Baby Magic

by Bruce

Jean stomped through the front door, slamming it closed behind her 'MOTHER!' she screamed

'Don't shout young lady, I can hear perfectly well.' Her said as she came down the stairs

'How dare you?! How dare you tell James he can't see me anymore?' Mrs. Black could tell that Jeanie was mad as a wet hen.

'First off, don't use that tone of voice with me young lady. Second, I have every right to say who can and cannot 'see' my daughter, after all, you are still a minor. Third, I told him he couldn't 'see' you anymore because you broke your promise to me. You told me, no, promised me that you would abstain from sex until you were 18, then I come to find out you have been 'active' for two years now. I will not raise a 'hussy'. Your punishment will be very sever. Please follow me.' Jean was still pissed at her mother but followed her upstairs. They walked up to the door of Jean's room and her mother opened the door. What Jean saw nearly knocked her off her feet. Her room was now a baby's nursery! She looked around for a moment noticing her father sitting in a rocking chair, fast asleep.

'He looks older somehow.' Jean thought to herself 'Poor dear.' Her mother said 'That must have taken quite a lot out of you. Well, I'll be joining you soon enough.' Jean gave her mother a questioning look.

'What's going on here? You gonna have a baby mom? Am I being kicked out of the house?' Fear filled Jean's voice with the last question. 'No dear, your father and I still love you, but we can't tolerate your behavior as of late, so we decided to start over. We are going to try to fix the mistakes we made the first time around.'

At that point, Mrs. Black slowly backed up from her daughter and began to chant. A few seconds later, a disk of swirling light formed above Jean's head then floated down to encircle Jean. The lights began swirling faster and her mother's chanting matched the speed of the lights. There was a sudden explosion of light and then darkness and silence.

Jean's eyes opened slowly, testing the scene before her, hoping it was a nightmare. She was laying in a giant baby crib! She looked around for a moment and noticed that this was her room. It looked bigger, but it was still the same room. She reached up to wipe the sleep from her eyes only to discover the sleeve of her sweater now overlapped her hands. Carefully she grabbed the bar of the top rail of the crib and pulled herself to her feet. She thought for a minute and realized that she hadn't been placed in a giant crib, but the same crib she had seen earlier. The room wasn't gigantic, she had shrunk! She judged from the size of the crib and furniture that she was now about the size of a nine year old kid. She patted herself down to see if any other changes had occurred. When her hands passed over her chest, they felt nothing. 'SHIT! My breasts are gone. Wait a minute, that means I didn't shrink, I've regressed, ' she was stopped in mid thought by her mother, who finished it for her.

'You ARE a nine year old, little girl.' Said her mother 'MOTHER!' Jean squeaked, in the high pitched voice of a little girl. 'What did you do to me?'

'I told you your punishment would be severe. Daddy and I decided that this is the best way to fix the things we've done wrong raising you.' 'So you turned me into a kid. What are you, Witches?' 'Close but not quite right. We're Incantrix. Our magic is powered by our life force. That's why Daddy was sleeping. It took a lot of energy to change your room.'

The strain of everything that happened to her was too much for Jean, and she started crying. 'Please Mommy, change me back, I'll be good! I won't even flirt with another boy, just please make me big again.' The tears flowed freely down Jean's cheek.

Mrs Black picked her daughter up out of the crib and held her until she calmed down. After a while, Jean stopped crying and turned to her mother.

'Mommy, I'm sorry. Please change me back.' 'I'm sorry too honey, but no.' Mrs. Black said The best thing for us to do is start over with you. Don't feel bad, in time you won't even remember being big.'

Suddenly a thought jumped into Jean's head. 'Mommy, if you and Daddy were gonna make me into a little girl, then why did you make my room into a baby's nursery?' 'Remember I said, Daddy and I wanted to give you a fresh start?' Her mother said

Jean nodded and felt a knot forming in her stomach. 'Well that means is, we aren't going to make you into a little girl. We're going to make you into a Baby girl.'

Jean was dumbfounded for a second. She then tore herself from her mother's arms and ran, screaming down stairs, toward the front door. She reached the bottom of the stairs and tripped over her sweater. She looked at herself and realized she had gotten younger again. Her sweater, which moments ago had hung at her knees, now covered her entire body. She was now the physical age of a five year old. She pulled herself up and ran to the door. She twisted the handle and nothing happened.

Her mother's voice called from the top of the stairs, 'The door is locked sweetie.'

Panic filled Jean's heart and she made a mad dash for the back door, hoping against all hope that her mother hadn't locked it. She made a few steps and fell over as her sweater tripped her again. She had lost her socks and was now naked except for her sweater and panties, which she was gallantly trying to hold up to her now three year old physic. Her mother slowly strolled down the stairs, not worried about catching her daughter. She knew that all the doors were locked and there was no way in her physical condition that Jeanie was going to get out of the house.

Jean ran for the back of the house, holding for dear life to her panties and holding up her sweater. She was almost to the door when her mother picked her up from behind.

'Peese Mommy, hep me. Me don wann be baby.' Jean said, shocked at the lack of adult speech.

Mrs. Black held her daughter and saw that she had made the final regression. Jean Black had gone from being a 15 year old 'Young Woman' to a 18 month old baby girl. She carried little Jeanie back up to her nursery and put her on the changing table. She carefully removed the sweater that now was more like a blanket to the baby girl. Jeanie sat on the changing table, holding onto her 'big girl panties' as if releasing them would make the change permanent. 'Oh, your panties are way too loose. I'll change them.' Mrs Black giggled as she brought out a Pampers baby diaper. Jean began crying, 'NOOOOO, I not baby! NO DIPEE!'

Mrs Black was amused at the attempts of Jeanie to delay the inevitable. As she cried, Jeanie suddenly began to wet her 'big girl panties'. This made the little girl cry even more and allowed Mrs. Black to slip the pampers under her baby's bottom. A quick spritz of powder and Jeanie was in her new diaper, still wetting herself

Jeanie cried for almost ten minutes and her mother was finally fed up with it. She chanted for a second time that day, suddenly her breasts began to bulge from under her shirt. She picked up Jeanie and undid her blouse and bra. Jeanie was no longer crying out of fear, but out of hunger and discomfort, as any baby would. Mrs Black gently set her engorged nipple on Jeanie's cheek. The baby immediately began to suckle on the nipple, satisfying her hunger. Mrs Black knew that Jeanie had finally accepted her new lease on life and become a baby in mind as well as body.