Blessings of the Goddess

by Jennifer Loraine

John looked down the bar at the tall, full bosomed red-head sitting at the corner. She sensed his interest and glanced over at him, favoring him with her smile. John was immediately taken with her smile; it seemed to promise the unraveling of an ancient mystery and the fulfillment of an unrealized yearning. He picked up his drink and walked over to where she sat and took the stool next to her. He engaged her with a line that had been old when Cheops' pyramid was built, "I haven't seen you here before. Is this your first time here?"

Her eyes widened and focused upon him. She gazed at him, from his forehead to his shoes, scrutinizing him, seeming to delve his soul. Her smile broadened and she nodded, granting him unspoken permission to continue. Thus encouraged, he saddled closer to her and offered her a drink. John snuck a peek down the deep cleavage formed by her ample bust and was charmed by the sight of ultra-feminine lacy bra. She was a far cry from his puritanical ex-wife. This woman would understand that a real man would never be constrained to sex with only one woman. "Only a Momma's boy would allow himself to be tied down by a woman's apron strings," he thought.

He could see she was a sexual predator like himself. John was fully on the scent; this quarry was worth the hunt. He was delighted when she accepted his bait. After talking with her for a short time, he suggested that they might be more comfortable in a booth, to which she quickly acceded. John cozened her while considering what trophy he would exact from this conquest. "Her panties? Her bra, perhaps?", he thought. "Yes," he decided. "... her bra."

Something that would bring back memories of the night he fondled and sucked those magnificent tits. "What do you do?", he asked.

"I'm an artist," she replied simply.

John smiled back at her, "Artistic types where soooo trusting!", he thought.

"And what are your favorite subjects?", he inquired guilefully. "I make my living rendering babies, but I prefer to do men," she said, smiling wickedly around her glass. "Would you like to come to my studio? I'd love an opportunity to do you," she cooed at him.

John accepted her invitation graciously and offered to drive them to her apartment. "Oh, I'd much prefer to drive us myself, if you don't mind. Unless you object to a woman doing things for you," she said with a chuckle in her voice.

"Certainly not," he sniffed. "I'd be pleased to have you drive. Shall we go?"

As John walked into her apartment he was struck by a peculiar musky odor. "She must burn incense here continuously for the smell to be so strong," he thought.

The walls were lined with glass shelves, which were filled with statuettes of goddesses. "Are these yours?", he asked.

"If you mean did I make them, no I didn't. They're very old. They help keep me focused on my work," she said.

"And what is your work?", he asked.

"Right now, it's you," she said smiling. "If you'll remove your clothes and sit on the pedestal over there, I'll be right with you. I need to change into my working clothes," she said pointing to a fabric-draped platform under the studio lights.

John took off his clothes and sat down on the platform, watching the door for her return. On a worktable next to the platform sat a stack of disposable diapers next to a jar of Vaseline, a tub of baby wipes and a bottle of baby powder. He decided these were for her younger subjects when she worked. She walked out of the other room dressed in a classical Greek gown. Her breasts were covered with the crossed bodice halves, which separated and uplifted her breasts. "Stand up on the platform, facing me. " she said.

John complied and she walked around him slowly, looking over every inch of his naked skin. "Yes,..," she said. "'ll do nicely. I want to see your emotions. Show me passion!"

John looked down at her stupidly and she said in disgust , "No, no.... no! Your passion. Here, I'll take care of it."

She seized his penis in her hand, touched the tip of it to her lips and kissed it. Immediately he became painfully erect. His cheeks flushed and his balls throbbed. He couldn't think of anything but her. He wanted her, needed her, more than anything he could ever remember. The sight of her breasts was intoxicating. He ached with desire for them. He wanted to touch them, to fondle them. His heart pounded and his mouth was dry. He licked his lips to wet them and was seized with an overpowering craving to suck her tits. She sat down and draped her gown comfortably around her, then calmly looked up into his glazed eyes and said, "That's better. Now kneel down beside me. That's it. Now lay down on your side facing me. Put your head and shoulders on my lap. That's a good boy!"

He bent down to her will like a thin reed in a hurricane. He was completely in her power. He submissively laid his head on her lap and looked up at the luxuriant teats protruding just inches above his face. She fondled his cheek gently with her fingers and smiled knowingly as she saw his mouth make unconscious sucking movements. "Would John like some tiddy?", she said, taking his hand and stroking her breast and nipple with his fingers.

His face grew red with excitement as he lay in her lap stoking her nipples. His fully erect penis throbbed in anticipation, threatening an explosion of pleasure in his pants. He wanted to grab her breasts and suck her tits but was frightened by the thought she might take them away if he moved too quickly. She rested his head next to her breast and held him closely. She smiled broadly at him, then laughed and said, "Will John be a good baby if he gets some tiddy?"

He watched as she lifted her teat free of her blouse and cradled it in front of his face. She pressed down on the aureola slightly and a single drop of milk formed on the tit. "My God,", he thought, "her tits are full of milk! She's nursing!"

He was so near to her nipple that he could smell the aroma of milk coming from her tit. She took the bottom of his jaw in one hand and guided the teat with the other hand to his mouth. He put his lips around the aureole and felt the nipple grow and fill his mouth. John ran his tongue under the nipple and pressed it against the roof of his mouth like he had so many times before with so many women. "This is paradise," he thought, "...I've never screwed a nursing woman before. Soon I'll be into her pants and take her completely. I'll be able to fuck her for hours after this!"

He squirmed in anticipation as he considered what he'd do to her. A little frontal to start with, he thought, followed by a rear entry. That always made them properly submissive before he forced them to go down on him and clean his dick with their tongue. She be a weeping, whimpering wreck when he was finished with her. Aside from a few minor liaisons, he had never been able to truly use a woman while he had been married. Since he had divorced his wife he had let himself go wild and do anything he wanted. The women he used were much too ashamed to complain to the police when he'd finished with them. Besides they'd asked for it didn't they? He never forced anyone into bed with him.

He swallowed involuntarily and a jet of milk squirted into his mouth, He rolled the milk over his tongue and let it trickle down his throat. Instantly he felt a tingling fire in his stomach, which grew rapidly, spreading to the tips of his fingers and toes. A jolt of energy sluiced through his spine from the sacral vertebrae to the crown of his head. His hunger for her milk consumed him. He whimpered softly in a transport of infantile rapture, swallowing greedily and glutting himself on the rich, thin milk. John's aura pulsed with each swallow until he was surrounded by an enormous scintillating golden aura. His body started shrinking, becoming younger with every suck of milk. John floated in hedonic rapture, blissfully drifting in sensuous ecstasy. He barely felt the fabric drape slithering across the polished wood of the platform as his legs and hips changed proportion, dwindled, and retreated toward her lap. John squirmed to keep his grip on her teat as his head and shoulders regressed to the size of a toddler's and continued the metamorphosis into infancy. Diana pulled his small, smooth, baby bottom securely onto her lap causing John to wiggle and kick his legs impotently in frustration at the disturbance. Diana put her finger into the side of his mouth to break the suction and took the nipple from his lips, then picked him up and raised him to eye level. She smiled at him and said chuckling, "I think you've had enough, if you get any younger, you might disappear."

She smirked and said, "John's been a naughty boy, hasn't he? John thought he could go on preying on women forever, didn't he? That's all over now. John won't be able to take advantage of anyone. Your womanizing days are finished! Do you know who I am? I'm very, very old and I have had many names. One of my names is Diana. Do you know what I am? I'm the Mother Goddess. The women you've used and hurt prayed for justice and here I am. "

His eyes grew wide in shock as she continued, "You think that women are only good to please you. You're unable to have a mature relationship. You're just a little boy in a man's body. That's all going to change, my little stud. When I'm finished with you, you won't be able to victimize women. You're going to find out what it's like to love and be loved. Since you're a baby at heart, that's just what you're going to be!"

She bent over him and kissed his forehead and said, "Accept now the curse of the Mother Goddess! From this day forward you shall be a baby! You'll suck your thumb, crawl on all fours, and make messes in your diaper like any other baby. You shall be dependent on women to take care of you! You'll get the attention from women that you crave. No one will expect responsible behavior from you. No matter what you do they'll think you're adorable. They'll feed you and dress you and tend to your every need. Instead of preying on women, you'll be praying to women to be coddled and pampered. You'll have a mommy to watch over you and take care of you. She'll hold you and cuddle you whenever you want. You can rest your head against her breasts anytime you need to be comforted. She'll always be there for you, you won't be abandoned again. Your Mommy will become the living avatar of the Mother Goddess for you to adore and worship. And the best part of all is, that you won't have to endure the nastiness of having to grow up before you're ready."

She laughed merrily. Her gay laughter sounded remarkably like the tingling of silver bells and filled the room with her happiness. Diana continued, " In fact, you won't grow up at all. Of course, since this is a curse, there is a downside for you. Your mind will regress into an infantine state within the next half-hour or so. Don't worry, you won't miss your mental faculties. You'll be too busy enjoying your life as a baby. You've forgotten how happy you were as a baby. You don't remember how much pleasure you got from nursing your bottle and pooping in your pants. I've given that back to you and more. You'll delight in crawling on the floor, being bathed and having your diaper changed. You won't mind not being able to speak, you'll still be able to babble and coo. I've found a perfectly lovely woman to be your mommy. She's desperate for a baby to take care of and you'll be hers. I've already called her. She's waiting in the other room. In a minute or two, your physical transformation will be complete and I'll ask her to come in. She'll be your Mommy for the rest of your life."

She got up and went across the room and rang a bell sitting on a table. A woman entered who knelt before Diana. "Do you remember your wife, Mary, John? She loved you and you cast her aside. She still loves you and wants to take care of you. You're going to be her baby. You will forget everything and remember only that she is your Mommy and you're her baby!"

Diane kissed him on the forehead again and said, "You can begin to forget now, baby!"

John's fury with the Goddess turned into abject terror as Mary walked into the room. She intended to give him to his ex-wife! Mary hated him for what he had done to her. He remembered well what she and her lawyer had done to him in court. "Diana has turned me into a helpless infant! Mary will be able to do anything she wants to me and I'll be powerless to resist! She's turned me into Mary's plaything!", he screamed at himself silently.

Mary arose to come over and stood before him with a self-satisfied smile on her lips. When John saw the expression on her face he trembled in fear. He knew what she was seeing; a naked defenseless babe who had once been her cheating husband. Her gaze traveled down his body until it reached waist height. Mary's half-smile became a broad grin as she saw his infantile genitals. John looked down to see what she was grinning about and saw the immature stub that had been his manhood. He blushed hotly in shame at what he had become.

Mary bent down and took John in her arms. Diane motioned for her to sit down in a large rocking chair. She sat down in the chair and leaned John's head against her chest. Mary inspected his arms and legs closely, then took his penis in her hand and examined it. Her ex-husband's pride and joy had been reduced to a cute little wee-wee. She cupped his scrotum in he hand and rolled the ball of her thumb over his testicles. They were the size of small peas. Diane smiled and nodded, then pointed to the stack of diapers on the table. Mary got up, laid him on his back on the floor, picked up his legs and slid the diaper beneath his bottom. John whimpered and kicked his feet. "Be still, John, or Mary will spank!", Mary said as she finished diapering him.

She pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs and fastened the diaper tapes securely. Mary picked him up and reseated herself in the rocking chair. She huddled him to her, fondling her diaper-clad, infant husband tenderly as the Mother Goddess looked on. He hid his head in the space between her arm and her side and whimpered in abject terror. "Poor John," she said grasping his chin between her thumb and forefinger and forcing him to look at her, " were such a stud. Now look at you, your wandering dick has turned into a baby's pee-pee."

Mary's sarcasm infuriated John, he reached out his hand to slap her and immediately found his hand captured in hers. "Oh ho," Mary said, "...s o the little baby still thinks he can slap women around whenever he wants, does he? Well, I know how to deal with that!"

She turned him over on his stomach and held him down on her lap with one hand while she reached around and undid the tapes on either side with the other. She pulled his diaper back and tucked it underneath one of his legs to keep it out of the way and began to spank him.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Mary delivered three blows in quick succession. John gasped at the pain, he hadn't remembered his childhood spankings being this painful. He began howling uncontrollably as she began to beat a steady rhythm on his behind. His bottom burned intensely and he flailed his legs helplessly as she spanked. His howling soon became a gasping, yelling, crying wail. Mary continued to spank him until he became exhausted from the effort of gasping in pain and screaming. His spent wails slowly changed into a sad weak sob. She gave his cherry-red bottom one final swat and untucked the diaper from his leg and refastened the tapes. Mary turned him over and sat him down roughly on his inflamed bottom as he continued to whimper uncontrollably. "Are you going to be a good boy?", she demanded.

John sniveled and nodded.

"You're going to do what Mommy tells you to do, aren't you baby?"

He nodded again.

"If you ever try to hit Mommy again, you won't sit down for a week! Do you understand me?"

John nodded his assent once again. He didn't want another spanking, the very thought made him feel ill. His stomach was upset and the swollen tissues on his bottom burned like fire. Even his anus hurt. His entire bottom was one large throbbing, aching mass. She sneered down at him and pointed to his crotch saying, "Just look at what you've done in your diaper, baby boy and try and convince me I shouldn't diaper you!"

Still crying softly, John looked down where she was pointing and saw the diaper had turned yellow under the plastic cover between his legs where it had been white before. John was shocked, he never felt himself peeing in his diaper. All at once the throbbing in his anus became an undeniable urge and he began to poop. He squirmed trying to stop, but his immature bowel had been overstimulated and he filled the back of his diaper. John looked up at her with tears still dripping from his eyes and gave her a pleading look, only to meet with a cold hard smile of old hatred. She could smell the poop in his diaper and was enjoying his embarrassment. "I guess you won't be beating up on women anymore, will you? You know, I've never seen you weep before. Kinda hard to be a tough guy with a load in your diaper, isn't it, Sweetheart?"

John screwed up his face and began to wail again.

"Hush baby! Do you want another spanking?"

John shut up immediately.

"I don't change men's dirty diapers. If you want to have your dirty dydee changed you're going to have to prove to me you've become a little baby! Put your thumb in your mouth! That's right! Now suck it baby. Don't just let it sit in your mouth, I want to see those muscles work! That's right! Good baby!"

John was mortified. The sticky poop made his backside burn and he was sure he was still peeing in his pants. The worst part of it was, sucking his thumb felt good. He didn't think he could stop sucking if he wanted to. Mary leaned his head against her breast and said, "Diana says you'll have the mind of an infant in thirty minutes. You just lay quietly against Mommy's tiddy until then. Mommy will be happy to change Baby Johnny's dirty dydee when John the Stud has gone bye-bye."

John sniffled as he complied with her orders. He head felt like he had been drugged and he wanted to sleep. He closed his eyes and within a few minutes he was softly snoring. She chuckled at the sight of him snoring around the thumb in his mouth. Her face softened and she said, "I'll never have to worry about you running around on me again, darling. You'll spend the rest of your life as a baby. My baby."

She turned her head to Diana and said, "You did it! I didn't believe you at first when you called and said you were a Goddess. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. He won't be able to hurt women in the future. Did you see the expression on his face when I came in the room? He was terrified. I think he knew what I was going to do to him. Did you see that teary-eyed look he gave me after I finished spanking him?"

Diana smiled and nodded.

Mary continued enthusiastically, "All those times he slapped me around came back to haunt him. He knew I could put him over my knee and spank him again for pooping in his diaper! He expected it! Did you see how quickly he put his thumb in his mouth when I told him to suck his thumb? I'll never forget that look of utter defeat and humiliation on his face when I told him I wouldn't change his dirty diaper until his mind went bye-bye! Are you really going to give him to me as my baby? He's really mine?"

Diana smiled and said, "Yes, Mary he's your baby. Now and forever. You have your wish. Your ex-husband has been suitably punished and you've been given a little baby to love and care for in his place. The Mother Goddess always keeps her promises to her children. When John wakes up, he'll have the mind of a baby, he won't remember what he did to you. No matter what he did to you in the past as an adult, the baby he's become doesn't deserve to be abandoned. He needs you. You're his mommy now. Are you going to take care of him like a good mother?"

Mary nodded vigorously and exclaimed, "Oh yes, Mother Goddess, yes! I would have forgiven him his little peccadilloes if he had only given me a baby. I've wanted a little baby of my own since I was a little girl! I wouldn' t do anything to hurt my baby! Look at him, he's adorable!"

He yawned sleepily and stretched his small fat arms and clenched his tiny fists. John turned his head and nestled it between her arm and her breast "He's so small and helpless," she whispered, her heart melting at the sight of her ex-husband snuggled protectively in her arms.

John woke at the sound of her voice and whimpered softly. Mary stroked his hair affectionately and Diana said, "I think you should change his dirty diaper now, Mary. You don't want him to get a bad case of diaper rash, do you?"

Mary got up from the chair and carefully laid her baby on the floor. She unfastened his diaper and held up his feet in her hand while she cleaned his dirty bottom with a baby wipe. The cold paper wipe made Johnny shiver as she cleaned every crevice and fold on his behind. She took another diaper and slid it beneath him. She opened the jar of Vaseline one handed a applied a thick coating of jelly to his abused bottom. She laid his bottom gingerly down on the diaper and wiped the Vaseline off her hand with a clean wipe. Mary sprinkled baby powder on his hairless crotch and rubbed it into his pee-pee expertly, making him squeal in pleasure. When she was finished she taped him securely into the fresh diaper.

Mary tickled him on his tummy and cooed, "Mary's baby likes that, doesn't he?" He grabbed her finger in answer and held on tightly. Mary picked him up and sat with him again on the rocking chair, cradling him in her arm.

Diana put her hand upon Mary's shoulder and said, "It is time for my blessing Mary. Look at me! You will be his mother in all things. You will know all the joys and pleasures of motherhood. He is your baby now, and will give you delights you have not dreamed of. This is the token of my favor and my promise." She stood smiling behind Mary and touched her on her breasts. Mary immediately felt a strange tingling sensation where the Goddess's Hands had lain. A rush of energy swelled her bosom, filling them to bursting with a warm throbbing glow. Mary said, "What have you done to me?"

The Goddess smiled gently and said, "I've granted you the highest joy of motherhood; you will nourish him with your body. You and he will become one. Come Mary, it is time to suckle your baby!"

She unbuttoned her blouse diffidently and held him close to her breast with one arm as she reached under her blouse and lifted out her breast. Mary was surprised at how heavy her breast seemed. When she looked down to guide it to his mouth she gasped in shock. It was huge! Diana chuckled and said, Yes Mary, you've changed. You're breasts are filled with milk to nurse your little baby. Feed your baby, Mary. Both of your lives have been moving toward this moment from the minute you were born. Give your child suck and be complete."

She brushed the nipple against his lips and was delighted when he immediately took the tit into his mouth and began sucking. His tiny hands kneaded her breast as he sucked, causing little jets of milk to squirt into his mouth. Mary moaned happily, she had never dreamed nursing was this pleasurable for a woman. "Now you know the joy of nursing," said Diana. "You will breast feed him three times each day and each time that you feed him, your pleasure will grow. You are truly his Mother. He feels your pleasure as well. Behold the look on his face!"

A blissful expression radiated from his face as lay in her arms gorging himself on his mother's milk. His legs kicked out languidly as he suckled her tit. She smiled lovingly at him and switched him to her other breast, cradling his diapered bottom in her hand. "Diddums like Mommy's tiddy? Mommy promises she'll breast feed you every day. Mommy likes breast feeding her baby!", she said emphatically.

Mary chuckled and said, "You were always good at sucking beasts when you were a man, baby. Now you'll get all the tiddy you want. You'll be mommy's little tiddy-baby forever and ever, Sweetheart," she said, caressing him tenderly with her hand while he suckled. When he finished, Mary held him to her shoulder and bubbled him. Then she buttoned her blouse, knelt before Diana with baby Johnny in her arms and thanked the Goddess profusely. Diana assured her it was her pleasure, bade her rise and saw the grateful mother and baby to the door.

Diana sat down in the rocking chair with the sigh of a job well done, it wasn't easy to be a twenty-thousand-year old Mother Goddess these days. She had gone to sleep for a mere thousand-year nap and woken to find the world in a shambles. The world had forgotten how to honor and respect the sacredness of motherhood. Men had become raving beasts intent on stealing the affections of the great mother they had lost. She intended to make personal visitations on the worst of them. There was so much work to do and so many changes to be made. She rocked the hours away as she considered who would be next to taste her bounteous milk. She had so much to offer mankind!

Finis coronat infans

Copyright 1998 by Jennifer Loraine. All rights reserved.