Clockwork's Emporium: The Assistant



Looking from the grandfather clocks line up side by side on the left wall. He glanced to the right and saw a glass display counter that lead all the way to the back of the store to a old cash register.

Inside this store there was wind-up watches, pocket watches, and hourglasses of every size in here. Then there was stuff that was ugly and odd looking on the walls above counters and the clocks.

"Halloween never left this store and never will. " The assistant Wayne thought taking great care in dusting one of Grandfather clocks near the store window. The sun outside shone through and reflected off the store glass outside. Causing a almost mirror effect to those outside.

So far Wayneís summer off from school hadnít been too bad. He wasnít flipping burgers in fast food restaurant or taking tickets in a theater or some operator in a amusement park somewhere. He worked what had to be one of best and strangest job in the world.

Wayne was strictly being paid off the books and didnít mind it.

"This would be less for the government to take from him. " Wayne thought as he opened up the top part of the grandfather clock. Exposing the clock face and hands to the world to dust.

Lost in thoughts about his next payday he accidentally brushed a little too hard on the face of the grandfather clock. This clock seemed to be made of darkest Ebony wood know to anyone in the world.

The feather duster tapped a little louder then normal as the wood part hit it just below the face of the clock. The glass part was unharmed, but something like anger seemed to fill the area about the clock. Wayne felt if some beast or monster had been disturbed.

Wayne knew what to do, but he acted to late. Reaching up he tried to stop the clock hands from moving. He found himself suddenly too short in height and in arm length to do the task. The hands whirled backwards in a blur as he watched.

Wayne glanced to the back room to make sure someone didnít notice then looked back up at the clock. Desperately he reached again and again his now 10-year-old hands rubbing against the dark wood that protected gears and chains inside the clock. The face of the clock was getting even higher in height.

Wayne adjusted her clothes a little and looked around for a chair or something to use as a step ladder to reach the clock.

"Too late." Wayne said in a pitched voice of 5-year-old little boy. His teen clothes now slipping off his body.

"Stop!, Stop!, Stop!, Stop!, Stop!," little Wayne started screaming and banging on the clock like a real frustrated toddler. His voice rising in pitch and his little fists landing softer with each hit.

Little 2-year-old and half Wayne jumped as a voice rang out from the back. He stood still with shock as a tall figure rushed from the back not looking at him directly, but the clock instead.

"Enough!" The old maní voice said addressing the clock and hurrying forward to point his index finger at the clock in warning manner. The clockís hands slowed to halt at his word.

"Third time this week." The old man said staring now down at the former teen.

"Sorry, Mr. Clockworks. It was an accident." Wayne said and bowed his head in shame. He felt like a little kid with his hand in the cookie jar. He looked down at his small, pink, and naked body of two year old he now was in. Chubby little fingers and toes to his little pot belly he had. Without even feeling his skin he knew it be soft and ticklish. Worst of all he saw his limp dick. Shrunken down to a inch with two little balls the size of peas. He felt so ashamed and small to the entire world.

Taking a deep sigh Mr. Clockworks bent down and rather roughly took the discarded shirt and wrapped it around the toddlerís waist. With small wave it changed into a diaper. He then picked up the toddler and sat him on the edge of glass counter gently.

"I have no time to baby-sit and yet it seems I spent my precious time running in here at least once a week to remind you to be careful. " Mr. Clockwork said to the toddler as he went over to his phone.

"No." Wayne said knowing what Mr. Clockwork was about to do. The old man ignore him and dialed the number anyway. Wayne listen on in utter silence.

"Yes, This is Mr. Clockworks and Wayne had another accident." Mr. Clockworks said ignoring the toddler sitting on his counter as he stared on with pleading eyes.

Tired and slightly stressed out voiced came from ear-piece, but Wayne couldnít hear what she was saying.

"See you soon." Mr. Clockwork said hanging up the phone lightly.

Hardly ten minutes passed in utter silence as they waited.

Then a 36- year-old woman and her young daughter came into the store.

"Good thing we live so close." The woman said as she enter. Her Daughter darted past her mother and nearly ran straight to the toddler. The toddler looked down not wanting to let anyone see his chubby face.

"Hey big brother." The daughter muttered in a quiet voice once she got close.

"Mandy, take your brother out to car and wait for me. Be careful with him." The woman said addressing her preteen daughter.

"OK, Mom." Mandy said and put out her 12-year-old arms to pick up the toddler. He might of been a lot younger then her at the moment, but it still took both her arms just to steady him. Wayne held on tight to her and locked his legs against her small waist.

"I wonít dock his pay this time, but next time I will. He should return to normal by Sunday night sometime around 10:00 Oíclock I say and he should feel lucky in getting a three day weekend." Mr. Clockwork said in a gentle tone and now much calmer voice.

"If your thinking about it. Please, donít firing him. He really his a good boy and he really is trying his best." Wayneís mother said in a worried tone once her son and daughter were outside and well out of earshot.

"Are you kidding? He is one of best assistants I had in years. Most quit on me after the first week or betray my trust after a while. Very few kids like him have lasted this long in this store. Just be sure to remind him to be a bit more careful." Mr. Clockwork said in a amused tone.

"I will and thankful for your kindness." She said with relief on her face as she gather up the rest of her sonís teen clothing off the floor. She wrapped his shoes and socks tightly with his jeans pantís leg into a neat bundle.

"I trust you still have those extra baby supplies and car seat?" Mr. Clockwork said gently and leading the way toward the door.

"Oh yes. Itís been no burden having to my little boy needing some special attention." She said letting a small giggle out as she caught up with him at the door.

"Well, I imagine he wonít let it happen for a long time to come after I leave him like that for a few days." Mr. Clockwork getting the door for her and waving goodbye.

"I think I let him play with Mandy a little more this time. That do the trick having his little sister fed, bath and change his wet diapers." She said with a grin across her face.

"Excellent idea. Good practice for her when she is older." He called then turned and shutting the door behind him.

Wayne looked on in despair as he sat helpless in the baby seat in the back of the car and only thought this was going to be a very long weekend indeed. His now much larger baby sister tickling his feet causing him to jerk his legs up.

The End