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"Barbie - Teen Agent", Chapter 3, by JR Parz


"Damn!" Jack Evans shouted as he slammed his fist on the dash board of his car. By the sound of Ms. Nichols voice, something had drastically gone wrong with the agents age regression. Both Samantha Cat and Derek Thompson should have been age regressed back to age fifteen. The procedure should have been routine. Jack didn't want to hear the details over the phone, so he told Ms. Nichols that he'd be there in twenty minutes. As Jack sped over there, his mind reflected on what possibly could have gone wrong? This is what he got for allowing Jessica to treat Terri Nichols like a secretary, rather than a bonafide assistant.  When Jack arrived, Ms. Nichols met him outside the annex building of OSI.

"They're still sleeping." stated Terri as she walked along.

"Alright Terri, what happened?" asked Jack in a commanding tone.

"I don't know...I...I...did everything according to Jessica's procedures. I placed them inside the chamber and activated the machine. Nothing more. The dial was in the same exact position as it was with Barbara's regression."

"Look Terri, I'm not looking to point the finger. I take full responsibility for this and I don't need you feeling that I blame you...alright."

"Yes sir...anyway, I watched them both regress and everything appeared normal. Within minutes they had both transformed down to fifteen years old, and then the machine automatically shut down. I inspected them and everything appeared normal, but then...."

"They didn't stop, did they." Jack stated more than questioned.

Ms. Nichols shook her head, showing a trace of unprofessional emotion as she confirmed Jack's suspicion. "I first noticed it when they were wheeled into the recovery room."

"How old are they now?"

"I think you'd better take a look for yourself."

When Jack Evans entered the room, he stopped cold. Talking about it and seeing it were two totally different things and the sight of the two children hit him hard. He walked over to Derek, who only wore a white smock over his little body. The last time he saw Derek, he was a thirty-five year old man, who epitomized professionalism. He had expected to see a strong young
man of fifteen and ready to undergo a mission, but instead, he was looking at a boy. Jack then walked over to Samantha's bed. She, too, was a child. Samantha did appear slightly older than Derek, but he knew that girls physically matured quicker during these particular youth years.

"The regression is still going on, isn't it?"

"Yes sir. ChemLab has already confirmed that they both have gone back before the age of puberty, and are age regressing at a rate of one year every thirty minutes. There is a plus side to all this, and that is they are no longer afflicted with the regression's side effect."

Jack knew exactly what she meant, remembering the condition of Barbara Presley when she left this office. "Well, you're right...that is good news. The last thing we need at this point is to have two children waking up with the hots for one another."

Teri continued; "Their levels were pretty high, but the second they regressed before puberty, all traces of sexual arousal simply disappeared. Samantha was tossing and turning pretty much the way Barbara did, and Derek simply maintained an erection during his entire ordeal. Given Derek is the first male to go through this chamber, we weren't sure how to scale his heightened arousal, and it is something that will have to be consider next time we age regress a male. Of course, now due to their preteen age regression, they currently have no readings in this area at all."

"Actually, how old are they at this moment?" asked the Captain.

"Our calculations estimate their ages to be ten years, five months."

Jack just shook his head, glancing back and forth at the two children. "No idea when they'll stop, is there?"

"No sir. In fact, there isn't a gaurantee that they will stop...we may lose them completely." responded Terri with a crack in her voice.

"How much longer before they wake up?"

"Any minute now."

Jack walked over to the table and picked up the phone; "Get me Agent Bloom." Jack waited a few seconds for his directive to be carried out. "Agent Bloom........contact Dr. Young. I need to talk with her, a.s.a.p."

Jack hung up the phone and went over to sit down between the two agents. He felt defeated.


Rex Poole studied his new list and the pictures. A new girl by the name of Barbie Preston topped the list, dropping Linda Coles to the number two position. Could this girl be a plant? He again looked at the girl's picture...no way. This girl couldn't have been a day over fifteen. Rex picked up the phone and called his lead; "Hi Sherri, you have the green light regarding your top
selection. Also, and only if the opportunity presents itself...you have my permission to pick up Linda Coles. Based on the pictures, there's a good chance these girls will be together." Sherri acknowledged his directive and they hung up.

Rex again looked at the pictures in front of him. In several of the pictures, Barbie and Linda were together, and it appeared they were friends. If he was able to grab both of them, it may be a big enough feather in his cap for a special favor. Rex then looked at an additional picture of Barbie, who was being greeted by an attractive young woman. Maybe an older sister? The more he studied the picture of this other female, the more he wanted her. Rex reflected on his current slave, Cindy. Cindy was hot but she was young, and he looked upon her as more of a house pet than a real person. He wanted more than a willing fuck every time he went home.....he wanted someone he could take out and introduce as his girl friend, or maybe even his wife.......he wanted the older girl in this picture.


Barbara Presley a.k.a. Barbie Preston entered Sterling High School for her second day. As Barbara walked to her locker, her mind couldn't help reflect on the memory of her and Jessica's lovemaking. It was as if her body couldn't get enough of her. Both last night and again when Jessica climbed into bed with her this morning. Barbara blushed even now with the rememberance of her orgasms. Barbara could still picture the smiling face of Jessica as she looked up at her from between her legs. Never, had she ever even considered making it with another female before, but the way she got into it with Jessica now, one would never know.

Barbara went to her locker to retrieve her books for her first class when she spotted Jason Taylor, and immediately her body reacted to him.

"Hi Barbie. I thought I'd walk you to class.......my class is only a few doors down."

"Hi Jason.......okay."

While they walked together, Jason started telling her a little about himself. Jason was the school's star baseball player. "Right now I'm leading the league in hitting with a .548 batting average and have the team's lead in homeruns with eight."

Barbara thought about her own softball days, the first time around, and responded; "That's great!"

As Barbara was about to enter her classroom, Jason asked; "Can we have lunch together?"

"Sure......I'll meet you in the cafeteria."

"Nah......I have a much better place in mind. Meet me in back of the school at noon."

Barbara felt a couple of emotions quickly spread throughout her body. The first being arousal, and the second being fear. If lunch didn't remain innocent, she doubted that she'd be able to resist him. Her body cried out for this to happen, but her mind quickly regained her composure, and resisted him; "No Jason.......the cafeteria. We're moving way to fast right now."

Jason smiled and replied; "Okay.......the cafeteria it is........see ya then."

Barbara felt relieved and contributed her lovemaking with Jessica for giving her the strength.


Barbara found that she had to concentrate in order to keep up with some of the school work, but she didn't complain, it actually kept her mind off sex. In the last class before lunch, she spotted Linda in the back of the room, and the sight of the pretty girl flooded her with arousal. Why did she react this way to her? Linda was talking to a group of girls and they all seemed to stop talking the second she was within hearing distance. Were they talking about her? Barbara figured that the high school girls were pretty much the same now as they were when she was this age (the first time). Jealousy and gossip monopolized every conversation.


"Hi Barbie.......we were just talking about going to McDonalds after school...you want to...er...COME?"

Barbara blushed. Linda had purposely emphasized the word 'come' to get a reaction out of her and it worked. Not only did she blush, she felt arousal. She was convinced that Linda just made a pass at her. The thought of sex with Linda was making her uncomfortably horny and she stammered back; "Ah...yes...that would be great."

After the class, Barbara knew she couldn't go to the cafeteria in this condition. Nor could she go all the way back to her apartment. She really did need Jessica right now. The importance of the mission was what prompted Barbara to duck into the restroom. 'To many people' she thought with a panic and started back for the exit. Barbara's mind was preoccupied with finding another place when she bumped into Linda.

"Oh Linda......I'm sorry."

"Ow." Linda said as their breasts momentarily brushed up against each others. Linda smiled while rubbing her breasts through her shirt, while Barbara's eyes were drawn to the act. Barbara knew that Linda was exagerating their soreness, and only doing this to elicit more sexual responses from her...it was working. Barbara wished she could take Linda into a stall and rape her, but instead, they walked together over to the mirrors. Barbara watched speechless as Linda unbuttoned a few of her buttons exposing a good portion of her breasts. Linda reached up and cupped them. Then she pretended to inspect them for any red marks. While she did this, Barbara's breathing quickened and she slowly licked her lips. Linda just smiled and then as quickly as she had exposed herself, she quickly buttoned back up. While Linda freshened up, she offered Barbara a deeper shade of lipstick, but Barbara declined. Barbara told Linda how she was going to meet Jason at lunch. At first, it almost appeared that Linda was angry, but the anger disappeared when Linda asked if she could accompany her. Barbara felt compelled to agree
realizing it was her damn passiveness kicking in.

As Barbara walked with Linda to the cafeteria, she found herself getting hornier by the second.  While her mind screamed for her to turn back before it was too late, her body was working overtime in anticipation. The more she was around this girl, the harder it was to function. With every step she took, she could feel a deep readiness in herself. As Barbara's body continued to
work itself up into a frustrating state, she spotted the restrooms by the cafeteria entrance and decided to detour. Just as she was about to do this, she spotted Jason.

"Hi Barbie......Hi Linda....." stated Jason, eying Linda suspiciously.

"Hi." replied Barbara while glancing at the rest rooms. Barbara saw Linda go over to Jason and whisper something in his ear, her mind was too preoccupied to be concerned about it.

Jason then stated; "I have an idea........why don't the three of us take a ride. Barbie, this way everything is innocent, right? and we can get out of here and have some pizza."

Linda smiled and replied; "Great idea!"

Barbara didn't like where this was leading, but couldn't for the life of her, refuse; "Okay."


Linda Coles stood about five four with shoulder length brown hair and a sexy figure. When Linda first spotted Barbie in school yesterday, she wanted the new girl. Linda had been with one woman and two girls in her young sex life. She had yet to be with a boy. She couldn't ever imagine being with a boy. There was something about this girl in particular that she found herself
drawn too, and if she had her pegged correctly, Barbie was a closet submissive...a personality trait that Linda just had to dominate. Linda reflected back to yesterday, and was convinced that Barbie was getting herself off in the restroom. The second Barbie rushed out of the restroom, Linda went to the stall and could smell the girl's sex. Linda was convinced that Barbie had been masturbating and it took every ounce of his will power not to say something to her. What Linda didn't understand, was why this girl was so horny? But she did take advantage of it and Barbie responded to every signal she sent as if she was in heat. It was almost as if the girl was a nymphomaniac? Then to cap it all off, Linda could see Barbie becoming extremely passive and suggestible throughout the day. One thing for damn sure, Linda thought while feeling her own arousal. She would have this sweet innocent beauty...and it would be today.

Originally, Linda didn't like the idea that Jason was pursuing her, but if it weren't for Jason, she wouldn't be getting this opportunity right now. When they got in Jason's car, Linda made sure to let Barbie go first. With the three of them in the front seat, it enabled her to brush up against Barbie's body without the act seeing anything but normal. Linda made sure that her left thigh pressed close to Barbie's right thigh and she could tell from the heat emanating from the girl, that she was already hot for it. This would take very little effort on her part. Linda glanced at Jason.

He'd be getting a piece of her himself. As Linda made an extra effort to rub up against Barbie, she could tell the girl's breathing was getting heavier. In addition, she could actually see the girl squirming in her seat. Linda slowly, to make sure Jason didn't see, moved her left hand down and let it rest near Barbie's crotch....the contact of her hand made the girl jump!


Barbara couldn't believe this was happening. Linda was seducing her right in front of Jason and she found herself powerless to resist. With every second, she became more passive, and although she tried becoming alarmed, she found she couldn't bring up the emotion. Instead, when Linda pressed her thigh against hers, and then placed her hand down at her crotch, she gasped with intense arousal.


Barbara saw Jason glance at her, but Linda was already moving her hand up to turn her face towards her. A second later, Barbara's mouth slightly opened allowing Linda to place an open mouth kiss on her lips. Barbara was reluctant at first, but the contact of their lips and the darting of Linda's tongue against hers, sparked a wicked reaction inside her groin and she responded hungrily.

"What the.......are you two dykes or something!"

Barbara heard the words and knew that she should feel embarrassed, but she was too busy feeling pleasure for her to be concerned about anything other than Linda's touch. The feel of Linda's hands on her breasts only sent her to a higher pitch of excitement, while Linda gave both of them a loving squeeze through her shirt. Barbara gasped and moaned. Linda then broke off the kiss long enough to reply; "Jason...find us a secluded area where the three of us can be together...trust me...you won't regret it."

Jason replied; "That's cool."

Barbara tried to mentally fight what was happening to her, but it almost seemed that Linda knew her condition, and was taking advantage of it. Barbara allowed Linda to strip off her shirt and unsnap her bra, releasing her rather large breasts. Linda's mouth came down on her left nipple, and then alternated between the both of them. Barbara closed her eyes and groaned while basking in the sensation. Linda replaced her mouth with her hands, and then whispered in her ear; "Climb in back seat, Barbie, that way we can have more room."

Barbara felt drained of energy and would rather have just stayed there, but her submissiveness took over and she did what she was told. Barbara gazed at her lover in anticipation, as she watched her strip out of her own clothes in front. Seconds later, a naked Linda joined her in back.

"Barbie.....you still need to get out of the rest of your clothes." stated Linda, with a smile.

Barbara proceeded to slip out of her jeans and turned a shade red when she noted how wet her panties were...Linda took them from her and took a whiff. The act was strangely erotic. When Linda laid back in the seat and spread her legs, Barbara didn't hesitate to move her head down between Linda's legs. The smell of Linda's sex heightened her arousal and she dove into her wet sex, nibbling on her clit. Barbara ate Linda juicy come with pleasure.


Jason wanted to speed to Old Miller's Field, but he knew that the last thing he needed right now was be stopped by the police. Imagine trying to explain why there were two naked girls making love in the back seat of his car. Jason kept on stealing glances at the naked girls in the rearview mirror while using his right hand to rub his crotch area through his jeans. He grinned from ear to ear when he spotted the entrance to the field. He couldn't believe this was happening! This was like a fantasy come true!

Jason pulled the car up along a couple of trees. He quickly got out and opened the door to the back seat. What a sight! Linda was letting Barbie lick her pussy for all it was worth while Barbie's beautiful ass squirmed up and down and every which way in front of his face. He couldn't resist as he opened the zipper of his jeans and pulled out his throbbing erection. Jason positioned himself behind Barbie and reached down to see how wet she was...god! She was dripping! He quickly guided his dick inside the girl's pussy and the second he penetrated, she screamed out in even greater passion! Jason moved in further before realizing some resistance.

He hesitated for a second. The girl was a virgin...then he smiled. 'Was' a virgin. Then he rammed through her hymen, shoving himself in all the way. Barbie's ass bounced back while she screamed out; "Harder!.....Harder....Harder!"


Linda laid in the back seat totally exhausted and still naked. Barbie was laying on top of her, also, exhausted and still naked. The car smelled of sex and Linda brought her hand down and patted the top of Barbie's head. She was a doll...a Barbie Doll. God, she was gorgeous! Jason had already moved to the front seat and just sat there, not saying a word. Barbie just cuddled close to Linda, almost as if she couldn't get enough of her. Linda wrapped her arms around Barbie and hugged her affectionately. Barbie's eyes were open, and she looked sated. Linda was amazed at the girl's passion...especially for a virgin. Linda did sense that Barbie had been with a another of her own sex before...but chose not to bring it up. Linda reached down and kissed Barbie on the forehead.

"I love you." she stated, looking into Barbie's eyes. Barbie's eyes teared up, but she said nothing.

Jason broke the quiet moment; "You girls better get your clothes back on because we need to get back."

Linda reached over and picked up Barbie's panties. She brought them to her nose, taking in the aroma. "Come on Barbie......we have to get dressed."

Barbie did as instructed, but remained quiet.

When they were all dressed, the three of them resumed their position in the front seat. Linda leaned over and whishpered; "Barbie.......after school we'll go to McDonalds for a little while, and then we'll go back to my house, listen to some Alternative....kay sweety?"

Barbie nodded her head, blushing. When Linda reached her right hand down inbetween her legs and squeezed her crotch area, Barbie moaned, and replied; "yeeessss."

Just as Jason was about to drive off, two cars suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One stopped in front of his car, and the other behind it. "What the fuck?!?"

Everything happened so fast! Linda noted right away that the people getting out of the cars were all girls. A quick glance at them told her that they didn't appear much older than high school age, and they all were beautiful...plus, one had a gun.


Barbara couldn't believe how quickly things had happened. She had been thoroughly trained for these type of situations, and when she was led out of the car by these girls, she had every intention of going along with them, as her mission dictated. That was until they aimed the gun at Jason.

Barbara recognized a couple of the girls from the pictures she looked at in the Case Folder.  These girls were the same girls abducted, and apparently, they now worked for this Slavery Ring.  How were they able to turn these girls? Jason and Linda were pretty quiet as they exited the car.  Barbara thought this group would keep Linda, but she feared for Jason's life. They've never left a witnesses around in their previous abductions, and she figured that they wouldn't here.

As soon as the girl aimed the gun at Jason, Barbie had no choice to blow her cover. Barbie used the girl who had been holding her, and spun her around, flipping her in the air towards the girl with the gun. She succeeded in knocking the gun out of the girl's hand. Thanks to the sex she just had with Linda and Jason, her mind was crystal clear. She had remained docile with Linda
because she was feeling something for this girl that confused her. Barbara loved the fuck Jason gave her, but she preferred the soft touch of Linda...even moreso than Jessica.

Barbara went on the attack, leaping into the air and connecting a perfectly aimed kick to another girl, who also went sprawling backwards a good ten feet. Jason and Linda both added to the fight, but they were no match for the girls. It was obvious they were trained professionally.

Despite Barbara being a black belt, she found her young body different to control during this fight, and when she misjudged a move, she found herself being overpowered. One of the girls sprayed a mist of something in her face, and Barbara found herself dropping to her knees. She tried moving, but couldn't. Barbara heard a few gunshots, and if she was able, she would have
cried. Within seconds, Barbara sunk down further into darkness...


Now, Barbara laid naked and spread eagled on the bed. Her wrists and ankles were secured by a cloth strap and tied to the corners of the bed. Sure she was embarrassed and felt humiliated to be in a position like this, but her thoughts of the gun shot preoccupied her mind. Her mind would argue that the turn of events in this mission wasn't her fault, but deep down she felt differently.  To top everything off, her damn side effects from the age regression had kicked in, and she was feeling very horny. Just then she heard a moan from behind her. Slowly she moved her neck around and could just make out another girl, who appeared to be in the same condition she was in.


"Wh...what happened...oh my god...this can't be happening." moaned the girl.

Barbara replied; "Just stay calm...I'll think of something."

Linda only moaned in response.

Just then, a man entered the room with a couple of girls. He carried what appeared to be a case over to the side of her bed. "Hi girls...my my my...aren't we a sight for sore eyes...my name is Rex Poole...and you're going to tell me all about yourselves."


Rex waited while his girls placed the devices over the two subjects in front of him. Both were gorgeous and this was one aspect of his job he would never tire of. Both girls took a few moments before visibly relaxing, although the blond girl, Barbie, still showed signs of restlessness.

Based on Sheila's report, he thought that maybe Barbie was an agent, but seeing her in person, he thought that it still seemed impossible. But the fact remained. Nobody could fight like this girl unless they were professionally trained...in any event, this hypnotic device would tell him everything he needed to know.

"Barbie...you should be feeling very relaxed right now...and safe. How do you feel?"

The girl still appeared restless, as if fighting the device. This would be a first, thought Rex. He waited, knowing that the girl would eventually answer. The device left no option.


"And relaxed...you feel relaxed."


Rex almost fell out of his chair. He looked down at the girl, and noted the signs of her arousal.  He reached down with his hand and inserted his index finger inside the girl...she was wet. Real wet!

"Why Barbie...why are you horny?"

"It...it's...the side effects...makes me horny all the...time."

"Side effects from what?" asked Rex with concern...


Doctor Jessica Young was fuming. She never once considered that Jack would use the chamber without her presence. Now, they had two children on their hands. Once top agents for the OSI.  Now, seven and a half years old...and based on her own rate of age progression since her own transormation, it would be twenty years before those two reached puberty again!

Jessica knew Terri had no idea of knowing. Her mistake was when she placed both Derek and Sammi inside the chamber at the same time. They combined made up fifteen years, which was the exact age that she age regressed Barbara.

Jessica felt uncomfortable with the fact that the OSI broke silence and although they were adding more agents for more protection, she wondered if they should abort. Barbara's mind went back to the Age Progression machine that she had been working on. Despite several hours dedicated to a successful operation, she had still yet to get past major obsticles. It looked like she would have to start spending more time on developing it, otherwise, the OSI would have to open a day care facility.

Jessica looked at the time. Barbara was do any minute - unless of course she detoured. Jessica knew that Barbara would be needing it pretty bad about now, and the anticipation of the lovely blond beauty was making her feel horny. Just then she heard a knock...what? Was that Barbara?

When Jessica opened the apartment door, three high school age girls stood at the doorway. They must be here for Barbara, she thought, without giving it much thought.

"Hi girls...I'm sorry, Barbie's not here at the moment."

One of the girls, with long auburn hair, brought up a spray can of some sorts, and without warning or words, sprayed a mist straight at Jessica. Jessica stumbled back in reflex action, as the three girls entered the apartment, closing the door in back of them. Two of the girls went to both sides of Jessica, taking an arm each. Jessica quickly was feeling a strange lassitude envelope her, and found herself not only unable to move, but unable to talk.

"Hi older sister of Barbie...or should we call you by your real name, Doctor Jessica Young. If it weren't for your young little lover, and I must say she's a sweetie, we would never have believed this age regression shit was real...anyway, you belong to us, now...so don't fight it."

Jessica's eyes would have lit up, but instead, she had trouble keeping them open. Again she tried to say something, but no words came out. She did hear a moan escape her lips. Moments later, Jessica felt herself drifting away...


Jack kneeled down in order to look at the boy eye to eye; "I'm sorry Derek, this is something we hadn't in our wildest imaginations thought could happen to you. Trust me, you and Samantha are a top priority. Terri is with her right now, and pretty much explaining the same things to her."

"I hope you aren't going to abort the mission on our account." replied Derek, who knew that Doctor Young would be their only chance at ever regaining their adult hood. Jack found having an adult dialogue extremely difficult with the boy in front of him.

"Well, to tell you the truth, we're only going to give Jessica and Barbara one more day, then we'll abort, because we need Jessica here."

"How is Samantha taking all this?" asked the boy

"Let's go check on her together...maybe by seeing you, she'll feel a little better."

Both Jack and little Derek walked down the hall way into the Terri's office. What they saw as they entered was a cute little girl hugging Terri's waist and sobbing with her face muffled tightly against Terri's stomach.

"Bad time?" asked Jack.

Terri looked up to see Jack and little Derek standing at the doorway. Terri, herself, had tears in her eyes. She stammered her reply; "We...ah...Samantha is feeling much better now, aren't we, Samantha?"

"yes terri..."

Terri then looked at the boy; "Hi Derek."

"Hi Terri."

Terri took Samantha's hand and they walked together to the door. Terri dropped down on one knee in front of Derek; "Derek, how'about you take Samantha to the water fountain, okay."

"Sure..." Derek replied while taking Samantha's hand.

Terri looked back at Jack and asked; "Is Derek alright...I mean, does he remember who he is?"

Jack acknowledged this with a nod, and then it hit him...he waited for Terri to tell him.

"Jack...the Samantha we know isn't there. The person inside that pretty little seven year old child we see has no idea who she is, or what has happened. I had to tell her that her name is Samantha Cat. I'll be taking her to ChemLab for some tests...but as of right now, she has total memory loss."

Jack stood stunned for a second, then recovered enough. "Why one, and not the other?"

Terri replied; "I...I don't know...maybe it's only temporary."

Jack went over to the phone and dialed; "Yes, this is Captain Evans...abort."


"Steve." stated Captain Evans over the phone.

"Yeah Jack." replied the scratchy voice.

"I need your help...and your wife's, too."

The End of Chapter Three...

Will Barbara Presley a.k.a. "Barbie - Teen Agent" break free of her enslavement before "pleasure chips" can be inserted into her? Is Jessica doomed with the fate of being Rex Poole's wife or does Damien Thorn, of Thorn Scientific Research, pull rank on him and take her for his very own?  Will the "pleasure chips" convert Linda from a lesbian to bi? Does the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman come to the rescue? Does little Derek help little Samantha regain her memory? Does Terri leave the agency to become the kids Mom? All these questions are answered and more! In the next thrilling adventure of "Barbie - Teen Agent", Chapter Four.