Some things should never be lost.

Clockwork: The Lost Coins

by Libra

1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin 4th Coin 5th Coin 6th Coin 7th Coin Epiloge

Mrs. Gate was your average window shopper as she went from window to window peering in to see if anything would catch her eye.

Upon walking toward the end of one row of stores, she saw the space that was empty last week was occupied now. A faded and dusty sign in the window said Clockworkís Emporium. Curious by the new comer and what the store held inside, she went to the window to look.

A man in his early twenties was adjusting the hands on a grandfather clock by the counter. He had fair enough skin and dark brown hair. He was dressed in tan color dress pants with an old shirt with buttons in the front.

Mrs. Gate turned her head away and walked straight for the front door to the shop. Upon entering, she heard a bell jingle overhead and saw that the man wasnít as young as she thought she had seen. Same man she was sure of it, due to his clothes and he was in the exact same spot, but he looked twice as old with grayish hair and wrinkles around the eyes.

"Be with you in a minute, just a clock that needs adjusting." The 50 year-old man or older said smiling.

"Okay, Iím just wanted to browse." Mrs. Gate said looking at the grandfather clocks lined up side by side on the left wall. As she glanced right, she saw a glass display counter that went all the way to the back and met with the front counter.

For a second Mrs. Gate thought the store looked like a theme store. First theme looked to be clock related. There were wind-up watches, pocket watches, and hourglasses of every size in here. Then there was stuff that was ugly and odd looking. Almost if Halloween never left this store and never will.

The bell above the door rang again. A man with his jacket pulled up, either to hide his face or protect from the wind, came not looking at either of them as he came in.

"See anything you like?" The old manís voice came from her right.

Mrs. Gate jumped a little. She did not heard him walk over to her.

"Not really, Iím not much of a fan of Halloween." Mrs. Gate said, a little nervously.

"Then perhaps a grandfather clock then. This one here is in grand working order." The old man said leading her gently by the arm over to it. Mrs. Gate saw he was ushering her toward the left one, the same one he was working on earlier.

Mrs. Gate was admiring it with a slightly interested look. This one looked to be made out of oak and looked almost new.

"You can say Iím a collector of clocks and related items. Only the most special and unique clocks come to my shop. The hardest part is finding places for my time pieces to call home." The old man said with an admiring grin at his clock.

"Really is beautiful and looks to be hand craved as well." Mrs. Gate said, light touching the front part just to the side of the glass.

"Yes it is." The old man said quietly, his attention was back to the stranger that walked in. The man, with his back to him, was leaning over the glass counter as if he was looking at something in the case.

The old manís brow lifted if something deeply was troubling him. He had not sensed or took hardly any notice of him when he first came in. Suspecting something was wrong he tapped the ring on his finger lightly twice and everything froze around him say for a few clocks, himself and the stranger.

Moving sideways around the left of the stranger he saw something was wrong in deed. The stranger had his arm sticking through the glass as if it were nothing more then a soap bubble.

The old man lifted his arms up to chest level and with his palms open toward the stranger.

Something like an invisible wave traveled across the room right at the stranger. The stranger looked sideways then back down at a box he was trying to move in split second he had to act. A small flash of light and the box vanished.

The wave hit him forcing his arm out of the glass case and himself to hit the floor hard. The force was enough to knock the wind out of anyone. He was up in a second and grinning in a devilish way at the old man.

"Itís been a long time, old man." He said getting up. Rising to his feet in an unconcern way and brushing himself off.

"You." The old man said with fury in his eyes.

"Is that anyway to treat your old partner and to think I asked you to join my business." The man said with a smile showing his unnaturally white teeth.

"I do admit your idea was good, but flawed. You were willing to let anyone take any of these items home. You didnít care what happened to the people afterwards." The old man said keeping his arms ready at his side.

"Way before I could make our first sale you had to lock me away, but I forgive you for that. Besides I completed my personal mission here anyway." He said glancing lightly at the glass case he had his hand through.

The old man looked and what color was left in his aged face drained away. The wooden box was gone.

"Where did you send it?!" The old man shouted and a strange aura energy around his body was building up.

"High above a park not too far from here. You broke my focus before I could think of a place to put it. So I imagine the box has opened in mid-air and the seven coins that were inside are raining down around the park area." He said and smiling even more widely then before.

"You expect me just to leave my shop and go look for them." The old man said seeing his plan.

"Well, it would be nice for you to do so. I could take this shop anywhere I like after youíre gone. Who knows how many people I can effect while youíre away? Just think how many people are being affected now by your coins as we are chatting here. The last time I checked your ring couldnít freeze time past this storeís doorway." He said, his eyes narrowed in a sinister way.

"You were always stubborn and had rocks for brains ." The old man said, raising his right hand up. Just above his former partner, a stone hourglass tilted off the shelf.

Forgetting about defending himself and not worrying about what might happen; he caught the stone looking hourglass just above his head. Something that looked like stone dust came down in a swirling motion all around his old partner. As it fell, he turned to stone, his face set in surprised manner.

"The Medusa hourglass, old friend. That should hold you for a few hours." The old man said looking at the sand slowly moving down and grabbed a sheet from behind the counter to toss over the new stone statue in his store.

Assuming his spot besides Mrs. Gate, he tapped his ring twice and everything in the store moved like a movie taken off pause.

"How much are you asking for it?" Mrs. Gate said unaware of what had happened just behind her back.

"At the moment the clock is fairly expensive. Come back tomorrow when Iím having my sale. I give you 50% percent off." The old man said, gently leading Mrs. Gate toward the door.

"Okay, Iíll talk with my husband and heíll bring his truck this time tomorrow." Mrs. Gate said, a little shock by his sudden rudeness, but glad to take advantage of a half off sale on such a beautiful clock.

"Iíll have it ready for pick-up for you." The old man said letting go of her arm at the door and letting her leave of her own free will.

"Thanks." Mrs. Gate said thinking he was acting a little batty. She liked the idea of saving money too much to hold that against him and smiled with a wave goodbye as she walked away.

"No time to lose." The old man mutter to himself, wishing his ring was powerful enough to stop the sands of time in the medusa hourglass. He walked quickly to the back to grab a jacket then stood in front of grandfather clock he was adjusting.

"This is a job for a younger man." He said to his reflection in the glass, then opening the little door around the clock face. Moving the hands carefully, his body changed. He appeared to grow in size then the wrinkles become less in depth to be replaced by smooth skin. A man in his late twenties now stood in front of the clock. Because of this clockís magic he clothes had changed in size with him to fit.

"Perfect." He said closing the glass and now seeing his younger face staring back.

Flipping his store sign around to closed, he glanced back at the shop and locked the door behind him.

"Of all the cities my store traveled to and it had to be one Iím little foggy on." He thought bitterly to himself. He silently swore to himself he study city maps more in his spare time as he walked around toward a park he knew that was close by. Heíll stop and ask for directions or buy a map if he had too. His only concern was getting to his one time wish coins before it was too late.

Few short minutes before he left his shop, a simple wooden box appeared in the sky just over a park across the city. It tumbled over and over as the lid sprang open. Seven shiny coins fell outward like rain drops. As they fell the coins went further and further away from each other till they were lost in the trees below.

1st Coin;

Little 6-year-old Brooke Atkins heard something over head bouncing off of tree limbs. Looking up and a second later a pretty coin in her opinion dropped right into the sand box she was playing in.

"Pretty!" Brooke said in joy and grabbed for the coin to hold. Her mother only a feet away sitting a bench reading a book and keeping an eye on her daughter looked up at her word.

"Whatís pretty, Brooke?" Her mother called out and nearly running over to the sandbox just in case she had something dangerous in her hands.

"This!" Brooke said proudly and held up her new coin for her mommy to see.

"Oh and where did you find this?" Her mother said taking the coin from her daughter in a relaxed manner and sigh of relief escaping her face.

"It fell from the tree." Brooke said and pointed toward the tree above them.

"Look, Honey. It says itís a Ďtime wishing coiní." Her mother said bending her knees and pointing out the words on the side of coin to her daughter.

"Whatís dat mean?" Brooke asked with a funny expression on her face.

"WellÖ." Her mother started to say and was unsure herself.

"Mommy?" Broke asked and little more eagerly.

"Must be play money. Like a game." Her mother coming to her own conclusion.

"Can I have it back? Itís mine I found it." Brooke said now even more excited about the shiny gold coin.

"Okay. As you promise not to put anywhere near your mouth." Her mother said holding the coin just out of armís reach till her daughter promised.

"I prowise!" Her daughter nearly shouted.

"Thatís my good girl." Her mother said giving the coin back. Little Brooke tucked the coin into a right pocket of her overalls.

"Pway with me?" Brooke asked her mother for what must of been over the hundred time in her short life.

"Canít Iím too big to fit inside the sandbox with you." Her mother said with a loving smile.

"I wish you wasnít too big for sand boxes when your inside one." Brookeís protested loudly and in a whining tone.

"Such a silly goose." Her mother said lifting one foot inside the sand box to kiss her daughter on the forehead.

Mrs. Atkins slipped forward do how big her shoe had become. As she got up she had fallen right into the sandbox with her daughter. From Brookeís point of view her mother had slipped on her own shoe due to her foot being to small for it.

As she fell forward her body seemed to fade down into a smaller size. When Brooke saw her mother next as she stood up she was the size and age of 6-year-old girl.

"Mommy!, your my size." Brooke said standing up. There wasnít hardly a inch difference between them.

"What!?" Mrs. Atkins said in voice she was not use too. Her jeans and panties fallen around her feet.

As Mrs. Atkins stood up to her new shorter height she knew something was wrong. She was eye level with her daughter and everything around appeared bigger.

"Canít be!" Mrs. Atkins said looking down at her hands then her body. Her flat chest, little painted fingernails and little toes told her otherwise.

Stepping backwards out of the sandbox. Mrs. Atkins sudden found herself an adult again. Now she was half naked standing in the middle of a public park. Looking about she was relief there were off the beaten path out of general public view.

Sound of two people running and talking loudly came just around the bend on the path just out of sight.

Quickly Mrs. Atkins stepped forward into the sandbox and found herself nearly the same size and age as her daughter once again.

Mrs. Atkins made a quick check to see her adult shirt that covered her completely. Like a night gown it almost went to the ground.

From other side of sandbox some feet away. Two joggers came running down the path. Mrs. Atkins lowered her head to hide her face. Embarrass of being seen in such a small state and to hide the make-up on her face.

Brooke smiled and waved at the pair of adults as they ran by. They waved back politely and continued down the path.

6-year-old Mrs. Atkins stepped out of the sand box found herself sudden transform to a adult. Dressing quickly back into her adult clothes.

Mrs. Atkins then called her daughter out of the sand box. As soon she was past the boundaries of it. She picked up Brooke a little more roughly and quicker then normal. Unseen by both the gold coin slipped out of Brookeís pocket to fall back into the sand box.

"Honey, We are getting out of here." Mrs. Atkins said rather quickly. Brooke was suddenly scared, but remained quiet as her mother carried out of the park. Little Brooke couldnít figure out what had just happen, but would be asking her daddy for a sandbox for her birthday.

They walked way her mother almost running to get away the sand box and the park itself. Mrs. Atkins later on would realize what caused her sudden short retreat to childhood after she calmed down and be greatly disappointed by the lost the coin.

Minutes later by the sandbox a man appeared with a scratched up wooden box in one hand. He bent over and picking up a coin to place it gently in the wooden box.

"One down." He thought to himself already knowing what had happen.

2nd Coin;

Around the place where little Brooke found her coin, a coin exactly like hers hit rather hard on young Thomas Myers head after bouncing off a tree limb. The teenager flinched and rubbed the spot where the coin had hit.

"Did someone throw something at you?" His girlfriend asked. Emmeline looked behind them for anyone. There were plenty of people around, but none were looking their way or seemed to be close enough to have tossed anything at them.

"Itís a coin." Thomas said bending down and picking it up. It looked so unreal he knew it must be just play money.

"Time wishing coin" He read aloud as he looked at the coin.

"Somethingís on the back." Emmeline said looking at the other side of the coin.

"1 per person" Thomas read to his girlfriend after flipping the coin over. Something like an hourglass was engraved on both sides of the coin.

"Wishing coin." Emmeline said in an amused tone.

"Just a childís plaything." Thomas said getting ready to toss the coin far away.

"Wait, what would you wish if you only had one wish?" Emmeline said grabbing his hand and both of them holding the coin now.

"Iíd wish I could have grown up with you together." Thomas said playfully and thinking this is what his girlfriend wanted to hear.

"Me too. I wish we could had." Emmeline said smiling at her boyfriendís thoughtful wish.

"Emmy, youíre shrinking!" Thomas said now noticing his own body getting less in height.

"Thomas, your face, you look like my little brother." Emmeline said now looking at a 13-year-old Thomas where an 18-year-old had been.

"Your breasts are gone." Thomas said holding his dwindling girlfriend in his arms.

"Iím scared, Tom-mas" A 7-year-old Emmeline trying her best to hang onto her clothes. She started to cry quietly. Thomas broke his comfort hug on her.

"The coin. I wish we were teens again." The now 8-year-old Thomas said holding the coin between them.

"One pew pewson." A 2-year-old Emmeline said now bawling openly.

"Itís okay. I wove u." Thomas said joining her in crying with his own tears." Thomas said trying to keep his balance and dropping the coin onto the ground. His tears were free flowing and without wails.

Last thing they saw was each other shrinking down in age to 6-months old babies. Then the darkness came then suddenly a bright light.

Emmeline was blinded by a light that seemed to come everywhere. She was also very cold and wet. She felt some hands grab her and heard a loud voice say "Itís a boy."

"Here comes the other one and itís a girl." The doctor said holding up a newborn girl.

Less then a minute later, Thomas found himself wrapped in a pink blanket along with another baby wrapped in a blue blanket who knew to be his love.

"Congrats to you both on your pair of newborn twins." The doctor said smiling at the tired mother and the proud father.

Back at the park, now by two empty piles of clothes, was a gold coin that laid beside them. The old man walked up to the clothing shaking his head and picking up the coin to place with his first coin.

"Too late." He thought how the couple was stuck in opposite bodies then they were in before and left the spot to find the other the coins. He wondered briefly if they be happy again or not.

3rd Coin;

Geoffrey Arbalister and his wife Ginny Arbalister were sitting on the steps that led down to set of water fountains that shot up from holes in the pavement. They were a British born family now living in America. Their adopted daughter, Mary Arbalister, was playing in the water in just her underwear like most 4-year-olds would. The day wasnít too hot or cold. Being late in the day and just an hour left of sun, left her all alone with no other children her age. It was an open area, but very few people would keep their own children out past dinner time.

Those parents who were in the area were either playing with their own children or watching them from a distance far off on swing sets and such.

"Next year Iím going insist she wears her bathing suit. A child running around like that is embarrassing." Mrs. Arbalister said not approving of her step daughterís modesty.

"Relax, let her be a kid. She lost her parents over a year ago and this is one of the few times Iíve seen her so happy. She loves the water so much." Mr. Arbalister said observing his niece with joyful eyes.

"Well, Iím just glad their nanny was willing to come to America with her. What luck she is a true British nanny at heart; strict, lives with us so she is around all the time, and knows what a child should eat to grow up strong." Mrs. Arbalister sounding like she approved greatly of the new help into her home.

"Iíve noticed she became very strict around the time you hired her." Mr. Arbalister said suspecting his wife had a little chat with her when wages came up.

"Well, dear. Iím one the one with the pocket book in this family. I intend to have her raised to be a respectable woman." Mrs. Arbalister said putting her husbandís views into check.

"Sheíd be less trouble if you let her play more and less in studies with the Nanny. Not many kids her age can read and write on their own." Mr. Arbalister said quietly and not harshly.

"Well, she is nearly five andÖ." Mrs. Arbalister started to say then was distracted by a coin that had rolled then hit her fingers. She looked and saw it was a very shiny gold coin with an hourglass on it with some words around the edge.

"1 per person." She read very confused by the words. She lifted it up and flipped it over.

"Utter Rubbish." She said after reading the other side.

Mr. Arbalister leaned over to read this side.

"What a cute idea." He said amused by it.

"Wishing coin is just a silly idea for wasting time." Mrs. Arbalister said looking at the coin thinking of the best ways to get rid of it.

"Ginny, you used to believe in such things. What would you wish for?" Geoffrey Arbalister had to ask out of curiosity.

"I wished for your niece to be a woman so we could have the house to ourselves again." Ginny Arbalister said not out of dislike, but more out of stress at having her perfect world disturbed by a little girl hardly taller then her legs.

"Iím sure youíll have her in boarding schools before too long." Geoffrey said dejectedly.

"Uncle Geoffrey!" Mary cute voice rang out.

Instantly he got up and went over to her. She was standing still and holding her stomach.

He looked at her cherub face to her bouncing curls of brown hair and thought heaven is missing an angel.

"I feel funny." Mary said and feeling something in her body unlike being sick or feeling normal.

Ginny Arbalister followed her husband wondering if she now have a sick child for the nanny to be worried over.

"I want Nan-Nan." Mary said seeing her step aunt coming closer.

"Sheís back at the house, sweet-pea ." Geoffrey Arbalister said comforting his adopted daughter.

Geoffrey had just noticed something off about his niece. She looked taller and her face had changed a little as he studied for signs of sickness. There was less baby fat in her face then before and he was sure of it now.

"Geoffrey, there is something strange about her." Ginny said stopping halfway to her husband.

"She looks taller somehow." Geoffrey said and was much closer then his wife to her.

"Owww, my tummy hurts." Mary said and pulling her underwear off. This was done with some difficulty due she was now two sizes too big for it. Geoffrey now noticed it was staining against her skin and slightly bigger body.

Her aunt turned quickly running up the steps to grab her long dress coat then nearly tripping running back down the steps. A naked child in front of her would have made her go red with shame if anyone had seen.

"Ginny, she getting older." Geoffrey said amazed.

Mary on the other was crying and hugging very closely to her uncle. Neither of them could understand why she was getting older so fast. The top of her head was now up to his chest.

She now was fast approaching 10-years-old. New changes were taking place and Mary was scared and amazed all at the same time. The gaps in her teeth becoming less and less as she took deep breaths.

Maryís chest was expanding and her breasts started to grow out in cone shape. Geoffrey helped his wife fixed the coat around Mary just as she became a very young teen. The tears had gone now as she felt other changes inside her body.

Geoffrey noticed the coin still in his wifeís hand.

Ginny on the other hand was too fixed on watching Maryís sudden growth spurt.

Geoffrey temporary forgotten the coin as he saw her go from 10-years-old to beautiful sexy 16-year-old girl. His jaw dropped as she looked so much like his brotherís dead wife.

Her hair had kept growing as she did. It was now down to her back. Her face completely lost its round shape and became oval. Her nose and chin matured as it lengthen.

Changes were less now in her face. Her body seemed to get larger and larger. Her breasts were getting bigger as she was getting older at a slower pace. The coat was tight on her body. Her hourglass figure wasnít lost during her maturing.

Geoffrey was still trying to get his mind to accept what his eyes had just seen. His wife on the other stood with her mouth wide open.

"Uncle, Iím all grown up." Mary said excitedly and looked down at her body. She gave a weak smile then ran her hands down her body. She was happy despite her tear stained face. Her own voice had surprised her. She even sounded like an adult.

"Geoffrey, I think it was the coin that did this." Ginny said now looking down at her hand. She held the coin in her open palm of her hand.

"I believe the same thing. We have to change her back with another wish." Geoffrey said looking from the coin to his now adult niece.

"Why?" Mary said ejecting her uncleís words.

"Because dear, youíre a 4-year-old girl in a womanís body." Geoffrey said trying to explain the best way he could.

"Iím almost five and I donít wanna go back." Mary said loudly with an angrily tone.

"Do we have to waste another wish on her? Geoffrey, we could be a young couple again. I wasted mine wish on her. You could at least make me young and we give this coin to the bobbies." Ginny said holding the coin away from her husbandís reach just in case he made a grab for it.

"How is she supposed to live as an adult when she has the mind of a child?" Geoffrey said calmly.

Before Ginny could answer Mary had snatched the coin off her Auntís palm. Geoffrey didnít think Mary still had her playful nature when she was denied something.

"I wish you both you were four." Mary said with a giggle. She was frustrated by them and a little scared of police-men or what her aunt called bobbies would do. She had a small fear of people in uniforms ever since the car accident.

"I looked like an adult and they were still treating me like a little baby." Mary thought. She thought of the only number she knew by heart without even thinking it over.

"Mary, no." Geoffrey said and started to try to wrestle the coin away. Mary being a young adult used her new reflexes to turn and toss the coin out of the fountain pit onto the concrete above the steps.

"Get it, Geoffrey." Ginny called looking to scared to move from her spot.

Geoffrey ran up the steps already aware his pants were getting baggy and his shirt felt lose. The coin was already some ways away from him. Thanks to the fact that most of this area of was covered with concrete. He saw the coin went right through the gap of the fence to disappear into the river below.

By the time Geoffrey ran to the river, it was gone from sight and he was now a man in his late twenties at best.

"Ginny, itís gone, rolled into the river." Geoffrey calling back in a yell.

Geoffrey was delayed in getting back to the pit by his oversized clothes. By the time he ran back with just a T-shirt covering his13-year-old body, he saw that Ginny was maybe perhaps 10-years-old at best, struggling to keep her own modesty.

"My chest." She was saying over and over. The shock of losing her womanly assets had froze her feet in place.

Mary on the other hand was sneaking peaks at her adult body. Her auntís coat opened a little too much. Mary looked up and giggled at Geoffrey.

Geoffrey hadnít noticed that his manhood, though small, could still get hard. He was now trying hard to hide it from both girls. Embarrassed by this sudden uncontrolled reaction to seeing a womanís body, he felt truly small and shameful of himself.

Climbing down carefully now the much larger steps from his new point of view, he hoped to grab a towel to wrap around his waist or at least hold it in front of his privates. Extra clothes for Mary and some towels were halfway down the rows of seats.

Mary turned her attention back to her little aunt. Ginny was attempting to climb out of the pit.

"Iíll get a bobby. I mean a policemen or whatever they called over here." Ginny yelled back having some trouble with her clothing. She shred off her clothes leaving only a white dress shirt that only covered down to her knees like a very short dress.

"No, you wonít." Mary said in a booming voice. She easily caught up to the now 4-year-old Aunt Ginny. Grabbing her hand she effortlessly dragged her back to the spot where Geoffrey now was adjusting a towel around his waist then looking for shirt not to girlish in Maryís outfits they bought along.

"First you get dressed young lady." Mary said loving her power over her aunt and uncle. Mary had apparently recovered from her change and decided she was in charge now.

Geoffrey was already wearing some overalls with just a gray shirt underneath. He skipped the underwear being there was nothing but little girlís underwear in the bag.

"You canít make me." Ginny fighting to get lose from Maryís grip.

"Wanna bet?" Mary said remembered a line from TV.

Mary sat down on a step and tossed her shrunken aunt over her legs. Mary then spanked her now exposed bum until it was red and she was crying hard.

"Now are we going to get dressed?" Mary asked putting little Ginny back down on her small feet. Ginny had placed her thumb in her mouth with her left hand and rubbed her bum with her right hand lightly then nodded her head in yes.

Geoffrey sat quietly and watched with fear and concern. The shock in Ginnyís mind of being spank had caused her to start thumb sucking all over again.

"Thatís a good girl." Mary said getting up and walking over toward Geoffrey.

Geoffrey stared in fear, but stayed in place, scared to move in fear of a spanking himself.

"What a big boy you are for dressing yourself." Mary said giving him a smile. Her voice was filled with a honey tone sweetness of approval.

Geoffrey showed relief on his face and watched on in silence as Mary grabbed the other only outfit in the bag then went back over to Ginny.

Ginny didnít fight at all as Mary undressed her, delayed only when Ginny had to remove her thumb for a few seconds. She put it back once Mary had put a new pink dress on her then pulled up her new panties around her legs. Ginny noticed with some embarrassment the dress she now wore showed off her little knees very well.

"Now, you go over there and both of you sit with your backs to me for a minute." Mary said eyeing her auntís old clothes.

The words hardly left her mouth when Ginny ran over and did what she was told along with Geoffrey.

The pair of 4-year-old boy and girl dared not to look back, but only glanced at each other if in hopes one of them had an idea to escape or return to normal. Only a minute or two had passed when Maryís shadow made them look up.

She looked like a giant and much like an adult as she was now dressed in Ginnyís old adult clothes. In Maryís hands where Geoffreyís adult clothes and her old slightly stretched panties.

"Weíre going home now. Nan-Nan, I mean nanny will know what to do. IĎll even offer to pay her more and sheíll be so happy to have two children to take care for from now on." Mary said letting her aunt and uncle on the only plan she had at the moment.

"Mary, you have to get us help. We canít go home like this and you canít pretend to be an adult." Geoffrey said in a childís voice. It almost sounded like he was whining a little.

"It will be okay, uncle. Nanny can teach me how to be an adult. I can pretend to be Aunt Ginny so everyone will just think Iím your mum." Mary said searching the pockets of Geoffreyís old clothes. She pulled out his wallet and house keys.

Ginny thought of her mobile phone sitting in her purse, back at the luxury apartment. If only she had picked it up before they left for the park.

"Come children." Mary said extending her only free hand to Geoffrey and easily climbing the steps. At the top she found a trash can and dumped all of Geoffreyís adult clothes in there, keeping the wallet and keys.

"Here you go. You can carry these and Iíll carry you." Mary said handing his wallet to him along with the keys then picked him up to hold against her hip. Mary then held out her free arm for Ginny to take. Ginny grabbed it out of fear of being spank again if she disobeyed.

"Good thing we live so close to the park." Mary said as they left the park. She looked back only once to see a man standing by the rails and leaning over if seeing something in the water.

Next thing she saw was the man putting something into an empty box and look around. Mary hurried on just in case somehow he heard or saw the whole event that took placed.

Mary was thinking of what a surprise she had in store for her nanny.

4th Coin;

Darien Adams was on his usual stroll through the park. He spotted a gold coin on the path and thinking it was a golden Sacagawea coin, he picked it quickly. After a closer look, he saw it was fake coin more like a game token.

Reading the "1 per person" he tucked it in his pocket anyway. Something about the coin made him want to keep it for a little while. He walked on only to be brushed by some joggers then took a different path on his way home.

He looked up when a familiar face caught his eye. An old girlfriend was walking his way.

Darrin turned to avoid her, but she had spotted him. Karen still wanted to remain friends and was a social butterfly in life.

"Darrin!" Karen called out.

Darrin turned to face her. She was a normal average beautiful girl most guys would assume taken.

"Hey, how have you been?" Darrin asked and some dirty thoughts entered his mind.

"OK, I guess. Havenít seen any good movies in while so I just have been hanging with my friends." Karen said cheerfully with a smile.

Darrin wondered briefly how she could smile so much if she wasnít getting laid all the time.

"You know maybe we should see a movie together as friends and could call a few people from work to join us. Weíll make it a group thing and have a little fun." Karen said suggesting this idea like it was the greatest in the world.

"Well, maybe next time you could join us." Karen said catching on that Darrin wasnít interested.

"OK, Later then." Darrin said as she walked away. Cheerful as ever with speeding off as if she had nothing but expressos for breakfast. Darrin put his hands in his pockets.

"hmmm, Wish I could get inside her." Darrin whispered very quietly to himself as she was a few yards away now.

Suddenly and very powerful urge of lust came over him. Karen stopped dead in her tracks and turn around toward Darrin. A single thought had taken over all reason in her mind. She needed him to be inside her and she couldnít fight the feeling.

Unable to resist the sudden same urge of lust, both of them found themselves suddenly heading off into the woods and off the path, stripping their clothes apart with each other as they went.

Forgetting all reason and sane thoughts, Karen was on her back naked on her cloths as Darrin was on top of her. Pleasures and feelings were overwhelming; she moaned and curled her toes. Darrin had become a love making machine with no idea way.

Darrin felt like a young man again. If Karen had her eyes open she would have seen Darrin becoming younger and younger with each passing moment.

Darrin was temporarily trapped in his body. His mind was free, but his body was on cruise control. Darrin mind wondered if for a second if Karen had gained a few pounds. Her stomach seemed to expand a little at a time as well as her breasts. Then he noticed his dick seemed to be smaller as it entered between her legs again and again.

Darrin noticed he felt like a teenager screwing an older woman.

Darrin wanted to say something, but his body refused to let him talk at the moment. Karen had passed out and could only breathe, trying to recover.

Darrin was suddenly scared. Karen looked completely out of it. Finally, his body released control back to him. He fell exhausted on top of her. His head landed softly on her stomach.

Only a minute had passed, when Darrin opened his eyes. Karen was still passed out and looked huge. First thing Darrin had noticed was the size of her. She looked like an Amazon to him, but also her body looked different.

Darrin noticed his very small hand and fingers. They looked like a little kids. Darrin looked down at his body. It was bare and looked as if it belonged to a 6-year-old boy.

Darrin also noted he was getting younger by the second. He had to wake up Karen and get her to help him.

"Karwen." 4-year-old Darrin said climbing up between her legs to shake her shoulder.

Karen didnít stir awake, but only moaned a little as if not wanting to wake up. 2-year-old Darrin was really scared now.

Darrin remember the wish. After giving it a quick once over, he knew what his fate was going to be. He had to get away from her. If the process didnít stop, heíll become her baby. Cringing at thoughts of what it would be like to be inside Karen as her unborn baby, made him shiver with fear.

Darrin tried to move his legs but found them stuck in-between Karenís legs. Darrin pushed himself off her body to land on the patch of clothes between her legs. His legs were still jammed, but as he watched in horror, his knees were being sucked in.

Darrin vision blurred and he lost control of his limbs again. He flailed his arms around in vain.

He cried out in fear as he watched his waist go next then his chest. For Darrin it was like being swallowed alive by some monster. Darrin took one last deep breath. Darrin was now before the age of a newborn boy as his head disappeared.

Karenís stomach expanded greatly then slowly went down. Her breasts shrank a little as her belly deflated in size. She looked 5 months pregnant then 3 months. Her stomach went flat with only a little bit sticking out.

Darrinís last thoughts, before the sheer exhaustion made him fall asleep, was the feeling of complete warmth and liquid in his new environment.

Karen awoke to great pain and pleasure all at the same time. Her lower abdomen ached, but her feelings of pleasure overtook the pain just enough.

Dazed and confused at her actions then completely horrified at what she had done with Darrin in a public park. She got up feeling woozy.

The pain now was fading away as if almost by magic.

"Dam!, Iím gaining weight." Karen said in a curse to herself for eating too much.

Karen felt a little sick, but put aside those butterflies in her stomach to the stress for acting like a crazed teenager.

Karen looked around for Darrin, but he was gone from her sight. Karen dressed quickly so not to be spotted and not to meet Darrin just in case he came back for his shirt that was laying nearby.

Karen muttered cuss words under her breath as she struggled to get her jeans and bra to fit. Giving up, she decided to stuff the bra away and leave her jeans unbutton and have her shirt cover it up.

Stumbling out of the wooded area, she walked home in almost a trance and hopeful that no one in the world would know what she did in a public park in day time no less.

Minutes later, a man, walking rather heavily through the woods, came up to some boxers and some menís pants. He carefully reached into the front pocket and pulled out a gold coin to add to his wooden box.

"Three to go." He thought heading toward the path. If he hurried just maybe heíll stop the next person.

5th Coin;

Mrs. Stevenson was walking with her teenage daughter.

ĎHer daughter Shelly was a good kid at heart, but terribly irresponsible at times.í Mrs. Stevenson thought quietly to herself. She thought for a moment of countless millions of moms trying to encourage responsibility into their children.

Having simply more energy then her mother, Shelly had been a few steps ahead of her mother along their favorite path in the park. She stepped right over a gold coin laying on the sidewalk.

Mrs. Stevenson spotted the coin and picked it up when her tired legs get her there.

Finally, Mrs. Stevenson reached the bench where her daughter was already sitting. Shelly was waiting for her, but was looking away. This would be one of those mother and daughter talks she hated.

"What am I going to do with you kiddo?" Mrs. Stevenson asked her daughter in gentle tone.

Shelly remained quiet and focused her attention to some kids playing very far away.

"We have given you everything you needed and want in life. Your father has given up on talking to you so he has left that job to me." Mrs. Stevenson said admiring the coin she found. She briefly registered the words Ďwish coiní on it.

"Iíll try mom. I really do. Just I wanna live a little." Shelly said briefly looking back at her mother.

"Well, I know youíre a good girl. Just wish there was some way I can make you take real responsibility for once." Mrs. Stevenson said tossing the childís coin over her shoulder into the bushes behind them.

Shelly turned away completely, her eyes focused on some young mothers with their own kids.

Mrs. Stevenson was feeling a second wind returning to her. She laid back and marvel how big the trees and sky seem to be. Mrs. Stevenson even closed her eyes and thought of her younger days for some strange reason.

After a full minute of strange reflections on past memories, Mrs. Stevenson opened her eyes to a strange sight. She was sitting beside her daughter, but she looked taller.

Mrs. Stevenson looked down at her body. She was at early teen-hood at best now. Her breasts melting away back into her chest. Her clothing was keeping up with her change, becoming a smaller version of her former outfit. She was in her joggerís outfit. Silently she gasped then looked at her daughter. Shelly hadnít noticed anything yet.

Mrs. Stevenson closed her eyes tightly.

"Itís a bad dream. Itís just a bad dream." She mentally shouted to herself.

She ignored the feeling of her clothes changing. It felt as if her panties and pants had merged together. There was a lot more padding under her butt and around her waist.

"Shell-wee" A toddler Mrs. Stevenson said up to the giant that was her daughter.

"Yeah?" Shelly turned and saw no one for second. Her attention was then directly down. Shelly looked just in time to see a toddler become a baby. As the little girl toddler changed, she leaned back to lay on her back looking up with eyes that looked focused on her face.

"Mom? What happened to you?" Shelly asked picking up the infant into her arms

"Goo Gaga" The baby said loudly and kicked her legs excitedly. Her jogging suit changed into a one piece gray sleeping outfit with a very thick white diaper underneath.

Shelly looked stunned and put the infant in front of her to sit with her pleading eyes to say communicate with her.

"What should I do? Dad, is not going to believe me if I tell that you are a baby." Shelly said her face white with shock and fear.

"gaga gee" The baby said that had been the adult Mrs. Stevenson just moments before.

"I canít understand you. Iím going to take you to the hospital maybe they can help you." Shelly said carrying the infant close to her body.

"I promise to take care of you. I love you." Shelly said in a gentle tone to keep her mother calm. Her infant mother was starting to cry now and suddenly getting very fussy. Shelly put the baby to lay over her shoulders. The baby was fighting on in hopeless effort to get back to the bushes behind the bench.

"Late again." The shop owner muttered as he picked up a coin from bushes.

6th Coin;

An old woman sits on bench nearby when she sees a coin laying in the grass. With a great effort, she gets up and picks up the coin then returned to her seat. "Perhaps this coin might have some use to me." She thought looking it over.

No one hardly took any notice of her. She was alone and forgotten by all most of the time. Her family was gone as well her friends in this world. She had a husband once which seemed a lifetime ago. They were a childless couple and doom to be so on till their old age.

No one ever knew her face very well or her full name anymore. She sneaked out of the nursing home to come to the park to feed the birds and watch a certain family she spotted over seven years ago. She loved seeing this one family. She watched from some distance over the years. They didnít know her nor were they related to each other, but she felt a connection to them all the same.

She spotted them as a young couple years ago. She saw them changed to acting like a young married couple years later. She could have died of joy when the wife had gotten pregnant.

Their daughter, now 2-years-old, was a little angel in her old eyes.

"Wish I could just go over there and start playing with her as an equal in energy and joy. She looks so happy." The old woman thought with nearly all her will. She must have thought of this idea over thousands of times.

"If only I could join their little family somehow." She thought.

The old woman got to her feet again and made her way toward the young family. Sheíd always passed them sometimes very close to get a closer view. A few times the couple waved or the little girl would smile at her.

This was one day she hoped one of those things would happen.

As she got closer this day, she seemed to ache less in her legs. In fact her body pains were gone. She slowed her approach to delay the moment a few seconds longer. Her eyes seemed sharper then before or was it because she was just getting nearer to them.

The woman paused for a second. She looked down at her body then hands. They seemed less wrinkled and more toner then they had in years.

"Just your old mind playing tricks on you." She told herself then walked on.

She was unsure if it was real or not. Little did she care at this point. If the pains were gone so be it. If this was death creeping up on her she would welcome it with open arms.

She walked perhaps a little faster feeling more youthful with every step. Stranger changes took place. She was not as old she appeared in body. Her clothes were becoming newer and not so faded and worn with time.

She was a middle aged woman again then a young woman again. She marveled for a brief minute to look at her face and hair in a nearby puddle of water.

Her return to being young seemed to stop when she stopped walking toward the couple.

She walked closer tempting fate. Soon she was even younger then the married couple then a teenager. She stopped again to stand still. She was little girl again of or about 10-years-old. She had been so excited and walked so fast; she zipped by her teens years without even knowing it.

There were second thoughts in her mind now. She wanted to go back and ran as fast her little chicken legs could carry her. She was too scared of what might happen. She had lost all her adult perks. All she was now was a scared little girl with no money, no place to go and no parents to care for her.

She was unsure if it was heaven or hell she was heading toward.

"Maybe it wasnít either. Perhaps someone overhead my thoughts and decided on granting my heartís desire." She thought.

Having no real choice she could live with in the end, she slowly walked up to the little girl. More changes were happening. This time, her hair changed color to match the little girlís hair. She even thought her face felt odd.

"Did my nose just take a completely different shape?" She thought as she reached around 5-years-old and only a few more steps to go. The parents were too busy talking to notice another little girl getting closer to their daughter. She was smaller in size so it made it easier to approach without them noticing.

The daughter hadnít even noticed yet. She was busy picking wild flowers that grew along the path.

The woman, now completely changed, stumbled a little as she was just two steps away. Being little toddler steps, she noticed her clothes had completely changed and a curl of blonde hair fell just to the side of her face.

The coin flew from her hands to lay just in front of herself and the little girl.

She gasped a little when she realized her little dress was an exact copy of the little girlís along with her hair. She rather imagined her face was an exact match as well. The little girl dropped her flowers and they landed right on the coin hiding it from view.

"Honey!" The wife said pointing to the set of identical toddlers. The sudden stumble had caught the motherís attention out of the corner of her eye.

"No way." The husband said standing up walking toward the pair in an almost cautious way.

"They look exactly alike. They could be twins." The mother said nearly running over to the pair then bending down to look at each of them.

"Can you tell them apart?" The father asked.

Mother suddenly looked confused and scanned each face carefully.

"No." She said looking suddenly concerned she couldnít tell which one was her daughter.

"Tammy" The father called quietly. Both girls turned their heads at the same time.

"Well, they answered to that name." The father said looking to trying to think of something else to tell them apart.

"Girls, how old are you?" The mother asked.

The former old woman was ready for this. She had watched for years and picked up how their real daughter would respond.

Both girls yelled "two" and raised their arms showing two fingers in the air.

"Even sound the same, Hon. What are we going to do?" The wife asked nearly in tears now.

"Donít worry. Iíll walk around a bit. Someone had to seen her walking along or her parents have to be nearby. If that fails, weíll go home and compare the foot prints on her birth certificate. We have of our Tammy to sort out from the other one." The father said calmly.

"Tammyís hand prints as well. Those couldnít be the same." The mother said taking each girl by the hand and unsure which one to flavor more.

"That would be impossible if they did match. Chances of that would be one in a billion perhaps." The father said then looked at the little girls again if there some way of seeing a difference between them. It was like looking at a mirror image his daughter to him.

Her new parents must have walked for an hour looking in vain. Although she wasnít old anymore and wouldnít be for a very long time, she was getting very tired from taking several steps for every one step the adults took.

"Soon Iíll go to my new home and they have no choice, but to adopt me as their own daughter in fear they might give away their real child." She thought letting a grin cross her face for a second. Her thoughts went to how lucky she really was for very few people get a real second chance in life.

Clockwork himself saw the strange transformation in mid action. Too late to stop the magic from working, he let it run itís course. She had made up her mind to stay as a child or let the magic finish its work. Once the parents moved away with their soon to be new daughter, he calmly walked over to the flowers dropped by the real Tammy and scooped them up along with the last coin.

He put the flowers in his breast pocket of his shirt. He then put the coin along with the other coins into a wooden box.

7th Coin;

3rd graders Jasmine and Jean were busy playing some distance away from their parents and other children. It was Jasmine who came across a bright shining coin, she thought it was a dollar coin. Picking it up, she saw it was too small and had the wrong pictures on the coinís sides.

"Jas, what is that?" Jean asked seeing her friend picking up something.

"Time wishing coin." Jasmine read out loud as she looked at the coin

"cool" Jean said.

"I wish we could always be together even when we are really old." Jasmine said without a second thought.

"That would be great." Jean said and feeling something funny going on inside her body.

"owww." Jasmine said dropping her coin and trying to pull her skirt out. Her clothing was starting to cut into her skin.

Jean was having the same problem.

Sounds of tearing and stretching cotton soon followed and their shirts seemed to stop tearing around the waist.

"What happening to my shirt?" Jasmine said trying her best to pull her shirt back down. The shirt was showing off more and more of her stomach as it rose up. Her chest was expanding like a balloon outward as well.

Jean was fighting her own shirt down when she saw something strange happening to Jasmine. She looked a lot taller then before and older. Jean watched as two bumps formed from under her shirt. The material was stretching to its limits now.

Jasmine, tearing off her clothes, hardly had noticed she was a lot taller, but looked down at her body in disbelief. She had long slender arms with long fingers and her chest was growing outward.

Having no real choice, they stripped the rest of their clothes and watched themselves as well each other become teenagers.

"Jas, we are teenagers." Jean said amazed by her newly formed breasts and concerned with the hair over her private area.

"Weíre still getting older." Jasmine said realizing she was getting closer to being a full grown adult.

Both the girls were maturing and reaching full body maturity at a very fast pace much like a sped up film.

"I look like my mom now." Jasmine said seeing her body had matured to itís fullest extend.

"You got wrinkles." Jean said seeing Jasmineís crows feet appearing on her face.

"You too." Jasmine said seeing Jeanís wrinkling around the eyes.

"This is too old, when is it going to stop." Jean said feeling aches and pains in her joints now.

Both girls had reached 50 years old in a matter of seconds.

"I donít want to be like my grandma. She can hardly walk without her cane." Jean said consumed by complete fear now of growing old.

"We have to make another wish." Jasmine said in raspy voice. She was older then 70 years old and not stopping.

Jasmine and Jean searched on the ground for the coin. Their eye sight was starting to fail them. Jasmine used her bony hands to feel for the cold metal of the coin.

"Iíve got it." Jasmine said breathing in and out with a great effort.

"Hurry!" Jean said her own breathing becoming shallow and slow as she reached 90 years old. Her once beautiful body was now much like a shriveled up piece of fruit.

"I wish we were little girls again." Jasmine said as she went blind. Unable to see her body, she hoped to feel her body changing.

"Jean, I canít see anything." Jasmine said looking wildly around.

"It didnít work. You look like youíre a hundred. Let me try." Jean said taking the coin in her hands.

Jeanís mind was becoming very forgetful, she wanted to be young again, but couldnít remember what age she was suppose to be.

"Wish we were 7-years-old again." Jean said feeling something suddenly going warm in her cold thin hands.

"Seven? Weíre almost 9-years-old, Jean." Jasmine said her vision suddenly coming back and feeling something like renewed strength in her body.

"Too late, now." Jean said as she was able to stand on her own two old feet again.

The girls went quiet to save their energy as they regained their youthful bodies. When they were back to being middle age women, they smiled at each other.

"Why couldnít you say seventeen? Thatís my sisterís age." Jasmine said feeling her old young self coming back.

"Sorry, I had a really hard time just remembering what to wish for." Jean said seeing her friend becoming a very young woman now.

"Itís okay. At least we are not really old ladies anymore." Jasmine said grinning.

"Letís not tell anyone what happen okay?" Jasmine said feeling no one would ever believe her or her best friend.

"Sure." Jean said looking for the tattered remains of her own clothes. As she entered her teen years, she was becoming shy again. She tossed the coin away thinking of it as an evil thing she hoped never to see again.

"This sucks." Jasmine said as she noticed her chest going flat and her chest becoming smaller.

Both girls were 9-years-old again then went further down to a pair of 7-year-old little girls.

Both had lost a little bit in height, but appeared for the most part to look the same as before. Only their slightly more chubby faces really showed how much younger they were now.

Both girls were forced to hold up their skits as their torn shirts made very ill fitting top wear.

"At least we get to go together again back to the second grade." Jasmine said leading the way back to the bench were their mothers would be waiting.

"Jasmine, what are we going to tell our moms whey they see us like this?" Jean asked finishing getting dressed as best she could. Jean had to forgo her shirt as it would have a better use as a rag.

"I donít know." Jasmine said then startled at a noise behind her.

A fairly young man was fighting his way through some bushes.

Jean covered her chest with one hand and held up the remains of her skirt with her other arm.

"Good evening, ladies. Such beautiful young girls like yourselves shouldnít be here so late in the day." He said smiling and looking somewhat amused at their appearance.

"We were just leaving." Jasmine said grabbing her friendís elbow and dragging her away.

"Well, hurry along home and donít be too eager to grow up." The young man said waving a little as they left.

"Oh we wonít be eager at all." Jasmine said as they walked off and gave a wave back out of being courtesy.

"I bet you wonít." He whispered to himself and picked up a golden coin from nearby the spot where the girls were.

"The last one." He said and smiled with a great relief on his mind. He vowed he would destroy the very powerful coins he had made himself so long ago. Wish magic in the coins were just too dangerous for ordinary people to handle.

Turning quickly he headed home to his shop thinking at least some good had come out of all this, but also thinking the price had been too high to think about for the moment.

Epiloge: Very next dayÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ..

Mrs. Gate walked in looking ready to move her new grandfather clock. Her husband was outside undoing the back of his tail gate of the pick-up. He was also setting an old blanket down in the bed of the old truck and looked like he would need a nap afterwards.

Mrs. Gate had noticed something new in the shop as she walked in. By the door on the floor was a stone statue of a nude baby boy holding an old looking hourglass. The middle of the hourglass was stopped up with what look like a metal ball of gold and the babyís hands were chained to this stopper.

"New piece of artwork I just made. Do you like it?" A young manís voice came from behind her in a very soft tone.

"Not really. That babyís looks scared or terrified." Mrs. Gate said taking notice of the young man.

"Thatís part of the artwork. The Greed of Youth." He said looking at the statue with an odd look on his face.

"Are you Clockworks son?" She asked curious who he was now her mind had gotten past the odd statue.

"Nephew. He had a busy day yesterday so Iím here to help you load up the clock." The young man said with a smile.

"You look just like him." Mrs. Gate said happy to see the nice strong man in front of her. Loading up the clock would be an easy task now.

"Any children of your own?" He asked grabbing some work gloves and putting them on.

"No, but we did adopt a few. The good Lord never let us have one of our own." Mrs. Gate said with a very faint note of sadness in her tone.

"Maybe one day youíll get a second chance." He said pulling out the clock with ease.

"Maybe." Mrs. Gate said confused and not sure what exactly he meant. Mrs. Gate knew she was far too old now.

The nephew of Mr. Clockwork did most of the hard lifting and waved the two old couple good bye.

Mrs. Gate felt something like a cold feeling in her stomach as if something was going to happen in her life very soon that would change her life forever as her husband drove away from the store. The grandfather clock was secured in the back.

The End?