Generations: Island Adventure Part 2


The AP Scout

Here's the next part of my story.

NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko
Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.

Part 2

Sunlight shone down on the ocean as waves gently rolled. A few
clouds drifted across the otherwise blue sky. A sailboat raced along the
coast before tacking and going back the way it had come. Mrs. Irene
Tsukino made a mental note to thank Mina for suggesting this. She hadn't
sailed for years. Her parents often rented sailboats when she was
growing up.

The sailboat she and company had rented for the day was of the
plainer variety. There was just enough standard equipment to navigate,
life jackets, and nothing more. It was the only one that the woman was
really willing to spend money on since the more elaborate sailboats
weren't worth the additional cost.

She glanced at the other occupants on the craft and smiled. Her
daughter was looking out into the distance with a thoughtful expression
on her face. Mina was discussing a hunky boy she had seen. Rini was only
half-listening. She was far more interested in the boat and the new
experience of sailing.
The little blond was wearing a pair of orange shorts, and a neon
yellow T-shirt, and an orange ribbon in her hair. Serena had gone for a
more practical set of bluejeans shorts and a white blouse. Rini, on the
other hand, was wearing her bathing suit bottoms and one of her mother's
old T-shirts.

Serena had reluctantly told her mother what had happened yesterday.
Her mother did wonder though what she had done. Rini was being very well
behaved and not in the least bit sulky like she usually was when Serena
had punished her.

'Mom?' Serena's voice broke into her thoughts.

'Yes?' Irene asked.

'Can I steer?'

'I want to too!' Rini piped up while scrambling back to where her
grandmother was.

'Okay, Serena, come here and I'll show you how.' Irene wished Ken
and her had been able to take Serena sailing like her parents had.

The next few minutes passed smoothly with Serena doing as her
mother instructed and keeping a weather eye on the shoreline so they
didn't lose sight of it. Once Irene was feeling confident, she said,
'I'm going to take a nap below.' She had been up late the night before.
'Serena, wake me up around lunchtime and we'll find a cove or something
to anchor in.'

'Okay Mom,' Serena called to her mother who went below to lie on
one of the small padded benches.

No sooner had Irene vanished below than Mina produced Rini's
Disguise Pen. Before Serena could stop her, Mina had morphed back to a
five-year-old once again. Her arms and legs shortened, chest flattened
completely. Slim curves became chunkier.

Serena gave the little girl a stern look. 'Remember what I said
yesterday.' Mina just giggled and made her way forward as far as she
could go. Rini was looking unhappy.

'Sorry, Sweetheart, you'll have to share,' Serena said.

'We'll be good, Mom,' Rini said solemnly.

Her mother smiled and said, 'Just keep it down.' Rini grinned and
moved forward to be with her friend.

Sometime later, the wind died and the sailboat was adrift at the
mercy of the currents. 'Should I get Grandma?' Rini asked Serena.

'Not yet,' the blond said, 'I'm gonna take a nap while we drift.
All that fresh air's made me sleepy. Wake me up if the wind picks up.'
Rini had to admit her mother loved to nap.

'Can I steer?' Rini asked.

'What if you steer when grandma comes up? She can show you and

'Wicked cool!' Mina declared.

'Okay Mom,' Rini agreed and then said to Mina, 'I think you should
like change back... just in case something happens.' Mina's response was
lost on Serena as she went below.

'We are like so dead!' Rini shouted over the wind that was trying
to rip her voice away. The sail was billowed out and the little boat was
cutting through the water at its best speed. Shortly after Serena had
gone down for a nap, the wind had come back with a vengeance. The
pint-sized Aino decided she was going to pilot the ship. For some
unexplainable reason, Rini had let her. 'Would you change back, Mina!'

'Chill out, Rini,' Mina said gleefully and spun the seemingly huge
wheel hard. The boat leaned over, one of the deck rails nearly touching
the water's surface. Rini groaned and was glad that the boat's speed
decreased as it lost the wind. The little pilot realized her mistake and
turned the wheel back the other way. Once again, the sail was full and
the boat shot through the water. 'Hey, where are you going?!?' Mina

'To get Mom and Grandma,' Rini replied. She was startled when the
five-year-old jumped on her back. 'Hey!'

'Are you nuts?!? The last thing I need is my bottom whacked!' Mina
then added in a soothing voice, 'Look, I can get us back to where we
were. We've been going in a straight line. We just like gotta turn this
thing around, right?'

'I don't know,' Rini said dejectedly.

'Come on and help me,' Mina replied. The pink-haired girl let
herself be coaxed back and sat beside little Mina who was at the wheel.
'See we just give it a spin and turn it around,' she guessed. With that,
she gave the wheel a mighty twirl nearly causing her tiny frame to fly
off her feet. 'Uh... Maybe you're right,' she said to Rini. She resumed
her normal twelve-year-old form and handed the Disguise Pen over to her
friend. 'We're turning but not enough,' the blond observed and gave the
wheel the hardest twirl she could.

Rini felt her stomach twist into a pretzel as an ominous sound came
from the wheel. Mina gulped audibly as the thing dropped from its
connection, rolled across the deck, and vanished over the side.

As Irene Tsukino secured the mooring line from their rented
sailboat around a tree, the middle-aged woman reflected on how close
they had come to just drifting. There had been a couple of paddles in
the boat but they had been next to useless. The current had pulled them
along after she had lowered the sails. It was just by sheer luck that
they had managed to make it to land.

'Well girls,' she said into the thick silence that had overcome the
little group since they had made landfall, 'We might as well take our
lunch and head off. We're bound to come across a road or house
sometime.' Without any steering control, there would be no way to sail

'Mom's right,' Serena said, the blond's voice tried to sound
cheerful. Turning, she led the way away from the beach. Walking wasn't
too difficult. The undergrowth was not thick nor were there many thorny
scrubs. In fact as they walked, Irene couldn't help but think that they
were actually walking on a grassy path that were defined by the
placement of the tropical bushes and trees. That had to indicate other

It wasn't long before the two preteens started complaining about
being hot and hungry. 'I do think we should take a break, Serena,' Irene
said with a smile, 'I'm not as young as I used to be.'

'Yeah, I could use a break too. I wish there was a little girl's
room around here.'

''Fraid a bush'll have to do,' the grandmother pointed out. 'I
think there's enough paper napkins in the basket too.'

'I can wait,' Serena replied with a frown.

'I think there's a clearing up ahead,' Mina offered.

'Well let's go up and see,' Irene said and took the lead.

Rini felt a peacefulness wash over her as she stepped into the
clearing. The tree branches interwove with each other to form a canopy
with a hole where the bright blue sky could be seen. In the center was a
clear pool of what looked like very refreshing water.

'Mom?' Serena said, breaking into Rini's thoughts.

'Hmmm?' her grandmother responded while settling herself onto a
large rock.

'Why not go for a quick dip here? It looks deep enough.'

'We didn't bring bathing suits,' Mina pointed out. She walked over
and sat down. She stuck a tentative foot into the water and exclaimed,
'Oh that's nice!'

'I don't think we need bathing suits,' Irene said and started
pulling her T-shirt off.

'But Grandma...!' Rini was shocked. Her friend was also looking
surprised as Serena followed suit. Soon enough, both older women were
standing in only their underpants and bras.

'We're all girls,' Irene pointed out with a grin as she undid her
bra. Serena now took on a slightly startled expression. 'Oh don't look
like that. This thing'll take forever to get dry if I get it wet.'

'Well, in that case, why not go whole hog and skinny-dip?' Serena
questioned then slipped her panties off. Irene gave her daughter a
strange look and followed suit. Then they both slipped into the water.

Rini couldn't believe it. Luckily, she had her bathing suit bottoms
and a T-shirt on so, she figured she could go in as is. She only wore a
bra sometimes.

'Come on, Rini!' Mina commanded. Rini had been so intent on her
mother and grandmother that she had completely missed the fact that her
friend had also removed all her clothing including her training bra and
was standing there as naked as the day she was born.

Rini reluctantly removed her clothing before following Mina into
the pool. It wasn't out of any embarrassment that the pink-haired girl
had wanted to keep her clothing on. It was because she just didn't
measure up to her mother, or even her grandmother, in the 'talents'
department. Having her blond friend join in was the only thing that
would have gotten the twelve-year-old to skinny-dip.

Mina giggled slightly as she came up from under the water. She
glanced at Rini and saw her pink-haired friend looking at something. She
followed the girl's gaze and found herself also looking at Mrs. Shields'
bosom. Rini was probably doing what they had both done on occasion:
compare themselves to the adults and teens around them.

Typically, it was torture. One of the blond's fondest wishes was to
be as big as Raye's mom someday. She hoped the Boob Fairy would visit
her soon. The junior high school boys wouldn't think she was a little
kid then.

After a while, Serena said, 'Well, nature's calling.' She pulled
herself up, got a couple of paper napkins, and headed off to find a
suitable bush.

'Time to dry off. These old bones need to lie down,' Irene
commented. She got out and wandered over to a sunny piece of ground,
spread her towel, and laid down. Mina saw her use her life jacket as a
makeshift pillow. Moments later, soft snoring could be heard.

Turning around so she could put her forearms on the ground, she
kicked her feet until her bottom popped out of the water before letting
it sink back down again. 'So, you like wanna sneak off and do what I was
talking about last night?'

'No way, Mina,' Rini said softly, 'I told you...'

'Yeah, yeah, that it wasn't a favor.' Mina rolled her eyes. Her
pink-haired friend gave her an annoyed look. 'It's only fair,' Mina
pointed out, 'I thought your mom'd would freak when she found out what
was happening.' The sight of Serena with a paddle had brought an
uncomfortable image to the ribbon wearing blond.

'She wants to get us home,' Rini said softly.

'Truth or Dare?'


'Oh come on, Rini, don't be so bummed.'

Rini sighed but said, 'Truth,' and gave her an expectant look.

'Truth or dare, when was the last time you got a spanking besides

'Oh sure, give me a hard one.'

'There's always the dare,' Mina pointed out with a grin.

Rini had meant what she said. Being regressed played havoc with her
memory of when things had happened sometimes. After a few moments, she
said, 'When I was ten.' She had been regressed but not before getting
her little bottom warmed.

'You're majorly serious?' Mina asked a little shocked. The
pink-haired girl nodded. 'Like tell me all the juicy details.'

Serena, having found a comfortable place, was taking her time. Her
eyelids drooped and for a moment closed before Serena opened them again.
'All this fresh air's making me sleepy.' All the exertion of that day
had also made her tired. 'I'm like majorly bummed out.'

The meatball-headed blond blinked. 'Majorly?' She hadn't used that
expression since she was a teen. Looking down, she noticed exactly what
she was doing and exclaimed, 'I'm acting like a total dweeb.' Was she
having a nervous breakdown? Her diction was becoming as bad as Rini's.

The thought of her daughter brought memories back. For a long
moment, Serena just crouched there before moving quickly to finish her
business. 'I completely forgot what happened!' Serena's mind flashed
with information as the night Sailor Pluto showed up came to her.
'Jesus, how long has it been?'

She had to find Rini and see if the Pink Spore remembered any of
this. Turning, she ran back towards where she had left the others. The
blond wondered what she was going to tell her mother.

Irene woke with a start. She sat up and looked around. When her
eyes landed on Rini, who was sitting on the pool's edge with her feet in
the water, they grew wide. Rini looked older but that was impossible.
Mina looked strange too. Something was wrong. She just couldn't put her
finger on it. 'Rini, where's Serena?' Her voice sounded odd as well.

'Mom hasn't come back, Grandma. Do you like want me to go and find

'Grandma?' the once raven-haired woman asked as she got up from the
ground. 'Rini, I'm your aunt. And what do you mean 'Mom'? I'm talking
about your cousin Serena.' The pink-haired girl suddenly looked nervous.
Mina was looking at her like she had lost her mind.

'But Grandma...' Rini began.

As Rini squirmed under her grandmother's stern gaze, Mina stared
into the pool. There was something at the back of her mind that was
nagging her. It suddenly came to her. Serena was her best friend.
'She's right,' Mina said to Rini, 'Serena IS your cousin and she's your
aunt.' What was Rini trying to do? Mina also remembered being Rini's
best friend, which didn't make much sense. She liked the little girl
but... It was then that the blond realized that Rini wasn't as little as
she should be.

'What the hell's going on?!?' she demanded. The final clue that
something wasn't right was that Mina herself was also smaller than she
should have been. There were few signs of puberty.

'I'd like to know the same thing, Mina,' Mrs. Tsukino said while
giving her own body a sour look. It was just then that Serena burst into
the clearing. Mina wondered why Serena looked almost as old as her

'Mom?' Rini asked.

'I'm like your cousin... ain't I?' Serena questioned.

Rini leaned against a tree staring at the ground as Serena tried to
explain what had happened. Irene was looking worried, as if her daughter
was slowly going insane right before her eyes. Mina, on the other hand,
was looking angry.

'So you just decided for us?!?' Mina demanded of Serena.

'Well, yeah...' Serena said meekly.

Rini glanced up as Mina gave a cry of alarm. She watched in wonder
as her best friend, who had once been her best friend, started to grow.
Arms and legs lengthened. Curves developed into a shapelier figure. Buds
grew into B-cup breasts. Her blond hair lengthened past her waist.

'What... what happened?!?' Irene demanded. She had taken a step

Suddenly Rini knew. 'She reverted to normal.' The others looked at
her. 'Well, it's been like six years.'

'SIX YEARS?!?' the others cried.

The pink-haired preteen ignored that and pushed on. 'You guys were
almost fifteen when this happened so she has to be like twenty or

'Wicked cool!' Mina yelled as she admired her shapely figure. The
boys won't ignore her now. 'Rini will be totally jealous,' she thought.

'But you should be younger, Rini,' Irene protested.

'No Grandma,' Rini said. She just couldn't bring herself to call
her 'Auntie', especially considering that in either case, the woman was
her grandmother. Irene looked like she was about to say something but
paused. Rini watched with growing comprehension as her grandmother's
eyes enlarged. The others also watched as the woman's features grew more
youthful. Her breasts firmed and her face softened. The white in her
hair faded out to leave it as it once had been. Hips became slim while
waist became smaller. The pink-haired girl guessed that her grandmother
must be closer to thirty-five than her normal fifty-something.

'What about me?' Serena asked her daughter.

'Don't know,' Rini admitted but before she could say anything more,
Serena's face also indicated that she was going to change. The
meatball-headed blond's changes were very subtle. The most noticeable
change was Serena's face that smoothed out. The worry lines that had
begun to develop vanished. Her breasts lost their sag and shrunk to a

'Looks like you're normal,' Rini said sadly. Serena gave her a
dangerous look. 'I meant like Mina, twenty or so.' Mina and Serena
looked like sorority sisters.

'What about you?'

'It's been six years. I'm like twelve... I think.' This time stuff
made her head hurt.

Twenty-one-year-old Serena wasn't feeling very happy. Her mother
kept asking her questions that she really didn't want to answer. She
didn't seem to have the confidence she did earlier. Worse still, Mina
wasn't talking to either her or Rini; Rini seemed to be in a
particularly gloomy mood. As she walked up the hill, she kept telling
herself that just over the crest they'd find a place where they could
call for help. The group had dressed as best they could even though not
everything fit or fit properly. They didn't mind; they were more
concerned about getting rescued than their modesty.

'Oh no!' Mina moaned, 'Are you sure you know where you're going?!?'

'Hey,' Serena sputtered, 'I just went in a straight line. It's not
my fault there's another beach.'

'So what do we do now?' Rini asked miserably.

'Rini, you and I are going to stay right here. Girls, split up and
head down the beach in both directions. See if you can find anybody.'

As Irene watched the two coeds head off down the beach, she sighed.
Her mind was full of two sets of memories and she hadn't had a chance to
really sort them out. Another reason was that she could tell that Rini
was upset. 'What's the matter, Sweetheart?' she asked the pink-haired
preteen as they sat on the warm hillside under a tree. The sun was high
above them; it had to be two o'clock at least.

'Mina's mad at both me and Mom.'

'You like having Serena as your mom, huh?' Irene asked. Rini
nodded. 'I remember all the fights you two used to get into.' The
younger girl blushed brightly.

'I'm really sorry, Grandma. I guess this is all my fault.'

'I wish you'd call me Aunt Irene. You make me sound... old.' And in
her current thirty-something body, she wasn't.

'It's just hard, Gran... Aunt Irene,' Rini confessed, 'I'm so used
to it...' She trailed off not wanting to discuss all the reasons.

'So why do you think this is all your fault?'

'I let Mina talk me into not waking you guys up until it was too
late,' Rini admitted sadly.

'Don't worry, Sweetheart. We'll be okay.' She then hugged Rini. For
a few minutes, the area was quiet and then she said softly, 'Oh my...'

'What?' Rini asked but Irene didn't respond.

She felt that tingling sensation spreading through her body. She
watched in horrified fascination as her arms and legs quickly shrank.
Her chest grew smaller until it was flat. Stomach and bottom bulged a
little as baby-fat was added in. Thighs and waist became nothing to
admire. Her hair shortened as her face also got chubbier. When it
stopped, she looked to be about three years old.

Irene could feel an inflow of energy surge through her even greater
than her last transformation. She wanted to run and play. The worry of
getting home to husband and son had completely vanished. She just wanted
to have fun. Springing up, she turned to the now older girl who was
staring at her. 'Let's pway!' she declared.

'I think we should wait for the others,' Rini said.

'No! I wanna pway!' little Irene shouted and started running back
the way they had come but Rini caught her. 'Lemme go!'

'We gotta wait, Grandma...' Rini said to her now toddler-sized
grandmother. Irene gave her an annoyed look.

When Serena had come around the bend and saw a boat, she felt her
hopes rise but as she ran towards it, the blond realized that it was
theirs. Her hopes were crushed even more when a figure appeared down the
beach. At first, Serena wasn't sure who it was but as it got closer, she
could tell it was Mina. The other blond wasn't looking very happy.

'It's an island,' Mina said after Serena had told her own tale,
'It's a freakin' island!' Mina glared at her. 'This is all your fault.'

'My fault?!' Serena asked.

'You better believe it, Meatball Head,' Mina declared, 'If you
hadn't been so majorly selfish, we wouldn't be in this mess.'

'Like you're the one that wrecked the boat!' Her blond friend
growled and started stomping back down the beach.

Serena was about to follow her when she felt a tingling sensation.
'Mina!' she called out. Mina turned around to glare but that quickly
faded. Serena somehow knew what was going to happen as she started
shrinking. Her arms and legs grew shorter and chubbier. Her breasts
vanished, much to her distress because Darien really liked that part of
her body. Her long pigtails became a ghost of their former length. Other
places with hair on it became very bare. A sudden wave of apprehension
washed over Serena and she ran to Mina and clamped onto one of the
taller blond's legs.

'You okay, Serena?' Mina asked. She figured her friend had to be
five, maybe even younger. She was certainly smaller than Raye. Well, the
five-year-old Raye anyway.

'I scwared,' Serena replied.

'GRANDMA!' Rini shouted out. The toddler had gotten away from her.
Hearing some giggling, Rini looked behind a bush and found the
raven-haired toddler crouched down. 'Gotcha!' she declared. Irene gave a
squeal of surprise and tried to run away from Rini but the older girl
caught her up. 'You've been very naughty. I told you to like stay with

Irene howled that she wanted down. The little girl squirmed and
struggled against her but the much stronger Rini held her firm. She
walked over to a rock where she sat down. Putting the little girl over
her lap, she raised her hand and brought it sharply down on the small

Her tiny grandmother started to cry in earnest. It wasn't until she
had given the toddler another few swats that Rini stopped herself.
'What am I doing?!?' she questioned. She felt a pang of guilt then.
Lifting the toddler up, she held her close and tried to talk soothingly
to her. After a few minutes, the toddler's crying diminished to
sniffles, she stuck a thumb into her mouth, and laid her head against

The pink-haired girl got up and started walking back to where she
had left their gear. They were about halfway back when something warm
touched her skin. Shifting Irene slightly, she realized that the little
girl was peeing on her. 'Eew!' She became even more grossed out when
something warm and mushy plopped onto her right foot. Irene started to
cry again. 'Don'tcha worry, Grandma,' Rini assured the little girl,
'We'll get you cleaned up.'

Mina came over the crest of a small hill. She was surprised to find
Rini out in the water. The pink-haired girl was bent over something. As
the blond moved down the far side, she saw her friend was splashing
water onto a toddler's bottom. She ran over to them. 'No way, Rini! Is
that Mrs. Tsukino?'

Rini turned around still keeping a firm hold on the naked
three-year-old who was happily splashing in the warm waters. 'Yeah, she
changed.' Rini noticed Mina was alone and walked back on shore. 'Where's

'Yeah, Mrs. Shields... I mean Serena,' Mina forced herself to say,
'changed when we were by the sailboat.'

'You were like by the sailboat, Mina?' Rini asked.

'Yeah,' the blond replied, 'I found out this is an island.'

'But where's Mom?!' Rini felt herself getting worried. 'I mean if
she's changed...'

'Cool your jets. She's just hiding under some bush up the beach and
won't come out.'

'And why's she hiding under a bush?' Rini gave her friend a hard

'Um... I spanked her.' Rini looked horrified. 'Jesus, Rini, it's
not like she's never done it to us...' Mina said with exasperation, 'So
maybe, I shouldn't have but it was only a couple swats; nothing like you

'You mean she didn't do anything wrong?' the twelve-year-old

'I guess if you don't call rewriting your supposed friend's future
and being a selfish bitch wrong, then I guess she didn't do nothing

Rini's face flushed red and she said in a menacing tone, 'You watch
Grandma. I'm gonna go find Mom, 'k?' The pink-haired girl then ran off
into the bushes, Mina looking after her.

'I try to do you a favor and...' she thought. Sighing, the blond
coed rolled her eyes and wandered down to the water's edge, 'Say there,
you havin' fun?'

'Yeah!' Irene's giggled, her young eyes sparkling with delight.

To be continued...

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