Danger Penny Robinson, Danger!!

By Max

Author note: This is a fan fiction based on the 1998 movie Lost in Space. I donít own any of the characters and they are property of their creators. Any copyright infringement is intended.

After Major Don West had settled at the last of the Robinson family into hyper dream, he was alone piloting the Jupiter 2 toward Alpha Prime. Then, the robot of the ship initiated the commands Dr. Zachary Smith programmed before the Jupiter 2 left the Earth. "Destroy the Jupiter 2. Destroy the Robinson Family" said the robot as he moved toward the bridge.

Major West jumped from his seat as bridge doors opened. "Who is there?" said the Major taking out his gun. Immediately, the robot entered into the room firing his laser cannons. "Holy..." muttered the Major as he ducked under his seat to avoid a blast from the mad robot.

As the robot fired against the computers of the Jupiter 2, Dr. Smith, who was waken up by the loud voice of the robot, entered also into the bridge. "Stop right now stupid robot. You will destroy me too" he said frantically.

The robot only turned around firing against him. Major West took the chance to fire at the robot as its was distracted. His good aim let him blast the control panel of the robot, frying its circuits and producing and overload that ended in its own self-destruction.

The flying pieces hit badly consoles and the alarms of the Jupiter 2 gone crazy. "System Malfunction. Energy Loss. Engines stopped" announced the computer as the ship ceased all movement in some place of the galaxy.

"This canít be good" said Major West as he accessed the consoles trying to reestablish the impulse power. "Alert. Bio signals of pod 4 are failing. Human life in danger" announced the computer.

Major West turned his head and watched that Penny Robinsonís pod was severely damaged by the robot explosion. He ran at her side and forced the pod lock "This is impossible" he muttered. "Computer, drain all power available from the non-primary systems and re-directed them to pod 4" he said.

"Unable to comply" replied the computer "Danger. Failure of the life support imminent. Estimated time: 1 minute" announced the computer.

"Computer, what is the state of the other four pods?" asked the Major. "Pod 1, 2, 3 and 5 are operating normally" said the computer. Desperate, Major West took the only course of action. "Computer, drain energy from the rest of the pods to reestablish the normal functions of pod 4" said the Major.

"Link between the pods established. Pod 4 recovering normal levels of operation" said the computer.

Major West sighed relieved. "Now, I will need a tool from the storage area to open the pod. After she is out, I will worry about the engines" he said walking out the bridge.

He was in the storage are when the computer brought bad news again. "Danger. Pods 1,2, 3 and 5 are losing power. Personality structure compromise. Estimated time: 3 minutes" announced the computer.

"Oh please, give me a break" sighed Major West as he ran back to the bridge with the tool in hand.

"I must get Penny out of the pod and cancel the energy transfer" said the Major as he got next to pod 4. He was about to open it, when his eyes caught the sight of Penny inside the capsule. She was coughing and her face was noticeable the pain she was suffering. But those things were part of a malfunction in her life support. Simply her space-suit was extremely tight on her.

"What theÖ" yelled Major West as his eyes were seeing a young beautiful woman constricted in a body suit several sizes smaller for her. Not losing any more time, the Major could opened the pod lock and gently took at the woman in his arms.

"Computer, deactivate pod 4" said the Major. "Link broken. Lost in Pods 1,2,3, and 5 have ceased. Personality structure intact" said the computer.

The Major didnít pay attention at the computer words as he was worry about the condition of the woman. He couldnít deny that her facial characteristics matched the ones of Penny Robinson, even if they were mature ones.

Seeing that she was suffering for the suit, the Major took the knife of his boot. "Hope Professor Robinson will understand" he said as he cut the space suit. Slowly, he cut from her neck to her stomach. As the neck was freed, her breath started to get normal. The Major continue opening the suit until he reached her chest. He blushed thinking how pervert was to look at the bumps of this girl.

Once his knife was half through, he gasped at the sight of breast flesh being pressed by the suit. "This is impossible" he said cutting slower to not harm her. Penny wasnít longer a plain girl as she spurted a pair of breast even bigger than her mother. When he reached her lower torso, he watched that the toned abs she had in her firm stomach.

"Somehow Penny had being progressed until reached her maturity" realized Major West. Her womanly curves were prove of it. "Even she looked very tall" he said doing a visual measuring.

In that moment, Penny started to open her eyes. The image of Major West was the first she saw. "Major?" she said. "My voice?. I sound strange" said Penny grabbing her throat.

"That is nothing compare at other strange things that had happened to you" he said.

"What otherÖ" she said standing up. "OH MYÖ" Penny gasped. She wasnít sure what was more shocking, the fact that she was looking down at Major West, or that he had a knife and her suit was cut open showing her breasts, or the fact that her modest A-cup was now at least DD in size. "What had happened to me?".

"Everything started when the robot of the ship got crazy and start to fire at everything. Dr. Smith tried to stop it but he was killed. Interesting..." thought the Major "Dr. Smith wasnít part of the crew. How he could get in?"

"Anyway..." he continued. "I didnít have another option more than nullify the robot thread. I should hit some important circuit because it blow in pieces. The explosion damaged the ship and now we are stuck in middle of nowhere. When I was trying to get the engines online, your pod life support started to fail and I had to use the energy of your family pods to keep you alive long enough to get you out of there".

"Later, the computer announced that the other pods were in danger. When I was able to get you out of the pod, I found you all grown up. I had to use my knife to cut your suit. Otherwise you would died suffocated. You must understand that I didnít have another option" blushed the Major.

"Still, those events donít explain my present condition" said Penny. She walked toward the other pods and gasped at what she saw. "Look at them!!" exclaimed Penny afraid.

Mayer West walked to her side and he was astonished of the sight before him. Inside the pods were the members of the Robinson family, but they donít look like them. "I have an idea from were that body came from" he said as all of them were a few inches shorter and their bodies were very thin. Another thing was that Will looked younger while Judy and Maureen Robinson lack of any curve in their bodies.

"Tell me exactly the nature of the emergency that the computer announced" said Penny as she accessed the main computer.

"Iím not sure. Something like a structure compromise. I didnít pay attention as my priority was to get you out of the pod to stabilized at the other members" said Major West.

"The memory is mess. There are a lot of sectors damaged and it could take a while to recovered. Maybe if I link the back up module with the main server I could get some information" said Penny as she quickly entered sub-routines in the computer.

"Whoa!! You really know about computers" said Major West impressed by Penny ability.

"I donít know too much about computers. Will is the expert. Maybe being exposure at him all the them let me acquire some of his knowledge" smiled Penny. As soon as those words left her mouth, Penny froze. "You mentioned a structure compromise, right?" she asked. The Major nodded. "I wonder... Oh no!!" she cried as she typed faster.

"Why are you so afraid?" said the Major watching how Penny was sweating. "Donít you understand? There is no way, I could be able to do this. Iím re-writing the computer subroutines like if I was setting the alarm of my clock. There is no way, I could be able to do this. Even Will couldnít do it...". Then she paused and looking at the eyes of Major West she said "... without the personal codes of my father".

Penny pressed the execute button and the computer displayed a 3D-video of what happened in the bridge after the Major left. It shows how Pennyís body was improving as the rest of her family was deteriorating. "The systemís were overloaded and somehow it really linked me to my family. To keep me alive, the system literally let me drained them their vital energy. They mere essence" said Penny.

"But the transference was more than just that. I gained their abilities and memories" realized Penny as the computer alarm sounded. "Personally structure compromise" said Penny touching her forehead. "The computer detected that I was getting too much from them. In other words, if you havenít stop the transference at the moment you did it, my family could have ended as drones without will" said Penny.

"This is too much for me. I need time to think clearly. Major, try to put the engines back online, I will be in my quarters" said Penny leaving the bridge.

"Did she just have give me an order?" thought Major West.

In the way to her room, Penny realized that her clothes wouldnít fit her anymore. So, she decided to try some of her motherís quarters. Inside the room, Penny peeled off her space-suit pants. "This is so much better. I was feeling cramped" she said.

Taking a look of her naked body in her motherís mirror was a pleasing experience for Penny. "Iím gorgeous. A dream come true" she gasped admiring the outstanding shape of her womanly body.

By analyzing her changes, she easily understood from whom the traits came from. Her hair was wavy, shoulder height and adorned with blonde rays. Her eyes were blue while her lips screamed to be kissed. Her hourglass shape was simple perfect.

Her joy was spoiled as she knew the price that her new body had came with. "I will find a way to restore my family. It doesnít matter what I must do, but my family must recover what I took from them. Maybe was an accident, but it will be a robbery if I decided to keep their traits and abilities.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door. "Come in Major!" said Penny.

"I successfully has restore the engines and I was..." muttered the Major as his eyes admired the naked body of Penny. "Iím sorry. I didnít know you werenít dressed. My apologizes" said the Major covering his eyes.

Penny looked down at her body and realized something. She should felt embarrassed for being naked in front of a man, but she was the complete opposite. She felt confident and proud of her body. "Nothing to be ashamed Major. We are adults now and besides, you have see me naked before" smiled Penny.

"Still, you are a girl and I only cut your outfit to save your life. Please young lady donít get the wrong ideas" said the major still covering his eyes.

Penny smiled and walked toward him. She grabbed his hand and guided it to her breasts. "Tell me something Major. Have you ever encounter a girl with breasts as big as mine" she said placing his hand on her breasts.

Major West knew that he should yanked off his hand, but he couldnít. The warm of her bosom was so inviting.

"You havenít answer my question Major?" said Penny getting aroused at the firm male touch on her breasts.

"No" he simply replied.

"These breasts belong to a woman, not to a little girl, right?" she said as she placed his other hand in her freed breasts gasping a bit as she did it.

"Yes" said entranced the Major now looking up to those lovely blue eyes.

"So, I must be a woman, right?" she said lowering her head a bit to look at him directly to his eyes.

"Yes" he said.

"In that case, kiss me Don. Instruct at my inexpert body in the great pleasures of love. Love me Don. Iím a woman, and my needs demands to be attended" moaned Penny feeling overpowered by all the feelings she was experiencing.

"I will do Penny" said the Major as she kissed her lips.

Both kissed passionately and then Penny quickly began to undress at the Major. He helped her and in a nick of time he was naked too. Pushing at the Major in the bed, Penny also realize the extreme confidence she now possessed. Certainly another gift from her family.

Penny was now in control of the ship and of the only man that could satisfied all her needs. She knew that she will have to search for a way to restore at her family, but until that she can have sex with the Major anytime she wanted as the imposing woman she had became.

The End.