Baby Baby Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

by Louder

'Hurry, she'll be here any minute!' Tracy yelled to her husband as they hurriedly packed their things in the car. 'We need to get to the airport a little early just in case there's a long line at the counter!'

Joe shook his head and smiled 'Since when do ~you~ ever hurry?'

'I'm anxious...OK? It's our first real vacation in a long while. And we've never been able to use the uhhhhhh ~thing~ for this length of time! As soon as the babysitter gets here we should be ready to get going.'

Joe and Tracy had been married for nearly 12 years. Joe was 38 and his wife was 36. Neither was badly out of shape but they were obviously starting to show their age. Joe's midsection had expanded while his hair had retreated. Tracy also had put on a few pounds and her hair threatened to turn gray. She found herself relying on her eyeglasses more and more as the years went by. They had two children. Becki, who is 8, and Damon who's 10. Both were good kids who did well in school and blended in socially with their peers. The kids figured that with their parents gone for a few days that this would be a good opportunity to live under looser rules for a while. They knew their parents had gotten a teenager to babysit rather than some old stick in the mud. A perfect day for everyone it appeared.

A car pulled up and Joe immediately took notice of the driver. A young girl sporting sunbleached hair and a nice tan. Joe's eyes followed her as she exited her vehicle. She was wearing a skimpy summer type outfit. Midriff baring halter top, shorts and sandals. Joe couldn't help but think she reminded him of someone.

'Hi, Mrs. Thompson.... and Mr. Thompson I guess? It's nice to meet you' she said as she extended her hand.

Joe didn't answer.... he was still staring. Partly because he liked the way she looked and partly because she looked familiar! An elbow to the ribs from Tracy brought him around.

'OUCH! What'd you do THAT for?' he said.

'Brandi, is trying to introduce herself to you' Tracy told him.

'Yeah ummmmmm I uhhhhh knew that... Hi uhhhh Brandi I'm Mr Thomps.....errrrr Joe' he said.

She shook his hand.

'You remind me of someone' he said as his eyes rolled upward as he lost himself in thought. 'I KNOW! You look just like that girl that sings.... Brandi.... uhhhhhhh no...... Britney..... ummmmm Britney Spears! That's it! You look just like her! Anyone ever tell you that?'

Brandi shook her head a bit embarrassed. 'Ya, I kinda get that a lot. '

'Do you sing and dance like her?' Joe aksed sounding a bit more hopeful than he should!

'Leave the poor girl alone, Joe! We're all packed. Let's get Brandi acquainted with the kids and then let's get on the road. Here's a list of numbers. My mother.... ummmmm my cell phone...we'll have it with us. The hospital, police.... neighbors. Really, the kids are good kids so everything should be fine.... I just worry because we've never left for so long before...without them....' Tracy rattled as they entered the house.

Joe retrieved Brandi's bags from her car and they headed for the house.

Once inside they yelled to the kids. Soon both kids ran into the room.

'You look like that Britney girl!' Damon said.

'Yeah!' Becki added.

'Well, I'm not...I'm Brandi... And we're gonna have all kinds of fun for the next few days.'

'Cool' the two kids chorused.

'Well, one more thing downstairs and then we're outta here' Joe said.

'Ya, you two'll be off acting like a couple of teenagers' Brandi said 'Have fun!'

'Teenagers?' Joe said 'That's an idea'

Tracy smiled and gave him a swat on the rear and then they went downstairs.

'Bye now! Don't worry, we'll be back in a few days.'I''ll go ahead and lock the behind us and we'll leave from downstairs. Bye! See ya. Love ya!' Tracy said as she closed the basement door behind her.

Upstairs they could hear the muffled voices of Tracy and Joe below as they looked for whatever else they needed before leaving.

Brandi figured it was something kinky that they had hidden down there.

'Here it is....right where I left it.' they heard Joe say.

'Are you sure about this?' Tracy asked.

'Yeah, we've done it before???'

'No, I mean... wellll...leaving the kids.'

'Of course! It's just a couple of days. Here, me first' they could hear Joe say.

Suddenly, the voices got quieter as they lowered their voices. Brandi was now sure it was something kinky they were getting for their trip. She strained to hear the rest of the conversation...

'Ok... now me. Here you go.....and careful how you use that thing. No tricks either!' Tracy said

'Sure' Joe whispered.

'I mean it... I'm still not sure about the kids.... Maybe we shouldn't go?' Tracy said.

'C'mon... lighten up!' Joe whispered. 'We need to go!'

Brandi wondered what on earth the two of them could be up to down there. The kids seemed oblivious to it all. Brandi got even more curious as she thought she heard a different voice.

'You don't think this is kinda dumb... I mean for days and all?' she heard a younger voice ask.

'What kind of kinky people are these people?' Brandi wondered.

'I'm not gonna have you worrin' and ruinin' our vacation!' Joe whispered in an angry voice.

'Hey...don't you dare! You promised.... .....' the girl said but then her voice trailed off. Then it broke into giggles. 'Joey, where're we, like, at?'

'Shhhhhhhhhhh c'mon.... Follow me.' Joe said in a quiet voice.

Brandi was pretty confused but figured it was none of her business. Besides, this job was really going to pay well.

Brandi strecthed out on the couch and began channel surfing.

'Can we watch cartoons?' Damon asked.

'Sorry, my rules now. We watch the fashion show on E! right now' Brandi smirked.

'Yech!' Damon complained.

Brandi didn't even acknowledge him and reached for a piece of chocolate in the candy bowl.

'We gonna play any games later?' Becki asked.

'Shhhhhhh NO! You'll be going to bed soon and so there won't be any time for games!' Brandi barked as she picked up the phone.

'Ahhhh we get to stay up late in the summer!' Damon argued.

Brandi put the phone down. 'Not while ~I'M the boss do you stay up late or decide what we watch or do! Now, go way for a while!'

The two kids sulked off. 'This sucks...she's worse than some ol' battle-ax!' Damon moaned.

'Yeah.... I don't like her. She's too bossy already!' Becki added. 'I thought she'd be cool! I don't wanna take orders from her!'

'We could do something if you promise to keep a secret!' Damon told his sister.

'Like what?' she asked.

'Well.... do you promise?'

'OK OK I won't tell. I promise!'

'Daddy's got a thing downstairs. That's what him and mom were doing before they left. He's afraid to take it out of the house I'm sure it's where he hides it. They don't know I know about it but I do! He's a member of some club or something. He joined on the net I think. That's why that Heidegger guy calls all the time. He's a member too....or something.'

'Ok, a member of what? What's he got?' Becki asked as her curiosity grew.

'Shhhhhhhhh c'mon' Damon told her as they sneaked downstairs.

'Is that Nom guy a member too?' Becki asked

'I think so.... there's a bunch of 'em. Dad doesn't know how to clear his browser cache so I saw a bunch of names.... some Dark Oni guy..... and a Donny G.... There's this woman....Jennifer Lorraine... and they're talking about a Pizza Dude gettin to join too! I think it's really secret or somethin''

'So what does he have?' Becki asked as she watched Damon search thru a drawer.

A few seconds later and he was holding some kind of remote control. 'THIS... It controls age.'

'Nuh uh... you're teasin' me!' Becki complained.

Damon shrugged and pointed it at Becki. She felt her clothing getting loose. The ceiling looked like it was rising! She noticed a hole in her teeth as her tongue probed them.

'Hey... ' she said but stopped as her tongue had trouble with the words due to a missing tooth.

Damon laughed at the 5 year old.

'OK...fixth me back!' she lisped 'You're not teathin''

Damon quickly restored his sister to her 8 year old self.

'Wow..... cool.......... OK, Let's go get mean ol' Brandi!' Becki said with glee.

Precisely what Damon had planned!

The two crept into the TV room and saw Brandi still watching TV.

Damon aimed the remote at her and decided on a different button. He pressed the button and watched.

Brandi looked the same. The only thing Becki noticed was that her body language seemed to change. She also looked to be getting bored with the fashion show.

'Hey, Brandi...whatcha doin?' Damon asked with a grin.

'Nothin! Watchin' this dumb ol' TV show!' she replied

Becki was confused. Why was Brandi talking funny and not mean anymore?

'We're gonna call you Britney cuz you look like that singer' Damon teased.

'Nuh uh! Do not!' She shot back.

'Uh huh..Britney!'

'Nuh uh!'


'Stop it!'

'Britney!' both children chorused.

'Quit it! Pleassssssse I'm Brandi!'


'Stop.....' Brandi said as she began crying.

Damon laughed and pressed the button again.

Brandi quit crying. Her body language again changed as she snuggled up on the couch. Her thumb found its way to her mouth. Her legs curled up and soon she curled up in a ball.

'Hey, Britney!' Becki again teased but got no reaction.

'Hey, why didn't she get mad?'

'Probably because she doesn't understand you!' Damon said with a smirk 'She thinks she's a baby now!'

Becki's eyes widened 'Wow, that thing is cool!'

'Yeah, but we better not leave her that way for long or else we'll need to change her!' Damon wisely decided.

Damon pressed another button and Brandi began to straighten out. Her thumb slowly left her mouth. Her body language changed. Finally she was back to normal. Damon hid the remote behind his back as Brandi looked around wondering why she felt so strange.

'Hey! What are you kids doing?' she asked defensively.

'Nothin'' they answered in unison and giggled.

Baby, Baby Part 2 by Louder

Brandi frowned she knew the kids were up to something but she didn't know what. Time to play her trump card she figured! 'Why don't you kids just go to bed right now?'

'We don't wanna!' Damon protested.

'Well, I'm the babysitter so that makes what I say THE LAW! Now go to bed!'

Damon laughed and didn't seem inclined to follow her orders.

'Hey! I said 'to bed'' she screeched in a higher sounding voice.

Damon only laughed harder. Brandi scrambled to climb over the couch and make him do what she said. Unfortunately, her ill-fitting clothes made her look comical in her attempts to get him. Her midriff was no longer exposed as her halter now met the top of her shorts. And her shorts were dangerously close to slipping off.

'What's going on?' she asked in a childish sounding voice? 'What've you brats done to me?'

Brandi's anger grew as Damon continued laughing at his babysitter. Brandi looked to see Becki holding some type of device.

'Fix me back, dammit' Brandi ordered in an even more girlish voice as she charged Becki. Unfortunately, Brandi got tripped up by her large shoes and fell to the floor.

Becki tossed the device to Damon who promtply pressed the AWARE button.

Brandi stood back up and pulled on her large shorts. Her halter threatened to fall off her shoulders.

'You two need to go to bed...NOW! Cuz I said so' 6 year old Brandi ordered. The awareness button took away her awareness of what had happened to her.

'You can't make us go to bed cuz you're the littlest one here!' Becki teasingly told the confused 6 year old.

'Can too cuz I'm the babysitter!' she argued as she squirmed in her clothing.

'Wouldn't you rather play or something?' Becki asked.

'Ummmm nope! I'm a big girl and I'm the babysitter!' the little blond child complained.

'Look it's Little Britney!' Damon teased.

'Quit that! I'm Brandi!' she argued. 'You go to bed!'

'Ya, Little Britney's not little enough though!' Becki told her brother.

Brandi found herself shrinking even more. Her hair got shorter and she gained some babyfat as she regressed into a 3 year old.

This time Damon pressed the MEN adjust button and watched Little Brandi's sour expression change. She didn't even seem to mind as she let loose of her huge shorts and was only barely covered by her halter top that threatened to fall off at any moment.

'Look at Little Britney now! She's not so bossy anymore!' Becki said as she brought her a shirt from Brandi's luggage to wear. It was a cropped shirt that the 18 year old Brandi wore often. On the 3 year old Brandi it made a nice short dress!

'C'mon, let's watch Nickelodian' Becki said as she took Brandi's hand and led her to the couch. Brandi seemed pleased with the choice and laughed at the funny scenes even though she didn't always understand what was going on.

They decided to put Brandi to bed as she seemed to be nodding off. It was only about 8PM. Brandi complained a little but he had to do what the bigger kids said. In a few moments she was sound asleep. Becki and Damon were pretty happy with the turn of events. They stayed up and watched shows that they'd never seen before. In fact, both of them eventually fell asleep with the TV on.

They slept there for the night with the TV making a flickering night-light. They awoke to the sounds of cartoons the next morning.

Becki wiped the sleep from her eyes to see Little Brandi watching the cartoons and seemingly oblivious to the two bigger kids.

'Brandi? What're you doing up?' she asked.

Little Brandi turned around revealing a face smeared in chocolate. Her hands were also smeared in chocolate! She'd been eating ALL the candy from the bowl on the table.

''toons!' she said pointing to the TV and putting a smudge of chocolate on the screen.

Damon also woke up and saw the chocolate covered little girl. 'Whoa! Like that chocolate, huh?'

Brandi smiled and shook her head 'yes' as she wiped her hands on the carpet.

'Maybe we better change her back before she ruins the carpet?' Damon questioned.

'I kinda like her better this way!' Becki said laughing.

'Well, we got another day or so to mess with this so we better change the chocolate queen back to normal' Damon said as he grabbed the device.

Brandi continued to stuff chocolates in her face. Damon aimed the device at her.

'Wait!' Becki ordered 'Here, better give her this towel to cover with. That little top won't be much to wear for the big Brandi!'

Damon waited for Becki to wrap the towel around her. Soon, the white towel was also stained with chocolate. Damon pressed the button to age Brandi.

She didn't notice as her body began to grow. She just happily ate her bounty of chocolates. 6-7-8....her hair began to get long again.... her body obviously bigger..... 9-10-11... now approaching young womanhood.... 12-13-14.... now blooming into a young woman..... 15-16-17-18.... Back to adulthood, at least in body.

'UH OH!' Becki said as she examined 18 year old Brandi. 'She doesn't look like Britney anymore! She looks more like Oprah!'

Brandi was now overweight. Probably by 30 pounds! Damon pressed the MEN adjust button and then quickly the AWARE button. Brandi was now back to adulthood physically and mentally.... but still overweight. The aware button had at least allowed her to accept her 'new' body without question.

'What happened?' Becki asked.

'I guess all that chocolate when she was little and then she kept eating while she grew up.... I dunno... I guess???' Damon answered.

Before either could theorize further Brandi stood up.

'Looks like I made a mess! I better get dressed and clean this up!' she said and then lumbered over to her suitcase. It wasn't long before she noticed that there wasn't much in there that she could wear! She finally grabbed a T-shirt that she normally wore to sleep in and a pair of cut-off sweat pants that kind of fit. She grabbed her sandals and readjusted the straps so that they would fit better.

Damon and Becki both had to hide laughs as they saw how much Brandi had changed. Even her personality was different. She didn't wear as much makeup. She just pulled her hair back and was done wth it. And she was much more easy-going. The kids actually kind of liked her now! Damon figured that if he regressed her to before she got hooked on chocolate he could then age her back to normal and all would be well.... but that could wait. 'Aunt Brandi' was kind of fun.

They all went to the zoo that afternoon. Every so often Damon would catch Brandi looking at young guys or even at young women... skinny women. He could see in her eyes that she longed to be more like them. But that didn't stop her from stopping at the candy booth and getting chocolate bars for the three of them! Damon and Becki had a hard time eating theirs. In Brandi, they saw the future!

As soon as they got home Damon got the device and aimed it at Brandi when she wasn't looking. Brandi regressed through her teen years and into a child .... then into a toddler. Wanting to be certain that he took her back far enough Damon took her back to infancy. At each stage he used the MEN adjust button so as not to scare her with the changes. Once satisfied that she was regressed enough, he began to age her. Once he had added 18 years she again looked like Britney Spears! A press of the MEN adjust button and she was back to normal.... and not happy! She remembered everything that had happened!

Before Damon could think of what to do next Brandi had the device!

'I don't know how you got this thing but I think it's time for a taste of you own medicine!' she said as she examined the device trying to figure out how it worked. Staring at it she pressed the MEN button and kept examining it.

Damon looked at Becki and then back at Brandi. She'd unknowlingly started zapping herself! He ran toward her and grabbed it from her hands.

'HEY!' she complained. 'I was looking at that!'

Upon hearing her voice she knew something was different. She quickly surveyed herself. Somehow, she had gotten older.... she thought. She looked like an 18 year old yet she was only 14 in her mind!

'That thing made me older.... give it here!' she said as she chased after Damon and the device.

She tackled Damon but he was able to toss the device to Becki. Brandi ran for her and she quickly tossed it back to Damon..... But he wasn't ready for it! It crashed against the fireplace. They all dived for it. Brandi's longer reach and more athletic build helped her get to it first. She pressed a button as she aimed it at the two kids. Nothing happened. She pressed other buttons...nothing happened. It was broke!

They began to argue but soon stopped as they heard activity downstairs. Mustering up what courage they could the three of them opened the basement door and quickly turned on the lights. Standing there was a teenage boy and girl going through a drawer.

'Who are you?' Brandi asked obviously a bit smitten with the boy she saw.

'Ummmmm I'm looking for something....' he answered while the teenage girl with him shot daggers with her eyes toward Brandi.

'Dad? Mom?' Damon asked figuring out what he was seeing.

Brandi looked at Damon like he was crazy. So did the other teenage girl.

'Are you looking for this?' he asked showing them the device.

'Yes.... Thank you!' he said as he took it from Damon.

'Uhhhhhhhhh it's broke' Becki admitted.

'Broke?!!!!?' he asked sounding worried. 'But... it can't be! ...and how did you know about it?'

'I just did.... but can't you get another one?'

'So did you use it?' Joe asked.

'It made me older! I look like I'm 18 or something!' Brandi complained 'My mom'll freak!'

'Uh oh...shit!' Joe said realizing he had a lot of problems on his hands and a lot of explaining to do if he didn't get the device to work!

'Why are you back so soon?' Becki asked.

'Because the stupid ol airport wouldn't believe our ID's so we had to drive up to, like, the lake and stay at the hotel there!' Tracy then added with a wink and then a glare at Brandi 'But it was pretty neat there for ~us~!'

'What's the big deal?... Just get a new one.' Damon said

'Well, for one almost everybody is off on summer vacations right now. And for the other I used the MEN adjust on your mother so she wouldn't worry about you while we were gone. So she's more worried about senior prom than getting you kids ready for back to school!' Joe told the kids. 'In fact she doesn't even know she HAS kids!'

'You said ALMOST everybody is off on vacation. So why not call whoever is not on vacation?' Damon asked his teenaged dad.

'Because it's Louder and he wouldn't help me out of this. He loves chaos like this!

Baby, Baby Part 3 by Louder

Joe realized he had problems. The Heidegger device had fallen into untrained hands and had been compromised and broken. He was still in his physically regressed form but he did retain his adult memories and awareness. His wife was stuck in a 16 year old body with a 16 year old mind. The babysitter had the body of an 18 year old but the mind of a 14 year old! Worse yet, he could feel a tension between the two teens!

'What're ya gonna do?' Damon asked.

'I'm going to try and fix it. It just got shook up so maybe there's just a wire or two loose?' Joe replied as he set down and examined the device closer.

'I'll help you Joey!' Brandi said anxiously.

'It's OK...~I~ have it covered!' Tracy told her with an icy voice.

'You don't need anymore help, Joey?' Brandi asked hopefully.

'No, I....errrr we have it covered' he told said as Tracy scooted next to him. 'Maybe you should watch the kids now'

'Fudge!' Brandi said as she turned and left the room.

'I hope those rugrats drive her crazy!' Tracy said.

'Rugrats? ....' Joe asked before remembering that they were strangers to his teenaged wife.

'Yeah.... when we get older and get married I dunno if I, like, wanna have kids...ya know?'

'I'm sure you'll think differently when you're older' Joe told her as he unscrewed the back of the device.

'Oh Joey, you're such a wiz!' Tracy exclaimed as Joe probed the inside of the device for any problems.

'Well, getting it open is one thing.... finding out what is wrong is another! The wiring is a mess!'

He found some loose wiring and tried to find where thay had been connected. It wasn't easy. The circuit board had many different potential places where wires could be connected. Much as any computer otherboard there were also many different jumper connections and he could only hope none of the missing jumpers were supposed to be there. He didn't notice any fall out so he figured they were all correct.

He took his best guess based on wire lengths and soldered them back into place. Satisfied that he was ready for a test he aimed it at Tracy and pressed the MEN button. He was ready for some adult conversation and activities. Truth be known it was Tracy's desire to remain a virgin that had fueled his desire to come home early. Spending all that time around the lake and the beach with all its ~scenery~ had left him severely aroused! He only allowed for a few added years because he was afraid of taking her mind from teen to senior citizen by accident.

'OK, maybe we can have an adult conversation now! You're not mad at me are you?' Joe asked.

'Nope.' Tracy said as she began swinging her legs.

'Good...I was afraid this little close call would really tick you off!'

'Oooooh Doggy!' she said and hopped off the couch to hug a stuffed dog that was sitting in the corner.

'SHIT!' Joe said 'Tracy how old are you?'

'I'm this many' she said holding up her hand with all five fingers exposed.

'Shit...shit...SHIT!' he grumbled. 'I must've wired it backwards' He pressed it again only this time to take the years away hoping it would work in reverse.

'Are you an adult now, Tracy?' he asked hopefully.

Tracy giggled and said 'You're funny! Can I sleep with doggy?'

'What?...Oh yeah...whatever!' Joe answered. He was worse off than before! Going the other way had no effect on Tracy. 'What else could possibly go wrong?' he asked himself.

He was about to find out. The door opened and Brandi walked in.

'Joey?... I put the kids to bed. Can I help you now?'

'Ummmm I don't think Tracy wants you to help me.... she'd rather you stay upstairs and see if the kids need anything' Joe told her.

'Oh! Jeepers! Tracy, do you care if I stay and help Joey? The kids are in bed'

'Don't matter to me... I got doggy!' Tracy answered.

Brandi didn't even notice that Tracy was acting strange. All she noticed was that Joey was available and that he was awfully cute! Before Joey could think of anything else to say, Brandi plopped down by him.

He tried to concentrate on the job at hand but Brandi kept brushing up against him in a clumsy attempt to get him to notice her. It was pretty obvious what she was doing. Her 14 year old mind hadn't gained the experience to be tactful and subtle yet. Joe tried to ignore her but it was hard. His 18 year old body was busy going into overdrive. It was getting harder and harder for him to stay focused on the problem at hand. With Brandi's every touch Joe's brain moved a little farther down south! His mind wandered to the sights of the girls he had watched on the beach. He had tried not to look into Brandi's eyes but for some reason he did.

They both seemed to freeze at that moment. He thought about how beautiful she looked. He saw her eyes drop to his lips. Before he knew it he was kissing Brandi in a long and passionate kiss!

He snapped back to reality hearing Tracy complain 'Hey you two.... YECH!'

Brandi didn't like Tracy's butting in. After all.... she knew Joey liked her now! Tracy was just a sore loser!

Joe excused himself to get an ice water. A very tall cold glass of ice water!

Tracy continued playing with the large stuffed animal. Brandi fumed! She looked at the device on the table. She wondered if Joey had any of it fixed yet. Brandi figure Joey wouldn't mind if Tracy was younger and out of the picture.... after all he liked her now!

Joe returned to the room to see Brandi holding the device and aiming it at Tracy. Tracy looked younger than her 16 years. And then Joe noticed that Brandi was also getting younger. He ran into the room and and tackled Brandi getting her to release the button on the remote.

Joe surveyed what Brandi had done. Tracy's body now matched her mind and she looked every bit the part of a normal happy 5 year old. Brandi wasn't much older, looking like a 7 year old Britney Spears. Joe stood up and suddenly realized he too was a mere child! Obviously, the miswired unit was set to regress a wide area like a room full of people rather than just one target.

'Great!' he sarcastically squeaked 'Now look what you've done! We're all little kids!'

'I'm sorry, Joey!' Brandi said trying to fight back a tear. She knew Joey was really mad at her! She walked over and tried to hold his hand.

'Maybe I can fix this...where'd the remote go?' he said as he searched the room.

'Looky!' 5 year old Tracy said as she held the remote up.

Baby, Baby Part 4

by Louder

'Tracy, you better give that here' Joey pleaded.

'Nuh huh! Mine!' she shot back in defiance as she looked over her 'prize'.

Tracy tried to read the words on the device but they were all to big or cryptic for her. She was proud that she could spell a few words already but she didn't recognize any of these. She shrugged and pressed the button that magically alters clothing. It was aimed at Joey.

'Hey! Noooooo!' he complained 'Stop that right now!'

'He's gettin' littler!' Brandi yelled as she saw Joey dwindling right in front of her eyes.

The device was horribly miswired and Joey was soon to be regressed into a baby but retain his adult memories. Joey ended up barely a year old and sitting in a pile of clothing. Brandi was next! Tracy aimed the device at her and she too began to shrink. In a few moments she joined Joey in infancy. Both babies reached out for the remote and tried to beg for it. Only gibberish left their mouths. Tracy laughed and ran out of the room.

'Wake up! Wake up!' she yelled as she ran down the hall.

Both Damon and Becki bolted up to see the sight of 5 year old Tracy padding down the hall wearing only an oversized shirt. They both recognized her from pictures that they had seen at the grandparent's house. They also recognized the oversized blouse from earlier.

'I got 'em good!' Tracy said as she proudly waved the device around 'Come look! C'mon!'

Damon and Becki shared a glance. Had their dad fixed the device? If so, why was Tracy a child? They had to go see what was happening. Upon entering the basement they saw the two babies struggling to get up the stairs by crawling.

'Look at 'em! They're babies' Tracy said giggling. 'You guys wanna be babies too?'

'NO!!' Becki yelled immediately.

'I didn't ask ~you~' Tracy snapped 'I asked him!' she said as she pointed at Damon.

'No, we're fine just as we are....' Damon replied still trying to make sense of everything.

'Give me the thing' Becki pleaded.

'NO! Mine now!' Tracy told her. 'Besides... I don't pay attention to you!'

'Why Damon and not me?'

'Cuz he's cute' Tracy said in a bashful voice.

'What are we gonna do now?' Becki asked Damon.

'I, I, I dunno.... I think we gotta do what she says. She's still mom!' Damon replied.

'You guys wanna play and stay up late?' Tracy asked.

'What about the babies?' Damon wondered.

'They're dumb ol babies. They'll be OK. Let's play!' Tracy ordered. 'I'll change 'em back later!'

Damon looked at the babies. They seemed different from real babies. Almost like they were trying to communicate. Neither cried and their eyes looked to be pleading for something. Damon wondered if they knew what had happened to them.

Tracy wasn't interested in the babies. She wanted to play! Damon and Becki reluctantly followed her leaving the babies behind.

Tracy pulled the Nintendo64 out and started going throught the games. Once she found one that had Mario on the cover she was ready to play. The others thought it odd because Tracy had never shown any interest in the games before. She wasn't very good at first but soon started to catch on as her reflexes seemed to impove. Damon and Becki soon could tell that none of their adult mother was with them but rather a mischievious 5 year old. She was a 5 year old who wanted things one way....her way. They wondered how and why Tracy had turned into a 5 year old and what had possessed her to regress Brandi and their dad. They also knew that she was not to be trusted in her present condition!

'No wonder grammy always said you were spoiled!' Becki told the 5 year old

'I'm not spoiled!' she argued as she banged a controller on the ground.

Rather than start a fight or see her throw a tantrum they thought it best to humor her and hoped her 5 year old body would soon wear out.

Fact was, Becki gave out first and drifted off into sleep. Tracy was going strong. Even Damon was fighting back the urge to sleep. Finally, he saw Tracy begin to yawn. Her yawns grew until she snuggled up with the device firmly in her grasp and drifted off to sleep. Damon couldn't get it without risking waking her up!

Worried about the babies, Damon went back downstairs. Baby Brandi was fast asleep but Baby Joey had managed to turn the computer tower on. He patted the tower with his hands when he saw Damon enter.

'You ARE trying to talk!' Damon exclaimed as the baby shook its head and clapped its hands.

He took a seat at the computer desk and wondered what to do. 'Is there a file? No? Ummmm the 'net? Yes? The net?'

Baby Joey again clapped.

'Hmmmmm And then what? A web site? Email? Not email? A forum? Yes? Yes!'

The baby again clapped and added a squeal.

'That's it! You want me to leave a message somewhere so maybe one of the club members will check in! I bet I know where, too!'

Soon, Damon had changed one of his father's text file extensions to html. That brought up his dad's secret bookmarks that he thought no one knew about. He quickly found himself on the 'net and finally at the ARSA message brd.

Baby Joey looked a bit perplexed as Damon easily navigated his secret bookmarks to get to the message board. But at this point he was glad his son did know how to do it!

Damon quickly typed in a message hoping for some help.


Baby, Baby Part 5 by Louder


Help, me and my sister borrowed my dad's remote control that changes peoples ages and stuff to use on our babysitter and thing got messed up sort of. I think it got broke somehow maybe.

Dad and the babysitter are babies now and can't help me and my sister figure out how to change them back. Mom is a bratty 5 year old and won't let us have the remote. We're worried she'll use it on us too.

Please help us.



He got a couple of replies including a nice offer to find him a repairman. Only problem was that he couldn't get to the remote! Pizza Dude was thwarted in his attempts to help the family. Damon fell asleep at the computer as he awaited more replies. The next morning he awoke to the sound of laughing from above. He ran upstairs to see Tracy happily playing videogames again. A quick glance confirmed that she still had the remote in her possession. He didn't expect anything less!

'Ya wanna play too?' Tracy asked upon seeing Damon.

'Nah... I better not...' Damon told her.

Tracy paused the game and fumbled with the remote and looked as if she was thinking.

'You're not gonna use that on me are you?' Damon asked.

'I dunno.... want me too?' she replied excitedly.

'NO!' he shouted.

'Fudge!' Tracy said as she stared at the remote.

Just then a knock came at the door. Damon ran to answer it.

'Yes?' he said seeing a strangely dressed older man standing at the door.

'I'm JC Penney' the old man said 'And I hear you need help!'

'JC Penney?' Damon asked curiously.

'Everyone always does that. My mother liked to shop...OK? It's my name. It's a good name. Easy to remember. Solid. Nothing worng with it. It does give people pause, though. Quite surprising and not always believed'

'But couldn't you change it...or get a nickname?'

'Hmmm Never thought about it really. I'd like a nickname. Lots of good names out there. Yes... hmmmmm could really save a lot of explaining my given name too. A nickname? What a jolly good idea!' the old man babbled on.

'Hey! I thought you were here to help?' Damon interjected.

'Help? Oh yes! Sorry. Quite right. I'm here to help. We saw your message. Well, some did. Vacation time and all. People like to vacation, you know! I remember I used to enjoy spending time in...'

'Hey! How're you gonna help?'

'Hmmmm? Oh yes...sorry. Help.... yes indeedee... With this!' Mr Penney said displaying a shiny new Heidegger Device 'A prototype. Ready for action! Does much more. Much more. Much better. The old one isn't nearly as well thought out. Technology moves on! I remember when I got my first Heidegger box. We rarely ever regressed anyone more than a few years. 20..or 25... sometimes 30 if the battery was good! But this one! Welllllllll....'

'Darn it, Mister! Let's get on with it! OK?'

'Certainly, young man. No problem. Quite right. Tally ho!' Mr Penney said as he bounded into the house. 'Let's see. Get a reading from old device.... Yes....yes....OK.....and now .....uh huh... Babysitter....parents...OK Got it!'

He aimed the device at Tracy and she began to age. 6-7-8.... her legs and arms grew. 9-10-11. She approached her teen years and began to take on a more mature appearance. 12-13-14. She was taller and her shirt now barely concealed her rear. 15-16-17....18. A young woman sat playing the videogame unaware of the changes.

'OK.....let's see.... ummmmmmm there it is!' Mr Penney said as he pressed another button. 'Good!'

Tracy stood up and slightly pulled on her T-shirt to hide herself a little better. She kinda liked the attentive stares and smiled coyily. Becki walked down the hallway rubbing her eyes. Mr. Penney smiled and headed toward the basement.

'What's going on?' Becki asked.

'Nothing' Tracy groaned.

'Mom..You're older now?' Becki said.

'~Puh lease! I'm not your mother! Call me by my name!' She replied.


Mr. Penney saw the two babies lying helplessly on the floor. He aimed the device at the two of them and they began to grow. First in to toddlers, then young children. Then teens. And they kept getting older. Joe's waistline expanded as he passed thru his 20's. His hair thinned and his facial hair darkened. Brandi also kept aging. Her body became more mature...and then started sagging. Her skin lost its lustre as did her hair. Weight began gathering on her formerly toned body. Her hips widened and her breasts sagged even more. Lines etched their way into her face. When it stopped Brandi was 36 and Joe was 38.

'But...but...' Damon stammered.

'Ahhhhh I saved the day. No thanks necessary! Quite good job if I do say so myself!' Mr. Penney said.

'What a strange feeling, Joe....' the older Brandi said.

'Yeah..... kind of a Deja Vu thing' he replied as he pulled her close. 'I'm really sorry I ruined our vaction Tracy'

'It's OK, Joe... I love you even with all your faults!' she laughingly told him.

'Faults?' he asked.

'Shut up and kiss me!' she said.

As Joe kissed her, Damon chased after Mr. Penney.

'Mr Penney...Mr Penney!' he yelled.

Upstairs, Becki was having troubles with her mother. Her mother insisted on being called Brandi!

'Mr Penney...wait!' Damon begged.

The old man turned around 'What is it young man? Time's wasting. Places to go. People to see. '

'It's not right! Everybody's mixed up!'

'Excuse me? Mixed up? How could that be? Quite impossible!' Mr Penney scoffed.

'The babysitter thinks she's mom! And..... ' Damon said but couldn't finish as Joe and the older Brandi appeared.

'Brandi, thank you very much for sitting with the children' the older Brandi told Tracy while handing her a check 'I hope they weren't too much trouble!'

'No, mam... they were angels. No problem' Tracy answered while biting her tongue.

'No No No....this isn't right! They're mixed up!' Damon argued.

'Can I help you sir?' Joe asked the older man.

'Just stopped in to see the young man here. Quite a polite young man. Confused a bit.'

'I'm not confused! You mixed 'em all up!' Damon complained.

Tracy excused herself to get dressed. Both Joe and Mr Penney watched her swaying hips as the T-shirt threatened to lift up exposing her sexy rear-end.

'If I was a younger man.... ' Mr Penney said without completing the thought and then winking at Joe.

'You better watch yourself, Joseph!' the older Brandi jokingly teased 'She's too young for you!'

Joe smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek and put his arm around her waist.

Tracy reappeared wearing very short cut-offs with a rip in one leg showing even more of her tanned thighs. Her short cropped shirt revealed her tanned stomach and outline of her perky breasts.

'...Next time' she said as she clicked her gum and headed for the door.

'Bye Brandi....wave goodbye children' The old Brandi ordered.

'Mr Penney... You gotta switch 'em back. Brandi was the baby and mom was the little girl!!!' Damon pleaded.

'What??? The two together weren't your parents... oh my... my..... feedle dee! Not good. No sir! Not good at all! I'm not usually the one who does this. Sorry. How to fix? How to fix? This new device is so much more sophisticated... complicated too, though! I must've misread the personalities wrong from the old box! I used the personality retrieval capability that I got from the old device and then the awarness features on the prototype so they wouldn't remember the events of the week. I'm afraid I've messed up badly! It seemed such a perfect fix! I don't usually get these assignments. Vacation time has the ranks depleted. Quite depleted really. Maybe you're wrong? Are you sure?'

'YES! Do something....Mom's leaving!' Damon said anxiously.

'Now, Damon.... I'm right here!' the new Tracy told him.

'Son? Are you OK?' Joe asked with growing concern.

'Mr. Penney...Please....hurry!'

'Mrs. errrrrrrrrr Brandi.... could you wait please.' Mr Penney said.

'I really have to go. We'll talk later' she said and tried to continue on.

'But, you don't even know me? Please hold up. This won't take long' he added.

The new Brandi clicked on her gum and shuffled her shoe as she impatiently waited on Mr Penney.

'So?' she asked.

'Ummm wellll ....I ....hmmmmm' Mr Penney could only stammer. 'I never planned on this!'

'I gotta go! Call me when you think of whatever you, like, wanted or whatever' and with that she turned to leave.

'You gotta stop her!' Damon pleaded.

'I'm working on it. Just takes time, you know? Never easy working with new technology....'

'PLEASE!' Damon said and was about to run to the car to stop his confused mother when he saw that she wasn't driving away. As a matter of fact she appeared to be crying.

'What's wrong with her?' Becki asked.

'I imagine she just realized she doesn't know how to drive! Probably wants her mommy I imagine. I needed a little time. Better go get her while I go back in and ~talk~ to the others.' Mr Penney told Damon and Becki.

Upon opening the car door it was obvious that Tracy/Brandi was scared. Mr Penney had regressed her mentally. Becki took her hand and gently coaxed her to return to the house. Damon followed.

When they walked in they saw Joe and old Brandi acting very strange. They were arguing irrationally over what TV show to watch.

'You're just a dumb ol meanie girl.... I wanna watch Bugs Bunny!' Joe argued.

'Nuh uh! Wanna watch Sailor Moon!' the old Brandi yelled defiantly.

The two kept it up while Tracy watched in confusion.

'I thought they'd be easier to control this way. Might've been wrong!' Mr Penney declared.

'So, can't ya just swap 'em back now!' Damon asked.

'Oh certainly. Yes indeed! I can do that! No problem' Mr Penney stated with confidence.

'So, why don't you do it?' Becki asked.

'I just need to be certain. Lots of buttons on this.' he replied.

'Huh? You did it before?'

'....And I messed up. But not to worry. I'll figure it out.'

'Figure it out???' Damon asked incredulously.

'I'm not really sure.... Oh wait....these are correct. Yes! Correct! Certainly. No worries, I have it now.... I think. Joe's right isn't he?' Mr Penney asked.

'Yeah, he's OK... You do know what you're doing?' Damon asked.

'Yes... here we go' he said as he aimed the device at Brandi. She blanked for a second and then shook her head. He then aimed it at Tracy and she did the same. 'There we go.... all personalities back correctly!'

'Mom?' Damon asked.

'I'm Twacee' she replied.

Joe squealed in laughter at Damon's gaffe. Damon looked disgustedly at Mr Penney.

'Not right?' Mr Penney asked with a frown.

'They're all still little in their mind!' Damon complained.

Mr Penney was getting confused. 'This is all so confusing! So much to keep track of. So much! Yes Indeed, hard to understand these new controls. I can fix things. We're almost there. Ummmm On the couch uhhhh children!'

The 3 mentally regressed adults hopped up onto the couch.

Mr Penney aimed the device at the three as they sat on the couch. The three giggled as something tickled them. Tracy's sandals slid off as her legs seemingly retreated into her body. Brandi and Joe looked more and more youthful. The extra weight melted away. Muscles firmed and their bodies toned up considerably..... and then the muscle tone faded. First on Brandi and then on Joe. Their height shrank and they begin to acquire more child-like features. Tracy was already a child. Her short top now hang over her now loose shorts. Joe shoes disappeared inside his pant legs. Brandi sneakers fell off as her size dwindled.

'Mr Penney! NOW look what you've done!' Damon yelled.

'Hmmmm that didn't work like I thought. I just wanted to reverse what had happened. Not a new AR program. Quite hard to figure this out! I don't usually do this. And this is a prototype too. Quite new and all' Mr Penney rambled.

The three children fidgeted on the couch. They were calm at first but soon their legs started swinging and their youthful energy started taking over.

Just then the door burst open. 'JC! What are you doing?'

Mr Penney turned to face the door 'OH! Ummmmmmmmmm Hello Zappy... I'm uhhhhhhhhhhh....'

'You know you're not supposed to go out alone with your Heidegger device!' Zappy told him angrily. 'Hey... you've got the new prototype! That's not supposed to leave the meeting room!'

'I only borrowed....yes.... just borrowed....Boy needed help and all!' he said making excuses.

'Mr Penney, who's this?' Damon asked.

'Mr Penney? He told you his name was JC Penney?' Zappy asked with surprise.

'Ya.... isn't that his real name?' Damon questioned.

'No. He's always making a new name up. His real name is JC Whitney... we think' Zappy told Damon. 'I'm Zappy. I've been in Africa or I would have been here sooner. He's tries but he's not supposed to be on his own. He's harmless as far as his intentions are concerned.... but his actions can be troublesome without a helper!'

Zappy took the device from JC and glanced at him with a 'you shoulda known better look'. JC hung his head.


Damon awoke in his bed. He didn't remember going to bed. Alarmed, he checked out his arms to make sure they were the proper length. All looked fine. He quickly hopped out of bed and ran down the hall. He saw his parents in the kitchen. They looked fine. He sighed in relief. Zappy had fixed everything! Becki got up from bed and joined him.

'It's all fixed, Becki. Zappy was a hero!'

'Who?' she asked.

'Never mind.... He must've erased the loose ends!' Damon said with a smile 'I was worried about something but Zappy took care of everything'

Becki just shrugged.

And then they saw Tracy kick off her shoes and sit crosslegged in front of the TV with a peanut and butter sandwich. She grabbed a game controller and turned on the Nintendo64. Damon's jaw dropped and then dropped even more as he saw his Dad wipe his hands on his shirt-tails and then exit the house and get on Damon's bicycle!

'ZAPPY!' Damon yelled as he ran downstairs to get on the computer. 'This isn't funny!!!!!!'


The end?