Baby Pill


Unknown Writer

Story revised by Libra

John sat at the bar drinking down yet another beer when she decided to sit down next to him. His buddies, meanwhile, were busy with their pool game and bragging about their latest conquests.

"Hey, come here often?" John said seeing a very young beautiful woman sitting right next to him.

"From time to time. I'm Sasha" She said and laughed a little to tease him on.

"I'm John. Can I buy you a drink? " John asked and already pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

"That depends, John." She answered back and tilted her body forward in a very seductive way.

"On What?" John asked ready to do anything for this woman. Sasha's outfit was a low cut dress that left very little to the imagination.

"I'm looking for a little fun tonight and I like to know everything about the guy before I get into bed with him." Sasha said in a sing song tone that already aroused John.

"Well…I'm single and don't have a job." John stammered and wanted to kick himself for admitting he was unemployed.

"Oh, so you have A LOT of free time then." Sasha said, her hand starting to caress the inside of John's thigh.

"Yeah, sure." John said and wanted to tear his clothes off right there.

"So if we were to spend the entire weekend together, no one would miss you then." Sasha said in a whisper, just barely over the noise of the bar all around them.

"Not really. So my place or yours? " John said now ready to go.

"I'm feeling dangerous tonight. I know a place we can go. It's just down the road and it's very private." Sasha said and just as suddenly got up and walked toward the exit, her hips swinging from side to side.

John laid the twenty on the bar just under his bottle of beer and followed her out. For one terrible second he thought she had ditched him, but there she was waiting against the wall just outside the door.

"I took a cab to get here. Can you drive? " Sasha asked and came up very close to his side.

"Yeah, I only had a few beers. My pick-up is over there." John answered and bought out his truck keys. He briefly wondered if she wouldn't mind a ride in the cab. "You're a man's man and be modest John. I bet you been with a lot women before. I like a man with experience." Sasha said tickling John on the side as they walked to his pick-up truck with a gun rack.

"Enough to know my way around. " John answered and pulled her closer to his side as they walked.

Sasha gave him a brief kiss just before she climbed into the truck. From there John drove as Sasha gave him directions. When they came to a gate with a sign saying: "Phoenix Hills Sleep Research Center" John thought they must have made a wrong turn.

Instead, Sasha pulled out a card and touched against a card reader just outside her side of the truck. The gates started to open for them.

"I work here. " Sasha teased. John grinned as he realized it was Friday night and they were two days away from Monday.

John parked his truck to the side of the building and they entered through a side door.

"Hey, what about the cameras?" John asked seeing a few as they walked inside.

"I turned them off." Sasha answered and led him to a back room with a single bed.

John looked around and saw a bare room with just one bed and mirror along one wall.

"If you like there is one camera we could turn on. Something to take back home with you afterwards." Sasha said and tapped the one way mirror.

"I don't mind." John replied and watched as she left the room.

Sasha came back without her dress and no underwear. Oddly enough she had a glass of water and a small plastic cup with a blue pill in it in each hand.

"Your need your strength." Sasha said and offered the pill to him.

"Some type of Viagra drug?" John asked a little weary of it.

"Yeah, we tested it to see if it gives people any sleeping problems. You'll feel years younger. " Sasha answered and offered the pill to him palm up in her hand.

John took the pill then the glass of water to shallow it down. Sasha waited and took the glass back from him.

"Now, get on that bed and strip." Sasha said and gently pushed him back to sit on the bed.

John took off his clothes and Sasha helped with his jeans and shoes. John could only remember her on top of him as he was giving all he got. Sasha's young breasts bouncing as she rode him. The moans might have been heard if they had gone back to his place. John amazed himself by going a lot longer than he could have with all his other past women.

Finally, he couldn't do it any longer and laid back in a good kind of sweat as Sasha laid on top of him, then moving herself to his side. John stayed awake only long enough to pull his underwear and jeans back on. He was asleep in minutes and Sasha quietly made her way out of the room to make a few phone calls. Even by the dim light she could see the changes already taking effect.

John was awaken by a sharp pain in his arm and heard a few people all around him. Groggily he opened his eyes. Whatever drug she had given him, delayed his responses. It seemed to take forever for his mind to register what he was seeing.

A group of young woman all in lab coats and business like dresses were examining every inch of him. The pain in his arm came from a needle taking a sample of blood.

Two other women were taking measurements.

"Dr. Reid, I think he's waking up." One woman called and John saw Sasha coming into the room.

John's mind went into a panic. Were they planning to take his liver?

"What the hell!?" John screamed and kicked off the covers. As he stood his jeans along with his briefs fell down and John was confused by the sight of his manhood as he reached for his jeans. For the lack of better term, he was bald around his penis and balls. If that hadn't been bad enough, it they seemed to have shrunk and even his sack seemed very close to his body.

There was a round of giggles as John quickly realized that he was standing naked in front of six women. Sasha came up and John had to look up just to make eye contact.

"There. There. John. You had a busy night. " Sasha teased and leaned to cup his chin for a few seconds. Sasha had her dress back on with a lab coat over it. "What did you do to me?" John asked as he pulled up jeans and noticed plenty of room around his waist. John noticed something else besides their height differences. His voice sounded funny.

"Step out of your briefs and have a look. " Sasha said and pulled him by the arm over to the one way mirror.

A naked boy of 10 years old stood there next to Sasha. John moved his hand to his forehead and the boy in the mirror did the same.

"You turned me into a fucking little kid. " John said and pushed himself away from Sasha.

Sasha said nothing at first and pushed him back onto the bed. There she pinned his arms and legs before giving him a good view of her breasts.

"Yes, John you're a little boy now, but much later you will be a little baby boy forever. You remember that little blue pill you took. I said it makes you feel years younger. " Sasha said and eased up her hold on him.

"Why?" John asked in a whimper. Last night he could have pinned this woman to the floor without a fight, now she had all the power over him. "It's going to sound corny, but we're planning to take over the world you see. For over 2,000 thousand years men have been in charge of things. Me and few other hundreds of women out there have decided it's time for women to have their shot at ruling the world. At the very least we can't do any worse than your sex. " Sasha answered back and got back up. She pulled off her lab coat and tossed it over his body.

John pulled the coat on and buttoned it up to his chest. The lab coat was short, but still hung down past his knees.

"Its lunch time and you might as well join me for lunch since your never ever going to have a steak after today. " Sasha said and walked out of the room to wait for him in the hallway.

In the hallway, John looked toward the exit door on impulse.

"Go ahead and run, but before night fall your be too young to even crawl. " Sasha offered and she even started to walk away to allow him to run away unhindered.

Instead, John thought it over and followed Sasha down the hall.

A few rooms later they were in a cafeteria and John saw two plates already waiting for them. Two women standing by with clip boards in hand watching him carefully.

"Don't mind them. Your just the first human male test subject and they are just writing everything down for history's sake. " Sasha said as they walked to the table to sit. John sat there and watched with some annoyance as Sasha started to cut up his steak for him.

"John is too much of an adult name for you now. I like Johnny, Jon-Jon or little John." Sasha said as she cut his steak into even smaller pieces.

"You won't get away with this." John accused and looked out the windows. Outside it was very sunny with clear skies, with only trees to block pat of his view.

"Oh John, no one can stop us now. We've already started putting our drug into the water supply as we speak. You got the full dose unlike what we're putting into the water supply. We gained control over the water station out here a week ago and in a few more weeks from now everyone going to notice the change. You see the drug works directly with hormones and as you might know men have a lot more hormones then women. Women will look like me in the prime of their youth and almost every man in the world will be a baby with no hope of ever growing up again. We women will be in charge and you'll be our little play things forever and ever. Those few men proven immune to our drug will become our prime sperm donors to help carry on our sex. Plus whatever is left in the sperms banks will help as well to carry on the human race for the first few centuries or we can just use cloning." Sasha explained and John chewed his food as he listened.

"Best of all, you going to be immortal John in body and fame. Your infant body will never get any older and your name will go down in history as the first male to be regressed. I'm sorry to say you won't remember much about being an adult. You'll will be giggling and cooing as I cuddle you and all those nasty male thoughts will be gone very soon." Sasha went on in her one sided conversation.

John looked again at the doors. He could run for it and get to the cops or someone before it's too late.

"Go ahead Johnny. By the time you get done explaining things to the cops you'll be a little baby in a very big scary world. " Sasha said noticing where John's eyes had lingered too. The double doors did have an exit sign just above it.

John looked away and focused on finishing his meal. If it was all true he was doomed already and so was the rest of his sex.

"That's a good boy." Sasha teased and ruffed up his hair. John sat there dejected and feeling helpless. Already, he noticed the table was higher up then before. After lunch, Sasha took him to get a bath and change into a child's robe. A few times, he tried to kiss her or get a feel of her breasts. Politely, she refused him and pulled his hands away with an amused laugh. Treating him like a over eager child with a crush on someone much older then himself. John did feel like a child as Sasha refused to have any more sexual contact with him.

After his bath, Sasha took him back to the group of women where his robe was removed and they did even more tests on him. Even more blood was taken and he was measured everywhere. One of the women standing over him caressed his penis as he lay on the table. He felt nothing like sexual pleasure, but a ticklish feeling that force a giggle out of him.

"Best not have any accidents. Bring the package of diapers." One woman said as she ordered another woman out of the room. The same one that had teased John. John wasn't young enough for diapers, but they weren't going to take chances with him. Already, he felt and look like a kindergarten ready for his first day of school. He couldn't remember much about his college major nor his last year in high school. Complex ideas and big numbers were somehow always out of his mental reached no matter how hard he thought about it.

Just before dinner time, he sat at a table as Sasha gave him problems to work out on a paper. John figure to play along as he accepted his fate since he knew it was already too late run. No one would miss him in time. His buddies would assume he ran off to hunt or fish. His few family members would think the same.

Sasha was here. She was a goddess among women and he wanted to be with her as his body retreated into a permanent babyhood.

Now his diaper looked right as he entered his second and last toddlerhood. The hardest part was keeping up with Sasha. For every adult step she took, he needed to take three. After some time, she stopped and picked him up. She didn't make an objection when he laid his head on her breasts. John was comforted by her stroking hand on his wispy baby hair that was getting thinner as each minute passed.

"Time for din-din my little stud. " Sasha said and place him into a high chair already setup for him.

John suffered through eating two jars of baby food and Sasha making airplane sounds as each spoon full reached his mouth. John remained silent and obeyed any order Sasha had for him. Mentally, his mind was racing backwards through memories and a life time of education. Only recent memories stayed like RAM inside his computer, but his hard drive was being erased.

By the end of the meal his thoughts were trying to puzzle out things. The beautiful woman in front of him he knew, but couldn't remember how he knew her. His mind could only come up with one word for them.

"Mama!" baby John said and reached out for Sasha. Sasha smiled and pulled the baby out of the high chair. The chair like his diaper was far too big for him now.

"That's right, Jon-Jon. I'm mama. I have a little surprise for you." Sasha said as she cradled the naked infant in one arm and pull one strap loose from her dress with her other hand before cradling the baby boy against her breast. One of her breasts fell out exposed to him. Gently she guided him to the nipple and baby instincts took over as he suckled on her nipple for her breast milk.

"Here is something to wash down the baby food." Sasha commented and rocked her body from side to side as John's eyes started to half close in sleep. His body would do all the work anyway as he suckled.

Later in the middle of the night John awoke crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. It had been a dream that made him awake to a crying fit. One last single memory before his thoughts sunk into simple things he understood.

The dream was more of an old memory about John at the bar with his buddies talking and bragging as normal.

The only thing that came clear was a single statement:

"Women think they can do better than us. I'd like to see them try." John bragged as drank down one beer too many.

The baby remembered and forgot.

Sasha came in and picked up the crying infant. Checking for a dirty diaper then seeing that he just wanted a pacifier and to be held, Sasha sat down with little John in her rocking chair thinking about the future.

Sasha smiled as she looked into the angelic face before her, sucking hard on his pacifier. His eyes were so innocent looking and she knew they would always be.

Sasha smiled even more as she imagined Mrs. Clinton sitting in the oval office as Billy, now an adorable diaper clad baby boy, sitting on top of her desk eating McDonald's fries and giggling as he farted then soiled his diaper.

The end