Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite


Libra and Jeff

Ronald Gardner knocked furiously on the door of Judy Dobson.

Judy answered almost instantly and didn't look very shocked to see Ronald.

"Ronald?" Judy asked in almost disbelief, allowing the young man into her house.

"Yeah, just look at me. By this time tomorrow I won't even be a teen," Ronald said after he slipped in and took a seat on her sofa.

"I see what you mean," Judy said taking a close look at his face.

"Can you give me the antidote or whatever?" Ronald asked, looking very pleading at her.

"Never made one for my virus. My virus was designed to rewrite DNA to a certain genetic state in the age. Seems to have gone wrong in your case; you're getting younger faster than you should," Judy said walking around him and looking at her watch.

"Can you fix it?" Ronald asked with a pitiful tone in his voice.

"I think I can. You have to stay here until I can run a few tests on you. My husband will be gone for quite a while so don't worry about him catching you here." Judy said almost without any concern.

"As long as you don't ask me again to be food for your mosquitoes," Ronald said, almost joking.

"We better enjoy that body of yours while you have it around." Judy said seductively to him and lured him into the bedroom.

'Man, I love women who cheat on their husbands,' Ronald thought as he walked back to the bedroom with her. Ronald had forgotten his troubles for the moment.

'Not bad for a guy I picked-up in a bar,' Judy thought in the afterglow of their passion. 'Looks so cute as a teen,' she said to herself as she watched Ronald sleep.

Ronald awoke with a start and ran into the bathroom. His fear confirmed as he knew his body was not stopping its backwards trip through time. 'Fuck! I'm damn teen now,' Ronald cursed, examining his face. As Ronald looked down at his body he saw all those hours at the gym wasted due to the youthening process of the virus. A lean thin teen version of Ronald was in the mirror.

"Good, you're finally up. Let's go back to my lab." Judy said, leading him out of the bathroom.

Ronald entered the bedroom that looked more like a science geek's room than a lab. On the far wall was a huge aquarium with stagnant water fill with female mosquitoes and larvae. A few male mosquitoes were in the corner of the tank as well, all flying around. The water gave the room a horrible smell.

There was a bookshelf beside it containing books on insects and viruses. To his left was a chemistry set more elaborate then any he had ever seen. 'This girl's main hobby is nothing but bugs,' Ronald thought with disgust.

"Just let me take a blood sample from you along with a few other fluids," Judy said with slight amusement to her voice.

"I see..." Judy said more to herself as she examined the samples from Ronald.

"And?" Ronald asked almost impatiently.

"Well, the virus is simply working too fast for its own good. Seems to be rewriting the DNA once too many times. If I had to guess I say you be 10 or 11 years old by tonight." Judy said taking one slide out of her microscope to put in another.

"You said it was safe to let those damn bugs bite me. 'The virus was ok for human testing,' you said." Ronald said with a little anger in his voice.

"Well I didn't figure in the fact that guys have a much higher hormone level then girls. I injected myself with the virus and I haven't changed in age since my first regression," Judy said as she noticed his anger.

"What are you doing now?" Ronald demanded.

"Seeing how my new strain of the virus deals with yours. I made this one only a while back. The new ones seemed to completely wipe out the old one, but I can't be sure it's safe yet. I did some testing on my animals first, then you." Judy said almost casually.

"Ok, But I hope you're working fast on it, because I don't want to be back in diapers or disappear altogether," Ronald said, calming down somewhat.

"Just a few samples to test the virus cells and then we'll see if my new bug knocks them out," Judy said, sounding like she already accepting the Nobel Prize for keeping the world young.

"How long will that take?" Ronald asked wondering if he'd be crawling on the floor by that time the next day.

"Don't worry baby, I promise you won't be in diapers again. I'm really glad I field tested this on you, before going public. After this there shouldn't be any problems with it," Judy said as she stuck the needle in him and withdrew it.

Ronald allowed her to take as many samples she needed in fear of reverting back to nothing.

"You can sleep in the guest bedroom tonight or will you be with me tonight?" Judy asked innocently.

Ronald took the better choice for his own little needs. Judy assured him that even if her husband came home he'd be too young to be considered her secret lover.

Ronald woke up to nagging itching that wouldn't go away. When he got up from the bed all the hair on his body had fallen out. Only soft patches of hair remained on his groin area and under his arm pits.

The moonlight shining through the window was just bright enough to let him see that he lost at least a few more years than he ever wanted.

By the time morning came he was boy again. His skinny hairless body was a joke compared to his old strong adult body, or even his teen body just a few hours ago. Ronald sat on the toilet dimly thinking what had become of his manhood when Judy walked in to grab a brush.

Upon seeing his reaction to cover himself she gave a small laugh. "Not like I haven't see that before." Judy said as she brushed back her hair.

Ronald went red and kept quiet rather to admit he was acting like a shy child.

"If you need anything just ask. If you get hungry check the fridge before whining to me first. I have a busy day planned in the lab," Judy said as she tied back her hair in neat pony tail.

Only good thing about Ronald's first full day over at Judy's house was he could be a complete couch potato unlike his usual active self. He even forgot his worries about getting caught by her husband. Ronald had never seen him, but pictures of him were about in the living room and bedroom.

Ronald understood why her husband wasn't around all the time. Judy was not exactly beautiful nor ugly by any means. Ronald then thought that the man was most likely cheating her on at that very moment.

The first day was a complete waste in time. On the second day, as an 8 year-old, Ronald decided to head for the playground. The community playground was in easy walking distance and would be safe enough for him. Ronald's fears were gone. The regressing process was slowing down which was a very good sign.

Ronald soon found out his younger and smaller body had almost endless amounts of energy. Ronald even got caught up in a game of tag with real kids around the neighborhood. He had so much fun he forgot to ask when Judy was going stop his body from going further back.

The children's clothes Judy had picked up for him had become a few sizes too big on his smaller frame. "You're adorable at 6 years old," Judy said as she was standing in the bedroom doorway.

"I am thrilled to hear that," Ronald said as he slid off the bed. Since his body had started growing younger, he had to go to the bathroom a lot.

This time Judy seemed to give him some privacy. She stood outside the door telling him the good news that everything was ok now and things were back on track.

Ronald was so happy he didn't care if he had to tag along on Judy's shopping trip. Some of the items she was buying did disturb him. She was picking up outfits for a very small boy around his age.

"Who are those for?" Ronald asked worriedly.

"Well it may be a while before we know for certain. So I thought you could use the extra outfits. Just for now at the very least," Judy murmured as she picked out another cute outfit. Ronald took this time to look around. Part of him felt weird being in the kiddie section of the clothing store. He looked around at the people, who looked at him with a warm smile and sometimes faces of delight at seeing a cute little boy.

Ronald started to like the sudden attention of the young attractive girls the most. From the teenager at the fitting rooms to the check-out girl they all gave him smile or a little tickle on his belly as he was helping Judy with the bags.

"Mommy's little helper," The check-out girl commented when they left.

"I think we should go for a swim at the lake after this. Don't you think?" Judy asked Ronald as she looked at a pair of swimming trunks with colorful cartoon characters on it.

"If you want to," Ronald replied passively and hoped that she did. Another night stuck inside watching TV was going to drive him over the edge.

"Glad you agree, Ron. Gives me a chance to try out my new bikini." Judy said admiring the swim outfit she picked out for herself.

Ronald paid her real attention and amused himself with the image of her in it. It was a very revealing outfit mostly around the chest area.

Ronald's wish was soon granted and taken one step further. Judy had forced him into the girl's section of bathroom at the lake area. Ronald hadn't seen her naked for at least 12 hours, but was greatly embarrassed when Judy helped him change. His own body was pale skinned, skinny and completely babyish. Ronald was ashamed to see his manhood so small and completely useless in bed.

"When will I change back?" Ronald asked as Judy pulled up his swimming trucks.

"Getting tired of being my little man?" Judy asked, amused by his question.

Ronald went red and quiet until they were back out. Before heading into the water. Judy grab a small bucket from the back of her car. Ronald could tell by the way she was carrying it that it was full of water.

Ronald followed her out of curiosity and the need to be close to her. Judy dumped the bucket into the lake just before they reached the beach area of the lake. Without a word or a single glance she then walked to the beach itself.

Ronald ran to catch up with her and somewhat willingly took her hand. "What was in that bucket?" he asked, already guessing the answer.

"Few of my bugs." Judy answered, smiling.

"But, you...." Ronald began, then paused, not sure if it was wise to point out her error in judgment.

"Don't worry about a thing. I fixed the problem and I don't think people of the world will mind me giving them youth again," Judy explained as if he was really a child.

"But, you haven't worked out my problem yet," Ronald said meakly so not to offend her.

"Yes I have," Judy said giving Ronald a triumphant look. "Guess I can let you in on my plans." They stopped on a nice spot on the sand.

"What plans?" Ronald asked dreading her answer. Judy had suddenly started talking very funny, almost if something was coming he wasn't going to like.

"World conquest, that's all." Judy said calmly.

"What?" Ronald said almost smiling as if it was a joke then thinking it wasn't. "How?" Ronald asked keeping his face serious and tone of his voice normal.

"My little virus will give a little too much youth to men, but keep us women young and above our teen years forever. Men will dwindle down to their true status in life and women will take over," Judy said, now grinning as she put on some sun-screen.

"You're going to make all the men babies?" Ronald asked and looking at her like she was mad. His own fear was flooding his system.

"Oh no. That would be a terrible fate for us girls. A lifetime of dressing, feeding and wiping dirty little butts sounds horrible if you ask me." Judy said with a light smile before going on. "Only about 90% of guys will be regressed to 10 years old or less. The 10% left over will be teenagers. I've tested you dozens of times so far and your age has stabilized completely," Judy said with a grin as she spread sun lotion on Ronald's pale skin.

"How long til I grow up?" Ronald asked now tearing up a bit. He was more scared than he'd been in his entire life.

"Never, my dear. The virus will write itself into human DNA and kept you as you are now forever." Judy said as she dabbed the last of the sun-screen on his nose.

"The government or someone will stop you." Ronald said backing away from her.

"Too late for that, hon. My own husband tried to stop me, but I put him in his place. Last I heard he was very happy at that private school I sent him to. Besides, I already released my virus into this lake with the help of my little bugs. Tomorrow we will go to the airport with that nice little pond nearby and let a few more of my bugs go. Bugs will carry the virus and give it to people who will in turn give it to other people. Before you know it women all over the world will take charge while men go back to playing with toys." Judy explained, enjoying Ronald's face of disgust.

"Why?" Ronald said now holding his tears at bay.

"I think it's time for the world to change. Men have made of mess of things and I think women should take a shot at it next. I don't think we can do worse, that's for sure." Judy said grinning madly.

"What will happen to me?" Ronald said and looking down at his body.

"Well, I guess you could run away now and try to warn the world, but by the time you get people to listen to you it will be too late. My little virus spreads fast and is nearly unseen until it's too late. Or you can stay with me and become a little brother to my husband. I wouldn't mind looking after you," Judy added, extending her arms out to offer him a hug.

Having no real choice Ronald allowed himself to step forward and receive a big bear hug from Judy.

"Now, let's not waste the day with tears. It's a beautiful day and we should go for a little swim." Judy said breaking her hug on Ronald.

Ronald spent only an hour thinking about Judy's plan and actions against him. His choice was all too clear in his mind. He could stay or run off to try to warn the world what was coming. By Judy's own words it was already too late for the 2nd choice. Ronald preferred the idea of being with Judy.

The trip back home was short, but Ronald fell asleep in the passenger seat. By the time he awoke from his short nap they were back home. Ronald amused himself with the idea that this was his house now.

Ronald gave Judy no trouble as she told him when to do something. Ronald was smart enough to know he was out gunned and he knew he was nearly 4 times smaller then Judy. He decided not to offer any reason for her to spank him or punish him in any way.

Ronald had to admit there was a small part of him that loved Judy taking care of him as she was tucking him into bed. She may not like the idea of taking care of a baby, but she seemed to love to boss him around like a real mother.

"Sleep tight and don't the let the bed bugs bite," Judy said jokingly, making a buzzing sound almost like a mosquito.

"Okay, Good night." Ronald said and felt the warm blanket on his body and his eyes were already closing from tiredness.

With that, Judy left the room. 'Lots of places to visit in the morning' she thought to herself as she laid down in her bed for a good night's sleep.

The End