Babysitting Troubles

by SgtVincennes

Hello again. I would forst like to thank everyone for their kind comments, I appreciate it. I would like to dedicate my latest story to all the authors who have gone before me in the classic theme of the Babysitter tale, especially Morpheus and Eric for their stories The Babysitter and The Babysitter Caper. I hope you enjoy:

Gwen MacCarthy sat studying in her room when the phone rang. “ Hello, “ she said quite excitedly. She was expecting a call from Greg, her boyfriend.

“ Hello Gwen. This is Victoria Sawyer from down the street” came the reply from the other end. “ Oh, Hi Ms. Sawyer. What’s up? “

“ Well, I’m glad I got ahold of you. I was really, really hoping that you could watch Annie for me tonight. Just for a few hours. “ She added quickly.

“ Mmmm” Gwen quickly did a list in her head. She wasn’t doing anything and she could use the money. On the other hand, she wanted to talk to Greg and Annie was no treat. She wasn’t bad or anything, just full of energy, questions, and imagination. “ Yeah, sure” was Gwen’s reply.

“ O h, thank you, thank you, you’re the best Gwen. I’ll pay you 8 bucks an hour and you can have anything in the fridge.” Victoria sighed happily. “ Can you come right away, I’m kind of in a hurry” she added hopefully.

“ Yeah, I’ll be there in just a few minutes.” Gwen said as she hung up.

Gwen sat up on her bed. Wow, another exciting Friday night in the life of Gwen MacCarthy was all she was thinking. Gwen slid off her bed and walked over to her closet. She found her tennis shoes and sat on the corner of the bed, tying them on. She stood up and went to the mirror. No make-up, quite scary she thought. Actually, Gwen was a very pretty girl. She had just turned 16. She stood 5’7” in her tennis shoes. The thing that was her best feature was her hair. It was a color of red that made the Clairol company jealous. It was long and curly and of course Gwen hated it. She thought it a frizzy carrot top so she pulled it back into a hasty ponytail. She had green eyes and with her light skin she still had numerous freckles on her face, shoulders and back. She was wearing a big sweatshirt. It hid the fact that she had developed quite nicely for her age, a 34C bust. The long, baggy sweatpants hid her legs on this chilly night.

Gwen went downstairs and yelled out to her Mom, “ That was Ms. Sawyer on the phone. I’m going to watch Annie for a few hours, okay? “

“ Yeah, fine. Have fun” was the reply from her Mom.

“ I’ll see you in a few” she called as she headed out the door.

It was just down the street and around the corner to the Sawyer house. Victoria Sawyer was 35 and trying to get back into the dating game after her divorce. She and Annie’s Dad had split up the previous year. Annie went to her Dad’s every other weekend, but this obviously wasn’t that week. “ Hi, Gwen” Victoria called as Gwen was still 2 steps from the door. “ Hey, Ms. Sawyer “ Gwen replied as she walked right in.

“ I’m so sorry I have to rush out of here but my date was expecting me 10 minutes ago, “ she said as she stepped into her pumps. “ You know the drill right? Numbers next to the phone, I’ll be at Mauricio’s if you really need me. Annie’s upstairs, find the food and make sure Annie eats something, she’s been real picky lately” Victoria said in a rush.

“ Yeah, cool “ Gwen said calmly.

“ Great, gotta go. I’ll be back in about 3 hours.” Victoria called out behind her as she went to her car.

“ Yeah, no problem, just go “ Gwen mumbled lowly as she kicked off her shoes. She stopped and pulled off her socks too and shoved them into her shoes by the door. When Gwen looked up, she saw Annie Sawyer looking through the rails along the upstairs hall. “Hello Annie, How Ya doin’ kiddo “

Annie stood up, her eyes blocked out by the high railing. “ Just fine “ came her response. She came bolting down the stairs. “ What’s new Sven?” Annie loved that joke for some reason that only a 7-year old would understand. She broke out giggling.

“ Not much shortstuff. Just coming down here to hang out with you tonight “

“ Cool “ was Annie’s response. Annie was 7. She was short for her age, barely coming up to Gwen’s bustline. She had brown hair that was cut into a bob and big brown eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans, a blue sweater, and white socks. “ Wanna see my loose tooth? She said eagerly. She was already smiling and making her tongue move her lower front tooth back and forth.

“ Ewww, Gross out” Gwen said with a laugh, and Annie laughed harder.

“ So what are we going to do tonight Sven? “ was Annie’s remark as she ran into the living room. “ Whatever you want to do kiddo, “ was Gwen’s response as she followed her.

“ Wanna play video games? “ She said quickly.

“ Sure, why not, just take it easy on me. I’m old, ‘kay” Gwen said as she sat on the couch. Annie was already hooking up the games and talking endlessly about the rules. Gwen halfway heard her. She tucked her legs beneath her and got ready to be beaten in the game. Sure enough, Annie won every time. Gwen was no match for this kids’ reflexes and the hours she’d practiced. The whole time they played, Annie’s mouth never stopped. She talked and asked questions.

“ So what’s High school reallly like”

“ Hard”

“ So do you have a boyfriend “

“ Yeah, “

“ What’s his name “

“ I’m not tellin’ “

“ Come on”


“ What’s he like? “

“ He’s nice and very handsome “ Gwen was blushing at her reply “ What’s it reallllly like to be 16?” and so on and on and on…

Finally after an hour, Gwen put down her controller and said “ Alright Munchkin, time to eat “

“ Awww, come on, just one more game. I’m not hungry yet “

“ Now come on, it’s almost 7, you have to eat before too long or you’ll never sleep tonight. “ Gwen said. Annie sighed “ Oh okay… I want peanut butter and jelly “

At least she wants something. Usually getting Annie to eat was a task for the Israeli Army. She never wanted to eat. So Gwen headed into the kitchen to fix them up some sandwiches. Annie hopped up into the chair on the end. She rested her chin on the table and swung her dangling feet back and forth. Gwen made her up a PB & J and poured her some milk. “ Gotta drink your milk to get big “ she said as she put it down in front of her. Annie just smiled as she looked up at her. Gwen smiled back, then went to make herself a sandwich. She sat down across from Annie and the questions continued.

After they were done eating, Annie sprung up and said “ Oh, I know what I have to show you. It’s so cool. You have to see it. “ And with that she was gone up the stairs. Gwen picked up the 2 plates and put them in the sink. She rinsed them off, declared them clean and was cutting back through the house to the living room when Annie came bounding down the stairs.

“ Look” she was really excited. “ I found this on my way home from school today, isn’t it neat?” Gwen looked at it quizzically. “ What is it? “

“ Well, I don’t really know what it is but it’s cool. “ What it was, was a gold coin. It was very dirty and nothing could be read on it. Gwen held it and said “ Yeah, great, a dirty old bottle top “ “ Nut-uh, it’s cool and it’s probably magic” She said getting excited. “ Yeah magic! Hey Gwen, what should I wish for?”

“ I don’t know, whatever you want.” Was Gwen’s reply.

She smiled as Annie shut her eyes real tight and cleanched her hands over the coin. Annie was thinking really hard. What did she want more than anything, well she wanted a pony, and she wanted all kinds of toys and all kinds of things rushed into her mind. But then it became clear. She wanted to be big. She was tired of being the littlest one in her class. So she wished with all her might. “ I wish I was big. I wish I was pretty, like Gwen “ she said, then opened her eyes and smiled at her babysitter. Gwen smiled and rubbed Annie’s hair. “ Well kiddo, I wish that your wish comes true. “ Gwen replied and walked back into living room. Annie was trailing right behind her when she stopped. “ Do you feel that? “ It just got colder didn’t it? “ Gwen asked suddenly. Annie stopped and said, “ No, I feel great “

“ Well I’m cold “ Gwen said. “ Huh, I guess it passed “ Weird huh”

“ Sure, whatever “ Annie then looked at Gwen and something wasn’t right. “ Uh, are you feeling alright, Gwen “

“ Yeah, I feel fine, why shortstuff? “ Gwen said as she searched for the remote.

“ It’s just you don’t look the same, you sure you’re alright?” Annie asked.

“ Yeah…oh there it is “ Gwen bent over to pick up the remote and the sleeve of her sweatshirt rolled over her hand. As she stood back up, she pushed it up while thinking, that’s weird, must have pulled the elastic, cause thet’s never happened before.

When Gwen turned around her eyes widened. “ Annie!” What’s happening to you? “ She asked in a panic. “ What?” was Annie’s response but she could tell something wasn’t right either. For one thing her voice sounded different, deeper somehow. Her clothes were also getting really tight. She looked down and noticed her toes outlined clearly in her socks. The cuffs of her jeans were moving higher on her legs showing off her ankles. Her sweater was quickly steaching across her back and the seams under her arms were starting to come apart. The sleeves were rising up her arms. “ Gwen?! “ She said with urgency. “ I’m scared! What’s going on? “

“ I…I don’t know” Gwen was so fixated on Annie’s transformation that she had missed the changes to her own body. She went to take a step towards Annie and tripped and fell right on her face. She spun over onto her back and looked down at her feet. Her feet were completely engulfed in her sweat pants. She wiggled her feet and saw that her feet were several inches up the legs…and rising. “ AHHHH” was all that came into Gwen’s mind. She lifted her hands but her sleeves had covered those up. “ What’s happening to me?! I’m shrinking!” She said in total panic.

Annie looked up to see Gwen fall. She could tell that Gwen was a lot shorter than she had been. As she was watching her arms and legs, Annie saw her hair getting darker and getting shorter. At the same time she felt her own hair getting longer. “ THE WISH! “ Annie yelled in a deeper voice. “ I wished I was big and pretty like you! It must be really happening! I’m turning into you”

Gwen looked up in amazement “ But, but you didn’t say anything about me! Why am I changing? And what’s happening to me?” Gwen struggled to get out of her huge clothes. She simply slid out her pants leaving them where they lay on the floor. She stood up and the sweatshirt was simply huge. The arms came down to her knees. Her hands were barely to the elbows. The bottom was hanging down below her knees. Her head and one shoulder peeked out of the neck hole and she ungracefully lifted it off her body.

Annie was amazed at the changes to her babysitter. She was little now, like she was. Her hair kept getting shorter and turning brown. Her face was getting rounder and changing. Her nose changed shape and then her mouth. But what surprised Annie the most was her boobs. She had never seen Gwen without her shirt, but her bra was simply hanging there. Her breasts were still there, barely, and shrinking rapidly. Gwen started crying as they disappeared. She looked up at Annie. Annie was now taller than her babysitter. She was older too.

Annie’s mouth was wide open watching her babysitter turn into a kid…turn into her. Her attention shot back to her own body. The sweater had given up its hold and tore along the back and down the sides. The sleeves were up from her wrists and had come apart from the shoulders. Leaving her with streached fabric over parts of her arms. She had to get her pants off. They were tearing along the waist but not enough to relieve the sudden pain they were bringing. They had ridden way up her shins but could go no further and they were pinching all over. The seams along the thighs were tearing as Annie gained a teenager’s curves. Once she had them unbuttoned, she struggled to work them off. Her legs were much bigger, longer and thicker than ever before. She finally worked them off down her legs and she stood there bare legged, her little girl panties straining against her expanding waist, hips and butt. Her sweater neck gave up and the front of her shirt flapped down to reveal her growing breasts. She placed her hands on them and felt them as they grew under her fingers. They soon filled her hands. She tore away at the waistband of her sweater and she was now bare in her chest as well.

Gwen was still shrinking as she watched little Annie become 16-year old Gwen. This can’t be happening ran over and over in her mind. She knew all too well the body that towered over her now. It had been hers until just minutes ago. She had been flattered when Annie made her wish, but now that it had actually come true, she was in shock. She reached up to her hair. The frizz was gone, in it’s place, Annie’s short brown hair. She put her hands on her face and felt the different skin texture. She looked down at her useless bra and huge panties. Both were hanging on by stubborness rather than function. She couldn’t believe how small she was. She barely came up to Annie’s expanded breasts. Those breasts were right in her face. They had just been below her face, now they were in front and mocking her and her new found youth.

Annie’s hands, meanwhile let go of her new breasts and moved up to her hair. It was still growing longer and was coming down into her eyes. “ I have to see what I look like! “ She said suddenly, then stopped realizing that it wasn’t her voice at all. It was Gwen’s. Her right hand shot to her mouth and she covered it in a surprised gesture. Her eyes widening as she looked at Gwen. She was the image she had always known from the mirror. Gwen had become her. Then she had to be Gwen. She quick jumped over to the mirror, amazed that it only took her two hops and a slight side step. With her short legs before it would have taken at least 5 steps. She gazed in absolute wonder at her face. She was Gwen. For one thing she didn’t have to stand on the step to look in the mirror, it was right there. Her mouth was open in wonder. She closed and opened her mouth a few times. She pulled back her lower lip; no more loose tooth there anymore, just Gwen’s big pearly whites. She touched her nose, now bigger than she was used to, but right for her face. She stared deeply into her green eyes wondering at the color. She smiled when she saw all the freckles, also different from what she was used to in her old body. She spun around and saw Gwen there, sobbing lightly. She went to her and bent down and hugged her.

“ It’s okay Gwen…don’t cry” Annie said soothingly

“ Nuh…No it’s not “ Gwen cryed. “ Look at me! I’m you! How can everything be better. I can’t be little again. “ She cried more and harder.

Annie hugged her closely amazed at the feeling her breasts gave off as they pushed against Gwen. She shook her head to think what they looked like, her, little Annie, bending over and comforting her babysitter. But then her thought passed. She had Gwen’s body now, so she was Gwen now. She was the babysitter and Gwen was the little girl who needed her help.

Suddenly, Gwen shot back from Annie’s embrace. “ THE COIN” she squeled in her new high pitched girl’s voice. “ All we have to do is find the coin! Then we can wish ourselves back.” She ran across the living room to the bottom of the stairs to where Annie had first made her wish. It had to be there Gwen thought, please let it be there. Please let me get back into my own body. She was on her hands and knees searching. “ Come on, help me find it so we can get back to normal before your Mom gets home”

Annie had stopped. She took off her tight little girl panties and pulled on Gwen’s sweat pants. They fit perfectly, stopping right at her ankles. She then picked up Gwens’s bra, which Gwen had taken off when it became apparent that she wouldn’t need it anymore. She hooked it behind her back easily, then slid Gwen’s sweatshirt over her head. Her hair was tucked in in the back and she pulled it out and let it fall over her back. She stole another quick glance at her new body.

Unfortuately for Gwen, carlights appeared in the driveway. Victoria was home. Gwen shot up. She had been searching for an hour and had found nothing. Annie had been looking half-heartedly and mostly cleaning up behind her. “ Oh my God, your Mom’s home “ Gwen chirped in Annie’s voice. “ She’s going to kill me when she sees us “

“ Only if you’re still nude!” Annie said. “ Come on, let’s get you upstairs “

“ But…but the coin, I have to find it “ Gwen pleaded.

“ Not now, come on” with that Annie picked up Gwen and took the stairs two by two. Wow, she thought, what a body and she smiled inside.

Annie made it upstairs just in time as her mom opened the door. “ Hello” she called out, “ Anybody home “

“ Yeah, we’re up here “ Annie called out but since she looked and sounded like Gwen, Victoria just smiled and threw a half wave. “ I’m getting Annie ready for bed, just give me a few minutes, she insisted I do it” She smiled at her own mother. She doesn’t suspect a thing, this is so great she thinks I am Gwen MacCarthy, 16-year old babysitter extraordinare.

Gwen was sitting on the bed crying. Annie came in and closed the door, she had kind of thrown Gwen on the bed just to get her in in time. “ Okay, now I know you don’t want to do this but it’s going to look really suspicious if I hang around here” My…I mean your mom doesn’t suspect a thing. She thinks I’m you and you’re me. And really we are. You have to pretend to be me at least for tonight” “ What? No…I can’t be you. I’m Gwen not Annie” Gwen cried.

“ I’m sorry kiddo, we can’t do anything else tonight” Annie shrugged. “ Sorry, but you start looking again” She backed out the door leaving Gwen in her old body sitting on the bed wide-mouthed in shock.

Annie came downstairs. “ She’s all tucked in and out already” She kept me hopping tonight.” “ I hope she wasn’t too much trouble, I know she can be a handfull” Victoria said as she dug into her purse for the money.

“ No, not at all, I had a great time.” Annie said smiling. “ Here, I know we said 8 bucks and hour but since my date went so well, here’s a 50 “ “ Wow, Great” Thanks Ms. Sawyer” Annie said as she shoved the money into her pocket. She had pulled on her socks and stepped into her shoes. “ Well Good night, Ms. Sawyer” “ Goodnight Gwen, and thanks again” Victoria called to her as she walked down the path. “ No, Thank You” she said as she glanced over her shoulder.

Gwen pressed her tiny face to the bedroom window where she had been left. She had heard the conversation below her but couldn’t bring herself to move or even yell out anything. How crazy would it all sound? No one would believe her, not as a 7-year old. She watched Annie in her old body walk down the path, she could see her broad smile under the streetlights. Gwen nearly screamed to see Annie jump up and down in joy and triumph below her. “ Oh, I’ll figure out a way to get back, you might have my body and my age, but you’ll never get ahold of my mind” Gwen said to herself: only in her little girl voice it didn’t sound very menacing.

Annie couldn’t be happier. She had just been sent out her house by her own clueless Mother; with 50 bucks in her pocket and a new body in her possesion. She never even looked up to her old window to see her old visage staring back at her with all the hate Gwen could muster. Annie did a victory dance on the sidewalk amazed at how her new body reacted and swayed in the movements. Without a further glance she hurried down to Gwen’s house, she just hoped that she could pull off being Gwen MacCarthy, 16-year old High School Junior. As she walked to her new home, her left hand rested on her left thigh for below the fabric was The Coin and she ran her new long fingers over its outline. Annie had The Coin all along. She had simply palmed it and slid it into the sweat pants. Gwen could look all she wanted; she wouldn’t find it.

Gwen did search all weekend. She tore apart the Sawyer household, looking up and down. She refused to eat and barely responded to her new “ Mother’s” questions of what she was doing.

After tearing apart the house she searched all day Sunday outside in both front and back yards. As dusk settled over town, panic rose in Gwen, she wasn’t going to find it. She was going to have to go to the 2nd grade tomorrow. When Victoria came out to make her go inside for the night, she was crying uncontrollably.

Victoria simply couldn’t get her daughter to explain what was wrong and out of pure exasperation, she sent her to bed. Gwen lay in the bed on pink Barbie sheets, she ran her hands through her short thin brown hair. She had to get back to her own life but if she kept acting like this, they’d send her to a Mental Institute. Gwen resolved to be the best Annie she could be to buy her the time she needed.

Monday morning came too early for Gwen though. She burned with humiliation just getting dressed in the tiny blue dress, white tights and Mary Janes. She hadn’t ever worn anything like this ever as Gwen, even when she was 7, no wonder Annie was miserable, Victoria made her dress like a total geek. Gwen’s ability to keep her own mind made 2nd grade work very easy so much more for her to plan her comeback. But even to Gwen, she realized why Annie had been so ready to escape…2nd grade sucked.

Annie meanwhile was still in awe of her body and the advantages of age. She had made her way to her new home to find it dark, but luckily her new “ Mom” had left the front door unlocked. She went in, she had only been in the MacCarthy house one time before and she could make out very little in the dark. She did make her way to the kitchen; she was starving. She wolfed down 2 sandwiches, finished an entire bag of chips and gulped 2 cans of Sprite before she knew they were done.

“ Wow” she said looking over the carnage of her meal, “ I never thought I could eat so much, turning into Gwen obviously took a lot of effort” she smiled and laughed alone in the kitchen.

Annie made her way upstairs and after first opening the door to her “ Mom’s” bedroom then finding the bathroom, she found her room. Annie closed the door quietly and flicked on the light.

Her eyes scanned everything in awe. This was all hers now; the body, the age, the life of Gwen MacCarthy. She looked over her new CD collection, pictures of the Truman High Basketball team with Gwen kneeling 2nd from the left, she was now the starting Point Guard on the High School Basketball team. She saw Gwen’s best friend, Heather Campbell, smiling from the back row of the picture. She picked up trinkets and sorted through the clothes on the floor, then through the closet. Trying on clothes made Annie giggle and smile all night long, “ This is going to be so cool” was a favorite phrase of the night.

Annie spent Saturday at the mall with her high school friends. She was quiet for the most part and all asked if she was feeling okay. “ Yeah, just tired” was Annie’s response. In fact she just wanted to assimilate herself and pick up on the major topics of conversation. She had to learn everyone’s names and her school schedule and teachers if she was going to pull this off.

Annie found that being 16 still brought chores on Sunday as she was stuck cleaning her new house. It wasn’t that bad, since it allowed her a chance to survey her new domain.

Annie bounded out of bed on Monday morning, her first day of High school. Despite it being somewhat cold, Annie wore a tight green sweater that showed off her red hair and green eyes to their fullest. She put with it a tight, short black skirt, black pantyhose and black heels. Her mother said she was very overdressed, Annie failed to realize that the real Gwen was a jeans and T-Shirt type of girl. Being a 7-year old in a 16-year old body has its high points, but on the downside, school was nearly impossible for Annie trying to pass as Gwen. Her trip in the Drivers Ed simulator had been an absolute disaster. In fact, through that week, every one of Gwen’s teachers asked her if she was all right.

After a week of thinking about it, Gwen had become convinced that Annie had to have The Coin. Gwen would have to break into her old house and find it if she ever wanted to return. It was supposed to be the weekend where Annie spent time with her father, but there was no way that Gwen was going to be packed off and sent across town to stay with a man she didn’t know, posing as his 7-year old daughter. When she got home and was pretending to pack up her things, she forced herself to vomit very loudly in front of Victoria, who then forbade her to leave her bed for the weekend. Victoria was naturally upset and since she couldn’t get a babysitter, Gwen MacCarthy had just laughed when she called her, she had to cancel her date for the night. Sitting alone was not a good activity for Victoria Sawyer and by 8, she had had 5 drinks and was asleep in a chair with the TV blaring.

Gwen saw the events unfolding and using pillows under the covers, that old stand by trick and some doll hair sticking out over the top, she slipped out the back door. She ran down the street as fast as her little legs could take her. She understood the vulnerability of a 7-year old out after dark and was afraid that with her tiny body something might happen to her.

Gwen started crying when she came upon her real house; she had missed it so badly. She knew that Annie would be going out with Heather to Matt’s party, a party everyone had been looking forward to. She also knew that this was her Mom’s night out with her friends, so the house would be empty. She knew exactly where the extra key was hidden in the back yard and she entered the house. Just the smell of the place made her eyes water up, there was no way she was leaving this house still in Annie Sawyers’ body. With a look of fierce determination she strode up the stairs to her room. She was tired, being in Annie’s body wore her out, everything around her was so big and heavy. She popped the door open to her old room and turned on the light.

The room was a complete mess, obviously Annie was as big a slob in Gwen’s body as the real Gwen was. The room had been a disaster when she left it, the clothes pile was mearly higher than she had left it.

This being Gwen’s room, she knew all the hiding places. And even if she did have to pull a chair with her to check the high spots, she still knew all the panels that moved and the gaps between the boards. She knew that Annie had to be hiding it there somewhere.

But as the night dragged on, Gwen was getting very discouraged, she had been searching and couldn’t find it. Gwen’s Mom had arrived back home and had come upstairs to bed. Gwen was totally silent until she heard her Mom’s snoring, “ I miss that” Gwen thought of the buzzsaw sound in the next bedroom. It was after midnight and Gwen was wearing out, she didn’t have the stamina of her previous body. She sat on the floor and began to cry and yawn.

She lay her head back into the massive pile of clothes still crying. When her head hit the ground, she felt something through the fabric and her thin hair. She had only a flashlight now to guide her, but she remembered the sweat pants she had been wearing last week when this nightmare began. Gwen’s big brown eyes went wide and she felt her heart racing in her chest. She slowly reached out, her hands shaking and dug into the left pocket.

When her tiny fingers first ran along the serrated outer ridge, she nearly screamed. Gwen quickly pulled out The Coin. Her mouth hung open in wonder and she bagan weeping happily. Annie had been lazy enough to leave The Coin in her pocket and in the clothes pile on the floor.

Now with a wry smile spreading over her little kid face, Gwen got off the floor and sat on her bed. Her legs dangled over the edge, her tiny feet encased in tiny white Nikes. She was wearing black pants, a white turtleneck and she had on a tiny pink jacket. She sat fully on the bed, her little legs tucked neatly under her. She waited in the darkness for Annie to return.

Gwen had actually dozed off when she heard the faint creak of the back door. It was 3 AM. Her heart thudded deeply in her tiny chest and she felt ready to explode when the bedroom door slowly strated to open.

Annie had been having the time of her life, there was no way she would ever consider going back to being little Annie. Yes, school was a lot harder than she could have imagined but she’d get the hang of it, even Drivers Ed.

Annie was still in awe at her powerful, energetic teen-age body. Just going to Basketball practice was something she never thought she’d do, let alone all the other things she had done all week. The Party at Matt’s house was just the greatest experience she’d had yet. It didn’t take many beers to get her drunk; tolerance of a kid, some had joked. Annie was trashed enough just to laugh with them. She sobbered up very quickly when she flicked on the bedroom light.

There on her bed, was her old self, Gwen was back in her bedroom. Annie nearly screamed but was too shocked. It was a good thing because despite the heavy sleeping of Gwen’s Mom a loud long scream would wake her up.

Annie closed the door “ What the Hell are you doing here?”

“ I’ve got a little surprise for you Annie” was all that little Gwen said through a dark smile. Annie was a bit scared but still woozy from her drinking binge. “ What are you talking about little girl? Your Mommy will tan your hide when I let her know that her precious LITTLE angel was out of the house at this hour”

Gwen just smiled.

Annie continued with growing anger and fear “ You better get the Hell out of MY room and MY house…Annie Sawyer. Did you forget? Is the little girl scared”

Gwen just shook her head “ Sounds like you’re the scared one around here Annie” she mustered with all the power her little voice could manage.

Annie did look scared “ Why are you here?”

Annie face dropped instantly; she saw what Gwen was holding in her hand Gwen was slowing rolling The Coin over and over in her hand. “ Look Familiar” Annie leaped across the room and sprawled on the bed attacking little Gwen. But Gwen used her smaller size to her advantage and she easily jumped off the bed and scampered across the room. Annie was wearing a tight red shirt and tight low ride jeans, which further impeded her movements even beyond her inebriated state. She had taken off her shoes, the alcohol stripping her of any ability to walk in 3” heels. Annie had gathered her long legs back up underneath her and sprung back across the room once more. She got one hand on Gwen’s turtleneck, but she quickly eluded her grasp and Annie stumbled and fell flat on her butt. Once she had spun around to face Gwen again, she saw Gwen standing in front of the door. Her eyes were shut tightly and she had both her little hands clamped over The Coin

“ I wish I was big again, I wish everything was like it was last week before we changed bodies. I wish Annie was little again and I was 16 year old Gwen again” She said and opened her eyes. What she saw was Annie right on top of her. Annie’s long red hair flowed wildly, her green eyes alight with fire, her powerful arms gropping at Gwen’s small hands. “ I wish you’d shut you little mouth” Annie managed through her anger.

The Coin did indeed pop out of her grasp and flew across the room.

“ It’s too late little Annie” Gwen said already feeling a tingle pass through her Annie had picked up Gwen and held her at eye level. “ You little brat, I’ll kill you! I don’t want to be little again”

“ It wasn’t your body or your age Annie, you stole them from me…what’s the matter Annie? Am I getting too heavy”

She was getting too heavy, Annie’s arms began to shake trying to hold her up, finally she was forced to drop her. Annie looked at her arms now shrinking in her tight sleeves. “ Nooooo. I don’t want to be little again”

“ Too Bad. I’m taking back my age, my body and my life”. Gwen’s voice returning to her deeper tenor. The drop to the ground from Annie’s weakening arms hadn’t been as far as she had thought it would. She was already growing back her lost inches. Gwen’s clothes were pinching badly and she quickly stripped off her shoes and pants before they ripped off her.

Gwen was frantically working off the turtleneck when she realized she should have thought ahead and worn a looser shirt. Her breasts were begining to grow again as she could tell when her arm brushed against them giving her a slight tingle of pleasure. The turtleneck had caught trying to go over her head. It was stuck momentarily until it simply ripped amid Gwen’s wild red hair.

Gwen smiled as she brought her long fingers back up into her red frizzy hair “ Oh, I missed this so much” she stopped realizing her voice had changed back into her own.

Gwen was sitting naked on the floor of her bedroom. Her red hair gloriously frizzy hanging wild over her green eyes, her long arms and slender hands were returned to her as were her breasts, back to her 34C full size. She had regained all of her old curves, as she gazed at her long smooth legs and her long slender feet. Gwen was back home.

Once Annie had lost the strength to hold Gwen up, she knew it was indeed too late. She watched in horror as her arms thinned and shrank up in her sleeves. All the features she had grown to love as Gwen were disappearing. Her chest went quickly flat and she was swimming in the red shirt. Her legs could no longer hold up the low rise jeans and they easily fell from her narrowing hips and thin legs.

Her hair grew back into her head and turned from red to her mousy brown thin style. Her face lost the maturity of Gwen’s face and she once again had the slight, childish features she knew from her original visage. Naturally the tears fell freely from her eyes.

Gwen relished the feeling of pulling on her own jeans again. The feel of the tight denim on her curvacious legs and full rear brought a wide smile to her face. She once again felt the catch as she slid a black T-shirt over her breasts. She walked barefoot over to little Annie, crying and sobbing in huge clothes.

Gwen leaned all of her 5’7” frame over the shaking little girl as she lifted her slight frame out of the oversized clothing. She placed Annie on the bed and put on the black pants and tiny white Nikes on her. The turtleneck was ruined, so Gwen went into the bathroom and pulled the smallest shirt her Mom had in the laundry hamper. She didn’t want Annie wearing one of her own shirts ever again. They walked silently back to the Sawyer house and as they were heading down the street, Gwen pulled out The Coin and slung into the open back of a passing dump truck. She heard Annie slightly whimper at the sight but Gwen simply smiled and continued walking.

Gwen snuck Annie back into the Sawyer house, Victoria still passed out in front of the TV. And took the little girl back up to her room.

“ Now, you’ve had your fun Annie, so I’ll make a deal with you”

Annie just looked through puffy eyes at the teenager before her as Gwen continued. “ Now I’m sure you screwed up my tests last week and did God knows what with my body. But since no one would ever believe either of us even if we did say something, I promise that I’ll never tell anyone what happened as long as you don’t either…Deal”

“ Deal” was all Annie could make out with her tiny voice.

As Gwen headed back out the door she too did a little joyous dance beneath the street light. Then she looked up and saw Annie’s tiny face pressed against the window. Gwen sighed at the realization of what she had just been through, she didn’t feel like dancing anymore. She did walk back to her home though and fell deeply asleep.

Footnote: a Haiku
Her breats are now big
Her pants no longer fit her
Age Progression Fun

A Limerick
There once was a girl from Stowe
Who wished that she would just grow
She stole her Mom’s age
Her body’s all the rage
Because her pants are so low