Dating Ethnics

By Max

Revised by Jeffr_2bya

Sebastian was a 20-years-old boy. After spending three years studding in another country, he decided to take a free week to visit his parents.

When he got down of the cab, three people were waiting for him. He immediately recognized at his parents, but he couldn't figure out who was the teenager girl standing next to them.

Everybody entered into the house and his parents left him alone in the living room with the mysterious teenager.

"You look surprised to see me" said the girl.

"Sorry, I don't want to sound rude but, do I know you?" he said.

"It's me Sebastian. Look at me closely" smiled the girl modeling for him.

"That smile. I have seen it before" thought Sebastian. "Wanda!!" he exclaimed remembering at his little neighbor that usually played in the park in front of his house.

"I knew you won't forget me" happily she said, and smiled.

"When I left, you barely reached here" he said indicating the height of his stomach.

"I have grown a few inches since the last time you saw me, among other things" she smirked pulling the strap of her bra under her t-shirt.

"How old are you now?, 12 ... 13" he wandered?

"14!!" she emphasized. "My birthday was yesterday. I hope you brought me a present".

"I'm sorry. I didn't know" he apologized.

"It's OK" she said a little hurt "But now that you are here. Can you do me a big favor?"

"It's the least I can do for forgetting you birthday. What can I do for you?" he sighed.

"Nothing that you won't like. You'll see, my cousin Esmeralda is visiting America and she would like it if someone could show her the town, specially the discos. She is a 20-years-old latina girl that is dying to go out and dance" she said.

"Latina did you said?". Sebastian knew latina girls were hot and very attractive, and now Wanda was setting him up with a date with one. "Sure, I'm free tonight if you cousin wants to go out"

"Excellent. I will tell her that you will pass for her at about 8:00 o'clock. Thanks Sebastian" she said kissing his cheek.

She left the house giving small jumps like the little girl he remembered. Now that she was gone, Sebastian had time to think how much Wanda changed in the last 3 years. She was at least 5 inches taller and her body showed the beginnings of her feminine curves.

Her ponytails were gone as she used her long blonde hair beyond her shoulder-height. The tight clothes she wore were typical of her age, but he had to admit that her shorts were too tight around rear area, or maybe she was too big for them?

When she pulled her strap, he estimated that she was a perfect B-cup. "She is developing very fast. Maybe she is a little big for her age. I hope Esmeralda has inherited that part of the family" he sighed.

The clock hit the 8:00 p.m. and Sebastian knocked on his neighbor's door. He was dressed in jeans and a shirt. He was about to knock again when the door opened to reveal a gorgeous latina girl behind it.

"Hello, my name is Esmeralda. Nice to meet you" she said extending her hand.

"My name is Sebastian. Nice to meet you too" he said stretching her hand. He couldn't believe his luck. In front of him was a sculptural(don't know this word, lol) girl of about 5' 7" tall, just two inches shorter than him. Her black hair was at the height of her tiny waist that was above her incredible hips. He couldn't see her rear, but certainly he took a good look of her amazing D-cup breasts compressed inside her top that exposed her plain abdomen. Her small skirt showed off her long shapely legs and...

"Ahem... Up here" Esmeralda said and smiled at him.

He returned my eyes to her face, embarrassed to be caught looking so interested at her anatomy. It was then when I noticed her big brown eyes, sensual lipsand small nose. Her eyes laughed and smiled at me.

She smiled at me and said "Don't feel embarrassed. My body is so attractive, that even I can't get use to it. Its my blessing and curse. Since I was 13, guys have been talking to my chest and not my eyes".

Sebastian looked confused by the honesty of the girl. "Then those fools have not seen how wonderful your eyes are. (She warmly smiled at the compliment)If you allow me. I would like to show you the best disco this town has to offer to our special guests" said Sebastian extending his hand.

"Sure. Show me your world" she said wrapping her arm around his own.

"This will be an interesting night, and certainly not boring" thought Sebastian as he walked with Esmeralda to the disco. It wasn't far away and he could use the time to get to know better at his sexy visitor.

"And tell me Esmeralda, are you enjoying your visit?" he said.

"Yes, it's my first time here, and I'm glad that my cousin has such a handsome guy as her neighbor" she smiled.

Sebastian blushed as her comments. "You looked lovely too" he said.

Now was the time of Esmeralda to blush.

When they arrived at the disco, a salsa song was playing. "Oh! Lets dance!!" she exclaimed dragging Sebastian to the center of the disco.

Esmeralda's body danced with the music and her movements turned on at Sebastian. She danced very closed to him rubbing her full bust against his chest. As soon as she felt the bulge in his pants, she turned around and moved her hips and rear in a way that Sebastian almost lost control.

The song ended and Sebastian pointed to a empty table in the second floor. After leaving at Esmeralda conformable, he went to the bar and bought two beers.

"I didn't know what brand of beer do you like. I hope you enjoy this one" he said handling her glass.

"Actually. I haven't had a beer in my life. Well..., not a whole glass, anyway" she said.

"Oh! I'm sorry. If you want I can change your drink for something else" said Sebastian apologizing.

"Relax. I was just answering at your question. I didn't say that I wouldn't drink it, did I?" smiled Esmeralda.

Drinking their beers, both talked about their hobbies, what kind of music they enjoy and stuff like that. Sebastian was surprise at how easily he established a connection with Esmeralda.

A few beers later, they decided to dance again. When Esmeralda stood up of the table, she felt dizziness in her head and wondered if she had too much to drink. She ignored the feelings to dance sensually for Sebastian.

Sebastian recognized that he could take advance of Esmeralda as she seemed to be a little drunk, but her innocent and sexiness caught him in such a way that he chose to behave as a gentleman and walked home with Esmeralda. This was a girl worth waiting for. Besides, his parents had brought him up to be a gentleman, and Esmeralda was a fine girl, from his neighbors family.

The night was illuminated by a full moon creating a romantic atmosphere. "Do you know... ?" started Esmeralda "It's funny how things turned out. I really want to go out with you and a few beers were enough to ruin the night".

"Don't say that. I'm spending a terrific time with you Esmeralda" said Sebastian.

"Really? Thanks" smiled Esmeralda "You are such a gentleman. I'm glad that you are enjoying the night"

"What I'm really enjoying is your company" he said as his arm embraced her back and his hand held her waist.

"I tried very hard to look pretty for you. Thankfully I did it, otherwise I wouldn't do this" she said before kissed passionately his lips.

At first, he was shocked. Then, he answered the kiss and they shared a magic moment under the stars.

Several kisses later, Sebastian left at Esmeralda at home, but not before arranging a new date for the next night.

The next day Sebastian woke up still smelling Esmeralda's perfume in the air. He took a shower and had breakfast without being able to stop thinking about her.

She was everything he had been searching for in a girl. She was more then sexy and more the passionate. And how dare she be as nice and smart as she was too. The angels had really worked overtime on her.

He couldn't hold himself together much longer, so, he dressed nicely, he pressed the button's bell of the next-door house. He was still planning an excuse to jump over so early, when the door was opened.

Sebastian was surprised when a 5' 8" black girl walked out of the house. She was dressed in tight jeans that showed off her amazing legs and a top that barely contained her huge breasts. "Sebastian? What are you doing here so early?" she asked him.

"I'm come by to... Wait a second. How do you know me?" he replied back.

"Oh!... I'm sorry. I didn't want to sound impolite. My name is Ebony and I'm also Wanda's cousin" she introduced herself. "It's just Esmeralda talked so much about you last night that I felt like I knew you already."

"Did she talked about me last night?" he asked.

"Sure!. She said that you were a genuine gentleman and an amazing date" she said.

"Really? Is she at home now?"

"I'm afraid not. She and Wanda went to the mall. If you want we can go there. I'm pretty bored in this house"

Ebony and Sebastian were together to the mall. After an hour searching in all the stores, they gave up and decided to call Wanda's home.

"They got home 10 minutes ago" said Ebony hanging the phone.

"I don't know you, but I'm starving. Would you like something to eat? It would be my pleasure to buy you lunch" he offered and smiled at her.

"Yes, I will love to" smiled Ebony.

Sitting down in the food court, Sebastian had the opportunity to look closely at Ebony. She was large on top as her lips screamed "Kiss me!!". Her brown eyes were captivating and her voice was full of sexiness and warmth.

"And tell me Ebony.... Does Esmeralda have a boyfriend? I would be surprised if she does not" asked Sebastian.

The question caught Ebony off guard and she gulped a great amount of her drink. "What do you want to know? Are you serious about her? she said placing her hands over the table and moving her head toward him. "Are you interested in my cousin?" asked Ebony looking directly into his eyes.

This time, Sebastian was the one who gulped the drink "Yes" he replied shyly. The closeness of Ebony's exposed cleavage distracted and excited Sebastian. He tried in vain to hide the bulge in his pants, but she noticed it.

Smiling she sat back into her chair and said "That's OK Sebastian. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I know that Esmeralda is a very beautiful woman and it's logical that you felt attracted to her... as well as me".

"No, it's not like that" muttered Sebastian.

"What? Don't you think I'm attractive? Maybe it's because I'm black?" said hurt Ebony.

"I'm not a racist if is that what are you trying to say. You are gorgeous Ebony, but I am interested in discovering more about your cousin, and I hope you will respect that. I think she and I could have a very good relationship"..

"Glad to hear that" said Ebony smiling him "And to answer your question, she is with nobody right now. She had a crush on a guy, but the fool, (she giggled) he doesn't realize that Esmarelda exists".

"I don't know why any men won't want to be with her" said Sebastian.

"You only said that because she has a great body. Well, to your information, she doesn't look like a hot girl always" said Ebony.

"It wasn't her body what called my attention" said Sebastian. Ebony raised an eyebrow and looked at him as if he was blind or stupid, and he corrected himself "OK, her body caught my attention, but her personality and feelings are what make me think I'm in love with her"

"I would prefer if you chose me, but, I have to respect a man who really acts like a man..." sighed Ebony "... since you are in love of her. I hope you can keep your promise when the time comes".

Back in Wanda's house, Sebastian wanted to come in to see Esmeralda. Ebony stopped him saying "Do you know how much time Esmeralda spent to look pretty for you? At least you can give her an hour to take a shower. She will be ready for you, so why don't you go home and do the same?" suggest Ebony.

"You are right. It'll be better if I take a shower too. Please tell Esmeralda that I will be here in an hour" said Sebastian. He gave a kissed in the cheek at Ebony and ran home. Sebastian couldn't hold his emotion. He didn't really realize how much he liked Esmeralda and he was dying to go out in another date with her.

He entered at his room and was about to close his curtains when he saw at Ebony through the window of Wanda's room. She closed the door of the room and began to take her clothes off.

Sebastian wasn't a pervert, but he couldn't miss the opportunity to see Ebony naked. First, she removed her shorts standing only in panties, then she peeled off her top letting her breasts bounced freely.

But when everything was going good, something began to change.

Ebony decided to removed a silver ring from her finger and placed it on the night stand next to another two rings. Then Sebastian watched amazed as Ebony's skin and hair were losing their dark color, but them weren't the only changes in Ebony. Soon her curves began to deflate. Her rear and breasts were losing mass as well as her height. In less than a moment, the voluptuous black girl was gone and instead of her was...

"WANDA!!??" exclaimed Sebastian covering his mouth to prevent being heard. Indeed, the white girl standing there was Wanda. Sebastian felt embarrassed for being watching at the teenage naked body of her neighbor until she disappeared behind the door of her bathroom.

"How? Why?" where questions that Sebastian tried to answer without luck. "It's impossible for a girl to became a woman by just wearing a ring. It can't be true. I must be dreaming or something" rationalized Sebastian. He walked to his bathroom and took a cold shower to clear his head.

After the shower, Sebastian still was thinking in what he saw. The words of Ebony were spinning in his head. "Now I understand why she mentioned that Esmeralda doesn't look like a hot girl always" he said entering at his room to spy again at Wanda.

It appeared that Wanda had left the shower a few minutes earlier and she was wearing new panties. Sebastian kept looking as she hooked an oversize bra on her perky B-cup breasts.

She posed sexily in front of the mirror saying words that Sebastian couldn't hear. Then, she picked up another silver ring and put it on her finger.

What Sebastian feared became true as Wanda's body began to change again. She started to grow in height as her body was developing the curves Sebastian was in love. Her skin took a tan color as her hips expanded to lush fullness.

He saw Wanda gasping as her small breasts were filling the empty cups nicely as her breasts blossom into a perfect D-cup. Again her blonde hair turned dark and lengthened until her waist as her body reached the 5' 7" feet tall. When the transformation ended, Wanda was Esmeralda.

Happily with her change, Wanda grabbed her breasts to feel them. The image made Sebastian breath hard.

Now as a woman, Wanda took a pair of jeans and blouse to be ready for Sebastian. Meantime, Sebastian had a serious problem in his head.

He spent thinking so much time, that the phone rang. Without thinking he answered it and he heard Esmeralda's voice at the other side.

"Something is wrong Sebastian? Ebony told me that you were suppose to be here and about and hour" she complained.

"I'm so sorry. I needed to think some issues before go to your place. I'm going right now" said Sebastian.

When he walked to her house, she was expecting him in the entrance. "You don't look well. Please come in, so we can talk about what is bothering you" said Esmeralda holding his hand.

Sebastian sat in the couch still thinking in what to do, what to think, how to react. Was this the sexy Esmeralda, the sexy adult, or was it the little girl Wanda? while Esmeralda prepared a hot coffee in the kitchen.

"Here. Drink it slowly or you can get burned" smiled Esmeralda handling the cup.

As he drank his coffee, he couldn't avoid noticing her lovely eyes. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, they displayed to Sebastian the true love Wanda felt for him. But the eyes were the eyes of Esmeralda, the soul was Wanda.

"I need to know something before we can continue seeing each other" said Sebastian holding Esmeralda hands between his own. "Yesterday, when we were enjoying our date, did you feel a connection between us?" asked Sebastian.

"Yes" confessed Esmeralda "My body trembled when I was close to you. I was so nervous, that for moments I needed air, like I could not even breath, you move me so much. Our date was better that I could possible expect and I realized that you are the man I always wanted to find and to love" said Esmeralda.

"I felt the same with you. You sincere smile brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face. I hadn't meet a girl like you in my entire life. You are able to invade my mind with your great body, but as I promise to Ebony early, my heart loves you not by the exterior, it loves you for the interior" said Sebastian as he retrieved his hands taking the silver ring with them.

"What are you doing?" gasped surprise Esmeralda as her body started to return to her normal self.

"Don't worry. I know everything Esmeralda, and right now, I want to speak with Wanda" said calmly Sebastian, as Esmeralda became Wanda.

Wanda blushed, as her blouse and jeans weren't as tight as moments before. At least she didn't end naked. "How do you know it was me?" asked Wanda.

"A small bird told me" joked Sebastian. "By accident, I watched you when you take off the ring. I hadn't see anything similar to this. From where does it come from? How did you get it?" asked Sebastian staring at the ring.

Wanda felt even more embarrassed as Sebastian knew her secret. "It will be better if I tell you the true. The rings are property of a new company that gives a girls like me the chance to be another girl with another ethnic group" explained Wanda.

"I suppose those rings must cost a fortunate!" said Sebastian.

"Yes, but mine were free as part of a testing program to make the ring able to change, besides the race of the girl,it can change her age too. For a long time I have had this crush on you Sebastian and when I knew you were coming back, I decided to use the rings to grow older for you and grow up, so you would notice me, not as a little girl, but as a woman" she said.

"I really appreciate your honesty Wanda. Now, the important thing is that you don't need to hide your beauty under a false mask" he said caressing her cheek.

Wanda's heartbeats accelerated, as Sebastian was getting moving toward her. She closed her eyes and Sebastian kissed gently her lips. The excitement overloaded her teenager feelings and she kissed him back passionately.

"If you were not a minor, I swear I will make love to you right now" gasped Sebastian breaking the kiss.

"There is a easy way to solve the problem" said Wanda snapping her ring from Sebastian hand and placing it back in her finger.

Soon her body began to mature as her frame enlarged and her pronounce curves started to reappear. Her rear took her rounded form and her breasts grew to their previous large size. Her feminine silhouette was restored and Esmeralda was back.

"Now follow me to my room. I want experience the new feelings this body can give me" purred Wanda.

"I would love to" confessed Sebastian.

In the moment he was walking to her room, he remembered the third ring. "And tell me Wanda, what does the third ring do?" he asked.

"It can transform me into an asian girl. You would love to see me with it. My face is so exotic and my waist so small" giggled Wanda as she walked to her night stand and grabbed the third ring.

She returned at her old self before trying out the last ring. "I really like when my body ages. It's amazing the feelings of your body stretching and developing" said Wanda as her voice has getting higher and with an asian accent.

Her expanding frame filled out her baggy clothes again. This time her height was only 5' 6" and her curves were smaller of her previous changes, but as she said, her face was lovely with her slanted eyes, button nose and fragile lips.

"I love my waist" said Wanda pulling out her jeans to show the space left my Esmeralda. Sebastian also noticed that her hair had grown and turned dark as the other transformations.

"So what do you think?" said Wanda, striking a provocative pose for him.

"I really like it Wanda. Have you think a name for your new personality" asked Sebastian.

"Not yet. Maybe, you can help me to chose a name togo with this beautiful face" teased Wanda.

"Everything with time. Now, we have a major problem in our hands" said Sebastian

"And what will be that?" asked Wanda.

"That I really like you as Ebony and as an asian. I wouldn't mind only going out with Esmeralda, but since you are the three of them, I can't miss such an opportunity to hang out with three amazing girls. The problem is how to be a boyfriend of three women at the same time. My mother will go crazy if she saw me with a different version of you everyday" laughed Sebastian.

"I understand your point and I think I have a solution" said Wanda.

"Are you sure? Please tell me" said Sebastian.

"Well, since you can't decide which of my personalities you want to be..." she said walking to the night stand, "... it will be better if I'm all at the same time".

"Are you crazy? No!" exclaimed Sebastian, but it was too late to do anything. In a quick move, Wanda grabbed the other two rings and wore them.

"OH!!" moaned Wanda as intense feelings were running in her body "I hadn't never felt so alive in my life. My whole body is tingling and it feels so good" cried Wanda as her transformation began.

"Look at me Sebastian. I'm growing!!" she cheered as her body expanded vertically. "Oh yes!! That is how I like it" she smiled as her curves were becoming very pronounced.

Wanda cupped her breasts when they began to push against the fabric. "I love when my breasts got heavier in my hands" she gasped as her jeans were being stretched by her inflating hips and rear.

In the final moments her hair grew until her waist as her skin took a tan color. Sebastian, who watched the whole transformation in an awestruck state, couldn't articulate a single word.

Wanda walked to her mirror and gasped at the image reflected on it. Certainly she had passed for this when she try the rings for the first time, but now, everything was different.

By using the 3 rings at the same time, the psychical attributes of her three ethnics mixed in a new form. She could noticed that her exotic face and slim figure from the asian ethnic still were present. Her skin, hair and hips were part of the latin ethnic. And finally her height and endowment were from the black ethnic.

"I look so sexy" said Wanda caressing her prominent bust with one hand while the other was feeling her hips. "Now that the problem is solve. You are mine" grinned Wanda as she pushed Sebastian over her bed and locked the door of her room.

The End.