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This is my fourth AR/AP story. I hope you'll like it.

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Christmas Day in Tokyo was cold. Everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice. The sun sat in a cloudless blue sky. The wind from the north was raw and biting.

In the home of the Tsukino family, a little girl of about seven sat on the floor and looking rather disgusted. She had pink hair that was done up in fluffy pigtails and cone-shaped meatballs. The floor of the living room was littered with wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbon. A Christmas tree sat in one corner, its lights winking merrily. "A coloring book?" Her cousin, fourteen-year-old, Serena Tsukino flinched. "And a toy?!"

"But it's a majorly big bunny, Rini," Serena said. The stuffed pink toy bunny had to be as tall as the child herself.

"Gee... thanks," the child remarked while tossing the coloring book to the ground.

"Come and try on this sweater, Rini," Irene Tsukino said. "Do I have to, Auntie? I'm not a boy." The sweater was blue with a yellow double zigzag pattern around the neckline. Her aunt insisted so, she got up from the floor and held her arms up.

"Now that isn't so bad, is it?" her aunt asked. "No," the pink-haired child said and started pulling the sweater off but she was stopped.

"You should like show Darien. He'll like it," Serena suggested. Her father growled darkly but made no further comment.

"Do I have to?" Rini whined again. This was pathetic! Where were all the good gifts? Except for the candy, all of the junk was for babies. She should have gotten a neat watch like Serena had. Sammy, Serena's younger brother, was completely oblivious to the ensuing argument as he blasted his way through one of his new video games. Mrs. Tsukino's ears were saved by the ringing of the doorbell. "Darien!" Rini cried when she saw the dashing man standing at the front door. She ran over and hugged him.

"Like your sweater," he said, "Is it new?" "Huh?" the child asked, "This thing?" Her nose wrinkled for a moment. "I got candy, Darien. Want some?"

Darien Shields chuckled slightly and shook his head. "Rini, it's not even ten yet." He detached the little girl from his leg and walked to meet his girlfriend. Rini pouted and crossed her arms. "So THIS is the boy..." Mr. Tsukino intoned.

"Hello sir," Darien greeted him.

"Daddy, you majorly promised..." Mr. Tsukino crossed his arms and glowered.

"Hi Muffin," Serena greeted him.

"This is for you."

"Gee thanks, Darien!" Rini declared and snatched the gift out of his hand. Before anyone could stop her, she ripped open the present and whistled. "It's really cool. What is it?"

"It's a music box... and Serena's present." "Yeah, Spore, so like give it back!" Serena said and made a grab for it.

"No way, this is mine! You got tons of neat stuff already!" The child danced out of her cousin's grip. "Rini, give back that right now," Irene said sternly. Not looking happy, Rini did so. She growled when Serena kissed Darien again, this time for a longer time. Her annoyance grew when she noticed Darien fondling his girlfriend's left breast just out of her father's sught. Finally, she tapped him and asked, "Didn't you get me a present?" She gave him her best hurt puppy-dog look.

"Well, of course, I got you something." "Really? What?" the pink-haired girl asked. "Here," Darien said and handed her a medium sized package. She ripped it open, blinked, and looked at him before looking back at the present. "Crayons?"

"And paints," Darien added.

"Hey, Serena! I'll trade you?" Darien gave her a hurt look. "Rini, don't be rude," her Uncle Ken said, "Why don't you go and draw something for us. Maybe take your stuff up to your room?" "But..."

"Now..." Rini knew that tone well. Sighing, she went to the living room and collected her presents before heading for the stairs. As she was heading up to the second floor, she heard Serena say, "Don't feel bad, Muffin. She was up late last night and up early too. She's just cranky. Maybe a good nap will help."

"I'll fix you, Serena," Rini muttered as she stomped up the stairs.

Irene walked into the living room and looked around. Sammy was still playing his video game, Ken was dozing in his chair, and Serena and Darien were snuggled on the couch. "Have you seen Rini?" "Not me, Mom," Serena answered. "I called her and she like didn't answer." "Maybe she's asleep," Darien offered. "Or sulking."

"Now Serena..." her mother began but someone banging on the door drew her attention. Wondering whom it could be, she hurried to the front door and opened it. "Yes?" she asked the young man who was standing on her porch.

"You got smoke coming from your backyard." "What?!?" Irene demanded. Quickly pulling on her shoes, she rushed out of the house and around to the back.

Serena and Darien quickly followed Mrs. Tsukino out of the house to see what the commotion was all about. As soon as they stepped outside into the cold clear weather, they could smell the pungent scent of smoke. The blond sucked in her breath at the sight of the fire and covered her mouth in surprise. Darien rushed to help Serena's mother who was pushing snow onto the fire that was belching out black smoke. "Hey!" came a high-pitched voice, "What you go and do that for?!" Serena turned to look at her pink-haired cousin in surprise. "You did this?"

"I worked really hard for that. I thought we could have a little fire."

"I'll give you a little fire..." Irene replied, "Were you trying to burn down the house?" "No, just getting rid of some crap." The teen sniffled and bit her lower lip. It was the presents that she had gotten Rini that her cousin was calling crap. The blackened remains of the stuffed bunny were clearly visible, along with remnants of the coloring book. The blond drew in a sharp breath when she saw the remains of a blue sweater lying in the ashes as well. "Rini, don't say such things!" her aunt scolded sternly while taking her arm.

"Hey! I'll call it what it is." "Thank you for telling us about this," the woman said to the young man. "If you'd excuse me." She then headed for the house dragging a protesting Rini behind her. "Thanks," Serena told the young man, "My cousin could have gotten majorly hurt."

"Not a problem." With a wave of his hand, he left the yard and went on his way.

"You okay, Meatball Head?" Serena sniffled before shivering. "Let's go in where it's warm." She let him wrap an arm around her and led her inside.

They came in to find Irene scolding Serena's pink-haired cousin as her outside clothes were removed. Serena slowly removed her boots and placed them carefully while watching her cousin. The child remained grimly silent until Irene finished by saying, "You will spend the rest of the day in your room and go to bed early!"

"But Auntie..."

"And since you're interested in fire, I'll give you one of your own," Irene said. Serena watched sensing that Darien was uncomfortable but afraid to move. Rini knew what was coming and began to cry. Her aunt's patience had run out. The older woman undid the jeans Rini was wearing before tugging them down along with her underpants. She then lifted the pink-haired girl up over her knee and secured her arms. "No!" Rini cried. She couldn't believe Darien was seeing this. Her crying increased as Irene started smacking her tender white buttocks. Soon her white cheeks were growing hot pink.

Serena felt no joy. She had truly wanted Rini to be happy on this great day but could understand her mother being upset. When her mother finished, Irene stood Rini up, pulled up the lowered clothing, and said sternly, "Now get up to your room. I don't want to see you downstairs for anything!" With a final swat, she let Rini go. The child bawled the entire time as she ran up to her room. "Serena, come help me please."

"Okay Mom," Serena said and moved away from Darien. This had not been the way she wanted to spend Christmas.

The streetlights blazed in the late twilight. Rini Tsukino's room was dark. The little girl laid on her bed with Luna Ball clutched in her arms. "You're my only friend," she said sadly to the cat-shaped ball. "Nobody likes me."

The Sailor Scouts had come that afternoon but no one had come up to see her. Only Mina turned to look sadly up at her window when the pink-haired girl had tapped upon it seeing them leave. Sammy had run off to see what his friends had gotten after dinner. She pushed herself up and looked out to see Darien move across the front lawn. She felt a cold blast of air rush into her room as she pushed the window open. "Darien!" she called but he didn't turn around. "DARIEN!" she called again but he didn't even stop.

Blinking back tears, she closed the window and hugged Luna Ball to her chest. "Nobody loves me." She was away from her parents; she couldn't even go and see any of her friends. What hurt most, though, was that the Sailor Scouts hadn't said anything, not even in disapproval. She had heard them coming along the hall and going into Serena's room. Not one had come in to even say hi. "They're all Serena's friends." They weren't hers. When it came to Serena, the girls always stuck up for her ditzy blond-haired cousin.

"I don't know why 'cuz she's a stupid meatball." Her door opened and her aunt walked into the room. "Rini?" "Yes, Auntie Irene?" the child asked.

"Your uncle and I are going to visit some friends. I don't want you giving Serena any trouble." "Okay Auntie."

"I'm glad you behaved yourself today. No trouble tonight or you'll spend all of Christmas break in your room." "I promise, Auntie Irene," Rini replied soberly. "Is Serena still mad at me?" Her cousin hadn't say anything to her all day. The older woman looked at her for a long time. "Serena is upset." "Oh..." the little girl said and looked at the ground. She lay back down on the bed when her aunt left the room and stared up at the ceiling.

Sailor Pluto's brow furrowed as she narrowly glared at a spot in the timestream. "She's at it again." The Guardian of Time sighed. "Why am I not surprised?" she asked herself. She liked the pink-haired princess but recently, the little girl was becoming a royal pain in the ass.

The Black Moon Family War was supposed to be very quick. Instead, it had dragged on because a certain spoiled little princess stole the Imperium Silver Crystal. That was just the start to Pluto's miseries. How could anyone expect her to protect the timeline with all this time jumping being allowed?

"I'm gonna put a stop to this," she grumbled out. Enough was enough. "First thing I have to do though is make sure they aren't interfered with."

Serena waved good-bye to her parents before heading upstairs again. Walking down the hallway, she opened her cousin's door and entered the bedroom. "Time to have your bath, then it's right to bed." She walked across the room and flicked on a bedside light as the pink-haired child sat up. Rini blinked and sat up.


"What?" the blond asked.

"I'm... sorry." Serena sighed and sat down on the bed. "Do you wanna spank me?" The older girl shook her head. "How come?" "'Cause Mom like already did." The blond ran a hand through her hair and asked, "Rini, why did you like destroy all of those way cool things?" When her little cousin didn't answer, she said, "Come on, Fungus, it's time for your bath."

Sniffling, the little girl asked, "You don't like me any more, do you?"

The teen was baffled by this question and sat staring at her cousin. "Who? Don't like throw a major spaz or nothing. It's just a bath." Rini gave her an annoyed look. "What?" "Do you like me?"

"Sure I do," Serena replied, "I'm just a little pissed you like majorly totaled the Christmas gifts you got." "So you made the other Scouts not come and say hi." "Hold on!" Serena ordered, "What are you talking about?" When her cousin told her, the blond look even more baffled. "Mom told them that you were like totally grounded in your room. They could see how steamed she was so they didn't come in to say hi." Deciding to try and cheer up the pink-haired child, she added, "They're your friends too." "Nuhuh, the Scouts are just YOUR friends. They always stick up for you." Rini sighed. "I wish I was big. Then I could be friends with them too."

"They ARE your friends. Sometimes, we like... wanna do stuff you can't. And 'sides, you got Melissa as a friend." "But Missy's not a Sailor Scout."

The blond sat for a long time; Rini shifted uncomfortably beside her. The child wished she hadn't said so much. She didn't know why she had said all that to Serena. "You feel pretty lonely, don't you?" Her little cousin looked away. "Being away from your mommy and daddy has to be hard."

"Yeah... I miss Mommy 'n' Daddy." "I bet you miss your friends too." "I... I don't have any friends there," Rini confessed. "What a major bummer," Serena said and gave her a one armed hug. "Being a princess is kinda hard, huh?" "How would you know?" the child challenged. "Hey I'm..." Serena trailed off. "What?!" the pink-haired girl demanded. "I was a princess." The blond gave her cousin a sour look as the child began to giggle. "I'm not kidding!"

"Prove it."

"I'm Sailor Moon, Princess of the Moon, ain't I? I use the Imperium Silver Crystal. Isn't there a Sailor Moon in the future?" The child suddenly sobered. The teen sighed in exasperation. "No way you're a princess... You eat too much." "Looks who's talking!" They stuck their tongues out at each other for a long time.

"I am sorry, Serena," Rini said finally.

"Why'd you do it?"

"All that stuff was for babies." "You're only like seven, Rini." Serena stood up and got the child's bathrobe. "My parents aren't a king and queen. They don't make gobs of money or anything. NOW come on and have your bath." The little girl slipped from the bed and started to undress.

As bubbles exploded from underneath her and rolled to the surface of the water, Rini Tsukino blushed deeply. "Rini!" Serena scolded from behind her in the tub. "Get out and use the toilet." "I can't help it if I gotta fart," the child replied indignantly. "Well, be careful or there'll like be something besides us in here."

"Eeww!" the child declared and gave her cousin a disgusted look. Tossing a washrag over her shoulder, she said, "Wash my back." A smile crept onto her face as the teen grumbled. As the blond began washing her back, Rini closed her eyes and started humming. After a short pause, the child asked, "Serena, did... did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?" When the scrubbing motion stopped, she turned at the waist to face her teenage cousin. "What didn't you get?" "What I wish for every single day, that I'm married to Darien." Rini said sadly, "Darien won't ever be my boyfriend, will he?" Serena gave her a sad smile. "Sorry, Spore, he's mine and has been for a majorly long time. But I bet he's your friend." The little girl shook her head. Darien wouldn't be her friend; no body was. "I'll ask him when I go over tonight."

"You're going over?" The teen nodded. "I wanna come!" "No bloody way!" Serena retorted, "You are going to bed EARLY and staying there. When Mom and Dad get home, I'm heading over to Darien's!"

"Lemme go."


"I'll crap in your bed."

"Do it, Fungus, and you won't live to see your birthday." "Please Serena? I'll be extra 'specially good. I'll even sleep on that old couch," the little girl begged. She didn't feel so alone when Serena was around.

"Like no way, Mom won't go for it. She like nearly blew a gasket when you torched that stuff." The older girl raised the washrag. "You want me to finish?"

"Don't change the subject, Meatball Head!" "What's the subject?" Serena asked in a puzzled voice. Feeling like she was having a tooth pulled without anesthetic, the pink-haired child said, "I wanna be with you." If her cousin hadn't been baffled before, she was now.


"I..." She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Her stomach turned as she realized that she was going to cry in front of Serena. She felt the older girl hug her.

"Rini, I'll be your friend, no matter what you do... Well except for crapping in my bed. I'd have to put you in a diaper then." The child half giggled, half sobbed.

"Please Serena? You 'n' Darien are the only ones that care 'bout me. I know the Sailor Scouts would protect me but..." She just couldn't bring herself to say what she felt when she was around Serena. Serena sighed, "Oh, okay. Maybe we can sneak you out of the house..."

"We'll use Luna Ball," Rini replied with a smile. Feeling both reluctant and relieved, Rini pushed herself up and got out of the tub. "Where are you going?" her cousin asked her. "I need to use the toilet." As she settled herself onto the toilet, Rini had to admit that hugging Serena wasn't bad either. She'd rather die than admit it to her though.

"I'm really sorry, Muffin," Serena said as she lay snuggled against her boyfriend later that night. "She like... she's not our Rini." The blond sat up and said, "Maybe she's from the Negaverse." "Meatball Head," Darien replied and pulled his girlfriend back down. "It's cold when you move the covers." Kissing her, he sighed. "Luna Ball musta done some number on your parents if they let her come." Serena grinned, "I do feel guilty, Muffin... She kinda made them think that Sammy did it." The man winced. "I know, way harsh. I would be majorly POed if she had done that before but I really think she meant it, Darien. She's majorly lonely."

"Think she's asleep?"

Serena snuggled closer and kissed him. "She was out when I checked." Serena ran a hand over his muscular chest. "Went right to bed when I told her too." There was a lull in the conversation before she asked, "Darien... did it really make you uneasy watching her get punished? I mean you've seen me do it a couple of times, and Rini has to talk to you about it."

Darien laid there in the darkness for a long time before turning to look directly at her. "I don't like to take sides. Rini is a special little girl. I know sometimes she does bad things but it's really between her and you guys. I try to keep out of it."

"So if we like have kids, you're gonna make me be the ogre?" "Don't be silly, Meatball Head," Darien chuckled and wrapped an arm around her. His fingers brushed over her supple breast and she giggled a little. "I'd be their dad... but..." he paused for a moment and then asked in a softer tone, "Did your father ever..." Serena was glad for the darkness as she blushed a little. "Yeah, if I was really bad."

"Really bad?" her boyfriend prodded. "Oh... say painting on brand new wallpaper." She blushed even more as her boyfriend chuckled.

"I think you were as much of a brat as Rini can be." "Hey!" the teen protested, "I was never a brat like that pink fungus."

"Shut up and kiss me," Darien demanded and Serena happily complied.

Pluto grinned. "That was unexpected." Well, it solved one of her problems. Now she just had to arrange everything. Just to make sure that a little pink-haired child didn't foul things up worse than they already were, she bumped her slightly out of sync. "So who's next?" Mina, she'd care of the easiest one first.

The Guardian of Time slipped into Mina Aino's bedroom quietly, like a shadow. Artemis never even stirred. The teenager before Pluto slept soundly. She was wearing an orange set of pajamas. Raising her staff, she started controlling time as it applied to the girl before her. The room's contents started to shift. The posers of teen idols vanished. The already numerous mound of stuffed toys grew even more so. The bed started to shift and become more childlike. "Wha?" Mina questioned. The teen rolled to one side and fell off the bed.

"PLUTO!" Artemis cried as he leapt to his feet.

"What are you..." Mina froze.

Her long slender legs began to shorten, thicken slightly. Graceful curves of her once proud B-cup breasts and shapely hips slowly shrunk. Green eyes stared in horror as arms shortened, fingers grew smaller, hair shortened. The teen could feel muscles shifting in her body. It didn't hurt but she could tell that something very unusual was happening. The room seemed to grow larger around her. Artemis watched in stunned shock as his charge grew smaller. He felt his mouth turn dry as the signs of teenhood left her and she entered childhood.

Pluto watched as Mina grew younger and younger. The years slipped away, causing the once beautiful teen to be more childlike. When she was finished, the cute five-year-old began to cry. Walking forward, she scooped up the child and settled her back into bed. "Shhh... don't worry, Mina. Everything's all right."

"Promise," the child asked sadly.

"Yes, I promise." Pluto held out a stuffed toy which the little blond took. "Now you go to sleep, little one." Slipping a thumb into her mouth, Mina settled back onto the bed and closed her eyes. "Goodnight," Pluto said and tucked the covers around the child. "What did you do to her?" Artemis hissed.

"Oh go to sleep!" Pluto remarked. Instantly, the white cat went to sleep. The Guardian of Time smiled. "They won't remember a thing." It was the way it had to be.

Lita Kino stood in front of the full-length mirror that was in her bathroom. Stretching, she watched as her firm muscles flexed. Her smooth stomach elongated; her large supple breasts rose. Long legs joined trim hips and butt. A brown patch of hair nestled between her legs hid her womanhood. The ponytail sat high and long atop her head. The soft brown hair moving with her movements.

Reaching up, she undid the ponytail before shaking her hair out. For a moment longer, she looked at herself and in that moment her appearance changed. Crow's feet appeared around her eyes. Worry lines traced their way across her forehead as her once soft skin became more weathered. Brown age spots started to appear.

Her once firm bosom grew larger then sagged, hanging lower. A small scar rested upon the top of one nipple where it had not been before. Her flat stomach bulged, stretch marks rippling into existence. Her hips and buttocks thickened.

Her nether regions shifted to show her maturity. Soft brown hair grayed. Once taunt skin sagged and she became slightly stooped as the wait of years pressed down upon her.

Memories flooded her mind, of her family, of children, of her husband. Then the moment was over.

Blinking, Lita yawned and brushed a few strands of gray hair from her face. "Looking good for sixty," she said to herself. She walked slowly from the bathroom. Entering her bedroom, she padded over to the bed and settled down beside her husband.

"The cold don't like these old bones."

"I like 'em," her husband replied.

"And I like yours too," she answered. Together, they slipped beneath the covers and embraced. "Got a busy day tomorrow, Lita?" he asked.

"I have to meet with the girls but then, I'm free." "Good, I'll take you to lunch. Then we can finish the rest of our shopping."

"Yes before the final mad rush of the last minute shoppers." As the old couple drifted to sleep, Sailor Pluto chuckled softly and slipped form the room. "Two down, four to go."

Fourteen-year-old Amy Anderson rubbed her eyes and yawned as she waited in her mother's office at the hospital. Flipping a page in her junior high school textbook, she continued reading until her senses said that she wasn't alone. Jerking her head up, she was startled to see Sailor Pluto standing there.

"Pluto?!" Amy rose and looked around the office. The door was still closed and there was no one else except the two Sailor Scouts. "What are you doing here?"

"I require your assistance." "Then I should call the..." "No, I have already seen the others," Pluto said, "You are the logical one of the group so I'll explain what I need of you." The blue-haired youth wasn't sure what to respond with so she remained silent. "I need you to grow up."

Amy felt a little indignant. "I'm very mature." "No, I mean grow up, become an adult." "I will in time. I have a few years to go yet," she said with a blush.

"That's not soon enough." Pluto raised her staff. A bolt of energy shot out and struck Amy fully. The blue-haired teen gave a startled gasp and staggered backwards.

Amy sat in bemused wonderment as arms and legs thickened and elongated. Her petite breasts also grew larger. Even more surprising was that her clothes shifted to match her new proportions. She felt her stomach broaden and flatten out. Her hair grew a little longer. Her womanhood enlarged and became more mature.

"Is this what you meant?" Amy asked.

"Yes, but you can not remember me." As she was hit with another bolt of energy, the now blue-haired young woman of twenty-four slumped in the chair fast asleep. "Goodnight, Dr. Anderson," she said to the medical intern. "Say hello to your husband for me." As Sailor Pluto vanished, Amy's mother came into the room. "Amy, come on... You should go home."

"Hmm... Mom? Yes, Chad will wonder where I am." Amy smiled at her mother. "I wonder how Raye was tonight?" She laughed as her mother made a slightly sour face.

"Despite what you might think. Interns are allowed to sleep." "I know but it's a lot of work." Yawning, Amy hugged her mother and after picking up her purse, headed for the door. "Goodnight." "Goodnight, dear," the older Dr. Anderson answered.

Raye felt cramped. A sudden urge to go to the bathroom struck her and she jerked away. Much to her surprise, she wasn't sitting on her bed but was faced with the bars of a crib. In the gloom of a nightlight, she could see her room wasn't her room. It was a nursery.

"What the hell is going on?" she questioned aloud. Things started to happen as if in slow motion then. She felt her face bloating out, becoming thicker, her flat stomach started to bulge a little. Her long thick hair shortened and the patch between her legs seemed to be growing in reverse. Legs and arms shortened and became fatter. Teeth shrank and shifted as her adult teeth vanished to be replaced with baby teeth. Fingers thickened and became less nimble. Raye looked around and saw that her surroundings were growing larger. Her clothes changed to a red baby sleeper with a teddy bear on it. Her silk panties thickened and changed to a crunch diaper.

"CHAD!!!!" It was his fault and she'd make him pay for this. Her now untrained bowels released their contents and her diaper filled with a pungent mess. Warm urine seeped out and made her feel very uncomfortable.

"God damn it, Chad!" Raye shouted, now standing up and shaking the bars of her crib. Her door opened to reveal Chad in a pair of boxers. The new toddler opened her mouth to yell at him for being a pervert but all that came out was a high-pitched wail. "Whoa, man, like calm down, Little Dudette," the apprentice priest said as he crossed the nursery. Raye was going to tell him that she had a perfect right to be upset but all she did was cry louder. "Raye made a stinky," he observed.

The priestess' mind raced. Why couldn't she make him understand? She knew how to talk. "Stinky," she finally sobbed out. "Don't worry, Raye. We'll get you changed in no time." "I... Chad..." Raye knew the words she wanted to get out but somehow couldn't.

"Goodness, what's the matter?" "Amy!" Raye cried. She started reaching for her friend then stopped. "Amy?" It was Amy but older. "Wha-?" "Oh poor Raye," Amy said. She moved over and took Raye into her arms. "Let's get you cleaned up." When she kissed Chad fully on his lips, all Raye could do was wail. "Oh I know but let me say hello to my husband."

Raye couldn't believe what was happening, even as she was settled onto a change table and stripped. With all the will she could muster, Raye got a hold of herself. She calmed some and was soon sniffling a little.

"There we go now. Raye's all clean," Amy cooed as she finished wiping Raye with a baby wipe. "Now we just put some nice powder on." "Powder..." Raye replied, "Raye stinky." "Well, not any more." When a fresh diaper was on her and she was back in a set of bunny pajamas, Amy held her close and stroked her black hair. "Now go to sleep."

"Amy..." The barely three-year-old tried to argue but soon she dropped off to sleep and was gently placed back into her crib.

Pluto covered her mouth and chuckled, "I should do that more often!" She'd have to remember to come back and watch that again. Turning, she walked towards her final destination. "Well, Princess, it's time for you." One of the biggest problems was that Rini's parents spoiled her. "So I plan on making sure they can't spoil you quite so much." After opening a portal, she stepped into the timestream to another place.

Generations (Part 2)

by By the AP Scout (

As Sailor Pluto watched Rini Tsukino sleep, she felt a little guilty. "She isn't all that bad." It occurred to Pluto that the cause might have been Their Majesties spoiling her. "Now how best to proceed?"

She was peeing. Rini knew this the instant her eyes snapped open. She wasn't sure what had caused her to wake up. Perhaps, it was her bladder releasing. For a short time, she struggled with the choice of what to do. Then, the flow stopped leaving her pajama bottoms sopping wet.

"I'm really gonna get it," Rini grumbled as she threw back the covers. She thought she had outgrown wetting the bed. Turning on Darien's couch, the one she had been sleeping on, Rini flicked on a nearby lamp. The pink-haired girl blinked in the bright light. She pushed the covers aside and got up from the couch. Rini felt herself blush at the dark spot on the upholstery. A mildly pungent odor drifted to her nose. "Serena'll never believe I'm not a little kid," Rini grumbled to herself. The seven-year-old considered what she could do to put off telling her cousin and Darien.

After a few seconds, Rini grinned. Quickly, she pulled the covers off the couch and tossed the dirty ones to one side. "I'll just hide this," she said to herself as she flipped the soiled cushion over, effectively hiding the dark patch.

Gathering up the soiled bedding, Rini quickly went to the bathroom. Once inside, the child locked the door and emptied the clothes hamper before stuffing the incriminating evidence into it. The pink-haired girl then put everything else back on top.

"Hmmm..." Pluto thought as she watched Rini, "This is interesting." The Guardian of Time was starting to think there was hope for the little princess yet.

Rini came out of the bathroom after washing with a towel wrapped around her. Tucked under her arms were her soiled garments. The child glanced towards the bedroom door. There was no sign of her cousin or Darien so, Rini breathed a little easier and crept across the living room floor to the couch. She spent a few moments getting out a fresh set of underpants and an undershirt she had brought for the next day. "I should've brought pajamas."

Serena didn't wear pajamas though; maybe that's why her cousin always treated her like a little kid. "I don't need pajamas," the pink-haired child declared softly. Pulling on the underpants, she discarded the towel before pulling on the undershirt. "There," Rini said with satisfaction.

Over the next few minutes, she remade her bed on the couch the best she could. By the time she was done, she felt very cold.

"Now," Pluto said with a grin. She was going to give Rini a chance to prove herself.

The child had just gotten back onto the couch when it started to shake. Jumping from it, she watched in awe as it changed, elongated, and widened. It was becoming a bed. A bed that was all pink with white highlights.

"What the hell..." She turned around to call for Darien and Serena and stopped. The living room wasn't a living room anymore. She watched as the walls and door shifted. Furniture seemed to sink into the floor and while other furniture rose. The television became smaller. The stereo shifted position. Rini leapt onto the bed as the coffee table sank into the floor. Posters of idol stars appeared on the walls. A few stuffed animals appeared.

With every passing moment, things changed from a living room of an apartment to that of a young girl's room. Rini felt scared. "Serena!" she called out, "Darien!" Where were they? Then she started to change. The room seemed to grow smaller as her legs extended. Her arms became long and slender. Her pink hair grew longer. She felt her chest expand slightly. Where it had been totally flat was now slightly puffy areas around her nipples. She felt a funny sensation and pulled her underpants open in time to see little hairs beginning to sprout. Her underpants became smoother; her undershirt became a slip. "Mom! Dad!" Rini blinked. "Serena! Darien!" She really had to concentrate to call them that. Where were they?

It was the shaking of the bed that woke Serena up. Sleepily sitting up, she looked around the room. The moon, sitting in a cloudless sky, was casting eerie shafts of pale moonlight into the room. The blond glanced at Darien noting that he was still asleep.

"Wha-?" she asked softly. The very sheets and covers around her form were shifting. They became softer and slightly different in color. The pillow, on which Darien's soft, handsome face lay, grew a little larger, a little softer. Serena's mind registered that she was now naked. Her nightgown had disappeared.

Serena was distracted from this sight when she noticed her body was tingling. Glancing down, she saw her barely A-cup breasts enlarge, become less pert, and began to sag slightly. She could feel muscles shifting and she shivered slightly in the cool air as her stomach flattened a little. Her areola grew larger. Her spine elongated as did her arms and legs. Hips shifted as well but her curves only became more graceful. A nearby mirror showed a ghostly image of her face as it aged slightly, still holding its beauty but also showing more maturity than she had previously. Soon, a woman of nearly thirty stared back at her. If it hadn't been for the transformation of her body, Serena would have noticed the room shifting, furniture rearranging itself, and being replaced with new items.

When the shaking finally stopped, Serena was looking intently at Darien. He hadn't changed much but there were some signs that he had also matured. Hair on his chest and face grew thicker. More early-thirties than his previous nineteen. A few gray hairs started to appear.

It was from this inspection that she first noticed the gold ban on his left hand. Her heart leapt into her mouth. Darien was married. As if to deny this fact, Serena tore her eyes from the ban and looked at her own hand.

"Majorly cool..." the former teen whispered out upon seeing a diamond ring there. "This is like so majorly far out." Darien grumbled something in his sleep. Shivering again, Serena realized that she was cold.

She was just thinking of getting up when she heard a girl's voice. That reminded her that Rini had been with her. The blond sighed. "Ruin a perfectly good setup," she mumbled as she got out of bed and pulled on a bathrobe to keep warm and preserve her modesty. She hoped her "husband" wouldn't wake up; he looked so handsome sleeping there. Her nipples on her new C-cup breasts stood erect at the thought.

Padding across the bedroom, she opened the door to find a youth of about eleven years old coming down the hall. The youth was too big to be Rini although she looked very familiar. Serena exited the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

"Rini?" she called softly, her voice sounding more mature. "Mo... Serena?" the pink-haired girl said and sprinted to Serena. "Hey, you're bigger."

"So are you," the blond replied

"What's going on, Meatball Head?" Her now adult cousin shrugged.

"Like why are you asking me?"

"Yeah, you're too dumb. I should ask Darien."

"No, you don't, Fungus. He's sleeping." Serena presented her hand to the preteen. "See, we're married."

"Don't shoot me that load of crap. I ain't a little kid no more." Serena frowned at her once little cousin's use of language. "Like, don't say that, Rini. It's like majorly wrong." Fearing that she might disturb her husband, Serena said, "Just like, go back to bed. You'll catch cold standing around here like that."

Rini was about to protest but stopped. Waking Darien up wasn't going to do her any good. "Fine... Meatball Head." Turning, the pink-haired girl walked back down the hall towards her room. Serena gave a satisfied smile before going back to HER husband. If this was a dream, she liked it!

Back in her room, Rini stared at herself in a mirror. She was older; she could tell that. And the room sure didn't look like a little kid's room. It didn't even look like her room in the Royal Palace. As her eyes landed on a poster of a very handsome teen male, she felt something stir within her.

She felt excited and she liked looking at the poster. He couldn't be much older than she was now. Maybe he could be a boyfriend of hers. That made her even more excited. She stared at the poster for another few moments before climbing into bed. The preteen pulled the covers over her, turned off the light, and drifted off to sleep.

Serena yawned.

Stretching, the blond sat up and looked at her chest. "Wicked cool!" she exclaimed. It hadn't been a dream. She reached up and cupped one of her new breasts. She had always wished they were larger and now they were. "This is like majorly far out." Turning to greet her new husband properly, Serena found the bed empty. "I bet that little pink spore woke him up!"

Pulling on some panties and a robe, she ran from the room and stopped. Her mouth swung open and the blond stared for some time at the new surroundings. She was standing in a hallway. To her left was a railing that looked over the first floor. A nearby set of stairs led down to hardwood floors. To her right was a wall and along it were three doors. Behind her was the door that she had just come out of. The first floor view showed a living/dining room combination. Large windows allowed early morning sunlight to flood into the room. A Christmas tree sat beside an unlit fireplace.

"Like..." Serena couldn't think of anything appropriate to say. She wondered where Darien was, and Rini for that matter. Going down the hall, she opened the first door and found it to be a small and tidy bedroom. Obviously, it was used for guests, though there were toys neatly stacked in one corner.

Moving on, the blond found the door locked but she could hear sounds of a shower running. "My Muffin must be in there." And she wouldn't mind being in there with him either. Her body sent her signals that it agreed.

Smiling a little more, she went down to the last door and opened it. The woman found Rini snoring loudly. Arms and legs were haphazardly flung out at various angles. Serena was never sure what motivated her to enter the room and adjust the covers. She picked up a couple of items lying on the floor.

When she left the room, Serena heard knocking at the front door. "Like who could that be?" her voice showed obvious disappointment. The blond wanted to explore this place and see what other awesome things she could find.

Pulling her robe tighter, she walked down the stairs and padded across the polished floor. The knock came again, and then a doorbell sounded. "All right. Jesus. Okay, I'm coming!" Serena grumbled in irritation.

The entrance hall was reached by descending three low steps. Not really thinking, she opened the door and shivered as a blast of cold wind shot into the house.

"Hi Serena," a man said, "Hope I didn't wake you." "Er... no," the blond said then she recognized him. She felt her face blush slightly as she realized that Mina's father was seeing her in nothing but a housecoat. The previous teen's embarrassment left however when she wondered why the man was there.

"Now you be good for Mrs. Shields," the man intoned as he looked down.

The blond followed the man's gaze to see a small blond-haired child of no more than five looking up at her father. "Mina?" Serena questioned. "Hi Mrs. Shields!" little Mina greeted. She stepped into the house gave and Serena's legs a soggy hug. "Sorry about that," Mina's father said, "She just had to jump in a snow bank before we got here." Mina pouted at her father. "Well, I'll let you go now." With that, he turned and walked back down the walkway towards a car with the engine running that was sitting beside the driveway.

"Brrr... It's cold!" Serena declared and shut the door. She turned to find Mina trying to take off her boots. "Want some help?" "Yes please," Mina chirped and plopped down onto the floor before raising a booted foot. The child giggled as her stomach rumbled.

"Like haven't you ate, Mina?"

"You not give me breakfast yet."

This baffled the blond. It was unreal to have Mina show up on her doorstep before eight in the morning. It was even stranger to have her be a child. But to have Mina come all the way from her house to have breakfast here. Why?

Serena shrugged and dismissed it. She was married to the love of her life so nothing else mattered.

Rini Shield's eyes flew open as something heavy flopped down onto her stomach. The pink-haired preteen found herself staring into the soft and childlike face of a little blond girl. "Hi Rini!" she squeaked. The child bent down and gave her a large hug.

Rini blinked to get the sleep out of her eyes. "Mina?" It sure looked like her cousin's friend. It was impossible. Mina is fourteen! "What?" the child asked, her big blue eyes sparkling. The little girl was wearing a set of bright orange overalls and a yellow T-shirt. "Come play with me!"

"It's too early," Rini whined. Mina wasn't about to take no for an answer and started bouncing up and down. "Quit... it," the preteen got out between labored breaths.

"Then play with me." The little girl giggled as Rini's stomach rumbled.

"Look, I haven't even eaten yet."

"Well then," came the rich sounding voice of Darien, "Come have breakfast." An older looking Darien stuck his head into the room and smiled. "Come on, Mina. Let Rini get dressed in peace."

"But Mr..."


"Okay," Mina pouted reluctantly and slid from the bed. "Hurry up, Rini, so we can play," the child demanded before skipping from the room. Darien gave her a knowing grin and closed the door.

"Wha...?" the pink-haired girl asked but she was once again alone.

Little Raye lay on the changing table wondering why she wasn't feeling the least bit mortified. She lay there passively, completely naked while an older appearing Amy wiped her clean and put a fresh diaper on her.

It had been a terrifying feeling for the priestess to wake up and realize that she was still in a crib. Her cries to be let out and of promises of severe retribution to whoever stuck her in it were lost as soon as Amy walked into the room. The raven-haired toddler found words harder to say. Some were completely lost in babbling while others came out different than she intended. Her shrilly voice became more an unhappy cry. At least, she could speak better than she had last night.

Pluto nodded slightly. "That's better," she thought as Amy started dressing the toddler. She had her own reasons for making the priestess the way she was but she had gone a little overboard the previous night. "Just wouldn't make sense to make Raye that dumb." Well, she'd leave the little family and go check on her main two subjects.

"There we go now," Amy cooed as she lifted little Raye up, "My don't we look pretty today? Can Amy have a kiss before she goes to work?"

"No!" Raye protested. Amy was not her mommy... mother and she certainly wasn't going to give her a kiss.


"No," Raye said and turned her forehead away. She gave the blue-haired woman a scowl as Amy kissed her on the forehead. "Let's go show Chad how pretty you look."

Chad?! The last thing Raye wanted was for Chad to see was her in this overly cute outfit.

Lita hummed softly as she gave one of her houseplants a drink. "It looks like a wonderful day," she commented to the plant. "Did it answer?" her husband asked.

"Yes, he asks silly questions." This brought a chuckle from her husband. "You don't want to come with us, honey?" "Go to the mall? It'll be a mad crowd." He waved the newspaper he had been reading in dismissal. "You won't even get me near the parking lot, Lita."

"I just hope Serena doesn't want to bring Mina along. These old bones have a hard enough time already." Lita felt very maternal towards the little girl but she would be a handful with so many people around. "Maybe she'll get Rini to babysit." "How old is Rini now?" "She's eleven," the aged

brunette replied, "Certainly capable of watching Mina for a couple of hours." The pink-haired girl had done it before without any trouble. "They get along great." Turning back, she continued watering her plants.

Rini sat back in her chair and groaned. "Come on, Rini," Mina demanded when she saw her friend was done with breakfast, "Come and play."

"Rini has to do the dishes first, Mina," Darien countered, "Then she can play."

"Dishes?!" Rini whined, "But Darien..."

"Pardon me?" Darien asked sharply.

"Darien..." Rini began again.

"I'm your father, young lady. You're not to address me as Darien." "Can I call you Darien, Mr. Shields?" Mina asked. She giggled impishly when the older man gave her a stern look. "Just askin'." "Now, Rini, you get busy with those dishes. Then you can play with Mina."

Serena nodded her agreement. "That's right." When the pink-haired preteen pouted and crossed her arms, Serena frowned slightly and barked out, "Come on, Rini, it won't kill you." "Okay, okay," Rini said, "Jeez, just give me a second." She got up and went to the downstairs bathroom.

Pluto's smiled slightly as she watched Rini move into the bathroom. Her princess wouldn't get this boon of physical age without undergoing any ordeal. She concentrated. These microadjustments were very hard to do but the Guardian of Time knew their importance.

"Well, are you still going shopping?" Darien asked his wife. "YES!" Serena declared. The blond certainly wouldn't pass up a chance to go shopping.

"I wanna come too!" Mina whined.

"No, Rini is going to stay with you, Mina," Darien said.

"You sure?" Serena asked.

Her husband gave her a quizzical look. "She is eleven, Serena. She's babysat Mina before." Then he didn't like to admit his daughter was growing up either. Serena was about to comment when they heard a scream from Rini.

"You stay here," she told Mina. Getting up, she ran from the room. If not for Darien, Mina would have followed. She wanted to make sure Rini was okay.

"Sweetheart," Serena was saying gently a few moments later, "It's okay!"

"NO, IT'S NOT!" Rini almost sobbed out.

"I promise, you're okay. Nothing's wrong." The pink-haired girl sniffled a little. "Now take a deep breath." It took a little more coaxing before her cousin could be persuaded to listen. Once the new preteen was calmed, Serena smiled.

"You promise?" Rini asked with a hiccup.

"Sure, I do," Serena said, "You just had your period. I bet it's your first one too."

"What's that?"

The woman blinked. "You don't know?" Rini shook her head. "Oh boy..."

"You promised it would be okay, Serena!" Rini exclaimed, her voice rising some.

"It is!" Serena said, "I get them too. All women do." "I'm going to turn into a klutz!" Rini wailed. Serena's sympathetic look turned to a scowl and she growled her disapproval. "Now we have you cleaned up but I think I need to have a long talk with you."

"But I'm eleven," Rini protested, "I didn't do nothing wrong." Serena shook her head in wonderment and said, "Rini, this is important. You aren't in trouble. We do need to talk." Rini suppressed the silly reaction she had been about to give. Serena did sound serious and she wasn't talking down to her. "Sorry Meatball Head."

"You can be a real pain, Fungus," the blond countered, "Come on before Darien breaks down the door." When they left the bathroom, they met a worried looking Mina and a concerned looking father.

"Is Rini okay?" Mina asked while going over and hugging the older girl's leg.

"Sure is," Serena said and then whispered to Darien. "Oh my little girl's growing up!" he exclaimed. For some reason, this announcement made Rini blush deeply.

When they were sitting in Rini's room, Serena said, "Rini, remember when I said that you just had your period?" The pink-haired girl nodded. "Well that was part of puberty."

"Huh?" Rini asked, "What's that?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Rini stared at Serena in surprise. Serena tried to remember how her mom explained this to her a few years ago. "See Rini," Serena began, "Everybody is different. And boys are different from girls."

"I know that," Rini said testily.

Serena grinned for a moment. "I don't just mean that they have a penis. I mean they go through puberty at majorly different times." The youth looked baffled. "Puberty is like when your body changes." "Like last night?"

Serena nodded. "Yeah. I bet Lita was as flat as you were yesterday when she was your real age."

"You mean when she was seven?" Rini asked. "Yep, and then when she got older, puberty came along and now look at how big she is." Rini's eyes widened in awe. She wanted nice boobies like Lita's someday. It was nice now to be wearing a training bra like big girls.



"What else does it do?"

Serena considered what else to tell Rini and decided to give her a warning first. "Rini, when you start to change, boys will start looking at you funny. They'll think you're very pretty." Rini smiled. "But don't ever let a boy touch your privates, and don't let them be alone with you."

Rini seemed confused and a little upset. "But you let Darien..." Serena sighed. "I trust Darien, and we both love each other." Giving it a little more thought, she added, "I just don't want a boy to hurt you, Rini. Darien and I make each other feel good but we don't have sex. I'm not old enough for that. At least, I wasn't before." "Sex... is that when you make a baby?" Rini asked with a slight scowl. Serena moved to sit beside her. She had thought this would be a chore but if Rini was going to go through puberty, she didn't want Rini to be scared.

"I tell you what. I need to tell you some other stuff first. Then you can ask questions okay?" Rini nodded. It seemed fair enough to her. Fifteen minutes later, Rini was sitting cross-legged and looking a little awed. "So I got a pee hole, a poop hole, and a baby hole?" she asked, more for reassurance than anything else. When Serena nodded, Rini grinned. "Thanks for tellin' me, Serena." This was the first time of her life she didn't feel treated like a little kid. Serena leaned forward and hugged Rini. "You're welcome, Rini. I just don't want you to get hurt." She gave the younger girl a serious look and added, "I want you to promise me something." "What?"

"Just... just promise me that you won't have sex."

"You don't want me to make myself happy?"

Serena chuckled. "No, Rini, I don't mean that. Didn't you like understand when I explained it?" Rini couldn't think what Serena had said; her mind was so full of the other stuff they had talked about. "You need to wait until you find a man you love and want to marry." "Do I gotta shave?" Her cousin gave her a questioning look. "I mean like you do?"

"You don't have to," Serena replied, "I do because I like to." After a moment, she asked, "You wanna like ask me anything?" Rini shook her head. "Well like if you need to ask me, I'll try to help. Now go play with Mina for a while. I bet she's majorly worried." Rini smiled again, hugged the blond and said, "Thanks... Mom."

Serena couldn't believe how old Lita looked. The graying brunette still seemed in fine physical shape all things considered but her age was still showing. They were driving in Lita's car towards the mall. "I'm so glad you didn't bring Mina," Lita rambled, "I love her like my own granddaughter but she'd be a real handful, especially with the crowds." Serena didn't doubt Lita's words. The older woman did seem to have an almost grandmotherly attitude towards Mina and even Rini. "Rini seems to be a little out of sorts today."

"Well, a major thing happened today," Serena replied.


Serena briefly outlined what had happened with as little detail as possible. "Then she didn't sleep well last night either." And given what she had told her, it was a wonder that her cousin had slept at all. "They grow up so fast," Lita said, "You two fussed over Rini being a Sailor Scout. Now you'll really worry. I bet Darien won't even let her transform for fear some boy'll want to date her."

"A Scout?" Serena squeaked. Rini wasn't a Sailor Scout. "Sure," Lita replied, "Best thing that ever happened to me." She had been slowing down the past few years. Now she seemed to be more invigorated. Serena kept silent. She just couldn't picture the Pink Fungus in a Sailor Scout uniform.

The Pink Fungus, as Serena called her, was sitting on the couch looking very bored. She had initially enjoyed the games that Mina wanted to play, but as time passed, Rini found herself feeling more confined. She wasn't a baby anymore; certainly not like little Mina. She wanted to do things that Serena did.

So she sat on the couch and endured the television program that Mina had conned her into watching. What she really wanted was for Darien or Serena to come home so she could unload the little blond. "Can we make a cake?" the little girl asked.


"I wanna make a cake. Please Rini?" Mina asked.

The pink-haired girl did not want to make a cake but if it got the little squirt out of her way... "Why don't you go make it and surprise me?"

"Okay!" Mina replied, jumped from the couch. "Sucker," Rini chortled to herself. She picked up the TV remote and started surfing through the channels. "I wonder where Luna is?" She hadn't seen the Lunar Cat all day.

Pluto wondered the same thing. "I must be slipping," Pluto thought. Well that was easily remedied.

"Average!" a black Lunar Cat called, "Average!" Now where has that child gone off to?" Luna, advisor to Princess Serena, sighed as she plodded through the snow. Her son, a male gray kitten, was just as irresponsible as Artemis was. "I will have to have a serious talk with that boy when I get a hold of him."

The pink-haired girl was almost asleep when a crash could be heard from the kitchen. Jerking up on the couch, she ran across the living room and into the kitchen. Her red eyes widened and she looked around the room in horror. Little Mina Aino was standing on a chair. There was so much flour on her that she looked like a ghost. The counter was covered with an assortment of mixtures. Beside the chair, the little girl was standing on was a shattered bowl. Its contents creating a large gooey pool on the floor.

"Mina!" Rini said.

"I didn't mean to!" the little girl protested. "You told me to make a cake."

"I didn't mean a REAL cake!" Rini was at a loss as to what to do. She wondered for a moment what Serena would do. Marching over to the child, she lifted Mina off of the chair and onto a clean patch of the floor. "Come with me," the preteen said sternly.

"I'm really really sorry, Rini."

"We're gonna get you cleaned up." With that, she led the little girl to the bathroom.

"You aren't gonna tell Serena, are you?" Mina asked softly. For sure, Serena would tell her father. It had been several minutes since the incident and she was now clean. They were in the spare bedroom; it was where Mina took her naps.

"No," Rini said, "But I'm gonna punish you." Mina seemed surprised. "Serena would." As she undid Mina's overalls, the little blond started to cry. Lowering the clothing, she pulled Mina over her lap and then lowered her underpants.

"No! Rini, I'll be extra good!" Mina promised. Rini didn't listen, just like Serena didn't listen to her own promises. She started spanking Mina. Having never done it before, she felt clumsy. Mina for her part was squirming and crying. It didn't matter that Rini had never spanked anyone before, it still stung. After a short time, Rini stopped. The child's bottom had only started to turn pink when the pink-haired girl stopped. Standing Mina up, she raised the lowered clothing and said sternly, "You stay in here." With that, she left the room and the crying child.

Oh no! That was the thought that raced through Raye's mind as she and Chad made their way towards Serena. Chad had spotted the blond and an older woman that looked similar to Lita.

While the toddler wasn't sure whether it was Lita or not, there was no mistaking Serena's hyena laugh or the meatballs attached to the long golden pigtails. It didn't really surprise Raye though. She was a bit cranky that Serena wasn't small either.

"Raye?!" Serena was surprised. "Oh, you look so adorable!" "Hi Sewena. Me pwetty," Raye babbled. That was not what she wanted to say.

"Yes, you are," the old woman cooed. "Hi Chad." "Hello Lita, Serena," Chad replied, "Amy said she'll be by tomorrow." This last part he addressed to Serena. "Okay," Serena replied and gave Raye a hug. "How is little Raye today?"

"O-kay, me hungry." Yes, Raye was hungry for something besides baby mush. At least she didn't have to feed from a bottle. She was about to comment more when her body sent her a signal. "Me gotta go potty." "I'll take her, Chad," Serena offered. "Like, thanks, man," Chad said and handed Raye over to Serena along with her change bag.

Raye didn't enjoy the ride through the crowd. She clung to Serena and sniffled slightly. She wasn't sure why she was scared of all the strangers but she was. "Uh oh..." she said as she felt her bladder let go.

"Too late, huh?" Raye sniffled a little. "That's okay, Sweetie." It most certainly was not "okay". Once in the mall's change room, Raye decided to give Serena a piece of her mind. "Like hell it is!" The blond looked so startled, the former priestess thought she'd be dropped. "Whoa! Like you can talk?"

"Of couwse, I can twalk, you ditzy meatbawl!" Her pronunciation was terrible but Raye could live with that. "You can understand me?" "Yeah," Serena said. "Like what happened to you?"

"I could ask you that too, Sewena. Now hurwy up and change me. Pwease?" Like it or not, she couldn't do it herself.

As Serena set about the task, Raye and Serena traded stories. It was greatly hampered whenever anyone would come in. Then suddenly Raye would lose her ability to really speak coherently.

"We should go out. Chad'll wonder what took us so long."

"We need to talk," Raye added, "And Sewena, if you did this to me, I'll never forgive you." The toddler was not happy when Serena giggled.

Generations (Part 3)

by By the AP Scout (

Rini was about to flop back down onto the couch when the phone rang. Frowning a little, the preteen walked over to it and picked it up. "Hello?"


"Yeah?" Rini replied.

"It's Sam," said the girl on the other end of the line, "You need to like motor down to the arcade right now. You'll like never guess whose here."

The pink-haired girl glanced towards the guest bedroom and then up at the clock. "I'll be right there."

"But you didn't guess," Sam pointed out. The voice on the other end of the line sounded disappointed. Rini didn't really care. The preteen wanted to find out who this Sam was, not to mention getting away from little Mina. "You're like gonna majorly flip."

"Okay, I won't take too long. Bye!" Rini said and clicked off the phone. Turning, she jogged over to the closet to find her boots and coat. Yes, this would be much better. Mina could take care of herself for a little while. As she pulled on her winter clothing, Rini was trying to think who Sam could be. "I bet Missy would like to come too." She decided to give her best friend a call from the arcade.

Giving one more look towards the guest bedroom, Rini left the house, a smile on her face.

As the car pulled up in front of the Shields home, Serena couldn't help but marvel at it. The front yard sloped down to the roadway and there was a large backyard with a deck and small shed. It was definitely different from her parents' home but she had already fallen in love with it. Probably for the second time, she giggled.

"Want to come in?" she asked Lita.

"Sure Serena. Need to use the little girl's room."

Hopping out of the car, Serena got the packages she had bought, including a hefty stack of comic books "for Rini", and started up towards the house. The graying brunette followed closely behind. They had just entered the house when a tiny blond appeared before them. Mina leapt at her formerly teenage friend even before Serena could say anything. Giving a small cry, Serena dropped her packages and caught a hold of Mina.

The child pressed her face against Serena's chest and started to bawl. "What's the matter, Mina?" Serena questioned. She felt herself becoming worried. "Like, where's Rini?"

"Don't know," the little blond blubbered, "Don't care!" "Gracious," Lita added.

"Did something happen to Rini?!" Serena demanded. "She went 'way," Mina pouted, "'N' she spanked me." The two women looked at each other in confusion. Serena tried to coax Mina into letting go but the child wouldn't. The older blond felt truly sorry for the little girl, although she was worried about her daughter. With Lita's help, Serena got her jacket off as well as her boots so she could move up into the living room. "Why don't you tell me all about it, Mina?" It took a couple more tries before little Mina related the entire story.

"I'm really really sorry, Mrs. Shields," Mina finally added when she saw the grimace on Serena's face. "I'll never ever do it again. Promise."

"It's not your fault, Mina," Lita comforted. "That's right," Serena said, "Like that little sp... I mean Rini shouldn't have done what she did. You could've majorly got hurt! She was supposed to like watch you." She hugged Mina and gave her a kiss. It seemed to be the very thing the little girl needed. "Were you scared?" "Yeah."

"I would be too," Lita added. It was so unlike Rini to be so irresponsible. Patting the child's knee, she got up and said, "Excuse me for a minute." She then headed for the bathroom. Mina sniffled and gave Serena a weak smile.

"What if you 'n' me clean up that kitchen?" "'Kay. I don't like Rini no more." Serena was thinking the same thing but for different reasons.

Rini Shields slunk out of the arcade, her face as pink as her hair. The blush had stretched from her hairline to somewhere below her jacket collar. Embarrassment and anger were battling with each other for dominance. As the glass doors of the arcade slid shut, she could still hear the laughter and the catcalls of her "friends". They were taking great pains to talk loud enough so that everyone could hear it. The preteen pulled her collar up and hunched as she trudged through the now falling snow. Things had gotten off to a good start but then as the group of eleven-year-old girls chatted more and more (mostly about boys), Rini found that her body was reacting in ways her mind wasn't. She also discovered, with some distress, that while she looked older, the girls were still talking about stuff she didn't understand. Then when Melissa, whom Rini hadn't called, showed up, things had gone from barely tolerable to absolutely horrible. Not only had she made a complete and utter fool of herself in front of her new friends but also, her typical best friend seemed to think the pink-haired older girl was trying to make fun of her.

It was the screeching of car tires beside her that drew Rini from her misery. Turning her head, she saw Darien hop out of the car. A car behind him honked angrily but he simply ignored it. "Hi Darien!" Rini called.

"Young lady," her father growled out while jabbing a finger at her, "Get your butt into this car," his finger jabbed at the car's door, "RIGHT NOW!" The last words rolled out of he like a peel of thunder. The preteen was so startled by the dark expression on his face, and the commanding tone in his voice, that she obeyed him without even thinking about it. It wasn't until she was sitting in the car before she even realized that Darien seemed upset at her.

The thirty-something man got into the car, slammed his door, and jerked his seatbelt on. "Seatbelt," he growled at her. As Rini fumbled to put her seatbelt on, she had the very distinct feeling that she was in deep trouble.

Sailor Pluto frowned deeply and tapped her foot in irritation. The fact that the pink-haired princess was squandering this chance did not impress the Guardian of Time. She was sorely tempted to change things but stopped herself. "No, I'll wait and see what Serena and Darien do." Maybe they could salvage this. She'd give the Princess one more chance.

Serena sat on the couch, fuming. The fact that she was cuddling a now dozing Mina didn't help her mood. Not that she didn't mind comforting one of her friends but Serena wanted to fume properly and she couldn't do it with her arms full. Lita had declined a cup of tea before fleeing; the old brunette didn't want to be around for the impending storm.

When the blond heard the door open, she carefully deposited the little girl onto the couch. Then she fixed the most fearsome glare she could manage on her face.

It worked.

No sooner had the wayward pink-haired preteen climbed up the steps into the living room, then she stopped dead upon seeing Serena. The girl tried to step backwards but she bumped into Darien.

"Hi..." Rini said nervously holding her hand up. She shuffled forward but not of her own free will. Serena remained silent. "I found her at the arcade."

The room was silent for a long moment more before Serena exploded. "WHY ON EARTH DID YOU GO DOWN TO THE ARCADE AND LIKE LEAVE MINA ALL ALONE?!?" Rini looked away but Serena wasn't even going to give her cousin a chance to answer. "AND WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO PUNISH MINA?!?" The subject of the tirade was awake by now. The little blond was looking partly startled but was giving her ex-friend a smug expression.

"Oh shut up, Meatball-for-Brains!" Rini replied, "You told me to look after her. She did something naughty and you woulda done the same to me!" The pink-haired girl scowled at her cousin.

"Young lady," Darien said in a stern voice, "You apologize to your mother."

"She's not my mommy," the preteen retorted smugly, "My mommy's beautiful and graceful and nice. Not like this empty-headed, klutzy, moron!"

Serena sniffled. She was so startled by this that she paused to consider it. Then her temper got the best of you. "Just wait till I get you over my knee..."

"Now, Serena," Darien said in a more soothing tone. "Rini's eleven."


"So?" Mina questioned and got a warning look from Darien. Serena crossed her arms and glowered.

"She's not a little kid." He wanted to add even if she's acting like one.

"Yeah!" Rini was starting to feel better. "Fine!" Serena snapped. She turned and stalked across the floor, up the stairs, and down the hall to her bedroom. Her disappearance from the hallway was punctuated with the slamming of the door.

Darien moved to stand in front of his daughter and said, "Rini Shields, you're grounded for two months."

"Two months?"

"And no allowance. Now, go up to your room." "Yeah, go to your room!" Mina parroted. The little blond was standing on the couch and pointing towards Rini's bedroom. Shrugging, the preteen sauntered out of the living room up to her bedroom.

Sailor Pluto was nearly as mad as Serena was. "Mina could have gotten really hurt." Pluto had not set out to hurt any of the girls. "She could have at least shown some remorse... Fine, she's not going to get another chance like this."

It certainly wouldn't do to have the Princess walking all over her parents. The Guardian of Time glanced nervously through the Time Gate towards Crystal Tokyo and winced. "Things are getting worse instead of better."

"Aw Mom!" the gray kitten whined, "I wasn't doin' nothin' wrong." Luna rolled her eyes and directed her son down the sidewalk. "Average, please speak in the proper Queen's English. And don't try to talk your way out of this. You shouldn't be wandering around downtown alone. Some alley cat might decide to eat you." Average, for his part, rolled his eyes.

The pink-haired girl reclined in her chair, headphones firmly placed over her ears listening to a CD. Her feet were propped up on her desk, a socked foot keeping time to an 'N Sync song blaring through the headphones. Being grounded wasn't so bad. The fact that she was too old for some punishments just added to her mood.

So, she had a setback with her new friends. No big deal. She could fix it. She figured she was just new to this teen stuff. Rini was so wrapped up in her own thoughts of what it would be like to be a teenager, and what freedom she would have, that she didn't discern the room shaking.

It was only when the headphones slipped off her head that she noticed something was seriously wrong. The next instant, she felt the chair tipping back as her feet lost contact with the desk. Overbalancing, the girl gave a screech of surprise. Her eyes flew open and she gasped as the air was knocked out of her. "NO!" Rini howled as she realized her body was changing, growing smaller. It just wasn't fair! She was doing just fine.

Serena sat up and frowned slightly. The meatball-headed blond knew that something was happening. She looked around the room but things seemed fairly normal. Turning from the position on the bed, she paused as she stared at the mirror. She was growing younger. "No..." she pouted, sniffled again, and wiped a tear from her cheek. Even when she was married, Darien took Rini's side. After several seconds, which seemed like minutes to Serena, the blond realized that she wasn't going back to being a teen. She was more in her mid-twenties. This was even better than before. Her breasts no longer sagged. She felt great. Hopping up, she stared out the window. Outside it was dark. Glancing at the clock, she realized that several hours had passed. It was somewhere around five. Her stomach rumbled she was hungry.

Rini stared unhappily at her body. Her long arms and legs had become short and slightly pudgy. Her long pigtails were now short and puffy, just like when she had been seven. Her trendy "teen" clothing had morphed and now looked like something out of Sesame Street´┐Ż. The only conclusion the once preteen could make was she was younger than her normal seven years.

The room confirmed this. The ceiling was higher and furniture bigger. The room's motif was frilly pinks and whites. Gone were the posters of teen hulks. Copious amounts of stuffed animals lay in neat heaps around the room. In one corner, a dollhouse stood on a small table.

She looked under her clothes. Her once budding chest was flat. The training bra she so recently worn gone. Her once flat stomach had a slight bulge, showing that some of her baby-fat was back. All the hair below had disappeared. Her white panties now had cute bunnies on them. A sudden wave of anger consumed her and she threw a temper tantrum. "Rini, what are you doing out of the corner?" It was the cool, stern voice of a man. She stopped her tantrum, much to her relief, and looked way up at Darien. Blushing deeply, the now little girl got up, straightened the pink dress she was wearing, and tried to smile. "Corner?" She lost her smile as Darien frowned. "Daddy?" Daddy? Darien wasn't her father! She remembered she was mad at him. "I don't like you no more." The pink-haired child could feel her temper rising. That had not been what she wanted to say.

"Get into that corner this instant!"

After a few more moments, she shuffled over to the now small chair, righted it, and settled herself onto it. "Stay there, young lady." "Yes... Daddy." Rini felt like crying. She was a baby like Mina.

Darien left his daughter's room and walked down the hall to the guestroom where Mina was. Peeking in, he found the little blond sitting in the corner where she had been put. Withdrawing, he turned and saw Serena coming out of the master bedroom. He moved down to his wife, wrapped his arms around her, and asked, "You okay?" "I guess so, Darien," Serena mumbled out. "I should like make some dinner though."

"I tell you what," Darien said while hugging her to him. "What if I call Lita and see if she'll babysit Rini while me and you go out for dinner."

"You mean it?" When he nodded, the blond gave a squeal of delight and hugged him. "You're so majorly cool!" She gave him a long kiss and he returned it. Her nipples started getting hard and she felt a tingling deep within her. A dinner date with Darien usually led to them cuddling in bed and she felt herself growing warm at that thought. "Like I'll go call Lita."

He chuckled. "Well, the Ainos haven't picked Mina up yet so we'll have to wait for them to do that." "Not a problem but it won't hurt to ask Lita now." Darien smiled as he watched Serena bound down the stairs.

"Like, I don't know what got into her," Serena was saying to Lita, "Rini like, blew a fuse or something." Serena was distracted from Lita's reply by the doorbell. "I'll get it, Serena," Darien said. "Okay," Serena replied then to Lita added, "I think Mina's parents are here."

"I'll be over in a few minutes," Lita replied. "Bye." "Bye!" Serena replied and set the phone down. Upon seeing that it was indeed Mina's father, she said, "I'll go get Mina." Turning, she walked across the floor and up the stairs. "Rini!" she called, "Rini, come out here!" Not waiting for her daughter, she went into the guest bedroom and said, "Mina..." Serena was puzzled as to why Mina was sitting in the corner. "Come on, Pumpkin, your daddy's here." Slowly and with great reluctance, Mina got up and started gathering up her things. "You wanted something, MOMMY?" Serena was startled by the high-pitched voice. She turned and her eyebrows rose as she saw that Rini was now about the size of Mina. The little pink-haired girl looked very unhappy.

"Come say good-bye to Mina." Rini poked her head into the room and said, "Good-bye, Poophead!" The little blond sniffled. "Rini!" Serena exclaimed. She saw the child scowl. "Go to your room!"

"'Kay. Who wants a meatball like you?" The pink-haired girl turned and sauntered back down the hall. Her mind though was furious. She was definitely having trouble speaking.

"Come on, Mina," Serena said in a sterner tone of voice. The little girl, having gathered her stuff up, left the room and headed down the stairs. The older woman followed after her. She was a little surprised to hear Darien saying, "Rini and Mina snuck into the kitchen when Serena was on the phone. They tried to make a cake."

"Oh?" Mr. Aino asked while looking disapprovingly at his daughter. "And were you saying rude things to Mrs. Shields?" The little blond looked at the floor and shuffled her feet. "Don't worry, Darien, Mina and I will have a very long talk about this when we get home. Come and get your jacket and boots on, Mina." Mina sniffled and shuffled to get her boots and jacket on.

Shortly after Mina left, Rini heard her name being called. The pink-haired five-year-old walked out of her room and looked down to the first floor. "What?"

"Come down here, young lady!" Darien commanded. Sighing expansively, she made her way down to the first floor. Concentrating, she said, "Ya know what? I gots stuff... to do." "The only thing you're going to do is apologize to your mommy for your behavior this afternoon."

"NO!" the little girl protested, "I ain't gonna. I not sorry, Meatball Head."

Even before Serena could say anything, Darien said, "You were told to wait for Mommy, weren't you?" "No." "We don't like you telling fibs either." "I'm not fibbin'!" Rini protested. "It didn't happen like that. I didn't make the cake. Mina made it." At least that was what Rini tried to say but it came out as, "Mina made the cake. She let me help. I'm not naughty."

"That might be true but you threw some batter at your mommy, and you were told to wait." Darien reached out, took his daughter by the hand, and moved to sit on the couch. "You were also very rude to Mommy." "Daddy!" The child couldn't stand the whine in her voice. "Mo... Se-re-na ain't Mommy!" She really had to concentrate to call Serena by her first name instead of Mommy.

Darien frowned but didn't say anything. In one fluid movement, he pulled Rini over his knee. "Whatcha doin'?" she demanded. "I'm going to spank you for being naughty," he intoned. Rini stiffened. He didn't see the pink-haired girl's eyes going wide in surprise. Flipping up the pink dress, he pulled down her bunny-covered underpants before securing her arms.

"No, Daddy! Please don't! I not naughty!" The little girl couldn't believe it.

"I'm your father. You will show your mother and I the proper respect," Darien intoned. He raised his hand and brought it sharply down on Rini's pale bottom. Another smack brought Rini out of her surprise. She started to wiggle but to no avail.

Darien continued the spanking, each swat making the heat in Rini's backside increase. The little girl squirmed and cried both from the stinging and from embarrassment. Serena was standing, slack-jawed at the spectacle before her.

When her rump was a glowing pink, Darien stood his daughter up and pulled up the underpants before straightening out the pink dress. "Now go with Mommy and have your bath. You're going to bed early." The pink-haired girl simply cried. Her defender had turned against her. Darien watched carefully as Serena took Rini by the hand and led her upstairs. The little girl didn't protest. Instead, she concentrated on looking very unhappy.

Serena had been stunned by the sudden turn of events. Not more than two hours before, Darien was actively defending Rini to some extent. But this was completely different.

Shaking off her shock, Serena guided her small daughter into the bathroom and closed the door. "Come on, time for your bath." Rini just cried and rubbed at her eyes. "Lift up a foot," the meatball-headed blond directed. When the child did, she the small pink and white sock from the little foot. Serena did the same for the other one before saying, "Lift up your arms, Rini."

"No," Rini replied stubbornly.

"Rini..." Serena said warningly. Sniffling, the little girl raised her arms and allowed her mother to pull her dress off. "I'll start the water. You get out of those underpants."

"How come I got a spankin' when I was grounded?!?" Rini demanded. The older blond shrugged. "I don't think that it's fair, Serena." "What you did was wrong," Serena said, "Now get out of those underpants." Sulking, the pink-haired girl pulled her underpants down and off. With Serena's help, she slipped into the now overly large tub and gently sat onto her still tender rump.

"I hate this," Rini grumbled out as she crossed her arms and looked unhappily at the water.

Serena picked up a washcloth and soaped it up. Running it over Rini's back, the blond looked closely at her cousin. "Like, what you did was majorly wrong, Rini. I mean would you really want Mina to get hurt? I would've like got into major trouble if I did the same thing to you." "I guess, MOMMY," Rini grumbled out after a long time. "How come I got little?"

"I don't know," Serena said, "All I know is I didn't do it." Seeing the dubious look in the child's eyes, she added, "I promise."

"How'd you talk Darien into punishin' me?"

Serena shook her head and said, "I didn't, Sweetheart. I was like, just as surprised as you were."

Rini looked towards the water and sniffled. "I was just havin' fun." The little girl didn't want to believe her cousin but something in her voice said Serena was sincere.

"I tell ya what," Serena said, "You like be majorly good for Lita and I'll let you read the comics I bought this afternoon."


"You bet."

The five-year-old gave this some consideration. "'Kay." She held out her hand and said, "Shake on it, Serena." Serena solemnly shook the little hand.

"Now you wait right here. I'll be right back. I'm like gonna get you some pajamas and clean underpants."

A short time later, Serena said, "Come on, time to get you out of here." After lifting the little girl out, she proceeded to use a towel. Once the child was dry, she held up a pair of white underpants with little hearts on them.

"Do I gotta wear them? They're for babies."

"All we got, Rini," Serena said. Rini grumbled but stepped into the underpants. She put up more of a struggle when it came to the bunny pajamas. They were pink, disgustingly cute, and had a flap at the back. Rini eventually gave in though.

"I hate being five," Rini grumbled as Serena brushed out her hair. "Yeah well, maybe you're young 'cause you didn't do too well being eleven."

"Nah, that's a dumb reason. I still say you did it, Serena, and took Luna Ball too."

"Hey, Luna Ball follows you," Serena countered, "Now come on, Rini. Darien made you dinner while I gave you a bath."

"At least you didn't cook," the pink-haired girl replied and walked out of the bathroom. Serena sighed; some things never changed.

Later that evening, Lita looked up from the page she was reading when she heard someone walk up beside the couch. "Rini!" she said with exasperation, "Why are you still up?" This was the fourth time and Lita was losing her patience with the child. The fact that the little girl had been actively disrespectful didn't help matters. This was quite atypical of the normally shy and reserved little girl. Rini, holding a stuffed bunny, flushed brightly as she peeked over the rabbit's head. "Uh..."

Lita's sniffed and moved her eyes down slightly. "Oh..." It appeared as if the pink-haired child had wet the bed as well as her pajamas if the dark patch was any indication. "Yeah," Rini said and blushed even more. She was so glad Darien and Serena weren't here.

"Well come on. I'll go change the bed after we get you cleaned up."

"You not tell on me?"

"It was an accident," Lita said, "Right?" Rini bit her bottom lip and nodded. "Come on," she prompted and held out her hand. The child took it and they both went up stairs together.

"Read me a story, Grandma Lita?" Rini requested. "No, I can't," Lita replied, "Your mommy was pretty clear; no stories."

The child pouted. The pout grew when the old brunette chuckled softly. "I not funny." The older woman's face was only lit by the light from the nightlight.

"You remind me of my daughter. She was a lot like you when she was little... still is in some ways."

"She not in trouble." Rini sighed internally, that had not been what she wanted to say.

"Yes, she did get into trouble," Lita replied, "I remember the one time we had just finished painting the living room. Kim was maybe six, and she decided to do some artwork of her own." It seemed like only yesterday to her. Now Kim had children of her own. "You put her in bed?" Rini questioned. Why couldn't she speak normally? At least she wasn't as bad off as Raye if Serena could be believed.

"Well, in the end I did." Lita smiled a little. "Then there was the time the boys put a couple of rubber snakes in Kim's bed." Rini giggled. "They could be trying but they're good kids." Lita smoothed out her hair and said, "Now you go to sleep."

"O-Kay," Rini agreed reluctantly. She hugged the rabbit and closed her eyes. Within a few minutes, the child was sound asleep and Lita crept from the room and pulled the door closed.

Sitting back onto the couch, Lita closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Yes Rini had been like Kim at times. But she was nowhere near what Serena had been like. Lita had been like a second mother to Serena. She had watched the blond grow up. The brunette had helped Irene and Ken raise Serena and Sammy. Neither of the Tsukinos had any family living in Tokyo so it had been Lita who acted as a surrogate aunt and relief valve. Who knew one day that that little girl would grow up to be Sailor Moon?

The oldest of the Sailor Scouts giggled a little. "The stories I could tell." Yawning a little, Lita drifted off to sleep, dreaming of a certain meatball-headed five-year-old.

Generations (Part 4)

by By the AP Scout (

Rini didn't even hear the doorbell ring. She was too engrossed in watching Barney. The little girl was sitting on the couch, her stuffed rabbit sitting on her lap. The pink-haired girl knew that she shouldn't be interested in such a baby show, or even in the toy bunny but something happened when she was around her daddy -- Darien she kept reminding herself -- something that made her act like a five-year-old. She had been dressed in her school uniform, which consisted of a red and white sailor suit that had a red skirt and trimming for the top. Rini had fussed some until a swat from Darien reminded her of the night before. Now she was contentedly sitting on the couch, and hating it. Rini's attention was pulled away from the screen when someone jumped up onto the couch and hugged her. "HI!!!!" Mina sang. The five-year-old blond grinned broadly. She was wearing a similar uniform but had an orange bow in her hair. "Whatcha watchin'?"

"Go 'way. No wanna talk to you," Rini said while folding her arms and looking away.

"Now you have a good day at school, okay Mina?" "Yep, I like school!" Mina giggled as she plopped down beside Rini. "Bye Mr. Shields,"

"Good-bye Mina," Darien said while hugging Rini. "Now you be good today too, Rini."

"Yes Daddy," the pink-haired child responded. Rini smiled when Darien gave her a kiss on the forehead. She waved at him as he walked down the few steps to the entrance hall and went out the door.

"Sweetheart," Serena said. The older blond was dressed in a blue skirt and light green blouse. "I'm going upstairs for a minute. You and Mina play quietly."

"'Kay," Mina agreed. Her friend remained silent though. "Why ya mad at me, Rini?" Mina asked. When her best friend didn't respond, she added, "Please tell me?!?"

Rini glared at the little blond before huffing out, "I got a spankin'."


"Yeah Poophead," Rini replied and stared at the television. She resisted the urge to stick her thumb into her mouth and pout. Hearing a sniffle, she turned to find Mina looking very downcast. The little blond's eyes were misted over and she sniffled again.

"I REALLY sorry, Rini. I di'n't want ya to get a spankin'." "It really hurt." Mina sniffled again, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"I got one too." The pink-haired girl blinked. "Daddy was really mad." The child hugged her friend. "I really REALLY sorry. I promise not to get you into trouble no more." Rini snorted. "I said I sorry, Rini. We're friends. I di'n't fib."

"Oh... nuts!" Rini declared and sighed again, more from her lack of vocabulary than anything else. "'Kay, Mina, I be your friend. I not mad at you." She couldn't have Serena thinking she made Mina cry. "Really?"

"Yeah." To add to the effect, she hugged Mina.

Pluto sighed. Things seemed to be calming down some. "Now if only they'd stay that way."

"But Mama..." the gray kitten whined. "Average please. You're going to get ready for school and go with Rini."

"But I hate getting turned into a human," the kitten whined, "I feel so clumsy." "I won't hear any arguments from you. Today is a school day and you are going. Or do I have to get your father over here?" "No Mama." Average sighed, "But I don't have to like it." He wanted to play. He'd found a stash of yarn and it just begged to be played with.

"Now," said the kindergarten teacher, "What color is this? Can anybody tell me?"

Rini Shields proudly raised her hand. She supposed she could get used to this. Kindergarten was just a bunch of silly baby games. Rini knew she was older than five, even if she did look like a kindergartner. What puzzled her was that she actually liked the games. "Rini, can you tell me what color this is?" "It's yellow!"

"Very good, Rini."

The pink-haired girl beamed happily up at her teacher. Any idiot could have seen that it was yellow, she thought. Surprisingly Mina got the next one wrong. Mina didn't seem ruffled in the slightest. "Now," the teacher said while getting out another set of cards, "Who can tell me what shape this is?" Rini raised her hand. "Can you, Rini?"

"It's a circle!"

"Very good!"

"You're smart," Mina said to Rini with a big smile. "Yeah," Rini replied. The little girl looked across the room at Luna's son. The boy looked extremely bored. "That's very good, class. You know your shapes and your colors." The teacher was smiling prettily at them. "Now, Rini, can you tell me what this animal is?"

"A puppy!" A dog? The pink-haired five-year-old hadn't wanted to say that.

"That was a good guess but it isn't a puppy. Mina, can you tell me what this is?"

"It's a kitty!"

Rini knew it was a kitten but why did she say it was a dog? "Rini, what's this one?" The teacher held up a picture of a very cute bunny rabbit. "It's a kitty!" Rini blurted out. The class giggled. She groaned and smacked her forehead. This just made the class laugh even more. "Stupid head, it's a bunny," Luna's son countered. "Aaron, don't say things. Now apologize to Rini." "No." Much to her distress, the pink-haired little girl sniffled. Mina glared at Aaron. "Sorry Rini."

The rest of the morning continued in a similar way. Sometimes Rini could get the right answers out and other times she just couldn't say it properly, no matter how much she concentrated.

Three-year-old Raye Hino wasn't taking nursery school as well as Rini was taking kindergarten. Her body was telling her she liked it, especially the games. It was her mind that was giving her problems. On the bright side of things, she wasn't having as many accidents as she was before. She really had to concentrate on every sign her young body sent her; it was just that sometimes she forgot. It had been hard having Chad change her diaper. It had been bad enough with Amy doing it but Chad had been even more mortifying. The former priestess knew that he cared for her deeply. "Uh oh..." the toddler said. She forgot to pay attention and now her diaper was wet. "Eeewww..." Raye thought and wrinkled up her nose.

"Mina," Serena said, "Come finish your lunch." The little blond skipped in from the living room and over to the table. Hopping up on the chair, she chewed at the partially eaten sandwich. Rini followed behind her best friend and hopped up onto the chair.

"Mommy?" Rini asked.


"Mommy, Mina go to the den-tist?"

Serena smiled down at her daughter. "That's right. Mina's mommy's coming to get her after lunch."

"Do I gotta go?" Rini hoped not. She hated dentists. "No, not today." Sitting down herself, Serena took a bite of her own sandwich. The twenty-five-year-old blond had spent her morning lazing about. She had wandered down to the arcade but had kept getting funny looks from the teen patrons so she'd returned home. Her collection of comic books was missing but she somehow knew Rini hadn't taken them. Hearing the doorbell, she got up and said, "I'll be right back." She walked out of the kitchen, entered the living room, and crossed to the entrance hall. She smiled when she saw Chad and Raye standing on the doorstep holding hands.

"I sure appreciate you watching her, Serena," Chad said to her as the pair came inside the house. "Amy's gotta work at the hospital and I have to run some errands."

"Raye likes to come and see me, don't ya Raye?" Serena cooed in a childlike voice. The toddler, who was nearly invisible in the folds of her snowsuit, only waved her arms slightly. Raye wondered how long this torture would continue. "Has she eaten yet?"

"Yeah, she had a big lunch." Chad smiled. Leaning forward, he gave Raye a kiss and a hug before saying, "You be good for Serena and Amy'll pick you up after work."

"Bye Chad," Raye squeaked and gave him a large hug.

Raye felt a little sad in seeing Chad go. "Raye!" Raye's head whipped around. She stared at a little blond who was wearing a red ribbon but still bigger than she was. "Mina?" the toddler squeaked. "Hi Raye!" Rini said before saying, "I done, Mommy." "Then go brush your teeth." "'Kay, Mommy. C'mon, Mina." "But I wanna play with Raye," Mina pouted. "I don't want to play!" Raye wailed. It was a total surprise when it just came out as "Raye pway! Me wanna pway bunny!" "See?"

"Go brush your teeth, young lady," Serena commanded. "And, don't like make a mess in there!"

"'Kay," Mina agreed and ran after Rini who was already in the upstairs bathroom.

"Mina too?" Raye tried saying and was rewarded when it came out properly.

"Yes Mina too," Serena said, "I bet you're majorly hot." "Yeah, but I'd wather be hot than cold," Raye whispered. She sighed when her snow boots were removed. Next followed the hat and scarf. Mittens were then removed before the snowsuit itself. Underneath, she was wearing a cute blue sailor suit. Something stirred, sending a signal to the toddler. "I gotta go potty, Sewena." "Gosh, Raye, like I didn't see one," Serena said. As she moved towards the downstairs bathroom, Raye couldn't believe her misfortune. "But I got an idea."

"Oh no..." Raye moaned, "Hurwy!" She didn't know how much longer she could hold out. She wiggled in Serena's arms with the effort. Not caring about her modesty, the toddler didn't protest when Serena lowered her underpants before settling her onto the toilet but in a sidesaddle position. "Jesus Cwist! Hang on to me, Meatball Head," the child hissed when she thought Serena was going to let her go.

"Okay Raye. Like chill out," Serena agreed.

Feeling her bowels release and smelling the pungent odor, Raye was extremely glad she hadn't soiled herself. After her business was finished, Serena used some toilet paper to clean her up before lifting her up from the toilet. "T'ank you," Raye squeaked. Her head turned and saw Rini and Mina standing in the doorway.

"Come and play!" Mina directed. Rini nodded her agreement. "Raye has to wash her hands first, girls," Serena said while raising the lowered underpants. Turning on the water, the blond lifted the toddler up to the sink so she could wash her hands.

"This ain't fair!" Rini complained as she stared up at the ceiling. She was tucked into bed for her afternoon nap. "You're tellin' me," Raye muttered out. She had also been put down for a nap. Both children turned to stare at each other. "Rini? You can understand me?"

"Yeah!" Rini felt overjoyed, "I just thought it was me and Serena. I mean Mina just wants to act like a baby, even with no grownups around."

"Do you know what happened?" "Yeah that ditzy Meatball Head made things this way, Raye. I don't know how but she did," the pink-haired girl replied. "This majorly sucks. I was eleven then Serena blows a fuse 'cause I go to the arcade and now I'm five."

"Run that by me again?" Raye questioned. Rini sighed, glanced towards the door, and detailed the previous day's events in a lower voice. Yawning, the former seven-year-old finally added, "So now I'm five."

"Yeah well, at least you ain't twee, Rini," Raye replied, "It weally bites." After a moment, she added, "I think you're wight. Sewena is behind this. I say we make her change us back." She smacked her fist in her hand.

"Right on, Raye," Rini sleepily agreed. Raye yawned in response. "What should we do?" The raven-haired child didn't answer. Turning, Rini found the toddler was fast asleep with her thumb in her mouth. "Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt." She was feeling a little sleepy. Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep.

Pluto sighed, "Just great." She was going to have to step in again; she could just see it coming. Before she could do anything though, something up the timeline caught her attention. "Well, they are small and Serena can handle them for the time being." She had a rowdy teenager to put into place in Crystal Tokyo.

Dr. Amy Anderson pulled into the Shields' driveway and turned the car off. She sat for a moment in the darkness and silence. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she saw a tired looking face staring back at her. Chad was very understanding about the long hours she had to keep as a medical intern. He had understood about her retaining Anderson as her family name.

Taking in a deep breath, she slowly let it out, closing her eyes and stretching as she did so. "Today was a long day." Gathering up her purse, she lifted out of the car and stepped out into the frosty night air. Once out of the car, Amy got a good look at the Shields home.

"They certainly get into the decorating spirit," she commented to no one. The large house was wreathed in Christmas lights. The two trees standing beside the door looked like to mini Christmas trees. Carefully mounting the snow-covered steps, she pressed the doorbell and waited. After about a minute without any response, Amy pressed it again. A small frown creased through her brow. She was about to knock on the door when it opened. "My goodness!" she exclaimed, "What on earth happened?!?"

Serena Shields looked very haggard. Something green and slimy slid down her cheek, hung for a moment at her jawbone, and then plopped onto the ground. Without even responding, the blond turned and dashed back into the house.

Amy felt very concerned so rushed in after her best friend. Not bothering to remove her boots, she mounted the steps into the living room and stopped dead in her tracks. The blue-haired intern felt her mouth swing open in surprise as she surveyed the area of devastation. The couch's cushions were strewn about. A green and yellow handprint was prominently displayed on the television screen. The Christmas tree was standing lopsidedly while various other debris was scattered about the typically tidy room.

After recovering enough to look for her blond-haired friend, Amy turned her attention to the kitchen. She was just in time to see a raven-haired toddler come rushing out of the room, trailing a streamer of toiler paper behind her. The small child was waving a large wooden spoon in the other hand and giggling with obvious delight. Moving forward, Amy tried to corral the toddler but Raye used the spoon effectively and tore off in a different direction. She turned to follow and nearly ran into Serena who was trying to do the same thing. "Raye!" Amy called sternly, "Raye Hino, come over here!" "NO!" Raye shouted and disappeared behind the couch, "Me pwayin'." Amy turned to her friend who was looking rather set upon and asked, "Was she like this all day, Serena?"

"No..." the older woman said slowly, "Just since her nap." The blue-haired lady was about to respond when she noticed a pink-haired five-year-old peeking from around the kitchen archway. She watched as the youngster quietly crept towards the stairs. Amy was going to inquire what had been happening that afternoon when a crash drew her attention back to the toddler. "Let's take her from the sides." "Right!" Serena agreed.

"Good-bye," Amy said to Serena, "I apologize for the trouble." "Like what can you expect?" Serena asked. Raye was still just as temperamental as she had been as a teen Serena decided. "Well you have a good night, Amy. I need to go find my daughter." "Say good-bye, Raye." Little Raye remained moodily silent, a thumb firmly stuck in her mouth. Amy sighed and walked down the snow-covered walkway to her car. Serena shivered and closed the door before turning back into her devastated house. "This is like majorly not cool." She started to head into the kitchen and then thought better of it. "I'm just glad that Darien has to work late tonight." It'd give her a chance to clean up. And she hated cleaning.

After not finding Rini downstairs, she headed upstairs and along the hallway to the little girl's bedroom. Opening the door, she looked inside but didn't see anyone. The blond was about to leave when an idea occurred to her. Walking over, she knelt down on the floor and flipped the sheets up.

"Hi," she said to the pink-haired little girl that was under the bed. "Can I come in?" Rini shook her head so Serena said, "Well then, young lady, come on out. I want to talk to you." When the child didn't move, Serena said, "Okay." Letting the sheets drop again, she walked from the room and headed downstairs to the living room. "I hate cleaning." But her husband was depending on her.

Rini woke with a slight start. For a moment, she didn't know where she was, and then she remembered that she was hiding under her bed. Carefully peeking out from under the sheets, she saw that her room was empty. She crawled from beneath her bed, she brushed herself off, and walked across the floor to the door. Slowly opening the door, she looked out into the dark hallway. There was light from the living room and she could hear the sound of the television. Going back to her bed, she got the stuffed bunny that was sitting there before going back into the hallway. Walking quietly down it, she came to the top of the stairs and paused again. Serena was sitting on the couch watching television. The previously devastated room looked fairly respectable, though the Christmas tree still sat a little off kilter. A brief battle took place inside Rini for a moment before she summoned up her courage and walked down the stairs and over to the couch. "Mo... Serena?" Her blond-haired cousin turned to look at her. "Hi, Pumpkin, did you fall asleep?" "I guess so," Rini said and slowly made her way around the couch's arm to stand beside her much older cousin. "Are ya mad at me?" She held the toy rabbit up like a shield and peeked over its head.


"Are ya mad at me?" For some reason, Rini hoped Serena wasn't. "I was like going to take you and Mina sledding tomorrow after school but I don't think I will now." "Oh..." The pink-haired child suddenly felt very disappointed. "Raye did lots more than me." When Serena patted the couch, Rini crawled onto it and said, "Um Serena... What if I promise to be extra 'specially good?"

"We'll see," the blond replied, "Can I like ask you something, Rini?"


"Did you think I was really going to be mad at you?" "Yeah," Rini said with a nod.

"Well, I'm not." Serena didn't know why either. It was like she just couldn't bring herself to be upset with the little girl. Of the pair, Rini had been better behaved, which for some reason gave her a certain amount of pride.

Raye sucked on her thumb as she sat upon the potty. Morning sunlight sparkled through the frost that covered the bathroom window. She was dressed in a red jumper and yellow T-shirt and she had pink socks on.

The toddler was not in a pleasant mood. Last night had been a disaster. She'd enjoyed the havoc that she had caused but unfortunately, she'd been punished for it when she and Amy had gotten home. The former priestess didn't blame Amy but being punished like a little kid just reinforced the fact that she was trapped in the body of a toddler. Raye also had to admit that she wasn't proud of her activities. While they had been fun, they hadn't done anything to help her out of her current situation.

"You done, Raye?" Chad asked as he looked into the bathroom. Raye nodded that she was finished using the potty without taking the thumb from her mouth. She knew that sucking her thumb was babyish and bad for her teeth but she found something soothing about it. "Am I tickling you?" Chad asked when Raye giggled. "No," Raye giggled again. The fiery Sailor Scout of Mars knew that Chad would do almost anything for her, but for him to be wiping her backside struck her as funny. "Now let's get you some breakfast." "Raye hungwy," Raye agreed.

Later that day, Rini sighed as she waved good-bye to Mina. She liked the little girl well enough but Rini was not used to being the follower. Mina appeared to be the leader and the day's events had clearly proven it. Crossing over to the couch, she got up onto it beside Darien and then plopped herself onto his lap. She leaned against him when he hugged her.

"Did you have fun sledding today, Rini?" "Yeah, me 'n' Mommy went really really fast," Rini affirmed excitedly. "The hill was big, Daddy. Big like you." The pink-haired girl groaned mentally. "I like going fast." "Well maybe this weekend I can come with you and Mommy. Would you like that?" Darien asked his daughter. "Yeah!" Rini declared, "Me 'n' you can go zoom!" "You're being silly."

"Me not silly..." She hated to admit she sure sounded like it though. As they lapsed into silence, Rini wondered what she was going to do about Mina. She didn't want to hurt the little girl's feelings and it was hard to assert herself when anybody was around. The exception was Serena but Rini didn't want to be mean. Mina had been nice to her before and was even nicer now.

The next few days saw a covert war waged. Raye became steadily more convinced that Serena was responsible for her predicament; owing mainly to the fact that Amy pretty much had what she wanted and Lita had a good life from what Raye could glean. There was also the fact that Serena didn't even try using the Imperium Silver Crystal to revert things back to normal.

Despite her best efforts, Raye had completely lost control of her life. She tried to thrust her theories upon and vent her complaints to the one person she could confide in -- Rini. The raven-haired toddler was becoming increasingly frustrated with her young confidant who seemed to be progressively more doubtful of Serena's guilt. It took a lot of effort by Raye to even get Rini to help her commit some mischief, though nothing on the scale of her first rampage. She was also growing angry at the treatment that her former friend Mina was giving her. The little blond seemed to think that it was her duty to care for Raye.

Rini Shields' focus, however, was on Mina, not Serena. It had taken some time but slowly Rini was winning Mina over. While the pink-haired girl wasn't the play leader all the time, she was in a more balanced position with the five-year-old. She was becoming annoyed with Raye. While Rini agreed with the former teen priestess that Serena wasn't doing anything to reverse their situation, she was having a hard time believing that it was Serena's fault. She had never seen any evidence that Serena knew what was responsible and the little girl knew that her ditzy "cousin" wasn't that good an actress.

Rini also didn't like being told what to do by Raye who seemed to think she could boss her around. The pink-haired girl was determined to keep Mina from trying to be leader so she wasn't about to let a rude diaper wearing toddler boss her around. So, watching Mina humiliate... play with Raye became a source of enjoyment for her. Another reason why she didn't like to follow Raye's orders was that Rini had to admit, if only to herself, that Serena wasn't being so bad.

Things came to a head Thursday evening, shortly after dinner. Amy had brought Raye over for a visit. Lita had also come over. So, while the grownups sat in the kitchen talking, Rini and Raye were left to play in the living room alone.

Little Raye Hino was playing with a large, soft cloth ball. She was dressed in a frilly pink dress. Rini was sitting on the couch with a couple of stuffed toys.

Raye had invited the older girl to play with her since there was little else to do but Rini had flatly refused. That had annoyed the raven-haired toddler. She was just starting to think that maybe she could get one of the grownups to play with her when she heard someone come up from behind her. Turning, she saw Rini looming over her. "Hi," she squeaked.

"Hi," Rini said. She reached down and took the ball from her. "That's mine!" Raye protested. Leaping to her feet, she demanded, "Rini, give it back!"

"You had it long enough."

"But I was pwaying with it." Raye could feel herself starting to get upset. Taking a few breaths, she added, "Pwease Rini, give it back. I need it." Although she couldn't say why.

"Need it?" Rini sounded scornful, "It's just a stupid ball, BABY." "It's not stupid, you're stupid!" Raye's eyes flashed with anger. "Am not," the five-year-old replied coldly and stuck her tongue out. "Are too!" the raven-haired child replied, "You don't see that all of twis is Sewena's fault. She's a compwete airhead." "You take that back." No baby was going to insult her mother if she could help it.

"No." Raye stumbled back as the much bigger Rini shoved her. She tripped and fell with a thud onto her rump. "RINI!" Raye began to yell but the rest of her tirade was lost to bawling as someone entered the room.

"What's wrong, Pumpkin?" Amy asked while coming over to Raye. "Rini take ball! Mine!" Raye got out between fits of tears. "I did not," Rini fibbed and hid the ball behind her back. "Rini, like give Raye her ball," Serena said while coming across the living room.

"What ball, Mommy?" she said innocently. "The one you got behind your back, you damn Pink Spore," Raye wanted to reply but it came out as, "ME WANT BALL! ME WANT BALL!" "Raye sweetheart," Amy soothed and picked up the toddler. "Young lady, give that ball to Raye."

"But it's mine, Mommy," the pink-haired five-year-old protested. Raye watched as her tormenter ran across the room and up the stairs with Serena following fast behind her. Sniffling, she stuck her thumb into her mouth and lay her head against Amy for comfort. A short time later, Serena came out of Rini's room and said sternly, "You like stay in that corner." Coming down the stairs, she smiled and held out the ball to Raye who took it. "There you go, Raye." "T'ank you, Sewena," the child squeaked. "Rini bad." "I know, and I like put her into the corner," the blond replied and then added, "How would you like some ice cream?" "YEAH!" Raye declared. She didn't see the exasperated look on Amy's face.

Rini fumed. This wasn't her fault. She wasn't going to wait in this corner just because Serena told her too. Besides, she had to go to the bathroom. Walking softly over to the door, she quietly opened it and peeked out into the hall. Seeing it was empty, she slipped out into it and carefully looked into the living room. "Yes!" she exclaimed in a soft voice.

She moved down the hall, came to the bathroom, and paused. She decided the baby was right about one thing: she had been letting Serena get away with too much. A slow, sly smile slid onto her face as a plan formed in her head. Grabbing a large quantity of toilet paper, the youngster left the bathroom quietly and headed for her parents' room.

Average, who had been napping on the bed of the master bedroom, was awakened when someone came into the room. Lifting his head up, he saw Rini come in with a large wad of toilet paper in her hand. "Rini, what are you doing?" he asked her sleepily.

"Go 'way, Kitty."

The gray kitten had no intention of doing so. He let out a mew of protest as he was lifted up and rapidly conducted out of the room. "Go 'way!" the pink-haired girl hissed and shut the bedroom door. Average sniffed and wandered down the hallway, maybe he could round up some cream. After making his way down to the living room, he was startled again by a squeal of delight. Turning to the sound, he saw, much to his horror, little Raye. Pivoting as quick as he could, he tried to escape but he wasn't quick enough. The toddler scooped him up and gave him a hug. "Pwetty kitty."

Sailor Pluto's brow furrowed. "Not again!..." she sighed, "Why can't she see she's got it good?!" The Scout of Time wasn't going to give the bratty little princess a chance to complete her plan or else, she was going to hurt someone. "And here I thought I'd have a bit of peace and quiet."

Generations (Part 5)

by By the AP Scout (

Serena Shields eyes fluttered open. Yawning, she stretched out and rolled over to her back. "Mrs. Serena Shields." She liked that name. The night before, the blond had gone up to Rini's bedroom to scold her for being mean to Raye. But instead, she had found the little girl already tucked into bed and fast asleep.

This had puzzled the blond. She just shrugged and left the room without waking her daughter. It almost felt like Rini was her daughter but that was silly.

A tingling sensation made the blond sit up. She looked around, expecting the world to start to shake but it didn't. The tingling grew a little more intense and Serena realized that her nightgown was shortening. This puzzled her but it was soon forgotten when the she realized that her breasts were growing.

"Awesome!" she declared softly. She'd show Lita who had the most "talent". Serena guessed her recent C-cup breasts were now D-cup and firmer than before. In addition, the nipples seemed larger. She was sure Darien would approve given the attention he paid them during their lovemaking. She did, however, feel some discomfort. "Serena?" Darien's voice drew her attention. "What is it?" Serena wasn't sure what to answer but his smile told her that he knew. "I hear Rini too. She must be hungry," she giggled. "I guess I should get her breakfast." Darien, who had slipped from bed and pulled on a jogging suit, waved her back saying, "I'll bring her in. It's not even seven yet." The blond watched her husband leave with a puzzled look on her face. "Why?" Serena wondered to herself, "Would he bring her here if she's hungry?"

Rini bolted up right. Her heart was beating hard and she clutched the stuffed bunny in her arms. "It was a dream!" she exclaimed. The dream seemed to turn into reality as the room started to shake and shimmy. The little girl hoped it was an earthquake but then she felt a tingling sensation. She prayed she was age progressing back to eleven. It quickly became evident that exactly the opposite was happening. What a horrible nightmare!

"NO!" she howled, "I can't change again!" Her body wasn't listening, however. Her already small arms and legs grew even smaller. They became chubby as baby fat appeared. Fingers and feet shrank. Her pink pigtails shrank even more to only small tuffs of hair. Her cheeks and tummy became rounder.


Even as the now younger child vented her displeasure, the room started to change as well. Most of the toys disappeared. The small desk and chair vanished to be replaced by a change table. Her bed shifted and rocked as padded sides rose up. It was becoming clear that she was now in a crib.

Under her bunny pajamas, which had shrunk to her smaller form, she could feel a very thick plastic diaper form. Her bladder released its load to her great embarrassment thoroughly wetting her diaper.

As the seconds passed, the tiny girl became more firm in her conviction that she was now even younger than Raye. Her suspicion was confirmed when Darien came into the room and all she did was wail. "Hi Sweetheart," the giant Darien said softly, "Are you hungry?" It was a good thing that Rini's response only came out as crying or she might have been in a lot of trouble. As it was, Darien gave her a hug and walked over to the change table. "We'll get you cleaned up and then you'll go get something to eat." "I want Serena," Rini demanded but it only came out as a piteous wail of "Mommy!"

"Yep, we're gonna go see Mommy real soon," Darien affirmed while removing her pajamas.

The pink-haired toddler couldn't believe the unfairness of her life. She tried to resist Darien's efforts to change her but his soothing voice and the need for a fresh diaper overwhelmed her. Rini sniffled and, much to her dismay, sucked on her thumb as her father cleaned her up and put a fresh diaper on her. "You hungry?" her father asked. "Sure am," Rini replied but it only came out as a plaintive burble. She sniffled as Darien gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed for the door.

Serena had figured out what was going on just before Darien came back into the room. Her suspicions were confirmed when the blond saw how small Rini was.

"Hi Mommy," Darien said in a high-pitched voice, "Look who's come to have breakfast." Serena giggled and held out her arms for Rini. "Hi, Rini, how's my big girl today?"

"Mom-my," Rini replied along with other incomprehensible words to the giant figure.

"Are ya hungry?" Serena asked. She was just thinking that maybe she could talk to Rini by herself when she realized that Darien was removing his jogging suit. Her hopes were crushed when her husband slid back into bed beside her.

Rini started to get restless. She was getting hungrier by the moment and all that these supposed grownups did was talk nonsense to her. She really wished Darien would take off so she could give Serena a piece of her mind.

"Hey!" she squawked as she was shifted over to Darien. The pink-haired girl watched her ditzy cousin with some confusion. Serena pulled the short nightgown up over her head and off exposing her large breasts. Much bigger than Rini remembered seeing the last time they had bathed together.

"What are you doing?!?" she demanded. Again, it all came out as baby babble. This was really starting to get her frustrated. "Come on, Sweetheart, time for some breakfast," Serena cooed and took her back from Darien.

"About time, Meatball Head," Rini tried to complain. Rini scowled when all Serena did was settle her into a cradled position near one of her breasts. The pink-haired girl stared at it in confusion knowing she had her own breasts not that long ago even if they weren't as impressive.

"Here we go, Tiny Rini," the blond said gently while positioning a firm engorged nipple in front of Rini's tiny mouth.

The baby gave a surprised start. Serena couldn't be serious. Rini knew that some young babies drank from a bottle but she couldn't be that young, could she? Besides, what her cousin wanted her to do was gross. She tried to resist as the nipple pressed against her lips; much to her surprise though, it slid into her mouth. Her small lips locked around it as if it was completely natural. She tried her best to push the disgusting thing out with her tongue. She gave up her attempts when something warm and wet squirted onto it. It didn't taste bad. Sucking a little brought her some more of the wonderful liquid. It tasted kinda like warm milk.

Much to her surprise, she continued to suckle her cousin's nipple, drawing from it sustenance. Her body began to relax as a hand gently patted her back and occasionally her diapered bottom. She heard Serena talking in a soft and soothing voice to her. This was nirvana. By the time she was gently positioned so she could take the other nipple into her mouth, Rini's eyes were nearly shut.

Serena felt a warm glow as the tiny child, her child, suckled at her breast. It wasn't arousal, rather the feeling was simple happiness. Having not had milk flow from her breasts before, or at least experienced the sensation, Serena did find it quite stimulating. "I think she's done," Serena said when she felt the flow of milk slow then stop. "She was really hungry." Indeed, the pink-haired toddler in her arms was relaxed and staring contentedly up at her. "Let me take her, Honey. You go cleaned up." Serena smiled and handed Rini gently over to her husband. Darien took his daughter and shifted her to a shoulder that had a hand towel draped over it. He then started patting her back.

"What would you like for breakfast, Darien?" she asked Darien as she rose from the bed and pulled on a nearby robe. "Surprise me," Darien replied. He smiled as his small daughter gave a tiny burp.

"Okay," Serena agreed. She gave her husband and daughter a kiss before leaving the room.

"Napa," Raye said to her grandfather.

"You like banana, don't you?" he asked while handing her a banana slice.

"Me wike it," Raye agreed and took another proffered slice. She took a sip from her spill-proof juice cup and set it down with, in her opinion, an overly exaggerated noise of satisfaction. She accepted the spoonful of baby food that was presented to her without complaint. The raven-haired toddler was very grateful that she at least got some solid food and wasn't feeding from a bottle. The baby food wasn't too bad. She didn't mind the taste now. As she ate breakfast, the former teen priestess worked on her strategy. She had to talk to Serena today. It was clear that Rini wasn't going to. After last night, Raye didn't really care. She'd get out of this mess and back to her proper age without Rini's help. She had to admit the klutzy blond had always been right -- Rini was a spore. Raye didn't care if the little girl stayed five or not. "Does Raye want to go and see Serena and Rini?" Amy asked as she came into the kitchen.

"Raye wike Sewena," Raye affirmed.

"Does Raye want to go potty?" Raye shook her head. She didn't have to go. "Well, let's try anyway. Okay Raye?" Amy said and lifted her out of the booster seat.

"'Kay," Raye agreed. The three-year-old mentally sighed, that hadn't been what she had said. She fussed some when Amy washed her hands with a washcloth and wiped her mouth. "Raye is pwetty?" "Yes, Raye is very pretty," her grandfather agreed.

A few minutes later, Raye was being dressed in her snowsuit. The raven-haired girl had to admit that Amy had been right in insisting she go to the bathroom. It hadn't been more than a minute after being placed onto her potty that Raye found herself using it. The toddler eyed Amy's medical bag with suspicion. It was off-limits to her play. Her blue-haired friend usually didn't take it to work since the hospital had its own supplies. "Come on there, Pumpkin," Amy said, cutting into Raye's thoughts, "Let's go see Serena and Rini." Raye waved a mitten hand in understanding. The little girl blinked as they stepped into the bright sunlight of the early morning. The snow on the ground was covered in a sparkling sheet of frost that reflected the light of the rising sun.

In the Shields' kitchen, a pink-haired nearly two-year-old spat out, or more accurately slobbered out, the baby food that had been put into her mouth. "No!" she intoned defiantly. The rest of her protest of the taste came out as baby babble. It was one thing to feed her nice tasting milk, even though its source still grossed her out. It was quite another to feed her this terrible tasting pig slop.

The one thing preventing her from telling Serena exactly what she thought and could do with the slop was Luna. The black Lunar Cat was bemoaning her kitten's behavior to Serena who was only partially listening. The blond was more intent on feeding her daughter and keeping her clean than comforting her feline advisor. "Well, I don't want to make you sick," Serena said to Rini as she put the food away. "I wish you could eat solid food but you're too little for that."

Much to her surprise, Rini started to cry. The blond bent down and wiped her mouth and hands before removing the bib and lifting the toddler up. "I'll be right back, Luna," Serena said and walked from the room. Once out in the living room, she asked, "What's wrong, Sweetheart?"

"I hate t'at food," Rini huffed out in a squeaky low voice. "I know, but it'd look majorly strange if I gave you anything else. Maybe I can like find some applesauce or something." Serena patted the little girl on the back and paced around the living room. "You di'n't do t'is to me on purpose, did you Sewena?" "Like no way," Serena said, "Jordan was a major handful. Taking care of a baby is a lot of work."

"I'm not a baby," Rini hissed dangerously. "You know what I mean," Serena said and smiled at her. "Want to try it one more time?"

"I'm still hungwy," the pink-haired toddler admitted. "Then let's go try it." Rini was about to reluctantly agree when the doorbell rang. "Now who could that be?"

Amy smiled as the door was opened by Serena and Rini. "Well hi there, Rini," she cooed down at her, "And how are you today?" She chuckled as Rini gave her a strange look and turned away from her. "Hi Sewena," Raye squeaked then added with an evil grin, "Hi Poophead."

"Raye," Amy chided, "Be nice to Rini. Now say you're sorry." "You sorry." The toddler giggled as Serena giggled. "You're silly, Raye," Serena said, "Come on in." "Me not silly. Me Raye," Raye complained. "Come into the kitchen, Amy. I have to finish feeding Rini. Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes please," Amy said, "It's quite cold out there." She smiled as both Serena and her daughter giggled. After stripping off their outer clothes, Amy and Raye moved into the warm and inviting living room and made their way to the kitchen. "I'll feed her," Amy offered after setting Raye down on the floor. "What's on the menu today?"

"Strained carrots," her blond friend answered. The blue-haired Scout could have sworn that Rini gave a disgusted look. She was even more puzzled when Raye burst into a fit of giggles. After getting the baby food, she settled herself down to feed Rini. "She seems a little fussy today." "Darien like said the same thing," Serena observed as she made tea. "Well, I heard about a new strain of flu going around so I stopped by to take some tests, Princess." Both children suddenly got the uneasy feeling that it would somehow involve them.

Rini looked around the master bedroom. She was sitting on Serena's lap. Raye was sitting on the bed beside Serena. Amy was attempting to listen to Raye's heart with a stethoscope. She shivered a little at the thought. It had been slightly cool, even with Amy's attempts warm it up some.

"Stop that, Raye," Amy admonished gently as the toddler continued pulling on the stethoscope. "Show Rini you're a big girl." "Mine," Raye replied.

"Why do you want it?" Rini tried to ask but it came out as "Co... coo..." Raye glared at her. The pink-haired child couldn't figure out what she had said wrong.

"Those things are like always cold," Serena said. "Yeah!" Rini agreed.

"Raye, what if you let me listen and then you can?" "'Kay," the raven-haired toddler agreed and let her hands drop to her sides. Rini immediately lost interest. Sticking her thumb into her mouth, she looked up at Serena. The blond smiled back at her with affection.

Rini looked back at Amy and Raye and saw that Amy was handing the child the stethoscope. "Be careful," Amy advised before turning to Rini. "Now let's just take your temperature, little princess." Reluctantly, wanting to show the grownups she wasn't as much of a nuisance as Raye, she removed her thumb and opened her mouth up. Instead of producing the thermometer, Amy shifted Raye over slightly and settled herself onto the bed. "Come here, Rini." The pink-haired toddler gave the best shrug she could and didn't protest as Amy lifted her up. She was a bit puzzled as she was placed onto her stomach.

"Why don't you like use your computer, Ames?" "I can't very well use it on my patients," Amy replied, "I would if it were an emergency."

It made sense to Rini but she was still puzzled by her current situation. Her confusion turned into concern as her diaper was undone. "Hey!" the child squawked, "Why am I gettin' a spanking?!?" That thought brought tears to her eyes. She had been good! It just wasn't fair!

"It's okay, Sweetheart," Amy said while rubbing her back, "It's okay..."

Rini sniffled, realizing her protests weren't being understood. She'd really let Serena have it when they were alone. "It'll all be over in a little bit, Rini," Serena said. "But..." Rini began and then froze. "No!" That came out as clear as she had intended. The child suddenly realized what was going on when she felt her buttocks being spread apart. She was seven, not some baby! Just as she was thinking of a way to protest this inhumane treatment, the thermometer slipped in. "I'm not a baby," Rini said in protest but what came out was a squeal. She tried wiggling but the blue-haired adult had her firmly held so that she wouldn't get hurt.

The pink-haired child was quite happy when the thermometer was finally removed and her bottom wiped clean. "There now. That wasn't so bad," Amy said and replaced the diaper. "Rini's a baby!" Raye said with a grin. She had found the entire thing funny, Rini just knew it. Safely back in Serena's arms, Rini gave Amy a sulky look and sucked her thumb. "Come on, Raye," Amy said, "It's your turn." "I'm a big girl," Raye declared. Rini turned her head away to look at something else.

A short time later, Raye and Rini were sitting in a playpen in the living room. "I can't bewieve," Rini said, "Th't you d'dn't say somet'ing else, Raye."

"Why?" Raye asked. "It wasn't all that bad." She grinned. "You made 'nough noise for both of us." The smaller girl glared at her. "So when did Sewena do that to you?" The toddler was quite pleased to see that her tormentor hadn't gotten away with anything. "Sewena d'dn't," Rini said. "Oh come on!" Well with Momm... Amy gone for a few hours, Raye intended to have a good talk with her friend. "Sewena! Get your wazy butt out here!"

"She ain't wazy!"

Raye turned and stared at the pink-haired girl. "Well she's not." "Sewena!!!!"

"Chill out, Raye. What is it?" Serena asked while coming out of the kitchen, "Do you have to like go potty?" "I want you to..." The raven-haired child was cut off when the doorbell rang.

"Hang on a sec," the blond said and went to answer the door. The child crossed her arms and grumbled under her breath. A few moments later, Lita came into the room. "Hi Nana!" Raye said, her frown turning into a smile. "Well hello there, Raye." Rini babbled something. "You're talkative today," the elderly woman replied while walking over to the playpen. Reaching down, she scooped Rini up and gave her a hug. "And how's little Rini today?"


Raye wasn't about to be left out. Jumping to her feet, she held up her arms. She couldn't say why but anytime she was around Lita, she felt something special for the oldest Scout. Lita obliged her and gave her a hug.

Sailor Pluto watched from the timestream. The Guardian of Time had a puzzled look on her face. She had been expecting Lita and Raye to oppose each other, or at least Raye to be hostile. Lita had always stuck up for Serena but it seemed Raye was genuinely happy to see the old woman. "Not that I'm complaining..." She glanced up towards Crystal Tokyo and then back at Raye. "Perhaps something else needs to be done." Pluto decided to give the situations some more thought.

It was nearing lunchtime when Lita pushed herself up from the floor with a slight groan. Raye gave her a concerned look. "Don't worry, Pumpkin, just these old bones." Raye returned the smile. "Now you be good and I'll go make us some lunch."

"'Kay," Raye agreed. She didn't turn back to the dolls she had until Lita was in the kitchen. Even then, something in Raye's mind nagged at her. She had noticed that Lita hid some of the discomfort she was having. There had been brief glimpses of what lay behind the perky exterior that Lita presented. She knew that Jupiter wasn't a complainer but Raye really wondered if the others knew.

Getting up, she wandered into the kitchen where Lita was busy chopping up some stuff for lunch. "Hi Raye."


"Want a drink?"

"Yes pwease." The child toddled over to the table and got up onto a chair. Lita got her a drink of water then went back to making lunch. "Where Sewena?"

"She's changing Rini." Raye could sympathize on how nice a fresh diaper felt. When her blond friend did appear, she said, "Serena, you eat lunch."

"You bet. I'm like majorly hungry." Rini started to fuss at this point. "So is Rini."

"Me get bottle," Raye offered. She could hardly wait to see the Little Pink Fungus sucking on a baby bottle.


"Aw!" The raven-haired girl protested, "Me not dwop it, promise." "We don't use a bottle," Serena said while settling herself at the table.

Raye gave her friend a dubiously puzzled look. How could that be? Her brain suddenly supplied an answer. "Gross!" She tried to say but it came out as something completely different. Serena wasn't paying attention though as she unhooked her nursing bra. Raye got a good look at her friend's large breasts. Rini was starting to fuss even more and the blond was trying to soothe her.

Rini lay in the crib. She felt sleepy. Raye was lying beside her. She was about to close her eyes when the raven-haired toddler said, "How can you stand to do that stuff?"

"Wha?" she asked sleepily.

"I mean bweastfeed."

"I was hungwy."

"You're as bad as Sewena. I can't bewieve she made you into a baby... even if you were mean to me."

With some difficulty, Rini shifted herself so she could glare at Raye. "Sewena ain't doin' this."

"Why are you defending her? I mean we're the ones that are stuck wike babies. You know that blond ditz doesn't wike us." Rini felt herself bristle with anger. "If you're mad at me, then be mad at me but not Sewena." Before Raye could say anything, the pink-haired girl added, "Yeah I thought it was her but Sewena can't act that good. She's cluewess."

"Got that wight."

"Raye," Rini protested, "Don't be mean to Sewena." The older girl just scowled with annoyance. "What's got your diaper in a knot?" "You wouldn't even help me get her. We could've weally gotten her but you wouldn't help me."

The pink-haired toddler sighed and shifted again. It wasn't just that she didn't want to be punished; she felt that Serena was being honest. Sure being a baby wasn't the greatest thing in the world but it felt nice to have Mommy... Serena look after her. "I'm sowry 'bout the ball."

"What?" Raye asked.

"I'm sowry I took the ball from you."

"Well if you want me to forgive you, then you can help me," the fiery girl said, "Now wisten..."

"Raye... I won't."

"You won't?"

"No," Rini said more firmly, "I won't let Mina push me awound. I'm not going to let you do it either."

"Oh yeah?" Raye asked while sitting up.

"Raye," Rini said in a nervous voice, "I pwomise Sewena doesn't know nothing. I've been awound her a wot. I know!" The room fell silent for several seconds before Raye took on a defeated look and flopped back down. "Damn it! I thought I had this figured out!" Rini wasn't sure what to say so didn't say anything. The older child turned to look at her before asking, "Are you weally sowry that you took the ball? You aren't just saying that 'cause you're wittler than me now?"

"No, it was wrong," Rini said after a moment, "Just wike me weaving Mina."

"I guess that settles that then," Raye grumbled, "I suppose things can't be any worse than this."

Sometime later that afternoon, Serena watched as Mina played with the two toddlers. She couldn't help but smile at the little blond. Mina was acting as if she was the mother and Raye and Rini were her daughters. Lita had thought it was sweet and the blond agreed with her elderly friend.

Letting her mind wander for a moment, Serena briefly wondered why she liked this. It was certainly because of Darien and Raye didn't harass her, though the little girl had tried. She didn't mind having Rini as a daughter though the blond wished that the child were a little older. Diaper duty was not enjoyable at all. A screech from Raye brought her back. The raven-haired toddler was now yelling at the top of her lungs at a startled looking Mina. "Like cool it, Raye," Serena said but picked up the toddler. "Now, Mina, what happened?"

"She mean to me!" Raye blubbered.

"No, I'm not," Mina protested, "You wouldn't play fair!" Raye promptly hid her face. "I said I'd give you some juice." "Cup no juice," Raye said.

"I bet it was pretend juice, Raye," Serena said while stroking the child's hair. "Isn't that right, Mina?" The little blond nodded. Serena saw Rini and now recognized the look. "I think someone needs their diaper changed." "I'll help!" Mina declared. Silently Raye promised to use the potty. The little blond was well meaning but still accident-prone. The fact that she was bigger didn't help matters. She not only bossed her around but Rini too.

The raven-haired child wasn't sure if Rini burst into tears because her diaper was soiled or because Mina was going to help.

"This is awful..." Rini grumbled out, not caring if she could be understood or not. It had been bad enough that Serena and Darien changed her diapers but for Mina to do it was even worse. At least the grownups recognized it as a necessary thing and didn't take it lightly.

Mina, on the other hand, thought it was a big part of being a "mommy". The pink-haired toddler was just happy that Mina wasn't allowed to do it all. The child took away the soiled diaper and did up the fresh one. Rini was quite sure the little blond would be prepared to do it all and think it was some great game.

"At least Raye's being sympathetic," Rini thought. Raye's look said it all. "I wonder how long this will last?" She couldn't go much younger in age, could she? Rini wasn't sure and didn't have the courage to ask Serena.

Raye looked around the living room. She and Rini were sitting in the playpen again. "That was lucky," she whispered to Rini. "Yeah," the pink-haired girl agreed. "I wonder what Mina did to make the toiwet back up."

The raven-haired toddler shrugged and then said, "I guess you're wight. Sewena doesn't know what's going on." "Did you talk to her?"

"When I had to use the pot... um... bathwoom," Raye replied, "Not long but I guess you were wight."

"I gotta be good, Raye, or I'll never get big."


"I was thinking..." Rini paused, "See when I was bad, I got turned wittler. I know Sewena ain't doin' it but maybe if I'm good, I'll get big again."

"So that's why you wouldn't help me get Sewena earlier?" "Sewena's okay... sometimes," the younger child countered, "I felt bad 'bout being mean to her." Raye was about to ask why when the two blonds came back into the room.

Sailor Pluto stared at the point in the timestream and wondered if it was possible. Could her princess be learning? The Guardian of Time didn't believe it. "I'll just wait and see what else turns up." Yes, she'd be cautious.

Generations (Part 6)

by By the AP Scout (

Mrs. Serena Shields smiled as she glided down the stairs in her bathrobe. Rini was squealing delightedly as her father lifted her up over his head.

"Who's this?" Darien asked Rini upon seeing his wife. "Mommy!" the pink-haired toddler declared happily. "Hi Pumpkin," the blond replied and held out her arms. While her baby daughter was placed into her hands, she drew the child closer while making faces that made Rini giggle. "Come have a bath, then it's time for beddy-bye." The pink-haired toddler burbled something that Serena took as agreement. If it weren't, she'd probably hear from Rini when they got into the bathroom.

"Give me a kiss," Darien requested. He expected his wife to respond but she held up Rini to kiss him instead. The baby did so in a sloppy manner that left most of his right cheek damp. Serena giggled slightly and gave her darling prince a gentle kiss on his left cheek. Turning, Serena walked up the stairs, carrying her daughter in her arms. After giving her husband one more smile, she went down the hall and entered into the bathroom.

Once the door was closed, Rini squirmed slightly so she could look up at Serena. "Sewena?" "What?"

"Take my temp-er-a-tu-rrr." The blond blinked. "Wike what Amy did 'i's mornin'." The meatball-headed blond placed her hand on the child's forehead. After a moment, she said, "You don't feel hot. You feel okay?"


"So like why do you want me to take your temperature?" "I wanna be a big giwl. I acted wike a baby 'fore."

"Don't sweat it. I like wouldn't majorly like it either." She undid one of the child's tiny pink pigtails and added, "I tried to stop her, Rini. I thought Amy'd use her computer."

Rini remained silent for a few moments, during which Serena leaned over and started the water running in the tub. When the blond straightened again, the child said, "Pwease?"

"Why?" Rini was glad to see that Serena's hadn't forgotten. Rini squirmed not sure how to answer. How could she tell Serena that it was a matter of pride? She felt annoyed with herself for letting Raye show her up. Finally, she said, "I just want you to." The blond didn't say anything. Instead, she set about undressing them and getting them ready for their bath. By the time that Serena had shut off the water, Rini was pressed against bare skin. The toddler only hoped that she wouldn't wet on Serena.

"You sure?" Serena asked. Her cousin's voice startled her. She looked up, her little heart beating rapidly in surprise, but soon she calmed as the blond smiled down at her. "What?"

"I said are you sure?"

"Yeth." Serena didn't say anything further. Instead her cousin stepped over to the medicine cabinet and opened the door to remove rectal thermometer and the Vaseline.

Sometime later, Serena ran a gentle washcloth over her cousin's tiny rump and up her back before reversing the action. The toddler giggled and squirmed at the tickling sensation she was experiencing. She gave Rini a kiss on the forehead before settling back slightly. She allowed the toddler to splash about the water, careful to make sure the child didn't once slip beneath the surface. The pink-haired girl had been quiet during the temperature taking. The Sailor Scout of the Moon couldn't quite figure out why it had been necessary to retake it but her cousin had seemed pleased with her behavior.

She was quite content. Darien was all the husband she had ever dreamed of. Raye was respectful to her, at least with other adults around and Mina was adorable.

"You know what?" she asked Rini, stopping the child in her play.


Serena lifted the toddler up and hugged her. "I think you're a great daughter."


"Sure," Serena said and stroked some of the little girl's wet hair. "You aren't all bad."

"Gee t'anks," Rini retorted but not with much force.

"Ready to get out?"

Rini nodded. She was becoming sleepy.

Wrapped in a towel and feeling sleepily content, Rini watched in anticipation as Serena shifted her bathrobe aside. The blond was sitting in a rocking chair in the nursery. Her tummy growled as her brain anticipated that sweet milk she had now grown accustomed to. Slowly she took the proffered nipple into her mouth and instantly began suckling. As warm, life-giving milk, splashed into her mouth, she closed her eyes in bliss.

This was not bad. She didn't like wearing diapers or being the smallest; those were minor things. She liked being with Serena, liked the concern the former blond teen showed, had even shown when they were with Irene. She loved her mommy but her mother was a queen and always very busy. Even the other Sailor Scouts were busy and so was her daddy. In contrast, Darien and Serena were always there. Darien did have to work but he wasn't above helping Serena care for her. The pink-haired girl had been so sure that the ditzy blond would simply leave her alone; that had proved wrong. Serena ensured she was safe and happy. Rini was sure her parents must have done so too but as she had grown older, they had had less time for her.

Barely did she feel Serena shifting her to another nipple. Rini smiled a little. She had initially thought this was gross, but now felt very close to Serena in a way she never thought possible. Whenever the blond was out of her sight, Rini felt a little apprehensive. Here it was easier to accept that Serena cared about her. She was friends with Mina and even Raye in some ways. Feeling full, she gently pushed the nipple from her mouth. As the blond lifted her up to burp her, Rini said softly, "I wove you."

"I love you too, Rini," Serena replied softly.

Burping, the pink-haired toddler hugged Serena the best she could. She'd love Serena as a mommy if only she could save her own. She just couldn't leave Neo-Queen Serenity like she was. After all, it was her fault that the Queen was like that. She had to fix it. Maybe if she told Serena, the blond could help her.

Shifting slightly, she passed gas, releasing some of the tension that had been in her. Burbling with contentment, Rini was soon drifting off to sleep.

Darien looked up as his wife entered into the master bedroom. "Get her settled?"


"I could have done it, Serena."

"Of course, like you're a great daddy," Serena said, coming and sitting on the bed beside him. "My love, I do not doubt your skills." Darien smiled and reaching up a hand passed it into her robe. Serena's face reddened a little but she leaned forward. Cupping one of her ample breasts, he brought his other hand around to cup the back of her neck. She did not resist his motion to draw her closer. Kissing her deeply, he wondered how far this would go.

It had been nearly a week since they last made love. Rini was a handful. All the to the pressure of the holiday season and working it, put a crimp in their love life. It was early yet in the evening and they might be done by the time that Rini woke up.

Pluto turned from the couple who was now embracing each other with wanton desire and looked down into the nursery. "She has learned something," but there was one more thing she had to see about. Lifting her staff, she began the shift again. The sleeping Rini did not feel the shaking this time. Did not feel the diaper vanish to be replaced with underpants. Did not feel her arms and legs lengthening, or her baby fat vanishing. The toy she had changed slightly but nothing more. Her pink hair lengthened. Now to make sure the couple wasn't disturbed.

Serena moaned slightly as Darien fingered over her Mons Pubis, brushing against her nether lips. His mouth gently pulled at her nipple. The expected milk was not produced although she was too engrossed to notice. She could feel his heat as she gripped his engorged member. "Oh Darien," she breathed out. Clasping his head, she pulled him up before kissing him deeply. Need and desire rolled through her. She tried to roll and he felt her. Now she was atop him, straddling his sleek, masculine body.

Sitting up, she ran her hands down his defined abs, across his washboard stomach, and grasped his staff in her hands. He moaned with the sensation. The large purple head was firm and round. Its length standing rigid and waiting.

The air was filled with the rutting scent from both of them making the experience more pleasing. Slowly she stroked his manhood while he played with her luscious C-cup breasts feeling unable to resist the insatiable hunger deep with in her. Rising up slightly, she impaled herself onto his staff of life and they were joined.

The joining was almost overwhelming as she felt her velvet glove grip and massage him. She had never experience such pleasure before. Coming close but not so close. Now there was no regret, no hesitation. She felt her lover respond, meeting to her thrusting hips with his own. She could tell the fires climbed hire within herself and Darien. They rolled again without ever losing contact climbing even more into that nirvana of pleasure that seemed to peak. By this point, she had her legs around his waist wanting to take him in and yet needing the long strokes that he gave her.

She battled his tongue for a moment before guiding his seeking mouth to her breast. She had firm teardrop-shaped breasts now and Darien had always desired them. But she knew he desired other things as well. The thrusting increased and she climbed higher.

Sweat gleamed over both their bodies and it was with a long, cry for her love. Sounding like an angel's voice, the climax washed over her. As her velvet glove gripped his member, she felt his life giving seed shoot deep within her. She shuddered as the pleasure ran through her once again.

He sank slowly to the bed beside her, stroked her form gently, and she nuzzled close to him. In the hazy pleasure of the afterglow, she felt him draw up a sheet.

"I love you."

"I love you," Serena replied and Darien kissed her.

Serena woke feeling complete. Certainly more complete than she had ever felt before. Reaching out, she gently pushed some hair out of Darien's relaxed face. The soft glow of early morning peeked under the curtains. It had started to push away the gloom. Last night had been wonderful.

Suddenly the thought of Rini rushed to her mind, she hadn't heard her daughter. She hadn't even thought of thinking of Rini as her cousin through all this mess. She was about to spring up when the door slowly opened. Softly pushing herself up she saw a mop of pink hair through the door. As she watched, she saw an older Rini enter the room.

She felt a little scared and looked down at herself. She was wearing a nightgown. A hand moved over and felt that Darien had some underpants on. Her breasts weren't as firm but certainly still larger than what they had been as a teen. It made sense in a way; Rini was definitely too old to breastfeed.

Holding her finger to her lips, she motioned for her daughter to come in. The seven-year-old walked softly across the room and crawled up onto the bed beside Serena and Darien.

"Come on, get under there."

The sleepy child crawled under the covered and snuggled close to Serena who lay back down. When the pink-haired little girl wrapped her arms around, Serena did the same returning the hug.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Rini said very softly. "I want some milk." And tugged at Serena's nightgown.

"You can't."


"Shhh..." The blond soothed gently, "Rini, you're too old for that. Mommies don't make it when their daughters are big like you." "That's not fair," Rini grumbled out and pouted. The meatball-headed blond nearly laughed. The pink-haired girl grumbled some more but eventually settled down.

The blond watched as her daughter drifted back into slumber. Lowering her own head, she soon joined Rini in sleep. She never did see the soft smile that Darien had on his face. Nor did either feel his gentle kiss.

"I'll get it, Mommy!" Rini called. She had been watching cartoons. The little girl had been even more pleased to hear that it was now a Saturday and she was off for Christmas Break. Skipping over to the door, she didn't immediately open it. Instead, she said, "Who is it?" "It's Mina!"

It sounded like Mina but she waited till Serena had come in behind her and had nodded her permission before opening the door. "Hi!" she chirped upon seeing Mina and her father. She almost said that Mina had grown but stopped herself. Mina was now at least seven though still slightly shorter than Rini.

"Hello Rini," Mina's father said. "You be good for Mrs. Shields." "Yes Daddy." Mina skipped in and gave Serena a hug. "Hi Mrs. Shields." Rini giggled.

"So what have you got planned today?" Mina's father asked. "Well, if they're both good, I thought I'd take them sledding." Both children cheered at his.

Rini ignored the rest of the talk that Serena and Mr. Aino had while waiting for Mina to strip off her winter clothing. The little blond was dressed in a set of jeans and a bright orange sweater. Rini herself was wearing a pair of blue overalls and a red and white striped shirt. This wasn't her typical fair. Now that she knew that they might be going sledding, she was glad that she hadn't made a scene when Serena had laid out these clothes.

Both children darted into the front room to watch cartoons for a little while. Once all the good stuff was over with, it came time to play.

"Let's play."


"Hmmmm... house," the little blond said.

"House?" The pink-haired girl wasn't really into that type of thing.

"Yeah, I can be the Mommy and you can be the daughter." Rini was about to make a rude remark when she stopped herself. Would it hurt her? Though she hated to admit it, she was a kid. The fact that Mina was one of her friends here was another factor. Instead of flatly rejecting it, she asked, "Can I be the mommy next?" "Okay," the little blond replied happily.

Sometime later, Rini was wondering if her patience could hold out much longer. She was trying hard to curb her normal response of being bossed about. It was part of the game and Mina wasn't too bossy, it's just that she got carried away.

The pink-haired girl was about to complain that she had been the daughter long enough when Mina said, "Your turn, Rini. You can be the mommy."

Sailor Pluto smiled as she watched the two seven-year-old girls play. This was too good to hope for. She did think Rini was being a little unfair to Mina but soon her princess moderated her behavior and the game continued until they both grew tired of it. It appeared as if Small Lady was learning to share.

"Raye, don't touch," Serena's stern voice came from the couch. The little girl pulled her hand away from the Christmas tree and stared at Serena sulkily. "Go play with the others." "But it pwetty," Raye said. The toddler swore silently to herself. That had not been what she had wanted to say. "Rini bad," she stated to the adult.

"Well if Rini's like mean to you, she'll get into trouble. Now come away from the tree, Raye." The raven-haired toddler stomped across the floor to where some of the toys were. How could Rini be bigger than her? She looked over to where Rini and Mina were playing with a toy tea set. They're even bigger than before she guessed. It just wasn't fair! "Raye, come 'n' play."

Raye was surprised when Rini asked her. "No." She thought it was a trick. Rini would just get her over there and then be mean for what Raye had done when she was littler. Tiring of the toy she was playing with, the raven-haired toddler pushed herself up and toddled over to where some of Rini's other toys were gathered.

She squatted down and started picking through the different things, tossing the boring stuff off to the side. "Raye..." The toddler ignored Serena's voice.

"Raye!" That was Rini and she didn't sound happy. Turning, she saw the huge seven-year-old advancing on her. Grinning slightly, she flung the object in her hand at the pink-haired girl. Serena didn't look happy about that.

"Why don't we make Mommy some ice cream?" "'Kay!" Raye said happily. Now this kid was talking. Time to make a mess!

Rini pushed her irritation down. Raye still didn't trust her so she was trying to be super-nice to the little brat. At least she had coaxed the toddler into playing with them instead of trying to dismantle the tree.

What was really trying her patience was that Raye seemed to enjoy being difficult. The pink-haired girl had no real wish to return to being a baby. She was happy to have control of her own body back. She was startled out of her musings by the sound of the doorbell. "Oh, there's Grandma Lita, Raye. Let's get you dressed." Serena said, "It's time to go home." Rini looked up in surprise at the clock and noticed that it was indeed late in the afternoon. "I not go!" Raye wailed, "Me stay!"

"But you'll come back," Rini said to Raye. The toddler just repeated that she didn't want to leave. Hoping to catch Raye off-guard, she said, "You can take that with you." Raye gave her a teary-eyed puzzled look. "You know, you can take him home." She pointed to the one of her stuffed toys that Raye had been playing with earlier. "I bet he'd like to go with you." The raven-haired little girl sniffled. "Weally?"

"Sure," the pink-haired child responded. Her blond friend was looking at her as if she'd lost her mind. "What?" "Nothing," Mina said but she had a funny look on her face. "I can keep him?"

"You can bring him back when you come next time," Rini offered. Raye sniffled a bit, toddled over to where Rini was sitting, and gave her a large hug. The little girl was surprised but eventually returned the hug. Not wanting to be left out Mina decided to hug both of them. It lasted for all of a second before all three collapsed onto the floor, giggling at the situation.

The Guardian of Time took one final look up the timestream towards Crystal Tokyo. Things would work out. Opening a portal, she stepped out into a dark winter evening. The first thing to do was to keep Darien occupied for awhile. After adjusting some elements that would ensure Darien was late coming home, Sailor Pluto then moved on to Lita's home. The elderly Sailor Scout was scheduled to watch Raye for the evening. That had been a stroke of luck for Pluto. Lita had been a real trooper throughout. The first thing to do was to decrease Lita's age. She raised her staff and reversed time for Lita. Hair darkened from gray to a deep, rich brown. Weathered features smoothed and grew younger. Wrinkles vanished. Her hunched body straightened and became strong once more. Sagging breasts firmed up and grew slightly. The brunette hadn't noticed a thing. Neither did Raye for as soon as the transformation had started, the toddler dropped off to sleep. The little body grew smaller and smaller until she was simply a glowing sphere, which glided towards Lita and slipped into her body. "You deserve this, my friend," Pluto said to Lita in a whispered voice. Of all the Sailor Scouts, Lita was truest to Serena. The fact that big Scout never complained once despite her occasional aches impressed Pluto even more.

After ensuring that Lita's husband was rejuvenated, she left turned her attention to some other loose ends that she had to take care of.

Sailor Pluto knocked on the front door and tried not to smirk when a shocked Serena and an even more shocked looking Rini answered it. "You... you're... Pluto!" Serena turned to Rini and added, "She appeared in Luna Ball." The blond turned to stare at Pluto again. "I didn't..." Serena scowled, "Hey, are you from the Black Moon Family?" "No," Pluto said mildly.

"Don't be silly!" Rini protested, "Serena, Pluto's a Sailor Scout.

She's my friend."

"Are you sure?"

"Mommy..." Rini whined, "I tellin' ya. Pluto's okay."

"I don't know," Serena said dubiously.

"Watch!" Rini exclaimed and hugged her friend's legs.

"Rini!" the meatball-headed blond sounded exasperated, "Well, promise not to take her?"

"I wouldn't hurt Small Lady."

"I guess..." Serena shivered. The open door was letting cold air into the house.

"I've been watching," Pluto said. "May we speak?" Serena nodded and stood aside. Rini, grinning from ear-to-ear, grabbed a hand and pulled her friend into the house. "Small Lady, just a moment." The pink-haired child looked up in concern. Pluto reversed her transformation and then smoothed out the business suit she was wearing. "Now you can call me Susan."

"Um... okay... Susan." Her Queen said, "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Yes please," Susan replied with a grin.

A few minutes later, they were seated around the kitchen table. Rini had been a little put out that she wasn't given coffee as well but was content to settle for some orange juice. "Susan, do you know what's going on?"

"Yes," Susan replied and turned towards Rini, "Your misbehavior put the timeline in danger." "Oh," Serena gasped. The pink-haired child looked sheepish. "So, is that why she like kept changing ages?"

"You might say that."

"But I'm good now, right?"

"The timeline is now stable again." Susan took a sip of her coffee and watched the other occupants of the room. "Do you like your life, Serena?"

"Like it's so majorly cool!" Serena replied, "Darien is like so dreamy. And I love Rini as my daughter. I feel that she is in a way." The little girl mumbled something inarticulate out at that remark. "Though doing diaper duty was a major bummer."

"I'm just glad you did do it, Mommy," Rini said.

"And like Mina's such a cutie. Raye doesn't boss me about." "Amy and Lita?" Susan asked.

"Well, Amy's pretty cool. Lita's a little old though. Like don't get me wrong, I still like her."

"Yeah, Lita's okay. I'm just not used to seeing her as old as Auntie Irene." The child grinned as Serena glared at her. "Amy's okay... for a grownup. Mina's a nice friend... even Raye's okay I suppose." "Would you want things to stay like this?"

"Like be Darien's wife and everything?" Susan nodded. "Wicked cool!" Serena cheered, "I'd hate having to be a teenager again." She paused for a moment then added, "But some of this stuff's hard." "But you would?" The blond thought for a few seconds and nodded. "Very well then, things will remain as they are." "WHAT?!?" Rini protested.

"Now Rini, it ain't all that bad," Serena countered. "I'll be the best mommy I can."

"Be quiet!" Rini snapped. "You don't know..." "Small Lady, I want to talk to you alone." The pink-haired girl fumed. Then she slid from the chair and stomped from the kitchen. "I guess it really ain't fair to her," Serena said. "She's majorly bummed out over her mom."

"Your Majesty, I give you my word, everything will be just fine." "You promise?"

"Yes, I promise." Serena looked relieved. "But I do need to speak with Small Lady alone for a few moments."

"Oh, okay," the blond said, "I like need to get dinner started."

Rini stood by the front window looking out into a night of falling snow. She heard someone coming up behind her but didn't turn around. In the window, she could see the partial reflection of Susan behind her. "What about Mommy?" the child asked.

"Small Lady... Rini, may I ask you something?"

"What?" the seven-year-old questioned while turning around to look at her friend.

"If you knew your mother was safe, would you stay?" "If Mommy and Daddy were okay?" Rini asked, a wistful tone in her voice. Susan nodded. "Yeah... I love Mommy and Daddy but they're so busy. Serena's always here for me 'n' stuff. Mina's nice, even Raye, but she can be a pain at times." The child gave a sheepish smile. "Guess I can too."

"So you would stay?" Rini thought for a moment and then nodded. Susan knelt down in front of Rini and said solemnly, "I give you my word that if you stay, your mother will be okay. I know she'll be just fine because... Serena IS YOUR mother."


"Think about it, Small Lady."

Rini did and it startled her how things started to fall into place. Why she felt so warm and safe around Serena and Darien. "But I took..." "If you stay in the past, then you won't take the Silver Crystal from Her Majesty. The Black Moon Family won't be able to hurt your mother. She'll be safe and you'll be able to help her when you become a Sailor Scout."

"Me?! A Sailor Scout?" Rini asked.

"That's for the future."

"As long as Mommy ain't hurt. Somebody should really stay here to make sure Serena don't klutz out."

"If you really misbehave, Rini, you'll be regressed to a younger age." The child gulped. "It's up to you though. I don't just mean your typical misbehavior. I mean really serious stuff." "Like me leaving Mina?"


"Oh... well, that was naughty of me."

Susan nodded and then stood. "When I make things permanent, you're going to be in trouble with Serena... unless you want to be younger." Rini mulled this over for several seconds before shaking her head. "I still feel bad about the Christmas gifts. What will I be in trouble for?"

"Well, instead of torching your gifts, you torch the tree." Rini winced. "By accident mind you. You were fooling around with a candle and... poof! Luckily, Serena caught it before it got out of control." "I... I'll stay," Rini said.

"Go up to your room then, Miss Rini Shields," Susan directed.

Rini waited for her mother in the bedroom, her stomach doing backflips. She had decided to plunk herself on a chair in the corner just to be safe. Her heart sped up a little faster when she heard the door open. Turning slightly, she saw the blond entering the room, her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the hairbrush. She knew she'd be in trouble but not that much trouble.

"I'm really, really, sorry, Serena."

"Pardon me, little miss?"

"I'm like majorly sorry, Serena."

"Young lady, I'm your mother. I want you to show me the proper respect."

"Yes Ma'am," Rini squeaked.

"Now get your pajamas and come over here."

Rini did so, getting a set of pajamas out of her dresser and a clean set of underpants. Walking over to the bed, she put them down. "It's too bad that you didn't listen to me." "I know, Mommy."

"Maybe Santa Claus won't bring you anything because you've been such a naughty little girl."

"I'll be extra specially good!" Rini promised, her eyes were starting to mist over. She sniffled as Serena unbuttoned her overalls and tugged them down. She stepped out of them upon request and then pulled her socks off. She then removed her underpants. It was at this point that she was placed across Serena's lap.

Rini squirmed slightly as her mother applied the first stinging swat. It was followed with others. It stocked a fire in her bottom that turned her white cheeks a glowing pink. Silently she promised that she'd never ever play with fire again.

She felt herself lucky that Serena hadn't brought the hairbrush to bear on her backside. Though, she wasn't given a chance to rub any of the heat out because she was quickly put into her pajamas. The hairbrush, it turned out, had been brought so that Serena could brush out the little girl's long pink hair.

Generations (Epilogue)

by By the AP Scout (

Twelve-year-old Rini Shields tucked the five-year-old into the spare bed in the Shields' home before softly leaving the room. She walked downstairs and started picking up the scattered toys that were on the floor. She was glad the house had air-conditioning; the summer had been hot and muggy so far.

She paused in her task when the phone rang. "Hello, Shields residence."

"Hey Rini, it's Mina."

"Hi Mina!" Rini said with a grin, "What's up?"

"You have to book it down to the arcade."

"Can't... Like I have to watch Raye.""

"Major bummer..." Mina sounded disappointed, "Hey, like I got it. I'll drop by and bring Jeremy."

"No Mina!" Rini said, her stomach tightening.

"I thought you liked him."

"I do," Rini said, "But if I let you in here, especially with a guy, my parents'll majorly freak."

"Oh come on, Rini, don't be such a wet blanket."

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

"I guess you're right," her best friend sounded very disappointed now, "Well, gotta motor."

"Bye," Rini just had time to say before Mina hung up. Rini sighed in relief. Not only would she be in serous trouble but also she'd probably be regressed in age. She certainly did not want that to happen. It had been a long haul to get to be twelve; the pink-haired preteen wasn't about throw away all her hard work.

She had slipped into some of her old ways soon after Susan's visit. That had been because Raye had vanished. Lita was younger although still a grownup like Serena. But what had hurt Rini most was that Serena didn't remember being cousins. It had taken some time for her to realize that she was only hurting herself.

"I did get my Christmas gifts at least." The fact that most of them were what she had previously torched only made her happier to see them. Her most recent regression had happened when she was ten. She had spent three months as a toddler. That wasn't to say she was as bratty as she used to be. Her parents were quite effective in curbing her misbehavior in typical ways. It was only when she really pushed the limits and did something completely out of character for her age that she was regressed.

Starting to pick up toys again, Rini thought about Raye. It had been a surprise to find that Lita was pregnant and even more of a shock to find out that the baby turned out to be the former teen Raye Hino, though the five-year-old still didn't remember anything of her past existence. She and Mina babysat her and had ensured that they spent time with the child when they could. Rini thought of Raye as the little sister she never had. Raye was a cutie now but could be a handful. The pink-haired girl hadn't quite risen to the level of authority that Cousin Serena had had over her; Rini didn't regret it, it was just one less thing to get her into trouble. The thought of trouble brought Mina to mind.

Mina was the best friend Rini had. They shared everything together, both good and bad. The two twelve-year-olds did everything together that sometimes caused problems. It was a rare event for either girl not to be in trouble while the other one was. Another reason why Rini didn't want to be regressed was that Mina would be as well and Raye for that matter. Amy did marry Chad although they still were childless.

All in all, Rini Shields was happy, and a Sailor Scout just like her mom. Sitting down on the couch, she sighed in contentment. "Life is good."

That's when the room started to shake.

The End.

Another story done. I've found time here and there to write. I wrote this story because some commented that I wasn't doing enough AP. That was a fair comment. AR is fun but AP can be fun too. Rini realized that she shouldn't be so bratty though it took her a long time. I doubt she's cured of it. An un-bratty Rini is about as much fun as a super-smart Serena. Darien wasn't as much of a horndog in this one either, then he didn't need to be.

AP Scout