The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice


Chapter One: The Crime

Man is to be held by the slightest chains; with the idea that he can break them at pleasure, he submits to them in sport.

ĖMaria Edgeworth, Letters of Julia and Caroline, 1787

John and his wife Margaret were lounging around on a pleasant Sunday afternoon when John announced that he had a dinner engagement that evening with his secretaries, Lisa and Patti. Johnís plans irritated Margaret, she had suspected for some time now that John and Patti had something going and was determined to put an end to it!...Then Lisa had entered the picture. The situation reminded Margaret of the old Television show "Three's Company".

Patti's name cropped up repeatedly in Johnís conversation, irritating Margaret intensely. She was disgusted with Johnís apparent fixation with his new secretary. Every time she turned around, John was comparing her to Patti. It seemed like all he could think about was Patti. Margaret was so annoyed with John that at the annual Christmas party, she had ignored Patti completely. She remembered that on two occasions, she had arrived home and caught the two of them talking. Pattiís reasons for being there seemed innocent enough at the time; she had wanted to see their new house. The second time Margaret found her there, Patti was delivering Tupperware. It seemed like a coincidence when Patti had arrived the moment her mother-in-law left the house and a quarter hour before Margaret had come home, but lately she had begun to wonder.

The idea of his going to dinner with two recently separated women disturbed her. "Just what is he up to?", she asked herself. She wished he would just stay home and play with his model train layout in his den. She thought it was childish for a man his age to be so enthused about toy trains, but it was better to have him playing with trains than other women.

She was cleaning the house one Saturday afternoon and discovered some reading material hidden in John's bathroom. She found a number of magazines titled Women Who Administer Punishment, or ĎWHAPí. She opened one of them and read, "Women of the nineties using discipline of the 50's", "diaper punishing your husband", "dress discipline for rudeness", etc. She stopped to take a moment to review the material. She knew about his need to be humiliated and controlled by a strong woman, but this aspect of his sexuality was new to her. "Interesting, very interesting,...." she thought, "So this is what my little boy wants and needs?"

She glanced through the magazine, interested in the articles in which the husband was treated and dressed like a child. The punishments described in the magazineís articles involved rectal-taking, mouth soapings, enemas, spankings, time-outs in the corner, writing punishment lines and being sent to bed early without dinner. She began reading the articles and taking notes. Margaret laughed to herself as she placed the magazines back in John's secret hiding place.

She especially enjoyed the graphic illustrations showing a small boy being dressed in his sister's clothes against his will as his mother stood at her sonís side laughing at him. That caught her attention and made her remember.....

Margaret recalled when she was fifteen and had been invited over to John's house. She had wondered why John never invited her over. He was sixteen and always appeared so tough and macho, always picking a fight or acting like a big-shot. With her, he was kind and fun to be with. But still.....

That afternoon, John's mother had picked her up and brought her to their home. It proved to be quite an

interesting afternoon!....When she arrived, John's sisters were busy getting the table ready with John's aunt and grandmother in the living room. Another girl was bent over with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, offering some to the guests. Her dress puffed up in the rear as she bent over exposing her bottom. she laughed a bit and smirked at the teenaged girl with the tray and thought, "That girl is too old to be wearing a dress like that!"

She remembered it was a childishly-styled green-plaid party dress with lace edges and wide bouffant skirt.

The petticoats were so stiff and deliberate that they forced the dress up and away from her slender body. She wore no hosiery, exposing her very athletic legs.

Her feet were covered with little white anklets with lace edges and black kidskin Mary-Jane style little girl shoes with rounded baby doll style toes and a strap across the instep. Her panties, (which were very much in view), looked to be one size too small. They hugged the crack of her buttocks pinkly. She smirked again at how very transparent they were. And when the girl turned around......

"John??.....", she thought to herself in surprise! She looked again to see if she was wrong and could see Johnís face lurking under cosmetics. "It was him!", she decided. She smiled demurely and looked straight at him. He looked back with a worried, embarrassed and uneasy look on his made-up face. He was well prepared to play the part of a girl with his makeup. His face, normally very masculine in appearance, took on a feminine cast with the cosmetics he was wearing. His mother must have spent an hour making him up.

He wore a pink glossy lipstick with reddish rouged cheeks. His eyeshadow was a nice shade of green to

compliment his dress, along with his dark black eyeliner. It was the liquid type, applied above and below his eyelids. He had on a blonde wig that was very curly and she noticed a scent of perfume. He had on white pearl necklace with matching hooped, clip-on earrings and a bracelet. She stared at him and spoke tenderly pretending not to notice it was really my boyfriend in a dress. "Hello, what's your name?"

He hesitated, but spoke only after his mom stared at him coldly. "Uh, Er, Hm, I am Cissy, Mam!"

She looked at his legs again. They were silky smooth, no wonder why he always wore long pants. Goosebumps of shear terror were crawling up his legs in plain sight of everyone! The guests roared in laughter at the poor thingís predicament. It was obvious he felt like running, but he didn't. He slipped away as quietly as he could and proceeded to the kitchen to refill his tray.

The rest of the afternoon went peacefully. He acted very demure at brunch and was allowed to sit with her. She treated him like a girl, which she knew annoyed him quite a bit, but he was careful not to act angry or upset. After they ate, they went to the living room to talk. His younger sister looked up his dress and chided him for not keeping his legs together. He did so quickly and begged Elaine not to tell mother. But it was too late for that, his mother walked in from the dining room and overheard his pleas for silence.

His mother stood before him and scolded him like a child. She said that since he couldn't sit properly, that he would have to go to bed as punishment. Elaine giggled and clapped. His mother grabbed him by the ear and marched him upstairs. He returned within ten minutes, dressed in a one piece pink cotton sleeper with hands and feet sewn in. He was forced to apologize to me for acting so childishly and then was made to walk around the room wishing everyone good night!..

It was only three p.m. when he was marched upstairs and put to bed. There was no more trouble from John that night. She went home about eight p.m., shortly after dinner. She saw John's mother going upstairs several times during the afternoon to check up on him. That was the first time she saw my boyfriend being disciplined by his mother, but afterwards I saw him punished on many occasions. Once she saw him being chastened by being forced to endure wearing his sister's tights with only tie shoes and a turtleneck shirt. The tights were so small on him that the outline of his sisterís panties he was forced to wear underneath could be clearly seen. He really hated that!....

She saw many more instances of petticoat punishment for her boyfriend. But the one that stood out in her mind is when he was punished for beating up his younger sister. His mother forced him to wear a very short party dress, seamed nylons and five inch heels at a wedding reception. Margaret thought that was a riot!....


John had always enjoyed playing the submissive role with her and she had come to dominate him more and more as time went on. At first she had merely acquiesced to his strange desire for humiliation, but as she became accustomed to giving orders and administering discipline to my unruly husband, she found myself enjoying my role as the head of the household. After her parents died and she found herself the beneficiary of a large trust fund, their lives had become easier. She had wanted John to quit his job and stay home so she could watch over him full time, but he was adamant about continuing to work. It was true that the money was given to them in monthly payments and they werenít exactly rich, but they could live quite comfortably on the remittance from her parentís trust. Margaret wondered why John, who had always been lazy about work, had suddenly acquired the taste for the daily grind. She suspected that John was involved with something at work that she was unaware of and decided to wait and see what developed.

She was talking with some friends when she learned that there actually was a method to reverse growth and stop the aging process. It was an experimental treatment that was used on patients in the psychiatric ward of a private hospital right here in town. When she inquired further she discovered that the experimenter at the clinic was a Dr. Sara Madonis. She made an appointment to meet with Dr. Madonis the very next day. She walked into her office and was surprised to meet a twenty-seven year old Ph.D. in endocrinology and the creator of the youth serum.

Margaret found the experience very educational. It appeared that she was doing research on arresting the aging process and instead of merely halting the catabolic process, the lab animals were returned to their early youth. The experiments had taken many years of difficult, tedious work. She explained that the shrinking or reversal process was painless. The serum caused the bone to decalcify and allowed the collagen substrate to shrink as the regression began. The organs were reduced in proportion as the process continued. Dr. Madonis told her that once the subject had reached a predetermined age, a fixative was injected to arrest the process.

She also said that the change the treatment induced was permanent. She had not discovered a way to reverse the shrinking. Dr. Madonis told me she was currently searching for a method to reverse the process and expected her researches to reveal something soon. She told me it was too early to tell if any techniques she had found in animal testing would work on humans. The somatic regression treatment had never been tried out on a human being until recently. Curious, Margaret asked about what had happened.

It seemed that a local mother was having a great deal of trouble with her sixteen year old daughter. She had gotten into trouble, lying, shoplifting, using drugs and hanging around with some very unsavory friends. She had become virtually uncontrollable. She dropped out of school and refused to get a job, but always seemed to have money. Her mother was frantic, she knew Cynthia must be doing something illegal to get money, but she couldnít prove it. One afternoon, while putting away Cynthiaís clean laundry in her lingerie drawer, her mother discovered Cynthiaís stash of drugs. Cynthiaís mother knew that she had to do something immediately before she lost her child entirely. She didnít want to call the police and have her arrested, so she called a Tough Love help line for advice. They told her that she should have Cynthia seen by a psychiatrist. Her mother made an appointment and talked to a specialist in adolescent psychology. He suggested she have Cynthia admitted to the hospital for observation. When her mother said she didnít think she would be able to talk Cynthia into going into the hospital, the doctor said he would take care of everything. He said he didnít really expect Cynthia to voluntarily go into the hospital. He would have an ambulance bring her in for admission.

Cynthia was most uncooperative when the ambulance came and injured the ambulance attendants who were forced to strap her into a stretcher. When the staff attempted to release her at the hospital, she went wild and attacked several staff members in the ensuing melee. She was wrestled to the ground by a pair of burly ward attendants who held her as the nurses injected her buttocks with a massive dose of Haldol. Cynthia collapsed on the floor in a tranquilized stupor as she was manhandled into a restaining jacket before being hustled off to her bed.

After an initial psychiatric screening in the ward, it was decided that Cynthia had a pre-psychotic personality and would probably not respond well to the normal course of psychiatric treatment. Cynthiaís mother had a meeting with the attending psychiatrist who discussed the various merits and problems associated with the only other approved treatment; electro-convulsive therapy. He told her mother that part of Cynthiaís problem stemmed from her environment; to be more precise, he said, her problem was her friends. Unless some way was found to remove her permanently from the influence of her friends, she would inevitably fall back into the same destructive patterns of behavior. He suggested that there was one highly experimental treatment that might work. If Cynthia could be regressed back to babyhood, she would have another chance to grow up and develop a normal personality. This was merely a more extreme form of a treatment that had been very successful in the past, i.e., re-patterning.

What made this treatment different was that Cynthia would actually be regressed into infancy. Her mind and body would have a chance to adjust to reality over a period of time. He pointed out that Cynthiaís id would have the opportunity to act out itís most infantile desires without fear of punishment. The doctor went to great pains to explain that as the mother of an infant she would have no problems freeing Cynthia from the influence of her friends. By the time Cynthia was old enough to want to see her old friends again, they would have become fifteen years older and have lost interest in her. All her mother had to do is provide a loving atmosphere for baby Cynthia to grow up in and Cynthia would be cured.

The only other real alternative, the doctor explained, was a very prolonged stay in a mental ward where she would rapidly become a dependent personality. If her mother selected this treatment, the prognosis wasnít very good; he predicted that Cynthia would probably have to be hospitalized multiple times over the next ten years and would almost certainly end her life in a mental hospital. The psychiatrist also cautioned that a prolonged stay in the psychiatric ward would be extremely expensive and could cost as much as fifty thousand dollars a year. Her mother was convinced. Her mother agreed to let her daughter Cynthia become a test subject and signed papers to that effect. Dr. Madonis was called in and briefed on the case and asked whether she would like to try her treatment out on Cynthia. Dr. Madonis told me that she hadnít been that enthusiastic about regressing Cynthia into infancy, but after hearing the full report on her mental state she became convinced that Cynthiaís psychiatrist was right, she had to help the poor child before it was too late.

After a few days of being restrained in a bed under the influence of muscle relaxants and anti-psychotic tranquilizers, the first dosage was prepared and given. It had to be administered as an enema and two liters of the solution had to be retained for half an hour to allow the drug to be absorbed by her intestinal tract. Dr. Madonis was there to witness the first clinical trial of her new treatment. The nurses found it easy to handle the straight-jacketed girl, all they had to do was roll her over in bed onto a stack of dry bedpads and unfasten the tapes on the incontinent briefs she was wearing in lou of bathroom privileges. One of the nurses attached a chest strap to the underside of the bed and pulled it over the helpless girlís back and buckled it in place to keep her from thrashing about while they worked. They jerked the loose diaper down between her legs and hung the enema bag on an I.V. pole attached to the foot of the bed. Cynthia grunted as she felt one of the nurses give her an injection in her buttocks to prevent convulsions. Meanwhile the other nurse secured her feet into restraining straps that were mounted to the bottom of the bed. When the nurse finished strapping her feet, she proceeded to lubricate and insert the tip of the applicator into her rectum while she cracked jokes about what a helpless baby Cynthia had become. A bottle of Ringerís solution was hung on the pole with the enema bag and a bottle of activator was piggybacked onto the bottle of glucose. The nurse inserted a butterfly I.V. into the great saphenous vein on her leg and the fluid was allowed to slowly drip into her bloodstream.


Cynthia moaned pitifully as the drug took effect and her muscles quivered from the high concentration of calcium ions that were released by the treatment. She made feeble attempts to escape her bonds, but the muscle relaxants had made her as weak as a newborn. She couldnít make her muscles obey her will. The tranquilizers had an equally powerful effect on her. Her lips drooped slackly and she drooled as she slurred mumbled objections to the way she was being treated. After the I.V. was started, they left her alone in her room lying prone on the bed with her bare bottom exposed. Cynthia wept quietly as waves of contractions rippled up and down her torso. Every fifteen minutes the nurses looked in and checked on the softly whimpering girl. Cynthiaís mind clouded from the effects of the drug and she slipped into a blabbing reverie calling for her momma. Dr. Madonis said she was pleased that Cynthia seemed to experience no discomfort from the treatment. Cynthia never knew when her anal sphincter released and the enema flowed out onto the diaper padding. She lay there on the bed gaily bubbling in cheerful idiocy when the nurses came to clean her up and replace her diaper. The nurses unstrapped her feet and rolled her over on her back as the drug continued to shrink her body. Within four hours, a very small child lay in the bed prattling and sucking her thumb while Dr. Madonis observed her behavior approvingly.

When Cynthiaís body had regressed into infancy, Dr. Madonis ordered the fixative to be given and the process was stopped. She had become a one-year-old baby girl. Cynthia was released into the care of her doting mother and left the hospital in her motherís loving arms. Sara Madonis showed me pictures of an adorable blue-eyed baby girl dressed in diapers being held against her motherís bosom. Margaret just couldn't believe it! Was this possible? It certainly appeared to be true. She plied her with questions and before long Sara invited her out for dinner so they could discuss the process at length. They talked for hours at the restaurant. After their delightful dinner and conversation, she felt that she knew everything there was to know about the youth serum........



Margaret had planned to invite both Patti and Lisa over for dinner with John and her. The biggest problem was getting the two women to commit to the same date. She couldn't wait to set up this engagement. Meanwhile she had an afternoon brunch planned with my sister and fifteen-year-old niece Wendy.

Her sister and Bethany arrived for dinner at noon and we sat in the living room to talk. Bethanyís dress was a rather childishly pretty party dress of black crushed velvet with white lace rim and a wide red satin sash tied into a tight bow in back. She wore chunky high heeled shoes with an ankle strap and sheer black hosiery. Bethany wore bright red lipstick and very heavy black eyeliner and mascara. The blue eyeshadow was accented with purple and white tint. her hair, though black, was tinted with red. She was a girl of the times, making herself up like a female rock star. She had three earrings in each ear and one in her eyebrow. Despite her association with punk rock, she was quite cute and mature for her age. In addition, Bethany was a vegetarian and a bit on the wild side. Her mannerisms, makeup and dress similar to Courtney Love and Madonna. Margaret glared at her dress, as she considered it much too short and daring.

Ann and Margaret talked while Bethany got up to pet one of Margaretís house cats. Her cats were very affectionate and are always seeming to be vying for someone's attention. She bent over and her stiff petticoats forced her dress high up into the air revealing the white garter belts holding up her black stocking tops and bright red satin panties. The two women didn't take notice, as they were very deep in conversation. But her husband did!....

He was smirking and having a good time at Bethany's expense. Margaret noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was ogling either Ann or Bethany when she saw Bethany's bright red underpants. She immediately got up from the chair and approached Bethany. She whispered in a very low voice. "Bethany dear, your unmentionables are showing and my husband is staring straight up your dress."

She stood straight up and turned red with embarrassment and shame. "I'm sorry. Oops!" Ann reminded her to act ladylike or else. John just snickered.

"Is there something you find amusing, John?", Margaret said coldly and deliberately. He had a surprised look on his face like a little boy who was just caught with his hand in the forbidden cookie jar and stuttered. "Uh, er, No as a matter of fact....." He was obviously embarrassed.

Ann gave him a cold look that threatened to freeze him solid on the spot. "Imagine a forty-five year old man ogling a fifteen-year-old just to see her underpants!", thought Margaret disgustedly. Her thoughts turned to the days when he was punished as a teenager and made her smile. He had been so humiliated and controlled back then. Her woolgathering was cut short as she regained her focus on the present situation. His actions were inexcusable and something had to be done! Bethany sat down and John was smirking. She looked and saw that Bethany's legs were partially opened, allowing John a small peek of her red underpants. She pounced on him and slapped him hard across the face. "What are you staring at, smart ass?", she shouted as she slapped him. His head snapped back as he reeled in shock. She hit him so hard that he saw stars!

Sheíd had about enough and decided that he must really want some attention from his mommy. Margaret considered humiliating and punishing him in front of company for the very first time. The only thing that stopped her was the thought of the embarrassment her guests would suffer. John was in the kitchen, preparing dinner and both Ann and Margaret were in the library. Bethany joined them and then excused herself for a brief moment. Bethany stood up and walked to the kitchen.

John was talking to her and the next thing she knew his voice was getting louder. Ann and Margaret stopped talking to hear what was taking place in the other room. What Margaret heard made her extremely angry and her temperature went up as quickly as the volume of Bethany's voice.

"Hey Mr. Macho, bet you wish you could get your hands on me? Well, forget it!", she said angrily.

He replied in an equally strident tone, "You little bitch, strutting your satin panty little ass like some little whore. Youíll never have to worry about me!". On and on it went. They heard John's yelling and profanities, but we never heard a word in reply from Bethany. That was simply because she replied to his abuse in very low tones. They came out to the kitchen and she saw that Bethany was in tears.

End of Chapter One

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Two: The Accusation

Men are like tea - the real strength and goodness are not properly drawn until they have been in hot water.

ĖLillie Hitchcock Colt (1843-1929)

"What was going on in there, Bethany?", Ann said, raising her voice with concern. She saw John snickering, while Bethany explained angrily, "John insulted me and tried to get another peek up my dress by grabbing me. Heís a pig!....."

"Oh really?", exclaimed Margaret. "John, Iíve told you time and time again about using profanity and raising your voice! Now apologize to Bethany immediately and get yourself upstairs and get ready for bed. NOW!!"

John knew she meant business. He looked embarrassed at her direct order and hung his head in shame. It was obvious that he didnít want to be punished. The thought of being sent to bed early like a small child was especially humiliating. He bowed his head and stuttered as he apologized in a meek voice....

"Upstairs!", demanded Margaret pointing to the bedroom. John shuffled slowly up the stairs dragging his feet on every step. Clearly he was delaying as much as possible. When Margaret heard his footsteps on the top landing she excused herself and followed him up. She wanted to personally see that he selected the proper clothes for sleeping.

Bethany winced as she heard the sound of flesh slapping flesh repeatedly upstairs followed closely by Johnís moans of pain. Evidently he had refused to wear what Margaret had selected for him to sleep in. A few minutes later John appeared on the stairs with Margaret right behind him. Bethany burst out laughing when she saw what Margaret had forced him to wear. His masculine frame was hidden under a white baby doll nightie! Bethany chuckled when she saw that Margaret had added red tights to the outfit to emphasize the shortness of the nightie. Margaret marched him down to Bethany and told him, "I donít think Bethany heard you apologize earlier. I want you to apologize so everyone can hear!"

Just then Ann walked into the room and saw John cowering in front of Margaret and Bethany. He straightened up and attempted to salvage what dignity he could from the situation. Johnís face flushed in embarrassment and he said, "I believe Iíve already apologized to Bethany, dear. If the two of you will excuse me, itís time for me to go to bed."

Margaretís face screwed up in anger as she demanded, "John, apologize to Bethany right now!"

He looked her in the eye with an expression of defiance and said quietly, "Fuck you." Then he turned away from them and began walking towards the stairs.

Margaret flew into a rage. She slapped a hand down on top of his shoulder, gripping him tightly and grabbed his behind with her other hand. Bethany smiled as she saw the frilly pink panties he was wearing underneath the tights suddenly exposed to everyoneís view. "Come on Bethany! I think Iím going to need your help punishing him."

Margaret hustled John to the upstairs bedroom in whatís known politely as the bumís rush. She seized a bar of soap from the sink and tried to force it into his mouth saying, "You filthy mouthed peeper! Since you act like a little boy, Iím going to treat you like one. Now open up for your punishment!"

John turned his head and put his hands up to ward her off. Margaret gripped his chin and called out to Bethany, "Hold his hands Bethany! Iíve got his chin!"

Bethany grabbed one of his hands and pulled it behind him and reached around too grab the other but discovered that he was too strong for her, she had to hold onto the hand she had with both hands to keep him from breaking free. Ann, who was watching the commotion from the doorway, rushed in to help. She grabbed his other hand and forced it behind his back easily and held it there while Margaret worked on his front. Margaret pushed the bar of soap past his front teeth and worked it around the front of his mouth to get it wet and make it easier to force it the rest of the way in. John pushed at the bar with his tongue attempting to get it out of his mouth, but only succeeded in helping Margaret wet the bar. Chips of soap curled from the top and bottom of the bar as Margaret worked it back and forth over his teeth. The acrid taste of the soap made Johnís mouth water and started dissolving the bits of soap that had been scraped off by his teeth. His mouth started foaming like a barberís shaving cup. Johnís eyes went wide as he swallowed his soap tainted saliva and he struggled fiercely against the combined strength of the women. They were too much for him, he was unable to break free. Foam dripped from his chin as Margaret continued to scrub his mouth with the bar until thick suds billowed from his mouth and ran down his chest. "Are you going to talk like that again?", she shouted.

"Nuhhh! Nevuh agaun! Pleees stoooop!", he babbled around the suds.

"Good boy! Now swallow!", she demanded.

"Salooow?", he asked incredulously.

"Swallow those suds right now!", she ordered.

John gulped convulsively and turned a pale shade of green as the soap hit his stomach. Margaret nodded her approval and said, "It tastes pretty bad doesnít it? I want you to remember that taste next time you think about uttering language like that around me." She went to the bathroom cabinet and took down a brown glass medicine bottle and poured about three tablespoons into a medication cup and said, "Tilt your head back and open your mouth. Thatís right! Now open wide!"

John opened his mouth so she could pour in the medication and suddenly his mouth was filled with a viscous oily substance that seemed to slither down his throat unbidden. The taste of the stuff was wretched! He tried to lean his head forward and spit the vile stuff out, but Margaret was holding his jaw in place and massaging his throat under his chin. John had to swallow the stuff in order to breathe and discovered its true taste only came after a few minutes. It had an oily medicinal taste that reeked of some chemical. Then John realized what Margaret had made him swallow; castor oil!

His stomach heaved involuntarily when he released what she had done to him. Waves of nausea washed over him as he heard Margaret say, "How do your words taste now, John? Think youíd like to say some more? Thereís more castor oil in the bottle! Here, let me whisper some of those words in your ear!"

She leaned close to him and began whispering profanity in his ear while simultaneously holding the bottle of castor oil up to his nose. Johnís stomach rebelled at the fresh assault on his nostrils and his stomach began heaving violently. "Over there!", Margaret directed.

She guided them to the toilet bowl where they forced Johnís head into the toilet until his face was touching the water. He regurgitated into the toilet bowl as Margaret said, "Well, Mr. Potty Mouth are you happy now? Do you want to say something to us? No? Well then weíre just going to let you stay here and think about what youíve said and what will happen to you if you ever say anything like that again."

She motioned to Ann and Bethany to release his arms and he fell into the muck in the toilet bowl headfirst. John gripped the sides of the toilet and hauled his head out before the next wave of nausea hit him. Then he was back at the toilet bowl holding on the porcelain for dear life as he began regurgitating over and over again. He felt like he was puking his guts up!

"Now you know how your behavior makes me feel, John. The very idea of you putting your hands on my young niece makes me ill just to think about it. Iíve had all Iím going to take from you John! Things are going to be different around here starting today! Your behavior is going to change! From now on youíre going to behave yourself! No more peeking, no more pawing at little girls, no more dirty language! Do you understand me? Iím going to see to it that you toe the line every minute of the day! Just remember, if I ever hear you using language like that again, youíll be doing penance at the shrine of the swirling waters. We still have plenty of soap and castor oil. Do you understand?"

John grunted his understanding just before he heaved again. Margaret turned to her sister and asked sweetly, "Ann dear, Could you get me the hair brush that is sitting on my dresser? The dark brown one with the heavy wooden handle?"

Ann grinned and returned a minute later with the brush in her hand. Margaret took it from her and said, "Would you and Bethany excuse us? John and I have some unfinished business to discuss. I have a few points to make about proper etiquette around young ladies."

They smiled at Margaret and left the bathroom, closing the door behind them. The last thing they heard was Margaret saying, "Just stay on your knees where you are John. Now push down your tights and drop them to the floor. Panties too! Hold on the toilet........."

The hall was filled with the sounds of a wooden brush hitting flesh as Margaret began spanking John again. She emerged a few minutes later with his panties and tights over one arm saying, "John would be needing these again tonight. In about two hours the castor oil and soap is going to hit him again at the other end. I wouldnít want them to get in the way. Iíve locked him in the bathroom for now. Right now, Iím going to make some arrangements for medical treatment so that John will never be a danger to little girls again."

Ann and Bethany excused themselves and told Margaret that they had to go. Margaret saw them to the door and then went to the kitchen to make arrangements for Johnís treatment. Margaret picked up the phone and placed a call to Dr. Madonis. She found herself getting angry all over again when she thought about what he had attempted to do with Bethany. "Johnís behavior has become outrageous! First he flaunts his idiotic fling with his secretaries in front of me and now this!", she thought, "Imagine! Assaulting my niece right in my own kitchen with her mother and me in the next room! Who knows what heíll do next. His peeking has gotten out of hand, I see whrn mr. Madonis recommends."

A few minutes later she was describing the afternoons events to Dr Madonis. She was very sympathetic about Johnís peeking behavior and offered to get him an appointment at the clinic. When Margaret related how he had peeked up her nieceís dress and subsequently accosted her in the kitchen Dr. Madonis became extremely concerned. She told Margaret that she wanted to discuss Johnís case with one of the staff psychiatrists and that sheíd call her back within the hour. Margaret agreed and hung up the receiver with a smile on her face. "If John thinks Iím going to punish him for what he did to Bethany by merely sending him to bed, heís got another thing coming. What he did to Bethany was the finial straw. Weíll see what the psychiatrist has to say about his behavior!"

Half an hour later the phone rang and Margaret answered hoping it was Dr. Madonis with some advice on what to do about John. It was. She told Margaret that she had talked it over with Dr. Feldstein and she had asked if she could talk to Margaret privately. She also asked if it would be possible to talk to Margaretís niece and sister. They arranged a meeting at the clinic the next day and Margaret promised sheíd try to get her sister and niece to come.

Bethany was quite graphic in her description of Johnís actions the day before. She described Johnís behavior toward her in lurid detail, causing the psychiatrist to frown in concern and give Dr. Madonis a pointed look. The psychiatrist confirmed the story with Margaret and her sister and then asked her sister and her niece to wait outside the office for a few minutes while they discussed the matter with Margaret.

The psychiatrist asked Margaret how long this behavior had been going on and was surprised when Margaret told her that John had always acted overtly sexual with her adult friends, but this was the first time he had acted this way around a child. She told them that Johnís behavior had become erratic of late and she was worried that he was becoming mentally ill. Margaret explained that her husband had always been peculiar sexually and told them about his transvestite tendencies. She said that lately he had insisted on sleeping in nighties and had even worn female clothing in front of her friends on several occasions. Margaret told them that after the episode with Bethany, she had insisted that he come downstairs to apologize to her. She explained how shocked she was when she saw that John had put on a baby doll nightie and tights to wear in front of Bethany. She offered to get Bethany back in the office to substantiate her story, but the offer was politely declined by the psychiatrist. She went on to tell them about his infatuation with the new secretaries at work and explained that he had never had behaved adulterously before. Margaret said that she was afraid that he would dress up in womenís clothes to go to work in an attempt to impress the secretaries. She was afraid that heíd lose his job if they found out he was a transvestite. She told them she felt his behavior was becoming more and more outrageous and she was willing to do anything in her power to help him get his behavior under control again. Dr. Feldstein told her that his behavior with Bethany could be considered criminal and recommended she get him treatment immediately. She said that although she hadnít seen John and could not make a diagnoses based on hearsay alone, she felt like his condition warranted immediate concern. She warned Margaret that if he was accepted for treatment, the process was likely to be both long and costly and that a cure was not guaranteed in cases like his. She told Margaret that sexual deviation cases were notoriously difficult to treat and that effective treatment was impossible without the patientís complete cooperation. She also warned Margaret that the medications to reduce Johnís sex drive during treatment would have the effect of shrinking his testes to the size of peanuts and would make him a chemical eunuch for some time to come. She also told her that in rare cases the patientís sex drive was permanently reduced with an accompanying impairment of sexual function. Dr. Feldstein looked meaningfully at Dr. Madonis and said that psychiatricly speaking, this was the only approved treatment plan available at this time and told Margaret that she hoped that she had the courage to deal with the situation before John did something that became public knowledge. She excused herself and left Dr. Madonis to discuss what Margaret wanted to do with her.

Dr. Madonis smiled at Margaret uncertainly and asked if she had made a decision. Margaret replied that they didnít have the money for extended treatments and asked if there were any provisions for charity cases at the clinic. She explained that they had enough money to support them from a trust fund left to her by her parents, but Johnís medical insurance did not cover psychiatric treatment. Dr. Madonis told her that the funds in this years budget for charity patients had been accounted for and there would not be any available until next year. She told her that if John was arrested, the state would pay for his treatment, but it was likely to be given in prison. Margaret sighed and told her that John would have to take his chances with the law. It was simply impossible for her to withdraw any monies from the trust, her parents had told her before they died that their attorneys considered the trust unbreakable and seen to it that if she brought legal action to break the trust that all payments would be cut off immediately. She explained that if necessary they could survive without John working. Dr. Madonis patted her on the shoulder and said perhaps something could be done. She advised Margaret to be patient and wait a day or two and see what she could do for her.

Two days later, Dr. Madonis called back and asked if she could speak to Margaret privately in her home. Margaret agreed and Dr. Madonis said that sheíd be right over. Margaret put John to bed over his protestations and waited for Dr. Madonis to arrive. A hour later she was at the door and Margaret took her into the living room to hear what she had discovered. Margaret gave Dr. Madonis a cup of coffee and sat down across from the couch on the easy chair. Dr. Madonis said that sheíd been unable to find alternative sources of treatment and asked if she remembered the case of the little girl they had discussed at their first meeting. Margaret said she did and Dr. Madonis said she felt like this was probably Johnís only option. She pointed out that the treatment was purely experimental and she didnít really have authorization to do it but she felt it was in everyoneís interest to get John under control again. She asked where John was and seemed relieved when she was told that he was in bed asleep. She told Margaret that she had brought everything necessary to treat John and asked if she could call her sister and ask her to come over to help them give John his treatment. Margaret agreed and placed the call immediately. Her sister said sheíd be delighted to help and would be there in fifteen minutes. Margaret freshened Dr. Madonisís coffee and they made small talk until Margaretís sister arrived.

When Ann arrived, Dr. Madonis explained what they had to do. She gave Margaret and her sister explicit instructions for the help she needed. She told them that they wouldnít need to set up an I.V. because the large infusion of the experimental medication over a short period of time would be dangerous outside of a hospital setting. She would administer the first dose of secondary accelerator by injection and return in a few days to administer the second dose. She explained that the primary medication would have to be delivered by means of an enema and required that the patient hold the solution within his bowels for approximately one half hour. She said she would give John an injection of a very powerful tranquilizer first and let it take effect before they attempted the enema.

Margaret led the group up the stairs and opened the door to the master bedroom where John was taking his nap. She smiled as she saw everyoneís reaction to the scene before them; John lay on his twin bed on his stomach snoring loudly. His comforter was nowhere to be seen. (She had put away his comforter and made him dress in the outfit he was wearing in anticipation of this moment.) John was wearing a hot pink baby doll nightie that left his fanny exposed to everyoneís view. His ruffle covered bottom glowed pinkly in the dim light peeking in from the cracks between the heavy curtains as they approached his bed.

Margaret went to the head of the bed and motioned for Bethany and her sister to take position at the foot of his bed, ready to hold down his legs while Dr. Madonis prepared the injection of tranquilizer. Dr. Madonis signaled she was ready and the three of them bent over his sleeping form and held him down tightly as Dr. Madonis quickly pulled down the panty, swabbed his skin with alcohol, and injected him. John struggled as the needle penetrated his skin and tried to yell, but Margaret shoved his head into the pillow to muffle his screams. Dr. Madonis prepared a syringe with an injection of muscle relaxant and gave him second shot on the same site, then moved to the other side of the bed. Then Dr. Madonis filled another syringe with an anticonvulsant and gave him a third injection on the other side of his buttocks. Dr. Madonis pulled up the panty and nodded to the group to indicate she was finished. Everyone left the room except Margaret, who sat down on the edge of the bed beside John. The sounds of the womenís feet descending the stairs echoed hollowly in the room as John began to speak.

"What...What did you do?", he quavered in a panic.

"Nothing much, John. Dr. Madonis just gave you an injection of tranquilizer to keep you calm for the treatment. Weíll be back later to finish up. Right now, I just want you to stay where you are," she said with a smile of triumph.

"Treatment? What treatment?", he said thickly.

"John! You really didnít expect to get away with pawing Bethany did you? I was willing to stay quiet when you started stepping out on me with those two hussies at work, but pawing my niece was too much. I talked to a psychiatrist about the way you were behaving. Youíll be pleased to hear that I decided not to follow her recommendations. She advised chemical castration along with a long course of psychiatric treatment in the hospital. I told her your medical insurance didnít cover psychiatric illnesses and we couldnít afford to pay for it ourselves. So one of her colleagues offered to give you a new treatment sheís devised. Iím afraid youíre not going to be able to continue to work after the treatment, John, but I think itís for the best. I wasnít really happy with the company youíve been keeping at work lately. After youíve had your treatment you wonít feel like pawing little girls any more," she said grimly as she got up from the bed. She laughed as she moved toward the door and said, "Or maybe you still will! Anyway, it wonít matter to anyone what you do after the treatment. Youíll be completely safe in the company of little girls when Dr. Madonis gets through with you. Just lay there and let the tranquilizer take effect John. Weíll be back in a few minutes to give you your treatment.

"What....what are you going to do?", he asked, slurring the words slightly. The powerful tranquilizer was beginning to take effect and he was having a hard time controlling his tongue.

"What are we going to do, you asked? Oh, you mean, ĎWhat is the treatment going to do to you?í Nothing much really, John. Weíre just going to make you younger,.......a lot younger!", she said as she closed the door on Johnís sobs.

Margaret returned to the living room to find Dr. Madonis describing the treatment she intending to give John. Dr. Madonis explained that they would have to give him an enema as she removed a one liter bag from the shopping bag full of medications she had brought. She told them that while they waited for the tranquilizer to take effect, they should get everything ready. She said that they would need something to waterproof the bed like plastic sheeting as well as some old towels to soak up the mess when the inevitable happened. Margaret suggested they use lawn and leaf bags to protect the mattress and asked Ann if she would get them while she got some old towels from the linen closet and put them by the bedroom door. Dr. Madonis showed the enema bag to Bethany and explained that they would need to hold it high in the air while John was getting his treatment. She asked Bethany if she would like to hold it for her. Bethany asked Dr. Madonis why it couldnít be hung up somewhere. Dr. Madonis agreed that that would be best, but that she hadnít seen anyplace to hang the bag in the bedroom. Bethany pointed to the free standing bamboo hat rack in the entry hall and asked why they couldnít use that. Dr. Madonis laughed and said that a hat rack would be fine, she hadnít seen it when she came in. She asked Bethany if she would bring the hat rack up the stairs for them. Bethany jumped up from the couch and began to drag the bamboo rack up the stairs as Margaret re-entered the room. Margaret asked Dr. Madonis what Bethany was doing with the hat rack and chuckled when Dr. Madonis told her Bethanyís idea. She took the bags up the stairs to sit beside the bedroom door with the towels and bamboo rack until they were ready to give John his treatment.

End of Chapter Two

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Three: Protective Custody

If a womanís husband gets on her nerves, she should fly at him. If she thinks him too sweet and smarmy with other people, she should let him have it to his nose, straight out, She should lead him a dogís life and never swallow her bile.

ĖD.H. Lawrence, Fantasia of the Unconscious, 1922

An hour later the four women entered the bedroom with their arms filled with supplies to find John in a sedated daze. Margaret quickly stripped him of his panties and nightie, leaving him lying naked on his bed. Margaret and Ann rolled him over on his side while Bethany spread plastic lawn and leaf bags over the sheet to waterproof it. Then they rolled him back over on top of the plastic bags while Bethany spread bags on the other side.

John felt like his mind was wrapped in cotton batting; he wanted to resist the impersonal manipulation of his body, but even thinking about fighting back was too exhausting. He knew he should have felt embarrassed over what was happening to him, but somehow he couldnít seem to feel any emotions. He felt like his soul had withered in his body leaving a hollow emotionless husk. His ears rang with a high pitched whine and his thoughts moved with molasses-like slowness. He tried to move his arms and discovered that the muscle relaxant had made them flaccid and nearly useless. All he could do was flop his arms from side-to-side helplessly as they maneuvered his limp form on the bed.

Margaret and her sister pushed his feet and legs back until his knees touched his chest then continued to push, curling his back and rocking his bottom off the bed. Bethany slipped several towels under his behind and the two women let Johnís legs stretch out again. Ann and Margaret rolled him on his stomach and arranged his legs to make it easy for Dr. Madonis to insert the enema applicator in his rectum. Dr. Madonis asked Margaret where the bathroom was and left with the enema bag and medication to prepare the solution. A few minute later Dr. Madonis returned with the full enema bag in hand. She hung the bag from the hat rack that had been set up beside the bed and went to her shopping bag to look for some lubricant. She rummaged through the bag for a moment before finding the small jar of vaseline she had brought with her and stood up while opening the jar. Dr. Madonis rolled the tip of the applicator in the jar until the sides were coated and asked Margaret to hold Johnís shoulders while Ann and Bethany held his legs. John grunted as the applicator was shoved up his rectum and shivered when Dr. Madonis opened the stopcock letting the solution begin to flow into him.

Dr. Madonis explained that the dosage of solution was half that of what they gave patients in the clinic when they gave them the treatment there. She told them that she didnít want Johnís body to make too many changes over too short a time since they werenít in a clinical setting. She said she planned to wait a few days to see how he was doing before she gave him another treatment. While they waited for the medication to be absorbed, Dr. Madonis prepared the injection of accelerator. She swabbed the other side of Johnís behind with a disposable alcohol pad and then grabbed a handful of the muscle on his buttocks. Bethany asked why Dr. Madonis stuck the needle in sideways across the muscle instead of straight in when she saw how Dr. Madonis was giving the shot. The doctor told Bethany that the injection was very irritating to muscle tissue and she had to give it in a way called a ĎZí-track. She explained that when she withdrew the needle, the medication would be spread across the muscle rather than make a hard knot of medication which would damage the muscle. John moaned quietly as the needle was withdrawn and Dr. Madonis slapped the site of the shot.

Bethany chuckled at the sight of Dr. Madonis spanking her uncle and was told by Dr. Madonis that she had slapped his skin to reduce the pain of the injection. A few minutes later the muscles on Johnís body began to quiver as the drug released calcium ions causing his muscles to contract. The quivers became great rolling waves of spasms that shook his body. Johnís face was contorted by multiple tics as the medication pervaded every cell of his body. When the spasms had subsided, Dr. Madonis motioned to the others to release his arms and legs. They stood back and observed the effects of their work; John looked like a wreak, his lips hung slackly and he drooled incontinently as his muscles trembled feebly as his calcium balance returned to normal. As they watched, the hair on his pubes began falling out and making a small pile on the towel beneath him. Margaret bent over him and ran her hand up his leg and turned to the others to show what had come back on her hand. Her palm was covered with hair from his leg and a bald patch was exposed where she had brushed his leg. She reached between his legs and grabbed a hank of hair from his pubic region to tug and come up with a tuft of short, curly hair. Margaret dropped the tuft of hair on the towel beside him and brushed the hair from her palms saying, "Bethany, would you run down to the kitchen for me and get a damp sponge, dear? Iíd like to clean him up before he gets hair all over everything."

Bethany nodded and left the room as Margaret went to the head of the bed and bent down again. She pulled on the hair on Johnís head roughly and was surprised when nothing came back in her hand. She turned to Dr. Madonis for an explanation who smiled and said, "The loss of hair youíre seeing is the product of secondary sexual development. The hair on his head is unaffected as are his finger and toenails. Iím afraid youíll have to give him a haircut when the treatment is finished. Heís going to look pretty shaggy with an adult head of hair on a little boyís body."

Bethany returned with the sponge and helped Margaret wipe the vestiges of body hair from the back of Johnís arms and legs. When they finished with his rest of his body, Margaret cupped his scrotum in her hand and carefully sponged it off. Bethany was surprised to see his testicles seem to shrink at her touch. The twin mounds of tissue under the skin of his scrotum seemed to melt away into tiny bumps while she watched. She looked at his hands and saw that his fingernails appeared to be growing into twisted claws right under her eyes. She looked again and saw that his nails werenít really growing, it was his hand that was shrinking back away from the nails. He was shrinking! Dr. Madonis hadnít prepared her for this. While she watched his body dwindled in size, moving backwards through the stages of growth. When she had reentered the room he had appeared like a young man of twenty, now he looked like he was her age.

Bethany watched in fascination as he became an adolescent again and continued into childhood. His muscles relaxed in a state of utter tranquillity as his body adjusted to its new environment. Dr. Madonis turned off the stopcock on the empty enema bag and removed the applicator from his behind before turning his diminished body over on the bed. Seconds later Johnís bowels cut loose and a puddle of solution crept out beneath him. Margaret began sponging the hair from the front of his body and finished by wiping his pubic area. The denuded body of a little boy of six lay before them. Dr. Madonis removed the bag from the hat rack and took it in the bathroom to clean the tip. She walked back in the room saying, "I think we can remove the towels now and replace them. Heíll probably mess on them one more time before he gets finished but I donít want him lying in that mess until he does."

Margaret bent over the small body of her husband, slipping her arms underneath his legs and shoulders and lifting him easily for Ann to remove the soiled towels. Bethany replaced the towels and Margaret laid him back down on the bed. Margaret thanked Ann and asked if she would take the dirty towels down to the laundry for her. Ann complied as Dr. Madonis said as she put the rest of her things back in her shopping bag, "I think we should let him rest for awhile alone."

They reassembled in the living room where Dr. Madonis looked at her watch and said she had to go. She told Margaret to that she could remove the last towels in an hour or so and that the combination of the tranquilizer and muscle relaxant would make John sleepy and he would probably doze the rest of the day. She told her he should be okay the next day and to watch he carefully. If she had any problems she should call her at her home. She wrote down the number on the back of one of her business cards and handed it to Margaret, then said goodbye and left. Margaret turned to Ann and asked if she had found the things she had asked here about the other day. Ann smiled and said that she had put them in her car before she left. She gave Bethany her car keys and asked her to open the trunk and bring her the paper bag. Ann told Margaret that she had to leave and picked up her purse from the couch as Bethany returned with the paper bag in her arms. Ann told Bethany to put the bag anywhere on the floor and told her it was time to leave. Bethany did as she was told and went to the door. Margaret saw her sister to the door and stopped Bethany as she was about to leave, saying, "Bethany, What happened to your uncle is a family secret. Do you understand? I donít want you to tell any of your friends."

Ann nodded and said, "If I do find out that youíve told anyone young lady, Iím going to ground you for four months at least. Is that clear, Four months!"

Bethany swallowed and said meekly, "Yes, mother. I understand," and held the door open for her mother. Ann hugged her sister and said, "Donít worry about John, Dear. I think youíve done the right thing. Everything will be allright. Donít forget to call his employer and tell them heís quitting. Otherwise theyíll be calling you wanting to know what happened."

Margaret agreed and closed the door behind her sister before picking up the paper bag and taking it to the laundry. It was going to be a busy day tomorrow and she wanted to get the laundry done before she got snowed under.

Margaret finished folding the clean laundry and looked at her watch; it was time to get the towels off of Johnís bed. She took a wash cloth and a clean towel went up the stair to get John cleaned up. She stopped in the bathroom and wet the washcloth in the sink before she went into the bedroom. When she entered John was whimpering weakly on the bed. Margaret lifted Johnís feet and pulled them back to expose his bottom and began to wipe it with the washcloth, then folded the towels away from him. She bundled the towels with the plastic bags and put them on the floor beside the bed. Then she rolled him to one side and removed the rest of the plastic bags from the bed. Margaret folded the washcloth and began to give John a sponge bath, drying him with the clean towel as she went. She finished and picked up the bundle of towels and bags to take to the laundry, blowing him a kiss as she left the room. Sheíd dress him later, she decided. She had something perfect already picked out for him in the laundry room. Maybe later tonight sheíd take him with her to Wal-Mart and get him some new underwear. There was only one pair in the laundry that would fit him now and she wanted him to have a complete wardrobe.

Later that evening she went up to the bedroom with Johnís new nightclothes and underwear draped over her arm. She dressed him easily and picked him up in her arms to take him downstairs for dinner. She had prepared a large vegetarian meal of steamed broccoli and cauliflower for them. It was too bad John hated vegetables, she grinned. He wouldnít have much choice but eat what she put before him from now on, she thought to herself. It wasnít like he could jump in his car and get a burger from McDonalds, he was too short to reach the petals on his car. Margaret decided that she would keep his car for a spare in case anything happened to hers. Bethany would be needing a car in a couple of years and she could give it to her then. She didnít expect John would be driving again for quite a few years.

On the way out she stopped in the bathroom and showed John his new outfit. He was dressed in one of Bethanyís old nighties from her early childhood. He gazed sleepily at the imaged reflected back at him in the mirror. The medium length adult hair style was shoulder length on his diminished head. He looked like a little girl! John stared in horror as Margaret flipped up the front of the nightie to expose the girlís panties beneath. His body had become too young to display many sex differences and the ruffles and lace of the nightie encasing the soft rounded limbs of the six year old physique made his body appear petite and feminine. He whimpered when Margaret pulled the front of the panties down to show him his denuded infantine genitals. Margaret had done it to him this time. Heíd not even be able to go to work to escape his punishment. He was trapped. John wept as Margaret carried him down the stairs to give him his dinner. Margaret sat him on a chair in the dining room and went into the kitchen to prepare a plate for him. John plucked at the fabric of the nightie in askance as he waited. "What am I going to do?", he thought. "How am I going to explain this to my boss? I guess I can get Margaret to drive me to work, but this is going to be terribly embarrassing! What are Patti and Lisa going to say when they see me like this?"

Margaret entered the room with two heaping plates of vegetables in her hand and set one before him. John gulped when he saw what she had brought. Broccoli! She knew what broccoli did to him! Heíd spend half the night in the bathroom if he ate this! Broccoli did terrible things to his stomach. Heíd start producing gas until he bloated in pain. What was she trying to do?

Margaret sat down at the table opposite him and said, "Dig in John! Iíve decided that you havenít been getting enough vegetables in your diet. From now on, youíre going to get vegetables with every meal. Now eat!"

John picked at his food with his fork and pleaded with Margaret, "Please, Margaret. Donít make me eat this! You know what broccoli does to me."

She looked at him closely and said, "You know, I donít think itís appropriate for you to call me Margaret now. Youíre only a little boy. I think you should call me mommy from now on."

"Mommy?", John whined. "Margaret, please donít make me call you mommy. Itís embarrassing!"

"What did I tell you to call me?", she asked with a rising tone of threat in her voice.

"Mommy," he replied in a small defeated voice. "May I eat the cauliflower and leave the broccoli, mommy?", he begged.

"No! Now eat your veges or mommy will spank!", she said grimly. Margaret continued as John began to slowly eat the broccoli, "I think Iím going to call you Johnny from now on. John is much too mature a name to call a six year old child. Oh, by the way, I decided to call your boss and tell him you are quitting. A six year old has no business working for a living. Iíll tell them youíve got health problems that make it impossible for you to continue in your present condition. That will keep them from asking you stay on. Iím sure they wouldnít want their health premiums to rise just to cover one worker. Weíll live on the trust fund my parents left me. Iíll handle all the finances from now on. You wonít have to do a thing except play and watch cartoons all day. "

John hunkered over his food morosely as he listened to his adult life slipping away. Sheíd never let him out of her sight again, he knew. Heíd spend the rest of his days as a young child tied to his mommyís apron strings. John wanted to cry, but knew that Margaret would get angry and spank him if he did. It wouldnít do any good anyhow, he sighed. He should have controlled himself with Bethany when he had the chance. It had all started so innocently he thought. He didnít mean to touch her, things just got out of hand. He glanced up at Margaretís face and saw the look of triumph displayed as she watched him eat the broccoli. She intended for him to suffer for his sins and there wasnít anything he could do about it. He belched lightly as the flora in his stomach reacted with the hideous green vegetable. Soon the broccoli would move into his small intestine and the gas production would begin in earnest. Heíd be in agony the rest of the night.

Margaret heard him burp and smiled to herself before saying, "Oh, dear! Does that nasty old broccoli make my little boy burp? Does it give his tummy gas? Mommy has the cure for that. Right after dinner, mommyís going to give her little boy some milk of magnesia. That will take care of his problem."

"Great!", he thought in exasperation. "Milk of magnesia! By the time she gives it to me, it will be too late. Iíll bloat up like a swamp frog in heat. The combination of the two will give me the trots. If Iím not careful, Iíll mess in my pants. I wish I had never seen that little bitch Bethany," he wished fervently.

When he finished his meal Margaret came over and wiped his face for him as if the condition of his mind matched his body. He tried to talk Margaret into letting him wipe his own face, but she was adamant. She was going to be a good mommy to her boy Johnny and take care of all his needs, she told him. Margaret put away the dishes and then took him to Wal-Mart where she purchased six pairs of little girlís panties. Sheíd buy more tomorrow she promised him as they stood in line at the cashier. She told him sheíd bought the panties tonight to have extras in case he had an Ďaccidentí. He hung his head in shame when he heard this, he realized that she hadnít bought any little boys clothes for him to wear. She intended to dress him in little girlís clothes until he became a simpering pansy begging for his mommyís mercy. Tears rolled down his face as they went out to their car.

Johnís lower intestine grumbled threateningly on the way home. Margaret glanced over at him and smiled at the sound of the gas moving around. Heíd have to go soon, she thought. She slowed down the car to give him something to think about on the trip home. She wanted him to remember this night for a long time. When she got finished with him, he wouldnít be able to even think about doing anything to make her mad again. She wondered if heíd noticed that she had purchased some cloth diapers and pins as well as extra-large sized, plastic-coated, rumba panties to make him wear if he had an Ďaccidentí. Probably not, she decided. He had been much to busy trying to hide his face from the cashier.

Heíd learn that there were worse things than being made to wear little girlís clothes. A week or two of broccoli ought to do the trick, she thought. Heíd never be able to control himself for that long without making a mess in his panties. Sheíd put him to bed in diapers and make him sleep in them if he made a mess. A night in messy diapers ought to produce a lovely case of diaper rash the next day. Heíd spent the next day squirming in his panties trying to find a comfortable position with a repeat performance the next night. After a few days of sleeping in diapers, sheíd make him wear diapers all day long. She wouldnít let him remove them himself and sheíd fix it so she would always be too busy to help him to the toilet when he needed to go. Heíd be forced to use his diapers to do his business. A week or two of that and heíd lose his potty training. As far as she was concerned, he could spend the rest of his life with a sore bottom. The humiliation heíd suffer wearing diapers would more than make up for the extra laundry dirty diapers would cause her. In a month or two, heíd beg for the chance to be allowed to wear grown up clothes like a little girl. By then his will would be totally broken.

John had an Ďaccidentí getting out of the car. He tried to hide it, but the sound of escaping gas was too loud to miss. Margaret frowned at him and told him what a naughty boy he was for pooping in his panties. He waddled into the house with an ugly brown stain on the back of his panties declaring his immaturity to the world. Margaret marched him upstairs and stripped the soiled panties off his bottom and refused to let him clean himself up. She took a babywipe and cleaned his bottom before laying him down on his bed and pulling the nightie up to his head. John whimpered as she lifted his legs and slid a diaper underneath his bottom. John wasnít sure what Margaret was doing to him, but he knew it would be mortifying. He felt her pull something up between his legs and fastened on one side of his waist before she fastened the other side. Whatever she had done, he thought, it wasnít going to be easy to get out of, his waist was tightly entrapped in whatever she had put on him. She lifted his feet in the air and worked the plastic panties over his ankles then down his legs. He felt his bottom lifted in the air as she worked the rumba panties over his diaper.

When she finished she sat on the bed beside him and said, "Johnny, youíve been a very naughty little boy. Mommy canít have you pooping in your bed like a little baby so sheís decided to make you wear diapers to sleep in. If youíre good tonight maybe sheíll let you wear panties again tomorrow. From the size of the mess in your panties there is not much purpose in letting you go to the bathroom before you go to bed so youíll just have to make do for tonight. Youíll be pleased to know that mommy put some plastic rumba panties on you so you wonít make the bed wet if you pee in your dydees while youíre sleeping. Now be a good little boy and go to sleep for mommy. Mommyís going to stay up and watch TV. Maybe tomorrow youíll learn how to control yourself."

She left the room after turning off the light. John lay in bed under the covers and felt the plastic panties surrounding the diapers. He hoped Margaret was right about the panties protecting the bed. His lower intestine still growled loudly, foreboding another incident that was sure to come. A few minutes later his bowels spasmed and he pooped again. Then an overpowering urge to pee seized him. He tried to fight it, but he felt the slow trickle of urine run down the inside of his crotch. Another bowel spasm hit him and his bowel and bladder released simultaneously. John cried quietly when he realized the import of what Margaret had said. She had no intention of changing his diaper tonight. He have to spend the night sleeping in wet and dirty diapers. He hugged himself in terror at what sheíd say if she found out he had soiled himself again right after she had cleaned him up.

Margaret heard the sound of his crying downstairs and smiled to herself. Heíd probably messed in his diapers. She wondered if he had peed as well and decided he probably had. He hadnít peed all day and the pressure should be overwhelming by now. She went to the laundry room and got another surprise for John that she thought would be appropriate to give him now. Margaret chuckled softly to herself as she mounted the stairs to go check on him. She wanted to scare him a little so he wouldnít ask her to change him tonight. She wanted the dirty diaper to have a chance to work on him. When she opened the door and turned on the light she caught the slight smell of a dirty diaper. "Good," she thought to herself, "I hope heís peed too! Letís see how frightened I can make him."

Margaret went to the side of his bed and looked down at his tear streaked face, hiding the object behind her back. "Poor little boy!", she said, her tone dripping with contempt. "Itums little boy afraid of the dark? Mommyís sorry, but she doesnít have a nightlight for her little boy. Tomorrow sheíll fix up the spare bedroom to make a nursery for little Johnny. Sheíll get a nightlight and everything for her little boy. In the meantime mommy has something to keep you company."

She pulled her hand from behind her back and produced a large teddy bear with a pink ribbon tied around its head in a huge bow. "See," she said, "Johnnyís cousin Bethany gave mommy her old teddy bear for Johnny to sleep with. Wasnít that nice of her?"

She pulled down the cover and sat on the edge of the bed next to John. She put the teddy bear next to him and pulled his arm around the bear to cuddle it saying, "There you go little boy. Isnít that better? Now dry your tears, little man, and go to sleep. Mommyís planned a busy day tomorrow and she doesnít want her little boy to be cranky."

Margaret put her hand casually down between his legs and squeezed the crotch of Johnís diaper. John squirmed as the pressure forced the mess up between his legs. "Surely she must feel the heat from the urine," he thought.

But Margaret just smiled at him and continued, "I hope Johnny wasnít naughty and made another mess in his dydee. Mommy would think that little Johnny had messed in his dydee just to make life difficult for mommy. Mommy would be very, very upset. Do you know what mommy would have to do then? Sheíd have to spank her little boy! Sheíd spank him so hard heíd beg her to stop but she wouldnít. Sheíd just go on spanking and spanking her naughty little boy until his cute little bottom turned bright red and he couldnít sit down for a week. Then sheíd put him in another diaper and swaddle him in blankets like a little baby. Do know what swaddling is? No, donít nod at me like you really know. You think swaddling is like what they taught you in Sunday school people used to do with babies to poop in, but thatís not right. Swaddling is where the mommy wraps her baby in a blanket so tight he canít move a muscle. Just think of how uncomfortable that must be, to have to lay on your bruised bottom and not be able to move your arms or legs all night. Mommy would have to find something to keep her little boy quiet if she did something little that. Heís probably want to whimper and keep her up all night. So sheíd fill his mouth with something to keep him quiet. Something like this!"

She reached in her pocket and produced one of Bethanyís old pacifiers from when she was a baby. The latex was yellowed with age and looked nasty. Margaret had tied a blue ribbon on the ring and she dangled it in front of Johnís face while she continued to squeeze the contents of his diaper. "See? Mommyís even put a pretty blue ribbon on it so she can tie it to her little boyís head so he canít spit it out. Heíd have to spend the night with a pacifier in his mouth. But she wonít have to do that, will she? If little Johnny has an Ďaccidentí in his dydees tonight while heís sleeping mommy canít be very upset with him for that. Poor little Johnny canít be held responsible for what he does while he sleeps, can he?"

Margaret bent over his terror stricken face and kissed him on the forehead saying, "Now, be a good little boy and go to sleep. If mommy hears one more sound out of you tonight sheís going to pull down your dydees and spank you on your bare bottom. Is that clear?"

John nodded with huge eyes and cuddled the teddy bear to him tightly. The tenor in her voice had frightened him badly. She would really do what she promised if she discovered that heíd messed in his diapers while he was awake. As uncomfortable as he was, it would be worse if she discovered what heíd done. It couldnít be so bad to have to sleep in a dirty diaper, could it? Babies did it all the time. It would wash off in the morning when she changed him, wouldnít it? Aside from feeling odd, it couldnít hurt him.

John decided to keep his mouth shut and try to get to sleep like she suggested. Margaret smiled down at what she had done to her husband. She had felt the warmth from his pee under the panties and knew his diaper must be soaking wet. He looked so cute laying there in his pink ruffled nightie and rumbas. The pink bow on the teddy bear leant him just the right touch of the feminine. There was only one thing he needed to do to perfect the image. She took his free hand and pulled it up to his face to stick his thumb in his mouth. She smiled and said, "There you go, little boy. Mommy doesnít mind if her little boy sucks his thumb. She thinks it makes him look cute. Mommy wants you to practice sucking your thumb for mommy. Do you understand? If mommy sees her little boy without his thumb in his mouth , sheís going to give him a spanking. Is that clear?"

John nodded and Margaret smiled and nodded in return while pulling up his blanket and tucking it around him. She walked to the door and said, "Sleep tight, Honey. Donít let the bedbugs bite!"

End of Chapter Three


Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Four: Probation and Rearrest

The art of managing men has to be learned from birth....It depends to some extent on oneís distribution of curves, a developed instinct, and a large degree of feline cunning.

ĖMary Hyde, How to Manage Men, 1955

John lay in bed quietly for an hour before falling asleep. He was utterly miserable. The mess he had made felt cold and clammy on his skin and made his scrotum contract. The poop clung to his skin like glue and squished every time he moved. He would have cried except for Margaretís threat to spank him. If she found out he was dirty, the punishment sheíd inflict would be a thousand times worse than what he was suffering. At first he continued to suck on his thumb in fear that sheíd discover that he had disobeyed her, but after a while he had found the presence of his thumb strangely comforting. He snuggled up to the teddy bear and fell asleep with his thumb in his mouth.

The next morning Margaret woke him by pulling the blanket off of the bed. He had taken his thumb out of his mouth in his sleep and was hugging the plushy fur of the bear when he awoke. Margaret flipped up his nightie and pulled it over his head, saying, "Good morning Honey! Did Johnny have a good sleep? Let mommy check your dydee and see if you need to be cleaned up."

She stuck three fingers down his diaper and said in mock surprise, "Oh dear! Mommyís little boy is sopping wet! Mommy will get you cleaned up right away before her sweet little boy get a bad case of dydee rash!"

John yawned extravagantly and blinked his eyes as she picked up his legs and put a garbage bag beneath his bottom. The movement brought an explosion of itching pain. "Diaper rash!", he thought in alarm, "Iíve got diaper rash!"

Margaret smiled down at him as she pulled the panties off his diapers and down his legs. She grinned and chided gently, "Do you remember what mommy said about sucking your thumb, Honey?"

John hastily stuck his thumb in his mouth causing Margaret to grin and say, "Thatís mommyís GOOD boy!" John frowned around his thumb as the smell of the sour diaper reached him. The reek of ammonia was over powering. Margaret unpinned on side of his diaper and then the other. The sour odor of the diaper was immediately replaced with the noxious effluvium of a dirty diaper. John wanted to gag but was prevented by his thumb. Margaret began the process of cleaning the filth from his bottom and pubes causing John to writhe in pain. "This is torture!", he thought as every touch of the babywipe on his irritated skin brought a new wave of itching and pain.

John bit his thumb as Margaret rubbed diaper rash ointment into his abused skin and followed it with a light dusting of baby powder. She smiled and said, "There you go, Honey. Now would mommyís little boy rather wear panties today or dydees?"

The thought of wearing a diaper on his rash made the color go out of his face. John choked and said, "Panties please, mommy."

"Panties it is then, Honey!", she said with a knowing grin. He must really be miserable, she thought. The skin on his scrotum and bottom looked like it was ready to bleed. She put him in a fresh pair of lacy panties and then showed he what she had brought him to wear. It was a pretty blue dress with a crinoline petty skirt that bloomed out extravagantly. It looked like it had been designed for an extra large sized two ear old girl. Contrasting white lace bordered the puffed sleeves and collar and a large blue bow accented the waist. She slipped the dress over his head and buttoned the back for him before helping him from the bed, saying, "Come on, Honey. Itís time for your breakfast. Mommy has made a special treat for you this morning; oatbran and stewed prunes."

She held his hand as they went down the stairs. John didnít know how he was going to sit in a chair to eat, every movement of his legs was agony. The dress wasnít going to be much help, the skirt was so short his panties could be clearly seen when he stood. When they got down to the kitchen, John discovered Ann sitting there at the breakfast table. Sitting in front of the table was a scarred wooden high chair. "Oh no!", he thought in despair, "That high chair is meant for me!"

Margaret lifted him up and sat him in the high chair causing him to moan involuntarily in pain. She fed the strap up between his legs and fastened it behind him on the chair. The strap was too tight; it cut into his panties and rubbed against his testicles painfully. Then Margaret placed the tray on the high chair in front of him and went to get his breakfast. Ann saw the look of pain on Johnís face and knew what the strap was doing to him. Margaret had explained what she had done to John last night when she called this morning. That strap must be cutting into his rash and making him very uncomfortable. She had been delighted to give Margaret Bethanyís old baby furniture when Margaret asked for it this morning. The humiliation of sleeping in a crib and eating in a high chair would do him good she thought.

Margaret tied a bib around his neck and began to feed him the bran and prune mixture. "Yecck!", Ann thought to herself as she watched John being spoon fed his breakfast. Margaret started talking to him to hurry him, saying, "Come on Honey. Open wide! Thatís a good boy. Hereís another one. Goooood boy! Mommy wants you to hurry, sheís got a special surprise for you this morning. But first youíve got to eat your breakfast and then mommy will cut your hair. Your hairs so long it looks like a little girlís! We canít have that, can we? Now hurry up and eat your breakfast. Mommy has invited some special visitors to come over and see you this morning. Theyíll be here in about an hour."

He finished the fruit and cereal and was given milk to drink to complete his breakfast. At least it looked like milk. When he tasted it, it had the strong flavor of vanilla. John smacked his lips with gusto. They had given him a milk shake for breakfast. The only thing wrong with it was the cup Margaret had given him to drink it from. It was a toddlerís training cup. "Oh well ," he thought, "at least it isnít a baby bottle."

He sipped from the cup until the shake was only a memory in the bottom of the cup. Ann beamed at his and said, "Did little Johnny like that? Good! I gave your mommy two more cans of it. Would Johnny like to know what that is? Itís baby formula for older babies! I stopped and bought it for you at the convenience store on the way over. Since you like it so much, youíll drink it at every meal. Wonít that be nice?"

John blushed in embarrassment at the revelation. He had been trapped into drinking baby formula. What was worse, he had obviously enjoyed it! Margaret wiped his face with the bottom of the bib and untied it, then took a large bath towel and draped it over his shoulders before pinning it around his neck. She went to the cupboard and returned with a plastic bowl which she put over his head. "Now sit still, Honey, while mommy cuts your hair. We want you to look nice for your visitors this morning."

A few minutes later she was done. His long hair lay in loops on the floor and he was left with a haircut that would have looked more appropriate on a Norman knight than on a six year old boy. It made him look singularly childish, but had one redeeming feature; he looked like a little boy rather than a little girl. Margaret brushed off the excess hair on the floor and swept up the remains of his adult life. John looked on sadly as she swept his shorn locks into a dustpan and dumped them in the kitchen trash. Margaret unpinned the towel and shook it out outside the back door into the yard before putting it in the dirty clothes hamper in the laundry room. She came back and sat down in front of John and said, "Now itís time to tell you about your surprise. I called your employer this morning and told him you had to quit. He was very nice about it. He offered to have your co-workers empty out your desk and bring your property over to the house. I agreed and he said heíd have the receptionist Lisa bring it over. When Patti heard you were sick she asked if she could come over too. Iíve been wanting to meet them for a long time and I agreed immediately. I think theyíll love you in your pretty new dress, donít you? They should be here in a few minutes."

John opened his mouth and let out a wail of despair. Margaret and Ann laughed cruelly when they saw the effect the news had on him. The doorbell rang and Margaret when to answer it. She returned a few minutes later with a huge grin on her face. Ann stood and said, "While Iíd really like to stay and see the show, i have to go. I have a dental appointment this morning and Iím already going to be late. Iíll see myself out by the side door."

Margaret hugged her sister goodbye and went back to get John out of the high chair. She unfastened the strap and picked him up and carried him into the living room. Lisa and Patti were seated on the couch waiting for Margaretís return. Patti asked Margaret, "Do you think that John is going to here soon. I really wanted to talk to him and the boss will be annoyed if we take too long. How much longer is it going to take?"

Margaret smiled and stood John on his feet beside her, saying, "Heís here now. Say Ďhelloí John."

John blushed hotly and said in a small voice, "Hello Patti. Hello Lisa."

Patti looked incredulous and said, "Thatís him? You must be kidding! Where is he?"

Margaret looked down at her tiny husband and ordered as she sat in the easy chair opposite the couch, "Tell them who you are, John. Make them believe it. Surely there must be something at the office no one knows but the employees. Prove it to them."

John described a large account that they had almost lost due to non-delivery of an order. At least thatís what they told the customer. What had really happened is that the boss had seen an opportunity to make a huge profit by selling the order to one of their customerís competitors. They had covered the shortage two weeks later with a later delivery and claimed the order hadnít been delivered to them. Everyone had kept quiet and gone along with the lie. The alternative was to lose the customer and possibly have to lay some people off the job.

The story convinced Lisa and Patti. They knew John would have never told anyone what had happened to that order. They looked to Margaret for an explanation of Johnís illness. Margaret shrugged and said, "John is suffering from a rare growth hormone reversal syndrome. As you can see heís got the body of a six year old child. Theyíre not sure whether heís going to shrink any more so he has to be observed carefully. One of the side effects of the syndrome is that his body has taken on the characteristics of his apparent age. In effect, heís become six years old again. They reason heís wearing a little girlís dress is more complicated. I donít know if youíre aware of it , but my husband has some peculiar sexual tastes. Heís a peeper. He likes to look up womenís dresses. Iíve ignored it up to now, but two days ago he had the temerity to look up my young nieceís dress. Then he tried to feel her up. Iíve dressed him like this to let him see how it feels to be exposed to everyoneís view. Youíll notice that his panties are completely exposed by his dress. Iím tired of having to watch every minute to keep him from misbehaving like he was a two year old. In a way, Iím glad this happened to him, heís easier to handle this way.

Patti agreed that she was certainly justified in punishing him like a child. She told Margaret that she and Lisa were aware of his peeping and had to stay behind desks at work to keep him from looking up their dresses. Patti laughed and said how cute he looked in a dress and Lisa told Margaret what an adorable little girl he made for her. Patti asked him if heíd like to sit on her lap. She told Margaret that John had asked her repeatedly to sit on his and she felt it was only polite to reciprocate. John looked embarrassed and Margaret explained that John didnít feel much like sitting on anyoneís lap today, he had a very bad case of dydee rash. This news delighted the women, the elbowed each other and giggled saying they aways thought his behavior was infantile. They suggested that Margaret buy some plastic-covered, rumba panties to go with his dress. When Margaret told them that she had and that he had spent the last night in diapers and panties, they howled with laughter.

Johnís face went from beet-red embarrassment to crimson anger. "How DARE they treat him like this!", he thought in rage. He turned back to the women on the couch and said, "You! You shut up! You know what Iíll do if you donít! Iíll have your jobs for this! Youíll be walking the streets hustling johns for five dollar tricks when I get finished with you! You filthy degenerate sluts! Shut the fuck up!!!"

Margaret said in a shocked tone, "John, how dare you speak to them like that! Whatís come over you? Apologize immediately or Iíll pull down your panties and spank your bare bottom in front of them!"

John turned on Margaret with an expression of maniacal rage on his face and said, "You shut the fuck up too! Iíve had all Iím going to take! Iím going to divorce you, you perverted sadistic bitch!"

Margaret grabbed for his arm and missed causing John to go on a rampage. He kicked Margaret in the knee and knocked the floor lamp over on her before running over to Patti and attempting to do the same to her. Patti avoided his kick, but missed the lamp he overturned, letting it fall to the floor with a crash. The room was in bedlam as the women shouted at each other as they tried to grab him. Margaret recovered from his kick and advanced upon him from the rear, hoping to surprise her berserk husband and seize him from behind.

Margaret grabbed his arm and dragged him back to the easy chair. She hauled him roughly over her lap, pulling down his panties as she did so and exposing his rash covered bottom to Lisaís and Pattiís view. She began thrashing his bottom with the palm of her hand causing him to scream in rage and pain. The expression of the insulted women on the couch changed from one of shocked embarrassment to one of unsuppressed glee as they watched John get his comeuppance. Margaret continued to spank John, ignoring his howls of pain as the overstimulated nerves on his bottom overloaded and sent a continuous stream of pain messages to his brain. Johnís eyesight disappeared in a blood red haze of agony as the beating went on unabated. He struggled helplessly in her lap to escape the unending torment, but Margaret held him easily with one hand while she pounded on his behind with the other. His howls or rage became wails of anguished defeat as the blood vessels on his injured bottom broke and his buttocks began to bruise. Margaret was livid, she never heard his pleas for mercy as she aimed for one cheek and then the other. He breathing became ragged and he took his breath in broken sobs as the beating continued. Margaret was slowing down, her arm was getting tired. It was obvious to Lisa and Patti that Johnís will had broken. His sobs of pain became unceasing whimpers of utter defeat. Margaret stopped and looked at Lisa and Patti saying, "From the looks on your faces, youíre not exactly unhappy that this happened. Since he refused to apologize to you, I think you have the right to spank him yourselves. Do you want to spank him? Here! Heís all yours!"

Lisa looked at Patti for guidance. She obviously would have liked to accept the offer but she was uncertain whether to proceed. Patti solved the problem by saying, "Please, Iíll take him right now if you donít mind."

John screamed anew as he saw Patti coming for him to take him to the couch to be spanked by them. He looked up at Margaret and pleaded, "Mommy nooooo! Please donít let them take me! Iím sorry! Please! NO!"

Patti took him from Margaretís arms and offered him to Lisa, who declined. She put him over her knee and continued the spanking where Margaret had left off. Johnís wails were quickly reduced to low whimpers of animal pain as she beat him saying, "Youíre going to do what little boy? Just what are you going to say about Lisa and me? Do you really think your mommy is going to let you ruin our lives just to satisfy your ego? Where is the letter you stole from my desk? Iím not going to stop until you tell me! Where is it? Do you hear me? ........What the Hell?!!!!"

She picked him up from her lap and held his tear streaked face close to hers and demanded, "What did you do?!! Youíve peed on me! You nasty little boy! No wonder your mommy made you spend last night in diapers!"

She shook him violently and said, "Where is it, you little monster? Tell me right now or Iím going to beat you within an inch of your life! Do you understand me? WHERE IS IT?"

John sniveled and said brokenly, "In den.....on desk....under blotter.....Please donít hit me anymore!"

Margaret was standing in front of them with a damp sponge in her hand to give Patti. She said, "Here, wipe your slacks off before they stain. Iíll take care of him."

Margaret started up the stairs carrying a whimpering John like a small child. She turned to Lisa and Patti and said, "Please donít leave before I have a chance to talk to you some more. The den is down the hall and to the right, you canít miss it. Iíll be back in a few minutes."

Margaret carried him into their bedroom and threw him down on the bed saying, "Donít you dare move little boy or the spankings will start all over again from the beginning. Do you understand me?"

John shivered in fear and nodded his understanding. Margaret went to his underwear drawer and took out a diaper and some frosted semi-translucent Gerber plastic pants and took two diaper pins from his valet box on the dresser. She put the pins between her lips and rapidly diapered him, then slipped the plastic pants on his legs and over his diaper. She picked him up again when she was finished and took the pacifier she had threatened him with the night before and stuck it in his mouth. When she arrived back in the living room she found Lisa and Patti sitting on the couch with an old envelope in hand. Margaret put John on the floor on his hands and knees and said, "Baby Johnny, I want you to stay on your hands and knees until I tell you to get up. Do you understand me? You can crawl on the rug as much as you like, but I donít want you to get off your hands and knees until I tell you different. Do you understand me? Since youíve decided to act like a baby, your going to be treated like a baby."

She turned her attention back to Lisa and Patti and said, "I know Iím prying, but I have to know. My husband was blackmailing you two wasnít he?"

Patti looked at Lisa and then looked back at Margaret calmly before saying, "Yes, Margaret he was."

"Would you mind telling me whatís in the letter and what he wanted in return for his silence?", asked Margaret quietly.

"Since he could tell you himself, I guess thereís no harm in telling you. Besides we have the letter now and his unsupported word would be taken as an ugly slander. I doubt that anyone would believe him," she said carefully and continued, "You see, your husband stole this old letter from Lisa to myself from my desk. The letter describes our relationship with each other in rather graphic terms. There were also some photographs enclosed in the letter that your husband threatened to have scanned, converted to jpg files and posted anonymously to a sexual binary site on the Internet. The pictures have, among other things of general interest to someone who would frequent that sort of newsgroup, close-ups of our faces with us smoking marijuana. The pictures were taken some time ago by a close friend of ours who developed the pictures in her personal photo lab. We were young and indiscreet. The letter also details several pharmaceutical transactions to which we were a party."

"I see," said Margaret dryly, "in other words, the two of you are lovers and had some raunchy photos taken by a friend of yours which also depicted you using illegal drugs. The letter describes your love life and some drug deals that you were involved with. Have I described the contents of the letter accurately?"

"Pretty much," agreed Patti.

"And my husband threatened to post the pictures on the Internet and turn over the letter to the police, right? I imagine by the threats he made a few minutes ago he probably also threatened to tell your boss. Is that true?", Margaret asked.

Patti pursed her lips and said slowly, "Yes and he also threatened to tell our families and neighbors what we had become. You understand that we were not very concerned about what our neighbors in this city might think, but he said he would tell our parentís neighbors. You see, we both come from very small towns in rural areas. Our parents are members of very strict Christian churches. They would be ostracized from the community if this information became known. It would kill them. My mother was very embarrassed when I got divorced from my husband. Weíve been wanting to move in together, but we havenít to keep my parents from thinking weíre lesbians."

"I see," said Margaret, "and just what did my husband want in exchange for his silence? Money?"

Patti laughed nervously and replied, "No, no, nothing like that. Your husband wanted certain........favors from us. We were understandably reluctant to comply."

"And did you?", asked Margaret.

Patti looked embarrassed and said, "No. Oh, we went out to dinner a few times with him, but there was nothing more to it. We thought that if he got to know us he would return the letter and drop the whole matter, but it backfired on us."

"I take that to mean he became infatuated with you and became even more insistent," Margaret said.

"Thatís right," said Patti.

"So thatís why you volunteered to clean out his desk and come visit him at home, is that right?", asked Margaret.

"I........We were hoping his illness had changed his plans and he would let us off the hook," said Lisa.

"I see," said Margaret, "It sounds like you two have been less then forthright in the past. Well, you have your letter now and John no longer works for the company. I think I can promise you I have no intention of letting him discuss this matter with anyone. As a matter of fact, Iíve been less than forthright myself. I fibbed to you earlier when I said an illness caused his body to regress. Heís perfectly healthy, at least physically, if not mentally. John was regressed as a consequence of being given an experimental drug for treatment of particularly difficult mental cases. The usual course of treatment causes the patient to regress into infancy, but I had planned to stop the treatment at age six. After what Iíve heard here today, Iíve changed my mind. I think it would be best for everyone if my husband continued his treatments and regressed into infancy. It will be a number of years until he will be able to tell anyone about this incident and I imagine heíll have forgotten your names by then. Is that an acceptable resolution for you?"

Lisa and Patti broke into huge grins and said together, "YES!!!"

John screwed up his face around the pacifier and looked like he was going to cry. Margaret smile at the two lovers and said, "Well, then, I think we can consider the matter closed. There is one small thing you could do for me that I think youíd enjoy. Johnís doctor will be coming by the day after tomorrow to give him his final treatment. I may need some help. Would you care to assist us?

Patti beamed at Margaret and said, "It would be our pleasure! Give us a call at work and tell us what time to be here!"

Patti looked down at John crawling on the carpet. The plastic pants were a little too small for his six year old body and the diapers made them bulge hugely in the rear. The change in his appearance was near miraculous; instead of looking like a very young girl with the tomboy haircut, he now looked like a toddler who had temporarily regressed to earlier infantile behaviors. She smiled at his innocent appearance and said, "Poor little man! He wanted so much to get womenís attention. He wanted women to fondle, pamper and baby him. Well, heís going to get everything he wished for now! I can picture him sitting on your lap watching TV and drinking from his ba-ba. Heíll be in the perfect position to peek up womenís dresses from his vantage point on the floor. Iím sure heíll even be able to get away with copping a feel if some woman lets him sit on her lap." She leaned down and patted Johnís diaper, saying, "Itís time for us to get back to work. Take care of yourself, baby Johnny! Weíll be back in two days for our last visit."

Patti slipped the letter into her purse and stood up to leave. She looked down at her reduced adversary and laughed, saying, "Maybe we can have dinner together then. Lisa and I will bring over a couple of steaks and a bottle of Bordeaux and we can make a party of it. We can have steak and garlic mashed potatoes in the dining room while you sit in your high chair and eat something appropriate to your new age. Maybe your mommy will feed you strained carrots and peas followed by formula in a baby bottle."

End of Chapter Four

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice


Chapter Five: Interview with the Judge

It happens to be my personal philosophy that if you give a man an inch of rope, he will tie you down with it, probably to the bedposts. I am a feminist but I donít hate men. I do think you have to watch them though. They are like street cars, another comes along every fifteen minutes, the trick is not to let one run over you.

ĖFrances Deck, wiccan, letter in Of a Like Mind, Spring 1993

She said goodbye to Margaret and left with Lisa trailing behind. "Such lovely women," Margaret thought to herself as she closed the door behind them. Margaret went back to the living room and stood over her former husband and baby to be. She shook her head and said, "So youíre a sexual blackmailer? Iíd have never thought you had the courage. Oh well, thatís in the past. Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?"

John nodded his head vigorously and Margaret said, "Thatís okay, Honey. If you want to talk itís okay with me. In two days all youíll be able to do is ma-ma if youíre lucky. I suspect that most of what youíll be saying will be coos, gurgles, and baby babble. All I ask is that for the next two days you talk baby talk. That means a vocabulary of not more than twenty simple words and no complete sentences. The biggest combination I want you to make is two words, like Ďmommy bye-bye". Is that understood? Good! Now you can take your binkie out of your mouth and tell me what you want. No words? Then youíll have to make baby sounds. Go on! Mommy wants to hear you make baby sounds!"

John let the pacifier fall from his mouth and said sheepishly, "Goo, Goo, Ga Ga"

Margaret smiled at his first attempt at baby talk and said, "Thatís mommyís gooood baby! Okay, mommy will get you something to drink."

She returned a few minutes later with a baby bottle and pressed it into Johnís hand. He attempted to sit on his diaper and discovered that his bottom was too bruised to allow him to sit in comfort. He rocked from side to side trying to find some place on his behind that was comfortable, but his fanny was one enormous bruise. John looked up at Margaret helplessly, his eyes pleading for maternal understanding. She bent down and gripped him under the armpits and laid him on his back saying, "Try sucking on the bottle from that position, sweetiepie. This way your sore tush wonít hurt as much and youíll also swallow less air."

John put the nipple in his mouth and sucked. He was surprised how much work it was too get the water out of the bottle. He had thought that manufacturers would make it easy for infants to get their formula. The nipple felt odd in his mouth. "Perhaps Iím not sucking on this right," he thought, "maybe if I turn it around it will be a little easier." He rotated the bottle in his hands and discovered that the nipple now fit comfortably in his mouth. He sucked a bit experimentally and found that if he rested the nipple on the roof of his mouth and lay his tongue against the nipple, he could suck the water from the nipple easily. True, he didnít get more than a small trickle with every suck, but it was to cumulative effect that counted. John closed his eyes and concentrated on assuaging his thirst.

Margaret towered over her former husband and shook her head in amazement. He was regressing much faster than she had expected he would. She suspected that the terrible beating he had received at the hands of his wife and woman he had attempted to blackmail into being his unwilling mistress had more than a little to do with it. Margaret had almost relented when she heard the broken whimpers that Patti had produced. She realized now that she had been right to let Patti spank him. She probably would have never found out about his plan to blackmail Lisa and Patti otherwise. She hoped they would carry through with their plan to come over and party when John was given his final treatment. She wanted to do something to make up for Johnís behavior. She hoped the three of them would become friends in the future so she would have the opportunity. She decided John was safe enough to leave on the floor alone with his bottle while she got his new room ready. Margaret doubted that heíd try to run away in his condition. Just to be on the safe side though, she went to the front door and locked the double cylinder deadbolt with her housekey and put it in her pocket. Then she went to the kitchen and locked the other two doors that led outside. She went back into the living room and said, "Iíll be up in the spare bedroom if you need me, baby. If you want me to come down quickly, youíll have to cry. Do you understand?"

John nodded without opening his eyes or removing the nipple from his mouth. He didnít care where Margaret went or what she did. The rhythmic movement of his tongue and mouth had put him in a near trance condition. Suddenly the world had gotten very simple; suck, swallow, smile, repeat. His job, his marriage, his possessions, his sex life, all of his adult interests were as far removed from him as the north pole. His only desire now was to have his immediate needs gratified. He didnít want to think about what he had lost. Sucking was good. It made him less thirsty and gave him something to concentrate on. That was enough for now. He might want something else later, but that was enough for now.

Margaret went up to the spare bedroom and began to set up the crib that Ann had given her. They had moved the mattress and bed out earlier in the day and taken the baby furniture up her so she could assemble it later. The crib fitted together easily and she had it assembled in no time. She put the mattress in the crib and stretched a threadbare sheet over it thinking sheíd have to go buy baby supplies some time that day. She maneuvered the infant dresser with a changing table on top into position and put the large rocking chair into the corner of the room by the window. "With the right curtains, this will make an adorable nursery," she thought.

She went to their bedroom and began to move the clothes she had just bought for John into the closet of the nursery. Sheíd take them by Goodwill at the end of the week after John had made the transition into infancy, right now they might still be useful. The diapers went in the top drawer of the dresser along with his plastic pants and the diaper pins went into a bar of soap on the changing table. He was still too big to change on the table, but it was convenient to have them at hand when she needed them.

She returned downstairs to find John asleep on the floor where she had left him with the empty baby bottle lying beside him. Margaret noticed that a large yellow stain had formed under the plastic pants in his diapers. "He is adjusting quickly, isnít he!", she said to herself as she picked him up and carried him to his crib. She changed his diaper without waking him and tucked a baby blanket around his body after putting his teddy by his side.


Margaret put John in the baby seat of the cart facing her and proceeded to the baby food aisle. Johnís face clouded when she put him in the cart, it was an excruciatingly painful experience. His bruised bottom barely fit in the baby seat and the hard plastic gave no padding for his sore tush. Margaret saw his expression and leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Thumb, Honey! You donít want the women to think youíre not a baby, do you? Concentrate on your thumb and the pain will go away."

John thought the idea of sucking his thumb to relieve the pain was silly, but did as Margaret told him. He had no intention of rebelling against her again. Besides, the idea had some merit, heíd be able to hide his face behind his fingers and the thumbsucking made him appear more babyish. Under the present circumstances, it was all he could do.

Margaret found the baby aisle quickly and began putting baby jars in the cart. John turned to see what she was buying for him to eat, but the tightness of his seat prevented him from shifting his bottom around on the seat. He was forced to twist his torso to turn and all he could manage was about thirty degrees of rotation. It wasnít enough to see the labels on what Margaret had already put in the cart. He watched her take a six pack of PediaSure from the shelf and smiled in approval. At least that stuff tasted like a milk shake. He shuddered when he thought of what his meals were going to be like if she was buying jarred baby food. It would be ground to a fine purťe and would be completely unseasoned.

A little boy standing next to his mother with a one-year-old girl in the baby seat tugged on his motherís sleeve and said, "Momma look! That boy is wearing diapers just like Tina! Heís almost as big as I am momma, why is he wearing diapers/"

The woman looked down at her son and said, "Because heís not potty trained yet! Thatís why!"

"Why isnít he potty trained, momma?", asked the little boy.

"I donít know, Honey," said the women with a hint of exasperation.

The woman looked at Johnís diapers with a moue of distaste and said, "It must be a burden to have a child that old still in diapers. What is he, six? If he was mine, Iíd be trying to potty train him instead of letting him act like a baby!"

Margaret smiled at the woman and said gravely, "My son is a Ďspecialí child and is developmentally challenged. Iím afraid that toilet training is out of the question for him for the near future. He has the mind of a one-year-old and isnít aware of his body functions yet. Perhaps in time........"

John saw that as an excellent opportunity to make use of his new status and took it. All the meddling bitch wanted to do was embarrass him. He had the perfect answer for her. He pursed his lips and gave her a Bronx cheer, "Phisssssss!!!"

Margaret smiled maternally and said, "Thatís a GOOD baby! Mommyís baby has learned how to make a labial fricative! Daddy will be so happy when he hears you do it."

She looked down at the growing yellow stain in the front of his plastic pants and said loudly, "Oh dear, baby has wet his dydees again. I hope you can wait until we get home. Mommy is out of clean diapers for you."

One of the other mothers looked at Margaret sympathetically and said, "They carry some extra large sized ĎGoodnitesí that would probably fit him. Those plastic pants look like theyíre too small for him. Why donít you get him some disposables? Heíd be more comfortable and you could change him when you got to the car."

"Thank you," replied Margaret warmly, "I think Iíll do just that. Come on baby, letís get you some disposables."

John stuck out his tongue at the little boy and the meddling woman and then touched his nose with his hand as if he had just learned where his nose was. He waved bye-bye to the second woman as they left the aisle. She smiled and waved bye-bye in return as John was wheeled around the corner.

John was somewhat dismayed by his growing incontinence, but he decided not to worry about it. Heíd lose his potty training when they gave him his final treatment in two days so the question was moot. Margaret found the Goodnites that the woman was talking about and put a large package in the cart. Then she moved the cart to the other side of the aisle and put some baby powder and diaper rash ointment in the cart. John was grateful that she had gotten some ointment for his sore bottom. He noticed that she was getting some baby bottles and nipples for him and wasnít too surprised when he saw that she was buying some pacifiers as well. She moved the cart further down the aisle and put several bibs in the cart, then looked over the baby toys. When she saw that they had a toy train, she picked it up and held it up for him to see. "Look, Honey. Would you like a toy choo-choo? Mommy knows you like choo-chooís," she said with a broad smile.

John ducked his head with an embarrassed expression. "Does she really intend for me to play with that? She knows I like model trains and is just trying to make me feel foolish for playing with them. Maybe if I donít show any interest sheíll forget about it," he thought to himself.

John was wrong in his estimation of her motives, she really was trying to get him a toy he liked. She wasnít trying to make him look silly or foolish. He already was a baby in her mind, she simply wanted him to have something he could play with on the rug. He was too small to be allowed to play with his electric train set now and in two days heíd be even smaller. She put the toy in the cart and went to the checkout stands. She had one more stop to make that morning and then she could drive home.

They stopped at Wal-Mart next where Margaret purchased several sets of linens for the nursery, an infantís auto seat and a diaper bag as well as some curtains and decorations for the nursery. She found a perfectly darling mobile to hand over the crib and put it in the cart without letting John see it. She wanted it to be a Ďspecialí surprise for him after his reduction into infancy. Margaret wanted to buy some clothes for John to wear after his final transformation, but decided to wait, she wasnít sure how young he would get after the last treatment and didnít want to buy clothes that were too big. No one said anything to her about John this time, but John got smirks from the other shoppers and a funny look from the cashier when she checked them out. Margaret guessed it was either because they thought the infant seat would be too small for John to use with his six-year-old body or that they thought that mommy had come up with a novel way to punish her son. Or perhaps both, Margaret thought as she walked smiling to her car.

The drive home was uneventful, John barely noticed when he peed in his diaper. One moment he was dry and the next he moved his legs and discovered that his diaper squished soggily. He frowned in consternation, he didnít recall having potty training problems when he was six, perhaps the formula had something to do with it. It wouldnít matter to anyone in two days anyway, he thought. Heíd be a baby then and would be too young to be potty trained. The thought of being a baby again was scary. Would he still be able to think or would his mind regress too? John tried to imagine what having an infant mind would be like. He decided it must be a lot like being drunk, only he wouldnít be able to remember the meanings of anything. Everything would appear fresh and new to him like he was in some strange future where the world had changed beyond recognition. Most words would be only unintelligible sounds to him. Heíd be cutoff from the world verbally and be forced to rely on facial expressions to convey his desires. The thought made him shiver, no wonder babies cried so much! He had never considered how frustrating it must be to be a baby! They existed in their own little world, with only their mommies to relate to as other individuals. The loneliness of such an existence must be overwhelming. Everything would be so big and frightening. He understood now why babies constantly demanded to be picked up and held by their mommies. Cuddling would reassure them that there was someone there who would protect and take care of them. Time and calendars had no meaning to babies. They lived from moment to moment living in the eternal now. There was no future and no hope, only the needs of the moment that must be met to be content. John shuddered at the thought that this was the world that awaited him in punishment for his misdeeds. It would be a redemption of sorts, but one that had a terrible price to be paid; the loss of his memories and his physical skills. Only his basic personality would remain intact. He would be reduced to a wet, mindless plaything in the arms of his mommy. He closed his eyes to shut out his impending fate and fell asleep immediately, dreaming fitfully about the world to come.

They arrived home and Margaret unbuckled his seatbelt for him. She opened the door on the passenger side of the car and said, "Wake up, Johnny! Weíre home! Come on, Honey! Wake up and get out of the car! You can take a nap in your crib when we get inside."

John got out of the car groggily and toddled along behind his adopted mother. His wet diaper pulled heavily at his hips and stuck to his behind. John looked out at the street longingly as Margaret unlocked the door. He wanted to run away, but realized that there was nowhere to run to, no matter where he went heíd still be in a six year old body. He couldnít take care of himself, he couldnít even wear regular underwear like other six-year-olds. His sagging diaper would signal to anyone who met him that he was to be treated differently than a Ďnormalí little boy. If he told someone what Margaret had done to him, it would be dismissed as the childish fantasies of a disturbed youngster. All Margaret would have to do is tell them that he was a Ďspecial childí and heíd be handed over to her without another word. John doubted heíd even be able to run away from her bogged down by the diapers. Her long legs would catch up to his encumbered waddling no matter how fast he tried to run. John sighed as Margaret opened the door and held it for him to go in. He turned his back on the outside world and went passively into the house knowing that his last chance for freedom was being left behind.

John stood in the hall as Margaret brought in her purchases. When the hall was full of packages, she locked and bolted the door behind her and said, "Letís get you into a dry dydee and into your crib for a nap, Johnny. You look completely exhausted. Come on, Honey."

She took him by the hand and led him up the stairs. John was surprised by Margaretís shift in attitude towards him. She seemed to have decided that Ďbabyí Johnny was not the husband who she had dominated and reviled. Her treatment of him was kinder and gentler than he remembered it ever being. She helped him up to thee crib and pulled the plastic pants off of his legs and began unfastening his diaper. When she pulled the front of the diaper down, the smell of feces reached his nose. She smiled maternally and said, "Poor little baby! Didums go poopie in himís dydee?"

She cleaned him up and left him naked in the crib with the side up while she went to get the disposables. She returned a few minutes later with the diaper package in hand. She cleaned him up and put a thick coating of rash cream over his bottom then quickly rediapered him within the soft confines of the disposable baby diaper. Then she made him lie down while she tucked him in and kissed him on the forehead. John wondered at the changes in him that she had made in two days. Being made to go to bed this early in the day had been a punishment two days ago. Now it was a maternal blessing. He yawned sleepily as she pulled up the side of the crib and locked it in place. Margaret was about to leave the room when she appeared to remember something belatedly. She turned around and came back to the crib and leaned over the rail. John felt the nipple of a pacifier being pushed between his lips and began sucking gratefully. A warm feeling of contentment came over him and he was asleep before she left the room.

End of Chapter Five

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice


Chapter Six: At the Judgeís Mercy

Man is of Woman born and her face bends to him in infancy with an expression he can never quite forget.

ĖMargaret Fuller, 1843


John awoke with a wet diaper. He wanted to call out to Margaret, ("Iíve got to start thinking of her as my mommy now," he reminded himself.) but he was afraid sheíd get angry if he said her name. It was hard to bring himself to talk like a baby. In the end he decided he would have to try and called out "ma-ma" in a tentative voice. After a few minutes of waiting for a response he decided to try again and called out "Ma-ma...." a bit more loudly. This to brought back no response and he decided to try a third time. He gathered his courage and shouted "Ma-ma!" at the top of his lungs.

Margaret came in the room after hurrying up the stairs to see what Johnny was shouting about. She wasnít upset with him for shouting, in fact, she was pleased by the way he had done it. He hadnít called her name and had used a baby term for mommy. ĎMa-maí was music to her ears after years of fruitless arguments with him. She was pleased by the way he had adjusted to his new life and was somewhat surprised with her own reactions. Her feelings toward him were not the angry demands of a wife to her incompetent husband anymore, she required nothing from him in his present condition. Suddenly she felt protective of him. She wanted to mother him and cuddle him tenderly. These feelings had been a shock at first, she had never thought of him before as being helpless. But when she saw him in his crib with his sodden diaper hanging down wetly between his legs, her heart melted at the sight. He needed her. Not like desire for domination he had displayed before his transformation, this was a different sort of need; more healthy and wholesome. Johnny fairly radiated innocence.

She unlocked the side of the crib and laid him down on the mattress to change his diaper for the third time that day. He put his thumb in his mouth and smiled in a self conscious way as she unfastened the tapes on his wet diaper and cleaned him up. She taped him snugly into a clean diaper and lifted him off the bed and hugged him to her bosom. John responded by putting his arms around her neck and laying his head against the side of her head. She put one hand under his bottom and cupped it there to hold him up while the other wrapped around his back and held him to her chest. Margaret felt vaguely surprised that her hand could almost completely cover his bottom now. It strengthened her sense of control over the situation. This wasnít a recalcitrant husband she was dealing with anymore, but a little boy. Her little boy! She sat down in the rocking chair and arranged him on her lap. Johnny looked up at her soulfully as she put her hand on the side of his head and pulled him gently to her bosom. He rested his head against her as she ran her fingers over the plastic of his diaper.

The medication had changed them both. They werenít a bickering husband and wife anymore, but a mother and child. Johnny had filled the hole in her life that she hadnít even realized was there. She had never thought about having a baby seriously. She had always considered babies a nuisance and a bother. She had never been able to understand how other women were able to put up with the constant demands of an infant. Now she knew. She made her feel wanted and needed in a way she had never imagined. She was completely responsible for him. He couldnít do the slightest thing without her help. She sighed in contentment as she thought about their relationship. Her feelings toward him had become larger, more loving. They had become maternal.

Margaret sat in a rosy glow as she considered for the first time her feelings toward him. He had manipulated her into a role of dominance that she had been uncomfortable with and she had reacted by being cruel and vindictive. She had been secretly disappointed with his failure to act like a man and had punished him the same way his mother had when he was a child. She must have subconsciously hoped he would rebel and grow up. Unfortunately for the both of them, it didnít work out that way. His drive to regain the love he had never gotten from his mother as a child had forced him to continue to misbehave in childish ways. His behavior was so transparent now that she could view it from a more rational perspective. His almost instantaneous regression into early childhood was the clue she needed to unlock the mystery of his need for dominance. Obviously he wanted to be an infant again. It explained everything; his need to be passive, his desire to be allowed to satisfy his childish curiosity about womenís underwear, his instant incontinence after being given the convenient excuse of being a six-year-old again. If Johnnyís mother hadnít been dead she would have called her up to ask her how old he had been when he had finally been toilet trained and whether he had wet the bed when he was older. She was sure there was a connection. As for herself, her motives had become clear to her as well. She must have wanted a child all these years and repressed her needs in order to deal with her infantile husband. When she examined her feelings toward children and babies she knew she didnít really feel like they were burdensome. She had just used that as an excuse to keep from dealing with their inability to have children.

She wondered if John had been telling the truth when he had told her that he was sterile and had problems with impotence. His desire to be a baby again would have driven him to say anything to keep a Ďrivalí for her love out of the house. "Poor Johnny," she thought, "he never grew up. Heís been an infant in an adult body all these years. How terrible it must have been for him to pretend to have adult feelings when all he really wanted was to be cuddled and treated like a baby. No wonder his behavior had been so infantine. Just look at him sucking his thumb. I donít think heís ever appeared happier since Iíve known him. Heíll have his chance now to regain his mommyís love and Iíll have a chance to have the baby I should have had years ago. In two days heíll be a one-year-old again and our problems will have resolved themselves. Until then, thereís no harm in giving him what he wants. Iíll treat him as if heís already a baby again."

She stroked Johnís head affectionately and gathered him up in her arms to carry him down to the kitchen to feed him lunch. Margaret put him in the high chair and tied a bib around his neck before getting out the jarred baby food she had bought him. He was acting so sweetly, it seemed a shame to have to give him the broccoli she bought to punish him, but her sense of thriftiness would not let her throw it out. "Besides," she rationalized, "the broccoli makes it easier for him to use his diaper and in the end thatís what he really wants. Iíll give him a double dose of milk of magnesia first before I feed him."

She carefully measured an adult sized dose of the antacid into the medication cup provided with the potion and asked him to open his mouth wide. John obeyed docilely and drank the medicine without stopping. He saw the labels on the jars and realized what the consequences for refusal would be. John decided that he wouldnít try to keep down the food if his stomach rebelled and started heaving. All he was wearing was a bib and plastic-coated diapers. His skin was washable and the mess would wipe up easily from the high chairís tray. As for the inevitable aftereffects of eating broccoli, he was wearing a diaper, he would simply use it when the need arose.

Margaret smiled as she opened the jar of broccoli and chicken that she had got out for his lunch and began ladling it in his mouth. John devoured the food as if he had been eating it all his life and the contents of the jar seemed to vanish before her eyes. Margaret was so pleased with his behavior that she decided to give him a treat for dessert instead of another jar of veges. She picked up the jar of squash she had gotten out earlier and put it back in the cupboard and returned with a jar of tapioca. John closed his eyes in apprehension at the unknown jar as she twisted off the lid and spooned out a heaping spoonful. She told him in the most soothing voice she could manage, "Come on, Honey. Mommy promises youíll like this. You were such a good baby to eat your broccoli like that. Mommy has a surprise for you. Now open wide!"

John held his eyes tightly shut and opened his mouth as wide as he could for her surprise. He was certain this was another one of her cruel tricks, but he didnít have a choice. When he closed his mouth to swallow the food she had dumped on his tongue, his eyes open wide and he smiled broadly. "Tapioca!", he wanted to shout. It was his favorite dessert! John opened his mouth again as soon as he had swallowed the first spoonful and waited eagerly for more. "Johnny, loves tapioca, doesnít he?", Margaret said at his expression of pure joy.

John chuckled in delight and opened his mouth even wider to signal his appreciation. Margaret started spooning it in as fast as he could swallow and was surprised to discover he finished the jar in less time than he had finished the first. She wiped his face with the bib and went to the refrigerator to get his bottle. She wasnít too concerned that he had only had one jar of solid food, the PediaSure was a balanced liquid supplement and would hold him until dinnertime. John took the bottle from her hands readily and began sucking on the nipple almost immediately. Margaret sighed maternally and went back to the kitchen to prepare a sandwich for herself while he drank his formula. She put her plate down on the table opposite him and sat down to eat her lunch. She smiled at the noisy sounds he was making as he guzzled his formula happily. She watched the muscles of his cheeks work at the nipple for a moment and said, "Johnny likes his ba-ba, doesnít he?"

John nodded his head vigorously in agreement and continued to suck as she said, "Well, mommy says you can have your ba-ba at every meal. Wonít that be nice? Mommy loves her baby boy and wants him to be happy. Johnny IS happy, isnít he?"

John stopped sucking for a moment and appeared to consider the question. "Am I happy?", he asked himself. Despite his earlier protestations, he really enjoyed how Margaret was treating him and didnít want it to stop. "Wearing a diaper isnít so bad," he thought. "Not if she changes it before I get a rash. Itís kind of convenient to be able to go when I need to rather than have to hold it until I can get to a bathroom."

John thought about how sensuous a freshly wet diaper felt against his crotch and wondered if he wanted to ever use the toilet again. After he had gotten over the idea of using a diaper, he had discovered how much he had enjoyed using it. There was a certain perverse pleasure in filling the diaper with his poop and then sitting in the warm mess he had made. Also, he had noticed that his toilet training had started to get spotty the moment she had put him in diapers. Wetting in his diaper was one thing, but the Ďaccidentí he had had in the car was another. Was this going to be Ďnormalí for him? If so, he wasnít sure he could be toilet-trained again. Moreover, he wasnít sure he wanted to be toilet trained. The prospect of having Margaret standing over him while he learned to use a childís potty seat again wasnít very appealing to him right now. He LIKED the way she cuddled and fussed over him. Anyway, the point was moot, she intended to have Dr. Madonis give him the final treatment and he would be turned into a baby whether he wanted to or not. He might as well agree with her and make her happy.

John nodded slowly at Margaret and smiled bashfully. Margaret beamed and said, "Thatís mommyís goooood baby!"

End of Chapter Six

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Seven: On His Own Recognizance

Although there have been fleeting occasions when I have thought about tossing my beloved out the door, these urges were brought on by his idiot behavior and had nothing to do with my being a feminist. Frankly, it took me seventeen years to get him semi-house trained and I have no intention of starting over with some other.

ĖFrances Deck, wiccan, letter in Of a Like Mind, Spring 1993


Margaret finished her lunch and took him to the living room to play on the floor while she watched the TV. She took the toy train out of the shopping bag and said, "Here you go, Honey. Hereís a train for you to play with."

John looked at the brightly colored plastic train and thought about the model train layout he had spent so much time constructing over the years. He didnít want this poor excuse for a train. He wanted his train set! He pointed to his den and said, "Train! Want train!"

Margaret looked annoyed but seemed to be disposed to give him what he wanted. She said, "Alright, Honey. Iíll let you watch your trains, but you canít touch them. Do you understand? Youíre too young to play with electricity. Just stay there on the rug until I get things ready for you."

He watched as she went into the kitchen and came back carrying her high chair down the hall and into his den. She came back and picked him up and carried him into his den in her arms. John reached his head over an kissed her affectionately on the cheek in thanks for letting him play with his model train set. When they got in the den, John saw that she had set up the high chair in front of the controls where he had normally stood when he operated the trains. He clapped his hands in delight as she put him in the high chair and turned on the power supply, starting the sequence of operations that were preprogrammed into the computerized controls. The first train went around the train whistling at the appropriate places and heading up the long grade into the plaster-of-paris mountains that had taken him half a year to make. The second train roared out of the yard and circled around in the opposite direction crossing the wooden bridge he had made piece-by-piece out of basswood stock and assembled into an exact reproduction of Southern Pacificís finest. The detailing of the layout was exquisite, there was even a hobo jungle under the bridge with miniature hobos warming their tiny tin cans over a little fire. If the correct switch had been thrown on the control panel, the hobosí fire would have even smoked, he had hidden a mini-smoke generator meant for HO train engines under the platform and cunningly concealed its opening under the Ďwoodí faggots of the fire. Signal lights blinked and bells clanged as the trains approached each crossing. John was fascinated with his train set. It was the only thing in his adult life that he had truly loved.

Margaret watched Johnís delight with his trains with approval. He was so engrossed with his trains that he never noticed the drool that was running down his chin and dripping on his chest. She decided that it would be safe to let him watch the trains alone. She had seen him stand in front of his train set and watch the silly things go around and around for hours with the same expression of rapture on his face. Margaret did have some appreciation for the effort he had put into constructing the model. She had never seen anything so lovingly crafted with such incredible attention to detail. She shook her head in wonder at his hobby and realized that this was a manís analog to a little girlís dollhouse. Everything had to be just so, for both a little girl and a model train enthusiast like John. "Let him dream his dreams of trains," she thought, "As long as heís happy, why should I care what toys he plays with? Heís safe enough in the high chair. Iíll go get myself some coffee and watch TV."

John was overwhelmed with the desire to be at the controls of his trains again. He knew it would make Margaret angry if she caught him operating the electronic controls, but if he was careful sheíd never find out. Besides, hadnít he built the thing himself? She was just being overprotective. He levered himself up in the high chair and leaned out over the tray to reach the controls of the trains to throw the switch that would set the next sequence of actions in motion. It was just beyond his reach. He laid his stomach down across the tray and stretched out his fingers. If he had another two inched he could make it. John pushed at the back of the high chair with his feet and stretched out to touch the switch. He started to slip and frantically tried to hang onto the arms of the chair with his feet. He succeeded but now the chair was unbalanced; it started to tip slowly over to the side as he tried to grab onto the controls and steady himself and the chair. The chair continued to tip, gathering speed as the angle to the floor decreased. His entangled feet dragged him away from the controls and carried him to the ground with a crash. John bumped his head and lay there on the floor momentarily stunned before he recovered and began crying in pain and frustration.

Margaret rushed into the room when she heard the crash and sized up the situation immediately. She bent down and examined his head, finding the bump forming on the side. "Naughty, naughty baby!!!", she cried. "See what happens when you disobey your mommy? You could have gotten badly hurt! No more model trains for you, little boy. If you want to play with trains, you can play safely on the rug with the train mommy bought you.

She untangled his feet from the arms of the high chair and set it upright, then picked him up and held him to her chest as she walked from the room. John reached out his hands over her shoulder and plainted, "Train! Train!" in a desperate bid to be allowed another chance with his creation. Margaret ignored his pleas to be reunited with his model trains. She had trepidations about letting him play with electric trains and events had proven her right. She had never been comfortable with letting him do the wiring for the trains in the first place. As far as she was concerned, electrical wiring should be done by qualified electricians and electronics experts and not by weekend hobbyists. She barely understood the difference between ac and dc voltage and the thought of playing with electricity frightened her.

Margaret placed John on the rug and gave him the plastic train he had rejected earlier. He took the toy from her hand grudgingly and sat down on the rug with it for a moment before laying down and setting it before him. She unmuted the TV and went back to watching her program, keeping an eye on him to keep him from getting into mischief. John watched the womenís show boredly and rolled the train back and forth in a fit of ennui. He began to make small chugging sounds and pretended that the plastic toy was one of the engines in his model train set. Soon he was on his hands and knees, pushing the train around the rug, chugging away and going choo-choo at intervals. Margaret smiled at the sight of her baby boy playing with his train. He looked so cute in his diapers playing with his toy on the rug. He played for about ten minutes before he stopped and looked startled. The smell of a dirty diaper reached Margaret and she sighed as she got up to get a clean one from his room. She had missed most of her program and now she was going to miss some more. She decided that next time she brought him in the living room to play, she would bring some babywipes and diapers in too. Then she wouldnít have to leave the room to get a clean diaper and miss whatever TV program she happened to be watching when he needed a diaper change.

John was stunned by how fast it had happened. One moment he was playing contentedly on the rug with his train and the next his bowels had cut loose and he was pooping in his diaper. There hadnít seemed to be any warning at all. His toilet training hadnít gotten a little spotty, it had completely vanished! Whether or not she had him regressed further would make no difference, he was in diapers permanently!

Margaret laid him on his back and changed his diaper quickly. She smiled at him and talked baby talk to him while she cleaned his dirty behind, then fastened a clean diaper on him snugly. When she finished, she folded the dirty diaper into a neat package and got up. Margaret placed the toy train in his hands and left him on the rug while she took the soiled diaper into the kitchen to throw away.

She came back, sat down in front of the TV and returned to her program while John lay on the floor in a state of shock over his appalling behavior. "Whatís happening to me?", he asked himself. "Iíve only been regressed into a six-year-olds body, I shouldnít be incontinent. My mother used to brag to her friends that she had me fully potty trained at the age of twelve months. Something is happening to me psychologically. Could it be that this is how I subconsciously want to be treated? I canít deny that Iím enjoying this. Maybe this is what Iíve been searching for without realizing it. This is almost like the feeling I get when Margaret dominates me, only better. She makes me feel so secure now just by being close to me. Is this the contentment that a baby feels in the presence of his mother? Look at her, she looks so confidant and capable sitting there. Sheís the old Margaret, but thereís been something added.

Sheís glancing at me now. Look at her eyes! Iíve never seen her look at me that way before. Itís a kind of warm look that seems to melt into a slow smile. She loves me! Thatís it! Thatís why sheís looking at me that way! Funny, it makes me feel all giddy inside. I wish she would pick me up and hold me in her arms. I want to nestle my face in her breasts and let her wrap me in her love. Iíve never felt like this! Just one glance from her and I know sheíll do anything to protect and take care of me. God, sheís gorgeous! Iíve never noticed how regal she looked before. No, regal isnít quite the word. Sheís a goddess! I get the feeling that she can reach out with her hand and change my world with the slightest gesture. Iím becoming infatuated with her. Iíd do anything to please her. If she wants me to crawl at her feet, then Iíd be grateful for the chance to make her smile. Iím not really good enough to stand in her presence anyway. Iíll roll on the rug in my diapers and suck my thumb if it will make her happy. Sheís right. I deserve to be treated like an infant. I just donít want this to stop. I canít help myself. Nothing Iíve ever done in my life has ever made me feel like this. Itís like the whole world has vanished and thereís no one in it except her. Iíll put my thumb in my mouth to show her what a good baby I am. Sheís smiling at me! Maybe if I pulled me knees back and wave my legs in the air, sheíll say something to me. There! I look just like a baby now. Oh God, sheís grinning at me! I smile back at her to show her how much I love her. My diaper feels hot! Iím peeing again! Oh God, this is wonderful! Sheís getting up from the couch. Look at her standing over me. She looks like her head should touch the clouds. Now sheís kneeling down beside me. Her hand is reaching out. What is she going to do? Sheís tickling me!"

I start to chuckle. I wave my arms and legs happily as she continues to tickle me. Iím ecstatic! She loves me! For the first time in my life, someone really loves me. I canít contain myself. Iíve got to say something to let her know how I feel about her. I want her to know how truly happy sheís made me. I want to be treated like an infant if sheís the one whoíll be my mommy. She can raise me as her baby boy and Iíll be at her side forever! Whatís a year or so in diapers? Nothing! A blink of an eye, an infinitesimal moment in the eternity of her love. Her tickling is making me pee again. It feels so strange to lay on my back in front of her, waggling my legs and laughing while my warm pee runs all over my crotch. The back of my diaper is getting warm. I can feel the hot, wet diaper against my bottom. Oh God, what a feeling! I never imagined wearing a wet diaper felt like this! Oh no! Sheís frowning! What have I done? Please, please God, donít let her be angry with me. Sheís going to say something. Iím so sorry mommy, I didnít mean to make you mad. I love you. I want......."

Margaret frowned the leak that was forming under her babyís diaper. Sheíd just changed him a minute ago and now he was wet again. Look at how happy he looked. "Oh oh, he must have seen my frown," she thought, "He looks so apprehensive. Iíve got to say something to let him know Iím not angry with him."

"Did mommyís baby pee-pee in his dydee again? Donít worry, Honey, mommy will get you changed right away. Donít look sad, sweetiepie. Didnít you like peeing in your dydee? Mommy doesnít mind if you do. Youíre my baby now and mommy wants you to pee in your dydee. Come on, Honey. Mommy will take you to your room and put a dry dydee on you."

She took John to his nursery and changed his diaper then put him down for his afternoon nap. Margaret marveled at the change that had come over him. For a moment there he had acted just like a baby. She had been right when she had Dr. Madonis change him. This was his proper station in life. She raise him properly the way a good mommy should. When he got old enough to be her husband again, heíd be incapable of rebelling against her. It would be a whole new life for the two of them. Instead of having a misbehaving husband, sheíd have a docile lover who would never leave her side. The thought sent a warm tingle up her spine.

End of Chapter Seven

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Eight: Trial and Punishment

A good man doesnít just happen. They have to be created by us women. A guy is a lump like a doughnut. So, first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him. And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap that they pick up from beer commercials. And then thereís my personal favorite, the male ego.

ĖRoseanne Arnold

John woke in the evening wondering what had come over him. He seemed to have had a lapse of sanity. He didnít want to be a baby. Wearing diapers was humiliating and shameful. What had gotten into him. Her treatment of him was affecting his mind. He remembered clearly what he had thought and felt, but it seemed like he was remembering the feelings of a different person. What was going to happen when she had Dr. Madonis give him the final treatment? He turned over in the crib to get on his knees before standing up. The back of his diaper clung stickily to his behind as he knelt on the mattress and told him that he had pooped in the diaper once again. The broccoli had done it again. He started to cry then and there. Margaret came in and found him on his hands and knees with tears running down his face and making a wet spot on the crib sheet. She changed his diaper tenderly and held him in her arms to comfort him. He seemed different from this afternoon when she carried him to his crib. He lay against her stiffly as if he was reluctant to be in her arms. Margaret shrugged it off as the moodiness of a small child and took him to the kitchen to feed him dinner. After a several of hours of watching TV she put him to bed again for the night. She smiled as she turned out the light in the nursery, tomorrow was going to be the big day; his final transformation.

The next morning Margaret bathed him before she fed him breakfast. She took off his sodden, dirty diaper and wiped his behind with a babywipe before she took him to the bathroom and placed him in the tub which she had drawn before waking him. It was obvious that John was back to his old self. He sat morosely in the tub while she scrubbed his little body with the soapy washcloth and shampooed his hair. The joy of yesterday afternoon had vanished. She lifted his legs one by one and scrubbed every inch of his body starting with his toes and working her way up his body to his head. John sat passively in the tub while she bathed him. He didnít want her to think he got the slightest pleasure from her actions. When she wrapped his penis in the washcloth and rolled his scrotum in the soapy cloth, he stared straight ahead without expression. In a few hours his life would be over. Heíd be a baby again. He caught the look of her face from a sidewise glance and scowled in anger. She was enjoying this!

Margaret dumped a glassful of bathwater over his head and began shampooing his head. She wanted him to be presentable when everyone came. His short hair washed quickly and she rinsed him off before making him stand in the tub so she could lift him out. Margaret dried him briskly with a large towel and noted that the bruises on his bottom had faded into a sickly yellow green color. She decided that she give him a special treat to try to improve his mood. She took him to the nursery and laid him on his stomach on the crib mattress. Margaret went to the bathroom and retrieved the baby oil she kept for her baths and poured a tablespoon in her hand. Then she began massaging his legs and body to make his skin as soft as possible.

John tried to ignore the sensuous feelings that her massage induced in him but was unsuccessful. The manipulation of his muscles simply made him feel too good for him to control himself. When she turned him over, his tiny penis was fully erect. Margaret interpreted his arousal as an opportunity too good to be missed and pour a teaspoon of baby oil directly on his scrotum. He shivered as she worked the oil into his sensitive skin of his scrotum and rolled his testicles between her fingers. "I have him now," she thought and continued her ministrations until he lay on the crib mattress shuddering in the orgasm she had induced.

She sprinkled his entire body with baby powder, being careful to keep the falling powder away from his mouth and nose. Then she began working the powder into every crevice of skin until his skin was silky smooth and smelled sweetly of baby perfume. No stale baby pee odor for her little boy! She rediapered him and took him down for his breakfast before they arrived. Dr. Madonis had called earlier and said she was coming over in an hour and a half. Margaret had just enough time to get him fed before she arrived. She had called Lisa and Patti who said theyíd be right over. They didnít have to be at work for two hours and they wanted to see Johnís last hurrah.

When the doorbell rang, John was sitting on the floor in front of the TV watching cartoons while sucking on his morning ba-ba. Lisa and Patti had arrived before Dr. Madonis and they sat on the couch and made small talk while they waited. Patti leaned over John and patted his head when she came in the living room saying, "Good morning , baby! Are you ready for the treatment? You sure smell nice today, just like baby oil and baby powder. I think that perfume suits you, little Johnny. No, no donít try to answer. Just sit there with your ba-ba and continue sucking. I want to remember you just like this in years to come when we think about all the trouble you caused us."

The doorbell rang again and Margaret went to answer it. Dr. Madonis stood there with her shopping bag in hand. Margaret let her in and took her to the living room to introduce Lisa and Patti to her. They said a few pleasantries and Dr. Madonis said briskly, "Well? Letís get started. Iíll give him the injections right here if you donít mind."

She knelt down beside John and took the baby bottle tenderly from his hand before putting her hand on his chest and pushing him down to lay on his back on the floor. Dr. Madonis rolled him over on his stomach and said, "I see that youíve already started dressing him in diapers. Has he had incontinence problems?"

Margaret laughed and said, "He regressed into psychological infancy from the moment his body was regressed into that of a six year old. Iím glad your giving him the last treatment. Itís difficult caring for a fifty pound infant. Heíll be easier to take care of as a one-year-old. If nothing else, heíll be easier to carry around."

All the other women laughed in response to this statement and Dr. Madonis said, "There you go, baby. Iím all done." She turned to Margaret and said, "Weíll take him to the bedroom and administer the treatment just as soon as the injections take effect. Heíll be fine lying on the rug until then and we can watch him while we talk."

Margaret agreed and Dr. Madonis took her place on the couch beside Lisa and Patti saying, "I made some changes in the composition of his treatment. Hopefully, these changes should make Johnís final transition easier for him. The lab models looked very good and I have no reason to doubt that this will work even better than the old formulation. I havenít had time yet to fully evaluate the psychological effects of this treatment on humans, but it appears that mental age is unaffected. Since you told me that John began regressing psychologically soon after the first treatment was given to him, I can only conclude that he had some inner need to regress. This doesnít appear to be a case of subconscious adjustment to circumstances that some patients suffering from incontinence make when faced with a lifetime of wearing diapers. In their case, they seem to be making a psychosexual adjustment to a new lifestyle. At least thatís my impression, Iím not a psychologist and thatís not my area of interest. Johnís case appears to be different, his incontinence appears to stem from some inner need to be an infant. Iím hoping that this need will extend to other behaviors and help him fit in psychologically with his new life as a baby. That would permit him to indulge in the Ďnormalí behaviors of a one-year-old such as crawling and sucking. Since the muscle development of a one-year-old wonít permit true speech, psychological regression would sidestep the need to communicate like an adult and prevent the frustration of being forced to communicate like an infant."

Margaret chuckled at the statement and said, "Heís already sucking and crawling, Dr. Madonis, but I hope youíre right. Iíve tried to make it easier for him by requiring him speak in simple sentences like a toddler. I wanted him to adjust as soon as possible and that seemed to be the best way to do it. It hasnít seemed to frustrate him very much, but Iíll be glad when heís adjusted completely to his new life. The prospect of dealing with a fussy baby for a long period isnít very appealing."

Dr. Madonis smiled at Margaret and said, "Heíll do alright, Iím sure of it. As a matter of fact, I think we can begin now. He looks like a wet dishrag. I think the injections have taken hold. I gave him a childrenís dose of medication, but they seemed to have taken effect much faster than the first time. I think heís more suseptable to tranquilizers and muscle relaxants now that he has a childís body. We should be able to begin immediately." Dr. Madonis gathered the women with her eyes and said, "Ladies? Shall we begin?"

Dr. Madonis got up from the couch and bent down to pick up the little boy on the floor. Johnís head flopped back loosely as she picked him up in her arms and forced her to hold it as if he was a newborn. The relaxant had temporarily destroyed Johnís ability to move a muscle voluntarily and the tranquilizer had taken away his ability to protest effectively. He whimpered in low tones as Dr. Madonis carried him upstairs to his fate. When she got there, she started to go into the master bedroom, but was stopped by Margaret. "Not there," said Margaret to Dr. Madonis, "Iíve put him in the spare bedroom next to the master bedroom. Here, Iíll lead the way."

She opened the nursery door and went into the room first, followed closely by Dr. Madonis with John. Lisa and Patti crowded in after her and stood by ready to help. Dr. Madonis looked startled at the rooms furnishings and said, "I see that youíve already got a nursery prepared for him. Has he been sleeping in here?"

"It seemed like the best idea at the time. I wanted him to adjust as quickly as possible," Margaret explained to the researcher.

"I see," said Dr. Madonis, "Perhaps you were right. It does explain his regression though."

"Oh no," laughed Margaret, "you donít understand. I decorated this room after he regressed. I thought as long as he was acting like a baby and it was already going to be necessary to redecorate this room, I thought Iíd just go ahead and do it. He was acting like an infant BEFORE I bought the furniture! Besides, with him in diapers, I wanted him to sleep on a waterproof mattress. I didnít want him ruining the mattress in the master bedroom."

"Oh. After what you said about making him use baby talk, I was beginning to wonder about your motives. If one of you will go downstairs and get the hatrack, weíll begin," said Dr. Madonis.

Margaret smiled and said, "That wonít be necessary, Dr. Madonis. I have something that will work better right here."

She went to the box that contained the mobile she had purchased and removed the semi-circular wire mounting hanger and clamp from the box, then began screwing the clamp onto the headstead of the crib. Dr. Madonis unfastened the disposable diaper and said as she pulled down the front of the diaper, "I see why you put him in diapers. Heís a mess. Could you clean him up for us Margaret while I get the enema ready and then weíll begin. Do you have a bowl I could use?"

Margaret told her the bowl was already in the bathroom waiting for her and then went to the dresser. She got several diapers and baby wipes and proceeded to clean the poop from Johnís behind. Lisa chuckled at the sight of their former tormentor reduced to a state of helpless passivity. She poked Patti in the ribs and smiled, nodding towards the crib. Patti smiled in return and they moved closer to the crib to get a good look at John before his final transformation. It was evident from their expressions that they were enjoying the sight of John being babied before it was absolutely necessary. They were aware that Margaret had fibbed to Dr. Madonis about how John had regressed, but felt that he had deserved to be punished for trying to run around on his wife. His attempts to blackmail them into sleeping with him hadnít made them any more sympathetic to his plight either. They were determined to keep their mouths shut and enjoy the show.

Dr. Madonis came back and found John laying on his stomach sideways across the crib. His diaper had been left off and his bottom had been cleaned up. Margaret had put several diapers on the sheet under him to sop up any mess the enema made. Margaret stood at the side of the crib while Lisa and Patti had positioned themselves at the head and foot of the crib. Margaret moved to the foot of the crib to let the researcher have full access to John. Dr. Madonis hung the enema bag from the wire hook and lubricated the applicator as Lisa and Patti each took one of Johnís feet and held it in their hands. They spread his legs as far as they could comfortably move to give Dr. Madonis as much room to work as possible. Dr. Madonis inserted the applicator in Johnís anus and turned on the stopcock to begin the flow, then said, "Would you hold him there like that for me while I get his other injection ready? If the enema tube begins to move, Iíll need one of you to keep it steady so it wonít come out. Could one of you do that for me? Iíd asked Margaret, but there isnít very much room to work with him in the crib. The four of us canít fit in here. Would that be okay with you, Margaret?"

Patti smiled and said, "Iíd be happy to take care of it for you, Dr. Madonis."

A few minutes later Dr. Madonis had given John his injection of accelerator and the enema bag was empty. Dr. Madonis removed the tube from Johnís behind and took it to the bathroom to wash it while Margaret rediapered John. Then Margaret raised the side of the crib so they could stand and watch John go through his final transformation. John convulsed once weakly then lay still. Suddenly, his body commenced to shrink. The women heard the sound of the enema being expelled from his body as the size of his large intestine and rectum shrank into infantine proportions. Margaret changed the diaper again while Lisa and Patti marveled at how fast the medication had worked. Dr. Madonis returned and said, "Heíll continue to shrink for an hour or two without getting much younger. The effects of the medication are exponential with respect to time. Heís already gone through ninety percent of the rejuvenation process. Heís about a year and a half now, in an hour heíll be a year old. If youíll forgive me, I have to run. I have an appointment at my office this morning. If you have any problems, give me a call. You have my number. You donít have to show me to the door, Iíll let myself out."

Patti grinned to Lisa and Margaret after Dr. Madonis left and said, "I guess he wonít be telling anyone about Lisa and I for some time to come. Will he, Margaret?"

Lisa giggled and Margaret said, "I donít think heís going to be talking about anything for a while. When he does start to talk, Iíll be there right at his side to stop him from saying anything he shouldnít. I doubt that heíll remember what heís done after a few months of babyhood, anyway. Why donít we go down and get a cup of coffee while we wait. I know you two were planning to have a dinner party here to celebrate his transformation, but this was the only opportunity for Dr. Madonis to get over here. Iíd like have the party tonight after you get off work, if you donít mind." Margaret looked into Pattiís eyes meaningfully and said, "Iíd like to see more of the two of you."

Patti looked at Lisa, who smiled and nodded, then Patti husked, "I think youíre going to see a lot of more of us in the very near future, Honey. Letís say tonight, then. Iím afraid we have to run too, Dear. We donít want to be late to work. Iíll give you a call later to see how baby Johnny is doing. Weíll see ourselves out. TTFN!"

Margaret saw them to the door over Pattiís objections. Margaret had been serious about the invitation to dinner and the subrosa invitation to play together in bed. She had had several lesbian affairs over the years without John finding out. She had never told John about her bisexual orientation, she didnít care to argue with him about something that was none of his business. She understood Johnís attraction to Patti even if she didnít agree with his behavior. For John to hit up on a lesbian was bad enough, but to try to blackmail the two of them into having sex with him was unforgivable. He was lucky he walked away with his balls intact. Men were such boors with it came to dealing with lesbians, they acted like lesbians were just women who needed to be wooed properly to come back into the Ďfoldí. As it was, poor little Johnny still had his balls, but they wouldnít be any use to him for sometime to come. Margaret went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee while she decided what to make for dessert tonight. She wanted Patti and Lisa to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

End of Chapter Eight

Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice




The Chains That Bind

by Jennifer Lorraine and Mistress Janice



Chapter Eight: Life Imprisonment

Man is not born free, he is born attached to his mother by a cord and is not capable if looking after himself for at least seven years (seventy in some cases).

ĖKatharine Whitehorn, British columnist

Margaret had just decided to make a Schwarzenwalder Torte for dessert when she heard Johnny crying. "The drugs Dr. Madonis gave him must be wearing off," she thought to herself. She went to the liquor cabinet and checked to see if they had any Kirsh or Kirshwasser. There was none. "Iíll have to go out later and get some Kirsh and maraschino cherries. I hope I can find Kirsh instead of having to use Kirshwasser. The cherry flavor is much more pronounced in Kirsh. I think Lisa and Patti will enjoy the recipe I have for the Torte. Itís rich without being overfilling. Just the perfect thing to allow us to play afterwards without feeling stuffed. The chocolate flavor of the sponge cake ought to appeal to them too. Almost everyone likes chocolate. I think Iíll frost it with a chocolate Creme Chantilly. That will keep the cake light."

Johnnyís cries became louder and Margaret called, "Mommyís coming, Darling. Iíll be right there!"

Margaret went up the stairs to see what John wanted. "Heís probably messed in his dydee again and needs to be changed," she thought as she stepped onto the landing.

When she got to the crib and saw what lay within she was stunned. Instead of the one-year-old she had been led to expect, the tiny body of a six-month-old baby lay in the crib. John quieted at the sight of her and gurgled in greeting. Margaret grabbed John from the crib and ran down the stairs with him in her arms. She went to the phone and dialed Dr. Madonisís office, while holding John with one hand. When Dr. Madonis came on the phone, Margaret said, "Dr. Madonis, itís me, Margaret.......Somethingís gone wrong!.......John looks like heís only six months old!............Thatís right. Heís too small to be a year old...............What should I do?...................Yes, Iíll wait for you!........Okay, I see you in a few minutes."

She paced the floor with John until Dr. Madonisís arrival. The doorbell rang and she rushed to answer the door. Dr. Madonis came in a quickly examined John and said, "Iíll be right back. I need to go up to the nursery to check on something."

Margaret followed her up and watched as she rooted through the trash in the nursery wastebasket. She found something and put it in her pocket then said, "Margaret, I need to make a phone call to check my records and then we need to talk. Why donít you put him back in the crib and come downstairs with me?"

Dr. Madonis talked on the phone for a few minutes and then hung up. She returned with an empty ampoule in her hand. She held up the label for Margaret to read and said, "Thereís been a ghastly mistake. This wasnít the formula I intended to give John. This is another version Iíve been working on. This formulation has vastly different properties. One of which youíve already seen, it makes the patient younger that the other formula. Itís other property is that once given the drug, the subject never grows older. NEVER! The subject remains an infant for his entire life. Iím sorry, but I called and had the number of the vial checked against my records. Thereís no possibility Iím wrong. John will remain a six-month-old infant the rest of his life."

Margaretís face turned ashen and she said bewilderedly, "I canít take care of him for the next thirty to forty years. Iím going to get too old to take care of him. What am I going to do?"

Dr. Madonis looked sympathetically at her and said, "Actually, the figure is closer to one to two hundred years. I do have a solution if youíre willing to risk it. I think the risk is minimal, but I donít know if you would be willing to go through with it. Are you satisfied with the way you look today? I mean is the current state of your body acceptable to you? How is your health? Any aches or pains? Do you have any illness that would make your life miserable if you lived a long time? A very, very long time?"

Margaret looked hesitant and said slowly, "Nooo. How long is long?"

"About two hundred years," said Dr. Madonis carefully.

"Youíre not planning to make me the same age as Johnny, are you?", asked Margaret suspiciously.

Dr. Madonis shook her head and said, "No, not at all. That wouldnít solve the problem of how to take care of John, would it? What I can do is give you a preparation Iíve been working on for several years. It will stop your body from aging. Youíll live at least as long as John, probably twenty or more years longer, barring accidents."

"You mean Johnny and I will never age?", asked Margaret hopefully.

"Exactly. Do you want me to do that for you? Itís the only thing I can do to mitigate whatís happened. I donít have an ampoule of the formula with me. It wonít be necessary to give you an enema, that part of the treatment is only given to reduce the body size of the patient. This injection can be give in the muscle of the arm. I you like, Iíll go to my office and get it right away. Is that what youíd like me to do?", inquired Dr. Madonis.

Margaret nodded her head enthusiastically and Dr. Madonis said, "Iíll leave right now, thereís no reason to delay treatment, youíre only getting older while we talk. If youíll wait here for me, Iíll be right back."

Margaret saw her to the door and shook her head as she drove away. "Two hundred years more of life. Now there was something! I wonder if Johnny is cognizant of whatís happened to him. Probably not."

She grinned and said to herself, "I think Iíll go up and tell him right now. I wanted to see the expression on his face when he learns that his going to be a six-month-old baby for two hundred years. At least Lisa and Patti will be happy. Heíll never be able to tell anyone. Iíll tell them tonight at the party. Weíll really have something to celebrate tonight."

Margaret went to the kitchen and got a bottle of formula for John before she went up the stairs to the nursery. Johnny lay in his crib calmly sucking his thumb when she arrived. She picked his tiny body up and held him in her arms saying, "I have some news for you baby boy. I seems Dr. Madonis made a mistake. The formula she gave you was the wrong one. Youíve now got the body of a six-month-old baby."

Johnís expression screwed up into a frown and he looked like he was going to cry. Margaret smiled at his discomfiture and bent down to get the mobile she had got from the box and hang it on the hook still mounted to the headstead. She brushed the hair from his forehead and said, "Poor little Johnny. Babykins wonít be able to speak. Ittsy-bitsy baby wonít even be able to go crawlies on the rug. The only things baby will be able to manage on his own is to go poopies in his dydees and creep on his adorable little belly. If my cupcake really works at it, heíll be able to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. Maybe in a year or two, honeybunch will learn how to crawl again. When that happens mommy will give her little sweetiepie a big party and invite all her friends to come over and see what her baby husband has learned to do! Weíll have all babyís favorites at the party; steak and potatoes and corn on the cob with chocolate cake for dessert. Itís too bad my darling baby will be too young to eat adult food with us. At least baby will be able to eat solid foods, but heíll still be too young for chopped foods. All heíll be able to eat is purťed veges and formula. Iím afraid eating is not going to be much fun for my little sweetiepie until his mind regresses to match his body. Iím sorry this happened, but I think baby has gotten just what he deserves. My naughty little baby behaved horribly and now heís gotten his comeuppance."

John squirmed angrily in her arms at her words. It wasnít enough that she had him reduced to this state. She had to talk to him like he was a baby! He wanted to scream at her for what she had done to him, but all he could manage was a low cooing sound. She sat down in the rocking chair and began to rock him as she finished telling him the bad news. "You were too much to handle as a six-year-old and I wanted to teach you a lesson. Thatís all changed. It wonít be necessary to teach you anything now. Dr. Madonis tells me the drug she gave you has another effect I havenít told you about. You wonít be growing any older. Youíre going to be mommyís little baby forever, wonít that be nice?"

Johnny squirmed violently and Margaret said, "Baby doesnít like that idea, does he? Itums little baby upset? Thatís too bad! Here, why doesnít baby suck on his binkie while mommy finishes her story? There you go, Honey. Isnít that better? Mommyís baby looks so sweet mommy could just eat him up! Johnny is going to be mommyís good baby, isnít he? Where was I? Oh, I remember now. Mommy was going to tell her adorable little rugrat what else the formula does. Little John is going to live a long, long time. Wonít that be nice? Dr. Madonis says baby is going to live two hundred years. Itís too bad little Johnny is going to have to spend all that time in diapers. Donít worry, Honey. Mommy is getting a different version of the drug so she wonít age either. Only she wonít get any younger. Sheíll stay just like she is. It will be just the two of us, mommy and baby for the next two hundred years."

John started to cry and Margaret got up from the rocking chair and laid him on his back in the crib. "If youíre going to act like that, Honey, mommy will just let lay in you crib until you learn to behave yourself."

She spun the mobile over his head and said, "Here, Honey, why donít you amuse yourself with this? Do you see what mommy bought you? See the little choo-chooís? Here, take your little hand and hit them and theyíll go round and round over babyís head. Isnít that fun? Mommy knows how much her baby likes choo-chooís. Mommy is going downstairs now to call the newspaper to place an ad in the classifieds. Sheís decided that you donít need your den now that youíre a baby again and sheís going to turn it into a study for herself. Mommy is going to place an ad in the newspaper to sell your model railroad collection."

John began bawling in despair, she was going to sell the last thing in his life he loved. All he could see before him was an endless stream of diapers and bottles. Heíd never be free of her! In a few months, perhaps weeks, heíd regress mentally until he was exactly what he appeared to be. John closed his eyes and screamed in infantile outrage over his fate.

Margaret looked cheerfully at the screaming baby laying in front of her and smiled at little Johnnyís reaction to the news. She knew heíd calm down after a while and become tractable, but the noise was deafening! "Poor little baby must be hungry! Mommy has the cure for that!", she said to him as she stuffed the nipple of the baby bottle in his mouth.

John grabbed the bottle to keep the nipple from choking him and tried to pull it out, but Margaret was too strong for him. She let him pull the nipple out far enough to get his lips around it, but no farther. His cries were muffled by the nipple that filled his mouth. Formula dripped onto his tongue and rolled down his throat awakening a hunger he did not know existed. His lips and cheeks began working on the nipple of their own accord, subduing his bawling and assuaging his hunger at the same time.

She went to the door and said as she left, "Mommy will be back later to change your dydee, Honey. You know, Honey, thereís really no such thing as a man.....Just a baby boy in a manís body. I should have known that our marriage wouldnít have matured you. The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when heís a baby. The alteration I had Dr. Madonis make in you wasnít so big, really. I just made it easier for me to take care of you. Now youíll have what youíve always wanted; someone to love and pamper you every minute of the day for the rest of your life. Youíre going to be mommyís adorable little baby forever!"

She closed the door as the nipple fell out of the mouth of the six-month-old baby who had once been her husband and he began to cry in rage. "Heíll really unhappy when he sees whoís coming over tonight. She chuckled at the thought of how Lisa and Patti would react to the news that Johnny would never speak again. She made a note to herself to buy some baby doll dresses for Johnny to wear to the party that night. Heíd look so cute in a pink ruffled party dress! If he was good, maybe sheíd let him suck on her tiddies in front of Lisa and Patti. Patti might even be feeling generous and let him suck on her tiddies too! It would be such great fun! Little Johnny would make such a charming plaything for the three of them!


Copyright © 1996 by Jennifer Loraine and Mistress Janice