Halloween Cookies



You didn’t think I would let Halloween go by without a good tale to tell, did you? Our host Heideggers old “People Crackers” tales from years ago inspires this. Great stories those were. So here is a salute to those tales with this small AP-AR story.

Tara was terribly bored with her babysitting detail. At 16 years of age, she had better places to go on Halloween. There was a killer party just down the street with all her friends, but her Mom wanted her to help her with her little sister’s trick or treating party with all her little friends. Her mother, Kathryn, was driving the mini-van while Tara would escort the 5 eight year old girls, Jenny, Hannah, Maria, Katie & Naboko to the front door of the houses they were visiting for treats. “C’mon you dwarves from hell” she mumbled. “What was that?” asked Jenny, her little sister. “Uh, nothing, I just said lets go and get this over with”. Jenny giggled at her older sister. Why did she not think Halloween was fun? It was Jenny’s favorite holiday, full of wonder and magic! She had even dressed up as a little witch.

As they approached the next house, Tara hesitated. “Listen girls, we better not ring this one. This is Mrs. Lipshitch’s house. No one bothers her, she is weird.” Jenny looked up at her and smirked. “This is Halloween! We can visit anyone’s house we want, and if you want to argue about it, lets go ask Mom right now!” Tara groaned as she looked over at her Mother who was watching the kids closely from the van. “Alright, lets go, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Jenny and the girls started walking towards the house. “Gee Tara, you must have forgotten what it was like to have fun!”

As they rang the dusty old bell, the door cracked open and an old woman peered out. “TRICK OR TREAT!” yelled and laughed all the little girls. “My oh my, what do we have here? A bunch of ghouls and goblins? And a little witch too, how sweet! You are my only visitors tonight too! Now what should I give you girls?”

“Listen lady, just give the kids some candy so we can go.” The old woman shot Tara a glance that made her blood grow cold. “My, aren’t we the bitter one? Acting like an old woman and forgetting her manners. Well, no matter. Here girls, these are very special cookies I baked myself just for you!” The woman pulled out a plate of the most wonderful smelling cookies in the world. Each of the cookies was a girl, very detailed, but plain. And each was a different size, or rather it is more accurate to say each looked at different age. The girls all grabbed one each, not caring what they got. The old woman took two more cookies and gave them to Tara. “Here is one for you and one for your Mother out there in the van” smiled the old woman. “Thanks” mock smiled Tara, though the cookies did smell good.

The girls all piled into the van just as Kathryn said, “Alright girls, lets go home now!” As they raced home, the girls were excited about counting and eating their bounty while Tara was going to change clothes and head to her party. As they got inside the house, the girls all raced upstairs. “Now girls, don’t you eat all that candy tonight, you will all get sick! Just pick a few pieces for tonight!”

As Tara was about to walk to her room, she turned and gave her Mother her cookie. “That old woman said this was for you” Kathryn took the cookie. It looked like a little girl. “Well that was sweet of her,” she said as she sat down on the couch and took off her shoes and rubbed her feet. At 40 years of age, Kathryn was in good shape for a single mother. Her brunette hair was only showing a few slight strands of gray while she kept her figure trim and in good shape. Still, the wear of time was catching up to her and she felt it. She turned as she lay back exhausted from the day and started eating her cookie.

Up in Jenny’s bedroom, the girls all dumped out their pumpkin candy holders and started counting their booty. “So what shall we eat?” said Maria, a cute little Hispanic girl. “What about our cookies? They smell great!” smiled Jenny. “Alright, what does yours look like?” said Naboko, “Mine looks like an adult woman”. All of them took them out and examined them, each looked different to some degree to another, but eventually they all decided to simply eat them. They gobbled them all up as fast as they could.

Tara was in her room changing into something sexy to impress the boys she knew would be there. As she slipped on a short leather mini-skirt and short silky top that showed off her taught mid-section, she smiled and posed in the mirror. She was quite a beauty with her short blonde hair and large 34C breasts. Wait till the boys get a load of her, she thought as she ate her cookie.

Back in Jenny’s bedroom, the girls had changed for bed. The girls were all dressed in oversize t-shirts and nothing more except for their panties. Suddenly they began to feel strange. Jenny looked uncomfortable, 'Is it warm in here or is it just me?' Maria was feeling the back of her neck, as sweat seemed to be coming off of all of them now. 'I don't know, but man am I hot!'

It was at this time that Jenny’s best friend Kate noticed something very wrong. Kate was a cute little black haired girl who lived next door to Jenny. She immediately felt her panties bunch up as if they were shrinking and that is when she noticed two small bumps on her chest swelling with each passing moment. 'Oh god' she mumbled and could it be that he voice was different too? Each of the other girls began to feel the same thing as the heat on their bodies began to intensify.

'What's happening to us?!' yelled Jenny. 'I...I...I'm not sure..Oh god, I feel like I am on fire!!' screamed Maria. Each of the girls was now in intense pain as sweat covered their young bodies, drenching their t-shirts completely. Kate grabbed her short raven hair, as it seemed that every follicle was on fire. As she grabbed it, it felt as if she was pulling it longer as it seem to grow down to her shoulders in a few seconds. That’s when she felt her body begin to grow and stretch. She opened her eyes as she lowered her hands to her chest, which seem to be in intense pain and heat. As she put her hands on her chest she felt her nipples ache and swell, protruding through the wet t-shirt, and then suddenly they began to grow as if being filled with water. She cupped her new small breasts in her hand as they continued to swell. She also felt the hem of her t-shirt drag and pull itself up her legs. It had reached to her knees before but now it was almost half way up her thighs. She shook her head again feeling her wet, but now long hair flailing around her face and looked down as sweat dripped from her head. What she saw amazed her. Her legs were no longer the thin legs of an adolescent girl just approaching puberty, but those of a young woman, long and shapely, and she reached down and felt her thigh's expand into the curves of womanhood. Her panties were now stretching to the limit, turning into thongs as tight as they were now getting. It suddenly occurred what was happening to her...to each of them. 'We're aging!' exclaimed Kate who immediately put her hand to her mouth as the voice sounded so strange, more adult as it was now a good two octaves lower than it once was. As she swirled around and almost lost her balance due to her new adult proportions, she was shocked to witness the other girl's transformations.

Hannah, Jenny’s other friend who was the youngest and only 6 years of age was still on the floor writhing in agony as her body went through dramatic changes. Her little friend was becoming not so little anymore. She was rapidly aging and approaching 14 years of age. As her body hit puberty she straightened out and arched her back with her hands to her chest feeling the same pain Kate had as her breasts rapidly appeared first as small bumps and then filled to large 36D proportions. Her legs seem to simply stretch, grow and become thicker and shapely as she curled them up under her then stretched them out again. Her hips expanded and her small panties snapped and disintegrated as she aged quickly past 18 and hit 20 years of age. Her now very long red hair was pooled around her body and her fingernails were long, at least 6 inches long on her now womanly hands. Her face had lost all of its innocence and the freckles around her nose had disappeared. Kate looked down and noticed that her fingernails were extremely long too and her hair now was so long that it reached almost to the ground, pulling a great weight on her head. There was also the weight of her now large 34C breasts. She was amazed that Hannah's had gotten so large and seemed to actually be taller than her now.

Maria was sitting on the floor, soaking wet. She had pulled her t-shirt up to her waist when a wave of pain hit her as she screamed 'Madre' mia!' She arched her back with her hands behind her head as she grabbed the top of Jenny's desk. Her dark curly hair grew and cascaded down her shoulders in waves as it grew rapidly. She had stretched her legs out slightly bent as they stretched and grew. Her skin grew slightly darker as she aged past 14, 15, 16, her breasts appeared and grew rapidly from bumps to large swellings to very round large tear-dropped shaped breasts. Rita watched them grow in horror, not understanding what was happening to her young body 'Santa Maria! Waz....waz happening to me?!!?' Her voice had a very distinct Spanish accent to it now which both confused her as well as the others. Her whole body took on the curves of womanhood as the flat straightness of childhood was quickly evolved into that of womanhood. Her panties were now shredded completely off of her and she looked down shocked to see a thick black bush of hair was now between her virgin thighs. As she hit 20 years of age, it did not stop. She seemed to continue to age. 21, 22, 23, 24….her body lost all of its baby fat as she matured into a full grown woman of 28 years of age when the pain ceased and she let go of the desk and collapsed exhausted.

Jenny on the other hand was still in agony. She had aged into a young teenage girl of 16 already and her whole body had undergone the changes of puberty with her breasts appearing and then rapidly developing into small melon-shaped breasts. Her body seemed to glisten with a golden color more deep than before. Her straight brown curly hair had grown past her hips as she struggled to stay on her feet. She felt as if she was in an elevator, as the world around her got progressively smaller, not understanding that she was getting taller and taller. She looked at her fingers with amazement as tears flowed down her face as the fingers seem to be pulled by some magical force as they got longer and longer and her whole hand looked more womanly. She then felt a weight on her backside as she moved her hands down and felt her ass as it had widened with the curved of womanhood into a perfect 'bubble butt', round, soft and firm. As she finally hit 21, she was amazed at how beautiful she had become. But she continued to age…25…28…30, her breasts seemed to sag just a bit as fine lines appeared on her face and around her eyes…35, the laugh lines around her mouth deepened…finally at 40 years of age it stopped. She was exhausted! Her body was still in good shape, but it was obvious she was a middle-aged woman. Her large 36D breasts were still quite impressive and her legs still shapely, but her skin was not as taught as it was a few moments before and there were gray hairs woven into her thick rich brown curly mane of hair. “Oh my” she said, surprised at how womanly it sounded. She was old as her Mother!

Naboko had aged to about 19 years of age and as the pain subsided in her as well, her large, pert breasts showing through her wet t-shirt as she noticed that her nipples were now the size of silver dollars. 'Hadimash! What...what haappan....what...me having hard time tawking...' she was shocked at both how adult sounding her voice had become, yet soft and sensual, but also the thick Japanese accent that was now there and her mind seemed to be re-arranging itself to think in Japanese. She could still understand English but she had to concentrate very hard for that.

'What the hell happened?!' yelled Kate. Most of the 'girls' were still in a state of shock, examining their new adult bodies in awe. Kate was the first to compose herself. 'Jenny, what should we, uh, excuse me...' Kate kept clearing her throat, unused to sounding so deep voiced, as she now was, “Those cookies after we ate them, we aged until we had grown up into adults!'

“Yes, but adults of different ages” thought Jenny as she continued to examine her new adult body. “Each cookie must have contained a spell for adding on various years.”

The “girls” all nodded, each was now excited too, wanting to explore their new bodies as each began to shed what remained of their shredded and sweat soaked t-shirts and much too small panties, they were all curious as they looked at themselves and each other. They were all surprised by the thick bush of hair that was now between their legs, but even more strangely how they began to feel quite natural in these new bodies. As they hefted the weight of their large breasts, they at first had to get used to their new sense of balance as the weight of their breasts seemed to pull them forward some, but with each step they grew more and more graceful. It also seemed like their minds were beginning to catch up with their newfound maturity as well.

In the den, Kathryn was beginning to feel much better. It seemed as if her energy was being replenished as she sat up and stretched. “Wow, I feel so much better. I guess a short cat-nap was all I needed!” She noticed that her feet had stopped hurting as well. As she got up, she almost skipped to the kitchen, as she wanted a snack. She did not notice that the gray in her hair was gone, or that the lines on her face were rapidly disappearing.

In Tara’s room, she was putting the final touches on her make-up when she noticed that she had to keep re-adjusting her bra strap as it kept slipping. And as she looked in the mirror more closely as she began to apply her lipstick, she seemed confused as she seemed too much more youthful looking. In fact, she swore that she looked more like a 14-year-old girl than 16. Must be the make-up she thought, she was putting it on wrong. She didn’t want to have that “little girl” look, she wasn’t Lolita for gosh sakes! As she stood up to get a towel to wipe off the makeup, she noticed that the top she was wearing seemed much bigger now and it didn’t cover her sexy midriff anymore. As she turned to look in her full-length mirror, her once tight mini skirt simply dropped to the floor revealing the slim waifish legs of a 12 year old girl just entering puberty. “Oh my god!” she shrieked, and then put her hand to her mouth in shock. She sounded so young! “Oh god, oh god, oh god…. what’s happening to me?!” Soon a knock on the door sounded as her Mom heard the scream and was concerned. “Sweetheart, are you alright?” Tara was still in shock as she watched her impressive breasts simply deflate in front of her with each passing second as her large bra now just hung on her boyish 10-year-old frame. “Mom! Help me, please!” Kathryn opened the door and ran in and then stopped in horror as she instantly recognized the now 8 year old girl standing in front of her just as her now much too large panties slipped off leaving her nude except for the ridiculous bra hanging on off her shoulders like a little girl playing dress up. “Tara, what’s happened to you honey?” As Kathryn rushed to her dwindling daughter, Tara looked at her Mother confused. “Mom, is that you? You look so…so…young.” Kathryn turned to look in the mirror her daughter had been transfixed to and didn’t see her normal 40-year-old image, but a youthful and robust 20-year-old young woman staring back at her. Her own impressive breasts had risen on her body and her whole outline looked youthful, refreshed and very sexy. “Oh my lord, what’s happening to us?”

Tara, who was now only 5 years old, began sobbing and holding on to her now 18-year-old Mother. “Mommy, I don’t want to be a little girl again….please make it stop!” Kathryn could literally feel her daughter shrinking in her arms as she stroked her hair trying to calm her down. “Don’t worry sweetheart, Mommy will think of something” She turned to look in the mirror again to see a 16-year-old teenage girl holding a 3 year old. Her clothes were becoming loose as she re-entered puberty. “Ma-ma…pweese…hep Tawa…me no whittle…me no…Ma-ma? Me go ba boo be nee” Tara was now less than a year old when it seemed to finally stop, just a small infant.

Kathryn felt her jeans fall to the floor along with her panties as she now regressed back to a 14-year-old girl. Her shirt was practically a dress on her now as her girlish legs showed just the hints and outlines of a blossoming young girl. At this time, Jenny came walking into the room wearing one of her mother’s t-shirts and a pair of shorts. Kathryn didn’t recognize the middle-age woman standing before her, but there was certainly something familiar about her. “Mom?! Is that you?!” asked an amazed Jenny. “Jenny, is that you?” exclaimed a shocked Kathryn who was also shocked at the sound of her own voice as she slipped back to 10 years of age. “Your so…so…grown-up!” Jenny walked over and looked down at her dwindling mother and realized that the baby must be Tara as well. “Here, you better take Tara, she is getting too big for me to handle, or rather I am getting too young to hold her” Jenny picked up the small infant as Kathryn struggled with her swallowing shirt and let her useless bra drop to the floor. Her own shirt now hung down to her small ankles as her sleeves swallowed her youthful arms.

“It was those cookies Mom, I am sure of it.” Said Jenny as she rocked little Tara gently to sleep. “Well, I am beginning to feel….um…confused” said a now 8-year-old Kathryn as the regression seemed to slow. “I, um, am not sure, um….who are you again, Miss? You look familiar…I mean…Mommy, is that you?” asked a very confused Kathryn. Jenny smiled as she looked down at the cute 7-year-old girl as her bangs hung in her face. “Yes, Kathy, its Mommy. Lets get your little sister Tara to bed now, and perhaps we will get you dressed up and go trick or treating in a little while. Would you like that?” Kathy’s eyes lit up at that thought, especially all the candy. “Good, now I have some friends up stairs who need to go with us too, they are some “old” friends, so you run up and get ready and I will get one of them to baby-sit!”

Kathy rushed upstairs to Jenny’s old room to change into her old witches costume. Jenny looked at her former older sister sleeping in her arms and sighed. “Well, perhaps I am going to be a Mommy now, huh? Well, we will just see how this works for now, eh?”

A few doors down, the old woman smiled. She knew that the effects of the cookies would wear off at daybreak, but there were lessons to be learned between now and then and she simply laughed the way only a real witch could laugh.

Happy Halloween!