Beach Babies



Part 1: A New Sun Tan Lotion
Part 2: Young Love
Part 3: Starting Over

Part 1: A New Sun Tan Lotion

It is 7:30 in the morning down at the beach and the sun was rising over the ocean. The early morning seagulls were flying around, the shops and restaurants on the pier were opening up, and a few people woke up early and started finding the perfect spot on the beach. One of these people is a young couple that goes by the names of Michelle and Thomas Rogan.

Michelle is a 28-year-old housewife that likes her looks so much. She had long muddy brown hair that goes down past her mid-back, darkish blue eyes, and an angelic face with high cheekbones and full lips. Her arms and legs were long and athletically built as she struts them down the beach, giving single mean the double look. She had on a large T-shirt covering the rest of her body and swimsuit, a straw sun hat to protect her delicate face, sunglasses over her eyes, and a pair of black wedge thong sandals. Thomas is a 29-year-old businessman that’s doing his best to earn money for their house. He has short cut black hair, a pair of hazel nut eyes, and a lean yet handsome face. He too was wearing a large T-Shirt, sunglasses, a watch on his wrist, and a pair of black Velcro strip sandals.

Both Michelle and Thomas known each other when they were young. They became fast friends when they were in the seventh grade. They started dating when they were Juniors in high school and had they had sex when they were in college. Then after they graduated college, the two married at ages 24 and 25. Yes, they got married at a young age, but ask for raising a family, that’s beyond the question. They never wanted to think about having kids so early in their wedded lives, but they decided to have children when they’re a little older.

Now heading back to the story, Michelle and Thomas were walking down the beach with specks of sand covering their sandals and feet. Michelle then stretched her arms and took a deep breath at the sea air. “Ahh…. Smell that beach air. Isn’t this a great idea taking our vacation here?” she said enjoying the sand filled atmosphere. Thomas, on the other hand, sighed when she say that and said, “Yeah. But I should’ve been better off with going to that country club.”

Michelle just shook her head and had a sigh of her own. Every summer, she and her husband would have to pick a great summer vacation for them to sit back and relax from all the hard work they’ve been doing all day. Thomas always wanted to go to this country club in Tennessee where they have a huge golf course, indoor Olympic pool, Tennis court, and exquisite meals. But his wife decided to go to the beach at the pier across town where the sun is shining, the water’s fresh, and the shops and restaurants are opened for their convenience. She didn’t want her husband to feel so upset about it, so she turned around to look at him, placed her hand on his shoulder, and reasoned with him.

“Look,” she said, “I know you want to really go to that country club all summer, but the beach is the perfect place to relax. The atmosphere is perfect, the view of the ocean’s so breathtaking, and there’s lots of stuff to do at the pier. Perhaps next summer we’ll go to the club, okay?” Thomas just looked at his wife, smiled, and said, “Oh all right.” “Good, now let’s find a nice spot to lay on and enjoy this sight.” Said Michelle as she went ahead through the sandy beach with her husband following her.


After a few minutes of searching, they found a perfect spot to rest. There were two vacant beach chairs that was close to the ocean, but not too close to the water itself. “This looks like a promising spot.” Michelle said, “Honey, do you mind getting the towels and suntan lotion out of the duffle bag?” Thomas, who was carrying the duffle bag over his shoulder, said, “Yes dear.” He then place the duffle bag on the floor and zipped it opened to find the stuff they need while his wife removed her purse she had been holding on her shoulder, placed her sun hat on top of the beach chair, put her sunglasses on the chair, and took off her T-shirt to reveal her bathing suit she got from Victoria Secrets three weeks ago. Thomas took out of the two towels and was taking out the lotion. But when he took it out, he noticed something odd about it. For on the front of the bottle it says, ‘Dr. Regresso’s Youthening Sunscreen: Makes you young both inside and out.’ Thomas had an odd look on his, since he has no idea why his wife got this bottle or where did it came from. So he turned around to look at Michelle to ask a question.

“Hey Michelle, do you mind telling me why-“ but he stopped mid sentence when he saw his wife stunning body over her black Triangle string bikini. She had a nice set of C-cup breasts, a slim yet curvy hourglass that resembled her waist, and a bubbly rear that is shaped like a heart. Thomas knew his wife works out two times a week, but he never knew she had a hot body until now.

Michelle turned around to hear what her husband wants to say, only to see him starring at her athletic body. “Yeah, what is it?” she said as her husband snapped out of his trance and asked her about the suntan bottle. “Um… Yes. I just want to know about this bottle. I never heard of it before. What is it?” He showed the bottle to her as she took it from him and inspected it. After looking at the bottle, she chuckled and answered, “Oh that’s a new suntan bottle I got at some new store in the mall the other day.” “Then what happened to the old bottle you always use whenever we go to the beach?” he asked. Michelle answered, “Because the last time I tried the old one, it made my skin look like a bright red tomato. But this time, it will be different.” “And why is this one different from the last one?”

Michelle, knowing that her husband is a little suspicious at something, decides to give him a real good answer. “I’ll explain. You see, unlike all those old tanning bottles that fade away every two hours after you put it on, this one can last all day. For example, it’s 7:40 and you want to rub this lotion on your body. Well, once you apply it, it will remain on you for about ten hours and it will leave your swing a golden brown color and leaves no sunburn. And here’s the best part, not only this lotion gives you a fabulous tan, it can also make you look and feel young.”

Thomas was quite shocked at what his wife talked about. “Wow…” was the first thing he said, “That was a lot of information. Where did you hear this?” “The clerk at the shop told me about it.” answered Michelle, “Thought it would come in handy in case you want to know about it. Is there anything else you want to know?” Thomas gave that some thought then remembered her saying that this product can make people younger once the tanning lotion is applied. He then looked back at his wife and asked her another question. “Yeah. That last part you mentioned, about making the person look and feel younger, does it really work?” He was trying his best not to laugh, but a few chuckles came out of his mouth. His wife wasn’t impressed at Thomas’s ignorance and answered in a demanding voice. “Yes Thomas it really works, the shop clerk told me that as well.” “Then why do you want to look young?” he asked again, “I mean look at you. You’re twenty-eight and you have a beautiful yet perfect body. You’re not that old.” “Well then take a look at my face and ask me if I’m old now!” Michelle shouted as she pointed to her face.

Thomas did look at her face and could tell that there were signs of aging appearing. Though her face was pretty, there were a few laugh lines traced around her eyes and mouth, but they weren’t deep enough to be noticeable. He then sighed and explained to his wife that it was just nothing. “Well, look on the bright side Hun. At least no one would notice you’re looks.” Michelle smiled and said, “Oh yeah? What about that gray on your head?” She pointed up to his head as her husband stroke his hair with his hand.

For some strange reason, there were a few streaks of gray hair weaving into his perfect black hair. He thought that maybe after all those long hours at work and the stress during the late nights, he was certainly beginning to show signs of his age. But he always make sure that he covers it up so well so his friends at work won’t suspect anything. “Well, you won’t see it from a far away view!” he said in a harsh tone.

Michelle laughed and thought maybe this is a bit much. So she decided to give her husband a little reminder. “No matter how much we change, we will still be husband and wife. Besides, this tanning lotion will make us forget all those hard times of work and house cleaning after our marriage. In fact, it will help bring us back to the very day we got married, or better yet, when we first met. Don’t you want to remember all the happiness we shared, all the great times we had? Come on, just give this a chance.”

Thomas gave this some thought and decided that maybe this would be fun. He had a rough day at the office last week and maybe it would give him a chance to forget all that paperwork he had been doing. So he looked at his wife with gleaming eyes and answered, “Oh all right. I’ll do it.” “Great!” Michelle said excitedly, “Now let me apply this first so I can feel comfortable with the lotion. Um… Do you mind if you can help me with the back dear?” Her husband nodded as his wife then started squirting the lotion on her hand and started rubbing it all over her.

She started with her hands and arms, then across her shoulders, neck and upper back. She then applied some on the face to make sure that her beautiful looks don’t look so burned. While she was rubbing the tanning lotion, she felt a tingle in her body as she felt it. “Wow… This feels sooooo good.” She said, a little surprised at what she felt. She then rubbed it on her waist, on her cleavage, and down her long legs. She immediately took off her sandals and lifts her feet up and one the chair so that she could put more lotion on them. Thomas couldn’t help but to stare at his wife bathing herself in tanning oil. It makes this seen looks so romantic.

“Um… Excuse me dear.” Thomas immediately snapped out of his trance and looked at his wife who was looking back at him. “You mind if you can rub this on my back?” said Michelle as she handed the bottle to him. “I don’t think I can get all of my back.” Thomas was unprepared for this, but it was an opportunity to help his wife whenever he can. So without giving it a second thought, he said, “Of course sweetheart.” When she heard that, she turned around, untied the back of her swimsuit top, and exposed her back so that she won’t have any tan lines on it while tanning. She was able to fold her arms to keep her front top open and let her chest exposed. Thomas swallowed a lump and was a little nervous, but decided to do it anyways since he’s being nice to her. So he opened the bottle and squirted the contents on his hand. Once he rubbed the lotion on both his hands, he too felt the tingle in his skin. Deciding to ignore it and started massaging his wife’s back with the tanning lotion. Michelle felt her skin tightening when her back was being rubbed while Thomas couldn’t help but to feel quite comfortable at what he’s doing for her. After he was done with his work, Michelle tied her top quickly and turned around and smiled. “Thanks.” she said, “Now do you mind if I can do your back as well. A girl could really help a guy out.” Again, Thomas swallowed hard and was a bit nervous at that. But he wanted to get this over with so he could relax so he said, “Sure thing Hun, just let me take off my shirt first.” He quickly takes off his sunglasses and shirt while his wife place more sun tan lotion on her hands.

Once Thomas took his shirt off, Michelle couldn’t help but to stare at his body. Even though he doesn’t look like one of those body builders that lift weights all day, he still look physically strong in her point of view. His chest had a set of smooth yet hard pecks with thick curly black hair covering it. His waist has hard 6-pack ads while his arms and legs have firm, yet muscular tone and were covered in light black hair as well. He was wearing a pair of swim trunks with Hawaiian designs labeled around it. She liked what she saw after watching his body and remembered the time she saw his body when they were in college. She couldn’t help but to hold on to his body and carouse it forever until they grow old.

“Um… Are you going to stand there all day and stare, or are you going to help me?” said Thomas, who witnessed his wife staring at him with blank eyes. Michelle shook off her spacing out experience after she heard her husband and rubbed her hands together. Thomas turned around to reveal his back as Michelle started to apply the lotion on his back. The feeling of lotion on Thomas’s back sent shivers up his spine as the sense of it made him more pleasurable. When it was done, she put her sunglasses back on and sat on the beach chair. “I’m going to rest for a while.” She said, “You should go get a tan yourself if you want to look good.” While she was taking a rest, Thomas shrugged his shoulders and placed the lotion on the rest of his body. After rubbing it on his chest, abs, arms, legs, shoulders, neck, and face, he put his sunglasses back on and rested on the chair next to his wife. Together, the two slept quietly on their chairs as the morning sun bathes them in its warm glow.


After an hour of resting, the two laid asleep unaware with the world around them. They remained there silently until Thomas began to stir a little. Once he slowly opened his eyes, and stared straight at the sun and reverted his head away from it. Upon doing that, he looked at his watch and noticed it was only nine ‘o’ clock. “Great…” he said as he started to sigh, “It’s only an hour after we slept and we wasted it all on laying here and doing nothing.” As he was about to get up, he spotted something odd on his hand. Instead of a medium peach type color, or a bright red from the other sun tanning lotions, his skin had become a golden tan. He looked at his arms and they too were the same color. He turned his head to see his chest, same color. He thought he was dreaming, but after one pinch he was wrong. He has gotten himself a really good tan. “I can’t believe it,” he said a little shock, “This sun tan lotion really worked!” Still wanting to know if it still worked, he turned his head left to look at his wife.

He noticed that Michelle has the same golden tan color. Thomas still couldn’t believe that the new suntan lotion his wife got could do wonders for their skin. But while he kept watching her, something wasn’t right. For instance, she use to have those faint lines on her face months ago. Now her face looked so smooth with no signs of lines anywhere on it. In fact, she almost looked like the day they got married when she was 25 and he was 26. He tried to piece together what could cause this strange change. But before he could come up with an answer, he heard the moans of a woman trying to wake up. He looked back and saw his wife yawning and slowly opening her eyes directly to the hot sun. Michelle reverted her head away from the blinding brightness, but intentionally looked at her husband with a smile on her face.

“Hello lover…” she said, making it sound so sexy. Thomas just snickered for a bit, couldn’t believe his wife called him that. She never called him ‘lover’ since they were in their honeymoon. So he decided to call her a name he too never said. “Hello to you too my huggle bunny.” Michelle chuckled a little as well as she saw her husband with his magnificent tan. “Damn, you’re looking good.” She said very impressed. Thomas couldn’t help but to laugh and said, “Look who’s talking.” She looked at herself and realized she too has the same tan as her husband. Amazed, she looked back at Thomas and still couldn’t believe.

“So this is what a real tan looks like.” She said, still in shock but tried to calm down, I told you that this stuff works.” “Well I should’ve believed you the first time you showed it to me.” Thomas said, now knowing that his wife was telling the truth. “I mean not only you look good, but you also look young. Touch your face.” Michelle touched her face and discovered that all those lines that were on her face completely vanished. “Oh my god!” she said completely surprised, “They’re gone. All those laugh lines are all gone!” She quickly turned her head to Thomas and noticed something different about him too. “And you look young yourself. I could all your hair completely black.” And indeed it was the truth. The few streaks of gray hair that was woven in his hair were now back to a shiny black look. Thomas felt his hair, but he wouldn’t see it since he doesn’t have a mirror. “You think?” he asked. “Oh course,” she answered, “You look just like your old self back when we were married.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” he then said.

While the two started laughing, Michelle then thought of something they could do that they haven’t thought about for a long time. “You know,” she said very seductively, “now that we look and feel younger, maybe now when can just… You know… Do it?” Thomas’s eyes grew wide in shock when he heard what his wife said. “What?” he said a little confused. “Oh come on silly.” Michelle said, “I’m talking about making love right here. Like when we did it one our honeymoon.” She then got off her chair and slowly approached her dear sweetheart who was still sitting. “If I remember correctly, the two of us were alone in a beach down in Hawaii. It was a late night and the moon was shining over our heads. Relaxing in those beach chairs, life couldn’t get any better.” Thomas got up crossing his legs while his wife sat next to him, crossing her tan legs and continued with her story. “And then we thought of some thoughts, nasty thoughts. It was then that we were feeling all horny and couldn’t wait to go to bed and experience all those feelings. Then, with no one at that beach, we made love on a beach chair.”

Thomas swallowed a lump as he realized he’s in an awkward position he wished he hadn’t. “So…” Michelle said seductively as she leans closer to him. “Do you want to do it now? You want to make out right here? To relive old memories?” Thomas wasn’t sure what to do after hearing his wife act so strange. Sure he does want to have sex with her, but there’s a problem. Where they had their honeymoon was in a private beach, and this is a public beach. And if anyone sees them doing nasty things, especially children, they will be in deep trouble. So he decided to give her some reason and said, “As much as I like to make out right here, I’m afraid I’ll pass. If you take a look around, we’re at a public beach and if anyone sees us… Well… I don’t want to know the consequences. Why don’t we save it until we head to our hotel room tonight okay?” Michelle didn’t like his husband’s response but she had no choice since they’re really are in a public beach instead of a private one. So deciding not to get into any trouble she immediately said, “Okay… But what are we going to do until that time?”

Thomas gave that some thought and made the decision. “I know. Why don’t we go around the pier?” he said. “There are a lot things to do down by the pier and it won’t be too much of a hassle. And that way we can do other things before we can make love tonight. What do you say?” Michelle thought about that for a moment and thinking there’s nothing else to do, she smiled and said, “All right, let’s do it.”

She immediately got off the beach chair, readjusted her bathing suit, thinking it was a little loose, and headed to her beach chair to get both her purse, sandals, and sun hat. Thomas got off his chair and put on his sandals, but when he looked at his wife he found something a little odd. For a while, Michelle had a little access weight on her hips due to a little overeating, but now they seem to be a little less. As she was retying the strings of her bottom half bikini, Thomas wondered and asked her a question that she would know. “Did you lost some weight?” he asked. Michelle turned around and looked at her husband a little confused. “Of course not silly.” she asked, “Why did you ask?” “Cause you seem to be loosing a little weight around your hips right now.” said Thomas. Michelle just laughed a little and said, “Oh don’t think of that dear. I’ve been working out a lot lately. I could tell if I’m a little overweight or not.”

She then went back adjusting her hat while her husband was at a lost for words. Normally she would’ve complained about the extra weight she had, but now she’s saying it like she doesn’t remember it at all. What was wrong with this picture? “Well, are you ready?” Thomas has his train of thought open when he heard his wife and saw her waiting impatiently, tapping her foot. “Um… Sure, I’m ready.” He quickly got off the chair and looked around to see the towels, the duffel bag, T-shirts, and the new suntan bottle still lying around. “Uh…” he started to ask, “Are we going to take the rest of our stuff with us incase somebody else wants to use this spot?” “Are you joking?” Michelle protested, “And loose our spot for good? I don’t think so. We woke up early to find a perfect spot for the two of us and if we leave this spot, it will take us forever to find another spot. We’ll leave them here until we come back.” Thomas just looked at them one more time and was a little concerned about this. “Don’t worry,” said Michelle, “It will all be still here when we get back.” After giving it a moment of thought, he sighed and said, “Fine…” It was then that the two left their spots, completely shirtless to reveal their tan bodies. They also left behind the new sun tan lotion Michelle bought. But what they didn’t know is that while they were walking, their bodies were changing on both the inside and out.

Beach Babies



Part 1: A New Sun Tan Lotion
Part 2: Young Love
Part 3: Starting Over

Part 2: Young Love

Down at the pier by the beach both Michelle and Thomas kept walking down the boarded floor passing through a couple of stores and stands. They were holding hands together just like when they were newly weds and are enjoying the moment together without any interruptions. Michelle was still wearing her string bikini, wedge sandals, sunglasses, and her sunhat while her husband kept his swimsuit boxers, Velcro strap sandals, and sunglasses. Of course they decided to leave their shirts behind because they want to show their perfect tan in front of the public to watch in awe. It felt when they were once newlyweds when they were both 24 and 25.

In fact, they both felt like it. For some strange reason, they’ve getting some extra energy in their bodies they thought they never had. They haven’t felt like that since they were working both at work and at home. They both have an extra kink in their step as Michelle sways her hips very sexily so all the boys do a double take. She then looked at her husband and smiled. “Are you enjoying yourself sugar?” she said in a very seductive voice. Thomas looked at her and answered, “I will be as soon as find someplace to get us entertained.”

To that end, Michelle rested her head on her husband’s muscular shoulder and sighed. “Oh Thomas,” she said, “I’m so glad you took me here to the beach. It’s so beautiful.” Thomas smiled at his wife, but then he remembered something. ‘Did Michelle said that she wants to go to the beach on vacation?’ he thought. But he decided that it must’ve come from another girlfriend and agreed with his wife. “You’re welcome sweetie. Anything to make you happy.” Michelle rubbed his should with his face and said, “Oh Thomas. I just can’t wait to graduate college and be married. It will be a dream come true.”

Suddenly, something in Thomas’s head hit him as he looked at her resting her head on his shoulder. “Umm… Didn’t we just graduate and got married before?” Michelle just looked at his face with an odd expression and raised an eyebrow at him. “No you silly.” She said with a smirk and giggled a little, “We’re seniors in college, graduation isn’t until the next five months. Surely you haven’t forgotten about it.” Thomas tried to remember about it and knew that he and her wife… I mean, girlfriend went to separate colleges and were seniors. But for some strange reasons, he was having a hard time remembering graduating college or marrying Michelle. In fact, those memories were all a blur to him as his brain was clouding him to forget. Just as he was about to put the pieces together, his love started pointing at a particular building and said, “Hey, I got an idea! Why don’t we go see a movie?”

Thomas looked at where his girlfriend was pointing and saw a Loews Cinema not far from where they are. He then turned his head back to Michelle and smiled. “Sure, why not.” He said, “Nothing else to do around here anyways.” The two quickly walked to the theater and headed straight to the line where the box office is. While they were waiting, Michelle quickly untied both her swimming bra and bikini and adjusted it, noticing that they feel a little loose again. Thomas noticed it too and he also retied his trunks knowing that it’s loose too. After being in line for three minutes, the two approached the box office where a teenage boy with pimples was waiting for the next customers. Once Michelle and Thomas was in front of the window, the teenager looked at the two and said, “Welcome to Loews. Can I help you?”

While the two were busy looking at what kind of movie they want to see, the employee looked at their bodies and was amazed. In front of him between the glass window was a 24-year-old man with a strong physical frame with a building chest and killer abs and a 23-year-old woman with a tone and yet firm body with C-cup breasts and a curvy hourglass figure. But what he found most interested was that have such unique tans, something he never seen before. I mean he did see tanners that were fake coming from a few tanning salons and those that already have sunburns, but nothing like this!

“Excuse me.” The teenage boy snapped out of his trance when he heard Michelle and looked at her. “Yes?” he said all nervous, hoping that they didn’t expect them observing their bodies. “Can we have two adult tickets to see “Music and Lyrics” at 10:00 a.m.?” Michelle said as she pointed at one of the movies titles on the windows with the time dates. The teenage clerk nodded and went to the register to ring them up. Once he was done, he looked at the couple and said, “That will be $8.50. “Will that be cash or credit?” Michelle took out her wallet out of her purse and checked to see if she has a ten. Lucky for her that she has plenty of money for her beach vacation or it would’ve been trouble. While searching for a ten, she sighed and whispered to herself. “The price for two tickets is $8.50? Man the prices for the movies are getting high.” She finally found a ten and gave it to the employee through the slot of the window. The teen got the ten, put it in the register, and gave her both the chain and the tickets.

“You’re the show is in theater four. Enjoy the movie.” Michelle got the tickets then looked at her lover with generous eyes. “So, ready to see what this movie is all about?” she said. Thomas looked at his beloved girl, smiled, and answered, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” So with that said, the two entered the theater and watched their movie.


After over an hour and a half, everyone left the theater when they finished seeing Music and Lyrics. The teenage employee looked at everyone from his box office window and could tell that everyone had a great time. But then he noticed something odd about one of the couples. He could’ve sworn this was the same couple he saw a little while ago when they purchased the tickets, especially that they have the same bathing suits. But what’s different about them is that they look a little younger, like in their late teens or something. After doing a double take and could’ve sworn that this is the same couple he saw a while ago, the teenage boy shook his head and rubbed his fore head. “That’s it.” he said, “Next summer, I’m going on a vacation of my own.”


Meanwhile, both Michelle and Thomas were enjoying themselves as they walk down the boardwalk after seeing the movie. Michelle wrapped her arms around his lover’s right arm and rested on his shoulder, while his boyfriend looked on at this beautiful girl that’s next to him. But what they didn’t know is that while they were watching the movie, their bodies started to retreat into their teens. Michelle is already at the age of 18 and on the verge to graduate in high school as Thomas is 19 and is already in college. Their height had diminished to about an inch or two but they were still tall and their bodies have diminished a little bit. Even Thomas muscles seems to have loss a little toness but still has such an athletic build on his body.

While the two were walking, Thomas sighed and little and felt a little annoyed. Michelle looked at his worried face and decided to cheer him up. “What’s wrong Tommy?” she asked as she said his nickname he never heard when they were in their twenties. Her boyfriend looked at her and started rubbing the back of his head with his hand. “Well Michelle,” he said, “I don’t think I like the movie. It seems a bit too boring.” “Oh come on sweetie,” she said back to her boyfriend, “What was wrong with that movie? It was lovely and the reviews did say that it pluck the heart strings right out of your body.” Thomas just moaned and rolled his eyes around. “We’ve should’ve seen the new Ninja Turtles movie.” He stated, “Now that movie kicks some ass!” Michelle did that same thing her boyfriend did and said, “God, you’re so immature…”

Suddenly, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew from the northwest. That wind caused the Michelle’s sun hat, which was a little loose at the time, to blow away from her head and let her long brown hair flap wildly in the air. She looked up and saw her hat in the air and moving around. “Oh no! My hat!” She quickly let go of Tommy’s arm and raced to get her hat back. But while she was about to get it back, she immediately tripped and almost falls. She looked down and noticed her wedged sandals were loose as her feet look a little smaller then usual. “Arghh… Stupid shoes.” She tighten the straps on the sandals to make them a perfect fit, then looked up to see her sun hat long gone. She sighed, stomped her foot, lowered her head, and said, “Perfect…”

Thomas joined his girlfriend and placed his hand on her shoulder. “What’s wrong dear?” he said as Michelle looked at him with a sadden face. “My sun hat’s gone. I have to get a new one right now before my face turns into a red tomato.” Thomas could tell she was about to panic so he tried to calm her down. “Listen Michelle, you don’t need use that sun hat. You put that sun lotion on your face, so you won’t have to worry about your face burning. Besides, why do you need that hat anyways? You look pretty without that ugly thing on you.”

And he was telling the truth. Michelle’s face look fresher then before as her cheekbones didn’t look so high. She placed her hands on her cheeks and asked, “You think?” Thomas could only smile and nodded yes and his girlfriend smiled at the thought of it. Just then, Michelle’s stomach growled that made her startled. She then placed her hands on her stomach and said, “Boy, I must be very hungry.” Thomas also heard his stomach grumbling and said, “You’re not the only one. I think it’s time we get something to eat.” “And where do you think we should go?” asked Michelle.

Tommy looked around the pier to find a good eating establishment. Finally, he spotted a burger and malt shop not far from them and pointed. “Right there.” he said as his girl looked at the place and smiled some more. “Well that’s a good place to start.” she said, “Just remember I’m buying.” “Of course dear. Anything you said.” said Thomas as he gestured her forward, “After you.” Michelle corked an eyebrow at his polite manners as she adjusted her bathing suit and walked past him. “Boy I am so hungry today, I would eat a horse!” she jokingly said. “You and me both.” Thomas talked back as the two headed to the malt shop and have their lunch.


After half an hour of eating, the young couple left the diner and walked around to look for some fun. But when they were eating, their bodies were racing backwards through their teens as Michelle hit 16 and Thomas hit 17. Michelle’s body was slowly, but surely eroding away as her waist started to loose it amazing curves and killer hourglass figure. Her arms and legs were thinning, but still obtained some of the tone and firmness of her muscles. But her continued to grow small as she was having a hard time walking in her sandals. She even stops for a moment to tighten them but her feet continued to shrink into them. Her breasts were rising up from her chest as they degrade themselves into a pair of perky B cups. Even her face beginning to loose some of its adult features, with her cheeks started to round, her nose shrinking, and her lips losing their fullness. Plus her hair, which was down her mid-back, reverted up between the top and middle of her back. Not only that, her bathing suit keeps on sagging every time she looses a bit of her adult body. She kept on tying the up the strings of her bikini top and bottom every five to ten minutes until they feel loose again.

Ask for Thomas, his body looks like it’s going through a backwards dance as well. His muscles have dwindle down each passing second as he almost looks almost like a teenage nerd then a strong muscle builder. His biceps weren’t as strong as it used to, his triceps are barely visible, and his pecks were half the mass as they were before. Even his six-pack ads were fading away, replacing with a small round belly from all the food he ate a few minutes ago. His face was also regressing as his cheek structure was rounded and his nose looks a tab smaller. His hair grew a little long, but it was odd that he cut his hair before going to the trip and now he grew out of it. He even has to tie his swim trunks over and over again because his waistline was growing smaller.

Even their height had dimished in the worse way. They were once 6’1 and 5’11, but now after one or two shrunk spurts, they were not 5’1 and 4’11. As they kept walking, Tommy patted his stomach that had all the food he had inside. “Mmmm… Mmmm… That was the best food I’ve ever had.” He said with his voice sounding like he’s crossing between an adult and a child. “I couldn’t agree with you more Tommy.” Said Michelle with a voice in a higher pitch then normal and was talking in a teenage slang. “I ate so much that I, like, ate a horse.” The two kept walking but Michelle didn’t help on to her boyfriend’s arm like before. Instead she holds his hand and was a little separate from him. It’s like her body language had changed dramatically when she’s growing younger. But the only thing that hasn’t been changed was their golden tan color from their sun tan lotion.

As the two walked, Michelle turned her head to see Tommy and said, “Oh Tommy, I’m so glad you’re here with me while our parents are at the beach. But don’t you think they will know that we’re together instead of us being someplace else? I mean, they have no idea we’re dating in private and who knows if they’ll be mad at us if they find out.” Tommy looked at her and noticed that she’s worried. He knows that both his and Michelle’s parents are at the beach for a family vacation and have no idea about their secret date their having. But the reality of it is that they came to the beach by themselves and no longer have no recollection of memory about it. Because not only their bodies have grown younger, but their minds as well. Though they still have their memories as teenagers still intact, the memories they had when they were once adults lost somewhere in their youthening brains or vanished into to puff of smoke. Even all their education and knowledge from their college years were gone and it would only be a matter of time before their high school education and teenage memories would disappear.

Trying to gather his thoughts, he looked at his girlfriend and said, “Don’t worry about it Michie. If our families find out about this, we’ll tell them the truth that we’re together. And no matter what happens, I will always be with you.” He gently kissed her on the cheek while Michelle, A.K.A. Michie, smiled and blushed.

After a few short minutes of walking, Tommy noticed a building that got his attention. “Hey, let’s go over there!” he said pointing to the structure. Michelle looked at where he was pointing and noticed that it was an Arcade area with a neon sign that says the name. Normally, she didn’t want to go to an arcade cause it’s a waist of time, but she couldn’t let her boyfriend be disappointed if she says no. So instead of saying that, she said, “Sure, why not. There’s nothing else to do around here lately.” Once again, Tommy kissed her in the cheek at her approval as the two walked straight into the arcade.


In the arcade, the two were having a great time playing on games from fighting to adventure genre. Michie was kind enough to take out twenty dollars out of the wallet of her mom’s purse she borrowed, if she thinks it is her mom’s purse, to have enough tokens to play. But while they were playing, the changes in their bodied continued to dissolve away. Their height diminished a bit from 3-5 inches every fifteen minutes as the level of the gaming console went from above their chests to at their chest level. Once they both hit 15 and 16, the bodies were crossing the bridge between adulthood to childhood.

Michelle’s breasts continued to melt away like two scoops of ice cream as her arms and legs continued to thin, making them look more gawky then sexy. Her waist was losing more curves by the minute as her bubble butt kept deflating on her rear end with her bikini bottom joining the ride. And her hair reverted up to her upper back and was getting a shade lighter. Thomas was having trouble as well. Most of his muscles kept on getting lesser as his ads were completely gone. His kept growing till it stopped halfway across his neck.

Together, their faces continued to round as their noses were getting upturned, making them look more innocent. There was a pimple or two dotted on their faces, but a few freckles begin to appear at the bridge of their noses and slowly spread. Not only that, but their swim suit were getting too big for their pre-teen bodies, even their sandals couldn’t fit their small feet. But for some strange reason, everything seemed natural to them as their memories were either somewhere in the brains or evaporated out of existence. But the one thing that’s still the same was the perfect tan they have on their bodies and the tan lines were showing on parts of the skin wear their swim ware should’ve been.


After half an hour at the arcade, the two got out of there two years younger when they got in. Michie was 14 and looking more like a preteen then a mature woman. The breasts were nothing more then a set of A cups that no longer contain her oversize top. She had very little curves left on her waist as her arms and legs look like limbs from a tree then pairs of firm and athletic build. Her light brown hair was creeping up to her shoulders as her face was getting rounder and her nose looking more upturned with freckles spreading up to her forehead. Tommy hit 15 and was not far behind her. All his muscles were all but gone and his face was like Michelle’s.

Both their heights diminished to 4’8 and 4’4 as their feet were too small to fit in their sandals. Instead they carried their shoes with their hands and walked barefoot on the wooden boards of the pier. Their body language changed again as they went from holding each other in the arms, to holding hands, to walking separately. It’s like they started out as a lovely couple, then newlyweds, then boyfriend and girlfriend, all the way down to just friends. “Man, that was fun.” Tommy said in a much higher voice, sounding more like a boy then a man. “Totally, I want to do that all over again.” Said Michie with a higher voice that matched that of a pre-teen girl.

While they were walking, they noticed something about their attire. They were starting to feel a little baggy and they couldn’t tie it cause their swimwear was as tight as they go. Michie’s laces from the back of her bikini top and on the sides of her bikini bottom were suppose to be small little knots when she was an adult. But now that she has a body of a adolescent girl, her knots were cartoonishly big and no matter how tight they were, they were still sagging. Tommy’s trunks were sliding down his hips and started to pull them up before it exposes his privates in front of the public. After looking at each other’s clothes they looked at each other and thought the same thing. “We should really get some new clothes for ourselves.” said Tommy, concerned about his oversize trunks. “Like, I totally agree with you Tommy.” Michie agreed, “I mean, I don’t know why our moms want us to wear these stupid clothes anyways. They are so wack!”

They started to walk and was looking for a shop to buy new clothes for their diminishing frames. After five to seven minutes of searching, Michie found a perfect place for them. She then pointed her finger at the store and said, “Hey, why don’t we try that store over there?” Tommy looked at where his friend was pointing and saw a Kids Gap store not far from them. A little confused, he looked at her and asked, “Are you sure you want to go there?” Michie looked at him and answered, “Of course I want to go there. It’s like, the coolest store in all the country and it has the types of clothing out age. Or do you prefer walking around in those oversized trunks all day?”

Tommy looked down at his trunks and noticed they were sliding down again. He immediately put them up before he was exposed while Michie giggled at what just accrued just a second ago. He looked back at her with his red burning a crimson red nervously smiled and said, “I guess a change of clothes would be a good idea after all. But are you sure it’s a good idea to pay with your mom’s money in the purse?” Michie looked down at the purse that has the wallet filled with money and sighed. She had already forgotten that this was actually her purse along with the rest of her adult memories, and now thinking that it’s really her mother’s purse. She then shrugged her shoulder and said, “I’m pretty sure mom won’t mind it I use her purse to buy something that fits me. Besides, if we don’t have enough money, I’ll just use one of her credit cards to pay. I’m totally sure she won’t notice it.” She then walked straight to the store with Tommy following her, not sure if this is a good idea or not.


Inside the Gap Kids store, the place was filled with customers buying clothes and employees helping people out. Michie and Tommy couldn’t believe how huge the place is, though in their point of view, with their heights going down, the world around them seems big. “Man, this place is too huge.” Tommy said, “How are we ever going to find what we’re looking for?” Michie looked around and spotted a female clerk no older then 22 with long blonde hair and crimson green eyes stocking up on some pants. Upon seeing her, she smirked and said, “We get some help, duh.” She then walked directly to the woman and cleared her throat to speak. “Um… Excuse me.” The woman turned around to see who was asking for help but saw no one. But when she looked down, she saw a pre-teen boy and girl of ages 13 and 14 wearing baggy swim ware meant for adults.

The female employee looked a little confused at this bizarre moment, so she decided to let it go and talked to them. “Why hello little girl.” she said in the most polite of voices, “How can I help you?” Michie smiled and said, “Well you see, my friend and I are on a summer vacation with our families and our parents gave us some clothes that were too big for us and we’re having a hard time wearing them. So, like, we were wondering if you have any swimsuits for us to wear our size.” The woman could tell that they are in need for some new attire, big time. But then she was wondering why would their parents made them wear clothes that were ten times bigger for their bodies to take? She then left that question alone and help the kids out by saying, “Why sure little girl, I can help you find some clothes that are more suitable for you. Where’s your mommy anyways? Is she with you?” Michie just shook her head and said, “Nope, she’s somewhere around the beach. So I borrowed her purse so I can pay for whatever I want.”

That made the woman’s eyes open wide in shock, as she couldn’t believe what she heard. “You mean you two are alone on the pier?” she asked hysterically as the two kids nodded. “I can’t believe you would do that! You’re parents must be so worried about you. Is there a cell phone in that purse? Should I call your parents and tell them where you are?” “Puleez…” Michie said, trying to calm the clerk down, “If my moms was sooo worried about us, they would’ve called the police and start searching already. Plus, like, I’m thirteen! So I’m old enough to take care of myself, duh! So do you mind getting us some clothes for us? I don’t want to be naked, like, all day.” Woman looked at the girl trying to hold on to her bikini bottom. Thinking it’s best to help them out, she sighed and said, “I’ll get you some clothes right away. Stay right here while I get some for you.” She rushed through the store to find some proper attire for them.

After a few minutes of waiting, the clerk returned with clothes on her hands. “Here you go.” she said, “Sorry for the wait.” She then gave the clothes to them as the two looked at them. Michie looked at her clothes and it was a neon pink one piece bathing suit, a small “Hello Kitty” T-shirt, and a pair of flip flops. Tommy saw his clothes and they were a pair of light blue swimming trunks with dark blue flowers imprinted on it, a small T-shirt with a Superman logo imprinted on the front, and a pair of leather sport sandals. After looking at their outfits, Michie looked at her and smiled. “Thank you miss.” she said, “But can you, like, please tell us where the dressing room from here.” The female clerk smiled back with a nod and said, “Why of course dear. It’s at the end of the store. Just make a left and go straight until you see a sign that says dressing rooms. You can’t miss it.” “Thanks.” Michie said as both she and Tommy headed to the dressing room. While they were walking, the woman looked at the two and noticed that they look shorter then before. She decided to ignore that thought and went back to work.


Back to the two friends, they made it into the dressing room to get a change of clothes. They went to their separate dressing rooms and took off their old baggy clothes. Michie removed her oversized swimsuit and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Her body was doing a backwards dance through time when she lost fifteen years of her life and went from being a hot, sexy woman and wife to a skinny adolescent little girl. Her once tear shaped C-cup breasts were nothing more but a pair of small fleshy mounds as her puffy nipples changed color from a dark maroon to a dusky pink hue. Her waist showed very little hints of curves of her former hourglass figure and she could see her ribs showing. Her nether regions that had her full tuft of pubic hair were now bare with a few strands that were thinning and sinking back into her skin. Her arms and legs were short and thin and showed no sign of any adultly texture. Her hair was now close to her shoulders as it changed color to a shady brown. And her face was getting more childish, with her nose more upturned, cheeks rounding more, and freckles spreading all across her face.

Looking at the mirror, she knew that her body was developing and couldn’t wait to have a gorgeous body like all those super models. What she didn’t know was that she use to have that gorgeous body she use to have until he started regressing inside and out. But the one thing that didn’t change was her perfect suntan and tanning lines where her old bathing suit. After looking at herself, Michie started putting on her new clothes. She first slipped into her pink one-piece swimsuit, which felt a little loose so she adjusted it a bit, and stepped into her flip-flops. When she was done with that, she looked at the mirror one more time and admired the clothes she has one. “That’s much better.” she said, “Now I won’t have to worry about having my clothes feel loose.” After inspecting herself, she then put on her new T-shirt, picked up her purse, which feels a little heavy as of late, and left the dressing room.


Meanwhile, Tommy was in his own dressing room looking at himself in the mirror. Loosing his fifteen years of his life took a major toll on his body. All the dimensions of his muscles have all disappeared, leaving him as a gawky pre-teen boy. His chest was completely flat as he could see his ribs sticking out of his sides. His arms and legs more look like branches then tree trunks. There was no hair anywhere on his body except the thinning hair on his privates and the hair on top of his head. His face was getting more youthful by the minute, quickly joining his friend. His cheeks were rounding up, his nose was growing smaller, and freckles spread across his face. But like Michie, Tommy had the same tan with a tan line where his oversize pants use to be.

After seeing his young self, he turned to his new clothes and put the small swimming trunks and leather sandals. When he was done, he looked back at the mirror to get a good look at his new attire and nodded in approval. “I guess this will do for now.” He said as he picked up his old clothes and left the dressing room to join up with Michie.


Outside the dressing room, Michie was waiting patiently for her friend to come out, tapping her foot a lot. Finally, Tommy exited the dressing room and saw his friend waiting for him. “Hey there Michie.” he said, waving at her. Michie waved back and said, “Hey there Tommy. Took ya long enough. So tell me, how do I look?” She then did some poses with her new outfit like she’s a super model as Tommy liked the way she looks. “Not bad, not bad at all.” he said, “But you better wait a few more years until you decide to so some modeling.” He chuckled about that as Michie gave him a stern look after hearing that. She decided to let it slide and said, “C’mon, let’s pay for this get going.” The two then left the entrance of the dressing room and headed to the cashier.

When they made it to the cashier, the male clerk of 23 looked down and saw the two children with the pile of their old clothes they were holding with their arms and a purse Michie was carrying on her other shoulder. He knew that these kids want to buy clothes for themselves because the female clerk the helped them told him about it. He thought it was a little weird that some kids would want to buy some clothes, but he believed it’s normal. So he looked down at the two and said, “Is that all?” Michie and Thomas looked at their new clothes, looked up at the clerk, and said, “Yes.” “All right then,” said the clerk, “I’ll ring you in.”

Since he couldn’t use the scanner to scan the clothes the kids were wearing, he started typing down the product name of the outfits to find out the price and add them all up. Once he was done with the total, he looked at the kids and said, “That would be $77.49. Would that be cash or credit?” Tommy looks at Michie and was shock to hear what the guy said. “$77.49!” He shouted, “That’s a lot of money! We can’t afford to pay all that!” Michie looked at Tommy with a smile and said, “Not if mom have something in her purse we could use.” She removed the purse on her shoulder, placed it on the ground and looked through it. “Now where is it?” she said as she scurried through the contents trying to find what she’s looking for. After five to ten seconds she has found it and said, “Ah haw!” She then took out a wallet, opened it and then searched for something that could be of use to them. Upon searching, she took out a credit card and gave it to the clerk. “I hope this pays for everything.” she said as the clerk got a hold of the card, looked at it and said, “Of course dear. Give me a moment while I take the payment out of the card.”

He typed down the code for the account and took the money out of the card. When he was done, he gave the card back to Michie and asked, “Do you want to bag the clothes you’re carrying?” The two looked at their old clothes they’re carrying, reverted their heads back to the male clerk, and they both said, “Yes.” With that said, he took a out from under the counter, got the clothes the kids gave him, and put them in a bag. He then gave the bag to Michie and said, “Thanks for shopping at Gap Kids and have a nice day.” Michie grabbed the bag, and both she and Tommy said, “Thanks.” The two then left the counter and headed to the exit of the store. The male clerk watched the two kids leaving the store and could tell that they had some really nice tans. But he was wondering why they would want to buy their own clothes at a young age. And why would the female clerk told him that they had swimsuits that were too big for their bodies. He decided to forget that and went back to work.


Outside the Gap Kids Store, 12-year-old Michie and 13-year-old Tommy exited the store and continued walking together with their new swimwear and T-shirts. “You know what?” asked Tommy, “I had a blast! It’s been fun hanging out with you.” Michie looked at her friend and said, “You and me both. I mean, what else can I do then to spend my time with my family?” She then looked at a clock stand across the way and noticed it was 1:35 in the afternoon. “Speaking of which,” she said so abruptly, “I have to get to my parents soon before they think I’m lost or something.” “I agree with you Michie.” said Tommy, “If my parents find out I’m missing, they’ll kill me.” “Well I guess that means it’s good bye Tommy. I hope I see you again someday.” Michie said as she waved to him a farewell. “Don’t worry; we’ll meet up with you soon enough.” Tommy said as he waved as well, “See ya next time.”

Once they said their goodbyes, the departed their separate ways and started looking for their families. But what they didn’t realize was that they never really had families to begin with. When they were at the beach so early in the morning, they were a wedded couple in their late twenties. But after they put the special suntan lotion on themselves, they’ve regressed so far back, that they believed that they were with their parents. Not only that, but all their knowledge for the past sixteen years was gone in an instant, especially the knowledge in driving. And their friendship, it would only be a matter of time before they forget who each other were. So to make a long story short, they were truly, hopelessly, lost.

Beach Babies



Part 1: A New Sun Tan Lotion
Part 2: Young Love
Part 3: Starting Over

Part 3: Starting Over

It was around 1:50 and the beach was getting crowded as every minute passed. Even the pier next to the beach was pack with people going everywhere to eat, shop, or hang around. But even if they were busy, they never notice two young kids walking around alone without their parents.

One of them was Michael, or Michie as she was called when she was a kid. For the course of almost six hours, she had regressed to eleven years of age and it wasn’t slowly stopping. All her womanly feature she once obtained from head to toe was all gone, leaving her as a gawky little girl. Even her mind a getting younger when some of her recent memories was bouncing around in her head like lotto balls while her oldest memories were disappearing in a fade of smoke. Including the memories of Tommy, her friend and former husband was slowly fading away. The clothes she bought for her and Tommy felt a little looser then before, so she readjusted herself and continued walking. Her purse she was holding was getting heavier on her weaker muscles, so she carried it with her small hand. The one thing that hadn’t changed in her appearance during those hours was that luscious tan she obtained after putting on the tanning lotion she bought, if she remembered.

As she kept walking, she was looking left and right to find her mom or dad. What she didn’t realize was that her mom and dad aren’t here today, cause she went by herself with Tommy when she was an adult. But she still was searching for them like they’re really there. “Mom, Dad, where are you?” she said in a high pre teen voice. She then head directly to the guardrail facing the beach and watched the people sun bathing, swimming in the ocean, or playing together. “Maybe I could find them on the beach.” Michie said, “I mean they might be looking for me.” So she stand there looking for her parents, unaware that the more she waits, the more she regresses.


Meanwhile, in another part of the beach, Tommy was also looking for his family and wasn’t having much luck as it is. Already he had shrunk about twenty minutes of his life away and is nothing more then a twelve-year-old. All of his physical physique was gone, leaving him nothing but a short skinny kid. His mind was having a hard time trying to remember where his parents were, but of course his mind continued to unravel since he started regressing. He then stopped and turned his head left and right to find them, retying his new trunks, as it felt loose on him. “Now where is Mom and Dad?” he said in a boyish tone, “They got to be around here somewhere.”

He kept searching left and right until he saw a bunch of kids at his or around his age getting ready to play a game at the playground. He decided to talk to one of them to see they saw their family. She walked straight down to the playground and approached the kid that’s discussing the rules. “O.K. Here are the-” “Excuse me…” The twelve-year-old turned around to see where the voice came from. What he saw was another kid who’s a year less then him. “Did you see my family anywhere?” The older boy shook his head and said, “Sorry kid, but I didn’t your parents around here.” Tommy bowed his head and pouted while the kid looked back at his friends and gave them the rules.

“Now, here are the rules of the game. I’ll have my back turn to this pole of here and count to twenty. Once I start counting, you guys start finding a hiding place quick before I finished counting. When I’m done-” “Um… Excuse me.” The boy turned around again and saw Tommy again and was a little ticked. “What do you want this time?” he asked very annoyed. “Sorry, but I was wondering…” he started to ask, “What are you doing?” The boy looked a Tommy a little confused and answered, “We’re playing a game of hide and seek.” That made Tom’s eyes opened wide and smiled with glee. He always liked playing Hide and Seek since he was little and now he can play it again. “Can I play?” he asked, rubbing his hands together. The boy gave it some thought and decided that they could have an extra player for the game. So he looked at him with a pleasing smile and said, “Sure, why not.”

That made Tommy jump for joy when he heard that. “I’m Jason, “the boy said as he said his name and presented the other boys with him, “This is David, Richard, Ashton, and Lewis. What’s yours?” Tommy said his right hand and said, “My name is Thomas, but you can call me Tommy.”


Meanwhile, Michie was still standing at the edge of the pier to watch the view of the beach, finding her family. She spent almost twenty minutes searching for them, but she had no luck. But the more she waits, the more she regresses. So far, she lost two years of her life and the world around her is getting bigger. She already lost four to five inches and the guardrail that was at her chest level was now down her neck. Even though she already lost her adult features, she keeps on getting smaller and more childish. Her face was getting cuter the passing minute, with freckles spreading all over her face and her hair lifted up past her shoulders. Her adult teeth started to shrink as gaps were growing in between them. Her bony legs and arms shrunk a little more as they were beginning to get a little plumped. Even her newly bought swimsuit started to sag on her diminishing body as the hem of her shirt that was up to her mid-thighs was now above her knees and her feet got smaller on her loose sandals.

As she kept looking, she sighed and shook her head. “It’s hopeless!” “She said in her childish voice, “Finding my family is like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s got to be some way to find them.” Just when she was about to come up with an idea, she heard a loud, but familiar chining sound. After a few seconds, she knew what it is and raced towards the sound. “Ice Cream!!!” she shrieked as she raced down the pier to reach her destination. Finally she saw it, a brightly white ice cream truck on the pier with a group of kids lined up to get their tasty treats. Looking at the line, she realized that this would take long. So she went to the back of the line and waited.


While Michie was waiting for ice cream, Tommy was having a great time playing hide and seek. He enjoyed being with the other boys, hiding from the seeker. But while he was playing the game, he continued to shrink to a ten-year-old. His body kept shrinking more and more with his clothes getting baggy. Even his face was younger, with shrinking teeth, a round nose, and big eyes.

When the fifth game was over, Tommy was it and they all gathered to begin the next round. “All right Tommy you’re it.” Jason said, “Now I want you to have face turned to the pole, close your eyes, and count to twenty. And no peeking, got it?” Tommy nodded and answered, “Yep, I got it.” “Good. Now start counting.” He nodded again as he turned around and started seeking while the other boys ran to find their different hiding places. “1 2 3 4 5…”


Back at the ice cream truck, the ice cream man in his mid thirties served a small customer with a Popsicle. “Here you go good sir, one strawberry Popsicle.” he said as he gave to the boy of eleven. “Thanks Mr.” said the boy. “Have a nice day. Next.” The boy left as the next customer. What the man’s saw was an adorable girl in an oversize small shirt looking at him. That girl is Michie. “Why hello there my little angel.” He said in a soothing childish voice, “How can I help you?” Michie gave off a cute smile on her face and said, “Hi Mr. Ice Cream Man. Can I please have some vanilla ice cream in a cone?” “Sure thing sweetie,” he answered back, “Coming up.”

The ice cream man went back to work to prepare her treat while Michie put down the purse to find the wallet. Once she took it out and started to search for the money she needs to pay for the snack. As she was doing that, the ice cream man returned with the cone and saw her fiddling with the wallet. He then looked down and saw that purse next to her. “Does that purse belongs to your mom?” he asked as he was pointing at it. Michie look at the purse and nodded to his question. “Mmm hmm.” she said, “Mom said that I would carry the purse so I could get a snack.” Suddenly, something in her brain snapped as she finally realized that she was carrying the purse the whole time. But did she remember her mom telling her to carry the purse. “At least…” she said as she scratched her head, “that’s what I think she said.” The ice cream man rubbed his chin, a little confused at what she said, but decided to let that slide. “Okay.” he then said, “Here’s your ice cream. Better eat if up quick before it melts.” He handed the girl an ice cream as she looked at it, put her purse over her small shoulder, and look at the ice cream man. “Thank you.” she said as she walked away.

Michie then look for a spot where she could sit down and have her ice cream. After a few minutes of searching, she spotted a small bench where she could sit. She walked straight towards it and sat on the bench. Once she sat on it, only the tips of her toes touched the floor as she was loosing height. She set the purse aside next to her and started licking on her small treat.


Back to Tommy, he was searching for the kids that were in their hiding spots. So far he got Richard, Ashton, and Jason and was now looking for two more kids. He also needs to keep an eye on the home base in case the two decided to reach it. But while he was searching, his body continued to retreat into his childhood.

He continued to shrink in height as another year vanished from him. His arms and legs were reduced more and his clothes continued to slowly loose its purchase. He keeps retying the knots of his swim trunks and tightening his sandals on his smaller feet. But somewhere in his mind, it all seems normal. The nine-year-old then continued the search for the other two kids at the playground.


Somewhere at the pier, Michie was sitting on the bench, continuing to eat her favorite snack, ice cream. She was enjoying her treat so much; she was unaware that every lick she takes was a month taken away from her. Her feet lift off from the floor when her legs continued to shrink. With her feet away from the floor, she instinctively swung her legs back and forth. While she was doing that, her flip-flops, which were too big for her, flew out of her feet. Even her shirt and the bathing suit underneath looks a little big on her as she tried desperately to fit it with one hand while holding an ice cream cone with the other. Her face got cuter as her hair continued to shrink and getting lighter. Now it has a sandy blonde color as it went up to her mid neck.

While she was having her ice cream, someone was keeping an eye on him. It was a robber hiding in the alleyway, and he was watching little Michie having her snack. But what he was looking at was the purse that was next to her all loaded with money and other important stuff. He knew this is his meal ticket to get it, but there are people who was walking around and the kid having the ice cream was there next to it. But he knows that once the people are gone, he’ll snatch the purse. And that little girl won’t do anything to stop him, since she’s distracted by the cone of ice cream.

After a few minutes of waiting, he saw the remaining people gone and it was his shot getting the prize. He came out of the alley, ran straight to the bench behind the girl, and grabbed the purse. Michie heard the steps and turned to the left to see the robber getting away with her purse, or mom’s purse to her point of view. What she was made her panicky. “My Mom’s purse!” she yelled as she jumped off the bench and landed on the wooden floor. When she jumped down, the bottom hem of her shirt was down below her knees and the hem of her arms was above her mid high arms. The seven-year-old raced after the robber as fast as her small legs could. “Come back with Mom’s purse!”


Back to the playground, Tommy managed to find the last two kids with a little trouble on his baggy clothes. When he was done, it appears his body continues to go down, as he was now an eight-year-old. He continued to shrink in size, as his face was getting rounder and cuter with a more upturned small nose and big eyes. He was looking on as the boys gathered around him and Jason nodded. “Not bad Tommy,” he said, “not bad at all.” “Thanks.” Tommy said with a wide smile, “I told you I’m good at Hide and Seek.” “That maybe true, but you were very cool to hang out with.” Said Jason as he looked up at the clock tower not far from them and realized that its 3 in the afternoon.

“Ah man,” Jason said in defeat, “It’s already three. I’ve already promised dad that I’ll be back for before three. Oh he’s going to kill me.” He then looked at his friends and talked to them. “Good play gang. Let’s meet back here tomorrow, same time for a game of tag. Don’t be late.” They all nodded and scattered, leaving the playground and heading back to their moms and dads. Jason then looked back at Tommy and asked him a question. “What about you Tommy? Are you going to come back here tomorrow to play tag?” Tommy kept on smiling and answered, “Oh yes. I would love to come back here tomorrow and play some more. I’m also really good at tag.” Jason laughed for a bit and said, “Good to know. See ya around.”

Jason then left the kid and headed back to his dad, wondering how the kid got shorter. As for Tommy, he left the playground and started searching for his parents. But then he stopped and put his finger on his mouth, realizing something he had forgotten. He said, “Now where is Mommy and Daddy again?”


Back in the shopping district of the docks, little Michie kept on running, looking for the crook that took hers, or her mom’s purse. The six-year-old kept running as her small legs could but she was getting exhausted. She then placed her hand on the pillar, and quietly panted to herself to get some rest. While she was resting, something was moving underneath her shirt. She tried to adjust it, but it felt so big on her. “What’s wrong with these clothes?” she said, “It feels so loose.” She looked up and see that there was a rest room close to her. After looking at the restroom sign, she decided to go in the bathroom to fix up her clothes in private.

Right after she went into the ladies room, little Tommy appeared at the docks looking for his family. He was searching everywhere to find them, but he had no luck what so ever. But while he was looking, he noticed his swim trunks were once again loose on him. He tried to retie it but the knots were as tight as they were and the trunks were still loose. So he have to find someplace private so he won’t be exposed in front of the public. He then spotted the same restroom Michie was in and headed into the Men’s room.


In the ladies room, Michie went into the toilet area and close the door behind her. She immediately removed her shirt and realized that the pink bathing suit she’s wearing was too big for her. “Now why would I wear a suit this big?” she asked as she rubbed her chin a little and tried to remember how she got it on her. What she have forgotten was that she bought the bathing suit at the store a few hours ago cause her other suit was baggie as well. But what fit perfectly on a pre-teen, looks comedicly big on a child. So she took it off and laid it on the floor.

Once she did that, she looked down at her body. And by the way it looks, she’s inching closer and closer to her childhood. She had shrunk for to five inches while running to catch up with the thief. Her arms and legs were a lot shorter and there was baby fat building up in them. Even her stomach was sticking out, her privates were smooth and hairless, and her chest was completely flat with two small pink dots that use to resemble nipples. Her cheeks were getting plumped with a cute button nose, all her teeth in her mouth shrunk to baby size, and freckles dotted all over her face. Even her lightly brown hair was down her cheeks and above her ears.

After looking at her body, she looked at her shirt and noticed it’s the only thing she could wear. So she picked up the shirt and threw it on her. When she put it on, she saw that the bottom hem of her shirt went down to her knees. Looking down at her shirt, she smiled and nodded in approval. “Yep, dat will do.” said Michie as she left the stall and left the now useless bathing suit behind.


In the men’s room, Tommy was doing the same thing. He locked himself up in the stall and checked his shorts to see why he won’t tie it tight any more. What he saw was that his knots couldn’t go as tight on his shrinking frame. “Why would mommy gave me shorts too big for me?” he asked, unaware that this were the same trunks he wore when he was fourteen hours ago. “They look so stupid.” So he let the trunks go and let them fall to the ground and have them pooled around his feet. When he stepped out of his trunks, he felt that his sandals were loose also. When he lifts them up, he noticed that his feet were smaller on his shoes as they were dangling with the toes on the straps. So he took them off the left with a small shirt that looks large on him.

He then lifted his shirt up to take a good look at himself. His arms and legs look a little skinny, but they were bulging with baby fat instead of muscles. His chest was flat, his stomach was sticking out, and her pee pee was completely bald. Plus his face looked more childish with plumped cheeks, small nose, baby teeth in his mouth, freckles, and his black hair shrinking on his head. After observing his body, he let his shirt flapped down as the bottom hem went down below his knees. Since he was lucky that his shirt is big enough to hide his privates, he decided to leave to stall himself while leaving both his new/old trunks and sandals behind.


Back outside, a five-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy exited the rest room and left their separate place. Those two were Michie and Tommy. The one thing that’s strange was that they didn’t say hi or anything. That’s because that their memories of them meeting when they were a little older were completely vanished in their minds. So to them, they were nothing but stranger. They keep on walking further and further apart, unaware that they are still regressing at an alarming rate.


Fifteen minutes later, little Michie was walking all over the dock looking for her parents. The shrinking four-year-old looked everywhere to find them, but had no luck what so ever. Her body continues to shrink and plump with the bottom end of her shirt went down to her legs. As she kept on walking, she started to yawn. She was beginning to feel tired after all that walking around. She yawned again and said, “Boy am I tired. I gotta find someplace to sleep.”

She then started to look for someplace she can rest until finally she found two folding beach chairs that seemed vacant. Without thinking that someone would use them, she waddled to the chairs to tried to get on it. Though she was having a hard time climbing due to her shrinking size, she managed to get up there and position and sat on it. Once she adjusted her oversize shirt on her, she closed her cute eyes and went to sleep, dreaming a wonderful dream.


Back with Tommy, he too was looking for his family, but he had no luck what so ever. He kept walking and walking as his legs continued to shrink and the bottom of the shirt kept on creping down to his knees then below it. When the five-year-old continued his search, he spotted a set of steps going down. “Maybe mommy and daddy are at the beach.” he said in a cute childish tone, as he headed to the steps and started to walk down. However, he was having very little difficulty being that the steps were bigger for his short legs, so he placed his hand on the guardrail bars to make sure he doesn’t fall. Finally, he placed his small feet on the sandy ground and walked through the beach to search for his family.


Back on the dock, Michie continued to slept peacefully on the folding beach chair without a care in the world. While she was sleeping, few people walked past the chair where the little girl was sleeping and if they looked at her, they would see her shrink into her shirt. She slowly lost the year as her legs slip up the chair and her shirt keeps engulfing her. Michie’s body continues to get pudgier and most of her teeth were disappearing in her mouth when she hit two years of age. When she reached the age of one, she stick her hand out of the shirt and sucked her thumb. The shirt completely swallowed her as her life is counting down in months.


But on the beach, Tommy was having the worse of wares. He keeps regressing more and more as he went from five to four years of age. His body kept on shrinking as baby fat was protruding all over him. His legs were taking small steps and the hem of his shirt was over his ankles and was flapping wildly. When he hit three, his legs were starting to feel wobbly. Then after half a year off his life, he immediately fell and landed hard on the sand. He got up slow at first and continued walking, but he fell down again. He couldn’t get up anymore cause he lost his way to walk when he went down to one and a half. He started to crawl for on instinct as he started saying a few words that would be the last words he’ll ever say. “Mama… Papa…” After seven minutes of crawling, the one-year-old stopped and stared at the sand like he was mesmerized by it. He began putting it in his toothless mouth but coughed it back out when it tasted so bad. Eight-month-old Tommy began to cry loudly as the sun slowly set on the horizons.


Once the sun set and the night sky was in full swing, everyone was about to leave the beach after their suntan and ocean antics while others remained at the dock to do some shopping, movie watching, and dinner. Walking down the dock was a couple between the ages of 34 and 36. The two have been married for 13 years and they were a lovely couple like Tom and Michael. But there was one problem, they never had any children. They wanted to have a child but they can’t cause they’re afraid that he or she might contrast any diseases their families obtained. They were also thinking about adopting one, but raising a child not their own was expensive and they don’t have the efficient money for it. They thought there was no way in getting children until the next few minutes that will change that.

They were heading to the folding chairs they set up on the wall just to both get shade and watched the view of the beach. The wife was about to head to her chair to fold it up until she saw a T-shirt resting on it. She knew she never bought the shirt with a Hello Kitty logo on it and thought it belonged to someone else’s. So she thought she would throw it away or gives it to the Lost and Found. But when she was about to, something was moving inside the shirt. When she decided to see what’s inside, she was shocked to see a newborn baby girl with golden brown tan, thin blondish brown hair, and big blue eyes. The baby girl is none other then Michie.

She looked in awe at the cute baby and couldn’t help but to feel sorry for this baby. But for some strange reason, she found it cute to see the baby resting on the chair in an oversize shirt. But she wonder, who would leave a newborn behind like this? So she gently picked the girl up and looked at her husband. “Honey, take a look what I found on my chair.” she said as she showed it to him. The husband looked at the baby girl and was too shocked for words as well. “How… How did it get there?” he asked. “I don’t know.” the wife answered, “I just found it on the chair wearing an oversized T-shirt on. I think some poor girl couldn’t take care of the child on her own and left it here. You know, like some kind of abortion.” The husband took a good look at the child and said, “Hmm… I See…”

She then looked at the baby again and asked one more question out of curiosity. “Do you think, maybe, we can keep her?” The husband gave that question some thought. Sure they want to finally have a child and this is one is perfect to raise, but where this child came from was a big issue. Not to mention they don’t know the name of the baby or why was it on his wife’s chair before. So he shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that hun. You and I do really want to have a kid, but I don’t think this will work. We don’t know much about this baby let alone who the parents are. Perhaps her parents left her there and forgot all about her. So I don’t think raising her on our own would be a good idea until we can figure out who the family is.”

Upon hearing that, the wife lowered her head and shook it, with a tear coming down her cheek. Her husband notices that and tries to reason with her. “Whoa, it’s okay dear. I didn’t really want to make you feel bad. It’s just that I was giving you a reason why we can’t have her.” He then came up with an idea that can make her feel better. “I got it! Why don’t we take her home now and take care of her while I call the police about it? And by the next few days there is no word, we’ll make her part of the family. What do you think?” That made the wife look up to him and smiled a little. “Are you serious?” she asked, “We get to keep her?” The husband nodded as a yes.

Suddenly, the wife embraced the husband and gave him a warm the comforting hug. The she passionately kissed him on the lips and said, “Thank you. I promise I will take good care of her.” She then let go of her husband and walked away from him while carrying the baby Michie in her arms. The husband, rubbing the back of his head then picked up the folded chairs and quickly followed her. It was then the Michie’s life changed for the better, if not worse.


At the beach, the place was about to empty up when another couple appeared, younger then the first. They were both in their mid twenties and were married when they were in their late teens. They use to have a little boy and they thought they would be happy. Until that fateful day when they got into a car accident and their son was killed. That tragic lost made the mother so depressed that she couldn’t even get out of the house even for a second. The shrink who was trying to help the woman told them they should take a vacation to feel relaxed and to let all those troubles melt away. The young husband agreed and decided to take her out on the beach.

On the beach the two were about to leave, enjoying the pleasant breeze and wonderful view of the sun almost out. “Ah… Isn’t it wonderful?” he asked his wife, “The sights and sounds of the ocean makes everything feel so comfortable” But the wife wasn’t enjoying anything at all. She had her arms crossed and her head down, answering, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He looked at her and could tell that she’s still sad. So he tried to figure it out. “What’s wrong dear?” “Oh, nothing.” she answered, “It’s just that this isn’t working.” “What are you talking about?” “I’m saying that on this beach, I should be enjoying myself. Instead, I’m always seeing our son playing in the sand while we enjoy ourselves.”

The husband could tell that she’s still saddened about the death of their only child. So he tried to talk to her passionately. “Listen, I know you’re still upset about what happened a few months ago. But the doctor said that you have to get your mind off it. That’s why we’re at the beach, to make you forget about that tragic event.” Immediately the young wife turned around and was more upset then ever. “Forget?” she retorted out of her mouth, “You want me to forget!?! Are you kidding me!?!? We’ve lost our son, our only son! And you want me to forget about it? I can’t believe you!” Her husband now had to calm her down before she blows a gasket. “Honey, please stay calm. Don’t take this seriously.” “Stay calm? We lost a part of the family months ago. And you want me to calm down?! All I want is to have a child to take care of and it’s all taken away from me. What am I going to do? Tell me! What am I going to do?!”

The wife’s husband put his hands on his hips, lowered his head, and shook it, trying to figure out what to do to keep his wife to loosing herself. When he turned his head to the left, he saw something he couldn’t believe. Lying next to him was a newborn baby boy with a golden brown tan, black fuzz on his head, and big hazel nut eyes. That boy was Tom, A.K.A. Tommy. It was crying his eyes out and had sand around his mouth. The husband approached the little baby boy and picked him up along with the huge shirt he was wearing. The wife also looked at the baby too and was a little confused about it.

“Huh… What’s a baby doing on a beach?” She asked, finally able to calm down, “Is he suppose to be with his family or something?” “I don’t know,” said the husband who was still unsure, “Maybe they left him behind and forgot him.” The baby stopped crying when he heard soothing voices and opened his tearful eyes to see the young man. But when he looked at the woman, he started to smile and lifted his arms up to reach her. The husband looked at the baby strange then looked at his wife. “I think he wants you.” He walked directly to his wife and gave the baby to her. Once she got a hold of Tommy, he looked at him oddly and said, “Yeah, he certainly is.”

As the wife kept looking at the baby, she couldn’t help but to feel comfortable and happy with him, just like her son. It was then they a small smirk crept up her face. The husband saw that smirk and tried to intervene. “Honey, I know what you thinking and I say that’s impossible. The child can’t replace our son.” “I know that,” she said, “but think about it. We lost our son to a grave experience, yet we gain another. We can now have a second chance in raising a child. Do you really want that dear?” The husband gave that some thought. Sure he wants to get another chance to raise a child, but they have no idea where this boy came from or what his name is. But what other choice could he have. So he came up with an idea. “Perhaps we should just take him home and call the police. If they don’t find his family, we’ll keep him.” Immediately, the wife embraced her husband and kissed him the lips. “Thank you. I knew you would understand.” The three then left the beach, beginning a new life.


In another area of the beach, there were two chairs still occupied but the couple that was suppose to be there, weren’t there at all. The towels, a duffle bag and two shirts were waiting for their owners, but they haven’t arrived. That’s because both Tom and Michael regressed all the way to newborn babies. Resting on the side of the beach chair was the suntan lotion they applied turned them into babies. What they never knew was that on the back of the bottle was a warning label that says:

Warning: This lotion contains a special ingredient that can make you youthful. Not only you get a luscious tan, but make you feel youthful both inside and out. One side effect is the once you put the lotion on, you will regress a year every fifteen minutes until you turn into a newborn baby. If you regress too far, you must watch off the lotion at once. If you don’t do that, then you’ll have no choice but to relive your life all over again.

After a few minutes of sitting there, a young girl approached the bottle and picked it up. When looking at it, she was delighted that her family would now have a suntan lotion for her mom and dad. “Alice, honey, its time to go!” said the mother from close by as she left the sitting area and approached her mom to show her the lotion she got. “Mommy!” she squealed, “Look what I got at the beach!”

The End?