This story contains graphic scenes of age regression, but is not meant to offend, and should not be read by those who are disturbed by such themes.

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-- Ungulate

Control Yourself!

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by Ungulate

Kim grabbed the dustpan and bent over to sweep the small pile of dust into it. She was wearing out. It was long days like these that made her regret the cleaning contracts she did in her spare time. It was enough to take care of two kids all day and make John's life comfortable -- cleaning the University in the evenings was really zapping her.

She leaned on her broom and looked around. This was one hell of a confusing room, with odd and very expensive looking equipment arranged and covered up carefully. It made her feel kind of privileged to be in here. She knew the biology faculty were working on something revolutionary in this very room, but the news clip she had seen on TV did not give any details as to the nature of the project. Kim had always been a curious person. She would just take a little peek, that's all... no harm in that, right?

Under the cover of the largest machine was a keypad that said crazy things like 'molecular regen,' or 'Cell transf.' It sure looked like something from the Outer Limits.

Suddenly, she heard voices coming closer to the door. What would happen if she were caught in here? She quickly threw the cover back over the machine, and hid behind a closet door as the two people entered.

'Well, you will see what I mean. The transfer is definitely not consistent with respect to genetic substructure.'

'Tom, this could have heavy implications for the whole project you know...'

The two men were wearing lab coats, and one was carrying a small old dog.

'Damn!' Said the one scientist, moving Kim's mop to a corner. 'Those cleaners should NOT be leaving their mops and brooms lying around in here! I forgot to slate this room as off-limits for general University staff.'

The men were babbling out biological jargon, most of which Kim did not understand. She did, however, make sense of what they were trying to do. They were working on a way to reverse aging!

'Put the dog in front of the MRA.' Said Tom.

'I have set it to four years,' he said calmly. 'Now come over here, and I will show you how to operate this.' The other man put the old dog on the floor, and joined Tom at the controls.

'You just move this lever forward, and push the green button... the ray builds, and shoots out after five seconds of delay.' He did as he explained, and nothing seemed to happen for a bit. Then the dog, who was near death from old age, sat up and started happily panting! It worked!

'Ok, we will leave it at four years for the rest of our work tonight. You go and get another dog, and I will get the charts.'

The two men grabbed the dog, and left.

Kim thought she was dreaming. This was incredible! People would be able to choose how old they wanted to be, no longer subject to the pains of old age! This little machine was going to stand the world on its ear. Then she realized that the general public could never be allowed to use this technology. Over-population was already a big issue on this planet, and such power would have to be kept under wraps (except of course for the elite members of society).

Kim was a rash person, even at 30. She saw a window of opportunity, and decided against all rational thought to jump through it. She knew she only had a few seconds before the men would return. Furthermore, this room would be off-limits in the future. This was a chance to trim a few years off her face, slim down her hips, and get a bit of energy back. No one would even notice four years difference in her age.

She ran to the machine, and pushed the lever forward, hit the button, and jumped in front of the MRA thingy. Her ears were throbbing with the pulsing sound of her heart, as the power built up in the machine. She heard a high pitched noise, and felt a shudder go through her body, starting from the pit of her stomach, and working its way out to the tips of her toes and fingers. She was buzzing all over, and it was almost ticklish in nature, making her giggle. Then it stopped as sudden as it had began. Her heart was still beating loudly. She had really done it!

She wanted to see the effect in a mirror, but she had to get out of this room before she got caught. She grabbed her cleaning supplies and headed out the door. As she was closing the door, Tom came around the corner.

'Hey, what are you doing?' He inquired, walking towards her quickly.

'Oh, sorry sir, I forgot my cleaning supplies in there...' She said meekly.

'I don't want you or anybody else going in there again, understand? That room is supposed to be off-limits to general staff.'

'Oh, my apologies, I'll pass the word on.' She said smiling.

Kim was dying to see what the MRA had done to her. She went to the washroom and looked in the mirror. Nothing. Not a single thing looked different about her. She still had as many wrinkles, still had a few wisps of gray hair, and still had the extra pounds she had gained in the last four years. Drat! She was still a knockout, with blonde hair down to her waist, well developed breasts, and bright blue eyes, but she was slowly suffering the effects of old age. She sighed.

She put the cleaning supplies in the janitor room, and headed towards the stairwell. From down the hall, she overheard Tom talking on the phone in his office.

'No, the machine is set up for canine species... if we want to use human subjects, we have to adjust the levels. A dog's life is much shorter than a human one, after all.' He was saying. Kim let the information sink in. If the MRA was set up for dogs, what would happen to humans that used it? She suddenly became very afraid. What if she got cancer, or worse? She shouldn't have been such a fool -- why was she always so impatient and quick to make judgements? She dashed down the stairs, trying to mentally calm herself. Was she just nervous, or did she feel a slight 'buzzing' sensation in her stomach? She stopped in the stairwell as the numb sensation engulfed her body. She was terrified! She was crying in fear as her body started quivering at the core. It was the exact same feeling as she had felt at the machine, but stronger. There was a slight 'lifting' sensation in her chest area. Afraid of the sensation, she tried to stop it somehow, and found that she could minimize the feeling by internally pushing it away. She made it get smaller and smaller, until it had stopped. She looked at her hands and the rest of her body. Everything seemed ok.

She went to another washroom, and looked at herself. It had worked! She looked the same as she had four years ago! Tom was wrong, the machine worked fine on humans, and she had gotten exactly what she wanted!

'Sometimes, the risk is worth it.' She said to the 26 year old Kim in the mirror, beaming with joy. She posed a little bit, puckering her lips and pushing her breasts out, her fingers running through her long hair. There wasn't a trace of gray in it now!

She happily sung to herself on the drive home, anxious to see what John's reaction would look like. She resolved that she would never tell anybody what she had done, lest she get into serious hot water with the University. Hell, she could actually go back there as a student now! John saw his wife pull up, and went to meet her at the door.

'Honey! You look... fabulous! I should send you out to work every night, it seems to give you a youthful look.' He said, grinning. He reached out and cupped her cheek, kissing her fully.

'Yeah, right... Maybe I should send YOU out to mop floors every night, mister!' She replied, hooking her thumb through one of his belt loops to pull him closer. Their hips rubbed as they swayed a bit, kissing. Kim felt like she could rip his clothes off right in the doorway, to hell with the neighbors!'

'You do look great though honey, did you dye your hair or something?'

'Yes, I dyed it three days ago, and you've just noticed now??' She said, mischievously grabbing the front his shirt with two hands as though she were going to beat him up.

He proceed to pick her up, and carry her to the bedroom, where they spent the rest of the night giving immense pleasure to each other. Kim wanted to keep going, but John had to put the breaks on.

'How can you have so much energy after so much work?' He asked her, as they turned out the lights. 'You were AMAZING tonight!'

'It's just my longing for you, love. All night I mop and think of you, craving, lusting, desiring, wanting... Aaaaagagggh!' She said, jumping on his neck like a vampire.

The next morning turned out to be a real bummer. 11 year old Chelsea was fighting with her little sister Amanda again.

'She was in my room again, mom!' She protested. 'She ripped my Ricky Martin poster! It's not fair... never go in her stupid room!' 5 year old Amanda just couldn't understand her older sister's need for independence.

John couldn't find his keys, the toast burnt, and the car wouldn't start.

'Damn it! The headlights are still on from last night!' Said John, coming back in the house to call a taxi. 'There's no way I'll make it in time now!'

'Oh, I'm sorry honey, I must have left them on. Just tell your boss you're married to a nitwit.' Said Kim, feeling guilty.

'Don't worry about it, the world won't end if I don't show up on time.' John said, dialing the phone. He kissed her just as the taxi company answered the phone.

“Yellow Cab!” The voice said.

“MMMPHHhh… -click- “ John hung up as Kim pushed him up against the wall, grabbing a fistful of his hair with her left hand. They kissed passionately for a good minute. Surges of pleasure drifted up Kim’s body as she moved her other hand up his chest. She was fully enraptured when she suddenly felt that odd, numb sensation that she had felt in the stairwell. She took a step back, acting like nothing was happening, while she tried to regained control of the strange sensation.

“What’s wrong Kim?” John asked.

“Nothing, I just… look, you should really get to work, sweetie.” Said Kim, in fully back in control. She was worried - had she changed more?

“Kim, what’s going on with you? You look… different. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“John, there is something I have to tell you, but not now… we’ll talk tonight, ok?” Kim handed John the phone.

John left in the taxi, and Kim went upstairs to the bathroom to inspect her body. She DID look younger! She was looking at a 24 year old self in the mirror!

“Oh my god!” she whispered. What if she kept getting younger? Not that the change was all bad; she looked absolutely stunning.

“Mom, are we going to school soon?” Came Chelsea’s impatient voice from outside the door. Chelsea was being very difficult these days. She seemed so overly legalistic and picky about her routine. School was a big responsibility for her, and she met it with vigor.

“Yep! Get your shoes on girls!” Kim said through the door, running her fingers over her firm and upright breasts. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. She put on makeup to cover her new-found youth. She never wore makeup on normal days, so she hoped it would divert some attention from her obvious lack of wrinkles.

She walked the girls to school, amazed at how much energy she had. She raced Chelsea for almost a block, something she very rarely ever did. Dropping them off, she briskly walked back home to call her best friend, Teresa. She had to tell somebody, this situation was really eating at her. She met up with her friend at a local pub.

“Hi Kim,” Teresa said warmly, hugging her. “You know, you should wear make-up more often girl, it makes you look years younger!” She commented.

“Uh, yeah… listen, let’s go for a walk in that park down the street, there’s something I want to talk to you about.” Said Kim nervously.

Teresa eyes got wider as Kim told her story. She stopped walking and grabbed Kim’s arm.

“Kim, you HAVE to talk to that scientist… you don’t know what you’ve done! You could die from some sort of weird disease or something!” She said, with obvious concern.

“Yes, I know, it was really stupid. I don’t know why I did it…” She started crying, and Teresa held her close. “I want to talk to John first, and then we will both go and see this guy. Hopefully, I am just experiencing the after effects of the ray.”

“Oh sure, ” John said with mirth, after she told him that night. “Just trying to make me feel old huh?” He wasn’t about to buy into another one of Kim’s practical jokes. She had fooled him on a number of occasions with incredible stories. “I knew you liked to play the little girl, but this is going to extremes, dear.”

“No, I’m telling you the absolute truth John, please believe me!” Kim pleaded.

“Is Kim gonna become daddy’s little girl?” Said John, playfully crawling towards her on the bed.

“Fuck off! I’m serious, ok? Look at me! Do I look 30!? I don’t even have one gray hair anymore! Look at these!” She yelled, lifting her night shirt to display her tits. “Do these look familiar? Kind of like the ones I had 6 years ago?” She was fuming, and she felt hot with anger. The hot emotion grew, and became that strange buzzing, shakey feeling, this time in her chest. She was really upset, and she felt her body changing in sync with her anger. She shuddered violently. She was kneeling on the bed pressing her hands into it, feeling her thighs burning hotly, and getting slimmer. John studied her face with amazement as she lost a few years right before his eyes. His mouth dropped open as Kim’s face became a perfect pearl shape, and her nose turned up slightly. She now looked almost exactly the same as she did the day he married her! Kim withdrew, and crouched over, trying to get control of the process. It subsided after a few seconds, and a 21 year old woman looked up at John with dead calm.

“Believe me now?” She asked.

“Oh my god, we have to get you to a hospital! No wait! We have to call that guy Tom or whatever his name is…” John said, leaping off the bed and pacing back and forth in the room. “Why the hell did you do that?” he said, his hand on his head.

“Look, I am NOT going to the hospital at 11:00 pm, John. Let’s call Tom first thing in the morning.” She said, trying to calm her husband. “

Please just tell me you’ll help me through this. I just need your support right now” she said, looking down at the bed. John came and put his arm around her, stroking her hair.

“Of course I’ll help you… I will always be on side babe.” He said, comforting her. She was so lucky to have this wonderful man in her life. She slumped in his solid and strong arms as he held her. They held each other for a long time, saying nothing.

Tom was nothing short of furious after John broke the news to him. They arranged to meet him at the University.

“You have done a very stupid thing, Kim. There is very little I can do. This technology has never been used on humans, and constructing a reasonable model of expected outcomes would take months, which we do not have.” He said, waving a finger in the air. “Your most foolish assumption was that you would be subjected to merely four years of age regression. Did you stop to think how long 4 years is to a dog?” He lectured. “Though I am somewhat elated that the MRA works on the human species, I can’t help but be disappointed with the fact that my first subject has been given an overdose!”

“Ok, ok, we know that she blew it, but we need a plan of action here.” Replied John, “How young do you think she get? Is there a way to slow the process down?”

“Well, I do have a theory about the effects of the MRA, but it hasn’t been tested. It is really complex, but in essence, the molecular reaction is triggered by parasympathetic response mechanisms, and hormonal fluctuations.” He explained. “To put it in simple terms, the process is effected by emotional reactions. Because animals like dogs have no rational ability, the MRA has it’s full effect. Theoretically, humans would have to be under emotional stress, devoid of rational thought. This would set up a chain of events leading to age regression.” Kim realized now why she had regressed at certain times-she was under stress at those times!

“You theory is right!“ She said. “I get younger every time I get mad, or excited, or upset!”

“Ahhh…” Tom said, rubbing his face. “Well, in that case, you may have some hope. The effect of the ray is temporary, only lasting a few months at best. If you remain calm, and stress free, you may be able to escape the full consequences.” He said. He walked around the room, rubbing his face and hair, putting the whole thing together.

“There is a big danger, however. Your maturity is reduced along with your age, stemming from a lack of neural capacity. If you begin to lose maturity, it will logically be more difficult for you to control your emotions. A negative cycle could begin, accelerating the regression sequence, and making it more likely to happen with each reduction.”

John looked at Kim. Could she somehow remain calm enough to get past the next few months? Just getting a little bit angry was enough to shrink her last night, and she had a nasty temper.

“Tom, do the effects get weaker with time? Maybe I could just go on vacation for a few months, or something… I have two kids, and I get stressed a lot at home.”

“No, do not do that! Can you imagine what would happen if your purse got stolen in an airport, and you suddenly started dwindling in age? You must not break your routine. Yes, the strength of the molecular restructuring will diminish with time… UNLESS it is offset by a negative maturity cycle.” Tom warned. “I will try to develop a working model of the problem. In the meantime, you should be taking it easy. I will investigate the possibilities of using tranquilizers to slow the process… I will be in touch.”

Control Yourself! Chapter 2

by Ungulate

Kim drove them back from Tom's office. John wanted to prevent her from driving, but she would have none of it.

'John, I just don't get stressed out like you when I drive. In fact, listening to you curse and swear at other drivers stresses me out more...' She stated.

She was actually enjoying the drive, which was odd. She usually hated getting behind the wheel, but this was fun! John noticed that she was going a little over the speed limit.

'Anxious to get home, hon?' He commented, looking at her. She was so full of energy and zest! Her cleavage pressed itself outwards from her body, begging for attention. John felt his penis get hard as he watched Kim bite her bottom lip, focusing on the traffic and leaning slightly forward to embrace to steering wheel. He stopped himself, trying to think about something else. They wouldn't be able to risk sexual intercourse, as it might send his now-gorgeous wife into a tailspin towards infancy.

'I feel so alive!' She said, with her eyes wide. 'I forgot what it felt like to be 21! What a difference!' she exclaimed, making a quick lane change. The police officer that pulled them over didn't seem overly-amused by Kim's zest for life, as he handed her the ticket. She hadn't gotten a speeding ticket in years. John was looking at the ticket as they pulled into the driveway.

'Great, nice timing on this one dear... I guess our poor children will have to go to school with no shoes after all!'

'Hey, when I was their age, we had to walk three miles to school, barefoot in the snow!' She quipped. John chuckled.

'Just watch out in the future, Kim, we really can't afford this right now' John said, a little more seriously. Kim dismissed him with a wave of her hand as they left the car.

'No need to get preachy, I'll take it easy.' She said.

Chelsea knew something was wrong when her mom picked her up, looking 9 full years younger than her usual self.

'Mom, you look different...' She said, getting in the car and staring closely at Kim, her eyebrows frowning. 'Did you get a facelift?' Kim laughed. Chelsea was so opinionated and blunt sometimes!

'No Chelsea, it's something that... I don't want to talk about right now. Let's go and get some fried chicken for supper.'

'Yaaaay!' cheered Amanda, jumping in the car after Chelsea. They grabbed a bucket of chicken and headed home.

Chelsea glared suspiciously at her mother through the whole supper. After a while, Kim started feeling uncomfortable. Jim studied the 10 year old, occasionally exchanging worried looks with his wife. They knew they would have to explain the whole thing to her. Amanda hadn't noticed a thing, but Chelsea had always paid close attention to details, and by now was probably thinking her mother was an alien or something.

'We'll talk about it after Amanda goes to sleep,' John whispered to his daughter Chelsea. Kim looked into John's eyes, as if to say 'Do we have to?'

Amanda went to bed at 7:00, leaving the couple an hour to explain the whole story (in simpler terms) to Chelsea before her bedtime. Her eyes got wider as the tale unfolded.

'Is mom gonna get as young as me? She could go to school with me!' She exclaimed excitedly. Maybe she would finally have a playmate her own age! Kim blushed at the thought -- she had better not get THAT young!! John saw Kim get slightly injured by the question.

'Chelsea, that is not going to happen, ok? It's not nice to think only about yourself when somebody else is sick.' He said firmly. Chelsea lowered her head.

'Sorry dad, I just think that would be really cool, that's all.' She shrugged.

'Chelsea, it's still nice to know that you would be my friend if I DID have to grow up again,' Kim said, smiling at her. Chelsea beamed a full- faced smile back at her mother.

'Kim, what ARE we going to do if you get REALLY young?' Asked John after Chelsea had been tucked in for the night. 'We have to have some sort of game plan. I certainly can't take time off work at this point -- I am on the verge of some major contracts!' He said, handing her a tea.

'John, don't worry so much... You heard the Doc, this thing will be over in 2 months, and I'm sure I can handle it. Let's worry about it if and when it happens, ok?' She said, rubbing his arm.

A few days went by, and nothing happened. Kim had gotten upset a few times, even yelling at the kids once or twice, and still no effect. The days turned into weeks, and Tom announced that the effects of the MRA were 'very unlikely to resurface at this point.' Kim relaxed into her former life, but with a bit more vigor. Secretly, she patted herself on the back; her decision had been the right one after all! She would be blessed with another decade of youth! She and John resumed their passionate sex life with a renewed sense of attraction for one another. She exhausted John every night, and he devoured her supple young body with every ounce of energy he had in him.

Chelsea was not quite as happy as her mother. Kim ascribed it to her lack of tolerance for change. She became defiant and unruly.

“I’m not going to the party!” She told her mother one night, speaking of her best friend’s upcoming birthday party.

“Come on sweetheart, you know you’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll regret not going, you know.” Kim admonished.

“I don’t care… I wish you’d just LEAVE ME ALONE!” She yelled, stomping off to her room.

“Do you want me to tuck you in?” Kim called after her.

“No!” she said, slamming her bedroom door.

“Do you think I should go talk to her?” John asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“No, let her be. We have to wait until she comes around. She’s really got a mind of her own, that child!” Kim stated, looking up at her daughter’s door.

Suddenly, she felt John’s presence behind her, and his warm hand on the inside of her thigh. She moaned as he slid his hand upwards, cradling her left buttock as she thrust it out to him. She just stood there, full enthralled by his creative hands. He touched and pressed her in different places, holding his hands in each location long enough to almost drive her mad, and then switching locations quickly. Her body surged with pleasure. She pulled him down to the kitchen floor, oblivious to hard surface, physically pleading for his abdomen, his chest, his neck. She wanted all of him at once, as he reached underneath her ass and pulled her jogging pants down with one hand. She drew him in close and pulled down his boxer shorts, peeled his bathrobe off of his shoulders, and clenched his hips with both hands.

He entered her wet vagina ever so slowly, teasing her by stopping periodically, and moving further in when she least expected it, making her breath shallow and sudden. Slowly, he drew out and stopped at the verge of removal. Kim grabbed his buttocks and slowly pushed him in as far as his penis would go. He hit some wild and crazy part inside of her, causing shock-waves of sensual pleasure. He began rhythmically stroking her walls with his thrusts, gaining momentum. The feeling was unbelievable for Kim. He kept hitting that… place.

“Aaaaaaagh….. Ugghhhh… ugh” She never made noises like this, but she was lost in a fit of desire. It built inside of her, and grew larger than any feeling she had ever experienced. She was going to… he was going to make her…

Not all women have orgasms. Oh, true, there are a lucky bunch who claim three per week, but let's forget those women who are either outright lying, sleeping with incredibly loving men, or blessed by the gods, and consider the unfortunates. For some women, having an orgasm is a once in a lifetime experience...

“Uggghhhh…. Ugh, ugh, ugh” She blew over the top, exploding within. His penis grew inside her, throbbing, and throbbing, each time, seeming to get larger, and larger.

John knew something was wrong. He felt her body tighten, becoming firmer, and more compact. He stopped. Her vagina was tightening on his penis as the woman begin to slip backwards in time.

“Noooo!” She recognized the tingling as she grabbed her shrinking breast in panic. This wasn’t supposed to happen. “Stop, stop, stop!” she yelled, trying to push John off as her vagina tightened, becoming the vagina of a teenager. She farted loudly, and tried to push herself backwards, away from John. He was stuck! His penis was almost painful now, as she throbbed and throbbed, each time losing a bit more of her womanly features, each time feeling her vagina get younger. She became a 17 year old on the kitchen floor, helplessly. It seemed to take forever, her organs were realigning themselves inside her, as she grunted and struggled to regain control.

“Gnnuughh! Nnooogh!” Her voice cracked and her shoulders became more slender. John was crying, looking into her eyes with absolute compassion as he watched the maturity fade from her eyes, leaving a terrified teenaged girl. After what seemed like a lifetime, his penis finally went limp enough for him to leave her body. She felt him pull out, and scittered backwards on her hands until she hit the corner, where she curled up in a ball, holding herself tight, her tear-filled eyes wide in shock. The feeling had passed, but not before it had done its permanent damage. Kim was seventeen.

John comforted her for a long time, sitting on the floor, holding her tightly as she crumbled under the weight of her new reality. He dried her eyes and her vagina with his bathrobe, and carried her up to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a small fly took some interest in a tiny spot of blood sitting alone in the middle of the cold floor.

Control Yourself! Chapter 3

by Ungulate
John looked at his sleeping wife for a while the next morning. She was hugging her pillow, curled up and looking innocent. He studied her face. What a difference! Her nose was button-like, her cheeks were soft and sported a few light freckles - she was in every way a teenager. He wasn’t sure on her age, but he guessed 16 or 17. Even her hair seemed a little softer and lighter. He rose up and got ready for work, shaking his head. She had not heard the alarm clock, and he decided to let her sleep. He took care of Amanda and Chelsea, fixing them a light breakfast and getting them to school before he went to the office. He didn’t tell the girls that their mother had shrunk last night, as he wanted to talk to Kim first. He called Tom from his office.

“Again?” Said Tom after being filled in. “hmmm… this is not good at all. You should bring her to my office this evening. I must run some tests on her.”

Meanwhile, Kim was slowly waking up. She moaned and pushed her arms outwards, stretching. She was so tired! Her body felt soft and weak, and the comforter felt like a fluffy cloud. She slowly became aware that something different… her pussy was sore… her bum was different… her breasts were tingling… she cupped one with her hand, noticing how small and firm it was. She bolted upright, suddenly putting last night’s events together.

“John?” She called out, wanting him to enter the room and tell her it was a bad dream. It had to be a dream. She glanced at the clock: 10:43.

“Shit!” she exclaimed, throwing the duvet off her legs and jumping up. The kids would be late for school! Then she realized that John had probably taken care of everything. She rubbed her eyes and sat on the bed for a while, looking at her new body. It wasn’t new, actually. It was her, the way she used to be when she was seventeen years old. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, to have her body shimmer with youth again, her skin soft and supple. On a whim, she reached down and put her foot behind her head. She hadn’t had this kind of flexibility in years! She laughed aloud, throwing herself backwards into the duvet with her arms stretched out. This wasn’t so bad after all!

The only thing that bothered her was her rumbling stomach. She was ravenously hungry. She threw on a bathrobe and headed downstairs, jumping off the last four stairs. She ate three bowls of cereal and a large mango, finishing the meal off with a coffee. She read the note John had left for her on the kitchen table:


I took the girls in the car. Don’t worry about anything today, ok? I will pick them up after school. Just take it easy and be nice to yourself. I will call Tom and try to arrange a meeting with him ASAP.

I know this must be hard for you, but please know that I love you, and that I will always be there for you. See you when I get home,


He was such a sweetheart! Kim kissed the note, sighing. She had definitely married the right man!

Something was bothering her. She wanted something really badly, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Her mouth tasted funny. She wanted a cigarette! She had quit smoking when she was pregnant with Chelsea, but now the craving was back. She paced and thought about it for a bit, and decided that she would be better off with a good smoke. She took a quick shower and dressed in some loose clothes. Taking her mountain bike to the mall (she had so much more energy!), she bought some cigarettes at the store. It was a sunny day, and she decided to grab a seat on the patio of the café and have some more coffee. Megan came out to handle her table.

“Hi Kim… oh… sorry,” She said. “I thought you were…” She looked closely at Kim, doing a double take. “Wow! It’s incredible! You look almost identical to this woman who comes here sometimes… except she’s much older...” said the waitress. “What would you like?”

“Uh… I’ll have a coffee please.” said Kim. This age regression thing was going to be a big problem! What were her friends and family going to say? She lit up a cigarette, took a drag and nearly choked to death, coughing for about 5 minutes. People from other tables were staring at her, shaking their heads. Megan came back out with a glass of water.

“Are you ok? You know, you really shouldn’t smoke those things,” she lectured. “You’ll stunt your growth.”

When John brought the kids home that evening, Chelsea ran into the house, dying to see the changes in her mother that her dad had been explaining.

“Mom? Mom? C-o-o-o-l!” She said as Kim came out of the den wearing bellbottoms and a trendy tank top. “You’re a teenager!” Chelsea thought teenagers were the neatest species on the planet, and was always talking about what she was going to do when she was a teenager.

“What do ya think Chelse?” She said, spreading her hands across her new outfit, “I could be a super-teen-model now!”

“Where did you get those clothes, Kim?” Asked John suspiciously, as he entered with Amanda.

“Oh, I thought I could use a change,” she replied casually “All my clothes are too baggy, and they are sooo plain!”

Amanda’s mouth was open “Mommy?” She said, barely believing that this was the same woman she had come out of.

“Yes, it’s me sweetie” She said, kneeling down and putting her hands on Amanda’s shoulders.

“I hope for our bank account’s sake that you got those at Value Village,” John remarked, pointing at the retro outfit.

“Hey, I thought we agreed that we were gonna live a little when you got those new contracts?” Kim remarked.

“Sure, but I haven’t closed the deal yet… let’s not spend money that we don’t have, dear.”

“Oh but you will close those deals, ” She said, throwing her arms around his neck “I believe in you,” she said, gazing into his eyes with passion. She expected him to kiss her, but he put his hands on her hips and gently pushed her away, changing the subject.

“Have any ideas for supper?” He asked, walking to the kitchen. “We have to be at Tom’s office by 7:00 o’clock. I figured we could ask Teresa to watch the girls while we’re gone.”

Chelsea watched the interaction between her two parents closely. Oh sure, her mom was hip and cool now, but she seemed to have lost a bit of status in the household…


The scientist leaned forward slightly, looking into Kim’s eyes.

“Kim, did you go to college?” He asked.

“Yes, that’s where I met John.” She said confidently, recalling some of their first dates.

“What did you take there?” Tom asked.

“Oh, I had this one teacher who was brutal! She just wouldn’t get off my back! I was determined to show her I could do the work, so I put all this effort in… I got an A” She said proudly.

“Mmmm.. what was the subject of that class? Was it Math? English?” Tom inquired, leaning in a little closer. Kim got a bit nervous.

“Well, it was… uh… mmm… it doesn’t matter, I took a lot of stuff. God, it was almost 10 years ago… you don’t expect me to remember every detail, do you?” She said, a little defensively.

“But you remember meeting your husband, and you remember this teacher who made your life difficult... surely you recall the course?”

“I don’t know, you got me all nervous now… I can’t think.” Kim said, still convinced that there was nothing wrong with her memory. After all, she could still picture John when he first approached her. He was sooo adorable and shy when he nervously slipped her a note with his phone number on it!

“Ok, ok, let’s forget about College. Do you remember high school?” Asked Tom, pressing on.

“Of course! I was writing a paper about Catherine the Great, and really struggling with the Quadratic formula in math.” Kim said.

“Tell me a bit about your essay, if you remember” Tom asked.

“Catherine the great was born in 1729 in Anhalt-Zerbst, and her original name was Sophie.” Kim said, quoting the first line of the paper with her eyes closed. She was amazed that she could pull the facts out of her distant memory.

“What grade were you in when you wrote this paper?”

“Grade eleven. I really started liking English too! I had a great teacher in that class… she was so cool, she…”

“What about grade 12?” Tom interrupted her, wanting to confirm a hunch that he had.

“Oh, yeah, I totally remember that!” Kim replied. “I got in a fight with Tammy about this loser guy that we both wanted… it was so dumb!”

“And the subjects? What were you learning in class?”

“Well, I was getting tutored, because I was struggling in that class with Mrs. Kelly.” Kim said.

“What class Kim?” Asked Tom, though he knew what the answer would be.

“Oh, it was…. Mmmm…. I hated it! What was it now? It was… “ She snapped her fingers, trying to recall, but she couldn’t even remember if it was a science or a humanity. How could I forget that? She thought.

“I don’t know… I can’t remember at all!” She said, a little shocked. She squirmed uncomfortably in her chair.

“I am beginning to see the picture. Your cognitive memories have been affected, but not your emotional ones. It seems that your cerebral cortex has lost functionality, but not your limbic system. Perhaps the amygdala has a memory of its own…” He paused, briefly considering the massive implications that this discovery could have on behavioral neuroscience. “Furthermore, your cognitive learning experiences from grade 11 have resurfaced, as though the synaptic connections were newly formed.” He explained. Kim was absolutely lost (even though she had passed biopsychology in college with flying colors).

“What are you saying!? You mean I’m going crazy too?” She asked, with a worried look on her face.

“No, not crazy, Kim. Your education is the same level that it was in grade eleven, but you still have memory of emotional events, probably as a result of your heightened adolescent emotions. When the regression sequence has completed, you may have to… brush up a little…” He said with a slight smile.

“Yeah right, what am I going to do… go back to high school at MY age?” She laughed, looking at John. John was silent, not confirming or disconfirming his position. She thought about the context of her statement; she WAS young enough to be sent back to grade eleven! “I can’t go back to high school… I would die!” she exclaimed, realizing that she was in a bad political position, trying to dig her way out. “I’m WAY more mature than any high school student! I’ll just read at home a bit more. Besides, I don’t need to know about cogno-whatcha-ma-call-it, I’m a janitor!”

“Let’s not worry about that right now, Kim” said John, placing his hand on hers. “So where are we with the whole regression thing?” He asked Tom, “You said the MRA effects would be diminished in a month or two, and it’s been five weeks. If she doesn’t have anymore emotional outbursts in the next month, are we in the clear?”

“Not necessarily. This latest regression has opened a whole new can of worms, so to speak. Your wife’s emotions are now enhanced by her youth, which complicates things.” Tom said factually. “I suspect that the molecular chain reaction has been set in motion again, which would mean that she will not experience remission for at least two months, given that she remains calm.”

Kim watched Tom’s mouth move, but what he was saying drifted over her head. He was sooo boring! She tried to stifle a yawn with her hand. She twitched her feet and shifted her position in the chair.

“I have considered depressants as an option, but now that she is an adolescent, it is simply too risky. Drugs have different and unpredictable effects on children and teenagers.” Tom continued.

“Look, I am NOT a teenager, ok? I know you got it all figured out with your ‘scientific statistics’ and stuff but I am 31! I just happen to LOOK younger, that’s all.” She said adamantly, trying to boost her position in the discussion. The statement went unanswered by the two men. John felt slightly embarrassed for her. The two men continued on, while she slumped in the chair, staring blankly at the table.

“Just try to minimize her stress level, it’s the best option right now.” Tom said, shaking John’s hand as they were getting up to leave.

“Let’s stop for a drink on the way home… I need one right about now.” Kim said as they got in the car. John almost agreed with her, but as he looked her smaller body sitting in the passenger seat, he questioned whether or not she should be drinking. He pictured an embarrassing situation trying to explain to the waiter why his wife’s ID said 31 when she barely looked 17. He came up with a good excuse:

“No way Kim. Alcohol will heighten your emotions, and we can’t risk that right now. Maybe some other time…” He said, looking at the road.

“Ya know, you’re really getting uptight these days.” She said. “I can handle myself just fine.” John said nothing.

They got back after Chesea and Amanda’s bedtime, and Teresa was watching TV. She was obviously really worried for Kim.

“Well? What did he say?” She asked.

“Oh, same as usual… blah blah… remain calm…” Kim said, imitating Tom with a stern face. “AND I found out that I have forgotten everything I’ve learned since grade 11” She said, flopping herself down on the couch in apathy.

“What?” Said Teresa, her eyes wide.

“Yep! I don’t even remember the courses I took in college!” She said, throwing her hand up in frustration. “You know, he actually said I should go back to high school! Well screw that! I am NOT going to go through THAT hell again!” Teresa bit her bottom lip, exchanging a worried look with John. This could get really difficult, she thought.

“Hey, come on, high school was the greatest!” She said, slapping Kim’s leg, trying to lighten the mood a bit. “Do you remember when we locked those jocks in the boys change room?” She asked.

“Oh yeah! That was the best move ever!” Laughed Kim, “I’ll bet those boys never teased girls again!” They sat around for an hour, laughing about the silly things they did in high school.

“Wouldn’t that be hilarious if we threw a reunion party?” Asked Kim, “Can you imagine the look on Jessica’s face when she saw me? I’d sure have a fun time buggin’ her about her crows feet!” Kim went on and on, energetically pulling forth names, dates and facts from her 17th year. Teresa just listened to Kim, amazed at how full of life she seemed.

“What’s with you?” Kim asked, noticing Teresa’s face expression.

“Oh, it’s nothing… It’s just… I envy you, Kim. You’ve got your whole life in front of you again!” She said. Kim looked at her. She felt a twinge of sympathy for her friend, who seemed so much older now. Teresa yawned.

“Well, I better get home at some point, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.” She said.

“Thanks for watching the kids, Teresa” said John, handing her a twenty.

“Don’t even TRY to give me that stuff John!” Teresa said, putting her hand up. “I am helping you both through this thing with no strings attached, ok? You need me, you just call… I have lots of free time!” She put her coat on and hugged Kim. “You take care, and remember that I will ALWAYS be your best buddy, Kim.” Kim smiled radiantly.

After Teresa left, Kim threw her arms around her man, intending to kiss him.

“Oh John, I love you so much!” John drew her close, and hugged her.

“I have to work on some reports, hon. I’ll be in the den.” He said, deftly avoiding his wife. True, she was a knockout, but so young! Her youth was amplified by the childish clothes she wore. He realized with sadness that he just didn’t feel the same way about her anymore. He loved her dearly, that fact he was sure of. He wasn’t sure if he could ever make love to her again, however. He would have to tell her soon, before this got out of hand. Maybe in time, when (and if) she got older, they would continue their relationship, but not now.

Kim watched some TV. Flicking the channels for a while, she got bored, and went outside for a cigarette. When she came back, she checked on John. He was still busy making notes in the den, his brow furrowed in concentration. He looked so sweet when he was working! She sprawled her body backwards over the desk, covering his papers with a dramatic pose. John sniffed.

“Have you been smoking?” He asked.

She snatched the pen from his hands.

'Come on, come and get it!' She said, leaping away with John's bic. John sighed.

“Kim, come on, I’m almost done…” He said, tired and slightly grouchy. Kim bounced around the room, doing a victory dance. John was absolutely fed up.

'Sometimes you can be so immature! He shouted at her, opening his desk drawer for another pen. 'Now grow up!'

The words reached across the room and stung her to the core. She felt so stupid, standing there with his pen. Her eyelids filled up with tears, blurring the room. She felt the embarrassment descend and wash over her body, and she bowed her head in shame. The tingling was starting again. She felt hopeless and powerless to resist it. She wasn't acting 17, she was being a little pest. Her jeans started to loosen, and her breasts felt like they were getting tighter and more compact. She shrank on the spot, in front of her husband, going backwards against her will. Her shoes got looser, and her bladder, which was already full, became overwhelmed as it got smaller inside her tummy. Hot pee spurted out between her legs as she stood there, knock-kneed, shrinking. Her body felt like it was expanding and then contracting in waves, but each contraction left her a tiny bit smaller. Her face was red; it was incredibly embarrassing to become a child in front of the man she loved. She felt so helpless as her arms became thinner and the pee trickled down her inner thighs. She gasped and shuddered from the dramatic changes. The only sound in the room was the sound of the carpet getting soaked with her childish accident. This time, the regression was really taking its toll. She panicked. How young was she going to get? The younger she got, the more important her age became to her.

“Nooooo!” She wailed as her bum sucked inwards and her hips began to lose all of their womanhood. Her stomach was gurgling and churning as it took on the properties of a child’s stomach. Her ovaries were readjusting as she went backwards through puberty. She clenched her groin area, trying to stop wetting and hold up her baggy jeans at the same time. Her toes were curled with tension.

Regaining her senses somewhat, she rushed upstairs, openly crying, trying to control her pee and her age. John flew up the stairs after her, tears in his eyes. He felt so responsible for this! She was sobbing on the toilet with her drenched bellbottoms around her ankles when he came in. Her hair was covering her face, and the front of her tank top was soaked with tears. He kneeled down to talk to her.

“Kim, I’m so sorry!” He began. Kim covered her face with her hands. She could not bare to let him see her like this! He just knelt there, waiting. After a minute, Kim lifted her face from her hands.

“Oh John!” She cried. John stared into the face of a fourteen-year-old Kim Travis.

Control Yourself! Chapter 4

by Ungulate

John reached out and gently placed his hand on Kim’s face, tears in his eyes. The two lovers looked into one another’s eyes with longing, as they realized that things would never be the same again. They wept silently, saying goodbye with their eyes. Kim seemed to possess every inch of her former maturity as she sat there, gazing at the man she had married. She still felt his eternal love for her radiating in the small bathroom. For a while, the fact that she had changed was forgotten. Then she farted. John chuckled while Kim blushed, a smile appearing on her face.

“Well, I guess...” She stopped and swallowed, trying to clear the bubble in her throat. “I guess…” she stopped and swallowed again; the bubble was still there. Then it dawned on her… her voice had changed!

“God, I sound like a chipmunk!” She exclaimed. They both erupted in laughter. The whole scene was absolutely ridiculous!

“Hey, let’s get you out of those wet clothes, and into a hot bath.” Said John, turning on the water in the tub. Kim blushed again, looking down at her “cool” jeans. They wouldn’t fit her properly now, she realized with a sigh. John bent down and peeled them off of her legs. She felt a twinge of panic looking at her legs. They were skinny and smooth, and her socks had fallen down around her now-tiny ankles. John sensed her discomfort and placed a reassuring hand on her knee, looking into her eyes as if to say “it’s ok.” She farted and started defecating unexpectedly and uncontrollably, making her tense up a little. Jim looked away as though nothing had happened, grabbing the clothes and heading out the door.

“I’ll bring you a tea, sweetheart…” He said, closing the door. She wiped herself and sat there, watching the water run out of the tap in the bathtub. She didn’t want to move, or look at herself. She closed her eyes and wished it all away, as the permanence of her situation occurred to her.

“No, not fourteen” she whispered ever so quietly, he shoulders slumping. Just two minutes ago she had been a hip teen prancing around the house! The tub was filling. She would have to do it. She would have to lift off her shirt and see what was underneath. She already knew what she would find, based on her lack of breasts, but she still appreciated the security of the fashionable tank top that covered her childish frame. If she never moved, or took it off, nobody would be able to tell, would they? She could just sit on the can for the rest of her life pretending that she was still a cool 17 year old. She finally gained the courage and stood up, lifting the shirt over her head. She unsnapped her now useless bra and let it fall to the floor.

“Oh well, here goes…” she said, turning towards the mirror to face her destiny. It wasn’t what she expected at all. She expected to see that her body had been altered, but found that it was the opposite feeling: it felt like she hadn’t changed at all. It was HER again, just like she was at 14. Her whole life since that point seemed like some sort of weird dream. She pushed her really long hair over her shoulders to look at her flat chest. There were still breasts there, but they were only starting to appear. She had been a late bloomer, and at 14, still looked like an oversized 12 year old. She remembered her girlfriends teasing her as they shot upwards and outwards, most of them passing her in the eight grade.

“Ohhhhh!!” She whined, stomping her feet, clenching her fists and screwing her face up with frustration and anguish. Why had she been so stupid? Her life had been fine… why did she have to use that dumb machine? She turned the water off and got into the tub. The water was almost up to her nipples. She looked down at her pubic area, which looked completely bare through the rippling water. Putting her hand on her vagina, she felt how soft the wispy bits of blonde hair were. John brought a tray in with a teapot, honey, and a candle on it. She smiled up at him with admiration. He was so wonderful!

“I’ll just leave you alone for a while… you call me if you need anything, ok?” He said, setting the tray down on the floor next to the tub. He stroked the side of her head a few times and left.

Kim hadn’t really thought of it before, but baths were boring! She made her tea, put the honey in, took a sip, and then sat there for a second before realizing that she wanted to get out and do something else. She reached over and grabbed a magazine. Flipping through it, she glanced at the pictures. She stopped for a second, focusing on a car ad in which a woman sat on the hood of a Pontiac. She looked so smart and professional, with her suit and tasteful haircut. That was the kind of hair she needed now… a short and professional look, just to give her a slightly older appearance. Her own hair was much too plain, and it got in the way all the time. She needed a fresh start.

She jumped out of the tub and pulled the bathroom drawer open, digging for the scissors she used to trim her dead ends. Finding them, she started cutting away the incredible wavy blonde hair that almost hung to her knees. She struggled, cutting it slightly uneven at shoulder height. She looked at the floor. What a huge pile of hair! She fluffed up her new hairdo and posed in front of the mirror. It didn’t look exactly the same as the model’s for some reason. She tried a few more poses, trying to look as old as possible. She just looked like a girl now! She thought about her decision for a second, and immediately changed her mind; she looked much more mature with the long hair. She looked at the hair on the floor… no going back now! She tried to make her hair look a little longer by pulling it down. The reflection in the mirror just kept screaming “girl, girl, girl!” She covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes wide as she realized how impulsive and foolish she had been. It would take years… no, decades to grow that hair back! She buried her head in her hands and wimpered. John knocked at the door.

“Are you ok in there?” He opened the door and looked at her, and then the hair on the floor.

“Kim? You cut your hair??” he said, surprised.

“John, why am I so stupid?” she cried, turning around and wrapping her arms around his chest for comfort. John stroked her head, looking at the hair on the floor. He saw the picture of the model in the magazine Kim had abandoned, and put the two together: Kim was trying to make herself look older! He realized that he was no longer dealing with the mind of a 31 year old as he tried to settle her down.

“Decided to get rid of the little girl look huh? I was going to suggest a haircut tomorrow, but it looks like you beat me to it!” he said strategically.

“Huh?” She said, looking up at him “What do you mean?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that your long hair made you look even younger, that’s all. Now you look 14, maybe even 15.” He said, calmly lying. He guessed that she looked about 12 or 13 now - the short haircut just completed Kim’s journey to childhood. No need to tell her that.

“Really?” she said, cheering up. She looked back at the mirror. Yes, he was right, she did look a little older, didn’t she? Why, she could still be a cool teenager after all!

John watched her childish reaction with dismay, losing a bit of respect for her.

“Hey, let’s go to bed Kim, it’s late.” said John. He gathered up the 3 foot long clumps of hair as Kim headed for the bedroom. It was symbolic, this latest development. He decided that he would keep the hair forever, as a reminder of his wife’s former stature. He went downstairs to turn out all the lights and lock the doors. When he came back upstairs, Kim was sitting on the bed, wearing a t-shirt, staring blankly at the reflection of her little body in the vanity mirror.

“John, I’m scared… What if I get even younger? I don’t want to be little again! There has to be a cure for this!” She said, looking to him for support.

“Maybe Tom will come up with something,” he said, sitting beside her and putting his arms on her shoulders “but let’s get you to bed, ok? You’re just torturing yourself staring in that mirror.” He pulled back the covers and invited her to jump in.

“I don’t know, I’m not tired right now John. Maybe I’ll go and watch TV for a while.” She told him. John looked at her. He knew he would eventually have to put his foot down and establish some “ground rules” for Kim’s new life, but perhaps tonight wasn’t the best night. He certainly didn’t want to get her upset again.

“Ok, but don’t wake me up when you come back in.” He said, rolling over.

Kim grabbed a blanket to curl up in, and headed for the couch. There wasn’t a lot on the tube. She tried to watch a documentary on the History channel, thinking that it was the “mature” selection of viewing material. It was about some English guy named Winston Churchill, and she could only handle its dry tone for about 10 minutes before she flicked the remote. On MTV, some REALLY cute guys were doing a video. They were such cool dancers, and their outfits were incredible. She was mesmerized for the entire video. When a commercial came on, she got up to get some pop, still puzzled at the feeling she had about those boys in the video. There were such good musicians! They had a really cool name too… “N sync.” She was surprised she had never heard of them before. She wondered if they had girlfriends. Maybe she could write them a letter… no… what was she thinking? She was married to John! But John was… well… he just couldn’t dance like those guys. She frowned, confused. She felt love for John, but she didn’t want to be MARRIED to him! Would she have to do stuff with him in bed? Yuck! She grabbed some cushions off the couch and laid them on the carpet in front of the TV. She went back to the kitchen to get some junk food. Rifling through the cupboards, she snatched a big bag of chips, and grabbed the bottle of 7-up in the fridge. Getting back to the TV, she happily arranged everything for a TV junk-out session. This was perfect! She felt so privileged to have the whole house to herself. She watched more MTV, munching on the chips, eyes glued to the tube.

After a while, she was craving a cigarette. For some reason, she nervously looked upstairs… she felt that it was somehow “wrong” to smoke. She shrugged, and went to her coat pocket for the smokes. She didn’t want to go outside, but she figured John would be unhappy with her smoking in the house, so she came up with the perfect solution… she would smoke by the window in the living room! That way, she could still watch the cute boys on MTV while she smoked. She would clean up after, and John would never know.

She stayed up until 1:00 AM watching videos, smoking, and drinking 7-up. She wanted to stay up all night, but her eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer, and she passed out on the cushions on front of the TV.


Tom seemed excited when the couple entered his office.

“I think I have discovered a cure for Kim’s problem!” He said enthusiastically. “The technology was right there in front of my nose! The details are very complex, but to put it simply, I can administer the exact opposite dose of the MRA by reversing its flow, thereby increasing Kim’s age! It has been tested successfully on other mammals, and I am ready to try it on her… that is, if she agrees.”

“Of course!” said the 14 year old, jumping out of her chair “Just show me the way!”

When the MRA beam hit her, she knew it was going to work. Immediately she felt her confidence expand and fill the room. Everything started to get smaller, as she grew larger. Her breasts expanded, pushing her shirt forward as she regained her womanhood. She stood there with her hands on her expanding hips, laughing with her deep womanly voice. She was soon standing there, wearing the same suit as the woman in the magazine, smiling widely.

“I’m sorry I said you should go back to high school, Mrs. Travis” Tom said nervously, looking intimidated by Kim’s powerful new body. She looked smugly down at the man who was now a bit shorter than her.

The door of the laboratory burst open as N sync came in, dancing to the music that filled the room. John was with them, dancing! He had joined N sync, and was wearing the same cool clothes as the other guys! They were all singing to her, and winking. This was so cool! She and John would be happy forever, traveling around the world and meeting other rock stars…


“Kim… Kim!” John was shaking her shoulder. She was dimly aware that the TV was still on. Had she fallen asleep?

“What a sleepy head!” came Chelsea’s voice from somewhere. The blanket was so warm, and the cushions were so soft. Why didn’t they just leave her alone?

“Kim, come on! If you want to sleep some more, you can go upstairs, ok?” John said, shaking her again. She slowly cracked her eyes open and saw Amanda’s socks; her 5 year old daughter stood there looking down at her with a puzzled look on her face. She shifted a bit and noticed that the cushion under her was damp. Had she spilled the bottle of pop last night? Suddenly reality came crashing down. She was still 14! She had passed out in front of the TV! She looked around, and saw chip crumbs on the carpet and her package of cigarettes sitting open beside the saucer she had been using as an ashtray! But the worst part of the whole situation took a few more seconds to set in: she had wet herself while she slept. Her heart starting pounding as her eyes flew open. Oh my god, I peed myself! She thought.

“uh… ok, I’m awake…” she said, wishing they would all go away for a second.

“Ok, then get up Kim, there are a FEW things I would like to talk to you about” said John, sounding quite angry. Kim’s heart thumped loudly - she was in BIG trouble now! She turned around and leaned on one arm, facing her stern-looking husband.

“Like what?” She asked nervously, trying to stall for time.

“Like this place is a mess! Like you’ve been SMOKING in here! Come on, get up…” Said John, reaching down pulling the covers back. Kim threw herself belly down on top of the wet spot, trying to cover it up as the safe, warm blanket abandoned her. Chelsea figured it out right away; the wet spot was much bigger than Kim could cover with her tiny frame.

“SHE PEED THE BED!” She shrieked, pointing at the 14 year old sprawled on the floor “HAHAHAHAHA mom peed the b-e-d! Mom peed the b-e-d!”

“Chelsea, that’s enough!” Said John, turning to the 10 year old. “Go and get ready for school!” Chelsea made a defiant “hmmph” sound at her mother, and left.

Kim was paralyzed and utterly humiliated, lying there on her belly, covering her face with her cupped hands. Her body heaved with a sob, and she began crying into her hands. She was so broken and beaten. John realized that he needed to help her out of this somehow, or she would start regressing soon.

“Kim, don’t! Get control of yourself, come on! I love you honey…” He gripped her shoulders strongly and firmly, hugging her. She was somewhat comforted, and the warm feeling helped her combat the tingling sensation. She counted to ten, breathing calmly and evenly, regaining her composure. She slowed the crying, shaking her head to fight the regression, feeling John’s compassionate arms wrapped around her. He started encouraging her.

“Good girl… that’s it… you can do it, come on!” he whispered. She relaxed into his strong arms, laying her tear-drenched cheek on the cushion. She sighed; the feeling had passed. Amanda was kneeling on the floor beside her, clumsily stroking her hair, trying to comfort her mother.

“Are you ok?” John said softly in her ear. She nodded.

“Kim, I love you very much, but there are some things you just won’t be able to do anymore, ok?” He said, rubbing her back. She nodded again, her eyes closed. She knew what was happening… he was going to take away her adult privileges. It was ok with her. She was partially relieved to have them taken from her, in fact. She just wanted to be a good girl for him… it seemed so simple and natural.

“I don’t want you to smoke anymore, ok? It’s really bad for you, and it makes me worried about you.” She nodded. The cigarettes seemed disgusting now anyway, and her lungs were sore from smoking.

“Here, let’s get you up,” he said. She sat up and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Amanda was smiling at her, and she smiled back at the adorable little girl. John was sitting crossed legged on the floor.

“We also need to establish a time for you to go to bed…” He figured she could help him with this one… it might allow her to feel a bit more independent. “Do you know how old you are now?”

“14.” She said, lowering her eyes.

“Well, Amanda goes to bed at 7:30, and Chelsea goes to bed at 8:00 - what do YOU think would be a good bedtime for a 14 year old, Kim?” Kim brightened a little, honored that she got to choose her own bedtime.

“I dunno, how about 9:30?” She asked. John smiled.

“9:30 sounds fine with me. Thank you for being so understanding Kim.” Kim beamed with pride. “Now, I have to take the girls to school soon… why don’t you throw the cushion covers in the washing machine and go and have some breakfast, there’s still some scrambled eggs on the stove.”

Once again, Kim was starving for breakfast. After cleaning up and having a quick shower, she ate the eggs with some toast, and had a bowl of cereal. She grabbed a coffee and put three sugars into it.

“Yuck!” she exclaimed as she tasted it. Had coffee always tasted this bad? She decided to have a glass of grape juice instead. When Chelsea came down ready for school, Kim ignored her, still upset with her for making fun of her accident. John followed shortly after the 10 year old.

“Chelsea? I’m waiting…” he said, looking at his daughter.

“I’m sorry for making fun of you mom,” She said with lowered eyes. John had obviously had a talk with her.

“That’s ok Chelse,” Said Kim, bending over slightly to hug her daughter. It was such a strange feeling to be only a head taller than Chelsea. “Everybody makes mistakes.” Chelsea smiled at her mother. She still looked up to Kim, even if she wasn’t as big as she used to be. Maybe they could play when she got home from school!

“Mom, will you play with me when I come back?” She asked, excitedly.

“Of course dear, we’ll play for HOURS!” Kim replied, tickling Chelsea’s ribs. The two girls giggled.

“Ok, let’s move out people! I don’t want to be too late” John announced. “Kim, do you think you could pick them up from school? I have to work a bit later tonight.” Kim nodded. John kissed her on the forehead and headed out the door with the girls in tow.

Kim sat around bored for most of the morning. She thought she would go back to sleep upstairs, but she had way too much energy. Her body felt like it was throbbing with the electricity of youth. She tried to read the novel she had picked up a week ago, but found it impossible to sit through. She turned on the TV and watched videos for a while, hoping that N sync would come on. Every now and then she would suddenly feel so young, sitting there in the bathrobe that was much too big for her, watching TV like a kid. She decided out of sheer boredom that she would go out for a while. There was only one problem: she had nothing to wear. All her clothes were gigantic to her now. Maybe Chelsea had some clothes that were too big for her.

She went up to Chelsea’s room, amazed at how clean the little girl kept it. Every single toy was neatly arranged in the corner, and her bed was perfectly made. Kim looked at her Barbie dolls. She certainly didn’t have much of an eye for fashion… Barbie’s pants did not match her top. Kim decided that she would help Barbie out a little bit. After all, what would Ken say, to see her wearing such mismatched clothes? Once Kim got started, however, she found herself kind of “stuck” there on the floor, dressing and redressing the dolls. She even started pretending that they were saying things to each other.

“Hiya Barbie, you’re sure lookin’ great!” She said with a lowered male voice, bouncing the Ken doll in rhythm. She blushed and looked behind her, afraid that someone might come in and see her… this was absolutely silly! She got up and started rummaging through her daughter’s clothes. She found a pair of pink jogging pants and tried them on. They were a little tight, but they would do. Then it hit her… she could go shopping at the mall! She had the bank card, why not? There was a glich, however: she couldn’t remember the PIN number.

But she didn’t have to remember it, did she? She and John kept all the important numbers in his filing cabinet. She finished getting dressed and rushed downstairs, finding the number easily. Jumping on her bike, she headed off for the mall.

Riding there was a bit more difficult. She felt nervous and clumsy on the bike, having a hard time keeping it going in a straight line. She stayed on the sidewalk, afraid of the cars. The seat was too high now, and her helmet kept sliding around on her head. She also found that she could not make it up hills - she seemed to have lost some strength in her legs, and pushing her bike was the only option in some cases.

Arriving at the mall, she locked her bike and took $400.00 out of the bank. She had only meant to take out $40.00, but she had hit the zero button with a little too much vigor. I’ll just give the change to John, she thought.

She went overboard at the mall. It was like a totally new experience to her, and she kept rationalizing her impulsive spending. I’ll just save $300.00, she thought. The savings dwindled as Kim purchased a whole new wardrobe in funky retro style. She also bought some N’ sync CDs and a portable CD player. Then there were batteries, and lunch, and pie, and a new backpack, and shoes and a haircut (because she had to cut her bangs) and candy and gum and, and, and…


Jim explained the events to Tom on the phone.

“Well, she seems to be taking it well. She was acting immature last might, but today she seems to be more herself.” He said.

“Hmmm… I can’t take any time to see her tonight, but why don’t you bring her in tomorrow at 8:00PM?” Said Tom “I want to run some further tests on her.”

“Sure thing doctor.” John replied, marking the appointment in his calendar. He sat for a moment after hanging up, thinking about his wife’s state. These new developments were hard to deal with. He did not want to take away Kim’s responsibilities this morning, but she left him no choice. He felt bad for her. What would he do if she got even younger?

Kim walked briskly to the school. She had been listening to N sync all day, dancing around the house in her new clothes, and she had forgotten about her promise to pick the girls up. Amanda and Chelsea were still at the school, in the playground, when she showed up an hour late.

“Where were you?” Chelsea demanded with her hands on her hips. Tardiness was NOT in her vocabulary, and she always got upset when others were late.

“Oh, sorry Chelse, I just got caught up in something, that’s all.” Said Kim

“Where did you get the clothes? Did you go shopping again? Daddy’s not gonna like that too much!” She commented.

“Oh hush! I needed some clothes that fit me, that’s all” She replied calmly, but inside she felt a bit nervous. She had spent $375.00 at the mall, and she knew John would be quite a bit upset.

“Well, you’re not gonna need them when you shrink into a little baby!” Chelsea sneered in a mocking tone. “You’ll just be wearing DIAPERS! Hahaha”

“Shut up, I am not gonna shrink into a baby, squirt!” Kim retorted.

“B-a-b-y -- b-a-b-y, mom’s gonna be a babyyy” Chelsea sang, skipping. She repeated the rhyme all the way home, while Kim glared at the ground all the way, trying not to let the 10 year old get to her.

John simply asked “How much did you spend?” when he saw the new clothes, shoes, and haircut. He paused for a second when Kim told him, with her head lowered. Did he really need to ruin her night? The spending spree perhaps allowed her a brief moment of dignity in a humiliating situation.

“Ok, but that’s the last shopping you will be doing for a while… where’s your bankcard?” John said firmly. Kim handed over her bank card, and all her credit cards, looking at the Mastercard gold with longing. It seemed like the last vestige of her adulthood was being stripped. She sighed.

Chelsea screamed from upstairs: “SHE WAS IN MY ROOM!” she cried, running down the stairs. “She was playing with my barbies, and she left them ALL OVER the floor!” John cocked an eyebrow at Kim.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to put them away, I was just LOOKING at them…” Kim said, feeling guilty.

“Kim, you know you can’t go in Chelsea’s room unless you ask her first.” Said Jim in a fatherly tone. “Do you… I mean… uh… want a Barbie?” Jim said, a little embarrassed for her. Kim blushed heavily.

“No! I was just fooling around, that’s all… You’re right, I should know better than to go in her room… I won’t do it again.” She said, looking at the floor.

The family continued on the best it could. Chelsea and Kim fought a lot, and John found himself in the role of mediator more than once. It seemed Chelsea just could not accept and respect her mother anymore. Amanda would always cry when the two girls fought, not understanding what was going on. Chelsea wouldn’t call her “mom” anymore, and John decided that it was “best if everybody just called her Kim anyway.” The summer holidays came, and Tom declared that Kim needed to be in junior high school come September. Kim accepted this fate reluctantly. At least she would have different kids to hang with than snotty-nosed Chelsea. A few months passed, and Kim anxiously looked in the mirror each day, happily noticing that she was getting taller, and slowly gaining her teenaged body. Teresa was still a wonderful friend, taking Kim out for tea and spending long afternoons listening to the 14 year old talk about what she was going to do when she got her adult privileges back. Towards the middle of August, Teresa suggested they go to the exhibition for some fun.

“Cool!” said Kim. She hadn’t been on rides for years! “Are you gonna go on the Zipper with me?” she ask Teresa.

“Oh… I don’t know, I never had your guts, Kim.” Teresa replied.

“Aw, come on…” begged Kim.

“Maybe…” Teresa said, smiling.

Kim was thoroughly enjoying herself, forgetting her problems and living the life of a 14 year old at the fair. She went on ride after ride, while Teresa watched from below.

'Kim, you should really try to save your money a little bit, these rides are really expensive.' Teresa said, putting her hand on Kim's as they sat down for drinks.

'Phooey! I've never had so much fun in my life, and this is supposed to be a stress free holiday for me!' Said Kim, waving her hand to dismiss Teresa's point. 'I'm only gonna go on one more ride anyway, and you're coming with me this time!' She told her friend. Teresa protested at first, but decided that it wouldn't be so bad to go on one ride.

'Which one?' She asked hesitantly.

'Why, the ZIPPER of course! I've been saving the best for last, come on!'

“What the hell? You only live once! Lead the way!” Said Teresa, marching forward.

For some reason, Kim got a little bit spooked when the ride attendant slammed the cage door shut. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. The car jerked upwards as another person was getting on. The car rocked back and forth, suspended halfway up. Kim got more nervous.

'I don't know about this...' She said to Teresa nervously.

The car catapulted upwards, stopping at the very top. A wave of butterflies attacked Kim's stomach as the car flipped over. She didn't want to go through with this now, but she realized that there was little she could do. Why was she so scared? She had been on the zipper before-she just had to calm down. Her heart was thumping.

'Are you ok Kim?' Asked Teresa, noticed the terrified look on Kim's face.

'No... I don't want to do this... I'm really scared' Said Kim, looking at the far away ground with slight panic.

“But Kim, we can’t get off now…”

Suddenly, they were thrust upside down, and Kim banged her forehead into the cage. It was a light tap, but it made her scream in terror. The ride had started, and Kim just wanted off -- now! She felt the numb, tickling sensation rise up in her, but she was too terrified to stop it. The world blurred around her, and she feared for her life. The car flipped over, and each time, the feeling grew, until she could feel herself crossing that magical line, triggering the regression sequence.

'Noooooo!' Came the bloody scream from her mouth as she felt her body get skinny and weak. She could feel her face retract, as though it were sinking inwards. She blushed and shuddered and shook, and with each shudder, she was left a tiny bit younger. Now she was mortified, as the fear of falling became heightened by her diminishing age. She was slipping around on the seat, grabbing the bars with white knuckles, getting more and more childlike and helpless with each cycle. There was a warm, sticky feeling spreading across her buttocks as she helplessly pooped and peed herself out of fear. All the while she was fighting the regression, trying to stop its drastic and permanent course. She was sliding around in her loose jeans, spreading the poop all over her bum and the back of her thighs, still wetting herself and shuddering and shrinking. The ride continued on, having no mercy on her situation. Her shoes fell off and started flying around in the car, and her pants slid down, exposing her poopy bum to the cold vinyl seat. She was completely out of control, and still becoming littler and littler. Teresa was trying to hold onto Kim's small body as they flew around, trying to tell her that everything was going to be ok.

After what seemed like an eternity, the ride halted with a violent thrust. Teresa and 11 year old Kim were left waiting at the top of the ride. Kim was openly weeping, her cheeks painted with salty tears.

Control Yourself! Chapter 5

by Ungulate

Kim looked so traumatized, with her clothes dangling on her, snot running down her nose, her bottom lip quivering between sobs. She hung on to the bars weakly, her body giving off random spasms.

'Oh Kim! ' Teresa exclaimed, tears welling up in her eyes out of compassion for this poor thing. 'It's gonna be ok, don't worry.' Kim dreaded getting out of the car now. She had smeared diarrhea all over herself, from her lower back down to her thighs. Her baggy jeans were drenched! She couldn't get off of this ride like this! She shut her eyes tightly, trying to wish the whole scenario away. This is NOT happening, she thought, as the cage move down a notch. They would have to get out next! Her heart raced in panic. She simply closed her eyes and went limp in defeat as the car moved down and the attendant released the latch. Teresa swung into action as the door opened, lifting Kim up and stepping out of the car.

'Mind your own business!' She shouted at the shell-shocked attendant, muscling her way through the crowd quickly, carrying Kim. Kim was thankful for the escape, completely burying her head into Teresa's chest to hide, with her eyes wide open. Teresa found a patch of grass behind a trailer, and stood Kim on her feet, embracing her closely. Kim stood there holding up her loose and messy pants, bawling into Teresa’s abdomen for all she was worth.

Kim cried for a very long time while Teresa rubbed her back, trying to comfort her. It was really bad this time… she was 11 … a pre-teen again! It would be years before she gained her former stature.

After what seemed like forever, Kim sniffled and sighed. She just couldn’t cry anymore. Teresa knew she had to make this situation work somehow. She looked around, and spotted a man washing his horse with a hose and sponge.

“Kim, why don’t we get you cleaned up? You’ll feel much better.” Kim nodded, looking down at her messy pants. Teresa took her by the hand, leading her to the man with the hose.

“Excuse me, I was wondering if I could use you hose for a second… we’ve got a little ‘problem’ we need to take care of…” She said. The man figured out the situation quickly, and put his hands up.

“No need to go into any details” he replied, “I’ll just go and grab myself a coffee. You do whatever you like. ” He looked down at Kim, who was staring at the ground. “Do you think you could watch my horse for a bit, little lady? Gertrude’s got quite a free spirit, and she just might run off if she got the chance.” Kim looked up at the man, who was smiling. She suddenly felt so shy and nervous. She quickly nodded, looking over at the huge horse.

Teresa went to work, helping Kim strip and using her t-shirt as a cloth. Kim felt absolutely humiliated to have her poopy bum scrubbed at a public fair like a toddler. Luckily, however, nobody was nearby, and she was able to relax a little. It was a hot day, and the cool water felt refreshing. Teresa and her got into a little water fight with the hose, giggling. The man came back after a while with some clothes in his hands.

“Listen, I got a daughter that’s about her size, and we always have some of her gym stuff in the trunk. I thought you could use these.” He said, handing some sweat pants and a t-shirt to Kim. They fit her quite well.

“Oh, that’s so very kind of you. My names’ Teresa” Said Teresa, smiling warmly.

“I’m called Greg around here.” He said, extending his hand. “And, well… I don’t mind helping you out, but now I need you to help me in return.” He said, looking at Kim. Kim was too shy to look at him. He winked at Teresa. “I gotta walk the horses around, since they get tired of bein’ cooped up at these fairs. Do you think you gals can take a horse each and follow me on a short ride? Course, that is, if you like horses…” Kim was astonished. She never wanted anything so much in her whole life! She looked up at Teresa for permission, completely forgetting that she usually didn’t ask permission for anything. Teresa was smiling widely.

“Yay!! I love horses!” Kim almost yelled, bouncing enthusiastically. Greg took them on a jaunt through some trails behind the fair. Kim was in her glory, bouncing up and down in the saddle, laughing and petting the horse’s mane. Teresa watched her little friend riding the horse in the sunshine, hair blowing, and a big grin on her face. She hadn’t smiled like that for years! At this moment, regardless of what she had been through, it was a good time to be girl. Greg led them back to the fair after about an hour. Kim asked if they could come back again, and Greg tastefully told her that he had to “hit the road” with the fair, but if he ever came back to this town, she could ride Gertrude again.

Kim fell asleep in the car on the way back home, exhausted from the big day. Teresa looked over at her adorable face. What a beautiful child she was. She thought about Chelsea. This would be a tough transition for the two girls. Kim had told her all about the difficulties with Chelsea. Teresa resolved that she would always be there for Kim, no matter what.

Kim mumbled and stirred as the car came to a halt in the driveway. She had to go pee again, see realized as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands. Chelsea and Amanda were playing in the yard, and wandered over to see what was going on. Chelsea’s mouth dropped open when her 11 year old mother stepped out of the car. Kim was only an inch or two taller than her daughter now. Kim was too tired, and needed to use the washroom too badly to get into a long conversation, so she stumbled on toward the door. Chelsea’s eyes filled with tears, and Teresa went over to comfort her.

“I miss mom!” Cried Chelsea, as Teresa held her.

John was no less shocked as he came out of the kitchen and nearly dropped the bowl and spatula he was carrying.

“Kim?” He gasped.

“I uh.. have to go..” Said Kim as she started up the stairs. She was trying to maintain her calm composure, but her childish body lacked the maturity and patience she was trying to emulate, and she trickled a little bit halfway up the stairs. She clenched her fists and bounced quickly up the stairs, wetting a tiny bit more before she yanked down her pants and sat on the toilet. She inspected her pants and found a small wet spot in her crotch. It wasn’t too bad, and since the track pants were dark blue, she decided not to mention anything to anybody. They were all talking about her when she came downstairs.

Teresa stayed for a while and helped the family through this new crisis. Chelsea was the one with the most demands, wanting to know “who was in charge now.” She also insisted that “Kim should have the same bedtime as her,” since they were practically the same age. Kim was furious that she would suggest such a thing. She was, after all WAY more mature than Chelsea, having been a grown-up for over 15 years. The two girls exchanged glares at each other as Teresa and John tried to cool the situation down. It was resolved (to Kim’s utter dismay) that her new bedtime would be 9:00, a half hour after Chelsea, since she was a bit older. Kim couldn’t believe that she had been brought down to this level - it was infuriating! She stormed up the stairs to the bedroom, tears of anger in her eyes. She wasn’t going to talk to anybody ever again!

“Kim…” Said John.

“My name’s Kimberly!” She yelled back, not even thinking as she reclaimed the name of her childhood. She slammed the bedroom door and threw herself on the bed, kicking and punching it.

Teresa came up and knocked gently on the door.

“Get lost! I hate this stupid place!” She yelled at the door.

“I just wanted to say goodnight, can I come in?” asked her friend.

“Sure, whatever” said Kimberly, rolling over and facing the wall as Teresa entered. She sat on the bed and tried to soothe the 11 year old, running her hand through her hair.

“Kimberly, please tell me you will always be my friend… I care about you so much,” said Teresa lovingly. Kimberly rolled over, looking at her much-older friend with admiration. Teresa was the ONLY person she still wanted to be friends with.

“Teresa, I hope I can be like you when I grow up… again.” She said, smiling back. Teresa kissed her forehead. Kimberly yawned.

“I will be over to pick you up next Saturday, ok?” Said Teresa. Kimberly nodded sleepily.

Kimberly woke up the next morning in a huge wet spot. John was not impressed.

“Kim, don’t drink so much at night, ok?” He commented as he got up to get ready for work. Kim looked down at her soaked nightgown. Shit! How could this have happened? She didn’t remember having to go…

She threw her wet nightie in the cloths hamper. My god, her body was so small and childlike now! Her skin was fair and absolutely smooth from her flat chest down to her toes. This was going to take some getting used to! She rubbed her hand down her chest, feeling the delicate, pinkish skin as though it belonged to someone else. Unbelievable.

As she came down the stairs, she heard Chelsea’s voice.

“Well how come I don’t get to sleep in the same room with you?” she was asking her father.

“Chelsea, you’re right, but I don’t want to upset her too much right now… give it some time, and let her get used to things, ok?” He replied. Kimberly couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Chelsea was trying to get her kicked out of the master bedroom! She had slept there for years! Where was she supposed to go - the guest room? She stomped down the stairs and threw herself into a kitchen chair with her arms crossed. She was grumpy and she didn’t want to be a kid anymore. She mentally calculated how long it would take to grow up, and quickly decided that it would take forever. She sighed and reached for the box of cereal.

John told Chelsea and Amanda to go and get ready for school, and went to talk to Kimberly.

“Kim, I’m going to take girls to school, and then I am going to the office for half a day. I want you to stay around the house, or at least in the neighborhood, ok?” Kim looked at the floor. It was truly happening, wasn’t it? She was getting all her adult privileges stripped, one by one.

“I don’t want to be a kid anymore! I hate it!” She whined, poking apathetically at her cereal with her spoon.

“Kim, I know this is hard, trust me…” Said John, kneeling down beside her and rubbing her shoulder. “But if you do as I say, things will be a lot easier for both of us, ok? I didn’t expect to be in this position, but I have to protect you now, and that means you must listen to me. I do it because I love you Kim.” He kissed her forehead. He still had a way of making her feel so loved. She wept quietly.

Things indeed DID change. She discovered over the next few weeks that she was not the grown up she used to be. She kept trying to act mature, but it only managed to get her into more trouble. John took to giving her time-outs when she got out of hand, which further humiliated her. The first time he sent her to her room (she WAS sleeping in the guestroom now) she refused; she was not going to be told what to do by her former husband! Of course, this merely led to a spanking, which firmly convinced her that John was not to be messed with. John had become a full father-figure in her life. He wasn’t mean, or overbearing, just firm and loving. She wanted to please him now more than ever, but she kept doing things without thinking about them. Her attention span was so limited. She would plan to bake some cookies, and take out all the ingredients. An hour later, she would find herself sitting in front of the TV, having totally forgotten about the half-mixed bowl of cookie dough on the counter, and the utensils scattered all over the house. She was such a hyper and scatter-brained pre-teen!

What made her feel worse was the little bathroom accidents she kept having. John was losing patience with her bedwetting. He bought a plastic sheet for her bed, since she was wetting nearly every second night. She also wet her pants a little during the day, but she hid this carefully from him. Each time she peed herself a bit, she would resolve to herself that she was going to “be more careful next time.” Of course, the next time she would be just as foolish, half-peeing herself while coloring, or something. She never completely wet herself, she just had a continual wet spot in her crotch, and the occasional little ball of poop in her panties. She had really lowered her bathroom standards. The bedwetting worsened over time.

One night, John gave her a rude awakening. When she came out of her bath that night, she heard him rustling around in her room. Chelsea walked passed Kim with a VERY smug look on her face, heading to her room. What was going on?

“Come in here Kimberly…” He said, in a tone that instantly informed her that she wasn’t going to like what he had to say. She nervous poked her head in the room, wrapped in a towel. He was laying something out on her bed. It was some sort of cloth… She spotted the package on the floor beside John. It was a “Jumbo” pack of youth “fitted briefs.” DIAPERS!!

“Uh uh…” she said, shaking her head and walking backwards out of the room with her eyes wide. Her face was burning red with embarrassment and fear. She decided immediately that she would be WAY more careful with her bathroom habits…

“Kim, until you stop wetting the bed, you will have to wear these at night… I am NOT washing your sheets every single day!”

“Ok, ok, I’ll be more careful, I promise!” She pleaded desperately. She clung to the towel she had wrapped around her. She wished she had more clothes on right now… she felt so… vulnerable.

“That is not good enough, you’ve had lots of chances Kimberly” John replied firmly. “You have woken up soaked every night this week. Until you can control your bedwetting and stay dry for a week straight, you’re wearin’ em.” Kim started crying, because she knew that he would not relent. She wrapped her arms around her chest and cried, her bottom lip quivering. Had her life been reduced to this humiliation?

“Shhh, shh it’s ok darling… You don’t have to wear them during the day, just at night.” Said John soothingly, coming over and gently gripping her arms. “It will be our secret, and nobody else will know…” He led her over to the bed. Kim could only clutch at her towel and stare in horror at the diaper that she would be placed in. John slowly pried her hands away from the towel, whispering “It’s ok… shhh…” He sat her down on the bed and took the towel off of her, laying it beside her. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. She felt so naked and small, to have this done to her. John motioned her to lay down, and she complied, her arms folded across her chest, her teary eyes staring at the ceiling. She wasn’t here… this wasn’t happening… John grabbed her two ankles with one hand and lifted her legs up, sliding the diaper under her. Tears welled up and ran down the sides of her face into her ears. He folded the diaper over the front of her private area, and she knew there was no going back… she shut her eyes tight… the tapes were so loud as he undid them and fastened them on her abdomen snugly. The diaper felt so big and thick. She felt like a baby again! John sat down on the bed beside her, stroking her hair.

“You just have to stay dry for a week, that’s all… I know you can do it Kim.” He encouraged her. Kim heard a giggle, and turned her head to see Chelsea peeking her head around the corner. Kim grabbed at the towel beside her in a vain effort to cover herself somehow.

“Hey! You get back to bed this instant!” Scolded John, spotting her. Chelsea disappeared around the corner. John got up and checked to see if the girl had done as he said. Kim sat up and looked at the diaper between her legs. It was yellow-colored, and the tapes were white. The package said they were for “7-13 year olds.” The plastic seemed really loud and crackled with the smallest shift of her body. She pushed at the front of them. They were so thick! She heard John coming back, and she decided that she didn’t want to be seen like this. She quickly grabbed a nightgown out of her dresser and tossed it over her head.

“One week, that’s all I’m asking, ok?” He said, holding up a finger. Kim nodded. “Good night, and please know that I love you.” He said warmly.

“I love you too.” She said as he left. She yawned and turned out the light. She climbed into bed and tried not to think about the puffy feeling under her bum. The diapers were slippery on the sheets, and she felt like such a baby in them. The worst part was that she kind of liked the feeling… it was somehow oddly comforting to be in diapers, she thought as she drifted off.

Chelsea teased her the entire next day. In fact, the little 10-year-old teased her for weeks. Kim could not get a straight week of “dry time,” and the diapers became a permanent part of her nightly routine. The political situation between the two girls got worse each day, as Kim would yell back at Chelsea, calling her a “stupid-head.” They would get along for a while, and even play together for a few days, but something would eventually set them off again. They even shoved each other around when things got tense. One afternoon, they finally brought the tension to a head. They were both playing with Chelsea’s Barbies in the back yard. Kim was dressing Ken the way “he SHOULD be dressed,” and Chelsea decided she didn’t want to play with her mom anymore. She grabbed Ken out of her hands.

“Hey, gimme him back!” Said Kim. She snatched at the doll, grabbing it by the head. Chelsea tried to yank it away, but in the tug of war that ensued, Ken’s little head got ripped off. Chelsea screamed and attacked Kim, grabbing her hair and scratching at her face. Kim retaliated with full force, launching herself at Chelsea and knocking her over. She was going to teach this little runt a lesson about WHO was still in charge! The two girls grappled on the ground, rolling over several times before Kim finally got the upper hand and pinned Chelsea by sitting on her chest and holding both her wrists firmly. She glared into Chesea’s eyes in sheer The victory was short lived, however, as Kim’s seething anger pushed her past the threshold.

“ugh! No!” She squeezed her eyes shut. This time, it came fast and furious. It was far too late by the time she realized it. The first wave of tingles rushed over her from the back of her neck to the back of her ankles, shrinking her to ten years of age. She shuddered as her body shrunk. Chelsea beamed.

“Ah HA!!” She gloated. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She struggled against Kim’s weakening grip. The child was still shrinking… another wave hit her. She started crying.

“Nooooo…” This couldn’t be happening. She had won, it wasn’t fair! She felt Chelsea’s torso get larger underneath her, spreading her 9 year old legs further apart. She felt so naked and small as she shrunk backwards. She felt a burning sensation in her groin as she starting peeing helplessly.

“Eewww.. Gross!” Exclaimed Chelsea, as she felt the warm liquid spread across her chest. It trickled down Kim’s thighs and started to form two puddles on either side her as Chelsea began to madly buck Kim off. Kim lost her grip and fell over on her side, rolling into a fetus position with her hands buried in her crotch. She quivered and lost more maturity. She was going to be younger than Chelsea! Her teeth were numb and buzzing as they reshaped themselves. She was getting shrunk at an alarming rate, as drool trickled out of her open mouth. She rolled over on her back uncontrollably, shaking her head from side to side.

“Unnggh ugh nnn… No!” She felt the heels of her feet slide slightly on the grass as her legs got shorter. Her arms flailed around as her neurological centers readjusted to her dwindling motor skills. She tried to push on the ground to get up. She had to poo really badly, but this time she was determined to hold it. She clenched her fists and fought for all she was worth. She managed to push her 8 year old body up to a sitting position as she felt the regression sequence subsiding. She sat there, staring at her floppy socks with her palms pushed into the ground as the shrinking feeling left her. She sighed and relaxed as the wave passed. Without warning, a large shock tore through her system, and she lost yet another year in a sudden spasm. The process had completed, and left her at the embarrassing age of 7. She bawled into her hands.

“Yeah, that’s right, cry like a little kid, cuz that’s what you are now, Kimberly!” Chelsea mocked, with her hands on her hips. This was awesome! SHE would be in charge now, and Kimberly would have to go to bed BEFORE her! She skipped around the little girl who used to be a 31 year old.

“Kimberly’s a little kid! Kimberly’s a little kid! AND you peed your pants! I’m gonna tell dad that you have to wear diapers ALL the time!”

“Shut up, I do NOT!” Kimberly screamed. Her brain was getting foggy as the perception of a 7 year old began to creep into her psyche, replacing her more mature thoughts. She still had to poo really badly, and she scrambled up to deal with it. Her anus opened up as a big silent fart pushed out, followed by the start of a large BM. She clamped her hand over her bum, clenched her butt cheeks, and started walking very carefully towards the patio door on her tiptoes, afraid to move too quickly. Her pant legs were flopping over her feet, making it hard to walk without losing balance.

“Kimberly’s pooping her panties, Kimberly’s pooping her panties!” Sung Chelsea, proud of her new rhyme.

“I AM NOT!!!” Screamed Kim, but the scream only managed to push the poo out a bit more. She froze as she realized that her bowel movement was almost halfway out; if she took another step, she would completely mess herself. Unfortunately, standing there was no better, and the poop was still working its way out. She wanted to push it back in with her hand, but she knew that would just smear it into her bum. She took the only option remaining: she dashed for the bathroom. She yanked the patio door open as her pants began filling themselves. Flying across the den, she tripped on her pant legs and fell flat on her face as her jeans got hung up on her ankles. Still pooping, she scrambled up and pressed on, leaving her pants behind. She ran through the kitchen holding her panties up with both hands as the bowel movement turned into a sticky mess covering her rear. John came out just in time to see a little girl turn around and head up the stairs, a lump forming in her pink underwear.

“Kim?” He asked, puzzled. The sound of his voice behind her sent a shudder through Kim’s spine. She continued up the stairs as though she didn’t hear him. Each step made her poo a little more. She was amazed at how much she had in her! Getting to the top of the stairs, she lunged at the door. Locked.

“Uh… Amanda’s in there” John said from the bottom of the stairs. Kim did the only thing a seven year old could do in a situation like this: she squatted and pooped in her panties, grunting. She felt so ashamed and guilty, but it also felt good to give in and relax. Amanda opened the door.

“Ewwww!” She said, holding her nose. “Kim made a stinky!” Kim died of embarrassment. She was almost the same height as Amanda now! She couldn’t believe she was standing in the hallway, squatting and pooping her underwear - the whole scene was far too unreal.

“Amanda, can you go and play with Chelsea for a while?” Asked John, coming up the stairs. Amanda ran down the stairs as Kim dashed into the bathroom. She just stood there, holding up her underwear, paralyzed and not sure what to do. She had completely finished the job in her pants. She looked in the mirror at her seven year old face. It was dirty from the fight, and her eyes were bloodshot from crying. Her hair was a tangled mess and she looked so young! The vision was swept away by her new tears, as she became aware of her reality. She was a little kid again! John came in to help her. He lovingly stroked her hair and rubbed her shoulders.

“Come on honey, let’s get you cleaned up” he said, lowering her underwear. She stepped out of the panties that were much too big for her now. John picked them up and dumped them in the trashcan. He took some toilet paper and wiped her rear the best he could. He ran her a bath and left her to wash herself.

“Do you… mmm… think that this is going to happen again?” Said John, as he picked up her poopy drawers. Kim blushed crimson, looking away from embarrassment.

“No! It just happens like that when I shrink, that’s all! I can control myself!” she insisted. John was not so convinced. He knew she had been peeing in her pants quite often, and he knew about the underwear she had thrown out whenever she pooped a little. This new body would be harder for her to keep in check, and he suspected that she might need to wear “incontinence products.”

“Ok, but be more careful, ok? When you have to go, don’t wait too long. You’re not quite as big as you used to be, and you will have to be extra cautious.” He lectured. Kim was infuriated.

“John, knock it off! I know what I’m doin’, and I can take care of myself just fine!” She said angrily, but the image she conjured was one of a child who was challenging John’s authority.

“Ok, I’ll make you a deal.” John retorted, getting slightly annoyed “If you make it to the bathroom when you need to, then you will be treated like someone who has control. But if you have 3 more accidents, you’ll have to wear your diapers during the day, ok?”

“You’ll NEVER catch me wearing those things during the day!” She exclaimed proudly.

Control Yourself! Chapter 6

by Ungulate
The doctor looked at the little girl in the chair. The transformation was incredible! She sat there fidgeting and playing with her blonde curly hair as John and Tom discussed her situation. He little feet didn’t quite touch the floor, and she was rhythmically kicking her legs back and forth, just as any normal little girl would.

“No, no, we don’t have to worry about that… in the worst scenario, she will be reduced to toddlerhood. You see, as she gets younger, her emotional outbursts will become normalized. Children are always crying and laughing and becoming frightened. As she gets younger, the hormonal fluctuations will gradually lose their effect on the regression sequence mechanisms. What would be helpful at this point is a journal of her emotional experiences. We can use it to gauge how strong an emotional response needs to be before she starts regressing. At this point, the only thing I can offer is a statistical estimate of when this whole process will cease. At least then we will all know when she can get on with the business of being a girl.

“No, you gotta fix me, and make me big again!” Piped Kimberly, in her impatient and girlish whine. “Chelsea’s bein’ mean to me cuz I’m little… you gotta make me a grownup again… please! I won’t be bad anymore!” John and Tom couldn’t help but exchange a look of amusement. Kim remembered some things: the fact that she had shrunk, and that she “used to be a mommy,” but she had her memories a little mixed up, and she equated being 7 years old with some “bad thing” that she did at Dr. Tom’s office. John noticed that she was squirming a bit more than usual.

“Kimberly, do you have to go pee?” Kim blushed. He wasn’t supposed to ask her that, was he? She knew when she had to pee! She looked down at the floor; he was right, she had to go REAL bad (how did he know?). She rubbed at her crotch and looked around the office. She didn’t want to admit he was right, but if she didn’t, she was going to wet herself. She nodded furiously as she felt a short spurt of pee in her crotch.

“Do you remember where the bathroom is?” Asked Tom, a little concerned for his chair. Kim shook her head with her eyes squinted shut, obviously struggling to control herself.

“Ok, hurry up! Let’s go pumpkin!” Said John, springing into action. He jumped up, and grabbed Kim’s hand, leading her into the hall. A small part of Kim was devastated that she needed this much help to use the toilet, but for the most part, she was relieved to have his strong direction. The two of them ran out and down the hall, with Kim holding herself and squeezing her legs together the best she could. She spurted a bit more as they ran, and a bit more as she pushed the door of the women’s washroom open. She ran to a stall and started trying to undo the straps on her corduroy overalls.

“Oh nooo!” She wailed. She didn’t have the coordination that she used to have, and her hands were shaking violently from her desperate urge. She spurted again. She was bouncing up and down. She grabbed at her crotch with one hand, and kept trying to undo the strap with the other hand. She spurted again. She lost all reason and tried to rip the straps off as another gush of pee stained her crotch. She suddenly realized that she didn’t have to undo the straps, and she contorted her arms and squeezed them out of them. She gushed again. By the time she started pulling down her pants, her bladder had given out. The scenario was now much worse, since she was now peeing all over the floor and on the top part of her overalls. She jumped on the toilet as the last little bit of pee trickled out. She looked down at her soaked pants in fear… she was in BIG trouble! What if John spanked her? She started crying loudly.

John was waiting for her in the hall when he heard her siren-like cry echo off the walls of the ladies room. Oh, Kimberly… he thought, rolling his eyes. He pushed on the door.

“Kim?” He called. Kim tensed up on the toilet. Oh no, he was going to come in!

“I didn’t mean it!” She wailed. “I couldn’t get the straps off… they were stuck!” She erupted in tears. John came in and gently pushed the stall door open.

“It’s alright, Kim, it’s ok. I just want to help you… can I come in?” He asked.

“uh huh.” Kimberly agreed, feeling absolutely ashamed. She was looking down at her wet pants when he came in.

“Boy, you sure had to go!” He said, inspecting her cords. There was no way she could wear them; they were drenched from top to bottom. “Let’s get them off,” he said, taking them off of her ankles. Kim shuddered and wiped her runny nose with the sleeve of her blouse.

“Hey, silly, that’s what tissue is for!” He said, grabbing her a handful of toilet paper. She blew her nose, smiling shyly. She completely forgot about that! John ruffled her hair warmly. “Come on,” he said, “up you get!”

He took her to the sink and washed her legs off with some warm soapy water and paper towels. He couldn’t help but notice how young her body looked. It was only a few months ago that these were the legs of a woman. Every ounce of maturity had been stripped from her slightly chubby, slightly babyish soft legs. Kim was staring blankly at herself in the mirror.

“John, this is the most humiliating experience I have ever been through…” she said. John stopped. Her voice was completely different. The tone… the maturity… it was…

“Kim?” He asked, grabbing her by both shoulders, searching her eyes. Kim closed her eyes, nodding slowly. A few tears ran down her face.

“Yes John, it’s me… I don’t know how, but I seem to be myself again.” She replied. “Oh John, this must be so hard on you!” John started crying. This was the woman he loved… she was back! It was so wonderful to be in her presence, even though her body was still that of a little girl.

“How could this have happened? We have to get you to Tom, so he can make some sense of this!” He exclaimed. He grabbed her pants and held the washroom door open for her.

“Wait a minute, John…” She said, looking down at her nakedness. She couldn’t walk through the halls of the University wearing nothing but a blouse!

“Don’t be silly, Kim, you’re a seven-year-old now, nobody will think anything of it.” He responded. Kim chuckled. He was right, it didn’t really matter now. He took her by the hand and sped down the hall in a hurry. Kim felt suddenly unaccustomed to her little legs, and she stumbled along. Instinctually, she wanted to walk normally, but her legs seemed too short, and she had to trot to keep up to John’s brisk pace.

“John, stop.” She said, yanking her hand away. John turned around, puzzled.

“Whats up?” He asked.

“Give me a piggie back. If I’m gonna be stuck in this pre-pubescent body, I want some perks!” John laughed and grabbed Kim by the waist. He deftly picked her up and plopped her on his shoulders. Kim’s eyes went wide. A piggie back was one thing, but being on someone else’s shoulders was downright frightening! How did children put up with this? She clung to his hands for balance. He was so huge!

“Don’t you dare drop me… this is freaky!” She said. But it was nevertheless quite fun. John did a couple of twirls as he walked back to Tom’s office, and Kim laughed. She whispered in his ear:

“You are a wonderful father, John.”

Tom was shocked when the two informed him of the situation. He grabbed his chin and started pacing.

“How could this be?” He mused to himself.

“Maybe the answer lies in plasticity, Dr.” Answered Kim. “The young brain is quite capable of making radical adaptations, is it not? Perhaps my cerebral cortex is utilizing whatever synaptic connections remain, and constructing a pattern similar to my previous one.” Tom squinted at her. It was not every day that a seven-year-old held her own in an intellectual conversation with him. Nevertheless, she had a good point.

“Hmmm… I think you are on to something there…” he said. “We must run some tests as soon as possible.” He looked at John. “Bring her back here tomorrow, and I will do a PET scan.” Kim noticed that he was talking to John as though he were in charge, but she decided to ignore it.

John plugged her for answers on the way home.

“What’s it like? Are you happy most of the time?”

“For the most part, it’s like being stoned, honey. I just don’t seem to be able to put two thoughts together. I look at a situation, and I know inside that I used to know what to do, but I can’t make my brain give me the answer. It bothers me sometimes, but that’s just my ego. For the most part, I’m in a dreamland, living the life of a little girl… a little girl who admires and loves you a whole bunch! Did you know that I started writing a letter to this band I saw on MTV, asking them if you could join their group?” She laughed out loud. “John, you are doing an excellent job, and I understand how you’ve had to be firm at times… I can be quite the handful as a little kid!”

“You’re not kidding!” Laughed John, “Imagine my shock when I came home to kitchen utensils and flour all over the place! Do me a favor and stop trying to cook, ok? I never liked your baking when you were 5’ 7”, and I like it even less now! Kim punched him in the arm.


Chelsea didn’t like the change in her little mom’s maturity. She was sort of enjoying her new power over Kim, and when she tried to rib her about wearing diapers at night, Kim just sighed and told her it “wasn’t nice to say things like that.” Besides, Kim didn’t have to wear diapers anymore. It took a lot of self-discipline and sheer effort, but she managed to get her bathroom habits in order within a few weeks. Kim was of course, way more mature than Chelsea, and took on a lot of the household responsibilities again. She even sent Chelsea to her room a few times, re-establishing her former stature as a mother. She started reading “Dubliners” and practicing yoga, since it was so easy now.

The brain scans confirmed Kim’s idea: her brain was reconnecting and had developed a very complex structure, indicative of adulthood.

“Unfortunately, I suspect that this is a temporary adjustment. Because your brain has the high adaptability of a small child, it is likely that these connections will be replaced by simpler ones, as your sensory network is exposed to stimuli. There is good news, however. It seems that your adult patterns have been ‘hard wired’ into your neural net. This means that your memories will be kept in tact, even if you lose them again. They should resurface as your body develops the capacity to handle them.” Kim was really disappointed to come to the realization that she would mentally be returning to childhood, but at least she knew that her psyche would be tucked away somewhere, waiting for her to claim it.

Tom’s theory turned out to be quite accurate. Kim found that she would get distracted by bright, colorful things, blankly staring at them for a few seconds. In those tiny moments, she felt something leave her, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Little skills started disappearing. She would be reading, and suddenly stop on a word, unable to decipher it. It was frustrating; she wanted to retain her adulthood, but she could feel it slipping from her inch by inch.

Teresa was supportive throughout, taking Kim for long walks in the park, letting her work through the emotional difficulties.

“Oh Teresa, I know that it’s not so bad, but I don’t want to be a little kid again! Do you realize that I won’t be able to have sex for a decade?” she exclaimed. “Chelsea’s bugging me every day… she can tell that I am losing maturity, and it’s like she’s always testing me. I try not to get angry, but sometimes she just gets to me, you know?” Teresa nodded, listening. It was good to have her old friend back, but it was also hard to see her suffer like this, trapped between two lives. As the two of them walked by the children’s playground, Kim got a sudden urge to run up to the slide. She shook her head as the feeling passed, but once again, she felt a tiny bit of adulthood vanish. What would it be this time? Would she forget how to tie her shoes? It was so degrading to have her dignity slowly drained from her. She realized that she had to pee. She scanned the park for a washroom and spotted one near some picnic tables.

“I have to go… hold on.” She said, tearing off for the washroom. She took no chances with her little girl’s bladder - it was very sensitive, and she had learned to take it seriously. She ran to the door, but was dismayed to find an “out of order” sign attached to it. She ran around the side of the building and pulled her shorts down, squatting low to avoid peeing on her shoes. It seemed to her that she had even less time to make it to the bathroom these days. In truth, she was sick and tired of attending to her seemingly constant need to urinate. Sometimes, she would get an urge to just let it happen in her pants. She knew where that kind of thinking would lead though, so she didn’t allow herself to dwell on it much.

Kim just kept sliding backwards over time. She struggled with more words, and lost interest in reading. She became depressed and apathetic as she made the slow and painful regression into childhood. She was slipping in and out of lucidity, and losing her ability to concentrate. She became really difficult and grumpy. John began to secretly wish that she would just lose her adult mind; it was really hard to put up with her proud head. He arranged to have Teresa come over and “visit” whenever he was away (they dared not call it “babysitting” for fear of upsetting Her Majesty. Kim wasted the days away, aimlessly watching TV, and slipping further into depression. One Saturday afternoon, the whole political scene changed for Kim:

She flicked on the boob tube. The news was bad as per usual… more fighting in the Middle East, and there was a story on the proliferation of anti-depressants. Kim briefly thought about the possibility of using prozac to lift her out of her recent misery. She flicked through the channels. A cartoon caught her eye as she passed the Family channel, and she flicked back to it for a second. She suddenly felt really strange, and “stuck.” She tried to tear her eyes from it, but the flashing colors and constant action glued her eyes in place. She absently reached over and grabbed a cushion, still watching the set. She moved to the floor, sitting cross legged on the pillow, laughing occasionally at the funny characters. She didn’t really want to laugh, but it was funny! Even when the commercials came on, they were so fast and flashy that she found herself firmly engrossed in the experience. After the cartoons finished, a show for really young children started, and she determined that she was “far too old” to find it interesting. Oddly enough, she kept watching it, as silly as it was. She bit her lip, and moved her tongue around in her mouth. Her teeth felt funny. A curious thought came out of nowhere as she watched the show: what would it be like to suck on something, like her finger, or thumb? It was a REALLY silly thought; what was she thinking? She ignored it and kept watching, using the preschoolers show as a distraction from the embarrassing thought. It kept coming back, and she started thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad, just to try it for a second-nobody would know, after all. She was sooo curious! She decided that she would just stick her thumb in and suck on it for 5 seconds, and then stop. For some reason, her heart was beating faster. She brought her thumb up, and put the smallest part of the tip between her closed lips, pretending to suck it a little. Now she HAD to put it in further-the urge was irresistible. She put it all the way in and sucked deeply, feeling a strong sense of comfort. She counted to five, and pulled it out, wiping it off on her pants and looking around to make sure no one saw her. It wasn’t enough. She decided that she would try just ten seconds this time. Somehow, she lost focus during her counting and began watching the TV, sucking on her thumb for much longer than she had anticipated. She realized what she was doing after a few minutes and yanked her thumb out, blushing. She decided to sit on her hands to prevent it from happening again. The little kid’s show ended, and more cartoons came on. Again, she found herself trapped by the excitement. She also felt a light tingling between her legs, but she was too involved in the show to think anything of it. John entered the living room from the den. Kim was 3 feet from the TV watching cartoons, seemingly mesmerized by them. John, figuring it wasn’t good for her mental state to sit so close to the idiot box, tried to get her attention.

“Kim, do you want to go out for a stroll?” He asked. Kim snapped out of her trance at the sound of his voice. How long had she been sitting there watching TV? She now noticed that her crotch and the pillow she was sitting on were both damp. She pulled the pillow out from underneath her and looked at it.

“Fuck, I pissed myself!” she said angrily. John was a little shocked at her tone.

“Kim, I don’t think you should swear like that… it’s… unbecoming… you know?”

“Don’t you start treating me like a child, mister! I am still functioning quite fine, and I don’t need the extra humil… humil-ee… uh… humble-ation that you’re givin’ me!” She said, pointing at him with a sharp finger. He could tell she was losing it. She wasn’t acting like an adult anymore, but she clearly wasn’t a child either.

“Kim, this has to happen eventually. Listen closely,” He said, poking her chest with a finger. “You’re not acting like an adult anymore, and therefore I am not going to treat you that way. I am taking control again, and if I say no swearing, I mean it!”

“Fuck you!” Yelled Kim, extending her little middle finger at John. John grabbed her wrist. She had pushed it too far this time! Kim knew he was going to try and spank her, and she punched and kicked at him, trying to pry her wrist away from his firm grip.

“Don’t you even think of it, asshole!” She yelled as she found herself sprawled across his lap, still squirming and hitting him in defiance. John said nothing, pulling down her pants and pinning her down firmly. He hated have to do it, but she left him no choice. He smacked bare bum three times. Kim laughed to herself-this was nothing! He could spank her all night for all she cared… she wasn’t giving in!

“Fuck you!” she yelled. John kept spanking. On the fifth smack, he caught her really good, and the stinging became fierce. She was trying to get her hands back there, or move her bum around to prevent him from hitting the same place. He was way too strong for her, and he kept hitting the same spot with painful accuracy… it really hurt now!

“Knock it off John!” She said, but she was getting a bit whiney as the pain increased. She just wanted him to stop. When would he stop? Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Stop, stop, please!” She wailed. Something deep inside of her collapsed, and she found herself begging… pleading… anything!

“I won’t do it again! I’m sorry… please stop! sto-o-o-a-a-a-a-h…” she said, breaking into a full little-girl cry. John realized that she had enough and stopped, pulling up her pants and cradling her in his arms as she bawled. It wasn’t the pain that made her cry-it was the shame, the breaking feeling-she was so unhappy! How could she be so bad to him? She sucked on her thumb for comfort, collapsing into his embrace and leaning her head into his chest. He cupped her head with his hand, rubbing her hair affectionately.

“Shhh..shhh… it’s over now Kim” He whispered. “I love you… I love you.” She longed for those words, and leaned into them, desperately needing some confirmation that he wouldn’t be angry with her anymore. She sighed and sucked her thumb, thinking about nothing in particular…


She woke up some time later, in her bed. She rolled around for a second and moaned. Lying on her back and rubbing her eyes, she shifted around in the bed. She was wearing a diaper again. The youth briefs were way too big for her, and they covered her belly button. They were also wet, she noticed as she rubbed the front of them. She was confused… did she fall asleep? She rolled over on her side and stuck her thumb in her mouth, her other hand buried in her crotch. She felt ok, but there was something missing, wasn’t there? She figured that she was a grownup now, and she tried to think some grownup thoughts. But how did grownups think? Everything seemed foggy. She sat up and decided to go downstairs to figure stuff out. Picking up her blanket for comfort, she got up and headed out the door, still sucking her thumb.

“Ah ha, she’s awake again” Said John as she came downstairs. He noticed that she was acting like a kid again, and he scooped her up in his arms, tickling her. She shrieked with laughter, kicking her legs. It all seemed so natural to her… she was seven, wasn’t she? She wasn’t a grownup! Chelsea came over and inspected her little mother.

“Does that thumb taste good, shrimp?” She mocked, realizing that Kim had lost her maturity. Kim frowned at her, hurt and a bit angry.

“Chelsea, remember what I said?” Scolded John. “Up to your room now! And do not come out until you are ready to be nice to Kimberly!”

“Aww but I was just playin’!” She protested.

“Now!” Said John. Chelsea stomped up the stairs. Kim felt so special to be protected by John, and she beamed inwardly, snuggling close to him.

“Are you hungry sweetie?” He said to her “I saved some supper for you.” Kim nodded. She was starving!

“It looks like you’re wet too” He said, feeling her diaper. She blushed and hid her face. Wasn’t she too old to wear diapers? She couldn’t remember anything!

“We’ll take care of that after you eat,” said John, plopping her down at the kitchen table. She pulled the blanket around herself bouncing uncontrollably on the chair. She felt really good, except her bum was tingly. Did she get a spanking? That’s right, she did! She remembered now-somebody had shrunk her because she was swearing too much! It was that Dr. what’s-his-name. She didn’t like him, that was for sure! John brought her a plate of food, and she forgot all about her questions, wolfing down the mashed potatoes and pork chops. She carefully avoided the long green things on her plate… they didn’t look tasty at all!

“Kim, eat the green beans, you’ll like them.” Said John. Kim shoveled in a mouthful. Yuck! She swallowed them quickly and tried to wash the taste out with a gulp of milk, spilling some on her chest. She pushed the plate away. John sighed. She really WAS seven again, that was for sure. “Ok, ok, you don’t have to eat them this time. Now let’s get you in the bath, and you can play for a while with Amanda… would you like that?” Kim remembered her (sister?). Amanda was younger than her, but she was better to play with than mean old Chelsea. She jumped up.

“Ok!” she said enthusiastically. John scooped up the adorable little girl and carried her upstairs. Laying her down on her bed, he undid her diaper and threw it in the diaper pail she now had in her room. Kim liked the feeling of being out of the sweaty diaper. John ran a bath for her, and put a bunch of Amanda’s toys in for her. She jumped in, looking forward to playing in the water. What a great life she had!

John told her after her bath that she didn’t have to wear her diapers if she was really careful, and she agreed, happy to be treated like a big girl. She put on her pajamas and went to play with Amanda in the living room. She was really bossy, and made up the rules as the two girls sat on the floor putting paper necklaces on their dolls.

“You have to put the red one on first! Then the blue one!” She commanded. Amanda simply complied with her wishes. Amanda was a relaxed child who was basically used to taking orders, especially from older kids. After a while, John informed the two girls that it was nearly bedtime.

“A-w-w-w…” They said in unison.

“I get to stay up later though, don’t I?” Kim said, remembering her place in the household.

“Yes, Kimberly, you can stay up for another half hour…” John said. Kimberly smiled as she watched Amanda go up the stairs. It was so cool to be bigger than her, she thought…

Control Yourself! Chapter 7

by Ungulate

“Well, it’s almost September kids, and you know what that means!” Announced John one day.

“Awww!” Said Chelsea. She was old enough to hate school. Amanda was happy though, she would be entering grade 1, and to her, school was really fun. Kim gulped, looking up at John. Would she have to go back too?

“Yes, that’s right Kimberly, you are going into grade 2. I have been talking to the school, and they said you can start in Mrs. Kurtis’ class. Chelsea had her a few years ago… she’s a really nice lady!” Kim’s eyes went wide. She was frightened at the thought of being around other kids. Life at home seemed so good and sheltered, why couldn’t she just stay here?

“Daddy, I don’t want to go!” She whined.

“Kim, you have to learn about things, like everyone else. How will you get a job when you get older? You DO want to grow up some day don’t you?” Kim nodded, sighing.

Life had pretty much relaxed around the Travis household. Kim accepted her role as Chelsea’s little sister (and Amanda’s big sister). She was aware that she had been a grownup, but she didn’t have any of the skills or confidence that her 30 years had given her. She still talked about it occasionally, however, like the time Chelsea argued with her about breasts.

“Boobs feel good… my friend Mandy has them, and she says they get all tingly” Said Chelsea. She couldn’t wait until she had her breasts, and she was always checking her chest in the mirror to see if her nipples were changing.

“Yeah but they make your back sore, and you can’t play tag anymore once you get em’”Answered Kim. In truth, she couldn’t recall the feeling of having boobs, but she liked showing off the fact that she used to be big. “I hated my boobs… they were always getting in the way when I was tryin’ to kiss Daddy.”

Chelsea laughed at her. “Ha! That proves you don’t remember anything, cuz boobs make you feel sexy when you rub them against men! You’re just a little kid now, like any other little kid, and you don’t know anything about being a grownup, so stop acting like you do!”

Kim turned crimson. She hated being reminded about how young she was. For the most part, she just got on with her day as a seven-year-old, but at times like this she felt so tiny and small all over her body.

“Well, you’ll see when you get boobs, and you can’t play tag anymore.” She retorted with indignation. “I’m GLAD I don’t have them!”

“Tag is for babies like you and Amanda!” Said Chelsea, turning away with contempt. “Why don’t you go and play patty-cake in the sandbox, squirt.”

Kim was furious. She kicked hard at the couch as Chelsea left the room, clenching her fists and gritting her teeth. Why did Chelsea always win? She went upstairs to look at herself in the mirror. John had bought her a beautiful pink vanity for her bedroom, and she spent a long time glueing sparkles and shiny plastic beads all around the edges of the mirror. She stood sideways in the mirror, pushing her chest out, squinting her eyes shut to try and imagine what she would look like with breasts. She took her shirt off and tried to push her tiny nipples upwards. She stopped, sighing and letting her arms drop to her sides. Her former life seemed like some sort of weird dream; she was 100% little girl. She pulled her pants down and looked at her vagina. It looked so childish suddenly, this smooth body. She felt a rushing tingle work its way through her system. It felt nice, and made her giggle for some reason. She pulled her pants off and stood in front of the mirror with her hands on her hips, smiling. What a cute girl she was! She looked around her room, full of stuffed ponies and dolls and soft, pink blankets and pillows. She pounced on her bed, bouncing on her knees, looking at herself in the mirror. She even tried sucking her thumb, and cramming a pillow between her legs as she looked at herself. She felt free to do whatever she wanted, and full of energy.

Suddenly, the image in the mirror struck her. Memories quickly flooded back, and she realized her former self. She slowly pulled her thumb out and stared blankly at her reflection. Oh my god, she thought. She looked around the room in slow motion. This is what my life is now… I have become a child in every aspect. Tears began to form in her eyes, partly from the grief of losing all her power, and partly at the sheer joy of having her life become so beautiful and simple. She let the tears wash over her as she closed her eyes, face pointed upwards.

She realized that she had control of her mind now. She could march out to the kitchen and help John with supper, resuming her former duties and status in the household. Yet she remembered the torment of losing her maturity bit by bit, and how much anguish she had put John through the last time she had mentally “grown up.” She had struggled against her seven-year-old mind with every ounce of strength, but in vain. She could not subject herself or her family to that pain again. She knew she had a choice at this moment, and she took the simpler road. She looked at herself again, studying her body, her face.

“Goodbye Kim…” She whispered, slowly sticking her thumb back in her mouth. She let go of her adult mind, and invited the childish Kimberly to take over again. It was as though two people sat there on the bed, discussing who would control the little body. She was mentally regressing now, she could feel it. She sucked deeply, and her breath became shallow and sharp. She became afraid. Little Kimberly was all mixed up about what was happening. The adult Kim felt a twinge of regret for giving up her power again, but it was too late to reverse the course, and she was soon a little seven-year-old girl, sitting on her bed, sucking her thumb, a bit confused. She shrugged and got dressed. She grabbed some coloring books and went to look for Amanda. After that day, Kim always had a funny feeling when she looked in the vanity mirror-a feeling that someone inside of her was watching. She secretly thought that it was her guardian angel, and sometimes she said hi to her.

Chelsea continued to bug Kim about her age, but she was a bit nicer about it. After all, it was obvious that her former mother was no longer a threat, and that she was the one “in charge.” Her dad had even let her babysit the two younger girls occasionally. Kim was further humiliated by having Chelsea look after her, but she wasn’t about to challenge her authority. Something inside of her had been defeated, and she knew her place now.

These days, the biggest challenge facing Kim was her bladder control. She was careless and lazy about getting to the bathroom. Initially, she made little “errors” and left damp spots in between her legs, where no one could see. The problem got worse though, and she was soon leaving noticeable patches of pee on her crotch. She took to wearing long shirts, so she could pull the front over her wet pants. Amanda and Chelsea tried to help Kim with her problem:

“You did it again, didn’t you?” Said Chelsea one day, as Kim returned from the washroom pulling her shirt down to cover herself. The three girls had been sitting on the floor doing a puzzle when Kim had suddenly tore off for the bathroom. Kim blushed.

“Only a little bit…” she said in defence of herself.

“Let’s see” Said Chelsea. Kim lifted up her shirt. This was no small accident, thought Chelsea. Her crotch was soaked, the inside of her thighs halfway to her knees was wet, and her bum was probably drenched too.

“Kimberly, you’ve totally peed yourself!” Said Chelsea. “If you keep this up, Dad’s gonna put you in diapers. He’s warned you many times now.” Kim looked down at her wet pants. It wasn’t that bad, was it?

“You hafta run right away, like I do!” Piped Amanda. Amanda never peed herself, and Kim felt stupid to have the five-year-old lecture her.

“You better go and get changed before dad sees you like that.” Said Chelsea, pointing to Kim’s room. She didn’t want to see Kim get put back in diapers… the poor kid had already been through so much. Kim ran up the stairs to get changed. She threw her wet jeans in the corner of her closet-she would have to deal with them later.

As the family gathered for supper, John pointed at Kim’s pants.

“I see you’ve changed your pants, Kim.” He said firmly. The three girls looked at each other nervously.

“I spilled some pop on her other ones, and she had to change them.” Said Chelsea quickly. John knew she was lying.

“Well Kimberly, why don’t you go get them so I can put them in the wash?” He said, crossing his arms. Kim was shaking from nervousness. She went upstairs, mentally scrambling for some way out of this. Maybe she could wash them really quickly in the bathroom sink… She went to her room and took out the jeans. They still looked really wet. She ran to the bathroom with them and tried to come up with a solution. She tried to dry them by padding them with toilet paper. She took out some perfume and dumped it on them to cover the smell. Partially satisfied, she took them downstairs and handed them to John.

“Kim, you can’t keep try to cover this up.” He said, wincing from the overbearing smell of urine and perfume. He took the jeans to the laundry room, pinching them between his finger and thumb, and holding them at arm’s length from his body.

“Well, I tried…” Said Chelsea, shrugging. Kim was struck with fear, and her heart was beating loudly as she heard John returning.

“I won’t do it again, I promise!” She said, tears in her eyes. John studied her for a moment.

“One last chance, Kimberly. From now on, you will show me your underwear each night, and if there is ANY trace of pee or poop in them, you’re back in diapers… got that?” Kim nodded. She was so relieved to have one more chance.

After supper, the kids sat around watching an evening cartoon while John worked in the study. Kim forgot all about her promise and once again underestimated her bladder. Enraptured in the show, she didn’t want to miss the good part at the end, and she tried to hold it as long as she could. When the credits started to roll, she realized that she was past desperate, and she got up to go to the bathroom. Standing up made her pee a bit. With every movement, every step towards the bathroom, she felt a small spurt. It got worse each time, until she was dashing up the last few stairs, gushing into her pants. She closed the bathroom door behind her, whipped down her pants, and sat on the toilet. A few leftover drops. Nothing more. She looked down in horror at the soaked pants, and the puddle of urine on the bathroom floor. She really blew it this time. Even worse, she now noticed the brown stains in her panties that had been accumulating throughout the day. It didn’t seem like a problem when she was wearing her pants, but now she could see that she had pooped a little more than was acceptable for someone her age. She realized she had one chance to escape John’s punishment. It was her bath time, so she acted like nothing had happened. She mopped up the puddle with her pants, and stuffed them into the cabinet under the sink, way in the back. She quickly ran the water for her bath, and jumped in. She carefully scrubbed her bum, hoping that she could get rid of the smell in time.

After her bath, she wrapped herself in a towel and headed for her room. John always came in to put her nighttime diapers on, since she was pathetic at taping them up herself. He was in her room already, laying out a diaper on the bed. She said nothing as she laid down. John rubbed some lotion on her, and then snugly fastened the diaper up.

“It’s pretty much bedtime, sweetie, ok?” Said John, sitting down beside her. “Teresa is coming over to look after you and Amanda tomorrow morning, because I have to take Chelsea to her skating lessons. Do you want me to read you a story?” Kim nodded, yawning. John started reading a Curious George book, but stopped halfway through, realizing that the little girl had passed out. He kissed her on the forehead, and left the room. Entering the bathroom, he opened up the cabinet, reached in, and pulled out the wet pants, taking them downstairs to the laundry.

Kim woke to the smell of blueberry pancakes. She loved Thursday mornings ever since Chelsea had started figure skating. Teresa always made a great breakfast, and took the two girls out to the big park downtown.

“Good morning Kim!” Said Teresa, coming in and sitting on the bed. Kim sat up.

“Hi!” She said brightly. She went to get up, but Teresa put her hand out, as though to stop her.

“Kim, there’s something I want to talk to you about before you get up, ok?” Kim stopped, listening.

“Kim, you made a deal with John yesterday, right? Do you remember?” Kim nodded, blushing and looking down.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t be ashamed. I had to wear diapers for two months when I was eight. It happens to kids every now and then.” She made it sound so natural and acceptable.

“He said I had one more chance, and I am going to take it real serious this time.” Said Kim with resolve.

“Yes, he did say that you had one more chance Kim, but then what happened later on that night?”

“What do you mean?” Answered Kim nervously.

“He found your pants in the bathroom, Kim.” Kim flushed with embarrassment. Teresa paused for a second to let the reality sink in. “What do you think that means?” She asked Kim, who was now looking at the wall.

“That I have to wear diapers during the day now…” she mumbled, wishing she was somebody else.

“Hey don’t be so glum, chum, wearing diapers ain’t so bad!” Teresa said, leaving the room for a second “You stay right there, I’ll be back” Teresa came back with a warm soapy washcloth and some baby powder. She pulled back the Kim’s covers. “You don’t have to do anything, I’ll take care of it.” She pulled down Kim’s PJ bottoms and undid her wet diaper. “You see, babies have it real lucky, because they get extra special care.” She was saying. Kim relaxed at her calm tone. She easily lifted Kim’s both legs with one hand and gently washed her bottom and privates with the warm washcloth. Kim was a bit embarrassed, but the washcloth felt so good and warm. It tickled a bit and she laughed uncontrollably.

“You see? It’s not so bad!” Said Teresa, tickling her little friend on the belly. She rubbed some powder into Kim’s soft skin, and put a fresh diaper underneath her bum. Taping it up tightly, she patted the front of it. “There we go, fresh and clean!”

Kim was amazed at how good it felt to be in a diaper. She had grown used to wearing them, but John had never made diapering quite as special as this. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Now, there are a few rules to this.” Said Teresa. “Once we put those on you, we can’t take them off, because the tapes will lose their stickiness. That means that you will have to use them for number 1’s AND number 2’s, and tell me when you need to be changed. John said you have to wear them for one month, and then you’ll get a chance to try regular underwear again, ok?” Kim nodded.

“Now, you get dressed, and I’ll meet you downstairs for pancakes.” Said Teresa, closing the bedroom door. Kim rubbed the front of her diapers, looking at herself in the vanity. She got up and rifled through her drawers for some clothes. Putting some pants and a T-shirt on, she looked in the mirror. It was obvious that she was wearing diapers. The youth diapers were too large for her, and the rectangular shape could be clearly seen on her bum. She couldn’t go out in public like this! She looked for some looser pants, but each pair she tried had the same effect. She gave up after three pairs and headed downstairs. She noticed on the stairs that the sound of plastic could still be heard through her pants, and the smell of baby powder traveled with her. She was fully blushing when she entered the kitchen.

Teresa, much to Kim’s relief, acted as though nothing had happened. Amanda was calmly stabbing at her pancakes, and Kim figured it was best to sit down and try not to think about the soft padding on her bum. Amanda looked up when her former mother sat down. The sound of plastic was obvious, and she could smell the baby powder. Her mouth dropped open as she looked at Kim. To a five-year-old, there are not a lot of things worse than being put back in diapers. Teresa rushed in with a plate of pancakes to break up the tense moment.

“Better eat these up before they get any colder… Amanda, do you want another one?” Amanda shook her head.

They piled into Teresa’s car and headed downtown. Kim peed herself on the way. She felt it coming on, and thought she would try to hold it until she got to a washroom. After a while, she realized that it didn’t matter. She looked out the window, pretending nothing was happening as she gushed into her diaper. Secretly, she smiled. She liked the freedom the diapers gave her. No more rushing to the bathroom, or trying to hide her accidents. Furthermore, it was a nice warm feeling in her crotch. She shuddered a bit as she finished.

They had a ball at the park, as usual. Teresa was full of life and energy, and chased the kids around as they screamed and squealed. They had peanut butter sandwiches and pop for lunch, and then they walked around, feeding the birds in the pond. It wasn’t long after lunch that Kim felt the need to poo. She looked at the washroom.

“Teresa?” She started. “I have to… uh… go…” Teresa stopped, and knelt down to talk to her.

“Kim, it’s ok… you do it in your diapers, and I’ll take care of it.” She whispered. “You just let me know.” Kim started crying.

“I don’t want to!” She said.

“Kim, we have to listen to what John said. I know it seems unfair, but you made a deal, and you have to keep it.” Kim looked down in dismay. She had to go real bad now, and she had already let a bit out. Teresa spotted Amanda getting a little to close to the pond’s edge, and went off to catch her. “Amanda!” she called. Kim stood there and let it happen. Once she let go, she couldn’t stop it, and the poop rushed out, filling her diaper. A mixed feeling of relief and embarrassment rushed over her. She half waddled over to Teresa and Amanda.

“Teresa…” She said, looking a little disgusted with herself. Teresa once again made it seem like nothing. She took her to a private area behind some bushes and changed her little friend’s diaper.

The next two weeks flew by, and the first day of school came without mercy. Kim abhorred the idea of going to into grade 2. She stood at the front of the class as the teacher introduced her. There were snickers and curious looks gazing over her. She panicked inwardly… what if they could tell she was wearing diapers? She wanted to flee… run home and curl up in John’s arms. “Hi Kimberly!” The kids all said in unison, at the prompting of Mrs. Kurtis. The teacher guided her to a nearby desk, and continued with the lessons. Kim found that the material was really easy, and she put her hand up proudly to answer some questions. She heard some boys at the back chuckle as she answered correctly. The teacher was immediately taken by this beautiful and apparently brilliant little girl. Somewhere deep inside of her, Kim knew that she was being a little too teacher-friendly, but she couldn’t help it… she knew the answers before anyone else.

After school, she met the class jerk, Bobby.

“Hey teacher’s pet, whatcha doin?” He yelled at her on the playground, loud enough that everyone could hear him. The other kids stopped playing and gathered around to see what was going to happen. Kim looked around, afraid. Bobby was much bigger than her. Bobby walked right up and shoved her hard, and she fell on her butt. She started crying. Why was he being so mean? He kicked some dirt in her face, and walked away, laughing. The dirt stung her eyes and she started bawling from the pain. A strange feeling came over her, and she panicked as she felt her body’s urge to shrink. She couldn’t shrink now… not here! Nevertheless, it was growing, and building inside her, begging for release. No! She had to stay big! She scrunched her face up and fought for all she was worth.

It wasn’t working. The waves of youth traveled up her spine, making her quake and grunt. The kids watched, a little worried for her.

“What’s happening to her?” One girl asked.

“Is she sick?”

“She looks different!”

Kim tried to hide her face as she felt it get smaller and more babyish. Her bum felt like it was tightening, as her clothes got looser. She knew she was a six-year old now, and she broke into tears. She couldn’t bear to be seen like this, and she got up to run away. Unfortunately, her loose pants fell down, and the kids erupted in laughter as they spotted the diapers.

“Mwahahaha! She wears diapers!” Shouted Bobby. Kim felt the regression sequence escalate with her embarrassment as she scrambled to pull her pants up. Bobby kicked her in the butt, sending her sprawling on all fours, where she continued to shrink. She was getting confused now. She wanted her daddy. She fartly loudly and started pooping in he diaper uncontrollably as she went down, down, down into toddlerhood. She didn’t want to be a baby! She gripped the sand with her hands as she got sucked back to the age of five against her will. Her tummy started to get all chubby and round, and her legs got weaker as she dwindled. She was squeezing her knees together in the sand and pushing her palms forward, away from her in sheer resistance. Her two front teeth sucked upward into her upper gums, and she dangled her mouth open as she rubbed her tongue over the place where her teeth used to be. New, smaller teeth were starting to appear and grow in place of the adult teeth. She sucked on her bottom lip.

“She’s shrinking!” Somebody said in a shocked voice. “Look at her, she looks like a kindergartener!” Everybody was staring in shock at the little girl who was a 7 year old just a second ago. She tried to stand up to run away, but her diaper fell down around her ankles, tripping her and exposing her messy buttocks. She rolled over on her back and covered her face with her hands, ashamed and hurt. Her back arched and bucked as she continued her journey backward, each spasm stealing a month of her age from her. Her legs shortened and kicked uncontrollably as she reached the verge of being a four year old. She tried to make it stop, but she couldn’t, and she broke into hysterics as she entered her forth year. She kicked the ground and pounded it with her fists as the shrinking started to slow down, screaming bloody murder at the thought of being four again.

“NOOO!!” She screamed. Throwing a tantrum in the middle of the playground. Somebody picked her up as she thrashed around, oblivious to her situation. She passed out from distress.

She woke up to the sound of crinkling plastic and the smell of baby powder. She was in a crib! Her 30 year-old mind was back, but it was obvious that her 30-year old body was not. What an odd feeling, she thought. Her body was fat and out of control. She tried moving her legs but found that even a subtle extension turned into a kicking motion. Her hands and arms were the same-her body exaggerated every movement. She looked through the white crib bars at her room. Her former bed was leaned up against the wall, but most of the toys and clothes had not been changed. John must have gotten Amanda’s old crib from the basement. She lay there for a while, shocked at the new sensations. She could feel everything with more detail. The soft blanket, the wet diaper, the cold crib bars… everything seemed more real. Her eyes were full of gunk, and she imagined that she must have cried herself to sleep. She rubbed them, trying not to poke herself in the eye.

“John?” She called out. Her voice was tiny and squeaky, and it was hard to form the simple word. She sat up.

“Jooohhn.” She called. She heard footsteps on the stairs. Chelsea entered the room, looking at her. Seeing that she was awake, she yelled down the stairs.

“Dad? She’s awake!” She came in and lowered the bars of the crib. “Boy, you’re all little now Kim!” She said, as though she were talking to a baby.

“Yeth sweetie, I am wittle now” She said, pouting a little.

“Mom?” Said Chelsea, recognizing the maturity in Kim’s voice. John entered the room.

“Kim… are you…?” Kim smiled at him.

“Wew, you are a bit bigger than I wemember, cowboy!” She said. John laughed, picking her up.

“Oh that’s ok, at least now I won’t step on your toes when we dance!” He said, dancing around the room with her. She giggled.

“Well, just don’t drop me, ok?”

Control Yourself! Chapter 8

by Ungulate

Amanda came in the bedroom to see what the fuss was about. She was transfixed by the scene of John swinging her mother around. Her mom looked like she was about 3 or four years old now. Kim caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

“My gawd…” she said, staring blankly at the toddler in the mirror. It was her at three, all the memories of being that young were present in her mind. She felt so helpless to be carried on John’s hip.

“I got younger than four?” she asked. She didn’t remember the last bits of the playground episode very well.

“Yes, the doctor says you are in a regression spiral now, Kim. He said it had something to do with an “emotional threshold” or something. He expects that you will stop at the age of 2, or a bit younger.” Kim gulped. It was really happening now, wasn’t it? She would have to live the life of a baby soon-she could even feel the mental regression hovering around the periphery of her consciousness, waiting for an opportunity to drag her into babyhood. Her heart was beating loudly. It was like she was terminally ill, and the end was finally near. She looked around at her family, at the sympathy in their eyes. Everybody was near tears.

“You will come back though, Kim. It might take many years, but the doctor knows for sure now that you will regain your former self in time, with all of your memories, and some new ones.” John was teary eyed, and stroking her cheek. She knew this man was the best father she could have. She felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards him, as she gazed in his eyes. Even with the gap of over 27 years, the exchange of pure love and adoration was obvious between the two of them. John saw only her eyes, and the soul behind them. Though he carried her weak and small frame, he felt pure respect and admiration for her.

Kim felt a shudder deep in her stomach, and something inside of her was moving around. She felt a twinge of panic, and gripped on to John.

“John…?” She convulsed and kicked her legs uncontrollably. She felt herself slip backwards in time, just a tiny bit, but it seemed to have a great effect. Her diaper loosened.

“Hold me…” She whimpered. John embraced her close to his chest. She tried to bury herself there, terrified at the loss of power. John sat down on the floor with his back to a wall, rocking Kim. Amanda and Chelsea came close and affectionately placed their hands on their shrinking mother, crying and trying to be as supportive as possible. Kim squeezed onto Chelsea’s fingers as she felt herself shrinking more. The regression had a comforting aspect to it, as though she were curling up in a ball for a nap. The terror came from realizing the permanence of the situation. She didn’t want to be a baby.

“I don’t want to be a baby…” she whispered into John’s chest as she shrunk in his arms. She knew now that she was about 30 months old, and dwindling. Her fingers and toes became more shapeless, and Chelsea’s fingers became thick and big to her. Her grip was getting fainter and more passive. Her head was quivering, and John held it to his chest to comfort her. Her shoulders were making internal popping sounds, and her calves and thighs were shortening in unison. 27 months.

She was even more upset by not knowing how young she was going to get. It was horrible to be at the mercy of this process. She tried to fight it for a second, but realized it was far too late now. She should have been more careful in the first stages of regression. To lose a few years and regain some youthful energy would have been excellent. To be a seventeen year old, with a bit of her authority taken away, would have been livable. To be 14, and still able to ride a bike… to at least be able to go to the bathroom by herself: she would do anything for a second chance to control her emotional outbursts and stop this process in its early stages. As it was, she would have it all taken from her. She wept soundly as she passed 26 months. She would have to go through toilet training, and learn how to count again.

She hit 24 months, but she was still shrinking. She was shocked by how large the diaper felt. She burped and pooped herself at the same time, completely losing the last fragments control over her bodily functions. How young would she get?

“Why isn’t it stopping?” She said with sheer terror in her voice. “It was supposed to stop… why isn’t it stopping?” She was becoming more and more emotional. “Noooooooo!” She knew she was 22 months now. Her hair was fine and wispy. All her coordination was draining from her. Her arms twitched and shortened. 20 months.

“Make it STOP!” She demanded of no one in particular. “I can’t be a baby! I hafta make supper! No, no no… me no get younger!” The family was bawling now. Her mind was starting to go. She felt neurons popping, and connections in her brains severing. 18 months… 17 months. She freaked out, and started thrashing around. John held on to her.

“No, no, no baaaby!” She screamed. She tried with all her might to not be a baby, but something incredibly powerful was humbling her. “No baaaaaaaawwwww” she broke into an open cry as the last shreds of her adulthood floated away from her, out of her reach. She collapsed and became a 14-month-old baby in John’s trembling arms. The process was done. The baby that cried his arms had no understanding of what had happened. She only knew that she wasn’t supposed to be like this somehow. She bawled into his chest. John rocked her, making “shhh” noises, and trying to be as soothing as possible.

“Chelsea, could you take one of those bottles I put on the counter, and put some milk in it? I think it might help her settle down.” Chelsea nodded, tears almost blinding her. She got up and went downstairs.

“I will always love you, Kim… I promise you.” He whispered to her as he rocked the screaming baby. Chelsea yelled up the stairs.

“Dad? Should I warm the milk up?”

“Yes, that’s a good idea.” He called back. Chelsea returned after a few minutes with a warm bottle. Kim was crying more sporadically now, as though she were getting tired. She looked around at the family with confusion and hurt. John put the bottle in her lips and she twisted her head away, as though she didn’t want it. She tasted the warm milk though, and it enticed her. Deep inside, she wanted to act like she didn’t need the milk, but it seemed like such a comforting thing. She gave in the next time he brought the nipple to her lips, and started sucking. It was a wonderfully pleasurable feeling, and she sucked deeper. John smiled down at her.

“There… that’s better, huh?” She closed her tear-stained eyes and sucked her way into oblivion as he stroked her cheek.

Baby Kimberly woke up the next morning, after dreaming about colors, shapes, and strange symbols floating around her. She knew that she used to understand what the symbols meant, but she could no longer decipher them. The clarity of day began to sink in. She had to make sure she got up in time to make breakfast and get the girls off to school. No wait… she WAS a girl, wasn’t she? She tried to sit up, but she couldn’t. She lay there for a second and tried to piece it all together. She wasn’t 30 anymore, was she? But how old was she? She opened her eyes quickly and was shocked by the crib bars. He chubby little legs twitched in panic. She wanted to call out for John, but something was fading… she felt silly, and clumsy. Her thoughts were starting to get really messy and disorganized. No! she was starting to think like a 1 year old baby again! She tried to bring her adult mind to the surface, but all she could do was gurgle. Her older self was sinking deeper into the baby body. She had a strong urge to blow bubbles with her saliva, and she did so, unable to resist. She let out a small cry beyond her control. She wanted him… the one who was always here. Her mouth craved things. She cried louder for him.

John came to the sound of Kim’s cry. The moment he opened the door she grinned, happy to see him, and full of energy. John smiled back at the cute little baby who used to be his partner.

“Good morning Kim! How are YOU doing?” He asked with a big smile on his face. She squealed with delight as he picked her up, and tried to grab his nose to show her affection. He squeezed his eyes shut, and tolerated the baby’s exploration of his face.

“I’ll bet you’re hungry sweetie, let’s take you down for some breaky.”

Thus began Kim’s life as a 14-month-old baby. Each morning when she woke up, she had a few seconds of recollection-a full realization what had happened to her. Her mental regression always set in too quickly for her to act on her awareness, however. She spent the rest of the day being coddled and changed, and fed. Time passed very slowly for her, and every now and then she felt a twinge of impatience with herself, as though her body wasn’t “right.”

One night, three months after her regression, she woke up for no apparent reason. She was once again instantaneously aware that she was a 30 year-old trapped in a tiny body. She cried to herself, the tears streaming down the sides of her cheeks. She didn’t know what time it was, but the house seemed silent. She squirmed a bit, feeling her sweaty diaper. My god, she thought, how do babies put up with these things for so long? She made a mental note that when she grew up and had another child, she would use cloth diapers. She looked up at the ceiling. She knew the mental regression would set in soon. She felt so alone at these times, knowing that it would be years before she would be able to articulate her inner feelings. More tears streamed down her temples. The diaper felt so uncomfortable, and tight. Had John done it up a little too snug? She tried to tug at the front of it, but only managed to slap her hands down on the front. What a helpless creature she was! The diaper annoyed her, but not having control over her hands was even more frustrating. She whimpered quietly. She felt something that had been absent from her life for quite some time: sexual desire. She longed for John’s body, for his caress. She looked down at her diaper with disappointment. Nothing for him in there, except a mess to be cleaned up. How incredibly humiliating, she thought.

Tonight, the diaper felt completely unbearable. He must have fastened it too tight. That’s a man for you… no sensitivity. It truly felt like it was cutting into her skin. Even the circulation to her legs seemed cut off, and they were falling asleep. She worried a bit. Maybe she should cry for him. Would he know what to do though? How would she communicate her pain to him, as a baby? She twisted and shifted around to alleviate the pinching feeling. It only got worse. She became desperate, and squirmed in frustration.


One of the tapes broke under stress. She couldn’t believe it. How tight had he done the friggin’ things up, anyway? The tapes seemed stretched to the max.


She felt relief as another tape flew off. It almost felt as though the pampers were getting tighter on her.


The remainder of the diaper tapes let go under tension. Well, she thought, I guess I get to be free tonight! She rolled around to get herself out of the nasty, sweaty babypants. She knew that she had pooped in her sleep, and would probably end up smearing the mess into her flannel sheets, but that was John’s problem, not hers. She smiled at the thought. That’ll teach him not to diaper so aggressively!

She looked down at herself. She had a bit of a diaper rash on her bare privates. She touched her vagina with her hand. It was an odd sensation, not only because she felt how much of a baby she really was, but also because something had “changed” in the last few minutes. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt more “in control.” She rubbed her hand around, truly enjoying the tingly feeling in her crotch. She made a happy baby sound, and kicked her legs. Her other hand went to her mouth, and she started sucking her thumb as she rubbed her belly and vagina. It was sex to her, the best she could get under the present circumstances. She tried to fantasize about have sex with John, but the vision of him thrusting his penis into her somehow got mixed up with another vision of him wiping her poopy bum with a warm washcloth. Both scenes turned her on, however, and she alternated between them, feeling her pleasure build. Soon she was caught up in strange dreams of sucking on his tit, or having him tickle her, or sucking on his penis, or bouncing on his knee. The feelings surged in her, and she felt herself getting close to orgasm. She rocked back and forth, frantically masturbating in her crib. She suddenly made a high pitched squeal and erupted inside. Never in her life had she felt so much pleasure! Her hand yanked itself away from her privates in reflex. Wave after wave of sexual satisfaction enveloped her as she lay there, amazed. Babies can have orgasms?

But something was different about her body tonight. She looked at her hands. They were different from the last time she looked at them-they had more definition and shape. She became excited at the prospect that started to dawn on her… was she getting older? She sat up. She was older! In her fit of sexual pleasure, she had totally missed her progression to age 2. She was still getting bigger. The process felt wonderful and empowering. She nervously sat there, wondering how old she would get, praying to God that she would gain enough age to at least start toilet training. She grew and grew, passing the age of three. Her legs elongated and narrowed, slowly creeping across the sheets as they lengthened. She watched the top bar of the crib come down closer to her, and the poopy sheets move further and further away as her torso got longer. She imagined she was over four now, and still growing. Joy filled her heart as she felt the growth begin to accelerate. Soon she was a five-year-old, then a six year old. She stood up in the crib and looked down at the top bar. She wanted to climb out, but thought it might be dangerous still. She was stretching, and taking shape as a prepubescent child now. Eight, Nine, Ten… She decided that she better climb over the bars now… if she got older, she might break the crib from her weight. She easily climbed over the bars and let herself down. She ran over to the light and turned it on, running to her vanity to watch the remainder of the process. She was 12 by the time she first saw herself, and already developing breasts. She proudly stood there as her tiny nipples bulged and lifted. Her body shot upwards in full puberty. Her crotch felt warm and tingly as hair grew and thickened between her legs. She was a teenager again! Her womanhood fully manifested itself before her eyes; her hips rounded and curved. She rubbed a hand down her 22-year-old tummy in admiration. She was growing older at an incredible rate now, and her breasts were starting to sag a bit, her tummy growing outwards a little. She frowned as the process came to a halt when she hit 30. She didn’t quite like the last little bit.

Nevertheless she was overjoyed. She danced and skipped around the room, enjoying her every supple and coordinated movement. She was crying with joy and relief. Tom’s stupid invention was not so permanent after all! She went to the bathroom to wash up a bit. John was in for a big surprise tonight! Getting out in the hall, she realized that the whole family was sound asleep. She tiptoed into the washroom, turning on the light. She turned around and tried to inspect her bum in the mirror. There was a little brown spot in the center of her crack: a baby-sized poop. She wet a washcloth and cleaned herself up. From now on, it was toilet paper for her! What a joy it would be to simply use a toilet! She noticed that she still had a bit of a rash on her bum from her diaper. She giggled.

She quietly tiptoed into John’s room. He was snoring lightly when she climbed into bed beside him. The clock said 5:30 AM. He would be up in a half hour. She laid there beside him, gazing at his beautiful face, as he toss and turned. She quietly reached over and turned off the alarm as it got closer to 6:00. She nuzzled in close and started to breath softly on his shoulder, her mouth close enough to warm his skin. She began to kiss his arm lightly at first, while bringing her hand up to slowly stroke his chest. He began to wake up, mumbling and making light laughing sounds.

“Kim… stop it, that tickles…” He moaned, pushing her hand away from his chest hair. She giggled and cuddled closer to him. He smiled.

“What a strange dream… I…” he said, and then stopped in mid-sentence. He froze, opening his eyes.

“Good morning lover” Kim said in adoration. John bolted upright in shock.

“Kim? Oh my god!” He was visibly shaking and trembling as he put his hands on her to make sure she was real. Kim sat up and threw her arms around him, weeping for joy.

“I don’t know how…” she said between sobs “…I love you.” She started frantically kissing the back of his neck, and his hair. John squeezed her close like it was the last time he would hold her. What a glorious gift to be with her again!

The children were ecstatic, especially Amanda, who bounced around the kitchen table all through breakfast. It was the happiest morning the family had experienced for almost a year. John took the day off, resolving that he and Kim should go and see Tom immediately. Chelsea and Amanda didn’t want to go to school, but Kim decided it was best, and promised them she would pick them up for lunch and play with them all night.

She loved exercising her rights as a mother, whistling to herself as she whisked the dishes into the sink. John sat back in his chair watching his wife move around with grace and maturity. His heart beamed; she was back.

As it turned out, Tom was out of town that week. The couple managed to talk with one of his lab assistants, and found out that all of the test subjects had mysteriously progressed in age over the last few days, including the dog that Kim had first seen regressed many months ago.

“Tom is going to be a bit disappointed with the rest of his subjects,” said the assistant “but I’m sure he’ll be relieved when he sees you. It was really hard on him to watch you suffer from his science.”

“Please tell him to call us right away when he gets back… who knows how long this will last, and I have some more questions for him.” Said Kim.

“Certainly…” said the man, showing them the door.

Kim insisted on driving the car home. It was so nice to have her adult privileges back! She dropped John off at his office and picked the kids up at school for their lunch break. She bought some KFC and took them to a park. The two of them kept staring at their mom with amazement and admiration.

“Well, this sure has been a strange year” She told them as they sat down at a picnic table.

“Mom?” said Chelsea, looking a bit apologetic. “I’m sorry about the way I treated you… I was so mean sometimes!”

“Aw, it’s ok, Chelsea. I wasn’t being too nice to you either. Sometimes, when people change roles, they get a bit hostile. I totally understand your behavior, and I accept your apology.” The two smiled at each other.

Later that night, Kim joined John for a late night movie. She laid her head on his lap, and he stroked her hair in affection. She started sucking on her thumb, watching the movie.

“Uh… Kim?” John said.

“Mmmm?” replied Kim, staring at the screen.

“You’re sucking your thumb?” John asked, a bit puzzled.

“Oh!” She said, pulling it out. “I… ummm… guess I’ve developed a few habits” John laughed.

“You’ll get buck teeth silly, don’t you know?” He teased.

“All the better to bite you with, Mr. Wolf” She said, sexily, rubbing her hand on the inside of his thigh. John was instantaneously hard, having been denied sex for so long. The two made out for a while on the couch, and John eventually carried her upstairs. They had incredible sex that night. Kim had a strange desire for John to “wipe her bum,” but she pushed it away, deciding not to tell him about it.

As time marched on, they carried on as a normal, happy family. Tom ran some tests on Kim, and said there were still some leftover “alterations” in her DNA structure, but told her not to worry about it. She didn’t notice much of a change in herself. Occasionally she had an urge to play with dolls, or suck her thumb, but the leftover effects faded with time.

Six months flew by. Chelsea turned 12, and started to blossom into womanhood. Unfortunately, she also became really defiant and cantankerous again. It was hard for her to adjust to her growing body. One night, Kim was waiting in the kitchen when Chelsea came in.

“Chelsea, I want to talk to you.” She said firmly. Chelsea could tell she was in trouble.

“What?” She said, already defensive.

“I found these in your jeans pocket.” She said, tossing a package of cigarettes on the table.

“They aren’t mine, they’re Anne’s I was just holding them for her.” Chelsea lied. Kim could always tell when Chelsea lied: she would look away nervously.

“That’s a lie, and you know it Chelsea. You are grounded for a month, alright?”

“Screw you!” Chelsea said, pushing past her to stomp off to her room.

“What did you say to me?” Kim demanded, grabbing her daughter by the shoulder. She was shocked and angered by the response. Chelsea tried to yank her shoulder away.

“Leave me alone!” she yelled. Kim clamped onto her wrist. She might be getting bigger, but she was not too old to spank. Chelsea knew what was coming and she struggled to get away. Kim became really angry, but suddenly stopped, and let go of her daughter, feeling woozy. She took a couple of steps backwards, staggering slightly. Chelsea looked at her mother, puzzled.

“Are you ok, mom?”

“Yes… I just feel a bit dizzy…” she said, holding onto her head. She staggered to the sink for a glass of water. She turned on the tap, and watched it run for a few seconds, leaning on the counter. Her mind conjured up an image from the past: an image of her and Chelsea fighting over a Barbie doll. She shook her head and poured a glass of water. She suddenly dropped it into the sink as she felt a buzzing sensation in her tummy. The image of fighting with Chelsea came back, stronger. She was starting to shrink again, she recognized the feeling immediately. She gripped on to the counter, fighting as she shuddered. She looked at her hands, horrified. They were smoother, and younger. Her clothes began to feel loose, and she watched the sink rise up towards her. She turned around to face Chelsea, who was watching her in shock.

“Mom, you’re a teenager again!”

Kim knew it wasn’t going to stop there. Her mind raced in panic. No, not again! She held onto her breasts as she felt them dwindle under her sweatshirt. Her hands became lost in the long sleeves. She gagged and bent over from the force of the alteration. Regression was coursing through her bloodstream with fury. Her jeans fell down around her ankles as she dropped in height, coming down to meet Chelsea. She squealed in fear.

“Uggnnhh! Noooo!” She gasped, reaching over to grab her falling pants. The waves were getting larger and more powerful. She convulsed and became a 13 year old, her legs and arms making popping and crackling sounds. She bent over as the next powerful regression turned her into an 11 year old. She looked up at Chelsea, panicking. Her fear multiplied the effect. The next spasm brought her back to her 9th year. Chelsea was looking down at her smugly now, being much bigger. Kim fell backwards onto her bum and turned into a 7 year old. The process halted. She looked down at her bare 7-year-old legs.

“But how? What?” She said in shock.

“It looks like you won’t be spanking me today, ma!” Chelsea said, leaning over and speaking to Kim in a condescending tone.

“Chelsea, don’t you dare take advantage of me in this situation! You go up to your room, cuz I said so, and I’m the mommy, even if I… look all small and stuff… “ Kim said, obviously struggling to maintain her composure. Chelsea laughed.

“Ha! You’re not gonna tell me what to you… you’re just a little kid! In fact, I think YOU need a spanking for disrespecting me!” Chelsea threatened. Kim trembled with fear. Chelsea was so much bigger than her! She started crying.

“No, please don’t! I’ll listen!” Chelsea sneered.

“I’ll just make sure you get the message, kid!” She said, grabbing Kim by the arm. Kim freaked out, trying to scramble up off the floor. Chelsea held onto her arm and swatted her behind as Kim tried to run away. As the hand hit her, she felt the pain and fear turn inward. She recalled being pushed down in the schoolyard by Billy, and she felt the same emotions-and the same regression sequence kick in. She tried to get away as she felt her body slip out of control. She started peeing on the floor in fear, as she became a six-year-old. Chelsea let go of her, realizing that she was shrinking again. Kim grabbed at her crotch with both hands and stood there, half bent over, peeing and shrinking.

“Noooooo, Nooo ho ho!” She wailed as she dropped to five years of age. She rubbed her tongue over her buzzing teeth. Her whole body was electrified, and she had no hope of stopping the process. She dropped to her knees, grunting as she dwindled into toddlerhood. Her nose was running and she looked pathetic as she became a 4-year-old, and then a 3-year-old. The process was slowing. She screamed, looking down at her babyish body.

The front door opened as the regression started to slow. John walked in, and was about to say something when he stopped in shock.

“Kim?” He said, rushing to her.

“John! Chelsea… she was bad! She made me wittle… help!” Exclaimed Kim, trying to stand up. She was two years old now, however, and she fell over on her bum.

“She… me… no….” She said getting a blank look on her face. She pooped on the floor and slipped into babyhood, both in mind and in body.

“Chelsea, what happened?” John asked.

“I dunno, she just started shrinking… I didn’t do anything!” Chelsea replied. As John picked up the crying baby, Chelsea slipped the cigarettes off the table and into her pocket.

Kim spent the next two months in her crib. Tom surmised that she was still vulnerable to the MRA, though he wasn’t sure why. She progressed to her normal age after two months, and immediately grounded Chelsea for a LONG time.

As it turned out, Kim could still get younger under situations of extreme stress or emotion. It rarely happened, but at least twice a year she would experience something that would trigger regression. Sometimes, she only shrank to 17, or 14 years old. Other times, however, she would find herself trapped in a much younger body. The regression usually lasted for a few months.

“I feel like the Incredible Hulk.” She told Teresa. “Except I have the misfortune of becoming a helpless little girl whenever I get really upset. It kinda takes away from the whole romance of being a superhero.”

John established a set of rules for Kim at different ages, including fluctuating bedtimes. As soon as Kim regressed, she was subject to the rules, regardless of whether or not she had maintained some maturity. She hated getting younger than 7, since it meant she was immediately put in diapers.

Still, she tried to find something good in the whole experience. She resolved that not everybody gets the chance to experience childhood again, and she decided to fully enjoy her break from responsibilities whenever the MRA reduced her to childhood. With time, she became a very happy person, regardless of how old she was. Her relationship to John deepened, as he switched roles from husband to father, and back again. She always made sure that he had the best father’s day in the world.