Exit From Twerpville…That'll teach her, Part II


Sgt. Vincennes

10-year old Monica Sherman sat at the kitchen table swinging her tiny feet back and forth several inches above the tile floor. At times, when she was alone; Monica thought about her life and what had become of it. No one would ever believe what had happened to her and her sister, Mindy 4 long months earlier. See, until that fateful Saturday Monica Sherman was 17 and Mindy had been her little sister at just 10 years old. Monica had caught Mindy playing dress-up in her clothes; so to teach her a lesson, Monica had put on Mindy's clothes and they had switched ages in a mere matter of minutes. Their lives altered forever.

After "The Switch" had occurred, nothing had been the same. Their parents had come home from shopping and had nearly died of shock. Their mother had fainted dead away and their dad had resorted to drinking heavily.

They walked in and saw a young woman they assumed was a friend of their daughter Monica, she was a 17-year old blonde haired, blue eyed girl greeting them at the door. She was very attractive standing a statuesque 5 foot 10. Her hair falling gently over her shoulders in a white silk blouse. The tall young woman also wore a tight short black skirt and black heels. Bob and Connie Sherman had no idea that she was Mindy. It was the sight of the small, shy brown haired brown- eyed girl that threw them. The little girl looked just like Monica had when she was little. When they found out that it was in fact their daughter Monica; suddenly regressed into a 10-year old girl once again. Then they learned that the blond was in fact their young daughter Mindy, sudddenly changed into a young woman. They had both been hit with a shock no one besides the actual participants of " The Switch" could comprehend.

Doctors had been consulted and while not believing the story ever happened, they could find nothing wrong or abnormal with either girl. Mindy was a healthy 17-year old and Monica was a perfect speciman of a 10-year old girl.

After a week, they were forced to accept the new reality. Mindy was enrolled in Truman High School as a junior, Monica's old class, nearing the end of the year. Monica was conversely enrolled in the 4th grade at Linclon Elementary School. The teacher had mentioned what a coincidence that they had just lost a girl with the last name Sherman just last week. Monica got to sit in her sister's old desk.

In the week after "The Switch" Monica had displayed increasingly juvenille tendancies and began forgeting the more complex things she had learned in school. Meanwhile Mindy just seemed to know things; like Algebra and advanced English. Mindy had become a teenager. They had switched rooms and wardrobes and possesions completely. They lived the lives appropriate for their ages, and as a consequence, Monica's life had become a living nightmare. Mindy was determined to make up for a lifetime of torment and short jokes. For even though their mentalities had changed their memory of "The Switch" and life before it had remained strong in their minds.

Monica didn't know if Mindy ever thought about before, other than to remember all the insults. Monica knew she thought of it constantly. And she was deep in thought that morning when Mindy entered the kitchen and saw that her little sister was spaced out.

" Wedgie time!" Mindy yelled and grabbed her little sister's underware through the bars on the back of the chair. Mindy yanked Monica's panties up hard into the crack of her flat ass. " OW! Cut it out jerk!" Monica yelled in pain.

" Oh…did I hurt my itty bitty widdle sissy" Mindy mockingly sang over her. Then she laughed hard. " Nice Tweety Bird undies shrimp…don't worry. Someday…I f you try really hard you'll be big enough to wear panties without cartoon characters on them. But I wouldn't hold my breath little sis, it looks like you'll just have to wait 5 or 6 years"

Mindy strode out of the room laughing in the sadistic way she had been for 4 months now; Monica mearly sat there crying trying to extract the underware from her rear.

Monica tried to keep a wide distance from her big sister but it didn't always work out. Later that same afternoon, Monica was using the bathroom when the door sprang wide open and in strode Mindy.

" Get out twerp…I have to get ready for my date." Mindy said very satisfied. She took a quick look at her little sister sitting helpless and couldn't resist turning the knife further. " It must be so convient to not have to worry about puberty"

Monica had turned bright red when the door opened and Mindy came in on her. " Get out you big stupid jerk! Get Out!"

Mindy mearly laughed at her then when she yanked her up to standing; then as Monica stood there helpless with her pants around her ankles, Mindy pushed her little sister hard backwards and laughed hysterically as Monica fell hard on her bare rear.

" Awwww, don't hurt yourself clumsy little dork. Good thing you don't have anything to show off or else you'd be in trouble."

Monica had fell backward and had bit down hard on her tongue drawing blood. The sharp pain inside her mouth eclipsed the pain of her fall. Monica's frustration and humiliation was now joined by pure physical pain. She felt the tears well up in her eyes but in an act of defiance she managed to get to her feet and yank the pants up quickly.

Mindy had sauntered over to the door and slouched against the doorframe towering over Monica. Her posture begged the question she finally worded " What are you going to do about it…shrimp" Monica was too mad to speak but she did the next best thing, she spit a wad of blood into her sister's face.

The shock and horror hit Mindy at the same time as the fluid. She jerked back instinctavly and as she wiped her face, Monica took off running, she flew out the back door and out into the yard, where she still didn't stop until she rounded behind the garage and crawled under some bushes, bushes she knew her big sister couldn't fit under.

Mindy recovered from her shock and began to chase after Monica but when she heard the back door slam, she gave up. She stood in the kitchen shaking in anger and disgust, she vowed she get Monica back for this one. She would pay dearly.

Mindy licked her lips and caught the one drop of her sister's blood that she had missed. As Monica sat in the back yard she knew she had time to kill outside, there was no way she was going back inside when Mindy was on the prowl for her. " What are you going to do about it twerp" Monica mockingly said over and over again. Using her goofiest tone of voice " I have to get ready for my date tonight…"

Monica said with malice in her childish voice " Stupid big sister. She wouldn't look so great on her date with a big fat zit on the end of her big old nose."

Mindy was still fuming about what had happened with Monica as she climbed the stairs again to the bathroom. " Ewww. When did I get this huge zit on my nose?" Monica stared at the reflection in the mirror as her hand traced the large red and white blemish.

Mindy was distressed over her fresh pimple, but she would just cover it up. She was dressed only in a white bra and panties, she had not yet picked out what she was going to wear later. Monica had gotten to giggling in the back yard over her little wish. " I wish Mindy had some green hair to go along with that pimple…that way she could really look like the witch she is" Mindy had her back turned to the mirror as her hair went from blond to bright green instantly. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Monica's ears perked up at the blood-curdling scream. She hated her mean big sister, but that scream sounded like she might be hurt. Monica's tiny legs pumped hard as she entered the house and ran upstairs to the bathroom, where she found her big sister staring into the mirror with a look of total horror.

Mindy was having a hard time with her new hairdo.

Monica just gasped when she saw her big sister. She had green hair and a huge zit on the end of her nose, just as she had wished. Monica began hyperventalating again at the possibility before her. Mindy saw her little sister staring gap jawed in the door " What the Fuck are you staring at you little freak!"

Monica snapped back at the insult, " Freak? I'm not the one with green hair."

" Shut up or I will kill you you little twerp"

"You might want to be nicer to me Mindy. I think I can get you back to normal"

" What are you talking about brat. If you had something to do with this, I will pound you into oblivion"

" Now that sounds like you don't want to get your hair back to blond" " RRRRGGGGG! Fine you little oompa loompa. Fix it!"

" Fix all of it" Monica led her sister on.

" Yes, you little shit…fix it."

" Oh okay…well, I wish you had blond hair again and no zits at all on your perfect complexion." And with the words just out of her mouth, Mindy's hair turned back to it's honey blond color and her nose was smooth again. Mindy was astonished " How did you do that?" she said with fear in her voice. Monica just smiled maliciously " I don't know but I've got a crazy idea…" " NO! You wouldn't dare!"

" Why Not? You said you wanted me to fix it all" Monica was regaining the upperhand. " No…I'll be nice to you Mon…I swear just don't change me back into a little kid again. I'll do anything"

" What you'll do is become my little sister again. I wish you were smaller than me again. I wish you were younger and smaller than me."

And the words were barely out of Monica's mouth before Mindy started to shrink. Her body was regressing back in time. Mindy sreamed out loudly as she felt a surge course through her body. Mindy shook violently for a moment then felt her hair retreating from her back and shoulders. Her shoulders themselves were becoming slighter and thinner. Her arms were losing strength and shape. Her breasts were no longer pushing against the fabric of her bra. Air was entering into the gap, a gap that was widening by the second.

Monica watched her big sister shrink. She watched as her face became younger, losing it's maturity and confidence. Mindy had dropped 4 inches in height already down to 5'6" and her hips had begun to narrow.

Mindy dropped height very quickly as she passed from 13 to 12 dropping down to just 5'2". Her breasts had lost almost all of their mass, her hips still had some shape to them as did her rear but both were losing the battle. Her legs were getting shorter and straighter. They were losing their curves and becoming the young bony legs of a girl.

Mindy was once again 10 and stood just 2 inches taller than Monica, but then as in fufillment of her wish, she became even younger and smaller than Monica was at that moment. Mindy was younger than when she had started out. She was back to being just 9.

Monica had an inch height advantage over Mindy now. Mindy simply cried in a very high pitched tone. The panties had fallen off and lay helpless on the ground and the bra mearly stayed up by hooking on Mindy's elbows.

Monica was ecstatic about the sight before her eyes. Mindy was her little sister once again. No longer a 17-year old bully but reduced to a crying 9-year old. Monica then steeled herself for what was next " I wish I was big again. I wish I was 17 again" Monica closed her eyes…and nothing happened. She tried again and still nothing happened. Mindy now laughed " You might have been able to turn me into a kid again but you can't make yourself big again."

Monica was stunned " Why isn't this working?"

Mindy laughed hard until Monica pushed her down. But since they were about the same size, they had their first well- matched fight. They scrapped and bit and clawed at each other. In the melee, Monica bit Mindy's hand and drew blood.

Mindy had gotten on top and Monica again said " I wish I was 17 again"

As Mindy tried to pin Monica's wrists, she started to lose her grip. She looked down at Monica and found her smiling broadly.

Monica felt the tingle race up her spine and could feel her body changing, getting biugger and more powerful.

Monica felt strength surge through her arms and she quickly grabbed Mindy's wrists in her growing hands. She lifted Mindy up like a bench press and tossed her aside in a surge of adrenaline. She hopped quickly to her feet and loved that she saw the pants she was wearing starting to rip. Monica was quickly growing taller. As her height increased her clothing decreased. Her tiny green shirt tore up the sides then across her expanding breasts. Her hips widened and her ass flared outward tearing out the seat of the pants. The cuffs of the pants rose steadily up her shapely calves and her bare feet grew long and slender. Monica felt her hair becoming fuller and longer and felt her face changing. Mindy simply wimpered in the shadow of her returned big sister.

Monica soon reached 17 and 5'8". Her clothes had been torn into ribbons during this switch and she couldn't be happier about it. Monica had her old body back. Her delicate hands traced her 36C breasts then down her stomach. Her eyes traced over her ass down her legs and over her feet, she was complete again.

Monica tore wildly at the clothes ripping them off her once again curvacious body. She soon reached down and took the panties Mindy had been wearing off the floor and slid them on. " I guess you've had enough time for dress up…huh little Mindy" Monica boomed a full head over her little sister.

" You're stupid lesson was what got you into this mess. I'm going to put on MY clothes…the clothes I bought when I was 17 and turn back again…It worked last time" Mindy ran past Monica into the bedroom. Monica trailed behind her.

Mindy desperately fumbled with the huge clothes and even once she did get them on again nothing happened…at least not that night.