by Mistress Janice

Karen Stone looked at her watch and wiped the sweat from her brow as she worked diligently in her testing lab. "Late as usual," she thought. Genetic research was becoming a growth industry, along with electronics, computers and the world wide web. She found herself working later and later these days as she struggled to keep up with her schedule.

Suddenly the phone rang. It was Linda! They chatted for awhile, talking about the roadblocks they had run into with their research.. Many ideas, few theories, but they still hadn't found a method to halting the aging process. Karen thought about her husband Paul. At 32, Paul was a highly successful businessman and a computer expert. He traveled a great deal and like her, also worked long hours. Then Karen found herself wondering what he was doing tonight.

The door opened and in walked Linda. "Ooh! You startled me Linda! I must be in a daze by now."

Linda sat down slowly and stretched her arms. "Karen dear, we work too hard. We've put in long hours on this project, with no results so far. Perhaps we should stop for the night and go out and have a nice dinner, hmm??"

Karen smiled and put down her papers and sighed. "Perhaps you're right Linda, let's go to that little Italian restaurant. What's it's name? Oh, I remember now, Scipioni's!"

The ladies packed up their experiments for the night and left the highly secured research complex for a more subtle setting. At Scipioni's Spaghetti Palace they were escorted to a private table and sat down to relax to a nice home-cooked meal. They heard laughter that was quite familiar and they looked at each other.

Karen listened attentively and commented, "That sounds like Paul. IT IS PAUL!!!!..."

"SssssH!", Linda motioned with her finger and moved the plants aside cautiously looking for the source of the cootchy-cooing and baby talk. Sure enough, it was Debbie from the lab and her friend's husband, Paul! They were carrying on like a couple of babies. They talked to each other like two infants and both Linda and Karen heard every word of it! "Does my wittle baby girl want her big strong macho daddykins to tuck her in beddybyes tonight, Hmmmm??"

Debbie sighed and drew a breath as she commented in little babygirl talk. "Oh yes daddy pwease?. And how would wittle Pauly like it if Debbie put on her nanny's outfit and takes care of her wittle man. Hmmm??" The disgusting baby chatter went on and on...

"Do you hear that gaaing and gooing?...You would think that there were two infants carrying on." Karen said before sitting back.

"Yes Karen. Very childish indeed!", Linda said.

"The nerve of that husband of mine.", Karen said, "How could he? How dare he? And with that slut? Oooooooooh!!!..."

Linda held Karen's hand and smiled. "I think I know how to deal with that, my dear! Let the babies have their fun. Perhaps soon they'll be put in their place!"

Karen seemed puzzled but smiled back as she heard the cootchy-cooing and baby chatter. Perhaps Linda was right!

Linda excused herself and went to the lady's room. She looked around and saw Paul. He was with Debbie from the research lab. Debbie was acting like a child, gooing and gaaing over Paul like a toddler. She was dressed in a blue and green pleated skirt with black stockings and five inch patent leather stiletto high heels. She wore a transparent blouse with her black brassiere showing her well-endowed breasts. It was then that Linda noticed dark stocking tops and garters. "That little bitch!...", she thought to herself.

Her makeup was as intensely sexual as her clothes. The young bitch was playing footsie with her best friend's husband and laughing and kissing like a schoolgirl. The sight scalded her to no end. "How dare he cheat on Karen? She's such a pretty and dedicated wife," thought Linda as she disappeared into the lady's room.

When Linda came out of the lady's room, Paul and Debbie were gone and she shrugged her shoulders and headed back to the table. She was deeply disturbed by Paul's extra-marital affair with Debbie. "...And after all Karen had done for him," she thought. It just seemed very selfish on his part. Linda and Karen enjoyed their meal and left without any further mention of Paul or Debbie.


When Karen walked in the lab, Linda was busy working diligently on the project. "How about a break?", Karen asked.

Linda seemed to be excited and hugged her best friend with both arms. "I think I'm close to a solution, Karen. I really mean it!", Linda said happily.

Karen's eyes beamed with delight as she replied, "REALLY?? Oh, that's great! Please tell me more! " They walked down to the cafeteria for a short break and Linda explained the process that she used to effect the desired result.

Karen's concentrated intensely as Linda explained the technical details and procedures that had led to her discovery. But, she told Karen, there was an unexpected side effect. Karen looked inquisitive as Linda asked her to return with her to the lab to see a demonstration. At this point, Debbie came strolling into the cafeteria. Debbie was dressed to the nines and looked to be what she was, a twenty-four year old knockout!

She styled her frosted blonde hair rather wildly. Her makeup was a bit much for the work environment, but it had the desired effect; the men all turned their heads and to stare at her self-assured sexuality. Bright red lipgloss that was defined by lipliner, deep rosey cheeks, blue, purple and white eyeshadows all blended in and combined with black eyeliner to accent her large blue eyes. She wore looped earrings and a black satin ribbon in her hair. Her lab coat was short enough to give one the impression that she had nothing else on!

In addition, Debbie wore jet black stockings with black kidskin, four-inch stiletto-heeled pumps. The lab coat came to about four inches above her knees, with her black leather skirt stopping two inches shorter than her coat. The clickity-clack of stiletto heels had the men in the room in a trance.

The two women turned away with disgust at the scene. Linda nodded to Karen and said that perhaps it was time to get back to the lab. They returned to the lab and Linda closed the door. She walked over to a cage containing an older cat. She placed the cage on the bench and Karen stood by in awe. "You see Karen, I've found a side effect as a result of my testing that might be another great discovery! WATCH!!!!"

Linda put on her surgical gloves and went into the drawer and retrieved a syringe and screwed on the extra long needle from the package. She filled it with the green tinted fluid from the serum bottle and then opened the cage door. She gently held the cat with one hand and injected it with the serum.

Linda withdrew the syringe, shut the door and removed her gloves. "Now Karen, dear! Please watch what happens next!"

Karen's eyes were glued upon the scene in the cage and grew larger as she witnessed a unique transformation. The cat became disoriented and passive as it had muscle spasms and she lay quietly on the cage floor.

Then the incredible happened! The cat seemed to be getting younger and finally within several minutes lay a tiny kitten!..."Amazing, simply amazing!", chimed an enthusiastic Karen.

Linda smiled at the success of her demonstration, "What did I tell you Karen? It is truly amazing! The aging process can be regulated. This cat was very old and is now a kitten. But watch and see what happens after I give her the next injection!"

Linda put on a fresh pair of surgical gloves and opened the cage once more. This time an orange-reddish liquid was injected into the kitten and she seemed to be quite pleased immediately afterwards. She bounced around the cage playfully and purred happily. "What was that Linda?...", asked a curious Karen.

Linda smiled. "It's a fixative. You see, once injected, it permanently arrests the aging process. We have completed our research with a startling discovery. Not only can we arrest the aging process, but we can reverse it to make someone younger again and freeze them at the new age!"

Karen looked at the kitten thoughtfully, "Really?? Hmmmmm!"

Linda read Karen's mind and added, "That's right Karen! Imagine if you will what would happen to a full grown adult if injected in the same way??"

Karen laughed.

"Gaagoo..Gee", Linda imitated a baby and that made Karen laugh again as she said, "I see Linda. You HAVE discovered the fountain of youth!"


Karen arrived home that evening gloating at Linda's discovery. Paul was not at home and she looked about the house. It seemed that he was home earlier as she was very observant and knew his routines. She wondered where her cheating husband was now??

Meanwhile, Linda remained at the lab and made her way down the corridor towards the supply room. She heard some groaning and stopped dead in her tracks. "What was that?", she thought to herself. She looked around and saw an office door open. She looked at the nameplate. D-E-B-B-I-E Ah hah!!!!

The bitch was promoted to manager of the section over Linda and she had never fully recovered from the shock of the young wench displacing her. She wanted that promotion very badly. Now that the bitch was in her office, she thought to herself, "I'll bet I know who's in there with her!"

Very carefully, Linda opened the door and saw an eyeful! It was Debbie all right. She walked quietly back to her lab and retrieved the camcorder and loaded in a fresh video cartridge. She returned to the office and began filming the liaison. Debbie stood in a black lace brassiere and matching bikini panties that were so invisible, her ass cheeks and crack could be clearly seen. Her lab coat, blouse and skirt were strewn about the floor carelessly along with a pink satin mini-slip!

Her black lace-topped, nylon stockings were held up tautly with a matching lace garter belt. She was bent over her desk straddling Paul, who was completely naked and it appeared that she was sucking...Ugh!!!!!!

Linda continued taping for several minutes before turning off the camcorder and resuming her trip to the storeroom. She'd call Karen later. Meanwhile, Karen was busily bathing herself at home, unaware what was going on.


Linda saw Karen the next day and played the tape for her. Karen cried when she saw Paul enjoying himself with her boss. How dare he do this? Linda put her arm around Karen and sat down. She had a plan!

The days after Linda's success went smoothly. She refined the formula and repeatedly tested it to ensure that all her data was accurate and that there were no unexpected problems.

Karen checked in often and spent late evenings with Linda to ensure that the formula would be a huge success. It was!! Soon it would be time to broadcast the news, but first.......

Linda looked quite sexy in her new outfit. She wore a red silk blouse with black leather skirt. A wide belt held the skirt firmly in place. She wore black nylon stockings with lace tops fastened to a garter belt. In addition, Linda had applied red lipgloss, deeply applied eyeshadow and liner. She had put her long black hair in a bun and wore long dangling earrings. She was wearing four inch black kidskin pumps and an ankle bracelet. She looked infinitely better than Debbie's poor attempts at fashion.

Linda stayed in her lab all day, but at noon placed a very important phone call. She leaned back in her chair and placed her long nylon-clad legs on the desk top. She dangled her stiletto heels, making believe she was captivating the eyes of a man and smirked. The power that women held over men was truly amazing. She dialed the number and smiled when he answered.

That afternoon, right after lunch, Linda had a visitor. Paul had arrived and was waiting in the office. "Perfect", she thought.

She casually minced in her stiletto heels towards the office door after putting on her lab coat. "Hello Paul!...", she said softly.

Paul's eyes looked at her with intense interest as she stood before him smiling. Even though Linda was only five foot tall and looked much like a little girl, with the proper feminine essentials, she could be a knockout!....

"Uh er hello, Linda!", Paul said in confusion.

"What a sputtering jerk", she thought as led him to her lab. Paul's eyes were focused completely on her stiletto heels and her captivating perfume as they walked. "Well I'm sure glad you came over to help me with my computer problem. I didn't know who else to call!"

She laughed silently to herself. Playing the part of a bimbo was amusing and Paul was falling for it hook, line and sinker!....

After arriving in her lab, she made herself comfortable and began to vie for Paul's attention before he had a real chance to check out her computer.

Linda sat on her desk and hiked her skirt a bit to reveal the lace top stockings. She crossed her legs, stretching the securely fastened garter belt and dangled her high heel alluringly. Paul watched in awe as she sat there smiling at him and complied willingly as she ordered him to kneel before her. He did so with no coaxing and licked his lips at the sight of her delightful legs. "Climb up on that gurney right now, Pauly!", she commanded in a maternal tone. Paul did so and Linda casually fastened his wrists with the velcro restraints, then strapped down his ankles.

She moved around the gurney slowly, allowing him to sniff her powerfully scented perfume. "Navy!", he thought, his favorite scent!

"Now lover, I want you to relax and I'll be right back in something a tad more uncomfortable, okay??", she said.

Linda winked at him and moved the gurney to the center of the room. Then she promised that when she returned that he would be pleasantly surprised and left him for a moment.

Linda, satisfied that Paul was secured to the gurney, went down the hall and knocked on Debbie's office door. "WHO IS IT??", shouted her boss.

"It's me Linda, may I see you for a moment?", answered Linda politely.

"COME IN!", came the reply from inside. Debbie came from around her desk and looked sternly at Linda. There was definitely no friendship between the two and Linda sensed she was feeling aggressive tonight. Debbie had been forced to work late to catch up on paperwork that needed to be completed before morning.

Linda spoke up saying, "There's something in my office I think you should see. I think site security may have been broached." Linda refused to go into any details saying the security problem would be clear once Debbie saw what was in her office. Debbie seemed very annoyed at Linda's request and reluctantly followed her to see the problem. The clicking of high heels faded as the ladies made the short journey to Linda's office. "My computer appears to have a virus, Debbie. Can you check it out?", Linda asked.

Debbie sneered and sat down to check the computer. An image came up on the screen and almost instantly Debbie was paralyzed. A multi-colored spiral had placed the haughty woman in a expressionless and unmoving trance as she sat before the computer. Linda looked down at her supervisor and smiled. "Now Debbie, I want you to relax and think only pleasant thoughts. Now stand and follow me! That's it, Debbie!"

Debbie did as she was told and followed Linda to her lab. An empty gurney stood waiting in front of the curtains. Linda ordered Debbie soothingly, "Now lie down and relax on the gurney, Debbie. You haven't been feeling well lately and you're waiting to be seen by the doctor. That's my girl!"

Linda securely strapped Debbie down onto the gurney and opened up the curtain to expose Paul's gurney. Then Linda wheeled Paul's gurney next to Debbie's. He looked over and seemed puzzled as he saw Debbie laying there, apparently in a trance. "Well it seems you two know each other, hmmmm? Let's see now!, Oh Yes! Cootchy Coo Coo Honey-LoveBun Hmmmmmm, does that sound familiar Pauly?"

"What the fuck are you implying? Who are you?? Let me up! This is bullshit!", Paul shouted.

Linda smirked and stood maternally before the prostrate Paul, who was trying to free himself from his restraints. "Lie still little man, I have a surprise for both of you!", she smirked.

Then she clapped her hands together waking Debbie from her trance. "Time to wake up, Debbie dear! There'll be lots of time later for beddy-bye!"

"WHERE the hell am I? Linda? What did you do to me, you bitch?", demanded Debbie.

Linda knew who held the upper hand. She smirked at her supervisor, "Now Debbie, such abusive language for a manager is inappropriate! My, my, as a loyal subordinate it seems like I'm going to have take corrective action!"

Linda walked over to the sink, found a bar of Camay soap and walked over to Debbie, saying, "Well potty-mouth, open wide for some corrective therapy. Now say aaaah!!!"

Debbie held her mouth tightly shut forcing Linda to pinch Debbie's nose to get her to open her mouth. Linda pinched the nose extra hard to cause Debbie as much pain as possible. She shoved in the soap as deeply as she could and scrubbed it back and forth in the anguished woman's mouth. Soap particles broke off on Debbie's teeth and lathered. Debbie began to experience a burning sensation and she started to cry. Linda removed the soap and placed it back on the sink. Debbie coughed and sputtered as Linda held a glass of water to her mouth and forced her to swallow the sudsy water. Debbie gagged and wretched to Linda's intense delight. "Now young lady, do you think you can behave for me??"

"Now both of you shut your filthy mouths and listen very closely. I have discovered the formula that will revolutionize the world by arresting the aging process. Oh yes, there is a minor problem, but never mind. Just watch the TV monitor!"

Linda darkened the room and turned on the VCR, saying, "You see kids, we have an old cat here in the cage. Watch what happens!"

Paul and Debbie trained their eyes on the screen and watched in amazement as the tape demonstrated the cat's regression into kittenhood. They were completely silent and frozen in fear at what they had just witnessed.

Finally Debbie spoke up in an attempt to mollify her insane subordinate, "Okay, Linda, that sounds great! So how close are we to human trials of your new youth serum Linda?"

Debbie seemed very eager to try and get all the credit for herself. It was obvious she was setting herself up for another promotion, perhaps this time to vice-president. This irritated Linda. She turned to face Debbie and smiled at her condescendingly, saying, "Closer than you think!"

Debbie looked a bit worried at that. The outer door opened and there was a sound of high heels striking the floor as Karen entered the lab. She smiled at Linda as she approached the two gurneys and said, "Hello lovebirds! I guess it's the day of reckoning for you two, isn't it?"

Debbie said with a puzzled facial expression, , "What the hell is that supposed to mean, you bitch?"

Karen was taken aback, but retained her composure and replied, "Bitch??....Now that wasn't nice. OK, let me explain what is happening now, because very soon you won't be able to understand anything."

Paul gave his wife his sorrowful puppy dog look, hoping to fire his wife's sense of compassion. Paul begged, "Please Karen! It was just a mistake. She wasn't that good, please...."

His pleadings were ignored by everyone except Debbie. She looked over at him and snarled, "YOU BASTARD! Look whose talking! Why you..."

"S-H-U-T-U-P !!!!!", screamed Linda, "You two lovebirds are about to become the first humans in history to regain your youth! But there is a little side effect I need to mention. You see, you will experience your babyhood a second time. Won't that be nice?"

Paul and Debbie began shouting in protest, almost deafening Linda and Karen with their profane curses and screams. "I don't want to be a baby! Stop it, oh please stop! Dammit...DON'T DO THIS!!!! Let us go, oh please! We'll behave and promise never to see each other again! Just release us! I don't want to be a baby! Oooooh NOOOOoooo!"

Karen nodded to Linda. It was time to set the wheels in motion and get to the task at hand...

The two lovebirds listened and pondered their fate as Linda moved about the lab. Linda opened the cabinet and selected a vial of the green fluid. She assembled two syringes and prepared them for injection. When she was satisfied that she was ready, she put on a pair of rubber gloves and approached the two lovebirds from behind. Karen aimed a pair of stationary video cameras to film the historical event from several angles. Then she stood by.

Quickly and efficiently, she injected both Paul and Debbie. "Hey!!!! What was that for?", screamed Paul as he felt the formula begin to course through his veins. Debbie screamed, "What the hell are you doing to me?"

Linda stood before them as she disposed of the syringes and said, "Well, you two lovebirds, very shortly you will see the fruits of our labors. You will feel uncomfortable and queasy at first, then you'll begin regressing. Just so you don't get any ideas about being rescued from your fate, you should be aware that I have not perfected an antidote yet, just a fixative!"

She snapped off her rubber gloves to punctuate her statement and laughed. "What?????", stammered Paul. "Oooooh Noooo", cried Debbie. Linda smiled at their terror and said, "Oh yes, Debbie dear, oh yes!"

Paul and Debbie moaned as they felt changes taking place. Paul noticed his hand becoming smaller and began to panic, "Quick Linda give me the fixative, you made your point! Really!!!"

Linda laughed. "I don't think so, little man. I think I'll like you a lot better after the formula has had it's full effect!"

Paul felt himself continue to shrink and struggled as hard as he could. Debbie maddened by her subordinate's betrayal was struggling even harder. Linda sniggered, "That's right Debbie dear! Do struggle hard. It increases the effect of the serum."

Linda tugged at Debbie's satin blouse that was becoming devoid of the proud breasts that had made Debbie arrogant in the first place. "Please Linda, oh please don't do this!", Debbie pleaded, "We women should stick together and use your new formula to build a better world. With your formula we could dominate mankind!"

Linda raised Debbie's blouse and sneered, "Not much going on here to interest the boys, is there Debbie? Poor dear, you should have thought of that before you started fooling around with Paul!"

Debbie looked stunned and said, "WHAT??...Whatever do you mean?"

Linda explained, "It's too late now. You've gotten only what you deserved. You acted irresponsibly and now you will be strictly supervised for your own good! A little baby should be easy to control. I should mention children that very shortly you will be injected with the fixative as a final punishment for your adulterous behavior. Afterwards you will spend the rest of your life in wet, messy diapers, never to grow up and be able to tell anyone your naughty secrets."

Linda and Karen watched as the two adults regressed rapidly into infancy. The process continued until their restraints loosened and their clothes hung on their bodies. Once they noticed that they were free of the restraints, they jumped off their respective gurneys and ran for the door. Linda did nothing, she was amused at their instinct to be free.

Linda called out to them, "Debbie, I need to tell you now, because very, very soon you won't remember anything about your adult life. You see, Karen and I overheard you two talking in a restaurant. I must say you weren't very discreet! You had no idea that Karen was my best friend, did you?"

Debbie might have heard Linda's comment, but was too busy trying to escape. Their clothes fell off as they ran, leaving a trail of adult clothes that began at the gurneys and ended beneath their feet. They tripped over them, scrambling over the clothes in a desperate bid for freedom. Paul's suit jacket, tie, shirt formed an entangling nest from which Paul struggled to free himself. Similarly, Debbie's high heels, hosiery, underwear, skirt and blouse made a heap underneath her pint-sized body. It was much too late for escape though, the formula had acted too quickly.

They both cried and screamed in an agony of defeat and shame as they realized what had happened. Linda and Karen laughed out loud at the two former adults. The filming continued as the babies sat on the floor engrossed in a fits of rage. They were having their first temper tantrum since early childhood.

Karen chuckled and said, "Well you two, we did warn you of what would happen,"

Linda stood back and laughed saying, "Yes Karen, oh how true! Please help me carry the infants back to the examining table so I can administer them with the fixative agent at just the right age!"

Karen and Linda picked up the babies and set them on the table. They appeared to be approximately a year old. Karen held Paul and smirked at her "former husband." Linda held Debbie and smiled as Debbie looked back in anger and continued bawling like the infant she was.

Karen took over Debbie for Linda as she prepared the two syringes with an orange-red solution. Karen watched over her charges as Linda said, "I think that they'll make darling one-year-olds. They'll have no real speech abilities and be fully diaper dependent!"

Karen stared at her "husband" Paul. "Yes! I think that's best for Paul and his girlfriend Debbie. They will both remain babies forever as punishment for cheating and adultery. Now they can see each other anytime they wish. Of course, not as adult lovers!"

Linda injected both of them and then stared at them, saying, "Now do Linda's babies want to say thank you for putting them in there place?"

Karen laughed and began diapering Paul. She told Linda as she worked, "I don't think that our little charges would use those words, if they could speak that is!"

When both babies were diapered, they were put into little t-shirts that snapped into place. Next pacifiers were inserted into their mouths.

Linda told her friend as they looked at the diapered babies, "They can't talk Karen, but they understand everything that we are saying."

Karen looked puzzled so Linda explained, "You see, they retained their memory as adults, although I suspect that by morning they will lose all that as well. Then they will truly become babies! Won't that be nice?"

Karen snickered, "Well, at least they won't be able to swear anymore. Linda, do you remember their conversation at the restaurant. They carried on like little babies! Now they can gaa and goo at each other forever!"

"No matter Karen. They'll have all the time in the world to ponder their fate. The only trouble these lovebirds will be able to get into is to mess in their diapers! Now let's get them ready so you can take them home."

Linda looked at the clock. It was only two p.m. It HAD been a busy day!

Part 2

Later at Karen's home......

Both babies lay in their cribs crying as they protested what Linda and Karen had done to them. Linda held a vial of bluish liquid before them. The sight of the vial caused them to stop crying for a moment...

"I really have an antidote my little babies. It could restore you to full-size in a very short time.", Karen laughed.

"Would you like that Paul? Would you like to be restored to an adult again? Ooooh you would? Well there is a little problem with that my sweet. I'm sure you'd find another young little hussy to fuck around with and that wouldn't be very nice. Besides as a baby you're very little trouble for me to take care of. As an adult you'd be just too difficult to handle. Therefore you will remain my baby forever! You will spend your days wearing diapers and messing them, being fed baby food and formula, playing in your playpen, taking naps and going to bed before the sun is down."

Paul made a horrid face and began crying again. Karen had no compassion for him now and laughed derisively as she thought, "He should have thought of that earlier, the bastard! And Debbie, well she's being punished for the way she treated Linda and stole her job away as well as for being an adulteress herself."

Karen was glad she had finally got her comeuppance. She too would never be allowed to be an adult again. She listened attentively as Linda spoke condescendingly to her, "Well Debbie, I hope you understand why you're being punished. Look at what your adulterous activities have brought you! You're nothing but a little baby now! Your fancy clothes have become simple diapers and your voluptuous titties have disappeared into a sexless infant's body. You too will stay a baby forever! You'll never again act like a bitch to me or anyone else."

Debbie screwed up her face, kicking and screaming in response. Linda looked at Karen and said, "You see how she carries on, just like she did as an adult. And for her childish actions and behavior, she's become a baby forever. How appropriate!"

Both babies looked at the vial that Linda placed high on a shelf on the opposite side of the room as she told Karen, "This antidote should only be used if the fixative agent fails and in case you would have to initiate an emergency remedy, and for no other reason, do you agree Karen?"

Karen stared at the babies as they awaited her answer and looked at her with compassion and sorrow. But alas it was too late for forgiveness.......

Karen said, "I agree Linda. So there is really an antidote?? Too bad our babies can't reach it! It's going on three o'clock now and if you and I are going out to celebrate our victory, then we had better get our babies secured for the night."

Linda went over to the phone and called for Meredith, her next door neighbor. At sixteen, Meredith was very mature and would be babysitting the babies. Of course, aside from changing diapers and giving them an occasional bottle of formula, nothing more would be necessary. The babies continued their crying and moaning....

Linda handed Karen a baby bottle filled with Similac formula and they began to forcibly feed the babies. Both Paul and Debbie resisted the feeding, but soon the bottles were emptied. Linda said, "Sleep tight babies, I placed a medication in both your bottles to help you stay asleep straight through the night. By tomorrow morning, you will be full-fledged babies and your adult memories will be gone forever. That is, unless you manage to reach the antidote, dial the phone to the police or convince Meredith otherwise. But that's highly unlikely I think, don't you Karen?"

Karen said, "You see, children, no one will even come looking for you. Paul, I reported that you left me and skipped town."

Then Linda interjected, "And as for you Debbie, well you left a letter of resignation and it's very likely I will get your job. By the way, Karen and I have decided to keep our formula a secret and start a daycare center. We think we will make a great deal of money. There are quite a few adulterous men and women who will soon find themselves under our care! Won't that be nice?"

After the babies were fed, their pacifiers were placed in their mouths and they were covered up and their crib sides raised and locked. A baby monitor and a night light was turned on. Linda closed the heavy blinds blacking out the sunshine and causing the drapes and the room to become dark. Karen and Linda looked down on the still cranky babies. Soon they would be sound asleep and on their way to permanent babyhood. The door was closed and the clicking of their high heels faded away, making the nursery a very quiet place, except for the sound of babies crying and sniffling. Tears of shame fell down their tiny cheeks as they thought to themselves just how helpless they had become.......

"Please somebody!..Please somebody help me!!!....Oh please (sniff) this is a bad dream!..(sniff) I'm sorry, I want to be(sniff) an adult again......please!!.......

NOBODY IS LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!..DAMMIT..(sniff).......

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA............(The Beginning)"

Part 3

Paul and Debbie squirmed in their cribs, long after the nursery door was closed. They heard Linda and Karen get ready and laugh and talk about them as they lay there crying helplessly. Time went by slowly as they continued their sniveling and groaned. They filled their diapers and this made them even more angrier at the scent of pea-stained diapers. Nothing could have prevented them from accepting this fate.

The door opened and they saw their tormentor. Meredith, a bright sixteen year old girl from next door entered the room. She turned on the light and looked down on the babies smirking and condescending as a young teenager would.

"Hello my darlings!...Did we have a nice nap?....Hmmm, by the scent of things, you both need a diaper change and soon. The babies looked at her with disdain and their faces were still laden with real tears. Meredith walked over to the changing table and bent over. She had on a plaid micro-mini skirt that was so short, her red satin transparent panties with black lace edging shown beneath the black bikini pantyhose she wore. Paul looked at her bottom, so plump and tender.

Meredith picked up two diapers, some wipes and a plastic bag and lowered the crib side. Just then, a second girl entered the room. It was Lisa Marie, Meredith's friend. She had on a dark blue cashmere sweater and a blue plaid mini skirt. Both girls wore chunky heeled 4" high black patent mary-jane strap type little girl shoes. "Now, now Pauly, MOMMY is going to change that nasty wet didee, don't cry my wittle snookums." Well Debbie began to swell up all the anger in her now. What was this little bitch doing ogling her lover?....

Meredith removed his diaper and put him in a fresh one, rubbing his little penis and coating it with vaseline and baby p[powder, before closing his diaper up. Debbie looked at her angrily and Meredith just smiled. "Oh Lisa!!...You change the bitch!...hahahahaha" That made Debbie even angrier as she let out an ear-piercing wail that filled the room. Lisa went over to her and shoved a pasty bottle of formula into her pouty mouth and made her drink. "This one doesn't get changed. She can lay in her cold pee till she learns to behave!...." Meredith snickered and laughed aloud. The bottle slowly emptied and Meredith was busy holding Paul and singing to him......(That bitch, that little bitch), thought Debbie......

Then it was Debbie who realized that both girls were not just naturally squirrely because they were teenagers, but they seemed high. And she was right!.....Meredith danced around the room with Paul and it was then that she noticed this blue vial on the shelf above the changing table. "What's this?...", she cried out inquisitively. And she snatched the vial to look at it more closely......Paul smiled.

Lisa Marie had forced Debbie to finish the bottle and burped her. With cruel disdain for the former adult, Lisa Marie sarcastically added, "You were once a full grown bitch Debbie. I heard all about you and I am so glad your just a diaper wearing baby. You finally found your proper place in society. How does it feel to be a loser?...HAHAHAHAHAHA" Debbie frowned in anger, but turned to see Meredith looking very closely at the vial and dancing around.....(If Only She Knew!..)

Well Lisa Marie turned around and saw the vial and grabbed it from Meredith. A fight ensued that caused Meredith to take a swing at her tormentor. Lisa Marie ducked but came up and hit Meredith's arm, causing her to lose balance and the vial went flying out of her hand. "Now look what you did you bitch!..." Meredith screamed. "Now help me find that pretty vial!!...." Lisa playfully stroked Meredith's hair and softly spoke. "Forget it. Let's leave these charges to sleep, whilst you and I have some fun on the couch!...hmmm??......." Meredith put her arm around Lisa and they left the room, shutting the door behind them.

Paul snatched up the vial that fell in the crib and he managed to open it. He took a swallow, then another and Debbie reached out her hands for some. "I don't think so", stated Paul. "I remember you telling Linda and Karen that you would forget about me and that you wanted to join them, I don't think......" SLAP...Debbie tried to reach the vial, but Paul held it back and then after some playful coaxing, he let Debbie take a swallow or two.....

The room started to make them dizzy as the effects of the restorer took effect. They fell into a endless fog and closed their eyes as the elixir did it's thing to the former adults. Within minutes, they lay in the crib astonished at the sight of each other as a full fledged and restored adult. "IT WORKS!....." Debbie screamed in amazement. They hugged and kissed, but realized they would need some clothes. Fortunately Karen did not dispose of Paul's clothes yet and Debbie picked out an outfit for her to wear as well.....

They made out in the darkness of the bedroom and then Debbie realized that the time had come for them to leave the house before Karen and Linda returned. They snuck downstairs to see Lisa Marie and Meredith clad only in bras, pantyhose, panties and high heels, smoking weed and getting terrifically high. Debbie whispered to Paul. "I am sure they will get rewarded for being such great baby-sitters after Linda and Karen find us gone!....HAHAHAHAHA" Paul snickered at the sight of the teenagers. "Yes!...And they will make such sweet babies too......"

Meanwhile Karen and Linda were dancing the night away with their dates at a local pub and enjoying their new found discovery. Soon no one would be safe from the sentence of permanent babyhood for adultery and just being a bad marital companion. They arrived home at three in the morning and luckily still had their senses about them. The house was quiet when they walked in and they were shocked at what they saw!......

Both Meredith and Lisa Marie were passed out on the couch and their clothes strewn everywhere. They lay in their underwear just as Paul and Debbie saw them and the scent of the marijuana filled the air....."HOW DARE THEY!....", screamed Karen. "And in my house no less. I thought Meredith was so trustworthy, and yet she acts so childish......" Linda looked about and then looked at Karen and ran upstairs. She reached the nursery and screamed. Debbie and Paul were gone!......

She ran back down the stairs, just as Karen was making a phone call. Hello Mrs. Johnson!...I'm fine and you?....Well I am rather shocked and dismayed at the manner in which I found your daughter. Well it seems that both girls were making love to each other and smoking pot. That's right!...You will be right over...GREAT!!!!..Oh, and could you call Lisa's mom for me too. We need to get to the bottom of this....OH and Mrs.' Johnson, I believe I have a solution to correct this unruly type of errant behavior. Oh Yes!...You will like the outcome I am sure!....Bye Now!......" Karen winked at Linda. Linda laughed aloud. "Let me guess Karen, WAAAAAAAAA...HAHAHAHA"

"Yes my dear friend, WAAAAAAAAA, and no more unruly behavior. Now let's get changed and ready to for our trip to the lab. Then Karen muddled a bit. "What about Paul and Debbie??..." Linda smiled. "Don't worry Karen, they will slip up and we will find them. Where can they go and what will they do???...Besides I mixed a special potion in the fixative and soon they will be returning. That you can count on....haha"

Linda left the girls to sleep as she changed in casual clothing as did Karen and awaited the mothers of their new victims......The doorbell rang within a half-hour after the call was placed. Linda greeted Mrs. Johnson and Lisa Marie's mom, Mrs. Mangione. "Good evening ladies, won't you come in??..."

The two ladies stood in shock at the sight of their teenage daughters in their skimpy underwear and the scent of "pot" that lucridly filled the air. Their plaid skirts and silky blouses were strewn about the room, with no regard for the expensive clothing. Both girls had on black lace wonderbras and black pantyhose. But it was their slutty underwear that caught their mother's attention....

"How disgusting", commented Lucia Mangione. "My daughter, the slut!...and that underwear!!!...BLACK TRANSPARENT UNDERPANTS!......I should rip off her clothes in an instant and make her walk naked for a month........My sweet baby......" And then Lucia cried aloud at the sight her daughter made...."If only she was mommy's little baby again....Oh I can't stand this, no......" Sandra Johnson was shaking her head at the sight of Meredith. "You know she was tops in her baby-sitting class. Who would have thought that she would do this to me!....She has shamed my family in bitter disgrace!......"

"I should let you ladies know that our charges are gone!....." And before Linda could finish, the ladies redirected their attention at her in dismay..."The babies are gone?...OH MY GOD NOOOOOO!........" They both cried and Linda and Karen had to soothe them and quieted them down. "Perhaps both girls just called someone else to watch them, so they could use my house for their illicit fun. Let's concentrate on these girls of yours. The babies will show up." Karen winked at Linda....

She offered the ladies some coffee and Linda spoke with maternal authority. "There is a way to correct this devious behavior and yet give them a second chance to renew their life." The ladies listened attentively as did Karen. "I have a solution to your problem. Would you like the thought of having a sweet innocent babe again, Mrs. Mangione?...." Without thinking, "OH YES!...I would love my sweet daughter back and cuddle her in my arms. She grew up much too fast and now look at her!...." Lucia Mangione sniffled and cried at the sight and looked up to Linda for comfort.

Sandra Johnson spoke angrily. "I would love my baby girl back so she could know what it was like to be cared for properly and be under my strict control/ No more boys, no Lisa Marie, no profanity, makeup, borrowing clothes....Oooooh that would be so nice!......" "What did you have in mind Linda?...." Linda smirked and motioned for Karen to place the videotape in the machine. Let me show you how ladies, please relax and watch carefully.......


At the lab, Karen had helped Linda strip down both girls completely and then let their respective mothers have a tube of smelling salts to revive their daughters. Meredith and Lisa Marie awoke with a startle as their moms forced the vial up their tender noses. "Where the fuck am I/??...Lisa?...Where are you?......" Meredith was dazed and starry eyed at awakening....And Lisa Marie awoke angrily. "FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU!.........MOM!...." Well Lucia took the back of her hand and slapped her daughter extra hard. "How dare you talk to your mother this way you miscreant child!......Now shutup and listen!...." Meredith was slapped also and tape was placed across their mouths. Lucia stood before them staring down at the naked girls. "In the old country, we had a way of dealing with the sinners and the unclean. And that is to scrub the insides of the sinner until soap bubbles bellowed from their ears."

Sandra Johnson looked at her. "And what method is that Lucia?..." Lucia Mangione was angry and in control as she spoke with authority. "We will wash their mouths out with laundry soap and then administer a well-deserved high volume soapsuds enema, right here and now!....." Karen and Linda clapped and applauded the ladies as they stood their ground with the girls. The two girls made muffled pleas beneath the tape and could barely be heard as the mothers prepared the enema solutions. The sound of running tap water made both girls cringe in fear. The dreaded punishment enema!..... The hot water bottles were filled to the brim and the solution of castor oil, liquid Ivory Soap and mineral oil were mixed in. The hoses were attached and the bardex attachments checked and then both bags were hung from stands that were placed aside each gurney.

Lucia and Sandra unwrapped a bar of Lava Heavy-Duty Laundry Soap and stared at their daughters who tried to look so innocent with pleading eyes......Then their noses were pinched and the soap forced deep into their mouths. They forced the soapy bars back and forth, lathering them up and causing much discomfort to the girls. Bits of soap broke off into the girl's teeth and soap suds billowed down their painted faces. Sandra and Lucia continued for minutes, yelling at them and treating them roughly. They had very little concern for the tears that fell down their cheeks. and their pleading and whining...The time had come for proper old-fashioned discipline for their unruly behavior.

They pulled the soap away and ordered the girls to swallow as the lather made them cough and choke......Then they spread the legs of each girl and with help from Linda and Karen, fastened their ankles to the stirrups. The crotch of each girl was laden with large amounts of pubic hair and this made Linda laugh. "Don't worry about those hairy bushes ladies, my treatment shall make that disappear in a flash!....." "Yes!...", shouted Karen in agreement. "Babies don't have any pubic hair!..." The girls were too engrossed in the humiliation and discomfort of the moment, as their next punishment was being wheeled into view....

"Yes my darlings, it's enemas for you both. We cleaned out your sassy mouths, now it's time we used soapy water to clean out your rear ends as well. And don't worry, we will use the bardex retention treatment, so you don't try to expel prematurely!...."

Sandra and Lucia put on the skin-tight rubber gloves and screwed on the nozzle attachments to the long black coil of rubber tubing.

The six inch long by one inch thick douche nozzles were roughly shoved up their wet buttholes and the bardex balloons were inflated inside and out. The girls groaned and moaned as they felt like having to use the bathroom from the sensation they were now feeling. The clamps were released and the hot soapy punishment mixture proceeded to enter their bowels and tummies. Soon they would appear pregnant as an expectant mom. The snap of the clamps was heard and the gurgling sound indicated the enemas were now in progress.....But the best was yet to come......

Lisa Marie and Meredith groaned from the invasion of their private area. The bars of soap starting melting and soapsuds were streaming down their faces. This delighted the ladies standing around. They grunted and groaned as the enema mixture made it's way to their tummies...."Wood, Ooooooh....."

Lucia spoke in motherly tones....."Now you two little girls will definitely have soapsuds billowing out of your ears. You are so irresponsible and childish in your behavior. And thanks to you both, two little babies have disappeared." "YES!", chimed in Sandra. And you both shall pay ever so dearly. We have decided to allow Miss Karen and Linda readjust your bodies so that you do behave in the future.

The girls moaned, cried, groaned and vented anger as they filled up with the soapy enema solution. They were getting their comeuppance for being so reckless as baby-sitters........The fluid emptied from both bags, as the girls lay squirming from the tormenting solution and their respective moms began clamping off the bags. They were released from the gurneys and escorted to the bathrooms, where they would be allowed to rinse and expel their swollen bowels.....And they did, grunting, groaning and moaning to Sandra and Lucia's delight.....

They were marched back both still naked to face Karen and Linda, but looked at each other fighting in verbal overtones. "YOU CUNT MEREDITH!....It's your fault we got into trouble. That pot you stole made us tipsy turvy. Fuck you and your...." "NO FUCK YOU BITCH!!!.....", shouted Lisa Marie back. "You are the one who stole the pot and....." It was Karen who intervened....."SHUTUP BOTH OF YOU!...." Linda and Karen grabbed each girl and with mom's help strapped them down onto the gurneys again for an explanation of their fate.......


Paul and Debbie were enjoying a very rich meal at Antonio's, one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. The two lovers were enjoying their meal and each other immensely. It was Debbie, who cooed against Paul's shoulder. "DADA, WOVE ME?........." Paul laughed and hugged her. But she felt a strange feeling come over her. She felt dizzy and topsy-turvy and looked at Paul for help. But he too became disoriented and woozy. Something had gone wrong, but what?.....

After Lisa Marie and Meredith were strapped down onto their respective gurneys butt naked, Their moms stood aside, while Linda explained what was to happen next. "You two ladies have been very, very naughty. It's not right letting two little infants escape into the night. Why any minute now, I could be getting a call asking for their ransom. You do not deserve to be young responsible adults." The girls trembled and shook and tried to break free from their bonds, only to their dismay, the velcro padded cuffs tightened up after each try.

"Since you cannot act like responsible adults, your mothers have decided to regress you back into your second childhood. Only you will be returning as babies at the proper age of six month old infants. You will be dependent on mommy for everything and you won't be able to talk. Such foul mouths you each have. You disgust me!....." It was Lisa Marie who spoke first. "You gotta believe me ma'am!...It was Meredith who started this. She got the dope and......"SILENCE!......." "I am not interested in your comments or your problems. You both are at fault and your mothers already signed the forms, allowing me and my trustworthy assistant to carry out your discipline to the fullest extent.

"You can't do that, why I never heard of such a thing. Imagine a six month old. Shove off cunt!...." Meredith snickered and sneered and Linda grabbed a tuft of her long hair. "Perhaps you should be first then, right?...." Linda smiled and put on the rubber gloves and prepared the orange-red solution in the large needle apparatus. Then she screwed on the six inch long fine tipped needles and brought them on a tray along with some cotton and gauze pads. She took the instrument and Karen grabbed her head, turning her away as Linda injected the girl's tender derriere. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH", Meredith screamed as the needle pricked her tender and sensitive skin. The liquid drained slowly and began to course it's way through the girl's body, causing, discomfort, pain and muscle spasms. Lisa Marie lay in terror as she watched Meredith convulsing. She looked with pleading eyes at Linda as she prepared her syringe. Linda looked at her with arrogant eyes. She held up the long needle attached to the syringe, the yellow-red solution shining in the bright lights, as she checked out the syringe before plunging it home into Lisa Marie's tender buttocks.

"Please ma'am!...Don't do this, oh God!..Please NOOOoooooo......

Pl-ea-se...AAAAAAAAH.." Linda ignored the girl's last frantics pleas and Karen turned her head away as Linda injected the girl. The pleas continued as she too felt the convulsing muscle spasms......


I'M NO BABY>........AAAAAAAAAAAH!".........

The deed done, the needles were carted away and the event recorded on film as Linda and Karen set the cameras on both naughty girls. The changes started happening immediately and they noticed their breasts diminishing and their hands growing smaller.....They screamed to the top of their lungs as both mothers smiled down on them laughing, and pointing at them.

"What have you done to me, you fucking bitches...AAAAAAAAAH, OH MOMMY THAT HURTS...PLEASE STOP IT, OH FUCK>>>>>" Meredith joined in the teenaged screaming exhibition as well. "GOOOOOD NO, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?....YOU FUCKING WHORE LINDA, I'LL GET YOU, OH GOD I'LL TEAR YOU FROM LIMB TO..AAAAAAAAAAAHHH...."

Linda smirked and winked at Karen. Lucia and Sandra smiled at look down at their errant daughters. "Look Sandra, how their hands are getting so chubby and baby sized, isn't that sweet?..." "Why Yes Sandra!....I can't wait to hold my little girl again. And she won't have to worry about misbehaving ever, ever again." Then the ladies chuckled as the girls grew smaller with each muscle contraction. They were truly amazed at what event is taking place.

Then the restraints started loosening up and their instinct to escape resulted in both of them jumping from the table and running. Before they got three feet from the gurneys, the medication quickly in a poof of bright light transformed first Meredith, then Linda into two year old infants....

They kicked and screamed on the floor, pouting angrily at what was being done to them against their will. But mommies both picked them up and placed them onto the gurneys to be given the fixative at just the right age. Linda smiled condescendingly at Meredith as she inserted the blue vial of fixative into the syringe and drew up the contents. Then she screwed on the #20 needle and looked straight at her. "Say bye bye to adulthood forever honey. This won't hurt me one bit. HAHAHAHA..." With that Linda injected the fixative to Meredith, then moved over to Lisa Marie and repeated the technique. Linda, after completing this necessary task stood back expecting a thank you, but instead was greeted by a barrage of crying, screaming and whining. This perturbed Linda who placed her hands on her hips in a matronly manner and then with a mocking tone said to them, 'How ungrateful you two are!...You should be thanking me for putting you in your rightful place. Now that you are six month old infants!........." Sandra and Lucia laughed whole-heartedly at her comment and Karen made faces at the babies.

"Well ladies, that's all there is. Now we won't have to put up with that abusive language that they use rather freely. It's gaa gaa and goo goo from now on. So sweet aren't they?....." Linda stood back with arms folded and admired her latest triumph. Karen agreed, nodding her head.

After the crying simmered down, Linda further explained, "I have some bad news for both of you. The fixative I gave you both cannot be reversed." The looks on both babies faces dropped into the sad mode as they listened to their tormentor explain further. "And that is you will always be six month old babies, never to grow into naughty adults again. Isn't that wonderful?.." Sandra and Lucia nodded in agreement, very happy at the final outcome.

Then Linda spoke to the ladies. "This fixative is my latest accomplishment, and truly an answer as a final solution to correct the naughtiness of former adults in the world. As babies, they will always be supervised and find their true place in the world. They have however retained their adult minds. Believe me, they know what has happened to them and understand everything we are telling them. But their is a solution to that problem too." She looked at the babies smirking....

If they continue their whining, crying and bad baby behavior, please give me a call. I can give them another injection that will return their thoughts back to infancy, so that they can and will endure all the joys of babyhood, and completely forget their former adult life." The ladies nodded. Lucia spoke up. "Well Lisa Marie, for awhile as your punishment, you will retain your mind so that you will be humiliated by our family and your former friends. Maybe, when I think you have learned your lesson in humiliation, I will let Linda administer the mind altering sedative, so that you will finally enjoy your baby life. I think I will have a coming out party for you. Wouldn't that be great?..(Lisa Marie tensed up and looked at her Italian mother angrily and clenched her tiny fists.....) Let's see, I will invite your cousin Olindo, who always disliked you and let him tickle and feed you bottle after bottle of warm, sweet baby formula. And of course I'd invite Sally Megan, your arch-enemy. Maybe she could baby-sit you. Oh and I wouldn't forget your former boyfriend Angelo. He will love you as you are and always have been, a BABY!........" Lucia laughed as Lisa Marie screamed in anger. She shoved a pacifier into her baby's mouth to quit her down.

Meredith looked at her mother with angry eyes and with tears falling down her tender, little cheeks. She too would miss her nice clothes, real Italian food and dating. No more running around, getting high or running around the mall with Lisa Marie. "Well dear sweet Meredith, I guess you won't be a bad girl anymore. Not much to do, except drink baby formula and cereal, lay in your crib or playpen or be held by those you offended and disliked. You will lead a very boring life, but you earned it!..That's what you get for your wild behavior and irresponsible actions. Now you can be the baby you acted like in your former adult life..Isn't that great?....Oh and I think you too will eventually receive the mind altering drug, but first you must endure some severe humiliation by our family and your rough-neck friends. Did you know that most of them disliked you anyway?...Wait till I tell them what happened to you. They will chide and scold you to no end as I laugh at you. There is nothing you can do, until you lose your adult mind, then you will enjoy the rest of your life as a baby, just like Lisa Marie....."

Linda handed each of the ladies a vidoe tape. "Now you can show everyone the events of Meredith's and Lisa Marie's forced transformation into permanent babyhood, so that they too can enjoy the sequence of events. They can laugh, and make fun of them and let the babies watch too, so they can regret their naughty actions that led to their demise into permanent babyhood......"

Lucia and Sandra took the tapes, smiling at their babies and began the preparations to get their babies home.

The babies began crying and whining as they were diapered and placed in sleepers for the short drive home. Sandra and Lucia thanked the ladies and took their babies into their arms. Linda and Karen hugged each other. They had succeeded once again in making the world a better place.........


Paul and Debbie had walked three miles before the came on a convenience store and were able to call a cab. The formula they had been given had been too little to support their adult appetites and they had told the cabbie to take them to the nearest restaurant. He drove them to Denny's where they sat down to an early morning breakfast. The two lovers were enjoying both their meal and each other's company. Debbie laid her head against Paul's shoulder and childishly cooed, "Dada wove me?" Paul laughed and hugged her. Debbie felt a strange woozy feeling come over her. She felt dizzy and looked at Paul for help, but he appeared disoriented too. Something was happening to them, but what?.....

Debbie got up and ran for the ladies room followed closely by Paul, who ran into the men's room next door. They were gone a long time, making the restaurant staff wonder if they had taken ill. When Veronica went into the ladies' room she couldn't find Debbie. All she saw was a naked infant girl lying on the floor on top of a heap of adult clothes. Veronica picked up the wailing infant and held her as looked for the baby's mother and Debbie. She knocked on the doors to the stalls and asked if anyone was in each stall before she opened its door. There was no one in the room, only themselves. Veronica cuddled the baby girl and wondered where she had come from and why she wasn't wearing any clothes.

"Whose clothes are these lying on the floor?", she thought as she bent down to pick them up.

She noticed that the clothes were the exact color and style of the clothes the customer had been wearing when she ran in there. But were was she? Had she lost her mind and disrobed in the ladies room before she escaped through the window? Was she having a reaction to illegal drugs? The window to the ladies room was closed and locked! Where the hell had that woman gone? She was looking up at the ceiling for some possible means of escape when the waiter who had been asked to go into the men's room and check on Paul yelled that a baby boy had been found in the men's room.

What should she do? If she called the police, every news reporter in town would descend upon her restaurant within twenty four hours. She couldn't take the babies home and take care of them herself, she had a restaurant to run. She knew she had to make a decision before the other patrons at the restaurant became involved and took the decision out of her hands. The only person who could help her now was a regular customer of hers named Linda.

She and her friend usually came in Denny's on weekends after they went dancing and she had gotten to know them quite ell. Linda had given her a business card last week with her home phone number on it. Veronica told the waiter to bring the infants to her office while she made a phone call to someone who would take care of their problem. Linda would know how to handle this without bringing reporters down on their heads. She was a research scientist!