by Merlin

Danny and Michelle had sneaked into Danny’s father’s private laboratory hoping to find some chemicals to help them with their science project. Despite the fact they were both only 14 years of age, each was a mental genius. They wanted something a bit more complicated than they could find in their own small chemistry kit.

As they cut across the creek, Michelle looked at Danny “Are you sure we won’t get into trouble?” asked Michelle? Danny looked over at her. She was a geeky 14-year-old girl with dirty blonde hair and skinny as a rail. She had her hair short while wearing a multi-colored cap and a blue t-shirt with plaid shorts. The very beginnings of breasts were beginning to bud, but she was still a tomboy. “Don’t sweat it! Dad won’t be back for hours, and your grandmother is sleeping instead of babysitting.” Michelle giggled at that “Yea, like we need babysitting!”.

They noticed a chemical compound sitting on a Bunsen burner marked “Volatile, do not touch!”. Danny knew he was working on something to stimulate growth in animals in order to grow cows and chickens faster in order to be able to ship them off for meats and poultry. As Michelle turned to grab a test tube, her arm brushed against the table and the burner shook just as Danny turned to watch the contents of the container fall to the floor with a loud crash. The glass exploded showering both Danny and Michelle with the mix of chemicals.

"We better get out of here fast" as she grabbed his hand and they ran from the lab to the adjacent room where there were showers and lockers for the staff that worked there during the week. “We need to wash this stuff off of us fast!” yelled Danny, already feeling a burning sensation. While they were running, the both felt strange. Their clothes seemed to tighten around them and strange feelings swept through their 14 year old bodies. "Danny" moaned Michelle, "I feel.... strange." So did Danny. They ran to the locker rooms through the dark hallway, as they did they could feel their clothes tightening and then ripping apart, as they felt constrained by them. Their shoes they had both kicked off as they ran.

By the time they ran into the lab and closed and locked the door, Danny turns towards Michelle and then looked at her in shock. No longer was a geeky 14-year-old girl with pimples standing there, but a young beautiful young woman of at least 23. Gone was her willowy body and in its place was a woman with long shapely legs and large breasts that had destroyed and torn away the now much too small t-shirt. She had very kissable full lips now as her once short pageboy blonde hair had not grown much, but was now rich and full.

Michelle realized soon what was happening, but she felt a bit exhausted and so she sat on the bench in front of the lockers on top of what was left of her clothes and tucked her long, tan, beautiful legs up while she wrapped her arms beneath her generous breasts. “Oh god” purred Michelle, “What’s happening to us?”

" Michelle!" exclaimed Danny, but his voice! His voice was now a man's voice as he turned quickly to look into the mirror. A 32-year-old man started back him, his adolescent clothes ripped to shreds from his maturing figure as he realized he now had a full beard as well. "What happened to us?" exclaimed Michelle who was also surprised at the maturity in her voice, she sounded like her mother. "We are adults! We better get into the showers right now and wash this stuff off before it is too late!” Michelle quickly went into the shower and washed her body completely, exploring a bit while she did it. Everything seemed much smaller now and she felt so much stronger as well.

Danny turned and now noticed that Michelle 's hair had lengthened even more and was now showing streaks of gray and slight lines around her face as well as crows feet around her eyes. "Oh god, we are still aging!" exclaimed a now 36-year-old Danny. Michelle noticed gray hairs weaving through Danny’s beard and hair as his features sharpened and creases appeared in his face. If that was happening to him, then...she quickly looked down at her body and saw that the taught tight skin of youth was leaving her as she saw her generous breasts enlarge more to at least a 38 D cup and then begin to sag with the rest of her body. She turned quickly and looked into the mirror and saw her hair dull. She looked like a very mature middle-aged woman now, much to her shock and dismay. He judged her to be about 40 years old when the aging stopped. She was still an attractive woman, but just that, a mature, middle-aged woman with a full figure. She was also older than her own mother. Danny turned back and saw that he must be about 45 and was also no longer aging. He had a full beard with streaks of gray and he seemed to have lost muscle mass too.

"My god, we're middle-aged adults now" a shocked Michelle said trembling, again surprised how her voice had dropped another octave and was a bit raspier as well. "It must have been the formula Michelle, it accelerated our aging process. Lucky we only got a little on us, any more and we would be needing walkers and a nursing home for the aged" "But what do we do now?" cried Michelle. Danny walked over and put his large arm around the trembling middle-aged woman "Its alright Michelle, I am here and I promise to never leave you. We can get married and we are both already smart enough to survive and get jobs in the scientific field. It will be tough, but we can manage."

"Alright”-sniffled Michelle, "Its just going to take me a while to get used to this, I mean its tough when you realize that you have just instantly lost your youth. I mean, I have lost my teenage years, my 20's and even 30's. I will never get to experience real high school or college or even what my life would have been like as a young adult. I mean, I was beautiful for a few minutes, wasn't I? I mean, I became pretty for a while." Danny reached over and kissed her on the cheek. "Your still beautiful sweetheart." Michelle smiled as some tears rolled down her face. "Thank you Danny, I think with your help I can adjust in time, I am sure we can be happy. But I think we better find some clothes right now." The two put on lab coats and made their way to Michelle's house, while her mother was on vacation and her grandmother was still asleep. Michelle felt so strange as the heavy weight of her very large breasts pulled her forward and strained her back, her hips also gyrated in a way she was not used to, throwing her balance off.

"I don't know how Mom is going to take this, I mean she is only 34 years old, I am at least 6 years older than she is now." Well, perhaps she will enjoy having an older sister!" chuckled Danny.

Michelle went into her mother’s bedroom alone and looked into the full-length mirror and dropped the robe. She saw a full bush of blonde hair between her legs and she simply did not recognize the middle-aged woman staring back at her. A few hours ago a woman like this would have seen very old to Michelle, now she was hoping that it was not as old as she had thought before. She felt her large nipples and then hefted the weight of her breasts, which were sagging. God, she had been so beautiful for a few minutes. Now she was a middle-aged woman. She sighed again and then decided not to dwell on it for the moment. Michelle found some of her mother’s clothes, a pair of black hose, and a bra. It took her a while to figure out how to put them on, especially how to get her very large breasts into the cups. She then pulled out a conservative red business suit and put it on and then the high heels, which took some working to walk in. The garters had taken time to figure out as well. But when she was done she looked like an attractive 40ish woman. She walked around the room for a moment until she got used to the black high heel shoes she was wearing.

When she walked into the den, Danny was astonished at what he saw. "Wow Michelle...your, your, beautiful". Michelle then did something she had wanted to do for a long time but did not have the nerve before; she leaned over and kissed Danny long and hard. Hormones raged in their now adult bodies as they began to fondle and explore their new adult world. Michelle then stood up and walked back a few steps.

"Hold on a second darling, let me tempt you a bit more" she purred, feeling very feminine and horny. Her body was feeling all sorts of strange and wonderful sensations, and she felt moist between her thighs and she somehow knew what that meant. She began to do a strip tease for Danny slowing taking off her conservative clothes. It was driving Danny wild.

She first sat on her father’s desk and took of her skirt revealing her mature legs. Next came the blouse. And as she had no panties on, she mocked a sexy pose as she reached for her garters.

Finally, she took off her bra exposing her very large breasts, and despite the fact they were sagging a bit, Danny was going insane with lust.

She then walked over and kissed him again rubbing her large exposed breasts against his body. As they slowly made their way to the floor, Danny could feel his newfound manhood swelling inside his pants as Michelle felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her body as he began to caress her large, mature breasts where a few minutes ago, none existed. They were lost in the moment and forgot all about the world.

Danny and Michelle then climaxed together after having rushed sex, their bodies trembled with pleasure as Danny collapsed his face into Michelle's ample mature breasts and began to suckle on one of her large nipples. "That, that was incredible Danny! If this is what it is like to be an adult, I think I can handle it!" giggled Michelle. Danny chuckled, “look, at my age now, I think you better call me ‘Daniel’!” They both laughed at that when suddenly they both felt hot again, and they instinctively knew what that meant. “Oh god NO!” screamed Michelle, “Not again! NOOOOO!” But it was too late; Daniel quickly pulled the sobbing Michelle close to his chest and held on to her as he felt her body and his getting older and older. He could see her hair turning silver and gray as he stroked and he saw his own hair falling to the floor, as he grew bald. Michelle could feel her large breasts sagging more and more as the rest of her body was ravaged by age. 50 years of age, 60, 70 and finally 80 years of age then it finally stopped.

Michelle was shaking badly from palsy and she was also bent over from advanced arthritis. She pulled back with tears running down her wrinkled and deeply creased face as if it had seen the entire 20th century pass her through her life, but in reality only 14 years of it. Her eyes had a hard time focusing but she could see that Danny looked like a very old man, hunched over from years and time, a blank stare on his face as Alzheimer’s had claimed him moments before.

“Oh god, I am so very old,” rattled Michelle, shocked at the sound of her own elderly voice. As she struggled up off the floor, her grandmother walked into the room. “What in gods name happened here? Who are you?” “Grandma, its me…. Michelle.” Somehow, she knew this to be true and she rushed over to help her now elderly granddaughter up. She had no idea that at 80 years of age, Michelle was now a good 5 years older than her.

She found a nice large floral print dress of hers for Michelle to wear and then an extra pair of glasses as Michelle was now having a hard time seeing with cataracts in her eyes. She put the senile Danny into bed and covered him up. She then put on her sweater and grabbed an apple and her purse and lead Michelle out the door. “Come dear, lets get you to the hospital and see if we can find out what’s wrong with you.” As she put her arm into Michelle and began to lead her down the street to the bus stop, she briefly heard Michelle mutter under her breath in a rattled tone “I was so beautiful, so young and beautiful”; Michelle’s grandmother then lowered her head and began to cry.