Be Careful Who You Pick On

By Libra

Your average teens Timothy Hardy and David Hill entered the locker room on their way to the pool. Tim, to his friends, played on the football team and bullied most of the kids as a hobby. While David was a smart ass to most adults he met and picked up girls on the side.

"Telling you the girls here are fine." David said as they entered the locker room and making an hourglass outline with his hands.

Tim only smiled and looked around the public locker room. Looking carefully he only saw a little kid with no dad in sight.

"Hey kid." Tim called to a 10 year-old under one of showers heads dressed in only swimming trucks.

"This locker room is only meant for men unless you pay the tab." Tim called out again when the boy turned to see who was talking to him.

"Come on man, we got better things to do right now." David said looking at Tim then back to the doorway that leads to the pool.

"How much money do you got on you little man?" Tim said now standing right in front of kid.

"A few dollars." muttered the kid while pointing to his bag by the bench.

"David, go see how much he got." Tim said blocking the only doorway in and out of showers.

Wanting to get out to the pool David obeyed and went over to the bag.

"Only 5 dollars in here." David called and started to put the money back.

"No, give it here." Tim shouted almost sounding angry.

"What's your name?" Tim asked looking hard into the eyes of the kid.

"Jason Shorts Sr, sir." Jason stuttered looking scared.

"Sir huh, I like you kid. You showed me some respect and that's why I am not going to beat you up today." Tim said jabbing his finger into the Jason's chest, then taking the 5 dollar bill from David. Tim completely miss the Sr part of his name completely and David has busy thinking about girls to care.

"This here is a down payment, but you're going to have to give me more then this. Maybe a little show" Tim said holding the bill in his face and turning off the hot water and turning up the cold water.

Jason jumped back from shower when he felt the cold water.

"Hold him." Tim said flinging Jason into David arms where he automatically held him in a restraint position.

Tim then walked up to Jason in a menacing way. Jason tried to kick out, but Tim was ready for it and caught his foot. Then grabbed his other foot and pinned both of his feet easily under his left arm.

"Let's just see how much of man he is now." Tim said grabbing the kid's trucks and pulling them clean off letting his feet fall to the ground.

"Not much of a man with that baby dick is he." Tim said now laughing.

Tim walked back over to the doorway then gave the command to release him. Jason had no where to run with the doorway being blocked.

"Stand under that shower for a whole 2 minutes and we might give your stuff back" Tim said glancing at his watch as Jason now turned sideways to hide himself, but still kept a eye on his attackers.

Jason looked furiously at the pair, but inched his way into the water. The freezing water caused his body become numb as it hit his body.

Jason took deep breaths and barely shivered as he waited for his time limit to pass.

"Come on Tim, we got better things to do then to torment this little bastard." David said getting a little pissed at Tim's time wasting hobby.

"20 more seconds." Tim said giving an angry glance at David then looking down at his watch again.

By now Jason was shuddering wildly from fear and cold. It was like he was in rain of ice cubes.

"Dam he is tough." Tim said grinning and then giving the hand signal to come here to Jason.

"You got balls kid. Even if they are itty bitty ones." Tim said then walking over to the kid's bag and picking it up as well.

"We'll leave these out there for you" Tim said looking at the trunks and bag

"Then all you have to do is come out and get them." Tim said nodding his head to pool area.

" s..said g...give t...them b...back." Jason said stuttering worse as ever from the cold and folding his arms for warmth.

"Did I? Or did I say 'might'" Tim said in a mocking tone.

"Come on." Tim said while gesturing to David to follow. The pair had already had their trunks on and never showered before they entered the pool.

After Tim tossed the bag and trucks to David who hastily stuffed the trunks in the bag with the kid's stuff. They walked into the open sun with Jason peering out carefully at them.

Tim walked carefully all the way around the pool to the other side then glancing back at David.

"Put it right here." Tim said in commanding voice.

Then Tim looked back at the open doorway to the locker room. He could just make out Jason's face peering carefully around the corner watching them.

The teens continued their walk until they were a third of the way around before stopping and sitting down on chairs in a shady area.

"This should be worth a laugh or two." Tim said nearly laughing at the thought alone.

Jason was already running out across the concrete beside the pool while people just now spotted him and laughed.

"How cute. He is a little streaker." A beautiful teen girl said to her friend in giggles thinking the kid was pulling a joke.

While younger kids yelled to their parents there was a boy running naked, sharp whistle blows came from lifeguards as they tried to motion for the kid to stop running. A female lifeguard was climbing down from her spot with a beach towel in her hand to meet Jason. A wave of cheering and laughter filled the area around the pool.

As fast as the cheering had started it stopped as Jason slipped and fell forward in a very fast motion. Getting up only a second after he fell an eerier silence filled those closer to him and spread.

Jason was now cradling his arm which was bent the wrong way. He was in full tears now and hanging his head in shame.

"Dam Tim, he broke his arm." David cried to him in a whisper.

"Didn't follow the pool rules did he." Tim said grinning as the female lifeguard wrap Jason in the towel then picked him up carefully.

"What if he tells on us?" David said looking worried.

"He won't. The little baby is too upset to say much right now anyway." Tim said stripping off his shirt and shoes.

The female lifeguard now carried Jason back to the Lifeguard headquarters.

"Unless you want to go cuddle him, I say let's go swimming." Tim said walking toward the water. David shrugged and stripped off his shirt and shoes and joined Tim in the water as he swam toward some girls.

Shock of seeing an accident now was gone and people returned to their weekend actives of sun bathing and swimming.

David kept a weary eye out for any police or lifeguards that were watching him, as an ambulance pulled up on the side of the building and paramedics took Jason in a stretcher into the back of the vehicle.

David had a moment of panic as a male lifeguard walk past them and then around to where Jason's bag was dropped. He picked up the bag and tossed it over the fence to female lifeguard who took it to the paramedic.

Only a few curious people watched with a morbid fascination.

David was now relieved and decided to go make his moves on a couple of girls.

Tim and David continued going to the pool and hanging out. David kept a weary eye for any cops every time they went.

Two weeks past before they saw the kid again. Like always Tim kept an eye out for him so he could taunt him again. The teens were just about to leave the locker room when a sound of young boy voice called out.

"Hey asshole." Jason called out from the other end of the locker room. His words echoing slightly.

"What you say?" Tim said turning looking mad as a hornet.

"You heard me." Jason said as he put one hand in his open bag that was hanging off his shoulder.

"Dam kid, now you made me mad." Tim said advancing forward and cracking his knuckles. He grinned as he thought the kid will turn and run at any moment now.

Not flinching, Jason's hand was gasping something in his bag. As David noticed he caught up with Tim to stop him.

"Gun." David said now seeing the fast moment from the kid as he was pulling out something that did look like a gun.

A painful and what felt like electrical shock hit them both. David only got a little less then Tim as he was hit with the full blast of it.

Both crumbled to the ground and just caught themselves with their hands.

"What the hell?" Tim managed to mutter out. He was feeling weak at the moment.

David looked up to see it was some kind of gun with metal pointed tip then a barrel on the end.

"Two for one." Jason said smiling then ran out of the locker room.

"Think that was air taser gun." David gasped now getting to his feet, the temporary weakness now passing.

"Going to kill that kid." Tim said and running after him. Jason already had a good 30 seconds head start.

David followed to see what would happen. Tim was standing just outside the door looking in every direction.

"Fuck! He got away." Tim said now furious at himself.

"Come on." David said trying to shake off the numbness.

Tim took their normal seats on the left of the pool and started to swim laps to work off his anger. David decided to go talk to some of girls that were relaxing by the pool.

10 minutes passed before either of them notice something was wrong with their bodies.

David was finding it much harder to get girl's phone numbers and Tim noticed his laps seemed to get longer.

"Date with you? Aren't you cute." a young blonde teen girl said then turning away laughing at David. David only approached her because there were the same height and she had a nice body.

"Come back when you're old enough to shave." She giggled then walking off.

David put his hand to his face and felt smooth skin all over. He was puzzled by this, because this morning he had rough looking face.

'One of those virgin girls anyway' David thought as he walked back to his chair. He gave his shorts a quick tug up and redid the stings on it.

Meanwhile in the pool Tim was getting worn out fast. He stopped in the middle of pool in a crowd of people swimming all around him. He was making these stops because of the other people and the fact he was getting tired.

Tim thought for a second he was in the deep end because his feet weren't touching the bottom anymore as he floated lightly keeping his head just above the water.

Looking around he saw teens younger then himself just standing in the water. Tim then felt something brush past his feet. Looking down he saw his trunks had fallen off and were gliding through the water with ease to the pool's floor.

In a panic Tim drove after them keeping his eyes open as the water was stringing his eyes. He put them back on in a hurry underwater and swam back up to the surface. That's when he noticed something was wrong. His body was that of a very young teen as he retied his trunks.

After readjusting his trunks again he made a mad swim for the shallow end of the pool. His shorts were now slipping a bit as he kicked. Only taking glances at his arms which were now becoming shorter and thinner with each stroke.

After David made his 3rd adjustment on his trucks he noticed that something was wrong. His chest had less hair then before. Looking up, he noticed that he was shorter. A little toddler girl with her mother past him and she was much taller and bigger then she should of been to him.

David was rubbing his chest and felt the horror as it was getting smoother with each rub. David felt the sudden urge to piss at the moment. Grabbing his crotch he dash over to the nearest bathroom. In his panic and confusion he didn't notice it was the wrong one for guys. He didn't care to look as he grabbed a seat on a toilet and released his burden.

Tim was now swimming as hard as he could. Already losing his trucks as he entered his preteens, he stopped at the edge of the pool. Swimming to the edge wore him out and he was taking another breather.

He had passed the four foot maker and his feet still didn't touch the bottom.

'What the fuck?' Tim thought as he used his one hand to cover himself and feeling the bare skin and much smaller dick. Looking down through the water he notice it had indeed shrunk and not a single hair could be seen or felt. Looking around, he noticed he swam right under a lifeguard's tower. He was too busy staring straight ahead to notice him.

Climbing quickly out, he made a dash for his towel. Few people saw him and only thought he had lost his trunks in the water. Tim now found his towel and could cover up his entire body from his neck down. Too scared to move away from his hidden spot and he stayed seated in his shady corner of the concrete and looked out for David so he could run to him for help. No one took notice to the slowly shrinking child in the shade say for one boy.

Back in the girl's bathroom and locker room David was seated on a toilet, finally unburden by the call of nature. He looked in horror of what had happen to his manhood. It had become bald and very limp as it was still getting smaller by the minute. David was about to leave when a pair of voices made him freeze. A woman's and young girl's voice carried in on him as they enter the locker room.

'I'll go when they get in the shower.' David thought to himself and waited as his body lost more months of age.

Sounds of the shower knobs being turned on and water hitting the floor was heard after the mother of the little girl told her to take off her clothes and put on some flip-flops.

David made his way to get off the seat quietly, but slipped. He was too busy getting up to hear the little girl say to her mother she needed to go to the bathroom. Sounds her of flip flops were not heard until she opened the door to his stall which wasn't lock.

"Mommy! There is a boy in here." The little 7 year-old screamed at the top of her lungs and covered her privates. She was in her birthday suit and had a small sense of modesty around boys.

"Stephanie, what is it?" The woman called and making a cautious run to her daughter thinking she was being attacked.

David froze in fear and covered himself with his hand. Then getting off the seat and backed into the far wall.

"Just a little boy." The mother said and now in view looking around the corner at him.

"He must be two years younger then you." The mother said only peaking around the corner and covering her nipples with one arm.

"Use this bathroom over here and we let him run back to his parents." The woman said backing away and taking her child by the arm.

"He was the same size as me a second ago." Stephanie said trying to tell her mother the truth.

"Don't be silly." The woman said and forcing her daughter into another stall. She herself went back to the showers as casual as if she was at home. David looked out worried and only caught a brief look of her front as she was turning the corner back into the showers.

'One good thing about being a little boy. Woman didn't care if they were naked or not in front of you.' David thought as he made his way to the men's locker room. A few teens were in there already so David ducked into the showers to pretend to be showering.

'Not getting any younger.' David thought to himself, finally realizing what was happening. He looked over his body again checking it for any more signs of getting smaller and younger.

Tim was hardly older then a David himself and still getting younger.

'Can't wait for that idiot to show up anymore I'll be ready for diapers by time he comes." Tim thought.

His towel that he had worn was now too wet and heavy for him to carry anymore. He allowed it to fall to the ground. Tim threw on his old shirt which now went to his feet and walked calmly to the lockers.

'Running would draw attention to himself' he thought.

Most unluckily he tripped on the shirt just in front of the gate to the kiddie pool. The lifeguard on duty at the gate turned from her friendly chat with another lifeguard to noticed Tim flat on the ground.

"Sorry, Young man. You're not old enough to swim with the big boys just yet." The female lifeguard said as she picked him up and put him in the enclose area for toddlers and babies.

"Go back to playing with your friends" The lifeguard said pointing to other toddlers; some were naked while others had only diapers on.

Tim looked at her furiously and tried to leave the area. A painful slap hit his butt and she picked him up again.

"Bad boy, you stay here and play." She said very simple like as she was picking him up again and setting him in the water. As Tim sat in the water with other toddlers he felt himself peeing. No one could see due the water's level and his small size. With so much splashing and everyone watching their own toddlers didn't see it. Now being no older then a toddler in age and body, Tim sat there as the other babies played happily with their parents.

He looked down at his body saw it had become pudgy and his manhood was a baby's dick. His bottom of his shirt floated around him. Tim was so mad he threw off his shirt and tossed the semi wet shirt to the side of the kiddie pool. He blended in perfectly with the other toddlers sitting there naked. Tim sat there playing with what was left of manhood and thinking back to what just happen to him.

'Jason and that gun of his did this. I've got to think of a way out of here and find that bastard.' Tim thought bitterly.

"Kids these days." Lifeguard said looking from Tim then to her friend before going back to her friendly chat again. She kept a very watchful eye on the open gate from that moment on.

David was still stuck in the showers which now were getting crowed. He looked around at the other teenage boys. He was barely taller then their legs and glanced at their man hoods for a brief second. Looking down at his own he saw he was still a little boy.

'At least I am not a baby.' David thought.

'It must have been that kid and that gun.' David went on thinking and pretending to be cleaning his arms.

Tim sat sulking in the warm shallow water and was sure that the other toddler beside him a girl bumped into him by accident.

A massive shadow set over his body and he looked up to see Jason standing before him, fully clothed and holding his bag over his shoulder with one arm in it.

"Hello Timmy" Jason said kneeing down.

Tim was enraged and ran through the water at him. Must have been a funny sight for Jason because he gave a short laugh then caught Tim easily by his arms.

"Don't want another slap on the butt do you?" Jason said calmly over the angry cries Tim now made.

Tim stopped and stared at him in shock.

"That's right. I have been watching you and your friend for a while now. Didn't take me long to figure your habits and when you come here." Jason said holding the 2 year-old by the arms.

"I think you should better get dressed now and we'll go visit David if he is still in the locker room." Jason said pulling a white diaper out of his bag.

Tim made a jerk toward his discarded shirt and was reaching for it.

"Naughty boy. You're going to wear this or I'll make you so young you'll be begging me to make you a toddler again." Jason whispered while not allowing Tim to recover his discarded shirt by keeping a firm grip on his arm.

Tim stopped his struggle at once.

Jason picked up Tim and told him to lay down on the ground while he diapered him.

Reluctantly Tim obeyed and felt his face go hot with anger as Jason lifted his legs little higher in the air then normal and diapered him. Tim swore in his head he'll kill this kid if he got back to normal.

Jason didn't bother making the diaper tight on him and held out his hand to the toddler. Tim took it only after giving another angry glare at Jason.

"What a good boy you are for not fighting your big brother." Jason said as they passed the lifeguard at gate.

She barely took notice to the pair and return to her chat.

Tim waddled walked and felt like the entire world was watching him. The front of his diaper was slipping dangerous down giving the world a peak at his privates from above. Tim kept one hand on his diaper and the other holding Jason's hand as they entered the Men's locker room.

"Hello David." Jason said looking at the little boy in the shower.

David spun around and looked in horror. It was Jason standing before him. Looking at his bag first then to his other side he saw a toddler holding his hand.

"This is Timmy and I do believe you know each other." Jason said as he pulled the toddler in the shower stall.

"You two should be careful who you pick on." Jason said with a big grin on his face.

"What did you do to us?" David asked as the toddler who was Tim stood beside him.

"Knocked you down a few notches that's all. I'll bet you didn't know you bullied an adult awhile back. All I wanted was to relax and take a little vacation from myself. With the help of my invention and my son's family I was able to get away from my stressful life for a while." Jason explained.

"First day of relaxing and you two little pricks had to ruin it for me." Jason said now looking with cold eyes at the pair.

"You upset me and my family a great deal as well. As you can both see my little device has it benefits." Jason said showing them his uninjured arm.

"Now since there was no lasting harm to me I think I'd just might let you two off the hook under one condition." Jason said now holding the funny looking gun in one hand.

"If anyone were to enter, it would look like a kid holding a water gun on his siblings." Jason said with a smile as he noticed their eyes darting around for help.

"David if you would please turn off that warm water and undo Timmy's little diaper. I think he'll like to take a little shower." Jason said in slightly mocking voice toward Tim.

Not wanting to join Tim in babyhood, David obeyed with no intentions of fighting back at Jason. David fought briefly with Tim in undoing his diaper, but won in the end.

"Now hold him under the shower of water there for 2 minutes.

"Keep him at arm's reach if you can." Jason said waving the gun slightly at the cold water.

Tim let out a toddler's scream of shock and fought hard to get away from the water. Another stream of urine came out of his penis as he fought with David to get away from the freezing water. Finally he gave in and stop fighting then looking downward not wanting to show his defeated face to Jason or David.

"Ok, that will do. I'm not as cruel as you Tim." Jason said looking at his watch and knowing only a full minute had passed.

Tim stood shivering on the spot while David turned off the water.

"Sorry about making you so young David and you so old Tim. I was planning on making you my age David since you didn't really help him much, but that's life I suppose. Nothing goes as planned does it boys." Jason said rubbing his arm lightly while keeping the gun on the pair.

"I think it turned out all right in the end anyway. At least we can see who has the smallest one of the group now." Jason said looking down at Tim's baby dick as he looked up to watch the conversation.

"Change us back now, please." David said getting cold now since his bare feet were on the cold tile.

"Y..Yeah" Tim said his teeth chattering from the cold of the water still.

"I said I 'might' didn't I boys." Jason said readjusting the knobs on his gun.

"Only David has earned his chance to grow up again and you on the other hand will be like that until I see fit to change you back. A yearly dosage will keep in diapers for years to come and it's even more painful when you're younger." Jason said grinning at Tim as his face screw up with pure anger at him.

"Goodbye Timmy." David said stepping away from the little 2 year-old friend.

"Say goodbye David." Jason said pointing and then firing the gun.

"What?" David said before he could react any further. The same shocking charge was felt and David was on his knees and gasping for air.

Jason put the gun away and look delightedly at the pair.

"What happened?" David said looking around completely confused and feeling very weak.

"You fell down David. Come on and get dressed already. Mom is waiting for all of us." Jason said looking at the toddler and David.

"Who is he?" David asked looking at the naked toddler beside him.

"Don't tell me you forgot your brothers." Jason said pointing to himself then Tim.

"Oh yeah." David looking down at Tim then up at Jason.

"Here put these on already. I swear you're no better then a baby running around naked like that." Jason said throwing some swimming trunks to David.

Tim looked thoroughly shocked at David's reaction to Jason's words.

"I regressed you in the head, David." Jason said as his new little brother put on his trunks. Jason was looking at Tim instead of David.

"What?" David said looking up at his brother. Looking unsure to what Jason said.

"I said you must have hit your head, David. Forgetting who your brother's were. I'll bet you even forgot you have an older sister." Jason said almost laughing.

"No I didn't." David said looking even more confused.

"Come on and put his diaper back on now. He is clean enough now." Jason ordered.

David did as he was told and followed Jason after he grabbed Timmy's hand and pulled him along.

"Hey Nancy." Jason said when he reached a woman with a young man by her side.

"Hello Tim. My dad told us a little bit about you." the man said quietly as he pick up the diapered toddler.

Tim was so scared to move or to say anything. He didn't even move a muscle as he was being held by a man he could have beaten up yesterday.

"Mommy! That's the boy we saw naked in the bathroom." Stephanie said as she came running up behind David and going into a fit of giggles.

"This is your brother, David and this is Timmy." Nancy said pointing them out.

"Did she hit her head?" David asked the woman he thought was his mother.

"No. Why don't you two go along and play." Nancy said with a warm smile.

"Can Timmy swim too?" Stephanie said hopefully.

"No honey he just a baby, but you can dress him in any of your doll's clothes you want when we get home." Nancy said now gesturing her daughter to go swim.

"Is grandpa...I mean Jason going use you know what on him." Stephanie said grinning.

"Only if you're a good girl and listen to your mother." Jason said looking very happy at his grand-daughter.

"Thanks." Stephanie said then kissing Jason on the cheek. Then taking David's hand and leading him to the pool.

"Don't loose your brother." Nancy called out after them as they walked to the pool's edge.

"Now as for you Tim." Nancy said taking the baby from her husband and sitting him on her lap.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble it was for a trip to the ER and getting a cast for my father-in-law." Nancy said lightly scratching her nails on his back.

"Believe me you little ass wipe. Step out of line just once and I'll spank you over a period of time that will make you wish I had the broken arm." Nancy said in a threaten tone to the terrified toddler.

"So how long are going to kept him like this?" Jason's adult son asked while jerking a thumb at Tim.

"Don't know son, but I might regress his mind when Stephanie goes off to college." Jason said shrugging.

"Might, huh." the son said smiling down at his dad.

"Yeah I might." Jason said smiling and looking at Timmy.

"Some birthday gift for Stephanie; two new brothers to play with and grow up with. Well one to play and grow up with. The other to have as a pet for her to dress and pamper." Jason's son said ruffling up the hair that was left on Tim's small head.

The toddler wailed loudly and cried until he was horse over the next hour they spent at the pool.

The End.