Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

By Omnibus

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content for 18 years and older. So you must be this tall to ride this ride.



Molly coughed at the purple mist escaping from the uncorked bottle.

“Cool!” She exclaimed as her tiny fingers pulled the piece of paper out of the bottle. The inside of the bottle was wet and slimy, though strangely enough, the note was completely dry. Molly looked at the miniature parchment for a minute, tilted her head and frowned. She couldn’t make out some of the big words and quickly lost interest in the document. Molly tossed the piece of paper over her shoulder, stuck the bottle in her pocket, and walked back over to where she was playing in the sand.

Ken quickly dashed over to where the little girl once was and scooped up the discarded paper. He stuffed the note in his pocket and continued following the bottle’s new owner.

Ken came across the little blonde girl sitting in the sand with a bucket and a couple of Barbie dolls. The six year old was the definition of cute, in her blue and yellow bathing suit and hair done up in two pigtails. Ken cautiously walked over to the girl, fearful of the power she unknowingly wielded.


“Hi!” Molly replied, looking up at the tall stranger, then quickly returning her attention back to her sand piles.

“What’s your name?”

“Molly.” The girl continued playing, not looking at Ken.

“Well, my name’s Ken . . . ny. So, what are you doing?”


Ken was starting to get a little annoyed at being brushed off by a six year old and decided a more direct approach was needed.

“Well, I was wondering if you’ve seen a glass bottle of mine. I lost it a few minutes ago, over there.” Ken pointed to where he had just come from. “It had a piece of paper inside. Have you seen it?”

Molly suddenly stopped playing, looked up, and shook her head. “Nope!” Her focus immediately dropped back to her dolls.

“Why you lying, little bitch!” Ken thought to himself, as he eyed the bulge in her right pocket.

“That’s funny, I could’ve sworn I saw a little blonde girl, who looked just like you, pick up the bottle I’m looking for and put it in her right pocket.” Ken stated accusingly.

“Ummmm . . . I think I hear my mom calling me.” Molly suddenly gathered her plastic toys and began to walk away. “Bye!”

“Whoa there, small fry!” Ken abruptly grabbed her left arm. “What about my bottle?”

Molly instantly began to squirm in Ken’s grip like a fish out of water. “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, Mister! I didn’t take no bottle and I wish you’d leave me alone!” Molly broke Ken’s hold on her and ran away from him as fast as she could.

In all actuality, some kind of supernatural force had made Ken let go of Molly’s arm, just as a mild breeze blew by him. A second later, Ken was catapulted in the air, away from Molly. He flew about thirty feet in the air and skidded another ten feet across the sand. Ken landed pretty hard, causing his exposed arms and legs, even his torso, to be covered with scrapes and abrasions. Most of the beach crowd paid little attention to Ken’s aerial stunt, most of them thinking it was just some beach show-off attempting a back flip.

Ken wiggled out of the unnatural contortion his body parts were in now. He got on his hands and knees, which were sandblasted down to the last layer of skin, and coughed. A mound of sand poured out of his mouth, which made him look like a human cement truck.

“Well . . . that was pleasant.” Ken said to himself, as grains of sand crunched between his teeth. “At least the pain of the fall has made me forget about the jellyfish sting and volleyball concussion.”

Ken got to his feet and brushed himself off, assessing the damage along the way. With the exception of some bruises and cuts and minor bleeding on his palms and kneecaps, he wasn’t that badly damaged. Ken began contemplating his next move. He decided it was pointless to personally try and retrieve the bottle now, since Molly’s first wish had become a mystical restraining order. Ken knew he needed help and took off toward his family.


After a quick stop at the lifeguard station for some Wipeout! pads to relieve the jellyfish sting and peroxide for his cuts and gashes, Ken proceeded back to camp.

Ken knew Robin and Natalie were still changing while he was away and hoped that their progressive transformations had not drawn any unwanted attention to them. As he stood over his slumbering family, Ken still wasn’t quite prepared for the results that the past two hours had inflicted on them. Natalie’s physical alterations were almost imperceptible, but Robin had virtually become a human Shrink-A-Dink. Ken just stared in amazement at the gawky nine year old, who less than 18 hours ago was a full-figured, 43 year old wife and mother. Robin, thankfully, had been lying on her stomach as her figure continued regressing. The top part of her bikini had twisted around to her side and the strings were directly under her armpits. The bottom half of her bathing suit was barely covering her small behind. A good section of Robin’s bike rack was sticking out over the top of her crumpled bikini bottoms, which laid flimsily on her boyish hips. Robin’s legs and ass apparently had regressed upward as much as her top half had downward, unfortunately her bathing suit did not mimic her body’s retreat.

Ken breathed a deep sigh and threw a spare blanket over Robin’s overexposed prepubescent body.

As soon as the blanket touched her skin, Robin woke up. She wearily lifted herself off the towel and proceeded to sit up in a praying position, with her legs underneath her. The blanket covering her slowly slid down her back, taking her top easily with it. Robin gave out a light shriek, as she suddenly realized she was topless on a public beach. Even at nine, Robin’s modesty (or instinct) kicked in and she instantly covered her chest with her arms, though there wasn’t anything really there to hide. She then reached around and grabbed the blanket to cover herself.

Ken could see the confused expression on Robin’s face slowly shift to apprehension and decided to intervene.

“Robin Powell! What have you done to your new swimsuit? Aunt Lorraine and I just bought that for you.” Ken asked, hoping to use Robin’s befuddlement to his advantage.

“I . . . . I don’t know.” Robin answered meekly. Everything was a blur to her. Thoughts and ideas flashed back and forth in her head like a strobe light. Some memories and recollections clashed for dominance, while others just faded from her mind like dissipating smoke. At this very moment, Robin was beginning to forget things she learned in fourth grade, including multiplication and division. The world around her was becoming bigger and more unfamiliar with every heartbeat.

“I mean, the suit is totally ruined. Well it’s a good thing I remembered to bring a spare.” With that said, Ken reached between two towels and pulled out Natalie’s pink one-piece and a pair of sandals. Shaking the sand out of the garment, he threw it at Robin. “Here, put this on.”

Robin grabbed the pink swimsuit and stood up with the blanket held firmly to her body. Ken estimated she had diminished about half a foot or more in height since he last saw her. Robin’s brown hair, which had previously flowed down to the middle of her back, was now a shade lighter and barely reached past the top of her shoulders. Ken had to admit to himself that his wife was (is?) an adorable little girl.

As Robin shook the sand off herself, the oversized bikini bottoms slid down her toothpick legs to around her ankles. Robin casually stepped out of the bunched up garment and bent over to pick them up.

At the same time, Ken walked over to where Natalie was napping and began shaking her shoulder.

“Honey, wake up.”

No response.

“Come on Honey, time to wake up.”

Natalie stirred and then gradually opened her eyes. “Daddy, I had this awful nightmare where you and mommy were young and I was . . . “ Natalie’s eye suddenly focused on her 23 year old father’s face.

“Nooooooo!” Natalie lifted both her hands to her face and looked at them. The back of her hands and arms looked like 4 day old bananas. “Noooooooo!” Her eyes began to glaze over.

Ken grabbed his hysterical daughter by the shoulders and shook her.

“Stop it, Natalie! I don’t have time for this! I need you to pull yourself together!”

Natalie just covered her face with her withered hand and shook her head back and forth. “Nooooooo!”

Ken had expected this reaction to come from Natalie eventually. He knew her 8 year old mind could only take so much chaos before it would snap.

Ken grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away from her face. “Natalie! Look at me, Natalie!”

Natalie stopped sobbing for a moment and looked at her father. Tears were running down the trails of deep wrinkles that accentuated her face.

“I need you to be strong right now, Honey. Stronger than you’ve ever been before.” Ken talked to her as passively as he could, especially with the stress of the deadline he was under. “Your mother is depending on you, and so am I. I can change you both back to your normal selves, but I’m going to need your help.” Ken released her wrists.

“Really?” Natalie wiped her eyes with shaky hands. “But, what can I do?”

“Well, first you can help me help your mother change bathing suits.” Ken pointed over his shoulder to the 8 year old standing behind him.

“Okay!” Natalie replied, as Ken helped her out of the chair.

Ken led her over to Robin, grabbing two big beach towels along the way. Natalie and Ken stood on opposite ends of Robin and stretched the towels, corner to corner, around her. Shielded from public view, Robin began changing outfits. As Robin dropped her blanket to the ground and pulled her over-sized top off, her two adult concealers kept catching unintentional glimpses of her frail nude form.

Natalie was somewhat perplexed by the sight of the little girl who was (is?) her mother. At eight years old, Robin was practically the spitting image of the old (young?) Natalie. Glancing down at her mother, Natalie felt like she was looking in a funhouse mirror at herself. Of course at this point, everything seemed upside down to her.

Ken’s opinion of the little girl between him and Natalie was a little different. Ken, who had met Robin when she was twenty-one, never knew what his wife really looked like as a child. Sure, he had seen old photographs and yearbook pictures of Robin growing up, but to actually see her as a child from a grown-up perspective, was more than a little strange. As Ken looked down at her naked form, his mind couldn’t help but trace back to six hours ago, when he was making love to his young voluptuous spouse. Now to see his sexy wife turn into a cute little girl, right before his eyes, was a little hard to bare.

Suddenly Robin looked up and made eye contact with Ken. As Ken gazed into Robin’s eyes, he was amazed at the innocence they projected. Ken gave a slight shudder as he quickly turned his head away. Thoughts of pedophilia and child pornography began flashing though his mind. He wondered, if he did change his wife back, would he ever be able to look at her in the same way again?

Mixed feelings began to rise in Ken, as confusion over his future relationship with his wife combined with his fear of failing to retrieve the bottle. Ken thought he was going to have an anxiety attack, when suddenly the end of the towels Natalie was holding dropped a foot. and a half.

“Grandma Kelly! Watch what you’re doing! You almost exposed your mo . . . most favorite granddaughter to half the beach!” Ken scolded Natalie, as he snapped out of his own self pity.

“Sorry! I couldn’t help it.” Natalie lifted the towels back up. “My hands hurt so much and the pain keeps getting worse. I can’t even keep them from shaking.” Ken looked at his daughter’s hands, which were shaking more than the hands of James Bond’s personal bartender. Arthritis had set into her joints and was quickly progressing as she continued aging. He felt helpless, knowing there was very little he could do to comfort her suffering. Ken was about to say something to Natalie when he was suddenly interrupted by a young girl’s voice emanating between them.

“All done!” Robin stated, as she pulled her bathing suit strap over her left shoulder.

Natalie immediately dropped her end of the towels and focused all her attention to the throbbing ache coming from her hands.

Ken squatted down and looked at Robin eye to eye. “Honey, I need you to do me a favor.”



Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 6

By Omnibus

All rights reserved. ("But what about the rights of that little girl?" - DIRTY HARRY (1972))

Contains adult content for 18 years and older.



Molly had just put the finishing touches on her self-made Hollywood Barbie Dream Sand Castle, when a giant foot suddenly came crashing down on the Barbie's two-car garage.

"Hey!" Molly yelled at the owner of the wrecking ball appendage. "Watch it!"

A little girl with light sandy brown hair, wearing a pink swimsuit and sandals looked down at the irritated figure.

"Ooooops! I'm sorry!" Robin apologized half heartedly. "Here, let me help fix it up."

"Well, okay, but just fix the garage, cause the rest of the castle is done."

Robin dropped to her hands and knees and began scooping up wet sand. "Oh, by the way, my name's Robin. What's yours?"

"I'm Molly. So who are you here with?"

"My uncle and grandma. They're watching me while my parents are away on some business trip. What about you?" Robin asked.

"I'm here with my mom and big sister. Mom and dad are breakin' up, so everything's been really weird lately."

"I know what you mean." Robin agreed.

The two little girls became quick companions as they continued playing in the sand, chatting about horses and how icky boys were.


"Come on, Robin! Just grab the fuckin' bottle!" Ken said to himself through gritted teeth.

Ken had positioned himself close enough to watch the two girls' activities. He could not get too close or the mystic barrier Molly had unintentionally set-up would reject him like a straight guy at Lilith Fair. This obstacle made it so Ken's only option was to send Robin in after the bottle. He could have sent Natalie, but Ken thought it would be dark by the time she reached Molly. No, Robin was the only logical choice for the mission.

"Come on, let's go! Chop, chop!" Ken again voiced to himself.

Time was a luxury Ken could not afford. As he watched his plan proceed in front of him, he knew three factors were working against him. One was the continuous physical regression of Robin in front of the other little girl. Right now, Robin was a good year and a half older than Molly. The plan was for Robin to ask to look at the bottle and then run away with it. Physically, Robin could easily take the bottle from Molly with not much of a struggle, if she refused to show it her. The odds greatly changed every passing minute, as Robin kept getting younger and smaller and weaker.

Robin's mental regression was also a problem. Without Ken telling her to grab the bottle on a semi-regular basis, it was most likely Robin would eventually forget the plan and the bottle all together. Plus, Robin's bond with Molly would grow stronger as time passed, with her being the only human contact around during Robin's development (undevelopment?).

Last, but not least, were Molly's last two wishes, making her the wild card in the deck.

Ken was so lost in thinking, he didn't see the voluptuous woman suddenly setting her towel down next to his. The young lady sat on her towel and wiped the sand off the edges with her hand. Some of the sand hit Ken in the leg and he turned his head sightly to see what was throwing it at him. Ken's peripheral vision caught a brief glimpse of the curvy figure and quickly directed all his attention toward it.

"Whoa!" Thought Ken. "That's a spicy meatball!"

The woman next to him was in her early 20's, at the most, and had long, straight blonde hair. Her body had more curves than ribbon candy and Ken sure wanted a piece. The young lady made eye contact with Ken, and he quickly averted his eyes in embarrassment. The blonde woman just smiled.

Ken tried clearing his mind and was about to return his attention back to Robin and Molly, when a soft, sultry voice came from over his left shoulder.

"Excuse me?"

Ken's heart began thumping like high school bleachers when Queen's "We Will Rock You" is played.

"Yes?" Ken said clearing his throat. He had instinctively sucked in his gut, though it was no longer required. Ken almost got vertigo from looking deep into the bright blue eyes that met his gaze. Suddenly, to his amazement, Ken actually recognized the blonde woman. It was the lady on the beach from last night. The one he tried to impress, and received giggles and laughs for his efforts.

"I was wonder if you would help me in applying this lotion to my back?" The woman said, holding a bottle of cocoa butter.

"Yeah, with my tongue!" Ken said, on the inside. In reality Ken replied, "Yeah sure, no problem!" His voice cracked slightly as he answered.

"Thanks!" The young lady handed Ken the bottle and laid down on her stomach. "Oh, by the way, my name's Tiffiny." She said as she moved her long hair to the side.

"My name's Ken." His voice cracked again as he squirted an S shape of lotion on her back and began rubbing it in.


"What's that?" Molly pointed at a shiny white object in the sand by Robin.

"What's what?" Robin looked around.

"That!" Molly leaned forward and picked the strange item up. "Ewwwww! It's a tooth!"

As Molly dropped the tooth, she noticed there was another one already on the ground. Feverously, Molly quickly checked her own teeth. None were missing, except for the two she had lost a week ago in a bicycle accident. Molly figured they must have come from Robin.

"Hey Robin, smile for me!"

"Okay!" Robin burst into the biggest smile she could muster. Two huge black gaps permeated the otherwise perfect white rows of teeth. Suddenly a canine tooth fell out. Robin's mouth was beginning to look like a child's crossword puzzle.

Molly was about to say something, when a familiar voice behind her made her cringe.

"Hey Squirt! What's up?"

It was Molly's big sister, Becki, who had just taken a break from her volleyball game. Becki was 18 years old and captain of her volleyball team in high school. This vacation with her mother and little sister was probably going to be her last, since she was graduating in 4 months and had earned a scholarship to Michigan State. Being 12 years older than her little sister, Becki was pretty much a second mother to Molly. Not that she didn't terrorize Molly whenever she had the chance, like any older sibling would do. But with her mother now working to support the two of them since the divorce, Becki was, more or less, in charge of Molly on a somewhat regular basis.

Molly wasn't that fond of Becki's paternal instincts, what there were of them. As a secondary mom, Becki told her what to eat, what to wear, when to go to bed, and what to watch on TV. If Molly ever got out of line, which according to Becki, seemed pretty often, Becki was allowed to dish out the appropriate punishment. Most of the time Molly was just sent to her room, but once in a while Becki laid into her with a spanking, which Molly detested with a passion.

"So, who's your little friend?" Becki asked as she walked over to the cooler.

Sweat glistened off every pore on her tan skin. Becki was wearing a white sleeveless tank top,which showed off most of her toned midriff, and a black bikini bottom. She pulled out a squeeze bottle of distilled water and squirted the contents down her throat as if she was filming a Gatorade commercial. Becki then titled her head forward and sprayed the rest of the water on her head. Temporarily relieved from the heat, she restated her question.

"Hey munchkin, I asked who your friend was!"

"It's Robin, okay?" Molly looked up but didn't raise her head.

"Jeez, was that so hard?" Becki began bouncing the volleyball from hand to hand. "Where'd mom go anyway?"

"I don't know. Her pager went off and she went to the car to use the phone. That was an hour ago."

"Well, when she gets back, tell her we're down to our last game. We should be done around . . ." Becki glanced at her watch laying on top of her duffel bag, which read 2:30. ". . . I'd say about 3:30."

Molly piped up suddenly. "Can we play?"

"Yeah right!" Becki almost began laughing out loud. "Teresa almost took some guy's head off with a power spike while he was crossing the court, and you think you have a chance."

"Hey, we can pway volleyball as good as you can!" Robin said, trying to back up her friend, as she shot two more teeth out of her mouth.

"What the . . . ?" Becki dodged out of the way before the enamel projectiles hit her. "Molly, what wrong with your friend?"

"Nothing. She's just losing her baby teeth like me." Molly smiled and pointed at the gaps. Of course, unknown to Molly, Robin was actually losing her adult teeth.

"Well, at the rate your friend's losing them, the Tooth Fairy gonna be bouncing checks tonight." Becki commented with a apprehensive look on her face. "Honey, maybe you should go to the bathroom or something and get a wet paper towel to keep these in."

"Okay!" Robin picked up the discarded teeth and hurried toward the public bathrooms. "I'll be wight back!"

As Becki and Molly watched Robin scurry off, Becki noticed her attire. "Poor thing! Her parents didn't even give her a proper fitting bathing suit to wear. That suit has got to be a couple of sizes too big for her."

"It looked okay on her as we played." Molly retorted. "Anyway, can I play volleyball? Huh? Can I? Pluuuzeee!"

"You wish!" With that remark, Becki bounced the volleyball off Molly's head.

"Owww! Cut it out!"

"Oh waaaaah! You gonna cry now!" Becki teased as she ricocheted the ball off her little sister's noggin again. "Look, I got to go, the game is starting!" Becki took off toward the court. "Don't forget to tell mom about what time we'll get done and I hope Robin's okay!"

Molly began to fume over the treatment she had just received by her big sister. "You can't play with us cause you're too small. You can't stay up late cause you're too young." Molly kicked her Barbie Dream Castle into the air as she imitated her sister.

"I wish I was old enough to play volleyball!"



Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 7

By Omnibus

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content for 18 years and older.

"Mother . . . what's the phrase? Isn't quite herself today." (Anthony Perkins - "Psycho" (1960))



"Boy, this door sure is heavy!" Robin grunted, as she pushed the ladies' room door open with her back. A task made all the more difficult with one hand holding a bunch of teeth and the other holding the shoulder straps of her swimsuit up. Robin would have gotten to the restroom sooner, but she had to stop every once in a while to pick up another expelled tooth.

The room was deserted, except for a busty woman in a floral two-piece who was adjusting her top in the mirror.

"Fuck! I knew I laid out too long!" The woman said to her reflection as she viewed herself from the side. She suddenly noticed Robin as she pulled down one of her top strings to see the white and red contrasts of her skin.

"Oh, hi! Excuse my language, I didn't see you come in." The lady said to Robin as she watched the little girl scuffle over to the sink next to her.

"Hi!" Robin replied back, looking up at the lady as she placed the contents of her left hand on the edge of the sink. She then used both hands to readjust her ill-fitting swimsuit.

The lady looked at the white pieces Robin had just laid down. "Excuse me, little girl? What are these? Chicklets?" She pointed at the shiny pile.

"No! They're my baby teeth." Robin opened her mouth wide to illustrate her point. A full set of evenly spaced baby teeth were visible.

"All right, if you say so." The woman replied, as she grabbed her sunglasses and headed toward the exit. "What a weird kid." She said to herself as she pushed the door open and left.

Robin's eyes followed the woman as she left, then traced from the exit door along the wall, scoping for a dispenser of paper towels to put her teeth in. Instead she spotted a bizarre looking machine hanging on the wall. Robin trotted over to the white box and looked at it for a few seconds. It had two silver extensions on the front, one looked like a spigot and the other a button. Curiously, Robin slapped the button with her hand. The machine immediately hummed loudly as warm air began blowing on Robin's left side.

"Cool!" Robin exclaimed as she moved her hands back and forth under the heated breeze.

Then as quickly as it began, the tepid flow of air ceased and the machine became quiet. Robin slammed the button again.

At the same time she restarted the machine, three girls in their early teens came busting through he door. Robin jumped suddenly from the girls' abrupt entrance and became slightly embarrassed by her unbridled amusement. Robin quickly left through the still swinging door, completely forgetting about the pile of disregarded teeth she left on the sink for everyone to enjoy.

Outside, Robin's five year old mind couldn't figure out what to do next. In fact, Robin couldn't even remember where she was or where she had just been (before the restroom). She walked a few steps to her right, stopped, then looked around. A worried look appeared on her face as fear and anxiety began to overcome her. Robin, on the verge of panic and with tears beginning to form in her eyes, instinctively did something she had been weaned away from for over 35 years. She slowly placed her left thumb in her mouth and began sucking on it obsessively. Robin then sat down in the sand and pressed her knees against her flat chest as she rocked back and forth. The suckling of one of her digits calmed her somewhat.

The lost little girl just sat there in her over-sized bathing suit and softly wept to herself.

"I want my mommy."


"Boy, it sure is hot today!" Natalie complained after waking up from her fourth nap in as many hours.

As she went to push herself out of the deck chair, a sharp jolt of pain shot from the base of her spine, up her back.

"Owwwwwwww!" She moaned in a creaky voice.

The pain spread and intensified as Natalie continued to force herself upward. Frail, shaky hands pushed down on the armrests with extreme exertion. More than once, her wobbling arms threatened to buckle under the strain. Finally Natalie freed herself from the chair, which seemed to take more effort than it took Papillon to free himself from prison.

Natalie decided to go back to her parent's air conditioned hotel room and wait for her dad to return. She leaned over to pick up her mom's purse, which contained the hotel key card. The pain immediately resurfaced.

"Why do I hurt so much?" Natalie pondered as she grabbed the purse and headed toward the hotel.

About halfway to her destination, the 84 year old stopped suddenly and shook her head. Natalie rubbed her sunken eyes with her quivering hands, then blinked several times.

"That's funny." Natalie remarked to herself about the unexpected blurred vision she just experienced. "It must be the heat or something."

She walked a few more yards when the cloudy vision again overcame her.

"What's happening to me?" Natalie resumed walking forward, though her speed increased slightly.

As she walked, her eyesight began to slowly become more obscure. Natalie had glaucoma and the continuous build up of fluid pressure in her eyes was causing increasingly severe vision loss.

She passed by a hot dog stand and found almost all the words and letters illegible, except for up close. As Natalie entered the pool area of the hotel, Natalie found out, even up close, she couldn't read the pool rules sign. Now only able to make out shapes and colors, she started feeling around for a poolside chair. After inadvertently touching several people in places most people don't like to be touched, Natalie found a seat and slowly lowered herself into it,

"Oh my god! I'm blind!"

Natalie, almost totally paralyzed by fear, old age and blindness, took solace in the only thing she could think of at that point. People passing by found the old woman sucking on her thumb and tugging on her ear to be a little eccentric, even by Florida standards. Most of them though, did not hear the elderly lady's hushed whimpering as they shuffled past her.

"I want my mommy."


An unexpected wind blew over Molly as she continued her tantrum, throwing Barbie's friend Staci at the recently decimated sand castle.

"I hate being treated like a baby all the time!" She yelled, spitting out 3 baby teeth in the process. Molly was so caught up in her agitation, she didn't notice the sudden gaps in her mouth. What made the situation even more unapparent, was that her adult teeth were filling in as fast as her baby teeth were falling out.

"Becki can be such a . . . Ouch!" Molly's sentence was interrupted by a progressive pain coming from both her shoulders.

She turned her head sideways and noticed her swimsuit's straps were beginning to dig into her flesh. Before she could react, Molly felt the bottom of her suit began to ride up in the rear and pinch along the groin area.

"What's happening to me? Why does my suit feel so funny?" The 8 year old exclaimed, as she tried to squeeze her fingers under her shoulder straps as they continued to pull taut against her skin.

Unknown to Molly, the bottle was carrying out her second wish, interpreting her desire in it's own custom fashion. The magic of the bottle was aging Molly at an accelerated rate. Unlike Ken, Robin and Natalie's transformations, which happened gradually, the magic sensed the expedient nature of Molly's request to be old enough to play with Becki and her friends. Thus, the bottle was making Molly grow up fast enough to make the volleyball game, which was starting in three minutes.

"Owwwwwww!" Molly cried again, as her body continued to lengthen and expand. Arms and legs extended, as did her hair, which moved slowly past her shoulders and down her back. Molly's swimsuit stretched across her torso like a tightly wound rubber band, causing the neckline to distend downward to the point where her nipples were practically visible.

Finally, Molly was able to peel the bands off her shoulders. The top part of her outfit instantly snapped to below her waist. Molly, unquestionably embarrassed by her sudden nakedness, hastily tried to pull her suit back up. Unfortunately, the shoulder straps now barely came up to beneath her armpits. Left with no other options, she covered her chest with one arm while holding up her suit with the other. Molly looked like a rejected Coppertone ad, half exposed in her suddenly ineffectual swimwear.

In less than a minute, Molly had gone from a small 6 year old to a lanky 10 year old.

Molly looked around in utter confusion for some solution to her growing dilemma. Her eyes instantly locked on her sister's duffel bag. Molly began running toward the bag a few yards away, oblivious to everything else around her.

Not looking where she was going, Molly's foot came down on a Ken doll, causing her to lose her balance and fall forward. Molly landed with a thump on her already demolished sand castle.

The stunned 11 year old just laid there for a few seconds on her stomach as she collected her thoughts. At the same time, her body was rushing full force into puberty. Molly's insides felt weird as she began her first period. As her growth accelerated at an incredible speed (roughly four years a minute), her cycles were occurring with the succession of a strobe light, each beginning and ending in the span of a second or two.

At 12, Molly's body started to slowly inflate, as fat cells multiplied feverishly in her hips, thighs and chest. Coming to her senses, she struggled to get up and keep her modesty at the same time. Limbs and other body parts continued to elongate as her hips flared, tearing holes in the bottom part of her bathing suit and pushing piles of sand away from her in all directions.

Molly got up on her hands and knees and crawled over to the bag. With only ten feet to go, Molly cascaded into her teenage years with a vengeance.

Covering her chest with one arm soon became a challenge as puffiness began to occur around her nipples. They continued to swell across her chest and outward, as Molly grabbed the duffel bag and tore into it for something to wear.

"Hey, I can wear this now!" Molly pulled out her sister's black and white Barenaked Ladies concert T-shirt. She quickly put it on over her budding 14 year old body, releasing her swimsuit completely. The suit fell down to her ever widening hips which were now testing the elastic strength of the fabric.

Molly dove into the rest of her sister's belongings.

"I think I'll wear these too!" Molly held up a pair of dark blue speedos with white stripes running up and down the legs.

Molly grabbed a blanket and threw it around her waist. As if on cue, her remaining bathing suit exploded as Molly's 15 year old hips decimated it into a car shammy. She quickly pulled the speedo over her distended calves and long legs.

Pulling the fabric over her hips, she was amazed at how hairy her once glabrous crotch now was. Molly dropped the blanket and marveled at how well the speedo accentuated her 16 year old curves. The T-shirt was still a little baggy but her still developing body soon changed that. Molly, instead of being shocked at the metamorphism her body was rapidly going through, was actually now enjoying it, even revealing in it. She felt the sleeves of the shirt move from her elbows to her upper arms. The speedos mimicked the shirt's retreat, as the ends raised from her knees to her thick upper thighs. Molly was overwhelmed with joy as she watched the front of her shirt rise like Pillsbury dough. At 18, Molly's breasts slowly stopped growing and settled in to a a nice 32 C cup size.

"I bet I'm bigger than Becki!" She bragged, as she pushed her bosom together and up and then let it drop. "Ooooooo! Bouncy!"

Molly had aged 12 years in 3 minutes, going from a frail little girl to a knockout blonde bombshell. She stood 5' 10" and topped the scales at 115 pounds. Molly was about to experiment with her new body further when she heard the cries of teenage girls playing.

The game!" Molly took off in the direction of the volleyball game, kicking sand up in the air as she sped off.

The remains of a destroyed sand castle, scattered Barbie dolls, a small girl's tattered bathing suit and a half buried bottle marked the deserted area.


Ken squirted another line of lotion on Tiffiny's back and began rubbing it in. Up and down his hands moved, massaging every single muscle on her back. Ken's interest began to rise as his oily fingers went underneath her bikini bottom a little. Afraid of being reprimanded for his bold approach, he quickly moved his hands back to Tiffiny's upper back.

All of a sudden, Tiffiny brought her hand back behind her and touched his hand. "Hold it for a second."

With a quick tug, the strings of her bikini fell to her sides. "There, that's better! I hate tan lines anyway." Tiffiny said, lying flat on her stomach with her head tilted to the side and eyes closed.

"Whoa! That was unexpected." Ken thought to himself as he moved his fingers across the newly cleared playing field.

Tiffiny's back felt soft and smooth as Ken's fingers moved down, further and further, around her sides towards her front. His hands accidentally rubbed against the side of one of her breasts. After hearing no complaints about his faux pas, Ken continued to massage the sides of Tiffiny's breasts. He marveled at how soft and yielding to the touch they were, especially for being so big. Ken was sure they were implants, being as large as they were, especially on Tiffiny's thin frame, but now he wasn't so sure.

"Mmmmmmm! That feels good." Tiffiny purred at the sensation of Ken's magic fingers.

As Ken proceeded to fondle Tiffiny's breasts, a large shadow slowly crept over both of them.

Ken, noticing the sudden lack of sunlight, looked up. A huge towering figure of muscles stared down at him with a look that could have frozen alcohol. Whatever Ken had, the man in front of him had twice as much of it.

"Ummmmm. Can I help you?" Ken asked the large stranger meekly.

"Looks to me like you've already helped yourself!" The man said looking down on Ken with hate burning in his eyes.

Tiffiny had snapped out of her stimulated delirium at this point and quickly sat up, upon recognizing the man's voice. Unfortunately, she forgot her top was no longer attached and flashed the strange man with her impressive size D breasts.

"Oh my god! Reggie!" Tiffiny screamed, as she scrambled to put her top back on.

"Reggie?!" Ken exclaimed with a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Yeah, Reggie! Her boyfriend!" The man pointed at the still semi-nude form of Tiffiny.

"Boyfriend??!!" Ken gasped. He was going to have a hard time getting out of this situation, and the visible boner in his swim trunks wasn't going to help either.



Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 8

By Omnibus

Part 8

All rights reserved.

Contains adult content for 18 years and older.

"America's greatest contribution has been to teach the world that getting old is such a drag." (Diane Varsi - "Wild in the streets" (1968))



"Owwwwwwwww! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Beverly screamed, as she came down hard upon her ankle.

Becki, who was the closest to her, heard an audible 'POP', as she watched her teammate collapse to the ground.

"Oooooooooo! Good save; bad landing!" Teresa commented across the net, not knowing the seriousness of the situation.

"Teresa, shut up!" Becki yelled back, then focused her attention back on Beverly. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." Beverly started to get up. "See, no prob . . .owwwwww!" Intense pain exploded from her right foot, forcing her to fall back down.

"Okay, problem. Um, could you help me up?" Beverly reached her hand out to Becki.

Becki grabbed her hand and helped her up. With Becki supporting her, Beverly limped off the court, over to some blankets and sat down.

"Is she all right?" Teresa called out, becoming slightly aware of how extreme the nature of Beverly's injury was.

"I think her ankle is sprained!" Becki yelled back.

"Great! Well, I guess that's game then!" Teresa responded without thinking. "Unless you wanna play two against one!"

As if on cue, an 18 year old Molly walked up. "Hey, you guys playing volleyball? Can I play?"

"Sure!" Teresa replied suddenly. "By a strange coincidence, it seems we need another player now! You can be on Becki's team!" She gestured to the other side of the net.

"Goody!" Molly jumped up and down, then walked over to the net.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Teresa. Behind me is my sorry excuse for a partner, Peggy."

"Hey, you wish!" Teresa staggered forward, as Peggy jokingly tagged her on the shoulder. ""Who saved your ass more than once on the court back there?"

"Hi, my name's Mo . . .um . . ." Molly froze for a second, not wanting her sister to know who she really was, at this given point in time. She put her head down and watched her toes burrowing in the sand. "It's . . um . . . Sand . . y. Yeah, that's it, Sandy!"

"That's cool." Teresa remarked, taken somewhat aback by the sudden realization of how much Sandy looked just like her friend Becki. They had the same long, curly blonde hair; the same facial features; hell, even the same voice. The only noticeable differences between the two was Sandy's lack of a tan and her slightly larger breasts. Other than that, Teresa thought they were exact twins.

Sandy's appearance didn't escape the notice of Beverly or Becki either.

"Whoa! That new girl looks . . . AH! FUCK THAT'S COLD!" Beverly screamed at Becki, as her friend placed a towel filled with ice from the cooler on her swollen ankle. "As I was saying, that new girl looks just like you, with the exception of being able to breathe a little bit better than you, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I guess she does a little."

"A little? Hell, you two make the Olsen twins look like Winonna and Ashley Judd. Who knows, she could be your evil doppleganger from a parallel universe, or worse, one of those pesky body snatcher aliens."

Becki made the sound from the theme of 'The Twilight Zone'. "Dodododododododo. You know something Bev, I think you need to stop watching the Sci-Fi Channel so much." With that said, Becki spit an ice cube at her friend and laughingly walked back to the court.

As soon as Becki got to the net, she took over.

"Okay, um, Sandy, right? Hey, nice shirt, I see you like the 'Barenaked Ladies' too. Heck, I even got that exact same shirt. Anyway, I need you over there, I'll serve. Score is 6 to 8."

Becki served the ball and Molly watched the two girls set-up the return volley skillfully. Peggy jumped a few feet in the air as she power spiked the ball over the net.

"Whoa!" Molly screamed, as she dodged out of the way of the round projectile whizzing by her.

Becki walked up to her, not looking real happy. "What the hell was that?"

"Um . . . I wasn't ready." Molly replied, unconvincingly.

"Uh-uh. Well, are you ready now?" Becki just stared straight at her with her arms folded.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Okay then, let's play!" Becki yelled and walked back to her spot.

Molly didn't care for the condescending tone her sister had just talked to her with and gave her a disapproving grimace as she walked away.

"Maybe this won't be as fun as I thought it would be." Molly thought to her.


Ken's eye opened slowly as he tried to focus on his surroundings. Coherent again, he sat up in shock and yelled. "Football practice!"

"Whoa there, Tiger! It's about time you came to. I was starting to get a little worried you were never going to wake up."

Ken focused his one eye on a thin, yet muscular woman in a red one piece next to him.

"What happened? Where am I? Who are you?" Ken rambled, as he tried to sit up. The dull headache in the back of his head intensified as he tried to raise himself vertical.

"Well, number one, you got the shit beat out of you. You must have hack that one guy off majorly. Here, wait, let me readjust that ice pack." The woman held the pack on Ken's black eye as he finally managed to sit up straight.

"Oh yeah, nooooooooooow!" Ken screamed in pain as he touched the right side of his jaw. "Now I remember, I was rubbing suntan lotion on the back of this guy's topless girlfriend."

"Gee, hard to believe he got mad over that." The woman said sarcastically.

"I tried to explained what happened, but as soon as I stood up, everything went black and now I find myself here, worse for wear." Ken rubbed his jaw lightly.

"Well, from what I saw on the tower, I think it a good thing you were unconscious after the first punch. Cause the 4 to 5 punches that came afterward didn't look they tickled either. Anyway, after me and three other lifeguards finally dragged him off your comatose carcass, we brought you here. You know, if you didn't wake up soon, we were going to cast you in the lead of 'Weekend at Bernie's III'."

Ken tried to laugh, but quickly stopped since it caused extreme pain in his chest. "How long have I been out?"

"Oh, I'd say almost an hour." The woman replied, looking at the hanging clock.

"AN HOUR! What time is it?" Ken quickly looked at the clock with his good eye, "Holy shit, it's after four o'clock! I've got to go!" Ken stood up and just as quickly sat back down as waves of vertigo and nausea swept over him.

"Yeah, right. You could still be seriously injured or even have a brain concussion. Let me take you to a doctor or something." The lifeguard placed her hands on his shoulders, trying to get him to lie down again.

"I really appreciate that, but I have really got to go. Just give me a shitload of aspirins and point me to the door." Ken struggled to lift himself up again.

The woman shrugged her shoulders in defeat and walked over to a drawer. She pulled out a bottle of Tylenol and threw it at Ken. A sudden realization came to him as he looked at the bottle.

"Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck ,fuck!" Ken jumped off the padded mat and began pacing the room. "How could I forget! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Stupid hormones!" The woman just stared in shock at Ken and his recent manic attack. "Are you ~sure~ you're all right? Would you like something stronger than aspirin, like Prozac or something?"

"Look, thanks for everything, but I really need to leave."

Ken turned and was about to walk out the door, when another lifeguard appeared in the doorway carrying something. Ken's eye widened as he recognized what he was holding.

"No way! It can't be!" Ken thought to himself.

"Hey, look what I found. Well, mom, can I keep it?" The male lifeguard jokingly said to other lifeguard.

In his arms was an adorable little girl, about two or three years old, totally naked except for where the man's arm were covering her. Thin, curly brown hair adorned her head, as big blue eyes stared out at her audience.

"Robin?" Ken asked in surprise.

The toddler stared at Ken for a few seconds, continuously sucking on her thumb. Suddenly, she took her thumb out of her mouth and smiled. "Dadee! Dadee! Hold me!"

"I take it you know who this child is." The lifeguard asked Ken, having a hard time now holding the bouncing child.

"Yeah, she's my . . . daughter." Ken figured it was pretty hard to get around the 'dadee' part now. "Decided to take my Nat . . . Robin and her grandmother to the beach today. I left her with her grandmother for a bit, while I checked out the scenery."

"I'll bet." The female lifeguard commented.

"Uh-hu. Well, I found her wandered by the bathrooms crying and yelling for her mommy." The man interrupted.

"Robin, I told you not to wander off by yourself." Ken pointed a finger at Robin, which she immediately grabbed playfully.

"Uh-hu, we found her without this on." The lifeguard pulled a pink one-piece bathing suit out from behind him.

Ken smiled nervously. "You know three year olds, can't get them to wear anything."

"At four sizes too big?"

"Um, I believe that's the suit her grandma bought for her recently and I only made her wear it as to not hurt her feelings. We were going to go out later and buy an exact duplicate suit that fit." Ken answered, trying to pull his ass out of the fire.

Finally, the little girl's squirming became unbearable, and satisfied with Ken's answers, the lifeguard handed Robin and the bathing suit over to him.

"Well, next time try to keep a better eye on her, okay? Even though that may be kind of hard for you right now." The man laughed as his commented and slapped Ken on the back.

"Asshole!" Ken thought to himself, as he mustered a fake grin.

Ken took Robin in his arms and carried her down the gangplank of the lifeguard tower. Suddenly, Robin reached up and touched the black part of Ken's eye.

"Owwww! Quit it, Robin!" Ken stopped momentarily in his tracks. He felt Robin slipping and readjusted her weight in his arms.

Ken looked at his wife in his arms and knew he had little time left. "Come on, Robin! Let's go find that bottle!"


"Hey, I could have gotten that one!" Molly yelled at Becki.

"Yeah, and they could have scored a point!" Becki retorted back.

Molly was definitely not having fun right now. She was finally adjusting to her new body and it's new limitations and her (older?) sister wasn't giving her a chance to use it. Every time the ball would get even close to her, Becki would run across the court and intercept it. The only time she could actually touch the ball is when she served. The situation was becoming real old, real fast. Molly decided it was time to do something about it.

"Okay, our ball. Sandy, I believe it's your serve." Becki threw the ball at Molly, harder than what Molly expected.

Molly let out a grunt as the ball slammed into her.

"Oh, and try to make it over the net this time." Becki snidely added.

That was the last straw in Molly's book. She closed her eyes and held the ball for a few seconds.

Becki started getting annoyed. "Today, while we're young!"

Molly opened her eyes and began to serve. "14 to 16."

Before the volleyball even left her hand, a strange breeze kicked up out of nowhere from behind Molly.

The ball easily glided over the net. Teresa returned it right back.

"I've got it!" Becki dived it make the return volley and missed the ball by an inch. She landed hard on the ground.

Becki got up and brushed herself off. "I've could have sworn I had that ball dead to rights."

Due the extreme exertion Becki was putting into the game, she had discarded her tank top and was now wearing a textured halter top with matching bikini bottoms. Both were starting to feel a little loose all of a sudden. Becki just figured they just got shifted around when she fell. She readjusted her outfit and walked back to her place by the net.

"Okay, who raised the net. I don't remember it being this high before." Becki yelled out.

The other team just shrugged their shoulders, as Molly just stood there with strange grin on her face.



Beach Bottle Boo-Boo Part 9-10