Becoming Jessica Rabbit



It was a late afternoon Wednesday as the sun started to set. In a house on a peaceful neighborhood, seven-year-old Megan was sitting on the couch of the living room having a TV Dinner meal and watching ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ on a HDTV. Megan is a cute seventh grader with a big future ahead of her. She was a good 3’5 with thin arms and legs that have very little baby fat left when she was an infant. She had a rounded freckled face with dark blue eyes and black ponytail hair. She was also wearing a school uniform that has a white short sleeve button T-shirt, a black tie, black skirt that goes down to her knees, white knee length socks, and black Mary-Jane shoes.

The only problem is that she’s the only person in the house. Her father is always on a business trip all around the world and he never comes home much. Ask for her mother, she always work late so she never sees her much in the afternoon. Most of the time she always microwave the small dinner her mom always cook of her while she’s away or just get a TV Dinner out of the freezer. Normally while she was eating, Megan always goes to the living room and watches a DVD on the television.

Today she is watching ‘Who Framed Rodger Rabbit’, a great movie that has the combination of animation and real life filming. She always likes watching this movie because it has great action, adventure, and comedy. But what she really like is one of her most favorite characters in the movie, Jessica Rabbit.

Now she has no idea why she liked that character, it’s just that Megan couldn’t help but watch her doing her thing. Jessica’s so tall, so beautiful, so strong, so… so… so something that Meg doesn’t know what. She then paused the DVD to take a look at Jessica’s body that had her sassy red outfit covering her. Megan always wondered what it would be like to be just like her favorite character. Wanting to be so big and dominant is something she always dreamed of.

While she was daydreaming about that, the phone on top of the glass table rung. Megan got startled for a moment, but gathered herself up to pick up the phone and answer it.

“Hello?” she said in an almost childish voice. ‘Hey Megan, my little sweetheart.’ It was her mother on the other end of the phone. Megan smiled and yelled to the phone, “Hi mom, how was work today?” ‘Pretty good I guess.’ said the mother, ‘Listen dear, I may be late tonight. So you better keep the place clean before I’m home O.K.?’ That made Megan a little shock, “What?! But mom that’s the third time this week.” ‘I know honey, but there’s a lot of stuff going on in the office today that it’s a bit frustrating for me. I’m sorry I have to do this to you but I have to help out whenever I can. Now you just be a good girl and don’t do anything that will surprise me.’ Megan just sighed and said, “Okay mom…” ‘Great, I’ll be home as soon as I’m done. See you tonight. Bye!’ “Bye…”

Megan hung up the phone and sighed once again. “Great, another late night shift.” She said as she shook her head, “Why is it that mom always put work ahead of her family?” She then finished eating her meal and headed to the TV to get one last look at Jessica Rabbit. “Bye Jessica,” said Megan, making believe that this cartoon character was actually her best friend. “I would like to see more of you but I’m afraid I got homework to do. Someday, I wanted to see you in me more often then in some television set. And if I had one wish, I wish I was you.”

She then looked at the DVD player that was playing the DVD and pointed her little finger at the eject button to remove the disc. But just as she touched the button, static electricity came out of the player and shock little Megan, making her feel all shooken up and tingly at the same time. “Whoa…” she said a little startled, “That was strange.” Megan then forget that it happened, ejected the disc, placed it inside the case, and put it back into the video library. She then headed up stairs to her room to start her homework. But what she didn’t notice was that after the electric shock, something inside her body starting to glow as it begins changing Megan forever.


Few minutes later, Megan was in her room doing her math homework. She was sitting on her chair swaying her legs back and forth while she was trying to figure out a multiplication problem. She removed her tie and shoes long before she started working as they were beginning to feel a little uncomfortable minutes ago. She even removed her hair band that holds the ponytail as her hair cascaded down to her shoulder blades.

While she was studying, she felt a little warm for just a second. Moments later, she was starting to sweat as beads of it appeared on her forehead and slid down her face. Finally, she put her pencil down and wiped the sweat off. “Why is it hot in here?” she said as she coughed a little thinking that her voice sounded a little lower. She got up from her chair, approached the window next to her bed, and opened it letting cool air blowing her face. “Ahhh…” said a relieved Megan, “Much better.” She then headed back to her desk while tucking her buttoned shirt into her skirt as it felt a little untucked. If she would’ve seen her reflection in the mirror she just passed, She would notice that she gained a few inches in the past fifteen minutes.

After another five minutes of working, she when felt constricted with what she was wearing. Megan unbuttoned the first three buttons on the top of her uniform to make her feel better, but after another few minutes it started to feel real uncomfortable for her. She then tucked her shirt again as the bottom seem came out of her skirt. But after she was done, it came out of her skirt again. “What is up with these clothes?” said Megan, getting a little aggravated, “They don’t seem to fit me just right.” She then got up off her chair and tried her best taking her uniform off but she was having a hard time doing so. Frustration was building in her as Megan continued to get her clothes off her body. When she turned her head to the mirror, she stopped there and had her mouth wide open at what she saw.

Starring back in the mirror was a ten-year-old girl in tight clothing. She gained about seven to eight inches at a time as her arms and legs lengthened and grew long. Her face lost most of its roundness, as there were very few freckles on her face then before. Even her hair grew a little longer as it went down past her shoulders.

“What the…” was all Megan said as she was surprised that the voice that came out of her mouth wasn’t hers. As she was watching the mirror, she discovered she gained another two inches after her shock. She continued to age from ten to eleven to twelve and was crossing the line between that of an adolescent to a pre-teen. As she continued to grow, her clothes were feeling incredibly tight on her as they were constricting her movements. All Megan can do was to stand where she was and watch herself grow bigger and bigger.

As she approached thirteen, her body was really starting to develop. He toothpick like arms and legs were beginning to fill up as her knee length socks went down to her lower legs and were beginning to show signs of it bursting out of her increasing feet. Her fingers grew longer and thinner as her nails grew an inch or two long. The bottom button of her lower end of the shirt popped off as the hem of the shirt and skirt separated between her mid section and exposing the skin and belly button.

Megan just starred blanklessly as she watched her 14-year-old body maturing by the second. But what she was starring at the most was the two cones started poking out of her tightening shirt and continued to enlarge. Her flat rear she always had began to expand as her hips and waist started to show curves. Her skirt went up to her increasing thighs and started to tear at the sides by her pre-teen hips as her short sleeves exploded, revealing her widening shoulders. The cheeks of her face were beginning to flatten with her nose getting long and her freckles disappearing on her face. Her hair then went down past her shoulders and was already up to her upper back.

Megan couldn’t believe what she was seeing with her own eyes and wasn’t sure what’s happening to her. But as her body continued to grow and expand, she finally realized what it is. “Oh my god. I’m growing up!” she said as her voice sounded like a 15-year-old teen blossoming.

Speaking of blossoming, her body kept on developing when she hit sixteen. She experienced one growth spurt after another while her clothes continued getting extremely tighter. Her socks exploded when feet grew too big for them. Her skirt also couldn’t take mush more of Megan’s widening hips so they too fully ripped from the sides and fell to the floor. The only thing she had on is now her super tight cotton panties with a cartoon bunny in the front and buttoned shirt that almost resembles a second skin. Three more buttons popped off her top part, revealing cleavage of her breasts that went from A-cup to B-cup as the back part of her shirt ripped to a straight line downward. Her arms and legs stretched and gained more muscle tone, replacing her once thin stature. Her rear continued to blow up while her waist curved even more. In fact, her rear grew too fast that the elastic of her panties snapped causing it to fall off. Once the cotton panties fell, Megan noticed a patch of curly black hair all around her privates.

Megan then took a closer look and saw her face really maturing. Her cheeks were flattening and there were no freckles dotting around her 17-year-old face. Her eyes were smaller and less innocent then before. Her nose shaped and thin while her lips stretched and began to fill. Her hair stopped growing when it reached to the middle of her back but it thickened and continued to shine brighter. If she would’ve opened her mouth, she would’ve seen what’s left of her baby teeth grow into adult size as they straightened out and was getting pearly white.

“Should I tell my mom about this?” she said, realizing that her mother would come and see her daughter grow up so fast. She was so nervous, she never noticed the sound of her voice as it sounded so adult like. “No, I can’t. The last thing I want is to see mom freak out.”

She looked back at the mirror and noticed something odd about her eyes. They were dark blue a few seconds ago, but now they were getting lighter and there’s a small hue of green appearing around the borders of her outer ring. “Strange…”, Megan said as she took a closer look at her eyes. But when she did that, a few strands of hair blocked her right vision. She was going to push the strands away from her sight but she also spotted something different about it. The strands of hair seem to be getting bright as the tint of it slowly changed from black to a reddish tint. She nervously looked up and saw that all her hair looking a little red. “This… This cant be real!” said Megan still shocked at not only she was growing; her appearance was changing as well.

While she was shocked, her body was accelerating at an alarming rate as she left her teen years behind and entering her twenties. Her breasts were up to a C-cup now and continued to fill up like water balloons as the last remnants of her shirt exploded and leaving her completely naked. Her hips horizontally widen more, giving her waist a curvy hourglass shape. Her rear pumped up like a bubble while there was a full bush of hair around her nether region, as they too were turning reddish. The muscle tone on her arms and legs ceased, leaving them long, firm, and sexy. Even her skin, though it once looked pale when she was younger, had now gave her a shade of creamy peach skin.

But the most important thing that’s surprising her is the fact that her face, while loosing the last remaining remnants of childhood, was loosing her very self and becoming a different person. Her eyes were now half blue and half green and she was loosing more blue by the second. Her hair was also losing normal color as more red the covering more of her normal black and continued to glow brighter, making it look a little orange. But the one thing that she finds weird was that her hair was reshaping itself into a unique hairstyle most women have when they go out on a date or a part, as ¼ of a section of hair was covering her right eye. Another thing bizarre was that make up was appearing on Megan’s face. Purple eye shadow appeared on her eyelids, her eyelashes were straighten out and grew long, and red lip stick was magically put on her full, pouty, lips. She then looked at her hands where her four-inch long fingernails were coated with a nail polish that had the same color red on her slender fingers.

“I… I can’t believe this is really happening.” she said in a low sexy voice that can make a man purr. In fact, Megan thought that the voice she now has sounds very familiar, almost like she sounds like Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. Then she realized something, the way she’s aging, the way she looks, the way her voice sounds. She’s not only growing, Megan’s turning into one of her favorite characters. She placed her hands on her high cheekbones with her mouth shaped like an O and said out loud in her favorite character’s voice. “Oh my God… I’m turning into Jessica Rabbit!”

She couldn’t believe her own eyes, which were now completely green by the way. Megan wanted to know what it would be like to be Ms. Rabbit; she didn’t expect this coming so quickly. She’s trying to figure out how it all happened in the first place. All she remembered was when she finished talking to mom; she finished washing her DVD and wished to be just like her favorite character. Then when she was about to stop of the DVD player, static electricity shocked her and… And that’s when it all hit her, that small little shock caused problem. Somehow that little bolt of electricity made her grow and change her appearance completely, like it was magical or something.

While she pondered that, she watched as her body stopped growing and changing. For standing in front of the mirror now is a 27-year-old mature woman with an impressive set of CC-cup jugs, a drop dead hour glass waist, a massive booty shaking rear, an orange hairy crotch, and lengthy, built arms and legs. Her sweet orange hair was elegant as it shines through the light as her green eyes brighten with delight. Megan’s face was as sweet yet graceful with flat cheeks, thin nose, and sultry lips. Megan was amazed at this complete metamorphosis, but yet terrified at the same time. What would her mother say when she sees her like this.

Suddenly, just when things were really starting to feel weird for her, clothes mysterious appeared and were put on her nude body. A long, red, strapless dress covered her middle section, revealing some cleavage in the front and her back bare, with a long cut gown that goes down to her ankles and showing off one of her legs. A pair of red five inch heel shoes adorn her feet as a pair of long purple velvet gloves covered her entire arm and goes almost right up to her shoulders. For the final touch, a pair of big golden earrings was placed on her ears and made her feel a little pain when they’re on. Megan couldn’t believe that not only she looks like Jessica Rabbit, but she’s now dressed up like her. At least she’s no longer naked in the house anymore.

But just when she thought is was all over, something happened Megan never expected. When she was looking a little while longer, she saw that her entire body was rearranging itself, like becoming animated. It was then that she found out that she getting animated each passing second. Her nose was thinning more and more until there was no nose at all on her face, just two little dots above her lips, but she was still breathing never the less. Her eyebrows grew wide and were made into an upside down U shape while she was having a hard time opening her eyes fully because now she can only open them just like Jessica. Finally the change stopped and standing in front of the mirror wasn’t Megan, a 7-year-old schoolgirl, but an animated 27-year-old Jessica Rabbit, with no sign of her old self anywhere.

Megan, or Jessica now that she’s turned into her favorite character, slowly walked away from the mirror backwards, sat on her bed, and placed her hands on her face. She was shaking her head left and right with her orange animated hair waving in the back. “What am I going to do?” she asked herself as she was traumatized by what she experience just a minute ago. Just as things couldn’t get any worse, she heard the front door open from downstairs and a familiar voice. “Megan, honey, mommy’s home! My boss gave me an early leave so now we can spend some time together.” It was Megan’s mother. Now Megan was really scarred. If her mom sees her as Jessica Rabbit instead of her daughter, she’ll get angry, thinking it’s a stranger and kick her out of the house. Or worse, she’ll call the police and have her arrested for breaking and entering. Now what is she going to do.

“Megan, sweetheart, where are you?” asked her mother, “Are you upstairs in your room doing homework?” Megan, A.K.A. Jessica, was now nervous, knowing that her mother would be coming up soon. Her fears were now realized as she heard footsteps coming from down the stairs as her mom went up the steps. Quickly Meg decided to speak, making her voice sounded like her old one. “I’m upstairs mom,” she said, trying to make it sound like she was her old self, “I just finished with my homework and I’m extremely tired. I’m going to bed now.” After a moment of silence, her mom asked, “Are you sure Meg? Your voice sounds a little rough. Do you have a cold or something?” “No mom, my throat is a little dry, but it will be better tomorrow morning.” Just when she thought, she was going to get out of this mess, the door knob slowly turned, that means that her mother was going to open the door and see a mysterious animated girl in her daughter’s room. Megan swallowed a lump and tried to figure this one out. Finally, with no other choice, she sighed. “Oh well, mom’s going to find out someday.” She said, “Better get this over with.” She stood at the door as it opened, revealing her fate. Yes, her wish for being her favorite character off a Roger Rabbit movie has come true, but at what cost?

The End?