter then before. He tried his best to remember if Megan wore shoes that made her taller or not. Why did he have to be so concern with her eyes that night? To answer his question about whether she was seeing anyone with a kiss; that had been strange, but he had liked it all the same.

Holly took little notice of her sister's sudden growth, apart from noticing her new clothes. She did think that Michael was acting strangely. She thought that he was still love-struck with Megan. Holly smiled kindly as she thought about it. He was in love with a girl that didn't exist yet.

Holly had little time to think about this. She and Terry were getting serious in their own relationship. Because Holly had skipped some grades, she was now a high school grad. When she wasn't working to save money, she spent what time she could with Terry. They discussed which colleges were the best for both of them. It was Terry's last year in high school and he decided to go straight in college while working part-time.

Terry announced he would settle down with Holly as soon as college started. That way they could help each other study and share expenses while they made their love stronger. Holly was overjoyed when Terry made his offer, then said that her ring didn't have to be an expensive one. They had a future to plan together and she knew they would need all the money they could save.

It was there and then she decided that she would have to tell Terry about the hourglass. If he was going to trust her she would have to let him in on a secret this big. First of all, she'd have to arrange a small demonstration. Maybe he could be a part of it, she thought with a grin.

Heather could hardly have been any happier. Her own body was developing nicely and her e-mails with Michael were getting better every week. Her grades were high and her friendships were still good. The only thing that irritated her was that now she had to answer some of the same questions she asked her own sister about a developing body from her friends.

It seemed like a good time in life for all of them. Mrs Field felt that her daughters had matured so much that they could be trusted more. Mr and Mrs Field finally told their daughters why they been working so much and saving so much money. They had some vacation days to use and girls would be left alone for three days at least. Holly and Heather's parents just wanted a short vacation from life and kids, to re-kindle the love they had for each other.

As they walked down the hallway it was Heather that bought up Megan, her teen identity.

"Think Megan could come over for a visit?" Heather asked her sister.

"Maybe," Holly said with a grin.

"There also something else I need your help with. Come on into my room and I'll tell you everything," Holly said on the way into her room, speaking in a way that implied a mischievous plan.

The door shut gently, and soon after a fit of giggles was heard.

Michael was happy to hear from Terry that Megan would be visiting again, despite the return of his acne. He was eating and working out more then ever before. His body was in better shape then he could remember. He was losing some more weight, but had bigger muscles to make up for it now.

Michael's friends knew that he was getting in shape in the hopes of getting a girl. A few of them were surprised at his size and wondered if getting in better shape always made a person look so different.

Mrs and Mr Field left a set of strict rules that were not to broken while there were away. They trusted the girls to keep up the housework while they were gone. They could have friends over only if there was no rowdiness and they cleaned up after themselves. Mrs Field left the part on being rowdy in the general sense to cover all the bases. She raised both her daughters well enough to trust them around boys and trusted each of her daughters to help keep the other one in line.

Heather went to her room first and took off her clothes and put on a large shirt she normally used as a nightshirt. Still holding the keys, she went to her sister's room and got the hourglass out. Since she was alone she could make her request in private.

It was an hour after their parents had left for their vacation when Heather asked if they could do it.

"Okay. Here's the key to the cabinet. I'll make the call," Holly said, handing the keys to her little sister. Then she noticed that Heather had certainly grown over the past two months.

Since Michael was nearly fifteen-years old now and she was twelve-years old, Heather decided to make a close match to his age. Michael had a birthday coming up, although Heather knew that thanks to the hourglass, he would be turning fifteen, not seventeen. Any more years taken away from Michael and Holly might notice. Heather also knew that anyone who saw her now and then Megan would figure out they were the same person. Her face had started to show the same maturity as her teen self.

"Make me fourteen-years-old," Heather whispered to the small hourglass.

Heather grew in height and her shirt pushed outward a little. Her long shirt that had hung at her knees now barely covered her privates. Heather was amazed how much she looked like her older teen self. She only lacked the mature long legs and a more oval face. She was Megan now, just a little more innocent looking.

"He's coming, sis!" Holly shouted from somewhere in the house.

Heather got dressed in her own clothes which were just her size now. She had to wear the largest sizes she had managed to get her mother to buy for her. The other shirts were tight, but not uncomfortable. "Your new outfit makes you look younger then the last time you changed," Holly said, seeing her sister.

"I got mom to get me some large shirts," Heather answered.

"Go hide in my bathroom until I gave you the signal," Holly said.

"Okay, here," Heather said, then gave the keys to Holly. Holly set them on her dresser while she dressed.

Heather didn't wait long in the bathroom. Soon enough she heard the doorbell rang and she was ready.

Holly answered the door and Terry walked in.

"So what did you want to tell me?" he asked.

"Come back to the bedroom and I'll show you," Holly said with a smile.

All kind of thoughts entered Terry's head and he thought this was unlike Holly.

As soon as Terry was sitting on her bed she started a conversation about childhood.

"Wouldn't be great if we could have grown up together?" Holly asked him.

"Yeah, but we did meet each other in middle school," Terry replied, thinking back to that day. Back then they were only friends.

"Don't you ever wish we could have met as toddler playmates?" Holly asked sweetly.

"I suppose," Terry answered, not having any idea where this chat was going.

"Watch this!" Holly shouted.

Terry jumped when he realized that Holly was shrinking.

Holly held on to her shorts and underwear while she regressed. For Terry, it was shock to see his girlfriend getting younger. Holly's face was lost all its maturity and her shirt went against her body as her breasts shrank. Her hair shortened then thinned. She was ten-years-old and still regressing; her body was skinny with no signs that she had ever been a teenager.

"Holly? What is going on? And are you okay?" Terry asked.

"I am perfectly fine," The six-year-old Holly said in very mature tone.

She was becoming so small now. Her face was cute and her little hands were chubby. Her face was changing more and more. It was round and starting to fill in with baby fat. Her arms and legs did the same. Then Terry knew who Cindy really was when he saw her pass four-years-old. Baby fat was returning all over her body now. Then her stomach grew a little bit more and she stopped her regression

An adorable version of Holly at two-years-old stood in front of Terry. Looking closely, he saw she was still Holly in her eyes. Her shirt now pooled around her feet and she let go of her shorts. Holly's shirt was just hanging on her body now. Any younger and it would have slipped down her body leaving her naked.

"Your turn!" the two-year-old yelled, looking at him and then towards the bathroom.

Before Terry could utter a single word he felt a fire inside his body. Guessing what was going to happen, he decided to wait it out. If Holly could change her age he would just have to trust her to change him back. Terry was amazed once again to see his body changing. His broad chest was growing smaller and becoming more like his preteen's body. He touched his face and felt nothing but smooth skin. Looking around, he saw a mirror and watched his face.

His face was getting round like Holly's, but kept his boyish looks. Much like Holly he was skinny and a little stomach was showing. Terry was fast leaving childhood and entered toddler-hood now. His legs were gaining baby fat, but they couldn't be seen due to the oversized shirt covering his body. Terry had withdrawn his legs under his shirt to sit Indian style. His face was chubby and round and looked nothing like his teen self. If Holly hadn't seen him change she would have never believed that this little baby boy was her Terry.

"How did you do that?" Terry asked, and then looked puzzled at the sound of his funny voice.

"Heather," Little Holly called.

Heather was standing in the doorway and had seen both transformations. She had stepped forward in the doorway when Terry couldn't take his eyes off of Holly.

Terry looked at Heather and saw she was a lot older then he remember.

Heather, thinking it would take a long time for a two-year-old to explain what had happened, told him everything herself. Holly stepped out of her shorts and underwear and toddled over to Heather's side while she sat on bed. Holly had to be careful not to trip on her own shirt. She filled in the necessary parts and giggled when Terry's face changed expressions during the chat. It was really cute when his little face changed to different looks.

"What now?" Terry asked after hearing everything, including who Megan really was.

"Well, you two are going to spend the entire day together while I baby-sit you," Heather said.

"Yup. I talked her into it," Holly added in her cute two-year-old voice.

"What about our clothes?" Terry asked, not wanting to run around naked in front of Heather's little sister. It was ok to let Holly see him since she was in the same boat.

"We got that covered," Heather said, stripping off his shirt and then Holly's. Heather lifted Holly onto the bed to sit beside Terry. It was a cute picture to see the two toddlers sitting naked next to each other. Terry place both of his hands over his crotch to hide what was left of his manhood. He felt it was so small and smooth now.

"Stay right there and I'll get you your new clothes," Heather said leaving the room to head for the garage.

Holly giggled at Terry's covering himself. She herself showed no modesty.

"You're so cute as a baby," Holly told him.

"Look who's talking," Terry answered back at his formal teenage girlfriend, now a toddler like himself.

"I think I know what will help your shyness," Holly said, getting on all fours and looking like a cat about to spring on a mouse.

"Whatever it is, don't you dare," Terry said.

Holly jumped at him and began tickling. In a panic to get away, Terry turned his body over, landing on his back Holly pinned him down with her weight. Terry giggled so loudly he thought for sure the neighbors would be banging on the door. Unable to squirm away from Holly, Terry managed to flip over her over and begin tickling her. Terry used his larger size to pin Holly down.

At that moment, Heather arrived, and it looked to her as if Terry had started the tickle war, so Terry was in for another tickle attack from behind. After another minute they all stopped. It was only then did Terry realize he had let both girls see him naked and each had even felt his small penis by accident during the wrestling.

Heather dressed Terry first after he tried to put on his old shirt to cover himself up.

The diapers were part of a sample pack that was still sealed in plastic.

"Yeah. There are from way back, but still good," Heather said, then opened it.

"I'm not doing a number two in them," Terry said as she fixed the tabs on his diaper.

He was helpless to stop her from diapering him anyway. In Terry's honest opinion, this was turning out to be the strangest day he could remember.

Terry noticed when she put him down that he was forced to waddle like a duck because of the diaper. Terry then watched with some amusement as Heather put a diaper on the toddler that was really her older sister.

Terry wasn't sure if he liked the situation he was in, but as long as Holly was with him, he decided that he could handle it.

"Come on, into the living room the both of you," Heather said, setting down her sister. It was a funny sight to see both toddlers waddle into the living room. For Heather it was worth it to see her sister and sister's boyfriend running around in diapers and t-shirts.

"First thing you have to learn is to use your body's new hands and fingers," Heather said. In the center of the living room were some old wooden building blocks. Holly ran over and started to build a tower. Terry was not sure how to join in because this was all still new to him.

"Go on and play Terry or I'll tickle you until you wet your diaper," Heather said, and she gave him a gentle nudge.

Not wanting to be at the mercy of another tickle attack, Terry went ahead and helped Holly build with the blocks. He ended up crawling around on his arms and legs. Heather contented herself with watching them interact and watching TV.

They looked like typical toddlers. The only thing that might give them away was how quiet there were. Before too long the toddlers were able to build small buildings and towers. Holly had already learned how to use her small hands and fingers. Her only disadvantage was moving around in a bulky diaper. Terry was quick to adapt as well, not wanting to be out-done by his girlfriend.

It wasn't until Holly's stomach rumbled noisily that Heather considered making lunch. She made a quick dish of macaroni and cheese for everyone. Since the dining table was too tall, Holly and Terry sat on the floor in the living room to eat.

Terry took this time to comment on what a good babysitter Heather was. The food was really good even if it was only macaroni and grape juice. After lunch and the dishes were washed they watched some movies Holly had rented. Terry drifted off to sleep first, and then Holly did the same. It was no surprise after all that play and a filling lunch that the two toddlers needed to go down for their naps.

Terry awoke to a strange sight. When opened his eyes he was looking through a white nylon net and lying on a cold smooth surface. He sat up, looked around and realized he was in a playpen. Holly was sleeping beside him. Part of him had thought he would awake back in his bed, with the regression having been a dream.

Where's Heather? Terry thought to himself.

As if to answer his question, Heather popped around the corner to check on them.

"Finally awake, I see. I just got done with all the housework," Heather said quietly, then sat on the sofa next to the playpen.

"Where did you get this?" Terry said, patting the playpen rail.

"It was stored in the garage in a box. Neither of you stirred as I put you in," Heather said.

Terry stood up and felt a cold wetness between his legs. To his great embarrassment he had wet his diaper in his sleep. A quick glance told him that it hadn't spread any further then his diaper.

Seeing Terry's expression, Heather placed a few fingers in front of his diaper and said, "Yup, you are little wet." She lifted him out of the playpen.

Terry was too shocked with horror to say anything.

"Don't worry, I won't tell if you don't. Besides, you do have a very good excuse. You two finished off an entire bottle of grape juice," Heather said, undoing the tabs on the diaper.

"I'll be surprised if Holly is still dry when she wakes," Heather said, sliding the diaper out from under his legs. "Stay here while I get you a fresh diaper."

It was a strange sense of freedom for Terry to lay there naked and only concerned if Holly would wake up and see him. Terry amused himself while he was alone pretending to do baby kicks. Everything around him still looked so large.

"Here we go," Heather said in a sing-song voice. She bought back a warm wash rag and a new diaper.

Terry had to suppress the giggles that threaten to burst free when Heather gently wiped his diaper area. It was even worse than being tickled, and his body bucked upward.

"Not to cold is it?" Heather said.

"No, tickles," Terry managed to say, trying his best not to laugh.

"Sorry," Heather said with a smile. "Holly told me that babies need to be clean when you change their diapers," She said, lifting his legs up. She diapered him quickly, and then helped him to his feet.

"It's okay. Just let me be around when you change hers," Terry said, looking at the playpen.

"Deal. Now, come on, let's go play until she wakes up," Heather said, taking Terry's hand and leading out of the room.

Heather's idea of playing was a board game of Checkers and she was beaten by Terry a number of times. They setup the game on Heather's bed and sat on opposite ends. Heather spent the hour they had alone to ask questions as they played, mostly about what he thought of the hourglass and being so young. Terry said that he rather be a teen again then being stuck in diapers.

"But you do look cute," Heather said with a giggle.

"Your move," Terry said, in an effort to change the subject.

"Dang, you trapped me again in that corner," Heather said. "Oh well, I'm tired of this game anyway. Let's go see if Holly is awake," Heather said. She picked Terry up and held him in her arms. Terry felt a little guilty when his face was brushed against Heather's breast before she settled him on her hip.

Holly was beginning to stir as Heather sat Terry back down on his feet. Her diaper was very wet and cold, and the tossing and turning didn't help. Finally, Holly woke up when she heard footsteps. She looked up in time to see Heather reaching down to pick her up.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Heather sang as she lifted her out.

Holly didn't want to reveal that she was wet to Terry, and whispered her request for a diaper change to her sister. But Heather did the quick check, not caring if Terry was looking or not.

"You're soaked," Heather said as she withdrew her hand.

"Come on; let's get you two into some bath water. No sense in changing your diaper until afterwards, sis," Heather said, still holding her sister. Terry was standing beside her, enjoying the look of embarrassment on Holly's face.

Heather sat Holly on the bathroom counter and un-taped her diaper. Then she left her sister naked and sitting on top of a wet diaper while she ran a bubble-bath. Heather checked the water temperature with her wrist, then stood up again.

"You first sis, and then Terry. Once you're cleaned up and the dirty water is down the drain, I'll put Terry in to join you," Heather said.

Heather lifted her sister out of the dirty diaper and gave her a quick wipe down with a wash cloth in the tub while Terry watch from his seat on the toilet with amusement.

"OK, Terry, your turn," Heather said, turning her attention to him. She took off his diaper and stood him naked in the water with Holly. Heather flipped the switch to the water drain and water started to fill up the tub. Bubbles were still popping up as it filled and Heather busied herself shampooing her sister's hair first, then moved on to Terry.

"I'm going leave you two alone. Just yell if you need me," Heather said.

Terry sat right behind Holly in the tub, his little arms around her. With the water and bubbles for cover they laid back as best they could. Holly really liked Terry holding her. She used one of free hands to touch his penis.

"Hey," Terry.

"Just curious," Holly said.

"Me too," Terry said moving his right hand down between Holly's legs.

"Stop, it tickles too much," Holly said, and took his hand in her own. Both of them had sensitive skin and any movement cause at least a little tickle.

"This is fun," Holly said, looking at the water at the far end of the tub.

"We'll have to do this again soon, when we're older," Terry said slyly.

"Better behave yourself young man or I'll have Heather spank you," Holly joked.

Both toddlers laughed then Holly turned around in the tub to face Terry.

"I think you should give me a kiss," Holly said, sitting on her knees.

"Okay, a quick one, before your sister gets back" Terry said, giving into his girlfriend's wishes.

It was a funny experience for both of them. The kissing toddlers were a cute sight to see. They settled on doing a couple of light kisses before breaking away.

"We should get out now. Your hands are wrinkling and so are mine," Holly said.

"Heather!" Holly called.

Heather came back into the bathroom. "Are we ready to get dressed?" Heather said in a voice that sounded more like she was talking to two toddlers not teens.

"Yeah," Holly replied.

Heather was taking her role as babysitting very seriously. She dried Holly and Terry gently, then used the last of the diapers on them. She picked up Holly in her arms and led Terry by his little hand out to the living room. She put both of them in the playpen.

"Now," Heather said, looking down at them. "I am going take my shower and you two can stay out of trouble in there. I'll start the movie up where I stopped it after you two fell asleep so you two won't be bored," Heather said. She went over to the VCR and hit the play button.

"Enjoy," Heather said leaving to wash up. She decided to make it a quick shower since she didn't want to leave the toddlers alone for long. Although the living room was safe with the windows and door locked tight, she had a duty as a babysitter to be careful.

"Shame you can't spend the night," Holly said as they cuddled together in the playpen.

Thinking it over, Terry said, "I might be able to."

"What do you mean? Your parents will be worried if you don't come home."

"Not if I use my cell phone to send a text message to them saying I'm crashing at a friend's place," Terry said looking toward the hallway.

Holly remembered that Terry always carried a cell phone in his right pocket. The shorts were neatly folded by Heather on the edge of the bed.

"I'll get Heather to go get it when she comes back," Holly said, turning her attention back to the movie.

Heather was more then happy to get the cell phone. She was oldest now and loved the power of being in charge. Toddlers in her care were so easy to look after. Terry sent the text message to his dad's cell phone and got a response soon after. As it was Friday night, he could stay over.

"I'm going to let you out now," Heather said. "I have to put up the playpen before Mom and Dad get home." She also tidied the building blocks away.

Heather had her sister's keys in her left pocket and she locked up the hourglass. She felt safe that she wouldn't wake up their size now. Heather put away the playpen and came back with a few blankets. One was laid on the floor while the others were wrapped around them. The day was starting to cool as evening crept in. The sun was setting when they decided to watch the last movie. Heather wasn't sure which toddler went to sleep first this time. Soon after, she fell asleep as well to enjoy gentle dreams.

The next morning, the ringing of the door bell woke her up. In a panic she thought it was her parents, but if it was them they would have used their house keys. Not wanting to alarm her sister, Heather went to see who it was.

"Michael," she said, opening the door after she saw his face in the window.

He had changed in more ways than one. His body had a greater build on it and his face looked cuter.

"Megan, I was hoping to see you again. You look different with your hair down," Michael said, looking into her eyes. It was definitely Megan, but she looked younger. To his relief, she was an inch shorter then him.

"Yeah, and no make-up or dress," Heather said, smiling and letting him in.

"Where's Holly?" Michael said, wondering why she didn't answer the door instead of her cousin.

"She's with Terry right now," Heather said truthfully. ,"You can call me Heather. Megan is my middle name, I use for a nickname."

Michael knew that Holly had a sister, but he didn't know her name.

"How did you know I'd be here?" Heather asked as they walked into the living room.

"Terry told me. So why are you all alone?" Michael asked, not noticing the sleeping toddlers.

"Not exactly alone," Heather said, pointing at the toddlers sleeping on the make-shift bed.

"Who are they?" Michael asked, wondering how many cousins Holly had.

"Cindy and Billy," Heather answered, using the first two names that came to her.

"Cute," Michael said, and then he turned his attention back to Heather. "Can we talk in private?"

"Come back to my room," Heather said.

Michael was little confused when they enter Holly's little sister's room.

"I should explain that I'm not Holly's cousin, but her sister," Heather said.

"But she's years younger then you," Michael said, not sure if this was some kind of joke.

"Let's just say that I had a little help growing up," Heather said, then gesturing around the room. There were pictures of her at various ages. Looking at these pictures, there was little doubt in Terry's mind that this was the same person.

"To prove I am Megan and Heather, I still have all the e-mails you sent me encrypted and saved on my computer," Heather said.

"I believe you," Michael said. "So how old are you are really?" he said, sitting on her bed.

"Everyone thinks that I am ten-years-old, but I been passing for a twelve-year-old lately," Heather said, hoping this wasn't going to scare him off. "And now?" Michael asked.

"Around fifteen-years-old," Heather said, hoping Michael liked younger girls.

Thinking back to the strange changes that had affected his own body, Michael asked a question he wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer to.

"Did you use whatever aged you on me to make me younger?"

"A little. I really wanted you to be closer to my age. Are you mad?" Heather asked. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears of shame. She didn't want to hurt the one she was in love with.

"No, but you could've asked. It's always nice to ask first," Michael said with a smile, not wanting Heather to cry. It was breaking his heart to see her so close to tears.

"Why did you want to be close to my age?" Michael asked.

Heather flipped her shirt over her head, leaving only her bra to cover her breasts.

"Because I'm beautiful now and we can be together since we're almost the same age," Heather said as she stood in front of him and placed her hands on his waist.

"It wasn't the teenage girl I fell in love with. It was the person I saw in your eyes," Michael said putting his hands around her.

"You love me?" Heather asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on a date," Michael said. He wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing. After all, she was really a little girl pretending to be a teen.

Then a thought struck him: What if the toddlers were not toddlers after all?

"You said that Holly is with Terry right now. Was that Holly and Terry in the living room?" Michael asked, then grinning.

"Yeah, I babysat them last night," Heather said, laughing.

"Think we could go wake up old Terry?" Michael asked.

"Wouldn't you rather stay here and give me a kiss or two?" Heather asked him, and she sat down on the bed.

"Well, I don't know. After all you're just a little girl," Michael said in a joking voice.

"Be careful or I put you the same spot Terry is in," Heather said, leaning forward.

"But then I wouldn't be able to kiss you," Michael said before their lips came together.

"I've grown in my mind as well," Heather said in between kisses.

The little kissing game only went as far as both teens seeing the other topless, and it was Michael who stopped the fooling around.

"Look, we can't go any further. After all, what would our parents say if we did start dating?" Michael said, admiring Heather's body before he had to say goodbye to the sight . "Doesn't mean we can't be together. When I am old enough we can date and no one will care," Heather said pulling the covers up to cover her breasts.

"Exactly. When you're really old enough. Until then I can't date you," Michael said, almost pleading with her to see the logic behind it.

"I know, but I just want to be with you," Heather said, looking very sad.

"You know the old saying; if you love something you got to let it go," Michael said gently.

"Yeah, and it will come back to you if it is meant to be, " Heather said, remembering the quote from one of the movies she and Holly had watched.

"I promise I'll come back and see you. I don't know if we'll date or not, but I'll come back as a friend," Michael said.

"Thanks," Heather said, and then she blinked furiously to try to stop from crying.

"Come on, let's go see if Terry's up," Michael said, trying to cheer her up.

"Okay" Heather said slipping her shirt on without a bra.

"Good morning Holly and Terry," Michael and Heather said together, shaking them gently awake.

Both toddlers were shocked to see Michael there.

Holly pulled the blanket up to hide her almost naked body from Michael's view. Terry only looked at them both and wondered, what now?

"Don't worry sis, I only told him who I was and he figured out the rest," Heather said, picking up her sister and forcing her to let go of the blanket.

Michael picked up Terry up. "Can't believe this is Terry. He's light as a feather in my arms," Michael said, lifting the toddler almost to the ceiling.

"Come on, Michael, put me down," Terry said.

"You should hear your voice, Terry. You sound like Mickey Mouse," Michael said, then he put Terry back down his small feet.

"Holly, you are beautiful as ever," Michael said, and he kissed her hand.

Holly giggled. "Thanks."

"Although I did imagine you very different topless," Michael joked.

"Watch it," Terry said.

"Easy, Terry. Just kidding," Michael said.

"What do we all do now? Since two of us aren't old enough to drive," Michael asked, sitting down on the floor.

"You're right, Michael. They have nothing to wear anyway. I guess we'll just have to baby sit them until lunchtime," Heather said to play along with Michael

A strange game of hide and seek was played over the next hour as babysitters tried to find the toddlers and toddlers tried to find the teens. It wasn't until lunch time that Michael heard the entire story of the marble hourglass.

"So it's just a piece of marble stone with an hourglass craved on it," Michael said, puzzled that such a little stone could change a person's age.

"Yeah. Heather, go get it from my room," Holly said from her spot on the counter top.

Heather fetched the hourglass and gave it to Michael "Only a little bigger than the palm of my hand," he said. "Looks about one inch thick of marble and three inches wide by four inches long."

Heather set it down beside Holly but she didn't notice that her sister was close to the edge. Holly moved her arm sideways knocking the marble across the counter.

"Heather!" Holly shouted, making a wild crawl to catch it. She caught the edge of marble and then it slipped from her fingers. It was just too heavy for a toddler to hold it in one hand.

"Noooo!" from Holly was the last sound heard before the hourglass hit the floor.

The bang of marble hitting the hardwood floor was followed by the unmistakable sound of something cracking.

Everyone stared in shock. The marble was broke into four separate pieces that now only roughly fit back together.

"Okay. We just have to stay calm and glue it back together," Holly said.

Desperately hoping they would not be stuck at their current ages. Michael and Heather carefully glued it back together. Holly and Terry searched every inch of the floor for other parts of the marble, but they found nothing.

"OK. Let's try it now," Heather said once the fourth part was glued on. She touched it lightly with her fingers and made her wish to return to normal.

Nothing happened.

"Maybe the glue got too dry," Heather said hopefully.

Then Holly started to cry. It wasn't the fear of her parents or the fact she was stuck as a toddler that made her cry. It was fact she dragged her friends and sister into this as well. She apologized to the group for using the hourglass and not getting rid of it.

Terry tried to console her, saying, "It's not your fault."

Heather bent down and said, "The past two months have been the best of my life. I'll take care of you, Holly, and I'll tell Mom and Dad that it was my fault."

"No. You don't have to, sis. I should've tried harder to grab it and now everyone I love is stuck at the wrong age," Holly said crying not for herself but for her sister and friends.

It was then the marble hourglass glowed white.

"Guys!" Michael said, backing away from the hourglass.

"Look at that!" Terry said as the cracks sealed themselves.

The light faded, and then appeared in the center. The light took the shape of a thin plus sign and spread to the edges and all around to the back of marble. There was a sound like the crack of a whip, then the hourglass split into four perfect rectangles.

"Cool," Heather whispered.

"You think it might work?" Holly said with renewed hope.

"Let's try it," Heather said, putting the parts back together.

"I wish I was back to my normal age," Heather said loudly.

Her body lost height and her face changed, becoming more innocent by the second.

"It's working" Holly shouted with relief.

Soon Heather face was back to twelve-years-old.

Why didn't I change all the way back? Heather thought quietly to herself. Then she thought maybe this was the way she supposed to be now.

"We'd better change back," Holly said to Terry. "I don't want to miss our chance,"

"Michael, go to the living room and grab the blankets. I'll help them with the stone," Heather said to Michael.

Heather bent down and undid each of their diapers and then wrapped them in the blankets that Michael gave her. Heather and Michael picked up the two toddlers and they touched the stone at the same time.

Each shouted out their wish. Since their bodies were covered up by the blankets it looked like a human tent rising from the floor. The toddlers' faces changed into children's' faces and then pre-teens. The changes finally stopped when they were teenagers. Holly and Terry were back to normal.

"We better get dressed," Holly said holding her blanket tight to her body. Both she and Terry left the room.

"Is it always this exciting around here?" Michael asked Heather with a smile.

"Not always," Heather said, laughing. Then she said, "Hey, aren't you going to use the hourglass to return to your normal age?"

"I think I can be happy being this age," Michael said. He reached over to hold Heather's hand.

"What about our parents?" Heather asked.

"Well I have seen how mature you are now. You were ready to take all the blame and care for your sister. Besides, who says we have to tell them now. We'll have our dates when the group hangs out and we'll start our private dates when you are old enough," Michael explained.

"I'll talk to my mom and see," Heather said.

Heather knew that her mom would forbid it, for a while at least. Maybe in two years she might have a chance to start dating Michael.

Heather picked up the diapers and tossed then into the trash. The she returned to the kitchen table and held Michael's hand as they waited.

Holly and Terry came back in the kitchen now fully dressed and looking as if they had enjoyed a quick kiss.

"Good to be back to normal," Holly said.

"Oh, I don't know you made a cute toddler," Terry said coming in right behind her.

"I guess that means you want to be a baby again?" Holly asked.

"Well, not anytime soon," Terry said smiling, then blushing.

"Hey, sis. Why do you think the hourglass split into four neat parts?" Heather asked.

Holly took a little time to think about it then said, "One for each of us." She started to give each of them a piece.

But Michael shook his head. "You can give mine to whoever you want. It seems like too much trouble, and besides, with Heather having one I trust her" Michael said, smiling at their shocked expressions.

"Well, I suppose I can give the extra one to Jackie. She's my best friend and should be a part of this," Holly said, looking at her group of close friends.

"After a small demonstration," Holly said with a grin. "With Jackie as the star of the show, of course. I'm sure she'll believe us after that."

"Can I call her to come over, please?" Heather begged her sister.

"Alright," Holly said. Then she sat down at the kitchen table to wait for Jackie to ring the doorbell.

The End?