Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 1: Learning the news
Chapter 2: Boarding the bus
Chapter 3: Camp Blue Lake
Chapter 4: Camp Meeting Ground
Chapter 5: The fun begins
Chapter 6: Planning to escape
Chapter 7: Conclusion

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 1: Learning the news

Summer had just begun a week ago and Derek was excited since he didn’t have to worry about school for the next 3 months and then after that it is something all teenagers look forward to, Senior year. He had planned on doing nothing but lounge around their house and go out with some more of their friends. It seemed like a perfect vacation until Derek received the worst news imaginable.

“You are sending me to a summer camp!” said Derek

“You have no choice unless you want to work at your father’s shop this summer” responded his mom.

“I don’t want to work at Franks knitting store.”

“Well then its off to summer camp it is.”

“Oh, man”

“Don’t worry son I heard this camp is very cool.” said Derek’s dad

“People don’t say cool anymore dad.”

Derek’s dad had always try for his son Derek to like him so he would try to act cool.

“Well be ready in week because that’s when the bus leaving towards the camp is leaving” said his mom

Later that nights, Derek read the pamphlet that his mom gave to him on this camp his parents were sending him to. The camp was for one called “Camp Blue Lake”. Derek knew little about the camp all he knew was that the camp just stating and was going to be babyish because some of the activities included finger painting, pottery and nature hike.

Derek then decided to call his friend Ben and tell him his problem.

“Wow what a coincidence my parents are sending me to the same camp” responded Ben

“What do you know about this camp?” asked Derek

Not much accept what the pamphlet and by the sound of it, it looks very childish,”

“Well at least if Ill be bored Ill be with someone I know.”

“Same here. Well I got to go even though its summer vacation my parents want me to go to bed at 9pm to make sure Ill be refresh every morning.”

“Good night”

Derek hung up the phone and asked himself why had their parents sign them up for a camp that seemed for little kids instead of students who are preparing for the final year in high school? Whatever the reason he had no choice it was either this or working in his fathers boring store for the summer.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 2: Boarding the bus

A week had passed and now Derek and his friend Ben were at the bus station getting ready to board the bus that will take them to Camp Blue Lake.

“Have a fun time at camp sweetie.” said Ben’s mom

“Yeah, we spent a lot of money for you to go so don’t fool yourself” said Bens dad

“Bob don’t say that.” Ben’s mom said while hitting Bob in the shoulder

“Derek we made sure that you and Ben would share the same cabin to at least make this fun for you” said Derek’s mom.

“Thanks mom” said Derek

Derek and Ben both boarded the bus and on board they found other kids their age having the same look on their face as they did probably thinking:

“Why did their parents do this to them.”

Derek and Ben found an empty seat on the bus and sat on it and starred at the window and noticed theirs and other parents hadn’t left yet.

“Well this will be a boring summer vacation” said a boy behind them

“I know I could be hanging with my girlfriend but now I have to go a stupid camp instead.” said another boy

Then the bus driver started talking:

“Buckle up now we are leaving to Camp Blue lake the most fun you will ever have during summer.”

There wasn’t much excitement in the boos, the only sound on the bus was full of Boos. As the bus started to pull out of the driveway the parents outside started to cheer and wave goodbye saying:

“Have fun we will see you in 3 months.”

Then the bus left the bus station and started to head off towards the camp. Then the bus driver spoke again:

“We are now leaving to the camp, proximally it will take 8 hours to get there. There are no bathrooms on the bus and there wont be any stops unless it’s a life or death situation there will be no food on board and so sit down and relax and enjoy the ride.”

“Oh, man we cant eat or use a bathroom” said Ben

“And I thought it couldn’t get any worst.” said Derek

After 4 hours of driving the first person to panic about having to the bathroom made a plea to stop”

“Please stop I have to go really bad.” said the boy

“Well you should have thought about that before you got on the bus so sit down and hold or go in your pants now or Ill kick you off the bus.” said the driver



The boy then quietly decided to walk back to his seat and sat down.

“Is there anyone else who needs to use the bathroom.”

Everyone on the bus shook his head and the bus drove on. An hour later the boy who had to use the bathroom earlier had wet his pants.

“Great I have wet my pants.”

Everyone on board started to laugh really hard at the boy while Derek and Ben felt sorry for the boy. For the next 3 hours nothing else would happen and then we reached the camp.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 3: Camp Blue Lake

We all got off the bus with a leg cramp because sitting on a bus for 8 straight hours can be painful. After a look at a map Derek and Ben realized something strange.

“Where is the lake?” asked Derek

“You would think there would be a lake at a camp called Camp Blue Lake.” said Ben

“I was actually looking forward to do some swimming”

“Me too”

Then Derek and Ben heard an announcement saying that the list of cabins and who would be in them have been posted at the main lodge. Derek and Ben walked towards the main lodge to see what cabin they were in.

“It says here that we are in cabin 14.” said Ben

“I guess we should head towards there and unpack.” said Derek

Derek and Ben then started to head towards the cabin looking around hoping that the only thing they were actually looking forward to which is swimming in a lake but according to the map there isn’t one and as they thought they didn’t see any. It took them about 5 minutes to finally reach their cabin and inside made things even worst.

“You go to be kidding.” said Derek

Inside the beds had Disney sheets and blankets and not just that but the theme of the room had to be Disney. There was a note on the inside door that read:

“Welcome campers, to cabin 14 also know as the Disney experience. We hope you enjoy your stay at Camp Blue Lake. The only thing we expect from you aside from having fun is to wear the designated hat of your cabin. You will find them on your bed. If you don’t wear them you will be punished.”

On their beds were two childish looking Disney hats. They were the kind with the Mickey mouse ears.

“You go to be kidding we have to wear these? Said Ben

“We will be the laughing stock of the camp.” said Derek

“Maybe we wont they said that “’Of our cabin”’ which means each cabin has a hat as well.”

“Maybe you are right.”

Then you hear an announcement.

“Attention all campers please report to the camp meeting ground for the rules of the camp and bring your hats or else.”

“Well, here goes nothing” said Derek

Derek and Ben put of the dumb hats as they walked towards the camp meeting ground to see what they are store for the next 3 months.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 4: Camp Meeting Ground

At the camp meeting grounds you saw the other boys that are your cabin who got their before you two wearing the hats along with other campers with different hats. There were some who wore Bugs Bunny Hats, some had to wear sailor hats and some had to wear one of those hats that have a per pillar on them.

“This place is getting weirder by the minute” said Ben

Then what looked like the head counselor came up to a microphone and started to speak.

“Welcome campers to the first year of Camp Blue Lake the place full of fun. Before we get started there is something we have to take care of. Will Gregory Beteds please come up.”

The boy who had wet his pants on the bus ride here stepped onto the stage.

“Gregory did you or did you not wet your pants on the bus?” said the counselor

“But the bus driver wouldn’t pull over” said Gregory

“That is no excuse and now you will have to be punished. Since you cannot hold your bladder like a 17 year old so maybe you shouldn’t be 17 anymore.”

The counselor then chanted some weird language and right before the campers eyes Gregory was shrinking and not just that growing younger. He had lost all his signs of teen hood. He continued until he looked around the age of 2. His clothes had stayed the same so the looked huge on him.

“Take Gregory to the nursery and we will deal with him later.” said the counselor

Then two of counselors picked up the now toddler Gregory and walked away.

“And now for the rules. You must wear the hats all the time if you are caught not wearing it even for a second you will be punished, You will do all activities no matter what and lights are off at 8pm and you must wakeup at 6am. If you fail these rules you will have a similar fate to Gregory but not as severe. How much younger you get will depend on the punishment. So enjoy your stay at Camp Blue Lake.”

Then the students got up and started heading off to their cabins in shock of what they had just seen and heard.

“So let me get this straight if we break a rule we will become younger?” said a boy who was from your cabin.

“I guess so we should try to stay out of trouble for the next 3 months.” said Derek

“That could be hard.” said Ben

“By the way my name is Jack”

Derek and Ben introduce themselves and the three became good friends and headed back to their cabin.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 5: The fun begins

Nothing strange had happened in the camp for the next week until the campers were doing one of their boring finger projects, they usually had to paint anything they could do but today was totally different. Today they had to paint their houses. Even though it was boring no one complained about doing until a kid named Brad from cabin 3 spoke up.

“This is stupid. What kind of camp makes its campers do babyish things like finger painting?.”

“Young man please sit down or you will be punished.” said a counselor

“Or what make me younger like that other kid?”

“Maybe we will”

“Well do it.”

Then the counselor began to chant that words like when that kid was reduced to a 3 yr old and again right before the campers eyes Brad was growing younger but not as much as the first kid, he began to shrink until he was a 4 yr old.

“Now do you feel to old to be doing finger painting?” said the counselor

“No” said the now 4 yr old Brad

“Is there anyone who feels they are too old to be fingerprinting?”

All the campers shook their heads and continued trying to avoid be reduced to a young kid.

“That’s what I thought”

For the next two months there were a lot kids that became younger. One kid refused to eat the bad food that the camp served and was reduced into a 1 yr old baby, one kid didn’t wear his hat and was turned into a 6 yr old and the rest were refusing to do the kiddy activities and were, like Brad, reduced into a 4 yr old. It was then that Derek, Ben and the remaining campers decided they needed to escape before they are reduced to a small child and they had to do it soon because they overheard counselors speak of a major reduction to the campers and they had a feeling it meant they all would change.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 6: Planning to escape

Derek and Ben had told everyone that when they were allowed to be in the recreation cabin they would plan their escape since their was nothing else do in there except play twister and other kiddy games. When everyone had arrived Derek had realized that there was only five of them left.

“Man I didn’t realize that there was so little left of us.” said Ben

“That gives us an advantage, the fewer the better, it will get us further.” said Derek

“So what is the plan?” said Jake the last member of cabin 4

“We will do is at night when we have to leave the cabin we sneak ourselves towards the bus since I have my License and drive ourselves out of this camp” said Derek

“Sounds like a plan to me.” said Tyler who also came from our cabin

For the next hour the campers just try to have fun in the boring room until it was time for their escape. Finally the head counselor made an announcement:

“Will all campers go to their cabins immediately.”

“Ok that is our cue.” said Ben

The campers left the cabin and started to sneak out of the camp. Every time they heard a noise they hid in bushes. It took them a while to get far and it was starting to get to them. After hiding in a bush one of them broke.

“I cant stand it I am taking my chances back at the camp” said Tyler

“No wait” said Derek

But it was too late just after leaving the bush he was caught by a counselor.

“What are you doing here young man?”

“I got lost.”

“Nice try”

The counselor chanted the words and Tyler was reduced to a 2 yr old and taken away without seeing the rest of the campers.

“That was close” said Ben

“Too close” said Jake

The campers continued without having problems until we realized that Frank from Cabin 1 was getting smaller right before their eyes.

“What is happening to me?”

Frank continued to grow younger and younger until he was so young he had to be a new born.

“Great they know we had escaped.” said Jake

“What about Frank?” asked Ben

“Leave him, we cant carry anything, they will find him and take him back” said Derek

They continued until the finally reached the bus. Freedom was just 100 ft away. It was looked so easy until Derek realized that Ben and Jake weren’t behind him anymore.

“Where did you go guys?”

Derek looked around and couldn’t find them. Derek knew they had to been caught and regressed into a young child, he knew he had to escape or become younger like the rest of the campers. Derek headed towards the bus and entered.

“I finally made it. Too bad for the rest. Ill just escape and tell everyone about the camp and…”

Derek heard a laugh from behind him and he turned around to see the head counselor.

“You think you can escape from this camp. Your parents sent you kids here to be regressed and be re raised by them in a week.” said the counselor

“That can be true.” said Derek

“Oh it is. In fact I think its time for your change now.”

The counselor began the chant like she did to the others and everything became dark to Derek.

Camp Blue Lake

By Tazz

Chapter 7: Conclusion

“We are sorry we had to do this to you Derek but you were failing your classes and this was the only alternative.” said Derek’s mom

“Don’t worry we will make sure you are raised right this time.” said Derek’s dad

Derek had been reduced to a baby that was around 6 months old and wasn’t able to speak or walk. He had found out that Jake and Ben had been reduced to a yr and 18 months. Derek found that the counselors were witches and when their parents sign their kids they write down the requested age they want their child to be.

“Pretty soon Derek you will start a new Daycare where they will take care of everything.” said Derek’s dad

“Yep its called “’Blue Pond Daycare”” the place to forget all.” said Derek’s mom.

Derek had a scared look on his face as parents began to laugh.

The End